Women Who Refuse To Call Themselves Feminists Are Still Feminists

There are words floating around that feminism is losing because fewer and fewer women are identifying themselves one. It is supposed to be a sign of victory that women are getting sick of the whole demented movement. But is that true? Does it matter? Does it really signal the demise of the shrieking, menstrual cult that is feminism?

I say no. I believe that women are just not calling themselves feminists because of all the negativity associated with it. Women care about their image and they’re not about to sacrifice it by associating themselves with some blue-haired freaks. Most of them don’t even want to get down and dirty by putting themselves in ideological battles. No, they’re more Machiavellian than that. But their aversion does not mean that they have rejected the basic tenets of feminism.


Just a bunch of confused kids brainwashed by our institutions.

First, you have to realize that feminism has already won. We are currently living in a post-feminist dystopia where measures are being implemented to control men and turn them into second-rate citizens. If you’re in doubt, let’s have a look at the results: In today’s society, a woman can ride the cock-carousel; get tattoos and other body modifications; get fat and expect to date men with six-packs; have a bitch attitude; make false rape, violence, or harassment accusations; have two-to-one hiring advantage in STEM; divorce-rape a man at will; and do this all without consequences and all without calling herself a feminist because she already lives in a world where feminism has destroyed all sensibility.

Women today don’t want to call themselves feminists because it is simply redundant. The fact is, the majority of them would rather enjoy the spoils of victory than be politically active. The ongoing, post-victory plundering is left for the mentally-unstable snarkies and the virtue-signaling, millennial twigs to engage in. As a man, you would be making a serious mistake to let your guard down just because a girl doesn’t identify herself as a feminist.

The Lie Of Equality

We know that most women still hold feminist values because while many reject the “F” label, the same poll showed that most of them still believed in “equality.” So what is this equality they are referring to? Equality they refer to are selective privileges that were earned by men who fought for them.

Let’s take, for example, the right to vote. This is one thing that even many anti-feminists refer to as an example of patriarchal oppression of the past. But do you know why women weren’t allowed to vote? Because they weren’t drafted to wars like the men. Yes, the lie of oppression and equality can only work when you cherry-pick specific privileges without taking account everything else in society that granted those “privileges.” Tell me, where were the feminists during the two world wars begging for an equal opportunity to be shipped to the front lines?

So, what the early feminists managed to accomplish was creating an absurd scenario of inequality where women were allowed to have the male privilege of voting without the responsibility of fighting wars. Even in the Soviet Union, where the sexes were supposedly made equal under communism, men in general still brunt the toil of war with over 20 million casualties (to be sure, many women did fight as well). And fast-forward to today, now that the US government is thinking about introducing draft to women, these same pampered feminists are crying that it is not equal. Simply put, these whiny women like being given “equality” by the government instead of having to earn it.

The fact that many don’t want to accept is that men are women are different. Period. This is due to biology, not some patriarchal conspiracy to enslave the womankind. Men and women each have their own strengths and weaknesses and have (or at least used to have) different roles and standards that corresponded to their sex roles. To say that men are women are equal is as silly as saying that apples and oranges are equal. Society works because the two sexes play their unique roles like how a man and a woman can dance a tango in harmony due to their separate but compatible roles. Feminist efforts to destroy this standard is what is causing all the problems between the sexes we see today.

A New Measuring Stick: Equalism

Now that we’ve established “equality” as a false premise, let us return to the original topic of modern women and their social values. I propose that, instead of judging a woman based on whether she is a “feminist” or not, she should be judged based on whether she believes in equalism or not. Equalism being the misguided attempt to standardize two different things (in this case, the sexes) that cannot be made equal. To paraphrase: women either believe in traditional and biological role for themselves, or believe in a sham equality where they enjoy all the male privileges without the responsibilities.

And as Roosh pointed out, woman can even speak out against feminism and still hold equalist views that correspond to feminism; they are not necessarily our allies. At best, they may be genuine about fighting against the 21st century feminists who are censoring others while instigating an anti-male culture. But at worst, they are merely playing a game to garner male attention for their own ends. Personally, I wouldn’t reject these women outright, but I wouldn’t jump into fandom and orbit them like all the thirsty men do either. It’s becoming a joke how easy it is for any woman with above average looks to garner a horde of male fans just by echoing anti-leftist rhetoric.

So, next time you meet a woman, ask yourself: Does she believe that men and women have fundamental sex differences along with their corresponding roles or does she believe in “equality”? Her attitude towards sex differences will tell you a lot more about her true nature than anything she labels herself as.

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328 thoughts on “Women Who Refuse To Call Themselves Feminists Are Still Feminists”

  1. War makes for strange bedfellows, as the saying goes. Roosh’s rejection of these allies in the war against Cultural Marxism (really more an insurgency now, since they won) was a mistake.
    Calling out their ulterior motives or the ones who aren’t genuine is good. However, few wars, even cultural wars, are won by rejecting potential allies out of ideological purity.
    Sometimes at RoK, I think we approach this from the perspective of a moral crusade too much. It reminds me of the war-movie spy thriller cliche of the “enlightened” general refusing to torture an enemy officer for vital intelligence that could win him the battle. The general subsequently loses the battle because his overblown sense of morality wouldn’t allow him to torture to save the lives of his own men.
    Don’t be that guy. The cultural marxists understood how to win a war slowly, over 50 years, subtly winning over the idea of “equality” with the American people. In 1960, they were the insurgents, and we the establishment. Now that roles are reversed, we have to approach this (as the author correctly states) from the standpoint that the cultural marxists have already won.

    1. No, it wasn’t. These ‘allies’ might make a lot of noise on the internet, but that’s simply their narcissism – the exact same narcissism that makes the SJW/Marxists so dangerous. As soon as you cozy up with them, they start looking for ways to undermine you – and they’ll be far more vicious in doing that, than in fighting our supposed enemies.
      Our side needs standards, and grit, not these shrill efffeminates.

      1. I agree with this. However, what is “our side”?
        Some in the alt-right are devout religious (I’m not), and opposed to anyone that is not precisely the same…
        Three must be some amalgamation of groups that are ultimately opposed to tyranny…
        I don’t have the answer, but there is far too much division. And the bosses are expert at divide and rule…
        BTW big fan of your writing – -love the pic of you guys at the diversity center – reminds me of Tombstone/Wyatt Earp, et al

    2. No. Our strategy should not be dependent upon the outcome of these allies being able to see things our way. We drive the train. Always. They’re free to get on or get off. But they don’t get to be in the driver’s seat.

      1. No one is implying otherwise. This alliance should be like the alliance between Britain and Spain during the Peninsular War: Although they were fighting on the Iberian Peninsula, Wellington still had command over the British, Spanish and Portuguese armies. Spain initially didn’t want this, but they were “alpha-ed” into accepting British command. The same happened at Waterloo, where Wellington commanded British, Dutch and Belgian troops (and was thankfully given command over the Prince of Orange).
        The role for female anti-feminists would be more akin to the guerrillas who fought the French during the same war: the main army, under Wellington, won almost all of the strategically significant battles, but they were supported by the guerrillas with intelligence on enemy forces, disruption of their logistics, and caused general mayhem behind enemy lines.
        Napoleon himself blamed Wellington’s victory in the Peninsular War as the primary reason for his downfall ( “It was [the Spanish war] that overthrew me. All my disasters can be traced back to this fatal knot”). This would not have happened if Wellington had rejected Spanish irregular support or the usefulness of the Portuguese under Beresford (the British General who commanded the entire Portuguese Army).
        The Spanish were not unlike the female anti-feminists of today: at Talavera, an entire Spanish brigade turned and ran in fear…of the sound of their own weapons after firing a single volley. They will not be the most of reliable allies (less reliable than the alt-right), but failing to utilize them to their full value would be a mistake.
        Few wars are won on principle alone. The added value of female anti-feminists is that they are a “gateway drug” (so to speak) for a society that has already been cucked into the idea of equality. Most mainstream conservatives will agree with many female anti-feminists in opposing the misandry that is feminism today, but probably aren’t ready to take the red pill after years of egalitarian indoctrination. After being exposed to red pill thinking, and seeing the true nastiness and vileness of cultural marxism today will those mainstream conservatives, who were brought up on ideas like “equality” eventually see the light.
        Peripherally, it will give some conservatives who are apprehensive about the red pill the rationalization to be against feminism if a female voice is calling them out. After they engage on this very peripheral group of the red pill community, they will eventually see the madness we are engaged in today.

  2. You know what else is glaring…these atheist edge lord anti-sjw gamer gate people (who you know are pussy-less losers) will orbit and white knight for the first anti-feminist female in the comment threads they see. They seem to go hand in hand with the anti-fem females.
    They are not our allies

    1. I follow the MGTOW principle in regard to female allies, they are not us, they cannot truly connect emotionally to understand the needs and requirements of a man. Use them for your pleasure as you see fit, but to believe they can be “allies” is delusional.

  3. The problem never been feminism, the problem is the belief that gender equality is possible and desirable. Feminists have just been protesting the loudest The only kind of equality possible is equality before the law and even then we should make laws that advantage those who have the most skin in the game, and that will be mostly men. There would still be some women voting and they would deserve it under that system.

    1. Equality was never the goal.
      In all of nature it’s dominate or be dominated. The strategy, refined over centuries, is for the weak to use the strong man’s strength against him. A man’s strength is his devotion to honor and right principles. Substitute true moral principles with fabricated ones, teach a male the fake moral principles from birth and he will be confused his entire life, defending what he thinks are universal moral values and sacrificing his self interest to do so thinking he’s doing “the right thing”.
      Fake moral principles: (partial list)
      Gender equality
      Racial equality
      Strength is oppression
      Victimhood is virtue
      Those things you are accused of are NOT moral failings. If they were, all people thinking, feeling, and doing those things would be condemned, but they’re not, only you are. That’s because they don’t care and you do.

  4. Women are predators of men. They have no sense of loyalty, morals or ethics. They are inferior to men, physically, intellectually & spiritually.
    This is why …
    Women are a throwaway gender. Women are nothing more then walking wombs. Women are designed to bond with infants upto the age of 5, after that women are useless.
    Women are nothing more than a disposable gender. Designed to spit out kids, become infertile & train younger women to bow down to men, their superiors & betters.
    Women used to be disciplined & were corporally punished just like children, of course the pussified jews cant stand any form of masculinity …

    1. (((They))) do like masculinity just once it is used to keep their own women in check. For the rest of the world (((they))) tell us it is toxic.

      1. Orthodox jews perhaps, but the jewish religion is a pussified religion, as it is brutally anti-male & designed to brutalise masculine men.
        How do you expect pussified jewish men to retain their masculinity, if their penis’s are brutally sliced off with knives & no anaesthetic as toddlers.
        This is why the jews are a pussified failed religion, they torture their own men just for having a penis. Is it any wonder these sick barbaric jews push homosexuality & engage in sick perverted filth?
        This is why jews will always fail, theyre a bunch of pussified emasculated vagina’s …

    2. You are partially right. Yes, they have no sense of loyalty/morals/ethics; yes, they are inferior to men, physically, intellectually & spiritually.
      However, those traits are not a problem in the right environment and with the right leadership. In a healthy scenario (take for example the ancient world, medieval world, victorian England) women will bear and raise children, cook for their husbands, and generally living under the benevolent and wise authority of a male.
      I always say: women are overgrown children. If a children is spoiled, is a nuissance; if a children is educated, is a marvellous thing. However, even if the children is educated, you don’t let him take his own decisions, have their own house, vote or generally do whatever he wants, because he is still a children.
      The problem is this modern world created by (((them))) in order to let this children do whatever they want to do. And the result, obviously, is chaos.

