A Brazilian Man Talks About Game, Social Media, And How His Country Is Changing

My interview series continues.  I recently met up with my friend Gilmar Santos, a Brazilian guy whom I’ve known for some time.  I’ve learned a great deal about social dynamics in Brazil from listening to his incredibly detailed breakdowns of the dating scenes in different parts of the country.  Gilmar is also a man of broad knowledge and deep introspection, a combination that is becoming unfortunately all too rare these days.  His insights on the impact of social media on the dating scene in his country, on physical fitness, and on spiritual development  are valuable, and worth our careful attention.  During our last meeting, I asked him if he would be interested in sharing his observations on Brazilian game and other topics with the Return of Kings readership.  What follows are the highlights of our conversation.

Quintus:  Glad you could join us here at ROK, today, cara.  I know things are busy for you these days in Parana state.

Gilmar:  No problems, Quintus.  Thanks for having me here.  You guys at ROK have been on a roll lately [laughs].

Quintus:  But all fortune is fleeting, right?  [laughs].  So, you’re living in the city of Cascavel now, right?  Give our readers a little information about your background.


The city of Cascavel

Gilmar:  I was born in Sao Paulo and spent most of my childhood there. I lived in Portugal for a few years in my teens before returning to SP for college.  My current job gives me plenty of mobility inside the country, so every 2 or 3 years I am given an opportunity to relocate. This was, in fact, one of the reasons I took the job, and because of this I got to live in the Amazon region for a couple of years, and am now in Parana, a state in southern Brazil.  If all goes as planned, my next stop will be Minas Gerais.

Quintus:  I remember being really impressed with your English abilities when we first talked.  You probably speak it better than most natives.

Gilmar:  [laughs].  Well, I have my moments.  There is no such thing as an easy language.

Quintus:  How does your current city where you live compare with other Brazilian cities you’ve lived at in the past?

Gilmar:  Brazil is a big country, so there are a lot of cultural and racial differences according to region.  Broadly speaking, the further north you go, the more African and Indian blood will you find.  On the other hand, the population in the southern states descend from European immigrants (Italian, German and Polish, mostly).  The city I’m currently living in is a medium sized one in Parana.  Lots of blondes and redheads. Blue and green eyes are common.  If you like European type girls, you’re in the right place, but you won´t find the postcard Brazilian morena.


Another view of Cascavel

A suggestion I would like to make for foreign guys going to Brazil is to get off the beaten path and skip big cities like Rio, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Florianopolis and such. Try going to second and third tier cities, and even small towns. You will probably have a better time with the women and will get to know the real Brazil.

Quintus:  Absolutely.  That’s been my experience not just in Brazil but in other countries as well.  One of the topics we’ve really mulled over is the impact of social media on game in Brazil.  I remember only five years ago in Brazil, a regular cell phone was good enough.  Now it’s all about Tinder and smartphones.  What changes have you seen in the male-female dynamic recently?

Gilmar:  The relation between the sexes is clearly becoming more westernized at a rapid pace.  As a matter of fact, I look to the USA as a sample of things to come in this arena.  I’ve observed that the media is pushing the same feminist, girl power agenda, and it looks like this is happening on a global scale, the same strategies being used everywhere.  Social media such as Facebook and Instagram have given women a lot more power when it comes to dating up and having a wide range of choices in men with minimum effort, or no effort at all.

Here in Brazil people started using Facebook in 2010, which was when I noticed girls had suddenly become a lot pickier and flakier, their attitudes also having changed for the worse.  I guess the best way to describe it is that there is now a big push for both girls and guys to construct this whole fake (or quasi-fake) identity revolving around social media.  Guys are relying more and more on these “virtual identities” they’ve created for themselves, rather than putting in the real work of self-improvement.

It sometimes feels like all my hard work on self-improvement and personal knowledge has become obsolete with the rise of fake social media, smartphones, and online dating.  It’s hurting the old-school game severely.

For me this is the key point:  the mania to create this false social media “identity” that has no bearing on reality.  And for some reason, the girls are just oblivious to it.  It seems like the fakers are able to get by on their faking. I’m seeing a lot of guys with no game posturing on social media.  Women, they’re just not that self-aware.  But I have to say that most guys are as much to blame as well.  Too much bad game out there, too much kissing ass.

As you know, I put a lot of effort into my appearance and I’ve been lifting for many years.  I’ve also experimented with many different approach styles.  But it seems like girls are becoming more and more fixated on the electronic game than anything.  Guys with bad game are now able to flood the market and bring down the general level of game for everyone.  Heck, when I was in college I used to ride a bicycle to class and there was no shortage of cute girls to pick up.

Quintus:  I suppose I should tell readers here that you are an impressive physical specimen…[laughs].   Very muscular dude, good job, and good appearance.

Gilmar:  Flattery will get you nowhere, QC [laughs].

Quintus:  So, how have you had to adjust your game to deal with these changes?

Gilmar:  Well, most guys in Brazil are playing the social media game, which is basically posing as if they were rich and famous in their online profiles, as well as taking loans to buy luxury cars and status items to impress girls.  I am not liking it.  I’ve tried to talk to some of these guys, but I’m at the point now of just letting them go.  Either they get it or they don’t.  I get the sense Roosh has reached this point too.

But I am doing the opposite of what the trends are here. I think game should be genuine and come from within, so my choice has always been to focus lately on holistic self improvement, which is basically cultivating mind and body, as well financial independence and internal values such as confidence, masculinity, and things like that.  Your writings reflect a lot of the same values I have.

I don’t consider myself a master of game and my goal isn’t to bed as many women as possible, but to enjoy good relationships with quality women as part of a meaningful life.  The older I get, the more I see that the ultra-player lifestyle is part of a man’s sexual adolescence, and that a mature man is naturally inclined to start a family and become a patriarch on one way or another.  But it does take two to tango.  The fact is that there is a shortage of women who are relationship material, so guys are forced to choose between celibacy and pumping and dumping.

Quintus:  I agree with that, and it’s a difficult issue to deal with.  Our natural instincts are being distorted by social trends.  How do you see feminism on the rise in Brazil?

Gilmar:  Of course, it definitely is.  A few years ago, girls with tattoos were rare.  Now they’re becoming more mainstream.  We’re seeing more deliberate uglification.  Luckily our culture emphasizes personal appearance more than, say, the US or England, but the general trend has been a relaxing of female standards.  Which always hurts men.

The current party in government, called “PT” (“Workers Party”, of Marxist ideology) has been pushing this feminist agenda since they rose to power.

Many feminist laws were passed, abortion is now practically legal in Brazil.  A woman has only to fill in a form stating she was abused in order to get an abortion… no further questions asked.   Lately the government has been financing a “rape awareness” campaign,  just like the one in the States.  Like I said, the same strategies are being used everywhere.  And of course, men just sit there and do nothing.

