Top 13 Hottest Miss Universe 2013 Contestants

I just found out that Miss Venezuela won Miss Universe 2013. I can’t say I’m a fan of her tranny face…

In fact, I think there are 13 other girls who are more beautiful than her. Here are my selections:

13. Korea

Thick hair and dynamite hip-to-waist ratio.

12. Slovenia

Her eyes are spaced too far apart, but otherwise she’s very nice.

11. Costa Rica

Jaw can be less prominent.

10. Dominican Republic

I don’t have sex with black women often, but if I do, this is what I want.

9. Thailand

Cute and petite, though the ass looks like a pancake.

8. Spain

Classic Latin look, strong child-bearing hips.

7. Lithuania

Forehead is a bit large, but I like her look.

6. Australia

Very pretty, though shoulders are too husky for my taste.

5. Paraguay

Doll face, tiny body, gigantic ass. I would love to demolish her.

4. USA

If the average American girl look liked this, I would have never left the country. Beautiful.

3. Colombia

Stiff body language, but super gorgeous.

2. Hungary

This right here is why I live in Eastern Europe.

1. Finland

I don’t even prefer blondes, but this is as close to genetic perfection as you’ll get.

You can see all the contestants here.

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166 thoughts on “Top 13 Hottest Miss Universe 2013 Contestants”

  1. Miss USA looks a bit chunky to me.
    My top pick is Ms. Paraguay. Super feminine and trashy enough (see the tattoos) that I know she can deep throat it. Not for marriage, mind you. Just for pump and dump.

    1. I have to agree. I like my women just a little on the trashy side. Haha. When they’re too perfect it’s not as much of a turn on for me.

    2. Well they DO like to say “the camera adds ten pounds”.
      …… to which I reply: Then don’t eat the Camera!!

    3. “Miss USA looks a bit chunky to me.”
      She’s not chunky. She has no hip to waist ratio (its just one straight line up and down) and it makes her look boxy. That can either be genetic or due to certain types of exercise.

  2. My list-
    5.South Korea
    8.Dominican Republic
    12.Costa Rica

  3. Hungary. But perhaps I am biased, father is from Budapest.
    She’s so hot I would ALMOST drag my balls through a mile of broken glass just to blow the guy that fucked her. (No Homo). I would take the corn out of her shit and make chowder. Ok, that’s enough. NOW look what you made me do….

  4. I have to go with #10 Dominican Republic, #9 Thailand, #13 Korea, #12 Slovenia and #3 Colombia in that order. I like hot chocolate, and following that I like the slim bodies and nice facial features of Asian women. And there’s just something about that Slovenia chick that makes me want to make some babies. I now consider Eastern Europe to be added to my already busy travel agenda, just based on Miss Slovenia. I usually like Latin chicks more but these don’t look like the Latin chicks I see on the street. There are some indigenous looking Latin chicks that are hot as fire to me, and I don’t see any like that in the contest. (Dalia Hernandez from Apocolypto is the kind I’m talking about.) And after clicking on the rest of the contestants, I’d like to add Miss Uganda and Miss Argentina to my list, even though Miss Gonzalez would look better with a smile on her face.

    1. i know what you mean about the indigenous latina look. my girl is honduran with argentine ancestory and has some of that exotic native american look, but with long legs and a skinny waist, so she doesn’t look like a five-foot-tall pear like the average hondureña.

      1. Yep, and they have awesome natural tans. I guess I’m just into sun protection. Haha. I like the darker skinned girls.

      2. “Latina” and “Hispanic” are just made up words. You ever wonder why people from Chile, Argentina are never referred to by these terms? Think about it.

    2. I know that Americans can’t even find their own State on a map but
      Slovenia is on the border of Italy and in fact it was included as part
      of Roman Italia in the Venezia region. The Italian city of Trieste is
      right there. Slovakia is north of Hungary and part of Eastern Europe.
      “Latin” chicks you see on the street are not Latin.They are generally
      mixed race females from Latin America which is called that because
      Spain, a Latinic language speaking people in Europe, controlled the
      areas that originally had Indians occupying them.Latins are Indo-European Aryan peoples who mixed with the racially similar Old European group in Europe.