    3. “Women are nothing more then walking wombs”
      I would bet money that you don’t believe anything you just wrote

    4. I agree with most of this.
      Except the alt-right premise that women are “more nurturing”.
      Yes they are more child-like. However, just like all traditional values, they are thrown aside for her selfish agenda.
      Just watch the mom’s in the big cities. I-phones, Starbucks, and blank eyed babies…
      And watch the men, responsible, engaging, protecting…

      1. Currently, I am working in a county jail with both male and female inmates. The pregnant addicts are awful in looks, attitude and personality. Surprisingly I have not come across a black, pregnant addict.

      2. How can women ‘nurture’ when they themselves don’t know how to survive out in the world? That’s just absurd.

      3. “Just watch the mom’s in the big cities. I-phones, Starbucks, and blank eyed babies…”
        Honestly I think that’s the key bit right there.
        Women from the country vs. the city are radically different in my experience. Even women that move to the country from the city almost become a different person in terms of their values.
        I’ve seen hyper-feminist vegan don’t-need-no-man chicks turn into gushing nurturing mothers after moving to the countryside. Perhaps without all the blinking lights and social-media clusterfuck another part of their nature is given the necessary room to express itself.

        1. I think it has to do more with general isolation. Women, from my experience, tend to adopt the traits of the loudest voices in their lives. In the city, it’s hard for even an alpha male to out-shout the 20 girlfriends she has in her ear.

        2. …and the tele-screens, and the bottle-service idiots, and their office boss, and…
          Yeah I agree with you. Only thing I want to add is that these out-of-town farm girls seem just as happy (perhaps even happier) tending to their family and playing with the kids as the office cunts.

        3. Nurturer is a natural, biological role. I don’t think it’s any sort of coincidence that women that fail to reproduce tend to be a little nutty, to put it mildly.

        4. modern city life is dehumanizing and the gadgets are partially ways to try to compensate, though they have problems of their own.

    5. What? Disposable? I’m all for putting voting rights back to men only and socially promoting women staying home to raise kids. I’d say if you’re labeling a wide swath of people disposable, all women in fact, you are probably a sociopath, maybe a psychopath (one or the other) and you have severely spiritually stunted growth. I have a daughter, and while I want her to grow up to present the world with the model of how a women should act, if she ever meets you, and you treat her as disposable, I’ll make sure you get the same treatment 10 fold worse from me. And that goes for any man out there. I plan to be the involved over protective dad when it comes to my daughter.
      Same thing if you ever met my wife or mother and treated them as you think you could. And my mom is definitely a feminist whom doesn’t know she’s a feminist. But she’s still my mom and she’s not disposable.
      You may have had bad experiences with women. Most men have at one point or another. But damn man, they aren’t disposable. They just need to know what is acceptable behavior.
      And by the way, if you want to paint with the broadest brush. All humans are disposable period. The Universe doesn’t need us to keep churning around. Fucking pathetic butt hurt idiot.

      1. Women are a BIOLOGICAL disposable gender, you pussified white knighting halfwit … lmao
        Women contribute absolute jackshit to civilisation apart from their womb’s, biology made women useless & disposable DEAL WITH IT.

        1. It’s actually the opposite. Sperm cheap, eggs expensive. Hence, they are the opposite of disposable.
          Look, it’s about resource management.
          Think of women as cows. Now imagine a bunch of commie faggots who are bankrolled by Monsanto walk in and say that no farmer can truly own a cow, and if a cow wants to wander off it can without any problems.
          Well of course, lolknee will walk in and all the cows will go to him. The cows become all neurotic because they are being milked by the three or for cow-artists that they all like, some cows start trying to milk each other, because they do like getting milked, but they don’t just want any ew gross farmer doing it, when they have a shot at getting milked by lolknee.
          Meanwhile Joe Farmer is screwed and his farm goes under. In between watching porn and playing Civ 6 he studies “cow pick up” and makes jokes about Kratom supplements on RoC (Return of Cattle).

        2. You obviously cant read, i stated clearly women are only useful for raising children upto 3. After that theyre useless & disposable.
          Women are useful for only one thing, theyre absolutely useless at literally everything else.

  5. “There are words floating around that feminism is losing because fewer and fewer women are identifying themselves one. It is supposed to be a sign of victory that women are getting sick of the whole demented movement. But is that true?”
    It is probably true that women are disassociating with a movement that is associated with being a shrill, man-hating rape-obsessed harridan while at the same time clinging on to feminist values / being happy to benefit from the privileges that feminist lobbying may result in, but only a part of that will be cynical.
    The first thing to understand about successful indoctrination is that it works to change our core values at a fundamental level. Frequently this involves pushing ideologically extreme ideas. The middle ground is typically accepted and then the remaining radical butt is jettisoned (or outgrown). This is exactly as planned as the point is to make the new ideology invisible so that the core values become normalised as consensus values, or worse come to be seen by the majority of people as simply ‘common-sense’. Critical / marxist analyst of common-sense down the ages focuses on precisely the way that bourgeois, conservative values (for instance) actually reflects ossified ideology that ordinary people have stopped thinking, about or question, and the corollary for radicals is to substitute (un-freeze in the jargon of kurt lewin) a new common-sense ideology for the old one. That is what we are now seeing with respect to feminist matriarchal values that while once radical have now been normalised as consensus values that we simply accept. Ordinary women aren’t necessarily to blame for continuing to subscribe to such “common-sense” as this is largely ‘common-sense’ for everybody – it is merely that they are the ones who benefit from this ideological common-sense.
    Once one understands the above it becomes more understandable why feminists and leftist social constructionists will always lie about what they are up to. Deception and sleight of hand is the sine qua non of achieving the goal. If the new common-sense feminism is understood as what it is, simply a layer of made up non-sense that critical ideologues have sought to slip into place without anyone seeing then the whole thing falls apart.

  6. Judge by actions, not by words.
    There are plenty of “conservative” woman who agree almost 100% with feminism, but who would never in a million years describe themselves as such.

      1. I’m talking about agreeing with things like expanded daycare or preschool, or mandates that employers pay for birth control and other such policies.

    1. One of the cartoons I would create if I knew how to draw would be Judge Mental. He is a totally crazy judge who is also really judgmental. So he will sentence you to death for small transgressions and then call you fat on your way back to your cell.
      I had the idea for this cartoon years ago. I have a whole backstory for him including his childhood, the institution he was put in when he was young, when he got out and got his law degree, becoming a Judge etc.

        1. Right. I have always taken it as proof that there is no God that I can’t draw. I have so many great cartoon ideas.

        2. I am taking applications now. The job requires a lot of work and pays absolutely nothing. On the incredibly small (to the point of being statistically irrelevant) chance that this makes us rich then you will succeeded in a big way….

        1. Captain Saveahoe would be great but, of course, not my invention.
          I invented the Italian Super here Super Satz and his arch nemesis the Gabba Ghoul but I am not sure that people who aren’t from the north east with an Italian background will ever appreciate how funny that is.

        2. Soppressata is an Italian dry salami that morons pronounce “supersatz” just like “Gabba Ghoul” is just how idiots pronounce Capocollo. The cartoon would be based around Italian vowel dropping syndrome where Italians in the north east drop the vowel from the end of letters. The Gabba Ghoul has been going around stealing all the vowels (like from prosciutto and manicotti so they get pronounce pro shoot and manigawt) and Super Satz is trying to stop him and save the world from losing its vowels.

        3. That sounds like a really, really small niche market that you’re targeting there, man. Heh.

        4. Correct!
          PS Allo Allo is one of my favorite shows of all time. I think I know dozens of episodes by heart.

        5. that’s why the interwebs are so cool. Yes, a small niche of people who are surrounded by Italian stereotypes. But locally, for me, this would get a lot of laughs and, if put on line, it doesn’t need to find a big market just a lot of little ones.

        6. To this day Allo Allo has the record, in my opinion, for the best named character. The head waitress at the Café that Renee is always fooling around with (YOU STUUUUUPPPPIIIIDDDD WOMAN!) was named Yvette Carte-Blanche

        7. ha, and the other waitress renee was always banging was “Mimi Labonq” lol. Now I have to watch every episode of this show.

        8. That may be, I certainly can’t think of any better off the top of my head, maybe some of the Life of Brian characters?
          Britcoms made up a disproportionate amount of my childhood: Are You Being Served, Fawlty Towers, Mr. Bean, ‘Allo ‘Allo, Last of the Summer Wine, Keeping up Appearances, The Brittas Empire, Red Dwarf, The Thin Blue Line, Monty Python, Good Neighbors, Vicar of Dibley, Bless Me Father, and My Hero.
          When it comes to humor, I’ve a special fondness for all these classics.

        9. btw Sue Hodge, the actress that played the hot and sexy French waitress Mimi Lebonq is a fucking cow now. Time was not her friend.

        10. Yup. Just wait until you see the riddler like character…the GabbaDeal. He is always trying to bargain. Lets gabba deal!

  7. I do not believe feminism has won. Perhaps for the blue pill cuck males but for any man worth his salt that hasn’t fallen for the lie of modern sexual politics feminism should not bother them, it has poisoned the well for sure, but it is up to those men to pursue their destiny by other means.
    Once they have the knowledge from the manosphere, whatever form it takes, they can use that knowledge to navigate life in western countries and suck the marrow from the bone. Fed up with degenerate western women? Make fun of them and then move onto a more bountiful well with clean drinking water. Women getting hired ahead of you? Get a job in a different field dominated by men, construction, etc. Become location and wage independent. There are plenty of articles here and other sites to help the newcomer.
    In my life I can’t say I’m slaying it but I’m not married and no kids and don’t plan on it with a poisoned western woman. I am in the midst of improving myself in mind and body. I can retire in 5 or 6 years if I want. Presently I am looking at different avenues to secure income for the future so I can travel more often. Not there yet, almost debt free, but I’ll be there soon. MAGA…….

    1. Out of curiosity, how would you define “won”
      Also, I think your advice is spot on. Complaining about something (even when it is a valid complaint) does absolutely nothing to make the situation better. Instead of complaining just do something to change the situation. Sitting around and bitching that life is not fair is not a thing for men to do.

      1. I should have clarified that “won” is subjective. If you are a male cuck feminism seems like a valid point of view and has “won” the argument. To the enlightened male it is just another silly subject like “wimmins studies”.

        1. I think they have won over most western countries, and time is limited to find true masculine independence, and freedom before the screws are tightened down more..
          I use the analogy that the hot/easy women are like fish on the beach as the water recedes before a tsunami…

  8. “woman can even speak out against feminism and still hold equalist views that correspond to feminism; they are not necessarily our allies. At best, they may be genuine about fighting against the 21st century feminists who are censoring others while instigating an anti-male culture. But at worst, they are merely playing a game to garner male attention for their own ends.”
    I call this Cherry picking. At minimum 90% of women do this. They don’t want to associate with the harshness of 3rd wave feminism, but gladly accept all the skewed benefits in their favor – which we all know are ultimately at the cost of men – thus, the “sleeping with the enemy” addage reveals itself.
    How many men and women are married, lay down at night and sleep side-by-side, kids in tow, where the man is either brain washed into a feminist-supporting mindset (cherry picked by his wife), or carries on as a slave to the reproductive process laid out by the government police state, and just takes his lumps until he’s dying in a retirement home of a regretful life?

    1. “They don’t want to associate with the harshness of 3rd wave feminism, but gladly accept all the skewed benefits in their favor”
      I don’t think so. If the side effect of 3rd wave feminism is men hating women, that’s not in our favour. If more and more men start seeing women as they see these feminists then where does that leave decent women who don’t hold such harsh views? And if the reponse is AWALT, then that’s what I’m talking about. It’s sad that men make comments like some idiot above who posted that all women are disposable. If that attitude is the result of 3rd wave feminism, that’s sad for decent women. But hopefully that guy is just bat shit crazy and his view has nothing to do with feminism.