There are still interesting girls, though, although rare.  I’ve come across blogs and internet groups created by Brazilian women who are promoting traditional values.  If you think about it, this is crucial for them too.  Like us, they have no healthy role models to look up to nowadays, so they must look back to the past if they want to remain feminine and become worthy of a relationship.

Quintus:  And that’s the paradox, isn’t it?  Their blind rush to embrace feminism contains the seeds of their own disintegration as women.  They’re being seduced by liars, frauds, and social misfits.  But I am doubtful that most of them really understand this.

Gilmar:  Isso, cara.  I can’t disagree with that.

Quintus:  How old are you now, and what aspects of your game have you been working on lately?

Gilmar:  I’m 32 years old.  Weight lifting and healthy nutrition have been a part of my life for a long time now.  I try to surround myself with positive influences not only through friends and acquaintances, but also by reading good books and listening to quality music. Travelling is also very important to me, as it opens the mind to different ways of living and helps overcome negative patterns of thinking.  I rarely watch TV and have recently deleted my Facebook profile.

As you know more than anyone, the cultivation of spirituality is an essential part and perhaps the basis for all self-improvement.  As strange as it seems, I’m also working on developing a genuine connection with women nowadays, and also trying to look at them with compassion.  This of course doesn’t imply being a simp or a lackey.  The truth is that the relationship between the sexes has turned sour, so we’re all prisoners of angst and hatred from time to time.

I find that these emotions are ultimately destructive and it is necessary to maintain good spirits even in our current social climate, and that’s where spirituality has its importance.

Quintus:  I know.  It’s like this transition period we’re in between the collapse of one moral system, and the congealing of another.  What other self-improvement moves have you made recently?

Gilmar:  Well, my latest was deleting my Facebook profile [laughs].  Perhaps a small thing, but it has freed up a lot of time that was wasted in a non-productive activity.  Facebook is like a virtual drug. It’s simply a bad influence to have on your mind.  There’s no point in having a profile unless you’re famous or have a business you want to promote.

I’m also switching my focus to day game, as I think it gives access to women of better quality both in terms of looks and personality, and you also get to engage them without their façade of arrogance.  You’ve always been a big fan of Japan day game.

The fact is nightclubs are becoming bad places to pick up women in most cases. I’ve noticed that they are going there more for social validation, not to meet guys (unless you’re the DJ or the owner).  Also, as a guy who has a lot of diurnal activities, focusing on night game is too much of an energy drain for me.  This is not to say I don’t go out at night, obviously. I just don’t put all my energy in it.

Quintus:  Yeah, I’ve been seeing this more and more in Rio.  We both share an interest in physical fitness and spiritual questions.  Do you find that these opposite interests complement each other, and help your overall game?

Gilmar:  I do. In my view, physical fitness serves to care for the body through exercise and diet, while spirituality and philosophy focuses on the care of the mind through the cultivation of beneficient internal values, while also structuring one’s priorities in life.  I see MikeCF as a big proponent of this.  Nowadays it’s easy to fall prey to nihilism and depression, which are in the end very self-destructive.

That’s when you drop your standards for women and start banging anything that moves.  That’s when you bang just for the sake of banging.  Wrong.  You’ve ripped into other guys for doing this, and rightly so.  These periods have never been fulfilling and have instead led to depressing experiences and a lot of wasted time.  Behaving like an animal has never been the answer for me, but I’m no saint either [laughs].  I guess I’m trying to find a middle ground.

Quintus:  We’ve had some great talks about how to deal with life’s big questions.  Have you been getting more into philosophy lately?  What explorations have you made into the country of the mind?


Ayahuasca in the Amazon

Gilmar:  I’m a big fan of ancient philosophy, particularly that of the school of Platonism.  I’ve also recently started studying Vedic philosophy [from India] and was surprised by how similar it is to the teachings of the Platonic school. It’s like they’re saying the same things with different words.  I don’t agree with the modern materialistic worldview, and I think it inevitably leads to nihilism.

Quintus:  I agree with this, of course.  There has been a lot of cross-cultural influences over the centuries.  It’s not easy to say who influenced who.  Now, what is theurgy?

Gilmar:  That’s a question that begs further explanation.  As you know, I lived in the Amazon for a while in close contact with native tribes.  The real treasure I gained from my time living in the Amazon were my experiences with the substance called ayahuasca.  And by the way, ROK writer Runsonmagic wrote an article on this as well.

To cut to the chase, ayahuasca is a shamanic brew that enhances perception and serves, according to Amazonian Indians, to purify and align body and mind.  When ingested in a proper ritual setting, with prior individual preparation, following a traditional shamanic ceremony it will lead to the perception of higher worlds or spheres of reality.  My initial skepticism was eroded by numerous such experiences.

And what’s more: ayahuasca is one of the many doors to these mysteries. I’ve found, after study, that these higher spiritual worlds are known by different cultures, although the names used to describe them differ from place to place.  Theurgy is the work accomplished by accessing these divine realities and progressively setting one’s life priorities straight.

Quintus:  I’ve roughly familiar with these doctrines.  Theurgy is touched on in writers of late Neoplatonism, in the late classical period, such as Iamblichus, Porphyry, and Proclus.  They’re not well known outside of specialist fields, unfortunately.  How have these studies helped you personally?

Gilmar:  They have granted me a deeper insight into my own nature, as well as that of different aspects of reality and life, such as the roots of philosophy, the original meaning and intent of medicine and health, the natural roles of men and women, the importance of carrying oneself with dignity and humility.  They gave me a clear sense of right and wrong, so that I now know when I have to change my attitude and thus have more responsibility for my actions.  Although these studies give you a more profound view of things, they also make you humble, because they show how small and shallow our knowledge of the world is. Your mind is really blown away when you start experiencing these things instead of just reading about them.

Quintus:  Absolutely.  I’m glad you’ve shared these experiences with us, Gilmar.  I hope other guys can get a taste for what is really out there.  How can you be contacted?

Gilmar:  I am a member of the RooshVForum, although not as active as I’d like to be these days. My username is “Brazilianguy.”  Anyone wanting to contact me can find me there.

Quintus:  Brazilianguy.  Well, that’s original…

Gilmar:  Behave yourself, QC.

Quintus:  You’re going to join us again soon, right?  We want to hear how the next Amazonian trip goes.

Gilmar:  Of course.  Thanks for having me, man.

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147 thoughts on “A Brazilian Man Talks About Game, Social Media, And How His Country Is Changing”

  1. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of the manosphere is you get to know all sorts of interesting people, with backgrounds and worldviews that may be in tension with one another, but ultimately leads to a harmony because we’re all striving for the same things, just with different methods at times.
    Good interview. It’s depressing to hear that other parts of the world have degenerated so quickly because of the poisonous influence of social media. Thanks for reminding me how I wish it had never been invented, again.

