3 Feminists Who Caused The Most Harm To The World

Most blue pill people think that feminism is only about equality. We know that’s baloney. Further, the big-name feminists are quite often kooky, man-hating extremists, influenced by Marxism, or all the above. Some people endlessly deny that any of them are like that, but the following characters prove otherwise. Here are three of them who were so far out in the deep end that it would take a Coast Guard search and rescue team to reel them back in.

Despite their considerable issues (to say the least), they all hold a prominent place in “herstory“. Untold numbers of feminist professors laud them as heroines in women’s studies classes, poisoning the minds of young students each semester.

Andrea Dworkin

Apparently it was a bad hair day.

This charming lass was pretty big (if you’ll pardon the expression) in the feminist movement. Born to two radical parents, she endeavored to be a writer and an activist. Later, she married a Dutch anarchist. By her account, he abused her severely. This was quite unfortunate, but like so many feminists, she projected her bad experiences onto all men.

She was one of the ones who popularized the “all sex is rape” meme—she didn’t say so exactly, but close enough, for example: “Intercourse is the pure, sterile, formal expression of men’s contempt for women.” Also, “intercourse itself may be immune to reform.” Actually, she did figure out a way to reform the primordial dance of ecstasy, but I’m a little skeptical that this would be much of an improvement:

For men I suspect that this transformation begins in the place they most dread—that is, in a limp penis. I think that men will have to give up their precious erections and begin to make love as women do together.

It’s a little too much to imagine even some male feminist following this edict; “Honey, let’s scissor, and I’ll try not to get hard.”

Likewise, she fueled the “all pornography is violence against women” meme. She got into a very public spat with the porn industry. Unfortunately for her, one of them dug up the following from her 1974 book Woman Hating:

The parent-child relationship is primarily erotic because all human relationships are primarily erotic.

Paging Dr. Freud… If that wasn’t bad enough:

The incest taboo, because it denies us essential fulfillment with the parents whom we love with our primary energy, forces us to internalize those parents and constantly seek them. The incest taboo does the worst work of the culture… The destruction of the incest taboo is essential to the development of cooperative human community based on the free-flow of natural androgynous eroticism.

That’s interesting, shall we say.

After she died at age 58 from a cheeseburger overdose, she was glowingly lauded by feminists, despite her being a whack job. As Gloria Steinem Herself put it, “In every century, there are a handful of writers who help the human race to evolve. Andrea is one of them.”

A small selection of more kooky quotes:

Under patriarchy, every woman’s son is her betrayer and also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman.

Welcome to Feminist Demagoguery 101. The next one is mind-boggling:

Childbearing is glorified in part because women die from it.

Quite fortunately, that’s pretty rare these days, thanks to modern medicine. As it happens, all that was overwhelmingly developed by men—how about a little credit where it’s due?

Pregnancy is confirmation that the woman has been fucked: it is confirmation that she has a cunt… The display marks her as a whore… Her belly is proof that she has been used. Her belly is his phallic triumph… The pregnancy is punishment for her participation in sex. She will get sick, her body will go wrong in a thousand different ways, she will die. The sexual excitement is in her possible death… And now, the doctors have added more sex–to birth itself… They cut directly into the uterus with a knife—a surgical fuck.

Apparently she was unaware that a caesarean section is meant to be a lifesaving procedure. I wonder if she ever shared her potty-mouthed misconceptions about mammalian biology with her mother? On second thought, not even Sigmund Freud could have cured her.

Shulamith Firestone

Some feminists actually do have good hair, who knew?

Born in Ottawa as Shulamith Bath Shmuel Ben Ari Feuerstein, she grew up in Kansas City and St. Louis. She was raised in a highly religious background, and later got a degree in painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Then she went to New York City and got heavily into radical feminist activism. In 1970, she wrote The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution (full text here), basically wrapping feminism and Marxism into an ideological burrito. Like I’ve been telling you, Second Wave feminism was inspired by Communism. These days, the cultural Marxism burrito has gotten a lot bigger with the “intersectionality” business, but all that’s another story.

Naturally, she described traditional family life as oppression. This is despite the fact that a husband and wife are a team supporting each other, and by far the best environment for raising children.

Later, she retired from politics and took up painting again. Her mental health declined, and her second and final book described repeated hospitalizations for paranoid schizophrenia. In 2012, her decomposing body was found in her New York apartment, possibly dead from starvation. Although she was beholden to two noxious ideologies, still I can’t help but feel a twinge of sorrow at this sad fate.

As a glowing tribute put it:

Firestone… did not have sex. In fact, she was a political celibate. She encouraged other women to become celibate. Some of them did.


Firestone wanted to eliminate the following things: sex roles, procreative sex, gender, childhood, monogamy, mothering, the family unit, capitalism, the government, and especially the physiological phenomena of pregnancy and childbirth. She wanted to mechanize reproduction—gestating fetuses in artificial wombs—and raise the offspring communally, treating them no differently from adults at the earliest possible age.


When parents choose to raise their children gender-neutral, a lot of that’s Firestone. When we hail advances in artificial reproduction, we’re seeing developments that Firestone championed decades ago. When writers theorize about the end of men, they’re tearing whole pages out of Firestone’s book.


Firestone was a radical biological materialist, but in her fervor she at times resembled a martyr or a saint.

Did her oncoming problems influence her ideology? If so, she couldn’t help it, but one need not take people with screws loose very seriously.

Kooky quotes:

Natural reproduction is neither in women’s best interests nor in those of the children so reproduced. The joy of giving birth—invoked so frequently in this society—is a patriarchal myth. In fact, pregnancy is barbaric, and natural childbirth is at best necessary and tolerable and at worst it is like shitting a pumpkin.

Was that considerable hyperbole, or some misconceptions about basic anatomy? Your call.

And just as the end goal of socialist revolution was not only the elimination of the economic class privilege but of the economic class distinction itself, so the end goal of feminist revolution must be, unlike that of the first feminist movement, not just the elimination of male privilege but of the sex distinction itself: genital differences between human beings would no longer matter culturally.

What is it with feminists being upset about humans being a sexually dimorphic species? There’s no sense in getting mad about things you can’t control, like basic biology.

It is only the failure of my plots I fear.

I take the opposite view. Anyway, she was a nut, but at least she didn’t shoot anyone…

Valerie Solanas

The law takes a dim view of attempted murder.

This sweetie comes in as the number one bunny boiler here. She grew up with horrific abuse, though for some odd reason remained close to her father. Despite being a lesbian, she was a hooker, an occupation which doesn’t always bring out the best in people. However, you have to take her word with a pretty big grain of salt given her mental problems. Even so, she had it together enough in her early days to get a degree (in psychology, of course).

Her history with Andy Warhol is a bit convoluted, but things went downhill after he lost the manuscript of her play called Up Your Ass. (That’s not a piece likely to win a Tony award, though the manuscript was rediscovered much later and someone actually put it on.) Since she happened to be a paranoid schizophrenic, naturally she drew the wrong conclusions about the lost manuscript. Then she shot Andy Warhol, severely injuring him—a hell of a way to get her fifteen minutes of fame.

She got a three year prison sentence for attempted murder, illegal gun charges, and assault. She got one year off as time served for her pre-trial stay in the loony bin. After her release, she continued to stalk Warhol.

Kooky quote:

Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of society being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and destroy the male sex.

This is the opening sentence of a well-named rant called the SCUM Manifesto (SCUM is an abbreviation for “Society for Cutting Up Men”, full text here). After that line, it only gets worse. So she wanted a Communist revolution, Skynet to become self-aware, and death to all men. Yes, she meant it, and she said so.

Wiping out half the world’s population seems just a wee bit extremist, of course. Still, despite being a paranoid schizophrenic and a violent criminal, her lovely rant is included in several feminist anthologies.

In summary

If Second Wave feminists had access to decent psych meds back in the day, their movement might have been considerably less toxic. Well, maybe not. Are other feminists denouncing any of these nut-jobs? You’ll hear scarcely a peep from them. The silence is deafening.

