Female Scientist Says Physics Is Being Dumbed Down To Attract More Girl Students

One of the few things that horrified me when I arrived in Australia (in 1999) was to discover that, several years ago the high school physics curriculum was “feminized”. In other words, to make it more appealing to girls, our curriculum’s designers substituted formulae with essays! What a ­disaster…

— Professor Michelle Simmons of the University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Quantum physicist Michelle Simmons, a dual British-Australian citizen, has decried the dumbing down of high school and university-level physics to try and attract more female students in Australia. Sadly, the huge (and very justified) support that followed Professor Simmons’ comments shows how cucked academia and the educational system in general has become. It took a female academic, whose job would never be threatened by uttering such “controversial” words, unlike a male colleague, to point out how feminism has twisted the way scientific subjects are taught.

Did you think physics was about equations? How wrong you were! Thanks to a special form of gender-norming, Australian physics students have been writing essays about the history and sociology of physics. Whilst I think that the liberal arts, a pillar of Western civilization when done right, receive too much bad press, their use to serve feminist and SJW ends is atrocious enough in the social sciences, let alone the physical sciences.

But this mind-numbing state of affairs does not just concern the Land Down Under. In both Australia and across the rest of the Western world, feminists and other do-gooders have blamed gender bias for why less women pursue physics and other related sciences. For example, when large numbers of female physics students from the University of Melbourne reported how the discipline was too hard for them, Return Of Kings-hating Fairfax Media and those it interviewed blamed the girls’ woes on the field’s male-dominated nature and overall cultural programming. Whenever women fail, “patriarchy” is to blame, right?

When will the self-serving blame game end?

Then do it. Stop fucking complaining.

So, again, the tired-old boogeyman of so-called entrenched sexism continues to rear its ugly head every time the subject of women in STEM is raised. At England’s University of Oxford, supposedly one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, only 22% of successful undergraduate applicants for physics are female and the authorities there are clearly not happy about it. So they’re trying to increase the pool of undergraduates and teaching staff, all without explaining how they intend to both maintain standards and prevent male students from being discriminated against. It is fair to say that many of these women have received extra support throughout high school (and will during their time at university) purely because they vaginas. What Michelle Simmons said is merely the tip of the iceberg.

And remember, many students at Oxford and Cambridge come from the most illustrious schools and wealthiest families in the United Kingdom and beyond. Even when they compete close to as well or as well as their wealthier, privately-educated peers, poorer, state-educated students are four times less likely to be accepted by either of these universities. So why aren’t hordes of rich girls managing to find their way into these physics programs? Last time I checked, rich parents have about as many daughters as they have sons and have every interest in seeing their child get into both the university and university course of their choice. Generic allegations of “sexism in STEM” are pathetic and need to be given substantial meat before they are ever entertained as serious explanations for any gender imbalance. Presently, the “evidence” for misogyny in physics has as much substance as a Madonna diatribe at a women’s march.

When boys underperform in education, the blame is put squarely on their “poor” attitude and the lesser time they spend studying, despite ample evidence that the curriculum and teaching methods have been adjusted to suit girls’ needs. But men are expected to take responsibility for whenever girls are not equally represented or over-represented in particular subjects. It is high time that more men in higher education pointed out this perverse blame game first. Nonetheless, it is doubtful that universities would allow males to have the basic right to call for common sense, not to mention exercise a more generalized academic freedom on really contentious issues.

The education system and the workplace are being increasingly geared towards making life easier for women at the expense of men

“Give me… one!”

The situation behind Michelle Simmons’ comments are worrying, but should not surprise anyone half-clued in to the world around them. In the United States, national defense is already being diluted and sacrificed in the name of feminism, with physical standards being repeatedly lowered to accommodate more women. In addition, companies in places such as Norway and France require a minimum number of women on their boards, with no commensurate need whatsoever for these women to be even close to as qualified as their male peers. Expect many more cop-outs like this in the future, too, especially as a backlash against the rise of “misogynistic” Donald Trump.

Apparently men now oppress women by expecting them to do physics equations in physics instead of essays about feelings and feminism (these two F’s really being the same thing). Whereas scientists may look at natural forces often invisible to the human eye, feminists are focused on “sexist” forces that are invisible–because they don’t exist. There’s no discrimination in physics, women are just usually not good enough.

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  1. If Australia ever launches a Mars programme I wouldn’t board the rockets. Wait would they actually even take off?

    1. An Australian science fiction writer named Bertram Chandler wrote a series of novels based on the assumption that Australia becomes the base for a spacefaring civilization.

  2. I keep pointing out how successful Mars colonization will validate the Alt-Right’s tragic view of man. You would want to send women to colonize Mars who can do real physics, so that they can science the shit out of their survival challenges as they arise. If you sent these essay-writing snowflakes instead, they would quickly die during the next emergency because they lack the cognitive tools and ability to think like competent male scientists and engineers.

    1. No need for a Mars colonization experiment. There was a Survivor like show in Europe some time back that had the male group and a separate female group and we found out how that turned out. It was a past article here on ROK.

      1. I remember that post. Too bad these survivor shows don’t let the participants really die for screwing up.

      2. Bear Gryls had an Island show like that that did the same thing. Same results even though they tried to show that the women could do it as well as men but:
        3 or 4 broads left the island. No men left the island.
        They constantly had to help the borads, give them advice, medical attention, plant supplies etc
        The men needed no help.
        The womens camp only looked good at the end of filming clearly this was withthe assistanc of the crew. It was setup..
        The men’s camp was a highly developed affair and they even served the shows host a full on meal they had scavenged from the island.
        Even with all the editing in the world they really couldn’t cover up the fact that the wmen were incompetent…

        1. It’s ALL the PATRIARCHY’S FAULT for not teaching the wymyn the skills they needed and GIVING them the supplies they needed.

  3. I’m going to post this again, because it can’t be overstated:

    When an organization becomes feminized, priority shifts from efficient and profitable production of goods and services to the development of labyrinthine rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.

    Whether it’s publishing, teaching, the military, or science, the outcome is the same: organizational ossification and collapse. Every. Single. Time.
    The ongoing feminization of higher education was one of the prime reasons I ejected from academia some time ago. Probably one of the best decisions I ever made.

    1. Our foremothers traditionally accepted that women’s lives involve some level of hardship and limitations on their freedom, but they persevered regardless. This discipline coming from reality made those women tougher, both physically and mentally, than the ones we see now, wearing their ridiculous pussy hats and whining like spoiled brats in public about their oppression at the hands of the patriarchy.
      Today’s women expect men to reshape the world for their convenience and comfort. We see the results of that female decadence and degeneracy all around us.

