5 Types Of Malaysian Girls Found In Kuala Lumpur

When men are traveling around Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur does not immediately come to mind as a hunting ground for prime female companionship. It’s always been overshadowed by the likes of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, or the Philippines in that regard.

However, if one is willing to give the place a closer look rather than the obligatory two day stop in between Singapore and the southern Thai islands, the second most developed city in the region (after Singapore) has some interesting potential in the age of Internations and Tinder.

First of all, don’t let Malaysia’s Islamic label fool you. It’s really only about 60% of the population, even less so in the major cities, and a great deal of people are quite secular. You can easily get a steady rotation of dates and relationships in this town with women from all manner of religions and cultures without excessive difficulty.

So beyond that, don’t immediately dismiss the city just because of its expensive alcohol, mega mall culture, and relative lack of tourist sites. Hotels, food, and getting around the city is cheap on the down in the dumps Malaysian Ringgit (nearly 4.5 to a U.S. dollar as of writing), so you should take advantage of dollar arbitrage and get it while it’s hot.

Here are some of the most likely women you will come across in “KL” as it is mostly called.

1. Iranian Immigrants

iranian persian woman

Oh hello there…

Kuala Lumpur is home to a sizable contingent of Persian expatriates who are either seeking greater economic opportunities abroad, or are simply looking to escape the numerous lifestyle restrictions (such as alcohol consumption and women having to wear the Islamic hijab) which are present in their home country and not in Malaysia.

Sounds fair enough to western men passing through the city, because a lot of these women are absolutely stunning. But why do so many of them end up in Malaysia, which is hardly a paved-in-gold 1st world paradise?

Well it all boils down to politics, because Turkey and Malaysia are among the few nations within easy reach of Iran which grant visa-free entry to Iranian passport holders. Trust me, a lot would want to get to the United States or Australia if they could (and the local men would be glad to have them).

Iranian women in Malaysia are often quite attractive, very friendly, warm, feminine, speak great English, and are “Muslim” on paper only. In fact, a lot dislike the religion they were born into and tend to live a very secular lifestyle while abroad.

Hands down the best possible choice in the city, and it’s a shame there just isn’t more of them. Your best bets for success are via Tinder, Internations, and various bars and clubs in Bukit Bintang.

2. Malaysian Chinese


Making up roughly a quarter of the nation’s population, with higher percentages in the largest cities of Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, and Penang, the Chinese in Malaysia are mostly descended from immigrant workers who came to the Malay peninsula during the peak years of the British Empire (late 19th and early 20th century).

Think of the them as like a capitalist, non street spitting (thank god), and reasonably good English speaking version of the PRC Chinese. In other words, there is not too much to complain about from a cultural standpoint.

The women are friendly, open to dating foreigners, and are often fairly hot, though not quite up to the Iranian standards for all three. However, there is a lot more around in Kuala Lumpur, and their lack of Islam means that dating them should not entail any type of religious taboo when it comes time to meet Mummy and Daddy.

Found on Tinder, Internations, nightclubs, or all manner of mega malls around town.

3. Malaysian Indians


Making up about 10% of Malaysia’s population (and again with higher percentages in the major cities like KL), The Indians are also primarily descended from migrants who came during the British Empire days, and particularly from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

They are among the most economically stratified groups in the country, with many Indians living anywhere from destitute poverty to occupying prestigious roles in Medicine, Law, or Information Technology. Assuming you meet them on Tinder in Kuala Lumpur (where you will find the most open-minded Indian women to date non-Indians), they will usually be from the higher end of the socio-economic ladder.

Beauty standards vary considerably, but there is more than a couple of stunners out there. They are a noteworthy middle-of-the-road option in Kuala Lumpur, but the odds aren’t nearly as favorable compared to the Persians or Chinese.

4. The Malays


Well duh, the country is named “Malaysia” after all. The dominant ethnic group in the country usually follows Islam, and you will see a great deal of Malay women around covered in their Islamic garb. However, Malaysia is a moderate Muslim nation and wearing such clothing is entirely optional, and a sizable percentage of women in the larger cities choose to do without it.

Nonetheless, most travelers and expats aren’t particularly fussed with dating the Malays, both for the sake of the religious setbacks and the fact that your average Malay women isn’t nearly as attractive or openly friendly as some of the previously mentioned options.

