5 Tips For White Men Who Want To Date Non-White Women

A few weeks back I wrote a column that offered tips to men of color who want to increase their success with white women. As promised, I’ve inverted the skin hues to help out my Caucasian brothers this time around.

Because I’m black, I obviously can’t speak to what it takes to bed females of any race as a white guy. So I’ve recruited two of my red pill buddies to help us out.

A quick refresher on “Paul” and “Doug”:

“Paul” is a tall, good looking dude I’ve known since my college days. I mentioned him near the end of this article. He’s a stone cold assassin and red pill to the core.

“Doug” is a good friend of Paul’s whom I’d never met before this trip. Paul told me about some of the red pill knowledge Doug had inadvertently dropped in the past so I knew he’d be a solid guy to roll with. Upon meeting him it didn’t take long to discern that he was as advertised.

Both of these men are like-minded and have a good working knowledge of a woman’s true nature. Suffice it to say they are both more than adequately qualified to give advise regarding this subject matter. It’s also worth noting that they answered my questions separately so one man’s advice won’t be influenced by the other’s.

5. Be bold and confident

Q: What do you think is the single most important element when running game on a non-white girl as a white guy?

Paul: “As with most encounters with women of any color, I think confidence is the most important element. Non-white girls don’t expect a guy like me to show them interest or to have balls enough talk to them. When you show no fear of racial stereotypes and societies expectations, it automatically soaks their panties.”

hot asian girl

Doug: “Being bold. Which is having confidence to run your game without hesitation. I’ve found non-white girls will find weakness in your armor much faster than white girls.”

Boldness and confidence when approaching is standard operating procedure when approaching girls and women of color are no different. However, Doug points out a very important element regarding non-white chicks testing your congruence more stringently than their fair skinned counterparts.

I addressed this in a previous article:

Latin women can be very intimidating. Their fiery personalities are another part of their culture they embrace. Incidentally, this acts as a highly effective beta repellent. Step to a mami with weak game and she will blow you out like a bad tire. I speak from personal experience.

hot hispanic girl1

It appears that a man’s skin tone has no bearing on the hyper drive shit testing dolled out by exotic females.

4. Once she’s on the hook, go in for the kill

Q: What have you found helps the most in terms of closing the deal?

Paul: “Dude there’s no secret to closing the deal. Once you got a girl on the hook, closing the deal is a given. The challenging part of game is getting the deal TO the close. Follow all the other steps and then bring some skills to the physical escalation and you’ll get it in for sure. If you get a girl to WANT to fuck, then she WILL fuck.

Doug: “Be direct when going in for the kill. Know what you want and don’t be afraid.”

hot black girl1

Once again Doug points out that boldness is the key throughout the interaction, up to and including closing the deal. Paul, however, brings up an excellent point in that if there’s no deal to close, you’re not getting laid. In other words you can’t just show up, buy her a drink and try to fuck her without first escalating properly and running tight game. If a girl doesn’t have the tingles, she’s not dropping her panties.

3. Don’t try to adopt her culture

Q: Are most exotic chicks you’ve been with ‘white washed’ or do they tend to hold onto their cultural traits?

Paul: “YES! All of them are white-washed. For one, I am not attracted to ghetto chicks or Boniquas and so I wouldn’t even give them the time of day. It goes the other way too, because most white-washed exotics look at me and see their ideal mate. They want to be a part of the culture that they attach to a guy like me.”

hot polynesiangirl1

Doug: “Culture traits are still in tact. Although a majority that I have found that date white, say they prefer to date white due to the fact that they do not like some of the culture differences in their own race.”

Standard game tells us to bring her into her our world and the same holds true with women of color. Regardless of what race a man is, a woman who wants to be with a man will adapt to his lifestyle, his preferences, and his overall personal culture because her biological hard wiring wants to belong to a male.

hot asian girl2

It’s probably safe to say that most non-white chicks in the U.S are “white washed” in some way, shape, or form depending on how long they’ve been in the country. This means their ideal mate is whatever television shows and movies tell them—which is a white male.

Because of this, I’m fairly certain there’s also an added sense of accomplishment and status if a Hispanic, Black, or Asian female can lock one of them down. This probably makes gaming them much easier than white girls, who feel they’re entitled to white men simply because they, too, are white.

2. They’re just as slutty as white chicks…run standard game, rinse and repeat

Q: Based on your experience, are non-white chicks sluttier than white girls? Less slutty? Equally slutty?

Paul: “Equally slutty I think. My theory is that the vast majority of girls are equally throwing it around and the only thing that varies is how open they are about it.”

Doug: “All chicks are down to fuck when your game is on and you’re confident.”

Not much to say here. Most females in western countries have adopted the culture of sluttiness no matter what her skin tone is.

1. Tweak your game according to the situation

Q: What tweaks in your game to you employ when stepping to exotic chicks?

Paul: “I become more brazen and blunt I think. In reference to answer one, exotic girls respond more to the guys who are out of the norm for them and so a tall, blonde white guy who’s confident, knows how to talk game and comes at them with an abundance mentality is a guaranteed way to get those panties off. Of course this can backfire every once in a while, but usually only with certain Asian girls. Latinas and Blacks chicks who are used to “strong alpha male” types just eat that up when it comes from me.”

hot black girl2

“With that being said, you have to know the situation and adjust accordingly, because some of these chicks have dated assholes constantly and being the ‘Nice guy, with an edge’ has worked well also.”

Doug: “For me its trying not to make tweaks. I find myself subconsciously trying to fit their cultural mold and quickly reel myself back in to just be myself. If non-white girls have interest in me, I believe they are interested because of who I am and are not looking for me to conform to their own race.”

I’ve witnessed Paul in action employing his “nice guy with an edge” routine and chicks of all colors eat it up. This strategy is not unlike running calculated beta game to moisten the panties of females by giving them the impression you may be looking to settle down, when in reality you’re just looking to nail ‘n bail.

hot hispanic girl2

Doug’s answer goes back to #2. As a white male in the West, there’s no need to conform to the culture of a non-white female to keep her interested. She’ll adapt to your culture as a matter of obligation if she wants to keep you around.

In the end…

…gaming non-white girls in the West is similar to gaming white girls. They’ve all been infected by feminism and their time in this part of the world has little bearing on their immunity to its effects.

My thanks goes out to Paul and Doug for taking the time to share their experiences with us. Hopefully this helps our fair-skinned readers increase their prospects with not-so-fair-skinned females.

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504 thoughts on “5 Tips For White Men Who Want To Date Non-White Women”

  1. This is pretty easy for white guys to get the premium non-white women. Racially mixed ‘black’ women and “whitewashed” Latinas usually go for white guys anyway. I like mixed “black” women (think Jessica Szohr or Denise Vasi) and “whitewashed” Latinas myself but it is usually an uphill battle for me to get one because they prefer white guys (I am black).
    I accept this as a fact of life and don’t bitch about it. Just saying that it is not as difficult as many white guys may think it is.
    A white friend of mine recently divorced his white wife and started dating black women. He has pulled the most beautiful black women you can find. Not ghetto baby mamas, but beautiful and classy, professional women. And in case you’re wondering, he is not some ladies man

    1. Professional bw are non existent. Even the most professional bw still fucks homie on the corner.

      1. Well, the ones that my friend are dating are “whitewashed” and/or not of the Afro-American variety (i.e., one of them is Jamaican. Another is Barbadian)

      2. Or from prison. Or sadly, have someone’s boyfriend and baby father on speed dial for a bang or three. Only chaste ones are the married ones, and even then…

  2. I’m not a white guy but white dudes generally a have a shot at most women. Especially women of other races. I know girls that will even settle for below average whites simply guys for status.

    1. This only holds in particular societies, like Latin America, where people of African and native origin are seen as ‘low’.

    2. If you leave the big tourist cities in brazil and get to Brasilia and its outlaying cities like piranopolis and florinopolis (spelling) you will find a serious culture of racism which works in white dudes favor.
      People spend generations breeding until the girls are pale as Morticia Adams. They can’t, however, breed out those beautiful jabuticaba eyes (if you know you know) so showing up with fair hair and blue eyes pretty much puts you in the upper echelon of cum dispenser.

      1. A friend of mine (white guy) mentioned how he was sick of ww choosing blonde hair blue eyes dudes over him because he has brown hair and brown eyes.

        1. You know what’s funny, when I was in Ireland it was dark hair and dark eyes that got more women. I was seen to have “boring blue eyes”
          It is all about what everyone is used to. I bring my eyes to central or south America and I need to install a turnstyle near my cock. I bring a Venezuelan dude to Ireland and he does.

        2. That shit always makes me laugh. Chick I’m currently talking has grey to nearly crystal clear eyes. Her eye color to me wasn’t a second thought that got me into pursuing her.

        3. I am fairly indifferent to eyes with the exception of the Jabuticaba eyes of some Brazilians and Parisians that drive me nuts. In my experience, women are totally mad for eyes though.

        4. From a preference standpoint I can understand it but some women literally give off the vibe that they would pluck the your eyes out and wear them.

        5. Blonde hair/blue eyed men — go Latina.
          Black hair/black eyed men — go Eastern European.
          Simple as that. Gene flow is real.

        6. It is very easy. Go to where supply is short. If you are selling water you go to the desert.

        7. What if you are dark brown hair/ Blue eyes!? Do we even have a fucking a place!? Triggered.

        1. I too would like to hear the consensus on green eyes. They are the rarest colour everywhere except Iceland where its blue/green 50-50 more or less.

        2. I know how you feel as a green eyed man. Green eyed people are always discriminated against.

        3. In a country where 95% of people have brown eyes….everything is just a shade of “not brown”

        4. Red eye is a serious problem. In every photo thats ever been taken of me with a flash I look like the second coming of Satan.

        5. Indeed. I can’t get served anywhere if I don’t have sunglasses on.
          “Begone, jade eyed devil!” is something I’ve come to accept from the “normals”.

        6. Oh don’t you know? You have to sacrifice a virgin instagram model on the night of the spring equinox in the light of a full moon to fix that. Have to tell you, I was really getting tired of all the blood after sacrifice 134, but you know what they say 135th’s the charm!

        7. In all seriousness the Maoris used to kill green-eyed children because they thought they were the spawn of demons.

        8. Oh no, I believe you misunderstood me. it took me 135 sacrifices to find the virgin.

        9. Yeah, there’s a reason they walked around in loin cloths and hadn’t advanced to “bow and arrow” on the technology o’ meter until we arrived. Heh.

        10. The kids of my neighborhood throw rocks at me, and when I complain about it to their mother they spit on my face, tell me to leave town and call me a “soulless olive”.
          One day… one day, we’ll rise.