    1. Western values: Destroying one country at a time. This is why we need nationalism worldwide.

  2. So, how do we solve the social media problem? It’s a trend, and trends come and go, some faster or slower than others, this one too shall pass (well, one hopes anyway). The question is, how can we hasten the death of this construct? Not a whole lot of options.
    1. Nuclear war/EMP/Civilization wide chaos/destruction. Ok, I know, but it is an option, just not a good option.
    2. Shaming? No, there are not enough considerate souls left who understand and would be ashamed of any of their own actions.
    3. Make not being hooked into social media and not texting into something cool, edgy and trendy. I think that’s starting to percolate in the hinterlands and is gaining a bit of traction, but it needs to be a lot bigger. Maybe scoff at how lame and uncool it is to be on social media and always available via text, how it’s hip and trendy to be untethered and only tools need useless things like DuckfaceBook/Twatter?
    5. Profit!

    1. It’s not ever going to be solved, barring the disaster scenario.
      Humans have a need for gratification and attention – women in particular, but men too.
      Social media makes these feelings easy to acquire. The population, nine-tenths simpletons, will naturally succumb to this ease, this false glory.
      It isn’t going away. It is going to get worse.

      1. I’ve seen trends come and go with such regularity that I’m certain this one will pass. Now that said, it will likely be replaced by something even worse, if that’s possible.

        1. It will be replaced by something worse. Social media has opened Pandora’s Box. It feeds the worst part of the human soul; the narcisistic, self-centered side.

        2. It’s not visible to the casual observer yet but the trend has already swung against social media. The number of Facebook users is dropping at a large rate.

        3. I agree. The Internet is not a trend. But many of the things it makes possible are trends.
          I just wish I could get the timing right on shorting Facebook.
          My guess is that FB will at some point make a huge error that will wake people up to how dumb it is to share so much information with them.

        4. Yes, absolutely, their stock is reflecting this as well I hear. It went from IPO bizarre prices (all IPO’s are bizarre, imo), climbed from 20$ up to a high in the 70’s last month and is now trending down down down at 57 today (well, last quote I saw, may have changed since then).
          Burn baby burn.

        5. Yeah, I think that’s what we all fear. Some Google Microchip implant thing that keeps you jacked in 24/7, or something equally as horrific. The bad thing is, you can’t really predict something so horrible about this kind of thing that can’t actually happen, given as it’s dealing with women’s narcissism.

        6. I think you have far too much faith in the people’s discretion. They are largely mindless morons whom would be more than content to disclose all of their personal info to FB provided they can still get their attention validation.

        7. Facebook will follow Myspace, and a number of events could make this happen, the rise of a “better” (more addictive) social networking system or a huge cataclysmic event that renders it, useless. I don’t know, but I would love to short Facebook myself, it may be the most moral money I’d ever make in my life. It’s to predict, but Facebook deserves to die.

        8. All of that doom and gloom about FB is what made it crash at it’s opening yet all the sheep have been buying it up like MAD in only ONE year the momentum drove it to 70$ that speed is not to be messed with shorting. So negative news has worked into the price already. Also, FB is now buying up other corporations and perhaps making good moves, so it’s not about them anymore they are buying up tons of businesses and becoming a giant tentacle beyond some social profile , It would be stupid to short. It’s too 50/50 for my likes. http://seekingalpha.com/symbol/FB?s=fb
          I would not mess with this positive sentiment .

        9. “the company will now focus on platforms that will enable “even more successful and entertaining personal experiences” They bought occulus a virtual reality company, and also “whatsapp” for its users.

        10. It is. Virtual reality. Fb is getting in on it big-time. their goal : “Connecting users to more entertaining platforms” Soon we will all be plugged into a virtual headset, we are getting bored of a small smartphone screen, and google is doing the same with their virtual glasses. See the trend yet? A screen attached right on your face, rather than a phone outside of your pocket.

    2. I was trying to teach a man how to shoot one day. He looked like the standard country boy type. I think he had a girlfriend.
      Anyway, he also had a phone – one of those smart phones of iPhones – I did not see what kind.
      This thing distracted him probably at least once every 30 seconds.
      He looked ridiculous and the constant interruptions looked ridiculous.
      If only he knew.

      1. Honestly I wouldn’t have continued with any further training until I got him to shut it off. The firing range is one of the last places you want a distracted mind numbed iZombie type.

    3. The interent is a double-edged sword. It gave us the manosphere, but it also gave us Facebook.

      1. It’s not the internet I have any issues with, it’s the specific hell society destroying social media that’s the problem. If we could just go back to, say, 1999 and bitch slap the inventor of MySpace, and maybe castrate that fake programmer who pretended to write Facebook, well, things would be a hell of a sight better I’d think.

        1. HAHA! How can you bitchslap Facebook? It is the largest spy operation in human history, where suckers voluntarily supply corporations and Gov’t with the most intimate details of their lives, including their shitting habits and along with stupid photos of the food they just ate. Facebook would make the NKVD or Stazi blush with envy. The self-absorbed suckers are just handing over all this data, and getting nothing in return.
          Do you think Zuckerberg, a guy in his 20’s, could just make billions of dollars in a few short years while competing with men 3 times his age? Or do you think he’s sold his soul to the devil and will sell all this Facebook data to the Chinese when the time is right.
          Information is power. Facebook is more than just a site for teenage girls to get sexual validation and share pointless photos of the stupid fucking bagel they just ate. It’s a spy network.

        2. They don’t really need FB to figure people out, and have already been conducting sociological experiments since the 50’s. People only tend to post self-aggrandizing photos of themselves on facebook so it is not that accurate for really “data mining your thoughts” it’s no secret people are narcissistic and when making a sort of social resume only put the best possible on there. There is only one thing you need to know, what the elites want, the elites get they are in power because they are more than willing to play dirty. All internet activity is monitored already anyway.

        3. The Facebook generation is the first generation in history who have absolutely no regard for their personal privacy. Privacy is uncool to modern people. They want total exposure so that maybe one day they will get a casting call for a shitball reality show.
          Once their rights are fully exstinguished and they are completely plugged into the brutal totalitarian information matrix, perhaps they will mourn the loss of their privacy.
          On another note, Facebook absolutely celebrates human mediocrity. Every girl on Facebook is now a fucking model with thousands of photos.
          My biggest peeve is the posting of food photos. People on Facebook are usually pretty lonely and starved for any attention and human contact they can get. “Look at me. I just ate some food!” Something that most human beings do everyday becomes something worth sharing?

        4. In my random opinion… I think Zuck started fb. However, he made a deal with the devil (uncle sam) and is just a figure head at this point. Billions fell in his lap while the feds “lost” billions…hmmm.

