6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Teachers

There was a time when being a teacher was considered an ideal profession for a woman who wanted to marry and have children. Teachers got the summers off so that a woman who was a teacher could still take care of her children when they were out of school.

Teaching was also an alternative to the cutthroat corporate world where a woman could have a meaningful job but still remain feminine. The archetype of the wholesome young teacher dominated the American consciousness for decades.


Dating a girl who was a teacher used to be a good bet for a man. Her job didn’t require long hours in the office and teachers didn’t have to go on business travel, which always opens the door for cheating. But thanks to a combination of government interference and changes in the wider culture, this one-time bastion for traditionally-minded women has fallen.

1. Widespread Sluttiness


Sodom and Gomorrah

Modern education is one big Sodom and Gomorrah. I used to date a teacher so I got to attend lots of parties with her coworkers. What surprised me was the number of teachers who had been married two or three times.

The stories were all very similar. A female teacher gets married, but then cheats on her husband with a male teacher. She ends up marrying the man she cheated with, only to later cheat on him with yet another teacher.

I think the reason for the widespread cheating is that there are a lot fewer men in education than there are women, especially in the lower grades. In education, even a low-ranking beta male can be considered the “alpha” simply because he has no rivals.

Women are naturally competitive with each other, and because a male teacher is such a rare commodity, female teachers who would not otherwise be attracted to him find themselves competing for his affections.

2. Teachers Are Unhappy

unhappy teacher

In 2001, President Bush signed the bipartisan initiative called the No Child Left Behind Act. The goal of the act was to close the academic achievement gap between majority white students and minority black and Hispanic students. The Act required states to test students at various grade levels in order to receive federal funding.

In theory, No Child Left Behind is a great idea, but in a country filled with social justice warriors, it just doesn’t work. The problem is that the act requires that all children be proficient at reading and math for their grade level. But this is saying, in effect, that all children must be above average—an unattainable goal.

Soon after it was implemented, it became clear that No Child Left Behind was not closing the achievement gap. In response, schools applied pressure on teachers to focus their efforts on raising the scores of minority students. The pressure has become so great that some educators have even been convicted of conspiracy of cheating to boost students’ test scores.

No Child Left Behind changed the way that teachers teach. Teaching has become a lot less fun because teachers have less flexibility in their curriculum. They have to teach to the test so that low-achieving students will score well, but this has the effect of slowing down average students who are capable of learning more than what is on the test.

It also dramatically increased the amount of “cover your ass” paperwork that teachers have to do. Now, instead of being an 8-hour a day job, teaching has become a long hours gig just like any corporate job, but without the monetary rewards.

By focusing on social justice instead of education, meddling politicians have changed teaching from a relaxed, happy profession to a miserable one. This has lead to teachers becoming cynical and unhappy—exactly the type of person you want to avoid when you are considering a long-term relationship.

3. Teachers Are Heavy Drinkers


Maybe it is because their jobs have become more stressful, but a lot of teachers are big drinkers. They really love going to happy hour where they can drink to relax while they complain about their jobs or hook up with that “alpha” male teacher. Or they just go home and finish off a bottle of wine every night.

Recently, it has become more common for educators to not even wait until the school day is over before they start hitting the bottle. Last year, an Oklahoma high school teacher was found pantless, shoeless, and allegedly drunk in an empty classroom on the first day of school.

In March of this year, an Iowa teacher was arrested for being drunk while teaching her sixth grade class. The arrest happened the same day that a police officer was visiting the school to teach students to avoid drugs and alcohol as part of the DARE program.

These are not isolated incidents. If you follow your local newspaper, you’ll see that drunk teachers are a pretty regular occurrence. I am not against drinking, but some of these women are functional alcoholics that you should stay away from.

4. Teachers Are Progressives


Public schools are completely under the sway of progressive philosophy. All teachers are compelled to regularly attend “equity training sessions.” These are seminars where educators are forced to discuss the benefits of diversity and the ever-present dangers of racism.

Teachers are berated for “believing they are color blind,” and they are encouraged to see the richness of other cultures in contrast to our own.

As a result of this indoctrination, teachers really start to believe that Western culture is nothing in comparison to third world cultures. At one of the parties I attended, I had the following conversation with a veteran teacher about a recent “International Day” that the school had hosted:

Teacher: I saw all these parents from India and Africa, and they have such a rich culture. I feel bad that I don’t have anything to pass on to my kids.

Me: You’re an American. Don’t we have a culture?

Teacher: Not really. I guess we have Thanksgiving.

Me: What part of Europe did your family come from?

Teacher: Germany.

Me: Don’t Germans have a culture?

Teacher: They do. But it’s not the same.

It was pretty much the same with my girlfriend. She could see that the social engineering wasn’t working, but she defended it anyway.

5. Terrible Fashion


Classy and professional. And that is why most teachers do not dress this way.

Teachers are not fashion models, so nobody expects them to come to work in the latest Oscar de la Renta suit, but we would expect them to at least dress in a professional manner.

For example, in this photo from 1960, we see the female faculty members are wearing dignified dresses or skirts. The male teachers are in suit and tie.


Compare this to how modern day teachers dress to go to work. Unfortunately, most teachers continue to wear this kind of bland, frumpy style even when they leave work, making them some of the dowdiest people you will ever run across.

Teacher Fashion

Nothing says “respect me” like these sandals

6. Emotional Issues


Because it is difficult to fire a teacher, they get away with outrageous behavior that would not fly in any other professional environment. Female teachers engage in childish fighting within grade levels—hiding lesson plans and sabotaging equipment at taxpayer expense.

They regularly have breakdowns at work for trifling reasons. One teacher at my former girlfriend’s school spent the better part of a school year crying because her husband was divorcing her after she had cheated on him.

Recently, a darker trend is starting to emerge: female teachers are raping their underage male students.

When I first started researching this article, I thought there were only a handful of examples of female teachers preying on boys. I was wrong. This is a genuine, disturbing cultural phenomenon. I am only providing three examples here. I could find dozens more.


Accused of having sex with six boys between the ages of 14 and 15.



These two teachers were accused of having a threesome with a 16 year old boy.


Gym teacher charged with 30 counts of statutory rape.

I think the blame for this epidemic can be placed on our culture of perpetual adolescence. These women obviously suffer from a stunted emotional development that leaves them thinking that they are forever in high school, or in the case of some of them, middle school.

This can’t bode well for our civilization.


Of course, not all teachers are slutty, progressive, emotionally stunted, frumpy drunks. But enough of them are that you should be careful if you choose to date one.

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421 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date Teachers”

  1. #4 should be #1. You have to understand, these women believe in leftism with their whole being. It’s what drew them to teaching. If she has no problem mindlessly brainwashing other people’s kids, imagine what she’ll do to yours.

    1. #4 leads you to another piece of good advice:
      Regardless of your qualifications, do not, under pain of death, become a public school teacher in the West if you’re red pill. You’ll either suffer from coworkers who consider you inferior, or you’ll eventually be fired for daring to speak your mind.

      1. ”I’m the proud parent of a student that volunteers to stay late and help ‘BANG THE ERASERS’!”

      2. the Lameness of this article is utterly EPIC. All the author manages to do give 6 Reasons to INFACT date teachers.

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    3. Who or what exactly is “making” or “attracting” teachers to being leftists? Is it something forced on them by the school system or required curriculum, or is it something that for some reason teachers tend to choose that perspective for themselves?

      1. forced on them by the government body that sets the curriculum… they end up believing it too.

        1. Yeah I figured it was something that was forced or required since it seems to happen more often than not. Rather unfortunate to have a perspective forced on you in my book(pun intended I guess).

        2. It’s social engineering. Teachers regularly have Cognitive Dissonance due to realizing that teaching Urban ghetto kids is almost impossible.

      2. The unions. They do whatever they are told. Simple seals that clap their hands like the drones they are.

      3. The education schools teach it and state/ federal standards require it, and most education students aren’t very bright or thoughtful.

      4. Most teachers lean toward being leftists because they intrinsically care about others and want to make the world a better place– that’s why they became teachers in the first place, instead of bankers or lawyers for example.

        1. Pretty sure caring about people doesn’t tie you to any political party; nice try though.

    4. Exactly. This is why I could care less about teachers. You wanna be a progressive? You get to enjoy lying in the bed you’re making.

        1. Yes, I know it’s grammatically incorrect to say “could care less”. But thankfully I don’t give a shit 🙂

    5. Hence, why my nieces are in a catholic school, even though neither I nor my brother are any kind of religious devotees. I don’t want either of them to grow up bitchy or self-entitled, so a more traditional education decreases the chances of these toxic progressive influences.

  2. If it was up to me, I would eradicate the public schooling system altogether. Like the saying goes, “those who can’t do, teach.” It is a known fact that those who were unsuccessful in their lives, go onto become school teachers. And that is the frightening part- the most unsuccessful people, are going to teach your kids on how to be a success in life.
    Teachers are modern day frauds. They are similar to those motivational speakers and lifecoaches in America- people who have never attained any success, yet they have got the audacity to teach others on how to be a success. America and the Western hemisphere is filled with teachers and motivational speakers, like cockroaches. They need to be eliminated from their jobs, so that in this way, it can help to stop the spread of indoctrination and worse yet, from sexual harrassing your kids.
    I’m being absolutely serious, America has an epidemic in regards teachers having sex their students. Everyday, I’m hearing more and more stories about teachers sleeping with their students, that it makes you wonder how many more teachers are out there doing the same thing, but not getting caught. Everytime I listen to the Tom Leykis show, on the Gary and Dino news for guys segment, there is always a story of a teacher being prosecuted for sleeping with her student. Yes, it might be every boy’s fantasy, but in reality, it is statutory rape. And worse yet, for most female teachers, in comparison to men, they get a lighter sentence.
    Not only are teachers indoctrinating and sleeping with their students, but the other frightening part is that most teachers, are females. I thought feminism was supposed to be about “equality.” Whatever happened to “fair quotas” and having “equal number” of male and female workers? Its complete bullshit if you ask me. When you have this many female teachers in the schooling system, then it is obvious that male students will be treated with hostility and resentment by the female gender, and worse yet, even be messed up for life.
    Which is why, the whole public education system needs to be abolished. Forget reforming it, just abolish it. The damage that has been inflicted on society by the higher education system is catastrophic and a huge abuse of the taxpayer’s money. Remember the story about how the Californian education system wanted to spend millions on ensuring that every student had an ipad? Its over. Common sense and rationality went out the window a long time ago.
    People need to wake up and start realising that the whole teaching and education system is a fraud, and needs to be eliminated altogether.

    1. Teachers don’t teach kids how to be successful. Where did you pull that from? Their job is to increase student competency in a given subject area, that’s it. The aggregate of competencies is what determines their final result and whether they go to college.
      Teachers don’t have to be ‘successes at life'(whatever that means) to teach their subject areas. The real problem is that so many of them don’t know their subject areas particularly well and thus deliver poor quality instruction.

      1. “Teachers don’t teach kids how to be successful. Where did you pull
        that from? Their job is to increase student competency in a given
        subject area, that’s it. The aggregate of competencies is what
        determines their final result and whether they go to college.”
        What Do College Undergrads Spend Their Student Loans On: High-School Classes:
        Net Worth Of College Grads With Student Debt Is 20% Less Than High School Grads With No Debt:

        “Teachers don’t have to be ‘successes at life'(whatever that means) to teach their subject areas. The real problem is that so many of them don’t know their subject areas particularly well and thus deliver poor quality instruction.”
        Garbage in, garbage out. The teachers are themselves the product of the continually dumbed down system.

        1. Ok, but that hasn’t got anything to do with their actual job. Their _job_ is to increase competencies that will benefit students in the ‘real world’, but not necessarily.
          Pushing students into college is not simply the result of high school teachers preaching propaganda. In my country, the research shows that people with postgraduate degrees earn more on average. Generally people work from that base(parents, teachers etc). Until new research is unveiled, most will continue to operate under that assumption, rightly or wrongly.
          But the criticism that teachers are ‘failures’ has nothing to do with what they actually do. Teachers teach the curriculum. If there are problems in education, it’s because of the way it’s structured.

        2. The problem is this is America, where the older generations look to profit off the younger.

    2. “Frauds” is right! Most people don’t know that Education majors have the lowest SAT scores out of over 150 existing college majors yet they give themselves the highest GPA of ALL Majors ( 3.38) Google it! You can’t get any more fraudulent than that.

      1. Sure you can get more fraudulent. Say you want the highest (or even just above average) quality people to be educating children. Then bitch like a 5 year old with a skinned knee when the bill comes due.
        I’m all for tearing the education system in America apart, mostly to end the extended childhood we’ve artificially created, but you have to be willing to pay the piper to do it. Part of that will be higher costs because we won’t be hiring the dregs to teach anymore. To do that we’re going to have to pay them commensurate with what they’d get in the corporate world.
        I had an interesting (well, not really, he was as dumb as a box of rocks) conversation with a TEA party guy. He was bemoaning teachers, like you, and when I brought up the fact if we wanted higher quality education we’d have to change a few things. Among them the school year, curriculum, and teacher pay.
        Why? In America we equate success with wealth. That’s all well and good, but in that case if you want better teachers (I told him) they’re going to have to be paid more. I told him there was never a chance I would ever have become a teacher, because I want to be paid better than they are. His response: you’re not the type of person we want.
        I basically told him: fuck you. You can’t claim teachers are low quality and in the same breath acknowledge that success = wealth, while simultaneously expecting a large group of people to be altruists. That just isn’t logical!

        1. Altruism is for the other guy. You do get what you pay for. At any rate, most of the problems we have with schools have to do with the break up of the family and the rotten curriculum, not with the teachers.
          That said, I don’t think teachers exactly have it bad, when you factor in; summer break (working 3/4 of a year), numerous official days off during the school year, a substitute on the ready if you’re sick, limited requirements for actual teaching (2-3 classes a day), permanent job security, and the ability to put in minimal effort and keep your job, if that’s the kind of person you are.

        2. The USA spends more per student than anywhere else. Even the Puffington Host has noted it. The problem is that we spend it on facilities and administration and compliance and new social studies textbooks, and lurching from initiative to initiative. We should be using public domain texts, teacher created curricula, and there shouldn’t be more than a secretary, a principal, and a superintendent per ten schools or so. Even WALMART realized that it could raise its lowest pay rate by cutting a layer of management. No goddamn state and federal programs and regulations and testing. Pay the teachers to teach, fire the bad ones, and let them leave some of the shitty students Behind!

        3. What’s logical is private education and home schooling, which most Tea Partiers support over the boondoggle, highly expensive, highly overrated “public” education system. So fuck you right back.

        4. Precisely!
          There was an Asian woman who tried to reorganize teaching in either Baltimore or DC area (see link below). She figured out that by paying teachers incentive based pay, meaning the teachers with the best outcomes receive the best pay, instead of paying everyone the same based upon how long they had been there, you could easily afford to pay good teachers $100,000+ a year. And that interested the hell out of me, as I would jump at the chance to have that kind of career (especially with the summers off!) The problem? The teachers unions fought tooth and nail, because obviously, as in a democracy, the greatest numbers of their dues paying members were the least productive, who would see a pay cut.
          It sickens me when I see my urban failing school system build a brand new shiny multi million dollar building, ready to be utterly destroyed by the ghettho kids in 5 years, and think it is going to change in any way the quality of education they are receiving. Like so much in the west, our priorities are WAY out of whack.

        5. People who care about their children?
          This is flyover country. We still have stay at home moms her. True fact.
          Plus the dad’s chip in when they get home. There is no defined set schedule, which is the beauty of home schooling.

        6. M;y daughter many years ago showed me a paper she had submitted in secondary school. She wrote that most of what she learned, she learned at home. I believed it, because I have always believed just that, that if kids don’t get it at home, they don’t get it.
          So, I view every day as a teaching opportunity for my kids — from me, not from some stupid school district planning committee. And, I can say with all modesty that I know how to make kids want to learn what I am teaching. But, we never called it teaching. It was “talking about things.”
          That is why my kids usually knew stuff the other kids didn’t know. Heh heh.
          The teacher’s response: “Oh, we should try to learn wherever we are.”
          Talk about having no clue!

        7. See my comment just above. it only takes a few minutes a day to teach your kids more than they learn in the public schools all day.
          We had friends who started home schooling. At the end of the first year, they had the equivalent of a school program. We went, and the kids showed examples of their work. I was totally impressed!
          The parents admitted they had been nervous about home schooling, fearing the kids would fall behind. I interrupted and told them if they fall behind no one will notice! They laughed and said that is what they decided.
          On state tests, those kids routinely advanced two years for every calendar year.
          And, once they got into the routine, the mother had nothing to do. The kids opened the books and followed the instructions, except on math. Engineer dad helped them when they needed it.
          And, that two years in one year took them less then two hours a day.
          There is no shortage of study materials. The problem is so much material is available that it is hard to pick out something.
          the first year the girls did Laura Ingalls Wilder. LIW science; LIW reading: LiW math. During the summer following, they took a family trip to the LIW museum.
          The next year they did the Plymouth Rock pilgrims, followed by a trip to Plymouth Rock and D.C.
          The personality of home schooled kids is so much more mature. School kids view the other kids as their peers and the adults as the enemy, and plan to grow up to be kids. Home schooled kids understand they are learning to be adults, because they associate with adults all day.
          I have driven over 300,000 miles since we retired. I see home schooled kids all over the country. And, you can tell them because they are so polite and well mannered.
          The only important thing they miss by not going to school is advanced raping and pillaging and bj classes.

        8. My daughter started teaching in 1992. She says she can tell the kids from fatherless homes by just looking at the kids for a few minutes. It is that obvious.
          of course in recent years, it’s almost all of them.
          She went to high school in a fairly large high school in the high income part of the city. She learned the other kids mostly did not have dads except on the weekends. She asked them about it, and told them what it was like to have a dad to explain things about life and help with school work.
          They started calling her The Girl With A Dad.
          That is some sick shit!

        9. Where? My daughter has to teach usually 5 classes a day, and any other periods are things like hall monitor or some such thing.
          The other comments are usually true. When she was in college, she told me she wanted to be a teacher, because she wanted summers off. I warned her, okay, but do not ever complain where I can hear you about being underpaid.
          The only thing she has said is she has figured out if she retires and her husband dies, she will have to sell the house because she can’t pay the taxes on her retirement income. And, it is not a very expensive house for her community.

