8 Essential Rules To Surviving The Workplace

If I won the lottery and spent the weekend flying my new personal jet around the world with bikini models while collecting rare artifacts from sites of historical interest, the Monday morning discussion with my coworkers would go like this:

“Good morning, Friend. How was your weekend?”

“It was good. I went grocery shopping, got caught up on laundry, and spent a couple of quiet days resting at home. This is going to be a busy week! Hey, did you see that email requesting feedback on…”

I have learned the hard way several times that I absolutely cannot share personal details of any kind at work. I actually came close to getting fired my second year out of college simply for giving a watered down PG-13 version of a rather tame weekend at spring break. It wasn’t the “possibly inappropriate” storytelling that nearly got me canned—it was the hatred and jealousy the story aroused in people that led them to criticize me as being “maybe a little too young and too focused on partying to give 100% to the organization, even though [my] work [hadn’t] suffered yet.”

I used quotes because those were actual quotes. And by the way, the ring leader of this witch hunt was a male coworker whose projects were not in any way shape or form connected to mine. He got all the chick coworkers gossiping about it, and one of them actually brought it up to the City Manager in a closed door meeting pertaining to something else entirely. She just kind of worked it in to the conversation and stabbed me in the back.

Red Pill wisdom is like religion: nobody cares what you think, and in their eyes, you’re wrong before you even open your mouth. My advice is to red pill proselytize all you want online or in your social circle outside of work, but in the office, keep a tight lid on it.

Here is a list of the basic DOs and DON’Ts I follow to ensure proper workplace red pill etiquette.

1. DON’T flirt at work. Even if you’re not crossing the line and even if she returns flirtatious behavior at double the rate—the minute there is a conflict on anything, you’ve lost. The conflict doesn’t have to be personal or sexual in nature—it can be anything related to your job. But again, the moment it’s you against her on any topic regardless of how severe or benign it may be, you’ve given yourself a serious handicap. It doesn’t matter if your boss is male or female; 99.9% of the time, they’re going to come down on her side if she even hints that there was a time you made her feel uncomfortable.

2. DON’T share your conquests with women or even other men—especially if those men are married. Nobody wants you to be happy, and nobody wants you to succeed unless your success is connected to theirs and does not exceed their own rate. They want you to be just like them and mirror their level of happiness or unhappiness. If you stick your head up above the crowd, someone will be there to knock it off. Any time you share anything about your conquests, you are fueling the fires of jealousy.

By the way, “conquests” refers to a new notch, that wild and crazy time you had out with your friends while your coworkers were stuck at home wishing their spouse would catch a heart attack, the new car you bought that doesn’t have a back seat for children or enough trunk space for a stroller, that last minute road trip for a microbrewery tour, and anything else that doesn’t revolve around some kid’s soccer schedule.

3. DON’T share red pill wisdom with anyone who draws a paycheck from your company. It’s not your job to save the world, it’s not your job to lift your beta coworker’s feet out of the miry clay and set them on the a solid rock of red pill wisdom, and it’s certainly not your job to make sure you’re the guy who everyone knows “gets it”—your job is to turn a profit for your employer in exchange for a paycheck without causing a disturbance on the team while manipulating the shit out of the system for personal gain. Any red pill wisdom you disseminate can and will be used against you in some form or fashion—even if it’s behind the scenes. That promotion you won’t get three years from now may be directly related to that “marriage is for chumps” comment you made two years ago at the company Christmas party—and you won’t even know it.

4. DON’T add coworkers to your social networks. I don’t care how cool they are or how tight-knit the team is you work with. If you’re living the life you should be living, your Facebook wall and twitter feed will be a liability to you at work. Stay up late one night and delete every last coworker, vendor and client from your Facebook wall, then suspend your profile for two weeks. If anybody mentions it at work, you’ll know who is just a little too interested in your private life, and you can tell them you decided to shut the whole thing down because you were tired of it. When you eventually open the account back up, your coworkers will already be deleted, so lock it down tighter than Fort Knox and use a different email so it’s not searchable by coworkers.

Facebook is dangerous as hell, and things can happen that you may never expect even if you’re not a Facebook user. The same goes for Twitter. I completely deleted my personal Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts over a year ago, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

5. DON’T ever speak to a fat chick at work unless she’s over the age of 40 and married. Single fat chicks are wired differently, and I still haven’t figured out what the hell is going on in their minds. They hate men, they hate their skinny chick coworkers, they hate other fat chicks, and they hate themselves. Other than an absolute professional mandate which requires you to engage with a fat chick on some work related topic, don’t even say hi to her unless her workspace is so close to yours that you absolutely have to. [Note: There’s a grandma clause in there for old fat chicks who bake cookies and hand out homemade Christmas and birthday cards.]

6. DO repeatedly lie your ass off. “Why am I not married?” Sigh (followed by a distant look of introspection) “I just haven’t found the one yet. But I’m on the lookout, and as soon as I find her, I’m going to do my best to hold on to her forever. I’m really looking forward to being a father and a husband someday.”

Many of your male coworkers want to hear that just as much as your female coworkers do—EVEN the men who tell you “stay single and enjoy it!” Always validate your coworker’s life choices even if you’d rather be butt-raped by a pack of wild horses than trade lives with them.

7. DO save the Alpha for the conference room. There is only so much Alpha capital that can be spent at work before you’re labeled an asshole. If your private conversations are all red pill Alpha, you’re diminishing the amount you can display in the conference room. Don’t get wrapped up in dissing feminism or flashing your player credentials at work; save that energy and use it to get paid and promoted. Be polite and reserved on the floor, but earn a reputation for boldness in the conference room.

8. DO remember that following these rules will work so well that you’ll be tempted to ignore them. This is where I admittedly need to follow my own damn advice. Once you master the rules above, you’ll gain a reputation for being a no-nonsense professional who keeps to himself on the floor but brings bold ideas and a take-no-prisoners attitude to the conference room. Your married coworkers will accept you, the single ones will look up to you, and the fat chicks who hate everyone else will give you a hate pass because they just can’t help but admire you. When this happens, you’ll feel like its okay to loosen up a bit and socialize a little more since you’re in control. But a month or two later, *smack!* you’ll be reminded of why you followed those rules in the first place. It’ll sound a little like this:

“So, I hear you had a date on Thursday night. What’s her name? Do you like her? What does she do for a living?”

This guy is a player who doesn’t take relationships seriously. That’s why we rarely meet these girls.

“Did you really fly to Seattle last weekend to go to a concert? Man, I wish I could get away like that.”

He puts his social life ahead of work, and it takes a lot of planning to go on a trip like that. I wonder if he booked that ticket on our time? I bet he did. I bet that’s why he’s always on his cellphone. I wonder if he really had an offsite meeting on Friday? Probably not —I bet he was heading to the airport.  

“Hey, not all of us can just do whatever we want. Some of us have responsibilities at home.”

This guy has no idea what it’s like to be an adult. With such little life experience, how can we trust him to make good decisions? Will he just up and quit one day and fly off to another job? He has no stability in his life, and we don’t need that around here. He’s a good guy, but I’m not sure he’s up to the challenge.

“Jennifer? Who is Jennifer? What happened to Elizabeth?”

He’s treating women like they’re interchangeable because he’s mentioned three different women in the past few months. I have a daughter Elizabeth’s age, and I wouldn’t want her to get hooked up with a guy like him. He never seems distraught about the breakups either; I bet he treats girls like my daughter’s last asshole boyfriend treated her. What a jerk. I can’t believe I have to work with him.

