How Abortion And Birth Control Destroyed Traditional Families

Over the last several decades, the number of children being raised in single parent homes has skyrocketed. While there is plenty of evidence to confirm that children are less likely to be abused and more likely to be successful when raised in a traditional two parent family, more children are living in single parent homes than ever before. This raises an interesting question: In an era of birth control and legal abortion, why are there more broken homes and children born to unwed mothers?

A Brief Visit To The Past

Suppose you entered a time machine and traveled to 1960. You start a conversation with a citizen and tell him you’re from the future. After his initial shock subsides, you tell him that in the 21st century, our cool black president will ensure birth control would be available to all young women, condoms will be freely available at clinics and high schools, and even if contraception fails, abortion is legal in all 50 states. You then ask him, “Do you think in the future there will be more unwanted pregnancies, more broken homes, and more children living in poverty, or fewer?” Imagine what this man might think.


Our friend from 1960 might be astounded to learn that the number of single parents have more than tripled as a share of American households over the last six decades. He might reasonably ask, “But if you have free birth control and legal abortion, why aren’t more people waiting or optimizing their plans so their children have two parents?”

Moreover, births to unmarried mothers and number of children in foster care have also risen. In 1960, the number of children living in foster care and institutions was approximately 200,000. In the 1990s it jumped to over half a million, and most recently it is still more than 400,000.

It may sound crass to ask this, but why did their parents not take advantage of the widely available options to prevent pregnancy? Some would argue that preventing the birth of a child in dire circumstances would be far more compassionate than allowing their child to be raised by multiple different foster families. Why did American families fall apart after the rise of birth control and abortion?

Broken Families Are The Direct Consequence Of Birth Control And Abortion

Enter the Akerloff-Yellen theory of reproductive technology. In a provocative paper from the Brookings Institute, researchers analyzed the influence of reproductive technology on families and births in the United States.

The researchers linked the decline of the traditional family to a “technology shock” created by both birth control and legal abortion. That combination changed the incentives surrounding sex and marriage: Women now have power over reproduction at the expense of other kinds of power in relationships (particularly the collective power to not have sex with uncommitted men), and men “changed their attitudes regarding the responsibility for unplanned pregnancies.” Men began to place reproductive responsibility mostly on the woman. After all, her body, her choice.

Her body, her choice

Her body, her choice

As a consequence of making pregnancy and birth the physical choice of the woman, marriage and fatherhood became the social choice of the man. Fatherhood is no longer an obligation, thanks to contraception and loose social norms. In the past, women were far more selective about their sexual partners, and had few options when they became pregnant. Furthermore, men were often more invested in the women by the time they had sex, and felt a sense of responsibility and obligation to both the woman and child.

His Body, His Choice

More choices for women means more choices for men, too

More choices for women means more choices for men, too

Today, with the lack of social stigma plus the emphasis on female choice, we can observe the predictable consequences for the two-parent family. Previously, sex had higher stakes for both men and women, and their behavior reflected that. Today, women can engage in sex with multiple partners while sterilizing her body at the height of her fertility.

Women also appear to be using the outdated strategy of trying to lock down a man for marriage by “accidentally” skipping her birth control and getting pregnant. Today, women seem to be unaware that while they have the choice whether or not to get pregnant, men now have the choice to stick around and help raise the child or leave and send her a monthly check.

Men no longer feel the same duty toward women that our grandfathers felt. When we see women behaving like sluts, taking semi-nude selfies on social media, and openly discussing in public their sexual misadventures of the previous night, we don’t think to ourselves, “This women would be an excellent mother.” Some men, if their sexual partner gets pregnant whether on purpose or on accident, feel no obligation to the woman for two reasons:

  • She could easily have prevented it by taking birth control
  • The variety of backup options including the morning-after pill and abortion.

Why, some men think to themselves, should I help her with this problem that she created for herself?

Perfectly encapsulated in a single tweet.

Perfectly encapsulated in a single tweet.

These are the results of the technology that supposedly set women free. Women craved the chance to live like men by giving their best years in order to attain a worthless degree and enter a soul-sucking office job. Women embraced the sexual revolution by swallowing sterilization pills so they could impress strangers by saying they are a “diversity consultant” or other nonsensical, self-important titles.

Women made their choice, not understanding that their decisions don’t exist in a vacuum. For something as sensitive and important and children and family, it is surprising that more people did not predict that this technology would disrupt nearly every facet of American society, not just women’s ability to avoid childrearing.


To conclude, birth control and abortion have had an immense effect on American culture: By reducing the chances that any particular sexual encounter would lead to pregnancy or childrearing, the widespread availability of contraception in the 1960s in addition to Planned Parenthood clinics popping up across the country after Roe v. Wade in 1973, essentially guaranteed a loosening of sexual attitudes, a period of great social upheaval, and a shift away from the traditions of courtship.

One quote sums up men’s reactions to women’s poor choices, “Women today want men more like our grandfathers. But our grandfathers were only attracted to women like our grandmothers.”

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313 thoughts on “How Abortion And Birth Control Destroyed Traditional Families”

  1. When you leave a woman to take care of a kid by herself, sure you have the choice to do that, but you can’t then complain about how women and birth control are responsible for broken homes (though it’s true deceit is involved sometimes). It’s not a good idea to raw dog girls you don’t know well anyway, for this very reason. It’s true though, that these new advances have been bad for societies morals as a whole.

  2. I’m not being melancholy or bitter here….just sharing my thoughts. Modern western civilization, as a whole, has destroyed bonds between men and women. More so….highlighted what was inside the whores all along. What’s funny is it was men who created all of this FOR the women and children and now I, (being divorced) like so many others, can find absolutely no reason to keep slaving anymore for the entitled cunts. I really don’t know, at 46, my purpose in life. Eat drink and be merry? Fear God and keep His commandments? Reproductive rights and resources? I haven’t a clue. I’m supposed to be heading towards enjoying the fruits of my labors. Hell….i don’t even have retirement. I want to simply get out of the rat race, become a minimalist, and keep to myself. Live in the now and stop feeling guilt for something that I had no control over. The whole system is stacked against you…..white man. A system YOU created and keep feeding. Lol

    1. Become a minimalist. Find hobbies you enjoy. Astronomy, philosophy, photography, art, reading, music, carpentry, hunting, fishing, just find something you enjoy, and become good at it. Do it for your own benefit. Plan for a way to get out of the rat race and get away from the sickness in society, whether that’s just a remote home out in the country, or a move abroad. Maybe, along the way, you can enjoy pleasures with women. But don’t count on it.

      1. Go hiking. Get the fuck away from the cities. Learn to work with your hands and make money on the side (woodworking is a hobby I really enjoy, and you can make a lot of money at it if you’re pretty good and speak English, particularly if you target the upper income sect with fully custom stuff)

        1. we are made to work with our hands, work outdoors, etc…staring at a computer all day is maddening- I dont think I an do it for another 25 years, its unnatural

    2. “I really don’t know, at 46, my purpose in life. Eat drink and be merry? Fear God and keep His commandments? Reproductive rights and resources? I haven’t a clue.”
      Well, I don’t know if you’ll take this “22 year-old’s” advice to heart, but I’m led of the Spirit to say: TURN TO GOD.
      Are you a Christian or unbeliever? I suggest you just close your eyes and say out loud “God if you’re real, please show yourself to me and help me understand what I should do with me life.”
      I think that’ll help you out greatly.
      ~ Sincerely,
      Bro. Jed

    3. Men need agency and you are too young to call it quits. Hope the divorce rape didn’t destroy you financially– I know a few guys who nevered recover from that. We’re about the same age and I think none of us are going to be able to retire– we will work to we drop.

      1. To find motivation to go out there and bust your ass? To wake up? I’m not positive there must be a purpose but when I was younger I had one….raising a family. Sacrifice. Now I’m frankly bored. I have had almost every hobby possible….had plenty of sex and girls…..partied……studied….religion……powerlifted/bodybuilding….and I’m just getting older and things aren’t getting any better or easier. The one dude talked about nature and he is correct. I used to hunt like mad. Was out there all the time. Connected to something higher than me (nature and or God). The woods give me peace and the ocean makes me feel alive. I think what I need to do is simply throw myself off a cliff and learn how to fly on the way down.

        1. I couldnt agree more about mans need to be in nature.
          Concrete jungles are no place for a man to live

      2. I think that a man MUST have a purpose for his life; otherwise, he’s pretty much no better than a feminist or one of the many feminist “Useful Idiots”.

        1. I meant it in the philosophical sense not in the individual sense of a mans driving force in his life.

        2. I understand; but to not have a ‘purpose’ is pretty much the same as a ship without a rudder.

  3. Abortion is the beginning of a very slippery slope
    There’s even academics debating infanticide
    In short – nihilistic leftwing scum

    1. Well, why not ? After all, newborn babies are not “conscious” the way we are. Just a pack of cells.

      1. I admit that in my younger, foolish days, that was my thinking regarding an embryo, not a full term baby. But after having a child of my own, I can’t imaging ever terminating a pregnancy.

        1. I personally believe life begins at birth. However, I agree with the premise of the article that widespread abortion and widespread birth control has had serious negative effects on society.

        2. “I personally believe life begins at birth.”
          Somebody has probably never visited a NICU ward with premie babies, or you’d have noticed that a “fetus” which should still be in the womb for another 3-6 months is just a smaller baby.

        3. I view abortion as a Unnecessary necessity to be used when needed such in the case of pregnancy by rape or if the kid will be likely to be born with a handicap.
          There’s no reason for abortion, just necessity!

        4. Much like deciding when someone transitions from “child” to “adult” there is no clear line. My state considers 16 year olds able to fornicate, while in other areas, this will get you imprisoned. We must draw a line for legal reasons. I’m not banging any 16 or 17 year olds, even though it’s legal. (Not that I think it’s immoral to). But there is a clear difference between the law and our personal decisions. Technically, I believe life begins at the moment of breath. Sure, it’s arbitrary, but everyone makes an arbitrary decision about this. When the baby exits the birth canal and takes its first breath, it is alive. Anything else is an unsuccessful birth. It may be an animalistic way of looking at things, but humans are animals.

        5. Hah, but those are just feelz! No, seriously, I think that some things really ought to be decided by the people involved and how they feel about it. Whether there is a law or not, one should not use the law or intellectualizations to make such a choice – whether that means to let live or kill. If somebody can handle the emotional toll or insists on wanting to experience that, let them do it. If they feel it is wrong, they should not do it.

        6. “Out of curiosity, where do you draw the line between a freshly fertilized egg and a human being?”
          Life (humanity) begins at the moment of conception with a literal “spark of life” which can now be observed on film:

          An unborn child therefore has more value/rights than its mother; thus no medical emergency excuse for abortion, if only one life can be saved, it should always be the child, because that’s life’s design.

        7. The interlinking of synaptic junctions in the brain occurs around the sixth month of pregnancy and at this time consciousness is possible and you have a sentient living human being. Before this you just have living human cells. I have no problem with abortion prior to this.

        8. The general scientific consensus is that if you don’t have the neurons connected then you can’t have consciousness. Unless you believe there is a ghost in the machine which there is absolutely zero proof of.

        9. I have been reading a few articles on self-awareness along the lines of what you said, but to me it seemed very speculative. There is science and there is scientific theory.

        10. I agree. But for me it goes even further. I have no problem at all with disposing of genetically defect children. There also should be a period from birth to deceleration of the child in which the state should have no say in the life or death of a newborn.
          Infants in Ancient Rome
          “The influence of women only went so far. The paterfamilias had the right to decide whether to keep newborn babies. After birth, the midwife placed babies on the ground: only if the paterfamilias picked it up was the baby formally accepted into the family.
          If the decision went the other way, the baby was exposed – deliberately abandoned outside. This usually happened to deformed babies, or when the father did not think that the family could support another child. Babies were exposed in specific places and it was assumed that an abandoned baby would be picked up and taken a slave.”

        11. A woman may decide for herself if she wants a child or not. The state should not have a say in that.

        12. The general scientific consensus regarding pretty much anything today is worth as much as toilet paper after i use it and before i flush it.
          You sound so sure of yourself about the nature of consciousness. Take some Datura or spend a month in the jungle drinking yage, then come back and enlighten us on the true nature of the conscious universe.
          Abortion is murder, a crime against universal law.

        13. That is for the parents to decide.
          In the Netherlands there has been a whole debate about the NIPT-test (non invasive parental test) to indicate if the fetus has Down-syndrome or not. Doctors want to see this test covered by health-insurance, the result will be that the number of Downies will go to an absolute minimum. Once a defect has been spotted parents often choose for abortion. You guess what the “proud” parents of Downsyndrome children are saying, or the downies themselves: they shout like Hitler himself presented the idea for this new opportunity parents have. “There won’t be down-children anymore in 30 years blabla”, “this is the rise of eugenetics”
          Yes it is. And it’s wonderful.