        10. Agreed, we spend too much on the wrong stuff. We need to completely rework how we educate people. We should be, for the majority of careers, graduating people at 18 (20 at most for more advanced specialty careers like engineering, or 24 even for most medical specialties) ready to join the workforce! Screw this 28 years of childhood bullshit. Bonus: destroy HR in its current form.
          This is more than just minor tweaks or “getting rid of bad teachers” sound bite bullshit. This is more than whining about private education, homeschooling, or religion. This is a complete rewrite of what kids have to know at 18, and the definition of education. This is turning education from a loose amalgamation of skills into a hyper-focused set of life skills in the areas of problem solving, language, mathematics, et al., along with real-world applicable skills.

        11. Really? GoJ I’m not sorry to say this, but most every TEA Party person I’ve met is “I’ve got mine, fuck you” and they expect it in education. Tell me, how much are you willing to fork out for private education? You do realize that most private education teachers are paid shit, right? Doesn’t matter if it’s a Catholic, Lutheran, et al., school or even many prep schools. Some high end prep schools pay for really “good” teachers (well, they fork out the cash equivalent to the private sector) to teach. Most? Nope. They have better curriculums, my neighbor’s kid attends a very nice public “charter” school that deviates quite a bit from standard public education, and is about as far from the Montessori model (make the kids feel good) as you can get. It is a “Classical” education, like many of the better prep schools, with plenty of gym / recess time.
          Homeschooling? It’s ok, but most parents I’ve met that homeschool fall into two camps: they’re classically educated themselves and capable of teaching, or they’re nutty. That nutty can be liberal or conservative, but they’re fucking nuts either way. Most people don’t want to homeschool anyway, not because it’s too much work, but because it’s difficult to do well and most parents recognize that difficulty.
          I still stand by my point of “I’ve got mine, fuck you” when it comes to the TEA Party, especially when it comes to education. They want (even in private education 99/100 times) teachers to be altruistic. Fuck altruism! This is America: we define success and personal / societal value with wealth. If you think altruism is such a great fucking idea, then you’d better be more fucking altruistic yourselves. Otherwise quit fucking whining about the teachers. You get what you pay for is a common saying. Well if you pay for shit, you get shit. My old Spanish teacher quit teaching shortly after I graduated and got a better job at UPS (office, statistics analysis) that paid twice his teacher’s salary with better benefits. I went to a private school FYI.
          I’m also not happy with public (or private) education and trust me when I say homeschoolers wouldn’t be any better off. I’m talking about shredding the whole damn system, and I don’t honestly believe most homeschooling parents would be able to keep up. I’m also for eliminating the current school year and going year round with breaks (we are not an agrarian society anymore, kids don’t need to get home to help with the farm) and so on. Read what I’m saying: it’s a complete shredding of education as it is to eliminate the extended childhood we’ve created. People graduating secondary school with no need (for most professions) to go to college. Only the most technical or specialized (high end [theoretical] science, engineering, or medical specialties) really end up in school beyond 18.
          The destruction of the education system as it stands, with a bonus of eliminating much of the power HR has in hiring, and making 18 real adulthood again. That’s my idea. The overhaul won’t be cheap. The teachers will fight tooth and nail. Parents will whine endlessly about some of the changes. It will be a more vicious educational system, with much higher requirements for passing. Much higher requirements to be a teacher as well. Realizing that if a kid wants to be a welder, they should be able to graduate at 18 able to be hired immediately with the skills they have. Ditto for marketing, much computer science, theater, et al.

        12. Teacher pay also comes with 2.5 months off, great bennies, and a pension. They pay is actually quite good once you adjust for those 3 things

        13. Bull. Fucking. Shit. If the pay was “quite good” we wouldn’t be getting the dregs. Let’s work backwards on your list:
          The pensions are being (if not already) turned into laughable jokes with shrinking benefits at best. The only bonus thus far is that it’s harder to dump them on the PBGC for pennies on the dollar.
          I get better health insurance than most teachers, but even before I was self-employed, I worked for a company with a better plan every time.
          Vacation is subjective, but I’ve not met one teacher that can afford two months off. Even spreading the pay, most work a second job and / or take classes to try and get the fuck out of teaching.
          I love that you’ve been swilling the TEA. When you want to come back to reality, let me know. I’d love to actually fix schools, but it’s going to cost s pretty fucking penny. You won’t be hiring the dregs anymore, and if you’re competing with the corporate world that’s going to be measured in green. The benefit is that, by nuking the current idiocy, we’ll have a lower TCI and kids will spend less time learning and more time earning.

        14. Considering the median pay of 55k/ yes is about 50% higher than the national median and to work 2 less months and much better benefits and a good pension (in most places) worth a LOT in 401k it IS pretty good. You’ll never be able to pay that many teachers the kind of executive money you are talking about.
          Yes, the way the pay system works sucks (seniority only really) but teachers are the ones that fought for it.
          Ps I’m not a tea party person. I’m a libertarian. And I make 200k/yr with an mba from a t10 school in my early 30s in the south

        15. Okay, break it down again.
          First off, “average” pay isn’t. If my nephew (not a teacher) earned average pay, he wouldn’t have had an issue with the imputed income the family court commissioner assigned to him. Next, do me a favor T10 earning 200k, and consider that if you’re good enough for that someone else isn’t going to settle for less. You couldn’t convince me to be a teacher for fuck’s sake, at that awesome $55k a year. I earned more without college than that shit (adjusted, I’m a bit older than you) and far more after college.
          You know, if it’s so great, again why don’t you take the pay cut and start teaching? Libertarian, TEA party, nobody will take the pay cut for that two months off. Well, it isn’t two months off because (again) many teachers have second jobs. The only people that take that pay are the dregs, or people who don’t need to worry about the money.
          Oh and those great pensions, you’d better see how well they’re doing. I mean, they’re being cut, running into funding trouble, et al. The only benefit so far is they (unlike private pensions after being raided) aren’t being dumped for pennies on the dollar to the PBGC… Yet.
          You don’t have to pay teachers executive money, but then shut the fuck up about getting the dregs. You want quality, you’re gonna have to fork over the green. Deal with it buttercups.

        16. First off, average pay is just that average. In some states its higher, in some states it lower. Within those states you have predominantly tenure based pay but also in some places it’s partially based on your highest degree level attained. Your perceptions and your nephew’s are irrelevant.
          Second, while 55k/year isn’t good enough for you (or me), for the vast majority of Americans its good pay (median full time pay is 38-39k/year), or 40% higher Plus benefits (including Pension) which are probably 400% higher than average…and you get 2 extra months off a year. (My father’s salary peaked at 55k/year working 60 hours week for 40 years). You may not find this attractive but a LOT of people do. Especially the relative stability compared to jobs in the private sector in a similar pay range. A 2 household teacher family at average teacher pay is making 110k/year, which is in the top 20% of all households in America with 2 extra months off a year AND a pension of around 55k/year in retirement or more between the two of them, which is worth around the equivalent of a 401k at around $1.5MM. How many private sector households have 401ks or IRAs worth 1.5MM++? Very, Very few.
          Third, I generate my companies MILLIONS of dollars of value every year. There is no way a teacher is generating millions of dollars of
          value each year to the taxpayer except maybe the top .1%…and most of that top .1% end up teaching at universities and making 100-200k (and frequently more if they consult on the side). That is the problem in general. Getting a teacher of my intellectual caliber just isn’t that value additive to the school system. You’d need to give me kids in the IQ range of 130-170 for me really generate value and most of those kids are already in school systems with above average teachers and are already fairly curious on their own.
          The system simply cannot afford the type of salary you are talking about to attract the brightest of the brightest to teaching for a lot of reasons – one, they generate more value in the private sector than they do public sector; Two – Most kids themselves are not capable of taking on a lot more knowledge and three – the tax money just isn’t there to support that kind of income for any significant amount of teachers (just like there are not many 100k+ jobs in the private sector, relative to those overall – hence the median average salary of 38-39k). Fourth – if we actually scraped the pension system entirely and used it for salaries (and let people save for their own retirement, like the private sector), median teacher pay could probably could be increased to 80k/year. You have to keep in mind too that there are 50 states and even within each state, many areas of each state have vastly different teacher pay and benefits. My area had close to the national averages for median pay but many teachers were making 80k/year (and this was 10-15 years ago). In California and New York—many, many teachers are making 6 digit salaries (granted, not young ones).
          Lastly, I’d actually argue that the average teacher is probably below average college graduated intelligence but well above the national average intelligence—which is probably appropriate. The biggest issues with the education system are the administrators, curriculum, and spending way too much time and money on the worst performers and not enough on the brightest students. The best education I had (until my MBA) was the 3 ½ years I home schooled where I mostly self taught. (My mother spent most of the time on my ADHD brother during that time)

        17. Finding a good woman, is tough, finding a good women to marry is tougher, finding a woman who will stay good after you marry her, near impossible.

        18. Not only limited incomes, but also PC bull$hit, is scaring away would-be talented teachers.

        19. Too true. I didn’t hit this point, but you are absolutely correct. In fact they proved it with the way a job as was written: too much PC bullshit = less applicants.

        20. Your description of what it is like to be a teacher is not accurate. I’m a high school teacher and my life is not what you described. I teach six classes a day and see 168 students every day. I start my first class at 7:35 and my last class ends at 2:25. On Monday, Tuesday and Friday I do have a prep period of 50 minutes from 8:15 to 9:05 a.m. I use that period to grade papers, call parents, send emails to parents, and generally take care of any lesson preparations I have to do at school and that I can’t do at home. On Wednesday, I have no prep period and teach straight from 7:35 to 2:25 except for a lunch break of 30 minutes from 12:15 to 12:45. On Thursday I teach two ninety-minute classes before lunch and have a prep period of 90 minutes. Again I use that period to do lesson preparations that I cannot do at home. I also have 90 minutes devoted to meetings with my department, with administrators, or with parents. Sometimes it is devoted to professional training required by the district. I never get to use this time for class or lesson preparations.
          When I go home I regularly put in another 2.5 to 4 hours every evening grading papers, preparing lessons, writing quizzes, calling parents or sending them emails, answering student emails, sending parents weekly informational emails about what students are doing in class in addition to preparing my evaluation portfolio in preparation for the evaluations that administration does of me and my teaching.
          I am evaluated three times a year and two of the evaluations can happen any time without any advance warning so I have to prepared with my evaluation folder and complete lesson plans at all times. My evaluation score is also tied to student scores on standardized tests and to the number of days I take off for any reason throughout the school year. For every day off I take, regardless of what it is for, my evaluation score is lowered two points.
          There are no substitutes “on the ready” if I happen to be sick. Sometimes there are substitutes and sometimes there aren’t. In fact, it is not uncommon for there to be a shortage of substitutes because most people can’t handle being one because the students’ behaviors are just too outrageous. Last week I gave up my prep period twice because there were no substitutes and so I filled in for other teachers.
          As I mentioned earlier I bring home work every day. In addition to doing work at home I also use my personal computer, my printer, my scanner and my ink. The school does not reimburse me for these costs. Every week I print at least 50 pages of material that the school does not pay for. I also pay for extra books and teaching materials that the school does not pay for. Currently, for this school year (2015-2016) I have already paid for approximately $500 worth of extra materials to use with my students. In short, I have to subsidize my employer for normal costs that are incurred in the course of doing my job. How many doctors, lawyers, engineers, MBAs and managers do that?
          While it is true that we do get numerous days off during the school year, I usually spend those extra days grading papers, preparing lessons and generally catching up on all the extra paperwork mandated by the district and the state. So, a vacation it isn’t. I spend at least one-quarter to even one-half or three-quarters of summer “vacation” the same way. So, again it isn’t much of a “vacation”. Also, during the summer, I often have to take extra classes and earn more credits to keep my license. And, again, the district doesn’t pay for this. I do.
          Additionally, I have to deal with the stress of being insulted by parents and students whenever they feel like it because they “feel” that they didn’t “get” the grade they “deserve” but didn’t earn. This is the worst kind of stress because it’s ongoing and I never know when the attacks will happen. It always comes out of the blue and that’s why the stress is ongoing. Then I have to spend hours, literally hours, dealing with a narcissistic, entitlement-minded individual trying to bully and intimidate me into changing the grade they earned fair-and-square but which they don’t like because it doesn’t fit with their narcissistic image of themselves. And I lose time (hours) that could have been spent doing constructive things like lesson planning, preparation or grading and that I now I have to try and fit into time at home or the weekend.
          And if you wonder why I keep mentioning grading, well, even for a simple assignment that might only take two minutes to grade when multiplied by 168 students, well that turns into 336 minutes or about 5.5 hours. Also, the more subjects or levels of one subject one teaches requires more time because each subject and grade level requires its own lesson plan.
          As for my “pension”, well, I will be eligible to retire in two years, but it’s not enough to live on, so I will still have to work another job.
          Lots of people hate teachers, but, what most people don’t realize is that many, many teachers make it possible for lots of irresponsible parents (e.g. parents who don’t socialize their children or teach them any manners or who let them spend all their time on the cell phone or playing video games) to not have to deal with their bratty DNA replicants for 7 – 9 hours a day. They take a long vacation every day from their parenting duties by dumping their offspring on to us. Too many parents treat public schools like government funded day care centers. And then are shocked, just shocked when their children can’t graduate from high school because they couldn’t even manage the basic requirements. They always claim they didn’t know, even though, at least at my school, we go out of our way to let parents know how their children are doing.
          Lots of things are wrong with public education but the biggest problems start at home.

        21. …and this is exactly why some teachers do bad things like taking advantage of children ie havig sex with them, and other bad things.

        22. Home schooling couldn’t look more attractive given all the crap that happens in schools nowadays.

        23. I am planning to do the same (my wife and I are going the IVF route.. for some kids don’t come easily). I consider public school to be child abuse and the private schools to me are questionable and very expensive. My plan is to become a 1099 to my employer, reduce my hours, and teach the kids at home. Or just quit outright. The cost of a single year of private school tuition, I can built one heck of a chemistry and physics lab (once the kids become old enough for those two subjects).
          Recently a local private pre-school (which costs $18k a year) implemented a vegan menu? Why? Because two kids come form vegan households and therefor the staff didn’t want them to feel ‘left out’.
          I fear sending my kids into such an environment where they get prepped early to be some little leftist drone.

        24. A tour of a local christian private school here confirmed as much.
          They even have a Christmas tree in the lobby for Christmas go figure they receive no funding from the “state.”

        25. A 100% retirement at 20 years in a non-physically demanding job which you start at 22 is pretty hard to beat.

        26. This is in the high income part of town? I can’t imagine what the low income part of town would be like.

        27. Teachers don’t need admins. Admins are a pain in the ass at best. They rarely do any favors, and in some cases, they undermine the teachers’ efforts.

        28. Seriously?? Then who’s going to solve the discipline problems that arise when an ornery ghetto sprog has to be removed from class?

        29. In that part of town most of the children are bastards and their parents are incarcerated.

        30. Thank you. From a fellow teacher, I will concur that this is the most forthright, succinct, and honest depiction of the typical life of a teacher. It’s stressful and rarely rewarding.

      2. Absolutely. Teachers tend to be some of the dumbest college-educated people I know. I should know; I was married to one. Frustrating as hell.

        1. I know some pretty smart teachers! The unqualified ones usually don’t last too long, due to extensive scrutiny by school administrations.

        2. You could never be a teacher. You don’t have the right temperament. You have a shitty attitude. You have a grim outlook on life. You are best suited for being a Sales manager who gets his daily fix on berating and browbeating employees who don’t attain quotas. A professional, first class Prick is the person who needs to exercise his authority. That’s the career for you.

      3. How can you “give yourself” a gpa when all an employer has to do is look at their transcripts…?

      4. No they don’t. Social workers have that distinction although teachers *are* low.

      5. You don’t even have to major in education to be a teacher, you can just major in whatever, then tack on a teacher’s certification. Some reassurance for general teacher intelligence I think, although stupid can occur no matter what degree you have.

    3. Thank god textbooks exist. Most textbooks are not written by teachers, and do an adequate job teaching students what they need to know.
      I debated with a debate coach about the purpose of teachers and he finally admitted their purpose lies more towards motivation than teaching.

    4. Feminism never meant equality. If it did, America would be equal as [email protected] But alas, America is the furthest from an equal society and one would need be deaf,dumb and blind to imagine such a lie.
      Feminism is about subjugation and control of the white male contingent of the United States, on Dubious claims that are now outdated and used as power plays.
      That being said, that brunette gym teacher is hot. Any teenage boy would be a fool not to tap that.

    5. Same with the TSA groping. Low life ‘prison wife’ mentality types with stinking badges (or teacher nametag) are teaching the public the value of obtaining a badge. The teacher also teaches that she (or he) is ABOVE your parents. Young children are taught to snitch on their parents and to rat them out to the state by reporting on them to the fat lady with the name tag. The female secondary and high school teachers continue the institutionalization away from the family unit while the parents are shelled and blasted away by media and the everpresent and over reaching family court mechanism. Teachers are below cops and there’s not a ‘wall of blue silence’ in the teacher’s lounge. Teachers are the bottom level purveyors of tyranny like the TSA and they are regularly flushed down the toilet by the system when they are discovered for being inappropriate. It is low level sanitization to purge them occasionally like brownshirts but the high ‘comish’ figures are more like mob bosses in the NEA but they still get knocked in and out with the usual infighting that one sees in mob organizations.

    6. …So how else should we educate our children then? Maybe parents should take their kid(s) to work everyday? After all, parents gotta pay the bills somehow right?

    7. Fair quotas in regards to equal number of male/female/insert race types of people have always been bullshit. It’s basically rewarding people for being born a certain gender or race or w/e it is that is trying to be “made equal”.

    This was one of the best scenes from “Crazy Stupid Love”

    1. what a great movie- wife cheats and the Carrell character gets tossed outta the house lol

  4. My brother is a High School Vice Principal and the stories he tells me are 100% on par with this article. He said himself that his students were better served with him in the classroom but with all the bureaucratic bullshit, the CYA paperwork and the endless red tape with his curriculum he decided to move up for no other reason but the money. He says his job is much less stressful on another level but he always regretted leaving his students.

