An Open Letter To Asian Men Of The West

Consider for a moment that pussy is a tradable good in the sexual marketplace, and that its quarterly performance, whether good or bad, has measurable impact on the majority of men. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, this majority does not include you. Pussy’s fluctuation on the S&P bears no consequence on your personal life, because by virtue of your being a Western male of Asian descent, you don’t own even a single one of its stocks. Like a Wall Streeter who’s been caught red-handed cheating the system, you’ve been banned from ever reveling in the joy that is trading the commodity of a warm, gushy vag. Of course, your ban is more for night-and-day reasons than the Wall Streeter’s—that is, due to your race—but it’s a ban, no less. Knowing this, you do your business elsewhere. In fact, as I scribble down these words, you’ve just finished negotiating a very different type of exchange: trading in your useless cock for yet another set of Magic cards.

The dismal reality you find yourself in is that women don’t want you for anything except the occasional help on a computer or numbers-related problem. Without knowing it, you are at all times competing with your one billion brothers and cousins to be the World’s Least Fuckable Man. Your own female counterparts are producing half-white babies at a spiraling rate, but you, on the other hand, have been left virtually unchanged amidst the media’s push to promote interracial dating; women of other races would sooner make love to a cucumber than to be seen with you in broad daylight. You are, for all intents and purposes, an uncool, unsexable, unfriendable, school-sentimental, library-loitering, grade-greedy, work-wallowing boob of a fucking loser.

Of course, this prejudice extends far beyond the vaginal sphere. Men don’t respect you. The public neither supports nor stands up for you. Your social value is zero. You lack a diversity of friends. Those few members unfortunate enough to be considered indispensable to your crew are, without doubt, Asian themselves, and therefore just like you. Together you roll to any and every event with fake unapologetic pride. But you and I know better, that behind the veil it’s all just overcompensation for the feelings of worthlessness and self-hate engulfing you whole.

“I Am At Cause”

The problem is twofold. Number one, consider that, despite all the above, you haven’t yet discovered your true threshold for pain. Sure, it hurts to be reminded that you’re a loser, but regardless of my saying it here, you already know this to be the persistent mindset held by society at large. So that’s not the problem. The problem is that either you know but are denying, or don’t know and are therefore oblivious to, the fact that everything so far discussed in this letter is a product not of other people or things, but of you.

Up until now, you’ve shown adamant resistance in taking responsibility for the totality of your life. You cause the successes, but the failures, especially regarding women, you keep imputing elsewhere. Stop playing that game. Retire. Cut the bullshit and change right now. I am responsible for the totality of my life.

Transcending Your Race

Number two is equally important and it’s the problem I’ll be discussing from now until this letter’s conclusion: it’s the problem of never having transcended your race. This, my fellow Asian men of the West, is the real reason I’m writing to you now. Not as a coach in the dugout, not as a spectator deep in the upper deck. I’m right where you are, on the field of experience, playing the same game you’re playing, sporting the same exact digs you’re sporting. The difference is I’ve already withstood the onslaught of my being an Asian male in the West long enough to ascertain the best way to slip the cuffs and taste the freedom that is pussy in abundance. The solution is right there, contained inside those three words, “Transcend Your Race.”

The term serves as a very simple but powerful reminder that, despite everything you’ve been taught, you do not have to identify as being whatever race or ethnicity chance so blindly conferred upon you as a life sentence all those years back. You had no say in the genetic makeup meeting that took place prior to your birth, so to spout pride (or shame, even) for being a certain skin color or for belonging to a certain ethnic group, is like bragging about “your” Seattle Seahawks winning the Superbowl. Your contribution was illusory. There is no merit. There is no achievement.

Get this on an emotional level and you’ll begin to wake to the consequences that inevitably follow:

1. You are now required to turn your back on that which you’ve made both your life’s sultan and scapegoat: the media, with particular emphasis on Hollywood.

The lone script you’ve been reading from since catching a TV airing of Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the first time—that it’s fuck the yellowface, the caricatures, the “herro” accents; that you’re done with the fobby landlords and the fried rice and the Jackie Chans and Leslie Chows of the world; that you demand an Asian George Clooney be cast as a repeated lead in non-math, non-kung fu blockbuster hits—that same horrible script you’ve been clinging to can now be ripped, torn, crumpled, and disposed of in the nearest trash can. Hollywood can now depict Asians any way it likes. The correlation you once thought to be indelible—the “less Asian” and more desirable the character, the better your sex life—is no more. You now realize the inanity of such a sick, dependent relationship, and can acknowledge that celebrity “role models” are for women, not men.


This picture doesn’t affect you anymore.

2. You have a new mantra regarding all things Asian-related, and it’s simply, eloquently, inexorably—”Who gives a fuck.”

The infamous shy, effeminate, good student, bad driver, big brain, tiny wood stereotype. The derogatory names and even the Holy Grail of Asian betrayal: white-cock worship from your own females! None of these can sway your sensibilities one way or the other anymore. Tina Lu can stuff John Smith’s meat in her mouth as many times as it takes for her to feel full, and it’s fine by you because you’re now on the other side of the walls meant to fortify Calvin-esque, predetermined identities.


This picture doesn’t affect you anymore either.

Moving on now from the mental to the somatic…

3. Working out and improving your physical appearance becomes mandatory.

The revelation sets in rather quickly that you do not have to be bound to bad haircuts, thrift shop wardrobes, nor prepubescent body frames forever. The “I’m fill-in-the-blank because I’m Asian” excuses don’t work anymore. You’re short, skinny, and feminine-looking in the face? So what. Life is unfair. You’re dealt the cards you’re dealt—now play. Nick Vujivic is without all four limbs and still it would be a gross understatement to say that the man has been getting along “just fine.” You can keep marinating in the misery of conceded defeat, or you can resolve to work your ass off to sculpt a physique that women find desirable. Do for yourself what needs to be done and in three months’ time you’ll be shocked at the new man reflecting back at you in the literal and proverbial mirror.


4. With your armor of excuses now completely dismantled, you have nothing to hide behind anymore.

It’s time to start approaching beautiful women, Asians and non-Asians alike, with the intention that you are going to date and bed them. Remember that success always follows failure, so long as you’re prepared to keep failing.


The above in its entirety is my solemn promise to you. Take responsibility for your life. Stop being Asian, not out of self-hate, but because you no longer wish to be a prisoner of inherited definition. You’re done representing an entire race, ethnicity, skin color, country, and area code. You now represent yourself. For better or worse, you are your own man. Learn to become what serves you best, vow to quit the excuses cold-turkey, and holy shit, put the fucking Magic cards down and go get your goddamn cock back.


Steven Kendall

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284 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Asian Men Of The West”

  1. Bravo Steven…..BRAVO! You’re spot on about all men needing to read and internalize this article. This does apply to more than just he Asian men here.

  2. Excellent post. That is what men do – we stop bitching and start doing. Sometimes the odds are stacked against you whether it is your family wealth or lack of, race, height, even IQ or looks. But then you say fuck it, life is what it is – I am still going to make the best out of it!

    1. That stupid image just exists on Western countries, in other countries Asian men are popular and do fine. No wonder most of the views of this video come from Asia, Latin America or the Middle East where Asian get a respected view

      1. Of course there are less favoured races by females around the world. Indian guys have harder times and even then I’ve seen 5’7 Indian Alphas be irresistable pussy magnets. Given also the current power-shift from the US to China (as in 1900 from UK to US) my guess is that Asian guys are going to become way more popular with the ladies in the next decades.

        1. Indian guys would be in the Asian guys exact predicament if Indian women were not pressured into marrying them, indian girls crave the white D. Cant wait until India becomes fully westernised!!

        2. As an Indian male, I’m not giving up my women that easily. I do not want to see my civilization decline like the West. There is a small but growing population of Indian males that are taking the red pill. China is far ahead of India right now in terms of geopolitical strength (USA, UK, Russia, France, and China are the five strongest as of now) but India is slowly growing stronger and more confident. We finally have a Prime Minister with some balls. The goal should always be to learn what is good from other cultures, while shunning the bad. We must accept Western technological advances but we must shun Western “progressive” thought such as feminism.

        3. The most destructive trend in any nation is when the females of that nation start seeking males from another nation or race for mere political.cultural reasons. Whilst I don’t have anything against mix race (unlike /pol/), I am against political movements that promote for such a thing for the sake of proving a point.
          These are the movements advocating such a thing:
          Femen, advocating for French women to mix with illegal immigrants due to the French government’s policy on immigration.
          /pol/ advocating WMAF for the sake of it.
          Swedish feminist party. Advocating mixing for the sake of politics.
          Such views are damaging to any nation culture and race. I would mix outside my race for romantic/(love for the other person) only. I would not for the mere act of making a point.

        4. Dude I being a resident of India assure you that is so not the case. That is just the negative stereotype about Indian men portrayed by your western popular media talking.
          ” indian girls crave the white D” Perhaps a minority do. Well screw them.

        5. never gonna happen douche, you guys tried that bullshit for years, we are going back to our old advanced ways. igorance is bliss though. Stick to it or else you will be ripping your hair apart

        6. well your western country is getting more Indianized last time I say with all white chicks doing yoga to get that ass you all wanna tap. Don’t even get me started about US army reading the Bhagvad Gita to be able to fight their wars properly. Oh last time I saw white chicks were digging guys with a nice tan like me, I guess, it comes to us naturally with frying ourselfes underneath the sun for hours.

        7. I’m glad you said that, being Indian and all. So it’s not just paranoid evil white racist men that think the west is dead in the water. Progressivism has a lot to do with it. But non white low IQ backward stone third world parasites are the main issue. I’m sure your intelligent, most indians in the west are a respectable lot but that doesn’t mean I want you hear (anything is preferable to Muslims and Africans.)

        8. As someone who lives in the most Indian area of my city, I see waaaay more Indian guys with white girls than vice versa.

      2. I went to Asia to meet my Asian wife (I am white). I found in the US back in the day (I grew up in the 60s), and to a large extent today, that Asian American women do not date white guys much. This is changing as all races are dating and marrying outside their race more often. What I am agreeing with in the above is that in Asia, white is not the top of the market. And I will also state that Asian is not an ethnicity; it is a broad category consisting of many ethnicities. Most places in Asia today it is Korean that is most highly regarded. Before that it was Japanese. Most places in Asia the white man is not the sought after ethnicity (White is also a broad category not an ethnicity). My wife’s family sure didn’t think I was the bee’s knees because I was white. Their acceptance of me marrying into the family was tepid at best.