  9. Feminism (the movement) will die, but we’ll be left with a soft version of feminism that will be strongly defended.

  10. Exercise caution and don’t cast too wide a net. AWALT when it comes to biological programming and such, but it doesn’t necessarily hold outside of those boundaries. Some women genuinely reject equalism and feminism. I have first hand met women who believed:
    a) Women should not be allowed to vote
    b) Women are terrible managers/bosses
    c) A woman’s place is in the home, not the board room
    d) Men and women are different and in no ways equal
    e) Men should be the leader in a relationship
    f) Women should not do men’s work, and men should not try to do women’s work
    They’re out there. Rare as hens teeth, but still, they exist. As noted in the article, watch actions and not words.

        1. I do not soil women, sir. I elevate them to great heights of social status simply through my acquaintance. When I am with a woman, she is automatically promoted to the cosmic role of Queen over all women, through association with me. When I leave her she is filled with a profound sense of loss combined with a touch of pride at having obtained such an amazing feat.
          Thus as it was, is, and shall ever be, forever and ever. Amen.

        2. When I say something, I intend for it to remain said.

      1. actually there are a lot of them that fir GOJ’s description. There is a girl who is a part owner of a little bakery near me with her husband. They are in their late 20’s. Amazing bakery, best stuff in the world. I have become friendly with them. She basically likes to bake and doesn’t want to be bothered with all the “businessey” stuff. So she bakes and talks to customers and smiles a lot and the machinery of running a business is totally foreign to her. This leaves her incredibly happy and a good role model for the girls who go in there.

      2. Let me expand.
        Yes. E, F and D belong to a young fitness model of my acquaintance who is 32 years old, as well as another much younger fitness model that I knew (who sadly, moved away) who is 23. A and B I’ve heard from girls in their mid 20’s, usually married and stay at home moms. D I’ve heard from countless women from many different age ranges.

        1. that’s interesting.
          Do you think there is a correlation between outer and inner beauty.
          And do you think this could be corrupted if they moved to LA or NYC?

        2. I’m certain that moving to a city and staying there for any length of time will corrupt a girl (and man) in regards to feminism.

      1. what does being a fan of the D&E abortion method make a difference?

    1. Yep, always be cautious and remember the true nature of women when evaluating anything. I think more often than not it will lead to the truth rather quickly.

      1. One of the RoK essential truths is female hypergamy and while there’s some truth to that, if women were entirely rational creatures we wouldn’t be having these discussions.
        Women are creatures of style (this is how they improve their looks to attract men, provided they haven’t been contaminated by feminist culture to make themselves ugly to impress other women) and sometimes they get ahead of themselves. Young women often marry or hook up with the guy who gives them the shallow baubles or “game” and later divorce him when he turns out to be worthless as a beta provider. Young, later reliable alphas like to play the field when they’re young and not settle down.
        So the true nature of women is that they’re impetuous OR hyper-cautious. They’ll take the ultra safe road OR act amazingly dumb when they think they can get away with it. This is precisely why they shouldn’t be allowed to vote.
        Most men are wimps by their nature (the herd of betas) which makes them useful as providers and builders of our modern civilization (for as long as it lasts, anyhow). The first thing a comfortable western civilization did was allow the rogue alphas to architect the teardown.

      1. I’d expect that of a Paki girl actually (I’m assuming that she’s Muslim). I was talking more in relation to American women.

        1. every single indian woman I have dated (and there have been maybe 3 or 4) has been totally fucking bat shit crazy.

        2. Thankfully, I knew a few that weren’t but the one that I did meet who was, Jesus was she batshit. All I remembered was her saying she found it problematic when a white person said the word Master and equally problematic to be called a feminist. More than enough for me to decide there were better choices to sleep with.

        3. I haven’t dealt with any of that stupid race shit. The ones I have known have been in and around the fashion industry so most of what they said was blah blah blah shoes, blah blah blah champagne, blah blah blah dresses.
          One I know and every few months hook up with owns a mens shoe company. Totally nuts.

        4. Although india and pakistan are ethnically similar, there are big differences. There was the famous case of the brother killing the sister, who was known as the kardashian of pakistan cuz she posted whore selfies on facebook. They don’t put up with feminist stuff. But it was also the fault of the father and the brother for not taking care of her and bringing her up right in the first place.

        5. the thing is: religion is still a strong factor in Pakistan. I really hate myself for saying it, but sharia is a good antidote to feminism.
          That Qandeel Baloch girl you are talking about… well while I condemn the honour killing, she wasn’t a good role model either and acted more slutty than most western women. I might be wrong on the latter, since I refuse to listen to pop music and thus have no exposure anymore to that toxicity, but this music video speaks for itself:

        6. that’s because they are even more corrupted by narcissism and consumerism I guess. That bollywood stuff is all about putting women on pedestals – thus expanding their already gigantic egos. A clear difference with the coke studio from pakistan that tackles philosophical issues from sufism, i.e. the type of islam without the sharia crap.

        7. I don’t listen to that stuff either, but when I went to an amusement park, there were tvs scattered about showing music videos. I was shocked at the trashiness displayed, and when I mentioned it to my brother he laughed and said the other mainstream stuff was way worse. I have a friend that works with children and the stuff they talk about…this widespread sluttiness is destroying any semblance of innocence, regardless of age. This isn’t a simply a matter of mens rights, or even a civil rights issue. It is a matter of human rights, and the barrier between human and animal is closing fast. I don’t even see these people as women; they are simply inhuman scum masquerading as human beings.

    2. Have to agree though I’ve usually only see this type back home in the rural spaces, hardly ever in a major city and felt as though it was an act more than anything in those few cases.

      1. I’ve mentioned this before, but it seems to me that a majority of ROK authors, and manosphere authors in general, are big city types. Their viewpoints are valid insofar as their own surroundings are concerned, but apply less generally to the areas outside of big cities. That’s just the impression I get most of the time, anyway.

        1. While I agree, let’s not over glamorize the country either (lest all the assholes move there and ruin it). There are still plenty of sluts and feminists out there. Just a MUCH better chance of having any one woman you run into not being one. Being a rabid feminist in the country is about as common as being a traditional/virginal woman living in a city. It happens, but it’s few and far between.

        2. I do have to start guarding against promoting flyover country too much in front of city slickers.
          So boys, I take it all back. We’re all bumpkins who can just barely cipher, and we don’t know nuttin’ about nuttin’! In fact, if you come out here there’s a fair chance that you’re going to be raped by pig farmers and taken out behind the barn and used as a target for archery practice. So stay away!

        3. Much better. 😉
          It’s OK, most of the men (not here, but in general) would make it a month in the country before they’d realize that they aren’t, in fact, men. The amount of “man work” that needs to be done in the country is just astounding and most of it’s dangerous and hard. Sure, you can hire someone to cut/plant trees, tend cattle/horses/etc, but you better be really fucking rich. Cause the country boys who live there don’t take kindly to idiot city slickers moving in without a fucking clue of how to do shit. Well, that’s not exactly true, most of the people I know in the country would be happy to show you how to do it, but won’t tolerate “I’m afraid of chain saws” from another man. Shit’s dangerous/hard, get used to it or GTFO.

        4. That’s actually a very accurate summary.
          There’s a man out in the area where I own property who lost a leg in farm machinery a few decades back, and further, was born cursed with a semi-serious case of stuttering. Dude refuses to take a cent of government money or charity, and instead makes a living going from property to property offering to clean up any wooded lots and haul out all the scrap metal. He does this for free, on the condition that he can keep the scrap, which he then sells to places that take scrap metal. Makes a decent living at it. The reaction of the locals to him is loaded with praise and accolades, as he represents the living embodiment of “can do, will do” that they live by every single day.

        5. People who make sweeping generalizations by classifying others as country or city slicker are morons usually trying to act like Mr Rural imo. It’s 2016, if you own a horse, youre the fucking idiot. They have no use any longer, unless youre Amish. I like that documentary “Happy People,” about Russian bush folk.

        6. You’re always mad at everybody. Lighten up Francis.
          And I don’t own a horse. Although I may well buy some chickens next year, for the eggs you see. Believe it or not, there are still people out here who have what we call “farms” and who raise what are known as “animals”. Weird, right? All those posers!

        7. You must have caught me in the midst of pre-lunch anger purging. Chickens kick ass and deserve more credit, and GASP all you need is a yard cowboy, so even a gat dayum city slicker can raise ’em. Eggs are such a great food and I get great satisfaction from a $5 bird I chuck up in my rotisserie (oh and Im so country here in Tucson that you can bet it’s charcoal to boot yee hah). I have plenty of family who raise animals and have great produce on their land, but they dont go around blasting Randy Travis and spouting off about how rural they are. Crafty, wise bastards are just that whether theyre countryside or sitting in a high rise. Kinda like how bikers with junk Harleys and hillbillies in their lifted Chevy’s are more often than not huge posers.

        8. Dude, you can raise chickens in a Brazilian slum…dont pump the volume on the Garth Brooks just yet.

        9. I loath Travis. This is a forum, we talk about who and what we are. It’s how things work on a social site. I wouldn’t expect that I’d walk around to my neighbors and explain my business to them, just like your relatives don’t.

    3. “They’re out there. Rare as hens teeth, but still, they exist. ”
      I’m assuminf GOJ that these women you met are in Ohio. Another reason Ohio is scoring higher for me, thanks GOJ.

      1. Point B I’ve heard in many places, not just Ohio. But the rest, yeah, all locals, give or take.

    4. Didn’t realize it until I read your post, but my wife actually checks off several of those (and she’s been a big city girl her whole life). Aside from counting myself lucky, she’s also noticed how ridiculous feminism has been and how negative it’s affected everything it touches.

      1. When it comes to allies, too many unmarried women use “anti feminism” as a way to get lots of thirsty beta orbiters to boost their ego. Remember the feminist activist youtuber is crowded when Beyonce calls herself a feminist. Why compete for male attention with Beyonce when a woman can call herself a men’s rights activist.
        I make youtube videos or used to when I had the time to get the plight of my hometown Taiz besieged in a warzone out in the news. Doing youtube videos is like pulling teeth for me but I do what I can to help the war effort. Married women are not as likely to attention whore, but lots of single anti feminist bloggers are there for attention whoring and in practice live the same kind of life as a feminist.

        1. From what I’ve read of your posts, you seem to be doing us a favor.
          Thank you.

    5. Once these women were the majority, either de facto or de jure, this means either by just accepting it or by complying it. Today most women support feminism due to compliance, it is the cool thing to do, that will earn them friends and attention.
      In the older times for the women who did not comply to their biological insticts, were shamed to oblivion, for some reason in the Anglo world that stoped sometime between 1800 1950 to drastically shame women who wanted to go against the natural.

        1. That’s because all the [[protestant preachers]] were fighting for prohibition and realized they couldn’t get it through unless they got votes for the women’s temperance movements.
          womens suffrage: 1919
          prohibition: 1920

      1. Heck, most of the men I know are beta wimps so it’s hard to fault the women for going along with the herd.

        1. Thank you. I’ve been married before and I don’t think I will do it again. I also know plenty of married women who go to work, take care of the kids, take care of the house, and support a husband who won’t work. OMG! A lot of those guys out there. I don’t know why women stay with them.