    1. As a young guy I can honestly say it is becoming intolerable to work anywhere that women have any power whatsoever.
      They don’t provide opportunities to their most senior workers but rather just to someone based on personal reasons. They can be mad selfish but you can’t confront them about it. They don’t appreciate the value of work and just create a drama filled pointless workplace.
      Western chicks in the workplace is going to keep the western economy from ever truly getting back on its feet.

      1. Women in the workplace remind me of that oldschool arcade game bomberman. Wherever they go they put a bomb and then walk the fuck away from it until it explodes in someone’s face.

      2. I’m so glad my job isn’t dominated by women. Airplanes would be falling out of the sky……
        Constant aluminum showers…..

        1. Fuck no. If there were two women in that cockpit, people would’ve died. This job requires logical thought to solve problems when the shit hits the fan when airborne. Women are incapable of logical thought because they put priority on their feelings.

        2. It was obvious to me that Sully had, not just once, but many times, mentally contemplated having to ditch in that river. he did not have to figure it out as the plane went down.
          That is what men do.
          And, that navigator who ejected from the Navy fighter when the incompetent female crashed it into the ocean some years ago and died? I knew he had been mentally practicing constantly on grabbing that ejection handle whenever she landed on ship.

        3. When I worked at Fedex there were a couple smoking hot female pilots I saw pretty often. I wonder how they were at flying though…

    2. My daughter’s husband is a teacher. His degree was EE. But at that time no engineering jobs near the border. So he took a course to make him into a teacher. He teaches things like electronics; computer repair; and robotics.
      He told me a while back he was going to take some advanced schooling to get some time as a sub-principal because his retirement will be somewhat larger.

  5. I laughed out loud when I read this paragraph in an adult story about a naughty female professor:
    Professors are pretty good at mental gymnastics that put them in the right, however, and I had been producing a masterpiece of self-righteous justification for the past thirty-six hours.”

  6. I’d add that for quite a bit of them, there’s a huge sense of entitlement. Although perhaps this is the entitlement mentality of the younger generations seeping in as more of these people join the work force. Either way, it is there.
    There seem to be tons of these women who act as if they are doing God’s work, and that they’re “slaving away” working extra hours (even if it gets made up by not working over the summer) and that the whole world will stop turning if they stopped doing what they’re doing.
    1. Yes, teaching is important, but so are many other jobs. You don’t hear the nuclear engineer who runs the power plant that keeps your lights on complaining about pay and working extra hours.
    2. Most people who work extra hours without compensation don’t get summers off.
    3. For any any job you’re paid the amount least necessary to keep you from being replaced.
    4. If you don’t like your job or your pay, find another.

    1. I heard this a lot from teachers. Their attitude was that they were “public servants” and that therefore they should get anything they ask for. Politicians spout this crap too. We need to do away with this whole concept of entitled public servant.

  7. Where I live there was a billboard with an advertisement from the state teachers union that basically equated educating children with performing miracles.
    Such a self image explains a lot.

  8. Also if you are a teacher, never ever date a student. Fastest way to ruin your career and lose all respect from your fellow teachers and other students as well. Back in the days when I was still a blue piller I did that mistake in the college where I used to teach. It’s not worth it at all, not to mention the constant game of hide and seek around town so that no other people from the school can see you. Now I know exactly what went wrong, I fell for a stupid bitch with daddy issues who was just actually looking for a father figure, a guy to pay the restaurant and a way for her to have better grades. When I think about it I still can’t believe how fucking dumb I was but it all makes sense now that I’ve taken the red pill.

  9. A lot of these problems are dictated by the culture of the district you’re in, however. In my Texas district, for example, the community is very conservative and there is no Teacher’s Union whose protection enables bad behavior. As a consequence, when I go in to my sons’ school the teachers are well dressed, respectful and professional. The principals have let go teachers who step out of line, and while I’m sure that a level of drunken hookup can go on it’s kept very much on the DL and away from the students.
    Not surprisingly, the test results are also excellent. Strange how a stable, professional environment also results in actual education!

  10. I went out drinking last weekend and got hit on by a teacher. I’m used to teachers getting drunk and wild overseas, because we’re usually in our 20’s and many go just for the poontang in Asia, but getting hit on by a middle-aged American mudshark was disheartening.

    1. A friend of mine who is currently teaching in Thailand told me that when he goes out to a bar, more than half of the expats are english teachers, among the rest are: fighters who are training at a muay thai camp, backpackers on a world tour and guys looking for cheap pussy. He pretty much told me that no matter where you go in the city, you always find the same type of people. Is that true? You mentionned Asia, maybe you are not in Thailand, but from your experience would you agree?

      1. Yes, and no. Most expats in Xi’an that I met were teachers and entertainers, but that makes sense since I was a teacher and I spent my fair share of time in clubs and bars. Many of the foreigners in Guangzhou were traders or people working for foreign companies. Some of the people that I spoke with had interesting backstories, but I was focused more on interacting with Chinese people, getting what I wanted, and surviving. Japan was the same for the most part, except that I didn’t meet any traders, met more tourists, and the foreigners, just like the locals, seemed classier but less sociable.

        1. The Asia expat scene is roughly two groups. One group are mostly english teachers and other hanger-ons who are living the “lonely planet” life style. The other group tend to be professionals, mostly engineers of various sort and finance people. I was in the latter group, but when around other “gaijin” were mostly of the former group.

      2. Nothing new there.
        During the 19th Century, American school marms would get on the train west during the summer to work as “soiled doves” in western saloons.
        In September, they would head back to their school job back east.

  11. Yes, yes and yes!
    I can go blue in the face agreeing with this article. The average female teacher is, arguably, the most narcissistic human to have ever walked the planet. Their “knowledge” consists of rote memorization of ideas, and the repeating of cultural marxist talking points.
    I believe that, if you had to pick between two evils, you would be better off having a stripper for a girlfriend. You’re less likely to be pelted with feminist talking points and the constant attitude of superiority.

    1. Can confirm, my cousin is a teacher. I love her but a lot of this is true. She is an alpha widow and just bought an expensive TO house at 35 without husband or kids.
      She really is not very knowledgeable at all tbh. I’m sure she is good at her job but she isn’t very skilled either in the arts subjects or in STEM subjects. Her strength is kinesiology but she will probably become a principle in 5 years.
      I think she has resigned herself to spinsterhood. She is 35 but just refuses to get involved with a beta or older guy.
      Being a teacher is no longer conducive to femininity and is just another Marxist trap unfortunately.

        1. A TO house is the average home in Toronto Canada, which is valued at 600k plus despite the fact that nearly an entire generation is underemployed ad without savings.

        2. No shit eh.
          I didn’t emphasize that really we’re talking 800k to 2million dollars homes even at the farthest ends of the subway lines.

        3. Don’t forget the “bidding wars”. What’s going to happen when the market crashes?

        4. Very true
          I’ve heard that story around here a few times… someone puts their house out for a “bargain” price to get people into it and then gradually raise it to see who is stubborn enough to pay higher dollar for that place just to beat out the other prospective buyer.
          Supposedly the desperation and competition make people pay more.

        5. 600k? Good Lord, sometimes I think that the real estate market is an elaborate scam to keep men locked in a feminist shithole.
          The average guy in Toronto probably thinks, “Sure, the chicks are fat, entitled feminists and I have no hope. But, at least my house is worth 600k! Might as well stay here for another 25 years.”

        6. That’s exactly why we’re moving an hour north of TO.
          We don’t want to pay through our noses for a tiny condo and we can’t afford a house in TO.
          Can’t wait to leave this disgusting city.

        7. Yeah but on the plus side.. we have some of the best SJW, bitchy, feminist women. What man wouldn’t want to invest that much money for a house and marry one of these women?

      1. So true.
        I was talking with an older guy a few months ago. He was bragging about his daughter to me: two Master’s degree, a black belt in Karate, etc. She was applying to PHD programs and, according to the guy, “Everybody wants her.”
        I just thought, “Sure, but does she want everybody?”
        The greatest disservice a father can do for his daughter is to let her become a “degree collector.” He significantly reduces her ability to find marital bliss. She will become limited by her biological hypergamy, unable to love 98% of the male population.
        Your cousin is yet another example of this reality.

        1. Nothing wrong with that. The obsessive narcissists who cannot balance life/edu/work self select out of the dating market.

        2. Oh, I’ve heard this story before. Father, proud as a peacock that this little darling has xyz degree and this fill-in-the-blank pointless job, BUT for the life of him just can’t figure out why she hasn’t gotten married yet!?!? It’s staggering how often I hear this from all corners.

        3. Can you post a pic? Two masters, one phd on the way? My ideal woman isnt young or sweet or pretty, its an overachiever with massive amounts of student debt. Can you set me up?

        4. Her… FATHER said “Everybody wants her” likes it’s something to be proud of?!? What happened to the days when a father would cock a shotgun when he found out a schmuck wanted to touch his daughter????
          Fuck man, this country is done for! At least we have advanced military technology, just in case somebody like Albania or Zimbabwe suddenly has balls itchy enough to want to invade us!

        5. The sad thing is, this guy from originally from Northern Africa. So his daughter has adopted Western ways and has now become a degree collector.
          it doesn’t take long for a woman to go from traditionally minded to modern attention whore.

        6. I wouldn’t do that to you, bro. There is a henpecked male feminist out there, just dying to pick up the tab.

        7. Ditto. One father I know told me that his daughter, “kept dating losers.”
          The word hypergamy is a foreign concept to them.

        8. New axis of evil: Zimbabwe, Albania, and Antarctica (Radical penguins)

        9. The ironic thing is, China or whoever the next world leader is going to be is not interested in killing Americans or taking over and installing General Tzo as president of America. They will defeat us using other methods. We don’t really have anything here they want / need anyway. China is investing in Africa (they basically run several African countries now), has a great manufacturing base, and they are now working on airplane manufacturing and space travel. Who can drop a bomb on who is not really important anymore, especially once all countries reach nuclear parity, which will happen, just as it did with the invention of gunpowder.
          What set America apart from the rest of the world and made it prosper? Manufacturing expertise, capital, engineering knowhow, and a somewhat stable and functional system of government. What is China taking from America now? Exactly.

        10. That’s why don’t become a father. There seems to be a 90% chance of them becoming castrated manginas when they have a daughter.

        11. Don’t forget probably a feminist and a black belt a Karate so she can protect you from .. whatever.
          Because that’s what men find attractive in women: overachieving women with Ph Ds who indulge in masculine hobbies.

      2. Everyone seems to think knowledge is the most valued aspect for teachers, it’s not (especially in state funded schools) it’s the ability to manage a large group of students and not loose your shit or your mind. The knowledge part is an added bonus, but not essential, unfortunately

        1. The ability to lead a class and hold students’ attention is very important I agree. But when you have no choice but to put your own children in a place of “learning” where they are really just surrounded by idiots, something aint right.
          In my elementary school education there were no options for students that had high aptitude for academic subjects (i.e., math, science, music, history, etc.). If a student was bright enough to ask something like “If you can calculate the area of a circle using the radius, how do you calculate the area of an ellipse where the radius has a range of values?”. That student would not get the recognition and respect he deserves but would just be considered an annoyance. At best he would get a smile, but no opportunity. Hopefully I’m wrong but I’ve seen that happen.

    2. Agreed, most girls want to teach for the attention. People with low self-esteem look for any opportunity to be in power and control. Look at how many female teachers are having sex with their students. A girl that has been invisible to men her entire life can be the “hot teacher” to boys that haven’t seen many women.
      When I was in high school a group of young teachers got into a fashion catfight trying to compete with one another for attention. They wore less and less clothes until the principal stepped in and imposed a dress code. One got fired for coming to school in a see through shirt with no bra. In any social setting, women will compete for the attention of the men in authority. Its just nature.

      1. Women will do anything for validation and one-up another chick. Any vh-1 or Bravo “reality” show will show you that the more women there are and the fewer men there are, the more catty and vicious backstabbing there will be. Batchelorette parties are a perfect example of how slutty and depraved women will race to the bottom to outdo the next slut when it comes to the attention of a couple male strippers. Blow jobs and full fucking in front of everyone happens ALL THE TIME. If you have a girlfriend bent on going to a batchellorette party, unless she’s a real honest to goodness saint and you really trust her then allow her to go. If not break it off if she doesnt listen to you when you tell her she isnt going. All bets are off. Save yourself the grief. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=scandalous+bachelorette+parties&view=detailv2&&&id=C2261960A97D491D91CD7B3FD05FF3DEA5B9385C&selectedIndex=140&ccid=4U6lvaIe&simid=607996734899687184&thid=JN.%2f5yARFXApDH5T03insADMg&ajaxhist=0

    3. In the US, they have gotten away from “teaching colleges”. Now, if one wants to teach a subject, say, geometry, then one just majors in math. There is no concern for the ability of how to actually teach math to students. And yes there are education departments in our colleges but it is not the same thing.

      1. Is that a bad thing though? I’d prefer that teachers KNOW the subject they teach more than I would having them learn how to coo and croon and apply psychology. You need both, but if I were to err, it would be on the side of “know your subject”.

        1. Eh, yeah, sure, if one is forced to choose at gunpoint between two absolute extremes, but in my experience, the difference between the good teachers and the bad was always in how they motivated you, how they could or couldn’t explain things, and how they integrated things like pictures, art, movies, etc. with the boring lectures and textbook reading.
          I mean, if you are talking about high school and below, I honestly feel I am intellectually qualified to teach any subject in any grade K-12. Maybe would need a bit of a refresher in Biology or Chemistry. So the subject material is not the issue, its the skill of imparting it to others. Think of the best teacher you ever had. Was it because that person simply knew so much? Or was it because they were a great motivator, educator, leader?

        2. Sorry to burst your bubble here but no – you’re not qualified to just go and teach. Nobody is.
          In my country it takes seven years to become a teacher at the highest level, five or more to get a master’s degree and then two years in a sort of apprentice position.
          That career path simultaneously qualifies you for university teaching
          And yes, the best teachers are those that know their stuff in and out and especially those that are well-read.
          Public teachers here start in their late 20s with an army major’s pay (captain for elementary school) for the highest tier there’s a promotion to Lt. Colonel at around 40 and principals are in the pay grade of full colonels. Some administrators can make it to major general. There’s retirement pay like in the military as well (retirement age is higher, though) and full medical and dental benefits.
          Oh and you get tenure after two years on the job, but the process to get in is highly selective.

        3. My point was that I have the *knowledge* to teach basically any class K-12 but not the *ability*, because teaching involves more than just having a good memory or understanding of a subject. So we are in agreement.

        4. I guess the US’ curricula are so radically different from ours that yes, maybe you really could teach all these subjects. I know nobody could claim to do so over here.
          As for teaching itself, forget psychology, 95% of classroom management is people skills.

        5. As a parent of 6 I have taught high school chemistry, trigonometry, calculus, and history too many times to count. I helped their friends too. Of course I have advanced degrees and taught college briefly.

        6. “Sorry to burst your bubble here but no – you’re not qualified to just go and teach. Nobody is.
          “In my country it takes seven years to become a teacher at the highest level, five or more to get a master’s degree and then two years in a sort of apprentice position.”
          Let me guess: Germany? The ultimate land of conformists with Nazi era laws banning homeschooling? I saw a documentary recently on the results that Germany’s education system has labored for generations to achieve:

        7. You really need to err on the side of balance in this case when it comes to teaching. YOu can be smarter than fucking einstein but if you’re a who don’t know how to teach then it’s all worthless. Classic example: my heavily indian-accented math teacher in college. Was he speaking english? yeah. Could I understand what he was teaching? Not that much. Only thing that saved me(got a “B”) was the fact I’ve always done good(a tleast a “B”) at math.

      2. My eldest sister is a PhD in food science (specialty of organic chemistry). She wanted to be a teacher but balked at the cost and the time of getting an ‘education degree’.
        She was already teaching as a long term substitute teacher (which doesn’t require a degree) and was actually requested to come work full time.

    4. I have a cousin who teaches. Swear to god she thinks she’s the greatest thing to ever hit teaching. Jesus himself is not a better teacher than her. Oh, she’s a single mom, admittedly has a triple-digit count (and proud of it), and be sure thank the State of Texas for raising her two kids for us next time you get a chance (she knows every food stamp and welfare loophole in the book). Teaching, btw, was only her 20th career choice, and i wish I was exaggerating.

      1. They say “I’m a teacher,” like they discovered a cure for heart disease.
        It’s funny how, if you press some of them, you find out how limited their learning is. Most of it is limited to the approved SJW thinkers, with a predictable perspective on each topic.

        1. If you are paying any attention to the current crop of 20 somethings, you should not be at all surprised by a triple digit notch count.

      2. I’m so glad that I found this article. Every female teacher I have known was a sanctimonious bitch, just because she could regurgitate information and indoctrinate children. It’s true that female teachers these days are damaged whores who can’t keep their marriages together or their legs closed.
        I have fond memories of the teachers in the strict Catholic schools I went to; those women were shining examples of virtue who stressed discipline and piety.

    5. Lets think about it like this. Teachers are essentially the warders in the educational prison system. They preside over people who are not at the day prison either by their choice or their parents’ choice. You can imagine the resentment this builds between the warders and the inmates. Also, much like in prison the warders take advantage of the inmates (rape) and bully them constantly. You have to ask yourself, what kind of person would do this work? The kind of person who wants power, of any kind, to replace their own perceived deficiencies. Corrections officers, much like teachers, suffer higher than normal rates of alcoholism, illness, depression and divorce. This similarity is not coincidental. While teachers may not suffer the same level of physical abuse as COs, children have their own way of demonstrating their resentment. To spend your day surrounded by people who hate you would wear on anybody.
      The educational system needs to be abolished. “Education” needs to be restored to those who care most about the children. Their parents.

        1. As someone in the teaching profession, let me tell you that – sadly – there’s a shitload of parents out there who couldn’t care less about their offspring.

        2. Is that for real, or confirmation bias at play I wonder?
          I simply prefer the private way of dealing with things. Public works almost always turn out like we see with the education field these days.