      3. Yes, very true. Asian women like overseas Asian men, especially Asian American men…
        That’s why I;m in this part-of-the world…and having a great time here!

      4. Latin America? Are you on crack? People in Latin America openly mock Asians and have no problem throwing every slur they know to them, I would dare to say they are the harshest with them.

    2. This post applies to all men, regardless of race, ethnicity, or culture. Don’t let stereotypes define you or limit your options. Make your own options through self improvement. Embrace agency.
      As someone pointed out in this thread, Asia is rising and stereotypes and cultural ignorance are dropping like nine-pins. But stereotypes persist. You can fight and bust through stereotypes, ride them like a surfer (agree/amplify), or embrace the implied “differences” and use them as strengths. But, whatever you do, own it.

    3. This is the one advantage men have over women in this sick society; men can attract women and excell in any number of bases, but for women attracting men comes down strictly to looks.

        1. Great band. Funny as hell. Maybe not exactly RedPill, but certainly some Naturals on board there.
          And hilarious: “Black guys, never in the FriendZone, they always score in the End zone” Hehe. Well – the new generation of feminized black guys are getting there I am afraid.

        2. They are comedians, so they’re being satirical. But there are some words of truth in there

  3. Wow… bold article.
    In my experience, some of the biggest manginas I’ve ever met have been half-Asians… and some of the biggest Red-Pillers I’ve ever met have been full Asian…

    1. Ha ha you’re right! Filipinos, if they aren’t gay, are some of the wildest guys out there. They’re constantly philandering whether married or not; they treat their women like shit, making them work hard and then taking their money and blowing it on booze, smokes, gambling, shabu, cockfights, and even mistresses! There are short time motels everywhere because Filipinos cheat so much. Given the choice, most Filipinas love their men and would prefer them over other nationalities, but getting a good one is like winning a lottery apparently. That being said, there is a strange obsession with lighter skin and caucasian features in the Philippines.

      1. They love their men but they love white Euros more. That’s why there are so many with light skin and Spanish last names. TheSpanish baptized the population, gave them Christian names and promptly stuck the D in.
        Thats why they still use Spanish numbers.
        “How old are you chica?”
        “Disi-otso anyos!”

        1. No, they have Spanish surnames because the Spanish did a German-style operation in systematically assigning all the Filipinos surnames. The vast majority don’t have a drop of Spanish ancestry at all.
          Also, some Filipinos speak Chavacano.

        2. You beat me to it. I was under the impression that the Spanish culture fuck-over on the Philippines was common knowledge. Most (in fact I’d wager all but a few intellectuals) couldn’t even tell you their prevalent (pre-colonization) cultural mythology, the Spanish were quite effective.
          A similar strategy to what the English did to the Gaels, and as you mention the Germans as well. It’s a (value neutrally speaking) very good strategy if you pull it off. If you munge it like the English you have a million very large and angry Scotsman invading your northern borders screaming for revenge and basically getting it.

        3. I said many, not all. Just like many blacks in America have varying amounts of white blood.
          Likewise, they all pray to the same god.

        4. Most (in fact I’d wager all but a few intellectuals) couldn’t even tell you their prevalent (pre-colonization) cultural mythology, the Spanish were quite effective.
          Or the Arabs in nearby Malaysia for that matter. Malays are all Muslim and have Arabic names. In fact, the original Aladdin was perhaps supposed to be Malay.

        5. There is something magical about meeting a gorgeous young Asian woman and the first words, in perfect English, are: hello, I am Julia Santos. Makes me testes twinge just thinking about it!

      1. Maybe yeah.
        I also think the half-asian boys are stuck btw two cultures that kinda clash…
        The “hero” strong assertive white guy ideal and the passive worker nerdy asian guy… (prominent stereotypes).
        They’re simultaneously expected to be strong assertive attractive guys and at the same time have the mentality that their success should be gained from merit and hard work… and you need more than that to be successful in North America.
        Asians have more of a community oriented shame-enforcement culture. In North America you kinda have to shrug public shame off and be like “fuck all you fucking fuckers I’m going this way”. Carve out your own path and hope it works… all the while being proud about it for it to possibly work.
        When working with women… being passive and respectful hardly ever gets them excited… Better to make a fucked up bad impression at first that gets them thinking about you than being a clambering orbiter.

      2. Actually a really salient point. The vast majority of white males who marry Asian women, are almost closer to the studious, shy, beta male persuasion than most Asian males themselves are. Like most women, Asians are still looking for traits familiar to them; they just want it in a package that more closely resembles those she has been told are attractive by the chick flicks.

        1. ^this x10000. i have a feeling that this is caused by traveling betas looking for immigrants and poor women in asia.
          if you disaggregated by nativity, you’d probably find that the white betas are married to foreign born chicks.

        2. You might be right… But in our current environment where marrying hypergamous women could destroy your whole life and your whole lineage… I can’t fault them for it if they think marrying an Asian woman might actually pan out.

    2. That’s exactly right. For some reason Half-Asians are a lot like Jews in terms of political leaning.

  4. Maybe you mean well, but I really don’t like these racial pity party posts. They’re not going to help stop the mentally fragile from building up more delusions and going postal for one. Even putting a slightly positive spin on them doesn’t really help much because people are concentrating on the negative stereotypes. Speaking of which, I think many Chinese/Asians way overestimate the negative way others perceive them, And, yes, I can speak with some authority since I lived for many years in Vancouver (BC).
    East Asians are basically psyching themselves out with all this stuff. Also, I find that those with racial inferiority complexes often have obsessions with women of another race. Nothing wrong with being involved with someone of another race, but if you’re obsessed with it it’s going to cause you lots of problems. It’s not like most Asian guys live in communities with a shortage of Asian girls. If you are having issues with other races perhaps you should start with gaming your own race first. And, no, most Asian girls do not have white guy fetishes. They are a small minority.

  5. If I had the choice, I would be born white again
    wouldn’t trade it for the world

      1. Whites don’t have privilege, they have abilities. When a group has made 90+ percent of all technological and scientific advances it’s not surprising that it prospers. Non-whites live as sponges off of us and our accomplishments and then claim to be oppressed. What a laugh. (How do you know if you’re a sponge? If you’re more prosperous occupying white countries then you would be back home, you’re a leech, Your personal capabilities are irrelevant to your leechdom. you prosper on what we’ve built that you couldn’t.)
        Anti-racism has become a code word for anti-white and LouisCK is a white-hating, half-Jewish racist piece of shit. “The year two?” – war, plague, famine and death is what you would have found, you fucking moron.

        1. I love how white people try to cast off other white people they don’t see as the purest of pure representation of the anglo-saxens. Also Elliot Rogers and Zimmerman they’re yours too.

        2. Had abilities…… Nowadays most of the younger talent in the hard sciences are Indian and Chinese. While those carrying the banner for “whites” are, as often as not, Jewish.

        3. White = 100% Caucasian European ancestry. Zimmerman and Elliot Rodgers are biracial.

        4. as a nonwhite I kind of agree with the 90+% of technological and scientific advances thing. “If you’re more prosperous occupying white countries then you would be back home, you’re a leech” this is kind of true but actually doesn’t apply to a lot of foreign professionals, for which it can be the opposite way around.
          however how are the rest of us supposed to learn about technology and science in order to bring it to our home countries like asia and africa, without coming to the west, paying out-of-state tuition and “leeching” the information already there?
          it’s not parsimonious to reinvent the wheel. and don’t worry, a lot of foreign people are going back to asia and africa as these countries become more successful. like the main characters of adichie’s book “americanah”.

        5. Zimmerman was a pillar of his community and I would gladly accept him as a good neighbor any day.

        6. “Our” accomplishments. JohnB, tell me: what personal role did you have in shaping civilization as we know it today?
          That’s what I mean by “transcend your race.” The accomplishment wasn’t yours. You didn’t do anything to be born Asian, black, Jewish, etc. Recognize that, and rise above.

        7. But muh oppression? All none sense. There is not oppression in the west to minorities, it’s all victim complex. They point you raise is true. If they where back in their native land they would be worse off, could they quit the complaining.

        8. nice try. He was legally white and identied himself as white, a.k.a white. They’re yours, own it

        9. White is race, race is defined by biology not governments. Therefore, your argument is invalid.

  6. Dear author,
    Long have the asian men of the west stayed silent on these matters. The truth about asian folk is that they are self-serving and overly proud screwed sons of bitches that care too much what people think. By definition they were born to be losers and non-red pillers. As soon as one of them rises up and tries to do anything beyond what their original programming had doomed them to do, all the rest just silently and maliciously ridicule them behind their backs. These guys bring it upon themselves and they refuse to do sometihng about it other than return to their domiciles and yell at the teenage kid in london when they lose at some first person shooter game. C. Contrary had a very great article on the value of self reliance. And for the sake of self preservation all these secret hand shaking bastards need to take a peek. In fact all men need to learn the ways of self-reliance. Cause nigga…ain’t nobody gonna help you if you can’t help yourself. Fuck the 1 time.

    1. That’s contradictory. It’s the pride and relentless self-interest that prevents most Asians from turning into fullblown, idealistic, liberal fruitcakes. Although you are right about Asians avoiding conflict. That should change.

      1. Majority of the local Asians in Singapore are like that in that they are taught to shy away from conflicts and confrontations, creating a very passive-aggressive character and atmosphere. But its changing now as more and more guys are becoming vocal and ironically enough, more liberal (though not in the American cultural sense).