        2. Define “plenty” and under what circumstances. Feminists were crowing that there was an upswing in the count of “househusbands” who “don’t work” and it turned out the men were retired or disabled living on a pension.
          In other words, this is like John McCain dumping his hospital bed stricken wife for his mistress because she “wasn’t working”.
          That being said, I have a friend whose lovely and smart and married to a guy whose not the brightest or hardest working guy on the block but he’s HANDSOME (a “trophy” husband) and she knew what she was getting into from the beginning (she had to drive him home from dates because he was hung over.) When this happens with men, we’re held fully accountable and rightly so I think. I wonder how many women use these guys as a way to generalize that all men are lazy at home or haven’t earned it.
          Sexism aside (ok, I never put it aside :-), I have two friends who met their wives at bars and they otherwise appeared normal but one was an alcoholic who didn’t do squat at home and the other was a pillbilly. Again, even though I don’t think these guys were especially reckless, they are honest about how they got themselves into the situation.
          All that being said, women claimed they wanted those bigger paychecks in the name of “equality” and then find excuses to forget their pocketbook on dates and demand that men prove their worthiness as breadwinners while trying to fidget around the housewifery duties. During the 90’s, I dated tons of aging spinsters who said they were “traditional but modern” with all the goodies for them, and the men getting the pits (to paraphrase an Erma Bombeck novel title). I pointed out to them, as one adult to another, that this simply wasn’t realistic and their attitude was that other women had gotten lucky so they would wait it out.
          I don’t blame them entirely. Many men wanted women to be more, er, sl*tty and didn’t mind the cultural rot. Plenty to go around. That being said, there is no excuse for someone who has opportunities that some third worlder would kill for (literally) then turning around and claiming they’re helpless victims. I am raising my daughter to be more empowered than that regardless of the culture she’s in.
          Finally, in answer to your last statement, I think women stay with them for the same reasons men stay with such women: laziness (why do we eat junk food instead of cooking better? Oh, easy answer) or the person used to be hot or it’s hard to get rid of them. And sometimes, the person isn’t entirely worthless!
          That trophy husband I mentioned above turned out to be great with his children and rather charming in his own way. And he’s still handsome. And he’s not an entirely bad guy. Lots of people on this earth can’t make a living or are lazy but still have something to offer. Just being philosophical.

        3. I went to a church were I’d say 40% of them always had a reason for not having a job. Were I work I had 5 female friends and two of them had deadbeat husbands. I have two neighbors and one of them has a husband who is a fat pig who won’t get a job or even make a decent house husband. My dad was that way. His kids would get up at 3:30 in the morning and go milk cows, go to school. come home and milk cows. As a side note, man or women, I am amazed at the number of people who can’t change a flat tire.
          On the other hand I know women who do absolutely nothing all day. Not even housework. I have a sister-in-law that is like that. I have a nephew with a wife like that.
          The bottom line is there are lazy jerks in both genders. It is a matter of preference if you want to put up with them. Me personally, I don’t have much sympathy for women today who play victim. Now there are some true victims, but take for example those Trump women, don’t run around playing sex goddess and then get pissed because some guy slobbers all over you. The lady on the plane; she refused to open her mouth and tell him to stop it. She herself was feeding bad behavior. I do believe women are their own worst enemy when it comes to how men treat them.
          The problem I have with you women haters is that I am glad we have had a feminist revolution. It means I don’t have to be married to support myself, it means I don’t have to be married at all if I don’t want to, it means I don’t have to take whatever crap my man would dish out, it means I can work in a field that is male dominated if I want to. It might be harder to break in, but I can if I want to put up with the s h i t to get there. Is it fair I have to put up with that? No. But than what in life is fair? Male or female, I don’t really care what you think, and for any female today who poo poos the women’s revolution of yonder day, they are idiots because they have them to thank for their ability to choose how submissive they want to be today. Are there problems with so-called feminist today? Sure. Most of their behavior has nothing to do with women’s equality. Most are using feminism as a crutch for their bad behavior and their nothing-is-off-limits lifestyle. Not to mention their own failures in life.

        4. First off, as a “woman hater”, I’ve been married 12 years, have a 6 month old daughter, and a 7 year old female cat (ok, she doesn’t count) but also an informal friend of the Swiss “girls” club (none younger than 65). It’s an interesting paradox that “women hating” anti-feminists seek compromise and healthy relationships with women most of the time. Feminists claimed to have fought against Patriarchy (which is laughable) while (most) anti-feminists are truly engaged in a battle against idealogues, not gender.
          Which leads me to your point about the feminist revolution giving women the option to avoid being married and “supporting themselves”. What A Joke. Men know that independance is about as real as a Disney cartoon. Going to work means dealing with unreasonable people on a daily basis. “Feminism” didn’t create the comfy, professional workplace that suits a minority of top earners. It was the patriarchal civilization that did that (think of this when you turn on your faucet or flip a light switch). Yeah, I know some women contributed but if it wasn’t for beta working men, you’d be living in a grass hut with half of your kids starving to death. My wife trusts me more than any other person other than her father (and since he’s elderly, she is now his caregiver). The Patriarchy offered (most) women what modern women now seek out of politicians, cutthroat workplace politics, and frenemies.
          In the long run, feminism HARMED those women who chose to be “self-sufficient” by being dupes of the left, causing a massive welfare state that initially paid women to breed poverty, but now is a tool of non-western patriarchies to invade. Leftists such as Hillary Clinton take massive donations from Sharia law proponents. A working class man (or woman) of 50 years ago could easily support a household and often did (such as widows). Now, living standards have declined partly (but not entirely) due to feminism.
          This segways (I don’t want to reuse the word “leads”) into MGTOW Men Going Their Own Way or slackers you may have observed. You mentioned churches and farms which leads me to suspect that this is a phenomenon you observed perhaps in a rural setting? It’s interesting how this mirrors the inner cities and spectrum of modern American life. Men are not a “renewable” resource like sunshine that feminists could assume would magically produce more wealth as it was sucked away. It’s more like a forest and feminists clearcut it down. Yeah, some men have always been worthless but most weren’t. Feminism made this a lot worse.
          Fortunately, I wasn’t one of the victims and neither was my wife. But that was due to a sheer force of will on my part. Because I was an anti-feminist, I wasn’t a loser.
          Sorry if that got too long.

        5. I think you are mistaking feminism with pandering and passing the buck. I also don’t understand how independence is a joke, and that men understand that? I don’t have a man to support me. I don’t have a government that supports me. You want to make this a ‘us vs. them’ thing. It is not. Women should have the same rights as men. I don’t understand how that is a problem. There are losers from both genders. Want to blame a women for getting pregnant and living off the government? How about all those dads who pay nothing to raising their children? You want to give men a pass because the woman is responsible for getting pregnant? Takes two. As for all the benefits they get, both men and women vote for that to happen. Men lawmakers have always been the majority. They vote for this stuff.

        6. I’m being philosophical. Except for those of us who become fabulously wealthy or have great skills (such as a pro-baseball player), the rest of us are largely beggars in our lives. It’s a reason why I’m such a frugal person: Having a savings cushion is “f-you” money. It gives me the ability to walk away from abusive bosses or customers while taking a financial hit, but at least I have a place to sleep and eat.
          In answer to your first question, it reveals the fundamental flaw of feminism and “independence” of women: “Want to blame a woman for getting pregnant and living off the government”. It’s phrased as if the woman is a lost deer in the forest. It’s men who make the laws or get women pregnant and in the end, the Patriarchy is in charge. And… I agree with you on that. I regard feminism as an illusion or a tool of set of the elite. Not much more than that.
          Let’s hop back to your claim that women should have the same rights as men. Being different, this is impossible. Consider the “right to choose” and get an abortion. Men have little need for such a right since men don’t get pregnant, of course. Apart from obvious biology, there’s sociobiology. Post-feminism has demonstrated that even when women have equal rights to men, they still want men to live up to traditional roles. This is not only unfair, but also economically unsustainable. Certainly you don’t want to “understand” this. Who does? It’s like telling a room full of people that, on average, some will be losers and some will be winners and everyone in the room thinks they in the winner crowd. Women cannot have all the benefits of the patriarchy with none of the disadvantages.
          I’m glad you responded because there’s a point I wanted to revisit which is that feminist supporters say that it gives women “independence” from men which is great, for women who dislike men (man hating feminists) but for normal women, this is not a benefit. The economic impact as I mentioned above harms men and ultimately most normal women as well. It’s a movement that suits a minority of women and, therefore, is anti women.
          Finally, regarding the concept of women squeezing out babies that they just happened to get pregnant with. It’s a wonderful example of self-centered thinking. Abortion rights means a woman’s body is hers to do with, until she wants the state to pay for it, and if she wants the baby then the man is suddenly expected to be forced to pay the bill to be “responsible”, but she can go on welfare, of course, if she’s lazy and breed a future gang banger. Oh, and she should be proud to be independent which appears to be doing as she pleases while men, and ultimately responsible women as well, pay the tab.
          Really, an alleycat has better scruples.
          Again, for the record, I’m the proud father of a 6 month old with a woman I’ve been to for 12 years who treats me with respect and vice-versa. If “independant” women want men to stick around, then treat men with respect. What a radical notion! That men are people and the world doesn’t owe oneself a living. That’s not equality, that’s just being a decent human being.

        1. Well, purely from the official and technical perspective, it’s not so much about the correct answer as what people want to see. Or rather: What search results are from the most ‘reputable’ sources. Of course, reputable is not determined intellectually, but mathematically, depending on links, popularity, content, etc.
          Now, considering that there is a lot of reporting going on about Hillary and less about Trump (when it comes to positive stuff), this is the result I would expect.
          But I bet my ass Google does a lot of manipulating as well.

        2. Well, I appreciate the gesture, but when you do such a meme, you can always choose to take the picture that suit your particular narrative. I bet you can do pretty much the same kind of meme the other way if you put in some work.

        3. I agree with you, but just for experiment’s sake on google’s credibility, please google: “european people art” it simply shows how much skewering of the truth happens even if you just follow a simple rule, millenial woes did 2 videos about it and it is something that hit every search engine.
          Here are the videos:

        4. Interesting. I don’t know who most of these chicks are, but if you cross Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Carrie Prejean together, you’d come out with a pretty good representation of what my wife looks like, give or take. Lots of similar features on both. Hmmm…..
          Unsurprisingly, my wife is an avid Trump supporter. Coincidence?

        5. These tends to even stand in Greece, girls enrolled in leftists organization tend at best to be mediocre or what we say here shrimp-women (when eating fresh shrimps the head is discarded), this means nice body ugly head. If a girl is enrolled on anything that can be considered traditional (like trad dances) or rightst organization they tend to be better over-all.

        6. I think it is a known correlation. The people drawn to Leftist politics tend to show traits of mentally illness and are personally misearable.

        7. I’m all about conservative values being better than liberal (no questions asked), but this meme could easily be reproduced in reverse with making the democratic females the hotties, and the republicans the trolls.
          And must I remind you that ALL of these so called conservative women on the left of the meme ARE leftist feminists. They are all career women or held public office. They are not stay at home moms and I bet non of them would support removing the female right to vote. Although I can’t prove that last point. And some of them might have stayed home for a short couple of years, but still, they are career women at heart.

        8. Shrimp Women! Awesome,
          here we call it ‘butter face’… meaning everything, BUT her face.
          I agree with your observations. The left wingers tend to be less attractive, have unusual hair styles, piercings, tatoos, unhealthy weights, and overall be less attractive than conservative women.
          A Trump rally is the perfect environment to observe this: the women inside the rally are generally more feminine and attractive compared to the purple haired hambeasts, dried up cat ladies, Slut walk leaders, and white knighting manlets smelling of patchouli and body odor.

        9. Not quite a fair comparison though. It’s like Trump in the media. They tend to choose the worst pictures of him, and the meme does the same but with the democrats.

      1. IMO women should stay out of politics altogether, and should not have an opinion one way or the other at least in a normal election race.
        In this case I could extend some leniency if they prefer Trump by virtue of him being a man.
        But in general women have the equivalent competence in politics as a born and bred bushman/bantu has in integrated circuit design.