      1. “Today’s women expect men to reshape the world for their convenience and comfort.”
        This is such an accurate statement. Notice how womyn absolutely expect the old traditions which were of benefit to them while at same time demand other traditions be eradicated. Two examples to demonstrate this: “It’s still the guy’s job to pick up entire tab.” And “Men need to do 50% of indoor chores — it’s 2017.”
        Speaking of this push to shame men into doing traditionally female chores. I believe I saw somewhere Mr. Clean is going to run commercial during Super Bowl telling men they need to do more interior chores.

        1. Bachelors should know basic housekeeping as part of the general skill set we need for self-reliance and independence from women.

        2. I was married briefly at one time 10 years ago, and the bitch never cleaned. I had noticed before we got married that the bitch never even cleaned her own place other than the kitchen. Of course she had a good paying affirmative action job so she was easily able to own a nice townhouse. I was at her place one day, and got tired of seeing dog hair and crumbs on her carpet, so I was like “hey, where’s your vacuum cleaner?!”. She pointed to the closet. I went to the closet to discover that she had a really nice expensive vacuum cleaner that looked brand new and never used. She had already been living in her place for a couple of years. I said “hey, your vacuum cleaner looks like it’s never been used”. She said I was right.
          This fuckin bitch had a worthless shit college degree “bachelors of nutrition” from Missouri University that she claimed she got poor grades in anyhow. She had a great paying job making more than most men I know, worked from home, only actually worked about 20 hours a week, had a free company car, free laptop, free cellphone, quarterly bonuses, and yearly gifts in the form of either a vacation or shopping spree & dinner with her regional counterparts. UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE. She was 29 at the time with a bird brain. She wasn’t like incredibly talented or intelligent and was only about average looking at best. Her job was in pharmaceuticals and a 15 year old with a drivers license could easily be trained to do what she did. But she made 6-figures doing what a trained chimp could probably do minus driving a car.
          White females today are the most privileged species in all of human history.

        3. I love how there’s still a mentality that women are cleaner than men. I’m one of those guys who keeps an obnoxiously clean place and like you, have experienced a ton of women who leave their place in a complete state of filth. I’ll tell you it’s been enraging when having to find some roomshare situation clicking on something that looks like a fit only to see “female only” in the AD. The amount of f-ing “female only” ads on Craigslist drives me absolutely mad.

        4. I talked to both female real estate agents and landlords that actually insist on renting apartments to guys & not because men are the cleanest people out there, but apparently most girls are dirty as shit, they bring shady guys in and they don’t actually preserve the flat. Apartments degrade faster when in the hands of women, just like societies.

        5. Every time I hear the word “convenience,” I know something vile is afoot. The obsession with convenience has dehumanized women and men, and devalued our relationship with the natural world.
          Spurn convenience. Push for value.

        6. My current wife (9/10) also does no cleaning or cooking, she says, “I’m only for fucking, you want cooking and cleaning, get someone else.”
          My current girlfriend (4/10) is really great cooking and cleaning, directly I take a shirt off, she’s washing it in the sink. If I don’t want something washed, I have to hide it.
          I’m beginning to believe the hotter they are, the less use they are. 9s and 10s are probably better to just pay for sex by the hour.

        7. A store has just opened in New York City that offered free husbands. When women go to choose a husband, they have to follow the instructions at the entrance:
          “You may visit this store ONLY ONCE! There are 6 floors to choose from. You may choose any item from a particular floor, or may choose to go up to the next floor, but you CANNOT go back down except to exit the building!
          So, a woman goes to the store to find a husband. On the 1st floor the sign on the door reads: Floor 1 – These men Have Jobs
          The 2nd floor sign reads: Floor 2 – These men Have Jobs and Love Kids.
          The 3rd floor sign reads: Floor 3 – These men Have Jobs, Love Kids and are extremely Good Looking.
          Wow,” she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going. She goes to the 4th floor and sign reads:
          Floor 4 – These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Good Looking and Help With Housework.
          “Oh, mercy me!” she exclaims. “I can hardly stand it!” Still, she goes to the 5th floor and sign reads:
          Floor 5 – These men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Gorgeous, help with Housework and Have a Strong Romantic Streak.
          She is so tempted to stay, but she goes to the 6th floor and the Sign reads:
          Floor 6 – You are visitor 71,456,012 to this floor. There are no men on this floor. This floor exists solely as proof that you are impossible to please.
          Thank you for shopping at the Husband Store.
          To avoid gender bias charges, the store’s owner opened a Wife Store just across the street.
          The 1st first floor has wives that love sex.
          The 2nd floor has wives that love sex and don’t nag.
          The 3rd through 6th floors have never been visited….

        8. This is the kind of shit that pisses me off. I do a hard blue collar job, with some real boneheads and lots of aggravation… and eke out about 58k a year. Have a wife who doesn’t make much, and kids.
          And don’t get me started about how, when I was in the Army for several years, the women were coddled and got away with murder. While making the same money as me, at the same rank.

        9. I rented a townouse to a single African American lady a few years back. It took 10ooo bucks to get it back into shape. Had to replace floors, have mountains of trash reomoved, repainted, replace dishwasher, microwave, have deck repainted. Lucky place did not burn down, as an overturned grill with coals was on deck with some charred wood. I never got money back. Toilet was broken and had been running for 2 months, 7 hundred dollar water bill.
          And she was upset she did not get her deposit back.Afterwards, I started going through the Mormon Church to find tenants. Let them know they were getting a Mormon discount. I am not even a Mormon, but they always paid rent on time and took care of place. A poor Mormon, not sometimes not able to pay full amount, often had the church pay. Sometimes 1/2 of rent was a check from church.
          I finally sold the place to some Mormon tenants. But after my “Mormon only policy”, even with the lower rates, I made more money and had fewer headaches and hassles than dealing with lowlife.

        10. The generational gap on this is pretty incredible too. When I moved back to New England from Seattle, I was rather blown away to observe how the older females in my family would just naturally cook and clean up at a family function.
          Frankly, I can only think of one girl I knew in college who knew how to cook. If men are still expected to pick-up the entire tab, there’s no reason why we can’t expect a chick to cook.

        11. Calling it a skill is overstating what it is. If you cant pick up a rag and spray some shit on a surface and wipe, you should be sent to the Gulag.

        12. Yes I noticed this 20 years ago when I first started work. Equal rights until its time to pay the bill.
          Mr. Clean can fuck off.

        13. That was your mistake. Instead of renting to a single African American lady you should have rented to a whole bunch of them. They could have shared the chores between them.

        14. Quit trying to act cool after marrying a worthless bitch. You marry the 4s & cheat with the 9s, sucker.

        15. Just like cars, they keep their cars dirty as shit, and with no water, no oil with the same oil for two years, no brake pad. They drive the poor car until it stop then cry for men to fix it. If a woman see the temp Hot as hell they don´t stop the car, they prefer to go with no water in the motor until the car stop, That mentality of someone is going to save me my ass is in all women, every time I hear someone is in the highway in need with no gas, yeah is a woman, Single women tend to keep their cars like shit, no surprise the house too.