        11. Technology-wise they weren’t advanced but the Maoris were one of the most war-like native populations to the point where New Zealand was never technically conquered by the white man. Treaties were signed that were actually somewhat skewed in the favour of the Maori. They weren’t even the Native population of New Zealand. They invaded from the Torres strait islands in the 11th century and pretty much wiped out all the megafauna and the original inhabitants.

        12. Oh right, I respect their warrior culture, just noting that, well, killing people for green eyes is kinda dumb.

        13. I had dated a girl whom I never took off my sunglasses around. She invited me to dinner with her parents and I arrived at the house and sit down at the dinner table with her family, take off the glasses and a hush fell over the room. The father got up and pulled the shotgun off of the mantel and told me in no uncertain terms “Get out, leaf eyed scourge!” and I was frog marched (no offense, you know, because you’re French) out of the house.
          The girl wouldn’t even talk to me the next day.

        14. reminds me of that great Bob Dylan line
          Because the dirty ‘neath my nails
          I guess he knew I wouldn’t lie
          He said I guess you’re tired
          He said it kinda sly
          I said yes 10 thousand miles
          today I drove
          He said I’ve got a bed for you
          Underneath the stove
          Just one condition you can go to sleep right now
          that you don’t touch my daughter and in the mornin’ milk the cow
          I was sleepin’ like a rat when I heard somethin’ jerkin’
          There stood Rita lookin’ just like Tony Perkins
          She said would you like to take a shower I’ll show you to the door
          I said no no no I’ve been through this movie before
          I knew I had to leave but I did not know how
          ’cause I already promised to milk her father’s cow
          I had to say sometin’ to strike him very weird
          So I yelled I love Fidel Castro and his Beard

        15. You know not the hardships of a green-eyed man born to a family of entirely brown-eyed ‘normals’ The world may shun you, but at least you have your families. I do not even have that respite.

        16. I can’t believe this is still happening in the XXIth century.
          No more ! We need to stand up for ourselves !
          The “normals” exploit us ! The “normals” shame us for who we are ! When we don’t submit to their unrighteous rules, they hunt us down !
          What would the “normals” do without us green-eyeds, and our superior intelligence to protect them ?
          Green-eyeds of the world, unite !!!

        17. I feel your pain brother. God, what awful circumstance to be born green eyed, amirite?

        18. Suddenly, I recall a Celtic myth.
          King Math was cursed that he could only rest his feet in the lap of a virgin. One day, his pet virgin begged him to let her get married and bear children, so he agreed and began searching for a replacement.
          A lord’s daughter came forth to take the role, but there were rumors that she was…less than virginal. To test her, King Math laid his magic wand (staff) across the ground and bade her step over it to get to him.
          The instant she set foot over the wand, she went into labor and birthed a red-haired daughter. She was immediately expelled from the kingdom, and the daughter one day grew to become one of King Math’s lap virgins.
          …at least, that’s how I heard the legend told. It was long ago, in the days before written records were kept, when the bards alone kept the histories.

        19. I just wanted to say that I’ve always been a supporter of the leprauchan eyes (that is what you prefer to be called, right? Wouldn’t want to trigger you into a violent alcoholic rage). It’s so important for all of us to realize that being green is an awesome part of our existence and they are just totally swell and any time you see them with sunglasses off, I always make a point of telling them how brave and stunning they are. Peace and love to my green eyed comrades!

        20. I’m hoping that you’ll follow that up by writing television shows and commercials where green eyed people are the smart, wise, strong and intelligent characters and always save the day and do the right thing. And make us like 70% of the population in relation to how the shows are cast too please.

  3. For a man of any race, I think dating outside your race is generally easier. From personal experience I’ve seen women absolutely shit on men of their own race, but women from other races treat them like men.

    1. Not so sure about that. I could “clean up” among rank and file black women because I am black and the vast majority of black women prefer black men. It is the same with any race. White women like white men. Asian women like Asian men. And so on. Fact of life.
      So I would have a much easier time finding tons of women if I were into the basic run of the mill black woman. But I am not (doesn’t help that most of them are overweight). I like exotic, racially mixed black women. But those women are typically into white guys.

      1. I agree to an extent. Women generally prefer men of their own race. But in a place like a America, everything is up in the air and open to chance. I honestly don’t consider dating bw anymore. I wouldn’t count American women of any race as “exotic” mixed or otherwise.

      2. The problem here might be supply and demand. The exotic, racially mixed (lisa bonet beautiful) black women can literally have pretty much anyone they want. Because of this they will often opt for variety. They will bang a few black dudes, but they will do that early on and then move on.

        1. The other supply and demand is that these women are rare in the absolutely sense, too.

        2. correct. They can have anyone. Which means they probably start with guys in their own race when they are young and then branch out. By the time they are in their mid 20’s they are already bored with other black dudes and probably a few other races. IT doesn’t matter, once that cunt is beat like Rodney king they will find a beta provider…doesn’t matter if he is black, white, Asian, indian…whatever.

        3. Very true. The other issue I have run into recently (being a man who likes bi-racial black women) is that many of the younger ones now have a tremendous chip on their shoulder and try to prove they are uber black (kinda like Melissa Harris-Perry, who is bi-racial). It is annoying as fuck to listen to a high yellow woman with green eyes, bitch about “how hard it is being a black woman”.

        4. Woah… stop right there…. Melissa Harris Perry has pictures of slaves on her wall that she looks at every single day!!! Lol. That bitch is too annoying. People are dying to convince themselves that they’re victims these days. I think that chick Zendaya is the same. Lol. She’s trying to get that street cred by talking about white supremacy and shit non stop… but she gets the backlash from darker women who cry about colorism and how light skinned and mix women are privileged too. It’s a never ending cycle of bitching.

        5. Zendaya is a FINE chick. But clearly she won some kind of genetic lottery. Look at a picture of her with her parents.
          TRIGGER WARNING: You WILL need eye bleach.

        6. All you can do is laugh at them. For shits and giggles youtube her Star Wars speech and compare it to Hooper X from the movie Chasing Amy by Kevin Smith. It’s a near word for word stolen speech, except Kevin Smith said it was for comedic affect.

        7. You don’t remember the old mathematical equation Negative X Negative = Positive?

    2. If you have the balls to approach a woman of a different side of the race, you already gain three points of attraction relative to how often she is approached by high value men on her side of the race. That seems to be the results I’ve gotten.

      1. Yeah, but the highest-value women in any country tend to be scooped up by the highest-value men of that same country. You generally can’t crack the upper crust. Better to focus on landing the easy 8 from the middle or lower classes, rather than the 9 or 10 from the upper classes.

        1. The 9s and 10s are banging the pool boy behind their husbands’ back. Of course women will settle for the wealthier upper class guy for security, but she’ll still fuck around on him.
          9s and 10s are too used to attention from other men to not have multiple sidepieces.
          If we’re strictly talking about sex, the “upper crust” can be cracked pretty easily if your game is tight and u aren’t fat.

        2. I was speaking about 9s and 10s in foreign countries. It’s much harder to access those social circles if you’re just visiting.

  4. Most non-white women are loyal to their own ‘race’. Most Asians (Chinese, Indians etc.) only date their own men. The only non-white women who want to date white men are Africans and darker skinned latinas, because they are sluts without any norms and values.
    White guys should stick to their own race.

    1. “Most non-white women are loyal to their own ‘race’. Most Asians (Chinese, Indians etc.) only date their own men.”
      Categorically false
      “White guys should stick to their own race.”
      Please refrain from telling me where I should put my cock.

        1. I actually consider myself far superior to everyone. Does this mean I should only sit around and pull my pud?

        2. I’m considering writing a satirical article for the Kings Wiki about the greek slut Ζοζεφίν Γεωργίου whose breast Madonna exposed at a gig recently, from the point of view of the 14/88ers.

        1. Yes, this seems about right. A nice proper wife and a bunch of good looking kids and some guy to go full basement of the pawn shop in Pulp Fiction on Thursdays.

      1. Lolknee I know you’re a stubborn willful son of a bitch, but trust me when I tell you DO NOT STICK YOUR COCK IN A BLENDER.

        1. anti-blendist. How else will I make my penis-collada

        2. Ok, I’m gonna be straight with you, does it bug me when you stick your dick in a blender, a little, but you know what really grinded my gears lolknee? THAT WAS MY FUCKING BLENDER.

    1. They have to get ready first. They need to tie their shoelaces in little nazis

      1. Do you know where Hitler hid his armies?
        In his sleeve-ies.

    2. Waiting for the clock to turn 14:88 so I can shout it’s white power hour y’all to everyone in the office.
      Hope no ones a Jew.

    3. Haha!! Too true. If they do arrive, they’ll just whine and say something about how all women submit to them and no one but white men must touch white women. Coincidentally, the same woman they can’t seem to touch. Ah irony

    4. No, because it’s “superior” men fucking “inferior” women, it’s totally ok. The other way around gets them in a fury.

    1. Would you stop messing with my visual cues by constantly changing your profile picture ?

        1. actually, I meant it as in I spin around and tense up a main spring allowing for incremental release of kinetic energy to power a watch.

        1. It was strange that they banned you from calling out Forney. Alot of posters commented on how Forney has been constantly fellating Trump

        2. That’s what I was questioning too. Glad to see the gang is back.

  5. I dont know, you need to be more specific than saying non-white, Chinese girls are white in skin color but one wouldn’t exactly call them causasian in any sense. Latina girls are basically a varying concoction of africans, spaniards an inca/aztecs…
    Cant speak much about latina girls but when it comes to black girls, it needs to reiterated that you need a strong backbone and good frame since they can smell blood faster than sharks

    1. I have dated a few black girls. I have one bit of advice. I am not suggesting that you should ever hit a girl. I am saying that, with black girls especially, she needs to really believe deep in her soul that if she pushes you you will in fact beat the fuck out of her.
      Make her feel this way without ever laying a hand on her and she will be yours.

      1. I have noticed this. More than any other, black chicks will push the “you can’t hit me, I’m a girl” as a shit test more than any other…they will put you in a position where ya have little or no choice, and dare you to hit them.if you don’t, you’re a doormat from then on.

        1. It is tricky, but if she feels that you would in fact beat her good and yet restrain yourself and don’t then she will love it. The problem is, maintaining that frame is exhausting and, in the end, not really worth it.

        2. And the problem is, they will crucify that guy for his “violence against women.”

        3. I could literally dissect this video with a commentary on how this guy ought to have dealt this this situation. The video would have been about 45 seconds long. He would have never said a word, got up, over powered her, tossed her over his knee and spanked her like a child….tossed her off and walked out the room.
          Fast forward 3 hours.
          Her (via text): U busy?

        4. AAAANND because they get their tingles from “living on the edge” of an ass beating, the drama that ensues will be forever without end.