        1. Sadly it seems that upwards of 90% of women seem incapable of rational arguments or thought when pressed or confronted with an opportunity to virtue-signal.
          The most recent debate showcased this, as Hillary repeatedly and almost exclusively used emotional ‘arguments’ against Trump’s policy statements and facts (like Molyneux says “not an argument”).
          And it was working with the female audience. Even Trump supporting women can fall for the feelz.
          Trump points out Hillary’s crimes and problems with status quo policies, Hilary retaliates with “he’s a meany-head” or some other equally inane and irrelevant emotional statement.
          Because he’s “literally Hitler”.

        2. “90% of women seem incapable of rational arguments” I thought about this when I was a child. I had 2 crazy sisters and a lunatic mother. They spent decades changing my mind.
          Today, I have 2 miserable crazy sisters and a miserable lunatic for a mother. Full circle

        3. The more knowledge/education they have the more miserable they are. Women are generally the happiest and most manageable when they are ignorant, barefoot, dependent on their husband and surrounded by a brood of their own children to keep them busy. Just look at the Mormons and the Amish, no feminism there.

        4. Was a catchy comment on here a long time ago that said something like “a woman’s political opinion is a fart in a hurricane.”

      1. Indeed they were. Some of the most vocal critics of the suffragettes were other women. And they made great points against the entire blasphemous call for women’s voting rights.

        1. I am most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of ‘Women’s Rights,’ with all its attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent, forgetting every sense of womanly
          feelings and propriety. Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were woman to ‘unsex’ themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings and would
          surely perish without male protection.

      2. The women against right to vote assumed they’d be subject to the draft and other unpleasant requirements men faced.
        Of course none of that occurred. They have right to vote without facing same requirements. Men in the US cannot even get student loans without registering for the Selective Service.

    6. Agreed. I am a bit disturbed about the rejection of useful allies in this cultural war. All allies are not equal, and there is a place for female anti-feminists (mainly as a gateway to the red pill), and we should surely call out the disingenuous ones.
      We need to start viewing this cultural war…as a war. And in a war, you need allies. Sometimes they make you puke, and sometimes they run off and do shit that is beneficial to their country but not the whole allied cause. But in every single war in history where two or more nations were allied, this happened. What made the difference is whether or not there was a strong man (usually a general or a king) that could hold the alliance together and keep the various members in their place and working toward a common goal.
      However, we should only make alliances that are beneficial to us strategically or tactically. Never out of a sense of fairness or goodwill. But to do this, we need to be the strongest kid on the block: we need funding, messaging, organization and some good PR advice. The left didn’t win the cultural war simply because they believed they were right (otherwise the hippies would have won by 1970). They needed massive amounts of coordination, political allies and the patience to see their goals through the hard (right) way.
      We are fools if we do not do the same and approach this from the perspective that this is a war, we lost in the 70s or 80s, and we’d better step up our game, organization and funding.
      Otherwise, we’re just a bunch of intellectuals talking about shit on the internet. We are “slacktivists” who think a disqus post or an RoK article will make the difference.

    7. They are pretty common among the women in “extreme” right circles. Problem is, there are ten guys for every woman.

    8. I have met a few women like you describe and surprise, surprise, all of them were capable of using logic and reason. Note, they were either engineers by profession or Aspies.

    9. Commenting on an abortion article:
      Me: Stay away from American women. They will kill or kidnap your baby.
      Feminist: If men are concerned a woman will abort their child, they should only marry women who do not believe in abortion.
      Me: So, you believe if a man marries a woman based on her promise not to abort their child, she cannot later change her mind and do so?
      Feminist: No! A woman can always choose. She always has the right to change her mind.
      As long as the feminist state and its man hating laws exist, AWALT is 100% without exception.
      As long as women vote, the feminist state will exist.
      There is no way out except repeal the 19th and institute a new patriarchy. If you want a real relationship, wife, family, leave the west. No exceptions.

    10. Yes, they are out there. I recently dated a girl who believed a woman’s place is at home taking care of the kids. She was very critical of women who wanted to do men’s jobs. All the time she would say, “Why would a woman want to do that? I have no desire what so ever. I am perfectly content staying in the back.” She also said, “A woman should be an emotional supporter of the family.” This chick was a babe. And surprise surprise, she loved her dad more than life itself. She took very good care of herself with diet and exercise, she is a Trump supporter, she despised social justice causes and she’s church goer.
      Also recently saw a girl who had a bumper sticker, “A woman’s place is in the kitchen, not the White House.” I pulled up to take a look. Cute young blonde girl, looked to be about 25. I was shocked.
      Rare, but they’re out there.

    11. I am anti feminist who is quite serious about mra issues.
      I think the cat is out the bag in terms of women working and playing a certain role in society. Unless we have a major disaster or war or huge collapse, women wont give up their place in the working that quickly.
      However, as a mum I notice that fellow mums most of the time, do not give that much of a shit about their jobs after having a baby and mostly resent having to go back. My
      Conclusion is that once women have children they are hardly interested in their career at all. Some will have a higher purpose with a job, but most dont give a shite.
      They are just doing it for the money and to save face.
      As for voting, I personally would prefer a minarchist pr even anarchist society, so Im not down for voting for anyone really. In a minarchist society Id happily let men do the voting as all theyd be voting for was a military general and men are usually best placed to know how hard and strategic another alpha can be over women.
      I think that in our current climate women should have the vote as long as they have to sign up for draft too.

  11. “Are you mad that I treated you like a woman, or that I treated you like a man? ”
    One of the best lines of the new Jack Reacher movie.

    1. This movie is causing me grief. I love the genre but can’t watch another movie where Tom Cruise plays a tough guy. On the commercial he punches clear through the drivers side window of a car with enough force to then punch out the driver.
      Tom Cruise as Jack Reacharound is just not going to fly for me. Maybe I will read the book instead.

      1. “..can’t watch another movie where Tom Cruise plays a tough guy.”
        Preach it! I get tired of his old 5’7″ self punchinig out guys half his size. I don’t think I ever sat through a whole showing of any of his M.I. movies.

        1. I saw the first one in the theater but never saw it again or any of the others. I have made a vow that if I ever see Tom Cruise I am going to punch him right in the face and see just how tough he is.

        2. The only one worth seeing is the second one, and that’s only due the fact John Woo directed it (not many directors can do what he does with action scenes), but there are many better alternatives for that without Cruise or hollowood scripts, most starring Chow Yun Fat.

        3. Please, I have no time for misdirected woo…..which is all films directed by John Woo.

    2. I cant believe this exchange from the first one:
      Reacher: “Im sorry, but I cant afford you.”
      Girl: “Im not a prostitute.”
      R: “Well, in that case, I really cant afford you.”

  12. I say no. I believe that women are just not calling themselves feminists because of all the negativity associated with it.
    I was suspicious from the get-go.
    I did see a few who made statements about having a husband, family, etc or similar (along with not hating men) but for the majority I can’t trust women’s collective motives enough to buy into some new movement.
    Especially when you start asking, “What’s in it for them?” “Why would they do this now, and not before?”
    Good article. Thanks.

  13. A local reporter in Conn. wrote an article on yoga pants; they shouldnt be worn in public unless you are 20 yrs old or younger. Guess what happened? You got it- women of all ages show up in yoga pants outside of his house. It would be amazing if we could get people to protest for something more substantial, no?

    1. I would say you could wear yoga pants in public as long as you are in shape and under 35. But if it is going to be older than 30 you have to REALLY be in fucking shape.
      Did you ever see the CEO of lululemon when some fat bitch made complaints that her yoga pants broke and her straight out said that his clothing wasn’t for fat chicks.
      I have worn lululemon gear at the gym ever since. That is called voting with your money.

        1. I love their tank tops and their work out shorts. But yes, I do wear their yoga pants when I do yoga, their yoga speedo things when I do hot yoga and their compression pants on heavy leg days.

        2. I remember the first time I heard some guy tell me he was going to get a pedi-mani. This was back around 1993 or so. He was all proud of how “enlightened” he was and shit, and I just looked at him and asked, directly “So…you’re gay?”
          He was not amused.

        3. You can call it gay all you want…I love my mani pedi. I go every week and absolutely have a blast. I meet loads of chicks there, have a little Asian girl clean my feet like I’m jesus and I leave all nice and neat…even get a massage at the end.

        4. those work. Truthfully, the compression pants that lulu makes that are tight like the way you think of yoga pants are great for your quads when deadlifting heavy.

        5. ha. I don’t mind. When I am healthy and doing heavy dead lift days I don’t think a lot of guys are walking over to me while I have 10 plates on a bar to make fun of my pants. I also have compression wear socks. I love compression stuff. Plus, I like giving the cardio bunnies something to look at.

        6. You can call it gay all you want

          Indeed sir, I can.

        7. getting a pedicure is one of lifes little pleasures for me. Plus, I like having nice feet. Think of it, you sit in a big massage chair with a book while some little chick washes your feet like jesus, then does your nails and then gives you a foot and calf massage. I am not sure which part of this anyone would find objectionable. They even get on their knees and put my shoes back on for me.

        8. Grow em out like Howard Hughes. Hear em click-clack on the linoleum floor like some two legged dog

        9. It’s like when a guy would come up to the bar I used to work and order a mixed foo foo syrupy drink that only women quaff, and he would have no woman in tow waiting for him to return with it. I’d give him a “Seriously, dude?” look before filling the order.

        10. I do not see the analogy. Nail and skin care and cleanliness is not just for women. Being massaged also not just for women. Relaxing while someone services your baser needs not just for women. I mean, I don’t cut my own hair. Why the hell would I do this myself.

        11. if you want something to laugh about just wait until Polar Bear sundays start and I am out at the beach in my banana hammock and sneakers going for a swim in the ocean

        12. I usually just stuck to basketball shorts. Pain in the ass to keep resetting though.

        13. Massage is fine, getting a massage is a good, but wasn’t under discussion.
          Just different cultures man.
          Hygiene and cleanliness are great. No problems with that. It’s just that out here, guys getting mani-pedis are seen as a bit…off. You kind of expect them to start using the word “Fabulous!” a lot in conversations and to entertain discussions about the new fall purse line from Gucci.
          When my wife says that big city men are “10% female”, she gets a lot of heads nodding in agreement. We just see things differently out here. Where you’re at, I’m certain it’s not seen this way at all (obviously).

        14. remember that jesus loves pedicures.
          Also, all country folk think city people are effeminate. That is what Freud calls reaction formation. You need to shore up your small town psyche by pretending that the alternative is atrocious or face the fact that you live in the middle of nowhere which would cause immediate insanity.

        15. Maybe, but Freud was a quack and most of his theories are bunk. Plus, you know, (((Freud))) and shit.
          It’s not pretending, it’s just a different culture. When you are more or less forced to be far more independent in your daily actions than a city person you tend to form a rather outlook on life and how it’s best lived.
          Consider, generally we don’t have a legion of services catering to our every single need and necessarily have to take up a lot of tasks that city people normally have done for them by others. Alternately, a city person probably has a hard time figuring out why we feel the need to do the ‘baser’ things on our own, since he’s a product of an environment where those things are handled by others as a matter of course.
          What this translates into is a rural person, who prides himself on self reliance, looking at somebody who is waited on hand and foot as somewhat incomplete, especially if the person is a male. Since that kind of thing is a luxury only women do here, it’s natural for the association to be made with men engaging in it as “feminine”. It’s ingrained, nearly hard wired, that you take care of your shit and “don’t ask others for help” if it can be avoided. So I mean hell, if I’m going to drag a deer carcass out of my barn by hand and spend a weekend clearing trees from my property with a chainsaw, I’m not going to have the same view of life as somebody who wouldn’t dream of engaging in such activities. Is this right, wrong or other? I’d say other. The way I live as a rural type would seem utterly alien to you I’m sure.
          Middle of nowhere is quite beautiful this time of year. Heh.