“I heard from some of your concerned coworkers that you were pretty upset by the way Michelle snapped at you and I guess embarrassed you in front of everyone. But just remember that she’s under a lot of pressure, and it’s not easy for a woman to get ahead in this industry. She needs and deserves your full support on this initiative. If you have a problem with her, you should address it with her directly and not criticize her to your coworkers.”

He’s just another misogynistic asshole who can’t handle being dressed down in public by a menopausal lunatic for doing exactly what she asked him to do in the first place. Someday I too will become a menopausal lunatic ravaged by the guilt of ignoring my children and being a shitty mother in order to pursue a paycheck, and I sure as hell don’t need misogynistic men like him around to point it out.


If you have any other workplace red pill DOs and DON’Ts you’ve picked up down through the years, please drop them in the comments section below so we can get a good list going.

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117 thoughts on “8 Essential Rules To Surviving The Workplace”

  1. “Red Pill wisdom is like religion: nobody cares what you think, and in their eyes, you’re wrong before you even open your mouth. ”
    I’ve found this to be very true and have had to stop trying to win converts. People will take the red pill or they won’t.

  2. This looks like a good list to follow. Life in the USA is becoming miserable and others hate you should you have any fun in life, so i agree that its best to shut the fuck up.
    And yes it is best if you are single to play the “I just haven’t found my sweet flower to marry yet.” The only problem is you have to watch out for other co-wokers females trying to fix you up with one of their loser female friends who can’t get a date due to their utter worthlessness as a human being.
    The other card to play if you are single is just tell people you are gay and benefit from all the freebies that the gay community gets now. In fact gay men are giving more respect socially since faq chic is now the fashion.

    1. I outlined the “crypto-straight” strategy in my recent Spearhead essay : Will Hetero-Sexuals Line Up for the Fabulous New Benefits of Openly Gay Soldiering?

    2. Unfortunately, you owe it to yourself to not only “appear miserable” at work but also in your social circles now where perhaps even good friends from your past don’t want to hear about your travels, how you thought outside the box to have a good time, and how you are spending your spare time taking graduate courses, studying a new language for fun/professional reasons, etc (Yes studying in your spare time makes other people bitterly jealous believe it or not in the land of opportunity & bettering ourselves).

      1. As I read your comment I couldn’t help but think of Roosh’s description of Jante Law. I can’t believe that is where this once great nation is heading.
        A future riddled with tall poppy syndrome.
        It seems that if you are doing anything in your life that creates more options(options = freedom), or that gives you more satisfaction or fun in life, its best to only share it with people who share our worldview.

      2. Simple solution….GET NEW FRIENDS! You think Kanye and Jay Z are hanging around the same guys they went to high school with? You think Kim Kardashian is dealing with the same gossipy bunch from high school? NOPE! As your bank account and life skills grow, your friends better be growing too.

  3. It’s weird because one of our lad’s just got a 50% pay rise after a month in a job where he was labelled a sexist, misogynist and a racist.

    1. I think you can bank on the labels arising by sins of omission rather than commission (i.e. he never paid enthusiastic lip service to the blind Kenyan transsexual at any of the water cooler talks).

    2. I guess he lucked out by having a white male boss who is secretly sick and tired of leftoids.

  4. I had a non-work related *conversation* with a girl at work, and boom! I was on the carpet for making her feel uncoooooomfortable. My (female) boss likes me, though, so it was just a lite reprimand, but wow. I went and acutally wrote down everything I could remember us talking about, and the most flirtatious thing I said to her was asking her age. (by the way, yes, she’s a cute 7). The feminocracy is in control, make no mistake about it.

  5. I agree with Smitty. I learned most of these lessons the hard way over 20 years in the workforce. I wish I had a resource like this back then!

  6. Good advice about not telling casual/work acquaintances about the red pill. 1 in 10 will agree with you, the other 9 will, at best, refuse to listen. Or call HR. A lot of betas are very attached to their illusion: It’s the only comfort for most of them.
    One exception to the rules if you’re in a country where sport is a big deal and you’re a participant: Then it’s a good idea to talk about your matches, races or fights with other male workers in a gee-shucks neutral way.

  7. Excellent advice, sir. I will forward this link to ForbesWoman.
    I have learned these rules the hard way. Having a big mouth does not help. I have been fired many times and keep threatening to write a Spearhead essay “You Just Got Canned”.
    Women are notorious at office flirting. Partly due to boredom of being in the Encorpera cage and partly as an attempt to gain power over you. Ignore them with impunity. Do not date co-workers ever, or even look at them. If you followed the advice here on partner dancing you will have contact with many hot babes who make your office co-workers look like fat, hairy cows. Looking at office females is for men trapped in marriage. Not to mention that those office flirts have beta-men who think they are an “item” and will try to kneecap you if they find out she is putting the flirt moves on you.
    Keep your female liasons outside your job where there is no employment cost to being scorned and ridiculed by females, or fallout from dumping them.
    When you go to the office “pool party” and see your co-workers in bathing suits you will realize how atrocious they really are and how much time and energy they put into looking good at the office, while acting like they don’t care about their looks or that they are victims of a corporate culture of harassment. Office female wear push-up bras and low-cut tops to try to control you and the situation with their saggy tits. You of course can get accused of sexual harassment if your eyes happen to be pointed in their direction, or run the risk of getting them enraged if you ignore their tits.
    You don’t have friends at work. You can associate with them long after you have left the company but while you are there they are not your friends. Respected associates, ok. You could sit next to a guy for 30 years and the minute you get laid off he will act like he doesn’t know you. Make your friends and social network outside of your job.
    You have a dull life. You don’t do anything exciting or interesting. You have no political opinions. Diversity is your god. You eschew white male privilege and think women are better leaders.
    You do not mention your recent trip abroad. Tell you office mates you spent your vacation in Dayton, Ohio visiting your aging parents.
    I agree 100% about Facebook and LinkedIn.
    Just LinkOut. Aesop said “he who has many friends has no friends”. Very appropriate advice for the modern age. Years after you get canned, co-workers who hated you and tried to destroy you will ask to join your LinkedIn network, now that they too are out of a job.
    Here’s another item for your list : Never keep more crap in your cube than it takes to throw in a bag and walk out in 30 seconds.
    “All hands meetings” provide no useful information. Skip out if you can get away with it.
    Take advantage of any educational opportunities or 401K contributions. However, keep your educational goals to yourself. Let them know you hou have no higher aspirations in life than getting a comfortable office chair.
    If the HR lady sees you in public with an attractive woman, you may be in for some silent office rudeness or a secret campaign to smear you.
    Do not ever be alone in a room with a female.
    Appear to be helpful to office females but in fact do not help female co-workers ever. Build relationships with talented men and help out decent men. No woman can or will ever help you.
    And another : Learn Employment Game. Learn salesmanship, for this important reason : He who brings money into the organization can do whatever the fuck he wants. It’s like being in the mob; if you are an earner you have complete freedom. The minute you stop earning you get concrete shoes. Adopt this lifestyle.

