4 Reasons Why Assad Must Win The Syrian War

Besides the US election, this year’s most important event that will change the course of world history is the Syrian war. As of now, the Syrian Arab Army, or SAA, is pushing forward to retake the country’s second city, Aleppo, while there are also reports that they’re making plans to assault Raqqah itself. And despite all Western efforts to destroy the country as they did with Libya, and all the media’s propaganda work to demonize him, Assad is the only legitimate power in Syria who has the capacity to both win the war and bring stability to the country. Anything less than his victory would mean that the country will become yet another failed state in the Middle East serving as a hotbed for radical Islamic terrorists.

The Syrian war is extremely complicated with many factions within the country and just as many outside of it siding with the government or its opposition depending on their own national interests and ideological leanings. The war—that has now gone on for more than five years—has brought untold amount of suffering to its citizens and has global implications as the migrant crisis and terrorism in Europe has shown. I don’t pretend to be an expert and I won’t get into all the details of the war, but there are clear reasons why the government forces under Assad must come out victorious from this brutal conflict.

1. Syria is engaged in a nationalist war against global terrorism


While Zionists and other morons in the West are goading over the fact that Muslims are killings each other, in reality this is a war between a secular Arab state that tolerates many religious minorities—including Christians and Jews—against Islamic jihadists like ISIS, al-Nusra, and other “moderate” rebels who behead anyone that doesn’t submit to their strand of Sunni dogma. In other words, this is a battle for the Syrian nation’s survival against Islamic terrorists from all over the world who are funded by the US and its Sunni allies in the region.


People of the West should remember that Syrians (along with Iraqis and Yemenis) have been the greatest victims of Islamic terror attacks. A suicide bomb attack in Baghdad that kills 120 people is not going to get as much media attention as smaller attacks in Europe, and Facebook is not going to introduce Syrian flags to be displayed on people’s profile pictures to show solidarity for the thousands murdered by the jihadists.

And while Western governments are using the public fear of terrorism to further justify and implement police states (even as they allow millions of refugees to flood in without screening them), and pussyfooting in actually engaging the terrorists, no one is doing more to fight ISIS and other Islamist groups than Assad and his allies. The SAA with the help of Russians have killed more terrorists and extremists in the past few years than anyone in the world, but will they get any credit for their heroics? No, for the West is more interested in sacrificing Syria for Zionist and Sunni interests than they are in defeating terrorism.

2. The need for a secular regime

Nothing good has ever come out by toppling secular regimes in the Muslim world. Every Arab state that the US and its flunkies have destroyed by introducing “democracy” has turned into a hellhole and a breeding ground for extremist groups. So why should we believe that yet another regime change in the Middle East will be a good thing for the world?

History has proven again and again that a strong, authoritarian ruler is often necessary in the Arab world to prevent sectarian violence and radicalization through its secular, nationalist authority. Saddam Hussein may have been too ruthless and ambitious, but Iraq was far better under his rule than the chaos they are in now. As for Syria, Assad is—by far—the best hope Syrians ever have of living in a stable and secular nation.

All the efforts by the Western media and politicians to paint him as a brutal dictator, including the accusation of using of chemical weapons (which was most likely the work of Western-backed “rebels”) had been nothing but a build-up towards intervention in Syria—an effort which was largely thwarted by Russia’s diplomatic maneuvering. Besides, who cares if he’s a “brutal” dictator considering the enemies he is facing? The last thing Syria needs is some soft, democratically-elected clown who would sellout his own country like they do in the EU.

These are the lives of people living under the safety of the Syrian government that the West wants to destroy:

And by the way, when will the US bring regime change to theocratic Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabi cancer that funds Sunni extremists around the world (and was almost certainly involved in the 9/11 attacks)? Oh, I forgot. They’re allies.


3. Stability will mean less refugees to the West

Europe ignored his warnings, now it’s paying the price for it.

Even if you don’t care about Syria and its people, if you live in the West—and especially Western Europe—you should know that there are consequences to this war for you as well. For all the bitching and moaning people do about Muslim immigrants and refugees, none of these people have done anything to fight back against their own criminal governments that caused the problem in the first place and is welcoming the migrants into their countries.

By winning the war and bringing peace and order back to the country, Assad will effectively slow down the flow of migrants entering Europe and will encourage many there to return to Syria. There are already reports of many Syrian refugees returning to their homes thanks to the advancements made by the SAA and the Russian air force. This, of course, doesn’t mean that all refugees will halt and that Europe will be free from having to deal with migrants—in fact, things are likely to get worse before they get any better. But defending one’s own borders are something Europeans need to take responsibility for themselves by challenging those who govern them.

4. The bigger picture


Comparisons have been drawn between the Syrian civil war and the Spanish civil war, and it is a relevant comparison. Much like the Spanish counterpart, the Syrian conflict has implications beyond the nation itself with external powers hedging their bets on the fate of Syria to either expand or defend their own sphere of influence.

The truth is that Syria is but a single chessboard in the grand war between the globalist forces of the American-Wahhabi-Zionist Axis and its client-states on one side and the opposition powers that resist it—led by Russia, China, and Iran—on the other. Crisis in Ukraine, the Yemeni civil war, the emergence of BRIC, the currency wars, and the culture wars are all part of this power struggle.

The reason why Syria is being targeted is because the Sunni states, led by the Saudis and Erdogan’s Turkey, want a puppet Sunni state to counter Iran’s Shia influence while the US and the West are simply doing the bidding of their Israeli overlords while trying to knock off Russia’s Middle East and Mediterranean ally (note how they previously tried to cut off Russian naval influence in the Black Sea by knocking out pro-Kremlin government in Ukraine, which is why Putin decided to take over Crimea). Therefore, the victory of the Syrian state against the globalist-sponsored terrorists would be a victory for humanity and a blow to the American agenda for a New World Order.



Who knows if the Syrian war will be an indication of a global war to come just as the Spanish civil war had been the prelude to the second world war? The world is changing rapidly and we shouldn’t discard any possibilities. Peace in one moment can turn into hell the next, shattering all dreams and hopes. History will repeat itself and open new chapters, but it has never lied.

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279 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Assad Must Win The Syrian War”

  1. We in Europe could learn a lot from Assad on how to protect our people with the “refugee” crisis.

    1. You want to bomb your own cities and destroy half of your country? With the number of cucks in western europe – by all means, go ahead. I wonder what will be a country in the world stupid enough to take european hipster-refugees.

      1. If my country was getting took over by foreign terrorists and native accomplices then yes I would have no choice but to bomb them instead of passively accepting it

      2. Bashar could have learned from his father’s carpet-bombing of Hamāh in 1982. Sure it cost 20,000 lives, but it avoided the civil war they have had for the last several years, which has cost so many more lives.

  2. This article gets a lot of things wrong about not just the Syrian Civil War but the whole “American-Wahabbist-Zionist Conspiracy” (or whatever) in general.
    However, the one thing it gets right is the most important thing: Assad is a brutal tyrant, and Syria needs a brutal tyrant right now.
    We’ve worked with the Contras, the Northern Alliance and several brutal tyrants to defeat Communism. And we were right to do so.
    But the “Spectre of the Church Committee” blinds policy makers even 35 years later.

    1. No, he doesn’t get it wrong at all. He’s right on the money. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, and the US have been waging nonstop proxy war against Syria under the banner of regime change now for five years. These states used the Arab Spring as cover to pursue their long-desired plans for regime change. The US and Israel for the Zionist-neocon-petroleum lobbies, and the Sunni states out of their fear of Iran and Shiism. This is a fact; it isn’t “whatever.”
      And Assad is going to win.

      1. As well he should. The Russians did bolster him big time. He should take advantage and at least consolidate what he has and try to beat the FSA first. I don’t know if he can bring the Kurds back to heel though.

        1. The Kurds are fucked if Assad loses power and they know this. There is no place for them to flee and every other alternative faction fundamentally assures their cleansing.

        2. Dealing with Kurds, though, one must remember the parable of the scorpion and the frog. Just because you’re their only hope doesn’t mean they won’t sting you. Assad’s first pick for allies has to be his own people, followed by the non-Muslims, then the Shia.
          Kurds are a “well they might show up, and they might even fire at the other side” sort of ally.

        3. Last time I checked the FSA were a thing of the past. They are now all mini-ISIS and different in name only for the most part. But I do agree, at this point it’s the best course of action to dunk them first because they are still softer than the core elements in military terms.
          The Kurds are a sort of joker in the game, for the time being they mostly have off/on ceasefire with SAA, but in effect also they fight different enemies, I think by common agreement.
          The biggest issue I think now is turkey, they have to stop supporting the Sunni side which includes ISIS or daesh as I tend to call them. I really hope some people wake up to what’s going on now because the EU should withdraw from all treaties with turkey and enforce the border hard, tow backs and all.
          I will take my economic productivity elsewhere if this doesn’t happen by the time my children have to attend school etc because at this rate they will be surrounded by low IQ Arabs and having been there myself in school sometimes it is not what I would accept for my children.

        4. My impression is not very different from yours. I have nothing personal against them but in this situation at best they are a question mark.

        5. I really do not see how the allouites could sting Assad. The Kurds are not an ally to count on certainly but even Turkey will not accept them if Assad falls. I am approaching this from a US POV and am well aware that arming Kurds simply does not work.

        6. The only Kurds worth working with are Iraqi Peshmerga, who have been steadfast in their fight against ISIS and are more transparent and less corrupt than PYD/YPG/PKK, who are backstabbing snakes of Marxist origins, created by USSR as proxy terrorists against Turkey. When Kobane was besieged a year ago FSA came to their aid – and a year later YPG stabbed them in the back. Instead of fighting ISIS YPG/PYD were far more interested in forcing many syrian sunni civilians out of their villages

        7. Right, Assad’s top allies are Alawites like himself. Nobody gets along with Kurds, even, no – especially – not the Kurds themselves.

