The Supreme Value Of Day Game

Last night I went on a date with a short, slim, busty Turkish girl I met during the day last week.

Immediately it became clear that the verbal communication throughout the night would be limited, due to her poor English. At first, I was a bit frustrated—it’s been awhile since I’ve dealt with this high of a language barrier. Then, something interested began to happen.

I slowly began to pay less and less attention to the words that were being exchanged. It was basic small talk about cultural differences that required little to no effort; witty teasing would only confuse my date at this point. Slowly I began to focus solely on the non verbal communication of the encounter.


Yes, this is a big part of any encounter for sure. Even when you’re dealing with a girl you can communicate perfectly clearly with, non verbal communication plays a crucial role. But, even so, I tend to focus most of my energy on creating a fun verbal experience, with light touching here and there. In this case, however, I was dedicating nearly one hundred percent of my active attention to the non verbal aspects of the conversation. Things that flow in and out of my conscious mind in a normal conversation began to dominate my thoughts.

Eye contact, body posture, and voice tonality

At the first bar we went to, I was forced to be seated at a lounge type table facing her directly, because the bar was full. This made physical touching almost impossible. However, it brought these three non verbal factors to the forefront of the interaction.

The normal advice is strong eye contact, laid back posture, and deep slow voice tonality. And all of these things are correct to a certain extent, but you must be perceptive to your partner’s state and vary these things accordingly. Simply leaning back, talking slowly, and holding eye contact all night long will most likely come off as very boring, if not altogether weird. I believe the key is to start by matching your partners energy level and then lead the way to the slow, seductive state mentioned above. 


Dates will inevitably start with a bit of energy. Girls are almost always nervous, and guys tend to be, too. You’re normally meeting someone you don’t really know, but have some sexual interest in. This naturally brings jitters to the surface. You’ll likely notice your date struggling to maintain eye contact, fidgeting around, and talking quite quickly at first. Rather than coming in and forcing yourself into a ultra suppressed state that’s sure to conflict with your partner’s current state, you should embrace the early jitters.

This doesn’t mean being a nervous bitch, but rather starting the night with some energy. After you settle into a particular location and the initial small talk slows down, you should naturally transition your eye contact, body language, voice tonality, and energy to a more calm, seductive demeanor. Realize that the actual words being exchanged at this point are secondary to what you’re communicating non verbally. It’s far easier to show intent and create attraction through your body language than forcing weird sexual jokes or innuendos. It also won’t risk breaking rapport or coming off as super “creepy”.

I’ll end by adding a couple of additional considerations. First, once the laid back vibe has been established you should add in some touching. Commenting on her fingernails, bracelets, or clothing is an easy way to naturally incorporate some touching. Also, you should still vary these non verbal factors as the night goes on. Intermittently injecting more energy into the interaction with an exciting story or just by changing your demeanor will keep your girl on her toes and keep the conversation fresh and fun.

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66 thoughts on “The Supreme Value Of Day Game”

  1. Women are a lot easier to chat up, and more receptive at the gym during the day. It seems like as soon as the sun goes down that relaxed smile on their face turns into an arrogant, bitchy smirk.

    1. The author asks for the gym. I ask for the supermarket. My goal is to feign ignorance and get her walking with me ASAP. That way I can smooth talk her on route and ask her out for a drink. (7/10 yes to date that way). We all have our routines we do. Keep up the good work fellas.

  2. There’s a reason why women are more likely to have casual sex when it’s dark. From an evolutionary perspective, it has been suggested that the night-owl trait may have evolved to facilitate short-term mating, that is, sexual interactions that occur outside of committed, monogamous relationships.
    Night owl women are similar to men in their relationship orientation, risk-taking propensities, and cortisol levels: Implications for the adaptive significance and evolution of eveningness

    1. Very true. Getting a one-night stand (or, better, one-day stand) is next to impossible in the daytime. I’ve never had it happen, or even really heard of it happening to somebody outside of spring break day-parties. So, if you’re looking to sleep with a girl on the day you meet, stick to night game. But if you’re interested in setting up dates and playing a slightly longer game, day game can be just as fruitful.

  3. Good article! The key is to get out of the house! Go to your local community college and check out the smorgasbord of hotties when class let’s out. Hell, while you’re there you should enroll in a class or two, day or night to fit your schedule, in any subject that interests you. This can open more doors that you never knew existed.