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    1. It says a lot about the sexual market value of Jewish men that so many Jewish women become feminists.

      1. I my personal (and extensive) experience with the Tribe I can tell you:
        1) Jews are, at the same time, patriarchal and matriarchal. Men go to work and make shekels, most of the women stay at home and raise the kids. However, the authority at home is the mother and the relationship between mother and children (especially male children) is almost pathological. Jewish mother are basically dominatrix and try to manipulate their children, not at the child’s interest, but at the Tribe’s interest.
        2) All Jews, especially Jewish woman, support and spread feminism, not because it works for them but because it is subversion against us, the hatred goys. However, Jews value femininity, especially young Jewish girls.
        3) Jewish woman crave for marrying and have kids, and if they are not married by 25, their people despise them. The last resource for a single Jewish woman of 25 is going to Israel and marry an Israeli. Side note: Jews despise Israelis, they consider them poor and uncivilized peasants.

        1. Israelis aren’t too crazy about European descended Jews either. Consider them to be weaklings and victims.

        2. Totally agree. On other comments sections I pointed out I had very bad Lasik results – but through the internet I found another guy with similar problems – also living in germany – who has the same problems.
          Turned out to be a jew.
          Because of the f*cked up vision he lost his well-paid job @ Intel Israel and came back to germany. He is ashkemnazi jew and he has an ashkemnazi jew wife (25yr). He visited his wife in Israel 3 weeks ago and she is going to divorce him because she wants at least three kids now. And he is unable to pay for the family due to his health problems (side fact: she was the one who told him to do Lasik..).
          So now the kike a) lost his job and b) lost his wife – and he is crying on my digital shoulder via facebook messenger. Not kidding.
          Of course he doesn’t know that I wanna gas the skypes..it’s so ridiculous. A kike and a nazi hanging around and the kike thinks I’m a Gutmensch.
          I actually told him that I vote for AfD – which shocked him of course and he asked if I’m on the Petry (ProIsrael) or Höcke (AntiIsrael) side of AfD and of course I told him I am on Petry’s side but actually I’m a complete antisemite 🙂
          He also posts ProFeminism, ProTransgender-shit on his facebook wall…god damn these f*cking Skypes.
          Well, he has the same problems I have and misery loves company..

        3. From my travels over the years, all the Israelis I met were good people. I haven’t been yet, but some of my family went to visit Israel and it was a positive experience.

        4. My experience is most Israelis are normal, but it’s the ones who never lived there are messed up. @AutomaticSlim is right on. Israelis also have an anti-PTSD treatment at every level of their schools, and teach their kids to be strong and have them join the army, which triggers the hell out of Ashkenazis abroad. A lot of Ashkenazis walk around with untreated PTSD, from them you have the leaders of radical feminism, gay & transgender stuff, break down of the family unit.
          As an Arab, I found I might disagree with Israelis over Israel-Palestine, but Arabs and Israelis get along. I approached non-Israeli jews in the West because I thought they were the same, and it was such a mistake. The non-political ones are nice but the political ones, left or right are as Return of Kings describes them.

        5. They hate each other almost as bad as they hate us….. just throw all of them on an island and see what happens.

        6. Jews ARE matriarchal in many ways. Paternity doesn’t determine if a child is a Jew. You’re only a Jew if your mother was a Jew. And the domineering Jewish mother thing isn’t a Goyish trope; it comes straight from Jews themselves. It’s a staple of Jewish comedy.

        7. Actually, Israelis are the lesser evil. They are like their version of white nationalists: they want their own people living in their own country. They want their people to come back to their ancestral traditions, to their ancestral customs in the desert they claim to be theirs.
          If all the Jews were living in Israel (and not leaving there) the world would be a better place.

        8. There are huge, and I mean HUGE differences between Israelis and other western Jews. The former are tough and resilent, and the majority of the latter are a combination of nebbish emotional complexes with a side of politically correct hostility to their societies. Much of the latter seem to be members of Reform temples that are, theologically, barely Judaism at all.

        9. I have been, many times and the Israeli Jews I encountered were all absolute cunts. The Palestinians on the other hand were all really nice to me. Strange, as my expectations were the complete opposite.
          But I did enjoy Jerusalem, Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Masada (walk up at just before dawn), En Gedi (take a towel and swimming costume), Dead Sea and diving in Eilat.

        10. You can despise a race but like an individual at the same time. It’s entirely normal.

        11. Hmm. Correct me if I am wrong, but you are the Brit who fled the UK to live in SEA and bounce around between Thialand and PI?
          If the above is true, why were you in Israel?

        12. I was a keen scuba diver, winter sports enthusiast and world traveler for most of my life (30 years). The Red sea is a great place to hang out for diving and historical sites. Europe, USA and Canada every winter for ski-ing.

        13. “I approached non-Israeli jews in the West because I thought they were the same, and it was such a mistake.”
          Culture and generational impact. Jews I know from the midwest are… normal. They are making a living like everyone else. No conspiracies. Just life.

        14. You can say the same for Africans/Haitians/Jamaicans vs “Afro-Americans”.
          But…they all hate y-t just the same.
          The Island is a very good idea!

        15. I had always felt that there was a fundamental difference between me and my Jewish friends, but it was always just a slight sense of being an outsider.
          Only recently have I come to understand the fundamental differences in traditional Jewish and European thought, and that the Jews in my neighbourhood have always been incredibly more race conscious than I was growing up.
          What really struck me in the last year however is that they simply cannot relate to my invigorated feelings towards the Muslim flood into Europe. Europe at a gut level is simply not important to them.

        16. Israeli are more forthright in their dealings, and have a relationship to concrete things as opposed to just money.

        17. Yup.
          And neither is the ongoing assault on traditional White America important to them. Funny, as blacks hates Jews even more than other whites. The only “pogrom” in US history occurred in Crown Heights, yet the Jews side with the blacks over White Christians. Mind boggling…
          But then again, those were orthodox Jews.
          reform Jews and orthodox Jews don’t seem to see eye to eye so much.

        18. Jews are, at the same time, patriarchal and matriarchal
          Very well observed. The in-fighting of the Tribe affects every part of society that accept them.

        19. Ah. I might have posted over at Roosh V several times, but to be honest not that often. I have ran across other “John Galts” there and other places though.

        20. You hit the nail on the head. Can’t be a coincidence that France has the third highest population of them in the world and is also a sewer of blacks and muslims.

        21. Höcke is really cool and well spoken, but the party in general has a lot of talented, intelligent people

        22. Jews don’t side with anyone but themselves.
          They pander to blacks where convenient to cause and increase race strife between white and black gentiles.
          who profits ??? the tribe.

        23. Having a Jewish mother teaches how to guilt-trip yet makes you resistant to guilt-tripping. Also attention-starved, histrionic and shamelessly manipulative. That’s why you have to have a Jewish mother to be a proper Jew.

        24. There are no conspiracies. Mid West Jews should be totally normal. It’s the New York, Toronto, big city ones that maintain and don’t treat a lot of phobias from persecution. It’s hereditary genetic PTSD, so its fear of religion, fear of rural people etc. Persecution PTSD is not a conspiracy and Jews are not the only group that suffer from it, just that due to the length of persecution of Ashkenazim through out history, the selection lead to only the high IQs surviving – or micro evolution. I grew up in Yemen, Separdic and Mizrahi Jews are not much smarter than the Muslim population around them due tot he lack of persecution. Ashekenazim lent money with interest where Christians weren’t allowed, while Jews like Muslims participated in interest free Islamic banking – the result is only Ashkenazim faced a history of religious persecution in Europe. Persecution of jews in the Middle East only started during Hitler’s time.

