6 Myths That Men Believe About Southeast Asia

I’ve been living in South East Asia for almost a decade now, and over that time I’ve come to have a matured perspective on living here and a fair appreciation of the pros and cons of doing so. Like most people who come here, I set off thinking I was going to live in paradise. That’s far from the reality, let me tell you!

Living in South East Asia has its pros and cons, just like anywhere else. While I myself have decided to return west for a while, I’ll always have a connection to Asia and I’m sure I’ll be back many times throughout my life.

So what’s the REAL story with living in Asia? Is it all its cracked up to be? What does a man have to be aware of when coming here? Let’s look at six common stereotypical ideas about living in South East Asia, and assess them in the light of reality.

1. Asian Women Are Kind, Gentle, And Compliant To Their Husbands

So sweet! Not so fast....

So sweet! Not so fast….

This is, most definitely, a myth, and if you come out here expecting to find some little house pet who does your bidding, you’ll be in for a rude awakening.

It’s definitely true that Asian women, in my experience, are a lot more traditional. They give the man his place in the house, rarely question your final decisions, and do not resent housework and basic wifely duties.

However, the idea that they’ll just do whatever you tell them without question is nonsense. They’re human beings with a will of their own and you wouldn’t be the first guy to get a smack in the head from a five-foot-two broad who weighs 90 pounds if you disrespect her.

The idea that Asian women are some sort of angelic alternative to Western women is also nonsense. While it’s not the norm, I’ve met several Western men who have been taken to the cleaners by their Asian wives and girlfriends. When you move here, you’re completely at her mercy and you will never have any legal rights as a citizen.

Asian women generally are a lot more traditional, but this stereotype that they’re some sort of perfect wife material has got to go. They’re individuals—and there are all kinds, good and bad, among them.

Read this guide to dating Asian women for a more complete perspective on the issue. It’s a thorny subject, and there’s a lot of misunderstanding surrounding it.

2. Asia Is Ridiculously Cheap

This is one I’d have to lean slightly towards agreeing with.

Most things in Asia are a lot cheaper. Eating out for my entire family often costs less than $15, meaning I can afford to do it basically every day. My rent for a condo apartment costs less than $150 a month, although that’s mostly because I live in the sticks and am not in a major city.

A general rule of thumb is that outside of major cities like Bangkok, Singapore, and KL, you can divide the cost of living by three and get a rough estimate.

Note, this does not apply to consumer goods such as cars and electrical appliances, which are in and around the same price. It certainly does not apply to luxury goods, which are often much more expensive because of the taxes placed on them by local governments.

Asia is cheaper overall, but anything other than the basics costs roughly the same. Life in South East Asia CAN be cheaper, but it isn’t necessarily so—it depends on your lifestyle.

3. You Can Become A Citizen Of An Asian Country And Stay Forever

Becoming a citizen in an Asian country is nigh on impossible. Even if you could, you probably wouldn’t want to.

You can get a variety of visas like permanent residency, and each country aims to facilitate the spouses of their nationals and, especially, retirees with proven cash in the bank. However, you’ll not become a CITIZEN with all of the various rights they enjoy.

It’s also worth noting: while you might get permanent residence, you’ll never be “one of them.” Even if you live here for 30 years, you will always be a foreigner and will be viewed as such by locals. This has pros and cons to it, but you’ll never quite feel at home and accepted as one of the group.

You’ll get undue respect from some for being a Westerner, but forget about talking politics or leveling criticisms at the way things are done—you’ll be met with hostility and resentment for the latter.

4. The Weather In Asia Is 24/7 Sunshine

The weather in South East Asia is generally pretty awesome, and you can live an outdoors life you’ll truly enjoy if you’re that type.

The sun shines almost every day, and even when it’s overcast it’s warm, meaning you can go out and about and do anything from walk on the beach to shop in the city.

However, when the storms come, you’d better be prepared to get your ass inside. The rainfall and wind in many countries in South East Asia is truly terrifying. Just switch on any news station the next time a major storm hits the Philippines and you’ll see what it’s like.

Thankfully, after 1.5 years of living in the Philippines, I’ve never been caught directly in a major storm, although I’ve seen the tail end of plenty of them.

The weather is good when it’s good, and utterly awful when it’s bad. Check this clip out to see how bad it can get:

5. Asia Is 100 Years Behind The West In Terms Of Development

This is a stereotype that’s deeply mistaken, and whether or not it’s true depends on which country you go to.

True, countries like Laos and Bangladesh are miles behind any Western nation, but head to Singapore and you’ll be shocked by how far ahead of us they are in terms of tech and development.

Asia is developing at breakneck pace, and with that development comes super highways, skytrains, skyscrapers and everything else we usually associate with an advanced country. It won’t be long before many countries out here catch up and surpass the West, although it is definitely true that most of them are slightly behind for now.

There’s a phenomenon called “leapfrogging” which virtually guarantees Asian countries will catch up to and surpass the West quickly. Leapfrogging is when they can skip all of the evolution and development and simply emulate modern day technology developed elsewhere—a great example is India, where they have skipped the transition from dial-up to mobie internet and gone straight from nothing to mobile.

If you think this can’t be done and there are intellectual property laws to protect tech from being stolen wholesale, I salute you, but I have to laugh. There are no such laws, and even if there were, nobody would bother to enforce them.

On the other hand, you still have many scenes like this outside your window when you get out of the main cities:

6. Asians Are Extremely Family Oriented

Again, this is one I lean towards agreeing with. There are exceptions to every rule, but the family unit is extremely strong in Asia, especially countries like the Philippines.

I don’t want to wax lyrical or speculate as to why this is. It’s enough to acknowledge it as a fact and accept that it’s the case. 90% of the Asian people I have ever met and gotten to know from Indonesia to the Philippines to Thailand are devoted to their families to the extent that we’d consider it cult-like in most Western countries.

I pass no judgment on this whatsoever. It can be a great thing or a bad thing, depending on your own perspective. I personally like it and think it’s something we’ve lost in many European countries, and America, too.

This is an idea about Asia I agree with—the dedication to family above individuality is definitely true, and so by default if you get into a relationship with an Asian woman, be prepared for this.

The family unit is the sun around which everything orbits in most Asian countries.

Living In Asia Summary

Sorry to disappoint you, fellas, but you won’t find paradise in South East Asia.

What you will find is a place with many opportunities, pitfalls, pros and cons, but which I do not regret living in for a single second and which has come to be a large part of my life’s story.

I came out for a year and stayed for almost a decade. However, I’ve decided that time is now over and it’s time to go home.

I’d love to hear about your experiences living or traveling in Asia. Do you find my perceptions to be accurate, or do you have a different view?

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374 thoughts on “6 Myths That Men Believe About Southeast Asia”

  1. “It’s also worth noting: while you might get permanent residence, you’ll never be “one of them.” Even if you live here for 30 years, you will always be a foreigner and will be viewed as such by locals. This has pros and cons to it, but you’ll never quite feel at home and accepted as one of the group.
    You’ll get undue respect from some for being a Westerner, but forget about talking politics or leveling criticisms at the way things are done—you’ll be met with hostility and resentment for the latter.”
    Funny. A part of me hates the idea of being such an outcast. Then, I don’t really feel like my opinion matters in this world either.
    The other part of me loves the idea of such strong ‘xenophobic’ bonds. You can easily see how it makes them strong and resilient towards outside influence. Nothing like in Western societies (except maybe rural places?)
    Kinda fucked, heh. I can see the appeal of such a thing, yet I know I will never be able to have it. Which I guess triggers a kind of sour grapes response in me where I just conclude it’s bullshit altogether.
    Oh well.

    1. You don’t have to go all the way to Asia to experience that. I was born and raised in the northern US. I moved to the south and lived there for about 30 years. I was always treated politely as an outsider. If their grandfather and your grandfather didn’t go to kindergarten together you are an alien.

    2. ” Even if you live here for 30 years, you will always be a foreigner and will be viewed as such by locals.”
      sheesh – sounds like Philadelphia….

        1. Nothing kinky about it. People here tend to be a little wary of newcomers (which is hilarious, given that the city’s greatest period of growth was due to a mass influx of Irish and Italian immigrants…

  2. “MYTH Asian Women Are Kind, Gentle, And Compliant To Their Husbands. […] It’s definitely true that Asian women, in my experience, are a lot more traditional…”
    The myth here is that women were traditionally kind, gentle and compliant. This is a feminist myth where women used to be some kind of compliant housecleaners and sexual slaves…
    That never happened.
    Women were far from being compliant. One century ago life was really hard, there was no washing machines, no vacuum cleaners, no nothing but draps and water and half dozen of kids to take care of. Women used to be hard workers and bossy, organizing the house and with no time for stupid stuff. You’re not gonna handle a farm if you’re busy painting your nails. Kind and compliant? Feminists mix romance novels with reality.