  4. This is insanely accurate. Day game is superbly valuable, even though you need a bit more skill to kill at it than targeting a broad in a club and tazing her with a blunt approach to then bag her and bust on her like a cum rag.
    I’ve personally seen day game win a guy a polarizing celebrity status on school campus, which is interesting when you talk about the effects of gaming in a small town or contained setting. Here’s a link if you want to see that shit first hand. It’s not that interesting on this particular site but it shows my point.

  5. Day game is pretty much all I do. I’m always direct though, this is often a point of confusion in these discussions. I don’t go up to a girl and tell her she looks really hot or some over-the-top sexualization, just “excuse me, I just had to tell you something, I just noticed you right now and I think you look really nice, I noticed x,y,z about you”. Said calmly with rock-solid eye contact, a wry smile and good posture. If she’s interested you’ll know within 30 seconds.
    Krauser, Steve Jabba, Yad, Tom Torero, the best in the business, all go direct for a reason and complimenting a woman is the standard. You’re not kissing her feet, but letting her know what attracted you. Following the compliment with a tease is good, but not always necessary.
    I tried indirect in the beginning, but it’s not honest. In a higher pressure environment like on a bus or coffee shop where she can’t leave if she’s not interested, it makes sense to start the convo with some offhand comment, not a direct approach.
    Experiment to see what works for you. Women in different cities/countries/demographics will respond in different ways. Check out some videos of the guys I mentioned above though. These guys have mastered it.

    1. I figured out the effectiveness of the direct approach by accident at the age of 18 back in 1997. I was in psychology class with an attractive woman and had no idea how to talk to her so one day i just approached her while she was alone, pulled up a chair told her i thought she looked good and I wanted to get to know her. She was both shocked and impressed. She told me she had a boyfriend but invited me to go for coffee with her after class. A few days later she offered me a lift home. 6 weeks later i started banging her.
      There was no boyfriend, she was just testing me, gauging my strength of character and level of interest.
      Years later she told me it was the smoothest and ballsiest approach she ever received.
      Strangely enough I didn’t capitalise on it as much as I should have in my youth but I had zero guidance.

      1. Great story. You have to go direct at some point in the interaction with a woman so she knows what you’re after, might as well be at the beginning. It saves time, sets the frame and is most likely the “ballsiest approach she ever received”

    2. I have a “balls-out” approach to life. Whether its indirect or direct depends on your style. What counts is being comfortable with yourself and not taking the rejections personally. The main thing is that you saw a hot chick in whatever situation and you walked up and approached when 99% of other guys just sat back and dreamed about her. As a man of action you took the first step towards turning a dream into reality.
      Every rejection is a win because you conquered yourself.

    3. Watching this guy work was painful. Now I really don’t feel so bad about myself and my approaches. lol

  6. Game is extremely hard to learn. Especially as a blue piller who just discovered the red pill.

    1. That’s just the first impression. I had no clue about game and was quite intimidated in the beginning, but within about six months I was able to consistently approach women in the daytime. I think going indirect, even as simple as asking the time or directions from women is a good way to get your feet wet. After that you can throw in a compliment and see their reactions.
      Game itself is relatively easy to learn the basics of, it just takes practice, what’s hard is convincing yourself that your worthy of the women you want and making that a reality. You can do it, with the information available to you online it’s just a matter of how much you want it.

      1. You’re right. I’m very intimidated. But the more I read about success stories the better I feel. I’ll just have to get over that first hump. Thanks!

        1. Go to a random city you have no connections to. Then you wont feel as worried about screwing up. You can also use it as an opener “Im not from around here..”

        2. Also, just start out making small talk without even the intent of getting a number. Just say “hey I’m gonna see if that girl will respond” and smile and make some comment. Don’t have the intent of wanting anything other than a response, and go from there. The strange city is a great idea. I am always my most outgoing (and successful) when away from home.

    2. Welcome to the Game, Padawan, since you just swallowed the Red Pill I recommend you listen to the Black Phillip Show, only 13 episodes, on youtube just search it, the late, great Patrice O’Neal talks about game and breaks it down perfectly for anyone to hear, I listen to it religiously myself and the teachings are endless, also check out RSD, Real Social Dynamics and their videos on youtube. Both are great sources of Game knowledge.

