Rogue One Shows That Hollywood Is Listening To Our Complaints About Feminism In Films

Trigger warning for way too sensitive SJW souls: this review contains spoilers.

Earlier this year, I wrote that the spinoff film Rogue One demonstrated Star Wars owner Disney’s hatred of white males. Whilst my view has been vindicated within the last few days after seeing the film, Rogue One significantly toned down the SJW madness on display in The Force Awakens last year. My review of the latter set off a storm of controversy against Return Of Kings, which then turned into outright hate from Jimmy Kimmel and Forbes when Roosh took a poll about how our coverage adversely impacted ticket sales.

Return Of Kings will not endorse the film, but Rogue One illustrates how the film industry is quickly becoming aware of viewers’ anger at SJW madness being forced down their throats. Just as many critics of the prequel films released between 1999 and 2005 nonetheless saw the films multiple times, many audience members at The Force Awakens screenings could appreciate the aerial battles, the thrill of a reignited galactic civil war, and other elements, all without celebrating the outright Mary Sue character Rey.

Rogue One‘s female main character, Jyn Erso, is very annoying for much of the film, yet hardly the most unbearable estrogen-filled creation to ever come onscreen. Thankfully, the film depicts a woman who is not going to single-handedly save the galaxy after reading Lenny Letter. And, lo and behold, she is not so empowered that she can cheat death as she tries to retrieve the Death Star plans.

Though clearly partly chosen for his foreign accent and Hispanic background, Diego Luna’s character, Rebel intelligence operative Cassian Andor, is a welcome (half)-foil for Erso’s mini-tantrums. Just as feminists use the Bechdel test to determine a character’s worth, I assessed Andor moderately positively based on his willingness to have the balls to talk back to Jyn. He certainly followed her around too much, but stuck up for himself and confronted this female lead a lot more than the Christmas tree decoration Finn did with Rey in The Force Awakens. To boot, he ends up saving her (for a little while).

Believe it or not, the scientists in Rogue One are actually all men

Director Krennic.

The real hero of the film is Death Star designer Galen Erso, Jyn’s father, whom Disney miraculously did not turn into a woman implicitly touting the need for girls in STEM. And the complexity to his character is, for a film made by Disney, second-to-none, as he neither works for the Rebellion nor is he a lapdog for the Empire. It is difficult to tell who provided the nucleus for Galen’s character, but even if it was SJW writer Christ Weitz or fellow SJW writer Gary Whitta, perhaps they can still be saved from the clutches of their putrid ideology. Regardless of the film’s other scientists being, ahem, expendable, at least they’re rightfully depicted as wizened, learned men, not young girls wearing hipster glasses.

Another highlight, too, is the highly ambitious Director Krennic and several cameos by both Darth Vader and a CGI-created Grand Moff Tarkin. So far Disney has resisted the urge, however difficult, to fill the Empire or First Order with loads of power-hungry Dark Side or Imperial girls who should nevertheless be applauded for the gains they have made for female representation in authoritarian governments. Krennic’s character development is a tad uneven, probably reflecting some of the issues created by extensive reshoots earlier this year. Tellingly, the best line of the “film,” the Director’s “The powaahh we are dealing with is immeasurable!”, was taken from the final cut of Rogue One.

SJWs can’t be attacked for not trying

Massively privileged and connected writer Chris Weitz. If he were truly concerned about the need for multiculturalism, he should have fucked off from the film. Having the world’s whitest Mexican actress as your grandmother does not make you non-white.

One take-home lesson from Rogue One is that its writers definitely tried with all their might to make it a SJW reeducation film, before realizing how it would damage them. On the race front (all the villains are white males but none of the major Rebellion characters are) they certainly succeeded. Chris Weitz made his and his colleagues’ intentions very clear:

The other principal writer for Rogue One, Gary Whitta, responded to Weitz’s now expunged tweet with a similar, also deleted sentiment:

Bear in mind that this was just days after the election of Donald Trump. Weitz, Whitta and others involved with Star Wars had wheeled out a Rebellion insignia with a safety pin on Twitter in order to fight “hate.” I’m sure Trump took note–and laughed.

The reshoots seem to have been about reducing the SJW agenda, not the “dark” tone of the film

Was Rogue One too dark because there were no safe spaces?

It has been alleged that Gareth Edwards, the director of the Godzilla reboot as well, presented a version of Rogue One to Disney executives, who balked at the “dark” overtones. Still, this doesn’t explain why a number of the trailers’ “girl power” moments were excised from the final product. Foremost among them was the ridiculous “confront a TIE fighter with a pistol” scene. Perhaps the pilot was a Rebel about to pick her up (no, not that kind of pick-up), but the footage was designed to emphasize how badass and untameable Jyn Erso is.

Also removed were the shots of Jyn operating alone and wearing an Imperial uniform, waving the flag for rich Core Worlds über-feminists everywhere. Maybe, just maybe, the director and others recognized how they were turning Rogue One into The Jyn Erso Show, much like how The Force Awakens literally became The Rey Show. Likewise, two particularly horrendous lines of Rey-inspired dialogue by Jyn (“This is a rebellion, isn’t it? I rebel!” and “Let’s get this over, shall we?”) were cut, too.

Yup, a lot of the leftist rags hated it but couldn’t say why

That sweaty feeling leftists get when a new Star Wars film isn’t as SJW as they want.

Our friends at The Sydney Morning Herald called it “disappointing.” The Guardian moaned, in typical Guardian nitpicking fashion, that the deceased Peter Cushing’s likeness was stolen to recreate Grand Moff Tarkin, despite the filmmakers getting the necessary permission from his estate. So did The Huffington Post. Yes, other more positive reviews did come from the mainstream media, an indication of the middling ground Rogue One took between SJW extremism and normality. That said, the tiniest of gripes, including about a harmless pun by Darth Vader, were thrown into the mix. Anything and everything was deployed to avoid telling the truth: “We hate this film because it has no fully-fledged Rey.”

By the way, Return Of Kings can admit when it’s wrong. Our prediction that Rogue One would usher in another unbridled piece of feminist propaganda was only half-true in the end. But again, this was not for lack of trying on the part of SJW writers and production executives.

I anticipate that either the second or third film in the new conventional Star Wars trilogy will see Return Of Kings launching another widely-covered and extremely successful boycott. Until that time, we can be thankful that the Force was half with Rogue One.

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206 thoughts on “Rogue One Shows That Hollywood Is Listening To Our Complaints About Feminism In Films”

  1. Who really loses are the new generation of small children who are going to grow up watching all the star wars movies in chronological order, with rogue one now the “4th” film to see in between revenge of the sith and a new hope.
    How confused are they going to be as they throw a SJW diversity installment in between George Lucas’ white (and disproportionately Jewish) centric 6 films and then the SJW trilogy?
    Where did the Asian and Black Female Muslim looking rebel leaders go?
    Why did only white male X – wing pilots survive the Rogue One space battle to then face the Death Star?

    1. (SPOILER) To be fair, pretty much all the multi-cultis died in Rogue One, so maybe only the white guys were left alive for Episode IV.

      1. That’s actually pretty reasonable. Anytime you have affirmative action, you can bet on worse performance, so an affirmative action special ops team chosen for sexual preference, melanin concentration, and body positivity would be much less likely to survive an encounter than one built from pure merit and ability.