  5. Miss Finland and Miss Lithuania look like Martian transvestites.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  6. I think every guy criticizing the appearance of these women is delusional and ridiculous. I love Return of Kings, but this shit just makes me laugh. Oh that beautiful supermodel? No her shoulders are too big, I wouldn’t fuck her.
    LOL. Get real dudes.

    1. We would all fuck her, but if we are to look objectively towards maximum sex appeal then shoulders being bigger than accepted is a valid criticism. I agree we would all fuck every single one of those women, unless you are racist in which some may not be in your field of your will bang list. They are models and those who view are the judges. JUDGE=OPINION MODEL=OPINION SEEKER. As such the relationship between the two of us dictates, the judge shall judge by whatever they deem acceptable (whether that be on a scale of would love to, not want to, or FUCK ME NOW LETS BANG or on a scale of she would be better if but is good with and yadadda) and the model shall receive the judgements.
      Anyone who says the wouldn’t bang these women are of the following:
      Massive haters of women to the point of complete physical repulsion
      Faggots, ahem please excuse me, Homosexuals (lol)
      Exclusive Pedophiles
      Men with a disorder that makes them grow into a man with the balls and sexual desire of a 4 year old
      Dirty Liars (Like Women)
      Into waste of space warm zombies, ahem, I mean older women.

      1. Anyone who says the wouldn’t bang these women are of the following

        There’s more than 80 women in that list. The truth is once you’ve had a few of them, your standards are going to start going up. Maybe even to the point where you’d rather take a day off than bang ANY of them.
        Plus there’s the future factor, for any man who thinks long-term. Imagine Miss Mexico in 10 years, for example, and see what happens to your boner…

        1. if you look very closely at their faces you can see that not one of them has very much intelligence, in fact their combined IQ is probably less than average…
          plus no matter how good looking they are some of them are probably terrible in bed… that rabid humping that just doesn’t do it… .or the lame starfish….. you can find much better pros if you want a good BJ or anal…not so pretty but it’s not just about looks, it’s also about brainpower and boudoir skills

        2. You sound like a butthurt jealous bitch. I’m sure there are some pretty and dumb women out there and these girls aren’t going to be level with a PhD or whatever, but at this level they need to be able to hold a remotely interesting conversation. If you want a very intelligent person to talk to, they probably wouldn’t be able to stand you for long, you don’t sound so smart either.
          Furthermore, if they suck in bed I would take it as a good sign, those things are very easy to learn and will come quite naturally if you’re atracted to the person you’re with. So they’re either very inexperienced or you’re extremely unattractive to them.

    2. Of course you do.
      But have you not seen the “2/10 would not bang” meme?
      That shit is hilarious. Do a Google image search for it.
      And you know what’s MOST interesting……. the women above WANT to compete for this. They LINE UP for it – voluntarily. Every false eyelash is perfectly calculated – by THEM. Every nuance, exact shade of lipstick, and hair curl is planned and thought out.
      So there is NOTHING inappropriate about men criticizing the appearance and saying “well you know …. #8 is hotter than #5”. That’s what they are THERE for. They worked their whole LIVES for it.
      These women will enjoy COUNTLESS free unearned benefits from men. Free gifts. Free drinks. Free favors. Houses. Cars. And they WILL get laid! So as long as these women are LINING UP FOR IT… you will step aside and allow men to admire and criticize. The women wouldn’t have it any other way.
      The day men STOP criticizing and applauding them.. is the day they will have to work 40 years in a cubicle.

