Man Outcompetes Beta Male To Fulfill His Destiny

Here’s an email I received recently:

I was at a small wedding at a Bed & Breakfast, there was only 1 single girl at the entire wedding and she was extremely attractive, I got in late the night before and she had already made the acquaintance of the only other single guy, he was no slouch in the art of conversation and wasn’t bad looking, had a good job etc., I picked up on him as a possible obstacle so I befriended him and the next day I offered him a ride to the ceremony during which she sat next to him and playfully slapped him on the leg with the program, they talked quite a bit, etc.

When the reception started they continued to talk and were always standing next to each other. The prior evening I had assertively introduced myself to the girl and dropped some cool stories during group conversations. So the approach had already been made, just had to worry about the middle game. For a while I thought she maybe had already chosen him, then I noticed he was crowding her terribly, always next to her, if she walked away he would stay put and wait for her to come back, if she had her back to him he would stand behind her waiting for another opportunity to engage her in conversation. At least once I saw her hand him her drink to hold while she walked away.

I quickly realized that she hadn’t chosen him at all, rather she was using him as a home base during the reception, he was making himself way too available to her. I am no slouch in notches but certainly not on your level so I recalled the tips I read in bang and would occasionally approach her throughout the reception, using my own material but practicing your theory on making her qualify herself.

After each interaction I would go work the room some more, introduce myself to people I hadn’t met, teaching the kids how to two step, taking lots of photos, drawing attention to myself but not in a douchey way. All of that worked and after a while she walked up out of no where and snapped a picture of me by myself. I took this as a sign of interest so my next move a half hour later, I noticed the Beta guy had left so I moved in, people were playing with those glow in the dark sticks that you can put connectors on to make them into bracelets and necklaces. I already had them on my wrists and I saw she had a bag of them so I went up and asked her to make me one that I could hang around my tie. She did not hesitate and started making one for me and then attached it to my tie while standing close to me. This was all I needed to proceed.

The party moved into the master suite of the B&B and that’s when the real dancing started, I got a dance in with her but didn’t crowd her, one dance and then I walked outside to hang with a group of people, she followed a few minutes later. My friends had picked up on my plan so one of them helpfully wanted to take a picture of me and the girl, so that was the the first holding of the waist. Shortly after I closed the bang in her room.

Anyways, I had your tips in mind the entire time, building up mystery, making her qualify herself, don’t be a coat rack, etc. you’re a great writer. This girl is actually pretty amazing and I’m hoping to date her, don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re misogynistic, if you’re insight can be used to help dudes make a connection with a girl they like and want to be with then you’ve made a great contribution to the human race. Thanks Roosh!

Good job, reader!

6 thoughts on “Man Outcompetes Beta Male To Fulfill His Destiny”

    1. They’d probably say something along the line of “That pig manipulated that lady out of her precious twat!”
      They might use a different word or two.

  1. Feminist can’t say shit because bobody wants to approach their hidious faces.
    I use this tactic quite a bit to make my life easier actually (thanks to roosh and roissy). If there is a hot chick who is being hit on by someone with awful game, it’s much easier to go in, throw the bait (introduce, some quick remark to make er smile) and walk away. They always come back for more due to the chump shooting himself in the foot as the night progresses.
    This probably won’t work if they are shitfaced though.

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