        1. There wasn’t an application process for the ROGUE ONE team… they volunteered… and were rogue…

  2. Get ready for a “special special edition” of the original trilogy for the new generation of SJW indoctrinated children to better flow with the new modern “space Nazi” angle of the Empire.
    Wedge Antilles will be digitally replaced as a “badass” black muslim female space pilot who rises to become Red Leader by the time return of the jedi rolls around among other things.
    Together with black male pilot Lando in the Millennium falcon, they both destroy the 2nd death star and deal a massive blow to the galactic White Supremacy! Woopee!!

    1. Even as a child I recognized the empire were supposed to be nazi’s and thus white supremes it’s in the original trilogy. And the rebels were multicultural. It just so happened that most humans they showed were white and with the exception of Lando and a couple of others, they mostly represented the multiculturalism with aliens. It was just less obvious since they used Aliens and also, no one talked about it. It was definitely less in your face and Rey was clearly the most in your face piece of Star Wars propaganda ever. That said, let’s go over in point all the SJW propaganda of the original trilogy.
      Empire – all white males and all dressed as Nazi’s including having storm troopers
      Leia – very strong empowered take charge mouthy woman who can handle a blaster as good as any man
      Emporer – oldest white male you have ever laid eyes on
      Jedi – the good guys really seem to practice an ancient eastern religion and are clearly samurai monk like
      Multiculturalism in the rebellion – alien pilots and I believe one Asian pilot, admiral Akbar, Lando, Yoda, Chewbacca. Humans being best friends with aliens and or being trained by aliens is clearly more multicultural than black and white humans interacting. It just didn’t trigger any warnings since it was pure fantasy but it follows that if human and alien cultures can intermesh, different human cultures should easily be able to.
      Feminism – I’ve already described Leia’s girl power character above. Also, don’t forget about the supremely wise and cool headed Mon Mothma, apparent leader of the rebellion.
      That said, there are more traditional elements to the first trilogy. For instance, most battles predominately included men and the most important roles of hero’s and villains were held by men. The all white male empire was horrendously successful, even though the movies showed a lot of defeats and set backs, they controlled the whole galaxy at some points. Courage, hard work, sacrifice, virtueand boldness were held in high esteem. Nothing was over sexualized and while Leia was as feminist as the 70’s would have allowed, she still seemed to have a virginal quality portrayed in the original film, (in my opinion). The first film was the old fashioned white knight saving the girl and the day. That’s good or bad depending on the time period. The most important good guys were clearly white males (Luke, Han, Obi Wan, in that order).
      That said, it still portrayed the good guys embracing forms of multiculturalism and feminism and it was portrayed at the maximum level that the time period really allowed for without anyone complaining.

      1. You’re absolutely right, the aliens were used to hide the Bolshevik agenda. The more fucked up thing is as I opined above, this would have been expected in this film because of the precedent set in the earlier ones and nobody -including ROK- would have batted an eye.

  3. Perhaps they reshot it to better pander to the ChiComs, which seems to be the real purpose behind making this film. The blind-monk shit was so fucking dumb. 2 absolutely pointless characters.

    1. You know, I actually didn’t mind that character. In the original trilogy, and in A New Hope in particular, they referred to the force as an “ancient religion.”
      I saw his character as an extension of that concept – it wasn’t just the Jedi who believe in the force, it was also a lot of other people, albeit far fewer as the religion was dying out. He wasn’t able to use the force, but he believed in it, and whether the force actually protected him, or he was just extremely lucky was up for debate, but it tied back into the idea that the force was more than just some magic power that a select few could use. In fact, I thought that concept was woven throughout other parts where they say “may the force be with us” before embarking on raids, etc… It’s like a prayer, “may God protect us,” etc… I thought belief was a theme that ran throughout the movie, and I saw this character as having a part in advancing that concept. The crew basically embarked on a suicide mission because they believed. His character had a part in convincing Jyn to embrace the rebellion.
      So I liked it, though I’ll grant that there was no reason for this guy to be Asian. But I wasn’t outraged by it.

      1. I’m not a fan of ‘The Church of the Force” be it TFA or R1. Perhaps I’m too indoctrinated by EU, but I preferred the Old Republic-style.
        The blind scenes took me out of the film, as if we just transitioned from Star Wars to Crouching Tiger.

      2. I also liked that they brought up some of the ‘ancient religion’ aspects, but I agree that the blind monk bit was lame. Nothing makes your bad guys appear less menacing and less scary than allowing a blond guy to beat 30 of them up with a stick. A conk on the helmet with a stick totally incapacitates any stormtrooper? Oh, now I’m scared. And his buddy with the machine gun that could fire 800 laser blasts a second, each of which hit and killed a stormtrooper. Why did they need any rebel army at all? Just set that guy up and let him kill all the bad guys. He only dies when the blind monk gets himself killed and he has to make his Strong Best Friend Walk Through Enemy Fire (TM) to go cuddle with him.
        So, points for remembering the Force is an ancient religion and forgetting the metachlorians or whatever, but thumbs down on the execution.

  4. I wonder with the current SJW culture if they will go back to the original Star wars where they re-mastered to edit out Han shooting Greedo first because they didn’t want a good guy shooting first, only in self defense, and if they will change it back to Han shooting first again because he is a white male. We can call that Pre-mastering.

    1. I don’t know about you, but if some Rodian pos is hunting me, I’m not gonna wait to fire second.

      1. of course not. Han shooting first set up his whole character. It was actually important that Had shot first. As a side note, game of thrones pulled a han shot first in the scene where Tyrion kills Shae, the prostitute he falls in love with. In the book he finds her naked, in his fathers bed, after she lied about him and got him convicted as his trial and he gets so infuriated that he sneaks up and kills her taking her by surprise with her registered shock and apologies on her lips as she died. In the show she had to strike first because they didn’t want to show him killing a woman without it being self defense. I had known the show was going downhill at that point, but there was the moment I knew it was over.

    2. One of the reasons I so enjoyed the first one was because of the “Wild West” feel to it, but with more technology. The whole cantina/saloon thing and the Tusken Raiders(the Indians).
      I didn’t have a problem with Han shooting first, the green guy had already made it apparent what was going to happen.

      1. I think I remember an interview where Lucas said the entire point of Star Wars (the original anyway) was that it was basically cowboys and Indians in space.

    3. Of all the cringe worthy edits Lucas made to the remastered originals, this was the worst. Absolute fucking worst. It destroys Han’s character and undermines his redemption later in the film. I’ve often read that the originals were only good because back then Lucas wasn’t that big and lots of people told him “no.” The remastered version tend to support that view. Someone should keep Lucas away from these films, if for no other reason than to protect his own legacy, which he seems to have accidentally fallen into.

      1. I have read and believe the same. The problem is that once Lucas got famous he surrounded himself with yes men and he was insulated by his money. Everyone needs someone to tell them that they are fucking up sometimes. Too many years spent with money and yes men make you believe that every shit you take really is gold.

        1. Ridley Scott suffers from the same syndrome. “I’m Ridley ‘Fucking’ Scott, it doesn’t have to make sense!”

        2. It is a hard trap to avoid. I have to say that if I was worth a billion dollars, was surrounded by a bunch of people who told me my every thought was gold, and was able to live in a bubble of which I was the very center of the universe it would be very difficult for me to seek out dissenting opinions…especially after decades living like that.