        5. And THAT, my friends, is why I don’t mess around with “run of the mill” black girls. They are high T and taunt and provoke
          far too much

        6. You appear to be a good source of knowledge on this. There have been two black girls that I’ve known who appear (well, to me) to not be mixed race, who are extremely feminine and really into white guys. I know because both handed me their phone numbers unbidden, with comments regarding a person I look like and how they like that kind of thing, etc. My experience with black girls is 0.0% outside of that, they simply are not around where I live (94% white, according to internet demographics that I’ve looked up). Are they some kind of exception, because I keep hearing about mean black girls, and clearly videos demonstrate that it’s true at least in some cases, but I’ve not actually run into one yet.

        7. My advice, look up David Carroll on Youtube if you have time. This kind of behavior starts in children as young as 4 and gets even worse as they age. Go the Tommy Sotomayor route you’ll see the more extreme and it starts in the womb.

        8. Of course there are very feminine non-mixed black woman. They are just rare (and yes, even they are into non-black men). If a black woman lives in a 94% white neighborhood, she is most likely looking to escape the dysfunction found in the video above and wants her future off spring to be far away from it as well. She will adopt the mores of the culture around her and work out every day, eat healthier and behave like a lady. These types of women make EXCELLENT mothers, too.
          But if you want to see the type of dysfunction in that video, just take a visit to West Baltimore and observe for a few hours.

        9. This reminded me of that Bus Driver Uppercut that the Cleveland bus driver pulled off on that loud mouthed bitch. lol.

        10. That’s a classic video. It’s almost comical the way the bus driver stands up and is saying “Aww you asked for it!” The only way it coulda been funnier is if he swung his arm in a circle a few times before the punch, like Popeye. Pretty sure that bitch lost some teeth in that exchange.

        11. Your lack of experience with the “run of the mill” black woman is in direct proportion to your proximity to the ‘hood. The women you are talking about are an exception in that they “got out.” The ones in the video and the “typical” explosive ones has a lot to do with education and ecocomic factors. The closer she is to the ghetto in education and economics, the more you see this. However, I have noticed this kind of thing in all races. I think it is just more prevalent in black women as it plays into a certain self fulfilling stereotype.

        12. Yeah. The safe bet is to date a black chick who isn’t American. I wasn’t specifically looking to date a black chick, as I don’t really care about skin color, just beauty and personality, but my gf is Brazilian and, needless to say, nothing like the shit you find in the US… especially Philly.

        13. Yes, that is good bet. They are not raised to have a chip on their shoulders the way black AMERICAN women typically are

        14. Exactly. Lol. West Baltimore or North or West Philly will do the trick. Ride the bus for one day. You’ll understand all you need to know.

        15. There was an interesting documentary about successful black men have had enough and are going to Brazil for women.

        16. These Azealia Banks ass bitches. Always trying to fight someone. Oh well. If I could help the situation I would, but… what’re you gonna do?

        17. Good luck, every attractive Brazilian girl (not the favela bitches) I have ever met have been incredibly racist.

        18. Interestingly enough… in Brazil… the most beautiful women, to me… are actually the darker skin tones. I see women that I consider more beautiful than Giselle Bundcheon riding the metro in Sao Paulo on a daily basis.

        19. That’s weird. I live in Brazil and mixed couples are basically the norm here… in pretty much all permutations of men and women, black, hispanic, asian, white, etc. But of course everyone has their own preferences.

        20. Maybe they just didn’t like the lolknee race? heh

        21. They loved my lily white ass. They HATED black guys. Hatred grew as skin darkened. I have heard the absolute most casually racist shit from Brazilian girls

        22. on point comment. lol. it’s funny because it’s true. some people get rejected by someone and of course will resort to “they’re racist because they didn’t like me.”

        23. YMMV. I encountered a lot of light skin dark eyed Brazilian girls who wouldn’t go a mile near a dark skinned. It might just be because of the ones I happened to meet and then fall in with. My experience is less than universal.
          Also, as I mentioned, this is an experience of places like pirenopolis and florinopolis and, to a lesser extent, brasila where I would see much more mixing in Rio or Sao Paulo.

        24. hahhaaa. i’m dying with the image of swinging his arm in a circle. He Tiger-uppercutted that ratchet bitch. Somehow she got back on the bus. LOL. I couldn’t believe it.

        25. Yeah. Why would you ever want to be with someone if you have to go through that? Lol. I dont’ have the patience for exhausting people. and you know anyone with that attitude is crazy enough and emotionally unstable enough to get you into some trouble by accusing you of some shit you didn’t do when she gets upset.

        26. agreed. When I was younger I would take one out for a spin now and then and eventually lose frame out of boredom.
          tooooo alllll the girls I’ve looooovvvveeddd befooorreeee

        27. Yep… generally speaking, the only black dudes who can pull some quality pussy here are the ones with mad money and status… as it is in any place in the world, I guess.. except the ultra SJW ones like Sweden..

        28. Upvoted… not for your lily white ass, but for what you said after. Mixed couples are a lot more common here, but if it is a black male with white female, the black dude has some mad money and/or status. At least this is what I have witnessed. You will see lots of feminist white girls fighting for gender and racial equality and all of that BS but very, very few of them actually date black guys if they’re commonfolk.

        29. Right. My experience with light skinned Brazilian girl was “hi, I am American, I am nearly see through I am so white, these are my blue eyes and this is my sandy blonde hair my name is lo…….” THat is where I get cut off for fornication purposes.
          Obviously hyperbolic, but only like kinda.
          It is funny because, as I mentioned, the jabuticaba eyes on a fair skinned Brazilian is pretty much my ideal whereas most the time my blue eyes are theirs.
          As a side note, that eye color is also something I see in Paris.

        30. LOL yeah. Jabuticaba eyes are a subject of poetry and music. But you got a great advantage, though.. anyone that comes from a first world country and that is not ugly as hell or a retard has his SMV increased exponentially for the simple fact of coming from that first world country. Chicks here dig that.. tell them that you’re from the anglosphere and their pussy will get wetter than the Iguazu falls.

        31. yup…..then I fit a word like cafune or saudade into a conversation to show them I care and it is majic.
          I am not a crazyman for eyes, but the real jabuticaba eyes, the black ones that look like class, I can fall for that shit really fast.

        32. it is in the moment where he stands up and she rolls off his lap, that quick moment before she hits the ground, that it sinks in. When she hits the ground is just packs it deeper.
          That, my friend, is a man who is not about to lose a woman and that is a woman who will only have eyes for one man.

        33. The most annoying shit is black American women, many of them, try to export that chip. Lol. They try to infect black Latinas, and anyone they can find really, with this anger chip and try to explain why these well balanced, kind black women should be angry at everyone and everything. Fucking obnoxious. As someone who will most likely have mixed kids Afro-brazilian/white-American… I don’t want my future kids anywhere near that toxic bullshit.

        34. That’s exactly right. Shaming is a powerful tool in their belt and they use it abundantly. Many of them are miserable and want others to join them in their misery. It is not uncommon on a Friday or Saturday night to look around a popular restaurant and see a table of 4 or 5 frowning black women at a table each with a tub of food in front of them

    2. A lot of that shit is from being raised to show zero respect for bw. You fold for a second and you’re done.

  6. Holy shit, she looks very familiar. Yet the girl I know has an English last name and a Scottish first name. That’s not her, but it could be her sister without even trying. I gotta ask her now her roots/ethnicity, never really bothered in the past, but now I’m curious.
    Interesting article, fwiw. Generally I’m surrounded by Viking Princesses, but on the odd chance that an ethnic shows up, this could be good advice.

      1. Quite. The woman I know is also drop dead gorgeous. Seriously, like absolutely they look very closely related. Now my curiosity is killing me.

      1. Aye, I figured Hispanic of some sort off the bat.

    1. Good to see you didn’t get banned.
      I would say Indian, potentially with some European mixing.

      1. I’m leaning more Hispanic. Most Indian girls I see, who are pretty, seem a bit more exotic looking.

        1. Funny, here in London, there are so many that they (Indian girls) just seem like regular girls. I’m not sure what I would call exotic these days.

        1. Do they put pee pee into one’s Coke?

        2. plus, when you break up with her you have to drop the bomb twice before she gets the message.

        3. If you felt clean before I feel I haven’t really done a very good job here.

        4. Earlier when you were waxing on pullin’ the pud it gave me a weird mental picture…

          Been slightly uncomfortable since.

        5. I feign a conscience/morals for comedic effect sometimes. Guess I’ll have to work on reading the room a little better

        6. hey, that is the outfit I wear when I pick up young girls.

        7. I drive a minivan, perfect cover for picking them up from school. No-one ever suspects a thing…

        8. And, as advertised, it’s free!

        9. It’s 2 hours before I’m officially on vacation, so I’m feeling a bit cheeky today.

      1. I thought that was what all the yoga was for? They can contort their bodies into weird postures.

        1. the yoga is just an excuse to wear those pants — in that respect, I am all for it.

        2. I’m going to have to send that one to my old man. He’s in his mid-60’s and it still relaxes him better than anything.

        3. Seriously, Ron Swanson is the television version of Thor.
          It took me forever to watch that show on Netflix, but my daughter kept nagging me and saying “He’s just like you!” (philosophically but not entirely on point with delivery, he’s very deadpan where I’m quite social) to the point that I finally gave it a view. Funny as fuck.

        1. I’m trying to learn it at the moment. I met a Japanese chick locally but we only went on a couple of dates as I think I smothered her a bit as I was out of practice. She was an amazing girl though, from Osaka.
          Online I am talking to a 23 year old, just started talking with a 24 year old and a 27 year old. I am 30. A lot of Chinese chicks message me too but I’m not really interested in them.

        2. Just be careful that you don’t use words like koishii too often or say that you like her initially. I think in Japanese culture they’re very reserved so saying you like someone is pretty much saying you are deeply in love. Stay reserved but friendly and see how the relationship pans out.

        3. Yeah that’s true. You can see it in the history of Japan too. Just how they set up their culture.

  7. I find it bizarre that Latin women are called “non-white”. Of course some are but most are white enough for me. Asians. Blacks and women obviously not white are non-white but leave many Latin girls out of that category. As for culture, do you think a French woman is non-white because she is not “Anglo”? Sure, a Dominican or Cuban mulatta or pure Indian Peruvian isn’t white but the middle and upper class Latin girls are often as white as Mitt Romney.

    1. Notice the same thing. The Spanish are white, but when you see a white Mexican people say “Hispanic!” It doesn’t make sense, maybe he/she is upper caste Mexican who are, generally, basically elite Spanish who only bred with other elite Spanish for a century.

      1. Being % white matters in Latin America. The whiter the better. Of course, you know that better than me.

        1. In almost all of the world, this is true. I’d say it’s far bigger a factor in Asia than Latin America. Pretty much everywhere white=good, but I know several Hispanic ladies who are proud of their beautiful brown skin. But in Asia they are obsessed, bleaching their skin white, having operations on their eyes. It’s a sickness.