        14. A month before birth it hasn’t been born yet. What is so different 32 days before birth? You can play this game and never get anywhere. Birth is clear, and well defined. Birth is when we start counting our life with birthdays. Birth is when we are no longer parasites living off the host body of the mother, but separate living creatures. Birth is when I choose to define marriage, as it is a scientifically supportable definition. People have hundreds of different definitions for measuring life, and that’s fine, I don’t care or try to change their minds.

        15. I dont think that a baby is really a baby the first weeks of pregnancy.
          But that life first begin at birth i dont believe. Being pregnant and feeling the baby move, seeing a foot through the stomach, seeing baby scan in 3D with facial features and all and the baby can hear inside the stomach what you say and they can see light/dark, life begins before birth.
          I agree abortion is not a thing to take lightly. But life befins before birth, but abortion at pregnancy week 6 or so the baby doesnt yet has a conscience and is more a something than a baby. You will also agree that ending a pregnancy at week 25 would be barbaric, life defintely starts before birth, at 25 week its a full little baby.

        16. No I don’t agree. Hell I don’t even value a newborn as much as a fully developed person. To me, the life of a wise, older man at say, age 50, is worth more than a teenager, who is worth more than an infant, who is worth more than a faetus. The older and wiser one is, the more experiences and accomplishments they have, the more they have to contribute to society, and the more of a person they are. A child who has no experiences, no thought process, no consciousness or sense of self, is not as human or valuable to me as a wise old grandmother. But I also don’t care to force people to think the same as me, or decide what they should do with their personal plans of reproduction. I simply don’t care.
          But the point is, you need a firm objective definition of something like birth. We have chosen to accept the “birth date” as the date when life begins for legal purposes. I suppose you could also choose to start at conception, which introduces all sorts of problems. But anything in between (like when you feel something kick) is far too arbitrary and capricious.

        17. @spicynujac your comments and Dutch_pride are both correct. This is why infanticide existed in ancient societies, including advanced civilizations like Rome, down to the Chieftain level societies in North America and the Tribal level cultures in Africa. Infanticide has its place and IT WORKS, but “modern” thinking has muddied the waters turning something that has a practical purpose into something that is now considered unethical.

        18. I understand what you’re saying, and can appreciate that there are some elements to human growth that are ambiguous. But you are citing legal ambiguities which are only ambiguous because it tries to treat individuals identically. Something that is not ambiguous about sexual maturity, for example, is puberty – an unambiguous biological process. Because people tend to reach puberty around the same age, but not at exactly the same age, there is an ambiguity in the law when it tries to set an age of sexual consent. Similar ambiguities would arise when trying to identify an “age of reason,” etc. But there’s nothing ambiguous about the biological realities, concrete and unambiguous in each individual, that the Law is attempting to approximate.
          Similarly, it seems to me that there is nothing arbitrary about deciding life begins at conception. That is why the moment is called conception. At that moment, we no longer have two separate cells, but a zygote whose genome is human, comprised of the dna of each gamete – i.e., a unique human genome – which is also alive.
          Why get mired down in ambiguities about when “legal” life begins, when a biological marker as clear as puberty occurs, to tell us when human life begins? There are reasons why the Law wants to know when sexual consent, legal “adulthood,” etc., are reached, for practical reasons of dealing with people’s adult choices, irrespective of accuracy in each individual’s biological case. There is no compelling reason to invent an ambiguous “legal” definition of when life begins, other than as a justification for snuffing that life out with a “clean” conscience. If it is human, and alive, well… case closed.

        19. I can agree that the doctor is never free to deliberately murder the child in order to prevent the death of the mother, because murder is an intrinsic evil. But in an emergency during delivery, where the doctor knows that both the mother and child will die, for example, unless he makes a choice and intervenes to save one at the expense of the other, why would the child’s life automatically have more value than the mother’s?
          My reasoning in that case, is that the child’s life and the husband’s life would be radically diminished without a wife and mother present, and, moreover, the mother will not be around to have another child. But, save the mother and baptize the child before it dies, and you have a clean soul going straight to heaven, and a mother who can conceive another child and try again without depriving her family of her presence.

        20. I suppose the primary problem with life beginning at conception is that people usually don’t know conception has occurred until many days or weeks or even months later. If life began at conception, life could begin without one ever even knowing that was the case. And one could proceed to drink alcohol or not eat well or do all sorts of things that would indirectly harm the life, but it would all be unintentional. Also, it is quite common for a conception not to lead to a birth. When this happens, I don’t consider it anywhere near the level of tragedy as when a human being dies. There is a reason a woman has hundreds (?) of eggs and man has billions of sperm. We can reproduce fairly easily when we wish to create a new life. Much like the sea turtle who lays dozens of eggs hoping that a few of them survive the march to the sea, not every attempt ends in a baby child, but that is by design.

        21. Well, sin is in the will. Where there is no intent to harm, and no knowledge that one has harmed (and no expectation that one should have the knowledge), there is no sin. Alcohol and other things are really not so dangerous to the child in the womb as many modern Americans think, anyway. The child will generally survive unharmed in the womb of any woman who is not a drunken dumpster fire.
          As to occasional miscarriages, of course such things happen. For me, it is a human life that is lost, the same as any other – though I admit it seems less tragic to me, because the life has left this world in innocence. Most adults die, especially in our days, unprepared to account for themselves.

        22. But you see they have the will to live, they want to survive, to be hold, to be warm, to eat.. why do i even keep on with this convo. its a dead end i can see. bye lets just disagree:-)

        23. Agree. The constitution says “born or naturalized” not while the lady is pregnant.
          Personally I think it’s more productive to keep pushing for “invisible” (reversible) male birth control like VasalGel. The leftists in Sweden might be pushing for a male abortion (financial) option, but giving men control over their genetic material is more viable in my opinion. There is always a chance a male will bond with the idea of baby (genetic drive) which would be eliminated with VasalGel or similar. Plus, if guys can’t knock random sluts up, that will drive down ancillary costs from social services and other societal costs of single motherhood.
          Preventing the ability of a woman to simply choose pregnancy by fiat, by intentionally getting pregnant despite a partner’s desire, will actually do more good for men (emotionally and financially) than a return to the good ole days. Heck, my parents were happy when the pill came out, and mom found a doctor to prescribe it, because after 9 kids they pretty much stopped having sex. You don’t want to meet a guy who gets laid once a month when the wife is really sure (because kids 7-9 were accidents) she isn’t ovulating using the rhythm method since nobody likes condoms. They tend to be cranky.

        24. Your choice is the second least arbitrary moment to choose. It’s sensible to choose birth as the beginning of life in a less advanced society with no real medical field.
          The only completely non-arbitrary choice though is conception. There’s nothing arbitrary about saying life begins at conception. That’s a life in that moment that has just begun and science really agrees. Think about it. It’s just the very first stage of the life cycle. Every change we go through is just another stage of the life cycle, conception is the first.
          I’d like to see if anyone can prove through logic or science or any other way that conception is not the first stage of the life cycle of a new human life.
          Any by the way. In the near future they’ll be able to take an embryo out immediately after fertiliazation and grow it in a tube. People whom say that life begins when a baby can survive outside the womb are just waiting for better science and medicine to prove life begins at conception.

        25. Agreed. It does away with accountability and regulating lifestyle. Pretty much the opposite of what abortion proponents claim. Having to regulate your sex times and choices has established societies for millenia. Now that women have unfettered opportunities for sex throws a wrench into everything. They’d better be careful, though: Along with that comes the canceling of half of their game where they hold the “pregnancy scare” over our heads.

        26. An unborn child therefore has more value/rights than its mother;thus no medical emergency excuse for abortion, if only one life can be saved, it should always be the child, because that’s life’s design.
          Does your stance change if the baby is female?
          Who is to help the husband/father raise said child of the wife/mother if she should perish from complications as a result of labor and childbirth?
          What if there are a few other children at home?
          Should the father quit his job and lose the income to stay home and raise the newborn infant and the other children?
          Sure, he can always remarry, but what if there is not a woman who wants to take care of this man’s children?
          Please feel free to elaborate. Thanks

        1. Amazed that you think he’s the only nihilistic one! I bet you there are many on this site who are! I stand at 50/50

        2. I believe that life has one definite purpose, unrelated to any “higher power,” though such a belief can be useful. Does this make me a nihilist.

        1. When you get banned, are you just banned from commenting on that one article or from all articles on ROK?
          If banned from ROK, how are people going to check if you’re legit for the meet up in Cleveland? If you had to create a whole new account, it will only show starting today and not from January.

        2. I thought you were joking until I re read the the posts from that Forney article. That is bullshit that you both were banned for not liking the author of the article. This isn’t a feel good seminar. Glad you are back. I’ll find a 40oz to pour for Lolknee. He wouldn’t want anyone to waste Scotch.

        3. Hey man,sup !
          Just heard a guy ( iBOOB ) saying that Lolknee and GOJ were both banned. Is that true ?

        4. Recent info : Ghost is still here. Just Lolknee got banned for saying some shit about Trump. Seems Matt Forney got butthurt for some reason.

        5. Trump smells like a sheister in disguise. No-one has the balls to fuck with the US elite. Especially somebody like Trump.

        6. Funny enough, not yet, but we probably should start. Originally thought Telegram was the same as WhatsApp so never thought to ask.

        1. It appears that Forney got butthurt and petitioned the banhammer over comments which didn’t toe the party line of the Trumpening.

        2. That it was batshit insane to call Trump one of the finest political minds to ever live. It’s not a particularly unfair criticism. I think all but the most diehard Trump proponents can agree that calling a businessman with less than a years political experience ‘one of the finest political minds’ is just hero worship.

    2. Maybe the leftists were just waiting for the uproar over eugenics to die down so they could make it “en vogue” again.. Before it lost its “cool” 70 years ago, all the leftist elites loved it.

    3. That is true.women do behave like this nowadays .it is impossible for a man to think oh she will make a great mother if she is drinking alcohol and partying.or behaving like a slut like most do women do nowadays but if there is a woman that’s not like is she then? Romantic ,charming,faithful, warmheartet, loving to her children and family and does care to cook healthy for her husband and children.but out of what? Cant you understand you dog? It should not be about just thinking about the offspring, you mortal idiot. it is love you stupid gay all will die.if your ugly imperfect offspring is healthy or not.they will die one will care if you are rotting and eaten by worms in your grave.I will spit on your graves. I will and I hope that you finally understand that you are not the powerful, by fucking like dogs.humankind!! in the end ,after shitting in your pants with Alzheimer’s you will be eaten by worms under the earth.where is your masculinity and power then? Where is your important offspring then?? Ill tell you : they fucking wont care about their dog daddies hahaha and all of your great”accomplishments are suddenly unnecessary hahaha

    4. We should keep in mind the other reason that single motherhood and broken homes have become the norm. Women are being rewarded a) for having babies out of wedlock and b) for divorcing the father. This is done by the feminists.
      A true feminist it must be said, is male. It is corrupt men who have pushed what is actually an anti-female philosophy to serve themselves to the detriment of both men and women.

  4. We all can see the obvious signs of destruction with birth control. Women can engage in slutty behavior all while retreading numbers and blaming a ‘lack of good men’ for them being single. Not enough is said on abortion. From the psychological damage on a woman, to the physical damage inside a woman, all the way through the social implication of diminishing value of human life. Don’t want a kid? Kill a kid? Suddenly want a new partner? Kill a kid. Your current partner isn’t treating you like property and you find that disgusting? Kill a kid. Then share how there aren’t any good men and how it is good being single and how you love cats and fear commitment. I would fear commitment too if it meant I’d have to kill a kid.

    1. There’s also a reason why women never admit to having an abortion. Deep down, no matter how many march for their reproductive rights or spit fire when states change the laws for regulation, they know it’s wrong. They know they are killing a member of their family and will have to live with that guilt for the rest of their lives.
      I’m always suspicious of the ones who claim to be happy after getting an abortion. They’re either lying to everyone in order to save face or they’re deeply disturbed.

        1. Am I the only one who noticed how miserable mothers get after the children enter high school and they don’t have to worry about children anymore?

        2. They will have nothing to do with their spare time. They might try to doll themselves up and take selfies and post them on social media to get attention from beta orbitors if they’re still decent looking post wall. Then depression sets in.
          Their inability to get male attention is worse than death. Men, on the other hand, find hobbies to keep themselves entertained and do not need female attention.