        3. Yea. It is rather sad to see artists corrupted, though. I’m a firm enemy of cash-driven sequels.
          Lucas really started falling into this during the 3rd movie. “Misunderstood lizard aliens? That won’t sell toys. I got this idea for these bears, we’ll call them Ewoks, yeah, that’ll sell…”

        4. same old song. It is one of the reasons, and laugh though you might, that I like Vanilla Ice. He came out with his pop schtick. He gauged his irrelevance well and dropped out of the scene. Took the money he made and invested in coastal Miami real estate. Went into his passion of redesigning and flipping mansions. Started a company and then timed his ironic re-relevance correctly, made a reality show and didn’t hide from all the silly nonsense that made him famous … he would say things like “word to your mother”
          I don’t think he was ever a great musician but he did judge how to be a one hit wonder and then disappear and when to reappear without changing his original vision. If only some of those people who could do truly great things would have the same vision and insight.

        5. Same way I think. If I was an NFL player, I’d play through a second contract, then retire young and go do other stuff.

  5. Wait, I don’t understand:
    “Our friends at The Sydney Morning Herald called it “disappointing.” The Guardian moaned, in typical Guardian nit-picking fashion, that the deceased Peter Cushing’s likeness was stolen to recreate Grand Moff Tarkin, despite the necessary permission from his estate.”
    They used his likeness without paying his estate? If so, that is bs

      1. oh ok. I read that as they used his likeness without permission of family (and suitable compensation) which would have been really bad. Cushing’s Tarkin was so awesome/

  6. It’s all tinder cowpat show buss. They’ll flip their tales (tails) tentacles and ideologies to whatever rings loudest at the old greasy till. You should read old style books (even extracts) like Cervantes or some of the good Russian writers, who write with insight and conviction about the world- something our current writers and filmmakers sadly lack.

    1. Agreed. I would also suggest, since you mentioned Cervantes, Monsignor Quixote by Graham Greene which is a “modern” retelling and shows just how good a homage can be rather than just trying to recreate something when you are out of ideas.

      1. I never heard of that one by Greene. Did you know he worked as a British spy ?

        1. I don’t know much about his life at all though I do like his books and this one in particular.

    2. Maybe the execs took a look at Ghostbusters and decided that losing millions might not be worth it to the hundreds of millions they could make if they toned down the girl power. I haven’t seen Rogue One yet, but I usually love the performances of Mads Mikkelsen. It’s hard not to root for him even when he plays a bad guy.

      1. Mads Mikkelsen is as cool as cosmic ice. His eyes can dismiss any man and pull any board.

      2. That’s guy made a killing this year with doc strange and Star Wars. He’s collecting Disney checks left and right

  7. Good to know it’s not total sjw, but probably too sjw for me anyway. I see Star Wars as just another remake, underscoring the lack of creativeness in Hollywood. On that note this is a zombie franchise. Yes, a billion dollars is significant, but, in 2016 we need and deserve an entirely new sci-fi concept. Star Wars ended with Return of the Jedi. I don’t think these recent remakes will create a cult following anything like the 1980s.

    1. They will not. They suck. It’s like watching Transformers in a SW universe. Boring, loud, no plot, bad acting, just explosions.

    2. “Star Wars ended with Return of the Jedi.”
      I would say it ended with the EU canon becoming Legends. The Thrawn trilogy is excellent, as was ‘The Bounty Hunter Wars” (basically Boba Fett being the legendary bounty hunter).

      1. I’m partial to “The Courtship of Princess Leia,” myself. Han’s fiancee gets all hypergamous; he wins her a new planet in a card game, but she’s still pining for the guy who owns half a galaxy; Han kidnaps her and leads her on a crazy adventure where they both almost die a bunch of times so she gets the tingles for him again.
        Also Jedi ladies, Luke riding a rancor, and other cool scenes.

      2. I might have to give those a shot sometime. Other than the original trilogy novelizations and the odd first spinoff novel “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” I’ve only read “Tales of the Bounty Hunters”, which had a pretty good Boba Fett story. Written before the “son of Jango Fett” bullshit was concocted, it depicts Fett as a hardcore ex-special forces type soldier gone rogue who keeps a strict code of ethics and despises those hunts down for bounties. Set after ROTJ he seeks his last trophy by hunting down Solo, who he views as a filthy drug smuggler who has become glorified. Hearing Princess Leia basically say “but spice makes people feel good!” was pretty funny. (Hey maybe it was Space Kratom…) Completely non canon but better than the SJW garbage.

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        2. moore_tiffany, i have little patience to this kind of shit.
          Go and sell your snake oïl method elsewhere.

    3. From a Tech point their creativeness sucks badly, nothing really changed between the original 3 Movies to the new ones, 30 Years and no technological advancement, FFS… In the new movies, they are still building a flawed Death Star, they still have the same old spacecraft and the Falcon 30 years on still out runs and manoeuvres newer craft.. Shyte…

      1. The movie’s an interquel between Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope, dumbass. Try paying attention next time (and no, I’m not a woman, I’m a guy, and my avatar’s also a guy as well, if you’re asking.)

    4. Logged in just to upvote you.
      One movie which was initially thought to be so bad it required extensive editing, and was not expected to be a success, which spawned two impromptu sequels and a major rewrite of the titular villain’s story.

    5. I am ok with exploring more of the stories as I enjoy that universe, however the propaganda stemming from the movie makers needs to stop and just focus on the story.
      Rogue One has it’s moments of being a SJW propaganda film, but it also has some redeeming qualities. There is a lot of death in the movie as it is essentially a suicide mission that sets forth episode 4 A New Hope.
      My major irks were two of the deaths could have been handled better instead of the cliche movie death scenes, that really sucked me out of the immersion. There is also some dialogue from Jyn in one of the scenes to show a woman can be a leader and give that inspiring speech / rally cry. Unfortunately that was out of character for how she had developed and became the biggest detractor of the movie in my opinion. I am honestly fine a woman leader given the right context, I actually think the makers lose credibility with furthering their political agendas as they cannot create a consistent or even coherent progression to leadership. It is shoe horned drivel.

    6. There is nothing wrong with the concept its the execution that is at fault. I saw the movie. Actually its not bad. Rogue One is probably the best Star Wars movie. Sure you can complain that none of the main Rebellion characters are white males – not a big deal, especially since all of them alpha males in some respect. And they are all heros. Sure Jyn is annoying but not because of her “girl power”. Its simply because she is… annoying. Actually she really only has one “girl power” scene, which ends in her getting slapped down.

      1. Thanks. Thats good to know. Clarey said the same thing and many others too. That being said, I am relieved to see that star wars isn’t having the impact it once did on the younger generation. Because any future movies could be very SJWized.
        The thing about these social engineers is that they’re “remaking” many of these old movies because they saw how much power they had in shaping culture and perceptions of reality. Its a very sad state of affairs. But, the good news is that they forgo any real creativity, which is what made Star Wars, Predator, Ghostbusters, Blade Runner etc so influential.

        1. You just can’t beat those movies. Whenever Ghostbusters comes on the TV I’m transfixed. It was a moment in time that cannot be repeated.

  8. I’ve never been interested in Star Wars but nowadays I totally boycott Hollywood anyway.

  9. Rogue One illustrates how the film industry is quickly becoming aware of viewers’ anger at SJW madness being forced down their throats.

