Woman Has Online Meltdown After Being Rejected By A Man For Being Too Muscular

I wasn’t offended that he wasn’t into me. I don’t expect everyone to be into how I look… I wasn’t trying to be a social-justice warrior [by posting on Instagram] or anything like that, but enough is enough, and I wanted him to be accountable for what he said.

— Emily Abbott, saying she doesn’t care but proving she really does care, to the point where she wanted thousands of people to rebuke a guy called Dave

Everyone has been romantically or sexually rejected at some point in their life. Yet a growing number of women seem to think that their rejection by a man warrants a wide dissemination on social media or in the media proper. The clear intention of this dissemination is to prop up their own flagging self-esteem and create widespread vitriol against the men rejecting them. One such case last month was CrossFit girl Emily Abbott, a 27-year-old Canadian told on a dating website that her muscular physique was not womanly enough.

Here’s Abbott’s initial attempt to garner sympathy from thousands of people online after what Dave said to her:

Note the use of the originally lesbian separatist and now Hillary Clinton slogan “#futureisfemale.” How should a man with actual testicles respond to that?

Having looked at what Dave said to her, I believe it was unnecessary. Whilst he would appear to at least partly share Return Of Kings‘ beliefs about true female beauty, some things are just a waste of time to say. The man’s biggest mistake was presuming she would ever take to heart what he wrote. That said, Emily Abbott posting the exchange on Instagram, complete with a fairly identifiable photo of Dave, speaks volumes about the current state of female entitlement.

We also have no proof about how the interaction started. Abbott claimed that he messaged her after they were matched together, suggesting a spontaneous rejection, but I’m more open to believing that she unleashed an account of how amazing men should find her. It’s likely that Dave found her distinctly uninteresting and annoying, not just unattractive, and Abbott became infuriated. This is really not that hard to believe, as she was upset enough to share the interaction with thousands of people.

When do men do this?

In the dating market, it’s (often) No Country for Short Men. But when women fall short of a man’s desires, the girl can always go to social media to vent.

When was the last time you can recall a man whining about being rejected and getting a thunderously positive set of responses for it? “This girl Laura rejected me for being ‘too skinny’” or “The girl at the bar said I was too short” are the kinds of gripes you will almost never hear on social media from men. And when these pleas do get attention, it is usually of the very pitying kind.

Men fall into three main categories when it comes to handling rejection. Many, if not the majority fume quietly (for a very long time) or talk bitterly about it with their friends, but still recognize that speaking out about it would be far worse. Other more proactive men, including those still moderately singed by the rejection, move forward. This second group accepts that either a) they themselves did something to cause their rejection and/or b) you cannot appeal to every woman out there. They then look at improving how they present to or interact with women, or reframe the rejection as an acceptable “loss.”

A third category, including the truly wallowing kind of male, deals with rejection even more destructively than the first category. By publicizing their rejection and the low self-esteem accompanying it, they rule themselves out to even greater numbers of women. They also set in motion the poor habits and mindset that will ensure further rejections for years to come.

The difficulty in explaining women like Emily Abbott is that they engage in an almost identical kind of self-pity as the third male category, but can normally expect to be validated by the crowd. “The problem is never you” is the message they receive from their admirers, making these girls immune to any further self-reflection.

So why are women like Emily Abbott single?

Hamsters gonna hamster.

I took an extended look at the Instagram comments made after Abbott’s first post about her rejection (where’s that ROK writer health insurance, Roosh?). The responses were overwhelmingly sycophantic and in praise of her. So, with all this positive attention and support, why was Abbott still single at the time? After all, her social media presence began long before her encounter with Dave, which only increased an already large following of pliant male supporters. Why doesn’t she just choose from amongst them?

Just as she has tried to cultivate a “strong,” “the future is female” lifestyle, she seems to refuse to date so many of the men who follow her. She will bang on about Dave not accepting her and wanting a traditional beauty, but won’t opt for the regular joes who salivate over her physique. It’s pretty clear that Abbott admonishes those men who want a slim hottie, the archetype of femininity, all while hunting for her own elusive alpha.

And although the muscular men she hangs around may play nice for the camera, they don’t seem to be asking her out on dates:

It’s not just CrossFit girls getting a platform when they’re rejected

Late last year, The Daily Mail decided to publish the photo of an Australian man living in Scotland. His crime? Calling a woman too overweight and old for him. Dating website Plenty of Fish promptly banned him. Again, though “Ash” calling this woman overweight was superfluous (just “next” or block her, guys), putting his photo on the internet turned a startlingly regular occurrence–rejection, whether romantic, social or professional–into a witch-hunt.

As Return Of Kings has long described, women expect men to find them attractive purely because they are women. Many men have unfortunately swallowed the feminist diktats and now find their groins stirring at anything with two X chromosomes (or even “women” without them).

Mass female hamstering, and its attendant validation by thirsty males, will undoubtedly continue. In the meantime, what men with standards must do is never compromise them. We will never apologize for desiring particular kinds of women for sex and excluding the rest.

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535 thoughts on “Woman Has Online Meltdown After Being Rejected By A Man For Being Too Muscular”

  1. It looks to me like the same problem Ph.D women have finding a man: they want a man who’s not only better than the competition, but substantially better than them. You can be a well-paid contractor, but because you don’t have at least as good a piece of paper as her she’ll not even consider you.

    1. Who would want them? I suppose there are submissive males out there, looking for a mommy figure. However, I think there are likley very few pretentious snob chicks that want to play the mommy role outside of being a one night stand cougar for a horny 23 year old dude. I think though the contractor will have very little trouble finding what he wants. I say let these hags dry up and blow away with their cats.

      1. I have a very wealthy client who is dating an evil, controlling, gold digger wench! She treats him like shit, and insults his personality nonstop. But he loves working for her “affection.” Hes had prettier, sexier, younger, more submissive women. He cheated on them all and walked all over them. For some reason this evil woman keeps him locked down and he likes it. Very weird.

        1. I can honestly say there’s something interesting about a chick that’s a challenge, but what he described would easily drive me into a rage.

    2. To be clear, though, this is hardly a problem for the well paid contractor, because he wouldn’t want such a woman anyway.

    3. At my university many Ph.D professor and assistant women were married with rich guys, businessmen, local politicians, etc…Not one of them was married with a guy poorer than them…

      1. Hypergamy does not care.
        Women’s taste, moral system, decision making capacity, and personal values are based on one thing, alone: opportunity.

      2. That is very unusual in the USA. There are too many female Phds from programs like english, sociology, etc. Many of them are homely and overweight.
        It is a numbers game. There are far more female PhDs than successful business guys. The latter tend to marry women in the caring professions (nursing, teaching, etc).

    4. Correct!
      But it doesn’t stop there. They also somehow assume that men will get a hard on just because she’s got a Ph.D.
      Should that impress me? Couldn’t care less.
      And women still wonder why they can’t find a suitable man. Male attraction doesn’t work that way. We value youthfulness and good looks.
      You shouldn’t automatically project your own desires to the opposite sex!

      1. Ironically, if you had a Ph.D it wouldn’t impress her either. Unless it was a Pimpin Hoes Degree…

        1. Can you still get one of those at the Huggybear University?

        2. Living in the same state as Frostbite Falls I had an opportunity to go to Whatsamatta U on in state tuition. Had to pass it up, darn.

        3. and now look, Natasha has got herself into the White House. Shame on you Diver, shame shame shame.

        4. I find it has been useful. More helpful than a hindrance.
          A woman with a PhD… only other women care.

        5. No doubt. But I have a raft of top academic qualifications and have yet to meet a woman who was impressed. Mostly they are concerned about the fullness of your wallet.

      2. A woman with a PhD deflates my hardon, tbh. I hate to break it to these ivory tower fucks, but staying in school for six or eight years isn’t hard to do, lol. Some of us simply choose to make money instead.

        1. Actually in the USA average time to completion of PhD is 9 years. (I think that includes people who already have masters degrees).
          Yes, the opportunity cost is large. I did mine while working FT.

      3. Im chipping away on a cute doctor right now. Met her at a cafe. I can see in her eyes she wants another Dr. Unfortunately for her, all her colleagues are short, fat, and old. Thats all she deserves, since shes 37, but I think she sees herself as having it all. She’s cute, but a PHD brings a very bitchy, high maintenance attitude.
        Little by little we’re getting more touchy feely, and things are getting interesting. Ill keep you all posted.

      4. Well said. We also value; being feminine, patient, knowing their limits, grateful of the hard work we put into the Family.

      5. I recall being in a room full of 40 or so health care lawyers. 99% female, and 90% of those were single. I asked a lady why so many of the lawyers were 40+ and single, and she mournfully replied that men don’t want to marry women with law degrees.
        Men don’t care about academic credentials. Period.

        1. What’s the difference between a female lawyer and a shark?
          Sharks don’t carry briefcases.

      6. They’re probably believing their own propaganda BS, about how “gender is a social construct!”.

    5. thats the entire basis of hypergamy. Women prefer to date up as far as socioeconomics goes. For the most part the only time they settle for less is when all the guys they desire reject them.

      1. Not exactly. Men who have more ressource and/or men who have what they desire (but what they will -eventually- kill when they get). Two face of the same coin.
        Problem is, that Mr Big have an infinite choise of women, and will never choose Kary Bradshaw (but a younger version of herself), and that the ‘real’ rebel will stop being a rebel if she joins her (and so loose everything)/ or treat her very badly if he doesn’t change… (the local Gang leader)

      2. I see that, but i also see a lot of girls banging bad boys who they work with at bars, or in groups of friends or whatever. Sometimes hypergamy is more about popularity within the clique than the real outside world.

    6. Without revealing too much about myself. I worked with a couple where the female was a PhD, and the husband was a HS grad who at one point was a house-dad.
      It was not a happy union, despite them having a kid together.
      He was a doting beta to his wife, always was insecure and butting into (cockblocking) conversations when I was surrounded by and enthralling the ladies – injecting stupidity and irrelevance into the convo.
      On the other hand the woman was always looking for a connection with higher educated and confident men in the org, super extra over friendly, always going to lunch with them, etc.
      Have no idea how that union ended up.

      1. I’ve seen the same thing. Friend of mine is a house dad. Nothing makes her pussy dry up faster. Hard to get sex out of her.

        1. I am fine with calling them eunochs now. My sister is a tough broad and she owns his fucking ass. It is so pathetic to see on Christmas when she runs him down. If a man treated my sister the way my sister treats her husband I would beat the fuck out of him. Now I just feel sad.

        2. I have a red headed female cousin who carries her husbands balls in her purse everywhere they go. Everyone in the family laughs at him for being such a pansy. She also scores very few points even among the blood relatives for the way she conducts herself. The next time I see them I may give her husband a gift card to LaSenza.

        3. Lol. Sorry. Canadian retailer of fine slutty women’s apparrel. Lower middle class version of Victoria’s Secret.

        1. Once in my blue pill days and after being laid off a job, I thought about becoming a stay at home dad. Then I meet a few of them at a library and was cured forever — I’d rather be dead than become one of those sad sacks.