  7. Let’s all stand in solidarity with our Asian brothers. I declare this day “Herro Preez” Day.

  8. I was wondering when RoK was going to feature and article on Asian males and I’m finally glad that one is here. This is a powerful article that cuts to the heart of Asian shaming and self-loathing and should serve as a rallying call for Asian men to wake up and take control of their lives. Asians in western countries actually do better than their southeast Asian counterparts in Singapore and Malaysia perhaps because that are brought up in a more alpha environment. But the reality is that because Singapore and Malaysia are former British colonies, there is still the colonial past affecting the culture of the countries. Hence, there is a very strong tendency for the local women to reject their own men and will literally worship the ground where a white western male walks. Let’s not even get started on his cock. There is a derogatory term for these women. They are called Sarong Party Girls (SPG). The term comes from the historical fact that British colonial officers were attended by local women dressed in sarongs during social gatherings and parties. SPGs are essentially self-hating Asian women who crave Eurasian children so that they can wipe out their own Asian roots. The local males are so badly put down by their own families in terms of the pressure to excel academically and to find a professional job that they have their social skills totally stunted. In Singapore, there is a 2 year conscription period for males when they reach 18 and that’s when they are sent to the army. One would think that going to the army will make a man out of them but instead, most of them get turned into subservient chodes of the state, while their female counterparts get to go to college and enjoy the sheer abundance of foreign men or older guys who can give them anything they want. The local males are therefore, placed at a disadvantage from the start. So yes, the situation isn’t looking good for local Singaporean men.
    That being said, not all is doom and gloom. Game is starting to be well known in Singapore already and there have been plenty of instructors who have come to Singapore to teach bootcamps. Many of the local guys who took the red pill are starting to take control of their lives and are hitting back at the social conditioning bullshit in society. As the article states, who gives a fuck? The guys who apply this mindset have applied it to SPGs and are starting to do well for themselves. But it will be a long hard road for most local guys in Singapore to overcome this barrier. I kid you not when I say that there are tons of guys in their 30s and 40s who are virgins and have never even kissed a girl.
    So yes, thank you for this article. It has been long in coming.

    1. >Western world
      >alpha environment
      Can it be really considered as such in this day and age?

        1. But maybe still more so in some way than large parts of Asia with their conformist mentalities.

      1. In case it’s not obvious, Barbarella (Michelle Chong) is trolling the actors. That is she’s taking a stereotype and running with it.

    2. Funny.
      One of the absolute all time biggest studs I have ever known is Singaporean. I can literally almost guarantee assembling a cast of SE Asian groupies simply by mentioning I know the guy. He’s a celeb, though, so I guess all I’m really doing is providing more validation for the truism that the only thing that trumps game, is fame.

    3. I suggest you write a piece about this. I have looked closely at Singapore’s fertility rate. Would it be correct to say your government is concerned to the point of considering mass migration like Japan?

      1. You are correct but right now, there is a strong xenophobic backlash against immigrants coming to live and work in Singapore. The locals are complaining everyday against all the foreign talent that the government brings into the country saying that they steal all the jobs, cause social problems and take all the women away. It is true to a certain extant but much of it is self-victimization IMO.

  9. An Open Request To Asian Men Of The West –
    Please spread your ‘Herbivore men’ culture here in the west as much as you can. We have MGTOW, but it would be even better to have the addition of Herbivore men.
    – A western man.

  10. “A 1998 Washington Post article states 36% of young Asian Pacific American men born in the United States married White women”
    This is old data – I assume that percent is higher now.
    And by the way, I have never seen an Asian man with a fat wife of any race.

    1. I am Asian. I married fat in the early 90s. I divorced fat in the late 90s. I dated skinny throughout the 2000s. I took the red pill recently. NEVER EVER EVER gonna consider fat ever again!!!!

    2. I know a few males of East Asian ethnicity who ended up marrying relatively attractive and generally high quality white women. As long as they play to their strengths – good education and career, stability – they can work it. I agree being East Asian isn’t ideal for, for example, same day bangs, but this article probably overstates the general problem.

  11. One of the most toughest dudes i have never know, was a 6’1 korean, who was a master of akido. Dude could have crushed me in a second, and he carried himself with dominance and presence. So i know a lot is about attitude and self improvement. To any Asians, i would say…BRUCE FUCKING LEE, he was not a tall guy, and he fucking got a hot white girl in the 60’s when it was way harder. So just man up, no excuses…

      1. That’s because he put his art above pussy. He single mindedly wanted to become a great.martial.arts action star and spread the idea of innovation and throwing off redundancies in the martial arts. And he achieved it, pinacling with his own death at a tragically young age thus maintaining that young firebrand image

    1. The problem with using BRUCE FUCKING LEE as someone to learn from, is that all you learn is that being a world famous movie star gets you laid. Duh! I.M Pei could have banged his way through a blonde jungle as well if he wished, and he wasn’t built remotely like a brick shit house Bruce Lee.
      Learn from mid level Yakuza instead. Normal asian guys that reliably scare white betas off the catwalk, by attitude and reputation alone.

  12. Here is one for you asian guys, stop trying to assimilate into white culture.
    Case in point: why do you guys always anglicize your names. Ya I m sure your name is Peter Chang. Me and my boy used to laugh about this shit all the time, fucking show some pride.

    1. I’ll speak with a ‘Peter Chang’ any day over a “Boomshiqua” or a “Chlamydia”

      1. best comment so far.
        Yes, I agree wholly. I like the integrationalists, they make an effort. It’s a shame they don’t reap the benefits of integrating. ie pussy

    2. They anglicize their names for the same reasons that the Finns, and Germans, and Scandinavians anglicized their names when they moved here. It is a concept called the melting pot, and it was a fine working model until the recently contrived “tossed salad” model supplanted it.
      I can guarantee you that until they came to America, there was no such thing as a John Dinkleheimelschmidt (he would be Johann or Hans prior). Assimilation is a good thing, exclusionary “keep my culture at all costs and never assimilate!” is bad. And worse is inventing a whole new naming system specifically to be *different* than the prevalent culture (lookin’ at you, Tayquon and Laquansha) all the while screaming for equality and acceptance.

      1. No I agree with us all having some shared values, learning English, etc.
        However, I think this type of name change assimilation is a problem. To me it is not about fitting in, it is about identifying with the dominant socio economic group in your community. And it manifests itself in other ways, like these Asian dudes that put white women on a pedestal.
        I think it is a sick display of supplicating beta behavior. Even the women do it. I read up on statistics for dating sites and Asian women reply to white guys more often than their own race.
        So yes, hang out with white people, speak English, interact with others….but stop trying to be white! They are not of European descent.

        1. How are they acting white??What does “acting white” even mean? Having a job, being highly educated are just features of being a decently useful human being. I didn’t realize it’s a proprietary white characteristic.

        2. > To me it is not about fitting in, it is about identifying with the dominant socio economic group in your community. […] I think it is a sick display of supplicating beta behavior.
          I think that’s an admirable trait. It is the opposite of “gangster culture”, where you identify with the worst socio-economic group in your community.
          I’m German and even as a kid I identified with Anglo-American culture way above my own for that very reason: Everything cool came out of some English-speaking country, mostly the US. There was no question which group I’d want to be a member of.

      2. The same people complaining about aSian’s acting “white” are the same people bitching about blacks and hispanics not acting “white” enough.

    3. Somewhat. But this is what other minorities say because they only go by their one name, while we identify with two. It would be nice, but I’ve found nobody who isn’t a Chinese speaker can pronounce my birth name, so it’s a matter of convenience.

      1. We make it convenient for them because they are not well traveled and ignorant. I am Asian in America. I recalled calling an auto shop and gave them my Anglo name. Then when I stopped by to talk to him face to face, he doubted that it was I whom he spoke to. He said the “guy” he was talking to spoke perfect English without a foreign accent like how I was talking to him right there.
        Yes, there are Asians in America that can speak better English than the people who were born and raised here with English as their only language. Just shows how ignorant most people are.

    4. asian names sound stupid and ridiculous. Besides, the odds are your job applications get less positive feedbacks with a name that is hard to speak

      1. Your response reminds me of that Aesop’s fable about the fox and the grapes. Just because YOU can’t pronounce it properly, you give up and say it sounds stupid and ridiculous rather than learn to perfect it.

    5. stop assuming that people weren’t born with a name like Peter Chang. b/c you’re implying that no asians were born in the US or an English-speaking country in asia.

    6. ”Here is one for you asian guys, stop trying to assimilate into white culture.”
      Poor advice. The only race of immigrants in the UK that integrate are FEAsians. Everyone else takes the piss, because muh roots.
      If you come to the UK behave accordingly, we already have Muslims shouting out dribble at our troops.

  13. The odds of a Western born Asian woman either marrying or breeding with White men is HUGE.
    It’s upwards of 50% particularly in California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Australia and New Zealand.
    I do understand some of the plight a lot of Westernized Asian men may feel about this. Let’s admit it, fellow White males. We certainly don’t ENJOY seeing black men with good-looking white women in the USA or elsewhere. Society just teaches us to “tolerate” it.

    1. I swear to everything that is holy to me, I couldn’t give a crap about what a guy’s race is that some hot chick is with.
      I do understand and feel envy, and I do understand and feel group affiliations, but not with race. Religion, nationalities, sports teams, family, professions, etc., yes, maybe, a little bit sometimes.
      But race? Bizarre. It’s the least sensible thing to draw team lines along.

      1. ”But race? Bizarre. It’s the least sensible thing to draw team lines along” it’s evolutionary. We feel an under lying anger due to ancestral race/tribe conservational tendendy.

        1. Very unlikely.
          If you’re familiar with degrees of relatedness as explained in Richard Dawkin’s book The Selfish Gene, there are indeed are indeed “collectivist” instincts to be seen in many species and expected in humans towards those that are very related.
          You have both a degree of relatedness with kids and siblings of 0.5, meaning you share half of their genes.
          Don’t know about you, but I can’t see that people are always loyal to their own offspring, let alone relatives further away. The loyalty towards offspring is the only kind that is strongly visible.
          You’re telling me that it’s genetic that I should me naturally inclined to feel loyalty towards a guys who’s relatedness is about a percent or below, and that this should be noticably more than to the black American guy with an even lower relatedness?
          That’s pulling at straws. There is no such thing.
          The potential for group-thinking is natural, obviously, but it programs itself on growing up along many different indicators, most of them pretty abstract, such as a football team.