    1. “Women are notorious at office flirting. Partly due to boredom of being in the Encorpera cage and partly as an attempt to gain power over you.”
      And partly because while they are at work they are constantly competing for dominance within their own Female Social Matrix. Men are merely objects, pieces in the game, in this context. There is almost never an advantage to making any kind of socio-political alliance with a woman, unless she’s extraordinary somehow. More likely, you are being used as a dull foil for the various women in the office to sharpen their skills on. Don’t play that game. Office game is vital, but you get extra points for Aloof Detachment and being the Strong Silent Type. Just remember, every interaction you have with a female co-worker you are not directly working under or with on a project should be dealt with laconically and with polite efficiency. Never volunteer your time, resources, or assistance to a female coworker unless compelled to. “Mentoring” a female co-worker is an invitation to being chewed up by the FSM, not to mention opens the door to sexual harassment charges. Know your company’s HR policies and be adept in navigating them.
      Remember, they’re not potential dates, Gentlemen. They are co-workers with vaginas. They want to compete as men, so give them that competition . . . good and hard. But never, ever share anything personal with them. You’ll find the lack of detail you provide might wildly fuel speculation, but rigid adherence to your frame will protect you from most problems this can cause.

      1. Unless she’s your boss. Then if you successfully game her you can sue the company for sexual harassment and a nice tidy sum.

    2. “If the HR lady sees you in public with an attractive woman, you may be in for some silent office rudeness or a secret campaign to smear you.”
      HR doesn’t care who’s beside you outside of work. Their job is to protect their employer from lawsuits. If your actions endanger that, HR will be on you. That’s why they are quick to respond to even false claims of harassment. ‘Cause if they don’t act, the employer can be sued.
      “Do not ever be alone in a room with a female.”
      I will add. DO NOT be alone in a room with a female that does not have window. ‘Cause when you are a supervisor handing out discipline you need a view-able office or a tape recorder or a witness.
      “Appear to be helpful to office females but in fact do not help female co-workers ever. Build relationships with talented men and help out decent men. No woman can or will ever help you.”
      Depends on the co-worker. I’ve had women help me land work and offer to be a reference when searching for new work. Point is, alliances are alliances.
      “And another : Learn Employment Game. Learn salesmanship, for this important reason : He who brings money into the organization can do whatever the fuck he wants. It’s like being in the mob; if you are an earner you have complete freedom. The minute you stop earning you get concrete shoes. Adopt this lifestyle.”
      The minute you become a liability, doesn’t matter your performance, you will be shown the door.

      1. I have personally had the “HR lady” bristle with hostility the day after she saw me in public with a hot babe. Their job may be to protect the employer but they are human as well.
        Push the envelope and don’t be afraid to get canned. You are right though, companies are terrified of lawsuits and will cut you loose if you do something to get on the PC radar.

  8. If you said in the article you deleted twitter then why is your twitter in your bio at the end of the post?

  9. I believe in using the Clark Kent/ Superman Method. It’s where you act like Clark Kent at your job and be Superman in your personal life (your fun life.).
    Like Clark Kent: You have to be boring, mild-mannered, and ready for work.
    Being Superman in your personal life is none of those cow-eyed assholes’ business any way. Being Superman at the job shines a light on just how really shitty these people’s lives are.
    Also, the Peter Parker/ Spider-Man Method works to.

  10. Add another one, be very afraid of colleagues’ weddings and parties, stay away from alcohol if possible when in their company, same goes for staff parties. Also avoid debates on controversial subjects.

  11. I found out that that, while working in a corporation (where I think this is the only work environment in which all these rules apply), one additional rule that kept my mental sanity was that I would ALWAYS hit the gym every other day… I think it should be rule No.9, seeing how Roosh once mentioned how girl and people in general can’t differentiate between a guy sitting on his ass all day long and eating Cheetos and one who hits the gym, and it shouldn’t ‘offend’ the poor little coworker betas. Greets from Romania

  12. Ugh, nail on the head. I actually could not take all the fake-ness and bullshit outlined above so I went with the other option: leave the corporate world altogether. I make a little less money now as a sales manager for a bar/restaurant, but I could not be happier. The corporate drain was sucking the soul out of me, and for me the slight decrease in pay is well worth never having to suck up to or put on a facade for a bunch of people who hate their own lives. Being even remotely honest with people about my personal life unquestionably hurt me and my career progress, regardless of how innocent I think “I went to the beach for the weekend with my friends” sounds when I leave out the drugs, booze & women parts of the stories. I took a look around and realized there wasn’t a single person there whose lives I would’ve wanted, who I legitimately looked up to, who I actually didn’t feel kinda sorry for (even though I was the broke one at the bottom of the company food chain). Who knows, maybe some of these guys were actually sweet dudes with sweet lives who are just better at playing the game, but the game wasn’t for me.
    For those still in the khakis & cubicles world though, don’t underestimate ANY of the above DOs & DONTs, because they are all 110% true. Society is not rooting for its outliers (us).

  13. Also be aware of office nepotism.
    That cute gal? She’s the CEO’s niece.
    The drab IT guy sitting next to you who likes to make chit-chat? Your supervisor’s brother-in-law.
    Pretend you don’t know and that they are actually there because of their competence.
    Say to him casually about your supervisor “Brad’s a great guy, really knows his stuff and a great leader…blah, blah,blah”, but don’t overplay your hand.
    Push the envelope but keep the smirk to yourself.
    Have a backup plan and an exit strategy. You should be on a beach in SE Asia 1 week after the big layoff while your co-workers are shell-shocked or wiping their brow in anxious relief while committing hearts to ever greater feats of teamwork.
    The pros know how it works.
    OK, once again I am pissing away my precious time on the internet instead of making an appearance at the office.

  14. Edward,
    the best method of not getting screwed over by women at work is to start your own company and not have women or manginas in it. Sure, sell to companies that have women in them…that is not avoidable. But in your OWN company just don’t have women or manginas. That is what I have done. I recommend it to other men as well.
    If men want someone to help them get their company off the ground I would be happy to help them out.
    With more than 30 years experience behind me? I am pretty sure I can help lads get themselves going in their own businesses as a business advisor.

    1. If you have your own company, you really have to be aware of the above. A company I once consulted for, had an owner/CEO who would be so high on his petty self, that he would brag about banging not only his female employees, but also the girlfriends of his male ones. And I’m called in in part to figure out why morale is low, and what can be done to boost it?!!
      A year or two after I left, a group of the top employees left, taking at least half the business with them, and they are still hiring from their former Alma mater. While Mr. Clueless spends his days bitching about how ungrateful they are. As I’m sure you realize by now, Mr. Clueless is a true “natural.” Asshole to the bone, self reported notch count approaching (believably too) 4 digits, with a female sized rationalization hamster. A genuine chick with a big swinging dick. But while acting like that may up your notch count, it’s rarely good for business.

      1. In other words, talk the talk and walk the walk.
        Be prepared to do EVERYTHING in your business by yourself if others won’t play ball.
        Then let others play with your balls, with the money you earn.
        Sounds legit.

  15. Add one more rule (learned from experience)
    9. Never bring your chick to work to show off. Don’t believe in Family Day – men are judged on the quality of chicks they can pull. The more sexy is she the more hatred it will cause.

    1. Especially if she’s better looking than the lard asses at your office.
      btdt with predictable results.

  16. I agree with this advice if you have to work in a white-collar environment in the Anglosphere.
    But why the hell would you do that? It can only kill your soul. At most, suck it up for a year or two before you expat or start your own business.

    1. +1.
      Once you leave the most oppressively expensive population centers, the amount needed to live decent even in the US is not that high. Lots of guys should be able to do that on money they can earn working for themselves.
      And, don’t forget the opportunity cost of wasting away in a cubicle. Your opportunity to explore new, potentially rewarding, ideas are severely diminished. As are you opportunities to meet potential business partners. The latter is big. If you work for someone else, noone is particularly interested in involving you in ventures they may be planing. But once you own your own place, no matter how pointlessly small and useless, you are suddenly seen as someone that may be open to partner with, whose “business ideas” may be worth listening to, etc. Such is the myth of the “self made man” in America.