        25. I fully agree. Ben Shapiro, whom I admire, wrote a lot on that, as a Conservative Orthodox Jew living in the West (the poor guy, he should move to Israel) , said 70% of American Jews vote democrat, and even on the right, a lot of the Republicans are frustrated Reform Jews, mad that the cultural marxism they pushed is blowing up in their face and isn’t working. As an Arab I relate to the toughness and resilience of Israeli culture though I disagree with them on some pointers on the Israel-Palestinian issue. I have more in common with an Israeli settler whose politics I disagree with than a pro Arab SJW marxist “Reform” Jew. Apparently in Germany they didn’t go to reform synagogues but did so when they moved to the US to fit in. Only about 4% of Israelis are “reform” or some ridiculously small number, mostly people who are new arrivals to Israel.
          I think its very crucial to make the distinction.

        26. Indeed ! The English realized this long back and dumped “dumb ass holes” into Asstralia !!

      2. Yeah that does seem to be the case.
        And then some over the hill, used up “shiksa” will go an convert for “Hymie”, just for the money. I actually had a female cousin convert for one of them. That marriage lasted less than four years. Why is it that I never hear about Jewish females converting to Catholicism? I’d like to think it is because we don’t want them, but I wonder just the same.

      3. The foundation of feminism is Anglo-Saxon Protestant. See: Wollstonecraft, Bloomer, Susan Anthony, Liz Stanton.
        The Jewess domination came with the 2nd wave in the 70s.

    2. F-ing Jews.
      My grandparents neighbors were Jews. They owned a large hotel and restaurant in town. Talk to anyone who worked there and they ALL tell you their checks were always short . . . if they even got paid.

      1. He did nothing wrong…you know who I’m talking ’bout.
        He just did nothing wrong. Was a decent guy.

      1. An the other one was turned into a lampshade, or it was soap? I’m getting confused about the multiple uses for dead Jews.

    3. So what? 2 out of 3 nut jobs chosen by the author to highlight the worst of feminism doesn’t mean a damn thing.

    4. Doesn’t even go with (((Steinem))) or Betty (((Frieden))) the most influential feminists of all the 2nd & 3rd waves.

  1. Dworkin (Jewish) lived to be 58.
    Firestone (Jewish) lived to be 67.
    Solanas (not Jewish) lived to be 52.
    Not only does radical feminism make you uglier, it’s possible that it shortens a woman’s lifespan.

  2. Andrea Dworkin — Apparently it was a bad hair day. EVERY day.
    What a sweetheart she was. Imagine waking up to that. My heart goes out to that Dutch anarchist.

    1. Bad hair day, bad face day, bad body day, bad mind day. She lost the genetic lottery, bigly.

      1. She could have lost weight, changed her hair and wore makeup.
        All of those measures would have made a huge improvement in her looks.

    2. Dutch anarchist. At least that poor soul lived up to his ideals. Commendable.

      1. “don’t shy away from eating their own”…
        or each other’s apparently…

  3. You get to the bottom of the barrel with this cocktail of lunatics that clearly projected their own self hatred onto everyone else. They are female versions of Hitler.
    You’re born female – it’s good luck and bad luck – get over it.
    If any of these mad cunts had really cared about humanity, they would have enacted MBAs in wife studies, child raising and so forth and focused on creating a new generation of children in caring loving families.
    Why is home making, being a wife and mother and raising children considered to be such a second rate occupation – when in reality it’s THE occupation and any man worth his salt is happy to support and participate as best he can (although lacking feminine attributes both physically and psychologically), he’s actually only playing a supportive role to the wife and mother.
    While women support their husband as the bread winner, men supported their wives as the home maker and child carer. It was a winning combination since the first apes appeared in the evolutionary chain some 23 million years ago.
    When you think into it logically pretty much everything males have done since lighting the first fire, to inventing – well pretty much every piece of machinery and technology – has been aimed at one simple truth – making it easier to have families and raise children.
    We might get passionate about it sometimes, but that’s because we can’t have children ourselves, so our expression is in our work and the technology we create. In time that spills over into arts and literature and all sorts which serves to enrich humanity.
    Since the explosion of technology in the last 500 years, the process of having and raising children has changed very little. If anything it’s become more and more of an inconvenience that’s disregarded and secondary to some BS career. That’s not right – since all pursuits lead back to raising children and producing the next generation.
    There is not a single higher education available that teaches practical skills in that regard, only lofty pediatrics and psychology that treats humans as test subjects and guinea pigs and makes it an academic nonsense. Why are wives and mothers not being given the highest training available for their field ? Is it really better to learn microsoft excel and sit in a cubicle all day and leave the next generation to chance ?

    1. Because they were failures at it, and this was their way of trying to sabotage as many other women so they wouldnt be alone. They also refused to take any responsibility for their failures.
      And believe me, everything they did was supported by men who were just as bad. Andy Warhol was no saint, its only too bad that monster didnt have better aim.

      1. Exactly. This is also why feminists are often hideous and discourage other women from trying to look beautiful-the feminazis failed at attracting husbands so they don’t want other women to be cherished by men either.
        The women in this article are a perfect of example of the relationship between feminism and ugliness. They epitomize the idea that feminists are failures at being female. Firestone’s eyes are full of crazy, Dwhalekin looks like she belongs in a tank at SeaWorld and Solanas has a very masculine appearance.
        Saying that all sex is rape trivializes the abuse which feminists claim to fight against.

        1. She should not have been given a platform. We allowed too much evil to be done, I suspect these women suffered a great deal and let out their bitterness, and both should not have been allowed. Not what caused their suffering, or allowing them to inflict it back on society.
          If you look at Firestone’s face you can see a completely bitter and pain filled individual. Im genuinely sorry she got to that point, but at the same time we should never have indulged her rantings. The second those writings came out we should have taken pause as a society and asked ourselves where we went wrong that someone could write such horrific evil, we should have immediately ostracized and cast out anyone who supported her, but we didnt, we indulged it all, and now we are all paying the price.

  4. I think the most influential feminist is the CIA since they bankrolled feminism.

    1. Which branch cut the cheque for Elizabeth Cady Stanton?

      1. You saying cheeseburgercheeseburger took one for the team and choked her to death on his c*ck?
        way to go!

        1. you know it, she asked for a double double cheese cheese burger burger please

    1. I absolutely believe it!
      Cass Elliot died from choking to death on a ham sandwich, so why not?

  5. The first one looks like Danny DeVito with a bad wig.
    The second one looks like some kind of cross between Jeff Goldblum and Leon Trotsky.
    The last one looks like Lurch from the Addams Family.
    Not exactly prime sexual market material.

    1. Hey, don’t mess with Danny DeVito. He wouldn’t look THAT bad, even with a bad wig.

    2. Some prominent Man-o-spherian said’
      Femisim is lobbying for low value wombs…
      Heartiste maybe? I don’t know but that quote is damn straight. I’ve never met a good looking feminist in my 49 years.

    1. I have a hard time believing a Triceratops could dump a load that big. Brachiosaurs must have passed through that field.
      I’d like them to reissue JP with modern CGI, and add feathers to most of the dinos. Spielberg’s a tard, he said Dinosaurs are scarier without feathers. Stupid, because imagine being confronted by a 6′ tall (raptors) or 20′ tall (rex) carnivorous bird with teeth..way scarier than a big dumb reptile you could outsmart.
      Dinosaurs ARE birds and vice versa. Dinosaurs are not extinct, you hear them tweeting and filling the air with song every day.

        1. I chalk this up to a Japanese inferiority complex. When did this site become ReturnofDinosaurs?

      1. it (dawkin) really does remind me of that pile of shit.
        glad she is extinct.
        but there are plenty more that are not.

      2. True. If you look up “Birds” on Wikipedia, it says they can also be called “avian dinosaurs.”
        Birds are the only surviving dinousaurs.
        All dinosaurs were birds and had feathers, even the really big ones that couldn’t fly.

      3. It’s because of the other animals whose DNA is mixed-in with the original dino DNA, which was incomplete.
        I believe Jurassic World explained this. I find it to be a good in-universe explanation, although if the original movie was remade today they would probably have feathers.