        3. I’d say about a third of my students’ parents don’t take any interest in how they develop academically.
          Homeschooling is an interesting concept, but don’t you think that homeschooled kids would miss out on:
          – standing up against bullies in the schoolyard
          – ogling girls in the hallways
          – being on varsity teams
          – being graded by someone who doesn’t share their DNA
          – having the opportunity to learn from a variety of adult mentors
          All those could potentially be beneficial live experiences. School as an institution does make sense. Or in the words of Neil Postman: “Teaching is a subversive activity.”
          I’d readily admit though that mose educators are anything but subversive. Don’t color us all with the same brush, though.

        4. My brother in law home schooled his son and daughter. They lacked for nothing regarding socialization or participation in events with other children. And the trend now is for home schoolers to group together in their area, if you were not aware (I wasn’t until they started this). Each parent teaches a different subject, so the whole DNA thing is out the window, as well as the “variety of adult mentors”. Basically it’s a de facto private school without the actual legal framework and monstrous tuition costs, so it works out quite well.

        5. Before I retired, I was a Boy Scout leader. One Saturday we were out with a bunch of boys including my own young son. An older and wiser man whose kids were grown said something about us being baby sitters for parents who wanted their kids gone on the weekend like to school during the weekday.
          I asked to make sure I understood him. I had. I then asked, “Do the boys know they are being sent out to get rid of them for the weekend?”
          He said, “Of course they know.”
          I said, “I think I want to throw up.”
          When my boy slept in the rain or snow I slept in the rain or snow. I can’t even imagine what does on in the mind of a parent who wants his kids gone to get rid of them for the weekend.

        6. I have no idea what is in the curriculums in the US, but we have such things as French literature, history of Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, astrophysics, principles of weight training, Ancient philosophy, Russian history after 1991, Latin, just off the top of my head.
          The people in my neighborhood would be totally unqualified to cover all this in the slightest way.

        7. I would agree with you to a point. But how can you be sure your group of home school teachers (if indeed you have a group to choose from) has someone who is qualified to teach your kids AP calculus, physics, biology etc.? Providing, of course, that your kid(s) have the aptitude/desire for it. Sadly, most parents do not have the qualifications nor the time (due to both parents having to work ((and no it isn’t because of taxes which are at a historic low)) to provide for their families) to teach their children these things.
          Most educational problems stem from lack of parental involvement (which home schooling purports to solve) inept administrators and or lack of resources to provide these programs.
          Public schools did a decent job (at one time) of educating our children. And no, it was not because of mandatory religious indoctrination (i.e. prayer in schools) or reciting the pledge of allegiance (free societies do not demand a pledge to them). It was because we as a society valued the education of our children and properly funded it.
          Are there bad teachers? Definitely. Is the solution to dismantle public education altogether? No.
          Just my two cents.

        8. Maybe because we (as a society) do not pay enough for people with those qualifications?
          After all you can’t buy a Rolls Royce on a used Yugo budget.

        9. Thank you for bringing that information. That’s saddening to the normal person’s viewpoint. But what about from a societal viewpoint ? Is the conscience being killed in children by parents neglecting their offspring ?

        10. I once had I teacher like you ! I hope your methods go contagious! By the way – I’m saying this because I know plenty of parents who are worried about their kids teachers – please write a book. ,,Virtue in teaching children” or something. Put out there for other people to reach and see ! God bless you good teachers !

        11. “Public schools did a decent job (at one time) of educating our children. And no, it was not because of mandatory religious indoctrination (i.e. prayer in schools) or reciting the pledge of allegiance (free societies do not demand a pledge to them). It was because we as a society valued the education of our children and properly funded it.”
          Then explain why the schools became awful, when the two things you mention were removed, despite funding as a percentage of GDP increasing:
          Once you’ve dismissed “mandatory religious indoctrination (i.e. prayer in schools) and instillation of patriotism as a factor, that pretty much leaves the ever increasing demand that schools do the impossible, as noted by the article author:
          “In 2001, President Bush signed the bipartisan initiative called the No Child Left Behind Act. The goal of the act was to close the academic achievement gap between majority white students and minority black and Hispanic students.”
          If differences in intelligence are racially inherent, then the only way to bridge the achievement gap is to bring students of all races down to the lowest common denominator.
          “They have to teach to the test so that low-achieving students will score well, but this has the effect of slowing down average students who are capable of learning more than what is on the test.”
          As far as “free societies” not demanding a “pledge to them,” by that standard, then the USA never was or hasn’t been a free society in a long, long time. Turn 18? Then turn in your selective service form, pledging your life in war to government. Armed forces, police, elected and appointed government positions, and other assorted government jobs (over 50% of the economy) also require pledging. Immigrants who want to become citizens must pledge allegiance. Etc, etc, etc.

        12. In theory you are correct. If the schools were like they were in, say, 1964, you would be 100% spot on. However, they are not and, hence, the parents who home school their kids are making the best of a bad situation.

        13. Multiculturalism and Racial integration destroyed education. They thought the dumb kids would benefit from the smart kids. This was a hypothetical wish strung from the Multicultural brigade, Unfortunately, the dumb kids remained dumb and the smart kids got a little dumber.

        1. Not always an option since most of us men with kids don’t have women worth anything as wives, let alone mothers.
          Men have to work to keep the country going. Women need to get their act together and raise the children as they’re supposed to.

        2. Hire a teacher? Are you serious? With the majority of teachers being made up of narcissistic young women that are out to destroy the masculinity of my sons, I’ll take my chances with what I have thanks.

        3. Not to be an ass, but, If you have a woman not worth anything as a wife, that is on you. No one held a gun to your head to marry her did they (I always assumed shotgun weddings were confined to the deep south/urban legend)? And if you got her pregnant and “had” to marry her, again that is on you. There is a relatively new invention called a condom. It is useful not only for preventing unwanted pregnancy but it also protects you from STD’s. And yes I know there is a failure rate with any birth control method but it is vanishingly small with modern contraceptives.
          If you married a bad wife/mother, either you didn’t get to know her well enough before hand, or, you were too enthralled with her “lady parts” (trying not to be vulgar) to make a rational decision. Either way that is on you.
          Aside from that I am sorry you do not have a suitable mate. And I am glad you did not choose to abandon your offspring to extricate yourself form a bad situation (if indeed your comment is from personal experience and not anecdotal).
          That being said. I am a liberal, (of sorts) a labor liberal. I believe a working man should be paid enough to care for his family, (as my father and uncles were in the 40’s-60’s) even in the early 70’s a young man could enter the workforce and support his family through a strong back and willingness to work. The breakdown of the traditional family began when a man (no matter his vocation) was not paid enough to support his family. This was by design of the corpratists. Break up the family, make father and mother work like dogs just to make ends meet thus leaving the children to their own devices and you can control all of society.
          Democrats lost their way when they started to focus on “racial/gender” issues rather than economic/labor ones. Just my two cents.

        4. Since you can’t read between the lines, I’ll spell it out for you…..
          Some of us men want families & not all of us want a life of pump & dumps. As a result we try to get the best female we can get out of the majority of women that are trash in American society. Note how I said “majority” as since there are still good women out there, but just going on odds alone you will never meet a good one. I’m not going to get into complete specifics as I don’t want to type all day, but the majority of those bad women are conditioned to wear masks in order to fool a man out of his resources by pretending to be something she’s not. When the ring gets put on the finger the mask comes off. We all know what happens after that.
          As I said, some men want families and we roll the dice hoping we don’t end up with trash. I rolled a snake eyes. Such is life.

        5. Again as I said. Obviously you did not get to know this woman well enough before marrying her. Yes some wear masks, but if you look hard enough you can see through it to the real person. You went into your marriage knowing full well that some people are not what they seem. You did not do your due diligence in this case. Sorry that you married a bad mate but that is on you.
          I too would like a wife and family some day but until I find a woman who I know (know, not think) is a suitable mate (not going to just roll the dice) I will remain single. A lifetime of bachelorhood is better than being in a bad marriage. And a few pump and dumps along the way to finding a mate is a good way to release stress and learn how to see behind the mask that some people wear.

  12. I remember in 9th Grade we were studying Religions in Social Studies, this was a Few Years after 9/11, and for the last Religion on the list to learn about ,my teacher (Female) stood in front of the Class and said “Now class we are going to learn about my Favorite Religion, and it’s considered the Most Peaceful Religion By many, today we are going to learn about Islam”, so naturally I raised my hand and asked, “Don’t they beat women in those Islamic Countries, and Throw acid on their faces?” All she could say was “Ehhh, we’ll get to that”, well she never got around to that Lol! meanwhile half the class is nodding in agreement with Me, beginning to remember they may have heard about the Islamic Women Beatings and Acid from somewhere. From My entire High-school education that has been the one thing that has stuck with me more than anything else. Like I said this was a few years after 9/11….The Libs had to get those Indoctrination Gears Turn’n…

    1. so naturally I raised my hand and asked, “Don’t they beat women in those Islamic Countries, and Throw acid on their faces?” All she could say was “Ehhh, we’ll get to that”, well she never got around to that Lol!

      Man you know you’re old when you can remember the official explanation of these atrocities being “cultural” problems that had nothing to do with islam.

        1. “indophobia,anti-christian and antisemitic?”
          Indophobia brings up a grand total of 881 hits vs 604,509 results for Islamophobia . Earliest seems be 2005, but doesn’t really begin until 2010. A lot of them are about Indophobia in Pakistan, but Muslims really hate all infidels, particularly the closest non-Muslims (which happens to the Indians). Moreover:
          “Fear of Asian Indians.”
          A irrational fear of the entire race, not the religion that are often practiced by race.
          The other two, “anti-Christian,” means simple opposition against, not an accusation of an irrational fear of the religion within the word itself.
          Anti-Semitic on the usually associated with people who just hate Jews, all Jews, whether they practice Judaism or any other religion or no religion.

        2. well its the hot topic now adays, before 9/11 and espically before the 2nd iraq war when shit really hit the fan espically in europe, people did not know what a muslim was despite the cultural history and the mass immigration that started since the 60s.
          It varies from nation to nation on who hates who. Like saudis dont quarrel with indians but pakistan does after britian did the partition. Isreals quarrel is with palestine, or chechnians seperatists fight with russians. Islam like christianity is a large relgion but many races with their own history and problems.
          Now a days it goes hand in hand. When people say muslim they always refer to some arab or pashtun whether he practices or not like if it were a race of its own.

        3. “Now a days it goes hand in hand. When people say muslim they always refer to some arab or pashtun whether he practices or not like if it were a race of its own.”
          The vast majority of those ethnic groups are Muslim unfortunately. There are some Christians, but look at what the Muslims do to them. Race is not the problem, religion is, and people who want to cover for Islam always want to conflate Islam with a race. If people fear non practicing Muslims that’s because they might get serious about their nominal religion.
          [Syrian] Muslims Launch Vicious Attack On [Syrian] Christian Neighborhood, Slaughter Forty Innocent People And Make A Pool Of Christian Blood:
          14-year-old Pakistani Christian boy dies after being set on fire by Muslims because he was a Christian:
          KENYA: After latest massacre of Christians by Muslims,
          outraged [black] Kenyans demand UN get ALL its [black] Somali Muslim refugees out of Kenya and send them back to Somalia:
          Muslims Force 800,000 Children From Their Homes In Mass Exodus (BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER TO THE RACE BAITERS):
          Muslims in Nigeria, all members of Boko Haram, have forced around 800,000 children from their homes. The race baiters in America, who scream “Black lives matter,” will only whine if a black man is killed by a police officer, but not by Muslims.

        4. those that trash always tend to put the race hand in hand,theres a difference among those people,hell they kinda hate each other. That be blaming all white people for genocide of 6million jews then just blame the germans.Like the riots in holland were done by moroccans but not indonesians. weve had that genocide in 95 of muslims in the balkans but after that they were still an unknown group until 911. And those guys have been in europe for well over 100yrs. And had no problem. Its only been the past decade.
          Those are hate crimes and shouldnt happen and be punished accordingly same story with those militant groups.But there are racial elements like when you hear of a shia getting killed in pakistan you know its a Hazara(half mongols) for example.
          You seemed to be amped up about the black lives thing?why is that?It sounds very similar to wns getting mad about rape in sweden(i take it with grain of salt since its the most feminist nation ont hte planet?

        5. “”Like the riots in holland were done by moroccans but not indonesians”
          There exists only the Dar al-Islam (House of Islam) and the Dar al-Harab (House of War).
          “weve had that genocide in 95 of muslims in the balkans but after that they were still an unknown group until 911”
          The genocide in the Balkans was of Orthodox Serbians done by the Muslims, Roman Catholic Croats, and USA/NATO.
          “It sounds very similar to wns getting mad about rape in sweden(i take it with grain of salt since its the most feminist nation ont hte planet?”

        6. Meanwhile today in Paris (04/16/2016):
          [video src="http://video.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2016/04/16/6025274435399928642/640x360_6025274435399928642.mp4" /]
          In some ways it is nice to be proven right in real time, although I wish I was wrong, although I know I’m not. The collapse is accelerating.

      1. judeophobia = anti-semitism, stop being silly.
        Blaming Islam for “islamic” violence is like blaming christianity or secularism for the violence of people in secular and christian nations.

    2. I kinda doubt she get around to that after all this time.
      “It’s my favorite religion. A religion of Peace that I don’t practice myself, but nevertheless like it.”

    3. Islam is evil. The fact that these social justice wankers idolize them should be enough proof. God bless.

      1. They dont. The second a muslim pisses of these progressives or sjws they will throw the old “Don’t they beat women in those Islamic Countries, and Throw acid on their faces?”.
        If you got money and influence theyll cut you down and shame you. But those ghetto ones in the middle east like blacks and latinos living in the ghetto, they wont say anything since they get nothing to gain and everything to lose, since Ahmed,Tyrone and Miguel will beat down on their “transnigger” ass.

        1. I’m a young conservative black male and Feminazis and Social Justice Wankers hate me just as much as any other man. They must be stopped for the good of all men.

        2. agreed, were all in it together.
          Remember they are feminine in nature and are fearful of direct confrontation (mike cernovitch vs sam biddle for example).
          So when they are upset at someone espically if they are successful theyll throw every shaming language they can and every sterotype to throw you offf your game. Whites have been the majority of victims since they are the most successful(and willing to pseak their minds unlike the quite successful asians) compared to their men whom mostly get online trash trash talk.

        3. That is true. Whites are targeted because they have a strong work ethic. The majority of blacks have fallen into the victim mentality. We must stand together as fighters for justice and truth. SJWs are cowards and would probably piss themselves if someone challenged them in real life. That is why we must go on the offensive and nip their evil in the bud.

        4. they are. Even that Sam Biddle tried to look alpha when he bitched out of Mikes challenge.
          Ya thats why whites have been majority of the victims since they are the majority of successful people. Asians are successful as well but they keep quite. They do their jobs and go home and do nothing to get attention. They are a quite people. And blacks and browns very few are successful. so hence why we seen few get into shit. Though one did recently reported by rok.

        1. Mohammed was deceived by Satan, who claimed to be God and made him do many horrible things. Keep spreading the word. God bless.

  13. Reason 4 is true not just because of the “diversity” agenda pushed on them by progressives. It runs deeper than that. Progressives have crafted the concept of Critical Pedagogy*, which is a justification of weaving a Social Justice agenda into public education. This isn’t just trying to help students think more clearly (expanding vocabulary, developing deductive and inductive skills, etc). This is simply a way of indoctrinating students with progressive thought.

    1. The new Ontario curriculum is exactly that. There are protests from parents up here but I don’t think it’s going to make a difference. Those kids don’t belong to the tax paying parents remember? The tax paying parents and their kids belong to Ontario.

      1. I agree, not sure if protesting will do anything, although I support that they’re actually protesting (took them long enough). One of the organizers for the protest told people that any signs at the protests that were basically too religious (Bible quotes), or “homophobic” (negative opinions), would result in that protester being asked to remove their sign (or forcibly removed by police). Why? Because they’re afraid it will “look bad”. Talk about spineless. It’s a protest. They shouldn’t be allowed to ban signs. So much for freedom of expression.

        1. Didn’t hear about the PC protestors. What’s the point of a protest if u are trying to not offend anybody?

        2. They’re concerned with how they’ll look to others. They don’t want to be labeled “bigots”, “religious freaks”, “hicks”, etc. by others/the media, so that more people will be open to joining the protests. One of the main organizers act like they know what’s best over the main mass of protesters, and seemed to imply that if they had it their way, they would also censor protesters from wearing religious clothing/accessories if it was legal. It’s like they’re still leftist in behaviour, even though they’re fighting leftist indoctrination. They even blocked a guy from the page for saying he was going to have non-PC signs at the protest whether they liked it or not, then later accused him of being some sort of infiltrator. It’s pathetic and definitely not the way to go about fighting a movement IMO, since the opposition is already controlling their language because they want to censor themselves .

        3. I don’t know much about it, the wording of it seems vague. Interestingly, both the Conservatives and Liberals are for it, while only the NDP oppose it. I’ve heard a bunch of things like secret tribunals could take place for accused people (not sure if that’s true).

        4. Makes me wonder if they could target someone like us for having impure thoughts.

  14. I’d argue that you shouldn’t date teachers simply because anybody whose highest aspiration is to teach, they probably don’t have very high life goals in general. Why hang around people who don’t truly believe in themselves?

    1. I dunno, Aristotle seems like a pretty sweet teach to me. As with anything, quality varies.
      Of course that said, the only truly good teachers I ever had were male.