    3. In addition to this advice and these references I’ll also strongly suggest Roosh’s Bang and Day Bang. I was drawn to investigate the words of this site’s founder, recently read both cover to cover and felt like a great veil was lifted from my eyes and a heavy burden from my back. There’s wisdom in there that shed light on everything I was doing wrong and refocused my entire frame. Plus they’re funny.

  7. Very true. Day game is still the hidden gem, as most men either haven’t discovered it or are too shy to actually employ it. At night, its easier for men to approach women, largely due to alcohol and the general consensus that you should meet sexual women at clubs or bars. Those women are alive in the day too, and that’s exactly what day game is for!
    The best advice I’ve gotten for day game is to not go out of your way to do it – do it as a part of your life. Meaning, don’t go to the local college for two hours just to approach girls, but be ready to approach girls whenever you are outside – at the mall, on the street, at Starbucks, even at the waiting room for your doctor. The more casual you are about it, the better your results will be, since it won’t even look like you’re hitting on the girl. My favorite lines for day game are environmental ones. For example, in a really long line at Starbucks, say “is the line usually this long?”; on a hike in the hills, ask “do you know how much time it takes to reach the view?”. You will almost always get a response to lines like this, even from the most attractive women, so rejection shouldn’t even be a concern! The catch is to follow these openers up with a joke, an interesting comment, or some cocky-funny humor. Not every girl will respond how you want, but in the worst case you simply eject and say “thanks, have a nice day!”. Many guys fear day game, but really, chances of “rejection” are much smaller than at night if you actually play it right.

    1. I actually read a study that said that basic conversation like this is how people can quickly determine if someone is a potential friend or mate. If they are cold to something like “Great weather, huh?” then its probably not going to work out. And you never got the shame of rejection.

      1. Oh yeah, if you get a cold response to a line like that, you have no chance. In almost every situation, you’ll at least get a response though, and that ‘s already better than the worst night game rejections. Anyways, rejection isn’t bad (remember, the woman is likely having a bad day, has a bf, etc), but for those not used to it, day game is actually better. Day game just comes across as more spontaneous, and you can have a lot of success with it.

    2. When I got started it was the only game I used. I was too young to go clubs had no money so I used to just go to town and talk to girls.

  8. “Never compliment a woman while running day game; it will often lead her to suspect that you weren’t really looking for a gym, or whatever BS reason you used to open, but are just out to get laid”
    Seriously, what kind of faggot game are you running? Of course you can be direct during the day, check out “goodlooking loser” if you don’t believe me.

    1. Dude, yes you can be direct in daygame if you want to, but your chances of getting blown out are about 10x more than if you go indirect. Indirect allows you the time to get her comfortable talking to you, and that allows you to progressively become more flirty and physical. Being super direct and physical right away as GLL teaches is all about completely screening out any girl who is not sexually available right now, AND who finds you to be more her physical type than not (appealing mainly to her visual attraction circuitry). If you are not super cut (built), good fashion sense, relatively above average face, being super direct will be FAR less effective than being indirect or friendly first.

  9. Just think this needs to be put out there and to do it I’ll quote Tyler/Owen from RSD, “Day game is the sun is out and do the same thing. It’s true.” The principles are always the same whether it be with your girlfriend or your boss. People make the distinction between the two because at night you’re typically reduced to picking up women at bars and clubs, versus during the day when you can pick a girl up and meet her anywhere. A lot of guys take their surroundings and pick up a certain energy from clubs and bars, which is fine, that energy lets them feel as though it is okay to approach women, which leads to the crazy competition in clubs between men. However because of the social energy during the day they don’t feel as though they can approach, think of how incorrect you would feel if I told you to yell in a library, it’s the same sort of thing where society dictates what is appropriate. It also lets you approach in a situation where you can see the girl’s character, maybe she helps out in cancer wards in hospitals, thereby signaling a kind girl and LTR material.

    1. You can always go for smelly bum game but the “talent” you end up attracting may not be up to your true standards. That is, unless you come across a repressed functionary looking to slum it in the gutter for a while. Anything is possible.