    3. its about the original premise of roosh/manosphere/ROK; positive masculinity, having fun, comparing notes with bros
      obviously most niggaz would hit all of the above dipshit, but why not have some fun comparing their respective merit
      you and the rest of the butthexted need to GTFO & LOL get real dude

    4. God forbid someone critisizes a woman’s looks…
      This kind of feminist brainwashing, that men are not allowed to be in any way critical of a woman’s looks, has become too prevalent in our society. One of the reasons that I enjoy ROK so much is their insistence on ignoring conventions such as this, and behaving like men unashamed of their masculinity.
      I’m sure Roosh would bang any of those women pictured above. Doesn’t mean they are perfect though, and it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be able to point out any flaws when in the company of other men.
      Plus, part of the fun in this article is imagining Feminists reading it an having a conniption fit 🙂

    5. There’s a theory: that the majority of models seen in the mainstream
      are chosen for their tranny-like characteristics because the men in
      charge of modeling agencies, pageants and other kinds of flesh factories
      are gay men. Miss Venezuela proves this theory because the man
      responsible for bringing her to Miss Universe is the gayest of them all;
      Osmel Sousa.
      Souza is president of Miss Venezuela
      since 1981, but his involvement in the pageant industry goes back to the
      70’s. He’s considered a guru in the pageant world and the man
      responsible for Venezuela’s six Miss Universe titles.
      He’s also a piece of work. Souza is infamous for making contestants cry with his blunt criticism. Think Simon Cowell x 100.
      He has a pageant reality on Univision that comes out every year called
      Nuestra Belleza Latina that’s worth checking out just to look at the hot
      latin chicks.

    6. “I wouldn’t fuck her.” Not there. You have a point, except you don’t. Men are the fairer sex. We are transparent about things. Women connive and I believe judge much more harshly, since they compulsively do it in secret and require simple the best come hell or hell. If female judging were 100 times worse that male judging like in this post, would we be such terrible humans on average? or do you have a Narrative to champion? Maybe you hate all of humanity if you must hate the men being men and the fairer sex? These contestant women have power for putting themselves out there as pieces of meat. It is the natural order of things. Men conquer systematically and yet are far kinder than women who conquer expediently and for all intents and purposes thoughtlessly on anachronistic, acultural, hardwired logic that is illogical in a societal context. You get real. I think I saw flat tits once or twice. If truth be told, women think your wallet is flat, your shoulders are small, your dick is short (less than 9″), skinny (less than 9″ circumference), your frame is weak and you don’t know what to do with her emotions (as in ground them), your lack social influence and style, you are not funny or exciting, your car is goofy, your hair style is lame,…
      But we are too harsh. lmfao

      1. How true. We all know most women think men are idiots and 80% of them are unattractive from that Craigslist (I think) poll.

    7. Your correct.
      These girls are very beautiful. Paraguay is my favorite because she’s so cute and petite he sues packing some delicious meat in her body too.
      I wouldn’t take anything away from these girls as they’re l very nice. My thing is I like big tits and a decent butt like Paraguay and Finland have as the others seem to thin because I love sexy meat on a woman’s body. They’re all beautiful and the odds are anyone harshly criticizing the n can’t compete with these models in the looks department. My only thing is I wish big tits and body’s like Sofia Vergara were want a beauty pagent consisted of.

    1. I prefer real, but I also really enjoyed how these women had small breasts… I really dislike big breasts and am glad to see the models have good sized to small breasts.

    2. Beggars can’t be choosers. Now, what do you look like and what’s your net worth? I’ve invented a little app and can easily gauge what you will get in a female :o)

  7. Miss Korea is a total fake.
    Dr. Ing Gon Kim, owner of the Apkujung Feel Aesthetic Clinic and one of Seoul’s best-qualified plastic surgeons:
    “Koreans are born with small eyes, wide and flat faces, and flat, low noses. What they would like are larger eyes, narrower and more oval-shaped faces, and higher and narrower noses.”
    Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea, Apgujeong-dong Gangnam Prices and Doctors
    “93% of all women have had plastic surgery done, here in Seoul, Korea.”
    “You’ll see in these ads, how extreme the makeovers are. They’ll actually physically go through, and chisel away, recarve, their facial structure, their skeleton, their bone. To change their jawline, to change their forehead line.”