      1. I have seen a couple of hot PAs though. One at my kids pediatrician…
        Wall worthy but very good looking… no ring, probably has cats and high T from the look of her.
        If single, would bang.

    7. Or maybe you don’t have anything in common if she spends her days in the operating room and you spend yours under someone’s sink?

      1. having different professions can make things interesting though. I don’t see why a profession should actually make a difference for “having something in common”

  2. Ol’ Dave is a hero. Seriously. It doesn’t mean fuck if she personally takes it to heart or not, what’s important is that it got said and then *spread* to thousands of people, which may well change some hearts and minds. I doubt many women would back him up, but maybe some dudes who saw her childish foot stomping came away going “Well, you know what? He’s right. There are other men like me out here after all!”

    1. Social media is a crutch for so many modern women, so it was almost guaranteed this incident was going to hit Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to the white knight enablers who like every post she makes when the hamster is in overdrive, of course she got the sympathy she sought. But that is a two way street. Thanks to outlets like this, her very own BS is turned against her. You will almost never see a woman who rejected a guy getting so much attention.

      1. “Thanks to the white knight enablers ”
        And there it is: who is to blame here? The bull dyke ugly bitch? No. Dave? Certainly not. Social Media…nope, that is just a tool. It is the fucking white knights who are sitting around just waiting to rescue this cunt. Weak men are to blame.

        1. Very true. A boat can’t sail without an ocean. This wouldn’t be worth doing if these faggy white knights didn’t rush to the aid of M’lady’s honor.

        2. So you are volunteering to stop them? You strong manly man.
          I like the guy who said I am afraid of no woman; but I am afraid of the six cops she has on speed dial to beat the shit out of me and throw me in jail.

        3. I agree with this. Ive commented multiple times, if we try to correct women the way men do in other countries,mor the way our grandfathers did, we can lose our jobs or go to jail for slander or harrassment.

        4. Same thing is going on in Bharat; since quite a long time. Pussies are becoming arrogant & bitchy day by day. All this because of only one reason: They don’t have to face any kind of consequences, accountability, responsibility etc. etc.
          Especially pussies who are entering this Country on Student Visas ! OMG ! Don’t even want to talk about their worst behavior, over confidence and attitude.

        5. An insufficient amount of conflicts and conquests to weed out these lily spined white knights from society perhaps.
          A part of me thinks we should bring back shaming and official duelling or trial by combat again.

        6. I don’t know, I mean I’ve had my personal conflicts and conquests in life: some given to me and some of my own creation but I nverr had, like the author says in fight club, a Great War or a Great Depression. I have no doubt that what you say is part of it but I think there is more

        7. Well, as said weak men let them. No one is saying that we should beat her up, however she should be shunned for it.
          She shouldn’t get any validation by men at least.
          Also, I find it highly likely that she comes from a dysfunctional family.

        8. But who’d throw us in jail?
          Clearly only a system that has been cucked by weak men.
          So, it does go full circle. We should still do what we can.

        9. I am about to the point of actually fighting some of these Gallahads, but damn. There’s just SO FUCKING MANY OF THEM!

        10. What would really change things for the better, is if men were actually allowed to defend themselves against violent bitches. Once they got a face full of equality, I bet a lot of this nonsense would go away. Unfortunately, too many of these Gallahads have faggotty costumes, shiney stars, and guns to lock a guy up. It’s really the cops who blindly obey parasitic politicians that are the real problem. Politicians can write all the laws and mandates to hurt men all they want, but they are just empty words until an order follower comes along and makes it real.

        11. I read a quote from a poster over on zerohedge this morning that pretty well encapsulates the problem with men and society.
          Hard times create strong men
          Strong men create good times
          Good times create weak men
          Weak men create hard times.
          Seems to me we’re on the verge of restarting this cycle. The world certainly can’t get anymore fucked up.

        12. this always seems like a good quote, I’ve seen it in a lot of places, but really I don’t believe it is necessarily true…or at least not exclusively true. I know plenty of strong men who are the products of good times. I think the disconnect is here.
          Hard times will create strong men and weak men and the weak men will die
          Good times will create strong men and weak men and the weak men will live
          It is easy to look at the result of the hard times and think that only strong men came of it but I am not buying it. I am tired of the deification of suffering.

        13. I see your point but only on the micro level. I think as a general narrative the aforementioned is a bit more true IMO.
          I do however agree wholeheartedly with your assertion that this idea of the virtuousness of poverty and suffering is tiresome and ridiculous. it seems to have its parallel with feminism and the celebration of mediocrity that goes with it.

        14. Are there really that many out there though to inspire this attitude in her??? sure they are out there but I dont know it they are vast in numbers. Yes for any girl who is slim or pretty and is posting selfies in her underwear or bikini or dressed skimpy in her night club gear, she will get suck up compliments from lots of average joe dudes hoping to get in her pants or parlay their friendlies into opportunities to hookup with with one of her friends.
          When it comes to an average looking, stocky build woman dressing in man style attire, are there stacks of white knights fueling her fantasy that she’s a well sort after chick. I’d imagine the majority of her sympathetic support on social media would come from other women who naturally seem to support any other woman who feels she has been judged unfairly on her looks.
          Sure there will be a few white knights, but so often as we would have seen IRL those guys tend to just stay in the friendzone. In conversations with women, its clear that compliments or desire from a guy that they find not desirable, dont count for much to her. Its the flattery or desire from men they deem desirable that really resonates with them. I’d imagine that’s a reason why this rejection by Dave (and some other guys it seems), stings her so much, even tho she denies it.
          I know some on here think its just the desperate hard up beta’s who praise women with compliments & likes, but its not. I know a few men who I would classify as greater beta who do good when it comes to women, and they will praise women. They are not going to help her move house or fix her car, but given that words are low cost, they are happy to suck up complimenting women, and its paid off for them enough times for them to keep up the show that the women they have intentions on, is really great, hot, smart, talented, etc.

        15. I believe you underestimate how many people will “rally” to help that stocky bitch if her “attackers” trigger the right issue.
          Good idea for a study though. Make 2 bogus IG’s. One a hot bitch and one a dyke. Have the hot bitch whore for likes and have the dyke tap a nerve with being denied “muh rights” because she is gay and see who gets the most love

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      2. I used to get angry at the fact that social media has cultivated some of the worst traits of female nature, and allowed them to flourish on a global scale… but it’s actually a blessing. Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. have allowed men all over the world to witness the true intentions of women, and continues to birth red pill men in droves.

        1. Not really, must of them are just thirsty, and give validation to women for accomplishing nothing. as i have said before women have a tremendous power just because of their sex. not sure who say it but this quote says it”nature has given woman so much power that the law has very wisely given them little”.

        2. Actually, under natural law men have equal sexual power. But that power was stolen from us through thievery called welfare, affirmative action, EEO, and child support. Women might have sexual power just from a physical perspective, but generations ago, men OWNED the job market. Men made money, women lived with their parents waiting for a man to “pick” them to be their wives so they can get out of their parents house and into their husbands house to have a family. Men owned the dating market then because only men earned money. Most women were penniless, so they were very sexually attracted to any man that seemed dependable and was employed.
          Once we entered modern era and a central banking system & taxation were implemented leading the way to the “great society”, men’s sexual market value was stripped from them. Men’s jobs and money were stolen by law and redistributed to females. Remember, unlike men, women have the ability to be sexually attracted to a man based on wealth and security alone. Men do not, we are sexually attracted to what we see.
          Generations ago, that’s what made marriages work and relationships great. Women were strongly attracted to their husband because he was a provider and she viewed him as her “savior”, and men were attracted to their wives because they were pretty to look at, talk to, and they gave nurture & support. Today, it’s common to see wives making more money then their husbands. Women don’t cook anymore. Men are just seen as sperm donors and accessories. The female already has her guaranteed survival provided to her by the state, so she no longer has any reason to “need” a man nor any ability to ever truly love a man neither. And to top it off….most wives today in modern era already had a dozen or more dicks in her mouth and pussy before getting married. Generations ago, it was likely your wife was a virgin before she met you.
          Today, wives view men as sperm donors and accessories and have already been fucked by other men like a prostitute before marrying their husband. That’s what our society has been turned into when it comes to relationships and marriage.

        3. Yep. The state removed the consequences for women making bad choices. Science did the rest with contraceptives. Which of course the state is supposed to provide women with for free.
          Women have been freed from ever needing to be in any sort of relationship with a decent productive man ever again. They can indulge themselves and have fun, go after only the wealthiest men, or the most fun, or the ones with the best game, whatever. If things don’t go well the state will steal from the productive men for them.
          The welfare cliff for single women with children is close to $70K/yr. This means most men cannot compete with the state. The men who make more than that, almost all of them don’t make enough more.
          So that just leaves the skills of “game” for women to choose men by. That and their list of three thousand requirements with about half being in conflict with most of the other half.

        4. Brilliant post.
          Questions remain as to your last sentence… who turned it into that, and why?

        5. What i meant is the simple fact that men will sacrifice many things, even their own lifes, for a woman they love. And its a good thing, its the natural order of the world. Women sacrifice themselves for their children, and men do it for both of them. “Jalan mas un par de tetas que un par de carretas”. The problem is that instead of seeing things as they trully are, society dictates that all the sacrifices that men have made were nothing but “priviledged” and oppresion from their part, and all those thirsty motherfuckers who think like that give women validation on facebook just for the sake of doing it, cause we men considered women, because of our instints, great and we even ignore their flaws

        6. We did it, men in general, if men started to see the reality, that we have sacrificed a lot for the welfare of humanity, instead of pointing out to ourselves and call us oppresors, it would stop, manginas would stop giving validation to women online just because you know “I got tits”. But to be honest this is unlikely to happen, everyday millions of kids go to college to be indoctrinated, and those who dare speak against it, are alianated. I mean this kind of ideas do not flourish in college, they dont even germinate,

        7. “Women sacrifice themselves for their children,….”
          No, quite a few don’t. Many treat their children as accessories or inconveniences. Particularly if the women are in serial relationships with guys. Some women even kill their kids so they can be more available…
          Statistically the highest risk a child faces is mom’s new BF or husband, that contradicts the notion of women sacrificing themselves for their kids. Kind of the same motivation as abortion- sacrifice their kids’ interests for the mother’s..

        8. You’re right you know…
          And some would argue men had upper hand. Physically those are across the board; men and women. But historically and generally speaking, it is males who had all the other X factors as well.
          Oh and we all know why the smp powers were stripped from us – so we are forced into a position of supplication, with no ability to fight back globalism and every other festering agenda they have lined up.