        16. A war where the offensive side treated them as war plunder would sadly be what it takes to make them see the natural food chain of humans. Until then, the little bitches will have their cake & eat it too.

        17. I’m a neatnik because my mother properly house bitch trained me. It was the responsibility of the mother to train the daughters in domestic skills. If the daughter was a slob the shame fell on the mother for not doing her duty.

        18. Two of the best tenants I ever had were a lesbian couple. One had recently been paroled, let us know that her girlfriend was due to be released soon. Always paid on time, never any sleazebag boyfriends to tear up the place, puke all over, and get into fights with the other tenants.
          Once when an ex-tenant threatened to come in when I was there about a plumbing problem, she ran him off by threatening him with her cane knife. Saved me from having to shoot him.

        19. The really ugly ones have psych problems, prolly from being rejected and insulted so much. But if she’s got a good body below the chin, why care? Face isn’t of any use to me. Best girlfriend I ever had was painfully homely – not deformed, just ugly. But when she shucked down, who would care? Let her get away.

        20. Amazing how a white porcelain commode bowl can get so nasty that its takes repeated cleanings with hydrochloric acid, sulfamic acid, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine bleach (one at a time if you don’t want to be gassed as if you were at Auschwitz). Woman lives there. Girls’ dorm: nasty. Been there.
          Too bad wifebeating (spanking) is illegal now. Used to be how men kept their wives and daughters in line. Men who overdid it went to the whipping post.

        21. And we aren’t insulted and rejected all our lives? Followed by divorced, stripped of our children then asset stripped?

        22. Thats a fact, a women that feels like shes not worthy or feels like you are way better will be easier to please

        23. Do both the gf and the wife stay at the same place ? Or apart ?
          Does each know the other exists ? How d’you manage to keep them both without each getting crazy mad at the other ?

        24. I’d visit the third floor if it had wives that love sex, don’t nag and keep house for you.

        25. because men have decided to let them…it was the first wave feminist movement that started this shit when they were GIVEN the right to vote. yes,GIVEN. the men handed over their balls,and ALLOWED it. they should have straight forward said-“no,voting is not a womans place. get back to the kitchen.”,and initially they did,but the women had a fit. they had a fit and the men gave in.

      2. I don’t think it can even be about limitations on freedoms. I don’t look at it as if I have the “freedom” to go to work. The idea that men had some kind of secret exclusive place called “work” and it was a boys only club is such a way that it’s phrased by feminists. “Duty” or “need” instead of “freedom” is a way I try to put it know.

      3. “Our foremothers traditionally accepted that women’s lives involve some level of hardship and limitations on their freedom, but they persevered regardless”
        The more you learn about this shit, the more it becomes apparent that the glass ceiling was purely mental & remains so. Ive suffered from my own victim mentality, now its obvious in myself and any woman in 2017, who feels discriminated against, is just fucking whinging.
        Of course in some countries females are genuinely oppressed. But if you can find a job, support yourself and get away from abusive relationships or whatever it was that feminism was supposed to do, then you need stfu.

        1. Dude in the USA pretty much any cunt under 160lbs can move to Vegas & serve free drinks to gamblers, making 100k a year in tips. While still bitching about wage disparity. + serves em right to walk off same fat while getting paid.

        2. yea i was pretty surprised when i heard that waiters and waitresses can make that kind of money. Always makes me feel cheated when ive tried pretty hard to just study to get a job i dont particully want to do, for slightly below average pay, and because i dont care, im never going to be that great at haha..
          On a personal note, financially, it bothers me that it still matters how much a guy makes to females aswell, even the nicer girls, a women is going to hold resentment…But fuck playing the victim, everyone has it hard, thats why its such all such a load of shit. Have to have some optimism.

        3. & if they are hot & strip, they could clear more….yet you know paying off a house is the last thing on their mind.

        4. I dunno about that, girls here, almost all i know make more than me, and have houses, its what they’re about. But if a girls stripping, id say shes more than likley the party girl type on the glass pipe.

      4. If “the” patriarchy is so damn bad, why do feminists beg it for protection…from “the” patriarchy? Shouldn’t they be asking the matriarchy for protection from the patriarchy?
        Just kidding. The matriarch is in the bedroom being fucked by the patriarch.

      5. If “the” patriarchy is so damn bad, why do feminists beg it for protection…from “the” patriarchy? Shouldn’t they be asking the matriarchy for protection from the patriarchy?
        Just kidding. The matriarch is in the bedroom being fucked by the patriarch. .

      1. Teacher unions too. I live in a state where population is declining. Yet every few years there’s always some “need” to increase school funding while more programs are cut. I have to assume the endless demand for more funding has to cover the ridiculous AUTOMATIC annual % increase in salaries.

    2. Bingo notice how history has NO examples of societies ruled by women that prospered..
      There’s a reason!

      1. They just blame the “patriarchy” as usual. The only way to win this debate is to just ignore them.

      2. Im still looking for a black neighborhood that appreciated in value…anywhere in history.

      3. So-called “matriarchies” actually were ruled and run by the men. They were called matriarchies due to heredity and inheritance being traced through the maternal side. A queen monarchy, whether Semiramis or either of the Elizabeths, is actually run by the Prime Minister, Grand Vizier, Viceroy or other similarly titled man and the noblemen.

    3. Besides the overtly feminized environment (and reality you’ll come out with huge sums of debt) there’s also possibility you’ll be hit with a life altering sexual misconduct allegation to fuel this bogus “campus rape epidemic.”
      I encourage others to check out book called The Campus Rape Frenzy. Author conducted research which demonstrates the 1 in 4 “stat” is completely fabricated. And highlights 40 false allegation cases to shed light on the blatant violations against due process rights.

    4. This is how I felt about college entirely. I felt out of place being a straight, red blooded male. Skipped class and went snowboarding the second semester of school and got myself into an electrical apprenticeship. Can’t complain.

      1. …and so you’ll be making a hell of a lot more than most useless Bachelor of Art degree holders

        1. I know. Before I quit my last job, I laughed my ass off thinking that as an apprentice I make more money than some of the front office managers with 4-5 year degrees, and I know dick all about electrical work at this point in my career.

        2. How bout an M.A. in Women’s Studies?
          All it’s good for is to be on the way to a Ph.D. in Women’s Studies so she can teach Women’s Studies.
          A B.A. in Basket Weaving is worth more.

      2. During my undergraduate years, I know of a very aware female Electrical Engineering professor who said that even with her PhD, she’d require certificate level technicians and hands on grunts to figure out and complete any electrical setups and wiring for her home.
        Basically paying tribute to the non college credential but highly competent technicians who are better equipped to handle real problems in the field.
        This was a little over a decade ago.
        Looks like you did the right thing. You’ll be way ahead of your peers who went the college route.