    The people in charge of masking SJW programming as entertainment can throttle back or go full speed ahead depending on the social/political climate. Their influence needs to be removed. The boycott of the industry in general is a great action to take against them as they will always be a problem. Long term solution is to promote and encourage creative people with a vision for arts and entertainment to be given platform and exposure.

  10. I think the biggest problem is that those people actually have an audience and much of it comes from us. Don’t be fooled, the normal people are the majority. We were dormant for a long time and a couple snafus by some of our leaders gave the chance for the lefties to try to ruin it all. But of course, they failed, started really messing up things and awakened the dragon. The MAJORITY is speaking again. The “useful idiots” only make their money if you read what they write. If you go to their blogs and sites. There are not enough of their own pathetic type to purvey enough attention if we, the good indignant people, don’t pay any attention to them. Yahoo, BBC, CNN, among many others, ALL left biased sinkholes, full of people who are more interested in “forming opinions” that reporting the TRUE news. So, that’s my advice. Stop going there. Stop clicking their links. Choose well where you get your news. The best way to kill a cancer is by starving it.

  11. I still cringe whenever RoK brings up its Star Wars “boycott.” The Force Awakens made over $2 billion (with a “b”) at the box office and God knows how much more from home video and toy/licensing deals.

    1. Yeah I like ROK but sometimes these folks have delusions of grandeur. As if their puny boycott can harm the Multi-Billion dollar Hollywood in any meaningful way

      1. Well it could in the long run. Things today happen fast, what is today a few thousands could be millions tomorrow.

    2. Changing culture doesn’t happen instantly. Just the fact that the director and the media acknowledged the boycott shows it threatened them. Five years ago we would have just been ignored. All in due time.

    3. “The Farce Awakens” may have made over $2 billion, but how much did it cost Disney to make it? That’s what counts.
      The lack of my money may not hurt them, but it’s still remaining in my pocket.

  12. if Mads Mikkelsen
    I’ll see it then..
    Anyone see him in “Valhalla Rising”? scary muthafucka

    1. Good actor…but I wasn’t convinced with Valhalla Rising. Perhaps I’ll give it a second try sometime in the coming year.

  13. My friends dragged me to this movie and while I was pleasantly surprised that Jyn wasn’t an SJW dancing monkey, I thought the film overall was missing something.

    1. I think it was missing characters, primarily. There was French Resistance Leader, Girl Who Is In All The Scenes, Inexplicable Kung Fu Monk, and One-Trick Robot. I defy you to come up with more character than expressed by those nicknames.
      The whole story was theoretically about Jyn and her quests, but she was just kind of there. The only moment where she directly impacted anything was when she gave an impassioned speech about rebellion and the necessity of hope that came from nowhere and reversed her only established character trait – she doesn’t care about the rebellion.
      If they’d been able to conceive characters, then maybe it wouldn’t have been so hollow. Maybe the story could have flowed more naturally.

      1. I think you got to the heart of it actually.
        Jyn was introduced as this maverick loner character who wanted no commitment to any faction. Over the course of the movie she eventually becomes the unofficial founder and leader of the Rogue Squadron (a very big deal in the Star Wars lore). But her development as a character was hardly convincing. I didn’t even fully realize this was the whole point of the first half of the movie until right now but you’re right.
        I also didn’t find any of the villains or side characters particularly interesting… None of them can hold a candle to Jabba, Vader, Boba Fett, Darth Maul, or anyone from even the lesser Star Wars movies. The only character in Rogue One that I thought had any potential was the monk who had faith in the force.
        Overall I’d say a waste of ten bucks.

        1. Technically, I got paid to see it (went with a company dealio). In that light, not really a waste for me.
          But it’s just not that great, really. The father character who was so pivotal to the creation of the Death Star just didn’t seem to matter in the grand scheme of things. The villain was basically that guy Vader choked through the television during Empire.
          My big thing about this film, as a Star Wars buff and an amateur critic, was the Force references. Luke and Han had never even heard of the Force, and those who worked with Vader were unconvinced it existed until Empire, yet the Rebellion not only had Jedi but a blind monk who could accurately shoot troopers at 100 yards and beat dozens up singlehandedly with a stick (not a cool space stick, but a piece of wood).
          This was their chance to tell a story about a small team who used plain human gumption and skill to infiltrate the Empire. It could have been up there with the adventures of Han and Chewie I used to dream up when I was a kid, or the amazing stories of the bounty hunters from the novels.

        2. “This was their chance to tell a story about a small team who used plain human gumption and skill to infiltrate the Empire.”

        3. Don’t forget the one stormtrooper in the same film who shot R2-D2 and disabled him, so that Han had to try and hotwire the door.

    2. I thought the film was done very well but I know what it was missing… SOUL!!! It was missing the old school jedi mastery and wisdom that were in the original 3 star wars. I didn’t feel the pain of a novice having to struggle against new challenges to finally become a master. Even still, Rogue One was the best star wars flick out since the original 3.

      1. I agree with that status ranking as well. I enjoyed it much more than TFA. SJW elements did not grate on me like with the previous film. When I saw the trailer I was a little disappointed that it didn’t seem like I was going to see anything new or special, but it surprised me that it was a good story and somewhat dark for Disney with most of the characters getting killed along the way.

    3. Clark I felt the same way, I think it needed more aliens in the primary group the story followed. The beauty of Star Wars is you can just spin up alien races and in the original films it stood for the multicunt alliance (but it is fucking space and all so its believable multiple alien races would exist and work together).

    1. lol. This reminds me of a story my late grandfather would tell me that always makes me smile. He said that when he got back from the war (WWII) he bought a television. The signal was funny then though. He said that the studio shows like Howdy Doody would come in really clear but that live broadcasts, like baseball games were all fuzzy and hard to watch.
      Grandpa Knee: “I think this is why Jackie Robinson was so popular. The reception on live broadcasts were bad. He was the only one we could really recognize by sight”

  14. Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing a female sith explore the darker part of the female psyche. After all, that’s what the sith was written to do – explore the dark side of man.
    Unfortunately, SJW shitheads are too busy worshipping pussy and putting it on a pedestal to recognize that would be a ground breaking character in the series.
    Imagine a sith princess, as beautiful as she is evil – manipulative, seductive, cruel, narcissistic and selfish. Perhaps not as efficient in raw combat as the male sith, but as a force user quite dangerous for her powers of mind reading, coercion and beguiling.
    It would be an awesome character to put in as an accomplice of Kylo Ren – being everything he is not. She would be a formidable foe for the light side – that would lead to an eventual showdown with Rey, leaving Luke to be the man in a final showdown against the boss sith.
    But the writers aren’t interested in a good film with compelling stories that successfulky add to Star Wars lore. What they want is a propaganda film – and they desperately want to crown a woman as the most powerful being in the universe – with an androgenic lesbian appearance – successfully cleansing all existence of toxicity white masculinity.
    Fuck Star Wars.

    1. “Imagine a sith princess, as beautiful as she is evil – manipulative, seductive, cruel, narcissistic and selfish.”
      I have no problem imagining this. In fact, it is 90% of the women I date. This is how I define “my type”

    2. If they did a female Sith, it would not be an exploration of the true feminine evils to which a woman can fall. All of her evilness would simply be an expression of the male traits that SJWs consider evil. Just like how Rey becomes a super heroine not by having super-powered female traits, but by usurping male traits and having those male traits become super-powered.
      Rey isn’t Princess Leia x 100. She is Luke + Han + Chewbacca + Yoda x 100. So a female Sith would just be a Darth Vader rip-off in a hot outfit who is just as bad-ass and ’empowered’ as Rey and who only gets defeated because some jealous white male Imperial sabotages her plan enough for the female heroine to defeat her.