        3. Mothers, the good ones, never stop worrying about their children. Reasons to worry change.

      1. I’m not really sure that women are bothered by having an abortion.
        By the way that they
        — treat the average man (not of the upper 10%),
        — eagerly accuse innocent men of the most vile crimes,
        — lie under oath,
        — heartlessly divorce without showing any kind of remorse for how they treat their soon-to-be ex-husband,
        — and how they abuse their own living children,
        I’m beginning to think that the modern feminism-influenced Western female actually does not experience guilt, nor have a conscience whatsoever.

  5. Induced abortion and birth control are abominations.
    We Men have to be the ones to decide when to shoot out our sperm to make babies OK? That’s all. If the woman agrees and there is a good chance to grow some healthy kids together at least until they can provide for themselves, go ahead and shoot it. If not, don’t. Orgasm is NOT ejaculation, OK? Find out why and be the real Master you want to be in the bedroom too. Words are easily spoken or written, but the thing has to come down to the level of the body. Just as you can control other physiological functions you can control that one too. Porn industry and cultural ignorance has ruined men and women to an extent that is over the point of no-return, literally. Because almost no man nor woman anymore master his or her reproductive functions the way Nature intended to. You can have multiple orgasms without one single drop of sperm leaving your reproductive organs, so why the fuss? Besides, sex is there either for reproduction or for feeding the real nature of Man. Both are evolutionary purposes. But the way it’s been twisted, it’s just become an empty pleasure-seeking from all sides, and education, culture, society, religions, they all contributed and contribute to that, whether by encouraging it or by repressing it, which is the same. Perversion runs rampant, there is no way out of this. Just become conscious of it, and do what you can individually to maintain you dignity, your freedom, your independence, your responsibility and your autonomy as a Man.
    Then what has to happen will happen.

  6. You have to wonder why progressives want us to live in harmony with nature on the one hand – through environmentalism, organic foods, the fantasy of “green energy” and so forth – while on the other hand they advocate doing violence to natural human sexuality through contraception, abortion and especially gay degeneracy.

    1. I don’t. The mental gymnastics alone are enough to make me want to punch babies and light kittens on fire.

    2. The progressives hi-jacked all of that, AA. For example, vegetarianism as movement was founded by right wingers in the early part of the 20th century. Look at National Socialist Germany (1933-45). The Third Reich had the most stringent environmental laws in the world at that time. They also made vivisection illegal, built the Autobahn with minimal environmental damage, promoted organic farming, had a very stringent anti-smoking campaign & regulated the exploitation of natural resources such as coal mining & industrial forestry. By the way, they outlawed abortion, homosexuality, prostitution & recreational drugs. Any form of degeneracy was pretty much exterminated during those 12 years with brothels, casinos, strip joints, etc. being ultimately closed. Ironically, some of this actually was practiced in the former Soviet Union, especially after WW2 with some minor success.

      1. The Nazis showed some forward thinking about public health.
        Ironically the left a century ago embraced eugenics because they found most people in the given, randomly bred state disgusting. H.G. Wells wanted policies to promote “the procreation of what is fine and efficient and beautiful in humanity—beautiful and strong bodies, clear and powerful minds.” He would find it shocking that leftists now embrace low-IQ diversity trash, sterile fat feminist women and sexual deviants as the flower of humanity.

        1. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, wanted to get rid of the Negro race. Look at the liberal policies of PP today!

        2. Planned Parenthood…an organization that wouldn’t have existed if the Republicans had kept Lincoln’s word and sent the blacks home after the Civil War.
          Grant tried, but Congress stabbed him in the back at the last second. Ike, the “Great Deporter”, could’ve done finished the job but, sadly, he was the first SJW President 🙁

        3. More than likely it would have in some fashion. Keep in mind that around the beginning of the 20 century the US saw a big influx of immigrants coming from Southern Europe, mostly Italy & Greece & Eastern Europe (Poles, Serbs, Ukrainians, etc.) On top of that, Jews & Christian Semites from the Middle East started coming to the US from the collapsing Ottoman Empire. Many WASPs & politicians were alarmed that these people with their big families & different cultures would overtake the country. Sanger also targeted these groups admonishing them for their families & stern patriarchal traditions. These ethnicities were targeted as dangerous, inferior, violent, etc.
          Also, I’m not sure about Ike, need more info on that one. Keep in mind the country of Liberia in Northern Africa was founded for American slaves.

      2. Why would I look at National Socialist Germany? That’s an example of left-wing progressives in action.
        Their government also controlled private business, banned income not obtained from work (by their definition of the term) and sent taxes skyrocketing.

  7. In all fairness, the rise in single parent households is also caused by the no fault divorce. Couples may have had good intentions of raising a traditional family when they married and had kids. But instead of working things out when times got tough, they simply chose the easy way out and gave up, leaving the children as victims.

    1. Frankly I think we should abandon this notion from the Enlightenment of marriage as a contract between a man and a woman as imputed equals with moral agency, entered into for reasons of their mutual psychological fulfillment, and go back to arranged marriages which meet social requirements. A woman doesn’t need to love a man or have orgasms with him to bear his children.

      1. Men in cultures where arranged marriages are common for social requirements don’t always get to choose who to marry. Marriage for the social betterment of society means just that, whether or not the man is attracted to the woman he is marrying. I think there is a misconception that arranged marriages are about men having the option to pick hot young girls and getting their parents to arrange a marriage. Anyone who has friends from these cultures can attest to the fact that arranged marriages are not necessarily better for men. Imagine being pressured by society and your family to marry a woman you’re not attracted to because she comes from a good family and has values that are considered important in the community, not because she has perky boobs and a fit bod. The article has good points though. Society really fosters self indulgence and that sets the tone for any kind of relationship.

        1. But think about this point: Maybe she had nice tits and a great body but is a terrible cook, doesn’t do laundry, and is generally lame. Or she is less attractive but is a great cook, helps around the house, and has a personality. Which one would you want to be your wife?

        2. Yes, plus in these traditional cultures the wives were far more likely to be thin, submissive, and cute versus today where rolling the dice could likely get you a landwhale blue haired harpy. Also, under that system, taking a mistress was often allowed and not even frowned upon. The wife would birth the children, but if the man played around a bit, it was ok, as long as he came home to the wife every night.

        3. Hot slut or blue-haired harpy? Rawls’ “Veil of Ignorance” as applied to possible sexual partners.

        4. Wouldn’t do me any good to think about what I want as the arranged marriage system doesn’t take my wants into account if it is arranging my marriage.

        5. That’s a very naive view. I know people from cultures where arranged marriages occur. Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not the ideal situation you think. That’s not to say it’s horrible as there are successful arranged marriages, but that success isn’t based on pretty submissive wives and mistresses on the side.

        6. Actually it does since its your family arraigning the marriage. Also on the flip side when you have kids then you will be able to decide who they marry.

        7. Today that’s definitely not true. Historically arranged marriages occurred in most societies, and women in the past were far more feminine, submissive, thin, and kind. Today arranged marriages mostly occur in India. I have 2 friends who married this way–one got a cutie and the other got a loud fatty.

      2. I think arranged marriages were for the best. First it was a contract between families, more specifically the patriarchal heads of families who would not only be the wisest men of the family, but have the best interest of the groom/bride and family at heart. Secondly people are not getting married till their thirties now, that’s 10 years of dealing with bullshit that can be avoided. Think of how much time, money, and stress can be saved from just that alone. And thirdly arranged marriages are most likely not to fail because everyone in your family will be pissed at you if it doesn’t work out.

      3. I wholeheartedly agree. The sticking point for me is this: How can one even go back to such a system? I mean, if you asked me today how would I marry (assuming I will), I would say that in my 40s I will take a traditional girl from a foreign culture, who is CLOSER to the standards of women of the past, although not perfect, and after a courtship period marry her, and start a family. (I still don’t know if I’d risk bringing her back to the states).
        I just don’t have the option of entering into an arranged marriage. For one, my parents aren’t participating in that. And more importantly, I know of nowhere other than India where that’s even really practiced. I think most of the guys here who marry, even if they agree with the idea of a traditional (ie arranged or familial) marriage) are just picking the most traditional and conservative girl that they find, and probably based a good bit on emotion and “love”.

      4. I think a key point people are missing is that arrainged marriages allow you to choose who your daughter marries. It’s not just about who you are able to marry.

      5. Likewise a man does not need to have kids to have sexual access to women. Since you are redefining marriage exclusively as a vehicle for having kids, those choosing not to have kids no longer have any use for the institution. As such, there would no longer be reason for social pressure on men who do not want kids to get married.

      6. Advancedatheist, your suggestion is based on the notion that women lack free agency. If women, or at least some women, have free agency, then it IS possible for a man and a woman to have a fulfilling relationship based on mutual psychological wellbeing. Indeed, my wife and I are an example of such a relationship. So, this is actually possible.
        However, let’s accept your premise that women lack free agency for the sake of argument. In such as case, it would actually be impossible for a man and a woman to have a mutually fulfilling relationship because the woman would be incapable of being an cognitive and emotional equal to the man. In this case, men would have only two reasons to interact with women. One would be to use them for breeding purposes. The other would be for sexual pleasure. Guys like me who have no desire to have kids would use women for sexual pleasure and nothing else.
        I assume this is what you are proposing.
        BTW, I know of your interest and involvement in life extension and cryonics. Is it possible that your belief that women lack free agency is due to the existence of the “hostile wife” phenomenon in cryonics?

    2. Which could also go further back regarding marriage and courtship in the old days. Rarely was it done out of love and more for the benefit of two families. The parents (most likely farmers) would introduce the children at a young age so they would get used to each other or they would meet with proper suitors who were well established.
      Marriage out of love is a very recent development in civilization.

      1. Exactly. All these people talking about gays “redefining marriage” totally miss the point. Marriage has already been perverted over the last 100 years by introducing this idea of marrying for love, that fails more often than it succeeds. In what other arena would we continue a policy that fails more than 50% of the time? We need to go back to traditional marriage, but it’s not what most people mean when they say those words.

        1. Worst part is when women on the pill marry for love. The pill fucks up their senses and they pick or accept the wrong man. Then when she goes off the pill, she starts hating the man because of his smell. Every woman who complains about the smell of their husbands got married while on the pill.
          I’m almost sure that very close to 100% of divorces have a link to this.

        2. Wouldn’t surprise me. Funny enough I had the opposite happen to me. Was in a long term relationship and she was tired of using condoms so she went on the pill. After a week on it she started acting batshit crazy. The relationship didn’t last long after that.
          To this day I think I dodged a bullet with that one.

        3. Yeah I brought that up to a few who were confused about the original definition. Pissed a ton of people off about that. If one looks at it objectively, a marriage license is nothing more than a contract with the state and couple no matter how rosy the wedding industry and government tries to paint it.

        4. Maybe, but if she wasn’t a whack-job before getting hopped up on hormones then I wonder.

        5. Yep. Check out a book called Marriage, A History, by Stephanie Coontz.
          Turns out traditional marriage ain’t that traditional.

      2. “Love is ideal. Marriage is real. Confusing the real with the ideal never goes unpunished.”
        Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

    3. I just watched “LiarLiar” starring Jim Carrey. Was hilarious until the courtroom scene. Woman cheated, wanted her half (11.5 million), Carrey gets her what she wants. Then, all of a sudden, the Meg Tilly character decides she doesnt want joint custody (Him:”What, why? You said he is a good father? Her: “Thats another $10k in child support.”) The kids start crying for daddy, she says to the father “Take your hands off MY kids!”. Movie stopped being funny at that point. Movie was shot in 1995.

      1. That just shows women’s parasitic nature, but in a comedy. Most people wouldn’t even notice and think it’s a joke.
        The bitches care mostly about themselves first.

        1. Back then, you could build out a solid comedy around tragedy- cant do that anymore. I cant watch Tommy Boy anymore without dwelling too much on the opening when Tommy comes back from college to find most of the factories are shut down, and his dad’s company is the most important employer left(1994).

        2. “comes back from college to find most of the factories are shut down”
          The rust belt blues.. same old song. NAFTA was the last nail in the coffin. Biggest employer in my old county closed it’s doors in 2000 and went to Mexico. The old home town is now a dump with illegals and meth-heads.

        3. That movie was eerily prescient as NAFTA didn’t become law until ’94.
          Of course, Unions had been killing jobs by strangling businesses stateside for decades before that, and our border with Mexico had become effectively nonexistent in 1965.

    4. Another factor that contributes to this is the welfare state that subsidizes out of wedlock births so that the mother can repeatedly get pregnant without financial consequences. It’s a simple rule in economics that you get more of what you reward.