        8. So what’s the deal then? How does he maintain power despite the Kurds being 100% unreliable?

        9. There’s plenty of non-Kurds and some decent Kurds backing him. Also, the Kurds aren’t reliably and effectively on or against anyone’s side, so they don’t affect things much except by being in the way.

      2. Curtius, with respect, there is a difference between pro-nationalist zionists and globalist zionists. And the op makes no difference between them. Im not saying he has to, he can stand on his head and sing Katy Perry songs id he likes, its his life and his business, but there is a major difference.
        The former want a country of our own, and want exactly the same things you want, most importantly to be left alone. The latter want the same things globalists want everywhere and are enthusiastic about making the same “compromises”.
        By ignoring the difference, the hand of the globalists is only strengthened, and it becomes that much more difficult to deal with them. Because they can, and will and do say “hey, these nationalists all hate us, they are our enemies, so to survive we all have to back the globalist way, because nationalism=hitler”.
        And then we end up with one dirty trick after another subverting the nationalist cause, and no one can do anything, because the public is confused.

        1. “Curtius, with respect, there is a difference between pro-nationalist zionists and globalist zionists”
          I’m sorry to burst your bubble boy, but the Zionists and Globalists are on the same page.
          They want nationalism for themselves and Globalism for others.
          Borders for Israel but not for US.
          George Soros, Barbara Spectre are both rabid zionists and rabid globalists. That is racial nationalism for themselves and open borders for goyim.
          “By ignoring the difference”
          There is none. It’s a show for goyim.
          “The former want a country of our own, and want exactly the same things you want, most importantly to be left alone”
          They don’t just want to be left alone. they want to destroy Western society as revenge for Nazi Germany and because they hate Europeans with a passion. We have been in conflict since time immemorial.
          Notice how your “globalist jew” is the same as the “zionist jew”
          “And then we end up with one dirty trick after another subverting the nationalist cause”
          Are you suggesting gentile nationalists can cooperate with jewish nationalists ? That won’t happen friend. refer to what I said above. And the article below
          “Jews have nothing whatsoever to gain from supporting European
          nationalism.If Europe goes nationalist, jews will eventually be rooted
          out as the cause of Europe’s misery and will be deported along with
          their semitic Muslim brethren, just as they were in Spain and other
          regions throughout Western history.There is therefore no reason to
          assume that a Jew is being honest when he or she talks about defending
          Europe.There has never in history been an example of jews selling out
          their own interests for ours, or anyone else’s for that matter, and
          they’re not going to start now.
          Much of Europe’s spiritual malaise revolves around the unblinking
          acceptance of the Allies’ WWII narrative and the alleged Shoahcost by
          Germany. Jews will never oppose this narrative in large numbers, as they
          gain too much money and sympathy from it. As Jews will always defend
          their WW2 narrative no matter how preposterous their claims are, and as
          long as they use this narrative to justify Europe “going into
          multicultural mode,” Jews are not capable of being dependable allies in
          this struggle.
          Jews are not White and we don’t need them.They have nothing to offer
          us.Letting Jews into this movement and even parading them around as
          courageous defenders of “the West” (such as Richard Spencer does with
          Paul Gottfried and Jared Taylor does with a number of them) therefore
          makes as much as sense as doing the same with an African or Arab. It
          makes us look weak, as if we can’t possibly prevail without the wisdom
          of the Levant. If the Jew in question somehow happens to be an actual
          ally (but going back to the first point, why would they even want to be
          allies?), then he or she will simply have to understand why it is we
          cannot trust them, given their tribe’s long history of subversion and
          pitiless back-stabbing.
          This movement is about us, not them. If they are offended by us
          excluding them, that’s fine. They can be offended. We believe in what
          benefits Whites, not Jews, and there is no reason for us to take their
          delicate feelings into account. They sure as hell don’t care about our
          feelings, nor do they have serious debates among themselves as to
          whether Whites should have any role in their movements. How silly would
          it have been for the Zionists to devote time and effort into debating
          whether they should support European nationalism in the 19th Century?
          To this day, hyper-nationalist Israel remains one the biggest enemies of
          European and even American nationalism. This is because Jews are not
          opponents in a friendly game of chess, but remorseless enemies who seek
          the destruction of the people they hate, which is us.
          We will not stand with Israel because Israel will not stand with us.
          Since when is an enemy with a powerful ethnostate an ally? The
          slow-witted conservatives of the counter-jihad movement say we can learn
          much from Israel. Yes, we can. We can learn that Jews enjoy burning
          women and children to death with white phosphorus while stating that
          their enemies aren’t a “real people.” Sound familiar? They say the
          same thing about Whites, whether we’re in America or Germany. And yes,
          from Israel’s immigration laws and security apparatus we can learn how
          to effectively keep racial undesirables out of our nations… especially
          Jews. Put frankly, anyone who stands with Israel stands against the
          interests of Whites. “

        2. Why is everyone defending Jews when the discussion is about Assad ?
          And what does Israel’s influence over the Syrian War have to do with Zionism ?
          It is loosely connected.

        3. The truth will not bring us any allies.
          It will work much better if you say that liberalism is destroying our societies and we must protect them, like “poor” Israel is trying to fight to protect its identity.
          People are too afraid to sound anti-semetic to ascribe to what you just wrote.
          GIVE THEM an Alternative way to get to us.

      3. Wow. I seem to have struck a nerve there, you usually don’t get this bellicose, you’re usually a gentleman and a scholar.
        If there is a Zionist/whatever conspiracy (and I’m not necessarily ruling it out), they are doing a pretty shifty job of achieving their goals. Assad us gaining ground, we haven’t pumped much oil out of Iraq, Israel is getting hit with BDS movements that are growing, Saudi Arabia is under heavy suspicion regarding 9/11, and if Assad is going to win, they’ve lost. George W. Bush, the cocaine using alcoholic was apparently better at the neoconservative thing.
        I seriously doubt George W. Bush was better at this than about of political and intellectual power that is theoretically driving this whole affair.
        What is more likely is that Obama can’t do foreign or domestic policy due to his lack of competence as a President, combined with his easy malleable policy decisions. Israel is scared shitless of Iran (rightly or wrongly) and the House of Saud is being the House of Saud: advancing it’s interests through cutthroat diplomacy.
        All these interests come to the table with conflicting but similar goals and more than a little lack of trust for one another. Because of this, they half-ass their efforts and can’t get shit done (see also: Congress, US).
        I think it’s far more believable that everyone is so scared and mistrusting that bad ideas and policy get worse. They end up bumbling around looking like foreign policy amateurs.

        1. It is Israel and US as some arabs in the region.
          It’s a fact.
          There is no debate.
          Obama knows exactly what he is doing.
          And he would have gone away with it if it wasn’t for Putin and his meddling troops

      4. I don’t think the author’s alliances are correct. Obama’s support for the Syrian rebels is quite weak, and if you recall, America spoke loud and clear when Obama first tested the waters on Syria intervention. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia have not been getting along at all with Obama. Many diplomatic sleights and behind the scenes criticism. Obama and Bibi hate each other. Obama’s support for Iran and recent lectures to them have enraged the Saudis. That “non-stop proxy war” of 5 years has been a total failure. The alliance you speak of doesn’t exist.
        And there’s no question Russia is not our enemy. If anything, they are dismayed and threatened by the ever-expanding NATO.

        1. As much as people like to push Obama as some NWO type of guy, he really only cares about himself, his image, and his legacy.

        2. To be honest, I still don’t undesrtand why Obama doesn’t follow Israel’s orders.
          Is it because of genuine moral reasons, or is there a higher bidder ?
          What gives ? That is unusual in US politics, even for Democrats.

      5. How do petroleum lobbies benefit from obama’s destabilization of these muslim countries?
        Seems to me that obama’s efforts to screw over Syria (and Egypt) are motivated by what caused him to screw over Libya: removing sensible, more secular regimes so that fanatical fundamentalist muslims can take over.
        As Trump often laments, we never got any of the oil (it went to those fanatical muslims) and oil prices are still lower.

    2. The Contras lost. And Nicaragua didn’t go communist. But thousands of its people were slaughtered in the process. Don’t believe the false enemies your government sets up for you. And the Northern Alliance is basically the worst of the worst now in Syria–Al Nusra, the group so extreme the US and Russia both oppose them.

    3. Unfortunately there are a lot of Jew-haters in the neo-masculine movement, and their passion flares and reason drops when the subject comes up. And you will see white supremacists trying to infiltrate and co-opt as well, thinking they see common cause. Roosh has written on this.
      To think the Wahhabis and Israel are in a conspiracy is pure fantasy. They are mortal enemies who have fought wars of annihilation.

        1. I will present my case in a way similar to the way Vox Day would. Trying to insult me won’t build your case.
          You said “very close relations”, when both articles you cite say in the first few words:
          “Israel and Saudi Arabia don’t have official relations and Riyadh still does not recognize Israel’s right to exist..”
          That doesn’t jibe.
          Some cooperation between the two is not surprising given Israel considers Iran an existential threat and the Sunni Arab Saudis are in direct competition with the Persian Shias. Those articles are playing it up as red meat for people like yourself. If you’re up on current events, Israel is also cooperating with Hamas against ISIS. It’s not surprising they do what they need to to protect their interests. So does every country on earth.
          In addition, equating the Wahabis and Saudi national leadership shows lack of understanding as well. In modern times they are not the same and have been at at odds since the 1979 rebellion.
          Moreover, Israel has been very careful to keep its nose out of Syria, only resorting to bombing runs when they think arms are being transferred to Hezbollah, or stopping border incursions in the Golan Heights. There is no question Israel is fearful of ISIS and would be mortified of the chaos in Syria if the Assad regime collapses.
          Finally, the author’s thesis falls apart when you factor in that Israel was and has increased full *public* (not secret unofficial backroom stuff) cooperation with Russia on her mission in Syria – that is to fully back the Assad regime.