      2. That’s very likely. Went to school with a couple girls who were born in Mexico CIty but were paler than Antonio Banderas. If you were a tan Mexican they would look down on you.

        1. One of my good friends here in the states is “pija”, or upper class Latino. He’s from Mexico but you would never guess; he seems much more European, both in skin tone and manner.

      3. My girlfriend is from Spain, and there is a CLEAR distinction between European Spanish and Latinos from the Americas. It’s an uneasy coexistence.
        Fun fact: The European Spanish actually dub Latino-American movies with their own voice actors so that they don’t have to listen to the ugly accents and incorrect conjugations. Imagine if Americans dubbed Australian movies with our own English.

        1. I’ve often told people that Mexicans speak Spanish in the same way that deep Appalachian hillbillies speak English. Which is to say, negligibly.

        2. I noticed that as well after spending a week in Rota, Spain. Their dialect was very different from the Tex-Mex I grew up with and one of the guys in the group spoke SoCal Mex, but the locals looked at him strangely when he talked.

        3. My mother’s good friend, a Mexican woman with a M.A. in Spanish literature, was once lectured by a shopkeeper in Madrid on her poor Spanish.

        4. I can only imagine what they think of Tex-Mex. Most of the Mexicans in Texas who take Spanish classes flunk them because the dialect is so different.

        5. It really is awful. I sometimes felt more refined, educated and genteel than most of the Mexicans I’d talk to IN Mexico. My primary instructors in Spanish were from Argentina and Spain so when I got around to dealing with Mexicans I was always “What the fuck are you saying, Pablo??”
          Cubans on the other hand, most are pretty decent, if way too fast compared to other speakers of Spanish.

        6. That’s why I made sure when I was in Spain for a week to only speak the most basic stuff. At least over there they didn’t give you the evil eye for admitting you couldn’t speak Spanish in a broken sentence.

        7. he European Spanish actually dub Latino-American movies with their own voice actors so that they don’t have to listen to the ugly accents and incorrect conjugations.

          Sorry but they do it out of spite and schizophrenia. Source: I work in the region and even though Mexican commoners language is track, their dubs are ok, and south American spanish is by far clearer (Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and even Venezuela) than the Spanish outside Old Castille, where the pronunciation starts to get blurry with the influence of dialects like Catalan.

        8. Tex Mex is not Spanish is crap spoken by lowlifes, or so my friends used to say.

      4. Hispanic is a culture not a race. Spaniards are white, as well as most Argentinians, Uruguayans and other large minorities in Latin American Countries. I would say the mix of mestizos and mulattos is on their way to become a new race but such process takes hundreds if not thousands of years.

    2. It depends on Latin women. Go to Colombia, Mexico and everywhere in between you’ll see them as more American Indian except for in the big cities where the Spanish were the primary settlers. The closer you get to the cities, the paler people will get with the occasional African decent. Brazil on the other hand is just a Heinz 57 of mix.

      1. That’s why Hispanic is not a race, it’s something else, whatever, but it still gets you affirmative action credit. You could be 100% lily white Spain Spanish and still be a minority.

        1. Heck, I don’t have a drop of Spanish blood, but I count as Hispanic because I’ve got ancestors who were citizens of Mexico before Tejas split off.

    1. I use this to my advantage a lot. But ya have to be careful because they will leave if something “edgier” comes along.

      1. Eh…. who cares? Lol. I’m not in the business of trying to hold onto girls like that. That’s just life.

  8. easiest way to bang a Latina girl? visit or move to our countries. Being seen with a white guy is a mark of distinction for most of our local foxies so they go nuts for foreign guys

    1. I spent far more time in Mexico and central America than I really wanted to (military). I speak (well, spoke, at least I spoke better at the time than I do now) Spanish and would often hear Mexican/CA chicks openly commenting on me as I walked by on a street. In a *very* flattering, if somewhat “racist” (heh) way. Felt like I could pluck any random hotty off of the street corner and fuck her blind and she’d pay me for the privilege a lot of the time.
      Ah, memories….

      1. Yes, you can pull them right off the street — more easily than in the U.S. — if you’ve got the gringo look and speak good Spanish and roll with confidence. Don’t ask me how I know.

        1. Oh. I thought you meant that you catted around central and south America. I basically had no choice for a while, if I wanted to get laid, which as it turns out, most 18-19 year old dudes, in fact, do.

        2. I was totally joking about the porn. Yes, I lived in South America for a while — that’s how I know. Though one-night stands are frowned upon; the girls you pluck off the street will still put you through your paces, which is fine with me. I like to run the gauntlet and build tension.

      2. This is what I always say to my white friends: want to pull chicks effortlessly? Go to Latin America. Even pretty average white dudes can score big time mamis in a place like Medellin or Cartagena. You don’t even need to approach them! Just stand around a bar in a club and they’ll find their way to you. It’s really disgusting.

        1. By disgusting do you mean amazingly hot and wonderful?

        2. No hate from me. I realize it all comes from centuries of cultural dominance achieved in great part due to innovation and industriousness. I’ve had the same happen to me, albeit for different reasons, in some parts of Europe.
          Ok, I’ll admit it: I’m jealous as shit.

        3. Bullshit! You even need more game than in other places if you want to score a real hottie there. Mostly, they will rather stick to their top local rich guys than the gringo who has to leave after a few days and who barely speaks Spanish. The exotic factor is becoming something of the past in Latin America. You need to bring solid game as you need in the western world.

        4. I’ve lived in those places for many years. Unless you look like Screech, you got a good chance. What’s your first hand experience?

        5. Yeah a few years ago maybe the chances were higher to catch an 8 or 9, and I’m not talking about the swarms of trashy latin chicks chasing you as a trophy.
          Traveling to Latin America is now common. Cheap airfare, smart
          phone apps, Airbnb, all the info you could dream of and everything to
          make it happen easily is out there now. Any idiot can take a trip and
          make his way, more or less. Get enough drunk idiots or thirsty betas swarming into a place, and the
          supply of foreigner groupies will dry up quickly in the places they hit.
          I’ve been to Medellin last year for two weeks, what a crap place with bunch of tourists, it’s so fucking overhyped. The third-world crap you have to endure puts the breaks on alot of the fun there. Furthermore, travelling there just for this reason is pussy pedestalizing at its finest.

        6. Screech did pretty well in his day, spent a whole lot of time at Disneyland banging beautiful Swedish tourists.

    2. Fact. More than a few of them hope you’ll lift them out of crippling poverty and gang-violence as well.

    1. Persian are closely related to white people, they’re not Arabic. They can pop out some really pretty girls. Although I must say, I’ve seen a couple of beauties from Jordan that surprised me too. Generally I don’t think of Arabic women as “hot” but they certainly put the notion that it can’t happen to bed for me.

      1. Arabs ruined the middle east. There’s fair odds that most of those beauties in Jordan had European ancestry or were descended from non-arab Natives, or a combination of the two.

        1. I’ve been saying for a while that it’s not so much Islam as much as it is race/ethnicity that determines your behaviour more.
          Persians are not the same as the Arabs or the Moors (marroco and algeria)

        2. Islam is a dangerous ideology in general. But combine that with a race like the Arabs and well.. you have yourself a big problem.

        3. Go up to a beautiful Persian girl in the U.S. and tell her how much you love her Arabic culture. Let us know how it goes.

        4. Attention to details. He just noted that they are NOT Arabs.

        5. Agreed. I’m nuts about history and have been on a MENA kick. I’ve slowly come to distinguish between (and find things I like about) the various cultures: Berbers, Turks, Kurds, Pashtuns, Persians, et al.
          But I just can’t bring myself to like or understand the Arabs. They just seem like inbred greedy mercantile people who backstab other nations(IE, the Persians and the Byzantines in the Levant would have stomped all over them if they hadn’t worn themselves out fighting each other.) Most of the best Muslim warriors haven’t been Arabs, either. The Ottomans, Seljuks, and most of the Mamluks were Turks, Saladin was a Kurd, and the Berbers conquered Spain and propped up the Fatimid caliphate.

        6. I guess you didn’t take your daily dose of irony. I was setting him up to get blown out.
          My good friend from Persia will not shut up about how much he hates Arabs. I’ve listened to his rants for years.

        7. Hipsters burned me out on irony nearly four years ago. Heh.

        8. Religions are collations of cultural manifestations that, ultimately, are rooted in biological and climatological realities.
          Arabs live in an extremely harsh climate which, before oil, required rock solid discipline for the tribe to succeed. Further, most of what they eat is meat and carbs, and hardly any vegetables. Consequently, to thoroughly oversimplify, they have too much iron and zinc, and the nervous energy that carbs brings, leading to unbalanced testosterone – high levels of testosterone without the nutrients that vegetables have that spur brain growth, development and maturation.
          Combine this with the climate which is very unforgiving, and you get a religion and mindset that combines irrational, self destructive violence with a hard climate constraint. The results are for all to see. I call this a violent offence based bioculture.
          The Chinese have a highly mountainous country that likewise is more conducive for meat and carbs than vegetables, leading to the same biological outcomes. However most of them live in non-desert regions. Like the Arabs, they have an offence based culture, and notwithstanding the communist experiment, and like with Arabs, it was always fighting to be centralised. I call this a nonviolent offence based culture.
          Europe and India grew up similarly, except India is hotter, leading to better crop growth but usually worse food nutritional quality as a result, hence a combination of overpopulation and the low nutrient-low testosterone situation that follows (like Europe started to experience after artificial fertilisers began to be used). Further, the overpopulation situation leads to a great reliance of vegetables in the diet, worsening the low testosterone problem, but at the same time leading to a great development of the brain and the spirituality that follows. This, I think, explains India’s outcome quite well, but obviously the best outcome is closer to what the West experienced – a good combination of vegetables, meats and carbs leading to a balanced personality – where violence, spirituality, independence and obedience all have their place.
          In my view, Christianity and Buddhism are both the heretical subversive SJW pacifist religions that spread at about the same time in each civilisation’s cycle: extreme economic success, leading to overpopulation (hence worsening nutritional quality and falling testosterone) and the reduction in the competitive impetus that this kind of success brings (r-selection).
          I think, both Buddhism and Christianity weakened their countries of birth, leading to weakening and eventual destruction by outsiders. However, in the case of Europe, the outsiders adopted Christianity and essentially created a less centralised version of the Roman state. These outsiders were highly undisciplined barbarians, who defeated Western Rome only because it had destroyed itself with division, weakness and Christianity. The Dark ages that followed meant that the sword, rather than Christ, necessarily came to rule. The Renaissance essentially took up Christ’s radical SJW message and divorced it, as a virtue seeking measure, from the relatively corrupt Catholic church, at about the time that extreme economic success and overpopulation was kicking in again for the West – of course, industrialisation, and the industrialisation of agriculture, essentially killed off the human organism and replaced him with Homo Economics and now Homo Gangbangus and just Homo. I call the pre-Modern West a tolerance based society and the Pre-Christian West a Historical society. The modem West is a suicidal pleasure based society.
          India’s local heresy was, due to the overpopulation factors, stronger than Christianity, and India’s barbarians were highly disciplined and did not adopt Buddhism – in fact, the Muslims slaughtered or forced to convert on pain of death most of India’s Buddhists, which is why the biggest populations Muslim populations in India today are areas which historically had the biggest Buddhist populations and greatest level of economic success – the Indus and Ganges river economies. I call the pre-Muslim-invasion-India a combination of Tolerance (due to Buddhism) and Historical societies.
          Unlike in the West, where Roman religion disappeared entirely as the Barbarians adopted Christianity, in India, the barbarians destroyed Buddhism and so Hinduism made a comeback. In my view, India and Japan are the only two major “Historical societies” that remain as a result of Christianity and Islam.
          Getting back on point, the only two really biologically balanced civilisations, which maximise humanity and spirituality, that have existed are India and Europe, and Europe was better in terms of climate. Religions, civilisations and economic outcomes are thus not separate from the place and people of their creation, but are rather intrinsically tied in, in ways much deeper than the shallow history of modern academia allows for. I hope that in the future a more balanced understanding of history comes around, incorporating the biological and climatological realities that humans face.