      1. At this moment, I can only remember three teachers with good feelings.
        One was my voc. ag teacher in high school where I was FFA president for a year. He was a Pacific WWII vet, and my brother told me after he died in his 90’s that he died with Japanese steel in him. He told us right up front that he was going to teach us to think, instead of teaching the latest agriculture details, because they were going to be changing constantly.
        He also told us one day he was going to teach us how to steal, which speech prompted me to NEVER steal anything. His speech had to do with how much your reputation was worth to you. I have to date never found anything worth my price.
        The second was a man math teacher. One whole semester I did no homework at all. At the end of the semester he told me he had argued with himself what grade to give me. I helped teach the course, so my knowledge of math deserved an A. But, my failure of homework deserved an F. So, after some thought he gave me a B.
        I tried to find him a few years ago and could not find him so I assume he is dead.
        The third one was my teacher from Kindergarten through fourth grade, except one year. She taught me to read and also taught me study habits. She told me as an adult that my brother and I were the only kindergarten students she ever had who could take the book, read the teacher’s instructions and do the work.
        it was a one room school house with 15 students from K through 8. When I was in 4th grade, I was in the same reading class with a 5th grade girl and an 8th grade boy, and I was still the best reader. That sort of match-up is how she handled all the classes she had to teach.
        But, the boy used to kick me around because it was embarassing to be made to look stupid by a 4th grade kid.
        She was our neighbor and when she finished high school my dad who was school director begged her to go to normal school so she could teach in his school. She did, and we loved her.
        She was a green before green became part of the culture. She used to take us next door and show us the dirt washing off my dad’s field. Heh, heh.
        Later, of course, she had to get a college degree so she could learn how to teach. [/sarcasm]

    2. What kind of madness is it to voluntarily shackle oneself to an ambitious, restless, never satisfied woman?

    3. Because you want somebody that makes your life better, and that doesn’t happen when you spend her entire paycheck on stuff you wouldn’t need to spend it on if she stayed at home. I work, my wife doesn’t. Most of the people that live near me have both people working. Every single husband does more work around the house than me. Why would I want to do work, and clean dishes/laundry and have my kids spend the majority of their day around min wage employees that don’t give a toss about them?

    4. Should we all have the ambition in life to become wealthy or achieve high social status? Is that really the world we want? Because that’s what we’re getting now.

  15. “Teachers are berated for ‘believing they are color blind,’ and they are encouraged to see the richness of other cultures in contrast to our own. As a result of this indoctrination, teachers really start to believe that Western culture is nothing in comparison to third world cultures.”
    Seattle Public Schools – Definitions of Racism:
    “Cultural Racism:
    “Those aspects of society that overtly and covertly attribute value and normality to white people and Whiteness, and devalue, stereotype, and label people of color as
    ‘other’, different, less than, or render them invisible. Examples of these norms include defining white skin tones as nude or flesh colored, HAVING A FUTURE TIME ORIENTATION, emphasizing individualism as opposed to a more collective ideology,
    defining one form of English as standard, and identifying only Whites as great writers or composers.”
    Now, look at that, it is racist to expect that other races be able to think about, decide on, and plan for future goals; and to realize the influence of present actions upon their future. It is racist to emphasize individualism as opposed to a more collective [socialist/Democrat] ideology. It is racist to expect non-whites to learn standard English [to function in normal society without needing the welfare state and the Democratic party].

  16. The governing infrastructure has gone to hell as well as the classrooms.
    #7 Those legislating and managing what happens in each and every classroom do not ever want to be in a public school classroom.
    #8 The vast majority of counselors and administrators have never been in a classroom and never have to directly instruct a student or students.

  17. I’m so glad I was never raped when I was a horny teenage schoolboy!!!!

  18. There’s one other reason: women teachers are used to their word being taken as law. They moralize their students into submission and are use to wielding authority. They will expect the same deference at home as they get at work. It is likely that women who enjoy always holding the authority and the moral high ground are the ones most attracted to teaching in the first place. Does this sound like a woman you would like to deal with 24/7?

    1. Right?? Some of these chicks are half cute. I’d’ve hit it in the 10th grade…..

  19. My university was known for its well-respected teacher’s college program. I had many friends in that program. And boy oh boy were the girls slutty.
    Particularly when girls had to complete their teaching placements in their final year. A lot of them couldn’t handle it, which is funny because this is where these future teachers would actually, you know, teach. All kinds of stressed out, skanky, easy teachers at the bar on those weekends.

  20. Can we please stop saying female teachers “Had sex with…” their student(s)? No, two consenting ADULTS have sex with each other. These women, skullfucked from the cradle and having had rotten luck with men all their lives from Daddy onward to their first dating experiences (which, as with most American women, we can presume is self-inflicted due to their own narcissism, megalomania, shallowness, and entitlement) straight-up RAPE these young, impressionable boys as the ultimate deranged powertrip. Scratch that whole “fantasy” bullshit the degenerate media tries to forcefuck you into believing, it is a violation of a young boy and these women should be shipped off to Deera Square! Fucking sociopaths!

    1. They are competing with the young, sexy girls in the school. I would bet a hefty sum that most of the guys that these teachers target are athletic jocks with pretty, popular girlfriends.

      1. Damn, even as grown women significantly older than these female children, women still want to harm other women prettier and thinner than them for no good apparent reason besides that! Jesus Christ!

        1. It’s to be expected. The sad part is that many “progressive” people are starting to state that “love is love” bs.

        2. Younger women are their sworn enemies. I have had several male teachers, professors, coaches, and bosses that have been mentors/father figures to me. Have you ever seen an older woman take a young girl under her wing and help her grow into a woman?

        3. Come to think of it, no. I’m sure they wanted to slice their throats ear-to-ear, though!

        4. I have seen it, but inevitably one of the two screwed over the other one…

    2. Still the media will act as if a female teacher raping a male student is an immensely lesser crime than a male teacher doing the same to a female student. Even worse, sometimes people act as if the whole rape was some love story. They will say stuff like, “that woman was lonely, she was looking for love”, or “that boy really did have feelings for that teacher”.
      Then there are the beta men, who say stuff like, “I wish my teacher would have done it to me when I was a kid”. I understand this frame of mind. When I was a teenage boy, like all boys I also had fantasies about hot teachers. But now as a grown up man I realize that despite having these fantasies, my life would be scarred if a teacher would have had sex with me. The problem is that I grew up. Beta men did not.
      Moreover there a a hell lot of people who believe that since teenage boys have fantasies about teachers, a female teacher having sex with them is not that harmful as in a case of a male teacher who has sex with a female student. What they don’t realize that even a lot of female students find their male teachers “hot”. Every body knows it. Yet, if a male teacher fucks a female student, will the same people say that since female students find male teachers hot, the sexual relation is not that harmful? No they’ll be shouting bloody rape.
      That being said, if one searches on google, one can find many women discussing their fantasies of getting raped. And they are adult women, mind you. Yet if one of them would get raped, no body would say that since they had fantasies of getting raped, their rape is less traumatic. But when it’s the case of boys getting raped by FEMALE teachers, everybody’s like it’s okay, because that’s what boys fantasize about anyway. They were asking for it. Glaring double standards!!!

      1. “Still the media will act as if a female teacher raping a male student is an immensely lesser crime than a male teacher doing the same to a female student.”
        So will the kangaroo courts in this country.
        “They will say stuff like, “that woman was lonely, she was looking for love”, or “that boy really did have feelings for that teacher””
        Well then she shouldn’t have been such a raging cunt and maybe a grown man would have given her time of day.
        ” What they don’t realize that even a lot of female students find their male teachers “hot”.”
        Yes, a lot of girls in this country have serious Daddy issues and are skullfucked beyond belief by them. Have an older man just look at them and open his mouth with anything and it’s game on. Ever been to Arizona?
        “That being said, if one searches on google, one can find many women discussing their fantasies of getting raped.”
        Of course they have these fantasies. Which always make us beg the question when they cry “Raaaape!” but show no physical trauma or have had enough time pass before bothering to report it that if the guy they are accusing simply wasn’t hot enough for their going “standards” of the moment.

        1. Yes, a lot of girls in this country have serious Daddy issues and are skullfucked beyond belief by them. Have an older man just look at them and open his mouth with anything and it’s game on. Ever been to Arizona?
          Yes, seriously. I keep noticing this and saying it on this and other manosphere forums, but I don’t think it really sinks in with the younger men. Being mid 40’s, in shape, good looking and confident brings in the 20 somethings without you having to even put in effort. Almost all of this generation grew up without “Dad” in the house, thank you divorce industry and stupid women, and that has created a de facto “normal” mindset in young girls to want older men. No “clown game” required, no “gay game” or any other kind of trickery, all you have to do is show up, be the confident alpha male in the space you occupy and women who are young enough to be your daughter throw themselves at you.
          The entire Millenial generation is *so* fucked up (with noted exceptions here and there of course).

  21. Teachers are some of the easiest Bangs. The younger the kids they teach, the harder they party when it’s time to unwind. You want to have a good time? Look for the Head Start, Kindergarten, and 1st through 3rd grade teachers.

  22. I’m a teacher and I wouldn’t touch female teachers. They are the most self righteous and deluded bitches out there.
    The slutty charge is correct. I’m not sure why though. I do recall a lot of women putting out during my teacher training course. I fucked a girl that had a boyfriend although I didn’t find out until later. A friend of mine fucked at least 6 of them in a semester.
    The other thing I remember quite clearly during placement was how women were able to get away with things that men never could. e.g discussing the looks of male staff and even students.
    At my old school the gym teachers were the alphas. Most of the female English teachers wanted to fuck them even though they used to complain about how dumb they were. As soon as one of them in particular entered the room, all eyes were focussed on him.
    In all honesty, the younger generation of female teachers have the exact same traits as corporate women, except most of them wouldn’t have the stones to work in the private sector.

    1. I got tons of stories, enough to fill a book, about my female co-workers. Date them? I wouldn’t even hire them or want them to be around my kids.

  23. I’ve got to agree with this. I onced dated a middle school teacher briefly. I raw dogged her on the second date. A pretty stupid thing to do, I know. She told me she was a former sorority girl and “recovering” bad girl who has since found Jesus. Yeah, right. I brought up the whole teachers fucking their students thing. And she said she would never do that, but could see why others did it. She said you eventually “forget” about their age, because they basically “act like adults,” and some students are “pretty funny.” By her tone and weird defense of those teachers I suspected she fucks students too.

    1. Just like the parents that want to be buddies with their kids, instead of authority figures that provide guidance and love, when a teacher seems too cool, and less like a knowledgeable extension of good home parenting, a gray area is created that becomes a disservice to both the student and teacher alike.
      Parents and teachers need to be considered someone to look up to, not pal around with all the time.

  24. The first woman I ever knew who had Borderline Personality Disorder, was one of my teachers in school. Absolutely bat shit crazy, had a reputation for breaking down in tears randomly in front of the students. Remained a spinster all her life, for obvious reasons. Yet she kept her job of course; she would not have survived in private industry.
    It was only 15 years after she taught me and I read up on BPD that I realized ‘holy shit, that’s what she had’.
    I also recall many teachers over the years who were quite sadistic and liked humiliating children. It’s only as an adult that you look back and realize how wrong the behavior was. I am referring to emotional and physical abuse. If I ever have kids I’ll be making sure they know that they don’t have to accept such behavior, and if any teacher does do anything like that to them that they are to tell me and I’ll make the fucker’s life hell.
    Teaching is one of those jobs that lots of people go into through desperation; because they don’t know what else to do with their degree. It’s not the mark of an especially intelligent person, and they all bring their work home with them in the evenings, which is something that you don’t need in a relationship.

      1. not anymore man…just a place to warehouse kids while parents work

        1. Just pointing out that a large part of the reason we are in the situation we are today is because we let our education system go to shit, and that there are few men left in teaching jobs. Teaching is vital. America has a horrible education system. Hence we are heading to hell in a handbasket.

  25. Teachers never grow up. They go to Elementary School, then High School., then College, then back to Elementary/High school. They never leave their childhood. Of course female teachers bang their students, they see them as peers. How is is different than the dating she did in high school and college?

  26. The quality of schools has definitely gone into the toilet.
    Last year, Jerry Pournelle published a 6th grade reader from 1914, which all students in the state of California were required to use. Looking through it, you can see how badly standards have fallen. The first work in the book is Jason and the Argonauts, which today is considered college-level material.
    When I was a young idealistic college kid I was intent on going into teaching. I nixed that idea after taking a class the colleges required so that you would be absolutely sure that you wanted to be a teacher. What did it for me was a story the professor told us. Several years previous, one of her former students was working his first teaching job at a high school. I don’t remember what class he taught, but he was also a coach, and had a young wife and a brand new baby. He gave a ride home to one of the athletes after practice, and so a couple days later the boy falsely accused him of molestation. The teacher was eventually exonerated. After hearing that, I told myself “There’s no way in hell I’m going into teaching;” I left at break and never came back.

    1. These days a man should avoid any profession that deals with children. False claims of sexual harassment are bad enough in your standard office job, but you throw kids into the mix and it gets even worse. Chances are if you are falsely accused of sexual harassment in the workplace you may be able to defend yourself successfully. But, add a child into the mix and you are completely guilty until proven innocent. And, if you are later exonerated people are still going to treat you like a child molester “just to make sure”.

    2. Yeah, and unlike the good ole days, the principal and school admins will not stand by the teachers side and defend them. The guy teacher will be left hung out to dry, and hopefully he can afford to pay his own money to a good lawyer to defend his name.

    3. For my free English classes here in Mexico, I use copies of the Alice and Jerry readers I used back in the early 50’s. The Fourth grade reader today would be college level today, I am sure.

  27. If you have a full time job and are dating a teacher expect her to cheat on you every single Summer while you are in the office working and they have off. I’ve seen this happen to friends countless times. Relationship is going fine until Summer. Then boom. She get s a full share in a vacation house where she stays just about everyday. Guy visits her on the occasional weekends he can get away. Teacher gets bored and meets a local out at a bar. She ends up getting plowed by local union construction worker during the week and then plays coy when the boyfriend visits on the weekend. The local has two or three teachers he is doing so she ends up with an STD and then passes it along to the boyfriend. Point being, even if you are alpha stay away from teachers.

  28. I worked as a High School Teacher from 1994 to 2006 and I quit because I could not take it anymore. I admit I was not a very good teacher but I think I got enough time to draw interesting conclusions.
    The biggest victims of our school system are boys, because everything goes in favor of girls. Boys are treated like “defective girls”, many behaviours that were considered normal 20 years ago (friendly wrestling between boys during recess, etc.) are now considered deviant.
    Many of those female teacher who are incapable to tolerate normal boy behaviour push to have some kids sedated with Ritalin even if they don’t need it. It’s not a kid’s fault if his female teacher has emotional issues and cannot handle them.
    Grosso modo, two thirds of the staff in our schools is made up of women,
    our little boys lack the presence of strong masculine role models.
    Also, teachers claim to be “neutral” and “objectives” in their teaching, but most of them clearly lean to the Left, bombarding kids with Social Justice Warriors themes, only showing one side of the coin.
    I now earn at best half of what I got as a teacher in term of salary, but I don’t care. I’m happy to be out of those jungles our schools have become.

    1. Drugging children. The modern day pharmacological babysitter.
      Wonder if a study has been done on how many juvenile offenders are medicated by their single mothers.

      1. I’ve seen some kids, not bad in nature, just “normally disturbed” because their social environment was fucked up, being DRUGGED juste because their parents were morons and/or because their teachers could not handle the situation. To me, it’s a crime.

        1. As a teacher, what is your view on my very simple hypothesis.
          Leftist culture has resulted in the banning of corporal punishment, detention or even raising your voice to a child.
          In addition, children (at least in Australia) are constantly told that they have rights, and to report an infractions of leftist policy to the police or child services departments.
          This has resulted in widespread poor behavior by boys because they learn there are no repercussions for their actions.
          Enter the ADHD culture, where even the most mild of boyish traits are seen by psychologists as evidence of a mental disorder, and must be treated as such. With psychobabble and drugs.
          Therefore, boys are going 2 ways. Either they are not being disciplined, and not being drugged, in which case their turn out to be uncontrollable brats. Or, they are drugged with Ritalin and Straterra, and turn into unhealthy zombies.
          I agree that the massive overuse of these drugs is a crime. In my opinion, drugging a 6yo boy to the eyeballs on these drugs is far more cruel than giving him a spank once a month.

        2. Oh I got spanked WAY more than once a month  Seems like I was misbehaving about every third or fourth day. I deserved all the swats too. I was a “Normal” active boy. Not to blow my own horn…but I was a bright kid and got bored easily in a class that taught to the lowest common denominator and expected boys to sit still like little girls for hours on end. I’d fidget and play with my pencil and bend paperclips or scribble my own daydreams while listening to the teacher drone on reading ‘Ann of Green Gables’ to the class for an hour. I spent plenty of time in detention, missing recess and being sent to the principal’s office for ‘disrupting’ class….just like all the other 9 year old boys sitting in the hall outside the office waiting to get scolded for not sitting still for 90 minutes at a time.
          Spankings were a good thing…they taught me to behave…they gave me an incentive to focus and power through the dull boring parts of class.

    2. Fire every last female ignoramus teacher. Triple the salary and hire only Men. Mandate prayer from every last student (kike, mooslim or otherwise). America will be back in business.

      1. and you should go back to school. Primary school at that is considering your spelling. You do not tell my kids what to pray, moron. I am a Catholic and my kids pray at home according to my religion and my beliefs. If some Baptist/protestant weirdo forces his beliefs on my kids he is going to regret it big time.
        And same applies for Jews(only a complete tool uses the word Kike) and Muslims. so tell me about why for example so many muslims and Jews who fought gallantly in US armed forces in Iraq and Vietnam and Afghanistan should have their right trumpled on by some know nothing self defined “Christian”?
        Paraying is a private thing, The government has NO business in it. Pledge of allegiance for sure. But THAT is IT.

        1. Really, you fuckwit? I spelled “mooslim” in jest but you, ya goddamn inbred, WTF does “Paraying” mean (that is how your under-educated ass spelled the word “praying” in your post)? You like to embarrass yourself, I see. Know what’s really embarrassing? Feeding your children’s assholes to pedo Catholic priests. You’re a real parent of the year faggot!

        2. “Baptist / Protestant Weirdo?” Enjoy eating fecal matter with Father Fagan who probably banged you in the rear in the rectory. Typical moron catholic who does what they’re told like Joe Paterno.

    3. Giving Ritalin to kids is not much different than giving them speed. My mother was a teacher and she said that you need some skill to keep the boys in line, just some discipline and a little punishment. Nowadays they drug the kids up and research shows that these children have big psychological problems down the line. Things like very deep depression and anxiety issues for the rest of their life. It’s also these kids that go to school and shoot everybody… They talk about gun laws, but every single kid that goes on a rampage has a history of taking ADHD, anxiety and anti-depressants.