      1. I prefer the term “grunge game” good sir.
        Or, if you happen to shower, “slacker game”. Hey if we have a ’90’s revival it could work 🙂

  10. The last several women I’ve dated /been with was all day game.Hell I met my current girlfriend pumping gas lmao!Nights are nothing but dates or time with friends anymore for me.

    1. At the gas station? Man, good job! Did your type of vehicle help at all? Just wondering.

      1. She never acknowledged it.I mean I’ve got a grand Cherokee that’s nice I guess lol just run of the mill SUV clean.Its been my experience most women never really care what you drive as long as its not feminine or awkward looking.For someone to notice you’re vehicle these days you gotta have something that’really pops.Ive had said vehicles and it wears off quickly.I’m sure a nice vehicle is a way to start a conversation.I know street bikes back in the day would get you played no problem no matter if you were but ugly not so much at all anymore.

        1. Materialistic, bad, American women will judge you on your car. I have a nice, 10 year old, semi luxury sedan, leather seats, sunroof, great stereo, no dents, more than sufficient for me. I’ve had one woman tell me “I’d set you up with one of my friends but your car is so old” and another: “I’d never date a guy who drove that car”–my response: Perfect! That’s exactly why I won’t upgrade!
          It can weed out the women you DONT want.

  11. Day game is legit.
    I meet women on the street, in supermarkets, bookstores,cafes, clothes stores, etc. If she’s pretty enough, there’s always a reason to talk to her…. If you’re a natural or even have the rudiments of game down, it’s a great way to build up a roster. Everything from having the right state/mood, good opener delivery, transitions, and body language can help. If nothing else, like everything else in life- practice, practice, practice, and learn from your mistakes.
    and yeah, body odor can be bad.. unless you are straight out of the gym, exuding manly sweat and pheromones.

  12. They say there’s nothing new under the sun… but under the grinning smirk of a daytime predator eyeballing lunch on legs from 50m away??

  13. I figured this strategy out by accident, as i was actually in need of directions..
    But, i had a map drawn half assed on a little note, and i didn’t know where anything was, so i just started asking randoms on the street
    This simple but genius strategy works for two reasons:
    1 : people like to feel helpful
    2: make sure its directions to somewhere that sounds important, and be confident but not a dork, it makes it seem like you are important, which projects value, and a sense of urgency
    I call it, “the lost tourist technique” deceiving, as in the guise of needing directions, you slip the number. Or be like.. Shit, give me your number in-case i get lost, and make up some joke about when this happened some other time (without making yourself seem like a dork), “give me your number and ill call you if your directions don’t work out or something”.. (only if you got a good vibe from her) if not, they’ll never suspect that you actually DO know where you are going, so you never get embarrassed. It’s a genial 0 humiliation strategy. So if they seem extra helpful and tingly, giving some sort of indicator in interest, than go for the #, if they are just helpful but “cold” process and move on. Stealth Day-Game.

  14. I’ve used direct openers during day game and can say that it works like a charm. My friend had a same day lay using a direct approach compliment as well. Direct openers are fantastic IMO because it can cut out the ones who aren’t interested in you pretty quickly from the start. Especially in day game.

  15. I dont drink, so day game is one of the main ways I can game. It also leads to better quality women and interactions. Great article.

  16. “Never compliment a woman while running day game; it will often lead her to suspect that you weren’t really looking for a gym”.
    Crazy how a woman’s mind works. “Wait are you trying to pick me up and show me a good time? You horrible, horrible man!”

  17. I think another point about day game versus night game is that you self-select a certain kind of women at the bar or at the club. These women are more likely to be the sluts that you don’t really want to be involved with beyond a night, or they are the type out for money (depending on the bar). This in turn can be a reason why you get rejected by night because she can smell the poverty on you. By day you have access to a radically different type of woman, many of whom rarely go to bars unless its with a man.

  18. A bit off topic but watch this little video clip. It’s about a boy, his betanised father and his alpha uncle (mother’s brother). There are no subtitles and you can actually turn the volume down if you don’t like the music.

  19. The issue I have noticed lately is many girls will be out or walking around with headphones stuck in their ears during the day. Not sure if it is just a way to avoid conversations but they have that initial annoyance when they have to remove them when they are presented with a question or conversation.