      1. Jews will make temporary alliances when it suits them.
        Hell, Jews supported Hitler’s Zionist agenda. Hitler planned to send Jews to their own nation and many Zionists supported that. But if I told you that Jews supported Hitler you could say the same thing, “why would jews support Nazis ?”
        Destroying Assad is something that benefits both Israel and wahabists.

  3. Where’s the peace loving libtards and the “freedom fries” fat-fuck cuckservatives on this one? Never mind, we all know…wiping their vaginas over Ted Lose and Weekend At Bernie’s.
    Christ, I hope The Don gets into the White House. Make deals, not enemies.

    1. The Don, all the way….
      Speaking of the Don, and hoping he gets into the white house, did you see this patriot walking through a crowd of Rabid leftists? The reaction the leftist’s have to Donald Trump, is exactly why Trump needs to be the next POTUS.

      1. Holy turd, they seem rabid indeed. To be honest, I find it hard to control my own anger when I see those people. That voice in my head starts whispering: Come on. Punch them. Show them. They deserve it. It will be fun to break them.

        1. I get pretty pissed too, I always wait for them to take it to the next level, and throw the first punch.

        2. No I haven’t, and unfortunately the Media will never show anything like that.

        3. Someone filmed it from a different perspective where she walks past the camera after being peppersprayed and actually says ‘I deserved that’. But the media will still say: 15 year old girl groped and peppersprayed.

        4. and Trump supporters are all rapists, homophobes, racists, sexists. ( just for good measure).

        5. It’s pretty simple. Just tell them they are right. That you absolutely understand their position. Then they will ask you why you ‘re voting for Trump. Then you explain to them why Trump will be the only good candidate for them too. Assuming you convert even a small percent of them, you have already won. If this happens on a massive level, it will change everything.
          BUT … You will have to bring yourself to say the words “I hear you, I understand you, You are right” … tough call ?

        6. She got referred to juvie and the old guy didn’t press charges. I think he should have, but he was being nice and I can understand why he’d skip charges. Juvie is automatic, because she’s a minor, he doesn’t have to press charges for her to end up in that system.
          I remember the libs going crazy saying he sexually assaulted her and was going to jail along with the guy who pepper sprayed her after the punch. They must’ve been absolutely pissed she ended up in the juvie system and neither of those guys got so much as a ticket afaik.

        7. The two videos posted show a great contrast of how the different groups treat the protesters. In the first Video the Trump supporter was almost mobbed and had a serious chance of bodily harm.
          While the anti-Trump protesters were free to mingle with the Trump supporters and only had an issue when they physically attacked someone.

      2. Guy needs a cattle prod suit. If they initiate contact prepare for shock

      3. If the environment were any different (ie the alternatives better than Hillary and Cruz) Trump would be repulsive to me. But he is the only sane .. ok wait.. the sanest choice. But watching this really does make me think WOW, what has happened to my country? America cannot handle much more of this without collapsing.

        1. Dudes just walking down the street, wearing a Trump hat, and people are at his throat. Something is wrong when people can’t express their opinions anymore. Your right, anymore of this behavior and society will destabilize from Civil to Savage.

        2. I share those thoughts. It really feels like the country is on edge. People blame Trump but the fact is Trump just happens to be a lightening rod that’s on the scene right now. The anger, disillusionment, resentment and frustration are all there in spades whether Trump is in the picture or not. I’m mid forties and I don’t ever recall the quite the same mood.
          Whether he gets cheated out of the nomination through some back room skullduggery or is successful and runs, win or lose, it feels like something is about to give and it won’t be pretty.

        3. ” it feels like something is about to give and it won’t be pretty.”
          Trump is a white populist. His anti-immigration and anti-muslim stances are the first seeds of white racial conciousness.
          Now, that the Don has opened the can of worms it is one step away from mainstream white identity politics.
          Blacks, muslims and mexicans are feeling the heat. If Trump wins it is a symbolic victory for whites. They are afraid the gravy train of free stuff cajoled through white guilt is coming to an end.
          And they have all the right to fear.
          It doesn’t matter though, the harder they push, the harder the reaction will be. They are only making the Don stronger and his supporters even more resolute.

        4. Your use of a future tense is false.
          It HAS BEEN happening for a looong time now.
          Most black people hate white people. Accept it. Then read about the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.
          Now you know. Now search for more incidents like this one. You ‘ll never be the same again.

        5. Bringing in as many votes as possible is always a good thing. How could we bring in more black votes ?
          The good Blacks already vote for Trump :
          They accept that America should remain white. They accept the white man’s achievements. They don’t like their own people…
          The “bad” blacks don’t vote for Trump. How could we persuade them ? :
          Tell them that “there are people among them, thugs, who want to keep them to their level. But that we are confident that they aspire to be something better than that. The common young black man WANTS to get out of this life and make something better of himself. But in order to do that he needs to be freed from the thugs that try to keep him to their level. And the black woman wants the young black man to be freed from those thugs as well. This is a new form of slavery. Good young black men are slaves to a few evil black men.” Something like that …
          That being said, slavery will never be forgotten. And those black people who can’t forget it, must receive some sort of “severance pay”, be sent to Africa, and neither they or their ancestors ever be allowed in the states again, as their family history can and will be a cause for trouble.

        6. It’s sad when illegials “criminals and terrorist” can openly attack Americans in their country and this government does nothing to them? This government shits on their veterans and yet they keep feeding Trillions of dollars to illegials and black criminals.

        7. Agreed. Work hard, pay your taxes and assimilate as the Germans, Irish and French have. Can’t do that? Get the fuck out.

      4. Just look at all the videos of the riots and other crazy protestors outside Trump rallies. They aren’t just angry, they are indignant. They don’t understand how Trump *dares* to question their right to invade our country. They believe they are entitled to take over the country. They believe they have already reclaimed huge swathes of it. What they don’t understand is that there are just as many of us who are just as furious and on the edge of violence as they are.

      5. Are the Anti-Trump protesters really any different than the Nazi Brown Shirts? They are using fascist tactics to suppress the opposition and spread fear among the population.

    2. While I don’t disagree wholly, Syria has financed it’s fair share of terror attacks so don’t expect me to weep for them. Assad, from the 70’s, has had his fingers in the terror pie for political reasons. Also, the Beqaa valley was (is?) used for the drug trade (opium) and terrorist training. Basically, don’t be white knighting Assad. He may be a necessary evil, but he’s still evil. His stability was just choosing which terror groups to finance and which drug dealers were allowed to operate “taxed” by the regime.
      Remember: The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.

    3. I know can handle the Jewish lobbyists and put the Saudis down but I’m worried about what Mossad wants. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to kill him.
      Ironic how our people can be manipulated and bought by two foreign entities?!? Economic nationalism and American Nationalism has to come back and we must pull out of these spheres and let Russia handle it. I’d ever find the Syrians if I could.

  4. ” In other words, this is a battle for the Syrian nation’s survival against Islamic terrorists from all over the world who are funded by the US and its Sunni allies in the region.”
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m loyal to my country, but by “US” and “USA,” I think you meant the “DSE” – the Divided States of Embarassment.
    Way to turn on your own principles, DSE!

  5. Let’s be honest. Yes, Assad might be somewhat of a dick, but let’s face it. You look at prewar images of Damascus, Aleppo, or Latakia, and they remind us of European or Latin American cities. Heck, once I saw a doc on the Syrian government areas in and around Damascus. There was a scene where there were Syrian youths waiting to enter a disco. Clearly, judging at the apparel they were wearing (the men were wearing slacks, dress shoes, button down shirts and were well groomed, the ladies in heels, skirts or tight jeans, very sensual and feminine) this was a high end club. Right away it reminded me when I used to go clubbing in Mexico where the standards were the same. And it reminds us that there must be a balance between religion and secularism, which Syria had achieved, fragile as it was. When you let the religious crowd win, what happens is, all of this goes away. You can’t go clubbing, or to a rock concert, or sip beer in a beaxhTel Aviv or Latakia while wooing ladies in bikinis. And while I see the benefits of religion, the moment we let the religious zealots take over, misery sets in. Kinda explains why a theocracy would never work in America. People love their freedom too much.

    1. There is religion and then there is ISIS. There are religious conservatives in Iran, and even Saudi Arabia can be viewed as a successful conservative religious state (although it’s quite violent and puts to death more criminals than even the bloodthirsty US government) but they are worlds apart from what this rogue group of murderers is doing. And ISIS is created by the west. Was it intentional? Who knows. But either way we are responsible.

      1. Saudi has public beheadings for crying out loud! Saudi Arabia is a dick.

        1. Saudi is the worst example of a stable conservative religious group. But even they are light years ahead of what the rogue groups like IS are doing.

    2. Have you ever seen a picture of Assad’s wife? A stunning fashionable and feminine woman that would easily turn heads in Paris or New York. Far cry from the fifteen veiled wives (or whatever the fuck the number is) of the degenerate Bedouin running Saudia Arabia.

      1. Not the hottest First Lady out there, but she does have a touch of class and femininity.

        1. I’m not up to date on current first ladies but I have to believe Asma Assad is top three? Who else makes the cut? It’s not that deep a talent pool is it? With Sarkozy no longer leading France and Trump no more than a contender that leaves Carla Bruni and Melenia Knauss on the outside. Obviously those two would be game changers but without them who is left? Michelle Obama? I find some African American women really attractive. She ain’t one.

        2. I can’t get over the semitic nose look.
          I just don’t like it.

        3. You bring up a good point.
          This type of nose is pure ugliness.
          I am repulsed by it aesthetically.
          To avoid this type of nose is all the reasons I need to stop race mixing.

        4. Nice. I was curious if I could find any nice looking first ladies or any reasonably attractive women amongst the western political class more generally so I did a quick Google search. Outside of some royalty, slim pickings.