        9. Yes! THIS! Fucking hilarious and un-pc. Thank you ! I had to open it in a new tab, but who cares?

        10. “In my view, Christianity and Buddhism are both the heretical
          subversive SJW pacifist religions that spread at about the same time in each civilisation’s cycle: extreme economic success, leading to overpopulation (hence worsening nutritional quality and falling testosterone) and the reduction in the competitive impetus that this kind of success brings (r-selection). I think, both Buddhism and Christianity weakened their countries of birth, leading to weakening and eventual destruction by outsiders.”
          “However, in the case of Europe, the outsiders adopted Christianity and essentially created a less centralised version of the Roman state. These outsiders were highly
          undisciplined barbarians, who defeated Western Rome only because it had destroyed itself with division, weakness and Christianity.”
          Only the western Roman empire fell, largely because it wasn’t converted to Christianity fast enough to be able to hold back barbarians. The eastern half of the empire, which was where Christianity originated and made up a larger percentage of the population, lasted an extra 1000 years. Christianity is not a “pacifist” religion, and by the later part of the western Roman empire, Christians were one the few who’d actually fight (for anything) or even get married and have children.

        11. Thank you. I wish more Christians took an objective view of things. Unfortunately every time I make one of these posts I get subjective responses from Christians. They don’t object to my claim of Buddhists as SJW radicals, but when the objective analysis leads to a critical understanding of their own faith, many shut their mind off and respond as SJWs do.

        12. The Byzantines sat on the most valuable trade route in the world and were constantly beset by infighting and indiscipline. Further, what destroyed the west – collapse of the frontiers and mass migration – didn’t affect the Byzantines because the Huns, Avars etc. weren’t really interested in settling in any Byzantine territory, but rather extracting tribute.
          Worse, Christians sacked Constantinope and essentially destroyed the Byzantine Empire. Can you think of any examples in any other civilisation where the major defending power was looted and sacked by its own allies in a holy war?
          I think the fact that the Ottomans used the same economic resources (which were relatively few as Western Europe was colonising and major trade routes were developing) to recreate 2/3 of the Roman Empire supports my point. Islamic civilisation creates highly disciplined, martial and obedient societies that are unable as a result to innovate – Christianity and Buhddism are at the opposite extreme. That Christians and Buddhists took up arms is besides the point – the religions are mostly pacifist by nature.
          The Ottomans were also never really defeated in any war, but were eventually broken up in WW1 because the tenets of their culture, wedded as it was to Islam, and the multicultural nature of the empire, meant that it was naturally unstable, unlike China or India. A contemporaneous European example would be Austria-Hungary.

        13. She said that she couldn’t take me seriously like a man since I don’t have a unibrow! Forever a prince but never king of Persia!

        14. You have an interesting theory going in there. Is this your original work?
          I am inclined to agree with you, with a few reservations, one of them being the difference between Vajrayna, Theravada and Mayahana ways of buddhism.

        15. You mean you don’t find the 21st century “modern man” wearing a manacle,pocket watch, twirly mustache, and suspenders to be CHARMING!?

        16. There’s definitely a sort of tonal dissonance in Christianity. You have these early Christian ideas about giving all your stuff away and preparing for the end times versus Charlemagne’s alliance with the Pope and Putin’s with the Orthodox church.

        17. Worse, Christians sacked Constantinope and essentially destroyed the Byzantine Empire. Can you think of any examples in any other civilisation where the major defending power was looted and sacked by its own allies in a holy war?

          You forgot to mention Byzantines had it coming since they betrayed the crusaders and tried to use them as a shield while rebuilding their interior lines and spending as few soldiers and resources as possible, effectively bleeding the Crusaders dry. The crusaders actions were despicable but not without reason.
          By the way, Christendom was starting its great weakening. As the power of the nation state began to grow, the political power of the Church or any other religious-transnational grouping waned and would wane until the 17th-18th centuries where all its temporal power would be exhausted. Reformation was just the takeover of religion by government and accelerated the rate of decay and as they say the rest of history. My point, you willfully ignore what you don’t like and use what you can to further your otherwise baseless hypothesis.
          BTW did you read Biohistory?

        18. The Ottomans were also never really defeated in any war, but were eventually broken up in WW1 because the tenets of their culture, wedded as it was to Islam, and the multicultural nature of the empire, meant that it was naturally unstable

          Sorry but no historian would agree with you (the battle of Lepanto, the defeat at the Gates of Vienna, the hundreds of battles in which it lost its territory to Germanic peoples (Austrians). Granted it was a death by a thousand cuts and its multicultural nature made it naturally unstable, but the fact is that they were defeated in battle, the difference is that they couldn’t survive their defeat as an empire, due to their unstable nature.

        19. Northern Indians have white yDNA and mitochondrial DNA markers. So do some persians and east asians. You can explain some of this with the environment, but intelligence can overcome almost any environment. Why didn’t the native americans have advanced technology with almost unlimited resources in the US? Because they came from a migration of humans early in our genetic history, in terms of when we developed advanced intellect. Why are Mexicans more intellegent than many other Central American countries? Because they mixed with whites as Aztecs and had many centuries to re-establish the recessive markers for intelligence that were wiped out by the mixing. DNA is the only piece of functional nanotechnology on the planet, and discounting the absurd amount of power it has over us and thinking ourselves as being vastly superior to nature is what got us into many of the messes we have in Europe and the US.

        20. The whole point of christianity is to serve as a status quo social tool to keep women from giving into hypergamy. Any society that gives into wholesale hypergamy (or polygamy) will leave a vast amount of men with no breeding prospects, which they typically respond to with violence given a long enough time. Really sheds insight into why anyone would strap a bomb onto their chest just for the hope of slightly changing society.

        21. The true Arabs are from the Arabian Peninsula which includes countries such as Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. Outside of these countries are not true Arabs. The middle east outside of the Arabian peninsula is more closely related genetically and ethnically to Europeans than they are to to true Arabs.
          So Syrians, Jordanians, Palestinians, Persians, North Africans are not true Arabs.

        22. I think Europe(and India’s) caste systems and arranged marriages work(ed) better for this purpose, and in my view Christianity didn’t really matter much for this at times when the caste system in Europe was weak. A superficial example would be Charlemagne’s daughters.
          Further, you can look at other offence based immature societies, like imperial and now modern China, to see a relatively meritocratic society without a caste system, accompanied by extreme hypergamy (e.g. the Emperor had hundreds of concubines), which was also highly stable, prosperous and peaceful.
          90% of our DNA comes from our female ancestors but only 25% from our male ones. I agree with you that certain aspects of Christianity are focused towards reducing hypergamy, but hypergamy is a pretty powerful force and I would argue Christianity, being a relatively unsustainable movement, is not really the determining factor, relative to a rigid enforcement of castes and arranged marriages, especially when you look at the other (non Christian) balanced society, India.
          I would argue that if male testosterone levels in the West returned to the point that they were in the Middle Ages (even without the improvement of vegetable nutritional quality), then at least the latter would return, as fathers went back to their role as rulers of the family.
          This is, after all, what we see in the Muslim world for the most part. However the lack of spiritual development engendered by their diet probably precludes the development of a stable and well functioning caste system, like in pre-revolution China).
          Further, if it were the case that hypergamy alone, or even significantly, led to violence, then pre-revolution China would have been as unstable as the Middle-East was throughout it’s history. I think the instability is more the result of the extreme and harsh idealism of Islam, which was the product of the harsh environment and unbalanced diet.
          You can say that genes make a difference, but then a large proportion of Westerners today, with by and large the same genes as their ancestors, have degraded into mutated, obese, hedonistic subhumans. I think epigenetics matter much more than genetics – assuming there was a time when genetically inferior populations existed, they would have killed off through the million years or so of development we had as homo sapiens and homo neanderthalis (the latter mostly outside of Africa) . This is indeed what happened, leaving the two branches of humanity – the martial blacks and brainy nonblacks, both of whom are capable of great adaptation due to the epigenetic factors that I am focusing on – e.g. tall, martial Mongols and tiny, vegetarian Koreans, both with pretty similar DNA. S. Americans, with similar DNA to the Chinese etc, emigrated there relatively recently (thousands of years) compared to the genetic development process (hundreds of thousands of years). However I have not researched the New World diet and climate so I couldn’t really discuss their situation like I have been able to for the Old World.
          Sure, blacks may have a hard limit on intelligence lower than Indo-Europeans and Indo-Europeans may have a hard limit on intelligence lower than the Chinese, with the reverse trend for raw martial ability, but I think epigenetic factors explain much more of history than either genetics or sociology.

        23. I have read widely. I think if anyone reads evolutionary anthropology, evolutionary psychology, biology and understands what we have discovered about epigenetics (diet and environment) over the last 100 years (heavily suppressed as it would make the medical, psychology, psychiatry, pharmaceutical etc industries obsolete) could come to similar conclusions.

        24. There are a plethora of crusader-descendants that typically make up the most beautiful folks in the Middle East

        25. First of all the Muslims are the reason for the decline of Europe into the dark ages as the remains of the Roman Empire in the Southern Mediterranean sea and then Spain fell to the Muslim/Arab invaders. Loss of access to this trade and the burning of 90% of books is what resulted in the Dark Ages not Romanized Germans. Also much of Christianity was destroyed as well. The Crusaders actions saved Europe from the Muslim hordes

        26. Upvoted for nailing the problem with Jared Diamond. His fucktard politics keep him from arriving at the proper conclusions.