  3. “I came out for a year and stayed for almost a decade. However, I’ve decided that time is now over and it’s time to go home.”
    What made you to take the decision?

  4. Article is about Southeast Asia yet photo of girl used is clearly Northeastern Asian.
    I don’t like dark skin. I don’t like little brown water hogs. I don’t like brown skinned hula dancers.

    1. My Filipino wife has whiter skin than I do and I am of Irish heritage and have the red hair (or used to) and pale complexion to prove it.

  5. And yet another way the West fucks itself:
    China is busy buying up all the high-end property in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK etc but Westerners aren’t even allowed to own property in most Asian countries.
    But muh capitalism lolz

    1. Not just them, the Russians, ME oil money, some wealthy Europeans have been buying RE too…must be worried about the Euro.

      1. and you as a Western man wouldn’t even be allowed to own a tiki hut on the beach in one of these asian countries lolz

        1. There are a lot of empty apartments sitting in nyc- all investment properties for foreigners. One wealthy Chinese bought 3 extra apartments for her 3 kids, all aged 10 and younger…gonna sit empty for a decade or more

        2. It should- the housing valuations are completely distorted. Ideally, you would spend about 1/3 of your takehome pay on rent or a mortgage; here in nyc, its about 60%
          How much spending would be unleashed if housing prices went back to saner levels? I know of a house sale, outer borough, two floor, 3 bedroom, attached home in a so-so hood…a chinese national bought it in cash…paid a cool 1MM dollars…for a house built around 1950…now this doesnt distort the market?

        3. That piss skinned dog eater got that money from his sweat shop that creates so much pollution that it gave everybody in the little farming village he grew up in cancer. Nothing grows there anymore and his Jew York business partners shut down a compnay in the JUSA and put a bunch of people out of work to keep their margins high. Some of these ex employees were late on a deathwager( mortgage) payment to the bank so they repo’d it and sold it to your new neighbor Mr. Mefuku Longtime with the blessing of “your’” government. Lolknee probably goes to douchey martini bars with him just so he can be around when his daughters turn 18 so he can give them the gift of vaginal warts on their special day

        4. The wealth of the west is being moved to communist china by zog just like how it was moved from the mid east to Europe and then from Europe to America in the past. A Westerner “moving to” or taking extended vacations and spending money in a place where he is perpetual second class citizen is just doing his little part to help that shit along like a good goy race traitor, especially if he knocks up a local

    2. I remember the Japanese buying up the high end real estate back in the ?80s
      Then the bankers pulled the pin – they have been in recession for 30 years now…
      Perhaps the bankers will default on all those treasuries soon. Once they’ve sold them a few more 50 million dollar apartments…
      But, who knows?

    3. yeah and that worked out great for Japan when the crash came in the late 80s early 90s…. the americans are not stupid…. let the wongs buy up all the expensive shit.. .crash the economy and buy it back from them at 10 cents in the dollar.

    4. The Japanese where buying up high end Real Estate in the US in the 80s as well. They ended us selling it all back in the 90s. Its one of the ways the rich protect their money while their home country goes to shit.

    5. The West greed will undo it. Excellent offering 🙂 They’d allow you to own Condos in most, not house/land.

    6. Japan did that too in the US during the 1980s before the Japanese Bubble Economy crashed in the early 1990s. China doing that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be forever. Their economically could crash just as easily as Japan’s did.

  6. Asian women will be kind, deferential, and sweet to their ASIAN husbands. Not to you White Man.
    I guess the White Man hasn’t gotten the fucking memo yet: he is universally loathed: by colored men, by colored women, and by his own women.

    1. I have been married to a Filipina for about 9 years. If you act like a typical western white male mangina you will get all the respect you deserve; none. If you act like they expect a man in the relationship to act, like the typical Asian patriarch, you will be treated like one, no matter if you are white or whatever. I know lots of white manginas married to Asian women. They treat their husbands no better than the white women would, maybe worse. I am not one of them, and you wouldn’t have to be either. You need to step up and have a frame of steel.

      1. I knew an anglo beta who’s viet wife would send her credit card bills to her sister’s house so he wouldn’t know how much she was spending. Even though they both worked, naturally all living expenses went on his card.

        1. Viet women are the most attractive, yet also the most deceitful, of the Asian poon lot. Funny how that works….

  7. As Asia rises and its economic clout increases, it will be harder and harder for Western men to date or socialize with Asian women.
    From what I’ve observed, Asians are rediscovering their identity, and their racial pride. Take a walk around any major university campus ans you will see the Asians stick to themselves and are all happily paired up while the frumpy White girls form a gaggle and the White males walk around along looking bewildered and shell shocked, Fact.

      1. generally speaking it costs the same to live anywhere…. sure you can live cheap in asia and lat am, there are a few minor advantages like cheap beer, cheap smokes and cheap restaurants… big deal…. but overall do you want to live like a local peasant ?
        then if you want anything resembling western organization you pay a premium for it and put yourself in the cross hairs as a privileged class while you do it.
        it costs the same to live anywhere. the advantages +/- economically should not be considered…. plus you are better off being poor in a rich country than trying to stay rich in a poor one, especially one where you can’t even read their alphabet !

        1. Totally disagree. I live like a king and am treated like a king in Latin America about 1 month every year. I actually save money compared to southern california.
          ” better off being poor in a reach country”. If Im old and sick, dont care about meeting women, and just want to be left alone someday, then you might have a point.
          It might depend on what stage of life youre in

    1. Spot on. I also believe the “white halo” is gradually fading on Asian women.
      EDIT: and also on Asian countries in general.

    2. Also, the females get aborted sometimes, leading to a greater male:female population, making it more difficult.

        1. Anecdotal evidence. The one child policy tends to make the couples in China want a boy, as they can provide for them later on.

    3. Maybe it’s a good thing then that The Teflon Don is talking about restricting student visas and retaining the best of the foreign students admitted by the USA.

    4. This rediscovering of racial pride does not explain the fact that you rarely see a decent looking, middle class Asian girl with these white guys, 10 years ago or now. I am in BKK, Singapore and Europe, hardly ever see a decent girl with these guys. Most of the time, it is a bar girl.
      Then there is the silly myth that Asian girls are there for the exclusive use of white guys 🙂 Bar girls maybe.

    1. The best move of the shockmaster was falling on his face. He is gonna SHOCK THE WORLD

  8. Let me try to make clear the difference in culture between Asian and
    the West.
    This is a popular variety / game show in China called Summer Sweetie:

    Notice how all the girls are 10’s?
    Contrast this with what you will find on American TV: frumpy dumpy fat ass basic white bitches like Amy Schumer or Tina Fey.
    What a fucking joke.

      1. What’s funny is that feminists filleted her for suggesting that she likes to be a woman, and that she likes her man to be a man.

        1. the reverse logic on these feminists.
          it cannot go on.
          I don’t have a tv. Heard the song often – and hated it.
          Then saw video at a bar – immediately thought – end of america…
          Fat faggy nonsense…

    1. Are Chinese women permitted to date western men in the big cities?
      Or is it frowned upon?
      May have to make a stopover there

        1. I don’t mean in traditional areas.
          How about the big cities, with many women working in office jobs, etc…
          Seems lie it would be progressive as in the young girls moving from the countryside away from traditional influences. Such as NYC/LA..

        2. Except white men are genetically superior to fish heads whereas your example is a chimp having it’s way with a white woman

  9. More than 300,000 Chinese students study at American universities each year.
    There are hundreds and hundreds of American research labs with only Chinese nationals in them.
    it isn’t the Jews you need to be worried about…

    1. While you won’t find a single university lab staffed solely by Finkelsteins or Goldbergs, you will find hundreds if not thousands of research labs staffed solely by Chens and Hu’s. Fact.

      1. And yet if you look at the leaders and heads of society, you’ll see a whole lot more -stein than Wong.

    2. Oh? Who is responsible for their economic prosperity and the promotion of multiculturalism in western nations exclusively? You should change your avatar

  10. It’s funny how Asians who come to the U.S. have no reservations about becoming politically involved while Westerners are told to STFU when they are in Asian countries.
    Anyone else catch how the Second Presidential debate (at Washington University) was kicked off by a Chinese international student? LMAO

  11. All the proof you need that Asian women, relationships, and culture are far healthier and more harmonious than those in the West is to note the conspicuous absence of Asian contributors and commenters on ROK.

  12. Good article though, especially regarding intellectual property: patents don’t matter worth a fuck. It’s whoever is first to market and first to establish themselves that wins.

  13. What will be the exchange rate of Harriet Tubman $20s (affectionately known as “Tubbies”) to Mao-emblazoned Yuan’s???