        5. I think the internet has exposed how exceptional smart people really are since 95% of all people pretend they are awesome and effective in public settings and have refined a pretentious ability to act. Think about it, How many people really change society, maybe even picked up a book in the last year? My estimate is that there are about 1 million highly intelligent and effective Americans, (This is quite a lot when you think about it). 1 in 360 people contribute to advancing society, 95% which are males. That leaves a very tiny fraction of effective and intelligent people. The rest exist to be entertained, and be hedonistic narcissists. This is not some”new generational thing” as you claim. It is not “Generational” enlightened/exceptional males have been a tiny minority throughout the centuries. Every alpha must command 300 sheep, that’s just the way it is, and with history it was even more obvious with kings and so on. With one alpha commanding, my suggestion if you are one of these powerful individual types, accumulate wealth, try to get some kind of influence and command the sheep command the stupidity out of them with education if you must that is all

        6. We enlightened folks, must not give up on our dumber and more naive blue pill swallowing, female arse kissing, porn video gazing comrades , once they take the red pilll they can NEVER go back. Spread the red pill and win the battle, do not lose hope only

        7. FB chat / messages are a deep insight. Yes, all activity is monitored. However, FB has it cataloged to each individual and not just a mess of random packets. Would you rather search the whole filing cabinet for random papers or just pick the folder with a name on it…

        8. Your theory is just as good as mine. All I can say is that Facebook is not what it appears to be.

        9. Information gathering has been going on for a lot, lot longer than that. There were concerns when DoubleClick acquired Abacus back in 2000, and before that remember all those direct mailers that requested you fill out a survey about your families buying habits for an envelope of free coupons? Thats what they evolved into..

        10. Indeed. FB was funded early by Peter Thiel and his band of big-bank cronies and CIA front organizations.
          FB is the ultimate information-gathering, spying Trojan Horse. It’s a high-tech AIG on steroids. For those not in the know, insurance conglomerate AIG was bailed out with billions of taxpayer dollars because it was one of the greatest intelligence gathering assets of all time (now surpassed by FB).
          AIG was operating in Japan prior to WWII. It was a major insurer there. Private Japanese citizens and major Japanese corporations VOLUNTARILY gave all their private info to AIG during the underwriting of life, property and other insurance products. When you think of it, an insurance company was the old-world’s ultimate spy tool. When it came time to bomb and invade Japan, we knew EVERYTHING that we needed to know, down to the most minute detail, in order to destroy and ultimately subjugate that nation.
          Same thing happening today on a global scale with FB, Google. The planet is VOLUNTARILY giving up their most private info. Some extra NSA back doors in the cloud is just icing on the cake.
          When it comes time to eliminate dissidents, nip social revolutions in the bud and corral the masses into neo-feudalism, the elite’s vast computer models will be a near-perfect tool for achieving their ends.
          Just my two paranoid (but realistic) sense.

        11. Yes and no.
          Let’s say, for whatever reason, a person is one day branded as an enemy of the state. Prior to FB, it would be a lot harder to track that person and their affiliates down. With FB, the powers-that-be know who just about everyone in that person’s network and extended network is. They will have records of social media, email etc. going back YEARS. 95% of the detective work has been done by all that. They just use some sophisticated mining software to sift through that data.
          They will know who to talk to, what phones and bank accounts to trace, etc., etc. It would become near impossible for a dissident to go “underground” so to speak. He would be found out and jailed in short order. It would be much harder to resist tyranny.

    4. My solution to these issues is a personal one: see the illusions, peel back the curtain,educate yourself,and don’t fall into the same trap as others. That’s about all we can do. There is a brick wall in our path, sure we can hurl ourselves at it and hope to break through to the other side or we can understand the wall is not going anywhere, and that it’s pointless and harmful to keep bashing yourself into that wall. We can look at how we can climb over the wall, or
      walk around it, or take paths where no wall was erected, or we can even act like we are part of the wall ourselves.
      I don’t advocating fighting these things, that’s a waste of time and effort, make use of them for your our advantage.

    1. It goes everywhere. You’d be surprised how popular porn is in the Middle East….those guys are into nasty stuff like you wouldn’t believe.

        1. thats the scary thing that even in the middle east is gettin infected. like slutty women have been found instead of shamin them as we should some teavel there and make thr most of it thus makin it worse cuz shell tell her gfs to do yhe same thing an they can get away with it.
          women are like kids theyll constantly push their boundaries when ever they can.theyll do what there social can get away with.
          when travel to these nations we should be wife hunting not whoremongering like here otherwuse you create another usa.
          game has to be used respobsibly. here we cant really slut shame but in those we can and shoild to ensure these nasculine strongholds exist get powerful an promote their vakues to us an hopefully well emulate some it.

        2. The Middle East may eventually get infected, but they are a LONG way off. Although I should say, if the West keeps plugging along as it has, many of those Muslims who live in the West will be corrupted. But as far as your run of the mill Middle Eastern nation goes, they have about as much use for feminism as..well…as much use as we have for feminist. They are too busy fighting for their lives and trying to keep the greedy West out of their busniess.

      1. The blind mimicry is just depressing. Gilmar is very articulate about what is happening. I really wish he would post more at the Forum, since he has put in a lot of work on his game and self-improvement and has a lot of wisdom to share.

      2. Agree..and this article should show readers how things are trending outside of the US.
        It’s funny, but I think men (here or outside the US) are starting to see Gilmar’s approach as more of the norm versus the exception. I’ve talked with others (here in the US) and they are doing exactly the same (i.e. working out, outside activities, reading, dropping off of FB, etc…).
        It’s good to see that trend continue (here and everywhere).

  3. “Many feminist laws were passed, abortion is now practically legal in Brazil. A woman has only to fill in a form stating she was abused in order to get an abortion… no further questions asked.”
    This is completely untrue. Abortion

  4. “Many feminist laws were passed, abortion is now practically legal in Brazil. A woman has only to fill in a form stating she was abused in order to get an abortion… no further questions asked.”
    This is completely untrue. Abortion is far from legal in Brazil, and it probably never will be, due to the rise of evangelical christianity. It’s true that the current party in power has pushed many, many feminist points, and there’s a clear agenda. But abortion, in particular, is specially taboo, to the point that our female president, Dilma, had to change her discourse regarding contraception in order to get elected.

    1. The rise of evangelical Christianity…The religion of manginas…just of a mere years before they surrender to their women, always in the name of God…hahaha.
      P.S. I live in Latinamerica and I know the conmen that run those “churches”.

      1. Yup. The evangelicals are some of the worst little weak minded beta simps on the planet.

    2. The rise of evangelical Christianity…The religion of manginas…just of a mere years before they surrender to their women, always in the name of God…hahaha.
      P.S. I live in Latinamerica and I know the conmen that run those “churches”.