      4. IMO the modern CGI should only be to replace the limited use of CGI in the original 90s movie.
        The practical effects have held up over time, as they tend to. The CGI, which looked “derpy” in its time, is awful now; CGI ages like milk.

        1. Agree, just mainly the Brachiosaurus and the Gallimimus could stand an upgrade

      1. Hell does exist — it happens when you wake up to something like these mastodons.

        1. Hell does exist for these mastodons. It was the life they had when they were alive. Why did you think they were so bitter?

        2. She was married twice. You would have to drink considerably to plant your dog into her nightly, return the following night and repeat for years. Also I don’t get how some church goers who have these hippopotamus spouses can live so clean but eat so flagrantly. They’re good righteous folks but how they can screw and moreso how the guy can screw her sober without at least putting on VR goggles or something. The lord wants them to trim it up. Still it would beat doing a robot. Yeah think about it. Wearing VR goggles while you’re plunking Dworkin’s boogie snatch and powerlifting her fat thighs while you look at a VR supermodel. Sure would feel real enough. Eeh . . you might need 3-6 beers to distort down her sofa sized frontside in your mind. Naah. Forget I said that. I didn’t mean that. I was only shitting.

    1. these women are eating each other’s burning crotches right now….they’re in hell but probably quite like it.

    2. The Christian doctrine of annihilationism never became mainstream because Christians fear oblivion more than conscious eternal punishment and separation from god (“burning in hell”). At least if you burn in hell, you have the consolation of knowing that your existence still has meaning & purpose in god’s plan.

      1. I couldn’t agree with you more ,they maybe gone but not their radical idea’s!

  6. adrienne rich & judith butler are the one’s I’d say who were most responsible for the current wave of gender-bending insanity

  7. This stuff does what it says on the box though; I have two bitter makeup-less baby boomer aunts on antidepressants who have pretty much split my father’s side of the family off and destroyed it as a unit that might resist the bankers.
    No matter, he has three kids, six grandchildren, they have two childless kids.
    The final straw that led to the absolute shunning was me telling the childless one that the gender wage gap was a myth.

      1. And Darwinism works. I flatter myself that I have steered 20+ girls in their prime away from the cock carousel and into fruitful marriage. Sorry for anyone who missed out on a drunken fuck, but it was for the greater good!

  8. I think it’s fair to say that Andrea Dworkin lived her dream of Men “give(ing) up their precious erections”! No way you’d have anything *but* a limp penis confronted by that beast!
    In fact come to think of it, the answer to Feminism *is* a limp penis. Let’s eliminate the trait from the gene pool entirely chaps! Never ejaculate in a Feminist pussy! In fact, never enter in the first place!
    Leave it to their cats…

      1. They would file a suit against you and laughs at you as you set up your cardboard box in the streets…

  9. I’ve never seen, or heard, anything about these women; they certainly don’t represent the women I am in contact with regularly.
    Many people get stuck on the word ‘feminist’, without having a true appreciation for the multiple, interwoven roles women enjoy throughout their lives.
    I think Male/Female issues and roles are carried in our DNA, helping us survive as a species. I believe that men and women are both in a state of flux; what has kept our species surviving on a ‘gut’ level is not going to work as we enter into a more cerebral species.
    I think about things like this when I see women being maliciously-gossipy, unhelpful and unkind to one another; I think these are female survival skills, useful in a world where male physical strength kept us alive; we needed our feminine wiles to attract a strong mate, except our beauty faded quickly past 25 years-old (can I give a big shout-out to fluoride tooth-paste and hair-color right now: Garnier-Nutrisse Medium Brown…I Love You!) These last 150 years have catapulted humanity into a completely different way of life. Running water, Washing Machines, Education & Birth Control have allowed women to participate in the mentally stimulating world outside; and we’ve discovered man’s secret: it’s fun to work outside the home; it feels good to have a vocation and contribute to society and the household in many different ways. I think these issues and discussions are passionate and messy because we are going through major adjustments as a species together, growing pains are naturally going to be part of this.
    As a Registered Nurse (RN), and USAF veteran, I truly appreciate the increase in nursing wages that occurred in the early 1980’s, most likely as a result of more men entering the profession. (I appreciate the concern about compassion-fatigue and burn-out that the nursing profession is receiving; because the more powerful (still mostly male) physicians are experiencing the same compassion fatigue/burn-out among their ranks, now that 87% of Physicians are hospital employees, too.
    I am not looking for an exact, cookie-split-evenly-so-the-kids-won’t-fight equality with men; I am hoping for something more fluid for myself, my daughter, my nephew and generations to come. I imagine a culture where flexing work and family responsibilities, as they naturally ebb and flow, will be easier and kinder for families and couples to work out, because they will be free of gender-bias. In order to get from here to there, some uncomfortable truths are going to have to be acknowledged and dealt with.
    The way American families have fractured (“nuclear” families), putting the kids in daycare, and parents in nursing homes. (I personally would like to see the best of the “Old Ways” of living, where families live together, or close enough, to have the older men and women care for the kids, teaching them valuable life-lessons and skills; while the 20-60 year-olds get out and tend to the financial needs of the family, and keep our elders in the family home…that’s a whole other moral failing of modern society, also; why are we putting our loved ones in nursing homes, for crying out loud!) I hope as a society we can bring back the old-things that worked in generations past, while expanding into the next phase of humanity together.

    1. This is either an obvious, and very poor quality Troll… or you are *very* lost in a part of the internet you’ve never seen before…
      Good luck!

        1. Something about being over 25 and having a kid. In other words, over the hill…

        2. Off topic post. Began by saying she had never heard of the women writers featured in this article. (Although they are, in fact, well known.) Apparently did not read the actual article. Preferred to talk about her own

        3. LOL, yeah it was a real eye-glazer!
          There are insinuations of female supremacy (Troll!) and that we should seek to appreciate the word ‘FemCunt’, sorry ‘Feminist’ (Troll!)
          Assertion that traditional ways don’t work in the modern world, and that this is a good thing (Troll!)
          Assertion that female bitchiness is what attracts Males (Troll!)
          Drivel about how great modern beauty products are (Troll!)
          and so on….
          All very poorly constructed, and indeed doesn’t appear to have triggered anyone, LOL

        4. A trait women and cucked leftist men share. They can drone on for an hour making wild assertions, but never say anything. I won’t give them my time.

    2. And this website is part of that correction as men try to reassemble humanity after women used their new freedom and safety – not to advance society or to think original thought, but rather to become like spoilt children intent on destroying what men built with the support of women.

      1. You will quickly discover how integral the young ladies will be to your humanity reassembly effort.
        Falling in love with someone who makes you smile; is fun to fuck; shares your sense of humor and is interesting to talk with, will make the necessary-task of reassembling humanity a delightful-endeavor for you both…best wishes to you and yours, Martin.

    3. “These last 150 years have catapulted humanity into a completely different way of life.”
      Only for the white 10% of the world.
      Everywhere else in the world they are still living in mud huts, washing in the river and caring for their elderly parents.
      As for why YOUR white world is like it is, you answered your own question, because you’re out working in a ‘pretend profession’ instead of being at home looking after your own husband and family.