    2. White girl with black guy is very different. It’s just that one girl. And it also tends to be an obviously alpha black dude. After being introduced to game, I actually quite enjoy seeing withe girls with black dudes, as black guys can get away with being so over the top stereotypically alpha that it is often pure enjoyment to watch. Acting like a full on pimp is just too in congruent for anyone who is not black, but black guys, whether from the US or Africa, can make it seem like the most natural way in the world for a man to act.
      With Withe guy, asian girls pairings, adding insult to injury is that the guy more often than not tends to be amongst the dregs of his own race, alphatude wise. Essentially reinforcing that even Loser Von PimplefaceMangina is preferable to a top pick Asian guy. I doubt most asian males would mind so much if some asian girl picked Brad Pitt over him. Just like I’m not too sore about a girl I was wooing ending up part of Snoop Dogg’s extended harem instead.

      1. That’s the very reason so many men and women in relationships in the western world today.
        Game, smooth talk, alphatude and etc….
        None of these are the basics of a healthy romantic relationship. How about common interests, mutual respect, and personality?

    3. The only important thing is ‘Is she fucking me?”
      I could care less what her ex-boyfriends look like, as long as they are ex.

    4. Asian male out marry rates are fairly high too. While it isn’t as high as the females, they do have options if they want to take them.
      As for who women sleep with, how dare she not save herself for somebody you find socially acceptable.

    5. I could not care less when I see an interracial couple. The only thing that makes me shake my head is when women of any color are into the the hip hop Boyz in the hood type.

    6. I dunno, I feel sort of a pity for the black guy… unless she’s a really good girl, then I feel happy for him. I’ve got one woman that I’m happy with, don’t have to feel jealous and insecure about the rest of the world.

  14. White extinction accelerating. Asians will still be around. They abhor multiculturalism and multiracial-ism.

    1. Not necessarily. East Asians (well, China and South Korea) are about where white countries were in 1980 demographically. Japan is notoriously reticent about immigration, but it appears to be a unique case.

      1. Not really. South Korea is even more homogeneous than Japan, and most minorities in China wouldn’t count as minorities in the US. I get the feeling that the first real race war will result from Asians being pressured into multiculti by outside countries. Hope I’m dead by then.

        1. nah, Asian countries are on the rise and increasingly China is not listening to the US. We will make the rules in the future because we will own the means and mods of production, as well as 60% of the world economy.
          In the future, more bitches will be sucking Asian dick because we literally will own whole industries, countries, etc.

  15. Bravo…..I’m not Asian, but this article flat out kicked my ass. I salute you….Fuckin A!!

  16. Most Asian men I know who play the dating game seduce white women by posing as anime bishonen stereotypes. You will NOT believe how many white American women are into anime and Asian culture here in the West. If they dress up like Sasuke Uchiha and have an emo haircut, the girls start latching on them like a magnet. Their seduction methods are different, but no less potent, as the girls fall for the “introverted, exotic, strong silent type” these guys pose as.

    1. Ugh..
      9/10 anime fangirls are fat and/or disgusting. Prove me wrong.

      1. Those who I know aren’t. Hell, I remember this petit one with a nice bod was a Naruto fangirl. And judging by the anime fangirls who go out on cosplays, there are equal amounts of women who are fat and women who have hourglass figures, nice racks, and tight bums.

    2. No man the anime thing is omega for men and women. Emo is even worse.

      1. Not really. I’ve seen a lot of good responsible masculine males and traditional girls being anime fans. Thank God they weren’t whiny Betas or bitchy feminists.
        I must’ve really lucked out. ;p
        Just because Omegas, Betas, and feminists are invading the anime community, doesn’t mean it’s just comprised of them. That’s like saying Lord of the Rings is for Hippie crack-addicts and heroin-smokers, despite the fact that it was made originally by an Uber-Catholic Traditionalist, for Catholics.

        1. I grew up with 70s mecha anime and a lot of the male protagonists are MANLY, which I sadly don’t see in today’s batch.
          At the risk of giving away spoilers, let me introduce you to Voltes V, which shows the struggles of the Go brothers, 3/5 of the titular mecha’s team. Trust me, it’s better than it sounds and I watched that show, growing up.

        2. That’s why anime is sometimes a healthier form of media than the PC crap the Western kids get. The Gundam series and indeed, Voltes V, is very pro-manhood. I remember a G Gundam plot where the wife of the British pilot, who disapproves of his continued existence as a Gundam fighter, because she thinks it’s selfish of him to continue participating in the tournament and destroying himself, and how she sees that as selfish because she loves him and just wants to live with him in peace. She still supports him in his fight because she loves him and is loyal to him. Watching that, I muttered to myself, “this show gets the biblical aspect of marriage better than what most clergy of today could ever do.”

    3. Anime and Japanmania is so old school, the Korean wave is the new Asian trend

      1. K-Pop is indeed moving in on what has been Anime’s domain as of late……

      2. Not to rip on kpop, kpop is nice (girls are feminine unlike the miley cirus shit we have here), buuuuut anime is better.

        1. Anime also attracts more fan girls. Many of whom are pretty, some of whom aren’t.

  17. Open letter to all White Men of the West, they want genocide against you!
    Anti-racist is a code word for Anti-white!

  18. One of my best friends is Asian and short. He is in incredible shape. He worked at one of the big agencies in Hollywood (WME) and fucked tons of chicks. He now has a smoking hot girlfriend.
    He then took control of the things he could (his physique) and learned game. He is very sociable and worked hard to become a player in the scene here in LA.
    All things are possible.

    1. The guy who introduced me to game, was asian (asian-american) as well. Short, decent shape, clean cut and well educated. Not exactly lacking in the notch count stakes, to put it that way.

    1. Good thing the guy has something going for him. Combine the sexual market success of the stereotypical asian with the job market success of ditto black, and things must look pretty grim.

  19. Thank you! I really needed to hear this. If you replace the word Asian with Jewish, the article works exactly as well. With all the negative Hollywood stereotypes, the same problems listed above, and something like 78% of Jewish girls dating/marrying non-Jewish men, I will from now on say the hell with it, and work on my own game, and my own individual life. No excuses. I wish someone had told me this when I was 13, but better late than never. Thank you, again.

    1. Why would that be a problem with Jews? You don’t see whether someone is Jewish or Caucasian, and when the topic comes up, there’s already rapport.

  20. another set of Magic cards. <– Hey man these things are great. I live in China and all of my friends play including loads of Chinese guys (most of the wives sit in the background playing ‘run run turtle’ or ‘candy crush’). Currently, I’m running a Lorthos pure blue and my wife plays Krenko pure red EDH. We play two headed giant and just clean up everywhere we go.
    I’m one of those white guys banging ‘your’ women though. I think you need to get out of your head that these women were ever yours, just like white women were never mine… no one here wanted my wife, she came from a poor family and is mediocre as far as Asian beauty standards go, yet I face discrimination daily from Asian guys who think they own my wife and are somehow entitled to her pvssy. I always get the evil eye as if I’m somehow stealing from their tribe. Maybe if your parents gen hadn’t aborted all the girl babies, there wouldn’t be such a noticeable gap. Also you have to admit, the Asian marriage culture is extremely toxic, would you want to marry someone that only your parents and grandparents approve of (and usually for financial reasons)? Hell no. Neither do Chinese girls and by marrying out of their culture, they don’t have to be traded like a commodity or expected to be a baby factory for their entire life while their husband runs around at the local KTV.
    Once you start travelling a bit and dating women from other parts of the world, you start to lose that insecurity. Maybe you should hit up Brazil or Africa or a 3rd world country. I see a lot of mixed race Black woman/Chinese man couples now with kids… and the kids look great. Instead of bitching, put that energy towards going abroad and meeting some quality women. BTW love the background pic, boardgames rule.

    1. Fuck you. How are you going to talk about knowing shit about asian culture? You’re going to go into this with a superiority complex and you think your kids are going to be okay? Keep criticizing asian marriages while white marriages are collapsing and the wife is sucking every cock but white hubby’s while he’s off at work providing。
      I’m half asian and let me say that my parents had the most fucked up relationship that was based on race and ended with my mothers suicide because she couldn’t deal with what a beta faggot my dad was.

      1. The only angry asian guys I know are Americans and Chinese who aren’t getting any. Chinese because they CAN’T LEAVE THEIR COUNTRY and Americans who are too fucking lazy. Which one are you?

    1. Interesting, I didn’t know the guy. He died by ritual suicide after (unrealistically) attempting a coup detat.
      Thanks for mentioning him.

  21. It’s interesting: A while back I had a very bad vibe here on RoK because of anti-Jewish sentiments that seemed to be shared by a strong majority.
    I always grouped anti-Jewish sentiments together with other form of racism, but I’m glad to see that on the non-Jewish racial lines (whites/blacks/Asians/etc.) there seems to be not much animosity at all.

    1. Remember that number of comments is not necessarily reflective of the true attitude of the readers. There are a lot of loud mouth, incredibly paranoid, yet simultaneously incredibly banal antisemites that used to flood the comment sections here, but they seem to have largely moved on.

    2. Plenty of manosphere guys are at least partly Jewish. I do not want to start the topic again, because it seems to incite at least some guys. Fortunately most here understand, that only because of some rich powerful and negative ruling families it does not mean that most people of any ethnic group, religion, color had anything to do with that or are in any way profiting from it. Besides even that online animosity does not transport into real life in any form nowadays.

    3. The white right is dead set against Jews… it’s a rather pointless conspiracy

      1. also, bear in mind that /pol/ often comes here in force when an article is posted which is of interest to pol

      2. I friend of mine once jokingly crawled into an oven in Auschwitz (he’s German, like me).
        That’s called “not being pc”.
        To insinuate that Jews are following a genetic imperative (or, alternatively, are consciously conspiring) to bring about the destruction of gentiles is, besides “not being pc”, also “not being on my side”.
        This isn’t a matter of thick or thin skin. It’s a matter of checking out where I belong politically.

  22. Asians don’t like Magic Cards bro… we like video games and cartoon porn.
    There’s are two extremes of western Asian guys and they’re both retarded
    You’ve got the liberal kind who essentially act white, cashing in on their diversity factor and collecting brownie points from white liberals by plugging social justice causes. They’re the “cool friend” that make women feel comfortable, not tingly.
    Then there’s the angry kind who obsess over interracial relations, follow JT Tran, and call Asian women race traitors while worshipping white women. They’re socially inept as hell and nobody wants anything to do with these kids, not men, not women, not other Asians, etc.
    In my life I’ve been with a half-asian girl, some kind of south american mulatta, a white girl, and now I’m engaged to a Chinese woman. I play Dota like the stereotypical Chinese nerd. Never worked out in my life. Mom straight up tells me I got a face like a dog. Make above average pay, and pretty damn ethnocentric.
    I did however retain something most Asian boys lose when they grow up in the West: The brash, shameless Old World attitude from the Chinese mainland. Say what I want, do what I want, demand what I want, engage people on my own terms, and find great pleasure in being openly competitive. Not necessarily skills geared to getting women, but it sure as hell beats being shy as fuck all day/comedic relief for people around you.