    5. Yea no fault divorce is a huge factor as well. It’s been a noxious, oozing slide down a mound of rancid SHIT now slopping down into everyone’s fucktard meaningless lives.
      I for one cannot WAIT to see every piece of shit that supported, legislated and profited from all of this madness get their fucking brains beaten out of their skulls by the savages they welcomed into their homes with open arms and faggot smiles.
      I do my part by shoving my middle god damn finger in the face of every fucking whore and smash these fists into every punk bitch white knight.
      I’m out for me and my tribe.
      I don’t see people anymore. Just targets to spit on.

      1. “Mental Cruelty” being used as an excuse to obtain a divorce seems to have been around for decades, effectively giving us “no fault” divorce long before Reagan kicked it off in the USA.

    6. “…But instead of working things out when times got tough, they simply chose the easy way out and gave up, leaving the children as victims.”
      Don’t forget that it was the wife who chose to divorce over 60% of the time, often using the children to ‘get back’ at the husband (not to mention intentionally interfering with visitation — without any enforcement from the legal system — as well as making false charges of ‘abuse’) and to use the kids as ‘income machines’ from ‘child support’.

  8. I don’t blame societal ills on external, inanimate objects. If I did, I’d be for gun control.
    Yes, technology has advanced and now women and men can plan on having kids whenever they want, until the ovarian apocalypse occurs. But we’ve also removed all manner of responsibility from women.
    If we eliminated child support, alimony, and the welfare state in general, suddenly women and men are left to fend for themselves. And while it wouldn’t be pretty for a few years, eventually people would start to take responsibility for what they do and understand that life isn’t one long sex party.
    There I go being all optimistic again….

  9. Why on earth would guys here want to risk getting a woman easily pregnant so she can then have you done for with alimony payments? If you don’t want to be financially-raped for some 18 years you’d be in favour of birth control and abortions.

    1. It’s a very tough decision at this point. If I was starting from scratch I would not want a society with easy birth control or abortion. In 2016, taking away those options would be cultural and financial suicide for the west. The number of criminals would explode in 15 years when all the thug kids raised by single mothers hit the streets. Welfare systems would collapse, unable to support the numbers of newly unwanted children, who rely on the state to house, educate, and feed them.
      It’s akin to what America did to the Mideast. It was 100% the wrong decision to invade there. But if it leaves now and minds its own business, that would likely create even more problems. The good and logical answer cannot be the correct choice, because of our past mistakes.

      1. ” In 2016, taking away those options would be cultural and financial
        suicide for the west. The number of criminals would explode in 15 years when all the thug kids raised by single mothers hit the streets. Welfare systems would collapse, unable to support the numbers of newly unwanted children, who rely on the state to house, educate, and feed them.”
        A group powerful enough to outlaw abortion would be unwise and unlikely to only change that one thing in isolation. Your concerns can be addressed by eliminating the state provided social safety nets and universal male conscription. The modern welfare state isn’t going to be around much longer anyway, and it would be best to move away from that model before it collapses upon itself like Venezuela:
        Coming soon to a first world neighborhood near you.

        1. Venezuela: It only took 15 years to fall so far. I noticed most MSM outlets do not metnion that place.

        2. Yeah, they don’t like to mention anything about Venezuela ever since their Socialist hero, Hugo Chavez died in 2013 and the Socialist paradise turned to sh*t when the country started running out of other people’s money.

  10. There was a study conducted in regards to road safety and all the new technological gadgetry in cars which decrease the likelihood of a driver losing control of the vehicle and causing a collision. It would seem logical that road fatalities and accidents would have decreased due to these technologies. They haven’t. The bigger safety net that people have, the more chances they take and in the end the tolls end up higher. This is exactly what has happened with abortion and birth control leading to single parenthood spiralling out of control, its certainly at least one of the contributing factors.

  11. Abortion should only be illegal for a white people (white man and woman pair) All other races should be encouraged to have abortions as well as mixed white and non white couples.

    1. NO ONE of any people should encourage and/or support abortion. Not a “ethnicity thing” it’s a MORAL DILEMA. Abortion is “anti-life, antichrist, anti-GOD”. Amen.

  12. Another reason I’m in favor of birth control in 2016 but generally opposed to it, is because I think it can be a worse of a crime for a young boy to be raised by an alcoholic, abusive, cock riding slut of a single mother than it is for him to never be born. Remember, a lot of these guys turn into fags, criminals, and wards of the state. I’ll all for children being raised in a patriarchal traditional family, however.

    1. Agreed, Im morally against abortion but if a mother doesn’t want the child, she’s going to resent him/her for their whole life, leaving them with a list of emotional damages that the rest of society will have to deal with.
      The way feminists describe children is sickening: parasites, leeches, appendages, tumors, etc. The state should offer free tube tying services for selfish women that want it.

    2. I will respectfully disagree, being the son of one.
      Your mother doesn’t define who you are, and not living is worse than bad living.

      1. I absolutely don’t mean that single mother = better off dead and obviously many great and strong men came from less than ideal families. Steve Jobs was given up for adoption by a mother who didn’t want him. While I was raised by both my parents, my dad is an extremely weak (mentally / emotionally) guy who probably lead to me having a lot of struggles with girls and other stuff. I’m not even sure he was a net benefit to me.
        But there *is* a statistical correlation between crime and abortion (discussed in the book Freakonomics). And anecdotal evidence shows that a LOT of gay kids, abused kids, neglected kids, welfare kids, etc. are raised by single mothers. Should this be encouraged or discouraged?

        1. I’m quite aware of the troubled outcome many kids raised by single mother have. But that or anything else like it will never make me think abortion is a good thing.
          Difficult backgrounds make for both the best and worst of outcomes for a child it seems, so if everything was perfect for every child, we would be advancing less as a civilization.
          That said I think the real solution to this is culture and real traditional patriarchy. Start calling bastard kids bastards again. Start calling women out properly for their behavior. Actually call their dad out for it.
          Women should not be held to the same standards as men, but should also be under the responsibility of a man.
          To me there is no such thing as an independent woman. If she isn’t married her dad should be keeping the bitch in check. If he isn’t, then he is as fault and should be shamed.

        2. Agreed. I agree with your premise as it’s correct and in line with the biblical Scripture of God’s Word.
          Although (perhaps just me personally) I’d be a bit more “tactful” in how you speak of people like calling a woman a “b-word”. That’s the only *word* I disagreed with in PRINCIPLE (although you’re even still correct there lol). Let’s not get into cursing and profanity at all if it can be avoided without provocation. A “rebellious young woman” would suffice for the term. Use “whore”, “harlot”, adulteress, mistress, “strange woman” or seductress to define “whorish women”.
          Well said sir.
          ~ Sincerely,
          Bro. Jed.

        3. Shaming kids for something they have no influence over – bravo. While I see your point, the more straightforward solution to me seems to be to simply stop funding single mothers by means of blackmailing the biological father or through the government mafia. If women are financially and otherwise responsible for their offspring, they will think twice about that shit.

        4. “The majority of millennial births are bastards. If you call a kid a bastard today, it’s like calling him ‘straight’.”
          The word “bastard” has no force behind it anymore. Whereas, being “straight” is considered as and taught to be an evil myth and now most teens no longer identify as “straight.”

          A new study by trend forecasting agency J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group found that only 48 percent of 13-20-year-olds identify as “exclusively heterosexual,” compared to 65 percent of millennials aged 21 to 34.

        5. Calling someone a bastard is not really insulting him/her, but insulting the mother for her promiscuity. The kid really did nothing wrong and did not asked to be born to that slut. Sad really.

        6. That adversity makes you strong and comfort makes civilization advance less goes ”BOOF”
          We must call out bastard kids goes ”BIM”
          No such thing as an indipendent woman goes ”BAM”
          It sounds like a musical chord ”boof-bimm-bam”. You should be a drummer.
          I’ll add that MEN must make the booty call. That sounds like cymbals going ”BOOSH”. ”boof-bim-bam” . . ”BOOSH”
          I like that. It’s catchy. Music has a tendency to get stuck in the head and replay.

        7. While I think you are correct in what would be better, without removing voting from women we we won’t have that happen.
          I have been told by a friend of mine what kind of ballistic shit fit his mom threw down when he told her I call him a bastard because he was born out of wedlock.
          Women are very dry susceptible to shaming clearly, and this is why it was done in the olden days.
          Women don’t follow laws, they follow accepted norms, this is where we should work first I think. Yes a generation of shitbag whores will feel bad about it but they won’t be making bastard children. They know what it is.

        8. You didn’t do anything but your mom and dad did. The shame if you will is on them, not you.
          But if you think seriously about this, would you make a child out of wedlock if you knew it would be called bastard for the rest of its life? I’m inclined to think not.
          The reason I bring this whole thing up is that it works in Japan. Very few kids born outside wedlock, because even the government discriminates to some degree against them.
          It’s a heavy price to pay, but the other options seem worse to me.

        9. 31% were sloppy cock carousel riding whores, the rest likely would have been married if the systems of society and government required it. That’s what I get from this.
          The other takeaway is don’t bang uneducated slags. They are just as bad at taking the pill as going to college.
          I have decided I’m not going to be relativistic or permissive about this shit anymore, I will call shit by its real name and people can accept it or go fuck themselves.
          Women are like children and need adult supervision. Adult obviously means male.
          Looking around me at work and on the street the only women that behave properly are either looking for a man to lead them, or are being led by men, they dress better, speak better, smell better and look better, than those who lack supervision or the want for it.

        10. From what my impression is, Japan is not exactly the prime example of a society that produces confident men.
          I get your logic, but as you can assume from my situation, it is nothing I would fight to establish. Would be against my self-interest.

        11. Actually I think you would find Japan producing more proper men than any western country. And by proper I mean prepared to lead a family, pay for his wife and be the MAN.
          Have you been there? I obviously have more than just for vacation, and I see the remaining aspects of what was a glorious social order still in place.
          Nowadays technically I don’t own my wife, and she can take my children in divorce but it is the mentality of people that matters more than laws.
          To every older guy there, you own your wife, and your children as the head of family. People refer to my wife as Mrs Noth666 so to speak, her name is not used. She is Mrs me. There isn’t a lot of stuff written about this I think, but there is some.

        12. I admit that my knowledge of Japan’s culture may be quite selective, but it is my impression from real life and videos that the men are very timid. I have also read an article about how there are very many virgins in Japan that have more or less opted out of the sexual marketplace.
          While I get what you are saying about the man being the provider, I think that this is ideology unless both the men and women are living to their individual potentials and are not merely obeying the order of society out of shame and fear.
          Good for you about your wife. I reckon she is happy with that, so more power to you two. But I also think that – I assume you are American – she will have more or less freely chosen you for who you are as a man and not just bowed down to the expectations of her father to marry you out of pragmatic interest.

        13. Well, first of all, there are just as many opting out in in the west, the reason the media in the west is talking about it is because it’s free, due to Japanese media talking about it.
          Whether it’s an ideology or not doesn’t change the end result which is a very stable family structure compared to the western model.
          I’m not American, hehe I’m actually Scandinavian but I live in Western Europe.
          As for my wife, we got married because she fit what I wanted from a wife and I wooed her. I had to separately deal with her parents, but I was good husband material so that was not a big deal. I’m also sofar the success story they were looking for, 2 months after the wedding my wife got pregnant.
          I love Japan and their culture but they have been hit hard by the US imposed constitution and many other things in the post WW2 period. But I have much more faith in them than in Europe.

        14. See, the fact that you dont like it shows how ingrained it is in everyone that single mothers are bad for society

        15. My Dad was weak too. Most guys I know who had absent or spineless fathers tend to be less successful with women and even in the job market.

        16. I have a theory that they will be better fathers though. I know I will be (assuming I take that route). At least the ones that wake up and make a better life for themselves and are red pill. We see what weakness and immorality does to families, and to society as a whole in a way that people raised in ideal households never will.

    3. Keep in mind life is a crap shoot. Rolling the dice can make you either a winner or looser. We all know men who came into this world, born with the silver spoon in their mouth, yet turned out to be total fuck-ups. Then there are those conceived & brought forth into an environment with all odds against them yet somehow overcome it at best to succeed or just lead what is just (or use to be) a normal life. The same can be said for their parents. Good ones have produced terrible offspring & vice versa. How come is the question. You’ll find the answer in the first sentence. It’s all a matter of chance. If there’s one thing for sure in this life, it is nothing is for sure including this statement!