      1. My definition of a Pretend Profession is obviously different than yours,
        Like I told my new Critical Care RN daughter a few months ago: We will always be nurses, it infuses everything we do. We will always be our profession; if WWIII comes to the United States of America; if the Airliner we are on crashes on a deserted island; if the Zombie Apocalypse happens tonight: Whom ever is utilizing their professional skill set in those bleak, blacked-out conditions…those are the people that will serve humanity and rebuild society by doing exactly what they did the day before The Zombie Apocalypse.
        You use the term ‘pretend-profession’; I call those non-essential jobs, ‘bullshit-jobs’.
        What do you do for a living Pjclark1?
        If it’s a bullshit job, you’ll have less to worry about if you live close to me and mine.
        As an Air Force Veteran and Expert Level Critical Care RN; you would do well to stick close to my white, American, middle-class family: don’t let our friendly smiles and gracious sharing of our resources fool you: I am a 4th generation US Armed Forces Veteran (the last 3-generations were Army men, WWI, WWI and Vietnam-my father)–4-Generations of nurses, with 3-active and productive living generations of Critical Care RNs that are ready to save (or take) some fucking lives…my daughter will need some fast-weapons-training: but the rest of us are ready-Freddy-go.
        I’m not sure why you have a harsh attitude towards white Americans with running-water; you are apparently doing pretty well for yourself, living in a tricked-out mud hut with WiFi (!).

        1. Nursing is a minimum wage job. You don’t need no skills to change bed pans and bandages. I’ve not seen a nursing skill I couldn’t learn in an afternoon.
          Injections and inserting IVs was about the hardest to learn …. that took me all day, but only because I had to practice once i had learned.
          Doctors have all the responsibility and most of the skills. Nurses work under instruction, mopping up after the doctor.
          PS. I’m not saying it isn’t a worthy job, as important as road maintenance workers, garbage collectors, or sewage treatment workers. But it’s essentially an unskilled job anyone could do with little or no training. All the bigging up of nursing as a profession has done, is move health care beyond the reach of most low paid people.

        2. Oh, Wow…you really aren’t from America!
          I thought you were just being an American idiot; I now realize you are from somewhere so far removed from American Healthcare that you really don’t know what Registered Nurses do, or what their earning potential is.
          Doctors are Licensed; and para-professionals may work under their license and direction.
          Registered Nurses are Independently Licensed Professionals; our primary legal and ethical responsibility is to our patients.
          I have provided a few links that you will find quite illuminating; not only are nursing positions varied in scope with many different specialties; the earning potential swings wide, also.
          For Instance, a Full-Time Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist earns an easy $150,000; and are highly-skilled: http://www.aana.com/ceandeducation/becomeacrna/Pages/default.aspx
          The Institute of Medicine: The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health
          Report at a Glance
          Accessing Primary Care: Barriers to Nurse Practitioner Practice (HTML)
          Infographic – The Future of Nursing (JPG, HTML)
          Press Release (HTML)
          Report Recommendations (PDF, HTML)
          Report Brief (PDF, HTML)
          The Future of Nursing: Focus on Education (PDF, HTML)
          The Future of Nursing: Focus on Scope of Practice (PDF, HTML)
          This will inform you about the Nursing Role as Nurse Practitioners of Primary Care Providers:
          Informatics is another specialized area you are not aware that American Nurses are making a little more than minimum-wage at:
          Here’s an easy-to-read salary graph
          Where ever you are, what ever you do, and what ever you earn, Pjclark1; enjoy the information.

        3. So why didn’t you train as a doctor? Not bright enough I guess, but happy to undercut his employment.
          And where are your husband, children and elderly parents while you work as an unqualified doctor? My guess is husband gone, kids home alone, and elderly parents in a care home.
          Tell me, has this made you happy?
          Nurse-anesthetist, is this saving me a lot of money? If not I’d rather have a doctor anesthetist.
          Nurse- practitioner, again, why can’t I have a fully trained doctor, is there some sort of shortage?
          If you have the qualifications to be a doctor, do the training and become a doctor. Leave the nurses to clean up the shit and vomit, no benefit to me with blurring the lines.

        4. “Why cover the same ground again? … It goes against my grain to repeat a tale told once, and told so clearly.”
          ― Homer, The Odyssey

        5. We wouldn’t have to be so tough if American men weren’t so soft, mentally and physically. Retired Generals and Admirals have been sounding the alarm for years: https://www.strongnation.org/about/our-organization
          At the end of my Air Force Day, I could change out of my fatigues and jump-boots; take my hair down out of a bun; throw on a crochet dress, sandals, brush my hair and Voila! Instantly look like a civilian lady.
          Unfortunately; a lazy, fat-ass, American boy/man can’t stop playing video games and trade his XXL sweat-pants for fatigues and combat boots, and be ready to defend our country in the same moment’s notice.
          The National Security of The United States of America is compromised because “more than 70 percent of all young adults in the U.S. would not qualify for military service, as a result of educational shortcomings and a national obesity epidemic, among other factors.”
          Only 1% of the US population has been willing to serve for quite some time now…we’ve been flogging our Reservists with multiple back-to-back tours through the Middle East for a long time.
          In fact, “military leaders have shed light on a lesser-known national security concern: a looming shortage of qualified Americans to fill the ranks of our armed forces.
          Data publicized by Mission: Readiness:

        6. But the food pyramid must be correct!
          HFLC diets are fads! We just need to get those kids eating low fat, healthy grains, and spending more time on treadmills.

      1. Beg to differ! At least i can still post something.
        Can’t seem to post anything more than a few sentences without getting a “Pending” approval message then having the whole post vanish.
        Not sure what gives? Probably more technical rather than 1984ish if you get my drift…

  10. No one can say the word “feminist” without feeling like they need to wash their mouth out with soap. Not even feminists themselves. It has a bad stigma. Always has, always will.

  11. Alright: is this branch of bigoted feminism a shit test, or is it not?
    I actually know people with bigoted antimale views as intense and insane as those of Dworkin and Firestone. For a long time, I believed these people were simply nihilistic and at war with God for being born mortals.
    I believed that fully, until I saw the women defiantly crying, “Allahu Akbar” at the Womens March. It filled me with doubt. Now I think it is possible that all these insane feminist bigots want is a lawless, violent wave of primitives to smash them into submission. And if that is what they want… then academic feminism is just a big, hideous shit test.
    What are your views?

    1. Women screaming AA? LOL.
      They are ramping up the attention whoring. No one cares.

    2. What a shame it would have been to have been dworkins beauty underneath a burka

      1. Im starting to understand the method to their madness…she just woulda been a mom of three somewhere making hummus

        1. She would have been happy and fulfilled, walking three steps behind Mustafa

      2. From what I hear, what lies underneath most burkhas is more like Dworkin than Upton.

        1. “What lies beneath” was a scary movie. So you’re saying the sequel “What lies underneath” might be even scarier?

    3. On the plus side, they tend not to reproduce.
      Then again, they make up for that lack by reproducing their shitty ideas in their students and readers.
      Although again on the plus side, the converts they make tend not to reproduce either.
      It’s sort of like a virus I guess.

    4. absolutely. thats why it doesnt exist in Russia, Korea, Anywhere in Africa, nor Latin America.
      The men in those societies would slap the snot out the noses of their women if they tried that shit. Hence, the women feel secure that their men are really men and are free to be women.

    5. Yep. Hard to deny your thesis. Look at the Swedish feminists/government officials who on one hand mocked Trump for being a sexist, then all meekly donned hijabs on their state visit to Iran.

  12. I miss the days things like that were nothing but a reason for a nice bonfire and a bbq nobody would eat.

  13. wow, the article says the top monster got married … WTF!!!… the bloke that put a ring on that must have a grudge on his cock!

    1. the author used links to two articles of Cathy Young who criticizes Dworkin. Cathy Young also defended Roosh on Breitbart during his Canadian ordeal. Cathy Young is Jewish.

      1. Because Yao Ming, Chinese people are not short..
        Because exception, no rule.
        Libtardian logic as its finest.

    1. And, I don’t have to eat, for the rest of today. The ROK diet is working!

  14. One of the three is the odd one out.
    Clue: it’s not Shulamith Bath Shmuel Ben Ari Feuerstein.

  15. Mentally ill and male = life in an asylum or on the streets.
    Mentally ill and female = icon of feminism and worldwide acclaim.