You will find some rebels though, particularly at the bars in Bukit Bintang and on Tinder (they’ll be wearing western clothes). Just be prepared to have to keep your relationship with them entirely secret, and in many cases it will be a one night only affair.

5. The Saudis


Kuala Lumpur is a popular holiday and shopping destination for more well-to-do Saudi citizens, due to the cities abundance of luxury shopping malls and the fact that they are allowed 90 days of visa free access into Malaysia on their otherwise kind of shitty passport.

They can be spotted in abundance around Bukit Bintang and inside the shopping malls, with the woman being covered in full Ninja garb while her husband (required company) is often sloppily dressed and easily 50 pounds overweight.

Best avoid these questionable women-that-you-can’t-see if you don’t want to wind up at the wrong end of a Kebab knife, or some other type of Middle Eastern blade.

Having said that, if you can get your Saudi Arabian flag then I have full faith in you that you can get anything. It’s your life after all, and that’s a wrap for the most likely women you will come across in Kuala Lumpur.

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164 thoughts on “5 Types Of Malaysian Girls Found In Kuala Lumpur”

  1. Yes, but how do they smell? As a white male, I have senses that are evolved to be attracted to very similar biometrics. Part of the evolutionary checks and balances against dangerous out-tribe mixing.
    Maybe I could get over it, considering many western women have that cheeseburger smell. Yasmin and curry could grow on me.

    1. European Whites smell of cheese and foot odor to Asians, South Asians smell of curry to whites, East Asians smell of fish to everybody, and Russia/ East Europeans smell of spilled alcohol and cigarettes.
      Olfactory senses adapt fast, noses are only programmed to recognise change in smell not constant smell.

      1. I grew up on a dairy farm, couldn’t figure out why I had such a problem with girls through high school. Now I know the answer.

        1. The scientific answer is that the odor given off by a type of bacterium that eats dead skin cells in the foot is similar to a type of cheese.
          Combine that with keratin in the hair, which is produced from the food you eat which also carries that same smell as the food you have eaten.
          So just as a weird example if you ever were to smell your wife or girlfriend’s hair and scalp if there’s no kind of scented shampoo applied you might detect a scent of whatever she had to eat 72 hours previously which has started to become the building blocks of her new follicle growth now.
          This is provided you yourself didn’t eat similar because as mentioned before the nose only detects changes in smell rather than absolute or constant smell. It’s why people can get desensitised to a lot of smells like cigarette smoke or whatever in the home but when they go out of the house and then returned they notice that smell again for 10-20 seconds as their nose adjusts to the ‘new normal’. That’s if they themselves are a non smokers. If they are the smoker, well that scent is on them 24/7 whilst underfunded. And even with masking scents it’s still pretty obvious to detect cigarette odors

    2. lol i haven’t noticed smell dependent on ethnicity, ive been with alot more white women and some just stink, even if they are quite attractive and look like they wouldn’t.
      usually, its the walk to the bathroom and an after orgasm piss that frustrates me, getting that fishy nasty smell on my fingers and it lingering in the room.
      Thats why women wear make up and perfume, because theyre ugly and they stink.

      1. You cannot possibly tell me that you don’t strongly detect curry on Indians when around them?

        1. yea Indians sure, but anyone who eats curry smells of it, i was talking about the pussy itself.
          I’ve never been with an Indian girl…….and i cant say id really care to.

        1. My point is that it is one thing for two diverse cultures to coexist ON PAPER, but another thing entirely when the two are forced to mingle.

        1. just search on youtube for murdoch murdoch, found him through radix journal.
          Hopefully I don’t have a private collection (besides many films and some anime series… yeah I am a living stereotype), that would make me too weird. When I post I search before either for a specific channel, persona or music video and post it’s youtube link.

        2. Don’t tempt him he’ll post more landwhale pics then ask for “donations” on Patreon to take them down!

    1. Oh my God.
      Dude, I have seen some horrific shit. But that is so, so wrong. On so. Many. Levels.

  2. Why did you have to mention no 5? There’s no way you’re getting in the cooch of a niqabi unless its a fetish or a porno.

      1. You could do similar to what I did, except the Muslim route. But then, you would probably end up getting shot by a bunch of infidels, or being murdered by her family once you got tired of her shit.