    3. And that is the whole point, they write to push a narrative – a very specific and completely delusional view of women.
      Shit on the prequels all you want, but Padme was not a bad character. Poorly written and executed by Lucas, but on the whole, when I watch that film I don’t gag (completely). Her leading a charge in the city to the throne room and discussing strategy seems NATURAL, not forced. She is an incredibly powerful character that is also beautiful and has grace and feminine charm.
      And that is why every SJW film sucks. All the dialogue and character development is FORCED to fit a narrative, an ideology, and is simply unnatural.
      It’s an insult to one’s intelligence and no one is putting up with it anymore.

  15. Lucas sold the franchise to disney. So get ready for the next pansexual / pan gender alien played by milye cyrus. Trans-species is the next orientation to happen.

    1. he was really good as Le Chiffre in Casino Royal and as Rochefort in The Three Musketeers

    2. There are now two famous Danish actors. Mads Mikkelsen and Michael Madsen..isnt that strange ?

    3. The Chesapeake Ripper, lol.
      It’s a damn shame they cancelled Hannibal, that series was brilliant.

        1. Same here haha. Also I became more and more curious how human flesh would taste.

        2. I think that was kinda the idea. It was a well played seduction of the mind and spirit. Making even the most dark and hideous aspects of human nature look enticing. The idea that the mind is the only construct that determines what is good or bad, wields strong logic.

        3. If you research cannibalism (yeah, I know — “sounds gruesome”), human flesh supposedly tastes somewhat like pork (one possible explanation for it being nicknamed “long pig”).

  16. Ah, yes, “Star Wars”…a perfect time for a segue. Anybody care to take a guess as to what is really going on here…because what Neil deGrasse Tyson claims in the video below (“The earth is pear-shaped” – and remember, he is the voice and face of all things astrophysical), is diametrically opposed to what NASA shows in all of its photos of the earth, which are allegedly taken from space. I have never seen a pear-shaped earth in a NASA photo. And neither have you. And neither has Neil deGrasse Tyson. And he is the voice and face of all things astrophysical. Watch the video while you look at the photo of the earth, which is directly underneath the video. Think about deGrasse Tyson’s statements regarding an “oblate”, and “pear-shaped” earth. Then look at the photo of the earth – there are more photos of the earth at the end of the video. I’m just throwing this out there for purposes of discussion…if anybody would care to comment on the contradiction here, I really would appreciate it, because I can’t make heads or tails of it.

    1. He is just trying to make the earth pear shaped to pander to fat bitches.
      As for Tyson, is there anyone in the serious scientific community that takes him as anything other than a media personality? That is like saying Al Roker is the face of meteorological sciences.

    2. More serious comment:
      It seems Tyson is just out being an attention whore. The earth has been accepted as an oblique spheroid since 1910 by the scientific community. This is to say that it is a sphere with a slight bulge in the middle due to its rotation on its access. It is roughly 30 km larger around the equator than measuring pole to pole. If NGT says it is a pear, well that is pretty fucking stupid. I mean, I am sure you can find a pear that looks like that. It is such a subjective statement that it can only be meant for airtime. Ask him to give his best analysis on the size of the earth. If it doesn’t conform to the generally accepted numbers he will need to show how he arrived at his new numbers. If he says a pear well…that depends on the last pear he saw. smh attention whore science guy

      1. Neil deGrasse Tyson is a blowhard…I gotcha.
        From Wikipedia –
        “Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator. Since 1996, he has been the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space in New York City.”
        Below is an image that shows what you are talking about – mainly, the earth is “roughly 30 km larger around the equator than measuring pole to pole”. After that, is a standard-issue NASA photo of the earth taken from space.
        I wonder why the graphic image, which (supposedly) depicts the proper scale of the earth, differs from the standard-issue NASA photograph of the earth, immediately below it. I am still perplexed. This is so complex, and unfathomable, for the average plebe to grasp, I feel insignificant. I need to understand…
        Just by tossing that extra 42 kilometers on the equator, it is clearly visible to the naked eye, as this scale model depicts, that the earth is an oblate spheroid. And yet, all of NASA’s photos show a perfect sphere. Always have. As I said, I just can’t grasp this. If there a mini-course in astrophysics that I might take, which will solve my problem?

        1. I don’t know a ton about it, but it shouldn’t be too tough. We have satieties with fairly accurate cameras now. We should be able to get a solid reading of the dimensions of the earth.

        2. Why do the two images differ. One is an oblate spheroid – it is to exact scale (supposedly), based on what is claimed to be the circumference of the earth, at the equator; and from pole to pole. The other is a perfect sphere, an alleged photo of the earth from outer space. This is all that I’m curious about. All that matters is the contradiction between those two images.
          Ah – I know why. The graphic image is skewed. It’s 3.5 inches from north to south, and 4.0 inches from east to west. These do not represent the dimensions that are supposed to exist. Still..even 42 kilometers would be noticeable. Aw, fuck it, I’ll just take whatever the scientists tell me, and believe it. I know they cannot lie, they take an oath before they get their little scientist’s certificate-thingy. {{{{Global Warming}}}}

        3. It is a good question and one which I am simply not equipped with the knowledge to answer. It is interesting. There is, of course, some answer. The question is whether or not the answer has to do with science.

        4. I’m guessing Neil deGrasse Tyson could throw out some more bullshit in an attempt to explain it away. Because I’m thinkin’, that’s exactly why he is so visible – it’s one of the main things for which he is paid – talking scientific, five-star, gold-plated, mumbo-jumbo-laden horseshit that will never explain the disparity between these two images. In fact, I would bet a large sum of money on it. I wonder if NDT is up for a little gentleman’s wager on that one – probably not. He’s much too busy at the planetarium, gazing at oblate spheroids through that powerful telescope of his…

        5. Are both pictures taken at the same angle? If the satellite was just a few kilometeres north of the horizon then it could very well cause an optic illusion.
          Also, are you sure that the first picture is in fact not purposefully stretched to show to the naked eye what would otherwise be noticeable only through instrumentation? 30km is about 0.23% of 12700km. Would that truly be noticeable?
          One cannot answer your questions without hard data. Pictures are easily misleading.

        6. It’s a difference of less than 0.3%. When you wake up in the morning, you’re toenails have probably grown more than 0.3% since you went to bed. Add to this the difficulties of both comparing objects in two orthogonal directions as well as those whose borders are spherical (not to mention fuzzy), and I would say such a difference would be pretty much impossible to see with a human eye.

        7. I would explain it by saying that the first image is clearly exaggerated for purposes of illustration. A difference of 42 km is less than a third of 1% of 12,714 km; which should not be that clearly visible to the naked eye. If you measure the distance on the screen with any handy straight object, there’s more like a 10-15% difference in the two dimensions presented.
          EDIT: Whoops, beaten to the punch by Observasaurus Rex.

    3. I’d guess is he is trying to introduce this concept, but is oversimplifying it a bit.
      But as it’s been noted, he isn’t trying to produce a research paper, he is trying to talk to the general public via mass media. Pear is about as good as you might possibly want to expect, given the circumstances.