      3. Women have always used each other as crutches. Before social media there were telephones and Mothers’ Meetings.

      4. Well, from our perspective we saw this incident and her attitude for what it is, but in her ‘social media’ focused world, all she hears & sees are the sympathies and ‘you go grrl’ platitudes of other women supporting her. She lives in her bubble world and the cold harsh truth as spoken by this author is not going to register. Dave’s knock back with his reason’s as to why (for her to reflect on) totally missed the mark.
        From my experience it didn’t surprise me one bit.
        Giving advice to women on what they are doing wrong when it comes to their looks, is just going to get you anger back. Even if you phrase it in a non confrontational supportive manner, its so often going to go down like a fart in an elevator. She wont see constructive advise, but instead, negative support, unfair judgement, criticism. They are totally all for that Christina Aguilera song – “I am beautiful No matter what they say Words can’t bring me down I am beautiful”. If I knock a woman back I’ll just give the vague ‘not feeling the chemistry’ reason, like so many of them do. This chick want’s him to be accountable for what he said. sheesh, and how many women are going to step into that spotlight when it comes to their rejection of men. Not f**king many. As the author pointed out, how many men who get knocked back for not being alpha enough are going to get sympathy & support on social media…again not f**king many if any,
        When she knocks back a short dude, its not like he is doing things to cause his less than favorable attraction predicament. In her case however she is actively lowering her options, What I found bizarre, not the lack of self reflection, but her attitude to double down in the gym and bulk up more.
        I’m all for encouraging the women in my gym who pump iron, but when they sacrifice their femininity for it they are doing themselves a disservice imo. In this woman’s case her reaction to valid criticism is to go even harder in the direction that got her rejected. “I’ll show him”. I’m sure plenty of horny guys on her dating site will still bang her though in the meantime, to sooth the sting from Dave’s rejection. #futureisfemale – there’s a red flag there for a lot of guys.

    2. Most women know this. Women act like they are allergic to weights because they’re afraid that they will turn into… Emily Abbott.

      1. Yes, I have read that some were afraid to embrace a paleo lifestyle (weights, HIIT) for this reason.

    3. Are we sure this isn’t a troll job by the grown up lead singer of that
      terrible 90’s band Silverchair? Because it sure looks like it.

      1. terrible 90’s band

        You’re being a bit redundant there aren’t you?

    4. Only problem is that this is one of those situations where he burnt hand is the best teacher. Eg warninga from the bunch of spinster-dykes to the new generation. Hopefully.

      1. But hey, that “chick” already, fully, enjoyed the “Pleasure” of C.Carousal ! Pampering, Drinks, Dinners, Gifts, Holidays and (on demand, no strings attached) FREE sex ! Damn IT !

      2. that is what I want right there, those fuckin kitties. They’re more loyal than most women, no lie.

    5. I simply cannot wrap my head around the penis envy of women these days – powerlifting pics, pics of them with fake moustaches, pics of them wearing football jerseys, bragging about “sleeping with” other women. All of that is vile and repulsive yet they think it’s what men WANT to see and hear!

    6. Some things just need to be said.
      I’ll keep saying every single time I encounter a slut that her sluttiness is a reason why I don’t want a relationship with her regardless of whether it’s “past” or not. A slut will always remain a slut.
      Sure she won’t change her ways, probably only just boosting her sluttiness, but so what? I said it and will say the same no matter how much shit I’m getting for my words and beliefs.

      1. Aw dude, same here! I always judge them by their pasts and we have every right to. Someone who engages in risky, self-destructive or disgusting behavior makes poor decisions for EVERYTHING in life and is a risk and a liability in general to associate with! Caveat emptor!

      2. It’s not just her past sluttiness — STDs are rampant among females, and (like a diamond) herpes is forever!

    7. On the daily mail comments section, I was plesantly surprised to see many men supporting him

    1. Hi sweetheart, my name is Dave, and, uhm, I do not exactly know how to break this down to you, but I really would like to politely decline your generous offer.
      Best wishes,

    2. I see this kind of woman at the Arnold Fitness Expo every year. Gross. I really don’t get it. My preference is for the fit bikini/fitness model type, not the Dudes with Tits like pictured above.

        1. There we go, that’s the kind of body I prefer. Once you have a few of those types go crazy on you, it gets addictive and you find that you won’t settle for less. Which is fine really, why should anybody settle for less than what he can get?

    3. Oh god, I have a feeling that her vagina walls are so hard and rough that it might act like a sand paper scrapping the flesh out of my penis every stroke.

    4. I don’t mind a little musculature, but when a woman has veins popping out all over her body, that’s just a turn off.

  3. For me, it’s the Tattoos that ruin it. I can’t stand that shit even on a feminine and good-looking woman.

    1. Yup. It’s the single trashiest thing a woman can do to her body. To me, tattoos are just a very MASCULINE thing. it’s basically the female equivalent of a man wearing lipstick or eyeshadow…or a dress for that matter. There’s actually a crossfit gym that just opened up last week next door to where I work. I saw this GORGEOUS girl there one day wearing tight yoga pants. PERFECT body from top to bottom. Then I saw her again a couple of days later wearing shorts. Shorts that revealed two legs COVERED in ink. Vomit! Nothing’s a bigger boner-killer for me.

      1. Not many are used to rejection. It is a natural consequence of women starting to pursue after men and asking for dates.
        I find the irony of feminism unreal. In the drive to be valued more than just a sex object, they have thrown any redeeming qualities they have away, leaving only the warm hole left. In the drive to be “independent” and looking for their own dates, women are now finding what it is to be rejected.

        1. women will never truly know rejection. Have you ever looked at some fat disgusting pig with 5 kids and thought “who keeps fucking this woman” The truth is that any woman, of any looks, of any weight, can walk into any bar at last call and find someone to pipe her out.

        2. They prioritized the short-term over long-term. Lots of dicks through the teens and 20s, early 30s, then a life of frigid solitude and loneliness from the mid 30s up.

        3. I actually have a different view. Women definitely will know rejection. That she can get a below average dude to fuck her doesn’t mean that she’s down with it, because ultimately Chad Thundercock won’t give her a second glance and I know for a fact that this eats women up inside. When she’s turned down by Chad, damned skippy she will go into extreme hamster hate spiels due to rejection.

        4. But, what is far more important, and common, is women who go to find a decent relationship and fail, which is what eats up the cat ladies so much. They were duped in thinking that getting laid meant something.

        5. Agreed. Women will and do know rejection, the main problem is that they don’t know how to handle it gracefully…yet.

        6. This is true, but I think you are underestimating a woman’s (especially a disgusting and fat woman’s) ability to deceive themselves. They have 18 hamsters running in 25 directions. of course, at a primal level you are right, but at least while they are filled with alcohol, drugs and fast food (which will be almost always) they will be able to justify it to their conscious minds that Chad Thundercock is really the looser and luiz the busboy who is pumping away at her disgusting slit 30 minutes after closing is the real stud.

        7. I think “getting laid” and finding a “decent relationship” may be distinct for men– but for women, attention is attention, is attention. It is all the same ego validation.

        8. true that. and those cunts still cack about equality.
          We will have fucking equality the day when one ugly guy will still have female orbiters to choose from.

        9. They wanted to drink from our cup and sit at our table without paying their dues. Let them choke.

        10. They especially find out about rejection after they ‘age off’ the Carousel when they hit their thirties and smack into ‘The Wall’.
          That time is also the usual time that they start wailing about the ‘lack of Good Men’, when they’ve been driving those same ‘Good Men’ away from them for the previous ten to twenty years.

      2. #futureisfemale. WTF does that even mean? I’ve heard it a few times but don’t care enough to research what it implies.

        1. A very vocal minority of females desire a matriarchy where they wield all the power, hold all the jobs, etc. and they are deluded into thinking their social media tantrums is going to achieve that end in short order.

        2. Yes, I thought it was in reference to an increase of womyn in government/ power roles. So she’s not even using it in the correct context. Unless #futureisfemale also implies men can’t reject womyn.
          (They also think their pathetic hashtag slacktivism will change the world.)

        3. If womyn had their way, all but the finest hunks would be systematically killed and the rest sterilized and kept confined so the womyn could have their way with them.
          So yes, men would certainly be powerless to reject womyn.

      3. If I was Dave (and I was on Twitter), I would retweet it myself. Imagine the panties that get wet with that kind of IDGAF attitude.

  4. Is it me or are women taking it more and more to extremes these days? Either morbidly obese or a steroid-fueled crossfit beast.
    Really, as a guy you’re between a rock and a hard place.

    1. There is no way most of these women aren’t on gear. I am sure there is the occasional genetic mutant out there, but these are not natural bodies by any stretch of the imagination.

        1. More likely than not. I don’t know if they do any testing for the CF games, but I would imagine there is a lot of tren involved

        2. I like the term ‘cult’ as you put it. It does seem kind of culty.
          The exercises aren’t new (taken from various disciplines), but something about the culture creeps me out.

      1. Check out her instagram…shes clearly on drugs. Bitch is doing kipping pullups and has thicker lats than most men, she has capped delts, and her bmi is sub 10% year round.
        Probably shooting test prop.

        1. Sub 10% on a woman shuts down their reproductive system. It is extremely low for a woman. The only thing that would keep her body building muscle with so few calories would be testosterone

        2. Relax, she doesn’t plan to have kids. She’s a white woman. She aspires to own cats. Her ovaries and estrogen are superfluous.

        3. That sort of shut down has a very unattractive look to it. As I am sure you have seen. This story is a great example that woman do not know what they want until they cant have it. then they blame us for their own screw ups. Looking at her Instagram. she could be fairly attractive. A solid 7 if she did not look so damn male. She just needs to keep working out. But drop the gear and let herself go back up to a good healthy (for a woman)15% body fat.

        4. But it would be fun to see her in about ten years, when the ‘baby rabies’ hits — and she finds out that the steroids (which she thought was so important) has screwed up her ovaries and uterus so bad that she’s essentially sterile.
          (Like a lot of the East German Olympic athletes.)
          Poetic justice.

      2. Exactly what I thought. I have been with female well muscled female athleats and I have seen women on gear. She is on gear

  5. Funny thing is that she does look femenine. Yeap, she has built some muscle, but that was the usual thing for women through History working in farms.
    Now women want to be more and more like men and less as women. And as it happens with a pendulum that goes from one extreme to the opposite one, some men are starting to demand women that look femenine in such level that that they wouldn’t have found a single woman suitable had they lived a town a couple of centuries ago.
    O fucking tempora, damn mores.

    1. I’ve collected and seen far too many daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tintypes to take your post seriously. There were plenty of attractive thin women in the past. Were they all the 19 year old Pamela Anderson? Fuck no. But they weren’t Olga Potato Worker like you have in the top photo either.

      1. Daguerreotypes were taken from rich people. The family of a miner working 12 hours day just to bring some beans to feed the family were not likely to go to a Photographer the Week-End.
        Of course a high class housewife that had nothing better to do than watch the servants and gossip looked attractive. I was talking about the lower class, which included most of the people.

        1. That’s a whole heaping mess of class warrior you got going on there, brah.
          I notice you left off “ambrotype” and “tintype” which were more mass produced. And Cabinet and CDV’s (cartes des vistes) were omnipresent by the turn of the last century and cut across all socio-economic class levels. By the time of the 1890’s you could get a tintype while at the beach for a few cents. And while there were clearly some plain or bland women, there were plenty of beauties as well.
          I find your original post to be bordering on white knight-ery for some reason.
          I present the 19th century woman who was not some “noble proletariat” field worker to the gentle reader, for consideration.