    5. Basically it has come now, for female education, to be only a burden to society. Women neither tend to finish their diplomas, nor to work in related jobs, so why should money be given to educate them? It is n’t that it helps them become more helpful additions to the household and better them as mothers.

    6. Btw Conrad, I’m focusing on working for smaller organisations now. Less likely to be feminised because they don’t attract the attention of SJWs.

    7. As a test case, when you review Sweden, most of its famous successful international businesses have either died or been sold. Ikea is still Swedish and doing well but not Saab, Nokia, and Volvo. Imagine the working environment at Ikea headquarters, Sweden?

    8. ‘development of labyrinthine rules for the comfort and security of women’
      Actually they don’t want that, it is a pretence, it just happens that is the easiest path available from them to get attention, drama and self victimisation.

  4. Very good. Sad that this silliness impinges upon real science.
    The quality of liberal arts is, besides IQ and conscientiousness, always related to the level of masculinity of the persons who write essays or dissertations. If a shitlib writes an essay, the point of the argument seems very ofted related to “social inequality”, “gender issues”, “racism” and “sexism”. He already knows what he is looking for, to please the professors and fellow female students. The worst I’ve seen was someone who suggested that Sharia laws should be implemented in Europe in order to “integrate Muslims”.
    A masculine male student or researcher, on the other hand, will try to use more reliable data, logic and coherence and is not afraid of putting forward unpleasant facts and perspectives. Some females can do this too, but with the rise of feminism and political correctness they are decreasing every year, I think.

  5. So to get an A in physics all a woman has to do now is write an essay on manspreading n’ shit.

    1. “You spread your legs…. take the shit….. and by the laws of physics & gravity the shit has to fall to the floor / toilet basin.” Superb young lady! Here’s your physics degree!

      1. ” Can’t program a rocket guidance system worth fuck all but at least were not sexist. Here’s your degree”.

  6. Women are really good at four things:
    1) Lying
    2) Deceiving
    3) Riding the cock carousel
    4) Pretending they do none of the things listed above

        1. It is, unfortunately. She gets 2 more weeks. Shame is, I actually like this one. She is a huge pain in the ass and argues over everything (“what is this green beans! Is stupid! Like some fat grass”) it always leads to sex and the accent makes it delightful.
          Taking her sister out for drinks tonight before meeting up lol

        2. I told her she can go fuck herself. I’m not trying to appease lol

        3. Have facebook, but don’t give her access ….. see how that works!
          (It’s what I do)

        4. The day that what works for you seems like a good idea to me I will just kill myself. No offense dude but I will just end it

        5. Indeed it does. So does the fact that I know she just likes to piss me off so I will fuck her violently

        6. and women will openly tell you “oh we’re all lliek that”
          Jesus christ. im dying alone for sure, i cant tolerate that shit for long. lol

        7. Why is this an almost universal female trait? My wife does the same shit and it pisses me off. Then she tells me she lives to piss me off. I reply, “Your life is fulfilled then.”

      1. 6) Not taking any responsibility for their own actions and blaming men instead.
        7) Using their ladybits as a weapon.

        1. 8) Spending other peoples’ money they are somehow “entitled” to.
          9) Spending said person’s money on their new degenerate boyfriend

      2. Facebook, the creation of 5 MEN. Why don’t these strong, empowered, independent females “create” their own book from scratch !?
        Firstly, they can’t do IT and Secondly, they blame IT on patriarchy !!

    1. 4 ” Denying one is a whore”
      is a big one these days Bob.
      Have a worker 12 years younger than I that shoots fish in a barrell on Cuckbook whenever he wants some pussey.
      They come over, do anything he wants then leave. He spends nothing on them. I think having them at his place is a mistake but he’s lazy..
      Amazingly half then start harasssing him and wanting to have relationships after this.
      He even had one say she wanted to marry him.
      Fuck me at least when I was younger and there was no Facebook a “whore” knew she was “whore” , for the most part, and didn’t expect to be treated and different..
      Just shows what’s going on in general , with exceptions, with women in the West.

        1. All the baby boomers and greatest generation women I talk to are appalled at the way younger women are nowadays.

        2. I can see why (and so can you). I mean…they just morphed into these insane, unaccountable, cliche-spewing, hypocritical cock-holsters.

        3. Theyre also incredibly boring. I’ll tolerate a psycho (since theyre all psychos anyway) just to find someone moderately interesting. The odds aren’t good. I usually bang a girl till she bores me so much the sex is no longer worth tolerating being around her.

        4. Aren’t the boomers the ones who were into free love and acid fueled orgies? Hypocrites if ask me.

        5. “They’re also incredibly boring.”
          I’ve always found women incredibly boring. I think men always have as well.
          That’s why traditionally speeakiing women and men were seperated by work, at school, in the home and socially much more so than today.
          Women seem to want to be at every function with their men.
          My neighbor seems to want to spend all of his free time with his wife. I fucking don’t understand it all…
          I bet if you met a woman who understood her role a women and gave you space rather than being a suffocating self absorbed emotional hose beast (like most are these days) you might actually want to keep one…

        6. Should have clarified, the conversation was about obesity and tattoos. I’d rather have a bunch of hot hippy sluts than fat tattooed landwhales

        7. Through the ages men have been socially homosexual and sexually heterosexual. Men for company, coworkers and fishing buddies; women for fucking, making kids and keeping house.
          Faggots have it backwards: sexually homosexual and socially heterosexual.
          If your neighbor’s wife cooks, keeps house, cleans the shitter, takes care of the kids, fucks whenever you need to, and KEEPS HER YAP SHUT, why not hang with her?

      1. I would say that feminism’s biggest failure, as a philosophy of “equality”, is that it completely neglected to incorporate the psychology of men.

        1. That shouldn’t surpise us I mean women are selfish and generally focus on their feelings in any justification or argument.
          It would be rational to consider men in any equaision involving the relations between the sexes but feminism doesn’t, among other massive intellectual defcites, and thus it has no credibility..
          I’m sure in acedemia you must be absolutely appaled at the feminism and other faggotry that has infiltrated campuses in the last decade or so..

        2. Ironically, academia has become the place where discussing serious issues and ideas is forbidden.

        3. That’s because feminism never gave a shit about men, never. And doesn’t, the high male suicide rate, the fact many fathers lose access to their children in the family courts, the fact not paying child support is an arrest-able offense. Ask any feminist, they don’t care. They femjack it. They talk about how hard all that is on them, as women, rather than the poor fucking blokes who commit suicide over it. It’s not feminism’s biggest failure, it is their intention, neglect men and their psychology and put women on a pedestal. It’s not my kind of jam, I get riled up when I think of all the women who probably could benefit from feminism, but are constantly failed by the movement, and all the children who have suffered because of feminism perpetuating the idea that kids don’t need their fathers.