    2. I agree with this advice if you have to work in a white-collar environment in the Anglosphere.
      If you believe things are different in Asia you are deluding yourself.

  17. The best article I’ve read on RoK.

    For a twentysomething guy, that’s probably true.
    For me, I just laughed at it because it was so obviously true. I mean, why would anyone even have to STATE these eight points, they’re just SO OBVIOUS!?!!! But I realize I have the advantage of experience on my side: in my early twenties this stuff wasn’t obvious.
    And it’s only become more important since then: the penalties for not following these sorts of rules have increased since I was in my twenties.

  18. Are there exceptions to the rules?
    What if you’re in an office with a high percentage of 20 somethings. Will appearing the dullard straight cut man help you or hurt you compared to your “adventurous co-workers”?
    What if your boss is going through a divorce with his cheating wife? (happened to me last year as an intern) Perhaps some light red-pill camaraderie would be in order to cement a strong personal bond with the boss?

    1. christpuncher,
      in the west….never…ever….ever…EVER…discuss these issues with ANYONE in an office…EVER.
      Look at me. I am SO SQUEAKY CLEAN I was invited to give the eulogies at BOTH my grand mothers funerals. Does any man get ANY MORE SQUEAKY CLEAN?
      I have had million dollar projects given to me/my company based on my handshake I will get the job done.
      In Australia my reputation for being an honest man of honour and integrity in business was so widely known I had even had clients quote such to my bosses and tell my bosses that it was unacceptable to them to make a liar out of me.
      If there was EVER a man who is of the higher moral calibre and unquestionable character it is me. And in the west EVEN I am hated on for mentioning the issues of the criminality of guvment, the criminality of the family courts, the criminality of women in divorce etc…and I even HAVE THE VIDEO EVIDENCE TO MAKE MY CLAIMS STICK.
      I am on a Seventh Day Adventist closed facebook at the moment. I was invited in by the owner who is SDA. He wanted what I have to say said to his church but could not say it himself.
      I have, of course, been slandered, hated on ad vilified on the facebook group… BY PEOPLE COMMANDED TO “LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU”.
      You young men are well advised to NEVER let your true opinions be known while you are in the west…and that is why I said you should PAY SOME PEOPLE to carry your message forward for you…and I do not care if that someone is BIG BIRD!!
      But if you want your message carried forward….you want to end this PC Hell you have allowed to be created…then PAY SOMEONE to speak up for you where you are too afraid or will suffer injury harm and loss to speak up for yourself. And I do not recommend the Illuminati shill Paul Elam as “your voice for men”.

    2. There were literally dozens of rules I could have written about, but these 8 were the ones I couldn’t think of any exception to.
      To directly respond to your example, I’d say that if you’re talking to your boss about his divorce, you crossed the line and kept on running.
      When you red pill it with him, you’re criticizing the mother of his children. He may hate her right now, but if he changes his mind later or they get back together, you’ll always be the man who bad-mouthed the woman he loves (and women in general).
      And if you’re in an organization filled with 20-something “adventurous” types, these rules are even more important. Just remember to always be pleasant, not cold, but always remember that anything you say that doesn’t have something to do with a work project builds a personal portfolio for you – a portfolio managed by others.
      Smile. Be polite. Be PC. Always make time to listen to your coworker’s bullshit personal stories – but NEVER give them advice. “Uhhuh, huh, hmmm, I understand, wow, yeah, sorry to hear that, I’m happy for you, congrats!” should be the cornerstone of all interoffice conversations.
      Just my $0.02 on the subject.

      1. Best advice ever! 🙂 If it’s not work related it’s not worth talking about. Work is work and personal life is personal life.

  19. “If you have any other workplace red pill DOs and DON’Ts you’ve picked up down through the years, please drop them in the comments section below so we can get a good list going.”
    Look Gents. It is like this and you all know it. For a man to speak out in the western world he is going to be attacked by all and sundry. You all know, as Edward points out, one even remotely MRA like statement brings on attacks. I will give you a good one.
    I used to travel a LOT. One of the questions that is normal and natural is “are you married”. I used to reply “I am happily married with four children”. That is very positively received.
    I noticed after I was divorced I would say “I am happy divorced” and give the same smile. But I can tell you “I am happily divorced” is totally unacceptable in the english speaking world. I would be better off saying “I am a paedophile, rapist, mass murderer” and it would have less impact.
    “Happily divorced? How COULD YOU? You must be a woman hater!!”
    I was working in the UK for a VERY large firm and I talked about this stuff. The client complained that I was “upsetting my co-workers” on the project.
    Whether you like it or not…those are the facts and you all KNOW those are the facts.
    So what did I do about it? Well? I settled in a country that is not a man hating country…Germany. To say that criticism of the US and UK is perfectly ok in Germany is something of an understatement. Remembering that most people here had grand fathers murdered by the US/UK in war crimes masquerading as “liberating Germany”. You guys might like to read about the bombing of Hamburg to understand a little bit about why a man criticising the US/UK is perfectly welcome in Germany. Germans feel uneasy about making such criticisms themselves…but they are quite happy to see someone else criticise these guvments and the people.
    You all know that you can be easily picked off, one at a time, if you say anything in your workplace.
    So what are the TENS OF THOUSANDS of men, if not more than a hundred thousand now, actually going to DO about this situation where freedom of speech, freedom of expression, is severely curtailed?
    Are you just going to shut up and make your work life a sterile barren existence where you can not even express yourself? Really? Are you going to “check the real you at the door” and act like an automaton in your job? Really?
    I have had one of the best possible careers anyone could have. When I started in 82 my career that was to come did not even exist. Global Travelling IT Consultant advising global multinationals was not in ANYONES lexicon in 1982 let me assure you. When I first talked on spearhead as globalman people openly called me a liar claiming that NO ONE COULD POSSIBLY HAVE A JOB LIKE HE DESCRIBES. One person said “his life sounds far too James Bondish” to be real.
    Now that I am “out in the open” I can assure everyone that everything I said is true. I have worked in more than 200 companies in 20 countries. I have had hundreds of men point guns at me. I was in Saudi Arabia when they were blowing up compounds. One of my co-workers was shot in the leg at one of those compounds. One of my other co-workers was assassinated.
    What I am getting at is that when I went to work my job was an extension of who I was…a self expression of who I was. I would no more “check myself at the door and be an automaton” than I would fly to the moon. I am who I am and I do not apologise for who I am. As Kurt Cobain said “I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.”
    So I lived my life “out there” being authentic to who I was and if people did not like that then they can just tell me…I don’t have to work for them. Because of my authenticity I have ALWAYS been welcome and accepted in such diverse places as Saudi Arabia, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Malaysia as well as many trips to the US, UK, Germany, and other places.
    So…are you men REALLY going to turn yourselves into automatons and try and be so “vanilla” that you do not upset any of these women and manginas when we all know they will find SOMETHING to complain about to try and get you fired. Really. We ALL know they will try and get you fired. Don’t we?
    Are you REALLY going to capitulate like that? REALLY?
    Or will you decide to take my advice and actually fight back? MRAs wont fight back. They are pussywhipped manginas. But you guys on ROOSHS site? Are YOU pussywhipped manginas like the MRAs on the spearhead or do you have some backbone and some fight in you?
    If you do have some backbone and some fight in you? Here is what I suggest.
    1. START YOUR OWN COMPANY or join a company that is ALL MALE with NO MANGINAS.
    2. Find a really good service or product to provide. One of high quality and compelling value.
    3. Go out and sell the hell out of your product or service.
    4. When you are in non man friendly environs then play their game.
    5. When you are in man friendly environs be normal again.
    The other thing that you men are WELL ADVISED to consider is to PAY PEOPLE to carry forward the message that YOU WOULD LOSE MONEY ON IF YOU CARRIED IT FORWARD.
    I do not care WHO YOU PAY….Pay Roosh, Pay Roissy. Pay me. Pay BIG BIRD for all I care.
    But it is HIGH TIME that all you men who are too afraid to speak your mind for fear of FINANCIAL LOSS actually put your hands in your pockets and with that money you are AFRAID OF LOSING you actually PAY SOMEONE to say in public what you are too afraid to say.
    And in the PRIVATE behind the anonymity of the web you POST WHAT THAT MAN SAYS in front of more and more men.
    Example. I wrote a book called “The Truth Be Told”. It has had more than 4,000 downloads now. It is EXACTLY what young men need to hear. As you will know when people pass it along to their friends they are immediately labels blue pill guys and ostracised. A LOT of men have told me that passing my book along as “upset” the men it has been passed to and resulted in negative reactions.
    So PASS IT ALONG anonymously….duh! It has MY NAME written all over it…you do not need to have YOUR NAME associated with it.
    Further. Men like me have been begging for a bit of help for YEARS. Not for OUR SAKE but for YOUR SAKE. I don’t need you men to help me make my living. It would be nice if you sold my software but I don’t need you to do that. But you would fix the crappy situation you are in if you GAVE ME SOME HELP TO HELP YOU. You would help fix the crappy situation you are in if you PAID ME to carry your message forward so I did not have to go out and spend so much time selling my software to make a living.
    I have cut back on HELPING MEN because
    1. Men do not accept the help they need even for free.
    2. Men do not believe anything has value if they do not pay for it.
    3. Men refuse to listen to the truth no matter how hard you slap them around the head with PROOF.
    4. Most men are so inured in the current system they would fight you to stay in it.
    Only a SMALL percentage of men are awake…and only a small percentage of them have got backbones to DO anything. So men are mostly totally unable to be helped. And about the ONLY “advice” men PAY for is “how to get laid” advice.
    How to start a business? How to run a business? How to be successful in business? Nope. Men do not pay anyone for THAT sort of advice. Not very much at all. Some men go to “business schools” which are some of the biggest jokes of all time. Us old times called MBA “Meaningless Bullshit Artists”. Most know NOTHING about business.
    So for the men who are so meek they will just give up? Sure….give up.
    For the men with a backbone? Men who want to live a life fully self expressed? My advice is start your own business. Find someone to carry your message forward so that societal change is forthcoming or relocate to a man friendly society. And PAY men what you think their time and effort is worth.
    And if you do not PAY men what you think their time and effort is worth? Don’t be surprised when men like me, who were so committed I put in 4,000 hours over 5 years to help men just like you, decide you are too stupid and useless to help and we just get on with our lives. Don’t be surprised when we call men “ignorant” and “stupid” who “deserve to be criminally victimised” because any man who would so meekly turn himself into a PC automaton just to “fit in” at work deserves everything that is coming to him.