        16. Actually a lot of what Freud has to say is really good stuff. Most of his basic psychiatry and methodology is boarder line leeches for medicine, but a lot of the theories he has regarding society are really smart and generally well regarded.
          As for the rest….meh. Everyone has their sterotypes. Being more reliant on your self for base actions, by the same token, means that you aren’t able to be more fully human and appreciate the loftier things in the world. This would mean that you hicks are more self reliant and us city folks are just smarter. However, that flies in the face of everything I have ever experienced in my life. In the end, as it turns out, their are more than enough faggot wussies in the middle of nowhere and more than enough idiots in the great metropolises to make me believe that it has a lot more to do with your value system then the infrastructure (or lack thereof) you are surrounded with.
          The idea of equating masculinity and femininity on these things strikes me as being just as foolish as pinning intelligence on it. I have known (and consider myself) incredibly self reliant. I have never looked to borrow, I have never asked for favors and, even when it was the hard road, I always took the road where I didn’t have to compromise my own personal set of values or be beholden to someone else. I see a lot of that in people in all walks of life and in all places from the most rural to the most urban and absolutely none of that would be pinned on whether or not someone cuts their own nails or milks their own cow in any way more than I would say that the appreciation for fine art is predicated on living within 100 miles of a proper museum (and no, nothing in ohio counts). It all seems to come down to choices that people make. While your rural type of life would be totally alien and, to be honest, probably abhorrent to me, we still have a strange load of stuff in common. I think this goes towards the weight of the case that these things have more to do with the type of man we chose to be than the atmosphere around us.
          As for it being quite beautiful this time…yes, I year in prose and poem all the time of the beauty of ohio in the fall. I will have to be content living a few blocks away from the Guggenheim and Central Park. HAR!

        17. You know, back a long time ago I made an agreement with the rabbits. I don’t touch their food so long as they don’t touch mine, and it’s worked fine so far.
          I do occasionally eat the rabbits though but that wasn’t mentioned in our agreement ;-).

        18. The idea of equating masculinity and femininity on these things strikes me as being just as foolish as pinning intelligence on it.
          Not foolish at all. It’s simply how people are. I’m intelligent enough (barely) to realize that realistically speaking, you’re nothing even close to effeminate. But I tell you, when I hear of a guy getting a mani-pedi, the automatic reflex is to snigger and come up with a joke that involves, at some level, a reference to homosexuality. Intelligence and maturity informs me that this doesn’t have to be the case, but I tell ya’, that impulse is still triggered regardless, heh.
          I would say that the appreciation for fine art is predicated on living within 100 miles of a proper museum (and no, nothing in ohio counts)
          I know you’re poking a bit in fun. That said, you’d be surprised at the exhibits we have roll through Columbus and the art museum. Big, big names. Sometime even big enough that I’ll take a trip into Cbus and take a gander.
          Ohio in autumn.

        19. I haven’t eaten rabbit in fat too long. With the weather turning I believe I will get some nice fresh rabbits. Thanks for the thought. Meanwhile, eat your vegetables! If you don’t, LiterallyHitler, you will literally be literally hitler literally.

        20. I am taking the piss out of you a bit and I do understand that you have a cultural brainwashing of homophobia that makes you fear things that seem feminine because it may arouse certain, lets say, feelings (sorry, couldn’t resist). That said, I am usually a fan of trying things out and then deciding if I like them or not.
          As for those pictures they are indeed beautiful. That is exactly the kind of place I would like to spend a nice fall afternoon, one time, and then immediately be helicoptered back to civilization.
          In the meantime I will stick to this which is about a 5 minute walk from my apartment.
          https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7e597b1f4f13bb1530c7f17e353b126a5dd3cc7d9a27b1a846a3c618bc294dbe.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1a01fc8613cde013b98a284470ba1cd2be529865e1d4607b8505b949d1d387a8.jpg

        21. Ha! I never said that this was bad or ought not be enjoyed, only that it scares the shit out of me. Neither am I going with our friend on one of his rollercoaster rides. Even though it looks fun I have no desire to publically shit myself

        22. Nah man, you’d love it.
          We’d start the day (in autumn) at 5 am driving to Hocking Hills or thereabout. We’d ditch the pickup truck at the side of the road and light out with our backpacks about 5 miles or so into the woods and make camp somewhere near a rolling stream or creek. Way out in the middle of the woods, where it’s so quiet that it’s nearly startling if you’re used to constant noise. Like, deathly quiet. Set up camp, get the stones circled and fire lit, and then hit the creek and see if we can’t rustle up some fish for dinner.
          Time dusk rolls around, the fish are cooked. We eat, then hang our packs up nearby tree branches, then settle by the fire and drink some Scotch. The woods would be the kind of dark where you can’t see anything outside of the ring of light that the campfire casts. A really intense darkness, if you’ve never experienced it before it’s hard to describe except “lock yourself in a small room with no windows and no lights and try to see your hand in front of your face”.
          When you finally crawl into your tent and get ready to sleep, you’ll of course keep your sidearm nearby, but do try to avoid jumping out of the tent guns blazing, because 9 out of 10 times when you hear things moving outside the tent, it’s probably only raccoons and not, say, a black bear.
          The smell of eggs and bacon cooking the next morning as you wake up shivering in the 35 degree morning though, that makes it all worth it.

        23. HA! I love ya man, but this sounds like punishment to me. Like if I robbed and murdered some nuns this is what they would make me do.

        24. Actually it’s one of the actual real pleasures of autumn to me. I really enjoy being in really quiet places without a trace of civilization around.
          Last time I was out West I took a ride through part of the Rockies. No airplanes in the sky, no sound of cars, no other human beings, just me, the motorcycle and the woods and mountains. I stopped alongside the road in a couple of places and once the motorcycle was shut off the only sound I could hear was my own actual breathing (which is louder than you realize if you’re surrounded by constant noise) and…nothing else. The only break would be if the wind would stir up the trees a bit.
          Love that shit.

        25. Last summer when I was in Jacksonville I had my first encounter with the “boot scootin’ boogie”
          I was in this huge bar with my buddy who was getting married and a few other guys whe the bang announced it was time for the boot scootin boogie
          It was at this point when, without prior collision, like 50 guys wearing painfully tight looking jeans and cowboy hats got up and did an incredibly complicated syncopated line dance.
          You could have knocked me over with a feather. I’d never seen or even heard of anything like this before.
          While at the bar I was standing next to one of these good old boys who was more than a few beers in and he was saying something about me wearing a jacket and a tie to his buddy.
          I interrupted with what is now the famous line “ya know, for a bunch of tough guys you really dance around like a bunch of preening faggots”
          Let’s say that it’s a good thing that my friends were late marine corps types. We made it out with minimal altercation but it was a close call.

        26. The Rockies are truly breathtaking outside of any disagreements about camping. It will convert an atheist to religion in ten seconds flat.

        27. Herd dancing always strikes me as awful. I don’t get it, I don’t wish to participate in it, and I find it the ultimate rebuke of individuality ever created as a dance move.

        28. I saw the Rockies and like the Grand Canyon it doesn’t disappoint.

        29. I have yet to read that. I should probably get on it pretty soon.

        30. I’d wear those running shorts like the dude did in the Eric Pryde Call on Me video with the instructor in the thong leotard doing the pelvic thrusts.

        31. It’s…..ok. It’s worth reading. I mean, it’s good, and the ending is very interesting and unexpected, but the guy rambles inner monologue a lot, and, while that is to be expected, it’s a little overdone. There is very much something to be said for a road trip and nothing to do but drive and talk and think about whatever.

        1. just read the article….I can appreciate his apology “I was honest but I was wrong” which to me says “my point was valid but I should have known the consequences to my shareholders and been more mindful of my duty to them”

        2. What he said to cause all of this isn’t even remotely bad. He was being honest about the product.
          The only thing he forgot was assets + high profile = target.

        3. yup. I really didn’t know he apologized. Basically he said that his clothes weren’t for all body types and that just because a big woman can squeeze into them doesn’t mean she should wear them because when he thighs rub it will ruin the integrity of the pants

      1. Didn’t know they made men’s clothes, but, now that I do; I’m going to be buying some. I remember seeing that comment and loving it, just didn’t realize I had a way to vote with my wallet. 😉

        1. They are pricy for what they are however they are incredibly well made. I have two year old tank tops that look pretty new despite some pretty hard use in the gym. whereas a normal tank top would have been in the garbage by now.

      2. That’s actually a valid tactic. It shorts the “OMG, you’re discriminating against fat women” SJW tenet with the attention-whoring vanity of girls who are not fat, and it disarms the outrage. Hot Topic did that back when they were big; their sizes stopped at like a medium or something. They had a store named Torrid, I think, that everyone called Fat Topic. I think Abercrombie and Fitch (which used to be a fucking gun store back a hundred years ago) does that, too. Contrived elitism.

        1. Yeah, I dated some Abercrombie models (they call the salsa girls models). Fun fact: the gun Hemingway blew his brains out with was from abercrombie and Fitch.
          The problem with the lulu is that because the stretch even fat women CAN squeeze into smaller sizes and that was what was causing the wear and tear.

  14. I would like to give my perspective on what happened to me. I’m a 35 year old female who at a very young age started demanding “equality” and focusing on feminism. I could NOT stand anything that I felt was not inclusive of women. When I was 10, I remember being so irritated that there was a store called “Big & Tall Men” or something similar. As I progressed through high school, I became enraged that men were deciding what women should do with our bodies (abortion) and how dare they as I have a right to my own privacy! This continued on to college. Somewhere along the way, I started to realize that I had been brainwashed. By my family and N.O.W. Starting with my family, they consistently put me down as a child because I was female. I was told I was weaker, less intelligent and that it was ridiculous I should ever do “boy” things. This is what set me off on the wrong track. As a human being (not male or female), if you are treated in such a manner…being told you are less of a person or inadequate in some way, as a small child, you will naturally being to fight back against such injustice. I have since come to realize that I did not have good decent parents trying to raise a confident human being. It really was not about male or female roles at all. It was simply their failure to properly raise a human being. Clearly I can not explain all of their failures and just expect you to trust me on this. Then N.O.W started with all their propaganda about abortion and how it’s the men trying to keep us in place. The absurd ruling of “roe vs wade” being won because of a right to privacy. There was almost no scenario where I believed a woman shouldn’t be able to have an abortion as it was her “right” to “privacy”. Things like this just continued to instill this sense of feminism in me. The movies I would watch were all the same. Man tries to win woman over, she rejects, eventually comes around, he lies, she gets mad and breaks up with him and he spends the rest of the movie trying to win her back over. Damn near every romantic movie is this way and I ate them all up. It’s hard to express the entire culmination of my life that shaped/warped my viewpoints. But I have since realized the brainwashing that happened to me and I wonder how many other women this happened to. I am now vehemently against abortion. I am vehemently against feminism. I feel that men and women are equal as human beings. There are MASSIVE differences between the sexes, but that is all they are, differences. And the difference between the two is why men and women are so right for each other. As a female, I complement my husbands weaknesses and strengths and vce versa. As a general rule, yes, women are better off in the home and providing support to their husbands. I look to my husband for his physical strength. He looks to me for warmth and comfort. This has been such a struggle in my life for me to be able to accept who I truly am and want to be. And that is female. I’ve destroyed many previous relationships trying to be this aggressive man hater. Which just turned into self hatred when yet another relationship failed. All because of trying to resist what I really wanted to be. But these things are a general rule. You are still going to have women who feel more like they are men and vise versa. I feel they are the exception but there is also nothing wrong with that. They are human beings. Let them be/do what it is they want to do. Society shouldn’t be trying to force any rules or regulations on such matters. Particularly our government. The ONLY point of a government is for the defense of the nation as a whole. I do not know why they become embroiled in such domestic issues. Sorry for that huge rambling and not entirely thought out post. I think for myself, I’m going to try to write it all out in a more coherent way so I can get my point across to others that I really feel women, at least my age, have been brainwashed into this kind of thinking.