    4. Man. In high school I wanted to learn how to type, so joined the typing class. It was three of us guys and the rest girls. The teacher put we guys to work fixing old machines and running errands – refused to let us learn the material. And yeah, in general classes some of the girls would be absolutely stupid, yet the female teachers held them up as examples and routinely put down boys abilities to learn or offer anything. It speaks volumes when adults drum into boys’ heads that they’re stupid and can’t learn, but we go out and keep society going. And girls are coddled and praised, and yet go out and do nothing productive. It’s a waste of resources when schools push girls into sciences and advanced programs to ready them for college, and statistics show most girls only go to college to catch a husband. Or they end up in brainless programs like Gender Studies. Now, about male teachers. . .Almost the only teachers I’ve ever had that students in general, in later life, said changed their lives or made an impact, were male teachers. Hands down. The female teachers go in the trashcan of memory.

    5. So the takeaway from this would be: A person who admitted they were an absolute failure at their job knowingly stayed on the job for a decade plus only to turn around and throw much more capable people under the bus. Nice…

  29. Who Gives A Fuck About The 6 Reasons! The Goal Is To Fuck Her Right in The Pussy!

  30. I had the opportunity to date a teacher once. Something about the vibe from her put me off so I passed. Later I found that she was an alcoholic.
    Thanks for this article, it reinforces the bullet that I dodged.

  31. Teachers are mostly white women with an average IQ who failed to get into med or law school and then needed to get a job with their Sociology degrees.

    1. lol law school? most public school teachers couldn’t even last a year in the most basic corporate job.

  32. [quote]As a result of this indoctrination, teachers really start to believe that Western culture is nothing in comparison to third world cultures.[/quote]
    post feminism and pc culture I say yes. But traditional european culture before when they try being american was good. Sad to see its rare to see europeans wear dutch wooden shoes in Holland,leaderhosen in germany, berets in france,etc.
    america is the alpha wolf of the pack and it got domesticated by its feminist capitves and now is bullying the other wolves into this new way of living.

  33. Beware. There will be a time where all professions will be covered by RoK.
    Who would you date, then?

    1. Women who have been trained since birth to know that the American repertoire of salaried professions ARE NOT FOR THEM! NEVER HAVE BEEN! NEVER WILL BE! Women don’t have even a modicum of the necessary intellect or propriety to do anything beyond being relegated to a biological function. They aren’t even covered by the 14th amendment of the constitution because our founding fathers knew women can never be expected to be anything beyond chattel. Why don’t you grovel to your slutty stupid wife and see if she’ll let you take your nuts out of her handbag sometime. Women don’t belong in professional spheres outside the home – so stop trying to proliferate the idea as if it were normal.

  34. my brief stint teaching:
    a) all the female teachers are fake SJWs who will turn 180 as soon as the kids are out of sight, -isms of all kinds
    b) all the female teachers really don’t like new female teachers (competition, ya know)
    c) they don’t even know regulations, procedures etc
    d) god forbid you have an independent original idea
    e) I’d rather herd goats in Albania

  35. Had a teacher in 7th grade who was fairly hot. 25 years old, fresh outta college. Rumor has it on her wedding night she got drunk at the reception and went home with another man. Hilarious intro to red pill if there ever was one, to early teenagers, anyway.

    When it comes to ideal professions for girlfriends, I put my money on teachers and nurses. For some simple reasons.
    1. They have practical jobs, constantly dealing with some of the most difficult human beings. Kids and sick people. I believe this makes them more practical, interesting, patient and caring than corporate types.
    2. There are so many worse professions. Ranging from your simple office secretary bimbo, to your cut-throat “work hard – play hard” banker/lawyers…,to your garden variety social justice warrior professions like psychologist, woman’s issues journalist, HR manager. These kinds of women will either piss you off with their left-wing screed, bore you to tears with their inane gossip. or have no time for you because “work hard” inevitably means they are a slave to their 12 hr/day jobs, and “play hard” equals pissing/slutting it up every weekend.
    3. They will always be employable, thus reducing their likely time doing sofa pringles binges waiting for their “dream job” to land in their lap.
    4. They have good stories. As we know, 99% of women are boring as hell. But teachers and nurses will inevitably have some interesting/funny stories. Thus making them tolerable to spend time with after you finish fucking them.
    As for being slutty booze-hounds. Certainly in Asia, this is not the case. But I would put forth the idea that teachers and nurses win by default, simply because all the other professions create detestable women.

    1. I agree with this. While there is a lot in the article that resonated as true, I do feel that teaching is still one of the best professions for a partner. A lot of the article was just expounding on the idea of AWALT, and the current toxic culture that has infested the west, but if you do have to pin one down for a LTR, I think the benefits of those in the teaching profession make them stand above others. Certainly above a career professional woman.
      At the end of the day, they are nurturing and caring, which develops their feminine side much more than playing catty office politics, writing TPS reports, and staring at a computer screen. Besides, if, as many of us say, women are children, they should spend their time with children 🙂
      As a friend of mine said who married (and then divorced) a kindergarten teacher, “hey, she puts up with bratty kids all day, so no matter what, when she gets home, I am an improvement”

      1. Yes, exactly. The complaints in the article could be applied to almost all professions.The common factor is women, not teachers.
        I would argue that nursing and teaching, attract those few remaining women who have that nurturing personality, are not money-grubbing whores, or simply want a platform to espouse their SJW harping.
        But, I’m a big believer in the AWALT theory. And a teacher ex-wife can hire a ball-crushing lawyer just as quick as a secretary. So no man should ever marry one, just use them as part of a balanced harem.

  37. I can’t get over the hotness of these teachers that are banging these young men. You’d think it would it would be fat skanks preying on young teen males. These gals could get fucked by a man close to their age every day of the week….

  38. The teacher-student sex scandal has been growing since about the mid nineties – dwarfing the Catholic church homosexual rape cases and showing no sign of abating. I think the author hit on something with the perpetual adolescence theory. Solipsism at its finest.

  39. The NCLB act was a terrible idea from the start, because of the (well known) IQ differential between minority students and whites and Asians…the gap cannot be closed, and hasn’t been, because Nature has decreed otherwise.

  40. What 16 year old is going to turn down a three some with two hot teachers? I say below that age should be considered rape, but a 16 year old knows full well what he is doing.

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  42. There is still a niche market for good women in schools. But they need to come from a conservative rural background. And have grown up looking up to teachers in a traditional sense. There are still a few of them. I think of one fashion model level chick on her honeymoon right now. Gorgeous, reffined, classy. But still enjoys NASCAR. Grew up around redneck brothers but acts feminine.
    Lucky dude. Wish them both well. They don’t make many gals like that any more. She deserves a diamond that would weigh down her whole arm.
    Hope that dude realizes what he’s got.

    1. Put men in charge of teaching and you get civilization (Da Vinci, Aristotle, Plato) Put women in charge of teaching and you get America in 2015.

  43. You forgot to mention: teachers tend to be stupid! The dumbest college educated people I know are teachers. My ex-wife was a teacher, and I always had to explain everything to her, and even then she still usually wouldn’t get it. Being a teacher is a deal breaker for me.
    Teaching is also a dead-end job that attracts those with no ambition for advancement.

    1. Totally true. The one I was with was naive as hell, even though she acted like she knew alot because she was a “degreed, licensed educator” — which means exactly jack shit. The other female teachers I know personally like a couple of friends’ wives are dumb as hell and complete basket cases emotionally.
      My 11 year old son complains about his teacher constantly, telling me about her emotional outburst in class and lack of control. The kid is redpill for his age already and I actually trust his observations on this pretty well.

    2. Who needs “advancement” when you can just put in your time, make $80k a year after a decade, and then retire at 58 with a $60k+ pension for the rest of their life (an average of 25 years or so)?

  44. How many of those women pictured about from raping the young boys and now roaming around freely reintegrating into society? All of them?

  45. I shit you not this advert for Chilis creeped up on the bottom of the picture. So I took a screen shot.

  46. In the few years I have been divorced I have been with my share of bitches, but the one(kindergarten) teacher I dated was actually one of the nicest and most feminine women I have ever met. It didn’t work because she was too fresh off her divorce and an emotional wreck because of it –wasn’t what she wanted, he left her for a younger hotter woman — otherwise I think it would have worked out just fine.
    Now those other ones I have been with — careerist, corporate shrikes, one and all.

  47. 90% agree. Teachers are becoming more miserable, progressive and cynical, they are heavy drinkers, and most of them are a lousy choose to date. But in my experience, male teachers are absolutely beta, so my alphaness is enough to be king compared to them. No surprise then I used to have a group of female teachers as my little harem and nowadays the hottest girl among them remains my bitch. If I have to choose among a teacher, a lawyer and an engineer, I’d pick the teacher anyway. At least she isn’t as careerist as the later ones

  48. Funny thing. I know a girl that works out at my gym. Very attractive but covered in tattoos all over her chest, arms, legs, and back. Yet she is studying to become a teacher because she thinks that the American education system needs work. I pray to God that whatever future children I may or may not have never get her.

  49. When I were a boy, there were roughly equal number of male and female teachers — even in elementary. Only K-2 had all female teachers, those being glorified day care of course. Teaching was also a very respected profession, up there with being a judge or police officer.
    It’s actually quite a recent (20-30 years) phenomenon that the number of male teachers had plummeted. Whether the rampant feminization and SJW-ization of education was a result of the new estrogen-heavy environment, or whether male teachers were beaten out because of those factors, is open for debate. But one thing’s for sure.. this timeframe also coincides with the loss of prestige in teaching, with it going from a respected profession to a bloody joke.
    Finally: John Taylor Gatto.

  50. Once a year the local emergency services take a wrecked car to a high school to show the kids the perils of bad choices et al. The female teacher in charge was about 52 years old, and I think she had her hand up the backside of every cop, medic and firefighter under the age of 35. They should have put up a stripper pole in the parking lot for her. I can imagine what the young lads in her classes think about her.

  51. Look how the male teachers of today shamefully hold their hands over their genitals.

  52. the slave indoctrination system..ahem i mean public education needs to end. Yes it is big time communist marxism.

  53. Haha Oscar de la renta suit. I’m sure somewhere, some slut is cheating the system and using tax payer money to make such a gaudy purchase.
    But then still dress like a slob in the classroom

  54. In the UK we have this crazy teachers union called the NUT (National Union of Teachers) and yes they are all NUTS. They are always on strike, closing schools, complaining endlessly. Date a female leftie teacher in the UK? most men would run a mile just to escape from them and their SJW rants.

    1. I actually read that “No cuts!” sign as “No cunts!” and thought to myself “Hey this movement is pretty great!”

    2. Wait a minute….
      They don’t want any cuts, but the sign has crossed out the words “no cuts” thereby implying that they don’t want the statement that is displayed on the sign. So does that mean that they really want the cuts? And these are supposed to be teachers?
      Those wacky brits…..

  55. I was wondering where “They fuck the students” was going to pop up? But all joking aside, this article holds many truths! I dated a teacher and several of those popped up during our two month escapade.

  56. I actually had the hots for some of my 20 something female teachers I wouldn’t mind getting raped by them as a teen.
    But if I had sex with them as an adult it’s not the same 😡

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  58. < col Hiiiiiii Friends….’my friend’s mom makes $88 every hour on the internet . She has been unemployed for eight months but last month her payment was $13904 just working on the internet for a few hours.
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  59. I briefly dated a teacher and she was a lot of fun, nice looking, pleasant demeanor and such. I didn’t date her long enough to note any particular character flaws other than she had a case of babies rabies and wanted to marry up. Given that she was pulling in about $70k a year and I was an unemployed lawyer, that was not going to happen as quickly as she wanted.
    Fast forward and I have been working as a private school teacher for a few years. I also new various friends of friends who were teachers. The ones who don’t work in the private sector before landing a public school job live in a financial la-la land because they don’t realize how vastly overcompensated they are.
    The other thing about many teachers is that they think they fucking know it all. The other lawyers I have talked to said they make terrible clients, with only doctors being worse in that respect.

  60. Another problem is that most teachers are stupid. I have several teachers in my family, and none of them understand anything they can’t find in their teacher’s editions. Even simple things are beyond their comprehension, no matter how much time I spend explaining them. But teachers think they’re supergeniuses because they have teaching degrees.

  61. ignorant fucker you have racism out here so you want the fucking the teachers to whitewashing white folks bullshit

      1. I speak retard, allow me to translate.
        OP Says: ignorant fucker you have racism out here so you want the fucking the teachers to whitewashing white folks bullshit
        To translate this into terms you will understand:
        Ill tempered and unknowledgeable person. You are the type of person who is racist and want the teachers in your schools to be racist because they will teach the students to be racist. In propagating this belief system you will systemically ignore and eventual erase from history the fact that white people have, over the course of generations, intentionally hurt black people’s chances for success thus accounting for all the problems with their society.
        Now for rational translation: I am a lazy fuck and want to blame someone other than myself for my lack of success. I would like hand outs from the government so I don’t have to work while I complain. Also, I would like the next 15 generations of your children to learn that this is something which only in a small part makes up for how bad you are so that it becomes institutionalized and I am never held to account for being a human.

        1. Thanks for the translation. I don’t read Libtard Ebonics. It was offered at my public high school but I opted for a different elective.

  62. “In theory, No Child Left Behind is a great idea, but in a country filled with social justice warriors, it just doesn’t work. ”
    It doesn’t work in any country, because blacks aren’t anywhere near as smart as whites.

  63. Sorry I got a little distracted, is ‘honor and daring’ supposed to sound like a ‘bold and determined’ knock off?

  64. Only teachers worth dating are the ones willing to homeschool the children they produce

  65. I dated a young middle school math teacher from northern VA. She gave amazing, amazing head but was just not a classy girl at the end of the day. And breathtakingly dumb. For sure #1, #3 and #5 applied. She’s apparently happily married now though so I guess something worked.

  66. They are slutty, emotionally-stunted, entitled, frumpy drunks because they are leftists. It all comes from that.

    1. hey! they aren’t all frumpy. Some are still hot. The rest is all true.

  67. As I read through the comments for this article it became clear that most people commenting either hate teachers in general or hate women in general. I’m a teacher and I think the very best thing would be for every person to take their children out of public schools and home school them. Then public schools would collapse and colleges of education would collapse and we could start over. As a teacher I’ve seen lots of things that don’t work in public education but the only way to start over is for the system to collapse. Of course, after the public school system collapses, lots of teachers will have to retrain for a new career, but hey, that’s the way it works in capitalism. That would be okay. I’d be fine with it. Also, parents will now start having to pay for daily day-care to fill the 7 – 9 hour daily gap that schools used to fill. Because right now, public schools function as government-funded day-care centers for parents who need to disengage from their offspring so they can get a little break every day. How much will filling that time gap cost parents? And if they home-school how much will they be spending on books and materials? Maybe it will be cheaper. The only way to find out is to try it. The sooner parents pull their children out of the school system, the sooner we will all know the answers to these questions.
    I think that since so many men have expressed hatred for women in the comments section here, men ought to think of ways to procreate without women. It will be easier for you and you will have fewer problems because then you can have sons to carry on your DNA and you won’t have to deal with the people you seem to hate the most–women. This, I would think, should be one, if not, the top project for male engineers to be working on. After you have accomplished this goal, you can then slaughter the women that live in the world. You will then eliminate at least half, if not more, than the current population thereby bringing the population down to a more reasonable number and closer to the planet’s carrying capacity. Perhaps many of the men who have expressed hatred toward women here in the comments section can finally be happy because the humans that fuel your hatred will finally be gone and not be bothering you.
    I think that since so many men hate women, women should just stop dating them or wanting to date them or even think about a life with them. Why would any woman want to spend her life with another human being that hates her simply because she is a women–a “condition” over which she had not control or choice. So many men seem to hate women so much I would think that the number of homosexuals would be much higher than it is. Maybe it is and that’s why so many men hate women so much: women get in the way of their homosexual desires.
    Of course, many men are going to say that the reason they hate women is because it’s a woman’s fault because of the way she behaves. In other words, many men hate women because women are not what the man wants them to be nor do what he wants her to do. I guess women don’t qualify for the basic human right to be who they are. Well, just another reason for a woman to not want to have anything to do with a man and to just stay away from men in general. I’m not sure why many men seem to think that misogyny is an effective tactic for attracting women.
    Several years ago, I observed that the most dangerous predator that has ever lived on Earth is the human male. Human males are attractive but they are dangerous. They are dangerous to women because so many, as evidenced by the comments on this blog, hate women and have no problem expressing their hate and have no problem expressing their belief that they are better than women, just because they are men, and that they are entitled to require women to behave the way they want because they are men and because they are physically larger and stronger and can overpower women.
    If I were a young girl reading these comments filled with hate toward women, I’d never want to have children and I’d be afraid of men. My goal in life would be to find the best way possible to be financially independent and just accept that wanting to have children is just too dangerous because too many men hate women.

    1. You’re turning against women numbnuts and that’s what the elites would like to see: divide and conquer each mind and group by pitting them against each other. Non-whites vs whites as well as other variety of race divisions, east vs west, north vs south. This helps break down unity and I’m not preaching some unitary/anarchist bs here pal, I’m talking about divisions at the most important level. If in the past it was the West vs the Soviet bear, now it’s creeping at the root of out human psyche with the Male vs Female division and if that succeeds then it would set a trend for depopulation becauseeeeeeeeeeee…..you know…….M+F=kids.

    2. Well, if nothing else I believe you are a teacher. Only a teacher could weave so many words into such an outstandingly shitty, useless and boring web of absolute bullshit.

  68. Great article, when i started online dating I was amazed how many teachers there were on the sites, so naturally I went out with a lot of them – each and every one had higher standards than a typical female doctor or lawyer, as well as various other mental issues. Now I simply refuse to date them, all of them are liberals too – which makes it even worse.

  69. Keep in mind that as she grows older each year, a batch of new, younger kids come in. Must suck to see renewed youth each year.