    Asian women have greater abdominal and visceral adiposity than Caucasian women with similar body mass index
    from Nutrition and Diabetes Journal
    Compared with White women, Japanese American women tended to have a shorter standing height, lower leg-to-height ratio, lower hip circumference and a smaller chest depth.
    Even an East Asian lady boy can get a new hip-to-waist ratio. Miss Korea seems to have gotten the same hip-to-waist ratio procedure as lady boy Alicia Liu.–2-.jpg
    Most South Koreans bleach their skin.
    Political Cosmetics: KOREAN Skin Bleaching
    by Luigina Webb
    99% of Korean moisturisers appear to contain some kind of whitening agent. Without even noticing (much) my skin color has CHANGED (slightly) FREAKISHLY.
    Clearly, the skin pigment has changed SOMEHOW due to skin bleaching chemicals in the face-wash or moisturisers that are being sold in Korea. I almost look TRANSPARENT. AND YES, I do in fact check the labels on products I buy (mostly).
    There are really not that many varying shades if you want to buy cosmetics in Korea, and most brands only stock two colors (if that); WHITE, and WHITER (not kidding).
    Miss Korea 2012 — Plastic Surgery & Skin Bleaching Scandal
    Miss Korea 1960 (wide face, small eyes, wider nose, not much body curve), vs. Miss Korea 2013 (plastic surgery–slim face, big eyes, thin nose, fake body curves)
    You have been fooled! Miss Korea should be restricted from international beauty pageants until she looks more ethnically Korean.
    God bless you.

      1. True. The flip side is that many post-op beauties will look like a Bethany Frankel or Janice Dickinson about 10 years after their surgeries. By the time these girls hit 30ish, nature and genetics have caught up them and their Barbie doll faces twist into a gnarly mess. Natural lines and sags are perverted with wholly unnatural nips and tucks resulting in a tangled mess. So, they get on the surgery treadmill looking to recapture that pageant winning face. Sadly, the results trend more towards looking like a Jocelyn Wildenstein (cat lady).
        It’s kinda like guys on roids. You may look amazing in your 20’s. But over the years you lose most of that muscle tone and risk looking like a present-day Arnold Schwarzenneger.
        In the end, it is worth a decade or two of glory followed by many more that are less than average?

    1. I’ve read about the plastic surgery epidemic in South Korea, I personally find it pathetic, it’s sad when people try to lose the looks typical of their ethnic background. I’ve met quite a few South Koreans who were obsessed with white people, even going as far as converting to christianity to act more like Westeners they worship. This couple told me they wanted their daughter to marry a foreigner so they would get “more European”(their words) grandchildren. Utterly disgusting, you should be proud of what you are

    2. I’m Korean so I know what exactly is happening in Korea. Yes, a lot of women these days do undergo plastic surgery and I fucking hate it. But 93%?? What a joke. It just seems like you’re trying to bash the entire country and their women.
      By the way, this bitch who represented Korea is utterly disgusting. Plastic surgery in Korea has become something of an art. It’s very hard to tell whether a girl had surgery or not these days…especially if it’s done by the best “artists”. And that’s why women around the world flock to Korea to pay visits to the best artists.
      This is why, along with ho-fax, nip/tuck-fax is needed as well. These girls who get surgery to enhance their looks are basically con artists. Simply disgusting.

      1. I live here man and the numbers are true. I speak the language as well. 거짓말 아니거덩 바보야. 대부분 여자들 상거플 수슬 해 they may not all get the more comppex surgeries, but 90% do get that stupid eyelid surgery. And yes it is obvious, very easy to tell. 얼른 꺼져

        1. Thanks, Bobby. The video uploader wrote this comment: “yep. 93%. I got that number from 3 different cosmetic surgeons. I can give you their direct contact info if you want to fact check. PM me.” You can’t trust surgery surveys. I read that many who got surgery lie that they didn’t. That means the survey results are underestimated. Going straight to the cosmetic surgeons gives the true statistics.

    3. i dont even give a shit about fake or not any more. it only applies if you’re looking to rear and breed children.