    1. ur description was exactly the kind Of half Asian mangina I was talking about.
      He was always finding ways to make it about how he’s Asian and ppl discriminate him… And he worshipped white girls. He straight up told me he was in a fistfight which turned out wasn’t true.
      Eventually he backstabbed me and I turned my back on him. He then sent me a suicide note… I forwarded it to his wife and never spoke to him again.

  23. I’m going to get down voted for this by being critical when I can see your intention and this is a place for real talk, but I still have to say was it really necessary to be that negative? I have enough comprehension to know you were just trying to create a strong rhetoric narrative contrast.
    But this is not an underdog movie. Operating from that down, that bleak, for many means either trying half-assed or never at all because believing that level is over the line for many to think they can overcome it. Having knowledge that a good percentage of Asian men succeeding – winning – does have its value. Knowledge that implementing that advice isn’t as impossible to implement, as well as proof it can be done.

    1. That was the point of the letter, to stop operating from that place. You had no say in being born Asian, so stop with the pride, stop with the shame. Start from the clean slate of representing you and you alone.

  24. I’m a Chinese guy. Lived in UK all my life. When I was a young boy I assumed that I would end up with a Chinese girlfriend. This was not the case.
    My limited experience of Westernised Chinese girls in the UK are that they only want white men and they often actively avoid me. They even make a point of turning their head away from me if they pass me in public.
    The vibe I get from Chinese girls is that they look down on me because I am Chinese. I can only imagine what psychological issues they will inflict on their future half Chinese children.
    Consequently I have sought out girls from other races. I can’t pretend it was easy. My parents did not allow me to mix with other children at all and I had to work hard overcome my social inadequacies.
    I am currently in a relationship with an African girl, who was born and raised in Africa. When I first saw her I thought she was stunningly beautiful, she reminded me of a young Sade. She tells me that she always liked Chinese men. She has no shortage of interest from black and white men but she chose me.
    I live in London. On any given day I can expect to see 3 to 4 Chinese girl / White men couples. To see a Chinese man / White girl couple is extremely rare, I only see this once every 3-4 months. I have never seen a Chinese man / Black girl couple.
    I completely agree with this article. There’s no point whining about the negative portrayal of Asian males in the Western media. The best way to change perceptions of Asian males in the West is to work out, get ripped like Bruce Lee, and date hot women, preferably of other races.
    Ironically, the more this happens, the more Asian men will be attractive to the Asian girls who formerly rejected them.

    1. London very much changed my opinion on the potential attractivity of black women. There are some serious lookers of that race there, properly dressed in middle-class attire.

      1. One thing Americans realize when they travel is that “black” people are not some homogenous group worldwide. They are different depending on where they live and where they are from. As a black man, I have always preferred British black women to American. My preferences are the same when it comes to white women also.

    2. In NYC most asian women are with asian men. Fuck these self haters making little Elliot Rodgers. I’m the first to say it. I wonder if these women are disappointed when their kid turns out looking like a chink even though they tried to breed it out. My mom dated white and had mixed kids and wound up dead. Of course everyone thinks mixed kids are wonderful but my brother and I are both mentally fucked.

      1. No matter where you go most people are going to associate with their own. That being said I was just in NYC two weeks ago and I think the ratio of Asian girls with Asian and White men as about 50/50, at least on the streets of Manhattan. Keep in mind this is one man’s experience over a short time but I doubt I just showed up for the White/Asian couple festival.

    3. “Ironically, the more this happens, the more Asian men will be attractive to the Asian girls who formerly rejected them.”
      Absolutely. But I think this is only true in the West. In Asia, probably not so much.
      It is ironic, as you said, that the key to reclaiming Asian women (Westernized) as your own is to forfeit, literally, the only stipulation that entitles you to them in the first place.
      Relinquish your needing to identify as being Asian… Get the Asian girl.

      1. I rather not name the country because I would like to keep my identity private. But she comes from a traditional village in West Africa.
        I would like to add that I have always had African friends and I enjoy African food and music. In my experience Africans have a lot of respect for Chinese people. The sad thing is that many Chinese people do not seem to realise this.

        1. I’m not sure I would be able to identify you by knowing what country your girlfriend is from but fine.

        2. Maybe he’s got people in his vicinity who read RoK also, and that information would narrow it down too much.

  25. Race shouldn’t be a defining factor of who you are. White? Cant dance? take a dance class. Asian? worried about the beta sterotype? work out, dress well. Black? seen as anti intellectual? Read a few philosophy books.
    Doesn’t matter who you are or how you are stereotyped the fundamental equation is the same.
    Man?Problem? Work to fix it.

  26. I don’t understand why Asian and Indian men get so butthurt when they see an Asian or Indian woman with a white man? GROW UP DUDES!!!
    Like, I’m a white guy, but if I see a white woman with a non-white man, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK because it’s NONE OF MY FUCKING BUSINESS. YOU DO NOT OWN THE FUCKING WOMEN OF YOUR RACE, okay guys?
    Now, feel free to go and bang as many white women as you’d like.

    1. “Like, I’m a white guy, but if I see a white woman with a
      non-white man, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK because it’s NONE OF MY FUCKING
      Pass the message to your racists first; after all, they’re keeping the Anglo tradition of putting pussy in a pedestal alive, to the point they’d be LYNCHING men for it.

      1. I am also very opposed to white supremacist men pedestalizing white women, believe me. White women are the true privileged class, I am against white female privilege.

    2. it’s easy when someone desires you and you’re the majority in society. Even if a white girl dates a black guy, you still have options.
      It’s much harder for minority men.

      1. Yea Asian and Indian men may have it pretty rough in the West. I agree, but you can also go to your home countries and you’ll be superior to most men there since you are a westernized Asian or Indian man. And thus you should not have a problem meeting women there.
        Why do so many Indian men worship white women? I’m a white guy who personally finds most white women as disgusting, trashy whores. Why would anyone want to worship a bunch of trashy whores?

        1. unfamiliarity. if you never/rarely are around white people you are obsessed with foreign people. The more you know them the more that fades away.

        2. “Why do so many Indian men worship white women? I’m a white guy who personally finds most white women as disgusting, trashy whores. ”
          Again thats just your own goddamned opinion. Me and all my male friends consider today’s typical white females as nothing more than an unsexy, solicitous, amoral bags of bullshit and fake drama.

    3. Historically-speaking, white-cock worship from minority females is a much different beast than minority-cock workship from white females. This is because of the inferiority complex most minority men carry around with them at all hours of the day, due to conditioning, geography, colonialization, what have you. So when their respective women go after white guys for no other reason than because they are white, these minorities take it personally, and it feeds into their already-established, already-powerful inferiority complexes.
      If you flip the script, however, you won’t find the same thing. White males aren’t burdened by an inferiority complex, so when their women are “stolen” by another race’s men, they typically don’t feel the slight. That’s one reason. The other is simply, the frequency of this case is so rare compared to the other way around that white men just don’t give a shit.
      All that being said, the point of this letter was to say, “Fuck your inferiority complex. Stop identifying as Asian. Stop complaining. Stop fantasizing about stabbing white guys every time they hump another one of your women. Instead, transcend your race. Reclaim your masculinity. Take responsibility for your life. And most importantly, act. Go out in the world and do you.”

      1. Actually a lot of white guys get angry at it. Hence white nationalism, stormfront, etc. they probably don’t show it but I think they don’t really like the idea of white women fucking black dudes. In beijing it’s all I see, to be honest but I don’t care.

        1. White nationalists and white supremacist men are some of the biggest manginas on earth. I openly confronted them and told them that WHITE WOMEN are the biggest “race traitors” (a phrase they like to use a lot), and that white women destroyed the white race by embracing feminism.
          White supremacist women are also some of the biggest feminist bitches on earth.

        2. Sloots gonna sloot. White women, asian women are exact parallels.
          Asian women find magical flaws in asian men just out of thin air, white women do the same about white men. Asian women want cute mixed babies (obvious bullshit since all babies are cute) and white women idealize half black kids to a ridiculous extent. Asian women parade around with their white guy like they’re too good for asian guys, and white women parade around with their black guy doing the same. It’s all about a war on men. It’s funny bc fob women usually seem indifferent to white guys since they aren’t raised to be militant feminist cunts.
          White guys, if you marry a disgusting, brown skinned asian with a notch count of 50+, tattooes on her back and arms, with a passionate hatred of asian guys, it’s not really a catch. It’s the equivalent of the ratchet white club girl. One of my cousins is like this, ugly and scowling with a baritone voice and yet she still has a doofy blonde guy bending over backwards to beg her for sex. Id rather stay single than do that.

      2. Don’t know about that. Looking a white women wrong could get you hanged in the Southern US if you were black and white men in Britain would strongly detest seeing a black man with a white women back in the days. Not only that, white women in Britain love black men. Most interracial couplings I have seen in Britain are black man/white woman. It became a serious cliche back in the Nineties. It seemed most black guys I knew dated nothing but white women.

      3. I could care less who white women fuck because the vast majority of white women are ruined beyond any hope of saving. As for jealous beta asian/indian men? I’m really sick of this shit. They need to fucking grow the fuck up, and stop acting like such a bunch of envious, jealous little betas. Once again, you do NOT own the women of your race. Stop being such a bunch of control freaks, if a woman of your race chooses a white man, then it is none of your goddamn business.
        It’s amazing how asians and indians complain about white men being racist, because the vast majority of white men I know are not racist at all, they do not think in terms of race. Meanwhile, racism against whites is openly practiced and tolerated amongst asians/indians.
        Believe me when I tell you that there is no group of people on this planet that is more racist than Indians. Not ALL of them, but a pretty high percentage of them are racist as fuck.