  14. I think modern Western man is like Hitler in the movie Downfall, commanding non-existent armies that have long since been decimated. He is a spent force. Materially, intellectually, spiritually.

  15. For some reason for the past ten years I am very critical of the Asia-maniacs around me and globally. Asia has rose mostly due to the stupidity of western foreign politics. With the exception of Singapore and Japan no other such country has managed to outcompete the West in anything, not even China (except if you trust their cheap products and shady enterprise laws). The truth is Asia has been left for the most part to take the West’s economic power due to the West’s own fault. In a sick twist through their economic advancement is still tied to us buying their cheap products. The collapse of the Chinese stock market proved that.
    In short:
    A) DO NOT raise your hopes up for Asia, the fall of the West does not mean the rise of anyone.
    B) DO NOT believe that Asia is still not dependent on the West for its technological progress.
    C) REMEMBER the game is still not lost for us, and the damage to us was done by us mainly.

    1. I think in the medium term Asia will do much better than the west, since they have the means of production to also propel a lot of development in the rest of the world regardless of what the west does or not.
      What they don’t have is the toxic culture so pervasive in the west now, ask schoolgirls in Japan what they want to become and 2/3 respond “housewife”.
      In terms of culture they are much more conservative in the true sense than virtually any other cultures out there, and it doesn’t seem to me that they are changing much in that regard.
      China is a bit of a wildcard however, and it’s hard to predict which direction they will take next.

      1. Yes, but do they want to become mothers???
        Aspiring to be a housewife is stupid. How dirty is the average Japanese household? The vacuuming robots will take care of the sushi roll crumbs …
        Child-rearing and child education are noble pursuits.

        1. That’s a weird question, of course they all want to become mothers.
          As for Japanese households, every one I’ve been in have been absolutely spotless and for the most part that’s how my house is kept by my wife.
          Aspiring to be a housewife is everything but stupid, in fact any other aspiration for a girl is what really is stupid and retarded to boot.

        2. Aspiring to be a mother to children (plural) is noble.
          Aspiring to look after four walls and a floor is silly.

        3. Japanese women aren’t the ones abandoning their duties at large, in their society. It’s the men who’d rather wank off and remain virgins into their 40s, as opposed to doing anything meaningful. Japanese women would kill for their men to get back on track.

      2. Most housewifes just want to sit and do nothing. I have personally encountered that problem in my country as 9 out of 10 house wifes tend to be just worthless. Although, women older than 60 years tended to be the good type of housewife, younger ones are the main observation here.
        Toxicity exists (in an other article these thing is better explained about asian girls, Japanese specifically, but there are others about Asian pitfalls) in these countries but with our vulgarized culture we can not notice it. Honestly I think that in the late term Asians will be in a greater peril, even though they will not have appeared too, for us everything is tried to be accelerated but at the very least things are so vile that even normies understand that something is rotten in Denmark.
        The developmental phase for some of these countries also has long past its Zenith (Japan) or it is at the end of its Zenith (China), China tries even to develop Africa so that it can maintain its hold of cheap products with even cheaper ones! Problem is the average African lacks the inteligence to maintain any industry so that may lead to even greater bubble. All in all, I do not see these money being used in a way that will solidify the power those countries currently hold.
        In the case of Japan it used its profits to fuel the most extensive socialist system that ever existed (they litterally eliminated every risk that existed in enterprising by giving governmental work to the people whose enterprise failed), it ended in a huge bubble, from which the country still tries to heal.
        In short everywhere in the world today is bad, thank you Current World Order! of libs, gibs, skipes, naives, investies and abnormals! (We may be the New World Order, the ones who do this are currently in power)

        1. What do you mean by worthless in this context regarding housewives? My Japanese housewife makes babies and good food, and handles all the household chores, which is all that I really want of her. I wouldn’t call her lazy, much less worthless, but I guess each to their own.
          Japan has in some ways gone too far, but you have to also take into account that their social welfare extends only to Japanese, not foreigners like in the west. Furthermore their debt is not like the government debt in the US or the west, the majority of Japanese government bonds are held by Japanese citizens, not foreign governments. Big difference right there.
          That said I’m not planning on moving there anytime soon since there is no growth market. Eastern Europe however is a different deal, as is a good part of SE Asia, where there is still a lot of space, people and resources untapped.

        2. I was refering to women who want to be “housewifes” so that they can do nothing, the majority of modern housewifes in Greece tend to be that category. Real housewifes (like your wife) are quite the oposite. I should have used quotation marks before, sorry for that.
          Being hugely in debt is not good in any way, to foreigners it is worse but owing a huge debt to your own citizens is not good either. The diference has more to do with soverighty and growth, there are some western countries that although have wrecked their governments still they manage to grow because the private sector was exempt from the loans, in Greece this was true somewhere ’till the late 90’s then both sectors got wrecked, till that time though the country could still grow.

        3. I don’t know much about Greece other than we have a flood of smart Greeks where I am. I’m glad you understand the difference between a wannabe and a proper housewife who takes care of everything.
          I’m not rich but the way I live is beyond what most European guys even dream of, my wife gets up before me to make sure breakfast is ready when I wake up, and yes she makes proper coffee for me also.
          But this kind of thing is only if you rule:-)

        4. I banged out a greek housewife who would leave her young kids with her mother to stay out all night with me while her husband worked 18 hours a day in his restaurant. One time she blew me in the car while parked on her street while I watched her beta husband mow the lawn on his day off. When I asked who the guy doing her landscaping was she said it was her brother.

        5. I wasn’t thinking something like that (more like the type of housewife that constantly neglects her duties) but you get the idea: not all women who want to be housewives do it because they are family oriented but many want to simply not have to work.

        6. Your life is the life most Europeans had prior to the sexual revolution of the 60’s my grandpa and all his friends did marry women that acted as your wife and stayed with them through difficult years of poverty and happy ones solidly like rocks, the current situation is an anomaly of human nature that has been developed due to eradication of standards. This can be traced due to the advent of skepticism (question all for the sake of it) that slowly lead to the eradication of most norms in western societies.
          Also a heuristic (a part of philosophy dealing with the exact meaning of words) correction: wannabe housewives are wives that cannot not work or lack skills but want to develop them and want to only be taking care of their household, while what I was describing were women that did not want to fulfil any duty whatsoever, so the married to stay at home and do nothing, obviously a real housewife is a tremendous addition to the household far greater than any liberated woman.
          Most smart Greeks are making a run from the homeland in what has been described to be globally the biggest brain drain in Europe’s history, in general this has been happening from the day that Constantinople was sacked but today it resumes even greater. The thing is that the government gives no opportunities for someone in STEM fields or businesses (as long as he does not want to have dealings with the public sector) as most laws in Greece discourage entrepreneurship and research is the victim of student movements inside the universities.
          There was some years ago a striking case of a young man who managed to develop in his 17th year of life! a robotic glove that would help the elderly with problems in their hands to better grasp objects, he was given an internship to an american college. He turned it down to say here. In a year he entered the university which he started attending half a year later, the reason was that a student movement had been keeping it our of order due to constant protest. When it opened they had to fix some of the labs due to vandalism.

  16. Westerners who move to Asian countries are never allowed to become citizens and are always viewed with suspicion by natives while AT THE SAME TIME, millions of foreigners from Central America, Asia, and the Middle East come to the United States and are automatically granted all the privileges (and in many cases more free gibs) than are afforded citizens. And when we question if Ching Chong or someone wearing a hefty bag and speaking Dirka Dirka really belongs in the United States, the Left calls US Un-American!

    1. But this is because their is blood continuity and unity in those countries where there is none in the US isn’t it? I mean, I was born in New York. My mother and father were born in the US. My grandparents (both maternal and paternal) were born in New York. Both my maternal and one of my paternal great grand parents were born in New York).
      That said, there are plenty of old blood people whose family would look at mine as immigrants (and have looked down on Italians for generations). My grandmother, by the same token, says the same thing about “spics and japs” (she hates the Japanese) and calls Derek Jeter “that half-a-jig”)
      The difference between the US and this little SE Asian countries I think is that two thai people from thai land have thai blood in common with one another. However, even as a 4th generation American I have no blood ties to guys like GOJ or Unabashed. There is no blood that bonds us at all. Not even a little.
      I think this is the heart of the problem (and yes, I think it is a problem) is that American identity can be shifted and changed in ways that cultures where people with blood ties can’t be. ANd this is true unless we just start kicking out everyone but the mayflower decedents. I fucked a DAR girl once. Trust me, it’s not worth it.

        1. I don’t know. I like spicy food and I like thai food. I do know that two thai people who have never met immediately have something in common because of their blood. Not so much with the US. The US doesn’t have a continuity that can’t be changed over time.