    4. Faggotry or dykehood is a birth defect. But yeah, being raised by trashy slut mom will mess a kid up in other ways

  13. The creation of the modern welfare state also royally fucked up family dynamics. There used to be a lot more incentive for a woman to pick a man with a good career and at least get that engagement ring as a downpayment before giving it up. In this way the African-American community was a sort of petri dish, an experiment, the first community the Elites wrecked by dishing out handouts and encouraging single parenthood to create a caste of dependant voters.
    As for birth control, in a lot of ways I’m glad I didn’t become a father until 29. I feel so much more financially secure and emotionally stable at 33 than I was in my early 20’s. That’s not to say I approve of these 20-year rumspringas women are going on from 15 to 35, though….

    1. Yeah, having a family later in life is one of the areas where I disagree somewhat with the conservative redpill crowd. I think a guy starting a family in his 30s or 40s is going to be a far better father, and will appreciate it more, than doing it earlier. Of course, if we follow Aristotle’s advice that the idea age to marry is 37 for men and 19 for women, it’s not really a problem, is it? It’s the western culture that sees such a marriage as “creepy” that makes this difficult.

      1. I always tell my male friends who feels bad dating a girl much younger than him. If you’re happy and she’s happy, who gives a fuck what anybody else thinks. You don’t need other people’s approval for your happiness.

      2. Perhaps the “creepiness factor” of that will decrease a bit as part of the “Trump effect” since he had a kid at 60 with a woman ~24 years his junior.

  14. Once we have the male pill, both the unwanted pregnancy and abortion rates should drop like a stone. The key is to allow technology to complete its ability to control pregnancy. We’re not there yet but close.

    1. I could also see a huge spike in bastards and abortions. I can just imagine some horny teenager/serial father/frat rat/thug telling his girlfriend “it’s okay babe, I’m on the guy-pill”.

      1. It’s possible. But it’s not a legimage argument against the male pill. The male pill is a godsend for more rational men.

      2. I don’t think that scenario is possible, what with women being able to cry ‘rape’ for not calling her the next day, or mandatory ‘child support’ for men.

    2. Agree that it will reduce unwanted pregnancies and abortions because men are typically more responsible making sure we don’t miss a dose.
      The establishment would not like having male pill due to loss in revenue from having to perform the procedures.

  15. Funny you point these things out.
    In 1968, someone actually did predict what the widespread use and acceptance of artificial contraception would lead to:
    1) That it would lead to adultery and the general lowering of morality.
    – Like “loose social norms”, women engaging multiple sexual partners while sterilizing their bodies, immodest selfies, carousel riding, cuckoldry, frivolous divorce-rape, etc.. which would also lead to:
    2) Men losing respect for women, and that they would increasingly regard them as sex toys, not wife material.
    3) That people would start thinking that they have unlimited control over their own bodies.
    – “Her body, her choice.” “His body, his choice.”
    4) That artificial contraception would become a weapon by governments.
    – China is probably the most obvious, but other governments also push it in less direct ways, in order to “fight global warming” or “overpopulation” or some such excuse.
    A “male pill” wouldn’t be a solution, just another style of contraception, the way abortion quickly became the “failsafe” for when other contraceptive methods fail when it was made effectively “legal” 5 years later. In fact, the SC decision to make abortion an option may have been due to the earlier acceptance of contraception in general.

  16. I would like to have a kantian-nihilistic opinion on that matter, oh wait… I can’t, because Lolknee is banned.
    Bring him back !

        1. No, I’m afraid he banned them before they could dip their mushroom tips in her muffin.

        1. What the fuck? I laughed my ass of at that. Forney is a bitch then…
          He’s got sand in his vagina quite apparently.
          I wonder if it was just him or if he consulted Roosh or so.

    1. Are you fucking kidding? Lolknee was actually banned? For talking shit? He has talked shit to me and is one of my favorite debate buddies/frienemies, but I wouldn’t want some one banned because they disagreed or talked shit….that is fucked up. That explains GhostofJefferson’s long comment about his disappointment with the moderators the other day.

  17. Factoid: If you’re married to or in a LTR with a woman who is against abortion you will be far more likely to have something decent.
    On the flip side:
    A woman that could think of aborting a living fetus inside them is nothing short of a psycho broad that should be only used like a hand puppet and only briefly if at all..

      1. Every one I’ve dated and considered “marriage material” has been as well. Common sense really.

  18. Wow. This entire site blows my mind. I mean, this has to be satire, right? You are poisoning ignorant minds. Educate yourselves people. There are structures and narratives beyond the simple scope presented here. Women behaving like sluts is the worst, right? Oh, and I bet you jerk off to houseplants.

    1. We are completely aware of the misguided “structures” and “narratives.” Judging from your comment, it is you who should educate yourself to other viewpoints.

      1. I am very curious about other viewpoints. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been reading the articles here. I appreciate that my opinion is not the only one; however, much of the content here is directly misogynistic. Bear in mind, the lack of misogyny does not mean the presence of misandry, and I recognize that, for some, the concept of masculinity is challenged by feminist notions, but these are reactive insecurities. The two sexes are much more alike than gender norms would like us to think.

        1. So how about this viewpoint?
          I’m a man and I’m stronger and more competent in just about everything than 95% of women out there. I’m also married and my wife looks to me for solving things, she knows I will do it better than her virtually every time.
          Female glorification in professional senses is ridiculous and stupid and every man knows that. The only people who buy into it are gullible girls.
          I’m I suppose as much of a misogynist as you would ever find in the wild lol, and if you check what I write you will see the proof is in the pudding.
          I’m old school compared to most here.

        2. What you’re not seeing is that the modern Western culture is directly misandric. Feminism has gone awry. Take all the media and put the word women in place of the word men and then you can see what I mean.

      1. Yes, unfortunately women slut shame other women all time too. I can’t disagree with you there. Although I do think that, at least where I live, that both women and men have taken a step back and analyzed why this happens and recognized their own participation in the process.

    2. Women behaving like sluts is bad, that almost goes without saying. I welcome you to elaborate on the rest of your comment, but it’s sadly devoid of any actual meaning. But please, go on about these structures and narratives, you’ll either actually say something (unlikely), or you’ll realize how little you said.

    3. It does come across as satire at times. And the author forgets that abortions ran in the 6 figures in the USA back when cars had fins, Little Susie had to wake up, and they were illegal everywhere. As for “the pill”, once it was invented, demand made stopping it impossible. But this isn’t the first time this article, written differently and with a different byline has appeared here.

    4. Any logical statements to make or just emotional vitriol? Maybe you have been indoctrinated with ignorance and bought the lies of the zeitgeist. Atleast your opening your eyes and seeing what destruction feminism has brought the world with 1 out of every 3 10 year olds in South Africa already having sex.

      1. I was emotional. You are totally right. After all, how on earth could I make any logical statement with my female horomones and irrational behavior controlling my every thought? I was implying that to look simply at these so called results of feminism without taking into account the thousands of years of systematic oppression women have faced, is too simple of a viewpoint. Look at when we got the vote. Look at our current political representation ( granted some countries are improving here greatly). Look at job ads in the 1950’s and 60’s. Look at the condescending and belittling vocabulary set we use to describe women and only women. Look at religious texts. Look at how both men and women judge a woman more on her appearance than her character. Look at honour killings. Look at unequal pay. Look at porn. Look at the condoning of rape. Look! It is literally everywhere.

        1. Perhaps you are aware of the saying “When you are a hammer, you tend to see the world as nails?”

      1. Hmmm. Interesting assumption on your part. I am indeed a bit offended, although far from surprised. However, I am not a slut. In fact, I’m probably the type of woman all you ‘kings’ here think of as ideal. Well, maybe except for the speaking my mind part. I’m married. I only work part time because my husband makes enough to support us. I clean. I cook. I take care of myself. I enjoy taking care of my house for the both of us. I want children and I want to stay home and raise them. You think I’m a slut because what, I have an opinion that differs from yours? Or is it because you correctly assumed that I don’t feel women should be shamed based on their sexual encounters?

        1. “You think I’m a slut because what, I have an opinion that differs from yours?”
          Nope, we know you are one because it’s only sluts who feel such a sting of guilt from their past that they have to overcompensate by generating Disqus accounts for the sole purpose of posting butthurt here.

        2. Relax, you don’t need to qualify yourself to me.
          What I find interesting is that you’re on this site… it’s almost as if you’re seeking emotional attention/intellectual stimulation from other men while your husband is at work partly supporting your lifestyle.
          As for the slut shaming, men don’t really shame sluts. Men just don’t take them very seriously and make sure that they don’t get involved with sluts on a long term basis because it’s high risk.
          However, women do shame sluts because the blunt truth of the matter is that sluts collectively decrease the bargaining power of the vag so unless you’re a slut yourself, I fail to see why you’re defending the concept.

    5. Women are not permitted to comment here, especially when their posts contribute nothing of value.

  19. Men need to have the option to have an economic abortion if they don’t want to commit to a woman and become a father. I mean her body her choice but his money his choice. Right? Fair is fair..

    1. In the money hit right there. This is what should happen and now some are pushing for it.

      1. Sweden is trying to get that into law. You’ll never guess who’s violently demonstrating against it. I’ll give you a hint, they pretend to want equality, except when it means equal responsibilities.

        1. “…they pretend to want equality, except when it means equal responsibilities.”
          NOTHING at all new there; feminism is all about being able to cherry-pick the best of women’s and men’s advantages and perks, while avoiding all of the duties and responsibilities.
          Just google “women required to register for Selective Service”.

    2. I think that’s only fair. Men should be able to opt out of the responsibility of a child they didn’t want. Her body, her choice, so her responsibility. If women didn’t have the gov’t to rely on to pay for their kids there would be a lot less surprise pregnancies and more use of birth control. But I guess that contradicts the article. However I still think men should have the choic to opt out if they didn’t intend to have children with the women they slept with. If I was a guy I would be double wrapping that thing just to be sure lol.

    3. Absolutely, I disagree with you (neither men nor women can have a “right” to fun without consequences); relatively speaking, I agree that women should not be allowed to have fun without consequences while insisting that men are still on the hook.

        1. That men and women should face consequences for having “fun”.
          My opinion is that only men face consequences today. And if society won’t force women to take responsibility, then men should also be off the hook.

  20. Pope Paul VI clearly prophesied that marriage and society would clearly suffer with the widespread use of contraception. This teaching has been clearly explicated in his encyclical Humanae Vitae. Every christian body taught the wrongness of contraception until the 1930 Lamberth Conference with the Anglican Church being first to fall in line with the fashion of the times. Soon all the other protestant denominations followed suit with only the Catholic church today left on the side of truth. Instead of people thinking about what is good for society, families, children, and the salvation of souls, as usual they thought with selfish and prurient interests. These are difficult teachings but there are divine reasons for them. Thinking dispassionately about artificial contraception will show how unnatural and selfish it is, even from a perspective of natural law and human reason.
    Read this short article about how Paul VI prophesied the consequences of the widespread use of contraception:

    1. Wow, that is prescient if nothing else. If the Catholic Church stopped hiding and protecting paedophiles, some people might actually join.
      I do not and never will accept anything short of a full blown “we fucked up and we are sorry” from them for the shit they created with child abuse and protecting the perpetrators of it. Short of it the Church and the Vatican is something I would like to see blown sky high.
      You cannot preach moral righteousness from a pulpit built on debauchery that has never been atoned for.

      1. Gotta disagree…
        No matter what the Catholic church says or does to apologize, and protect kids would never be good enough. Claiming otherwise is nothing more than virtue signaling.

        1. Seems like just emotional hatred instead of a search for truth. You do not judge a religion by those that fail to practice it. Humans are weak, it should never have happened, but the abuse was confined to a small minority of priests and that has no reflection on the Church itself. The Church is not based on the behavior of priests but whether Christ found it. Humans are sinful and imperfect, priest or not.

        2. Seems I should clarify my statement.
          You’re right, you don’t judge a religion by those who fail to practice it. My statement was meant to point out that those who claim that the church needs to apologize don’t really want that. They simply want to try to beat it over the head with the failures of some priests and bishops, to try to appear more virtuous than the Church.

      2. It was a small minority of priests, no promise has been made that every priest will be a saint. Egregious sins are to be condemned but have no relation to the truth or falsity of the church. Are you thinking logically or emotionally, I do not see how sinful members means that the Church is false. There have been bad popes in personal behavior in history, but never an alteration to false doctrine. What matters is the official teaching of the Church not what each and every person who chooses to become a priest does. How can you control the behavior of every person that chooses to be a priest, does that make any sense? Viewing every priest as at fault and dismissing the Church only shows lack of clear thinking. And plenty of statements of apology have been given and numerous steps taken to prevent further abuse, I’m not sure what else they can do. Are you sure you’ve done your research?