  70. Before my red pill days, I dated a teacher. She was the biggest cheating, alcoholic slut I’ve ever met in my life. She would have four or five strong crown and cokes before bed every night. When I called her on her drinking problem, she justified it by saying, “I’m so stressed! It’s the only way I can sleep.” She was really good at covering her tracks too, so even though my gut told me she was cheating, I couldn’t find any proof. It wasn’t until I met the male teacher (who came up in conversation far too often) that I knew for certain, even though she claimed they were only friends.
    She wasn’t the only one. All of her female colleagues were degenerate, alcoholic, carousel riding sluts as well. Same with all the female education majors I knew in college. All raging sluts.
    At least this experience led me to discover the red pill. But I do wish I hadn’t wasted so much time and emotional energy dating that cum bucket.

  71. What is going on in schools is a result of the removal of all masculinity in schools and society. Teachers are female or eunuchs. They are not allow to discipline or remove disruptive and violent students. As a result the female teachers are stress cases. They don’t teach they babysit punks that know they can get away with murder. These female teachers use drugs and sex as an escape.

  72. Teaching is just another form of welfare for the unemployable.
    My kid attends one of the top public schools in America. It is a joke. Her teachers are the most worthless and least knowledgeable clods I’ve ever met. Ignorant, ill mannered, dishonest, smug, thin skinned, and devoid of any real life experiences or skills. Teachers are people who’ve never left school; their bodies may not live in their parent’s basements, but their minds never left.
    Eliminating public schools would improve the world overnight. Uneducated people are merely ignorant, but our educated people are worse than ignorant, they’re wrong about nearly everything.

    1. “Teaching is just another form of welfare for the unemployable.”
      Yes indeed. They are also coveted jobs in most rural/ suburb areas, not inner city schools, as it is a guaranteed paycheck with great benefits and little actual work.
      I have a relative who left the private sector and became a teacher– she confirmed the teachers today are the stupidest people she ever met. Mostly young women who are all entitled leftists with no real world experience to speak of. Their whole lives have been spent inside “education” institutions and they have no grasp how the world works.

    2. “their bodies may not live in their parent’s basements, but their minds never left.”
      This is pure gold, you sir, are a poet.

    3. Sir, this is a spectacular comment head to toe. Well done.

  73. Back when I was in school in the 80’s, all my teachers (male and female) dressed up every day. They all looked like business professionals. The only ones that didn’t were the physical education teachers, which is understandable. This was a public school.
    Today at my son’s school, they are mostly fat slob, post wall women that just wear casual clothing. My son’s teacher wore a T shirt and jeans at the parent-teacher conference. Pathetic examples they are.
    To give credit, the principal does dress well, but with his sleeves unbuttoned and rolled up.

    1. Same here. An old friend from high school is a teacher who dresses very poorly and constantly bitches about her job. I stopped chatting with her years ago.

  74. Former teacher dater here : About 2 years ago I was telling the story of how I got to ROK via an shockingly relation with a girl because she was basically a whore disguised as a slut working as an elementary teacher. Sex was worthy of story telling on friday nights, but other than sex, nothing. She checks all of the above points with brio.
    I coaxed her into confessing to me some of the dirtiest shit a girl could do> Result = group sex for 3 days straight with drugs involded.
    If she checks the slut box, she’s probably a whore in disguise.
    Personal thoughts : this constant process to slutify our women is taking a huge toll on our society and works like a good engine. It slutifies the women, it betatizez the men and it destroys the children’s minds, but it doesn’t stop there. The slutified woman who sucked over 50 dicks has already crossed the Rubicon. There’s nothing to share with such a person because she does not see things the same way you and I see them. She is a literally a nutjob walking the earth and God help us – teaching our children or worse.
    The sluts who continue to be sluts are breaking the threshold. There is no turning back from that. They become volunteers for suicide or cat hoarder and eventually suicide.
    Read the above comment until it stings your eyes because it is true.
    P.S. 2
    Trying to make a slut acknowledge her ways is like convincing a heavy smoker to stop smoking. The longer the period of doing the activity – the more impossible it becomes for the person to even understand what’s going on.

    1. Avoid those chicks like lepers. They end up middle aged bar flys (aka. cougars) who eventually are found a month after their dead by neighbors due to the stench emitting from her flat.

      1. Ha, I don’t know if you are specifically referencing something that happened like 6 months ago or if you just made such an astute comment that it happens that I just read about exactly that happening about 6 months ago.

    2. Wholeheartedly agree with the last paragraph! Once she’s gone down the slut path, there’s no shame for her any more. It’s her new normal.

      1. It’s the ,,normal” we live in today. It’s the narrative…and who controls the narrative ?

        1. Clearly the elites who fund the feminazi scourge! Feminists have been mocked for years, and now they’re to be feared? Even more so, in the past the feminists were feminine and slim but nowadays they’re fat and gross and have herpes! This goes to show that someone of power is behind the whole feminist shitstorm!
          As the for the new normal I think it’s a mix of personal choice and societal pressure.

        2. Agreed but let’s take a closer look at societal pressure (A) and personal choice (B). Does not societal pressure influence one’s personal choice ? Does not accusing one person of being X-label ( antisemite, homofobe, racist, misogynist, woman-hater, holocaust denier) do these labels not represent societal pressure themselves ? Well I believe that the elites are pressuring society in order to dictate ( not influence ) society’s personal choice. In there lies the Kafka-esque genius of the j000z.

        3. Some Jews, yes, the jew family shitting their pants because Hamas is firing Katiushas by the hundreds, no! Also you cannot take out of the equation the billionaires around the world who are doing the same thing as those jooooz.

      2. It works out really well for me….I mean, it is totally destroying western civilization, but not fast enough for it to have enough of a negative impact on me to make me care.
        That said, I am sure that for as much good as it does me it does 10 times more bad for others.
        Whew. Good think I am a self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic cunt.

        1. I nearly thought you were a CUNT for a hot minute…………OH WAIT YOU CUUUUUUUNT! Do you really want teachers to have sex before marriage, huh? Do you really want to jizz on the face of those who prep the next generation? Do you sumbag??
          Becasue you make me sick, like that teacher lady who deepthoated my dick whole!

      3. I do know sluts who, once they grew up and escaped their shitty abusive families, have married and made working families. How about them apples ? You’re right, we need to condemn what needs condemning but we also need to separate the good from evil, as in today’s world the two appear to be the one and the same.

    3. Smoking analogy is excellent though I think that since society is firmly anti smoking (one of the few things that it is doing right imo) to the level of ads aimed at “lets be the generation who ends smoking” while society is absolutely pro filthy disgusting whore getting the heavy life long smoker to stop smoking will be easier.
      I think you would be hard pressed to find an old smoker who, upon hearing that a teenager is thinking about starting smoking, wouldn’t vehemently try to talk him out of it. Conversely, multi decade carousel riding whores will tell young girls in the prime of their beauty to go out and try as much cock as possible, encourage it, give tips on how to do it…hell, depending on relationship, join in.
      So while your comment is 100% on point and, I believe, the heart and soul of your cigarette analogy is dead on correct….I think you actually don’t go far enough. Maybe a better analogy would be the old pot smoker….as pot smoking, again imo, is the absolute most dangerous drug and is constantly being reinforced as not just something that should be tried by everyone, but something that should be used by everyone all the time.

      1. I only related to the smoking so folks can get a glimpse of the dangers of allowing sluts to lobby their ways. I personally have nothing against smoking, I quit after 5 years and it wasn’t easy – that’s the only comparison I could make.

        1. I see. Yes, I totally see where the smoking analogy comes from and agree. My point is that Smokers, even life long smokers, those old guys who smoker for 60 years, will give a kid a good swat in the head if he tries to start smoking.
          For this reason, while the analogy is correct in essence, in our society it isn’t. There are a million angles in which our society is telling you not to smoke (not so when I was younger).
          However, with being a filthy cum bucket of a whore, quite the opposite is true. Everything that kids see on social media, television, movies, music videos, etc is geared towards saying “yes, being a whore is not just ok it is what you should be….guuurl power….take as many cocks as possible”
          Heroin would also be a good analogy though, I think, too weak again. Because no where in society are people being pushed that heroin is good for you and old junkies always try to talk people out of doing heroin “don’t go down this road”
          I think pot is the best analogy oddly enough…because not only is it bad for you, but it has become engrained in popular culture, even medical culture, that it is not only not bad for you but actually good for you.

        1. Nope, not hyperbole at all. I consider marijuana to be, of all the illegal drugs, the most dangerous one.

        2. Yes, by all drugs, I mean that I think marijuana is far more dangerous than meth, cocaine, heroin or anything else.

        3. Wow….ok…I think heroin, crack, meth, nicotine, and alcohol would disagree, especially considering the effects of their addictions are so much worse and their addictive properties are more intense than marijuana’s.
          The reason, I think marijuana is bad is in its perceived docility. It is perceived as harmless and cool, and so makes it easier to slip into daily use, etc. But to say that the actual drug and its addictive qualities are “the worst”, just seems hyperbolic in comparison to impact the other drugs have on its users….buuuuuttt yeah, teachers are basket cases. (Just to stay on topic ha-ha)

        4. The problem I have with pot is that it is the only drug that so warps the mind of the user that the user no longer understands that it is dangerous. Even someone totally tweeked out on meth or selling their asshole for a heroin or crack fix still knows that what they are doing is bad for them — they do it anyway, despite its huge risk, but they know it is bad for them….somehow the pot head not only has lost his ability to understand that getting high is not good for him, but they will fight to the death, literally argue for hours, that it is actually healthy that people ought to do it.
          Whatever pot is doing to the brain is of a different and far more dangerous character imo. It’s not as physically addictive, no. It also isn’t as toxic as some, ok. But the danger is in that it destroys whatever part of the brain controls reason.

        5. I see what you are saying….it kinda goes with what I was saying about its “perceived mildness” and therefore ya don’t have the clearly defined “this is fucking up my
          life” intensity of other drugs that make the consequences easier to see.

        6. right. I am sure that in a controlled environment the pot head would last longer than a meth head. That shit is poison. However, find me any random pot smoking hippie dude and some totally fucked to death meth head and put them in a room. I will bet all the money in my pocket versus all the money in your pocket that the pot guy says he is glad he has been high for the last 3 decades and the meth head tells you he wishes he could reset the clock and never start.
          I think it is more than something perceived. The pot has done something to the pot heads brain that the meth, poison though it is, hasn’t even accomplished.
          For this reason I suggest that pot is the most dangerous of the drugs.

        7. Interesting point…I’ve noticed that in some potheads. I think where I differ is that I put pot in the same category as alcohol in that both can be socially used without the the slippery slope of always falling into addiction. But then again we were talking about the addiction aspect not social use.

        8. but the fact that you think that comes from where? From a medical community, a social community, an academic community all who are pot smokers or former pot smokers and all who are telling you that it is in the same category as alcohol to be socially used…..think how fucked up that is….

        9. No…I come by my opinion from working for five years in a drug rehab. And then the last 15 in legal. Given that the components of marijuana addiction aren’t as intense as those of other drugs and the fact that (like alcohol) occasional use doesn’t lend itself to addiction as easily as other drugs.
          I wasn’t implying g that it SHOULD be used socially, just saying that occasional use isn’t inherently as harmful as other drugs.

        10. I totally understand what you are saying, but remember a lot of people in the legal system and even more so in the medical community are recreational or even heavy pot smokers and it has been like this for decades. The wisdom on marijuana in both the medical and legal community is created and passed on by people who smoke pot.
          If the legal community, both cops and lawyers, were all heroin addicts we might have a very different view of heroin.

        11. I see what you are saying. There is definitely a pro-pot bias nowadays, but I think a lot if it is a reaction to “pot is evil” that has been preached forever. It kinda goes with why the DARE program fails so miserably. When a kid is told “this shit is really bad, stay away, it will ruin your life!” and then nothing bad happens the first few times of use, it opens up the door for addiction.
          Add to that the milder tone of marijuana addiction and ya get a lot of “See! It’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be!”
          I see what youre saying.

        12. Over the years I have dealings with a number of heavy pot users. Two who were former employees the rest were co-workers or some other people that I had almost daily contact with. They all had the following in common in various degrees (when not ‘high’):
          * Lack of motivation, with a seemingly permanent mental lethargy broken by periods of emotional instability (see below)
          * A serious loss of the most basic deductive reasoning skills you expect in an adult. I swear some of them had been reduced mentally to young children when it came to problem solving skills.
          * Emotionally unstable: Wicked mood swings that were massive over-reaction to rather mundane situations. In the most severe cases, the person descended into psychosis (one was a person in his 60s who had been a heavy user since his teens).
          * Short term memory issues which often would remind me of a person with mild dementia.
          I will admit the drug war has been a failure and I really don’t want a police state to enforce drug laws. However, I find the idea disturbing making heavy pot use ‘socially acceptable’, which is what I fear legalization will lead to. From my experience, pot isn’t as harmless as its advocates make it out to be.

        13. You and I are in total agreement in both experiences and belief.

        14. I believe that marijuana addiction can be the most insidious of all the drug addictions for various reasons, but one thing that really differs is the crazy things heroine addicts are willing to do to get a fix. Whereas potheads have difficulty quitting since they can function stoned all the time, although at a slightly slower speed. Since they can be stoned all the time, hold a job a Walmart, and don’t need to have sex with strangers to pay for weed, it’s impossible for them to quit. They never hit rock bottom.
          Potheads have a habit of droning on about how the drug is good for you, I always have to explain to them that smoking anything is bad for you. There are safer ways to consume marijuana just as there are safer ways to consume nicotine. It’s a pointless argument and there probably is medical benefits to marijuana use just as all drugs have medical benefits.
          I am starting to wonder what is the ulterior motive to the legalization of marijuana movement in the US and why is George Soros funding it. Does he want us all to be stoned for a reason?

        15. Any businessman would be a fool if he didn’t want his customers stoned all the time

        16. I think you’re right. The problem with long-term (4+ years) pot use is that it destroys short-term memory. I know this through anecdotal experience with several people who have done precisely this. They are so absent-minded that it is irritating to do anything with these people. It got to the point where I no longer deal with these people because I can’t stand their absent-mindedness.

  75. What is it with teachers and poor dress sense? The other points I can understand. But why should teachers necessarily be crappy dressers? And yet they all are.

    1. They do what they can get away with, which is just short of murder. Expectations are low, and there is little incentive to look professional.
      Still, things weren’t THAT bad when I was in high school-nobody wore shorts or sandals…SMH.

  76. Here’s what I’ve learned from coming from a family of teachers. First, you can’t blame No Child Left Behind for teachers being unhappy. They were unhappy long before George W. Bush became president. Second, teachers are bitches. I was a good kid, and my mother bitched at me all the time. Even when I did exactly what she wanted me to do, she bitched about it. There’s no accountability in our schools, and the worst people will always gravitate towards careers that don’t have accountability. Third, teachers these days are stupid. If something isn’t in their teacher’s editions, they can’t understand it, no matter how much you dumb it down for them. Fourth, our society puts teachers on a pedestal, but teachers put themselves on a pedestal even more. They think they’re smarter, wiser, more moral, etc than everyone else. They wish our society respected teachers more, but they don’t respect others.

  77. School today is an unaccountable industry. Big big money in district budgets. Go now, find out what yours charges you to mis-educate them. You will be shocked.

    1. Bothers me even more…with no children or no desire to have children I am still kicking in for a school system that I despise which is turning out young “adults” taught to think I am the devil.

      1. Paying for our own demise & destruction. Lenin’s comment on capitalists selling communists the rope commies would hang them with comes to mind.

  78. Talking about teachers, a great politically incorrect comedy from New Zealand, including slutty teachers:

  79. I find all of this true with the exception of style…that is a hit or miss and I think depends more on the person than the profession….at least in my experience, ymmv
    That said, for those of us who vomit at the thought of children and that kind of life and would conflate “dating” with “turning out some horny thot I just met an hour ago and whose name I already forgot so I will just put her in my phone as “Girl Who Swears She Has Never Had a One Night Stand lololololol” would you suggest teaching as a fertile hunting ground…I would assume yes because the reasons you give not to date (by which I assume you mean pair bond) with them are the very things I would look for in a woman after physical attractiveness.
    Also, as a former higher education douche cunt (aka professor) I would say that these attributes are multiplied two fold in PhD students and 5 fold in other professors….probably why the new crop of 18-21 year old girls that shows up twice a year is so much fun.

  80. My last wingman in USAF basic training happened to be a classmate of Vili Fualaau, whom you may know better as Mary Kay Letourneau’s boy toy. He didn’t go much into detail, but he told us the relationship between those two was pretty out there while not being blatantly in the open. They could tell how in school she gave him special attention, which of it was flipped around, would have been referred to a “grooming”. He also told us of the massive flip out that ensued.
    And of course, there are links online to how many teachers get caught sleeping with students.

  81. Jay Leno had the best joke about the 16-yearold who slept with those two women. “Did you hear that his father passed away? After an excessive amount of high fives”.

  82. Guy in the orange shirt is dressed the same as the women next to him. No suit, no tie, no projection of power. Casual wear in the workplace was another feminist victory.

  83. Agreed. Stay away from teachers and public sector employees in general. Always something “off” about them. Goes double for female police officers, customs agents and TSA employees.
    Number 5 is spot on-rarely met a teacher I considered fashionable.

  84. I’d like to add a special case to the list. For teachers of elementary school in particular, they are always carrying home every communicable respiratory and sinus disease in circulation. If you enjoy getting a head cold every month and three different strains of flu every year, date an elementary school teacher.