        2. Thai culture means what? noodles and tiny elephants? it’s hard not to be dismissive about other people wanting to keep their “cultures” alive when their “cultures” consist of making sure nothing is taller than the top of a buddha statue

        3. Oh, I agree with you 100% here. Fuck, I barely acknowledge that there is anything of value in the outerborroughs of New York….let alone the rest of this country and def not in any swage treatment facility that peasants call home. That said, they have a cultural connection that Americans don’t. I feel in no way connected to my fellow American by virtue of them being Americans. Zero. Zip. Zilch. I used to, but no longer, feel a connection to other native New Yorkers but that was a fairy tale I disabused myself of years, if not decades ago.

      1. Well, my grandparents weren’t born here, father wasn’t born here, hell even I wasn’t born in the U.S. … sort of a itinerant gypsy vagabond wandering jew … nonetheless … I Am American.

        1. that is correct. You are American. And that means exactly dick to anyone. This is why when someone asks me what my nationality is they aren’t asking me if I am an American. Shit, I sound like I sprouted whole on turty turd and turd. They know I am an American. They want to know that my family is from Northern Italy and Trieste. Being “American” is malleable. Being Thai is not.

        2. It wasn’t always like that though: before, people did conform, did adapt, did try to adopt the American culture, which meant at least a couple of things:
          1. Speak English
          2. Believe in and practice a meritocracy where upward mobility was possible through hard work and discipline
          3. An aversion to nepotism and preferential treatment

        3. But now these defining traits have been shed: now, speak any language, network network network, and get ahead through institutional name recognition and nepotism

        4. 1. agree. The fact that people no longer even try to speak the language is a problem. That said, the Brits and Irish and Canadians all speak English too.
          2. I see a lot of immigrants working incredibly hard to be upwardly mobile. Working in construction I see incredibly hard working people from a slew of south and central American countries. They out perform the native americans by astronomical numbers. They have no real lives outside of work and family and they are buying homes and sending their kids to schools. Asian families too. The immigrant mentality of hard work and discipline and bettering the next generation is something that American’s ought to learn. The people born here, in large part, are lazy, fat and spoiled and living paycheck to paycheck as they tackle their revolving debt and do the absolute least amount of work possible.
          3, If you honestly believe that there was a time in this country when there was an aversion to nepotism and preferential treatment than you are nuts. The only people who don’t like nepotism and preferential treatment are the ones who don’t benefit from it and that is just jealousy and impotent resentment. At every stage of this nations history nepotism has played a roll.

        5. I think there was a public outcry when underhanded, non-transparent dealings occurred:
          Look at Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall or payola during the heyday of radio in the 1950s. Now such things don’t cause people to recoil or object. Now, it’s more, “Eh that’s the way it’s done in America nowadays…”

        6. Lack of American identity works fine for foreigners who come here for education or to work (Central Americans, Asians, Middle Easterners) and who bring along their own cultures from back home but it a big problem for native Americans – those born or brought up here who do not have strong cultural ties to the “mother country” or speak the mother tongue. They will be seeking a common identity and they will resent the legions of dirka dirkas who want to turn America into nothing more than a giant cost-to-coast open air market.

        7. People don’t care about it now because people aren’t hungry enough to care. If Boss Tweed lived in a time when people of all walks of life went home to their 1500 calorie dinner and 60 inch HDTV where they watch sports ball payola scandal would have been a sidenote at best. People didn’t complain about the injustice of Tweed. They were really complaining that they weren’t getting their share

        8. But that simply isn’t the case. I was brought up here with almost no ties to the “mother country” There simply is not a common American identity. It doesn’t exist. That is the point. To the degree that there is a sense of a common American identity it is redefined every generation by the countries new inhabitants.
          So either start breeding or shut up and enjoy the Pakistani food. It’s good.

        9. Modern man is a faggot. He is out searching for meaning instead of creating it. It is no different than blacks who want government hand outs. The universe isn’t going to underwrite meaning for the modern man. If he can’t reach down and find his dick and make his own meaning then let him perish in his own depression and lack of self. I have no fucking pity for beggars, thieves or cowards

        10. what makes you think that you should stay. I would like a little more room and I am a fourth generation and you weren’t born here. Why do you think you should be on this side of the wall?

        11. Oddly enough, this is by design. The founders were great individualists. The believed in the strength of man to make his own destiny rather than being shackled by a pre-determined identity. It is a good thing that we don’t feel a concept of nationalism so long as it is supplanted with a concept of self reliance.

        12. There is no need to intellectualize or justify one’s continued existence.
          Every other people sees independence and autonomy as self-evident. We never told the dirka dirka to justify why they deserve independence from Western colonial powers nor do we look for intellectual rationalizations to such events today. We accept the anti-colonial movement as natural and the right of colored people to self-determination as natural.
          Only White people in America and Western Europe are told they need to somehow intellectually justify their existence and argue against their displacement.

        13. TPTB want it because it bc each wave has no history here, and therefore no/lower expectations of what it is to be an American. They want blank slates as future consumers, not future citizens.

        14. Yes, that is also why the Left loves to mock older Americans with traditional viewpoints; that they are “dying off,” “going the way of the dodo,” etc. They want fresh slates (tabula rasa) to indoctrinate in the myth of Equality and other perversions.

        15. But isn’t this the problem in a nut shell. I agree with you that the rest ought to have to justify their beings. However, pointing at them and saying “they don’t have to why should I” is a child’s way out. You are essentially saying that you are no different than the Nigerian laborer who comes here because rather than demanding he play by your rules you are saying it is not fair that you can’t play by his.
          In my line of work I run by a shit ton of immigrants. Every single one of them, by the way, is incredibly hard working and justify their existence through their families. They work and go without so they can buy a home and leave their children in a better position. Not some of them. Not most of them. Every fucking one of them. If totally blind and with no other information I was told I had to pick an off the boat Ecuadorian with no education or a college educated American to do a labor job it would be the Ecuadorian hands down. Don’t like it? Work harder. They are justifying their lives. They are underwriting their meaning. They do it with stuff like sacrifice, hard work and setting up roots. Maybe instead of skin color we should look at who is more useful for the civilization. My guess is that most people would be in line behind all the spics that I use to build a city.
          It always confuses me when I see lazy fucking americans doing shit and pointing at hard working immigrants and saying “its not fair.” Just because you are losing doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t a meritocracy. Maybe, just maybe, your light skin and blue eyes just don’t earn you the merit you think they do. Maybe they are totally fucking superfluous.

        16. It is not America’s obligation to provide economic opportunities to the denizens of the rest of the world.
          Also, perhaps instead of building more and more shiny soul-less towers to the detriment of our collective identify and our Western soul, we need to do with less, live less extravagantly, more frugally, etc.
          A crab inside a jewel-encrusted shell is still just a crab.

        17. And I think you are being far too glowing in your accounting of foreign laborers. I work in NYC too and the foreign fucks I encounter as wait staff in restaurants and stores are rude, unapologetic, think their broken pidgin english is proper english and get flustered that I can’t understand THEM, and are slow and indifferent to service. Maybe construction is different.

        18. 1) If it is not America’s obligation to provide economic opportunities to the denizens of the rest of the world I would suggest you leave and return to whatever part of the world you are from
          2) I don’t know what you mean by more shiny soul-less towers to the detriment of our collective identity. I am creating housing in a city that has a housing crisis. I am doing it in a way that is architecturally significant. There IS SIMPLY NO COLLECTIVE IDENTITY and if you want a soul make one for youself….no hand outs here. Why should we live less extravagantly. That sounds like jealousy to me. I am sorry if you can’t afford to live a better life. Leave your reaction formation judgements at the door while the rest of us pursue the American dream
          3) Crab is delicious.
          I really still don’t see how you, as someone not born here, really thinks that you are in a place to decide who is to stay, who is to leave and how we should identify ourselves collectively? You are basically one of the arabs who goes into a country and thinks the country should become Islamic.

        19. You do? Well, I have 5000 of them working for me and this is my experience. I have done this job for years and have built 3 high rises already. Maybe they are rude and unapologetic to you because you are a cunt. I don’t know. If my experience over 10 years working with 10’s of thousands of laborers from a dozen different countries is proved wrong by the fact that people spit in your food because they see you as an annoying shit who doesn’t tip well then I don’t know what I can say to you.

        20. If you think I am somehow less American than a Zika baby who gets shat out a foot across the American border by its Guatamalan mother, then we can’t have a rational argument.

        21. yawn dude. I am sorry that you aren’t particularly special and can’t compete with people who barely speak English. Most of those people will own homes before your student loans are paid off.

        22. ah yes the enduring myth of the noble savage: White people are always so eager to ascribe nobility where there is none

        23. I see hard working people who pay their debts and raise their families and then I see little academic twerps who think that being white gives them automatic pass to be a lazy little shit who contributes nothing. As far as I can tell you are worse than the arabs, spics and jigs.