        2. That was not the usual rural class. There could be maybe some pretty girl taken as a model because she looked pretty, but this is not what you’re gonna find is most poor rural areas. Do you think women looked like Disney princesses through most of History?
          white knight-ery? What the fuck are you talking about?
          Whatever, who cares.

        3. I guess all of the photos I’ve collected from Tractor Intensive Ohio rural areas are deceiving me then. Where did anybody except you say “Disney Princess” btw? All I’m saying is that you’re doing a semi-shaming spiel here chief. “Y’alls standards are too high, you demand things that never were!” etc. Sorry, that dog don’t hunt. And to use your words, who cares if it is the case anyway? Fit men with their shit together should demand the top shelf women and not “settle”.

        4. Can you read? “Ghost” already addressed that.
          “Do you think women looked like Disney princesses through most of History?”
          “Were they all the 19 year old Pamela Anderson? Fuck no.”

        5. I once arrived home on leave when my uncle rang me and asked me to bail hay in the morning. I show up and noticed someone in a straw cowboy hat raking the back 40 and asked who was that?
          “It’s your cousin.” His blond haired, blue eyed 15 year old daughter.
          She did some modeling later.

        6. Yeah, I think that he’s full of beans. Country girls and girls that work can be as attractive as any other woman. All I read in his post was this semi-blatant shaming thing, along with some class warfare crap.

  6. It’s definitely more her attitude than her body that ruins her. I work out 6-7 days a week and see quite a few chicks who are muscular and in shape but still very feminine and quite attractive. I don’t think her body is really that mannish or too muscular, it’s the tatoos plus the no breasts and the masculine clothing/attitude that sink the ship here. All of that combines to give off a very butch, I’d-rather-be-a-man type of package. If she had breast implants and actually displayed some femininity then she wouldn’t be so bad. She seems to have zero feminine charm whatsoever and that’s the dealbreaker for me, not really the body so much.
    I prefer a chick who has a little bit of muscle on her and keeps herself in shape, then I know she’s not gonna blow up into your typical house-beast after she has a kid or two. It’s all about how feminine she is otherwise in her dress, mannerisms, attitude, etc. that’s more important.
    You stick this bitch in charm school, give her a complete makeover and wardrobe, and she could definitely pass for fuckable.

    1. there’s a complete absence of curves on her body, or anything for that matter that I would describe as characteristically feminine, but you’re no doubt right: with the right attitude and demeanour a ‘shapeless’ girl get still carry herself as generally feminine – not all women have the hour glass figure or the ideal hip to waste ratio. She comes across as aggressive, something only men who want to be dominated care for

      1. With a different training regimen her body could look much better. She obviously has a muscular base and potential to work with, she could easily train like a bikini/figure competitor and within a few months would look much more pleasing to the boner-eye.
        As it stands she’s apparently too preoccupied with keeping up with the men, but there is some potential there if she wished it so. Thanks feminism.

        1. That’s the ticket right there. I’ve dated fitness/bikini models and they in no way are masculine in the least, because they know how to work out to both tone and accentuate their femininity. Great, great shape, very healthy and 110% feminine, and could probably give this girl a run for her money in the gym. Why more women don’t understand that you don’t have to ape the men in the gym is confusing to me.

        2. yes probably, but then most women just aim for some muscle tone and a flat stomach. Her arms (leaving aside the tattoos) are quite large, and taken with her posture, and the position of her body (very direct and frontal as though she were facing off to someone) it doesn’t look like she would want to look like a fit but feminine female. There is a lived ideology in that picture which goes well beyond any kind of training regime

        3. Bikini/figure competitors are the best. In great shape AND very feminine, and they much more appreciate a guy that works out and keeps in shape too. Just lovely…

        4. Very true. And a bonus is that they make dating easy too, because they eat clean, and tend to keep everything regarding what they put into their bodies in good order. They’re also at least knowledgeable about *something* (health and fitness) so you can talk to them intelligently about that topic. Throw in the high sex drive, on a chick who looks like a Playboy fantasy from the 1980’s and it’s all just freaking terrific.
          Some guys, especially younger dorks, are put off by the vanity, but I appreciate a touch of vanity in a woman, I truly do. I want her to want to look as nice as possible and to fret about it if everything isn’t “just right” in her appearance. Those faggy little “men” who “just want a plain girl who isn’t stuck up” are all day suckers, IMO.

        5. Dudes put off by a bikini competitor are just masking an inferiority complex cuz they can’t get a chick like that. They don’t have the game or the physique. Usually to bag a chick like that you have to at least at a minimum have your physique on point and alot of these dudes shaming them don’t have the discipline. It’s like a real life scenario of “elbows too pointy, would not bang”.

        6. Most women SAY they just want a man with some muscle tone and a flat stomach. But watch how they react to a guy who has a very solid physique, and listen to the things that will come out of their mouths. I’ve heard women who you thought were chaste and sweet as a Sunday school teacher say things that would make a sailor blush.
          Just cause a woman says she’s “happy with” something, doesn’t mean she isn’t gonna look for something better. Keep your physiques tight fellas.

      2. There’s nothing wrong with her that a well-crafted, gigantic set of fake tits wouldn’t cure. Oh, and lose the hat.

        1. sure, but unlike you I can see the inner beauty of Fatty McFats….as well as the fat around her major organs.

        2. Well then you’re doing the Lord’s Work and taking One For The Team(tm) and for that I salute you. I’ll hold down the line and keep the beauties at bay so that they don’t disturb your quest with those inner beauty contestants, good sir.

        3. Not necessarily. She appears to be a model. Perhaps 6 foot. There are few men in that statistical range. As she ages in dog years, the number of single available top professional men decays like a radioactive isotope.

        4. I’m 6’3″ bro-han, I can risk the peril of being with a 6′ “that chick”.
          Looking at her size compared to the steps that she’s on, and assuming that they’re normal sized steps, I’d peg her more in the 5’8″ range. But I know what you’re saying.

        5. Good for you mate, but that puts you in something like the top 5 percentile. It’s not your “peril” but rather hers. If she’s 5’10”, even a six footer is going to look short around her when she has heels on. And although statistics shows that tall men generally earn more (probably due to having better diet, income, etc. in their family history correlation vs causation and all), the odds of a guy being “commanded” to date her is all that much lower.
          That being said, I have heard that some taller women “get it” and develop some game by at least trying to figure out where taller men are and developing approaches.

        6. She looks like a bimbo.
          But there’s been lots of top shelf men that never had good instincts when it came to women.

        1. Actually, why isn’t there a comic book hero called She-Man? Together She-Man, Transman and Wonder (if she’s a) Woman could take on the universe

  7. This is the only problem I have with the Red Pill/Manosphere. We’re right, we know what’s actually happening but then we go too far. All Dave had to say is I prefer women who aren’t as muscled, recognize her hard work/discipline and that there are plenty of guys who do. Now, she still freaks… but she salivates over him and in her sexually frustrated state says indefensible things. He gave her too much to work with to validate herself. We should always be direct, yet remove the low hanging validation fruit. It hurts our cause. Make no mistake, she still wants Dave…… bad!!!!! That’s the beauty of the Red Pill life!

    1. the subtler the message is conveyed the more effective it’s likely to be. As it stands its overkill, not to mention rude

      1. I have to agree . Be careful not to give women the ammunition to publicly shame you like this.

        1. Just saying no to a woman is sufficient ammunition for her to publicly shame you. Today’s women are entitled self important cunts who think they can be 50 pounds overweight or ripped like a bodybuilder and that all men should lust after them.

        2. It’s fun to tell them no in front of other people in public though. Take their shaming attempts as your reward and drink their sweet, sweet tears of anger and frustration as your nectar. I turned away a fat girl who, for some reason, thought that she could merit a man of my level. She pushed out the tits (most fat girls have big tits so they think this is all they need), tried overt flirting and I rebuffed every attempt to get my interest, even laughing at her once and telling her “You’re trying too hard”. When her wing-girl and her started to get the anger flowing and began the “Who do you think you ar…” crap I got up, walked over to a hot girl across the bar and struck up a conversation and didn’t look back at fatty.
          I love doing shit like that. heh.

        3. Nothing she did or said about Dave would have shamed me if she had directed it my way. He said the truth about her attractiveness to him, and she put it out to the world. She is only shaming herself.

        4. You cant say “evaluate my appearance” (which is what a photo on a dating site is for) and then cry victim when someone gives you an honest appraisal you might not like.

        5. I agree, he did say the truth. But, for example, think about how many men have said even less and it’s been used against them. I’m not faulting the guy exactly, because he’s right, but you have to be careful unless maybe you’ve got the IDGAF mindset or are going to call her/them back out, too.
          Yes, for me personally I’m like you too, so I’m prepared if it happens to me. but obviously so many men aren’t, and will backtrack, apologize, or all that other beta behavior.

        6. Congratulations to her. She finally experienced what the game-less desperate male goes through attempting to play outside his league.

    2. Fuck that shit. What you’re basically saying is no different from that politically correct garbage going on for years. Can’t handle the harsh criticism, stay at home and cry your eyes out.

      1. but it’s a question of what works; what gets the message across more clearly. This way she gets a very direct message and she and her sympathisers will reactive negatively to it. Now if that message still gets through then maybe the man who rejected her has a point. I doubt it will though

    3. Listen: whatever Dave might have said or did would not have been good enough, except for him agreeing to fuck her.
      As you yourself noticed that very same fact.
      Dave dindu nuffin, but this time it is for real.

    4. It’s either they conform to our frame, or we conform to their’s. Only in today’s hypersensitive environment where retaliation and doxxing can result from un-PC comments is “going too far” not recommended. For an anti-fragile ZFG Alpha, it ain’t. His strategy may help him clean up later. What hottie would respect a guy who dumpster dives? By extension her own value is diminished.

    5. She’s not entitled to praise from random men regardless of what thirsty cucks have led her to believe.

  8. If the future is female why are women trying so hard to look and act like men?
    And really, a lady’s clitoris should be about the size of a higgs bosun particle. Any larger and she should consider changing gender on her birth certificate

    1. to take females from us. i’m afraid that all the “future is female” means lesbianism is the future they promote so hard

      1. well feminism promotes lesbianism, for sure. In fact feminism is lesbianism more or less. But penis envy, the desire to act like a man, is a potential character flaw common to all women to the extent it is indulged. Even the desire to ‘take females from us’ and therefore lesbianism itself should properly be seen as a heterosexual female strategy – i.e. a fraud – rather than anything genuinely woman-oriented (something which doesn’t really exist outside of the hairy dunagareed sorts). Denial is the basic feminine power strategy.