      1. Well there are..and I am. But I would also like to point out that I ENJOY the privileges I get as a woman. I love that my husband opens doors for me. I love that he is the strong one who protects me. I love that he works his ass off while I keep a home for him. I love that he is the more rational and sensible one so I leave major decisions to his judgement as I am emotional by nature. The benefits women get just by being female are immense. And I feel men would not mind this if women would just accept their roles and give appreciation for these things. There is a lot of hatred in some of these posts and I think it’s justified because of how men have been treated over the years for simply being men.

    1. “and the difference between the two is why men and women are so right for each other”
      Love that! So true. What attracts me most to men is what’s different about them then me. My husband takes more of a leadership role but not in a way that belittles, insults or demeans me. He doesn’t run dumb ass shit tests or dread games or whatever insecure men feel they need to do to be manly. He thinks this site is pathetic and doesn’t understand why I read or post here but he doesn’t “forbid” me from doing so because he’s not threatened by me doing something that he doesn’t have an interest in. I do think men and women are different and that’s why there’s an attraction, one can compliment the other. I would never want a man who acted just like a woman!!

  15. After my father died on Halloween in 2014, age 87, I’ve thought quite a lot about his early life from what I knew about it. I could tell even as a child that he displayed emotional distance from my grandmother when he took me and my sister to see her. And now I think I know why.
    Grandma lived in De Queen Arkansas and came of age in the 1920’s. She adopted that era’s version of feminism, which could reach into small towns in the South even back then. She cut her hair; she learned how to drive; she got a job; and then she divorced my grandfather after they had separated and he took up with a common-law wife in Oklahoma.
    Then she handed Dad off to her parents to rear so that she could “date” again as a single woman, instead of taking care of my father like a responsible mother.
    By the standards of 1930’s Arkansas, that made my grandmother a scarlet woman. Both of Dad’s parents abandoned him in effect, and he always felt closer to his grandparents, the ones who actually took care of him growing up.
    I knew the bits and pieces of this story before Dad died; but now that I’ve put them together in a way that makes sense, and I have an adult’s mind and an adult’s life experience to understand what happened to my father, I can also understand why I feel such a deep revulsion against this abomination called “feminism.” A healthy society would simply not tolerate this crime against man’s nature.

  16. Someone posted this book on Facebook:

    It’s written by a woman. I only listened to the first 30 minutes, but here’s a few statements that stuck with me:
    – “Feminists are the only ones who are actually still doing men a favor these days. They are the only ones who call men oppressive, strong and ‘going for what they want’, making those men believe they are in fact free and not slaves”
    – “Girl has a flat tire. She makes a simple damsel in distress gestuer and a truck driver pulls over within seconds. She lets him fix everything. She offers a handkerchief so that he can clean his dirty hands, but he refuses and uses a cloth of his own. He lost 20 minutes and would have readily sacrificed more time if there was more to fix. Now he endangers himself by driving too fast to make up for the lost time and probably will have a pissed off customer. And he thinks: Women are so stupid … had I not stopped, what would she have done?”
    – “Men are more intelligent, stronger and more capable. But who ever said that those are traits that make one suited for leadership? In fact, intelligence, strength and capability are perfect prerequisites for a slave who will solve his woman’s problems. Women meanwhile do not develop thes traits, because they don’t need them. Their stupidity makes them perfectly suited for being masters.”
    – “A man sees a woman performing simple monotonous tasks like washing dishes. And he thinks: Such a waste of her time. Surely she wants, like me, to not waste her time on this and instead pursue intellectual endeavors. He completely misses the fact that such a simple task is perfectly suited and satisfying for a creature with an extremely low intellectual capability.”

  17. Not one of the people featured in that “Women’s Studies Collective” pic is better than a 6, tops.
    Well imagine that!

      1. yes. those girls are intentionally hiding their sexuality. As a corollary, it is ironic that women try to attack their own femininity by carving up their hair. That the hair is the focal point of feminine beauty is something well established by monotheistic religions. Christians and Jews (at the more orthodox and religious side) as well as Muslims have women cover their heads in public recognizing that their sexuality comes not from their tits and ass but their hair. By shaving their heads these fucking dykes are essentially taking part in the millennia old religious custom of not being feminine in public by removing the source of sexual power — the hair.
        If they really wanted to be “feminists” they would be flaunting (not whoring) the fact that they were true and feminine women. As it is, they might as well just wear a burqa or one of those amish head coverings.

        1. It’s fascinating how ugly the same previously stunning woman can often appear when you take a way the hair. You could almost think it’s a different person and you’ve been tricked.

        2. It is also established in Buddhism. Female Buddhist monks shave their head bald as a symbol that they are no longer sexual creatures and they do not partake in any form of sexual acts.

      2. Indeed this could be said about the majority of not-fat women, if only they would bother making a half-assed attempt!

  18. The ordinary straight (probably white) man was the target. How spectacularly has ‘equality’ backfired with everyone else realising that some of them are all to happy to not drag out the charade any longer. Let’s see if these leftovers are now happy with each other.

  19. ARG! For such equal and liberate beings women in an office sure know how to fuck things up disproportionally to the amount of time they spend in the office. I mean, if fucking things up, blaming it on others and then letting me fix the problem was a marketable ability there would be several billionaire women in this office. Sorry. had to vent.

      1. Tom, I swear, there are two women in my office that would be more valuable if we continued to pay them and they just didn’t show up to work. It would be a net win over paying them and having them here.

        1. You would love that, your boss would love that, those girls would love that and your other coworkers would love that.
          Alas, life is hard and you can’t have what you would love.

        2. I can’t imagine. At least I’m in a male dominated industry. I would lose my shit

        3. We’re male-dominated by numbers, but the women can get away with anything up to (literal) murder. The men who run things will sell their families just to fantasize about a pair of mediocre tits.

    1. Yeah skirts working in construction companies, besides making coffee and answering phones, is probably one of the worst things to happen to men in the last 30 years..

    2. Reminds me of some comments I kept running into right before I left US. Several different women, all in the span of a few months made mention of how any office with too many women in it was simply hell on earth.

      1. All that discipline and work getting done and almost no gossip, school yard Heathers antics or rule by feelings. Hell indeed. You would think that people went there to do a job or something.

        1. I remember one funny comment went something like: “Look, the place has what? 10 women on staff in the same office? There’s no way in hell that place will be run efficiently. I understand why nothing gets done.”
          And this straight from a woman. 😀

  20. We’re here (those of us who reject feminism completely). Some of us are only now waking up to the realization of how much we have been lied to.

    1. Yes it’s creepy and insidious when you realize their ultimate goals had NOTHING to do with making women happy, more about controlling the population to do what the elites want. (More consumers, no family unit, more government control, more promiscuity).
      I can’t even tell you how many smart young white women will never pass on their genes because they’re slaving away their prime, fertile youth trying to become a doctor or some other career horseshit their teachers told them to do.

    2. Although Ive lived in the States, my culture has been different so I havnt experienced the benefits western women have received. I have to say, reading the comments by these men and the way they talk about women, not just feminism and feminists is disgusting. So, even without feminism or the decline of it in the West, none of these guys deserve better than theyre getting.

  21. Just as the football player pipeline is being strangled by neurotic mothers who won’t let their sons play, expect to see the military pipeline strangled under Hillary by fathers (mostly white, many with military backgrounds and family traditions themselves) who won’t let their sons enlist because this country no longer has anything to offer them when they come home. That is, IF they come home and not be sacrificed in some foreign adventurism while their sisters obtain advanced degrees and positions of power.

      1. A purge of society, in general, might be a good thing.
        The movie “The Purge” seemed like it painted a fairly ideal society. Granted, they did this with the intent expressed purpose of mocking Tea Party/Constitutionalists (seriously, they said that), but the world they created, outside of that one night, was perfect. Liberty, rich people, guns, cordial society, a sense of community, etc. Perfect.
        It was idiotic in parts (why break into the house to shoot the guy, just torch the place and walk away, right?) but overall I kind of liked the idea of an actual society structured like that, Purge and all. By the time it got to a general 1% or less crime rate (as claimed in the movie) there wouldn’t be any inner city trash left alive to go out and purge anyway.

        1. Never saw it, but I really do not watch much TV. An event will eventually happen and there will be a need for an actual military in the tradtional sense and all the fags, single-moms and SJW bullshit will tossed out over night.
          Off Topic: Credible observers are suggesting that the Clinton campaign is collapsing in NC and campaign workers, paid and unpaid are quitting out of disgust and frustration.

        2. Great news!
          A lot of very reliable polls have Trump ahead. The only exception is Reuters/Ipsos who, not surprisingly, are vastly over sampling Democrats to get the “correct numbers” and their poll is so far out of wack as to be almost a comic parody of Pravda.

  22. I took a quick peek out the curtains of my hotel room when I woke up this morning. First thing I saw? A young woman walking a little Dachsund-like dog. She was sipping a Starbucks drink with whipped cream up top, and working her cell phone. She had on sweat pants and flip-flops. I just shook my fucking head and closed the curtains…same shit, different day, as the OP noted…

    1. Your first mistake was looking out the window anywhere in the US.
      Much better (and less offensive to the eyes) to just keep those curtains closed!

  23. I would be careful painting the brush strokes that men earn voting rights though military service or by being eligible for the draft. It’s a good premise on paper, but there are other arguments out there you’ll have to watch out for, and be ready for. Let me list some that come to my head.
    Women weren’t allowed to fight in wars in the past, so they couldn’t earn their right to vote.
    Currently, there are women who want to fight (supposedly, a small number, but they exist). If we could make eligibility for the draft the factor which determined voting rights, they would claim this is that much more of a reason we must lower the standards for females in combat, so they had the ability.
    Also, this could be used to support drafting females. While this would be funny to see hard core feminists drafted, I don’t want them drafting my daughter in the future, whom I plan to raise as a much more traditional female.
    Also, plenty of men never serve in the military, yet they still get to vote, so, if military service has anything to do with it, why shouldn’t women vote just as soon as men whom haven’t served.
    Also, taken to an extreme, this could be used to limit voting rights of males to those whom are or have been in the military. I would be okay with this, except that I think all men should try to avoid being in our current military. Find your local militia to join instead.

    1. Women weren’t allowed to fight because they would’ve been slaughtered in the pacific and D-Day even worse than men. Then society loses a massive amount of young, fertile women. It’d be a national suicide, only women can make children.

  24. I was talking about this the other day. This is a feminist society that we inherited.
    American women are self entitled. They are trying to live a series of life goals that were designed for men. American women expect a man to have female morals. American women don’t see the tragedy in making a man miserable for decades (marriage). American women don’t realize that they use sex to control men. They don’t realize that their value depreciates with age and poor health. They don’t understand that just because they have a “right” to do something, it doesn’t mean it will make them happy. All of this leads to the horrible divorce rate and lack of sex in American marriages.

    1. I’m down with your post, but I believe you got this part wrong.
      American women don’t realize that they use sex to control men.
      They do. They really, really do.
      I’ll wave my magic wand and the world will go fuzzy for a moment, then refocus clear and bright. It’s now 1986, summer time, in San Angelo, Texas. A young soldier is renting an apartment with three other buddies on the outskirts of this military embracing city. It was a long party the night before, the kind of party where you wake up in a closet, in a sleeping bag, have no idea how you got there and you think “Eh, this is perfectly normal”.
      The party the night before featured both “girls” and “booze”, a deadly combination for a young soldier of 19. As he awoke and tried to sort himself out of the sleeping bag, he heard four girls talking in the room over. Apparently they had stayed the night.
      He knew these girls fairly well, they were more or less groupies of his pack of buddies. Hot little numbers, to the last. One was particularly young and innocent, a perky little blonde with bright blue eyes and an easy smile. He heard her complaining because her boyfriend, one of the guys in this pack, wasn’t doing things she wanted to do. One of the older girls (and by older, think “23”) offered this advice to her, and I quote:
      “Sweety, you’re not thinking through. If you want to get him to do things, you have to use sex as a weapon. He doesn’t want to go shopping, then you don’t have sex with him that night. It’s really easy once you figure it out”
      So this young man, who sat listening intently, learned a valuable lesson that night. It wasn’t that women kinda sorta assumed that sex could be used for manipulation, rather they actively *teach each other* this when they think men aren’t around to hear them talk.