      2. I never had a Saudi but wouldn’t mind one. Not turned on by the Asian looking girls…especially not Malaysia…which I think is Latin for “bad Asia” but Chinese, Japanese dirty knees all look the same to me. Boring.
        I have bagged a few different brands of Iranian both of the secular, Jewish and Muslim variety. All of them quite fun but secular for the win

        1. Not today my friend. Tomorrow more likely. And Faust wasn’t ungodly. You don’t have to not believe in order to not worship. Fortunately the lord and I have an agreement and he stays well out of my way and I do his god work

        2. The three of us know you have a role to play. You exist only to reveal the sins and hypocrisy of our society.

        3. Oh but here you make a mistake: my heart is pure and without sin. There is no hypocracy in my active Nihlism.

        4. The sins I’m talking about are not yours but the ones of proper ladies and of the cucks that turn a blind eye on them.
          You’re the devil, essentially.

        5. I’ve always had a soft spot for the devil. I’ve always seen him as brave. To stand up to the lord for what he believed is correct. Also, I see him as lonely. Who can the deposed angel speak to? To have your only desire to be go home and be whole again and to have that be the one thing in the universe outside of your power.
          But see to sin you have to transgress the laws. once you step away from the law there is no more sin…it takes courage but it is possible. I enable people to be self actualizing. It’s not my fault when they fail.
          I’d make a good devil

        6. I think the same of East-Asian girls but wouldn’t mind scoring a flag for their petiteness and alleged tightness. My favourites are still Indian and Middle-Eastern with typical features of their ethnicity, not the caucasian looking ones.

        7. I won’t toss a hot girl out of bed no matter where they are from. New pussy = best pussy. But when given a choice Asians are next to blacks at the bottom of the list with the exception of the 1% super model hot ones

        8. Unfortunately , your Devil ideas, despite spawning some lovely imagery in your mind which you have just eloquently expressed, are limited by the particular religious mythology defining the Devil you describe.

        9. Not really. Just take what the mythos gives you and sensibly extrapolate

        10. true…but in ever mythos the devil always seems like a very solitary figure. There is never a peer for the devil. That is the part that really gets me.

        11. The devil is one lonely dude, at the end of the day.
          The Sufis’ Taos (7,000 eyed angel) saw mankind’s plight and cried out of those 7,000 eyes for 7,000 years into 7,000 giant jugs, and then dumped them on and quenched the hellfires.
          Taos probably did it because he was desperate for someone to talk to.

    1. My unit used to have a running bet on those. Needed a Niqab, KFC and some ‘proof of purchase.’

  3. The two types of women you’ll find in Brazil:
    1 – Whores without penis
    2 – Whores with penis

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    1. Because the good looking, decent girls will have nothing to do with foreign PUAs.
      Don’t be deceived, PUAs get the scrape of the bottom of the barrel in Brazil, unless they work and stay a long time in the country.
      Roosh lived near a god damn favela, for crying out loud.
      Foreigners get women that Brazilians would not touch with 10 feet pole, don’t deceive yourselves.
      Tip: if she likes samba, she is lower class.

      1. Well, there is that retired army vet who was killed by his brother-in-law in Goiás, right on Christmas. I was asking myself why would someone who fought wars want to live in Brazil. Got involved with the wrong woman and the wrong family. It says there it was money motivated. It was a distasteful joke of mine there, many decent women in Brazil too. But if you live here you know we have more than our fair share of boys with boob and girls with lewd.

      2. He’s exactly right. I was in Brazil and I couldn’t even score a hot rich white looking Brazilian woman. The only ones that would gravitate to me were blacks, mulatas, and favela girls with good bodies but bad teeth.

        1. It’s the mulatas that I’d want if I went to Brazil. I was thinking of going as I have a friend there but I’m worried about not getting laid there as easily as in the Philippines or Colombia.

        2. I agree. Why go to Brazil to find stuck up bitch white women? We have plenty of those right at home. Try out a darker girl without the we hate whitey dogma drilled into her head.

        3. Why would I go to Brazil chasing white girls ? White girls are the same everywhere, terrible to be around, think the world of themselves.

      3. Well what’s wrong with favela girls ? I’m pretty sure that the rich girls have massive bitch shields and I have enough of that here.