  5. Excellent article and interview! US being percieved as the most dominant country serves as a role model in which countries in the lower ladder are instinctively inclined to follow.

  6. All I’m concerned with is that feminism is permeating in former male havens such as Brazil. Dear God, let it end, let it fucking end! I don’t want to leave the USA and end up right back in the USA!

    1. No offense, dude, but you americans let your women become like that, and now you wanna come here and infestate our women too? Give us a favor and stay right where you folks are, please.

      1. So I am personally responsible for “feminism”? You make it seem as if I go to foreign countries passing out “The Feminine Mystique” in their native languages. I am strictly opposed to Cultural Marxism, liberalism and feminism. There are some Americans who come and put foreign women on pedestals and turn them into spoilt Americanized whores. I agree, but most men on this site are a rare breed in today’s political climate.

        1. i think thats what m was gettin at. since most western guys that go over seas ruin the foreign women wether its lowering standards on women to get lucky which goes against the local culture. the more this happens the mire prominent it will be wether its directly or indirectly. thats why they say when in rome do as the romans do. but western tourists still keep some if their habits and at times mock the culture and see themselves as better. the social mindset of women will pick on this an hypergamy will just go full swing.
          when foreign girl complains about the local mans habit instead of sayin they are wrong n bad an that they should be like us instead try n rationalize that culture. in the end feminism has made some of a mark on our minds and its the little things that catch on. even local guys nay emulate it to get the same success with women. then trough competition it could become like here. we have to blend in like locals
          we may not actively like the culture but subconsiously we do…even i caught my self doin it.

      2. You better get your women under control or your entire nation will become as desolate as mine.

      3. You better get your women under control or your entire nation will become as desolate as mine.

        1. o there tryin its just an uphill battle due to tv n internet. so many western influence.even conservative countrys they eear western clothes like shirt jeans etc. the presence is strong an when that western tourists come they makd it worse espically when they date or pump n dump good girls(but if its hos then no problems). theyll start acting like western skanks instead of the damage goods they are.
          if feminism is a virus then we the tourists are the rats that carry it.
          we are a very opinitated bunch we somrthin we dont like in a nation eell comment on how terrible it is an how great we are.
          yhe reverse i can possibly see if russia beats usa in ww3 an the western influence dies out.

      4. People in glass houses should not throw stones. It’s happening to your cutlure too, buddy. Just try and stop it.

      5. Mate, all due respect but that’s a pretty stupid thing to say. Each individual is responsible for their own decisions. And in a democracy, if the majority decide to go down one path, the minority are powerless to stop them.

    2. It’s the exact reason why I have been upping my game to pull the higher-quality Ameriskanks. I get more satisfaction that way, as I know my game is top-notch. Plus, it’s much cheaper than going foreign, especially as foreign girls get Ameriskank attitudes.

      1. You have to be careful either way. Some of those foreign girls don’t make all that great wives, the difference is that they understand how to market themselves to men.
        Kind of like the difference between the burger you see on the billboard and the burger you actually get from the drive-thru.

      1. Well this state of limbo is equally as intolerable. I admit, I receive many benefits living in these days and times. I mean smartphones, Amazon Prime etc. But this life, is one of solitude. I’m simply not as stupid to put my assets or even sanity up for risk by pursuing an LTR here. The downside to this, is that despite pussy mongering, you still end up alone at night. The external world only masks a complete and utter spiritual desolation that is within. Make no mistake, the collapse is way past due.

        1. It is definitely coming, but you must understand that it will be horrible. Things will be much worse than they are now. Right now we are all experiencing low-level psychological trauma. We are grown men, we can and should be able to deal with this. Dealing with rotten, spoiled women is far better than dealing with the horrors of the coming wars and worldwide totalitarianism humanity is facing.
          We are all young, and our pespective is clearly perverted by the safe world we live in here in the West. Do you think people who lived through WW2 would be crying and moaning like many of us do about such trivialities like women?
          Life for the majority of human beings worldwide will get much worse in the coming decades. Enjoy what we have now, because once this shit all falls apart, we may never see prosperous, safe times like this again in our lifetimes.
          I suspect you are much like me and many others who frequent the Manosphere; bored, frustrated, and chomping at the bit for action in the form of the apocalypse. Just rememebr that when it happens there will be no going back to the way it was. Getting rejected by some spoiled, vapid moranic woman will seem tame in comparison to watching your loved ones and other good people slaughtered in war.

        2. ” Do you think people who lived through WW2 would be crying and moaning like many of us do about such trivialities like women?”
          Of course not. They were just happy to be alive. Now imagine the poor souls who had to live through the Eastern Front? Murder, rape, torture, starvation. One German soldier wrote a book called: “Fighting in Hell”. It’s a wonder any of those people maintained any form of sanity on either side. I’d prefer “loneliness” any day to that pot of unbearable misery.

        3. You have gotten too use to soft living my friend. You have lost the essence of man. I am guilty of this too. However, the ultimate narrative of history is war. Change is only begotten by war. Humans are innovative creatures and we will find a way to rebuild. But a life in fear of the inevitable is a life that is weak. Man’s eternal essence is tied to the wild, the hunt, and the fight. Civilization is the apex accomplishment of all of our hard work, but civilization no longer serves its original intent. It is no longer a vehicle for family formation, patriarchy and inheritance. Within a blink of an eye a man’s entire life’s work can disappear by Soviet style family courts, and parasitic women. How many iPhones, Chipotle burritos and game consoles are worth your compliant apathy, and continued compliant discontent? Real men only bide their time until they can reclaim the system for themselves and progeny. During the Weimar Republic, the Freikorps and numerous other former soldiers only bided their time to kill communists and supplant the liberal government. Living compliantly within your enemies’ matrix because you are comfortable, makes you one of them by default. Change is written in blood, always has been and always will be.

        4. the band-aid for males with their sexlessness and barely-there-sanity is videogames and porn, Escapism, and virtual wankers. That is how most intelligent males i know spend their days, they do not bother with the dating market as women will fuck only the top 5% of males or use the 95% as a wallet while fucking a 5 percenter male. Essentially porn is a male jacking off to another male which is fulfilling the fantasy of the male getting laid, People are fucked up

        5. I agree with what you say. The modern world has made me very soft. I suspect a lot of us feel this way. But can you say that you are truly ready for what is coming, both physically and mentally?
          Also, the true nature of man is to be in touch with his more primal nature. I agree with that. Violence and war are a major part of this. Many of us feel that we have no purpose in life. Drinking Mountain Dew, smoking pot, and playing Xbox is not what man was designed to do. Many modern men feel very alientated and useless in the medern world.
          I must add one thing. If you think Western women are horrible to deal with now, what do you think this current crop of women and their white night beta supplicants will be like when the shit hits the fan and they are facing their own demise? Do you think men and women will cooperate towards their very survival like they did during WW2, or do you think they will become even more petty, irrational, and rotten? Given the way this current generation was raised, do you believe we will all just come together and cooperate to survive? Today’s woman randomly fucks and betrays men for no reason other than sport. Do you think when the local warlord is threatening to kill her, that she will behave altruistically?
          Do you think George Patton or Douglas MacArthur would have listened to their wives regarding military matters? I think not. Do you think the average, modern “happy wife, happy life” dipshit male will sell out to his wife’s whims during the apocalypse, potentially causing the deaths of good men and women in the process due to incompetence and poor, female-inspired decision making. I think so.
          Remember, men and women are nothing like they used to be.