        4. “feminism never gave a shit about men, never.”
          Nor about women, either. Feminists not only hate men; they hate women. All they care about is their agenda.

        5. Honestly, us men never gave a shit about men either. Ironic that it took a women (my ex) to make me realise what a shitty place the world is

      2. Haven’t been on a traditional date since I was maybe…..13?? and that was just to the movies where I would finger girls and cop blowjobs in the back. No surprised there….most times girls have decided wether they would fuck you or not long before you decided to ask them out, to your house, wherever…. and and that point you can fuck them behind a dumpster if you wish. In fact, most of them would enjoy that more. Most women are exhibitionist by nature and find sex in public places exhilarating….in my experiences at least.

    2. Women by and large are pathological liars. Whether straight-out lying or equivocation, lies flow forth out of a woman’s mouth even when she KNOWS that you know she’s lying. Many baffle men when they lie even when they would be benefited by the truth.

  7. “Quantum physicist Michelle Simmons, a dual British-Australian citizen, has decried the dumbing down of high school and university-level physics to try and attract more female students in Australia.”
    The referenced article seems to be behind a paywall.

    1. Why would a guy pay to read lies – much cheaper to just get a girlfriend and listen to her bullshit.

      1. That’s like that I tell my mother when she asks if I’ll ever get married:
        No mom. I’m going to meet a woman who hates me and just buy her a condo. I will save a fortune on invitations that way

        1. Women don’t understand? Of course. It is economics, not a vacuum

        2. Sheeeeeeet. Women dont understand vacuums.
          Ask any woman how a vacuum works and watch their face as they realize they have no earthly idea…

        3. “Filter? What’s THAT? I NEED a NEW vacuum.”
          They seem to understand that a “blow” job is misnamed; it should be a “vacuum” job. Er, “suck.”

        1. in google search her name and feminisation, the article should be near the top and click on it, worked for me

    2. Most such publications have an agreement with google where a google referral will go through the paywall. So for this article I put the title part of the URL into google, clicked the match and around the paywall I went.

  8. A good read.. and the photo of the woman doing the chin-up reminded me of my military boot camp days – a couple of the women on my platoon cried about how hard physically it was. After then, we could do a maximum of 20 push ups at a time and it had to be on bare dry ground – push ups in the wet snow: not allowed or the DS could face disciplinary action! Sigh.

  9. You need excellence in the sciences and not mediocrity. Introducing equality “proofed” standards based on the nebulous notion of “gender differences” is insulting not just to men and the cause of science, but, indeed to any women who’ve any decent talent and aptitude in the first place.

    1. It should be about merit and excellence, yes. In reality, they are aggressively pandering to the lowest common denominator.

  10. “feminists are focused on “sexist” forces that are invisible–because they just don’t exist.”
    Feminist scientists are now working to replace the standard model of physics with a plus-size model. This model of the universe successfully explains the mysterious fifth force in the universe as patriarchy and dark matter as a simple matter of misogyny and envisions a permanently expanding universe, at least with respect to women’s figures. All of this is easily explained using gay sums instead of the equations involved in the mansplaining mathematics of yesteryear

    1. The same can be said when it comes to politics. How many times do you hear feminists explain the lack of womyn in politics is due to “patriarchy and sexism.”
      There are NO damn laws preventing women from running for office! Nor are there lobbyists and campaigns endeavoring to stop women from running. It’s inconceivable to these womyn that perhaps the majority of ladies just are not interested.

  11. The country which can expel its feminists and leftists will be the one that succeeds against neighboring countires. Not only that, you’ll end up attractivng all the talent that wants to just do their thing without dealing with morons.
    There you go fellow ethno-nationalists, now its just a race to see who can get rid of their parasites first.

      1. They are currently overrunning the West in spite of their regressive policies and lack of technological advancement, precisly because they have their women under control.
        In any case I was referring to Western style countries.

        1. the only way is collapse or death by invasion by a masculine civilization. Is funny how they portrait themselves in the fictional media, end of the world, they truly believe that they will be the bad ass women with katanas and pew pew shooting the white bad guys furiosa style. When in reality they will cry and beg for the patriarchy to save them. Feminism can only exist in a free and secure society and men build that not women. 7 years ago I witness an earthquake of scale 7, I see the women in the streets crying, hugging in group doing shit and they brain shuts down and start to do stupid shit, Some middle age women went to hug a tree, Muh earth is moving let´s hug a tree, and women do as other women do, so there go all the women in a park to hug trees and my mother was there and she want to hug a tree to, I stop her telling that a tree can fall on you, we are safe here there are no shit that can fall on us. Then there was no woman on the street in the aftermath helping, getting gas, water and food, only men. Where was the strong independent women when the world turn to shit? Probably squished under a tree.

    1. The job flight out of the US was driven as much be the feminist AA quotas and obsessive regulations about who you could and couldn’t employ as by economics. I sat in on several plant siting committees and this always came up as a sweetener when the numbers were about even.

    1. I’ve seen this before. It occurred to me that there is one crucial secondary point that is made within the “making” of the video itself — the girls/women who signed on to act in this video were fully cognizant of the gender hypocrisy they were lampooning.

    2. I wonder if there’s any way this could be introduced into schools as a discussion exercise. I would love to secondary / high school students discussing this with their teachers

  12. This is very strange to me. I graduated from an engineering school, and although there weren’t that many females in my science/math courses, the ones that were excelled and were very good with numbers. Don’t really know why they need to dumb down a science that smart individuals, regardless of sex, are good at.

    1. When you have meritocracy, most women, not all, will not be better than men. They know it, but don’t want to accept it.
      To prove that statement wrong, they would have to put in effort, which they refuse, so they lower the standards so women could be included.

    2. There are always “exceptions”. But the system is screwed up (in every damn field) to cater to the “masses” (aka whiners) !

    1. Let the whole rotten edifice crash and burn. Then the men can rise to the challenge and build something new.

      1. Since that’s not going to happen during my lifetime, I prefer to stay and intelligently oppose cultural marxism.

    2. There are a few people slowly building alternative colleges that in time will develop to full fledged universities.

    3. I would actually restrict higher education. Too many people are going to college nowadays and because of that the quality of education has decreased.
      The best way to destroy the propaganda indoctrination that goes on in schools is by creating institutions where people are taught craft directly, something similar the master-apprentice relationship.
      Also make army service mandatory, it would actually do some good for those cucks, just the fact of removing boys from the gynocentric society for a couple of years could help them immensely.

      1. SJW are already joining the army. ROK is plenty of articles of the consequences of it. It boils down to what I have denounced many time here: we men have stopped socially wearing the pants.