    4. Asian Eyes
      from Salon
      For Soo-Young Chin, an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Southern California, having the eyelid surgery done at birth, as some parents choose to do to their children, is no different than circumcision or a clitorectomy. “When I was studying in Korea, I saw a lot of women with double lids. I asked one woman why, and she said it was because her whole generation was born that way. Obviously her mother had had it done to her at birth, and never told her. Well, she’ll figure it out when she has kids of her own.”
      Peer Pressure Plastics: Surgery For Kids
      from Time Magazine
      …today, kids drop into the plastic surgeon’s office after school, and when they get home their folks can barely recognize them.
      “Parents make their kids get plastic surgery,” says Dr. Shim Hyung Bo, a plastic surgeon practicing in Seoul, “just like they make them study. They realize looks are important for success.”
      Which means that in today’s Korea, getting your eyes done can be
      easier than getting the keys to dad’s car.,9171,332098,00.html
      South Korean Parents Are Making Their Kids Get Plastic Surgery
      from Vice
      In Korea, we call doing your eyes and nose the “basics” – they’re the standard procedures.
      That’s nothing. So many people do it that it’s got to the point where people say things like, “But you only got your eyes and your nose done, it’s not a big deal.”
      I don’t think I have a single friend who hasn’t had some kind of procedure done. Everyone has something.
      Like I said, I can’t even imagine my old face. Around the house, that’s also a very lighthearted joke in our family. I’ll say I have to set the photos on fire and my dad will throw me a lighter. The pre-surgery photos I’ve kept on Facebook aren’t close-ups or in focus. At first I didn’t care, but then I started making new friends, so I thought I should delete them.
      Korea’s elementary schools witness worrying trend of do-it-yourself face-lifts
      from Rocket News 24
      It’s no secret that South Korea has an astounding affinity for plastic surgery. While it would be unfair to suggest that the entire population is keen to go under the knife, the percentage of Koreans calling in for a nip and a tuck is literally eye-widening and jaw dropping, in addition to nose elongating and chin altering.
      Unfortunately, this attitude towards altered appearances has apparently caused a curious trend in elementary school students. In an effort to appear more like the celebrities they see on TV, grade school students in South Korea are practicing something they call “self-cosmetic surgery.”
      Thankfully, even though “surgery” is right there in the name, these young kids are not actually putting themselves under the knife. They are, however, turning to some pretty strenuous beauty regimes in an attempt to meet society’s surgically-achieved beauty standards.
      Methods include double-eyelid trainer glasses and the nose straightener, modeled here by our very own Mr. Sato, as well as sort of chin mold, made to “correct” the contours of one’s face. All of the children making use of these various apparatuses appear to be under the impression that the younger they are able to get plastic surgery the better.

    5. Miss Korea must have gotten her waist to hip ratio from the same plastic surgeon as lady boy Alicia Liu.
      Lower waist to hip ratio ==> smaller waist, curvier hips.
      Greater waist to hip ratio ==> bigger waist, less curvy hips.
      Asian women have greater abdominal and visceral adiposity than Caucasian women with similar body mass index
      from Nutrition and Diabetes Journal
      Compared with White women, and despite similar BMI and DXA total or percent fat mass, Japanese American women had a significantly greater mean waist-to-hip ratio, measured either at the navel or immediately above the iliac crest, due to their lower hip circumference.
      These ethnic differences remained statistically significant after adjusting for total fat mass.
      Complications from injectable materials used for breast augmentation
      from Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery
      National Institutes of Health, US National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information
      Near the end of World War II, prostitutes in Japan used industrial-grade liquid silicone extensively. United States servicemen preferred women with larger breasts than those of Asian women. Barrels of industrial-grade silicone began to mysteriously disappear from Japanese docks,
      destined for injection into the breasts of these enterprising ladies, to cater
      to their potential clients.
      Padding The Truth
      from Global Post
      When Marissa Kennedy told her Chinese friends about her struggle to find a good bra in Beijing, they had a big laugh together. Her friends joked that she should get “smaller boobs.”
      Two years ago, Kennedy ran out of the bras that she had stocked up on in the US before coming to China. She went shopping at many stores and encountered shop assistants who were very willing to help, but she never found a bra in her size. “They were so very small,” said Kennedy.
      The size issue is not the only problem for most female expats. Kennedy, who has lived in China for six years, also finds Chinese lingerie to be “too heavily padded” and very stiff compared to the soft fabrics that she’s used to, with “too many laces and buttons and crystal decorations.”
      Because Asian women’s breasts are comparatively smaller than those of Western women, domestic designs usually use thick pads and high sides to squeeze the breasts up and towards the center, to resemble the movie stars and models.
      “Almost every bra you see in a Chinese store has lace and embroidery, usually in the same patterns, and three-fourths cups with thick pads,” Li said.
      How to get sleek, slim calves
      from Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty
      Korean plastic surgeon Dr. Park Hyun Cheol has this to say:
      “In general, Asian women have shorter legs and thicker calves than Caucasian women. Many Caucasians have long, straight and slim calves while many Asians unfortunately have short, bowed and muscled calves that are not very attractive.”
      In Korea, women (and quite a few men) are taking the problem by the horns and are opting for a range of procedures broadly known as calf reduction surgery.
      [URL not listed, as there was warning of a possible malicious threat there.]