        1. Precisely. The difference in mass densities cause different levels of gravitational attractions over the surface of the body.

    4. I think he’s just trying to say that the Earth isn’t a perfect sphere. It differs from a perfect sphere by being a bit pinched at the top like a pear.
      I saw a TV show years ago that said that if a pool ball was blown up to the size of the Earth that the roughness of the surface would be many times higher than Everest.

    5. Sorry, not wasting time on that moron. And believe me, neither does any other actual real astronomer.
      I do wonder why he would pick pear. The earth isn’t a perfect sphere, but pear!? Just say it’s fatter in the middle like every freaking astronomy teacher on earth. 😀

  17. I didnt see too much SWJism in it, thank God. Though I cringed a bit during the fight in a middle eastern looking desert city when one imperial trooper yells “Shoot the TERRORISTS” they think we are retarded ? Mostly I was just disappointed because the entire movie was just one long string of explosions and loud music. Vader himself was off too, his movements lacked his usual elegance and subtle dominance…and they didnt get his voice right. Still it’s a step forward, the movie was just not very good.

    1. “Though I cringed a bit during the fight in a middle eastern looking
      desert city when one imperial trooper yells “Shoot the TERRORISTS”
      they think we are retarded ?”
      Is that a rhetorical question? I thought the US election proved they DO think we are retarded… and deplorable, and nazis, and…
      I did not even pay to see Rogue One. A zombie SW fan loaned me his copy and I regret pushing the play button. Until Hollywood is purged of this SJW shit, no amount of “buttering both sides” will produce anything of quality. It is ALL about the narrative and the programming of the useless eaters now. For something to slip through it will have to be another LOTR type not-made-anywhere-near-california independent director that somehow, hoodwinked executives to just run off and make his own backyard film without any suits around to bother you.
      In the 70s and 80s, there was no way you could push this crap on the public. Now… they will slip it into EVERYTHING because you just cannot, cannot write a script without some virtue signalling. It is the absolute death of all creativity in Hollywood and you can see it at the box office. No one is going to the theater any more. Golly gosh gee whiz, I wonder why?
      I have some good old school films on Bluray and as long as they allow me to keep playing them, that is the extent of my “Hollywood” experience now. I run through the Apple trailers page once in a blue moon and it just stuns me… stuns me… that there is literally nothing worth watching. All that money and talent and time spent… for a fucking meme to program us to accept shit is what you are supposed to like.
      The dollar vote is speaking loud and clear if the author is correct in his mea culpa on the film, but it still does not justify in any way me seeing this film, not even for free. It is just not worth my time and to have wasted even this much writing about it makes me regret it. Off to the gym!!!

  18. It was an improvement, but only a little. The story was still predictable and never offered a convincing reason why we should care, the characters (especially the “villain”) were incredibly weak (again not as shallow and comical as Force Awakens but still pathetic), and there wasn’t a single new thing in the whole movie, from weapons to personalities.
    Overall Rogue One was a very PC safe, boardroom conceived and weaned movie that without the Stars Wars trademark would be another mediocre Sci-fi film. Indeed, the male characters were far more realistic and masculine than in The Farce, but were still caught in the comical spin of the movie.

  19. meh. too much talking and cringe. the droid was ok though and that fan-servicey thing at the end.

  20. Rogue One was a better film than any Star Wars since Episode 4-6. Since we have evidence the writers went SJW, we know it all boiled down to the direction and production teams doing their jobs.
    Cookie cutter plot devices and one dimensional irrational caracters were tried by both Lucas and Abrams. They both failed miserably, creating horrible films. Series can survive affirmative action hires, as long as they are strongly written, such as Sisko of ST: DS9.

    1. Sisko… the extremely boring as hell super-bland-to-the-point-I’m-falling-asleep guy that ran DS9!?
      OK, he was better than the ridiculous Voyager at least. I think I only got through 3 episodes of that one before Mrs. Know-it-all turned me off Star Trek forever. 🙂

  21. Disney does a lot of “black signaling”.
    What is that?
    Simple: watch the “Pirates” trilogy (Haven’t seen the others). If you watch the first three with “red pill eyes” you will see that there is a lot of red pill canon in those movies.
    This is not a defense of Disney. They are not defensible. But it’s clear to me exactly what Disney is doing.
    Their films will have patriarchical/trad undertones while Disney itself through their advertisement campaigns will virtue signal to The Cathedral and The Narrative. They will do this especially when they have an established genre.
    What this amounts to is they are buttering both sides of the toast. Their product draws upon middle America because the undertones will pull those strings on their own, but they have to signal to the coasts so they don’t go boycotting and using the product as ammo for their usual crap.
    And here is a kicker: What those writers might have done was pull a George Miller.
    Take Fury Road for example. We called it “Feminist Road”. Was it? It was not as bad as expected, but what did the hoopla about that end up doing?
    It ended up having the blue-hairs and problem-glassed crowd watching this movie looking for feminism. I read Anita Sarkeesian’s review of Fury Road and found it hilarious. She said “I could not find the feminism”. Could not find it! A world with harems where pretty girls (over whom the entire chase is about) get to live in luxury and fat chicks are milked like cows? Where the women out living on their own were in a failed dead swamp, they themselves old and barren! Of course! This film was chocked with red pill reality. As civilization lurches towards collapse, we have 20 percent of the men fucking 80 percent of the women and 80 percent of the men in hapless “settled for” beta zone. In a full collapse, it’ll be warlords with harems, the top 1 percent, and 99 percent of the men as hapless loveless fodder for wars and servitude.
    If she were not looking for feminism while in that theater, she would have had a weeks worth of articles and patreon begging videos to come of it. She went looking for it so hard she could not see how anti-feminist it was.
    So that red herring of “Feminist Road” was nuclear powered. George Miller probably saw what happened to Joss Wheedon (an SJW overseer who deserved having his own creations turn on him, IMO) and decided he didn’t want to end up having to share a cave with him.

    1. What are you talking about. The feminist nonsense in fury road, heavily outweighed the red pill themes.

    2. I usually agree with almost everything you say Jeep. Yet on this I just don’t see it. ‘Who destroyed the world?’ pretty much saying it was men.
      All the victims were women all the evil oppressors were men. Even our main char had his role stolen from him by a chick who by all rights would get her ass kicked in a fight with almost any man.
      Not to mention that almost all the bad guys were white (surprise surprise) and that the old group of crowns were WGTOW. Shit, there was even a gun that was called ‘man killer’ or some such nonsense.

  22. Princess Leia just passed away. Cocaine is a helluva drug. Im sure it was Jabba’s fault

  23. After all the non-sense I saw going on in the “I rebel” promo David G. mentions, I was worried it was going to be another episode VII. Turned out to be the best one since Empire. The female lead can be annoying at times but she doesn’t do anything super human like beat up 300lb dudes or do anything to unbelievable just because she has a vagina.