  85. OK, I’m gonna throw a grenade and run here, but stop and really think for a minute, don’t just mindlessly spout back the “adults who have sex with “children” (nevermind said “child” may be legally considered responsible enough to operate a motor vehicle on the public streets) are the most evilist scum of the Earth!” line we’ve all been taught to believe. Really think about how having sex with an older woman affects a teenage boy. And compare it to the expected possible “side effects” of the reverse situation. Males and females are different, after all, especially in how sex affects them.
    Is having sex going to be physically painful for the boy? Heck no, not even if it’s his first time, in fact it’ll probably be one of the most physically pleasurable experiences he’s had up to that point in his life. Will he “lose his reputation” and spend the rest of his life marked as a slut (in his own mind if nobody else’s)? No, he’ll have everyone cheering him on as the school Stud. Can he be pushed into doing something he doesn’t really want to do? I’ll say maybe to this one, I don’t think there’s ever existed a normal healthy teenage boy who wasn’t dying to have sex, physically anyway, though I can certainly understand moral misgivings.
    With girls this isn’t always the case, a lot of girls don’t really have much of a physical sex drive as teens, or even as adults, though they may still have sex for other reasons. And the size/strength discrepancies between teen girls and adult men, plus the reputation (earned or not) males have for being violent to get what they want (especially sex) add an extra layer of fear of saying “no” for a girl, even if the male teacher makes no threats. Of course, if a teacher (of any age or sex) says something like “Sleep with me or I’ll fail you” to a student (of any age or sex), this is immoral, unprofessional and just plain wrong.
    And there is a certain amount of physical risk in having sex for anyone, what with all the nasty diseases going around, but this is less for boys than for girls, who also are at risk of the potentially body- and life-ruining experience of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.
    And lest you think this is all just the rationalization of an adult woman who is attracted to teen boys (full disclosure, I am, but that doesn’t make my points any less valid), I don’t necessarily think sex between adult men and teen girls is always bad, either. There is nothing against any kind of child/adult sex in the Bible, and teenagers have been freely having sex (with or without marriage) with each other and adults all over the world since the beginning of time. It’s only Western cultures in the past century or so that have had a phobia about it. Can older people (especially those in positions of authority, like teachers) take advantage of young people and coerce them into doing things a more mature them wouldn’t do? Certainly. Is ALL sex between someone over 18 (or any other arbitrary number) and someone under it coercive? I think not.

    1. False. Bad hamstering as well. You are trying to rationalize away that the female is in a position of authority over teenage students and abuses her position and them.

      1. Ephebophile, actually, and since I am attracted to adults also, technically not even that, as it is defined as “Ephebophilia is the PRIMARY OR EXCLUSIVE [emphasis mine] adult sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19.” “Ephebophilia strictly denotes the preference for mid-to-late adolescent sexual partners, not the mere presence of some level of sexual attraction.” Thus saith Wikipedia.

  86. I love all the teachers who post martyr messages on social media about “how dedicated an unappreciated” their job is. I taught High school for two years. Its an EASY job with VERY LOW requirements in college. I got a 2.9 GPA in college and took only one math class. I was 23 and my 18 yr old students were frighteningly close to my age, many hit on me or referred me to their slightly older siblings.

    1. I’m glad you brought that up, actually teaching has great benefits weekends off, holidays off, school breaks, and summers off. Some teachers depending on the district make good money. They also get generous pensions, considering that outside of the public sector no one gets pensions anymore.It makes me mad to hear teachers complaining about the thankless profession when their job has so many good benefits that most jobs do not. I would teach if I could but standing in front of a class all day doesn’t suit me.

  87. I had a teacher in Highschool (only 4 years ago) who would have literal breakdowns in class, she would cry and wail in the back of the class when kids didn’t understand concepts and asked too many questions. Like something you would see out of a movie; you would ask a question and she would start to cry and run from the room. The whole school hated her because she couldn’t teach worth shit and eventually we just started asking a bunch of questions so she would break down and then we taught ourselves (not a joke).
    My point is that teaching is the probably the ONLY profession where you can come to work everyday and NOT do your job and risk no negative consequences. In turn the types of people who become teachers are almost all losers, who can’t do anything else with their life. I’m in college now and I automatically disassociate with the pre-MAE people. No sense in wasting your time around losers.

  88. I can confirm that teachers are heavy drinkers lol. Levity aside, most public teachers are leftists and they cannot help but to try to indoctrinate children to be little SJWs. It’s a serious issue that needs to be addressed someday.

  89. I couldn’t agree with you more ,as a survivor of the public schools I have no love for public school teacher and would never date one either.

  90. #7::: power issues,,, they can’t stand to be questioned. They are so use to being in control all day “molding minds” that it creates a superiority complex. Not to mention they can tend to speak to you as if you are one of their pupils rather than a partner.

  91. The old guard has long retired, or in the last throes of finishing up their career. By far the biggest defectives, sluts, whores and cum guzzlers are women teachers. All pretended to be “good girls”coming from strong families.. but in fact these whore bags had more STD’s and a rotation of men than most prostitutes I knew. All were married at least 2-3 times.. All the shakeups and firings were the result of permissive behavior in the district. In our county, the male principal was banging the 25 year old, the middle age 3 time married mom of 3 was fucking the gym teacher and 5 other guys, The other 3rd grade teacher was doing the dean. The only thing worse is the local police department. Cheating on their wives and husbands like a rolling bordello. All eventually get caught and most all get fired.

  92. “Of course, not all teachers are slutty, progressive, emotionally stunted, frumpy drunks. But enough of them are that you should be careful if you choose to date one”
    Fuckin A’…. hell one should be careful about putting your child in a school in the USA. I’m waiting for the case where some screwed up cum-bucket of a female teacher has sex with one of her underage male students and HE ends up being thrown in jail.

  93. I am an elementary school dude teacher. Women wear jeans full of holes most days. Like all the dudes in the school, I wear tie at least 3 days a week.. A dude in an elementary school had better look respectable as he is under suspicion simply for working with small kids.
    Friday is jeans pass day. If you are a dude, you had better follow that rule. Female teachers ignore it, wear what they want every day.

  94. I got fired Inauguration Day, 2009. Didn’t show appropriate reverence for Dear Leader. My bad for thinking 6 year olds shouldn’t suffer through political indoctrination.

  95. Teaching: a gig where you get summers, weekends, and every holiday off. You’re never wrong, in fact, if you tell the class the earth is flat, the police will remove anyone who says otherwise. And your feminist/progressive/Marxist/total BS outlook will receive govt-level validation and probably get you promoted.

      1. All women actually want me, when they go with anyone else they are just giving up

  96. Female here. I agree with this post. Teaching was the ideal profession for a woman, say, 50+ years ago, but today things are different. A lot of good women actually go into areas like business and law these days; traditionally, women in those fields were ultra career-driven, but that’s no longer the case. Today, it’s what normal women do. Also, lots of women who have careers in their twenties still plan on being stay-at-home moms once they settle down. Anyway, back to teachers…
    These are the negative traits I’ve noticed are common among teachers:
    (1) They want a ring on their finger ASAP – by the time they graduate college, ideally.
    (2) They’re big party girls – love to drink and sleep around.
    (3) They aren’t very ambitious.
    (4) They aren’t that picky when it comes to men. They will date whoever they think will propose within the next couple years.
    That’s about all I can think of off the top of my head. I don’t know why teachers possess the qualities I listed above, but they do. As a 25 year old woman who knows teachers and whose guy friends have dated teachers, I can tell you the girls all tend to possess these qualities.
    However, I do think teachers can make good girlfriends/wives in the sense that they will take care of you, cook, and treat you like a god. Guy friends have told me that these girls are clingy and that they bring up marriage a lot. If you like that in a girl, dating a teacher very well could be for you.

    1. Umm not trying to disparage you here but this makes no sense. You agree with teachers being shitty people including very prone to cheat, and then go on to say they are clingy but if a guy likes that go??
      So you are promoting dating a group of women who are likely to cheat and cuck guys?
      I think you need to think about this a bit more, men believe it or not do listen to women, more than I think they should.

      1. I didn’t say they’re prone to cheating.
        I said they like to party (drink and sleep around), but that doesn’t mean they cheat when they’re in a relationship. They act slutty when they’re single, largely because they think that’s how they can get a husband (backward logic, I know).
        About the clingy-ness thing – I was kind of being sarcastic when I said if you like that go for a teacher, but at the same time, I’m sure lots of guys would like the attention a clingy girl gives them. So, if the idea of a clingy girl doesn’t scare you off, date a teacher.

        1. Mm just so we don’t misunderstand eachother I almost married a shithead art teacher…
          In the end I refused her bullshit and this resulted in her using me to the max and then telling me bye bye.
          But I can tell you for sure they are prone to cheating, every slutty girl is. Any guy who falls for this kind of woman is stupid and still needs to learn about women in general.
          Guys need to get that a woman who has had more than about one prior sexual partner is not wife material. Simple as that, sleeping with her? Sure, wifing her up? HEELLLL NO

        2. As far as sluts being prone to cheating…I never really thought about it before, but I guess it makes sense. What drives girls to act slutty is the desire for male attention (insecurity, deep down); that doesn’t really go away when girls get married. Similarly, I know that when girls cheat, it’s usually to get attention from men (they require more than their husband can provide). So, you are probably right when you say slutty girls are the same girls who will cheat down the road – the motivation of girls who are slutty and girls who cheat is the same.
          It makes me happy that the guys on this site say girls who have had a lot of previous partners aren’t wife material. I always thought something was wrong with me that I didn’t desire to have sex with random guys like my friends did; now, after reading the things you guys say, I’m happy that I was never promiscuous. 🙂
          Hint: More guys should vocalize the fact that they don’t like sluts. Believe it or not, that’s not the message women are getting these days.

        3. I’m impressed, and I agree. Men do need to be more vocal about what they reward and require in a wife.
          There is so much of this “marriage is old fashioned” going on now it is terrible.
          I think what many girls don’t understand is that if they keep themselves well and develop their feminine skills a guy will show up in their life, and he will be wanting to have dinner with her folks and want to make a good impression and later if allowed he will put a ring on her finger and promise to take care of her for as long as he lives.
          Edit to add that sex is automatically going to work human to human lol, and it’s not nearly as important in a marriage as some people think.

        4. Oh and to make it clear Sluts Are Not Wife Material!!
          I really wish men would stop encouraging the slut culture, it gets ridiculous at times even.. And girls get very angry when a man says no thanks.
          I am not joking when I say a woman has had to be removed by security and insta-fired because of this kind of thing… She got very upset when I was not interested in naked wrestling with her.

        5. I agree with so much of this, Noth. My goal right now is to keep myself looking good and develop my feminine skills (cooking, cleaning, caring for things, being intellectual) so that I can be a good wife some day. I also keep myself from being promiscuous.
          I also agree that sex is not nearly as important as people make it out to be. Is sexual chemistry really that hard to achieve? The answer is no, especially not if you love the person. Chances are, if a guy thinks a girl is bad in bed, it’s because she deep down isn’t comfortable (because you’re having sex too soon). If you’re both comfortable, it will work. I hate it when guys talk about how they need to know how a girl is in bed before they marry her. It’s so silly. I don’t even know how to address the stupidity of those sorts of comments.

        6. Tell them it takes a special kind of small dick mentally to not have the balls to marry a girl you didn’t get to “try” before.
          I’m married, do you think I got to “try” my wife on before? No that’s not how getting married works.
          And I think you will do well, just be strong and remember that all the “fun” the people around you promote are things they have to “pay” for later.
          According to my wife you will know when the right guy for you comes along, because you will not be able to resist it I think. Not sure exactly as this is what my wife says not me.

        7. The message I’m getting is drop your panties by the third date or he’ll find someone who will.

  97. Based upon my anecdotal evidence, 80% of teachers nowadays are fat ugly women.
    “The stories were all very similar. A female teacher gets married, but then cheats on her husband with a male teacher. She ends up marrying the man she cheated with, only to later cheat on him with yet another teacher.
    I think the reason for the widespread cheating is that there are a lot fewer men in education than there are women, especially in the lower grades. In education, even a low-ranking beta male can be considered the “alpha” simply because he has no rivals.”
    I’d say that’s unlikely, unless the teacher’s husband is even lower-ranking than the prospective male teacher (who’s disproportionately more likely nowadays to be interested in children or young men rather than women anyway).
    The risk lies in the teacher banging her male students a la Mary Kay Letourneau. (I thought that’s what you’d be going for in your section on their sluttiness.) Sure, some do get caught and end up in the local or national news, but I’m pretty sure most do get away with it.
    The American teaching profession has gone right into the gutter, and its demographics is only one factor.

  98. Ah, yet another perfect to how Return of Kings fails to provide any solid evidence for its claims. My mom is a teacher. I have many relatives who are teachers. I am on good terms with my teachers. I know a lot of teachers and I know a bit about their personal lives. Not once have I met a single teacher (male or female) who has ever formed relationships with teachers at their own schools. I’ve had a few teachers and know of teachers who are married to other teachers, however, they have never worked in the same school district. Your claim that women are sex-bots drawn to pleasing men and stirring up drama is completely false. Also, I’ve had teachers with great fashion sense that don’t wear cringe-worthy khakis on a daily basis. I honestly don’t know what schools you are basing your arguments off of, but the information contrasts entirely my observations.

    1. “I honestly don’t know what schools you are basing your arguments off of, but the information contrasts entirely my observations.”
      Despite everyone else experiences, including teachers posting here, your right and everyone else is wrong? Your mom must of raised you.
      That is just the tip. I know enough teachers to know that most are personal wrecks and bottom feeders. With home schooling on the rise, you can draw your own conclusions.

    2. The fact you report, in other posts on this website, to have been depressed and suicidal, as a teenager and therefore under your mother’s care, points rather strongly in the direction that she has passed on her emotional issues, and possibly substance abuse, to you, either by virtue of her genes or her failure at your upbringing.

      1. Don’t you dare insult my mother like that. What the fuck is wrong with you. My mother is the kindest most loving person in the world. She is happy and optimistic all the time and she loves life. She has never abused me and she doesn’t even drink alcohol. So fuck you. Why the fuck do you make assumptions about people and there lives when it isn’t your place to do so? You did that to me before. You don’t know anything about me and obviously don’t understand anything about mental illness because it IS NOT only brought on because of child and parent relationships. It can be brought on by anything. Don’t you ever fucking try to talk to me again because you disgust me beyond belief.

        1. Calm down, dear. No need to get upset. It’s a statistical fact that the shittier your parenting was, the higher your chances of being depressed:
          It’s understandable you don’t think your parents are responsible. You’re not out of your teens yet. Don’t worry. Time and perspective will reveal to you exactly how your parents contributed to your mental conditions and your malformed ideas of your own sexuality (are you still an asexual, or have we moved on to pansexuality as flavour of the month, dear?)

      2. Also, I know a family who has an abusive and alcoholic mother but none of her children struggle with depression or any mental illness. There is not always a correlation between parent/child relations and there mental state (yes if a parent is abusive than their child is more likely to have issues). Also, the reason that you chose to target my mom and not both of my parents equally is disgusting. I know a lot kids who have abusive fathers and one of them attempted suicide because of it. Both parents can be abusive and the fact that you wanted to bring my mother into this shows that you’re good at nothing except for making personal attacks and making assumptions based on your hatreds. So goodbye to you and everyone else on this website, because for my sake I’m leaving. I know you all love to see my comments though because your the type of attention seeking brats who love to stir up conflict.

        1. You said you were off permanently when I took issue with your silliness some months back, and yet here you are again. Are you actually going to leave for real this time, or will you be back with 3,000-word posts again a few weeks down the track when your attraction for the men on this site builds up again?
          But while we’re at it: would you like to confirm that your father was abusive, since that’s the implication you’re leaving with all these rants of yours?

  99. I met a girl at my friend’s wedding last year. 30-ish, bubbly attitude, overweight from years living the wine-socialite lifestyle. Was currently working for some food/beverage startup, dreamed of opening her own restaurant. And if that didn’t work out…wait for it…go back to school get her Master’s and be a teacher!
    I thought to myself, “So once you fail in life that’s when you deserve access to other people’s children? Great, fill their minds with all the stupid ideas that got you where you are.”
    I think back on the great teachers I had in the 80s and 90s, who did not dress down and act like my best buddy, and lament yet another mile marker on this road to collapse.

  100. Teachers go to elementary school, then high school, then college. (Is a college degree necessary to teach elementary school?) Then they go back to teach usually without actually holding any real private sector job.
    They never grow up. They are in school their entire lives. Is it any wonder that high school teachers see high school students as peers and have sex with them?

  101. Pretty much. If you like pary girls, get a teacher. Two things that come to mind from the article. First, the upper, upper class usually puts their daughters into teaching jobs. Like at the “gifted academies” and high-brow schools like those. It’s like in Medieval times when monarchs put their daughters in monasteries before they gave them in strategic marriages. A lot of Indiana’s wealthy family girls are expected to become school teachers untill they get into a economically advantageous marriage. Also, about the child-molestation thing: It still blows me away how child abuse in the schools is only addresses when a male, student or teacher, is involved. But the status quo still ignores the wide spread practice of lesbian teachers grooming and sexing up girl students. That’s gone on for generations and NOBODY touches the subject. About 25 years ago a case came to light, and it revealed a huge coalition of lesbians in the midwest that openly recruited girls as young as 12, and involved the wives of politicians and the well-to-do. Then it got hushed up really fast.

  102. Do not date or have sex with women from work, school, gym and any other place where you need to concentrate, take seriously and you frequent often
    They will continue to evaluate and judge you all the while trying to make you do work for them and messing up your schedule
    date women from places you go to once or twice, a place where you’re new and more relaxed

  103. Teachers are geeks. To want to be a teacher you would have to be a dork to want to waste your life on such an unrewarding and humble profession.
    Rules of engagement:
    1. Don’t be a teacher if you hate kids.
    2. Don’t be a teacher if you love kids. Why so I say that? Because you will eventually learn that these adolescent denizens of terror will disappoint your innocent image of them.

  104. I think the word ‘progressives’ could be coined as incorrect nowadays, as the so called progressives themselves are more regressive if anything at all. Their backward groupthink, and brainwash tactics have no place in a developing world that ought to be bettering itself.

  105. This tends to be true most of the time. I am a special needs student, now in college to become a teacher. (I might be laughed at for saying that). I know so many women in the teaching program who just do not care about teaching and it’s sickening. I struggled a lot in school so i understand how important getting a proper education is and how bad teachers really hurt the education system. I am trying my best here, because I’m very passionate about teaching. I’m not sure how successful i will be in college, but i want to make a difference. it is disappointing to say, but it seems like most teachers care about themselves instead of doing their job.
    Growing up, I had a teacher who would hand out packets and just sit behind her desk and drink her coffee or something… And she would get upset when students asked too many questions. I had to ask a lot of questions in class because I was just trying to understand the course material. School was more difficult for me than the other students in my class, and she actually had the nerve to call me stupid and get mad at me for not understanding things. She wanted to become a teacher, yet when the time came to actually TEACH her students, she wouldn’t.

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