        5. I think she is a solid seven or better first glance. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers…

    3. FUCK balance.
      Multiculturalism IS a disease and MUST die.
      How many cancer cells would you like having in your body ?
      ANSWER : None …

      1. At least multiculturalism can bring back patriarchy. In most other cultures the man is head of the household.

        1. Multiculturalism can destroy patriarchy’s enemies, like the feminists. However, I doubt anything good can come out of it. Remember those people coming to western countries are, in some way, “stray”, the bond between them and their native cultures is already broken. They can try to emulate them in a new place, but they simply won’t: the people aren’t the same, the environment is hostile. And patriarchy is not just “a man above and a woman under”. It is a complex, functioning model of traditional Society.

        2. At least we agree that multiculturalism will help us restore the patriarchy. This is our priority or men in the west will remain emansculated and pussies.

        3. “help us”… Maybe. But only in an incidental way.
          I would rather watch the whole West fully islamized tomorrow than hoping that a “multiculturalized” West became a new patriarchy somewhen in the future. Tradition is not something you can make up out of scraps, it’s on the other hand, something organic, unique, a “collective living being”.
          “Multiculturalism” is a tool of cultural marxism. Even if it brings within the seed of destruction of the decadence we experience, it’s just that: destruction. It brings nothing good to the economy (only more unemployment), to the culture (only conflict, cultural relativism and more decadence), to the populations (the decay of nations, the creation of minorities), to policy (extremism, sometimes misguided and pro-violent), to families (which become even weaker) and to the individual (who loses more of his identity; someone who is not part of a strong, cohesive group/tribe is an easy target, a sitting duck to cultural marxism and/or unrestraint capitalism).
          All this reminds me the late stages of Rome, when “multicultural” emperors like Maximinus Thrax began implementing “socialist” policies (raising taxes and increasing soldiers’ salaries). Invasion, civil war, plague, and economic depression came in the blink of an eye.

        4. Huh? multiculturalism simply means immigrants can keep their cultural customs in the new country. It is not anything political and certainly not marxism. Yes some traditions or customs are not our cup of tea and I think they should also respect the host culture in these extreme situations. Practically most cultures are sort of a hybrid or “melting pot” so this issue is really an non-issue.

  6. Assad had learned really well how to use Western SJWs by telling them what they want to hear – “look, my wife is secular, she shows hair, and I fight ISIS, and ISIS is everyone who opposes me” By saying that Assad is a solution the author declares full submission to western progressive Marxists and SJWs such as TrigglyPuff (google her – i can’t believe this is not on ROK yet)
    In reality there are at least four major sides in war in Syria – Assad/Russia/Iran, ISIS(sells oil to Assad and accepted 2500 mercenaries with Russian passports since 2013), Free Syrian Army (ex-Army who did not want to shoot at civilians plus people who defend their families) and Kurds (there are at least 4 kurdish factions in Syria)
    As for Assad “fighting” ISIS – this is mainly orchestrated as revealed by this Jane’s article – Syrian military and ISIS have been ‘ignoring’ each other on the battlefield.
    Please stop repeating war propaganda of Assad – he is a butcher of Syria. The very fact that what SJWs and alternative right are agreeing on Assad so blindly should be a very serious indicator that something just is not right here

    1. What is the alternative you are proposing? Saying something is bad but providing no better alternative is hardly going to help in any kind of way.
      Every single time a secular strongman has been toppled it had gone straight to shit. Have you heard the saying repeating the same action over and over is the definition of insanity? Well fuck me if it isn’t the case with this shit.
      The only side that has a realistic view to offering some kind of peace is Assad. If you don’t provide realistic alternatives then fuck off.
      I live in Europe and the only objective I see in this for my own and for my family’s wellbeing in the long run is peace by force and the only available provider is Assad.

      1. If you live in Europe, then what do you think about TWO European interventions in former Yugoslavia? Both times NATO intervened to stop the war.
        It is always wrong to intervene in a stable country – like America did in Iraq, however it is morally right to intervene to stop the slaughter. And Europe did just that 20 years ago.
        And in Libya Europe just didn’t finish the job – if there is no stabilizing peacekeeping forces on the ground everything descends to shit. Of course this is the example European cucks would use to not intervene anywhere – because they didn’t do what needed to be done.
        What had changed since then? Just because of Obama’s presidency and the rise of progressives and SJWs doesn’t mean that everyone has to suddenly become cucks. Assad causes refugees – and Europe is paying for it. Even then, Europe can hardly handle refugees. And if you don’t like refugees it makes more sense to treat the problem at a source, which means putting an end to Assad/Russian indiscriminate bombing of civilians.

        1. From what you said it seems to me that you are proposing peacekeepers on the ground in Syria which if it were something realistic I would be all for. However it is only a theoretical mind game, the funds and the will to do it do not exist at this point, or at least so it seems to me. And if the choice falls between Assad and Russia or daesh/ISIS then I will choose the former. That’s the way the choice looks to me at this point. There is nothing moderate to support there even if the will would be found.
          For your information the Yugoslav operations were for the most part UN which included in fact a lot of non nato countries as well. Just setting the record straight, I’m from a non NATO country and my cousin was a peacekeeper in Kosovo.
          Some of them were massive successes but some were massive failures. Dutch Bat comes to mind, Srebrenica…

        2. Yeah, you’re right. The US should intervene with ground force and declare war on both Syria and Russia, while fighting ISIS at the same time. I’m sure that will lead to less destruction and less refugees, making Syria a stable and peaceful democratic state just like Iraq.

        3. Perhaps you should listen to your army commanders’ opinions instead of feminist propagandists? and yes, as I said Iraq war was a mistake. However, not following through on “red line” like Obama did was a signal for Russia and Iran to do absolutely whatever they wanted.
          As for declaring war on Russia there won’t be absolutely no need for it – Turkey had enough balls to shoot down a russian bomber – you know what russia did in return? They’ve banned the export of Turkish tomatoes! I am half Russian myself and they only respect strength. If you show weakness to them, they’ll treat you like their bitch.
          Oh, and BTW Trump suggested that if Russians will keep flying too close to US ships and aircraft he will shoot them down. Fully support Donald on this one!

        4. You do realize these are American ships a few miles from Russia, right? Do you think Russian ships should shoot down American planes off the coast of Miami if we fly by and check out what they are doing?

        5. You mean listen to the US Army commanders who said that Americans would be greeted by Iraqis with flowers for invading their country?
          US Army commanders who said the war would be over in 90 days (15 years ago)?
          US Army commanders who “knew” that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?
          US Army commanders who said the trillion dollar plus adventure would pay for itself?
          US Army commanders who overthrew the patriarchal system in Iraq and replaced it with democracy, complete with women’s suffrage?
          US Army commanders who took one of the more stable and wealthy nations in the mideast and turned it into a desert of shrapnel ?
          US Army commanders whose intervention lead to the spread of AL Queda in Iraq when it never existed there before?
          US Commanders who, directly or indirectly created ISIS? We should listen to THOSE guys?

        6. To put peacekeepers on the ground in Syria you’d need to work with stable countries in the region – like Saudi Arabia who had just formed a middle East equivalent of NATO that had successfully contained both ex-dictator and houthi cavemen as well as Al Qaeda in Yemen. Turkey, having taken more refugees than all of Europe combined would also contribute.
          I understand the temptation of reducing the conflict to only two sides – after all this is a “good vs evil” paradigm created by media and comic books, as it is simple for average people to understand. On the ground, in every conflict there are very often more than two sides, while each sides contains multiple factions – each of various size, capabilities and goals. Not even all who fight against BOTH assad and ISIS are good – groups such as Al Nusra should be wiped out – however they are relatively small and cannot achieve most of what they are claiming, so that’s why no one really goes after them. Kurds have similar faction system. If there will be an independent Kurdistan in current conditions, the first thing that will happen there will be a Kurdish civil war.
          As for Srebrenica, Bill Clinton was waiting for an excuse to go in, and for that he needed a massacre of a large size. And while this was obviously a tactical disaster, the overall result of the intervention was quite successful in stopping the sectarian war.

        7. ” If you live in Europe, then what do you think about TWO European
          interventions in former Yugoslavia? Both times NATO intervened to stop
          the war. ”
          The American dogs will pay for what they did to Serbia.
          Also, LOL. America supporting Bosniacs and Albanians rather than Christian serbs is somehow supposed to make them look good ?

    2. ISIS and Assad aren’t in bed together at all that I have heard. ISIS is backed by Turkey, the Gulf States, US and even Israel, but not Assad or Russia and very much not Iran.

  7. As some of my friends and I learned whilst voting for the first time, you don’t vote for someone you like or trust, you vote for the person you hate the least.
    I admit, on this case, I’m slightly jealous of you Yanks having the opportunity to vote for Trump when we, in France, are stuck with bum boys. Christ, fifty years ago, we had De Gaulle. Rise and fall I guess…
    As for Libya, every reasonnably intelligent person I know is, at the least, quite angry that we used the French Army to take down the Libyan government. It was a grievous mistake and we’re all paying for it, except the warmongering gits who govern us.

    1. How do you feel about France being one of, if not the first powers to overthrow its monarchy and turn to a Republic? Also, re: Trump, he’s a very flawed leader, he just stands out above all the other garbage. I thought you had a strong female politician over there?

      1. You need to read some history. France ran the gauntlet of political experiment/calamity from 1789 to 1804 and then in slow motion again until the third republic.

        1. I understand that it was not absolutely the first, but it seems to have made one of the more extreme and brutal splits from monarchy. Even today, there are vestigial elements of the monarch in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, etc. but France is one of the few European powers who completely rejected the monarch with the French Third Republic after Napoleon III’s defeat. France has tried 3 republican forms over the past 100 years or so, that would seem to indicate that the system isn’t working out too well. Just curious if there is any pro-monarch sentiment left in France.

        2. There are still those who dream of the return of a king but, truth be told, they are a small minority and every claimant to the throne of France works for the banking industry.
          However, it is an idea which is more and more spoken of.