  20. I want an ROK t-shirt.
    Big ROK on the back, full logo on the heart.
    Make one available- I will purchase it.
    And I promise not to wear it to work LOL

  21. Fantastic writeup today. To you young guys out there, LISTEN UP – as a former C level exec, today’s post is 100% true, this is why you need to be working for yourself sooner than later. Sure, get the brand name company on your resume right out of college to give future employers/capital providers/customers the benefit of the doubt. But then go your own way.
    One thing to add – do NOT attend ANY event that serves alcohol, official or unofficial, if you can help it.
    The regular Thu happy hour? Don’t go. Ever.
    X-mas party! Don’t go.
    The BBQ the VP of marketing is having for his team? If its your boss, go but be first person to leave and socialize in groups, never one on one.
    You think I am being paranoid? You think this is ridiculous? Do you know how many bullshit sexual harassment claims I had to deal with because of these events? Given my position at my former company, I saw EVERYTHING and its not pretty. You guys have no idea the extent of this nonsense. It is insanity out there brothers, so please listen to the advice given today by Edward, myself and some of these posters.
    Good luck.

    1. Yep, also do not leave the herd when in a social event to interact and chat with people who don’t work with you. Apparently that’s impolite. Also do not ask women for a dance in front of them. Would have called you paranoid two years ago but now I’ve learned the hard way.

      1. I was paid 104000 bucks previous 12 month period by doing an on-line work and I was able to do it by w­orking in my own time f­o­r several hours each day. I tried work opportunity I came across online and I am delighted that I was able to earn such decent cash. It’s undoubtedly newbie-friendly and I’m so grateful that I found out about it. Take a look at what I do… http://b1z.org/37X

    2. Got any good excuses for not attending / leaving early? I make it a point to leave as soon as the first people are drunk.

      1. Hugh – I usually gave a vague “yeah, I’ll see you there” and not show up. You don’t want to get into a “why wont you come??” game. And then the next day you might get a “hey, didn’t see you” and I would respond “oh, sorry, something came up”. After awhile, people simply didn’t expect me to show and stopped asking.

  22. This post makes me so glad I work for myself, even if it is a blue collar trade that is considered low status by most of the corporate slaves. Fuck ’em. At the end of the day, I have to look in a mirror for face time with my boss.
    Better to reign in hell and all that.

  23. Agree with all these rules: the bottom line is for co-workers to know as little about your personal life as posible beyond the bland “see the game yesterday?” or “do anything interesting?” (answer is always “no”). So no FB, or if you do, it is as BLAND and SIMPLE as possible – like an internet calling card, but no more.
    You can’t always avoid social outings like office parties or retreats, though. Sometimes you have to go to those office functions – because it is important “for the team” that you be seen, whether you want to be there or not. The first in, first out approach is a good one, but MAKE SURE YOU ARE SEEN, and you have backup that you have been SEEN.
    Don’t forget: it has always been thus that revealing too much personal/political/social information of whatever sort will bite you in the ass. Because it makes people uncomfortable, and no one wants to really know beyond it being good gossip, so if you force that info on them, they will use it against you. That has been so forever and will always be so, PC culture did not make that anew. BUT: you can use OTHERS’ tendency to provide too much information to your benefit. Listen and remember. Especially note the ones who burned you for this or that minor “social” infraction. Act like you are an undercover Soviet mole, loyal to no one, except you don’t report to someone else, you just use the info for your own self-preservation and advancement.
    And AMEN to being Alpha in the conference room – if you are the rainmaker or the resident genius on something, MAKE SURE your accomplishments are known. You can do it in an aw-shucks way so as not to seem obnoxious, but you must do it, or someone else will happily take credit for you.
    All this is heavily magnified if you are in any kind of politically-related business (i.e., public contrtacting), where who you know and what dumb thing someone else did are valuable currency. Grow an extra set of eyes so you can see the guy/gal coming up behind you with the knife.

  24. I subscribe what Peter-Andrew states: the post denies the “return of the king”. Certainly not an alpha male attitude. However, that does not mean that one shouldn´t be careful and avoid meaningless wars.
    Our jobs represent a substantial amount of our life times and that time shouldn´t be squandered by avoiding the pleasures that it can also provide. Respect other people spaces (physical an psycological) and make others respect yours too. Life is too short for one to shut himself up to the World.