      3. You don’t think the whole pedophile thing is a massive smear campaign against all Catholics?
        …nobody makes noise about Sheiks and their batty boys… or Rabbis sucking blood out of babies’ dicks for example.
        Everyone knows this shit has gone on for centuries in all cultures and religions so why the focus on Catholics and why at this point in time? Who benefits from this and how will it affect Europe for example?
        Will dissolving a common unity play into some other power’s game of divide and conquer?

        1. “You don’t think the whole pedophile thing is a massive smear campaign against all Catholics?”
          I do. The church was confronted about this publicly in the west about the pedos in the early 90’s and the constant media condemnations have not stopped. The church itself recognized the issue and has made progress, but the catholic bashers and socialists will never let is go– feeds their hate. I don’t think people realize that there are 1 billion catholics in the world and that catholic fathers would not just sit quietly when finding out their kid got molested by a priest. That collar doesn’t stop bullets.
          What I see weekly in news feeds or the dying MSM about kids getting molested? Public school teachers– both male and female. No public outcry there.

        2. And the abuse rates were lower in the Catholic Church than in other churches, schools, public organizations like the BSA, etc. The whole point was just to discredit an institution that was, on the whole, doing a better job than anyone else – and that’s even after it was infiltrated by Socialists and heretics.
          Also rarely mentioned: actual pedophilia was VERY rare amongst the cases. Really, the problem was one of gay “priests” taking advantage of young men in their mid-teens. To me, there is an huge difference between messing around with a 16 year old, and molesting a 6 year old.

        3. Half of the students at catholic schools in the US are not catholic. In the UK, some parents convert to catholism in the hopess their kids get accepted to catholic schools. The hate by socialists is evident and naked.
          The issue of priests having wives or “sinning” is a legitmate one, but the men who strive to put God first litererally seems to intimidate a lot of people. They are men who deserve our attention.

    2. If the Catholic Church stands on the side of truth today, it won’t for much longer under the current Pope, who is a hispanic version of Bernie Sanders 🙁

  21. “It´s my body and my choice but you´re gonna pay for my contraception, abortion and healthcare… uh and my tampons because I should not pay for being a woman.” – Strong Independent Woman

  22. The mantra is that women want to behave like men. But of the hundreds of men I’ve known, only three acted like the women who claim to be acting like men.
    There is one of two labels for anyone who claims to have had a dozen+ sex partners: either idiot liar, or scumbag.
    Fucking sluts is no more a source of pride than being a slut; two degenerate enablers both equally responsible for society’s problem, both equally denying their part.

    1. Especially in our days, it is ridiculously easy to insert yourself into a random slit. Why some men view this as a mark of masculine achievement or pride, is beyond me. To me, virtue is the clearest proof of masculinity: self mastery.

  23. Time will always reveal true identities.
    When I 20 “the love of my life” (longest relationship of 3 years) ended up pregnant. I decided for the arbotion she accepted. Later she got pregnant again with me but she suffered a miscarriage. It wasnt the same a few months after that. The coast started getting windy on a alarming rate. She started acting devious and grimy. Lying about being at her house, I would drive up and her car wasnt there. As much as I didnt want to accept the mixed signals I got from her during the beginning of our end, stealthily flirt texts (and maybe even calls when I wasnt around) with her thirsty coworkers, having their phone numbers, lying about the places she said she would be when really she wasnt. Verified intel leaked to me that she eventually cheated on me. When I confronted her knocking at her door late at night, she didnt say anything or bothered to chase me back to my car. Her quiet frozen demonic face revealed half of it, the coldness I got from her vibe confirmed the rest. I contemplated suicide after that, but slowly I paced myself to walk away with that emotional dent and focus on my paper chase which worked out well. That incident alone indirectly prescribed me the generic red pill. I became more passive aggressive and direct with girls but still managed to get laid. I know its wrong for me to say this but I saw them all as sadistic sluts who will stab you in the back as soon as you start with that lovely dovey shit. I am 25 now and thankfully Return of Kings has officially indoctrinated me with the authentic prescription to the red capsule. Its a philosophy that not every young man can handle. ohh ***Where is she now? Well shes 26 maybe retired from riding the carousel and about to have a baby with a clueless guy who if he only knew what she has done , poor mental breakdown on this fella.

    1. That’s unfortunate you reacted to her pregnancy by going in favor of her abortion. I’m assuming your family, society, friends and associates were no help in promoting new blood and fresh new progeny for the republic and some probably cheered on behind your back when your firstborn was destroyed. It’s usually a feminist/socialist in the family that advises anti family agenda. Sometimes a popular peer leader in the pop culture or social circles will portray an anti life, anti family meme or theme that should be followed in order to remain ‘cool’ in the group. Social marxism is only as strong as its promoters or proponents and these are usually close individuals that you can shake a stick at.
      It’s good you didn’t take your own life over some petty girl. She’s an old used sock with holes. Absolutely not worth it. I’d recount though the individuals who were anti-family advocates. Avoid them, keep them shitlisted and move on. A man is never too old to start fresh and game the girl right for once.

      1. I appreciate your comment MCGOO. I have read a couple of your comments and you got a voice here. Anyway, I was 20 years old my man and that decision was made between her and I. Nobody else ever knew about it. I was very immature about the bigger picture about life, just focused on the materialistic things of life ( making some cash and moderating my car ) and she came second I guess. I know that abortion is going to live with me for the rest of my life and perhaps sooner or later I will pay retribution for that. Now at 25 , Im a bit more level headed, think things through with all my gears, and really just focused on improving my inner self to become a more wise solidified growing man each day. I dont have a girlfriend and havent had one in over a year. I try not to let it get to me at night. Im just focused on trying to build something here for myself.

        1. That’a the attitude we want to see!
          This is a site for MEN by MEN who call themselves KINGS for a reason.
          Because they have woken up to the fact that real Men are naturally Kings and there fore leaders.
          As leaders they have to be able to know and consider all opinions and options so that finally they can find their own solutions because they have learned how to stand alone on their two own legs without the help of any crutches holding them up.
          That requires effort, discipline, fortitude, mind-blowing, and, above all, it requires that they learn to be Masters of their own Life.
          For example, referring to the topic of the above article on induced abortion and contraception, Kings recognize that no one is a true Master of his own life if he has not learned to control his most basic instinct, namely the instinct to reproduce.
          If one who thinks he can control others and many “outer” things, animals and people but is not able to control his reproductive instinct he is a Master of Nothing.
          He is just words, just talk, no walk.
          He is no better then an Animal.
          Actually, he is worse.
          Because an Animal will follow Nature’s call for reproduction and submit to the Laws of Nature by instinct, but the man who is unable to ascend to real Manhood gives up his will to the animal within while trying to bend the Natural Laws to his advantage only and uniquely for sensual purposes, therefore creating great unbalance and harm for himself and his fellow beings.
          By not being able to control his reproductive instincts from within, this kind of man has had to look for “solutions” outside of himself: in absurd “continence” practices dictated by religions, or in other perversions applied to his sexual life and its results.
          Ritual infant genital mutilation, pedophilia, induced abortions, various methods of contraception, same-sex relationships and so forth are all consequences of the imbalances he himself has created by forsaking his capability to be a real Master of his basic instinct to reproduce.
          Women are behaving irresponsibly regarding sex? Sure, but since they are doing that and we as Men can recognize it better and more easily than they do (because they tend to simply follow the strongest wind of the moment and have almost universally no autonomous self-control), we have to set them on the right path. Not by despising them, but by teaching them that we will decide when our seed will enter their body to make a child.
          That is, only when they deserve it and there is a mutual consent and agreement about wanting the child and wanting to grow him/her and to educate him/her, which requires the presence of both parents!
          The Man is to take the lead, and support the woman keeping her commitment.
          The woman will naturally follow the Man who is a real Master.
          She knows he has Power.
          She knows there is no way she will be able to extract his seed if he does not want a child. That means she will not be able to extract anything else out of him if he so decides. She will admire him for that.
          She knows Her Man IS Power.
          This does not mean he or she have to forsake pleasures of the body induced by intimacy. This is nothing against pleasure.
          Actually, it is pleasure in its very essence. Men and women if they so desire can have all intimate pleasure and multiple orgasms without any consequence regarding unwanted pregnancies because the Man will not let any single drop of sperm leave his reproductive organs if he does not want to reproduce, while the female can eventually abundantly ejaculate during orgasms (therefore attaining complete sexual relaxation, which in turn will keep her faithful to her Man).
          Once Men realize this and put that into practice, they understand what it means to have real Mastery, not only over the environment and over Women, but first and foremost over themselves as animals. And they start becoming real Humans. A real Human is such from the eyes up. The rest is animal. The tiger needs to be tamed, and WANTS to be tamed. In this times of dissolution most Men have forgotten that. We have to remember, because once tamed, Man rides the tiger at will, and it will go where He wants to and do what He wants.
          But remember too that this path is individual, unique, ad Personam. It means there cannot be any “imitation” of anyone else.
          At that point man is Man, a true King.
          Summing up, you could say that this whole site is an expression of a collective drive from Men to realize true Mastery as Real Men.
          keep “blowing minds” Kings! It’s entirely necessary.
          Once all minds are “blown,” (the “old” is gone), true Reality emerges.

  24. The 60’s mantra was “every child deserves to be a wanted child”. This played on my heartstrings because like most children then, I was an accident, an untimely (too soon) byproduct of (married) sex and what child doesn’t yearn to be wanted? The odds are that developers of the birth control pill were no more wanted or chosen than their peers. The law of unintended consequences.

    1. This is one of the things I find beautiful about the Catholic Faith. Couples understand that the purpose of marriage and sex is children, so there is no question of “wanting” or “not wanting” a kid. When a kid comes, it is received as a gift. None of the children were the result of a deliberate attempt to conceive, nor was there ever a deliberate attempt not to conceive. All the children know that they were welcomed by their parents, because their parents understood the nature of the marriage bond and their sexual congress.

  25. ok how is this a bad thing? we save money, time, headaches, and get to live our lives child free.
    thats a win.

    1. On my dime, loser. Your stupidity affects those of us who aspire to live above the level of street urchin. Given my druthers I’d let your kind drown under a bridge and not lift a finger to help you.

      1. And how would that be a bad thing? We save money, time, headaches and get to live our lives free of feckless morons who whittle the culture down to nothing.
        That’s a win! 😉

    2. If you don’t see that this has a catastrophic and deleterious effect on society over the long-term, affecting everyone’s well-being, then you are living proof of the stupor that the Culture of Me inflicts upon us.

  26. Abortion, birthcontrol. Yes, they have something to do with our rotten society. They give women the option to procrastinate on motherhood which most women will regret later. Then all kinds of fertility-programs are necessary to achieve what is hard at 34 and easy at 24. And who pays for that? Society and HC policyholders.
    But the real problem regarding women and the destruction of the traditional family is the government playing the role of husband with the men’s (tax)money. Providing a safetynet, giving free handouts. Paid maternityleave here, childrelated tax deduction there. Subsidized housing (what they call section8 in the US) In my own country it goes on and on. No wonder women have big mouths to their male partners. If things don’t work out daddy government’s comfy hammock is available till death. From cradle to grave, living rather comfortably on others money. It’s possible, in socialist Europe.
    The best thing men can do is giving women no security. No marriage. No signatures on whatever document. No shared bank-accounts, no co-sign for a house. If she screws up, she’s out in 3 days and that’s it. No fear of starvation, or being homeless? No respect for the person who makes sure you have a comfy life.
    There are a few topics on RoK where I don’t agree with the consensus. The pro-circumcision idiots and the anti-abortion preachers are two of those topics. Both topics have to do with self-determination. Anyone who wants to deny a person the right to do whatever that person wants to do with his/her body is a tyrant, even when that is harmful. Want to abort a lump of cells? Go ahead. Want to shoot heroin? Go ahead. Want to jump in front of a train? Do it. You get the idea.

    1. The safety nets that the nanny state offers women seem optional. Many take advantage of them. Try putting a family together and on the surface, the safety net peddlers may seem that they are still offering optional services, but try refusing them. Telling them ”no thanks, go away” is shit testing them. That’s when they reveal that they’re hard core pushers of their ‘services’. Just say ”no” to the socialist nanny state services and they take it like you just shrieked a warcry of independence from the socialist nanny state.
      It only takes a small welling up of people to resist them. Only in perfect, fluoridated, medicated and pacified peacetime does the socialist apparatus keep all the sheep asleep. During unrest, much of their apparatus breaks down and they’re unable to maintain full mainlining of their program. A few dissenters collectively resisting creates ripples in every direction. Socialist control in the west is tedious at best. Resistance pokes holes in their security ‘blankets’ they offer and they’re busier trying to patch the holes in their colossal ruse than they are providing un-needed, unwanted and intrusive ‘security’.