        1. What Marcos-Brazil is saying is completely true. It is true for almost anywhere in the world. but what you are saying is 100% valid too. You will never get the top of the line hi-so drop dead beautiful girls of Brazil (or anywhere else for that matter) as a vacationing PUA. But who cares about a bunch of stuck up cunts that aren’t going to fuck you. If a woman isn’t going to fuck you, she deserves not one second of your attention or a penny of your resources.

    2. Hey a native Malaysian here. I have mixed feelings about this article on my home country. The thing is, Islam as the official religion is a facade. Even the Malay Muslim men having a pious external appearance are horny Abdul’s in private. Is it any wonder prostitution is ubiquitous in my great nation? Haha
      Among all the ethnic women stated in the article, I daresay Chinese are the most liberal when it comes to interracial relationship. Bear in mind, I’m saying this as a native men.
      The Malay girls particularly in the urban areas are very liberal as well. From my experience the most common interracial couples are Indian Men-Chinese Woman and Indian Men-Malay Girls.
      As for Indian girls, yes the urban bitches are mega sluts, but those from semi-urban and rural areas are quite conservative.
      So fellow ROK bros, your best bet for pussy in Malaysia is a Chinese pussy. Followed by Middle Eastern girls and liberal Malay and Indian girls. Believe me Malay girls salivate over Caucasian Men. I’m not kidding.
      They may wear hijab(called tudung here) but once you get to know them, they are very easy going. Enjoy….

      1. Thanks for your insight.
        My only brush with Malaysia was when a German colleague of mine went there on a 2 year project and he ended up staying. He had his fun, but finally married a smoking hot local girl. That was 10 years ago and last I heard they were still together and living well.

      2. “As for Indian girls, yes the urban bitches are mega sluts, but those from semi-urban and rural areas are quite conservative. ”
        Damn Indian girls are always so hard to get and they are my favourite target group.

        1. You need to choose another target bruh! Hell Pakistani girls are just as hot and easier to get with in spite of them being Muslim!
          Indian girls are trouble with a capital T. They are seriously fucked in the head and if you try to mess with them they will drag you down their insecure and fantastical rabbit hole.

        2. Attraction isn’t a choice.
          But paki gals are indeed hot too, first time I heard that they are easy.

        3. True about attraction… to an extent. But Pakistanis are the same fundamental ethnic group as the Indians. So the chicks are the same. You can thank the British Empire for the confusion.
          I think Pakistani girls are easier because they have their head together. I think that their Muslim background keeps them grounded. I grew up around them. They were always cool.

        4. I forgot another ethnic group in Malaysia that curiously even the author missed. The Punjabi girls. They’re fun, outgoing and quite open to interracial dating. And due to their traditional food, they can get quite plump. Not obese like a beluga whale, but something you can hold on to while lovemaking 🙂 Punjabi men won’t like it if their sisters date men of other races especially Tamils, but I love and enjoy the pained look on Punjabi lads whenever I hug and kiss my Punjabi gf in public. Winning !!!!

        5. They are mate. But among all the ethnic Indians in Malaysia, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Punjabis, the Punjab motherfuckers are the most egoistical. Pardon my language. So if you approach Punjab lad in Malaysia and ask him “Hey you’re Indian right” and they’ll go like “Oh no I’m Punjabi. I’m different”. True story. Take it from me a native Malaysian.

        6. At the risk of sounding like a busybody, did you have any luck with Pakistani chicks? 🙂

        7. Risky indeed. Yes. Twice as many Pakistanis as Indians. 2:1. And both of the two Pakistanis were way hotter than the Indian. If you go to Birmingham, England there is no shortage of them. Slim and well dressed. Much classier than the Indians in my opinion.

      1. When it comes to Muslim chicks it’s best to stay clear. Even if the girl is nice and secular she typically has at least one crazy in the family tree, maybe not ISIS level crazy but crazy enough to ruin the whole thing for you.

  4. I’ll save you time and money, don’t go to malaysia for pussy
    And if you’re that desperate for persian girls there’s lebanon too.

    1. Lebanon, is that so? The article mentions Turkey which, while true, would also require you to tolerate Turks for long periods of time. Lebanon sounds like a much better alternative.