      2. Wasn’t post-Revolutionary France a “Republic” in name only?

      3. The idea of a monarchy in France seems at first quite odd, but when you think about it, it is the only form of government that allows a certain stability and a long term vision for its country ; providing you have a leader like Louis the XI and not Louis the XV.
        Yeah, I know Trump is not a perfect leader but at least he’s given you the option of voting for someone who isn’t owned and can say and do whatever he knows is right.
        Granted, in France we have Marine Le Pen (I think she’s the one you’re thinking about), but, although she will probably be voted in for the second turn of the presidential election, the other political parties have effectively trapped her in a limbo of being good enough to be the most popular candidate at the moment but not strong enough to seize power on her own.
        It’s rather a complex situation in France, but to sum it up : we didn’t all swallow the red pill.

      4. She is in no position to govern. You can see it in her eyes. She is weak.

        1. I think she can handle it. Not perfect but definitely the best in the arena filled with cucks and pussies.
          Look at her interview with dassault in quebec if you know french. I know there is an english sub version just can’t find it right now.

      5. That’s not how it happened in fact they had multiple different Government in 40 year time frame and had a chance to return the Luis dynasty to power

    2. “I admit, on this case, I’m slightly jealous of you Yanks having the opportunity to vote for Trump”
      We also purchased over 100 million guns since Obama has been president, so we are preparing for the worst.

      1. “We also purchased over 100 million guns since Obama has been president, so we are preparing for the worst.”
        Nothing wrong with that. In France, the only factions who have firearms are the government and organized crime. Europe is slowly but surely restricting the already weak rights to bear arms (after the violent strikes of sunday in France, the government was thinking of forbidding flashballs). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash-ball

  8. This is true for the most part, but I would say that the reason for Israeli interest in the war is directly to do with Assad being involved with and allied to Hezballah.
    And apart from fringe elements I can say with high degree of security that this is the case.
    Israel is at continual war with Hezballah and assuming some long hard to understand conspiracy to be the reason when it’s obvious is counter logical.

    1. It really is sad to see the religious minorities end up on the chopping block when the Islamists take over. The Assyrian and Chaldean Christians, the Druze, the Yezidis, et al are like living history.

        1. If you want to understand our moment in history, you have to know Egypt’s history. The roman Empire captured it in its sphere of influence like the American way of life and political supremacy dominated the once unquestionable european empires of the late 19th century.
          As the american age introduced “diversity” into Europe’s old national and well defined cultures, so did the romans insert Christianism and a new type of society into Egypt (they brought more jews, greeks and others). Egypt went from nationally, historically, politically and economically cohesive to a mere peripheral nation in the borders of the great empire (as Europe is to the US). And then, it was ready for being conquered by warmongering, uncivilised tribal muslims. Noone would have thought it would be possible. It was.

        2. No the Byzantine underestimated the Muslims and was already dealing with European states harassing them

        3. Egypt’s decline had been going on for centuries before them. First conquered by Persia, then Alexander the Great, then the Ptolemies (a Greek dynasty).

  9. This is the latest Syrian Civil War situation map from Wikipedia, current as of May 1. Although the Syrian regime only holds 25-30% of land, they hold 65% of the population, plus the ports, and they still hold on to the big cities. Plus in the west, they still hold the enclave of Deir Ez Zor, which is the tiny pink blob surrounding by ISIS gray. Look at the FSA and associates. That corridor in between Aleppo and Turkey is as good as lost. They still have land next to that western part of Turkey in between Syria and the Mediterranean that I refer to as The Finger. However, they got patches of Al Nusra turf in their way. As for ISIS, they have been clearly losing land, although they have taken land in that Aleppo corridor from the FSA. If they lose Jarablus and that land on the Turkish border, then game over. Raqqa will be within reach.

    1. Very good explanation and map. I do not see the the strategic significance of Jarablus. Islamic State has no chance of taking coastal territory due to US/Russia initiative. That map says Syria needs a brutal minority party dictator in my mind

      1. What do you mean by US/Russia initiative? Russia intervened to support Assad, take out enemy aircraft, and provide air support to strafe ISIS troops. US supports the rebels, and almost assuredly gave its ally Turkey the nod to shoot down a Russian jet, an aggressive act of war which Putin coolly ignored. I do not see the US and Russia as cooperating or having the same goals.

        1. Whoa… Russia has a huge naval base in Syria. Russia has access to the Mediterranean via Assad’s Syria. Turkey is not a US ally to speak of. The US and Russia are cooperating closely because Syria could very well turn into an African style free for all with ethnic cleansing. US and Russia agree on detente in the area despite American warmongering. Turkey is not terribly stable at the moment and that could be disastrous for our world if ignited.

        2. Turkey is not a major ally of the US. Turkey doesn’t even know what will happen tomorrow within its borders The strange secular/religious spasms of Turkey are oft. I do not dispute your references but the nature of the relationship is misconstrued. Turkey is a huge mess with a tendency towards martial law to keep everything on the level

        3. It is an unstable fragile nation, and a terrible ally, but nonetheless one of America’s major allies. Obama has been there twice, and even delivered a speech to the Turkish parliament. Turkey would have never, ever dared to attack a Russian jet without US backing, and many suggest it was indeed a US plan. Putin would have never let such an act of war go unchallenged, except it could have unfolded into world war due to the US alliance. The alliance is very much there, and shapes how we respond to events in the region.

        4. You’re right, by turkey being a part of NATO, America and every other NATO ally has to help them if they were to go to war with Russia which is probably why they didn’t retaliate

        5. It is interesting to see the US make the wrong decisions regarding allowing or even helping Putin bomb ISIS. We really screwed up trying to overthrow Assad AND take on Isis because the boundaries between our rebels funded by the CIA and Isis itself are very very blurry at best. At the same time, and contradictory to those good feelings about Russia are my worries about the SA-400’s recently deployed to Kaliningrad, putting Warsaw’s airspace at risk with an admittedly defensive weapon. What concerns me is their “defensive perimeter” encompasses parts of Poland!

        6. BUT Turkey is a NATO ally of the USA…and therefore its like our drunken brother-in-law who goes to a party and starts a fight with a 300 pound linebacker (Russia)…how embarrassing to say the least, and terrifying to say the most!

        7. Yeah, didn’t we team up with them to build that disaster of an airplane the F-35? What a joke!

        8. Russia flies over our ships too low…and we have a jet of theirs shot down over Syrian airspace…talk about passive aggressive games of cat-and-mouse. Who will flinch first with this game of martial chicken?

        9. If one studies history, it’s not surprising at all. The US typically backs the *worst* party possible. Just look at the Taliban in the 70s (which lead to 911, the TSA, the Patriot Act, our ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our budget crisis, etc.). Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam wanted to ally with the US but we rejected him, so he went to the commies at which point we decided we must wage all out war against him. Same with Castro. Batista was a communist, and instead of supporting his overthrow by Castro, we opposed it, which lead him to ally against the Soviets. And of course Saddam, who was so “evil” that he necessitated the US spending a trillion dollars to remove him and 15+ years of warmaking, with no end in sight, was funded and supported for years by America in the 80s. He was “our ally” in the Iran Iraq war and Rumsfeld sold him weapons. Multitudes of murderous dictators in Latin America… I could go on and on.
          Basically look at any international alliance, and if the US has picked someone as an ally, they should be considered the enemy. It may not be 100% true, but it’s fairly close. Maybe the UK is a decent ally, but that’s really just out of tradition and because we’re basically the same people.

        10. Good. Russia’s goal is hegemony and conquest. I was delighted when the Turks used an American-made F-16 to blast some Russian pig out of the sky. We should have imposed a no-fly zone over Syria months ago, to put that new age Mussolini Putin back in his box.

        11. Are you implying that America’s goal is NOT hegemony and conquest?

        12. Uhhhhh. Who do you think CREATED ISIS?
          Wow. Time to do a little research. ISIS is the creation of Israel and the US to remove Assad.
          This is Ostool’s and Nuttyyahoo’s baby.

        13. “The US and Russia are cooperating closely…”
          Where did you get THAT nonsense from?
          Ostool is HIGHLY pissed at Putin for bombing OBAMA’S ISIS. The Amerikan campaign is just a Dog & Pony Show for stupid/gullible Amerikans to keep believing there’s a ‘war on terror’, when the ‘war’ is non-Rothschild Central Bank nations!
          Why do you think that turd of a president is trying to push Putin into WW3?
          Go read some jet fighter’s accounts of seeing ISIS, lining up a run, and being TOLD not to hit them, and to drop their ordnance in the deseret and RTB?
          Wakey wakey!

        14. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said yesterday that Iran, Libya and Syria should be stripped of weapons of mass destruction after Iraq. “These are irresponsible states, which must be disarmed of weapons mass destruction, and a successful American move in Iraq as a model will make that easier to achieve,” Sharon said to a visiting delegation of American congressmen. -feb 18 2003

  10. I am voting Trump. But this will be the 1st election I do not put a bumper sticker on my car for the candidate I support.
    I am afraid for my job, my car and my safety.

    1. Its really a sad state of affairs when one cannot express their political views without repercussion. If you give in to that fear it will only get worse though and with the way these bastards are going you won’t need a job or car.

        1. I cannot and will not judge you for such a rational decision. I am confident you have a good thing going. I guess my question is why be afraid of anything ideological? Being a piece of extreme propaganda or going balls out zealot is quite different than putting a bumper sticker on your vehicle.

        2. Because these people play dirty. Haven’t you seen the clips where they spit on a Trump supporter? They will key your car. They will punish you any way they can. They won’t just pleasantly disagree with you the way they did in the past.