        6. Do you think this generation of Americans aged 18-29 could do what those similarly aged Americans of the WWII generation did? I don’t. I think Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany would have curbed stomped these weak children into the ground. Men and women were adults and knew their roles by their 20’s back then. That is not the case now.

        7. It’s not *that* bad, guy. I see little white kids all over the place who seem to look like their beaten down beta schlub corporate cubical dwelling fathers. The “screw the alpha” thing is rather large, I hear 1 in 3 kids don’t belong to pop but to mom’s side alpha, but it’s not at 95/5 yet.

        8. Sure they could. They’re the ones making up the bulk of the standing military even today, and seem to be handling it well.
          The hipsters of course would perish even at the thought of signing an enlistment paper.

        9. The white men who served on Okinawa were made of fucking steel. I don’t know what today’s generation would be like, but they would have been bludgeoned by the likes of the Waffen SS and Kamikazes.

        10. I’ve seen military studies that estimate that a good 70% of the population would die if something knocked out electricity across the nation/world for a month (might have been two months, I’m going from memory). Sounds about right.

        11. I got news for you, the US military today is a joke and basically a feminazi cesspool designed for careerists far more than real warriors.

        12. I’m well aware of what it is, but the young men getting shot, wounded or dying seem to be rather fearless about it all the same. I can’t write off an entire generation, we have to approach them as individuals on their merits as individuals.

        13. Im an OIF and OEF-A combat veteran. Im not talking from a position of speculation but rather my own observances. Yeah, there are small percentage of Americans that are of the same mettle. Just as I am sure there must be some American women that aren’t complete trash. But the percentages of both are so small that they are not statistically significant.

        14. This is why my sons (if I have some) their first book they will read, when they are of reading comprehensive age, is Ernst Junger’s “On Pain.” This was a bad ass German private, shot and wounded 7 times, and still wrote a book glorifying pain and saying it was the essence of manhood. How many fucking soccer moms and faggoty beta dads would let their precious little boys read that? These are the same parents who’d rather their sons attend feminist gender studies classes at Harvard than attend West Point. The weak will soon be attenuated out.

        15. I hadn’t heard of that book, sounds interesting, thank you for the lead.

        16. I think that is likely a true statement. I don’t think the average, modern 19 year old male could be trained to fly a fighter plane like they did in WW2; not even the primitive planes they had back then.
          And yes, it is very likely that the average modern male would be immediately curb-stomped. He would likely ask for more.
          When it comes to modern humans beings, they don’t make ’em like they used to.

        17. My issue is that the availability of technology can and should improving civilization. Not bringing it to its knees. We let ourselves become weak. It wasn’t necessitated by the onset of technological breakthroughs. And blame lies on the shoulders of western men for allowing this to happen.

        18. But, does the average volunteer modern soldier come back and assimilate back into society like the average WW2 drafted soldier? Or does he cry about the PTSD that society tells him he has and then he just goes and kills himself? I’m not blaming the soldier here, I’m blaming the society.
          WW2: Men were drafted, came back, wife generally didn’t cheat on him during deployment, good job was waiting for him upon return. Society treated him like a hero.
          Modern US soldier: Volunteer, naively patriotic to a fault, wife immediately fucks the pool guy as soon as he’s deployed, comes back to unemployment and a perverse society telling him he needs to talk about his feelings about war and killing and address his PTSD. He fucking signed up for Christ sake! Now he’s sad about the killing he had to do? Society is completely indifferent to his sacrifices when he returns. Facebook is more important.
          I want to make it clear, I’m not denegrating the soldier, I’m commenting in the perverse society the average soldier is VOLUNTEERING to defend.

        19. It’s so true.
          My grandfather was a Petty Officer attached to the Taffy 3 battlegroup in Leyte Gulf. His ship was the first major US vessel sunk by a Kamikaze. He was stuck at sea for three days in shark-infested waters until he was rescued. It was men like him that beat the Japanese and Germans.
          And then I look at myself and go “what the fuck am I?”
          But I can still look to him for inspiration and know I have that same blood flowing in my veins, the very same Y chromosome that makes me a man. So I will do the best I can, and get better every day.

        20. Ummm its called giving birth to morons like you, it is the biggest pain a woman could experience, you ungrateful bastard. Yet, women keep getting pregnant and refuse to get abortion when they are pregnant with boys. Now they are the true heroes who endure pain of birthing future rapists and misogynists.

        21. The Waffen SS were the most well trained men of their time, and had the courage to literally “fight to the last man”. Kamikazes are also worthy of respect, as just last week I was sitting in my History class watching a video about WW2, and when the Kamikazes were shown crashing into the ships at Pearl Harbor all I could think was “that must have taken the most pure forms of courage and selflessness”, while everyone else in the class was making their eyes “squinty” and saying things in an asian accent. I can only pray to God to give me the strength needed to do what I must in order to survive what is coming in these next few years.

        22. “all I could think was “that must have taken the most pure forms of courage and selflessness”
          You are aware that once they were strapped in, the cockpit hatch was bolted shut from the outside…right?

        23. The average number of high-stess combat days is much greater than it was in world war 2 and most of the soldiers who did experience the really crazy stuff early in the war, In Europe at least, were eventually grievously wounded or killed.
          Also, the Kinsey studies showed infidelity was actually quite high amongst soldier’s wives.

        24. You can definitely write off anyone born in the 1980s or later, GOJ. Let the rest of the world fight their own wars without us.

        25. I have no doubt the Russians will hit our power grid if the USA comes to the Ukraine’s aid in Eastern Europe.
          Russian hackers are a fearsome group of people and very little computing-wise is safe from them.
          I don’t even want to imagine the clusterfuck that would ensue if the American power grid goes down.

        26. Today’s American GI is more than prepared to handle their shit. You have no idea what you are talking about.

        27. You would be surprised how good these folks are at videogames, i have to try hard to end up somewhere in the middle in these new war games when onlining. In-fact i hear the army recruits these champion gamers because they serve to be good “drone pilots” in real life. They design the drones similar to videogame templates. Crazy. But these nerds are absolutely useful. I would not wanna have one of their drones comin after my ass i tell ya

        28. “During the Weimar Republic, the Freikorps and numerous other former soldiers only bided their time to kill communists and supplant the liberal government.”
          How did it work for them?