      1. Take my info with a pinch of salt, always verify etc. There’s datasheets in rooshvforum I imagine as well

      2. “…would also require you to tolerate Turks for long periods of time.”
        Oh yeah! Found out about THAT the hard way. I’m not sure that’s at all possible… for longer than say…. 5 seconds? 😀

    2. Agreed. KL is culturally interesting but the self appointed enforcers of public morality are like a cold wet blanket. Older people scowl at handing holds in public, that kind of thing.

    3. I taped a Lebanese but she was born in Canada. She was a real fucking sloot

      1. Was she really a Lebanese, or just one of those girls who pretends to like to kiss other girls to get attention in bars?

  5. You nice man. Dance You like…Money I like too…smile I do anything for nice man.
    No thanks, most of the chicks there are like this, the decent ones stay away from foreign men mostly, perhaps with good reason.

      1. That has nothing to do with being an up front whore or not, it is true for all women. Only the price varies.

  6. I’ve lived in Malaysia, both KL and Penang. Its a nice place. Much better standard of living and cleaner than Thailand or Philippines and not as expensive as Singapore. However, I never considered it a pick up place. Malaysia’s a good country to live in if you are a married couple.

  7. My experience at KL`s LCCT .Hit on by an airport staffer,I would have said yes if she wasn`t fat,forty and looked like me.Had a male staffer scrounge a cigarette from me,I gave him a smoke just because it has never happened to me before.

  8. Beware — sleep with a Malay girl (#4) and the Malaysian Religious Police will arrest you and jail you for 2 years. You can get out of jail immediately if you agree to marry the girl (she can’t say no, her father decides), but the catch is to marry her you have to convert to Islam.

    1. “…but the catch is to marry her you have to convert to Islam.”
      Was warned about this from a chinese broad when I was there.

    1. Well dude, there’s pre-wall and post-wall. That has nothing to do with ethnicity, it’s universal among basically all women except Christey Brinkley (wtf, is she an alien or something?).

      1. Brush back on the post about 5 reasons not to date an Indian woman. Once Indian girls get married, they forget about themselves and let loose. Every Indian woman I know who got married just went straight to obese land. It’s in their genes.

        1. I don’t like Hindu chicks, but that has little to do with your initial post. The first pic was a pretty hot girl. Most Western women go fast to obese after marriage too.
          I am *not* a Desi fan btw.

    2. Indian women are some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Out here in Sydney Australia I see stunning Indian women everywhere. They are westernized, fit, and hot. It is also a bonus that many of the westernized Indian females are open to dating (and in some cases prefer) White men.

    3. What a silly comment. Was she not attractive in her younger days? So how can you say there are no such thing as attractive Indian women? Hot women don’t stay hot forever.

      1. My weakness is a hot redhead, but in all truth they are pretty rare. Finding one though melts me. Blondes are everywhere here, I really like them a lot.

        1. “Blondes are everywhere here, I really like them a lot.”
          The heartland does have a lot of them. Get on the hog and head up to WI or MN sometime.

        2. Been up yonder. The entire midwest is infested with them.

        3. Last time we were home, we went to an outdoor festival near by and even the wife commented on how many blonde women were walking around. I grew up always taking it for granted.

        4. When my daughter graduated from high school here in the great white north my sisters attended the ceremony. They asked me which one was her. I said she was the tall blond one. They let me know that that did not narrow it down much.

        1. Hindus do absolutely nothing for me (Yes, I know they’re call “Desis”). Nothing. I work with these people, they revolt me on so many levels that even the cute Hindu chick doesn’t interest me.
          And “ginger” isn’t just “red head” btw.

        2. I can’t believe I was about to complain about the blond too!
          You can have all that kind of action you want. 🙂

        3. If you get to the higher classes.. or castes.. whatever, they can get attractive. I guess.
          Trouble is everything else is also so terrible it kind of sucks any beauty right out of it. That and the stomach gut hanging right out for all the world to see…. Puts a real dampener on… anything at all. 😀

        4. That’s OK, less competition for both of us. Ginger is just the British word for red head btw.

        5. Generally I agree with you. However, there was this one Sikh girl in my MBA program that was beautiful. A Hindu friend of mine said the Sikh women were well know for their big tits. And she had them in abundance as well as a 22 inch waist and long legs. Of course, a man that marries a woman because she has big tits and long legs will later be married to a woman with big legs and long tits.