        27. I agree with you there. And the Persian are definitely a different race. They’re the Arians talked about in ancient history, and their gene pool has remained intact for 1000’s of years. Race shows too, and the Persians are the most intelligent and reasonable race in the region. Note that there are Muslims all over the world, and it’s mostly the Semetic ones that cause trouble.

      2. I have been with a couple of Palestinian/Jordanian (same thing) girls. They tend to be somewhat hairy, too (not as hairy as Indian women, but still). More than a few of them are hard and masculine looking (from inbreeding?)
        They are surprisingly argumentative, too. But that may be the American part.
        If you want an Arab woman, go with a Lebanese Christian. They are far and away the best looking Arabic women.

        1. Lebaneese also nice. I don’t mind that they are naturally hairy so long as they have frequent appointments with a waxer.

        2. Lebaneese
          Wait…I thought those types didn’t date men?

        3. Some need the wax to go on the upper lip (and arms) with some degree of frequency

        4. women, imho, should be waxing everything south of their eyebrows as frequently as necessary to keep skin perfect and flawless.

        5. A girl I know who went to Bible study with me frequently had spent nearly $4,000 on laser hair removal treatments. Which was actually kind of cool when I considered it, but man, that shit’s expensive.

        6. Very, very, very often. Sometimes to excess. Although that’s slowed down a lot in the last few weeks. I think it will pick up again shortly though.

        7. THAT, plus staying away from too much processed sugar and eating plenty of veggies should keep the skin beautiful

        8. On one end of the line of evolution we have cave men, hippies, Ron Jeremy and other uncivilized beasts. On the other end we have Aliens, the girl from the Jetsons and 1999 Britney Spears. We are trying to work in an orderly fashion towards progress.
          In this the Brazilians have helped us come a long way. But there is still more to go. Pain and money are no obstacle to progress towards a hairless society.

        9. Since we’ve had some candy already today and you’re a former teacher who is heavy into
          philosophy and psychology, who I agree completely with on this facet of feminine upkeep, I’d like your opinion on autonomous sensory meridian response…

        10. My suit fit when I woke up this morning but I am finding that the trousers are growing exponentially smaller.

        11. She was an absolute smoke show. What the industry did to this poor girl really is horrible. There was a Saturday Night Live skit once when she was hosting that I think was actually very telling. She was supposed to do a photo shoot with other teen girls during a “sleep over” thing like teen girls are wont to do. She came out in flannel pjs, completely normal looking, decent, all that and the camera person (I think?) insisted that she instead wear really slutty lingerie. She protested and he was like “No!”
          I kind of think that this is reflective of how it actually works.
          As I understand it, she actually leans right wing now and is a Republican. I think she endorsed Obama’s “anti-bullying” thing, but otherwise votes right wing most of the time. So she did get a bit of salvation, at the end.

        12. The blonde hair/brown eyes is a surprisingly good combination. I always felt the blond hair/blue eyes combo made girls a little too ethereal, if that makes sense.

        13. One of my college summer jobs was lifeguard at Wet n Wild Waterpark on I Drive in Orlando in the summer of 2000. The park’s music was a licensed collection of current pop music that went in the same order every day, and about a third of the songs were hers. Nothing like rescuing hot chicks who can’t swim and got dumped out of their tubes by the particularly nasty wave pattern that would come up occasionally in the wave pool to Britney Spears. French girls, oddly enough, feel that rescuing them is worth a good kiss; it was definitely a trend.

        14. Gotta admire that vestigial remnant of “reward the hero” in them then.

        15. I would have allowed that girl to have her way with me almost any hour of the day, back in the day.

        16. Whenever somebody busts on me for having no chest hair, I just tell them that I’m more evolved.

        17. All my hair seems to have migrated north. I have the thickest hair imaginable on my scalp and a nice thick beard to complement it. However, I have light, fine hair on my arms and just a few stragglers on my chest. Doesn’t seems to make sense.

        18. Sounds like you’re the traditional bear hunter type.

        19. She was quite the hottie back then. I actually found her more attractive than the other poptart girls at the time. Not to mention the metal scene (not that Nu Metal shit) was a sausage fest

        20. There’s kind of a weird cycle they did with the blonde pop singers. Not sure if it’s still going on.
          When I was 15ish Christina Aguilera was touted as the more wholesome, innocent alternative to Britney Spears, who was in a downward spiral. A couple years after that Christina appeared in Maxim with a fake tan and dreadlocks, having been corrupted in her own turn.

        21. She had (has) that wholesome beautiful Christian girl next door thing working for her, which melts my heart.

        22. Yeah, she dove headfirst into insanity. While watching it was hilarious at the time, it was also quite tragic watching that level of a train wreck. I’ve heard that’s not uncommon for many adults who worked in the entertainment business as children because they’re under contract to be upstanding citizens rather than be typical teenage hell raisers.

        23. I said the same before I started cumming/pissing in/on a Jap. They look like children without the little bush.
          It’s ok if you’re into children I suppose……………… 😠

        24. I would leave my C-Suite job for the job of lifeguard at wet n wild waterpark on I Drive in Orlando right fucking now if I was given that option.

        25. I actually am not that into Asians…that said…no hair > hair any day of the week in my book and I will not be Pedoshamed because of it.

        26. I was a Deep Water Lifeguard, or a Wave Guard, which got me 50 more cents an hour. Paid 7 bucks per hour back then, probably a bit more now. Park is actually closing down to be replaced by a Universal Studios waterpark next year. I should go ride the rides once more.

        27. South park did a great parody of what the industry does to these girls. They had Brittany blow her own head off in front of paparazzie. The same thing could be said for Jessica Simpson. When “Christian Pop” wasn’t bringing in the bank, out come the titties!

        28. I’m pretty much with ya on the hair thing. I like it smooth and pretty. If there is hair, then I like may be a little for decorative purposes over the clit. But all that on the sides and on the taint, (I don’t care if I sound like a girl when I say this, but)…eeeewww gross.

        29. that was head hair. I mean the one who flaunted her waxed body.

        30. Frankly when I have kids I’m going to ogle whores even more than without them. Sons and daughters equally will learn what women are good for. And mandatory spankings for the daughters.

        31. I’ve only been alive for 25, but this woman at 19/20 was my favorite woman of all time. Remember she had her whole “virginity” thing going too? Don’t forget, it wasn’t that long ago when women like her and Jessica Simpson were the role models of young women. Great for that time period, but they both eventually fucked their first boyfriend over and went on the carousel. Now these snarky, aggressive, nasty-ass hoes like Jennifer Lawrence and Lena Dunham are beloved by the millennials.

        32. Arab women are only those of Arabian peninsula, they are not hairy, quite the contrary actually. Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinians, Moroccans, Algerians, Persians, Kurds are not Arab.

        33. That is very true, but all of those people (save Persians and Kurds) fully believe that they are Arabs. Especially Palestinians

      3. I met an Arab girl from Sweden on a tram once. I thought she looked like a Greek or Eastern European girl until she told me.

      4. Arab women are smart. We know what we want. I am married, married a Ukrainian guy, was a virgin when I was married.
        We realize what men want in a wife, and work on ourselves to be worth the wait, as in long hair, get fit, dress feminine, not be a crazy angry feminist, etc. I agree with what the article says about a guy keeping his culture. If we like somebody from out of our culture, it’s because he’s different.. then he changes to try to be like our brother or cousin… not hot. It’s important to win our father’s respect but that doesn’t happen by being a beta or doormat.

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      5. But you will never date a Muslim girl. You cannot, they are kept under lock and key.

        1. You can, if she’s willing to not tell her family about it. In many countries, Aleena and her friends will tell Dad that they are going to their friends house to study (with head-covers on), then they’ll change in the car, cake on make-up, take their scarves off, drink, bang, crash, and come back the next day after a long night of ‘studying.’
          Much of Islamic culture is a show, as you can easily see with those pious, religious Sauds, with their harems of white whores, gold, expensive alcohols, etc, etc.

    2. I am a big fan of the Persian and middle eastern in general. Iran, Turkey, Israel, Syria…..really fucking smoking hot women who have, to me, seemed spectacular in bed.

      1. I hooked up with this married half Colombian, half-Pakistani girl I went to law school with.

        1. That’s like finding a Yeti. Take a photo and zoology will name her species after you.

      2. I banged a half persian stripper once. She had huge fake tits and a perfect ass. God damn

        1. If it weren’t for her horrible personality, she wouldn’t be a bad looking girl. Her tits look like they would be spectacular. I bet she would be fun to fuck into breathless submission.

        2. That reminds me of a THunderf00t video on youtube. After watching it, suppressed memories were triggered and that is how I know that Lacey Green raped me. But people just call me a crazy attention whore. I am so sick of all the victim blaming in this society.

        3. She’s a confidence-fuck. Something a young inexperienced guy would need to get his courage up.

      1. ^Age must really fuck Persian girls.
        Found a recent picture of one I dated at 18 and “it” was a beast now.
        Don’t know if it’s the diet or genetics… Maybe Roosh can chime in on this phenomenon?

  9. I gather this article is more for the US than Europe. The rules are easier here. Its pretty much a racial free for all. My impression is that the women here, regardless of their race, really don’t care about yours as long as you follow Sharia Law.

    1. Sharia? But the sharia don’t like it. Rock the casbah. Rock the cashbah.

    2. Another reason Europe is great. You all share the same culture which makes it easy to date around. Used to love the ads in the papers where the hot white lady and hot black lady would stand back to back naked.

      1. Hate to break the news, but the French don’t exactly culturally identify with the Germans. Not after being steamrolled three times in eighty years by the krauts.
        Old joke: Why are the roads in France lined with so many trees? To give shade to invading German soldiers.

        1. “…because the Germans like to march in the shade.”
          I actually got some Germans to laugh at that one.

        2. That’s a better way to say it. Thx
          Or: “What are the only two gears on a French tank? Reverse and surrender.”

  10. At least you won’t run into these girls in the afterlife. Nonwhite people don’t have souls.

        1. Sort of like how I always make sure and cum on a non-white girl’s face, I figure that at least makes up for some small part of the questionable practices in early American theater, just doing my bit.

        2. did you just make an Al Jolson Ziegfeld Follies slash facial cumshot joke?
          My friend, you win today.

        1. With the savage fury of Thor striking down ice giants with Mjölnir.

        2. I’d put in some overtime hours right there.

        3. Gilbert G. Fucktoast, this thread has put a huge desire in my head to go conquer a red head today. Fuck.

        4. 5 out of 10. Did not show her changing into that black leather outfit, poor form.