  25. Sadly, being forced to be fake at work and limit interactions to small talk in a sexually sterilized environment seem to be some of the main reasons that so many of us experience stress and anxiety at work.
    I have worked at a place or two that allowed for inappropriate humor and personal conversations despite the legal risks, and it made me wanna go to work early every day. In fact, I couldn’t wait to get to work, because I was looking forward to being part of that office every morning. I wish more places were like that.

    1. Worked for places like that too. This usually comes to an end as soon as more than one female enters the office environment, especially if she’s around 30.

  26. great article. women really shot themselves in the foot with workplace sexual harrassment. many readers here have parents or know couples who got to know each other at the workplace. many men especially in a bad economy fear losing their job enough over frivolous workplace sexual harrassment suits enough to discourage flirting or dating a female coworker.
    i had a coworker, kind of a player, fuck two women at the office. it was funny because one day he was bragging about fucking them and no less than a week later he is telling me it was a huge mistake. well, gossip got around and he was fired a couple weeks later. he made himself a liability to the company.

  27. One perspective I was surprised not to see, was using testosterone to sleep upward mobility. Vague memory of “The Secret of My Success” which was a movie and therefore 100% fact-based.

  28. This article is spot on, and I really wish I could have read it when I first finished college. I learned a lot of the lessons the hard way.

  29. At the risk of stealing traffic and blowing my own horn (if I could actually blow my own horn, BTW, I’d never leave the house), here is a sample of some of the Office Game posts I’ve done on my blog. Some of it will fit in whole or in part with the other advice given here, but I think it’s all very sound advice.
    My Office Game primer, parts one and two:
    And I’m planning a few more. Hope this helps some of you. Oh, and the post on a quasi-Red Pill “Formal Fridays” is getting some serious play. Just sayin’.

  30. Bravo Edward. Great post! You mentioned in point # 5: “DON’T ever speak to a fat chick at work unless she’s over the age of 40 and married. Single fat chicks are wired differently, and I still haven’t figured out what the hell is going on in their minds.”
    Allow me to handle this. It’s taken years of hard-fought wisdom to figure it out.
    The reason young fat chicks are so nasty is because no one wants to deal with them, so the only way they get social interaction is by stirring everybody up. When you say something to upset someone (i.e. “she doesn’t like you”) you get an emotional reaction. This is the only emotional reaction these fatties ever get from guys. So they gossip. They badmouth people. They pit people against each other. Your advice to avoid them is 100 percent correct. But even in doing that I’ve noticed brazen fat chicks will often accost others in the lunch room (hehe) and simply start talking shit (“So I heard you got a bad progress report”). That’s when you magically feel your phone vibrate and GET OUT. Or you pretend you came from the dentist’s and can’t speak.
    Now why aren’t older fat chicks evil? Because most of ’em didn’t spend their lives being fat-asses. There is a difference between someone who grows up a porker (outcast) and someone who puts on a few pounds in middle age. Most of the older women were normal but put on the pounds after childbirth and menopause. They had “normal chick” lives and experiences and don’t simmer with the kind of resentment as “lifer fatties” because they got to go to prom, get married, asked to dances, etc.
    Hopefully, this will solves the mystery of the evil office fat chick for my brethren and they won’t have to suffer as I did. Oh, and one more thing: if the fat chick has a weird haircut or makeup, everything I said goes double.

    1. Great comment. just a sidenote: “Older” fatties are usually 40 and up, but age is relative. A better parameter is childbirth. Until then and the first year after, a young fatty will be an emotionaly bully as usual, until she feels more in control of her life, and probably get some promotion at expenses of her colleagues.

    2. I’m guessing that when you mentioned fat chicks with makeup, you had the mascara office fattie from the Drew Carey show in mind.

    3. My supervisor is a 55 yr old black obese divorced woman. She is horrible and is basically in love with me for some reason. Such trash. Everything I hate in a woman

  31. This post came at the right moment as i’m currently at home having lost 3 consecutive jobs due to ‘red pill’ knowledge.
    Here are mine:
    1) Don’t try and ‘out alpha’ a man jawed feminist and who happens to be your boss.
    2) Never accept an argument proposal with a female colleague. She will always win by the very fact that she’s female and will be used against you on review.
    3) Don’t be a fast learner. Your colleagues will do all they can to bring you down and at best, plot to get rid of you.
    4) Avoid being the social leader. The less you speak, the more leeway you’ll have with the group in the future.
    5) In a large organization, don’t try and befriend people outside of your team members. Your field managers will find it suspicious as well as weird. A company department is a modern day tribe. It will not go down well.
    6) Avoid performing better than your management. The more able you appear to look, the more chance of you getting the sack.
    7) Avoid showing off your ability to seduce women in front of your male colleagues. It will only subtract points in your employment with the company.
    8) Always act dumb. The less aware you appear to look. The better prospect you’ll be at being molded by the company.
    9) Remove anything on the internet that hint at your entrepreneurial flair. Your company will see this as a threat.
    10) Always agree with everything management says.

    1. Have to wildly disagree with Onder here. Most everything in your list is exactly how to fail at working a corporate job. Unless you are marking time in order to leave and run your own thing, it is a mistake. For those of us that play the corporate game so that we can pursue other things with an easy income—knowing the obvious limitations, of course—you won’t get anywhere with that attitude. Might as well start banging everyone in the secretarial pool because your options are just as limited. Numbers 1 & 2 are OK, 7 & 9 are OK given the original post, but the rest are how you move up and moving up is the only thing that makes the environment worth the effort. My 2-cents.

    2. It’s probably better to make yourself indispensable, that will usually give you considerable leeway. This of course depends on the job, but find things that only you can do and guard those niches. Make them afraid of losing you.
      In the long term being the office beta will crush your soul.

      1. I Agree with Hugh,
        There are a lot of subtle things that go on in the work place that are so common, it’s become the norm, as Romulus pointed out.
        It only becomes evident once you become indispensable and the dynamics change. You no longer have to play by the rules.
        And it’s because of this that i refuse to do corporate work. Most red pill’ers end up in the same situation.

  32. This article is spot on!
    “Always validate your coworker’s life choices even if you’d rather be butt-raped by a pack of wild horses than trade lives with them.”