  16. Andrea Dworkin was, in fact, quite slim before she died. After years of health problems, and her knees giving out, she had biaratic surgery and dramatic weight loss. But shortly after that, she passed away in her sleep, apparently from heart failure.
    One relevant aspect of Andrea Dworkin’s story is that in her fifties, she came out with a dramatic story of being raped by hotel staff in Paris. She did not tell this story to the police, or have charges laid. Her account is met with skepticism, even by other feminists, and is regarded as an embarrassment. So no one says anything about it.

      1. I’m guessing a certain religion of men who fuck goats or who hail from sub saharan Africa?
        I say that because I see it in real life frequently — dusky men with white hambeasts.
        Low SMV gonna low smv.

        1. She claimed it was the waiter and busboy in a Paris hotel. She never named the hotel, and her memories of the event were hazy – allegedly because they drugged her. No mention of their ethnic background.
          Some quotes:
          “I thought that the bartender had done it, because he had made the drinks and he was on the room-service phone and he had flirted grandly with me, though I had not reciprocated. … I didn’t flirt, I didn’t want it to happen. I wasn’t hungry for a good, hard fuck that would leave me pummelled with pain inside.”

  17. For men I suspect that this transformation begins in the place they most dread—that is, in a limp penis. I think that men will have to give up their precious erections

    A photo of you Andrea, dear heart, would doubtless do the trick…
    I can’t imagine that a man could be anything other than limp for Andrea.

    1. A blue collar roughneck or back woods logger would snap her up. She looks like a typical soccer mom from what’s that town where Napoleon Dynamite was filmed. I’ve actually seen nice moms that looked somewhat like her at the PTA. One mom was fat as a whale but muscular like a roller derby assasin and I kid you not, her face looked like a bulldog and her son had the same bulldog face and was the star tackle football player.

  18. To be totally fair to her, Dworkin was right about hooking and porn being soul-destroying, whereas modern feminists argue that they’re “empowering.” These old-school feminists at least had a consistent belief system.

    1. Just try to imagine how our current white knight/beta supplicant to feminism society would be WITHOUT porn and prostitution (where it’s legal?)
      Currently on RoK, half the articles are obsessed with tips on “negging” women or “clown game” to get them into the sack.

  19. Riddle me this, who provides the money for these women to do this work? Has anyone ever followed the money? Yes I realize some get professorships but those have to be funded somehow too.

    1. Taxpayers mostly. It’s not just “some getting professorships,” but entire departments dedicated to feminism in every state and federally funded university in the country. They need a source of income that requires the least amount of accountability, and government funding is just that.
      Feminism, whether directly or indirectly, is sponsored by local, state, and federal governments in various forms, whether it be above mentioned departments, women’s shelters, non-profits, etc. As a default, it is a safe bet that anything with the word “women’s” in it is a product of feminism.
      Yes, there is more to it than that and covering its various sources of direct and indirect funding would require an essay, maybe even a book. For example, while people like to scapegoat racial minorities for affirmative action policies, it is actually a product of 70’s feminism and most of its benefactors, by far, have been white women.
      Keep in mind, they have had a half century to weasel their way into legal and academic institutions. But, as mentioned before, a good place to start if you want to follow the money would be to look for the word “women’s” in any program or institution.
      If that answer was too long (yet not long enough to actually answer the question of where feminism gets its $$), here’s a short one: Drain the swamp.

  20. Let’s remember this golden article that mentioned three of the four feminists mentioned in this article, that later resulted in a campaign to falsely accuse Roosh of being a rapist by feminist SJWs… thus proving Roosh V was onto something, ” Why Is There A Prolific Jewish Presence In The American Feminist Movement?
    An undeniable truth to the objective researcher” http://www.returnofkings.com/72572/why-is-there-a-prolific-jewish-presence-in-the-american-feminist-movement

  21. Nope. By far the most damaging women in society aren’t these ugly, weird, asexual revolutionaries. They’re the modern “empowered” types that are hypersexual and teach girls that the only worthy men are a perfect mix of movie star looks, sports car wealth, and porn star skill and endowment. And of course, average boys aren’t any of those things. And average makes up the majority. Jenna Jameson and Madonna were far, far more destructive than Andrea Dworkin could ever dream of being.

    1. Very good point. The author highlights some obscure and very radical, extreme and lunatic feminists .. when none of these feminists really had any major or lasting influence on the mainstream feminist movement of today. It’s the modern supposed “moderate” feminists of today whoare far more influential and damaging to men and society.

    2. Hot young girls should be attracted to good providers. That should be the main quality. If a guy is in the 90th percentile income/net worth, he should be getting the 90th percentile of the youngest and prettiest girls, regardless of his age/looks/personality.
      A female’s net worth is her youth and beauty. A male’s net worth should be his accomplishments in a 1st world society. That is to say, his financial prowess.
      Yes, this would work out well for me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean my opinion is biased…

      1. Asking young girls (or young boys, for that matter) to pick mates using good sense is asking too much today, as all the societal controls we had in place to moderate our desires…. patriarchal tradition, religious scruples, family laws, etc… have been wiped out, leaving only the hormones as their guide. At that age, girls instinctively desire the exciting caveman, not the guy building a village and plowing fields to build a future. After the caveman has had his way with her, THEN she wants Mr. Civilization. This is why parents used to arrange marriages. Expecting a young, newly sexually mature person to make good mating decisions is like handing them whiskey and car keys and expecting good decisions.

        1. “girls instinctively desire the exciting caveman, not the guy building a village and plowing fields to build a future. After the caveman has had his way with her, THEN she wants Mr. Civilization.”
          Yeah, I know.
          I know this better than most on this site.
          I was red pill before there was a red pill.
          Which is why lowly, loser, outcast, reject, defect, omega male me has been banging pros for the last 31 years. I knew I had no chance for anything else, so I focused on making money to attain what I need. No female has ever shown 1 milligram of attraction towards me, but with money I can still bang hot young 9s and 10s. Not optimal, but beats whacking off by a long shot.
          Oh, and as far as accepting some 30 something, blown out slut who jumped off the carousel? No Chance!!! Not as long as I have $$$!!!

        2. Actually I think it is optimal, you aren’t risking your home and savings every time you fuck some average looking woman who is pretending she isn’t a whore.
          Wish I had learned that 30 years ago ……. but better late than never.

        3. Sure, that is true.
          But, I have bad thoughts.
          Really bad thoughts. Like praying for death every night. Having a female crave you, and give you their body and soul is the birthright of every decent, first world male, IMO, and without that, I believe the soul withers and dies. I feel that mine is, anyway.
          Appreciate your positive feedback, but still, when I see some muscle bound Guido (I can say this, my last name ends in a vowel) walking with a girl that would die for him, my “hot young hooker count” means very little to me. I suppose I am lucky that I have never been divorce raped, but I have never been loved either. And I will never know what that feels like.

        4. But she wouldn’t die for him …… that’s the fantasy. Anyway in SEA you can buy a wife for very little money. No need for love or attraction. I paid $2,500 for mine over 7 years ago (a firm 9). She may not love me, not that I care, but our children do. As for the cunt who married me for love (a 6 on a good day)…….. I don’t have ONE good memory from that 30 years …. a complete waste of my life. Trust me on this one, you ain’t missed nothing worth having.

        5. SEA…maybe there is hope then. Thanks for that. Something to consider.
          I tried with a Korean girl. Did things for her that most would consider insane. Financial things. Big time financial things. And at the end of it, she still wanted me to pay for her to attend college here in the US. I unconditionally took care of this girl, but she put conditions on our future relationship. Really f’d me up — even more so than I already was, from an f’d up entire life…But luckily, I was still sane enough to tell her to f off.

        6. Korea is no good, the women are as bad as anywhere else.
          Thailand and Cambodia you can buy outright, considered entirely normal to buy a wife. Philippines is a bit different, but a similar game in the end. Thai girls don’t travel well, Filipinos are much better if you want them to relocate.