    6. ‘Too tall, too fat, and too dark’: One woman’s ‘soul crushing’ discovery that she ‘wasn’t beautiful enough’ to live in South Korea
      from The Daily Mail
      jlee, Seoul, South Korea, 4/6/2013 14:39
      Don’t blame Korean men. We’re also sick of our women obsessed with plastic surgery. People love beautiful women everywhere. But how come Korean women have become like that? Because Korean men are selfish and patriarchal? That’s not true. Because Korean women in Korea are so dependent and passive. Unlike Korean men, they don’t have to serve the military service, they have tens of women’s universities, they even have Ministry of Women, menstrual leave, maternity leave, quota system for female job seekers, female only libraries, other women-only facilities and etc. They have tons of social support. HOWEVER, only 6% female students go to engineering college and 90% want to have a office job or secured public office job. They limit their career by themselves because they are women! So what they would do? Get plastic surgeries and meet a man who has a high-paying job then live like a Cinderella! For Korean women, having a successful husband is higher priority than become a successful woman.

    7. Ooops. That should read: “Miss Korea 1960 (wide face, small eyes, wider nose, not much body curve), vs. Miss Korea –>2012<– (plastic surgery–slim face, big eyes, thin nose, fake body curves).”
      The confusion is in that Miss Korea 2012 was chosen to be their representative for Miss Universe 2013.
      Korean actresses have been doing plastic surgery since at least the 1960s. It was mostly eye enlargement, at first. Over the decades, they developed more procedures, such as cheekbone shaving, jawbone shaving, botox to slim cheek muscles, forehead rounding, etc.
      Eyelid tape to enlarge the eyes was available since at least the 1970s.
      There hasn’t been a natural Miss Korea for a very long time.

  8. This is beyond irrelevant. Why was this nonsense posted? There was such a good streak of good articles…

    1. Men tend to discuss these sorts of things, buddy. As you age and begin to develop an interest in women, you’ll understand.

      1. Men do discuss women and their sex appeal… This post however holds no real discussion and just pictures, the content is irrelevant but the topic is not. This is just my less than humble opinion

        1. A picture is worth a thousand words, my friend. And pictures of some of the ladies above even more so.

        2. True enough… I just wish I could look at a woman and not see or think “another good woman that is just a whore”

    1. All outer with nothing inside, kind of like those hollow rabbits they sell during Easter you just hope are filled with caramel.

  9. Guys don’t be fooled by miss Australia. She is a doing medicone…a doctor…goes to the most feminist uni in Australia…Monash Uni. Also Australian women do not look this good…she is in the top 0.0001% of the female population.

  10. USA looks like a pretty high HWR. Finland is working on a muffin top.
    Spain’s head on Paraguay’s body plzokthx.

  11. Australia (Olivia Wells) is my favorite, I think. Though she’s pretty tall (5’10”), I don’t mind the shoulders at all. I prefer a (little) more athletic and muscular than most of the girls on the list. Miss Spain, for example, her thighs are awfully thin and straight.

  12. El Salvador and Canada ( surprisingly ) are not bad at all. Disappointed in a few like China , which were not their top talent.

  13. Great post Roosh,
    For the most part I agree with your assessment. Hungary, Paraguary, Finland are my top votes as well!