  33. Read this from ROK “5 Tips for a Location Independent Lifestyle”

    5 Tips For Living A Location Independent Lifestyle

    Everything said above is the basis of my comments. Those rants.
    To me game is defensive as much as offensive. You are driven to want women. It is in your wiring. If you do not follow the precepts of game TO THE LETTER you will flirt with being trapped in marriage. And marriage will compel you into this work environment more than anything else and lock you into it.
    And it is my belief that all of this will get worse. More and more women will have management roles and inevitably the swing set will predominate over the sand box and you neither find success nor find pleasure in your work and, ultimately, your life.
    I have been away from this environment for almost four years. The drop in money was huge. But the increase in the level of contentment is immeasurable. And it has made a dramatic improvement in anger level, blood pressure, you name it. I am motherfucking happy now. Poor but happy.
    Before I worked in Fortune 40 massive corporation making 6 figures. And I broke about every one of these rules. I was a alpha tech at work, one of those core guys that every development group has that are king techs. And I acted about like OchoCinco or Rodman. Baby I pull down 20 rebounds or catch 100 receptions a year and I am the motherfucking man. I actually thought those people were friends and co-workers. They are not. And the women will either use you or fuck you around.
    So when I seem to rant about Pump them, Dump them, Next them, this is why, this post right here. Working in these environments, even more than marriage, will kill your contentment. But marriage will condemn you to this slavery. When I seem to gush about Roosh and his position in the Manosphere it is because he provides an example that it is possible to avoid all of this. And be a man on your own terms. It is possible. You can do it. But get married and it will be damn near impossible.
    Look at the bullshit you have to deal with now that is mentioned in all these comments. It wasn’t like this in 1985 or even 1995. And it will get worse. If you have just about anything to do with IT, more and more cloud relocation, smart systems management that uses structured learning systems algorithms to run and diagnose the systems and correct issues without human intervention are going to put more and more people out of a job. And those that have jobs will be petrified they are next.
    And if you are married you will have to be inside doors like these corporations or you can bet your ass you will get divorced. These corporations are going to be about the only place to gain the amount of money that keeps princess from thinking life without you, but with your money, is better deal than life with you.
    So fuck it. Pump them Dump them Next them.
    Get and stay the fuck unplugged in every way possible.
    Sorry. Goddamit it might be my old crazy man’s rant. But it is a just rant to have and I can’t emphasize it strong enough.

    1. The easiest way to avoid you will flirt with being trapped in marriage:
      Consider every woman over 18 as a man without a dick.
      Still want to be in a relationship with that?

  34. Up to a point, I can understand and sympathize with the sentiments expressed in the above article by Mr. Thatch. But in the end, I find my self becoming more and more troubled with it as I reflect on it. Why? I will explain.
    Essentially, the author is not offering up anything more than the old “lie low, hide, and survive” philosophy. This is the same thinking that led us American men to where we are now: 40 years of feminist propaganda went unanswered, unconfronted, and unresisted. And now we are groaning under their yoke. So, no, Thatch, lying low and surviving is not what we need at this point.
    What we need at this point is, first, the realization that feminism and misandry are corrupt, degenerate philosophies that must be confronted and resisted. This is what the times call for. Not for being a crafty weasel and going about your smug little PUA business.
    At some point, you have to put your balls out there and grapple with the dragon. This is what Roosh has been doing, and this is what has gotten him in the cross-hairs of the forces of orthodox feminism here in the US and abroad. So, we need to support our comrade….he’s out their fighting, and so should you be.
    I am not saying you should be shouting slogans at work, or be the lunchroom Lenin, but there are subtle, everyday things you can do to show the world that you do not buy into their bullshit. People will sense it. And, yes, here and there you do need to let people know where you stand.
    The times call for it…and deep down, everybody wants us to do it. People can sense that something is wrong with the established order, and that it is ripe for collapse.
    Only by confronting and responding to feminist lies and propaganda will we ever hope to restore balance to our society. The only other option is exile…a subject that you will hear me write more about in the months ahead. Feminism and its handmaidens have caused such damange, and its pernicious effects so far-reaching, that all of us should be doing everything we can to chip away at its foundation whenever possible.
    As a Chinese soldier said to an American POW in the Korean War: “If I can just put this much doubt in your mind, I will have accomplished my goal”.

    1. “Not for being a crafty weasel and going about your smug little PUA business.”
      The butthurt always shows through, doesn’t it. Heh.

      1. I’m not trying to hate on you, man…we’re on the same team. I’m just trying to make the point that many of us are sick of kow-towing to the prevailing orthodoxy. At some point, it begins to corrode your soul. At some point, someone has to throw a grenade into the living room. This is our job…the time is now. Too much compromising, too much oily slithering, too much rationalizing, too much spinelessness over the past 30 years has put us where we are now. If “peak feminism” is upon us (I’m not sure I agree with Roosh on this one), then it’s incumbent on us to bring the whole rotting structure down. Yeah, sure we won’t benefit, but the next generation will….
        Yes, economic survival is important….I can’t deny it. But maybe there’s another side to the coin. I have found out that holding the line, not caving, and letting everyone know where I stand is the better position. There are subtle, diplomatic ways of letting the betas, the fat chicks, and the other hollow men the essence of red-pill-ism. A pointed comment here, an observation there. They will know just by your stance….and yes, we should be spreading the word. Get the word out there.
        Maybe it all comes down to personality differences…but for me I reject the accomodationist model. Not anymore, not now.

        1. But Quintus, aren’t you and I adopting the accomodationist model just a bit by not using our real names here?
          If I had my ‘fuck you money’ lined up, maybe then the mask could come off, but until such time it’s only sensible to be on guard against the SJW types and their allies who will do whatever they can to ruin ones economic viability.
          Metaphorically speaking, resistance groups do not get to determine the battlefield, but they can indeed influence it and eventually take back territory with guerrilla tactics. We didn’t create this theater of operations, but we are the combatants, and it doesn’t do an unconventional warrior any good to face a tank with a spear. But puncture the tires of the fuel truck supporting it and that tank won’t get very far.

        2. I second this comment. Most of us do not have the financial resources to survive being fired, and then worse yet being denied further employment due to an unpalatable truth that we may have once uttered.
          Who listens to the homeless or the dispossessed? NOBODY!
          We are in a guerrilla (gorilla;-) war that we cannot win overtly but we can as Slickyboy states, hinder the advance and eventually wear it down to the point where it falters and collapses under the weight of its lies and falsehoods.

  35. 2. DON’T share your conquests with women or even other men—especially if those men are married. Nobody wants you to be happy, and nobody wants you to succeed unless your success is connected to theirs and does not exceed their own rate. They want you to be just like them and mirror their level of happiness or unhappiness. If you stick your head up above the crowd, someone will be there to knock it off. Any time you share anything about your conquests, you are fueling the fires of jealousy.
    So… in other words, the Jante Law exists in the USA too, not just Denmark.

  36. I don’t work in an office, I don’t plan too. As a read pill taker, don’t you find it overbearing working in such an environment?
    This also reminds me of the movie from 2011 called shame with michael fassbender, a sex addict in nyc who struggles to keep his addiciton a secret.

  37. I’m confused.
    “I have learned the hard way several times that I absolutely cannot share personal details of any kind at work. I actually came close to getting fired my second year out of college simply for giving a watered down PG-13 version of a rather tame weekend at spring break. It wasn’t the “possibly inappropriate” storytelling that nearly got me canned—it was the hatred and jealousy the story aroused in people that led them to criticize me as being “maybe a little too young and too focused on partying to give 100% to the organization, even though [my] work [hadn’t] suffered yet.”…….
    Red Pill wisdom is like religion: nobody cares what you think, and in their eyes, you’re wrong before you even open your mouth. My advice is to red pill proselytize all you want online or in your social circle outside of work, but in the office, keep a tight lid on it.”
    How is Spring Break “red pill”? Its about as mainstream as you can get. Junior High School kids go on Spring Breaks.

    1. That’s kind of the point. Junior High Kids do it, College Kids do it, as an office drone you are supposed to drive home to the missus and be miserable like the other poor saps.

    2. Nice points and so true!
      I have a question for you, how do you deal with saying good morning and good nights to coworkers? is that a must? If someone tries to find ways to avoid it sometimes ( like being on the phone, talking with another coworker, being in the bathroom, etc) how would you react? Do you still keep saying good morning/ night or you just skip it with that person? ( i know that the person is trying to play mind game with me and enjoys my confused reaction). Please advise me! Thanks a lot!