        24. And I’m not sure where you got the idea that I can’t compete…
          A person can be doing well economically and professionally and still hate the system that he wriggles through.
          That is the difference between a republic mindset (wanting what is best for the republic) and a democratic mindset (wanting what is best for oneself at the expense of the republic)

        25. well. You have a basic animosity towards hard working people who you have never met. You use your personal experiences in a restaurant to justify them. They seem to be genuinely afraid that your identity won’t hold up in the face of foreigners. Rather than trying to assimilate into your adopted city you are trying to claim it is yours by right and others should assimilate to your beliefs. And you have directly said that you have borrowed money from the government which you have no intention to pay back. For all intents and purposes you are just another invader in my beautiful city and rather than complaining I would be very glad if you would return the money you borrowed which came from the taxes I paid and start being useful or, if that is beyond your capacity, let us cut our loses and get the fuck out of my country.

        26. There are other forms of working hard than slinging brick and mortar as a laborer.
          You yourself are a white collar worker.
          Mental work, cerebral output, creativity.
          Most blue collar workers want their children to go to college and become academics as you already mentioned.

        27. Yes, there are other forms of hard work other than slinging mortar. Of course that is true. Are you doing any of them? I am. I am running operations for a billion dollar company, coming up with housing solutions in a city with a housing crises, putting thousands of people to work while simultaneously making sure that many thousands of tenants have apartments which they can be safe and comfortable in. I do it all from a desk. I do it all while still finding the time to make comments here.
          So, again, I ask you…..as you are a immigrant to my country and to my city….exactly what are you adding? Why is it that you should be allowed to stay? I think that just by virtue of not paying back your loans you should be deported. More than that, I would like to know what value you bring my society other than being a little bitch.

        28. I really still am missing the point on how you are different than the beaners other than that they seem to work hard and pay their bills.

        29. I am simply asking you why, when you divide this country up into citizens and interlopers, you don’t think you should be part of the sewage that gets drained.

        30. I said I was born abroad and moved here later. Didn’t say I was an immigrant. I was born a US citizen.

        31. Off topic, but is this really a housing crisis, or a developer feeding-frezny? I mean, there’s plenty of places for people to move other than NY.

        32. no. But you came to this country as a foreigner, borrowed money from the government to educate yourself and have no intention of paying it back by your own admission. I fail to see how you are different than any other welfare immigrant that I have to subsidize through hard work and taxes.

        33. A national crises? No. However, there is a housing crisis in NYC. To give you a for instance, the day my project went public, 63 story tower, the very day, we were already getting calls about preconstruction rental rates. Yes, there are other places to live. You can live outside of manhattan. But people don’t want to. There are 73,000 people per square mile in NYC. There is a reason why we can demand such high rents. I have a studio downtown that just came on the market. An alcove studio at 450 square feet. Rent is 4300/month. We got 5 applications on it the first day….all of which make the 80x monthly rent annual to meet our qualifications (standard in NYC) and now we get to pick and chose which one we want.

        34. Zika babies are born here. That’s why their mothers come here 3 days prior to the delivery of the little miracle

        35. We have two airports. You are free to leave. It seems that a lot of people love this city. You are just another foreigner taking up space. Make room for people who contribute.

        36. yeah….which, again, means nothing. You are a zika baby dude. Nothing more. You have a negative value on society. You have stolen government money. You are bitter to your host nation and refuse to assimilate. You ARE the enemy.

        37. A matter of form. You are still a beaner dude. Nothing more. In fact, you are worse. YOu have had a negative effect whereas many of the beaners will actually contribute.

        38. The first true thing you have said.
          Ok I am finished now. I will leave it your honest self assessment here.

        39. and yet still no explanation on what your contribution to the society you are so anxious to protect is.
          Peace out beaner.

        40. Calling Hitler ‘German’ would be equivalent to calling an Irish man who had success in England ‘English.’

        41. Madness!!!
          Call it semantics, but to me a housing crisis is what you have after a tornado or an air-raid. This is more a case of popular, desirable, scarce thing (that is, the currently fashionable luxury of ‘living in the city’) going through a supply vs. demand roller coaster.

        42. 80x
          If you apply for an apartment that is 2500 a month (a fair 1 bedroom) you are expected to have a house hold earning (either you or you and your roommate etc) of 200k/year. If you don’t you will need a guarantor. There are some people who will accept 60x but not if you want to live in a luxury building.

        43. Ha. Well, I wouldn’t say it is a housing state of emergency. But there are simply too many people and not enough apartments. This makes the city incredibly expensive.

        44. I dont follow the math, off the top of my head, thats $350-400k per year? How much did the previous renter pay for that apt?

        45. Its largely hype. What they are hyping now: micro apartments and shared space apartments (think youth hostel or army barracks). Paying more for less, it bumps up the price for a crappy studio like the one lolknee is about to lease.

        46. So you are in NYC looking for a 1 bedroom apartment and find one for 2500 per month which is a fair price for a small one bedroom in a decent building. You will fill out an application. They will look at several factors in determining whether or not you qualify for the apartment. One of those factors is whether or not you make 80x the monthly rent annually.
          So, 2500 x 80 = 200k. Do you make 200k/year? No? Then you do not qualify for this apartment. Now, if you and your wife are moving in and you both make 100k a year then you qualify. Otherwise you will need a guarantor to co sign your lease for you and assume legal culpability. That person will need to be a NYS resident as it will be hard for us to file a judgement against them if they aren’t. After that is settled we will look at your credit, your criminal history and, depending on how exclusive a building it is, we might look you up on line and stuff like that.

        47. The renter(s) of that studio you mentioned make in the $350-400k range then.
          Think about that- 2 people in an L-shaped srudio…two SVPs….renting…a studio…

        48. Oh, for the studio I mentioned available. Yes, they will need to. That is a super trendy area. Most of those apartments are occupied by the children of very wealthy people who rent the apartments for them while they go to college. Some use it as a weekend get away. But yes, if you just wanted to walk in off the street and rent that apartment you would need to make in the 350-400 range.
          I think the tenant that will be put in there is an 18 year old student whose father is a hedge fund guy and makes about 30 million a year.

        49. Campus living isn’t cheap. Not sure where safety plays a role. City is a pretty safe place in general. It is expensive here. I often think that a lot of relationships escalate to the point of living together and even marriage simply because of how expensive the cost of living is. The difference between a 2500-3000 dollar apartment and a 4000 a month apartment is significant so people who find themselves in a relationship with someone who has a commensurate salary and good credit score often jump into things so they can up their quality of living.

        50. Same here. Grandparents never taught anybody sicilian because they didnt want the family to have an accent. They wanted an american family. (Even tho in ohio, people thought I was mexican for years anyway.). Maybe it was for the better though for the baby boomer generation.

        51. “Even tho in ohio, people thought I was mexican for years anyway”
          My fellow guinnie wop….we are, as I mentioned having been called by a WASP in an earlier thread….gateway minorities.

        52. Have you read Millionaire Next Door? 50% of millionaires are first generation. They get here and realize hard work actually gets you somewhere.

        53. Holy shit. Is there an ROI of happiness? Is it that much fun living in nyc? Or loaded with easy chicks just looking to bang? I pay 1050 for a 1 bedroom 900 square foot apt on the beach in san diego. 69 degrees all year round.

        54. I have often admired the year round beauty of san Diego. Salaries are really a lot higher here though. I was poached for a job in Santa Barbara once and when I saw what they offered to pay me I laughed at them and told them to double it if they want me to take them seriously. They explained the difference in the cost of living. RIght now for a 1 bedroom between 600-700 square feet in a nice building you are looking at at least 2500

        55. If you think about it, it is impossible for a territory to build any kind of ethnic cohesion if massive waves of immigrants keep coming every single year from many different places. Where I live, most of the people around me are either immigrants themselves or sons of immigrants. I am not sure the US has ever had a common identity since the 1960’s, black question aside.

        56. “The people born here, in large part, are lazy, fat and spoiled and living paycheck to paycheck as they tackle their revolving debt and do the absolute least amount of work possible. ”
          Bingo! They have a sense of “entitlement” and thus spend themselves into oblivion.
          Funny how stupid they are when if you practice the inverse, kill debt and take nothing for granted work like a mofo you’ll actually start to prosper.
          Eventually havw to work less or have others do it for you..

        57. Been my experience it’s more than that. Most of my wealthy clients are legitimade self made…
          Great book no matter!!