        3. I hear what you are saying and no, I do not watch such things. If you need backup in a non CCW area get a big dog licensed as a comfort animal. Honestly I got the fuck away from these types of people and urban areas that support such vigilantism. Better women too

        4. 1)PC work environment 2)Damage to car 3)My own safety. When you watch the videoes and read the news, I think it is safe to say these are legitimate concerns.
          Political correctness has claimed the public square even for issues where they are not a majority. I prefer not to stick my neck out. Politics of personal destruction is considered ethical to leftists now.
          It is very easy for me to imagine how a Trump sticker on my car would result in poor reviews on work performance. I work in a place that prides itself in being multi-culturalist.
          I really hope Trump wins to send home the message that Trump supporters are not isolated bands of haters but a majority. Being against gay marriage does not make you a fringe radical. My own state voted against gay marriage, but if you say you are against it, people speak to you as if you are some rare bigot outside the mainstream.

        5. That is the effect of Christianity.
          How do you feel about making christianity a thing of the west’s past ?

        6. How does it feel being an irrational atheist unable to prop his statements with coherent arguments?

        7. What do you propose ISIS ? Stalinism ?
          (Atheism is the most genocidal religion ever. Mao wins hands down.)

      1. Oh man this would be a good way to eff with leftists. Give them a taste of their own medicine by having demented leftists smash a fellow leftists ride cause it had a trump sticker

    2. I feel for you. And it says a lot because I don’t even like Trump.

  11. Like nearly all other Arab states that are not Monarchies, Syria has shown that the Arab people are not prepared for self-government. The sad history of Syria, where the Baathist party over threw a relatively mild, modest, Royal family, and replaced it with a father to sone dictatorship, shows the lack of a sound political culture.
    Certainly, the US support of the vilent Syrian opposition has not helped, but ignores the fundamental flaw in the country’s constitution, in the broadest sense – it doesn’t have one. Thus, what is it that is to be defended?

    1. If you want to know the brutal truth look at the IQ averages. No country close to 90 can sustain a democracy. It’s the elephant in the room most don’t even see, but the ones who do most of the time would rather die than to mention.
      And this same thing will be the downfall of some European countries.

  12. “While Zionists and other morons in the West…”
    finally a smart analytical effort we can take seriously.

  13. Thanks you for this article. I have always said that Saudi Arabia is the head of the snake of terrorism around the world yet no one seems to do anything.
    The United States should just fuck off and leave countries do their own damn thing instead of always just trying to serve Israel and destroy the threats surrounding it (Syria, Iran, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Libya). All these countries were and are the major threat to Israel.
    The United States sends billions of aid and military supplies to Israel, for what? They even call them their biggest ally and use veto at the UN whenever they try to take action against Israel. What I dont understand is that people here like Trump, but he supports Syrian rebels, war against Iran, more aid to Israel, most probably weaker relation with Europe

    1. I haven’t paid close attention to Trump’s foreign policy positions (the position of the president is far more important in domestic matters, but the candidates LOVE to talk about dictating what the rest of the world should do). But I do like how he questions some “given” positions like Israel is a permanent ally or Russia is our enemy. It would be very dangerous for Trump to openly fight the AIPAC group, but he has made enough comments that make me think he would at least reconsider these age old alliances we have made (incidentally against the most violent and worst offenders in the region).

    2. Trump has been the most neutral in regards to Israel and Middle East policy among all the candidates, although that’s not saying much.
      AIPAC owns virtually our entire government. Look at how much the candidates fellate for Israel every debate, the speeches specifically written for AIPAC, every presidential candidate traditionally visiting the Western Wall, etc. Not to mention all the delusional evangelicals who worship Israel. Trump can’t go full-on “let Israel handle their own shit”, at least not yet.

  14. So how come you support communist feminism 1960s for Syria but not for the west? Did you know Assad regime is based on the same marxist framework SJWs have? Did you notice that not a single monarchy based on the US capitalist system fell in the Arab spring, but all the countries that fell had marxist based systems- including the Muslim Brotherhood. The fall of Assad and other regimes is inevitable, the same as the fall of marxist feminism with Return of Kings and Trump (where I live, after that short hair article, women grew their hair long).
    As for secular, hate to break the news for you as an Arab, but Assad’s army is mainly in Europe posing as refugees and shiite Islamist Hezbollah has taken over most of the army as Assad’s army ran out of men quickly, typical for a socialist regime. So increasingly, Hezbollah enforce their Sharia law. As for Saudi, they supported Marxists, sufis, moderates in Yemen, then reduced support of marxist because Marxism is messed up. Really cool story bro from people who don’t fight and haven’t lived through war. I have. Maybe ask a Ukrainian solider to write the article.
    The problem with Assad, SJWs and Houthis who have SJWs protest with them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukaEzj5Cql0 . Prior to being an ALT right thing, Assad was a marxist cause like Houthis. Putin and Iran have a 1$billion dollar propaganda budget each. So its cute seeing white boys who don’t fight and are cucks to their feminists playing soldiers, but sorry guys, at least read Jane’s military magazine or try to talk to people who fight.
    Look at the Establishment, and all the crazy leninist feminist stuff – it’s unsustainable – I discuss it in more detail. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBsdq5N-srs Only 7% of journos are Republican. But that ideology doesn’t work, so the result of this is Trump. It reads like a “Why we Need Marco Rubio” article when American workers lost their jobs.
    The reason why Syrian men are against Assad is because they can’t get laid, most young men. Why? Because Syrian women have yet to embrace the drunk slut sorority culture and look for a provider who can finance having a wife and kids. The Assad family is a mafia that keeps jobs and businesses to themselves, so few young men because of the marxist economic failure could find a job where they could afford to take a girl out on a date. So girls were chasing to be the second wives and mistresses of an already rich Assad official. So not only the economy collapsed, there was a strong regime of political correctness in Syria like under Obama. You say something “triggering” – you’d be tortured in jail. Milo Yiannpolis or Trump would have their balls chopped off and been tortured to death.
    The Assad regime is what Obama would do if he had more power. He’d create stupid progressive economic catastrophe, people would say politically incorrect things – you see how the Roosh meet up was shut down – now if Obama had Assad’s power, RoK readers would be tortured to death.
    The problem is Obama wishes he were Assad and adopts his tactics in a milder form against MRAs. Now you guys support that lol. FSA would be secular like Bosnians if US had intervened like it did in Yugoslavia. The problem with the soviet system and why it fell is progressive systems starve men, and use force when men protest. When men are hungry enough, they defy bullets, live free or die trying.
    As for secular values, they bring SJWs and emasculate men. Compare Russian and Ukrainian men to Western European secular cucks. Where secularism arrives, feminism finds a way. Feminism is an anti-women, anti-men, anti-family ideology that destroys a nations’ fighting power. Result of European secularism is western European men let refugees rape their women and Eastern European men protect their women . Why feminism? Because you’ll always have cucks with no game trying to chase low hanging SJW feminist fruit only to get friend-zoned.
    I am a Yemeni woman from Taiz, a land that had powerful Queens who were strong because they value fighting men. I support our men and couple women fighting for our freedom. Don’t fall for propaganda – Russia and I am half Russian is emasculating the west through funding feminist NGOs so men would be attracted to masculinity propaganda of a corrupt regime that wants to destroy the west, because western transparency is a threat to Putin robbing his country. Siberia wants to separate, Putin is using every distraction for the shitty economy, crates Iraq war after Iraq war, promotes SJWs abroad, hoping Russians ignore his terrible economic management. He learned this from his days in the KGB, in the 1960s they promoted Obama’s mentor Ayers, weather underground, back panthers, radical feminists. Those people kept at the margins by McCarthy are now the establishment.
    You keep saying how women are dumb and irrational…. but you are westerners reposting propaganda from people who scream “Death to America” and try to con westerners like Nigerian scammers and you fall for third world scams. You believe in advertorials of dictators who want to kill you, flood Europe with refugees who rape your women.
    Maybe … its time to have a hard look at how much masculinity western men had to give up to feminist bullies. Here is a great article how SJWs messed up the poultry business and harm chickens http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/is-the-free-range-egg-trend-really-just-a-shell-game/article29797385/ . If this is the damage SJWs did to poultry…. just imagine the damage feminists did to the minds of western men and how they emasculated western men to the core? Now western men hate anyone who defends themselves against marxist sustainability and attackers.
    What kind of men post propaganda of those who are run by “death to America” screaming militants who flood their country with refugees that rape their women? One Norwegian MP raped by a Somali refugee said he felt guilty his rapist was punished and said he was straight. This site used to be one of the few readable websites written by western men that didn’t have feminist crybaby crap. Next thing I am going to hear about “we are victims” and how fat shaming must be banned and society must become mediocre, and destroy greco-Roman western heritage because it had standards. Marxism is bad because its unsustainable. I recommend all of you to join the army and fight ISIS to even understand 3% of what I am trying to say. I lived through war. It’s not a game of Barbies where you play to see which doll is cute. It’s tough, confusing, raw and real.
    Stay away from marxism and progressives. Progressives like feminist loving Counter-punch write articles that sound like this about Assad as well as the Independent. When you repeat what’s on a feminist website, it’s not a good thing, trust me. Today’s modern western feminism is nothing more than marxism & leninism in pink.

    1. Russian men. Oh yeah, semi literate wife beating drunkards who die before age 60. But at least they’re not “beta cucks” like western men. Where the fuck do manosphere types get this shit logic?

  15. I heard John Perkins, who has recently revised and added several chapters to his Confessions of An Economic Hitman, on the radio recently. When you look at Vietnam, Syria, Iraq, and most of South America, it really does make you wonder if the west brings it’s NATO “liberation” (ie total destruction of the country’s infrastructure, schools, roads, bridges, buildings, libraries, capital stock, and murder of tens of thousands of its young men who would be building the next generation) to any country that dares come out of the third world and attempt to have a modern economy.
    Iraq was the most tolerant country in the Mideast prior to invasion, and lead by a secular leader who had some sick and twisted sons, and did put down rebellion violently (as does the USA see: Waco, Civil War). Syria was one of the most progressive economies in the Mideast, as was Egypt, (which has fallen to the anarchy of the Egyption Brotherhood Islamic cult). It really does seem that the west brings death and destruction to anyone who might take the tiniest slice of its pie away. Agree that Trump is not interested in this kind of shit, so it’s yet another reason to support him.
    Once the strong patriarchal systems are removed violently, these countries are then instilled with democracy and liberalism. War is the method the west uses to infect these cultures with its toxic feminism and degenerate values. There are a few elites who are exempt from this (Saudis, Israel, Turkey) but anyone else who dares to hang on to their beliefs or build their own economic system will soon be the target of “terrorism” or have their leader painted as “against us” and revolution will be fomented there. They tried this in Syria, and thanks to Putin, failed. Now we will see if Putin did enough damage to the enemy before withdrawing to allow Assad to reach final victory!