        29. Well, your grandfathers may have beat the Japanese.
          I and my comrades beat the Germans.

        30. There were no Kamikazes at Pearl harbor. That didn’t occur till very late in the Pacific war when it was clear the Japanese were going to loose.
          I don’t give as much stock to fighting till the last man or Kamikaze type behavior. The reality is the Japanese were practically brainwashed by the Bushido code of honor. If you DIDN’T die in a loosing battle you were considered a failure. And subsequently were expected to commit harakiri (kill yourself) anyway. So it’s no great leap to willingly dive into a enemy ship while piloting a plane with empty guns laden with excess fuel and sometimes bombs. Especially when everyone of authority back home tells you this is the will of your country, emperor, and society. It’s merely another hoodwinked male following the social conditioning he’s been brainwashed with for the benefit of war crazed leaders.

        31. I have to say, going kamikaze in defense of an oppressive and fascist regime requires a certain form of madness.

        32. Very true. Its a bit like “going over the top” when there is an officer behind you shooting all the survivors.

        33. Technology is neutral. The trouble is that humanity too often lets itself be ruled by its lizard brain.

        34. I saw some great pictures of men from the American Civil War era. The steel in their eyes. These were hard men prepared to make ruthless decisions. Today’s “leaders” would wilt in the glare from these mens stare.

        35. Kinsey’s so called “studies” were all skewed to favor his own perverted perceptions. Not to say that many wives, both military and otherwise don’t stray, just that if you do a little research you will find much of his so called body of work discredited.

    3. Apparently the infection is also spreading to EE. I have a romanian friend i’ve known for a couple years with a high IQ and is a good observer , women there are now exactly like the west, he described their natures like any other feminist cesspool

    4. Feminism will end when women are treated like actual fucking people. Treat women as equal to men, boom, feminist movement over. Enough said.

  7. I was in rio for carnaval and noticed this first hand. My blond friend was swiping away on tinder and got tons of hits. I stuck to genuine game and got more play.
    Does anyone have experience in curitiba or goiana? Ive been thinking about spendinga month there as the girls I met were very open and chill.

    1. I live in Curitiba, bro. Not the best place. The women are beautiful, but have the western mentality in them

      1. I am truly sorry to hear that your nation faces the same horrible fate as mine. The mass, psychological and spiritual destruction of human beings (particularly women) due to feminism and social media is truly a tragedy for all of humanity.

      2. Doh… But is it easier or harder to close than than your typical American big city?

  8. I read ROK for articles like this. It’s depressing, but insightful.
    Feminism appears to be spreading like a virus to all parts of the world, leaving nothing but destruction, dysfuntion, and dispair in it’s wake.

    1. Agree….but even the mighty Roman Empire fell at some point.
      It may not happen tomorrow but a balance is always restored at some point. There is at least something to look forward to in the future.

  9. Great quote: ” construct this whole fake (or quasi-fake) identity revolving around social media. Guys are relying more and more on these “virtual identities” they’ve created for themselves, rather than putting in the real work of self-improvement.”

  10. well put:
    construct this whole fake (or quasi-fake) identity revolving around social media. Guys are relying more and more on these “virtual identities” they’ve created for themselves, rather than putting in the real work of self-improvement.

  11. Please! Never assume that there is a safe place where you can run from feminism! There is not!!!! And it is not a fad, but it is financed and perpetrated by the same parties which basically own our financial system thus owning politics, technology, academia etc. http://www.americandeception.com/

  12. “It sometimes feels like all my hard work on self-improvement and personal knowledge has become obsolete with the rise of fake social media, smartphones, and online dating. It’s hurting the old-school game severely”
    I know how he feels, Im sure everybody in here does, but I don’t think its hurting old school game severly. It will just feel like this, and often. When you meet somebody face to face the mask is off. Its not like you can go to a bar, pull up your phone and say ” hey look at my fb account, on my profile pick a cute girl is kissing me and I have 950 friends, wanna bang?”, although I wouldn’t be surprised if we ever landed on that. I would argue that the guys spending multiple amounts on social media and trying to improve their value online are the ones whos real life game will truly suffer. That confidence a “popular” account will give you is that of a false one. Once face to face with a real girl you still have to know how to create attraction.
    True confidence as a result of physical and spiritual improvement, understanding of women psychology, your values as a man and importance of dignity is something that will never be obsolete. In dark times like these, I would also argue its more important to understand this than ever before.

    1. What i’ve learned is that you’re assuming a woman is responsive to an intelligent male, They are only receptive to the intelligence behind the scenes of the interaction, you can’t directly attract them with intellect with it does not work on women, they feel like you are talking down to them, or they get confused. Your only job is to be some “cocky-funny” clown entertainer, that’s all they want form a male, an entertainer and a wallet. All of my relationships end once the woman realizes she cannot get my wallet, but also after i have ran the kama sutra on them about 10 times over. I WIN.
      The goal here is to shut the woman’s mouth up by inserting your phallus into it. It’s tricky but that is the only intelligence women recognize and they will only respect a male once he has ejaculated on them and mimic’d the disturbing porn that women secretly watch all the time. Man-Ipulation. Intelligence doesn’t work with women. IN-direct intelligence does.
      Making money requires intelligence, getting in good shape requires intelligence, having a sense of style does. You see? IN-direct intelligence is what works. Not trying to show what a smart guy you are women are not able to recognize logic this way. I tried this on older women thinking with older women i needed “mature smart game” guess what? its fucking useless, they are the same dummies at all ages. Also, stay out of text, stay off the phone all of these time exposures open up mistake oppurtunities, make it ALL about the “meeting up” and pretend your a busy “go getter” type of guy.
      Act like you are some hot shot comedian and pretend your casa nova . Thats all they get.

  13. The fake social media game was popularized by a How I Met Your Mother episode where Barney invented a pickup called the “Augustus Von Matterhorn”. It’s cheating but it works on the stupid ones.

  14. Just got back from an event. I wonder if this situation would be present in Brazil:
    There was a girl sitting next to me, not gorgeous but decent looking. Teased her a little bit, but she was on her damn phone the entire time. I wanted to try and make a connection, but her damn head buried in the phone would have made it awkward, and I just didn’t give a damn because it wasn’t worth the effort. There was somebody more important for me to talk to there (a very influential acquaintance, he is an insider here in NYC politics) and I wasn’t going to very well forgo that.
    It’s depressing isn’t it? I must’ve been the only one there that only used his phone to check the time.

    1. This has even interfered with my sex life. Literally one girl stopped performing fellatio to check her facebook, needless to say I grabbed her hair and put her back on the phallus, after my frustrations became known. I am not against freedom of speech but society must find away to support real human interaction and socialization over digital media. This should not be taken lightly.