        1. Wearing trousers had the highest priority with the early feminists and suffragettes. They recognized that it was more than mere symbolism.

      2. Because they quality of education has increased and by because the higher eduction institutions realized the by doing so, they can make a killing.
        Once upon a time, only those very serious about their academics or from a very privileged background attended university. Now every jerk off has a 4 year college degree, greatly devaluing the degrees and creating an academic arms race. Now, you need a graduate degree to be taken seriously if you’re going to go down that road. I really don’t see the system as sustainable, and I hope it moves towards more specialized, shorter term more cost effective forms of education.
        As for mandatory conscription, I couldn’t agree more. It would give the younger men a set of balls and teach the importance of male bonding. however, it will only become a matter of time before buying your kids way out of service becomes an industry in itself.

        1. My great great grandfather paid his way out of Civil War service for a mere $300. Probably saved his life and led the existence of me; so, a bargain at any price.

        2. My GGGF didn’t buy his way out. When Yankee invaders were coming to burn his house and barn, steal his cattle, rape his womenfolk and murder his sons and himself, he took up arms and tried to stop them and make them go home. Wounded at Missionary Ridge, sent home. His slaves got the Yankees to leave off with the burning, cattle rustling, raping and murdering, at least of him and his.

      3. I agree with apprecticeships..but…
        No thanks…army service is just cucking your life with money stolen from productive men. As the good USMC Major General Smedley Butler said…
        “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service as a member of our country’s most agile military force — the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. During that period I spent more of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I suspected that I was just a part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it.
        Like all members of the military profession I never had an original thought until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.
        Thus I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-12. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. I was rewarded with honours, medals and promotion.
        Looking back on it, I feel I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three city districts. I operated on three continents”. — General Smedley Butler

        1. I wouldn’t say that if I were you. Ofc everyone should choose whether he wants to be active or a reserve, no one should be forced to fight wars in thirld world shitholes. U see the army as a tool of the 1% elites, I see it as a the reason civilization exists. From the pyramides to the Burj Khalifa, all megalithes exist today because some dude was standing behind another dude while holding either a whip or a gun in his hand.
          This site compliments itself as being red-pilled, well the reality is that there are men out there that can’t wait to put a yoke around your neck(human nature) and if the men of your society aren’t trained in warfare, I’m afraid that there isn’t much that you can do to stop them. Modern technology and the geographical features of the country is what’s stopping that from happening for now, but if the current trend continues(more female politicians, men pretending to be women, introducing more minorities into the military, pacifist attitudes towards foreign invaders) I’m afraid we’re doomed.

        2. Butler was a douche. Read up on his activities throughout his life and you begin to see what his motivations were.

      4. Going to University keeps people out of the unemployment stats for 5 years ……… useful!

      5. Yeah, you get paid to go catch STDs we never heard of before from interesting foreign whores.

    4. As long as it is funded by taxes, it will not be a place for men. Real men don’t support institutions that take from productive men to create jobs for high-functioning welfare recipients (aka staff and faculty).

      1. It has always been funded by taxes, and it was a place for men until 30 years ago or so.

        1. It was only briefly a place mostly for men. That was due to the GI bill following WWII. At the turn of the 19th to 20th century there were just as many women in college as men. The huge difference was that the institutions were sexually segregated (I attended one of the last all male colleges). Women’s colleges focused mainly on subjects women wanted to take to prepare them for marriage and children. Men took courses that prepared them for their respective duties and responsibilities.

  13. During my life I have met many women who excell in physics, mathematics and other hard sciences. Those women never had it easy. They had to work hard to achieve that.
    That’s why I am never going to understand western world and it’s “let’s make it easy” bullshit. If you want achieve something then you have to work for results.
    Shut up and work!

  14. These women cannot afford to admit that the curriculum and requirements are being feminized because that is tantamount to admitting men and women are not equal. We weren’t ever meant to be equal. Rather we were supposed to complement each other. Men were supposed to excel in certain areas and women in others. Together, we make a whole. Why this is insulting to these femicunts is beyond me. Penis envy I suppose.

    1. Women always want to be included in everything men have. When women are denied, they throw a tantrum. Men, on the other hand, go and start their own. We don’t throw a tantrum.

  15. To bring in women is only a surface level excuse. Science has intentionally become ever more political and social but there’s a problem, people with objective data and analysis. This is the last barrier of turning science fully into a religion where its intellectuals serve the ruling class. Objective data is a tool of those who know science but do not depend on the political structure for their livelihoods. As such they can cause a lot of trouble and damage political agendas. The solution of course is to take that ability away from people. That is done by making how to do math, how to present data, how to analyze data secondary and eventually diminish it to nothingness.
    The goal is to make science entirely about authority. The high priests say X and therefore it is X and we must do Y as our rulers say. The case is closed. The science settled. Everyone else is a denier. They already use the language. The goal is clear.

    1. well, yes, but authority governs here through managing change (i.e. creating social justice). Facts and data relate to reality – i.e. something that is seen as frozen in time – synchronic. With the introduction of social justice into education the whole purpose of science / academia changes. It is no longer about ‘what is’ but about what should be – the leninist ‘what is to be done’. From this standpoint the axiom that 2 + 2 is 4 is no longer true if the truth is subservient to the political project of making 2 + 2 = 5 etc.
      You cannot have an academia dedicated to understanding the world if its purpose is politically transformative

  16. When I took the GRE in the early 1990s they were already attacking science and engineering. The GRE is a graduate school exam much like SAT or ACT. It is for science and engineering majors. There were math portions and essay comprehension portions. Roughly 50/50 and alternating. The essays we had to read went biology, feminism, biology, feminism, something else, feminism, biology, feminism…. rinse repeat. The biology essays were fine but got old fast the feminism essays were clearly put in there for indoctrination purposes to force the test takers to parrot back the message of the essay writers. I stopped reading them and would skim for the answers they wanted. It probably impacted my score because I got to the point where I just couldn’t deal with even skimming that crap. It was crap writing, crap logic, etc and so on.

    1. I wrote the GRE 5 or so years ago and didn’t come across any feminist questions thank God. The essay question I had to write was rather about democracy vs. authoritarian rule.
      I argued for authoritarian rule for fun and got a good grade.

  17. Studied engineering and physics at university in the 1990s. One of my favorite things was the physics lab. The student body at the engineering school? Roughly 98% men. Professors? 100% men. By junior year, most of that “2%” stock of female students had dropped out or transferred to another program. (Plenty of men dropped out, too, but you get the point.)
    Across the way, the bulk of the university’s women were busy studying pharmacy, accounting, and various liberal arts.
    This was everyone’s natural inclination, without interference or propagandization of the curriculum and student body. I doubt we’ll ever see a scene like this again in the United States.
    US policies and media propaganda designed to “bring the sexes together” have done ONE THING — *increased* the polarization between men and women.