        58. Why would they do more work when they are taxed on their labor(slavery) so your beloved spics and chinks who just arrived can get free government handouts there is no way they paid enough tax to be entitled to or could ever afford if they had to pay out of pocket (Obamacare). They are also scabs who keep wages artificially low the same way they inflate the cost of housing
          Tell us more about nepotism

        59. Wow, not just a closet homosexual but also an “expert” on shit you clearly know nothing about. So tell me again how the world isn’t better off if you just kill yourself?

        60. Just as good as a da pizza? If your people didn’t shoot any red skins you aren’t American, simple as that. That was, is, and always will be the common American identity so fak off with your leftist Jew York propaganda, dago.
          Shouldn’t you be on a construction site collecting a bribe while talking about how great nepotism is because it allowed you to get a job even though you were a philosophy major?

        61. No, all your pity is reserved for foreign invaders and parasites.
          Nothing more meaningful than masturbating into gross skanks with self esteem issues

        62. Certainly your ancestors were marrano kikes and you should be thrown off the roof of one of the buildings you are “working” on.
          The fact that a white, blue eyed college grad would even have to stoop so low as to apply to the likes of you for a manual labor job invalidates your arguement

        63. The part that makes this funny is that if I ever looked at you sideways you would suit your pants and cry.

        64. I’m not sure they had it then. The identity was built on ideals and not on blood. It may have been more cohesive at the time but was that a fact of nature or an accident? Hard to say. Better to look at the future than the past

        65. American is your nationality and not your ethnicity. All white Americans have European ancestry. Nationality is bullshit. Ethnicity is your identity and where your genes come from.
          The only reason white people fought for America is because of the $$$ they could make in this new land, but they all kept their own culture and traditions, until they were forced to become “American” which was predominantly Anglo-Saxon culture and not Irish, Italian or something else.

        66. The same case in Tel-Aviv or Vancouver. You can see empty towers at night. FED money goes to the people on top and these buy apartments. I guess there is not enough bullshit “contemporary art” being produced per year for all these parasites.

        67. “Maybe instead of skin color we should look at who is more useful for the civilization. ”
          I’ve always been a fan of this line of thinking. If a slav or a black has more utility and genetic potential than some idiot stormcuck, why would I desire them to not be able to reproduce?

        68. If he killed himself, who else would I have to make degrading comments to me based on a Disqus avatar?

        69. On that, I can’t wait until the USA starts treating the 14th Amendment as it was intended and as it is written, and abandons the lie of “birthplace citizenship”.
          While I’m thinking big, the 14th ought to be repealed. Pick a horrid SCOTUS decision and, odds are, it is based on the 14th

        70. Consider the cost of living though. While obviously not cheap, I’m sure SD is still much cheaper than NYC. Hell, I’ve got a girl from college who somehow manages to survive out there, and I think she sells beads or something.

        71. Yes the attitude of old. In my town lots of eastern and southern europeans came in the 40’s through 60’s. They worked hard, bought houses, built churches, leanred English but didn’t forget their roots.. The women often cleaned houses on the side and they often paid their houses off, or built them within a decade of being in the country.
          This is the mentality and type of immigrant we want.
          We should end all welfare, especially mother’s allowance, this would also do a great deal to instill a prper work ethic back into society..

        72. Agreed. I call it immigrant mentality butb”settler mentality”would work just as well. Can you imagine Daniel Boone’s expression if he saw the gimmedats?

        73. Isn’t this website about putting women back in their place, ie. out of the board room and back into the kitchen? I’m curious as to what you think should happen if you marry a woman, have 5 kids, and then die in a freak accident at the age of 30? What does your wife do without any aid from the government, no job skills, and a history of being told by you “broads don’t get jobs, broads stay home and get make me food”?

        74. That’s a special situation, but if they were responsible they’d have life insurance. I’m insured for a shit ton of money for such an event for the grand cost of $65 a month. No welfare needed.
          You need to change your mindset where the state is repsonsible for your well being and take responsibility for yourself.
          That’s what this website is about. Read further …

        75. “Be responsible for yourself” I believe that’s what women are trying to do by getting jobs, paying taxes, voting, ect….but this website tells them to go back home and just pop out babies for the rest of their lives. You can’t have it both ways. O

        76. Hold on here what about all the welfare mothers? Are they “trying”? NOT!
          A good mother or father is responsible for themselves and their children and doesn’t rely on other peoples taxes to pay for their children.
          “You can’t have it both ways. O”
          Yes you can, I know many successful women in business with children. They simply left work for years when they had children. The had husbands that were real men and thus providers..
          I also know of many women with children who are permanent homemakers.
          The latter is “ideal” for the children and a marriage. that is what this websites espouses..
          Regardless, No person should ever collect welfare..
          They don’t have welfare in a majority of countries.

      2. Do you feel it is different in European countries, e.g., Britain, Norway, Poland? A stronger sense of identity? Is it America / Canada alone that are identity-less?

        1. I do think that Poles have a strong connection to one another. I see it here all the time. Two pollaks walk into a bar. Not a joke. If there are two poles in a bar, even if they have never met, if they have no friends in common, they will somehow know just how to talk to one another. I see it strongly with Brits. Brits that I know feel very connected to the very soil of their land. Current political bullshit aside, look at the popularity of the Royal family. I don’t know any Norwegians and nothing about Norway’s history, but if I was a betting man I would put 100 krones down that Norwegians have a sense of national identity that americans can’t even dream of,.

        2. Norwegians. Never been out with more than 1 at a time, and I can’t really remember those days either. Way too much to drink in Eastern Europe.

        3. I was talking about this the other day. We have no identity because our gender and our history are being taken from us. All we have is social media fame to feel special about

        4. What history though? I always laugh at my friend Tim. He is a good brit oxford boy. Refers to Harvard as “the extension school” One day he mentioned that he found it hilarious that there were antique stores in America…like there were any actual American antiques. He is tongue in cheek of course, but there is something there. Our identity is an identity of self reliance. No, it is a cult of self reliance. Individualism, not collective identity, is at the very foundation of our country. This is why we can never have a national identity. Because, by design, America doesn’t have one.

        5. Allows for high levels of potential individual greatness, as well as a large amount of folks slipping through the cracks.

        1. DAR or Daughters of the American Revolution is a sorority of young women who are directly descendent from people who served in the American Revolution and represent the real Americans. For a great may of those people the rest of us, 3,4, 5, 6 generations here….are just the help.

        2. Ha! That was the first girl that called me a “gateway minority” because I was Italian. I have held onto that term for years. I don’t remember the girls name but I remember very clearly when she said it to me, where I was and how funny I thought it was. I was in a tuxedo. White tie.

        3. Uppity twat. My bloodline goes back to the Crusades and I don’t go around blabbing about it. She must be a frigid cunt…

        4. Nah, she was fun. A great lay. She was raised with the idea that she was an American. Her family is part of what it is to be americans. Everyone else here is the help. She wouldn’t dirty herself with a spic or a jig, but an Italian with blue eyes and tattoos? That was right in her wheel house.

        5. She still sounds like an uppity cunt in need of some serious revolutions on the high hard one, which you no doubt afforded her…

        6. that…my friend….was exactly what she was. For christs sakes she wore a fascinator in her hair.

        7. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my ancestors fought in the Civil War. A good bit of them were here when we were still colonies.

        8. I had a great grandfather that did. It doesn’t matter to this particular culture. This is a culture that dates to pre revolutionary times and consists of people who participated in the revolution. Everyone else is a nigger.

        9. I have to go back. My mother is a tree-freak, so she knows everything about it all. Family has war records in Nam and 2, can trace the Colonial-era side all the way back to the beginning of recorded time in a specific country in Europe. Settled a whole lot of the American South.

        10. You should check it out. There is a whole world of uppity blonde chicks dying for a good fucking that is very hard to get access to without.

        11. no. the kkk is just white trash. These are the scions of wealthy families who founded the united states. Where the KKK is basically a bunch of inbred hillbillys these people are american royalty. They are very wealthy, very well educated and have the manners and comportment of European aristocracy. My take on the women? AWALT. They are fair skinned, light eyed, blonde haired, impeccably dressed, very polite, know proper dance steps and are every single thing you would expect of a perfectly proper woman. Then their parents go home, the cocaine comes out, the champagne turns to tequila and they are all a bunch of whores. They have one job on this earth and it is to marry and breed with another family. Until that time comes they are going to suck and fuck everything that walks.
          The nice thing? These are the women who will be wearing the dresses and thigh high stockings and garters. Not the slutty stripper version, these are the real deal. It is fun if you like that life. I would go to the Plaza for brunch or the union club or the Yale club. It was a fun time.

        12. You should seriously consider writing and “ROK: undercover” article. I am very curious to know more about American aristrocrats.

        13. I didn’t think anyone outside of black-churchgoers still wore those. And of course, the lovely Kate Middleton. I’m fairly certain she could wear Derelicte and make it look like a million bucks.