      1. excellent story……..and another good reason to avoid any girl with a high notch count for relationship material. She will keep that attitude through marriage. A low notch count woman will still try to manipulate, but at least she won’t use that tool so much.

  25. In the early years of our country the only people with voting rights were land owners, because they had the most to lose. That seemed fair to me.
    Equality is retarded in the sense that it is portrayed by the libtards. In their “utopia” there will always be broken backs doing all the work, at times barely scraping by after all the “taxes” (legalized theft) and having meals of rice and beans, while the lazy lowlifes are on easy street drawing that money for nothing and eating steak dinners. Yeah that seems equal… not. In their “utopia” one is punished for merely being successful.
    I prefer a more natural selection thing, like merit.

  26. Recently i asked a female colleague at work the following: “if you had a men you liked and, for some reason, he had some problem with your cat (whatever)…would you choose the men or the cat?” She said, without a doubt the cat because, and i quote, “he was there before the men” and was like her child…This dementia is more than feminism, its a grotesque sense of poisoning attitude, modern western women had developed and i begin to wonder what the fuck is going wrong…

      1. I dont know what the fuck is going on…when a grown women prefers a cat to a men. This simply did not happen when i was a teen.

        1. Women are given choices before men, and they take them. The state, pet animals, other women…it is going bananas. And we see it all the time. Recently, on that dog whisperer show, a grown women said that between her husband and her dog, that he wanted to lay out because the little bastard was aggressive, she would choose the dog and go for divorce…I agree brother… “We are so fucking doomed”.

    1. Thats a stupid scenario anyway. A better one would be… would she choose him or listen to her mom who is against him.

  27. Right now, Feminism in its current form is becoming Neo-Victorian with feminists at the helm. For any women, you sexuality is will be dictated by another women who want to make you miserable. Its in women best interest to fight against such a movement, hence the push against feminism gaining stream. To ensure that equalism does not become another trojon horse, a reminder to women that there consequences of one’s actions. I suggest any man that deals with woman that say she is a not feminist to gauge her intent and understanding of the world.

  28. “Tell me, where were the feminists during the two world wars begging for an equal opportunity to be shipped to the front lines?ll me, where were the feminists during the two world wars begging for an equal opportunity to be shipped to the front lines?”
    Except for the hundreds of thousands who were in non combat roles in the military, many of them were likely working the jobs left vacant by men so they could feed their families. I don’t imagine back then that women had the luxury to protest for equal opportunities to be shipped to the front lines when they were left home to keep their families alive. If both mothers and fathers left for the war who was left to care for their children? Traditional gender roles at that time meant that men would go to war and women would manage the home and family while they were away. Those women weren’t sitting at Starbucks angry blogging on Jezebel while their husbands got blown to bits. They had plenty of responsibilities during the war, having to fill the role of both parents while working in factories etc. Those women were not like your average vapid selfie obsessed bimbo of today nor were they like the white, privileged middle class blue hair feminist of today. What those women did to survive and care for their families during the world wars fucking well earned them the right to vote. Feminists of today and women during that time are two different breeds and drawing similarities is stupid.

  29. 32 % of American women calling themselves feminists is still disgustingly much. It is the same result they got in a poll in Sweden (not even the majority of young women in Sweden call themselves feminists). Nowadays I avoid women who identify themselves as feminists.

    1. A lot of women actually also avoid women who call themselves feminists because it seems, at least in some cities, that women who openly identity as feminist have the most extreme views of feminism. Kind of like men who want to have their gender based injustices recognized may avoid men who just plain hate all women. There’s a line between wanting rights and being filled with pure hatred, I see it on both sides.

    2. “Nowadays I avoid women who identify themselves as feminists.”
      Here’s a better idea.
      Avoid women who ‘brag’ about having been raped, sexually harassed, etc. regardless of what they call themselves (you’ll know them when you hear them).
      Avoid women who are heavy into video games, comics, etc.
      Avoid women with tattoos (at least for long term stuff).
      Avoid women with piercings (other than conventional ear ring ones), blue hair, etc.

  30. “Women Who Refuse To Call Themselves Feminists Are Still Feminists”
    No shock on this. Many women are convert feminists. Why be against a movement that provides extra benefits for you. Lots of women wont want to publicly identify themselves as a feminist because of the association with the more hardcore loudmouthed anti men women, but of course will quietly support anything that those women can leverage from the political, social or business spheres if it can make their lives easier or confer extra benefits to them.
    I’m sure there are plenty of people who will vote for Trump but who keep it low key in any political discussions, just to avoid any negative flak from others.

  31. Woman’s only jobs are breeding, cleaning, preparing, nurturing and sucking out seed.
    Ever see a female knit something? They’re meant to do shit like that.

  32. This includes married women, including many who styled themselves Republicans. They happily voted GOP as long as there was a fuck at the top of the ticket. Faced with a real man who refuses to be bullied by women and insists that women who tell lies about him have their pussy passes revoked and be held accountable, and that there should be no pussy pass sparing the holder from facing the consequences of high treason, they’re falling into line behind Sister Hillary.
    AWALT. That’s why they should not be allowed to vote, much less hold elective office.

  33. Trust me. All the feminists that bitch about equality would be the first ones to demand getting on the life raft when the boat start sinking.

  34. I posted an article about a female teacher who’d raped -pardon me, SEDUCED – one of her underaged male charges on Facebook a few years back. A female friend of my mother’s suggested that the boy, who was in his mid-teens, was old enough to know what he was doing. I asked her if she’d feel the same way if the genders had been reversed; needless to say, I’m still waiting for a reply.
    Yeah, the worst kinds of Feminists are the ones who are Feminists and just don’t know it.

  35. “It’s becoming a joke how easy it is for any woman with above average looks to garner a horde of male fans just by echoing anti-leftist rhetoric.”
    It is absolutely meaningless when a looker denounces or criticizes feminism.
    Women with above average looks have no need/want for feminism.
    This is simply because we already treat them better than we should.
    Most feminists are unattractive women that think they’re entitled to the same treatment. That’s why they’re feminists!
    Want to really piss off a feminist? Tell them that the way pretty girls get treated is a privilege not a right.
    And to rub the salt in the wound you might add that without sex leverage women are the physical (and intellectual) equivalent of 11 year old boys (they all know this deep down inside 🙂

    1. I thought the really pretty girls get so much attention, there is no way in the world theyd be good for marriage. So in the end, them being guaranteed whores is better treatment?

  36. If a woman is born in a western country, she will be a Feminist at her core. These just 2 much feminist bullshit in our country where the poison runs deep in women! Just go to the East guys if you want a real woman. Fuck dysfunctional Western women!!!

    1. I’ve concluded the same thing. Even girls who aren’t explicitly liberal, political, or any sort of ‘girl power’, still have it bred into their psyche that they can get away with whatever the fuck they want in white countries.
      Even giving girls the impression they’re equal turns them into monsters, even if it’s more under the surface.

      1. Spot on. Women must be controlled and put in check. Women are no more than self-centered, solipsistic maniacs.

    2. east/west doesnt matter anymore. girls in asia are the exact same, though they act more feminine on the surface. but in reality they want to cherry pick the privileges of being a guy while still being princesses.

      1. Which “Asia” country are you taking about? Chinese are just as bad but Filipino and Thai girls live to serve there man and family! They are my preference of REAL women. East Europe is just as good but changing…

        1. yea good observation. thai women are much more subservient. i was mainly talking about china, taiwan, korea, japan. its funny the stereotype of jp girls as subservient… it is NOTHING like that in 2016.

  37. How can you tell if these women leave comments on manosphere sites?
    Don’t worry. They’ll fucking tell you that they’re women and then manage to write a long ass essay about how they are oh-so-different.

  38. There are Christians who will parrot the line about the sexes being complementary but when it comes to real life they still want to live as a man does.

  39. You are underestimating our forbears. Women weren’t allowed to vote not because they didn’t fight for that right but because it is nonsensical to let them vote.

  40. ‘And fast-forward to today, now that the US government is thinking about introducing draft to women, these same pampered feminists are crying that it is not equal.’ Simply put in another way, this is another example of being very focused on their rights but not the responsibilities from having those rights. Great article that acknowledges the toxic anti-male feminine imperative inherent throughout feminism.

  41. Tell me, where were the feminists during the two world wars begging for an equal opportunity to be shipped to the front lines?
    During WW1 there was The Order of the White Feather where women pinned white feathers to men to shame them into not wanting to die in a mud filled trench, get cut down by German machine gun fire trying to cross no mans land or being blown to pieces by an artillery shell.

  42. “Does she believe that men and women have fundamental sex differences along with their corresponding roles or does she believe in “equality”? ” These are not mutually exclusive ideas.

  43. Two cents worth from an old red-piller:
    Feminism’s semantic definition is seeing the world in terms of what suits women, or at least particular women of a particular class. This is why most women reject the feminist label: It seeks to impose the worldview of particular women onto all women moreso than any patriarchy. The notion of feminism being about “equality” is a cheap rationalition. There are plenty of non-equality issues that feminists fret about such as government paid daycare, bigger women’s restrooms, etc. that have nothing to do with equality. And naturally feminism almost always either doesn’t care or opposes equality when it favors men.
    The notion of such a women’s equality movement is dependent upon western chivalry. “Feminism” is therefore a twin sister of feminine entitlement which most women fret about in the post feminist era. Men don’t have, or care, to live up to the old fashioned chivalrous breadwinner standard anymore. Lacking the cognition to figure out why and hold themselves accountable (then again, most blue pill men are little better), they attack “feminism” hoping for a universe where women get all the goodies men have and provide for them, while still finding men to have those goodies. It’s have cake and eat it too. It’s amusing that women often get into “environmental” issues without realizing or acting upon the actual sacrifices and tough choices that such an agenda would require: You can’t buy all the consumer stuff without destroying the planet or not limit immigration to encourage high birthrate countries to scale back a bit.

  44. But do you know why women weren’t allowed to vote?
    It’s because they didn’t pay taxes.
    The man did.
    No taxation without representation, and vice versa.

    1. I would really like to go back to a similar standard. Voting as a privilege that must be earned, like in Starship Troopers. It may start critical thinking of one’s future at an earlier age.

    2. Your comment holds the key to changing the system, men refuse to pay taxes until it changes. If there are any men left that will disobey their real boss, their wife.

  45. This is a very important post. I work in a warehouse where all the labourers in the warehouse could do the office work and none of the women in the office can do the labour jobs on the floor. Do the women want to be paid the same as the men? Absolutely – even though they cannot do the same amount of work. They wouldn’t call themselves feminists necessarily but they practice it. 99% of the women in western countries practice feminism because they are feminists. And men see this and hate it.

  46. Exelent essay .. however it misses an important fact… at the time women didnt have the right to vote…. not only werent drafted.. but due to their stay at home mother status, werent pay taxes either. True this isnt the case today (thanks to feminism both parents need to work to maintain a household instead of one), but the most important executive desision a goverment takes, is taxation of its citizens and if it wages war against an neighboor. The fact that they didnt vote looked perfectly natural due to those facts… There was no patriachical conspiracy against them.

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