  24. I ended up seeing this film over the weekend. Id prefer to have seen the mel gibson film, but it wasnt showing at the time so i had to opt for star wars. It was either that or a queer romcom.
    I didnt get a sjw feeling when watching Rouge One. Now last year’s, The Force Awakens, was pure sjw garbage and the worst film ive ever seen. Im not a star wars fan at all, and even i found The Force Awakens to be insulting. I use The Force Awakens as a barometer as to how brainwashed a movie goer is today. There is no way in hell any kid who grew up watching star wars would grow up to be an adult and praise The Force Awakens unless they are brainwashed beyond repair.
    The cast in Rouge One was diverse, but since they all died it made the movie more grounded in reality, compared to the typical happy ending starwars film. The female lead was much more likeable and not a butt kicking you go girl like the girl in The Force Awakens. She had a good death which is rare for these films.
    Dont get your hopes up, although this years film is an improvement, next years star wars will be another sjw piece of trash.

    1. I have an impression that the main female character is a man in female skin. Although there was one scene when she kicked the ass of some storm troopers in the beginning which was non believable.

  25. Star Wars ? no thanks, I won’t give my money to fund more and more films with girls or colored sjw as main characters.

  26. I have not and will not see this or any future Star Wars themed movie. After watching The Farce Awakens with my twenty something die hard Star Wars fan sons, I declared I would pay one more penny into this debauched feminist propaganda machine. They took exception, but did not insist on seeing the new one with me this year. We have had a long standing family tradition of going to the movies (usually some comic to film super hero stuff) together every Christmas. It is the only time I go to the theater.

  27. “By the way, Return Of Kings can admit when it’s wrong. Our prediction that Rogue One would usher in another unbridled piece of feminist propaganda was only half-true in the end.” – at least you had the balls to admit you were wrong.

    1. this is a male site. Of course we have the balls. We couldn’t be any other way, we are men as we define it.

  28. It still has a lot of “girls rule, die males” moments, as in female rebel Pilots being better than both black and white Pilots and many of Jyn’s lines.
    But yeah, I too believe a lot of the initial SJW content was toned down. Seems Disney is catching up.

  29. I don’t know if they listen to us, or if they realise that PC and feminism gives bad taste to everything.

      1. We shouldn’t overestimate our importance. Don’t get me wrong, the manosphere message IS important in its core , but it’s influence is far from being strong.
        For the main public, we are at best jerks, at the worst… well… subhuman things to crush…
        We have now a window of opportunity to expand ourselves.
        Sure, ‘Rogue one’ have lower feminist value than ‘The Force awakens’.
        But it won’t change much things… Our ‘Memes’ may have touched some sensible people in the studios. Or just encourage them to use comon sense. Or maybe their ‘no nonsense’ Disney directors ask the staff to focus on traditional drama because ‘you go girl’ is getting cheap.
        But in term of impact, a little documentary like ‘The Red Pill’ by Cassie jay will have much, much more long term impact. Yet it will only be seen be few thousant of peoples.

        1. With out us Trump doesn’t win. Our meme’s may have no effect on the studios other than to cause a double down. Our meme’s do effect the paying public that feel something is not right. Our courage and thoughtfulness to quantify their observations has helped bring many out of the dark. When the studio sees sale down their search for answers reveals the change in the market and they adjust for the bottom line. They are who they are but good behavior is good behavior regardless of the motivation. Stand proudly

        2. I don’t say yo are wrong. I say we HAVE to keep pushing, striking, explaining… because our window of opportuity opens slightly.
          We have every right to be proud. But i’m suspicious about bragging our importance.
          Yhe manosphere have a little influence, and sometimes, it’s just what is needed.
          But to do what we HAVE to do (changing the laws, the social narrative against men, the suicide stats…) we must have a HUGE influence.
          And we are FAR from it right now.
          And Trump will have trouble to survive, and to force some of his major mesures. We shouldn’t count on him for most of the necessary work.
          We should simply be gratefull. Without him, none of those opportunities would be feasible.
          But WE will have to do most of them. Reform the eduction system, the medias, the familly laws…
          We haven’t won yet. Our ennemies are coming for us. If Trump just keep them away from a few years, we should be thankfull. WE have to change society. Nobody will do it for us./

        3. ou are right it is on us. You are also correct that we should never count on “somebody” That “somebody” needs to know that he can count on us. It is foot on the throat time for us.

        4. Dont forget that most people today don’t say what they really think because of PC culture. We learned that during Brexit and after the Donald presidency. Perhaps there are millions and millions who look through bullshit like starwars but never dare to mention it ? Maybe Disney is waking up to that perhaps reality.

  30. IT IS STAR WARS! Sweet jebus what over analysation of a movie! There first 10 minutes were pointlessly confusing, they really should have had the traditional Star Wars descriptive banner at the start, and used the original score but apart from that it was an enjoyable romp with lots of action. Fact is you can read far too much into something and didn’t I read on ROK only a few weeks ago that RO would be a SJW wet dream? The backflip is astonishing!

    1. Nope. If it were only a movie the SJW’s wouldn’t be screaming about female leads. Hollywood is a problem… and you can stick you head up your ass all you want, but it’s real.

  31. Wtf! This has to be satire or Ur all fucking nazis! Racist, sexist, ultra-right-wing Nazis

      1. I wouldn’t bother asking. Probably she can only barely fix an “appointment”, let alone something edible. 😉

        1. she acts like her rant is a bad thing. Fucking Nazi’s- unlike non fucking Jessie??
          ….Is racism like obama going to an all black congressional conference?
          …..Sexist- yes a condition of being male?
          ,,,,Ultra Nazi’s? Nazi’s were left wing when they came to power. They were actually social justice warriors that got carried away so I guess I am not a Nazi. Also, 800,000 Arabs fought for Hitler SS. .that would make Jessie’s friends more in line withHitler.
          She can’t even insult well.

        2. She doesn’t know any history, just like any other Leftie; just propaganda and slogans.

      2. She would probably poison it — that is, if she can do anything in a kitchen at all.
        NEVER trust a Leftie with your food.

  32. I would like a RoK review of all 3 seasons of Star Wars Rebels. Don’t just do the films. What do you think of Ahsoka, Hera and boba fett girl?

    1. Looked into that briefly. Was scared off by the Pixarish look. That works for Pixar stuff (sometimes) but not Star Wars. 🙂

    1. Or it could be that they are just desperate for entertainment. (I know how you feel though; it’s been a few years since I went to a film. And I saw movies practically every weekend through the 80’s and 90’s.)

  33. Glad someone pointed it out, as rogue one was getting shit on a fair bit, and mostly its pretty good [for a modern star wars movie]. SPOILERS
    The two take aways are this:
    -War is hell, and people develop a any means necessary mentality to winning. The empire might wanna build a death star for power projection and to use on occasion, but the rebels are not above killing innocents torturing soldiers and more. I like that they took the shine off of the rebels.
    -“The good guys” can lose in service of a movement. There’s no kind of honourability about who dies on the battlefield.
    Oh and that Vader is a badass. It wasn’t perfect, they underutlisised saw guerrera played by forest whittaker [should have had a confrontation with him and vader as they are supposed to be opposites of the spectrum with one another], and there was not nearly enough mads mikkelson as i would have liked. But it was a good film with an excellent ending. especially in light of Carrie Fishers death

  34. This is pathetic. OK, it’s not as SJW as one might think, so what? This is still f-ing Star Wars, owned by f-ing Disney and written by clowns such as the ones mentioned in the article.
    I can’t believe grown-ups who pretend to be red-pill will waste their time and money watching Star Wars. Are you 12?
    Just don’t go to the movies. Don’t give your time or your money to these people. Period.