        5. Nah. Redheads be magick witches and shit.

        6. Problem with redheads is the meat curtains. I don’t know why, but ARALT

        7. Awesome…because she would look even hotter with a black eye and busted lip.

        8. That video borders on art. A couple with too many freckles, but geez Louise, so many hot ones.

        9. Now if only I could find some way of combining my two favorite things, I could help male paraplegics learn to walk again…

        10. You’d think right? But every time I go over they seem to have taken all of these delicate flowers and hidden them deep in the mountains of the Highlands, because I never seem to find them. I suspect that Scotland Yard monitors me here in the States and that my reputation precedes itself when I travel.

        11. And enjoy a poor version of Scandinavia with all the taxes and SJWs?

        12. Kind of got a Gillian Anderson in her heyday thing going on there. I like it.

        13. untrue… Not All Redheads Have Meat Curtains The Size of Elephant Ears.

  11. No tips necessary…AWALT!
    ‘This strategy is not unlike running calculated beta game to moisten the panties of females by giving them the impression you may be looking to settle down, when in reality you’re just looking to nail ‘n bail.” Twisted mentality….otherwise an entertaining and informative article.

        1. Lots of white guys are dating and marrying Ethiopian women in the DC area. Just saying

        2. Get me on a plane to Ethiopia. How well would mulattoes fare with African chicks?

        3. No need to go to Ethiopia. Go to DC area. I think a mulatto would do pretty well if he has straight enough hair and is light skinned enough

        4. I don’t understand why black women try to straighten their hair. I’ve always found frizzy hair sexy.

        5. Because women conform to trends. One does something and gets attention and the rest jump on the band wagon so fast it will make your head spin. This isn’t only about black women, but women in general.

        6. Many Ethiopian women have naturally straight hair. Many American black women OTOH wear wigs made of Indian or Chinese hair

        7. Whole lot of men I served with came back from Ethiopia with wives.

        1. Roosh is actually sort of minimalist on commenting policy, most of it is ban and delete the “My friend Lori makes $82 an hour” bolded comments. Ban and delete trolls, not worth the time to debate them. On racism, ROK stands apart from the racist parts of the alt-right as a place for all men; there’s less “hey this is stormfront lite” comments now, so we’re doing better. My personal call on silly jokes like Ethiopan ones would be that they’re ok, provided we don’t go full retard racist.

        2. “lets exterminate Ethiopians because they are inferior” is full retard racist. I know that bitch will swallow because she is poor and starving…..that’s done with a smile.

        3. As an aside, I have a hard time believing that some of the alt-right racists would not fuck a beautiful Latina, Persian or a mixed black woman IF GIVEN THE CHANCE in real life. They talk that shit online, but real life is far different.

        4. Some of them have. They just love pushing their God Complex about how great it is being white, how all white men must honor white heritage, and it is their business to create white babies. And never openly state you slept with a black woman, unless it was done in a way to make her feel degrading. Not much different from black thug logic in that regards. Go figure

        5. It’s not that they wouldn’t, it is that they couldn’t. They are absolute losers. The fact that they don’t get that chance contributes to their “beliefs” which are all really rooted in insecurity and impotence.

        6. “The fact that they don’t get that chance contributes to their “beliefs” which are all really rooted in insecurity and impotence.”
          Puts a whole new spin on their obsession with other men sleeping with their women. It may be less about being gay and more just attacking men they wish they had the strength to emulate. Still gay by proxy but more in the realm of hero worship from the closet.

        7. I mean, listen, I appreciate a beautiful white woman as much as any white man would, but don’t sit there and pretend that there are no other beautiful women on the planet.

      1. You’re probably thinking of Kenyans becasue of all the incorrect Ethiopian runner jokes everyone makes.

    1. and they ALL swallow — you know, because poverty and starvation.

    2. East Africans are definitely the best looking Subsaharan Africans. It’s too bad our wonderful POTUS is so dead set on importing Somalians, who seem to be worst of the lot.

        1. They have a penchant for that. I never understood why US Immigration allowed them to pile in.

        2. True. I knew a couple of guys with 10th ID who were in Somalia in 93′ and they had nothing good to say.

        3. That’s not surprising. I knew a few supply guys that were there and they hated that place worse than Iraq.

        4. It does seem weird we’d import Somalis while exporting Mexicans. I’d like to see the border walled in the long term, of course, I just think we’re looking to do a good deed(and get some cheap labor) we could legalize some of ’em. They at least seem to share a religion, love of BBQ, et al with mainstream America.

        5. Somalis in Columbus were caught planning to bomb a shopping mall about a decade ago. Deportations are in order.
          Most immigrants are from south of the border and thats fine, but every country needs to control the flow as to what the infrastructure can take. Having mllions who are in the country illegally when +90 million Amercians who are not in the workforce is a bad mix.

        6. I could see a few riots and lynchings if this keeps up. Europe could be a preview of what the U.S. is going to go through in a few years if things don’t change soon.

        7. Somali chicks look somewhat similar to Ethiopians and geographically close to each other.

    3. It is interesting that you made that observation. I can attest to that. I dated 2 different women from Ethiopia. And the few times racial topics came up, they BOTH alluded to Ethiopian woman liking White men.

  12. Seems like a corny article, black dude with his frat bros spouting advice on getting foreign whores who act like their American counterparts. If you want the solid ones, just be yourself and cut the bullshit.

    1. just be yourself
      No, like, seriously? You posted that? Here?

      1. But GoJ we’re beautiful just as we are and women will accept that and love us unconditionally. It has to be true! A feminist said so and they NEVER lie.

      2. Not today’s article of mine, but the next one, actually has the phrase “along with “just be yourself” is the worst advice on dating possible.” Hah.

      1. Then you’re a fucking jerk off! Dress well, approach things with critical thought, have a little common sense…is this shit rocket science?

      2. Oh, perhaps it is the charisma part you lack. If youre afraid to make small talk with strangers or have a two way conversation, good luck with the greasy sock

    2. “be yourself” has a 0% chance of success with a margin or error of batman

    3. I’m autistic. Being myself is quite possibly the dumbest idea ever. I can only truly be myself when I’m in my gunsmithing shop, where I can act however I want without people sniggering at how socially obtuse I am.

      1. Right, because there, you can shoot them.

      2. I am not, that I know of, autistic. However, I feel like the only time I can really be myself is when I am alone and engaging in my hobbies as well.

        1. I was a sperg before the Red Pill (which modern Psychs would classify as Autistic – I think they’re wrong). I couldn’t communicate with people, because I honestly expected them to be able to follow my own twisted (smarter? who knows) chains of thought.
          Now I evaluate people and converse at their level. Behold, the social butterfly.
          I’m freest when I’m alone or with the few men who think and respond on my level. lolknee, I wouldn’t diagnose you autistic based on the evidence of the comment.
          I’d call you autistic because the rate of lols you generate indicates there’s something twisted up there.

      3. Gun nuts are some of the major losers within society, go to any gun show to see this dilemna in motion. I recommend dogs and PBR in your future.

        1. A lot are. I personally am more on the engineering side than on the discharging side. Also, I’m not a loser, so go fuck yourself.

  13. There’s a very real skin-color bias in Indian culture. As I understand it, lighter skin tends to indicate higher value (probably something to do with the historical Aryans).

    1. It’s more to do with wealth. Men are attracted to nice skin (not just white skin) cause it shows health. Look at pictures of Aishwarya Rai before and after her surgeries. She was brown as fuck before and then she lightened it. She’s the same woman who went on Oprah to decry skin color bias. Hypocritical bitch alert.

      1. One of my Indian friends has some personal issues because her mother was concerned she’d get darker skin if she played outside. I don’t know how universal it is, but my few windows into the culture suggest there’s something to the skin color biases.

        1. Good looks were something that was created to allow useless people to feel better about themselves. Ever wonder why all the hot girls that are decried on this site act that way. Yeah, you got it.

        2. I honestly believe you cannot attract that which you despise. I hold no inherent hatred for anyone until they give me cause for hate. To me, hot girls are just girls, and I do quite like girls.
          You imply a point I try to softly make with folks I know – women don’t know how much value they have on basis of their beauty, until it’s gone. The reason so many women take the wall so hard is because they never developed alternative sources of value. It’s like investing all your capital in Enron – you look great for a while, but when it goes under you’ve lost everything.
          Most men will never have even a smidgen of that value based on looks alone, so we have to develop alternative and diversified sources of value. That’s why we peak long after women do.

    2. It’s the same in East Asia, the paler the better. When I was in Korea it wasn’t uncommon for the Philippine girls to wear makeup that would make them paler.

        1. TDC. Great times…. what I remember of them. Is the Twilight Zone and MTV club still around?

        2. I was hoping you were going to answer Long Huong Dong.

        3. It’s been about fifteen years since I’ve been there so I can’t say for sure. I don’t remember seeing those places when I was there though. Silver Star Club is still alive and kicking.

        4. I was stationed in Taegu, but spent alot of time in Seoul and Pusan on TDY… but that was a long time ago.

      1. The Japs do it as well, they attempt to give themselves Ivory skin.

  14. I always liked girls who were a little darker than me. I’m pretty Nordic but my wife is an olive-colored Greek-American woman.
    I feel like I’d try to go about 2 shades darker but still within the Caucasoid family tree (so MENA or Latina) if my wife got hit by a bus or something. Maybe there’s an evolutionary aspect to this. Like I already have two children who look like me and it’s time to spread my genes to faraway lands?
    Another factor is that I don’t think most White American women are very good mothers, much less stepmothers. I’ve heard too many horror stories about neurotic jealous women lashing out at their stepdaughters to bring my girls around any woman who wasn’t raised in the lap of the patriarchy.

    1. “Another factor is that I don’t think most White American women are very good mothers, much less stepmothers. I’ve heard too many horror stories about neurotic jealous women lashing out at their stepdaughters to bring my girls around any woman who wasn’t raised in the lap of the patriarchy.”
      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you don’t think non whites have these same problems but worse?

  15. I think non-white women *might* be beautiful as long as they are not
    black. I don’t understand what the absolute magical unicorn fuck someone
    should be thinking to get to the point of wanting to date a black
    woman. They will lower the IQ of your offspring. They are hideous no matter how you look at it. Black genes are a curse to the human race.

  16. I think non-white women *might* be beautiful as long as they are not
    black. I don’t understand what the absolute magical unicorn fuck someone
    should be thinking to get to the point of wanting to date a black
    woman. They will lower the IQ of your offspring. They are hideous no matter how you look at it. Black genes are a curse to the human race.

    1. I used to think white women were the ultimate until I met Colombian women. There is no physical or emotional comparison. Many Colombianas are beautiful, polite, loving, dressed well, sexy as hell and take care of their men. White women are pasty, tall, masculine, ballsy, bossy, can’t cook, dress like shit and unsexy. You Nazis can keep ’em all.