        7. Thanks. Appreciate the input and will take it under consideration. Thailand seems like a freaking paradise. Always wanted to go there…

        8. Money is power and status. Women like power and status. This is why 400 lb guys like Kim Dotcom have model wives.

        9. I’m like you except I’m poor af. My only bangs were 3rd world girls.

        10. AutoSlim, I hope that true partner comes into your life. This can happen at any time, or any age. Or sometimes does not happen – fate has decreed that some of us are never seen at our true value and loved. Still, you seem to me to have many advantages.

        11. Kim Dotcom what a grotesque example of a man, but he does like sticking it to the grubberment

      2. The ghetto is full of women who slept with high income but transitory rap stars and drug dealers and wind up with offspring who are doomed for prison or the streets.
        While being a good provider is certainly important and even a fundamental purpose of one’s existence (personal earnings being one such factor in “providing”), reliability overall should be factored in. Look at it as similar to the stock market: Do you sink in your life savings into the top performing stock of the day and check back in 18 years?
        Good genes are another factor, of course, but the problem is that most women, either naturally or especially exacerbated by American culture, make “game” into a “provider” trait they demand of men. I’ve seen women wind up with total losers who made the correct approach and bought them dinner rather than engage in some basic effort to land men they felt were much better material but they wanted the “romance” of the “traditional” courtship ritual. I found it shocking and alluring how outside of the states women were much more proactive and responsible for communicating with men.
        One theme that reoccurs regularly on RoK is that the 10 percenter men feel almost as frustrated as anyone else that cultures which ruin women (such as the states) poisons the well for everyone. Many alphas (or men who consider themselves alphas) think they are above the problem and wind up being as bad a contributor to the problem as a blue pill supplicant.

    3. I’m glad someone else got to it. I’d also add that just as bad are the “nice feminists” such as Cathy Young and even many MRA’s who seek to “fix” feminism to make it “egalitarian”. “Nice” feminists promised men that men would be spared the burden of being the protector and provider but instead, it only demonized men living up to the role (while making even more demands of us.) It’s like a Soviet propagandist saying: “Keep working in the camps and someday… the paradise will be yours!” It’s the same lie behind leftism because one undying truth of humanity is that us men are providers and protectors because either we need to be, or we can’t trust anyone else to be, or without those roles, we cease to have meaning.
      So even though it’s not obvious, the most evil feminist are the professional women who appear to be smart, likable, and even like men and are otherwise ok but support a soul crushing government agenda that harms men indirectly.
      The other most dangerous feminists are… men of course. Either white knighters, SJW’s, wussy beta beggars or sniveling sell-out leftists.
      And in the last category, seemingly red piller alpha males (or claim to be) who wind up propping up the myth of feminine entitlement. I’ll address that below.

  22. Dworkin claimed she was drugged and raped in 1999. What a gigantic load of bullshit.

    1. She also thought her medical problems were caused by taking eight years to write a book. Oh wait a minute, stuffing your face for eight years might result in that ample curvaceous frame.

  23. OK now, another lecture. All you BBW’s out there pay close attention. Take a good long look at Beast #1. Yes, I said beast. That gigantic woman died from a plethora of medical conditions which was smugly called a heart problem.
    So, the next time you admire your “curves” and call yourself “healthy”, just remember Ms. Dworkin Perhaps you can keep a picture of her on your refrigerator.

    1. Yup.
      And not just hippo-beasts like Dworkin.
      Kate Upton for example. Overweight.
      No female should weigh more than 110 lbs, regardless of height.

  24. Dworkin looks like a stack of concrete with hair and anyone believes her 1st husband who was 1/3 her mass could have beat her and burned her with cigarette butts?

  25. I notice our common reactions are immediate sexual assesment, followed by reasoning as to what happenned to create these monsters. We see a problem (3 in this case) and look for cause and solution. Of course, they are dead, though. If there’s a lesson here, and I feel like there needs to be to cleanse my palette of these horror stories, the lessons must be: first, be good to young girls, so they don’t turn into creatures like these prolapsed assholes, and second, as soon as those girls become women, don’t give them an inch. Seriously, we should all be ready to say how much home-makers mean to us if we’re ever given the opportunity to say. The alturnative is nonsense.

  26. 2 out of 3 of them are Jewish. There’s a reason why almost every nation in the world, spanning over thousands of years, repeatedly kicked the Jews out. This was because Judaism has always been hijacked by the so called secular/atheist Jews, who were precursors to modern-day Zionists. These people are the worst of degenerates, the spiritual descendants of Sodom and Gomorrah. They stand for everything against Christianity and strong Christian values and traditions. Just look at Hollywood, Christmas, schools, banking systems, feminism, antisemitism claims etc, if you don’t believe this. I see so many posts on RoK crying that muslim immigration will destroy America. That might be true in the future. But what about the present destruction of the western world at the hands of these atheistic (so-called) jews?
    Pick up any current Hollywood Jewish filmmaker/writer and look at their almost exclusive list of cultural-Marxist propaganda movies. Pick up any Jewish politician and see how they viciously lobby to support Israel at the cost of billions of dollars. Pick up any Jewish comedian or satirist or talk show host (e.g. Bill Maher) and see how they rail against Christianity but don’t say a word against Judaism, when ironically the Old Testament is far more “conservative” than the New Testament, according to liberal standards. They have almost destroyed the family system, they are breaking down gender roles, they are promoting obscenity (and obesity) since childhood. We preach that liberals are the problem, but have we really wondered which exact group among these liberals is by far the most prominent and the most influential and the worst?
    To repeat myself, this post is not against the religious/traditional Jews. Judaism and Zionism are two very different beliefs.

    1. it’s largely the Sabbatian/Frankist influenced element that promotes heterodoxy,, & destruction of boundaries, as Rabbi Antelman has explained. I don’t know why jews don’t denounce them more rather allowing antisemitism to be directed against them

      1. I believe traditional Jews tend to be more passive. Although many have come out in some instances, e.g. against Israel for acquiring the Promised Land before the return of the Messiah. But they mostly keep to themselves and are concerned with their immediate community, much like the Amish. They also tend to be non-political, which is another big difference them and the so-called secular/atheist jews.

        1. Maybe. Perhaps on some issues more than others. I think some groups like the Chabad though can be much more active, and even expansionist / territorial, which has sometimes brought about conflict within / between jewish communities

  27. This Wednesday, 8th of March is International Women’s Day. Get set for the usual tsunami of articles and pieces to be rammed down our throats about:
    – oppression
    – patriarchy
    – rape culture (committed by Western heterosexual white men only)
    – wage gap
    – male privilege (Western white men only)
    – domestic violence (male perpetrators only)
    – man spreading
    – man splaining
    – the right to terminate the life of a fetus
    – how we need more women in politics (just like Sweden)
    – how we need more women as CEOs of corporations
    – etc, etc…..

    1. Im locking the doors, closing the blinds, lights off and playing LOU. If i have to be in a zombie world, might as well kill some and get some points…or
      I can change my timing belt.

    2. Domestic violence is more white male specific than the tape culture nonsense. Others openly state that they hit women,

    3. I didn’t know march 8 was women’s day. I don’t care either. I don’t understand feminism or why women are feminists. I am just a stupid stay at home wife and mother. So in honor of women’s day Iam going to celebrate my husband and son. So screw those ugly feminists I appreciate men. I am pretty sure feminists are possessed by demons.

    4. Just a whole bunch more “Low Value Womb Lobbying” by low SMV women.
      Women who I don’t even notice on a daily basis == they’re essentially invisible to any man who is capable of pulling HB6 or better.