    1. These are all fine specimens. But No.2. Love the way she demonstrates ease with handling a large….drinking horn. Ease with handling a large drinking horn is one of my …requirements 😀

      1. In fact I do. And blondes. But red headed beauties are more difficult to find.

        1. They usually go through an ugly freckled stage in grade school and high school so their pride is taken down a notch when they reach their 20’s. Then they develop and look gorgeous.

        2. I have always preferred brunettes. Part of that is growing up in the land of the freeze and the home of the blonds. When about 75% of the girls in your high school are natural blondes it kind of loses it’s rarity appeal.

  9. Visiting any city for a week or two you are not going to get with top tier women…. If i visit another country it’s for the culture. If i want to hook up with whores I can easily do that in america

  10. I’m somewhat of a Malaysia veteran, RVF, makes me laugh when it comes to KL.
    Travel half way around the world to visit something mediocre, which is Malaysian women compared to the region.
    Its like a mountaineer visiting the US, to just see the Appalachians, and ignoring the Rockies.
    The ethnic Chinese aren’t special and the ethnic Malays and Indians are below average.
    There weren’t large numbers of Iranians there when I was, I can imagine the numbers may gave changed, but unless they are low resistance, anal on demand and paying half, go and destroy holes elsewhere.

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  12. Well, 25 games are now officially in the books at ESPN’s Capital One Bowl Mania. For about three hours last night, right after the Miami vs. W. Virginia game, your old Uncle Bob was in 212th position, only 21 points out of 50th place. I realized at that point that if I was going to maintain a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the damn thing, I had to take a couple of chances right there and then – so I fired two mid-range bullets at the last two games of the night (after winning the first two games, including the Miami game, via a major upset worth 39 confidence points), and I lost ’em both – no guts, no glory. The good news is, there are 17 games left, I still moved up 221 positions, and I’m currently in 465th place. Maybe I’ll win a set of steak knives (whee!). I’m currently 67 points out of 50th place, and I’m still in the top 0.2% of all contestants (I believe there are over 1 million). My goal now is to finish in the top 0.10% of all contestants; my original goal was to finish in the top 10%. Time will tell and we shall see, click image to view.

  13. Malay women are too constrained by their culture to be worth dating, you can chat to them but that`s it

  14. Saudis are spreading like a plague recently. They were close to outnumbering the locals in the last place I was at. Wasn’t like that 2 years ago.

    1. I suppose it depends on the ninja. 😀
      But yes, in general you’re totally correct. Anybody going for that kind of madness needs to check into a psycho ward.

    2. In addition, Arab obesity rates are soaring through the roof. It might explain why their birth rates aren’t that high any more.

  15. In my opinion, Iranian women are the most beautiful in the Middle-East. Also, the most cultured and Westernized (but in a good way).
    As for Islam… keep in mind that the maturity of Muslim fundamentalists are in Middle-East. Muslims found in the Far East and Pacific Rim are very different and generally more laid back. Likewise for African Muslims.

  16. Malaysian here. Once you’ve been with ladies from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, you’ll see that Malaysian ladies can’t measure up.
    As an example, one Vietnamese woman I had a brief fling with was an enterprising woman who managed her own restaurant in Nha Trang (the food was pretty good). Despite her commitments, there was something very feminine that she maintained; she made me feel at ease, helped arrange some things without having to be told and we had a good time whenever we spent our time together.
    I studied for my degree in Wisconsin before coming home to work in Malaysia. The toxic behaviors exhibited by American women; the sense of entitlement, the overvaluing of oneself, the rotten attitude and lack of feminine energy; they have been creeping among our Malaysian ladies as well.
    They expect men to be providers, to plan for the future for both of them, to be gentlemen and to accept them for who they are (ring any bells?), and yet many of them exhibit these traits:
    1. Many of them don’t cook. Many will proudly announce it to you as well.
    2. They don’t take care of themselves. While not necessarily fat, many of them have some excess weight and are generally unfit. The only thing they have any stamina for is eating and shopping.
    3. They can’t even bring themselves to look nice for dates. The way some of them match their clothing is embarrassing.
    4. The good-looking ones tend to act more entitled and will not be accountable for their actions.
    Good Malaysian women do exist, let’s remember that. However, most of the good-looking ones are pump-and-dump material. You’d be better-off looking for a long-term partner in Thailand or Vietnam.