      3. Your little theory doesn’t account for the Calais jungle or the NYE rapefugees in Cologne. Aside from that cool story bro, your granny sounds like a good lady with a vag worth “cancering up”

      4. Blood continuity? 🙂
        According to the United Nations, as of 2005, Japan’s percentage (listed at 1.6 percent, which means that the zainichi, or Japan-born foreigners, are also included) was still larger than Kenya’s (1 percent), Nigeria’s (0.7 percent), India’s (0.5 percent) and China’s (excluding Hong Kong and Macau, 0.3 percent). Of course, given the boom in international migration this decade, many countries are net exporters of immigrants. But herein lies the flaw in linking monoculturality to an absence of foreigners: Don’t all these allegedly “homogeneous” countries (including Japan) also acknowledge ethnic minorities within their borders?

      5. Don’t forget US is a land full of foreigners. I am unsure you are familiar with Thailand. I have several Thai friends, none of those found in soap land and the like, one is Chinese on account of her grandparents immigration to Thailand. She introduced her friend, a Thai aborigine thus: meet A, she is real Thai. Go figure. Thailand has loads of Chinese in there, Thaksin Sinawatra and even the current PM!
        You are all immigrants there, deal with it. Unless you are a Chief Eagle or something.

  17. Another thing you will notice if you are a frequent observer of Asians as I am: Asians are far more demonstrably affectionate with each other than are Whites or Westerners in general.
    Essentially, the West and the East have traded places since the 1960s;
    Where China in the 1960s was oppressive, relationships between men and women were impaired and rendered cold and clinical with the genders addressing each other as “comrade” while the Westerners in W. Europe and N. America were losing themselves in the free love movement, moving to San Francisco, rolling around in the mud at Woodstock, living in communes etc. Now, the young Asians are the ones holding hands, kissing, embracing, etc and the White people who have a cold, detached, broken gender dynamic.

      1. I know Koreans well. Resided for years. All of the ritualistic hand-holding, petting, face pinching, overzealous neck massages are what we would call ‘fake’. They don’t have a ‘fake’ detection mechanism in their minds. They mimic and play-act. Korean marriages are a joke of sexlessness. The males have very serious latency issues. To pass off Koreans as healthy horndogs is totally inaccurate. They are sexually sick. Watch them kiss. Even unobserved 18 year olds will only peck at each other like senior citizens married for 60 years. What you’re seeing is play-acting, which makes up most of their social behavior. Other examples are the way over-the-top laughing, handclapping explosions in pubs. General ‘look at me’ noise on the streets. Asia is mimickry.

    1. Not me, that’s for sure. My son is half Japanese, so he should have an advantage when he’s grown up I hope.
      I don’t see the west getting back to the top anytime soon, if ever again.

      1. out of curiosity. While I think the half Japanese will give him an advantage in the west, will it be a help or hindrance that he is half you when he is in japan. I really don’t know a ton about eastern cultures.

        1. Well it depends a bit, but there is some negative prejudice against ‘haafu’ the Japanese word for half breeds. But in general he will do better than I could anywhere in Asia I think since he will know the culture and language from his mother.

        1. Pretty good I believe. Am following your SEO points so we’ll see how that affects my traffic. Am slowly going back and reworking older posts to be more SEO friendly as well. I think a weekly/monthly review of the site will show if these efforts pay off.

        2. Sounds good. I have one huge tip that I don’t want to give in a forum. So we’ll do the email exchange thing, if that’s okay with you.

        1. (that’s a good one)
          What do vampires do when they have a sore throat?
          They take coffin drops

      1. why did the chicken cross the road?
        Because he was wearing a ROK t-shirt, and all the hens wanted to send him to a reeducation camp

    1. Speaking of Halloween…
      You were right, knee. Never, ever kiss a girl on her mouth. lol

      1. It is always so funny when a girl goes in for a kiss and I tell them “I don’t kiss” I never tell them why. I never give them a reason. I just tell them I don’t kiss. I just don’t do it. They always assume it is something deep. I shit you not it turns them on.

        1. It’s like you’re keeping some sort of deep and dark secret that you hide deep deep inside of your dark, broken, and soulless heart.
          Fuck that. Haha…

        2. I find that women, essentially, want to see themselves as good girls. They can’t stand to think that they are just filthy cum dumpsters. So wherever you are vague they will fill in the blanks with information that will make you more desirable. Where do you work? Oh, come on, they pay me to talk about work. Let’s just have fun. She will immediately think you are a super spy doctor ninja or something. You don’t kiss? Oh it’s probably something deep.

  18. Asia — bloody big area/population.,
    Have had many stopovers in Thailand/Philippines,Japan, Hong Kong…
    While no expert on living in one place, I have had many trips to Thailand, and some to Philippines.
    Specifically Thailand:
    I’m no expert and is very complex.
    Like he says you can mostly never become a citizen, and mostly cannot own real-estate or a business. Exceptions are shares in a condo (as you don’t own the land).
    All sorts of complex business entities where a local must own greater than 50% (usually the wife)…
    So no different than here.! Many stories of divorced guy moving to Thailand to meet perfect girl. get married, house, business all in her name. Then she leaves…
    Again, same as here.
    But, as a stopover, for fun and excitement it cannot be beat.
    Wonderful strip clubs with “take-out”. The woman are amazing at making you fall in love with them…
    Rule number 1 – Don’t fall in love. They are masters at the long and short con…
    Rule Number 2: too many women too little time. Read the book by that title. Point is same as in the west, abundance is key. However, I haven’t secured any sort of abundance here – yet. But in Asia – 5 minutes to have many numbers of instant visitors!!!

  19. I’d say one additional thing in regards to the submissiveness of girls.
    They won’t be submissive or obedient to a guy who can’t hold frame, emotional men are viewed with scorn and disrespect in Asia, and women will quite literally laugh at and mock such men. That’s purely seen as weakness, quite rightfully so IMO.
    I’ve spoken to many Asian women from several countries and they all pretty much say the same thing about weak men.
    If however you are a good provider, family oriented and hold frame like a motherfucker, you can quite easily get a nice wife for a relatively problem free family life there.

  20. Title: … Southeast Asia …
    Subheadings and paragraphs: … Asia …
    Consistency is important. Don’t attack me for being pedantic, it’s just that the size of Asia is so vast that the disparity amongst even neighbouring regions is blatantly discernible. As far as I see it, Asia can be split up into the following:
    South East Asia: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore…
    North East Asia: China, N+S Korea, Japan…
    South Asia: Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan
    The Middle East/West Asia: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq…
    Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan…
    Notions applicable to, say, South Korea can be hugely different from those of Yemen.
    I wouldn’t write about the Western Europe by just titling it “…Europe…”. What are the chances that my article is inclusive about, say, Russia?
    Just a friendly thought, I agree with most of the article regarding southeast Asia, as I’ve lived there extensively,

  21. I married a filipina, and I was not prepared for the fact that I was also marrying her family. I don’t regret it, but just realize that if you go this route you’re going to be expected to help out deadbeat siblings, care for ailing uncles, etc. And if you bring her back to smalltown USA like I have, be prepared for her to want the whole family to come too.

      1. Well to be fair, I said she wanted the whole family to come, not that I allowed them to come, lol.
        But yeah the article is correct, Asian chicks are crazily attached to their families, at least by American standards. They think nothing’s wrong with living with mom and dad their whole lives.

  22. Well, your Old Uncle Bob took a small hit last night, going 2-4 on his unit bets, for a loss of -$180. But hell, that isn’t even tip money for a night out at the strip club, so I’m coming back, guns blazing, for tonight’s action. Take the Cleveland Indians +180 to win tonight at the Chicago Cubs (wager $200 for the chance to get back $560). And take South Florida -6.5 at home tonight against No. 22 Navy for $200 ($220 total, with the juice, for the chance to get back $420; no juice on the baseball bet, as all money line juice is factored into each wager). The weekends are where the real action is – especially in the NFL. Weeknight wagers are just warm-ups. And you have to warm up if you want to come out of the bullpen and throw strikes when it really counts…yes indeed.

  23. I lived in the Philippines for a summer and it was extremely damaging. I returned to Asia 20 years later, elsewhere, and found it more encouraging.
    I experienced extreme culture shock in Asia, both living in it and returning from it. i have lived in other parts of the world, and never experienced the level of culture shock as in Asia.

    1. Interesting. I’ve never been to the Philippines, but I have lived among a vast swath of Filipinos, and even just being a Beta white male at the time was more than enough.

      1. Just being white in the Philippines automatically puts you in a higher status. Their president Duterte is trying to change that mentality.