  14. It’s funny but I can easily find more attractive girls after a quick sifting through some decent porn sites.

  15. at last an article we can all get behind. much better than anybody thats been on that goddawful hipster hels looks anyway

  16. Woohoo! I’ve had flags from five of these countries (USA, Colombia, Thailand, Australia, and Korea).
    But god damn Miss Dominican Republic is my pick of the litter for this lot. She looks like an excellent shag.

  17. just imagine what they will look like at 42, 15kg over weight, with their period, caught the flu, projectile vomiting and diarrhea… no make up, hair in a mess and dressed in some beat up old tracking suit….crouching on the toilet…..vomit flecks on each cheek…. i always do this on dates with hot girls, it kills all that mystery ….

    1. i broke up with best wife material i ever met, because i kept looking at her and all i could see was her in 30 years time….
      Why, was her mom hideous?

      1. i never met her mom, but she looked decent in photos….
        look at any girl friend and picture her when she’s 50 or 60… it soon makes you want to move on… either that or i dropped way too much acid in my youth

        1. I still say the best option is to date women ~10 years younger than yourself. Dating women your own age is stupid, unless perhaps you matured quickly yourself.

  18. I’ve just read all the comments above. Hungary and Finland? Seriously? Both of them have messed up teeth and look like plane Janes. All the Latino chicks are smoking hot, especially Brazillian. Besides her I’d say British and Ukrainian were definitely one of the top prettiest.

  19. Interestingly, the American has the worst hip to waist ratio. Must be all the birth control hormones….

    1. Miss Korea’s massive face and body reconstruction.
      Interesting fact: Many Koreans do the V sign next to the face, to give the illusion of a narrower and more oval-shaped face. They naturally have wide and flat faces. That’s why they do so many jaw shaving surgeries.

  20. Fit black girls are so beautiful. Big titties, fat asses, amazing skin, sexy dark eyes.
    Who knew Israel was the place for me? DAYMNNNNN

  21. In these Miss Universe, World etc etc these girls are permitted to have had surgery. All of them except for perhaps Slovenia and Columbia have had boob jobs (disgusting) I can tell with a 100% accuracy. You pipsqueaks can’t because you’re inexperienced and looked at so much porn that you think fake is real.You don’t even know what a natural female is supposed to look like.

  22. I can easily imagine how good it must feel to look at gorgeus women like these, women you know you’d never a chance with, nitpick some irrelevant flaw about their appearance and say: “I would’nt do her anyway.” Not that it makes you any less pathetic.

  23. Have to admit, I only agree with Roosh on Australia and Paraguay. Can’t stand lack of breasts, but the girls don’t seem manly at all otherwise.

  24. The one judging this sounds like a complete classless- and for a lack of a better term, Asshole. I’d like to see your picture up as we judge you too

  25. The one judging this sounds like a complete classless- and for a lack of a better term, Asshole. I’d like to see your picture up as we judge you too

  26. guy who wrote this has a warped view of women and so do the dumb fuckers commenting, however you missed out loads better than your 10 especially Amy Willerton – Miss GB she’s just…

  27. Korean women have a body surgery that enlarges their hips and butts into a round and well-defined shape. As well, it makes their waists look slimmer and legs look longer. They call Miss Korea for Miss Universe 2013: “Miss Plastic Surgery”.
    “Western women tend to have perfect S line body and secret for it is their buttocks and hip. However, it is rare for eastern women to have natural S line curve because of droopy and flat hip shape.”
    Plastic Surgery Seoul Korea, Apgujeong-dong Gangnam Prices and Doctors
    “93% of all women have had plastic surgery done, here in Seoul, Korea.”
    “You’ll see in these ads, how extreme the makeovers are. They’ll actually physically go through, and chisel away, recarve, their facial structure, their skeleton, their bone. To change their jawline, to change their forehead line.”

  28. South Korean Teens Buy Dreams Of Beauty In Plastic Alley
    The New Zealand Herald
    “Koreans want it all,” says Dr. Ing Gon Kim, owner of the Apkujung Feel Aesthetic Clinic and one of Seoul’s best-qualified plastic surgeons.
    “Koreans are born with small eyes, wide and flat faces, and flat, low noses,” says Kim. “What they would like are larger eyes, narrower and more oval-shaped faces, and higher and narrower noses.”

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