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Our July sponsor is Therapy By Skype. It’s a service for men seeking clinical psychotherapy by a licensed practitioner who has a red pill outlook. In his own words:

There’s dating coaching, “feel-good” pep talks, and “red pill” ideologies, all sorts of things people sell you which may be quite useful. But the only thing that completely customized to your needs, in near-real time as you progress is psychotherapy, life coaching, counseling—whatever the term of your era. The principles are the same across time and cultures. Only the label changes.

I’m a licensed (California) and experienced clinical psychologist in my 50’s from New York now living in California and Asia who’s been to Eastern Europe, Asia, Western Europe.

I’ve had good, bad, and great experience with women in all the above places. I’ve brought a woman to the US on a fiancé visa, and watched it fall apart. I’ve made the mistakes for you, so you can understand and get what you want faster.

I’m not from an ivory tower. I’ve worked in corporate as a database programmer, as a professional musician and songwriter before I switched to psychology. I wrote databases tracking defects in pacemakers for Eli Lilly, as well as programming for Hertz and 3M. I’ve worked in the highest security prisons in California, and seen how masculinity can go horribly wrong. I’ve played with rock stars and seen how it can go transcendentally right. I’ve worked as a garbageman, janitor, and in a yogurt stand. I’ve published research on psychological testing in journals and can offer that if you wish.

I want to be of assistance to gifted men from First World nations who to some degree have had their masculine nature thwarted by the particular and peculiar emergence of radical feminism over the last fifty years.

I want to help you understand what you want in women and life and help you as you work to get it. Although I am a “legit” (doctorate in clinical psychology) psychotherapist I offer what I call life coaching over Skype, with a free 15 minute consultation to see if you feel I can help you. “Red Pill’ means just giving up some distorted beliefs—there’s a lot more that goes into building your life than bringing something bad down.

I always hate when people hide prices, so I am offering the first fifty teleconferencing hours scheduled for $50 per hour with a minimum of two hours. I reserve the right to refuse service to people with a bad attitude. Testing costs more than that but can really help pin things down faster.

Visit Therapy By Skype see how you can be helped.

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50 thoughts on “Therapy For Men Over Skype”

  1. Good idea. Most therapists read from the feminist guidebook and tell men that their masculinity is the problem e.g. ‘get in touch with your feminine side’.

    1. The best way to get in touch with your feminine side is by grabbing your girl and taking her to the bedroom.

      1. as a trainee counsellor I’m very interested in the fall out from family court and mens issues, as its a huge problem

    1. Ever since Ice T was cheated on by Coco,:and so publicly, he’s lost any street and manhood cred. I think he should sign up for this therapy.

      1. Sorry… but a man does NOT lose street credit because his whore wife cheated on him….that is like saying that he is a man BECAUSE of her.
        He lost street credit by getting married to begin with….marrying a whore on top of it made it worse.
        Men does not NEED a women for anything…a man does not need validation from women in order to know that he is a man.

        1. Getting married is neither alpha nor beta but not divorcing your wife for cheating makes you lose credibility. And regardless of the rest of your comment, men indeed validate a part of masculinity through female acceptance, its called Game

        2. You don’t lose street cred for getting married man and your feminist analogues are tiresome. Time for you to grow up son.

  2. Id much rather drop a few hundred talking with this guy – than wasting it taking out some Ameriskank.

  3. About time that Red Pill is offered at therapies. It is likely that some PUAs might become therapists in the future – would be likely by far more effective than most of the crap out there.

  4. I really like the concept behind sponsor, having written publicly about my own healing process. This is a great idea and a service many men in the community could benefit from.

  5. If anyone complains that they’re going to need therapy after reading an ROK article, says they felt triggered, or so mad they couldn’t think, we should send them our sponsors link.

  6. Therapy for men? Ha ha! Therapy for men comes in a bottle and a week in Pattaya.

    1. Agreed. Any additional “therapy” you may need you can just pull right off the web without making a fool of yourself in front of another man. That is a part of growing up after all – though apparently “growing up” is a concept lost on your average urban self-gelded modern poof.
      I swear to God they will soon end up even better preened than those miniature dogs they walk around these parts.

      1. When the war come with Russia/China, who will defend us, the dishwashing, diaperchanging manginas?
        Call up the old guard I guess.

        1. You should be more concerned about the war that the US Government is waging on you.

      2. I am a firm believer in ‘Boxing therapy’.
        It’s amazing how many problems you can work out just by putting on a pair of gloves and fighting until you or someone else is unconscious.
        Better than alcohol.

        1. I was being facetious of course but did you know that increased damage to the brain appears to be a consequence of boxing with gloves?