  18. I can think of 4 women right off the top of my head that I know well who have graduate degrees. One has a MFA in Poetry, 20 years later still working at the same job as a PIO for medium sized city. I, unfortunately, was married to that one. The next one has a MSEE from a very good school. Makes serious cash doing it. She’s the one that got away. She is a sweet person, mildly submissive and likes being a woman, she’s not the typical ball buster in a male dominated field. The next one has a masters in HR. I married that one, too. After a failed stint in real estate she is now working as a temp HR clerk and mostly living off her new husband. The last one has a PHD is education and $150,000 in student loans. She is single and lives with her mom. She went to one of the anti-Trump marches.
    Science is hard, and the other 3 are living off men (in one form or another).
    If only I knew then, what I know now…

    1. True story of someone I know:
      -Female PhD in Chemistry
      -Sympathy degree (spend enough time in grad program and they get tired of you and push you out the door with a diploma)
      -Carousel Rider (>50 cocks)
      -Married a Beta Professor simp
      -Loudly supports Million Cat Lady March and all things feminist and women-in-science, we-can-do-it, Michelle O. is graceful strong woman… ha ha LOL
      -Otherwise sits on her ass living off her half-gay husband
      -There’s more wildly heinous stuff too, but that would almost certainly reveal who she is and who I am.

    2. Did you have an intimate relationship with Miss MSEE, too?
      She sounds like a keeper, what with being sweet and submissive and feminine, and having money to square it off… Why did you let her get away?

      1. Timing was wrong. She was just getting a divorce when we met and wasn’t ready for a relationship and by the time she was ready, I was with Ms HR. I realize now, of course, that I made a horrible mistake.

        1. “I realize now, of course, that I made a horrible mistake.”
          No worries. You’re not alone there.

        2. I do not think so. With any woman, there is this window of possibility, kind of a time-frame in which things can happen. After this window is closed, the opportunity is over, so you should not dwell on it, because certainly she won’t. The important thing is, though, to learn from each case and notice the signs next time with the next woman. In my opinion, of course. Cheers!

    3. You seem to choose women badly, after a while doing the ‘Christian educated virgins’ (aka RoK fantasy women), I gotta say I discovered hookers and sluts are way more fun, and far better value for money.

      1. Yes indeed, I chose poorly. Like I said, If only I knew then, what I know now..

      2. “I gotta say I discovered hookers and sluts are way more fun, and far better value for money.”
        You’re in Thiland right?

        1. This month I’m in Thailand, 2 more days and I’m in the Philippines. Both places are a lot of fun.

        2. I’ve been to both, they are fun. Only the former as a single man…brings back memories!!

  19. Feminist talk on science
    You can’t have a rocket, it looks like a penis
    You can’t have exploration, it implies rapeyness
    You can’t land on the moon, that’s colonialism

    1. Well, to be fair, we tried to make rockets shaped like vaginas, but they barely could make it off of the launchpad and were all terribly lacking in aerodynamics.

      1. … We tried to make rockets that were shaped like vaginas, but they sat on the launchpad so long that they weren’t worth the expense…

  20. “There’s no discrimination in physics, women are just usually not good enough.”
    This applies to pretty much everything, but people feel the need to cater to women’s “self-esteem” (code word for “ego”) so they can feel better about themselves.

    1. I’m not sure that women are not good enough, I tend to think they are just too lazy to bother with physics, and the pay isn’t all that good either.

      1. If all I had to do to get the world handed to me on a silver platter was not eat to much and not be too much of a ball busting entitled cunt, then I would be lazy too.

    1. The “STEM” acronym seemed to come out of left field a few years back, from my perspective.
      I suspected that the SJWs were the ones who came up with that acronym, if only because my first brush with “STEM” came from seeing propaganda emphasizing how we needed to get more women and minorities into it.

  21. I teach high school senior physics….95% of the general population would fail my course. That’s the reality…physics is hard. My classes are 99% male. Occasionally there is a really bright female who can hang with the boys. Most drop the course in 2 weeks. Rarely a black male either. White Chinese Indian…..

    1. Bet you have to put the token black on display. If you don’t, the school will do it for you.
      Diversity n sheeyut.

  22. The dumbing down of science is nothing new and not specifically designed to suit the capacity of the average female brain. The truth is that science has become even more dogmatic than the Inquisition.
    It is evident in the fact that mankind has not ventured beyond the earth’s atmosphere and no long-term studies of various phenomena such as gravity, radiation, electromagnetism and so on have ever been conducted away from the influence of the earth.
    For example, a number of “alternative” scientists believe that light accelerates constantly unless acted upon by gravity or electromagnetism, contrary to dogma which insists the speed of light is constant in a vacuum. Some of the many implications of this if true are that our understanding of much basic physics is totally skewed, many of our scientific and mathematical equations which employ the speed of light as a constant are at the very least inaccurate, and our ability to measure things like interstellar distances almost non-existent.
    In short we know nothing at all about the cosmos outside of the earth’s atmosphere besides the few snippets we have gleaned from the various primitive probes we have lobbed around the Solar System …. and it’s not just women’s fault.

    1. Nah, feminists are already pretty dumb, most of them think being a mother is the most difficult job on the planet.

      “Any job you can do in your pajamas, is not a difficult job!”

  23. I expect that some day I will read that a woman sues a police department, fire department, doctor’s group or car company because the standards had been lowered to an unsafe level for women and that change of excellence resulted in the death of their family member……….unless I just need to look it up and find it.

  24. You go girrrrrrls !
    I think we should spend more time preparing students for the feelings they will have when they make a discovery or fail to.
    “The feelings the scientists experience in his process of discovery are more important than the discovery itself.”

  25. You think the feminists would get offended over things having to be dumbed down for women

  26. So what? Academia is a dumbed down beta joke anyway…even in the vaunted STEM subjects.
    What real scientific breakthroughs come from government universities anyway? They mostly crank out a bunch ‘global warming Ph.D’ types anyway who work for govt welfare programs like NASA.
    When I was an engineering major at a govt uni there were a few women, they all had immigrant parents and were very un-femisist (but feminine and actually many were quite attractive).
    All but a few profs were actual engineers with real-world experience.
    If if universities have “high academic standards” it doesn’t mean crap…it only means that good memorizers can be engineers and scientists and professors. If universities are “dumbed down” so what? The cream will rise to the top anyway.
    Real men like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, et al are the source of scientific breakthroughs…not govt universities.

    1. Universities are there to churn out the people that keep things running, not people that invent new stuff.

      1. You need a lot more people keeping things running than you do inventing new shit. Don’t denigrate those keeping the gears of industrial and technological civilization turning.