      2. “Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice” — Ti-Grace Atkinson

    2. Yeah, why so many women trying to emulate men when the future is female? Doing this is an admission that men are so superior to women that women themselves must emulate men as faithfully as possible in order to gain respect. Otherwise, if the future is indeed female, women would still be women even with all the misogynists and chauvinists out there. No woman should be dressed modestly, wear just the right amount of makeup, have a nice hairstyle, and be called a slut by some jealous man crying sour grapes. If enough women simply ignored the unduly jealous men and interacted with men as wholesomely or as un-wholesomely as they wanted, there would not be many feminists crying oppression. Only social attitude & custom would serve as a restraint on any sexual habits ultimately bad for society.
      In practice, though, with the commodification of human sexuality gone out of control these days, the above mentioned scenario might be just a theory. On a collective basis, men in positions of power over others will want to control sexual behavior between men and women in order to harness its power for decidedly non-sexual ends. This often begins by controlling social interactions between boys and girls as much as possible. Instead of allowing both boys and girls to interact somewhat freely (drawing the line at sexual favors, of course) so they know enough about each other to avoid misunderstandings along the way, let sexual transmutation put the sexual energies of men and women to productive use for the greater good – regardless of how this might impact their ability to have strong marriages and form households with stable families.
      Maybe our current technological state as a society is working against us, rather than for us. We have come to believe that we can subvert nature and get away with it! It’s like giving a toddler a hammer with which to crack a nut.

      1. Subverting nature is the core of the social engineering project, for the simply reason that the more you scratch the surface the more it is appears as a vanity project, the attempt to stamp the will of the apprentice engineer turned master onto the raw materials He (or whatever capitalised personal pronoun preferred) has fashioned. There is a social management side of things, much of which is designed to ensure the equivalent of Asimov’s first law of robotics – no trans-human will harm his social engineer. If the project was truly pro-social people would be allowed to do what they wanted and find their own ways of interacting and adapting to changed circumstances, not least with respect to sex and sexuality. My option is to the top down nature of the innovations not to so much to the innovations themselves. As for the future being female, such slogans are never predictions based on dispassionate analysis but are always slogans designed to create the situation they predict – that is to say to speak the world into existence – and as such it constitutes an instance of matriarchal supremacism, a form of extremism as bad as anything the SPLC targets, but given a complete pass by the progressive establishment

  9. Her body probably is feminine. But it’s hard to tell when she dresses like Crocodile Dundee. It’s like women have realized that guys are so desperate so they don’t even have to try any more.

    1. “women have realized that guys are so desperate……”
      Desperate for what? Definitely not for a relationship. That is where women have it 180 degrees out of phase with reality. They equate sex with relationship. A woman in reasonable shape in her 20’s can get sex with just about any guy she wants. This gives them a false sense of security, they think they can continue to slut around and then find a relationship when they are approaching their late 30’s. Problem is, premarital sex is the antithesis of relationship. It shows the guy that they lack trustworthiness. If they are willing to slut around prior to marriage, are they going to magically change after she gets the ring?

      1. Guys in general most definitely are desperate for relationships. Probably not here at RoK or elsewhere in the manosphere, but society is the way it is because of bluepill thirst.
        90% of social media is chicks looking for free validation and idiot guys giving it to them.
        I guarantee you that this butch chick had a hundred replies from dudes using flattery to try and get in her pants, instead of being completely ignored like would happen in a sane world.

        1. Could be, I was just speaking from experience. Once I got myself to the point of looking to settle, I was in my final years of engineering school, clean cut guy who knew game.

        2. That’s the whole problem with Facebook, Tinder, Bumble and the like. In this social media age a girl has instant dick at the swipe of a finger. They can be as unnatractive as this broad is and still get tons of attention from beta, sex-starved manlets who flatter them and pump their self-worth up to where a girl like this thinks she’s a 10.
          It’s no wonder they have a false sense of security when they have a hundred guys within 20 miles that are begging to sleep with them on Tinder. It’s given these girls a way over-inflated ego and then they have the nerve to turn down men who they are lucky to have paying them attention in the first place.

    2. I don’t think her face looks feminine. She has a masculine jaw and her lips are nonexistent. The muscles and clothing do not help either.
      If she would have taken the time to groom her hair, wear some makeup and put on a dress, she would have been viewed as more attractive.
      Exercising the point of being hard and extremely muscular just looks gross on a woman. Diligently engaging in lower impact activities with moderate weight training will lead to a woman looking fit yet still soft and feminine.

      1. Yeah, I mean my wife works out like a crazy person. much harder than me tbh. But she also knows how to show curves and knows that it’s in her best interest to do so, which is completely lost on this crossfit chick, lol.

        1. My wife too brother! We met in the gym many years ago and a healthy lifestyle has a become a cornerstone of our marriage. A strong, fit woman is sexy as hell, but the “curves” still gotta remain!

      2. women can lift weight, do calisthenics, get strong and still look feminine (of course a man will surpass them) but they will never look like a man for the simple reason that they dont have balls that produce testosterone. women have been told so mucj to surpass men that they have even tried it in this sphere of the biological realm, and the only way to surpass a natural testosterone machine is to play darts with your but

        1. Absolutely. A strong woman looks like a strong woman….emphasis…WOMAN. A strong man looks like a strong man. I like the long of a strong woman…that is a feminine woman who looks tight and toned and strong as a woman should be…but when she rounds that corner and turns herself into a man…not so much. That said, I do want to bang one of these muscle chicks just to notch it off. I am not attracted to it, but I just want to dick one down because I haven’t before.

        2. there’s some fucking manly looking women out there… Once you finally see them you’ll probably have nightmares for years.

    3. Yep but it’s not the dude she wants! All those orbiters amount to 0 in her eyes.

    4. I dunno, check out the story. She has some big ol’ oversized muscular thighs and arms like a dude.

    5. “Her body is probably feminine.”
      Wait, isn’t that her again in the next to last photo with the red hair, yellow shorts, and guy on her back? Same tattoo on the left arm it looks like…

    6. That mannish appearance is fucking unacceptable. I can smell her dirty cargo pants through the pic. You only get to be young and lovely once– fucking *be lovely.*
      But more importantly: My tolerance for lesbianic conditioning and the female appropriation (and distortion) of masculine tropes is zero. All of it is an ideological attack against men, and I respond with appropriate hostility.

  10. Earlier this year I saw an ad for a dating site I think, where a woman is sitting at the bar and some random guy comes over, sits down, good looking nice smile lean well dressed, leans on the bar without a word, makes eye contract but prominently exposes his respectable bicep, comically for her to see.
    She sees his bicep and then turns away making a face of total disgust.
    The narrator says something about the benefits of dating online.
    What a bitch! Would bicep guy have the green light to cry on social media about it? Should we be crying online about how mean that commercial is?

  11. Why would a man want a woman that looks masculine anyway? It’s a huge turn off. You might as well be fucking another guy in a way. Now, there’s nothing wrong with getting in shape (quite the contrary!) but the masculine is attracted to the feminine and vice versa. That’s usually the case and shouldn’t be surprising at all.
    It’s also annoying when bitches have no problem ganging up on a guy with a bunch of white knight simps or other bitches in an attempt to put a guy down just because he’s not attracted to her. How childish.

    1. And worse, we only know her side of the story. Bitches like her are known to hide the details that don’t show themselves in the best light while showing other things completely out of context. Not sure why he’d waste his time messenging everyone he’s not attracted to out of the blue and explaining why; there has to be reason he bothered messenging her. His only crime is having the audacity to speak truthfully instead of sparing some freak’s feelings.

  12. OffTopic – This is what carnival looked like in germany today – anti-conservatism propaganda all day long, not a single carnival float bashing migrants, islam or anything else that is tolerated by the (((liberals))):
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/319eeb1cd733c75e5066aa90da3c829680cc0284bd701d76e7ec1dbc3e60f77c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ecb3c2e6f62da07f6532a7c3b5c8851f0b29dfa33c62800a64ea456b2f4fc96b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6bbb9241bc926ab03cc390a5a6cb356de1f641d32739a8f6b59970e0fe15161e.jpg

    1. I really hate Leftist faggots. They have no idea what’s going on over here, they’re just sperg reacting to what their idiotic socialist media feeds them. All that creativity wasted in a giant simpering temper tantrum, that could have been better spent trying to make the world a better place instead. Fuck them.

      1. We should have let the Soviets take them. Instead we stood the post and protected them so they could give the world Merkel.

        1. Well to take a devil’s advocate position, Merkel grew up in East Germany so I don’t think that the end result would have changed one way or the other.

    2. Germans have completely lost it.
      Just look who is topping the race for chancellor to replace Merkel: Martin Schulz, one of biggest globalist cockroaches out there, former EU unelected bureaucrat, and anti-white to the core.
      Reality will come knocking on Germany’s door soon enough.

      1. Totally agree…..I had a discussion with my cuckdad about the carnival because the propaganda was too extreme – I had to talk about it.
        In the conversation he said “It’s time that white people disappear and give it to the blacks they suppressed for hundreds of years.”
        Wow, I was raging inside and speechless.
        My father consumes german TV for 4hr+/day.
        He is a completely brainwashed cuckold just like every other person I know.
        Honestly, I don’t know a single person that has any idea of cultural marxism or the (((JQ))) here in germany.
        This country will be a total hellhole in ten years.
        I just don’t know where to migrate to…Japan? Hungary? Poland? Argentina? Uruguay? New Zealand? Russia?
        Every option has it’s downsides. Japan is not white so I will always be the migrant. Hungary and Poland could turn liberal very fast and the languages are difficult af. Argentina and Uruguay don’t have the best economy. New Zealand is feminazi paradise. Russia is poor af and the language is also difficult and there are already many muslims…
        I don’t know where to go but staying in Sweden or Germany can’t be an option – because everybody wants to kill white males in these countries.
        All the women want to see white men gone, the jews want to see white men gone, the muzzies want so see white men gone….

        1. Well, I can’t speak for the rest of the U.S., but Ohio is chock full of white people (outside of Cleveland). My area is 91% white (true stat), and the county just up the road *just* stopped using German as the language of business and government in 1947, so….
          Plus, you can buy and shoot and carry guns. Lots and lots of guns. Heh.

        2. Yeah, the GUNS are the real upside.
          On the other hand: Thanks god, I don’t have a gun. I would have already killed a bunch of muzzies and went to jail for the rest of my life.

        3. The brainwashing of Germans appears to be so effective, the globalist elites must be having a good laugh.

        4. It’s like people lack a sense of self-preservation these days. Frightening how easily and completely the masses have been put in this zombified state.

        5. I know exactly what you mean and it totally sucks. But humor me and try this out. If you drive a couple of hours outside of a major city, chances are you’re back in Whiteville. I live in a suburb about a half hour drive from the SJW cesspool Toronto. If I drive an hour north I’d be hard pressed to find any non-westerners. Drive another hour north and you have Chinese restaurants that are fully staffed by hot white girls. Take a little adventure around your region and see what you can find. It’s an interesting experience. Remember we’re still the majority. The outsiders just flock to major cities.

        6. Been an expat in Germany for years and agree. The German 68ers didn’t have kids, but they still want that state pension. War is baked into the future cake.

        7. They called it Entnazifizierung for a reason. With that excuse they slandered all the heritage of the German nation for decades and introduced all sort of bullshit into the minds of populace, since they were born.