        2. Yes, but generally brain damage can be caused by pollutants in the air, smoke, many processed foods, extreme stress, depression, driving, and simple aging…Basically everything you do, and nothing, can cause minor brain damage as you age.
          While I don’t advocate becoming a professional boxer, the occasional violence therapy is almost always worth the cost.

        3. Is your argument that since brain damage might be caused by other factors it makes sense to engage in activity that greatly increases the probability of this damage?

        4. No, I am saying that a minor risk of injury does not justify excluding yourself from an activity that could otherwise be enjoyable, relaxing, or therapeutic.
          Many activities have a huge risk of negative consequences, and taking these sorts of risks, and conquering them, are often what allows men to remain sane and stable in a world gone mad.
          We are designed to be competitive, and risk-takers. It is one of the things that shot us to the top of the food chain.
          And, considering that no one gets out of life alive, it is better to live a full and rewarding life with an element of danger than cower in a corner terrified of shortening your lifespan.
          Just because jumping out of an airplane, getting in a boxing ring, riding a motorcycle, White-water kayaking, hunting, rock climbing, or even taking a walk after dark carries a risk of injury or death does not mean one should eschew these activities. Willingly looking death or injury in the eye and spitting at it is one of the things that makes a man a man.

      3. And any “health care” you need you can pull right off the internet without needing to see a doctor. Lolz.

        1. Protecting the cartel now, are we? Whatever it is your selling it better be DAMN GOOD to warrant a “fee for service” that justifies me not simply hopping on over to RVF and the like to get my fix.

        2. Just making the point that established physical health care industry is no more effective than the established medical health care industry.
          Both have their benefits and drawbacks, but in the end you need to be your own advocate.

        3. Actually, when it comes to heart disease and cancer, all the pre-emptive healthcare you need is there at your disposal. I take $200 in supplements and super foods/spices a month.
          I hate to sound like an old fuck, but I guess I am, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
          That said, after 15 years of non-smoking I now smoke a dozen cigs every two days when I drink wine, but fuck it, you have to live a little.

    2. That simply isn’t going to work for everyone.
      For much of recorded history talk therapy has beena well known method of dealing with troubles and traumas. Just the act of talking regardless of the advice one gets is helpful. Fact is, most guys have no place to express their feelings and repress most of what they go through.
      If you think that is healthy in the long run then good luck. Is it any wonder men have high rates of suicide? I doubt those ww2 vets did as good for themselves as you describe.

      1. agreed! Therapy is basically a place where you can talk out your fears and feel unjudged

      2. Men have higher rates of suicide than women because when we make a fucking decision we follow through with it. Women actually have a higher rate of suicide “attempts”, but typically, as with most of their bullshit, they’re just working the “attention whore” thing.

    3. sorry Sam, have you spoken to those WW2 vets years after their ‘commiserating’? it takes a while for trauma to affect your life and believe it really does, man or woman.

      1. Spoken enough to many of them in a previous business for 15 years selling them high-ticket items.

    1. My sister’s got hemerrhoids, my cousin has tee-nee wee-nee pee-nee envyolis type B, and I gotta pee like the dickens

  7. I get a free dose of unlicenced, rabid and virulent LIFE JUICE just reading this site. Getting alphas to seek therapy must be like pulling teeth – unless it’s court ordered. My 1st runaway wife was a therapy junkie though. I sat in on a few sessions and opened my mouth. I believe I sent the therapist on a transcendental journey of re-discovery. In fact, I learned how to shrink people just listening in. If there’s no confidentiality stipulation, I’d love to hear an open session of red pill pep. Every man needs specialized tools of his own to work the bitch system, and hearing this therapist in action may be empowering.

  8. While I appreciate the offer, it is misguided. Men don’t need therapy, they need a pair of gloves, a ring, and an opponent.
    Therapy is the ridiculous idea that you can ‘fix’ something by ‘talking about it’. talking about it can make you feel better for a little while, like alcohol, but it doesn’t fix the problem.
    And Psychology is worse psuedoscientific gabble than astrology. It doesn’t ‘fix’ problems, the best it can do is be used as a means of fucking someone up even worse.

  9. This campaign would have been far more successful if it was targeting the women lurking on this site. LOL

  10. Great to know, but nothing for me.
    Therapy for me is to have my friends around me and the ability to talk with them about everything because I know they won’t judge me.
    Therapy is for people with bad social circles.

  11. If this shrink tells any man to follow the dark triad traits to get laid he is in serious unethical waters. Would not suprise me if he was covert narcissist himself. Most unethical shrinks are.

  12. Shit, if we don’t need mental health care, why do we need physical health care?

  13. I don’t feel I need this gentleman’s services, but I like this presentation. I hope those who can benefits from his services hire him. I hope the Trolls stay away because this site needs advertisers but if the asshats act too cool for school they will remain ignorant and discourage other companies from advertising here.
    Good luck to you sir. I said, good luck!

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