    2. If you use your body to destroy another human being, that’s not really freedom.

      1. Another human being? It’s not even born. No, you have to draw the line somewhere. And what happens inside a woman’s body is her business.

    3. The point, obviously, is that a child in utero is obviously not just a lump of cells, and it’s disingenuous to pretend that those who oppose abortion are merely opposed to the destruction of cells.
      You are a lump of cells, technically.
      And, of course, it is incoherent to speak of abstract rights – i.e., rights abstracted from objective morality. If you don’t believe in objective morality, fine – then, there are no rights. If you do believe in objective morality, then that is the criterion of what is right and, therefore, of what a person has a right to do. Whether it’s “your own body” has literally nothing to do with it. You and your body are as answerable to the laws of the cosmos as everything else.
      We are agreed, however, that the state should not play husband to women. To the extent that women expect a man to sacrifice himself for them or support them, they cannot be considered autonomous persons. A woman expects me to protect her from an immigrant-led sexual assault; a woman expects me to support her through my taxes; well, fine: she should not presume to claim equal status with me in the public sphere, but should obviously be considered a second-class citizen. She is a dependent, not a free person. If she wants to depend on an husband, fine; if she wants the state to be her husband, fine (not really, but for the sake of argument) – but now we need to talk about how we should acknowledge her submission and dependence upon the state through the diminution of her personal privileges.
      Freedom, properly understood, is not about license; freedom is properly understood as the nobility of character that allows one to act independently in a manner that accords with nature. In Latin, the Germanic languages and Sanskrit, the roots related to the terms of freedom (liber, free, freo, friy, priy, etc.) all involved the senses of “noble, joyous, beloved, a natural child, not in bondage, at one’s own pleasure.” Freedom is not merely “being left alone” or “doing whatever you want,” it is having the noble and pleasant quality of authentic autarcheia and self-government. Hence St. Augustine could say in a manner quite intelligent to Pagan Roman and Roman Catholic cultures alike: “a man has as many masters as he has vices.”
      The Liberal Arts are so called, not because they are “Liberal” (in the sense of Left-wing), but because they were the disciplines considered necessary for a man to be the master of himself. The Liberal Arts are: Logic, Grammar, Rhetoric, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, Astronomy (the latter being an understanding of the movements of the stars and seasons).

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Freedom isn’t the right to do wrong it is the right to do right.

  27. Must read, a new devastating critique and comprehensive look at the entire sexual revolution starting from Marquis de Sade by Gabriele Kuby, a German sociologist who was an agnostic feminist but converted to the Catholic Church after a lifelong quest for truth. Erudite and insightful, but will not here about it anywhere in the liberal mainstream media.
    Kuby begins with those she calls “the trailblazers” including the Marquis de Sade who lived and wrote violent pornography from his cell in the Bastille as the Ancien Régime fell and the French Revolution commenced. She runs quickly through Malthus, Sanger, Marx & Engels, Wilhelm Reich, Freud & Jung, behaviorist John Watson, PR guru Edward Bernays, Bernard Berelson, child abuser Alfred Kinsey, sex-change monster John Money, a veritable rogue’s gallery of wicked men whose personal immorality drove them to undermine the morality of mankind.

  28. If the government didn’t give single women a big fat check for every kid they crap out, single motherhood would be at or less than 2%, which is what it was at before welfare. The crime rate would also be halved, but of course we aren’t supposed to make women responsible for their choices. That would misogyny.

    1. Hence my policy suggestion of putting single mothers to death after the second offense.
      (“Single Mothers” meaning, in this context, women who are single mothers through some deliberate act of theirs – not women who were widowed or abandoned by their spouses).

        1. The same as other orphans. Depending upon age, adoption, entrance into a religious house or order, an apprenticeship, etc.

        2. Don’t you think you’re just trading in one set of problems for another? Although single mothers are certainly a malaise for raising kids, having no parents raise a child also leads to societal problems. And it I very much doubt the government would not get involved with programs and entitlements. However if the concept is purely punitive then don’t you think their are less harsh methods than death? Our ancestors did not put single mothers to death.

        3. It’s not designed to be a permanent policy. The point of the policy is to terrify slatterns into sensible behavior, and to eliminate the remaining hags who are too stupid, brazen or degenerate to cease and desist even under pain of death.
          Yes, the policy assumes that many other things are in place. I would never trust the current government to lay an hand on a child. Modern children are probably better off being left even in an home where they are abused by their blood relatives, than they are being shuffled through whatever revolving door of perverts and monsters the government has in store for them

        4. I see drastic times call for drastic measures no? Perhaps we could set up a female exchange program with another country whereby after two bastard pregnancies our female is shipped off to say Cameroon with a lumpsum of her entitlement money going to the government and in return they send us a virgin?

        5. Aurelius, I was wondering, what is the Catholic Church’s teaching on the death penalty? I had been told the Catholic Church was opposed to it, yet the Church has put people to death in the past no?

        6. Yes. The actual Catholic Church’s teaching, as found all through Holy Tradition and even in the Bible, is that the State exists for the purpose of facilitating and encouraging virtue, and punishing vice.
          “Let every soul be subject to higher powers: for there is no power but from God: and those that are, are ordained of God. [2] Therefore he that resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God. And they that resist, purchase to themselves damnation. [3] For princes are not a terror to the good work, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? Do that which is good: and thou shalt have praise from the same. [4] For he is God’ s minister to thee, for good. But if thou do that which is evil, fear: for he beareth not the sword in vain. For he is God’ s minister: an avenger to execute wrath upon him that doth evil. [5] Wherefore be subject of necessity, not only for wrath, but also for conscience’ sake.” (Romans 13:1-5)
          Obviously he is speaking of the purpose of the State, and is not implying that states never transgress that purpose and become rogue states from God’s will and law. For example, the current United States government can safely be regarded as altogether lawless and undeserving of obedience on account of its explicit Liberalism, its espousal of rights abstracted from the norms of morality, and its observed tendency through all of its history to continue siding with irrational and immoral persons and causes against what is actually right and just, in the name of “freedom” and “equality,” etc. That doesn’t mean that I recommend defying it willy-nilly (it can still kill you!), but it is not a legitimate state. Throughout most of human history, even less than perfect states (like the Roman Empire) still kept pretty close to their obligations under Natural Law of maintaining law and order. Even the pope himself, as monarch of the Papal States, used to have an executioner so that he could fulfill his responsibility to exterminate egregious criminals. And it’s not like Vatican City doesn’t have its own armed men, even today…
          I am of the opinion that the only reasonable theological view of the popes since John XXIII, is that they are antipopes who deliberately obscure, fudge, stretch or suppress the full and authentic Catholic doctrine. They do this in ways that affirm the Liberal and Modernist prejudices of secularized, Western societies. But even they have still admitted that, technically, the death penalty is a valid option. But, of course, they and many others who support the novel religion, downplay that very much and focus more on the “seamless garment” argument, which all of Catholic history and Tradition condemn as a silly and womanish bit of flim-flam.
          The Evangelical Counsels are for individuals leaving the world behind, not for States who have a duty to oversee good order in the world. A king should use the power of the sword to defend his people from internal and external threats. If he doesn’t want to do that, he should abdicate. And a democratic state where the people don’t want to do that, is a state where the people will allow aggressors to destroy them more or less quickly – as we see the West currently does.

      1. What of the cock-cannons going about creating all of those single mothers?
        Women are stupid. We know this. We can’t hold women 100% responsible because they can’t resist that big black cock, doubly so when you have an entire group dedicated to intense stratermagizing on the best methods to trick said women using their known weaknesses and psychological flaws to greater improve one’s odds of pump-and-dumps.

        1. Yes, I agree; I wasn’t laying out my whole plan for society, just interjecting an apropos comment. I agree that many changes need to be made, and lots of people need to be killed. Don’t mistake me for advocating only a limited and inequitable application of exterminatory activity!

  29. I strongly believe that women are smarter than men. But there are exceptions. Man designs a city. After he’s done he goes out to the club to meet Kim Kardashian. That’s where the intelligence of the woman begun. Cuz she spends her entire life learning how to manipulate the world through communication and relationship and what nots, while the man spends his entire life trying to make the world a better place.

    1. Guile is not intelligence. It involves intelligence somewhat, but the main factor is the gullibility of the person manipulated. Gullibility has more to do with innocence and good character than it does with intelligence. Men, especially in their youth, are generally not accustomed to conniving behaviours and never engage in them, and so are not quick to suspect them in others. They wise up in the school of hard knocks.
      Men consistently score both higher and lower than women in intelligence tests – i.e., women are more mediocre; the average male is a few IQ points higher than the average woman – but on the extremes, there are far more men in both the very low IQ and very high IQ ranges, than there are women at the same levels.

    2. When the IQ test was first standardized, there was a curve in which at 14, women scored very low compared to men. We then got many IQ tests because the first one was not good enough, nor the second, and so on and so forth.
      Statistics break down that men have about a 3 point advantage over woman as far as IQ is concerned. It is also true men show greater variety on both the low and high end ranges in most tests. Men have an marked advantage in spatial reasoning.
      Some even admit that in higher test scores, men are more commonly seen with a few exceptions. Women were seen more often with unsually high reading comprehension, perceptual speed, and associative memory skills.
      Some break it down to math versus writing in children’s studies or even spatial versus verbal.
      Maybe unimportant to some, but to a tester this is interesting as it points to the ideal there is a marked difference in the way male and female brains work.
      Might explain the manipulation…

  30. The problem we have in Yemen is that life expectancy was short and most children died of diseases as there was no modern medicine. Of 14 kids women had, 2 or 3 survived. Now they all survive, so there is an epidemic of child marriage of and of child soldiers of 10 year old kids, too many mouths to feed in small villages. I think access to family planning is very important for married couples in third world countries who can’t raise 14 kids.
    I agree that feminism combined with contraception ruined western society. We have both contraception and slut shaming in urban areas of Yemen and strong religion, whether Muslim, Christian, Jewish… so families are intact. Our black community is doing fabulous, hard working, law obedient, polite, strong and decent, mosque and church going, strong families unlike in the US ghettos.

    1. The difference is that there is welfare here in the US and we give more benefits for each additional kid the woman produces.

      1. which creates a huge problem. See with no welfare, a woman has to give something in a bargain, improve herself and give something of value in exchange of a man covering her costs. But on welfare, she gives nothing of value to the state

    2. Large numbers of USA blacks are fallen into violence, murder, permanent unemployment, drugs, 80% rate of illegitimate births, very high divorce rates, enmity between the genders, poor health, and more. The problem is worse for black men than for black women.
      Contraception is a hard sell in Islamic cultures. My wife tolerates only one form of contraception, condoms. I tolerate condoms because I am uncircumcised. I believe that circumcised men are more likely to resist condom use.

      1. It’s actually not a hard sell when people teach. My friend used to teach workshops in Yemen with aid agencies to young married people how to use contraception … you’d be amazed in the wrong was things were used…. I won’t say more. It’s an alien thing, and preserving and washing them for multiple use to save money eventually leads to wear & tear and holes… and isn’t sanitary. subsiding it, making it easy for remote villages to access, teaching other methods to compliment it too. This reduces kids in remote villages. Feeling aside, dads there are responsible and don’t want to produce more mouths than they can feed. The main problem is people don’t know how to use it correctly and are embarrassed to ask. Yet there is more access to information how to use things correctly in developed metropolises, and among upper middle class who have internet and can google. Saudis are wealthy, mainly upper middle class. Unlike Yemen, young Saudis have 2.2 kids on average. Yemeni fertility rate used to be 6.5 when I was a kid, now its 4.1. In remote villages, it’s much higher. Ideally, families should have two to three kids like in Saudi Arabia.
        The issue isn’t condom use, as you can see it’s not a problem in Saudi Arabia, but correct condom use, condom availability in remote areas, education in remote areas in improverished remote commuities.
        About black Americans, you are right. That’s the product of cultural marxism and the future of white Americans who left the church or go to a watered down, eager to please SJWs, cuck church. Marxism is sectarian, divides society into groups, gets them to fight and conquers. United we stand, divided we fall.

        1. Marxism has very little influenced African American culture, where the church used to be strong. How drugs, violence and an 80% out of wedlock birth rate became the norm among AAs starting in the 1950s is a story that has yet to be told. But do keep in mind that many young black men are unemployable. They are illiterate and innumerate, because schools are completely ineffective. They view education as an effeminate disgrace. Being poor and uneducated, they get no respect. being disrespected, they turn violent. They deal drugs because they have no other way to make money. They take drugs because they lack other ways to enjoy life. This dark maelstrom is the anvil on which rap music is forged.