    1. I’ve seen this in every major city. It’s a millennial thing meaning guys are just as susceptible, but I believe women are doing it primarily for two reasons both stemming from anti-social behavior.
      1. Remain “plugged in” to their smartphones (affects of social media addiction) while having the added benefit of avoiding any human interaction.
      2. More importantly, to deter male strangers from approaching them where they may feel vulnerable (ie public transit).

      1. Non-sense, Women are not wearing headphones to deter guys from approaching them. Women get approached in the daytime very rarely. They are wearing headphones because they have time to listen to music or whatever they are listening to. All you have to do approach those girls is talk loud enough so they can hear you, wave in their face incase they didn’t hear you, and then motion for them to remove their headphones. They will. I have done it several times and never have they not stopped and removed their headphones. Dont’ worry about it, and don’t assume that which you don’t know.

        1. Never said they wouldn’t do it upon asking. I’ve seen it happen, in fact I’ve done it myself when tourists ask for directions. The question is do you really want to bother? What’s the look on her face when you ask where the pet shop is? American women also avoid eye contact like Asperger’s. They’ve checked out long before the conversation even starts indictive of anti-social behavior which was my point.

  20. Excellent article. I read something here a week or so ago about starting out, and it said first, tell yourself you will approach 2 new women every day. I started *that day* and had a brief, friendly conversation with 3 new girls within an hour and a half. I continued for a few days and then stopped… time to start back. What this does it make it completely normal and instinctual to start making small talk with a cute girl automatically when one passes your way. Then the transition to getting a number is really nothing at all, and just comes down to an odds game.
    There is little fear of rejection, because it is presented as such a low risk thing–if the girl is single and you state something like “you seem like a pretty normal person, maybe we could grab a coffee some time” even if she says no, you haven’t lost any pride. Totally different from getting shot down in a bar.
    This is a great method because it saves time. You can add it to your day. Just approach girls everywhere you already go: the grocery store, the park, the gym, etc. Now, you may find yourself taking more trips to public parks, plazas, etc. but then you will only feel more alive and connected. And of course you are not forcing yourself to go to a bar (if that’s something you don’t enjoy doing) in the hopes that maybe you will score some digits or a bang that night. Day game will present itself during the day naturally.
    This method also saves money. Even if you’re not buying the girl drinks you are dressing up and buying drinks and perhaps a cover charge for yourself at a bar. But with day game you are just in public, and you lose nothing if you don’t get a number. Do things you naturally enjoy, go to parks you like, take your dog to a place where you both can exercise. Women will be there.
    Also, I really liked these true quotes: “The value of a low pressure date is very high these days, when most attractive women under 27 are too socially retarded to make and stick to plans like a mature adult” and “women may still see through you or at least be suspicious. The reason is that most women are themselves fake”. Great job on the detailed and specific examples and sample conversations.

  21. Have any of you guys read a book called ‘Mode One: Let women know what you’re really thinking’…it was a real eye opener about being direct with women and helped me a lot with day game.

    1. “Sugar Daddy Dating”.
      Paying women for sex, treating them as goddesses, putting them on pedestal.
      You are a fucking retard. Why are you even on ROK?

  22. This is all great advice. Before I even discovered this website, I had an amazing experience with day game that truly paid off. It was about one month ago, middle of the day and I was at the grocery store. I was walking around with my cart, grabbing random shit to eat. I noticed an absolutely gorgeous asian woman who I estimated to be about at least a decade older than me (I’m 27.) She had this look that screamed FOB, was wearing a rather short skirt and sexy blouse. I noticed her noticing me, and I told myself that I MUST talk to her. I was in the check out lane thinking of what to say to her and saw that she was in another lane a few people back. I took my groceries out to my car and just waited for her to come out. Sorry if this sounds like a penthouse forums thing, but I couldn’t make this up and I’ll try summing up quickly. She came out and walked passed my car, Still not knowing what to say, I said fuck it and simply approached. I walked right up to her and just told her that I thought she was gorgeous, and I’d love to get to know her. She was taken aback a tad, but was totally eating it up. She was originally from China, had been living in Ohio for 7 years, and was in town (Minneapolis) on business for a few weeks (no joke.) We ended up exchanging numbers, went out for dinner a week later, and I fucked the hell out of her that night. Again, I couldn’t make this shit up. Day game works!

  23. Love this made up story…. haha when girls find out your some misogynistic faggot writer on the internet do you then blog about all the times you “banged” them. haha

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