        8. It’s a tragedy what you describe but I’ve become convinced that it’s true since I started watching German TV a few months ago to keep my German “up-to-date”, so far pure trash, PC trash I never imagined one could get away with in any sort of sane place; the worst of all is the Deutsche Welle. However what gives me (a sort of hope) is that the people on the field are not so tame or so I have felt in my last visits. The problem is that it’s hard to escape that conditioning, most Germans I’ve met have proven to be not only ignorant of history but completely nuts, when I touch the topic in conversations (nothing preachy, just normal conversation) about the future of Germany and possible integration, when I imply that so many in such a short time is pure madness (besides the extreme genetic and cultural differences).

      2. I do have some hope for France though with Marine Le Pen gaining popularity. This woman looked Merkel in the face and dressed her down in public. She wants to turn France back into a nationalist country and get these bare handed ass-wipers the hell outta there. More power to her.
        Hopefully her example will wake up some of these other cucks.

    3. Fortunately Germany isn’t long for this world thanks to all the 20-something male “immigrants” Merkel keeps opening her legs to.

    4. Unless you are in a small town in a conservative area you need to ba wary of parades altogether. Liberal city councils decide who gets to advertise their cause and who doesn’t.

  13. This whole Cross Fit seems like a Gay conspiracy. Why do the women look like gay men? and why are the men wearing tights? It all feels like it has been engineered. Women looked their best in the 50s in my view and men in the 70s like dads use to look.

    1. Because Gay men, the majority in the fashion business, select fashion models that looks likes dickless effeminate men (Gitons) who are their sexual fantasy.
      So women tend to look like sexual fantaysies of men that aren’t interested by women.
      But, as they nevertheless have a disproportionate number of approach (because women are always desired) they think that their look helps them getting laid.
      A clue: it doesn’t help. It’s contreproductive. Above a point, even our natural desire is blocked.
      But i think those women could be a great help for gay men craving to try a conversion therapy….

  14. ‘If i have such a success with men, why can’t i find a man that really interest me ?”
    Women are so entitled by the flow of men approaching them that they rarely have to think about what make them attractive.
    Even the less attractive can have some fan on Tinder, so, they over evaluate their value on the sex market.
    The dirty trick is that women only really value the 20% of men that have a ‘natural’ acces to the dating market, and those men aren’t interested by virile, ugly or old women…

  15. It occurs to me that while men are supposedly the sex-crazed gender, I know many men who’ve learned to live without sex. Women, on the other hand, start going crazy after a couple weeks of no dick.

    1. After dealing with non-stop crazy, I’m starting to get there myself. I’m an old loner who hates drama and has work to do.

    2. Dick = validation. In our world of supercharged attention whoring, what woman could live without that?

  16. There is a strange trend recently of women trying to emulate what they find attractive in men and vice versa. As a result of this we have ended up with butch tattooed women who look like cage fighters and men who do squats so their ass looks good in tight jeans.
    Stop it.

    1. It’s called solipsism. Women think what THEY find attractive must be what men find attractive too, thus we have all the independent, make my own money, masters degree-holding and aggressive cunts out there. Gonna take a lot more Daves putting these ho’s in their place before they start getting it.

    2. I think that is a big cause for guys wearing ear rings in the 1980’s and women wearing tattoos today. Thank God the glam rock fashion went away.

      1. I will still never forget what my grandfather said when I told him I wanted an earing. Very calmly he smiled and said “so which is it?” and I, all of 13 years old, said “which is what” and he replied “which did you chose to be….a fag or a pirate” Never asked again

        1. That came of age in the 80s in my neck of the woods, but most of us declined. The saying went, only fags and sailors wear an earring and the ocean is far from here.

        2. Ha! True. I also noticed the left/right thing shifted every few months and pending who you were talking too.

        3. Best decade so far in my life. I have old family friend in his 70s who agree that the 80s under Reagan were good, but said growing up in the 50’s when Eisenhower was POTUS were glorious. That type of age will not be seen on our shores for a very long time.

        4. Just discussing this with friends. Other than all of the various hair issues (hair styles, perms, vadge hair, hair spray) the 80’s were just great. I do like the unrestrained sexuality that came about in the 90’s and the fact that by 2010 most girls would go to 11th base on a first date, but the 80’s had a lot going on for them.

        5. I am the oldest of many cousins and the crew below me who became of age in the 90s have told me they envied me– the 80s child. Strange.

    3. Its marxism. By removing any defining characteristics among people (last generation they tried to get rid of classes, now its gender) they hope to automatize people so as to make them easily manipulated and obedient to authority.
      Marxism is a form of social mind control. It attempts to strip all people of their individuality and social power. While the earlier forms were less palatable to the ruling elites, the later forms have just that balance of mindlessness and productivity that make useful slaves out of the population. Which is probably why the American capitalists always funded the commies.

  17. Typical response of a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man, “How dare a man not want me!!”

      1. Just like they equate being “confident” and “assertive” with being an arrogant, confrontational bitch.

  18. Dear Emily,
    Here’s a word of advice, passed down to men, from other men… for “equality’s” sake:

  19. [Everyone has been romantically or sexually rejected at some point in their life. Yet a growing number of women seem to think that their rejection by a man warrants a wide dissemination on social media or in the media proper. The clear intention of this dissemination is to prop up their own flagging self-esteem and create widespread vitriol against the men rejecting them.]
    The problem is that such women — and there are a LOT of them — genuinely believe that they are beyond reproach, to the point that absolutely nobody is allowed to reject them.
    Here’s the thing: After having been shamed, humiliated, degraded and rejected a million times over as per things I cannot control — my autism, my unappealing face, this, that, etc. — I do not give a flying hoot anymore if a woman is offended by me rejecting her over factors that she can control. Get over it, sunshine.
    Look, if you meet a guy who does not appreciate your choices in life — be it to your choice to be overweight, to be lean, to be muscular, to be super feminine, to be super butch, whatever — then look elsewhere. It’s that simple. Follow the bouncing ball sacks, just like I follow the bouncing boobs, if you catch my drift.
    It is funny, though, how so many women have this insane conviction that it is morally objectionable for a guy — particularly one whose looks are not equivalent to that of a male model — to reject a woman. Sorry, ladies, but the world doesn’t work like that. You want equality or special perks? Pick one, and forever hold your peace.

    1. Anyone constantly seeking approval from others and afraid of the negative opinions of others will never know what real validation is. If you want sweet apples, you got to have a cold winter first. (Apples will not flower, let alone bear fruit, unless first subjected to several weeks of very chilly weather.)

  20. Dude’s getting burned for telling someone the truth; not even being mean about it.
    This is bullshit.

    1. I get the feeling that a man who can be that up front and frank with a woman has a ZFG attitude about any “feedback” he gets from stupid cucky white knights, manginas and #haircucks.

        1. Nah, it’s an inside joke, heh. I’m trying to troll somebody into posting.

        2. cant even do the clinking thing anymore, as Coke only comes in cans…bastards. and, according to lolknee, there is peepee in the Coke. Still dont get this joke

      1. Who cares what any of them think. They’re so irrelevant that what they say won’t matter to anyone but them. This guy will be fine

    2. Far be it from me to ever defend a cunt, but a one-sentence blow-off from the guy would have been entirely sufficient to the task. He laid it on pretty thick.

      1. Perhaps, but when you put your photo out there for judgement you have to prepare for negative reception.

        1. Yeah, I take that prior comment back. It appears there was a good bit of evidence withheld. The dude should have drilled a hole in her head and fucked that.

  21. Shes wearing 5.11 tactical pants, a cutoff shirt, and a stupid hat. Looks like a fake firearms instructor. The total opposite of a pretty girl in a dress with a nice set of fake tits that any normal man would want to show off.
    I just checked out this broads instagram, she is clearly on drugs. Deep voice, wide lats, very low bmi year round…nothing but videos of her doing kipping pullups and bs in a gym. Not one picture in a dress and heels.
    No masculine man would get near this chick.

  22. Everything about that woman screams testosterone as in she is likely using gear to gain those muscles. She is not remotely attractive because of it. Likely she is as horny as any man and would wear my ass out in bed if I could get past her looking like a dude. I used to dater a couple of state class girl swimmers. I do not mind muscles on a girl, but not a mans muscles.
    The woman is a steroid user

  23. Women that do this to themselves almost always have massive self-esteem issues. Not surprising that a little bit of adversity sent her on the war-path.

    1. True; just looking at her confirms that she has mental problems (what mentally healthy female would do this to herself and her body?).
      The best thing to do with crazies is to avoid them and DEFINITELY “don’t stick your dick in crazy”.

  24. I have nothing against a women having some athletic-looking muscles, but her tattoos are not an attractive feature at all.

      1. To be blunt, if I wanted to be in bed with someone that muscular, I might as well go gay and hook up with one of those bear dudes.

      2. that woman was probably juicing. As someone in the comment section say women who work out still look like women. Women that look like men are probably roided up.

  25. I don’t get why anyone feels like they have an obligation to explain their no.
    No, not interested. Have a good life..

    1. I think that his motivation was pretty clear. He was firing a salvo across the bow of all of the New Mmmmpowrrd HeGrrls via this one chick. His comment was very specific and he put some thought into it likely long before she ever contacted him. It’s the kind of comment you’d expect from somebody here at ROK to post.

      1. You have a good point. On second read, it does seem more like he’s taking the opportunity to express a philosophy in general vice it really being about her specifically.

      2. If she was humble about it, she would have taken the criticism and bought a dress instead of venting on facebook.

        1. And for women it’s feelz before realz. Reflecting that she’s old and unattractive is not possible for a woman.

    2. To be fair, he did justify his no by giving every reason why he doesn’t want to be seen with her. The problem though, was she didn’t like the answer.

      1. But that’s my point– there is no obligation to explain your no. I don’t expect a woman to give me the why, and would never think to ask. It doesn’t matter, she has a right to her criteria and it’s not like I’m going to change to meet it. Or convince her she’s wrong.
        He had a right to say no, and was under no obligation to explain further.

        1. Very true, and I was under the assumption this was his first message to her. I’m much more convinced now there was more going on before this response, where maybe she pushed his buttons until the uncomfortable truth finally came out.

        2. After you get to a certain age and are comfortable with yourself– the explanation doesn’t matter. I can find women I’m compatible with, why waste time figuring out the issues with the one’s I’m not? If you’re younger and getting almost nothing but rejection, maybe an explanation would give you some insight on self-improvement. But that also assumes the women are giving you truthful answers, or even willing to admit to themselves- (clothes/attitude/height/build/estimate of income/social status etc.)

        3. She did one of the following:
          1. called him gay when he said no
          2. said he lived in his mom’s basement/was poor
          3. called him a misogynist or some other SJW insult
          As soon as I saw what she posted, I knew she left her part of the conversation out…
          Note in the article that when using Bumble, the female must initiate the conversation.
          She didn’t include any of her part of the convo. She egged him on and he stuck the shiv right in her manbeast heart.
          Good work, Dave!