  15. I’ve seen it happen too often. Average or disgusting women with unimpressionable personalities pose as divas over Facebook. You can never disagree with them lest they link your profile and try shame you in the process.
    When you go about trying to act out this online persona of perfection, somewhat overtime you become a slave to it and eventually you’ll never know who your true self really is.

  16. I really don’t understand the hostility towards abortion that this guy shows. I’ve seen it elsewhere in the manosphere as well. Do dudes really want to pay child support every time they knock a girl up?

    1. “every time?” Pull out and blow on her face/tits…..she’ll love you all the more for it….

  17. Just now, I just talked to a woman in fb, in a manner I would do the same in real life. In real life, the lines I used would actually make women laugh but just now the woman hates me like hell for saying those things. FB is Evil.

  18. I live in Istanbul, Turkey, and its fucking “game over” here. Feminism can now claim thier first Muslim country.

    1. WHAT. THE. FUCK. is going on? Seriously? Tell me you’re over-exaggerating? It’s a Islamic country for Godsake, you men have authority by the Hadiths and Quran to beat your wives, even I know this as a Christian. The former Islamic allies of Kaiser Wilhelm II cannot possibly be infected. I refuse to believe this.

      1. BTW, allot of, big city, Turks are not religious. Westernized Turks are mainly atheist/agnostic or nominal muslim (in name only).

      2. I am not exaggerating. Come spend a weekend here. On “Istiklal Street” in the European Side, you will see chicks with tatoos on thier faces and necks, short hair (skrillex, buzzcuts), piercings. On weekend nights, the nightclubs and bars WILL NOT let men in, unless they are accompanied by girls, so girls now have a sense of entitlement, with pathetic butt-hurt beta/white knight Turkish men helping them (it is so disgusting to see white knight culture infect muslim/eastern men, but it has.) Grrrrrls OWN the night here, literally. Now OUTSIDE of Istanbul may be a different story (Izmir?, Ankara?) but the city of Istanbul is a Snobbish Sluts’ Paradise.

      3. We Christians knew to have their wives submit to them, but that didn’t help us. Although it’s obvious secularism makes things worse wherever it hits. (A bit of trivia for you: Turkey and Ireland have very similar demographic profiles and birth rates.)

      4. I have lived in Istanbul for 13 years and I can confirm this. Istanbul is long gone. And it’s true that you won’t be let in most of the the bars and clubs, if you don’t have a woman by your side. Even when you get ii, you can be kicked out of the club for just going and saying hi to a girl. It’s enough for a girl to complain about a man and she is not even questioned.
        Hordes of thirsty, beta, white knight men destroy everyone’s game. The women’s self esteem is so high that, it’s quite common to see girls who are 2’s or 3’s, shoot for 9’s and 10’s. And sometimes they even get it. For the case of Islam; thirsty, beta, white knight men can’t get laid and actually blame Islam for this. They are pathetic.
        And It’s outlawed in Turkey to beat a woman.

        1. Say what? The former Ottoman Empire has now followed the former United States in completely outlawing a man’s ability to exercise authority in his own home? The bleeding just doesn’t stop. It’s like a bad dream. I mean if it’s your average city whores and sluts, then yeah, they’re great for tourists, revenue and the economy but if it’s infecting the entire nation-state, then “roger we have a problem.”

        2. After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey copied the laws of western countries. American television shows and tv series are translated and broadcasted continuously by the nationwide tv channels, so I believe it will only get worse and worse.

        3. The Fall Of Constantinople indeed!! Come on, you’ve to appreciate the delicious “reverse” irony!!!

  19. I just had a discussion with a Syrian friend over lunch. The opinion is the same. The west strives to pollute the so called “less developed” civilizations with their idea of progress.
    Although most people are completely biased by the media to think that arabs are “terrorists”, they are in fact trying to protect their culture and traditional values. Of course there are exceptions to this like in anything else.

    1. So the Islamic model of sexual morality appeals to you? As an actual reader of the Koran I suggest you be very careful I’m that claim.

  20. Hey, maybe it’s a good thing. If she has a Facebook account, then she’s pump-and-dump material.

  21. Great article. Looking forward to the next installment of the QC interview series.

  22. Thanks for this interview, one of the better pieces I’ve read in awhile. It’s ashamed to read that Brazil is going the way of the West. I suppose it was inevitable.

  23. This: “The older I get, the more I see that the ultra-player lifestyle is part
    of a man’s sexual adolescence, and that a mature man is naturally
    inclined to start a family and become a patriarch on one way or another. ”
    Well said. There are a number of commenters on this site who see this as “beta” (I really do not like how this word is abused) or not how a real man acts. The fact is, you cannot “chase tail” your whole life and as you get older, this kind of activity becomes less and less rewarding. Eventually, you need to learn how to identify a good woman and then learn how to manage her and your family. That is a real man and a grown man.

  24. Many thanks to QC and Gilmar (BG). Very insightful info.
    I look forward to reading more down the road.

  25. So point of concern. If all you can do is screw around (pump and dump) or be celibate and women are becoming too picky to accept it.added to a desire for a “clean” woman to be the patriarch to. Who exactly is to blame for all the women having the sex you obviously want?
    And did this guy really say rape is a social issue to be ignored?
    At least this guy can codify his prejudice. But does that make his argument valid?
    Can men embrace the ideas of sexual freedom for themselves without acknowleding the role women (theoretically) play in this sexual playground of men?
    I.e. if I want to have multiple partners in a brief period without commitment to a relationship, who am I to demand sexual purity from those partners I’m being so impure with. Equally the idea that men can write off sexual adventurism as an adolescent behavior (he himself called this childish unintentionally i believe) but for women its a deal breaker? Are you kidding.
    While well spoken its simply another appeal to male exceptionalism which is a thankfully dying concept in the world.
    The appeal to traditional roles always amuses me. As if older is better. Tradition has been used to justify slavery, racism, oppression of all types as well as ascientific and anti-intellectual bias across the globe. I think the second emancipation that of the emancipation of choice and self determination embodied in the idea of human rights trumped this nonsense. Women should be glad to be under patriarchal care because “tradition”.
    If a woman chooses it for herself fine. But trying to maintain sexism as a cultural value is clearly not an altruistic gesture. Its a demand to retain without argument a position of power over other humans. Detestable.
    Lastly I’ll repeat the point I made on several other articles. The gentlemen discuss the idea of false men and false behavior in others while accepting their own manipulation of prenece and presentation without comment. As of the concern is not the truth of these other men’s social claims, but rather that others are managing the transition to modernity successfully while the blue collar mans men feel usurped.
    Am I missing something?
    Why is this a good model for society in your opinion? Why should we not allow women to be our equal? And by what power do you assume the right to dictate such demands to those women?

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