  24. No matter where you go in the world you will always find things that piss you off.
    The grass is always greener.

  25. Before there were resources like this one available to warn me of the dangers I did the expected thing and married a white American girl. It was every bit of the disaster you would expect from reading this site. Following the inevitable divorce, I had no desire to repeat that mistake. Seeing the success some of my friends had with Asian women I thought I would give it a try. After some searching I met my current wife, a nice Vietnamese girl (naturalized US citizen), who had immigrated here in her early 20s.
    I definitely agree with #1. I don’t know where the idea of the demure Asian woman came from but I have yet to meet one. Even the older generations of her aunts and grandma don’t seem like pushovers but they have all been through a lot to get here.It isn’t in the same “I will never compromise in any way for a man” attitude I experienced with my ex it is more of a “I will stand up and fight for my family” way. Much better in my opinion.
    There is a very traditional division of labor. She was not shy about telling me what women’s work is and what a man’s work is. She cooks, takes care of the laundry and all of the stuff inside the house even though I am perfectly capable of doing it. Don’t even think about messing up her kitchen. I get all of the yard work, home improvements, repairs and anything that is heavy, gross or dangerous. Overall the amount of work we each do is pretty evenly divided.
    You better be prepared to man up because being a puss will not be respected or tolerated and you better like Asian food because it comes with the territory.
    Although there are cultural differences we find that the values we share are the same and that is what has made it work.
    15 years so far have been great with nothing significant to complain about. Your results may vary.

  26. I have made several big moves in my life. For each move, the place had an irresistible charm; Great weather, nice people, quality of life, etc. etc. I have decided that there is a pattern to this. At first you absolutely love your new home. You see all the local sites, check out all the restaurants. You make new friends. Life is great. After about 2-3 years, you fall into a routine. After 10 years the things that brought you there not longer impress you. You begin to despise the negatives of the place. After 20 years, you are ready to get the fuck out of there.

  27. ….I’ve decided that time is now over and it’s time to go home.Hmmm. Wouldn’t be because you are now getting sick and Asian DOES NOT provide universal free health care ?? Yeah slam your home land until you find that you need it.

  28. #1. Running money game is a short term solution. All these game denialists who try to buy the love of a woman (be it from Asia or wherever) always end up with pie on their face later when the relationship is well developed. They refuse to run the asshole game that carved these women into who they are and they pay the price when she bolts.
    There is no country in the world that can save you if you lack game and believe in gender equality.

  29. THANK YOU!
    To every guy here who still believes Asian or EE women are totally different compared to western women: Go suck a dick you blue pill faggot. Accept the reality.

  30. “Even if you live here for 30 years, you will always be a foreigner and will be viewed as such by locals. This has pros and cons to it, but you’ll never quite feel at home and accepted as one of the group.”
    Dito Japan..

    1. I remember reading the testimonial of a man who lived in Tokyo for a few years. Made a bunch of local friends, drank, worked, lived, partied and had fun with them. Right as it came time for him to leave, the Japs he had built so much camaraderie with over the years took a metaphorical shit on him.

        1. If you happen to run into any Japanophiles or Weaboos, make sure you tell them all of that. Those 2 particular groups, more than any others, need a massive reality check.

  31. It’s funny how the white losers on this site are always bitching and whining about foreigners coming to their countries, but when white losers like them are going to other countries then it should be allowed. Double standards? Hypocrite?
    If you don’t want foreign people in your own country, then stay the fuck away from other countries. Especially Asian countries are not waiting for Western monkeys spreading their filthy degenerate behaviour .

    1. Nah, we just bitch about the foreigners who can’t be bothered to come here legally and assimilate into the culture that gives them 100 times more free shit than the shithole they came from.
      Nice straw man, though!

  32. The stupidity and contradiction that this site offers, coupled with its lack of identity always makes for a good laugh. On the one hand, all women who have dated non-whites are ‘ red-flags ‘, yet here is an article essentially encouraging white men to run away to south-east Asia despite being ‘ strong and neo-masculine ‘ (whatever the fuck that even means at this point…). Meanwhile the site’s token black writer writhes in the pain of having to settle for ‘ broken white women ‘ (who are ironically fiercely protected by the same white men who ran after women from other races), by churning article after article of how to basically tolerate and suck up to (by being so ‘alpha’) them. I guess being black, he doesn’t have the privilege of running away to Asia or eastern Europe to find the ‘ mythical nawalt ‘ (kudos to you guys on all the inane neologisms by the way!) because even though he is ‘ neo-masculine ‘ due to his blackness, he is not wanted there. Maybe he should give Africa a shot. Anyways like I said, it’s always fun to just shoot the shit and laugh after having a long day here. I can’t wait to read the next article where the former middle-eastern std-infested man-whore turned prophet Roosh V writes about the ‘ virtues of the old-testament ‘ despite it being a collection of Jewish books before yet again lambasting the ‘ globalist Jewish elites ‘ for all the decadence that has befallen the west. You can’t make this shit up.

        1. Because it isn’t a non-sequitur to assume out of nowhere that I do things to please women. Right…like I said, keep putting that v on the pedestal. Who knows, you too might eventually get a girlfriend as well as a result of doing that.

        2. I guess gifs are the new learning and expression aid for the mentally handicapped of today’s age. I’m done indulging you and my original comment still stands. Keep on doing things to please women though. Maybe that approach might actually work in Asia.

        3. Did you call me ‘mentally handicapped’?
          Jeez man, I know we were going back and forth but you didn’t have to pull out the heavy artillery like that. That is some HARD-ASS shit talk, man. I guess next time I should be more careful with who I mess with. I didn’t think I would end up getting destroyed like that. Lesson learned bro. You are a big-time shit talker.

    1. Did you even read the article? It doesn’t encourage running away to se asia. On the contrary, it offers several reasons why you may not want to.

      1. I know it doesn’t encourage running there, but:
        – A few other articles have in the past, and I am aware that this one discourages running away there because what they’d be running away from is also where they are going. All in all, it doesn’t discourage running away in general, it just discourages running away there specifically.
        – ‘Strong and neomasculine’ men shouldn’t run away elsewhere, while castigating people who are fleeing genuine war, famine and disease. If the complaint is that these people end up as leeches of the economy, then a counter to that complaint would be that these men running away to this relatively ‘non-westernized’ areas would also carry their western decadence, promiscuity, lack of identity, materialism and confusion etc. there, which would merely recreate the situation they were fleeing from in the first place, leading to articles like this (don’t run there, it’s just like where you left, but who made it like where you left, if not you, or people like you). In short, fleeing there or elsewhere would merely create both multiculturalism and miscegenation among the hosts, thus promoting the globalism that Roosh so fervently hates.
        Not to be overly analytical, but the irony of that cracks me up.

    2. I’m not white – I dated only exclusively white and Latina. Asians are an after thought. I don’t think majority of men here will look down upon me for dating whites the way I don’t look down upon them who choose to date asians and other non whites. If some stormcuck does – then they can choke on some dick.

      1. Well, it’s more the overall chaos and confusion of the ‘Return of Kings’ franchise that I was pointing out. This article is just a symptom of that general state of duress. You can date and procreate with whomever you want in today’s day and age, regardless of whether or not some or many take offence to that. However, given the heavily ironic disdain for multiculturalism and miscegenation on this site, I doubt that you’d get the support then that you claim to have now.

  33. A great read! I’ve been living in Thailand for about 2 years now and most of it is accurate. One thing I like is that there is very little games and women there don’t have an ego and challenge you. They want to be feminine and want a man to protect them and look after you. They cook and clean without question and when it comes to sex, they rarely say no when you want some action! It’s nearly impossible to find a “REAL” woman in the west with a 70-80% chance of divorce it’s just not work it) divorce rape).
    Western women aren’t women which you work out after you date an Eastern woman! It’s been 6 years and counting since I’ve touched a western woman and my life is 1000x more happy relationship wise! The amount of bullshit you going through with a westernise woman where I feel so sorry to westernised men who haven’t left their country yet! I see the pain and trauma in their eye from dating broken women!

  34. Point #3:
    America (DJT): Stronger immigration policies!
    Men of U.K. Who found their balls: Brexit!
    We like to keep our borders secure and our populations more or less homogenous.
    *Btw I’m not white, I’m of eastern origins*

  35. No South East Asian nation except for Singapore will develop enough to surpass any mediocre western country such as New Zealand or Portugal. Why? IQ! They don’t have an IQ anywhere near the western average. After 25yrs in SEA and north its very obvious.

  36. There are pros and cons in living in Asia.
    Pro: You are given instant higher status because you are white with many women.
    Con: If you prove yourself to be weak, stupid and destroy your higher status, you are basically screwed. This not only applies to women but with everything else.
    Put simply, if you are successful in the West, you will be successful in the East. If you are a weak fool and a failure in the West, you will be the same in the East.
    It really is that simple.

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