      1. Yep. Steroid do that.
        I guess it’s a wet dream for Gay people looking for DIY conversion therapy.

  26. Every women I had a crush on in highschool turned out to be lesbian, bitch with huge ego, crazy emo who cuts herself or they just simply rejected me. Did that stop me from aproaching? Hell no! I am still trying albeit unsuccessfully to this day.
    The point is shut up and try. There is no space for pointless bitching.

  27. For “Dave” to say that, she had to have pissed him off. I have had below par women try to get with me and generally I just make non-commital remarks and move on. For him to say what he did she obviously pushed it and got what she asked for.

    1. I agree. He took the time to spell it all out for her, probably because she couldn’t take the hint when he tried to let her down easier.

  28. Some people commenting that Dave should not have said that and just reject her without explaining himself, but what if she ask him why and then insist to get an answers. You see a cropped image of the response but we don´t see what she said to him. Maybe she was rude to him.

    1. Does not matter. Same rules apply to talking with the media. Don’t explain, just next or ghost.
      For everyone that thinks they need to educate or improve, you don’t. Empty wombs and cats will send the message just fine.

      1. Taking the “higher road” and being silent or polite is taken as consent by the Left for all of their insanity. This girl is a Hillary cunt, she deserved everything she got and then some.

      2. Ahh the old 30 with cats trick, quite possibly the funniest red pill realization. I must seem crazy when I walk away laughing, shaking my head.

  29. So I decided just for shits and gigs to open up a Tinder account. Mind you, in my corner of West Texas, the population doesn’t go much above 225,000, so there’s not that many matches to look at compared to say, Dallas or Houston. Yet, many of these women do display this kind of thing where even the feminists want a guy above 6’0, fit, etc. Which in itself is ok, even if it sucks for me since my height is only a puny 5’6. Yet, I suspect that if you tell them what you don’t like about them, they or their besties might go Hulk mode on your ass. So I just swipe left.

    1. Noticed that in South Texas as well. The bitch could have six bastards, is a ham planet and be a crippled midget but don’t come near her if you’re not at least 6′ with a six figure income.

  30. Dual stink eye glare, pursed angry lips, Crocodile Dundee hat, ginormous ink blot tattoos, tacti-cool pants, what the hell is wrong with Abbott?

  31. Poor bugger fell into the trap of explaining himself. Don’t give excuses. Depending on how they’re frames it can be exploited as weakness. Like this guys inability to know when to shut up.

    1. In a sane society an honest answer should be welcomed. But in the world we live in today he was irresponsible and lacking in the knowledge of how it is. ironically everything he was told was to be honest with women for success.

      1. perhaps he knows what being honest will get him and simply didn’t give two fucks about it.

    2. Yep.
      His anwser should have been “Fuck off Herculesa. Have a nice day.”
      That bitch is “entitled” to jack fucking squat.

    3. Yep.
      His answer should have been “Fuck off Herculesa. Have a nice day.”
      That bitch is “entitled” to jack fucking squat.
      And check out all the white knight manginas coming to her defense in the comment section of the article this story is linked to. Pathetic, not to mention full of (very stinky)shit.

  32. Female body builders run the serious risk of infertility and a range of muscle disorders that can leave them crippled for life, especially the ones that juice.

  33. A simple rule I follow:
    Don’t get involved with women who look like they can bench press more than me.
    So far, that’s worked well.

  34. he dodge a bullet on this one. Imagine day to day with her as a girl friend and having some disagreement. even little human shit like not spending time she wants due to work commitments.

  35. “I must break you.”
    I suppose another lesson to garner from this is to never use a real picture on any social media site… or real name either if all one wants is hookups.

  36. Maybe she is that UFC fighter “Tank” Abbot’s daughter??
    Movie still looks interesting, it will inspire many a fatty, man and woman alike, to hit the gym and pop an achilles tendon

  37. A women’s gym should be nothing but squat racks and treadmills. With co-ed steamrooms.

  38. Dave’s only error was that he was honest. And disgusting pigs, oh excuse me, I mean American “women” often have no interest in honesty.
    😉 😉

  39. She has now probably greatly decreased any chances of any guy dating her because if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason she might go and do the same to them with a better picture.

  40. i don’t understand women who want to look like men. Unless they want to be the man in a lesbian relationship. It looks transgender to me.

  41. Dave’s biggest mistake was not specifying what he meant by preferring “a real woman” with “curves.” Thats a very ‘widely’ defined physical description now a days.

  42. The only way to play tinder is to swipe right as fast as possible, unfortunately the app throws in the odd 42 year old guy named Larry… to keep you honest.. beware of Larry

  43. Dave’s response was judgemental (such as calling her not a “real” woman) but this was not as cruel and even hostile a rejection as many short or fat guys get from women. Dave at least was respectful by adding “sorry”, “unfortunately” and “you’re in great shape and all” to his explanation.
    Note that many short men or men out of shape are that way due to the demands of their masculine lifestyle. Truck drivers doing 12 hour shifts to get food home to their kids may have beer bellies. Or men standing outdoors may get to look like beef jerky, etc. Not all “work” makes people look better. Even office work that pays well at least is a paycheck that man offers to help support a woman. If this woman’s income was on the table as a “womanly” contribution, that would be worthy of consideration.
    Even as this article was pretty red pill, the idea that we need to tiptoe around like mice to not criticize women because that’s the nature of society ultimately provokes and invites aggression from the other side. Yeah, “swipe left” and block and all, but Dave has performed a public service and made the world a better place.

      1. I don’t like the “real woman” language because we get that kind of shaming ploy from women a lot (such as “real men” do whatever the woman demands). Actually, it is kind of funny to see it turned right back on them and how they don’t like it!
        He could have delivered the same critcism with more tact by using terminology such as “petite” or “soft” or even “barbie” (ok, the last one is now risky).

        1. I’d say to just keep turning it on them. They’ll either eventually get it or just start “owning” it.

  44. I honestly thought that first pic was of the man. 🙁
    I teach Pilates. The crossfit refugees limping through our studio door break my heart. It should be banned, it’s NOT appropriate for women, and I’m half convinced it’s creating testosterone overload in some women.
    Poor Dave …

      1. It is. A masculine environment all around. “I want to elongate my thighs but I can’t give up Crossfit,” she says. It doesn’t work that way, honey. You asked for man thighs and now you have them. So they convince themselves man thighs are “strong independent empowered” thighs and it’s all good. Is this what you all mean when you talk about hamsters?

        1. Too much estrogen or Test is extremely bad for both man and female. Usually its estrogen because its in just about every dam thing you eat, drink, and breathe and when that isn’t enough companies create it cause it loads up the fat on people.

        2. Usually. Testosterone dominance is becoming more common in women oddly .. some are injecting it! Pcos, diabetes, adrenal dysfunction, acne and receding hairlines. Nasty business for a girl. So many men and women coping with sexual hormone imbalances is sort of an interesting metaphor maybe. This women above seems awfully confused to me.

        3. so agree. I personally think man induced-intentionally hormone imbalance is the greatest issue causing obesity. I think thats why woman/men are 50 lbs heavier than 20 years ago. People can eat whatever they want- it won’t matter- because the estrogen will turn your testo into fat in an instant… This woman is probably getting the feminist line of – you can be a man. She isn’t rejectable cause I like thinner gals but she aint on the top of the pole either.

    1. I believe CF was created as an extreme workout for elite athletes. Which 99.9% of us are not.
      To me it looks silly and dangerous. I’ll take the good old compound lifts, HFLC, and a little HIIT.
      There are no shemales at my gym. The few in shape women that go there look feminine. Some lift and others live on the Yoga side.
      But like has beeen mentioned here many times, femininity and submissive pleasant personality goes a long way.
      IF she stopped juicing and let her body return to its natural state, cleaned up, and started acting more like a woman, she’d get more action. Maybe not the 10’s she thinks she deserves, but at least somebody decent.
      All that go grrlism tough guy schtick is just plain unattractive no matter what the package on the outside looks like IMO.

  45. Back in the 1980’s gals did body building… some of these woman were down right disgusting .. crossfit is okay. i think how they dress to go with it makes a difference. Just as long as woman are not fucking fat or “large” – works for me. There are a lot pigs out there.

    1. “i think how they dress to go with it makes a difference.”
      Totally. Many the ’80s female bodybuilders were muscular, but dressed like ladies, didn’t get tatted up, and looked beautiful. The current ones look like steroid-laden trailer-park dwellers.

  46. Note the use of the originally lesbian separatist and now Hillary Clinton slogan “#futureisfemale.” How should a man with actual testicles respond to that?
    Easy. The future is female, and the future is getting fucked. 😉
    Substitute “spanked”, “handcuffed”, “shagged”, “getting me a sandwich” etc (“raped” if you are whorefinder)
    Anyway, she would be bangable, sort of, if it werent for the skin disease on her left arm. Seriously, I can stand that filth, but its supposed to be a good indicator of a womans inner state of mind.

      1. yeah, but how does China fit into the picture? the Chinese are buying up anything not bolted down in shite loads of countrys/cites, and they wont take no guff from the mozzie mongrels when push come to shove, interesting

  47. I don’t buy it for a second. No guy would swipe right unless he looked at her pictures. He decides afterwards that he doesn’t like her pictures?
    If I could prove it, I’d bet she made this whole thing up for her own publicity.

  48. Plus, she’s got a bunch of ugly scibbles on her arm. And she uses annoying words like “dude.”

  49. Those are guy pants too.
    I have a pair in green. Helikon-Tek. Great pants, really.

  50. The way you guys talk about us women would lead one to to assume that you’re all perfectly fit, good looking, and wealthy. But I’m sure we all know that just isn’t true. You just come on this site to release your anger and self pity.

        1. He means a space where women will get triggered but men will not.
          A safe space for men only.

        2. I thought big strong men like you guys could never be cowardly enough to get triggered by anything?

    1. Eat shit. We aren’t talking about “us” women, we are talking about THIS particular woman. And nobody claimed to be perfectly fit, wealthy and good looking. If you can comprehend and pay attention, we are discussing her hypocritical attitude and total inability to accept rejection, something men have to deal with on a regular basis. You don’t see men bitching on a public forum because a girl rejected him for being “too feminine”, and people coming to his aid. Try to keep up next time.

      1. Hey, hey! Calm down. I was talking about this site as a whole. You guys take every chance you get to rip women apart for not being your perfect 10. Men complain about rejection all the time. “Nice guys” (that’s what they call themselves, anyway) are common and everywhere.

        1. The point was men can’t complain about rejection and have a whole castle of damsels coming to their aid and shaming the woman for not liking whatever attributes she rejected him for. That’s the difference. If a guy isn’t tall/rich/athletic/hung enough, women will reject him without the slightest guilt over it, which is their right to do. Men should have the same right, without having a bunch of rabid feminists come out of their holes to shame him.

        2. They always laugh the best in the long run. According to you guys, nice girls don’t win either. Especially if she ends up with someone that thinks like you.

        3. I completely agree with that, but this site also seems to be full of creepy men in their 40s targetting young girls and claiming that women who aren’t virgins are worthless. There are definitely deeper problems at work here.

        4. They aren’t saying non virgins are worthless, rather trying to make a point that the more partners a woman has the less valuable she is to a man. This is a truth women have a hard time accepting, just like the woman in question in this article can’t accept the truth that men want feminine women.