    2. Nice thing about my state college was the engineering department required their professors to do sabbaticals every few years working in industry. Most of them were working as consultants part time. My thermodynamics prof was making a fortune solving heat flow problems for one company, then selling the same solution to multiple companies. Aerodynamics professor was consulting for state and federal governments as well as several major aerospace corporations. Still remembering him going over the theoretical max which could be derived from a windmill– and why they’d always have to be subsidized. Gave you a good grounding on what industry was looking for… I didn’t care, just wanted a technical degree going into the military to become a pilot.

  27. The Australian school system is the worst in the western world, so this story is hardly surprising. I have a load of quite intelligent Aussie mates, who left high school without being able to read or write. It wasn’t them that was the problem, they soon learned after they left school. Unbelievable!
    On my Engineering degree course at a British University, 150 guys, 3 girls, STEM just isn’t a girl thing, never was, never will be.

    1. At the engineering university where I graduated, the running joke among the women was that they came there to get their Mr.S. degrees.

  28. It is female students, not girl students just as we say male students, not boy students.

  29. Chriskfranson My pay for doing porn, is $500 an hour.. You can stick your $97 where the sun doesn’t shine ??

  30. “Even when they compete close to as well or as well as their wealthier, privately-educated peers, poorer, state-educated students are four times less likely to be accepted by either of these universities.”
    People from state schools don’t (and can’t) compete for places with the privately educated at these universities. Places are available by merit (state school applicants), local entrance exam (private school applicants), privileged places (who you family are) and overseas students (money + family connections).
    Lots of people think British Universities are open to all, but they really aren’t (not the top ones anyway).
    STEM courses aren’t popular with rich people anyway, if you are rich, why would you choose a degree that invariably leads to a low/middle paying job? Mommy and Daddy already have lots of money and family connections, so you choose an easy degree (Business studies et al) and your family connections get you a job in the civil service, city or finance. STEM is for poor people looking for middle paying, middle class employment.

  31. Institutional rot cannot be reversed one institution at a time; there must be wide-scale social change.

  32. This lowering of standards is disgustingly beginning to affect even male physics student.
    One such duffer in the first year of graduate school in physics wanted to be taught “kiddie math” as “remedial teaching” – he wanted to learn linear equations in TWO variables from start –
    2x + 3y = 5
    x + 5y = 10.
    He actually felt entitled to this.

    1. The best simultaneous equations have answers that are whole numbers. Never ask test questions that involve 1/7s.

    2. X=-5/7
      Done without writing it in paper nor using calculator.
      If paper or calculator could be used, I’d do it in a minute.
      Should that be the standard brain power in university students?

  33. You guys know that just by saying “NO” all this non-sense would never happened, right?
    “Science is oppression!” NO.
    “We should be writing an essay about physics instead of working, analyzing and implying the physic” NO.
    “STEM is a social construct!” NO.
    “STEM should’ve lowered their standard for women!” NO
    “STEM is sexist!” NO.

    1. But the vast majority of us alphas are not in any position to say these things and have any impact, or make decisions on these matters

      1. Soon, we will see those femicunts’ headline
        “Gravity pulls me by force every single day without my consent, hence it’s rape.”
        I. Fucking. Guarantee.

    1. I remember a telly programme called Kids say the funniest things. The whole thing was like that

    2. That mother needs spanked. Where’s daddy? She goes in public so improper with her hair flying wild. She comes across as so vile. I bet her head smells like smog. SLAM a head covering on that bitch at once. “WHOOMP!”
      My what a difference! If only more women followed suit. The difference is like night and day. Take this woman for example:
      Eeek. It’s the devil with snakes coming out of her head! Let’s fix that.
      Wow! “Grandma you baked some cookies. We all love you now.” See how sweet the woman becomes? I don’t know which is more vulgar, publicly displayed beef curtains, openly rippling rear leg blubber or a feminazi with screaming hair. Cover it up ladies.

      1. Pfft. But if women start to cover themselves like that they’d be mistaken as muslim women.

  34. Obama lies over each notion
    Obama lies for all to see
    Obama’s our liberal potion
    Oh bring back Obama to me
    Yeah bring back, oh bring back
    Bring back Obama to me, to me
    Oh bring back, oh bring back
    Oh bring back Obama to me

    1. How about this one…
      Obama is a closet gay, closet muslim, and half-breed
      Just seeing him triggers me so much my eyes bleed.

  35. Worked with female scientists, if you want to call them that. It’s interesting…they’re rather traditional, many on the plain jane side while never getting fat, but make up very nicely and have a strong distaste for female supervision.
    Their goal is to assist, help mankind further itself. Can’t have that with a bunch of vacuous American bimbos who take, take, take.

  36. I remember in HS chemistry our teacher gave us at least 70 conversion and chemical equation problems a night. Really got to memorize molar weights and stuff. Still remember most of it nearly a decade years later.
    You can only spread butter so much on your toast before you have to add more.

    1. Like the chart. Pure mathematics and philosophy (the ones which have little real world value) are the brainiac majors that have the most women. I wish more men went into education, but as hostile as that profession is to men, it is understandable.

  37. I’m fixing to go against my right leaning philosophies, and advocate for euthanasia. That way, when the indoctrinated Millenials take over the country Ill have an out. Sorry to the well raised Millenials, but I don’t think there are enough of you.

  38. The ugly truth rears it head again. Great article. Remember bridges are symbols of patriarchal oppression with their penis shaped steel tubes and stuff. Why don’t we shape them all more like round holes? On that note of staggering rational logic, I guess tunnels are cool with the lunatic fringe wing of feminism.

    1. Nah, she’s standing on the back of some man who was ordered to help little Camouflage Princess.

    1. Then became a dental hygienist and married her dentist employer within a year. There after she was a SAHM.

  39. Thank God I learned Physics, Chemistry, and Astronomy the hard way. I either worked the differential equations and computed the correct answer or I received a ‘F’ on the test!
    This bullshit that human society has slipped into will only cause world war; why? Answer: As people have [INFLATED] self value and social constructs have broken down, people are going to relearn certain truths to life (The Fourth Turning).
    The problem with this as societies [relearn] from mistakes, the mechanisms of that learning path will cause even greater disasters than the world has ever known.
    Perhaps its about time we stop fooling ourselves; our demise is an eventual certainty.

  40. The great thing about women being actual soldiers in the military is that they are more likely to be captured alive and less likely to be killed than men soldiers.
    And parents are more likely to get their daughters back alive than sons, who come home in body bags. Raped a few hundred times, pregnant and with a half dozen or so STDs, but alive.
    Isn’t feminism great? The leading loudmouthed feminists are willing to sacrifice to the last one of your daughters.

  41. I got an A in Physics. And Chemistry. And Anatomy and Physiology, and Biology, all tough classed that weren’t dumbed down at all. Some women have brains, believe it or not.

  42. When men don’t do well in physics, it’s the men’s fault; when women don’t do well in physics, it’s the men’s fault.

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