        1. And thats just your opinion. What you say may be prevalent among the Indians in the west but stop slapping it onto Indians as a whole. And this is a guy from India talking.

    4. Stop being so solipsistic.
      Do you realize it takes two to tango?
      A white guy telling Asian men to stop being so butthurt…
      is like a 6 foot guy telling a 5′ 4″ guy to stop being so butthurt that even women short than 5’4″ will choose a guy that is at least a few inches taller than him. Oh, and go bang as many 5’10” women as you like.
      All else being equal, that 5’4″ guy probably has about 2% of the sexual access of the 6’0″ guy.
      You can learn game. You can get ripped. You can make more money.
      On the next episode: Trust fund kid wonders why other people are so poor.

      1. Well, I have to admit you’re right. I am basically a “trust fund kid”, and grew up in a rich family. With that said, I gave up everything and moved to a foreign country and embraced a minimalist lifestyle.
        Here’s an idea. You asian/indian men living in the West can go to Asia or India and get pretty hot bitches there because you are a westernized asian/indian man. So yea, stop whining and start travelling.

    5. Yo do realize that India falls within Asia don’t you? More like Indian and oriental dudes.

  27. I have known Asian dudes hook up with white women. It can be done. Those dudes, as individuals, had no interface with any Asian stereotype known. I know one Japanese fellow who even married some cute British girl and moved to Britain with her.

  28. This is a very interesting post, because while leftists are shouting “we are all the same/we are all equal” differences (“discriminations”) like those listed above exist. Physical and mental differences.
    I was having a chat to my receptionist this morning about her dog: “border collies are very intelligent!”. She sees no problem in saying one breed of dog is more intelligent than another (amongst other comparisons), but the same logic doesn’t apply to humans.

  29. I agree with much of this message. I speak from experience when a man can shed his stereotype he is free to do anything.
    As much as I would hope this article gets out I believe it will fall on deaf ears. It’s hard to change any individual who has been so indoctrinated by a system designed to keep them in the dark. The people who want to change will recognize something is fucked up, and then seek answers.
    Hopefully they will take some action and not live a life of quiet desperation.

  30. I am Latino, with more European mix than Amerindian. Even though I consider myself to be average, Asian women go out of their way to approach me, which is something I’ve rarely experienced with Europeans or Latinas. If you are an Asian men, Steven’s advice is sound. In my case, I don’t need to follow any of his recommendations to attract Asian pussy. Without a doubt, ethnicity plays a major roll in attraction. So, for some, very little effort is required; for others, a tremendous amount of work is required to attract the same level of women. I do believe in game and self-improvement. It is amazing how far you can get with game, both socially and sexually. Nevertheless, I do believe that its possibilities are limited to our own genetics. But the only way to find out where those limits are, is by relentlessly applying game.

  31. Asian men are definitely fighting an uphill battle in the West. It can be won with determination and fortitude though.

  32. Asian American of the Korean flavor. I used to let Asian stereotypes bother me for the longest time, but in the last four years, I’ve been crushing them and enjoy turning the tables on those that used to “oppress” me (self obsessed though, by the way..). I always played football and shared locker rooms with less than PC black and white teammates. They helped me grow thick skin real fast. Even ended up playing in college for two years before injuries and poor grades forced me to hang up the cleats… Shed all my football weight and currently stand at 5’11” and a thick 240lbs.. Granted, I wasn’t shafted by notorious Asian genetics, but I still worked my ass off for everything I have. Instead of repulsing white girls, they are the only ones I attract these days.. Don’t let your Asian descent anchor you down to society’s bullshit….. Oh, and it’s completely acceptable to be a nerdy, attractive, muscular, etc.. Asian…

  33. We have a huge Asian population here in the Twin Cities – MN. I’ve worked with and dated quite a few Asian girls over the years.
    I keep hearing the same story over and over again. Asian girl will have kids with an Asian guy (and get married) between 18 and her early twenties. By the time she’s in her late twenties and early thirties, she’s divorced and usually ends up with a white guy. That’s how it is around here.

    1. Minnesota is little different as far as Asian culture (especially, MN being dominated of Hmong people which the culture still pushes them to get marry when they are young (some even when they are 14-16) they pretty much lose their teenage years and then becomes late bloomers after … there’s so many second, third marriages and baby daddy and baby momma issues… It’s a whole different Asian world over there compare to East or West Coast.

  34. The most successful Asians I know (the ones that pull 7 whites, 8+ Asians) don’t have accents. I think the Asian accent detracts from confidence. They also have something other to talk about than their jobs.

  35. I’m staying in Flushing NY right now and almost all of the couples I’ve seen (hundreds) are asian – asian. I’ve only seen a handful of white-asian couples and the girl is rarely good looking and the time that she was she seemed off base. Asian women know what they’re doing. These fucking whores create little Elliot Rodgers.
    Anyways I think the best looking Asians stick to their own.
    I also advise white guys to just lay off. I don’t see the reason to humiliate and treat asian men like that and let’s me honest, if a girl fucks you because you’re white, she’s probably not going to be a good mom. Don’t fall for this. From a half asian like me, please don’t fall for this. The asian women who date out are fucking insane.
    At the end of the day I think things are changing And most decent asian women wind up and even prefer asian men. As for white guys, please don’t go around trying to demean asian guys. They are stable beta providers and it’s not really right to insult them or “steal” their women. We all know exactly how it feels when white women prefer black men or colored men.

    1. Let me say this. It doesn’t matter if it’s asian girls who chase white boys, white girls who chase black guys, girls who chase only the tallest guys, etc., etc., you can’t do this shit and expect a large group of men won’t get angry. You don’t fucking want them? Alright, then they’ll just drop out of society and you’ll see how great that is. Imagine what will happen to china or India if 50% of the girls there started chasing only white dick. Immediate shut down of the fucking country. But that’s what they want.

      1. Surplus males historically lead to fairly bloody wars. Ordinarily women choosing X trait doesn’t matter because in a relatively 50/50 society there is a chair for everybody when the music stops, even if the chair isn’t all that appealing.
        On the other hand, China and India have created massive quantities of undesirable males through sex selective abortion with each country having about 30 million or so surplus men. There are gang rapes throughout India and they are getting more brazen by the day. Meanwhile, the Chinese government engages in shaming campaigns against women so that they don’t stay single.

        1. “Surplus males historically lead to fairly bloody wars. Ordinarily women choosing X trait doesn’t matter because in a relatively 50/50 society there is a chair for everybody when the music stops, even if the chair isn’t all that appealing.”
          Case in point, the Anglosphere itself. There’s a reason why cuckoldry emerged from war trophyism, alongside the prior are colonialism and imperialism.
          “On the other hand, China and India have created massive quantities of undesirable males through sex selective abortion with each country having about 30 million or so surplus men. There are gang rapes throughout India and they are getting more brazen by the day. Meanwhile, the Chinese government engages in shaming campaigns against women so that they don’t stay single.”
          Ah, the Victorian tradition of making sausage parties.

  36. This is a good, hard-hitting article whose points can be applied to any set of men.
    On the topic of Asians, I posted to another article recently, where I referred to Asians (and Indians) in my engineering jobs as “drones,” because (from my observations) they get paid less, work 16-hour days, have no lives, hobbies, or fun, and do as their told like slaves and without question.
    That said, not all of them were lost causes. I noticed a glimmer of red-pill spark in a few, and I tried to encourage them the best that I could before even I knew of the red pill. I would stress that, “You’re in America now and you can do whatever the hell you want and can shun expectations. Fuck sending half your paycheck home to your family in China. Spend it on some booze instead.” I’d tell them that in America we like to have fun and kick ass; that we like fast cars, big trucks, shooting guns, and fucking blonds. Almost none of these workers had even been to the glorious, glorious beaches in San Diego, despite living here for years! Most would just shy back and look at me like I was a maniac, but a few of the braver ones took to heart what I was trying to explain. They didn’t immediatley become playboys, as overcoming a lifetime of rigorous “drone” programming is hard, but the seed was planted, and I like to see good people achieve their full potential. Good guys are good guys, period.

    1. People on H1-B visas can’t change jobs without a 3-ring circus act and since the only way to get a decent raise in tech is to switch companies they end up making less. Also, if they get fired they get booted back to their home country which makes them highly motivated to work.

      1. yeah, also the getting paid less for the same work part puts in cramp in people’s lifestyle.

  37. Asian men should date black women while black men date Asian women. In one or two generations I’d say most global issues would end.

    1. Nothing wrong with my man Jackie. I like him too. But most Asian men I know hate that he plays into all the Hollywood stereotypes (fobby, respectful, kung fu machine, can’t get laid). But that’s the point of the letter. Fuck what Hollywood does. You don’t give a shit anymore. Are you so powerless in your own life that you need some some guy that has no idea who you are to get his dick wet on screen, just so your life can start taking off? These people are insane.

      1. I cannot understand why Westernised Asians look down on Asians from the East as ‘fobs’. I can’t help but think that this implicitly acknowledges the superiority of Western culture over Eastern culture.
        I have an acquaintance from China who has a strong ‘fobby’ accent as you call it. But he is a tough motherfucker and you would not want to fuck with him either in the business arena or the physical arena.
        And maybe not the best example but look at Peter Chao, the youtube star. He is persona is heavily based on his [exaggerated] ‘fobby’ accent. And he does not give a fuck. Also he has a hot white girlfriend, if this matters.

        1. The author of this article has probably never set foot in china or Korea, both of which still harbor some of the best and most alpha genes and the hottest girls, since for whatever reason it seems the rejects are the ones that come to Amerikant. I’m 6’0.5″ and I get dwarfed in beijing all the time.

        2. No the problem is that people described as FOBs speak English poorly. sometimes people’s accents are so strong that it blocks communication. it’s possible to get rid of the accent with enough practice.
          btw just because someone speaks english well doesn’t mean they are “westernized” or don’t speak their native language well. plenty of people who actually live in china and india speak english without a “fobby” accent.

  38. With minor modifications this letter could be applied to almost any peasant group that wallows in its own self pity and finds solace in its Pyhrric victories. Great writing.