        5. When your fires of youth calm into the serenity of maturity you will understand. For women that means post menopause, when they are useless for reproduction.
          A bitter cynic is merely a idealist faced with reality.

        6. Zahar_alao. The site has folks with a lot of different perspectives and don’t agree on a lot of things. And they tend to be contradictory in some way-
          PUAs. They like women, like getting laid, like casual sex. They’ll make various arguments, but they tend to be fine with like-minded promiscuous women not looking for commitment. Some may acknowledge this isn’t necessarily in women’s or societies best interests- but is the current, and enjoyable state today with birth-control, women’s liberation and a less judgmental/more accepting culture.
          MRAs. They generally like women, they hate the legal system favoring them. Whether its disparity in criminal sentencing, favoritism in divorce/custody, favoritism in workplace/HR, college using presumption of guilt in sexual assault accusations.
          Traditionalists. They like women. They may acknowledge there are general realities which are driven by biology, but see promiscuity as detrimental to a stable society. Therefore, self-control and discipline regarding biological drives is desirable. That the acceptance of promiscuity (by both genders) makes long term relationships and stable families much less likely.
          MGTOWs. A lot of different definitions– but it has seemed to be going more towards completely rejecting women on all levels and living as monks. They tend to be harshest in their assessment of women. And the group that seems to just genuinely not like them.
          In all these ‘labels’, there are a couple of consistencies- there are biological realities to gender for both men and women that drive behavior. That it is the women who are gatekeepers to sex, therefore whatever your goal is– you’ve got to understand what women are looking for, they’ve got the only vote that counts in the matter. Ergo, if you’re not happy with your relationships with women- the problem is you. You’re looking for women you aren’t compatible with, you haven’t done the self-improvement necessary to attract or hold interest, you’re sticking with incompatible women out of fear and unwilling to change. OR you have no understanding of women and are going by myth, hypothesis or falsehoods that culture has been promoting vice reality.

  51. “The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be revolutionized in order that the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.” – Steve Sailer

  52. Really, I think it is good that these women get a platform when they get rejected. Your typical girl who is borderline feminist/cross trainer will see that respectable guys do not like this behavior. But then, maybe I am giving too much credit to the hamster wheel.

    1. yes, this is what is called “blowback” or the streisand effect. we see it happening all over the liberal left because, well, they are just idiots and can’t help themselves. they don’t realize that there is such a thing as bad publicity. in this case, any young girl who witnesses this exchange will start to have second thoughts about hitting that cross fit session…and then have second thoughts about feminism as a whole.

  53. This article has a link to an article in a CrossFit Blog talking about the incident. She was talking about the support and guys who reached out to her saying they would date her. What I found to be the most telltale quote of the article, it was this (emphasis mine): “With the number of messages I got, I could have a date in a different state everyday of the year. IF THEY PAY, MAYBE, I’LL GO AROUND AND JUST DATE PEOPLE ALL YEAR”, she joked. (Wink, wink)

    1. Manginas hoping that their virtue signaling will get them laid. Enjoy her trying too hard to be tough, boss and dominate 24/7 in her attempt to be a strong woman, as well as her strapon pounding you in the ass.

    2. That’s interesting, the question now becomes why didn’t she date one of her fans to begin with.

  54. What I think is funniest about this is that Dave had to intentionally match himself to her in order talk to her. So this guy says he is interested, gets her to respond, then rejects her. It’s either a huge dick-move or next level trolling. I don’t care either way, but she says she is pissed because he literally went out of his way to tell her how unattracted he was to her while making her initially think he was attracted to her. LoLz!

  55. Even without the muscles, her face is ugly as fuck. BUT Why in the hell are chicks taking steroids nowadays? Disgusting.

    1. Usually because Daddy wasn’t active in their childhood, so now they’re all growed up they’re compensation. And odd survival mechanism, perhaps useful when we were apes but is now vestigial.

    1. She’s just a victim of the be yourself generation. People will love you for who you are. AND, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

  56. Dearest Emily:
    Can we have a little chat here, you know, woman to woman. You put that picture out on a dating website and expect a positive response? Where do I even begin? Let’s start at the top and work down. First, that hat, no really that cheap silly hat with a logo on it? Are you in the Crocodile Dundee club? Stop with the logos including the Adidas nonsense. You probably have a fit and incredible body which you are not in any way showing at its best. Those cheap, ill-fitting pants do nothing for you and didn’t your mother (if you had one) ever tell you to get your hands out of your pockets. You are posed like a lesbian trucker waiting for the buffet special.
    Bare feet? Wear shoes much? How about a nice blouse, fitted jacket and well cut jeans with high heels. Nothing gigantic, even a kitten heel would do better than the outdoor hillbilly look. Better yet, try a skirt to show off those muscular legs. Imagine a guy wanting to get his melon squashed between those nutcrackers.
    Finally, a little makeup PLEASE!!! Yes, I know, the “natural look” is all the rage, being your true self, blah, blah, blah. Can’t really see what you look like from that stupid hat and certainly a little concealer under the eyes only accentuates what you have. Go to any makeup counter, doesn’t have to be expensive and a delightful lady will be able to apply and give you a few tips to look your best. Costs very little, it really does.
    I’m here for you Emily, I really am.
    PS – Dave was right so cut out the victimization bullshit and move on. He’s just not into you. Also, I’m sorry you bought into the mutilation tattoo bullshit. Perhaps a country guy at a monster truck rally might be interested in those tats. Certainly not a guy of real quality. Maybe the makeup lady can help you with some concealer.
    So Emily, there’s your reality cheque – now go cash it!!

    1. “You are posed like a lesbian trucker waiting for the buffet special.”
      Haha! Brava!!! 😀

      1. Thank you Mr. Gavin. I just could not believe that a young woman would post that picture on a dating website and then complain about a rejection. What was really funny was her “Arrrgggghhhhhh” and lamenting how this keeps happening to her. What’s that saying about insanity and doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

        1. Reminds me of a line from Tim Wilson’s song ‘100 things every man should know’
          ‘If you’ve been married 9 times, well hell, maybe its you. ‘

      1. Yeah, but instead of being at the top, the moderator moved me to the bottom. Sigh!!

  57. i swipe right all the time without looking and match with subpar women. i don’t even give them an explanation. i don’t respond and unmatched them. Why bother? She is a woman mentally a child. Even a subpar women can get dick far easier than i can get pussy.

  58. I always assumed 9/10 of women would reject me ….. so just kept asking until I found that 1/10. It didn’t seem to have much of anything to do with my looks or her looks ….. just random rejections and acceptances.
    If I approached 100 girls, I would get 10 fucks …….. some of my pals didn’t like rejection, only approached a few women, and got zero fucks.
    You just have to accept women are irrational in all their decisions and choices.

  59. This guy’s my fucking hero. How many times have I thought the exact same thing. I’m just turned off by muscle in women, specially around the shoulders and arms. I have known many girls who just get ruined by crossfit. On the other hand, I was talking to a female lawyer at work the other day. By no means what you’d call a model, but very well put together –feminine, with discreet jewelry and makeup, hair well taken care of, a faint fragrance you can catch if you get close enough, etc. I was trying to make my move on her, but then remembered she’s a lawyer, LOL. Anyway, goes to show you that just knowing to be a woman can compensate for many things. This bulgy troll on the other hand…

    1. If she accuses you of harassment and/or rape then ask her to represent you as your lawyer just to rub it in.

  60. Why is she looking outside the Cult? Why not just hook-up with one of the many Crossfit Fags she hangs out with? They have plenty in common… they wear the same outfits, they have thick calluses, they can compare injection sites along with bad tattoos. Seems easy enough…

  61. I actually find Emily kind of cute. She doesn’t look all that outrageously muscular, but her pose and especially the arm tats are a big turnoff.
    Your conclusions are spot on re women not being able to handle rejection. I wonder why this is the case–especially when they seem to go out of their way to pick guys who will be pretty safe in that regard.

      1. LOL. That’s OK, other people have done so too. I always got off on the “adorkable” look, like Zooey Deschanel, Melissa Rauch (from The Big Bang Theory), and even Kirsten Vangsness (before she became a total whale). 9’s and 10’s aren’t for everyone–even if there were enough of them to go around.

  62. She is Canadian. The entitlement is baked in by middle school.
    ADD to that the hypergamy kicking in… When most crossfit elite bloke are married, and the guys at her MV she can wipe off the floor.
    I predict cats

  63. Isn’t it revealing that in the main women’s requirements of men include things men cant change (height, full head of hair, big dick) whereas men’s requirements of women can all be changed by women just not eating too much

    1. A short guy could always wear Chippewa boots with a 3″ heel and stick 2″ inserts in them and throw on a rug. What’s the difference between that and a woman’s fake hair, fake face (makeup), and fake boobs. Turn their own chameleon powers against them. By the time his boots are off it won’t matter.

    2. And just think back a few centuries ago a woman could be charged for deception in resorting to makeup and other things to accentuate their appearance-I believe it was around the 1700s in Britain.

  64. Such a strong, independent woman. So strong and independent that she had to cry like a little bitch to the anonymous knuckle draggers in social media about her hurt feelings and get her ego stroked a little. And yes lady, I wouldn’t bend you over either.

  65. Some fit women look hot, I have to admit. Many look mannish. As for women whining on social media because they got dumped, I’m surprised their egos would allow them to make such an admission .This one is having some issues finding her spot in the gender line.

    1. dumped or rejected before she even got to a relationship. Yeah I see it all the time on social media. Usually followed by a bunch of replies, most saying that it was his loss.

  66. Guy did her a service. I reserve my sympathy for wives and LTR’s who hear years in “I really wanted a tall blonde”, “I prefer men”, etc. I can’t be bothered to break out my world’s tiniest violin for any woman (or man) who has a meltdown over honesty from the start.

  67. … If she’s so strong and independent why is she crying about it on Instagram?
    Also, if she has so many followers why wouldn’t she date one of her many beta orbiters?

  68. By the way, you guys should read that link to the Australian man whose was banned from POF for his brutally honest rejection. He goes into a whole paragraph like Dave above, making very sound arguements why he won’t commit to a woman older than 30.
    Women really can’t take rejection these days. They never have because of the eternal dynamic between a man and a woman dictates he makes the first move and thus set himself up for rejection. Women are used to having the upperhand and are thus entitled. They loathe a man who exercises his options.

    1. There are also a lot of men who can’t take rejection. There’s a website dedicated to responses from men who get rejected. Msgs that start with “hey beautiful love your smile” and end with “fuck you fat ugly whore pig” simply because she didn’t respond. Entitled people with fragile egos can’t take rejection, and they come in both genders.

      1. Bullshit. You are deliberately lying. You are comparing a few men to billions of women as if the numbers are equivalent.

      2. funny because I know I’m being ignored, so at some point I just want some kind of response to know they’re alive. What happens? I’m neither pissed nor delighted by any of it. She ends up being the one that actually flips and that’s when she thinks blocking is a good idea.

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