  28. We are completely aware of the fact that “Jews” took over the Celtic Civilization and warped it into Christianity so they can pretend to be the Gods of the world, and enslave the people with Psychological warfare which is mixed in their “Religious texts” as well.
    We are also aware of the fact that “British, French, and Dutch East India company was also owned by Jews under the Bourgeois family line.
    Europe was completely taken over by Jews over generations by installing pretender kings, and eliminating Celts with “Christianity”.
    Britain was a Celtic Civilization, and Goddess Britannia is the proof, however Jews control “Britain” and they can easily move through Christianity as they created it over Celtic Civilization.
    Mohammad was also a Crypto-Jew who destroyed the 360 Idols in Mecca, and created a warped ideology which is used to manipulate Muslims as a Jewish Weapon. However, they freely kill them at the same time at the Gaza strip?
    An amazing force of near infinite Evil, a complete “Parasitical Terrorist Cult” .
    The Jewish Terrorist Cult Created this Modern English = Norman English to manipulate the people of the world.
    The Norman Jewish Terrorist Brought their “Doomsday Book” to England, when they took over Europe under “Norman Invasion”.

  29. This is (yet one more reason) why men are the defenders and “immune system” of any secure, advanced nation. Women cannot even rationalize the cause for their own would-be empowerment. All 3 of the lost souls profiled in this article underscore the severity of their dimwitted plight. Their firebrand diatribes are rife with faux-intellectual ignorance — in particular, they willfully deny the natural order of things and call it “my new truth, because it elevates me-Me-ME.” Indeed, they’ve devoted their lives to this lie.
    Valerie Solanas = certifiably insane. Surely her rants were merely for entertainment value among reasonable, intelligent and well-adjusted people while serving up a delightful confirmation bias for equally crazy, misanthropic feminist spinsters who have been abandoned and will never reproduce. There is no deep thinking here whatsoever.
    As an analogy, her entire manifesto (I read it) sounded like a “dream diary” of Annie Wilkes from the Stephen King novel “Misery.”
    The new wave of feminism is absolutely a mental disorder…monitor your daughters and guard them against false righteousness and propaganda, for they are vulnerable and impressionable to all of this bullshit.

  30. As another man said on a website I frequent, many of these women aren’t irritated by the fact that women get treated as sex objects so much as they are irritated that no man in his right mind would treat THEM as sex objects. To that end, Ms. Dworkin’s radical views are understandable.
    Very, very understandable.

    1. Fat, ugly skank.
      I’m a drunken whorechaser, and she couldn’t pay me enough to schwanz her.
      But, unfortunately, this is very much based on reality. Here in NYC, the dweebs chase after ugly lefty wenches like this all the time.

      1. I think Cecily Strong is attractive but it’s worthy to note she’s 33 and single and childless.
        I see this with several actresses I find lovely. Olivia Grant is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She has boyfriends but remains single and childless. It’s the lifestyle. I wonder if a prostitute would make a better spouse than an actress.

        1. Is that her name?
          Never heard of her.
          A prostitute as a wife? It could work, but would depend on many things. How long she’s been in the business, whether or not she had a pimp, a drug addict, her family background, etc.. It could work, IMO, if the circumstances were right.
          I do not find this one attractive at all. Amanda Seyfried – I find her attractive. And many of the girls you might see on the disney channel, like Dove Cameron, Peyton List, and Bella Thorne (before her augmentation). I prefer ’em young and petite.

        2. I facebook looked up an old girlfriend I hadn’t seen in 10 years. She was the opposite of a prostitute and I think more common in the states: A decent looking professional woman who had reached her 30’s because she hadn’t made herself available to men. Working in an environment where most of the (professional) men were married or looking for more maternal, easily approachable men and going straight home from work and socializing with friends in closed settings, such women often go a decade or more without a boyfriend. When I had sex with this woman and she was 30 at the time, she was a virgin. Soon after banging her, she found an excuse to dump me I believe because she realized sex wasn’t this scary thing after all and she could do better than me (and truth be told, she certainly could but again, she’d need to actually leave her house/workplace once in a while.)
          She had apparantly gotten married, had 2 kids, and divorced the guy perhaps because she wanted kids but just couldn’t relate to men after living by herself and her pets for her entire adult life. Kids were kind of like pets: under her control.
          So here’s what I’m saying: a prostitute at least knows how to relate to men and actually please them. Of course, ones that were on the streets or on drugs, etc. are a different matter just as some actresses did drugs, etc. But I expect that the higher end ones probably do just go on with their lives and perhaps have a more realistic view of men compared to the ones that banged dozens or hundreds of men after being in the club scene.

        3. I speak from experience here. Lots of it.
          The “higher end” ones can be just as much into drugs and partying as the street girls. More so, even, as they have more money for that type of thing. There’s plenty of pain in this world. People drown it out as they see fit.

        4. I know many Thai and Filipino prostitutes that have only one or two customers a week. That’s less sexual activity than many white feminists. It’s probably to do with supply and demand.

        5. Me too, and I divide the girls, fairly evenly, into three main types.
          Type 1. Women desperate for money
          Type 2. Druggies or alcoholics
          Type 3. Women who enjoy sex with multiple partners.
          Type 2 and 3 are hopeless for any sort of relationship, they are driven by needs outside their own (or anyone else’s) control. Type 1, you would need to discover why they needed the money, and if you could realistically hope to satisfy that need.

        6. Go to L.A. and there’s plenty of actresses and prostitutes and most of them work in both professions…

        7. I don’t believe any white woman is wife material (under current conditions).
          They have too many opportunities to seize your assets or cause trouble for you with the authorities.

        1. I dunno… I’d guess that only weak male feminist types were virtue signaling that they would vote for Obama, while all the guys who were saying “fuck Obama” were more alpha. Good question though.

  31. Should be immediately deported to some Islamic hell hole. They will be cured instantly.
    – As is almost always the case with these women, they are trying to solve some form of personal trauma. Look at Ashley Judd, among others.

  32. The first image of Andrea Dworkin is the same look that most fatties have when they see the all you can eat buffet is about to open.

  33. “The big-name feminists are quite often kooky, man-hating extremists”
    And what about the ones who are not “Kooky?”
    Oh no, wait a minute, to put some balance into this article, would not bring the blowflies to this dog s*** of an article.

    1. “And what about the ones who are not “Kooky?””
      Feminists are pretty much all ‘Kooky’, normally only the big-name is missing, but some men are less perceptive in detecting the ‘Kook’ factor than others.

  34. Huh, the first two are of the rat-monkey hybrid race known as jews.
    Well, that just a (((coincidence))), fellow goyim, and youre a racist if you think otherwise.
    Jews are less than 2% of the worlds population. They dont have control of most western media or hollywood. They dont lobby the American government to spread the degenerate form of government called Democracy on behalf of Israel. They didnt create communism and neo-cons are right wing.
    You filthy fellow goyim make me sick. You… I mean… we… we need more third world savages.

    1. Most of them didn’t vote for HRC, and they don’t make up over half the 1% ( a favored term of the left), and they make up 4 out of 9 USSC judges despite being only 2%.
      But, 6 million. Don’t you ever forget goy.l

      1. Oh gawd, Father forgive me for I have sinned.
        Dah shoah has not crossed my mind for almost 2 hours!

  35. Dworkin is mad that she’s so ugly that even her parents won’t fuck her…

  36. I can only imagine how much better off the world would be today had the Germans actually exterminated millions of those psychotic, insane, utterly, inherently, innately, genetically evil, subhuman kike vermin? 14/88!!!!

  37. This article should have read ” Four feminists who caused the most harm to the world.”
    Mention should have been made of CIA agent, Marxist agitator, and all around misandrist Gloria Steinem.
    Her government funded, media assisted, blatant hatred and bigotry has been poisoning the world for over five decades

  38. Just an awful article, missing just massive amounts of information–did writer pen this on the shitter on his lunch break? No mention of Freiden or Steinem? No mention at all of the Anglo-Saxon Protestant-dominant 1st wave, and the utterly Jewish-ridden 2nd and 3rd waves…if anyone cares about the subject (and you should: know thy enemy), this article teaches squat.

  39. i am almost 70. i had never heard of any of these . is it the air in new york that causes the mental aberration?
    of course, i am from the South where we see things through normal glasses, or at least we did when i was raised .

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