    1. I didn’t see it but after going to the last one (being nostalgic for the first in 1977); I almost heaved out a lung so I didn’t want to risk another. I like a good story so its not about being 12..its the creativity and story telling of the movie.I go to movies once ever 3-5 years.
      Besides, red pill isn’t about pretending or not pretending. It just “is” the nature of woman your reacting to in a certain way based on a belief system that you realize cannot be any other way… Not weather you tear raw meat off of wild animals to eat. If your pretending, your probably not red pill.

    2. Eh, or just catch it … elsewhere on the net. Saves you some money and you don’t have to hear the idiot next to you inhale popcorn.

  35. Making the super evil scientists ALL men is positive for men??? You don’t see why they didn’t make the Death Star designer a woman? First, it’s just comical and second she would be portrayed as diabolical. No brainer.

    1. I saw that Kung fu Asian guy in the trailer with his stick (and after the last film); that was enough for me to say – no way, no thank you. I mean, I have a gun- you have a stick. .I guess you beat me- NOT. The soldiers that are “trained and bred from birth” fight like my wheelchair bound grandma. We know also Vader created the “deathstar” so who cares what happened prior.

      1. There is some truth to the stick thing. I mean… um.. what’s her face from Rogue One (that I still can’t recall the name of) managed to kill a bunch of them with sticks. Care bears in episode whatever killed them with pebbles and twigs! And they can’t ever hit anything with a laser even if they’re standing a few feet away.
        So I can see the stick taking them out. They’re just that bad. 😀
        Even after this film though… I’m still thinking the Empire might be the good guys and the rebels are a bunch of terrorist scum.

  36. Humph… Don’t bother even to see any shit coming from weird joowood ?? Seen only Charlie brown with some caution & seen Garfield the Cat… O.K. I know it’s anti dog bias, but I like cats ??

  37. “…deceased Peter Cushing’s likeness was stolen to recreate Grand Moff Tarkin,” Stolen? They’re fools – his estate was no doubt well compensated for the use of his likeness.
    Other than that, yes, money is money and even the most sympathetic executive producer has to recognize market forces and give people a movie they want to see. One with too much SJW preaching is obviously not their preferred choice.

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t into the vader thing either. I didn’t think it captured him very well but then… Lucas did his absolute best to turn vader into a whiny brat so…. 😀

  38. I saw Rogue One tonight with my boys. Pretty good, considering where the franchise has been for a long time (i.e. in the SJW toilet).
    In the end, the rebellion succeeded in its mission only because a lot of men laid down their lives for the cause. The female lead died along with all of them.
    The female lead wasn’t some superstar you go grrrl, and she only became involved in the whole mess because her father was an Imperial scientist. She had no stupid unearned superpowers (like Rey) and had to rely heavily upon her fellow rebels, trained male warriors.
    The storyline was simple and compelling. Your basic “we gotta fucking do this or the rebellion is fucked” mission.
    Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised.

    1. But she can still kill stormtroopers in full armor… with a stick.
      Girls with sticks can take them out. Care bears with twigs can take them out. And they can’t ever hit anybody… with a FREAKING LASER at point blank range!!!
      Worst. Troops. Ever.

      1. I think those damn white helmets must make it hard to aim a blaster. Stormtroopers have been terrible marksmen since the 1970s. No, the movie wasn’t perfect, but I admit I enjoyed it.

        1. Well old Ben said their blast points were “precise” or some rot. But I don’t think I’ve seen a precise Storm Trooper shot in any Star Wars film. Unless it’s for a dramatic tension moment. THEN they can… almost hit something. But never enough to kill…..
          Yeah it was probably better than the Force Snoozes. Though… the speeches.. man was that corny!!! I admit I was chuckling through a good deal of that stuff.
          And the vader thing… bleh. Seemed off. But then after the prequels, everything about Star Wars is off so I don’t know why I’m complaining. 😉

        2. Didn’t someone do a parody video where a trooper took off the helmet and the eye lenses looked like a kaleidoscope?

  39. Star Wars ended in 2014, when the SJWankers cancelled the Expanded Universe in order to deface the franchise without having to deal with criticism due to plot holes and ruining well established characters. What’s left is a cash cow where they are trying to find a balance in pushing their ideological garbage without driving away the hopefuls that expect the franchise will return to what it was.
    The best hope for getting Star Wars off the hands of the SJWankers, would be to stop wasting money on anything related to Star Wars, Marvel and Disney, and let them go bankrupt. But people are far too immersed in consumerism to let it go.

  40. If you’re a star wars fan, then you’ll want to see this movie…it’s the best on after the Hoth sequel. The top three are StarWars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Rogue One…the rest are really a massive waste of money…although they all made money, anyway…SOMEDAY, Hollywood will create a Military SciFi space opera worthy of hard earned money.

  41. I just saw this, and despite about three eyerolls at grrl power I think this is the best SW film since Jedi (the prequels basically sucked and VII was a horrible film in every way). Pity the degenerate writers and casting directors were able to squeeze in the insults they were, the overall plot was pretty good and tied well into the “good” SW movies.

  42. Greatest emphasis of this movie was the sacrifice of many characters. Literally everyone paid a big price in this move in order to accomplish the mission. Such a focus on selflessness and sacrificing yourself for a higher purpose as well as your friends is something that is very needed in our narcissistic society.
    For those values alone in such a high profile movie this is one of the best movies of 2016.

  43. R1 is probably like that because the disney star wars are not selling toys and grossing as much as episodes 1-6

  44. Spot on. It was MARKEDLY less crazy SJW than Force Awakens — noticeable but bearable. You’re also exactly right about the inchoate griping by the main leftist rags…it irked them but they couldn’t fully articulate why – lacking in self-awareness as they are. And that was exactly it…quality of character and story hadn’t taken a COMPLETE backseat to their insane agenda…they felt a disturbance in the force. Just goes to show, the more they tighten their grip, the more major blockbusters will slip through their fingers…

  45. Having decided months ago not to watch this I went to see it yesterday due to the number of positive reviews from reliable anti-SJW/non-SJW outlets like ROK. I was very impressed and overall it’s hard to think of any blatant SJW moments in the film.
    Jyn Erso does have a couple of ‘Go Grrrl power!’ moments but they generally just show her being suitably competent given her background and are tempered by moments when she is slapped down, put in her place, shown as being (shock/horror!) a vulnerable young girl amongst stronger, older and more experienced, men.
    The diversity actors were also played with depth and charm and were not simply there to be token yellows/browns to bring in money from Asia. Forrest Whittaker wasn’t great (in terms of performance, or character scripted) but he’s a pretty minor role really.
    The only real negatives that struck me throughout the film were the score – which is a low quality ‘remix/reimagining’ of the original themes and was frequently jarring during major scenes. Not complaining about it because it’s “new” – just because it simply wasn’t very good.
    Also, the lack of backstory for Jyn left her a little hard to care about and her relationship to her father/Whittaker without any depth. Would also have been good to get a bit more on Bodhi Rook – perhaps showing his crisis of conscience and friendship with Jyn’s father and how that led to him betraying the Empire.
    But overall a good movie and a very good Star Wars movie – the first to be worth comparing to the quality of the original trilogy rather than simply ‘better than the prequels’ as was the case with Force Awakens.

  46. Wouldn’t be surprised if this agenda makes it into the upcoming Han Solo spin off. It would turned into another “Mad Max” SJW fiasco, with Han having to hang up his blaster and spout agenda driven platitudes.

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