    1. Fellow Malaysian here>Been here for two months. Super agree with you. I seriously think that all this comes from super beta males here in Malaysia who even pedestilize ugly fat chicks.

  17. KL Malaysia is one of the best kept secrets in the region. Good food, good night life, and some serious freaks out there too boot. Give it a try!

  18. As a local guy who is into daygame and just returned to Malaysia, I would be interrested to know if the writer is telling his experience based on online dating alone or by cold approach.
    ANy malaysian with any daygame experience in Malaysia.

  19. Now that we know this crucial information, I think we should all chip in and send Roosh and his mom on an all-expense paid trip to Malaysia to find him a good Iranian girl. Maybe then he will stop looking so grim and mopey in his videos.
    What do you say, Mrs. Valizadeh? are you ready to be a grandmother? We will help you even if it means we have to tie him up in a rope and drag him there. It may make the dates a bit difficult but those of us from middle eastern countries know that dating is a stupid way of making families. If you like, we can leave your son tied up and under guard in the apartment, and a few us will go out with you and your husband every night until you see a girl worth being your daughter in law.

  20. I’m a Malaysian Chinese.
    Malaysia is a good place for Asian food and holiday destinations, not suitable for gaming women, people here are conservative.

  21. It’s always funny to see articles like this. On the one hand the white retards on this site are always bitching and whining about foreign men coming to their countries, but they have no problem with white men going to non-white countries and dating non-white women.
    How about you white retards stay in your own shithole and date your own overweight blue-haired land whales.

    1. I have never complained about non-white or foreign men coming to the west and fucking our (note this does not imply in any way personal ownership of these beasts of the field) women. If they are into masochism to that degree, I say, more power to them. Any of those bitches removed (even temporarily) from the public is all to the good.

    1. Yeah… and Westerners who do like that type should just go to the Philippines.

  22. Getting one’s Saudi flag is not nearly as hard as the author makes out. I have a friend who was born in Bangladesh. On his way to the UK he lived in Saudi for a few years working as a taxi driver. During this time he made friends with some other Desi diaspora in the area, including some men who worked as domestic servants (male domestics would do stuff like gardening and basic car washing/maintenance while in contrast female domestics would do stuff like cleaning and cooking). Whenever the man of the house was away for more than a few hours, the women of the house would get horny, summon their favourite male domestic and demand sexual services from him.
    If he was agreeable, all well and good, but if not they’d threaten to lodge a False Rape Accusation against him with the man of the house upon his return. While in general Saudi Arabia doesn’t take a woman’s word against a man’s – to the point where even genuine rape accusations can result in the woman getting imprisoned or worse for adultery while the rapist gets off scot-free – good old-fashioned racism against non-Arab Muslims takes precedence over Patriarchal Misogyny, so a woman who claims a non-Arab raped her will usually be believed, if not by the police then certainly by her husband. The consequences of being a non-Arab on the receiving end of an FRA are decidedly unpleasant.
    This might not be so bad if the seductress is your employer’s hot young daughter, but you’ll find yourself between a rock and a hard place if she’s his tubby post-menopausal wife.
    TL;DR: Just like all women, Saudis are sluts if they think they can get away with it.

  23. Due to the fact that Malaysia is around 60% Muslim, and due patriarchal nature of Islam, Malaysia would be a good place to host meetups for men in Southeast Asia. Most of the prominent positions in government are held by Muslims, so they wouldn’t bat an eye at a meetup for men.
    Of course, there are a few independent news companies with an SJW agenda, but you won’t be having too much trouble with the law.

  24. You will see extremely hot women–native or Asian expat– in any Southeast Asian major city.
    My best friend was living in KL and had a hot Indian girlfriend. He took me out to the party districts and beautiful women were everywhere.
    I stayed in high end hotels in the center and even the receptionists were breath taking.
    Unless you are a total dreg of society without any redeeming qualities whatsoever, how can you not get laid?

  25. I’m rather surprised that Persian cats showed up at #1 since they aren’t even generally permanent residents. Are there that many? Regardless, I suppose they and the Indians would be the options for those who prefer Caucasian women.

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