  38. I haven’t read every comment, so hopefully someone hasn’t already said this:
    #1 rule to getting ahead: no matter what, make your boss look good. Even if he likes raping you up the with a hot poker for kicks, do everything in your power to convince the world that the sun shines out of his ass – and make sure he knows it. Why? Because if he gets promoted he’d be crazy not to promote you alongside him, I mean, you’re his number one weapon.
    Example: my Dad’s friend, who never finished college told my Dad this golden rule. My Dad ignored him and regularly fought with his incompetent bosses, my Dad is still in the cubicle at the age of 65 and unable to retire. His friend became head of Shell in South Africa.

      1. No, not a suck up, everyone hates suck ups.
        Here’s a personal example of how I used this to my advantage:
        I worked a full-time job in a high(er) end retail job. Hated it. Would always get the maximum level stoned before work (just told my boss I have trouble waking up in the mornings, in case he questioned me about my red-eyes). Was into art at the time so I brought a sketch-pad and doodled all day right in front of my boss instead of doing any work – except when a customer came in asking for a suit. I’d start measuring him up and when my boss walked in (since he was prone to going for walks instead of manning the shop) I’d palm the customer off to him so he’d get my sale (and commission). Worked well. The other employees hated the fact that I was doing this, fuck them.
        Then came evaluation time (for my boss, not me), my fellow employees begged me to tell the evaluator how he’s been stealing my sales and hardly ever working. I said, sure, then promptly gave the most glowing report ever. My boss got a promotion and let me do even less work.
        I quit that job and years later, whenever I saw my former boss he’d try to get me to work under him again even though I was flat out the laziest, most stoned employee he’d ever had.

      2. Not just being a suck-up, though if you are not careful it can be that. Greene talks about this in “Mastery” better than I can but part of your job description is being a team player. As men, we need to do that well. Being a team player in this context means supporting your superior in rank because you are supporting the rank, not the person. Making your boss shine without being a suckup is an important life skill—even in unhealthy or mixed gender organizations.

  39. Great article. I am in a similar situation where I work in an office environment, mostly women.
    My 3 rules to get by:
    1) Respect the hierarchy – This is the number one rule. If your a cocky jerk, especially if your young and male, forget about it. There is a time an place to display your confidence, but walking around like you own the place is simply a bad move
    2) Be polite – No reason not to be. If you do this it takes away peoples reason to dislike you.
    3) Absolutely do not indulge red pill wisdom to anyone in the office – This goes especially to the males that you might think are on the cusp of being able to swallow the red pill. Don’t do it. There is a good chance he’d white knight you out the moment he can.
    Those rules have kept me safe so far. I’d like to see you write another article on how to relate to blue pill individuals in the office. This is hard for me as I find it hard to have things in common with them. Like the citizens who populate the manosphere I am interested in with improving every aspect of my life, while all they want to blab about is their kids or what garbage reality TV show they have watched. Honestly I do not understand how these people have so much time to watch TV. Like read a fucking book or take a night course or something. Shit. That’s the one they I find them bonding over which I feel completely left out due to not knowing what the hell they are talking about.

  40. this came at a much needed time. i have been modifying my game for consistency, and it is paying dividends in my social and personal life. however, it backfired at a work happy hour the other day – enthusiasm, humor, sarcasm, satire, and all the other chemical combustion that makes the social crew erupt and the ginas tingle completely backfired. jante’s law kicked my ass. it is at full effect at work, and more so after hours during work events. i forget that beta game works well at work haaappy hour, many of which i had socially conditioned and calibrated out of my old beta self, and have to recoop in order to play ball:
    – asking boring biographical questions (phyllis from The Office),
    – agreeing and amplifying uninteresting things about uninteresting people to validate them (the positive instigating listener (see Phyllis)
    – keeping the conversation going by bringing up mutually agreeable collectively positive overly PC cultural platitudes,
    – wielding cohesion as the only weapon of social skill, and curbing all enthusiasm, letting one or two elicited comments of flair escape in an inside voice
    – painting the picture of a beautiful struggle to attain or maintain the tenet of becoming a providing family man
    – supporting the underrepresented or misrepresented with sympathy, and praising who support those causes accordingly
    – making small talk with the office manatee to prove that though you may project modes of alpha in your appearance and manner, you are not an HR risk to the organization (fat chick friendzone)
    – and other hordes of beta mass that elicits brain damage, even with alcohol (which must also be regulated to maintain frame)
    however, this is necessary to carry out to keep a low profile at corp. i do get away with a lot of flirting and other sarcastic and subtly inappropriate comments at work since i have built some sweat equity and am subtle enough to justify straddling two sides of the ever so thinning line of appropriateness, but i am quickly realizing how fragile this amnesty is. the parallel to this the family event where my presence is all that is asked of me, and social cohesion is the minimum requirement to pass time – I just imagine I am at one of those, and somehow I revert to my teenage beta self.

    1. Why not abstain completely from the “haaaaaaaaappy hour” and after work bullshit? There is nothing to gain for you but dozens of ways to screw up.

  41. The red pill in this case being that the workplace today is as much about speaking freely and truthfully as was Stalin’s Russia. Next step is to figure out how to subvert it.

  42. Why would you work in an office in the first place?
    They’re the most worthless and degenerate of working environments. What were you too incompetent for a trade? Hands too dainty for real work?

    1. I have a job where I make things of value, it takes lots of skill, and my hands are covered in calluses. I’m paid $9 an hour with no benefits and no possibility of advancement, and I am extremely grateful for the fact that my job has not been outsourced to Vietnam (contract negotiations failed at the last minute). People who create things of value get SCREWED in this country. The ONLY way to make a decent living and provide for a family, is to take some bullshit job that accomplishes nothing, and live off of other peoples hard work.

  43. That’s why MAD MEN is so popular..we yearn for yesteryear when a man was a man..and women knew how the game was played..in the office or out…

  44. This is a timely article. I just lost my job today 31/12. I left a really good job for this 3 months ago…A Great New Year’s Eve gift…A stupid sneaky depressed bitch had me fired after I had an argument with her two weeks ago.. It didn’t surprise me because I had a bad feeling and a few people tried and put me off from joining…Oh well, I’m feeling slightly rattled, but I’m more upset because such a cunt was able to have the upper hand. Not to worry, I learnt to never trust any bitch in the workplace and never to ignore my gut instinct again. I will soldier on to greener pastures in the new year…I’m not giving up on the account of this 44 year old, never married, still living with her parents anxious cunt…I saved my cash and had no outstanding debts, so I’m not going to starve. Cheers !!!!

  45. Beautiful Article, I have bent the corporate rules here fellas, I flirt with HR chicks who thrive on seeking n validation, I tell my colleagues u can do better, stroking their ego, I respect my mgmt and let them know that I do, my boss became my good frnd and we both are buddies first, we play hard, party hard and when it comes to work he is the boss and I’m his best guy! Yep, I’m in Sales, I bring in the numbers and company is thankful I hauled a bottom line 5 times my pay. My job involves regular dine n wine with Customers and I get every penny I spend reimbursed in the name of my company. Deep down i know I’m Alpha,( learnt the hard way), I’m flirting with corporate bureaucracy, n I know my mgr n boss will back me up 100% until the quarterly targets are met, I know when the water is drying up, I gotta sell a grand vision to the next corporate idiot who hires me, 10 yrs down I’ll be 43 and I’ll head the Sales for a company that has dough and don’t know how to multiply it! Make ur own rules, over throw that politicised, twisted, mangina and white knights or find n work for a company that is run by men not women, coz women can never lead right, n men who them on the pedestal are pussies anyways.

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