    1. Can’t say I’ve heard Perkins recently but there is another angle to this which I’ve mentioned before and it bears mentioning again. Countries with an average IQ close to 90 or below cannot function as democratic countries for any significant period of time. History shows this again and again.
      I know this will make people recoil with thoughts of hitlerism and eugenics but this shit is real.
      We cannot fix a problem we don’t see or want to consider.
      The fact based conclusion is that Libya Iraq and Syria need a strong man dictator to be a functioning society. And the facts bear this out beautifully.

        1. I’m not totally sure what you mean, but we have more rapefugees per capita than the us. But this kind of information is stuff I found online, we have tons of SJWs here too. Im in Western Europe.
          But likely once enough immigrants with low IQ come we will have to switch models and all the freedoms will go poof.
          I would much prefer a future that doesn’t involve this.

        2. You concluded that democracies cannot function in the Mideast. Can they function in the west? I see democracy as not only a cause of major failure and degeneracy, but antithetical to patriarchy and civilization. I haven’t studied the ancient Greek democracy, which did have some success, although it operated far differently than modern democracy, but all other major civilizations developed with a more structured monarchal system. I’m not talking about brutal despots, but benevolent monarchs of Europe, who, until WW1, made the west the greatest civilization on the planet.

        3. They can to a degree, if the right to vote is limited to straight white males and not to brown people and women. As well as the strict removal of leftists from academia and other areas of influence.
          It works for a while, and certainly better than it does in the middle East.

        4. Allow voting only to men with property and standing only. If you own a house, or are established and have a family etc then yes, you can vote. Short of this no vote. And minimum age 25 or so.

        5. Democracy in general is instable, it’s simply an idealistic system that isn’t ve good in practice. The reason being it depends on the voters being invested in the good of the whole community, and this is very hard to select for.
          If you only allow voting to established men who are clearly invested, it might work reasonably well.
          Still it depends on what metric you are looking at and what your desired outcome is. It never going to be the most efficient or stable, it can’t.

        6. Give the power over to a genius.
          That is the only thing that can work.

        7. Aw geez, not this shit again. If you’re old enough to join the military or sign a contract (and a US citizen) you’re eligible to vote. Let’s lose this Powdered wig landowner fantasy nonsense

        8. Have you actually thought this through? If you are allowed to vote without having any skin in the game I think it’s going to shit like it has everywhere.
          Why should your opinion matter if you are barely dry behind your ears, have no experience, knowledge or anything to protect? Obviously you are not going to vote for the greater good then, but only for your own personal potential gain. Not to mention you can vote for shit, pack your bags easily and leave, something that a invested person can’t.
          That’s why it causes problems and makes no sense.
          At any rate I’m against democracy as a system, but some adjustments could make it work at least to preserve freedom rather than eating it for lunch as is happening now.

        9. Do you honestly think wealthy landowning elites vote out of noblesse oblige for the greater good? I’ve got some oceanfront property in Kansas for you if you do. They vote for their own welfare (tax breaks, crony deals) just like some welfare mother or college student would. And yes, if I’m old enough to be killed or maimed in some half assed war started by some old twats, you’re damn right I’m old enough to vote. We all vote out of self interest, behind the ear wetness notwithstanding. Think about that.

        10. So you think the only people who own land are the elites? The only people who are married and established and have a career are the elite? All business owners are elites?
          Get off your class war soap box man…
          Edit to add, I guess I’m in the elite then lol.

        11. Yeah, but we have rich landowners voting on laws…its called Congress, and they are our represntatives for this representative democracy. Thank GOD every vote is not a referendum voted un by every idiot hither, thither and yon!

        12. Actually I think noblesse oblige is a real thing….although many in congress are hired by PACs to do shit for them…

      1. Your premise is failed since you take for granted democracy is the best political system and even if it were, most people especially women (this group alone accounts for 51% of the voting block) do vote for policies than increase the size of the government beyond sustainable levels and… counterproductive and destructive in the long run. And no, those voters are not brown or black folks…

        1. Based on what do you make the stupid and incorrect assumption that I think anything positive about democracy?
          You need some more reading comprehension, son. I absolutely hate democracy in every possible way just like anyone else with more than 3 brain cells in total.
          That has zero to do with what I said.
          I’m basically saying you need tall people if what you are trying to do is make a competitive basketball team. You are assuming I give a shit about basketball based on my ability to see this requirement for success in it.

        2. Love all the democracy-bashing here. You know what the end result of hereditary absolute monarchy is? North Korea.

        3. You’re funny. Are you saying that every non democracy was essentially like North Korea?
          I know a fair bit of European history and I can guarantee that is not the case.
          Besides, who said I wanted a hereditary absolute monarchy? I sure didn’t.
          I want my rights and that’s it. I don’t want dumb voters to be able to trample them anymore than I want anyone else to. How hard is that to understand?
          I don’t give a fuck about man made laws, fuck with my shit and I’ll decide what to do with you. I don’t fuck with other people’s property, and therefore I think it is my right to be left alone, by the government and by people when I’m not in a public space.

    2. Iraq war was a big mistake and a crime, and Iraq was better off with Saddam – but Iraq wasn’t “the most tolerant country in the Mideast” lol. just ask Persians (for starters).

      1. History only began in 1991. Iraq had a lot of mass graves, but don’t ask.

    3. Interesting take on this. Trump said-early in the war-that we should NOT invade Iraq. It was in his book accrording to a recent interview with Alex Jones…

    4. You really have a figure 4 lip lock on Putin’s jock. I pray you’re not an American.

      1. Yes, yes, we all know you hate Putin and Kim Jong. Perhaps it would be a good thing if you told everybody here on ROK who are the international leaders (in office) you admire.

  16. Im a few paragraphs in and this article is LEGIT! Not super accurate and all knowing, (as stated by an author who clearly knows more than I), but detailed and icy in its diagnosis.
    Good shit.

  17. “America First” is anti-semitic. Israel First is the only moral position for America, even when it’s bad for America.

    1. Hello my fellow cuckservative, I agree.
      Closed borders are a problem, unless it is jews because they are chosen people, it says so in the bible.
      CRUZ 2016 !

  18. Gaddafi set up a national bank with gold-backed currency and wanted to expand it to help all of Africa. The Jews didn’t like that one bit.

    1. He was sodomized with a knife when captured and he was responsible for Lockerbie; not exactly the most beloved figure.

  19. Thankfully the author concedes he is not an expert about the Middle East. I think he may have his alliances mixed up:
    ” American-Wahhabi-Zionist Axis and its client-states on one side and the opposition powers that resist it—led by Russia, China, and Iran”
    John Xenakis who voraciously reads and writes on Middle Eastern affairs posits the alliances in the coming clash of civilizations world war as:
    America, Russia, India, Iran + Shia Islam
    China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia + Sunni Islam
    Russia is certainly not our enemy, and recent shows-of-force are more like, “C’Mawn America, get with the program…” aimed at weak and feckless liberal leaders.
    Recent events show the Saudis to be emergent enemies, with recent economic threats to the US, not to mention high-level support for the 9/11 suicide bombers, and alienation, as we align more with Iran, their hated enemy.
    There is no question China is arming and preparing for a Plan B full-scale war against America, unless her Plan A intimidation attempts (as a credible force) succeed first.
    Anyway, I agree Assad is the best choice to help stabilize Syria, and for most of the same reasons given: Only strongmen can run a country there. Democracy is impossible in the region.

    1. “Democracy is not possible in the region.” It certainly could be if countries weren’t so committed to censoring every last bit of information filtering in from the inside, while doling out harsh punishments for those who stray.

      1. Not unless you replace the populations. They don’t have the required average IQ for western style democracy. The cutoff is around 90 and Syria is below this.
        Trying it is an idealistic exercise in futility.

    2. “Cmon America get with the program”? Are you for real ? Was that Putin’s message when he stole Crimea and invaded Ukraine? Why do so many posters on RoK guzzle Putin’s jizz? As for China, what purpose does it have to wage war against its best customer and commit economic suicide?

      1. Crimea has been part of Russia since the 18th Century. They faux-gifted it to Ukraine believing she would forever be a part of the Soviet Union. As for Ukraine, I have Ukrainian friends and can’t support Putin’s invasion. And I can say the same to you, “Are you serious?!”, regarding China. All the facts (Massive nuclear, and armed forces buildup, technological advances in weaponry and tactics specifically targeting US and Taiwan) and actions of China coalesce into one single possible strategy: Become the foremost global superpower, controlling all the South China Sea, hegemony over the Near and Far East, ejecting America from the region, and exercising soft-empire over the Third World.
        They will do this via intimidation as a credible threat, or by first strike if that fails.

  20. Last paragraph of point #4 reads like something off Stormfront; thought this site was better than that. “Israeli overlords”? Every country in the region needs to be like Israel, not some fascistic Muslim shithole. FFS, haven’t 350,000 or so died in the past five years under Assad’s reign?
    Whole region needs to do away with Sykes-Picot and at long last grant the Kurds–possibly the sanest people in the region along with the Israelis–their state.

    1. Are you seriously praising Israel for “not being fascistic hellhole” when they gas Palestinians with White Phosphorus ?

      1. Oh, please. The IDF used incendiary bombs, yes, not “white phosphorus.” Munitions used were 155mm M825A1 artillery shells, and don’t have white phosphorus effect.
        Anyways, if Gazans vote in a bunch of Islamist maniacs committed to Jewish genocide, prepare for the worst. War has never been about proportionality. Though the “Palestinians” aren’t necessarily a smart people; living in sheer misery is preferable to coexistence with the Jews.