  39. My wife bought a book called Foreign Babes in Beijing. I picked it up and had a brief look at it and happened upon a page talking about where she went to go hang out with Chinese female models. Based on her real life travels, she said that the Chinese models had absolutely zero interest in foreigners and all of their boyfriends were motorcycle riding gruff Chinese guys. Anyways based on my experience living there, it holds true that te hottest ones usually seem to prefer chinese guys. As a nominal white guy walking around there there are a few women interested but I can sit down next to smoking hot women and it’s like I don’t even exist. I don’t understand anything, all I know is that my mom was insane, dead, and not good looking. If she were alive I would certainly grill her on why she liked white guys so much even though my brother looks asian and she’s pretty much telling him he’s an ugly chink by her actions.
    That being said I see hundreds of good looking asian couples daily and a sprinkling of mixed couples and those girls know exactly what they’re doing and karma will come around and bite them in the ass because the white boyz that fuck them are either beta, racist, or with an asian fetish and the kids will probably destroy mommy’s life, just like supreme gentleman Elliot Rodgers.

  40. I don’t like this authors tone. I don’t know why. I’m guessing he’s half asian. I wonder how he rationalizes that his mom herself fucked white guys until she found one that could support her debaucheries financially.

  41. Here’s what strikes me…Asian men are being disenfranchised by the current system, yes?
    Well, for good or ill, its not a cliche so much as it is a fact that Asians are higher performing people, particularly with their intelligence. In terms of physical…talk to a WWII Marine. Putting aside race for a second consider that Asian men are like white men today, so low on the “grievance” totem pole that they’re treated with contempt. What does that say about today’s “system”, for that matter, today’s femo-centric system? All around us there is an established track record and growing body of evidence of a anti-merit culture. Heck, “they” are cancelling honors nights at schools? Shit, the very word “merit” was, or still is, up for being banned!
    What were seeing here is society punishing the best performers. It exploits men to continue to perform at peak levels and at the same time calls them losers because, get this, they actually deliver consistently and many times exceed standards? In another time these men would be rewarded, but, apparently, that isn’t politically correct? When I confront this bizarre situation, I often think that one of the root causes is envy. The aggrieved in our country aren’t just jealous of your economic situation any longer, they want the pride that a truly competent individual feels. Indeed, all that matters is how you “feel”? Yet, glaring back at them is not an Asian or White person, despite their delusions, its really the cold FACT that not everyone is equally competent. That is what they can’t accept and so they do the only thing they can do, which is to blame…blame the people who are competent. They take their envy and jealousy out on people who’s only “crime”, as it were, was to do a job well.
    Compounding the problem is our deliberate rejection of traditional wisdom which says that things like envy, jealousy and pride etc can never be fully satisfied. That stuff was too insightful and therefore too good so it also evoked a jealous and envious reaction from certain people more concerned about why their group (the extension of their ego) didn’t have a bigger part of contributing to this, not so much the content. So, we miss the glaring truth that envy and jealousy can never be satisfied…its a bottomless and dark pit that we’re now going down. With that established, banning merit under this perverse paradigm IS the next logical step.
    I think that Asian men need to join up with white men. We’re all is this together.

    1. Exactly right. IMO, Asian men are marginalized in America because they are intelligent, successful and commit fewer crimes, so they can’t be used by liberals to show how “The Man” is keeping minorities down. There isn’t an entire cottage industry dedicated to playing the victim card on their behalf.

  42. Mango has issues. Most Asian women are not trying to breed their ethnicity out of existence by dating or marrying white men, nor do they hate their half Asian children. They have a racial preference. They aren’t dating down, as the white guy will usually have just as much going for him as his asian male counterparts.

  43. Why is the white man going to the Asian woman?
    Very simple. The white woman is going to the black
    man. White males are demographally doomed!
    Better make hey while the sun shines white man.
    When whites become the minority in their own
    country, plenty of white women will go with asians.
    In the world tomorrow, if white guys are even allowed
    to be born, they can have any girl they want as long
    as she’s black and fat or ugly fat and white.

    1. I’m so sorry for you. Being born with a low IQ is something that you will never be able to overcome.
      But, here, let me help you with one little matter. If white men are demographically doomed, white women are as well. They both necessarily come from the womb of a white woman that has been fertilized by a white man. If the white woman’s womb has been fertilized by a man of a different race, whether the resulting child is a boy or a girl, the child will by definition be mixed race.
      You might also consider that this dynamic also means that the black “race” and the Asian “race,” at least in America, are also “doomed.” Then again, there is a nearly limitless of supply of Asians, so the numbers work in their favor over the long term.
      I realize these things are over your head and beyond the capability of your severely limited brainpower, so you will just have to trust me.

      1. But he does have a point. The genes of white people are recessive. If you mix white with black, then in most of the cases the child looks more like a negro than a white kid. White/Asian people also tend to look more Asian than white.

    2. LOL hell no, no hot American sorority girls I know worth fucking and with any amount of self-respect would not ever date or fuck a black dude. They are forever labeled as “mud sharks” and are ignored by us white guys.

  44. When it comes down to it… everything else is bullshit compared to lifting. Lifting is the answer to everything as a man, and its not for the muscles. It’s for the mindset. It’s for the work, the dedication, the vision. Everything that it takes to get big and strong is the reward of lifting. The feeling of being a man. Muscles are just the plus.

  45. Just got back from a college bar scene. Sort of lost track of how many ugly asian girls there were with white guys versus how many hot white chicks were with black guys. To be honest I think black guys with white chicks won. I even saw a pretty good looking girl that looked like Marion cotillard speaking with Ebonics to her boyfriend right there in downtown flushing.

    1. College bar scene in BJ, yeah you must be one of those little rich emprerors. No wonder you’re so butt hurt about us stealing your ‘ugly’ women.

      1. I’m in NYC. You seem to be pretty angry about black dudes getting so much play. Also white chicks seem to prefer black dudes in bj too.

      1. Lol good question. Some bachelor friends of mine invited me to go to a bar because they are typical blue-pill guys working on Wall Street waiting for “the one” and drinking themselves to death at the age of 28. I was in town for 3 days so I humored them.

        1. Read my above response about why you’re seeing these interracial marriage results in your area. I strong, strongly suggest hanging out in “hipster” areas where there are more normal Asian Americans / US born people who get it rather than a FOB and prole zone.
          The ‘bridge and tunnel’ areas, even if there are a lot of minorities and ethnic restaurants, are full of golddiggers and Jersey Shoreites. Hang out with “hipsters” types. totally different vibe. Asian girls into that stuff are aware of social issues + the interracial marriage disparity because they take ethnic studies at college.

  46. The real reason women date out is not only for alpha genes, since asian girls seem to like hideously ugly white nerds, but also as a way to just combat what they fantasize about being oppression in society. So asian women go to white men as a kind of fuck you to asian men, but we all know white men are pretty much enemy number one to the leftist new world order because they are perceived as being patriarchal maniacs; so the irony of asian women falling for them is hysterical and follows typical female logic. Similarly white women fuck black guys as a fuck you to white men because they know deep down – even if you and me aren’t racist – there’s still millions upon millions of guys who get really angry about it, and women love nothing more than spiting men in the worst way possible.
    As women get progressively worse and worse I think we all notice that race mixing grows dramatically – why is that? Because it’s just part of the war on men. Women would fuck horses and dogs if they knew that it would make men angry; oh wait, they already do. If only the horses and dogs could talk though. Women would just fucking marry buck and fido and ride the big brown bastard back and forth from the bar, orgasming on the way.

    1. Dude there are a lot of biracial guys like Eddie Van Halen and Keanu Reeves that are considered hot by white girls / the mainstream.
      My suggestion to u is to go to a different area to look for girls. For example New Jersey, Massachusetts or Philly. Also I looked up the town where you are and it seems to be an area where most people – including whites – are recent immigrants.
      Moreover it seems there is a real lack of Asian Americans – not migrants – in that part of the country period. There is a certain mindset in some immigrants that is desperate and nervous at times. Because of poverty and difficulty adjusting to the new country.
      Immigrant women from Asia and Eastern Europe frequently have a low income situation and a green card situation, so they seek after established US citizens – omega white men.
      I strongly, strong suggest that you go to a different area.

      1. Biracial Guys like Van Halen and Reeves look very overwhelmingly White, those are bad examples.

        1. To me as an Asian, they look overwhelmingly Asian. Van Halen would pass in China. Kirk Hammett looks Hispanic. They definitely are not morphologically Caucasoid according to any anthropological definition.

        2. I find that hard to believe, since both Guys are genetically mostly White. I will admit however that Reeves looks more dark European with slight asian traits. Not Van Halen however, who looks very White.

        3. Van Halen’s mother is fully Indonesian and born in Indonesia. Reeves is from Hawaii. I don’t think either of them has more than 50% European genes. Keanu does not look white at all to me.

        4. Yeah you are right about them being half asian. Keanu does look mostly White to me, and even more so Van Halen.
          I agree with you about Kirk Hammett however, he is half White as far as I can tell from the sources. But he most definetely looks filipino.
          I guees it confuses the issue that asians and cuacasians are relatively more genetically related compared to Blacks. For this reason you will have more overlap of facial traits to begin with.
          One would never be in doubt about black/white or black/asian mixes, since the Black traits are so dominating.

        5. It really depends on the person imo. There are people who are half black who don’t look it. Genetics is weird. Look at John Legend and his wife who is mixed with Thai, actually, he looks like the Asian one and she looks like the black one.

  47. Read a very old book titled “Apes And You,” by
    Desmond Morris. There is a chapter called “Apes As
    Lovers,” with a picture of King Kong holding Fay Rae.
    Women can’t concieve children with apes? Don’t
    believe it! That ape jism inside their bodies hooks
    them like a herion addict. There’s plenty of films
    showing human women nursing ape babies.
    Remember a song titled: “Is She Really Going Out
    With Him?” by Joe Jackson?