        2. The African American Community was the test subject for everything we’re seeing in the larger American culture. Welfare, women married to the state, promiscuity, broken families, all of these things started in the black community, and we are seeing these things spread to the larger American white community. As said by an ROK article which I am too lazy to link, the black community has predicted our future.

        3. Exactly. African Americans are the canary in the coal mine for white Americans and Western Europe

      1. we are in the middle of a revolution and war. Development takes time… but we aim to stop the progress at 1950s and go a different route than Europe.

  31. I’m sure it cut back on women sucking out seed as a birth control substitute. That, I consider, very destructive on society.

    1. If you’re suggesting contraception stopped or lowered the abortion rate, you are, sadly, wrong. Abortion rates skyrocketed after the Pill was licenced in the 1960s.

  32. I am not American and I have never ever been in USA and it is not on the list of things i want to di, thank God for that haha!:-)
    But is this really true. Because take Mississippi. I read that there is only one clinic for abortion so its almost impossie to get and the state is very conservative. So still you hear that there is many young single mom unwed.
    I dont think you look at this from a bigger picture. I think the views on here are very narrowminded and dont understand the bigger pucture.

    1. Women conform. It’s built into their nature. If women from NYC can get abortions 24/7 then eventually that bleeds down to Tennessee regardless of the reality on the ground.

      1. Not to mention women in Tennessee can just hop in the car and drive over the state line.

    2. You’re right, of course. Knucklehead legislators (or governors in Indiana’s case) try to lay as many roadblocks as possible. But your average RoK writer will ignore such inconvenient details. They’re as bound to a narrative as much as any SJW writer is.

    3. It’s not “almost impossible to get.” One can cross state lines easily in the USA. There are no border checks or controls of any kind, and most people live within an easy couple of hours from another state. Also, women can get abortions in places other than abortion clinics. Planned Parenthood is a business that wants to make money. Where they have been impeded from doing so, Leftists are still eager to vacuum babies out of the wombs of irresponsible women. You can be sure that a gal only needs to go crying to the nearest nurse or female doctor, and she will be told where she can go to kill her kid. More than likely, they’ll do it for her themselves.
      The states where there are so few abortion mills are themselves few in number. There is no woman in the USA who faces any significant obstacle in acquiring an abortion, or a morning-after pill.

  33. What I have NEVER understood and still don’t to this day is that with SO many birth control options with the pill being at the top, why FIFTY-TWO MILLION abortions in the last 50 years? What in the F***?!? You can’t remember to take a fuc*ing PILL?
    That’s fuc*ing STUPID. And then.. get this.. THEN when there’s any mention of the MALE birth control pill coming sometime soon, women’s immediate response: “OH NO, UN-UH! There is no way in HELL we’re going to rely on MEN when it comes to birth control!” HAHAHAAAAHAHA!!
    Fifty two MILLION abortions later, I think it’s MORE than clear who can’t be trusted to take birth control. (Not to even mention the millions of ‘oops’ pregnancies each year that lead to the vast number of single mothers).
    Best part of all? NO ONE ANYWHERE HAS EVER TALKED ABOUT THIS AT ALL in the media and not even in the MRA that I’ve ever seen. But it is such a HUGE issue right there in your face at the top of the mountain of importance!

    1. This is the result of every Leftist program, and of every morally perverse attempt to secure pleasure without consequences – it has the opposite effect.
      I bring this up with the women in my family who always talk about the need for these programs. I ask them why every thing they try to fix is always demonstrably worse after they try to fix it. This is how the revolution has always worked:
      Create Problem (lie about it, if need be)-> Reject the Perennial, Inevitable, Unpopular, Moral Solution to the Problem-> Propose a Solution to the Problem Based on Guile, Craft or Irrational Power (usually the Leftist State or Technology)-> The Problem Gets Worse (or other, “unforeseen” problems of a worse nature arise)-> Claim the Need for More of the Same-> Rinse and Repeat.
      I remember when every last shred of respect I had for women as a demographic vanished. When Obama was running for re-election, and all of the rhetoric about women and health care, and “vote like your lady parts depend on it,” Sandra Fluke, etc., was going on, I thought: “The Democrats are talking to women as if they were all filthy whores who would murder their children in an heartbeat. This will work on some college girls, but most women will be offended, including radical feminists (who are more about lesbianism and not being condescended to by patriarchy). I’m sure most of the women I know, care more about economics and security than they do about free birth control, which is already damned cheap”
      Then, the women in my family, who basically “mean well” and are not whores, supported it and got all hysterical about “women’s issues.” And when I specifically drew their attention to Sandra Fluke and the horrible ads that ran (one of which was included in this article), their response was “why is it wrong if a woman wants to be taken seriously as a sexual being?” My mother even admitted that it’s all too complicated for her, so she just votes however her socialist lady friend tells her to vote.
      Of course, now I’m opposed to democracy and voting, period; but that was a crucial moment, pushing me towards reactionary politics. Obviously women should not be allowed within an hundred miles of an important decision for the commonwealth. The few good women there are, don’t mind allowing their husbands to represent their family to the public sphere.

    2. Birth control can be tricky, especially pill types. The pill must be taken within a 1-4 hour timeframe depending on the chemical. If a girl is 7 hours late on a dose, she may ovulate and become pregnant. Other forms of birth control are often avoided because of dangers. The ring causes strokes and heart attacks, the implant is obviously implanted, and the shot can cause bone damage.
      I’ve used the shot for 8 years in a relationship, what I’m hinting at is there’s no shortage. I have never gotten pregnant. I too find the high number of abortion cases strange.
      I’ve known people to get pregnant on birth control, one was on the shot, and they all went to Planned Parenthood. I don’t think they educate people well enough on a number of subjects.
      Male birth control doesn’t exist because nobody has invented it yet. It could still happen, but your biology is quite different.

    3. “Da Pill” has an incredibly high relative failure rate. Remember, even a 1% failure rate results under “lab conditions” in an incredible number of accidents when you’re dealing with scale. 1% of a few million good dickings a year is a lot.
      Then you have the fact that, like Amber mentioned, you’re asking immature high school girls to take a daily pill that requires ritualistic precision to the hour on a daily basis to remain completely effective. The failure rate under “normal use” jumps up far higher.
      That’s without any sort of sabotage, deliberately “forgetting” a dose to trap a man, getting pregnant intentionally because the Jewish media has made single motherhood out to be something to be proud of, drug interactions with antibiotics, or drunken dudebros insisting “if I just pull out it’ll be OK…” is an effective form of birth control.
      Humans in general are relatively infertile animals, which is thankful otherwise we’d have even more unplanned pregnancies caused by casual sex. It’s estimated something like 30-60% of fertilized eggs don’t implant. (Known to college males as “dodging a bullet.”)

  34. Using birth control leads to sleeping around, while abortion is for cleaning up poor choices – it’s what the modern woman is really all about lack of responsibility and lack of accountability

  35. That is true.women do behave like this nowadays .it is impossible for a man to think oh she will make a great mother if she is drinking alcohol and partying.or behaving like a slut like most do women do nowadays but if there is a woman that’s not like is she then? Romantic ,charming,faithful, warmheartet, loving to her children and family and does care to cook healthy for her husband and children.but out of what? Cant you understand you dog? It should not be about just thinking about the offspring, you mortal idiot. it is love you stupid gay all will die.if your ugly imperfect offspring is healthy or not.they will die one will care if you are rotting and eaten by worms in your grave.I will spit on your graves. I will and I hope that you finally understand that you are not the powerful, by fucking like dogs.humankind!! in the end ,after shitting in your pants with Alzheimer’s you will be eaten by worms under the earth.where is your masculinity and power then? Where is your important offspring then?? Ill tell you : they fucking wont care about their dog daddies hahaha and all of your great”accomplishments are suddenly unnecessary hahaha

    1. Thanks for validating ROK bitch. Gentlemen this is what we are dealing with in today’s world. Good fucking luck!

        1. Stop exporting food to her region and knock out the power grid and wait 12 weeks. Problems solved. Allah snackbar.

  36. I think it’s not necessarily men or women and how each has reacted to birth control but it has been a total societal change. Monogamy means nothing anymore. Chastity is looked down upon. Birth control has created a sense of sexual liberation that has transcended sex and infected the entire relationship. Enabled people to build a relationship on sex instead of each other. This is why it’s so easy to leave such a relationship. There’s no substance in it.

  37. About the family and falling birth rate problem –
    The western fertility rate is below replacement. And muslim fertility rate is very high. Muslims are multiplying at a much faster rate and this does not bode well for our children’s future. So, we need to either prevent muslims from having many children, which cannot be done, or we need to increase our birth rate ourselves.
    How do we increase our birth rate? Einstein said doing the same thing and expecting different result is insanity. We have been trying to increase the birth rate by relying on the same old model of marriage. Things have not changed. So we need something different. What can be done? –
    We bring a new form of marriage into the mix – Three way marriage. One man and two women, all marry one another. Which means, the man is married to both women, and both women married to the other woman and the man. Each partner will have 2 spouses.
    This way, the cheating and polygamy problems will be solved. In addition, men are highly aroused watching 2 women having sex. This will bring this evolutionary phenomenon back. It must have had a precedent, because if it were not so, men would not be so aroused by two women having sex. It was meant to be like this. For the man to be in a relationship where he can watch two women getting it on.
    Furthermore – Most of us must know by now that women are not purely heterosexual. Thus women were meant to be with both men and women. This will take care of that as well.
    Even more, the risk of the man leaving, would not be a great issue for the woman, as she would already have another female spouse at hand, and this would encourage her to have the child, without worrying about the father.
    Since both women would be satisfied, both ways, and the man would be much more satisfied sexually, infidelity would not be a major issue, and jealousy as well, so divorces would go down as well. And this arrangement fosters having more children, because there are 2 women in the equation, both of them willing and prepared to take care of the child, and children need care. Even if one of them is not so inclined, the other one can easily compensate. Even if the man is not willing to take care of the child, the child will still have two parents. And these parents would be more caring.
    Each such family can produce around 3 children, or more, which would solve or at least mitigate the fertility issue in a few decades.

    1. its very stupid in this day and age to make children. here in europe people deliver their children to the kindergarten at age of 1. they are kept there for 4-8 hours while the parents are at work! that is pure crazyness. i would never make children just to be slaves to your freaking country. insanity. yet the consumer degenerates still breed, they dont care. these idiots would even raise a family in a concentration camp.

      1. If we do not breed, humanity would end. The aim should be to understand that folks do not want to have children as they did earlier, and therefore, the cost, hardships associated with raising children should be mitigated such that even the not very willing ones do not hesitate and have children anyway.
        This can be achieved with what I mentioned above – To ease the burden by increasing the number of parents, so that the burden is minimized or decreased.

  38. Wanting to game and have sex with lots of women AND wanting a return to traditional families AND disapproving of birth control is a logically inconsistent position. It’s the sort of thinking that brings the men’s movement into disrepute. If you don’t believe that women can be trusted to use birth control effectively then bag it up. Not only will you avoid unwanted pregnancy, you will also protect yourself from STDs. If you want a return to more traditional family life then banging loads of chicks without birth control is not the way to go about it.

    1. “Wanting to game and have sex with lots of women AND wanting a return to
      traditional families AND disapproving of birth control is a logically
      inconsistent position.”
      Not really, most women go through this precise series of attitudes from age 18 right up until the point where they suddenly realise they’re post-35 and sans partner or child. Indeed many women bang processions of bikers and users while simultaneously whining that there are no good men around. Women control the supply, not men. No womens’ legs at right angles = no game, full stop. But feminism demands women be all “empowered” and “own” their sexuality. Or something.

    2. those are the degenerates at ROK. they want girls to be virgins, yet want to game as many girls as possible which contributes to the destruction of society. people are greedy consumers. many people at ROK are like the PUA retards on youtube hahaha.

    3. There is a reason they call it a “game.” Admitting that the game is too easy, and that they wish women actually had the self-respect to put up even the slightest bit of challenge isn’t in any way inconsistent. Up the difficulty.
      I may pick locks as a hobby, but there is no joy in the easy ones because there is no challenge, no learning, no personal growth in the process. Stop being a shitty lock.

  39. I’d say feminism destroys the traditional family. Abortion and birth control help it along…

  40. Lot going on here to think about. First off, in ancient times countries would establish population control on towns and cities they’d conquered, with the idea of preventing them from re-establishing their cultures or militaries. Now, on the other hand in modern times, a guy never knows if a baby is his or not. When your girls says she’s pregnant, it’s either some other guy’s and she’s using it to trap you, or she’s using it as part of female game. With that 30% guaranteed bastard rate it’s up in the air and most guys should flat out demand a paternity test. And all this BEFORE considering an abortion.

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