      1. It’s good that you are being specific (Colombian), because there is no way that what you said is applicable to all Latina women.
        I don’t know about Colombian women, but I grew up around Mexicans and I even speak Spanish so I know all the nasty things Mexicans say about outsiders. You wouldn’t believe it. Also, I think Mexican women are one of the worst once you get to know them.
        And you got to be kidding me when you talk about white women. What you say may be true for American women in general, but European women in general (except maybe for British ones) are not like that. Enough said.

        1. beautiful girls in general are RARE. there is no magical place where 20% of all girls are 7-9s. is there? without their facepaint a 9 is a 5.

        2. Yes, there is such a place, and it’s called Europe.
          Poor you. You think that all girls are so ugly they need makeup. Fortunately that is not the case.

  17. I’m sorry but that chick in the header looks white. Doesn’t matter to me, I like any color, but I just thought it was funny to lead off the article with that.

        1. Actually now that I have looked at a picture of her without makeup, she is definitely of Mongoloid descent…

  18. “This means their ideal mate is whatever television shows and movies tell them”
    I don’t think this is the case with how men are portrayed in media nowadays.

  19. As an Arab woman I agree with this article, foreign women un affected by feminism like men to be bold and confident, ask them out and hate cucks. Foreign women hate cucks and betas, don’t ask guys out because they expect men to be confident alphas. Foreign women: cucks & betas need not apply

    1. I am amazed an Arab chick answered. When I lived in France, I came across lots of dudes from Arab countries. But there was a rule. Arab women stayed in the home. All my Arab buddies screwed French girls but had a virgin at home in their country waiting to marry them.
      During the four years in France, I do not think I ever met an Arab girl that would be able to date a non-Muslim. Or even hang out on campus at my university long enough to give me the chance to try. Families kept them under control, I think.
      But I see lots of beautiful and hot middle eastern ladies !
      (The one French dude I knew with an Arab girlfriend was receiving death threats and threats of black magic spells from the family along with the girl who was terrified of what her family would do to her).
      I am doubly surprised you are reading this site !

        1. They’re only assholes because you want their women (yeah that’s right THEIRS). Once you get that through your head, they’re not really assholes now are they?

        2. “..they’re not really assholes now are they?”
          Well the whole head chopping and taking over the world in the name of a dead murdering pedophile… no, they’re assholes.

        3. “They’re only assholes because you want their women” Oh lol. I said ARAB MUSLIM, so I also wouldn’t want their women because I am not a Muslim.
          “Once you get that through your head, they’re not really assholes now are they?” Yes they are. Within the sexual marketplace, there are really not enough women for men, and when a man takes on more than 1 woman, that means some other person does not get to have a partner. In addition, what is the moral standing that it’s okay for you to have more than 1 sexual partner, but not your partner?

  20. White girls are dishonest, disloyal, not at all interesting, and you won’t learn anything at all ever from them and they are predispostioned to dial 911 at the slightest twinge of duress.

  21. White men really don’t have to try hard with non-white girls. Even an okcupid study showed that non-white women often pursued white men on their online dating site than their own kind. So this is pretty useless.

  22. I’ve dated Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern women, and the confidence and decisiveness is particularly true with Hispanics. Also, be unashamed to show your passion, including emotional vulnerability. Mexican women get off on the emotional exchanges, and will even like it if you cry in front of them once in a while (when in a relationship). Don’t be a poseur and try to mimic their culture, but learn and be knowledgeable, of the background they are coming from. Show respect (but not in a politically correct, yielding, NPR/Democracy Now! kind of way) for the background they’re coming from, while solidly holding your own with who you are.

  23. Great article as always Donovan but you left out an important element. In an earlier article you said that one of the benefits about dating as a black guy is that alpha is assumed. For white guys beta is assumed. White guys have to be alpha and then some (which is why peacocking worked well for those early PUAs). Also have these non-white girls hit the wall yet? Many bang around with non-white guys (this is girls of all colors now) and in their late twenties open up to white guys. That’s why nice guy with an edge works. But if you want the young ones you have to be extra selective an extra alpha as a white guy or they’ll go for someone else because of a bad boy stereotype if nothing else.

    1. By “alpha” you mean big dick; by “beta” you mean small dick. So does “peacocking” mean shoving a billiard ball in your crotch?

  24. You can have the white women here. Even if they manage to be hot, they still suck to be around. Nothing but chores to keep them interested. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

  25. Exotic is another word for Stank…..no thanks. Ill take the white European ones, and find one to marry, they will be j ew wise, Christian traditionalists, unvaccinated, freedom minded, gun loving Nationalists.

      1. Yup. Nothing more alluring than shtupping some alt.right Stormfront ho that’s susceptible to a dangerous disease.

  26. Why in the fucking world would you date a black woman? Seriously, black women are the most ugly women around. Their facial features (broad nose, big lips, outstanding jaw) are hideous. And who likes the the nappy hair? But above all: their masculine behavior is a big turn off. I would rather fuck a white cumdumpster than a black hole.

    1. I don’t know I’ve known some pretty hot sistas and latinos. I’m not one to self limit my range and selection pool, but hey you suit yourself.

    2. For some reason as I grown older. The black girls seem to like me. Odd as I have not grown to love them. Its almost as if they thought they did not have a chance with me when I was young. Ok they were right, they didn’t, Unless that one out of 200 black girls who are hot turns up. That rare breed who looks white all but for her black skin

    3. You’re talking about American black women. Go look at some Black women native to Africa and other Saharan countries. You’ll find some 10+ women there. Nothing like the ones we have here in the States.

      1. now now….they are all beautiful. Beautiful means “whores” in Spanish right?

        1. Glad you’re back. Shoot me your email if you want. Would like to reach out

  27. The advice in here is solid but it’s kind of bland run-of-the-mill gaming advice.
    Be confident. Imply an abundance mentality. Escalate.
    Women are women and want more or less the same thing.
    They don’t want a pussy who’s afraid to kiss them. Yes, in certain cultures a courtship phase is to be expected and Indian girls are weird as f*ck about what you do to them during sex but this article should really be labeled Prerequisite for Game 101.
    I game black girls the same why I game Hispanic girls the same way I game white girls.
    I tease, I escalate, I objectify, I ignore texts, I spank her ass and get really rough and dominating during sex. If a girl doesn’t respond to it, then fine I’ll move onto the next one.
    The thing about tailoring yourself to her culture is kind of stupid. Make her want to tailor herself to your culture.

  28. So sad weve come to this. Many white boys forced to jump ship ethnically in leu of constant rejection and betrayal from our white women.

    1. One can be said of the trace traitor whores who jump ship to the other side. While I commend my white brothers to game on, I shame the women because, their selfish, who’re behavior destroys all those around them.

  29. i remember when a Latina woman first kissed me, i could barely handle that much tongue.

  30. these conversations always drift off on a totally unrelated tangent……you history/religion nerds blow past the simple subject to blow ridiculous smoke……none of you are getting any, of any color, no doubt

  31. Reminder: When a version of this article was posed where the discussion revolved around non-whites getting white women, there was an uproar with the comments being flooded with white nationalist tier hate.
    On this, we have a peaceful discussion. There really is this powerful double standard on the manosphere where white men with Asian women and Latinas is highly encouraged but the other way around is hated more than feminism itself.
    Just callin it as I see it.

  32. “I become more brazen and blunt I think. In reference to answer one, exotic girls respond more to the guys who are out of the norm for them and so a tall, blonde white guy who’s confident, knows how to talk game and comes at them with an abundance mentality is a guaranteed way to get those panties off. Of course this can backfire every once in a while, but usually only with certain Asian girls. Latinas and Blacks chicks who are used to “strong alpha male” types just eat that up when it comes from me.”
    White alphas do well with hot white women, hot Latinas, and blacks. White betas do well with East Asians, ugly whites, ugly Latinas, and blacks.
    East Asian girls get freaked out if they get attention from a white alpha. They’re attracted, but they figure he’s too much, that he’ll cheat on her, and so reject him. Which is why the whites they do date are almost always betas. In this regard, in fact, East Asians act like ugly white women, requiring more beta reassurance game than one would expect given their attractiveness level.
    Black women do get with white betas, but unlike the Asian women, they’re settling and are huge cuckolding risks. They’re down for any alpha attention that comes their way. I suspect it’s because the African race, both male and female, is hornier and less discriminating — the opposite of East Asians.

  33. Most non-white women want to date white guys because they perceive them as having an overall social value then men of their race. Despite 50-70 years of public policy to the contrary being a “white guy” is still seen as being on top of the social pecking order. And of course that is only if you have game.
    Asians tend to like white guys because they are more masculine then Asian guys. Some have told me they like white cock because it is bigger and white guys are more dominate. They really like the blond hair blue eyed types. But they are fickle too. Used to many many Asian beta suitors that constantly hit on them.
    Blacks. If they want to get out of the ghetto they go for white dudes. Most don’t. But if they do then it is white guy central for most. Those looking to get out of the ghetto tend to have more white traits or at least mimic white culture. They dress professionally, have straight hair (even if that costs them hundreds a month), use normal english, and generally have a hatred of “thug culture”.
    Indians. In my experience don’t care much for whites. You will find the odd Indian girl that wants to leave that type of culture, but most like that their poon is seen as being a high value by other Indian men. Indian men will rarely if ever seek out a white woman. It is in their culture not do so. Also because having male babies is preferred over females there are more men in the mix in Indian cultures resulting in the supply/demand problem for men. Women are those in the driver seat when it comes to relationships. They get to pick.
    Most white guys just don’t care because of the general availability of poon. “A hole is a hole” is what most white guys think regardless of what color skin or culture from which it originates. Pink is pink and the stink is stink.

    1. Yeah, this article is so 2016. It actually shows how ROK evolves over the years.
      In 2017 we all know that running away into non-white countries isn’t an option and we need to embrace White Sharia.

    2. too bad the population is going to be mostly dark in the next 50 years

  34. I wouldn’t normally take advice from tall good looking guys on gaming because all they really need is looks and confidence to get laid but these guys give sound advice. I’ve had similar experience. Where I live it’s 99.9% bitchy white women so your game has to be tight. When I went to Atlanta GA I kept my cocky confident attitude and hot black women were throwing themselves at me. It took such little effort that I was stunned. I’m not exactly a great looking guy and I’m shorter than average yet I was having huge success. I mean 200 pound women back home walk around with bitch shields up but these sexy black women couldn’t get enough of me.

  35. Good article as always Donovan. Man, I’ve seen white guys get blown out of the fucking water by Latinas and Black girls. Nice write up on the mindset necessary.
    It would be an interesting sociological article to talk about the “why” with regard to this.

  36. Btw hat first pic with the girl with the loubs…yum

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