  48. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment of this post. I dislike asians who tend to box themselves in as being asian and then start adopting strange mannerisms like holding up the peace sign, and making cutesy faces. They seem to automatically think that any white person, black person or whatever person would automatically dislike them. They also tend to act very meek, as if that is ok. As if meekness is a virtue.
    The whole lifestyle of taking instagram photos of bowls of ramen and making fake hawaiian food as well as being sexually androgynous just really pisses me off. They’re missing out on LIFE! They don’t understand what it means to fuck an American woman, to not live and listen to canto pop stars.
    I am Asian myself and basically a MGTOW, but I’ve never subscribed to Asian culture, the times when I was religious I siphoned all sorts of wisdom out of the east, but the wisdom of the east is nothing.
    “Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?”
    FWIW, one of the greatest alphas and red pill men I know is Indian.
    In peace,

  49. In my opinion, even a single enlistment in the USMC would bring about most of the changes you mentioned. I dont care what race you are, the military in general pushes fitness & ‘success at all costs’ mindset. Any young man seeking physical/mental transcendence, especially to break an age-old stereotype should consider the military. For what it’s worth, any Americans not of European descent are going to face a stigma in society no matter what, but serving in the military adds emphasis when you say “fuck you, I earned this.”

  50. While I have no problem with racial diversity on the personal level given that my friends come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, this thread shows its ugly underbelly. It’s almost cliche at this point to see East and South Asian guys incessantly whining about their inability to get women. By “women” it’s usually *white* women they are referring to 99% of the time. They aren’t complaining about inability to get black or Mexican women. Thing is, if these guys had grown up and remained in their ancestral homeland, they’d have grown up with a healthy sense of ethnic pride, probably had an arranged marriage and would have a family by their mid-20s and be a productive member of their society, rather than running around nightclubs with Mystery Method into their 30s wondering why they can’t snag a blonde. I think living in the West has imbibed many South and East Asian males with an inferiority complex that they otherwise wouldn’t have if they grew up in their ancestral homeland. The tough reality is, we aren’t all equal, some men are higher up in the sexual marketplace than others. If me as a black man wanted an Asian woman, I’m never going to have it as easy with them as a white man all other things being equal. That’s just the way it is and it’s not changing anytime soon. People like what they like and don’t like what they don’t like. There will be winners and losers.

  51. In China the vast, and I mean vast majority of normal Chinese men have a chance of getting married, even if it is to a local waitress at a dumpy restaurant, provided these guys have enough money to help them raise a child. And usually these couples are fairly happy.
    Extrapolate to the west, and take the exact Chinese waitress but make her a gender-studies major with just-okay looks, and she will be demanding 6’2″ blonde alpha football player cock. China will be made or broken by its women; that’s the bottom line.
    I’ve been to Asia and the difference in the attitude of the women there, and in other second and third world countries, is just incredible; they’re so soft spoken and genteel and really just do what they have to do to get by after a hard day’s work. My wife is the same. However I do shy away from having children because I know that if the kid is Asian even if he looks like Hu Bing he’s pretty much going to be humiliated and denigrated, even if it’s not by whites; most of the abuse comes from Asian women.

    1. The issue for Chinese men is the one child policy and killing all those girl babies for 30 years has created a society with way too many men in it. It’s estimated that by 2020, China will have 24 million more men than women of marriageable age on the mainland. So yeah, I don’t think the “vast majority of normal Chinese men” in China really do have a chance of getting married. It’s math.

  52. This article is well written but a bit misinformed…first of all…tall, good looking Asian men in the West have no problem getting hot Asian girls…especially if he is Korean…I noticed that even some white women are starting to go for Korean guys…and also I think it’s mostly fat geeky white guys who collect Magic cards and not Asians…they’re too busy studying to become doctors or lawyers ( which Asian girls love ).

  53. In the past I have known a couple east asian men who were very successful with western women. One of them was in a heavy metal band and the other was a gang member.
    Asian men and white men in the West have one thing in common: too many of us still believe the traditional rules of courtship, chivalry, and providership will make us attractive.

  54. I am SO SO SO fucking thankful I live in California. Ya know why? Nobody gives a shit. Race is a social construct, not a biological one…which is why there are plenty of “Black” people several shades lighter than lots of Asians.
    My wife is half Mexican, I’m an Irish mutt, our kids are both blond and blue eyed. Nobody gives a shit.
    One of my best friends is straight up 100% first generation Vietnamese, adopted as an orphan after the fall of Saigon. Grew up as “Sam” in Connecticut. He’s tough as nails and has a hot white wife. Nobody gives a shit.
    My buddy George (Jamaican, black as a stovepipe) has a kid with a Norwegian lady, they are friggin gorgeous.
    Our other friend Em (indeterminate African American) has two girls with his hot Italian wife. Again, both of them gorgeous.
    These kids are going to rule the earth…comfortable in any culture, blessed with everything the fat of the land in Northern California can give them.
    Get over the labels, be a decent human with honor and purpose, you will be successful.

    1. I am SO SO SO glad you live in California and are smug as shit just like most of the other annoying ass limp wristed, liberal knowitalls that I know in that godforsaken state.

      1. Smug is the basis of alpha. Smug is the basis of game. Fishermen in South Carolina are the basis of the trailer park industry.

  55. I thought that anime like Bleach, and DragonballZ wouldve inspired young Asian men to lift. Most of my gym buddies lift cuz they wanted to get buff like the guy in DBZ.

  56. Asians got no excuses..they cannot blame race….not Indian men will struggle…got some Indian friends that flat out cannot get laid…women treat them like Mexicans.
    I am just grateful to be Asian. and not Indian. Imagine how much more harder it would be. If an Indian man is average looking in the face or below..done…just done..cannot win. I’m average and I saw uglier Asians pull…so Asians and white guys can get away with an average to ugly face.
    Now I am not culturally Asian. I do not suffer cultural set backs of betaness that more Asian males suffer, but it can be overcome. I was toughend up from a young age.
    I mean I don’t give a shit, I been given every insult in the book…took and that toughened up…then again, if you are Korean, you are made tough by being beaten by your parents..and if you cry, you get beaten harder.
    I do work out, but I am not buff, just lean and slightly ripped, so Asians you don’t have to actually become buff.
    I struggle with white women, so if anyone can help an Asian brother out, lemme know, only ever got on in high school, but she was fat and I had white fever in high school.
    Slept with a few black women and 2 Latinas , but mostly Asians.
    Also what is this BS about Asian men struggling with Asian women…man just talk shit, don’t give a shit and isolate and pull them to your car/house. If Asian girls gives you shit, just say shit back, not insulting, but more witty stuff or you can just change the subject…either way works fine.
    But you must not give a shit about the girl but at he same time build emotional an Asian man who is 5’4 NO EXCUSES ASAIN BROTHERS, NO EXCUSES .I have no issues with Asian women( westernized or not) unless she is from a higher social class than me…but if your an American Asian man, it is all to easy…especially Japanese women…the best…Asian brothers, definitely go for jap women…greatest sex ever…greatest BJ ever, no joke.

  57. I do feel very sad for Asian men. It’s probably not a coincidence that most of the guys at my gym are Asians.
    But sadly, there is not much they can do about it. White women look down on Asian men, and white men are pretty successful at snagging Asian women. This leaves Asian men with few options.
    This is why immigration is bad. It pits two completely different peoples against one another, and one is clearly the superior in the sexual market. If it’s any conciliation, Asian boys are superior in academia.
    “It’s time to start approaching beautiful women, Asians and non-Asians alike, with the intention that you are going to date and bed them. Remember that success always follows failure, so long as you’re prepared to keep failing.

    This is stupid advice considering the height gap between Asian men and white women. It barely leaves enough room for Asian men to be considered “tall enough.”

  58. This is retarded, I am Asian living in Texas in the whitest neighborhood there is and I bang 90% white 10% asian in the 6+ range of girls mostly same night lay style.

  59. “The dismal reality you find yourself in is that women don’t want you for anything except the occasional help on a computer or numbers-related problem.”
    I find this quote hilarious and sad at the same time because this is exactly what women used to do to me. I used to obligate and thought why not help someone for no reason. I have learnt women can be very direct and pragmatic when it comes to
    getting what they want from me unfortunately not sex. Now I just tell them to fuck off.
    I was born in Malaysia, grew up in New Zealand and spent several years in the UK. I have noticed that New Zealand white women want to shag British guys. I went to the UK and I have been rejected loads of time by British women after I have
    acquired “game”. I have literally tried and explored all venues for getting pussy.
    They told me one of the following:
    – No good looking enough
    – Not tall enough
    – Not interested in Asian
    Women are very superficial. In Britain I would say a lot of single women are either delusion or stupid or both since they are looking for someone who doesn’t exist. I would say you are fucked if you are of Asian descent who is average looking and average height trying to get pussy in western countries like United Kingdom and New Zealand. I have left the United Kingdom after spending seven years and now travelling the world doing interesting things. Don’t waste your time in Western countries if you are of Asian descent.

  60. Yes. Turning your back on the media bullshit portrayal of Asians is a big step.
    Reject them and never give them money.

  61. What this writer fails to acknowledge is the fact that for so long, success and desirability have been measured by the global standards dictated entirely by whites in the Western world. Asians have been successfully reproducing for countless centuries, and they didn’t need to conquer or colonize the rest of the globe to do it, so clearly, they have done at least SOMETHING right. This article isn’t so much about why Asian men are not successful, as it is about why they are not successful in a society where white voices dictate what minority groups are, what they aren’t, what they should be, and what they shouldn’t be. The very existence of this article only further proves and proliferates that. Do you think whites are ever expected to “transcend” their race, or are punished for behaving “too white”? No, because whites are the ideal/norm that all others are expected to aspire to, in a society that rewards whites for just being so. Check your privilege at the door, please.

  62. Inferiors races always want mix with superior races, that’s why whites are obsessed with Asians.
    In fact, “white supremacism” always was a lie to manipulate masses.
    Educated racist like scientists, world leaders and historians have
    always known that Asiatics is the true master race.

  63. “…You lack a diversity of friends. Those few members unfortunate enough to be considered indispensable to your crew are, without doubt, Asian themselves,…”
    In a hyphenated society like the US, almost everyone’s friend comes from the same race. Besides, Asian Americans consist of about 3.5% of the US population, and Asian American guys don’t care about interracial dating because most of them live in cities with a significant number of Asians. Hence it gives the illusion that Asian American men can’t get non Asian women. That’s not true.
    However, a number of Asian American men have realized the hideous nature of WMAF, and the ulterior motives attached to this type of pairings. The murders committed by Elliot Rodger and YouTube channel like Eurasian Tiger have waken Asian American men. They now realize there are a significant number of banaranging Asian American women that diligently commit treacherous acts against them in the dating scene, and non Asian women actually treat them better.

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