        1. I do respect Jewish organizational power in the region.
          I think of Israel as a model nation in many regards.
          But their influence on foreign politics is absolute cancer.

        2. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions about Israel, but no free, sane individual anywhere in the west should support theocratic Islamist barbarians over a genuine, diverse–albeit flawed– democracy in Israel.

        3. You are correct in the regards that Israel is better than Islamistic hellholes, but in many ways Jews themseves are responsible, at least partially, for the mess in the region.
          Their neocon politics have led Americans to useless wars. Now they are trying to stop Assad.
          I see them as a very organized force, but not a force for good in my opinion.

        4. If Muslims would drop this Bronze Age blood Jihad bullshit and agree to peacefully recognize Israel, this could all end tomorrow. Wars happen and people are displaced; the partition of India in 1947 being a great example.

        5. But that won’t stop Israel from doing what it always has done. I am not saying I am extremely sympathetic to Palestinians but they do have a point. Israel was founded as a terrorist state on a territory inhabited by Palestinians and with each passing year there is less of Palestine left.
          If you do not care about that, fine. But I am not sure how that showcases Israel’s moral superiority.

        6. Modern-day Israel was founded on British land won from the Ottomans and partitioned out via the Balfour Declaration and later UN Resolution 181; there has never been a point in history of a distinct Palestinian people or state.
          Jews have had a presence in the land of Israel long before Arabs.

        7. You are correct in that regard. But they still had an agreement on the territory partition during Israel’s inception and they expanded significantly beyond what they were initially allocated.

        8. Well…yeah. The Arabs never accepted 181, and have launched repeated wars of genocide against Israel only to lose every time. All “Palestinian” land you see now was Israel’s creation; the West Bank Palestinian Authority rule is the result of the Oslo Accords, and Gaza–a formerly Egyptian territory–was fully ceded to Arab control when Israel withdrew in 2005.
          All “Palestinian” media has a superimposed map of Israel as “Palestine,” indicating that they never intend to fully recognize Israel as a sovereign state.

        9. The prefer living off UN funds. Beats working. What is the literarcy rate amoung Palis— around 15% last I read.

        10. No it is NOT preferable. If the Palestinians had the sense to make nice with Israel (which is here to stay) their living standards would improve immeasurably. The Palis are being betrayed by their own leaders both on the West Bank and especially Gaza, with the Hamas psychos running things there.

        11. Genuine inbreeding is also high; there was a report years ago about Gaza having high rates of hermaphroditic births.

        12. That was entirely my point, Duck. Coexistence with the Jews, in the eyes of many “Palestinians,” seems to be a fate worse than death.

        13. Understood. Should have read the first paragraph more carefully. Anyhow it’s amusing that someone here thinks white phosphorus is a gas!

        14. Inbreeding is a real problem in Muslim communities. High rate of birth defects in British Pakistanis because of this.

        15. That claim that Israel used munitions containing the real stuff–M110A1 WP shells for the uninformed–in Gaza is 100% false and has been repeatedly debunked.

      2. There are very few people on this planet that I have less sympathy for than Palestinians.

        1. The actual munitions containing the stuff are M110A1; Israel used a harmless M825A1 shell in the Gaza conflict.

    2. No, fuck Israel. What have they done to deserve the right to exist? What have jews done other than be parasites in their host nations?
      Heh… “host” nations… how appropriate.

      1. What “parasites”? The poisoned well, using blood for matzo; all hysterical, unproven lies and an excuse to persecute–and later expel–Jews.

        1. How about their nonstop promotion of liberal/progressive propaganda, their corruption through banking, or their open support for groups hostile to the national majority?

        2. Manipulation of the bank system through usury, pushing socialist and feminist messages through media. Hell, MTV alone is reason enough to persecute–and later execute–all jews in Western countries.

        3. What do you mean “what”? With regards to the “nonstop promotion of liberal/progressive propaganda” and “open support for groups hostile to the national majority,” that’s today’s leftists and Muslims in a nutshell. Granted, some Jews are leftists, but the vast majority aren’t.
          “Corruption through banking” could be appropriate for Madoff and the like, but consider that the vast majority of the world isn’t Jewish and especially in populations with growing economies in Asia, there are hardly any Jews.

        4. To blame those things on Muslims is completely silly. Muslims are definitely not liberal and progressive people. Jews in general promote and encourage the mass migration of such anti-European Muslims into Europe, though, just as they aided Muslim invaders into Catholic/Christian countries in Europe in medieval times (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Jews_in_Spain#Moorish_Conquest, http://www.judaism-islam.com/jews-opene-the-gates-of-toledo/). Muslims definitely don’t promote the invasion of anti-Muslims into their countries.
          And banking (usury) is highly looked down upon in Islam. The involvement of Jews in banking throughout history, and even still today, is undeniable (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_banking#Court_Jew, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rothschild_banking_family_of_England, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warburg_family, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_Schiff, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldman%E2%80%93Sachs_family, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chair_of_the_Federal_Reserve, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Fischer, etc).
          “Granted, some Jews are leftists, but the vast majority aren’t.”
          Yes they are. Well, at least for Western countries.

    3. Yeah, mentioning the obvious Israeli influence on US foreign policy is automatically Stormfront. Ever heard of AIPAC? And are we talking about the same Israel that used terrorism to gain their country and now crying about Palestinians using the same tactics? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_David_Hotel_bombing
      The 350,000 dead in the Syrian war are mostly Islamic terrorists, Syrian civilians killed by them, and the government forces and allies fighting them. So I assume if you’re Assad, you would just let the Jihadists run over the country instead.
      I think I understand your logic:
      -If Israeli government kills Islamic terrorists and civilians along with it, it’s defending its country.
      -If Syrian government kills Islamic terrorists and civilians along with it, they’re “fascistic Muslim shithole.”
      But I’m going to stop arguing with shills before JIDF sends its reinforcements.

      1. You reference Wikipedia which anyone can edit? FFS, the King David Hotel Bombing? I’ll see that and match Sbarro’s, Dolphinarium, the Park Hotel, the countless bus bombings, the Hamas rockets, the Fogel family being stabbed in their sleep…
        I love ROK, but you’re out of your depth here, man.

        1. Every neo-Nazi references Miko Peled, as if he’s the source for all truth. He’s not, he’s a useful idiot for those psychopath Muslim “Palestinians.” He’s representative of Jews like “son of Hamas” Mosab Yousef is of “Palestinians.”

        2. He is from a well to do Zionist family who’s father served as a general in the Israeli army. He cites Israeli war documents and first hand knowledge. But of course you will play the ad hominem game to discredit him. Pathetic.

        3. I stand by my statement; he has been known to fabricate and outright lie about his experiences. FFS, he’s a martial arts instructor, not a military expert. He is not representative of those who have served in the IDF or its policies.

    4. Many of the posters here also spend time on Stormfront, Daily Stormer etc. Others see Vladimir Putin as a neomasculine god who can do no wrong and reflexively take his side.

  21. I doubt Point #3 as the “rapefugees” aren’t fleeing to the West to escape war, that’s just a flimsy pretense, but rather to wage Cultural Jihad while living like kings off of the wealth of free $h!t that leftist governments in Western nations are more than happy to lure them with.

    1. Thats exactly it. There is an ongoing swing to national political parties because of it and the media can ignore it all they want, but the street is livid. Local news will mention a “riot” in a German city without giving details… we know why. Everyone knows.

  22. Excellent insights, man. And I agree that this conflict is very key to what potentially could unfold over the horizon. Incredible all the geopolitical goings-on there. It indeed will be interesting to see what happens.

  23. Yea not like Secretary of state Hillary Clinton didn’t write a few US Checks supporting the Flint water crisis. Nope instead load up MILLIONS of OUR TAX Dollars + hand full of CIA OPERATORS onto C130s en route to Afghanistan and Iraq, Libya, Syria?? Wake up liberal twats it’s called ISIS PAYROLL. last but not least a famous quote from 2008 WE NEED CHANGE…Here’s your sign VOTE HILLARY NEXT MORON TO FINISH WHAT OBAMA STARTED…….

  24. Wow, I don’t even know where to begin with this one!! First off, I want to state that I have two Masters degrees, one in Political Science/International Relations and the other in World History with a concentration in Middle Eastern History. I have been studying the Middle East now for 25 years (Since the first Gulf War in 1991) and have presented lectures to classes on this very topic!
    Secondly, contrary to the Western-centric and western oriented propaganda piece that this essay constitutes, Qaddafi, Saddam and Bashar are/were NOT good leaders! Saddam squandered Iraq’s potential vast oil reserves and human capital on endless wars for hegemony and dominance as well as his own pride and ego. In 1991, two weeks before the outbreak of the first Gulf War, Secretary of State James Baker handed Saddam Hussein’s Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz a letter stating emphatically and categorically that if Saddam failed to withdraw from Kuwait by the UN deadline of January 19, that Iraq would be bombed so severely that it would be rendered a “weak and backward state” and that “the future of Iraq is in your hands.”
    However, despite this blunt and honest warning Saddam remained intransigent and sacrificed his country on the altar of his own megalomania and pride!
    Moreover, Qaddafi ran Libya to and for the benefit of his own ruling clique and family as does Bashar Assad! Assad is so brutal he is willing to gas and murder his own people JUST TO REMAIN IN POWER!! Please watch this Youtube video!

    Furthermore, just as Americans and now some Europeans are waking up to the fact that they do not like being governed by a minority clique (the corporate fascist plutocracy that has taken over the west for the most part) many Sunni Arabs similarly do not want to be ruled by a minority clique (In syria it is the Alawite minority lording over a Sunni population that comprises over 60 percent of the population!) In 1982 Bashar the Butcher’s father Hafez Assad slaughtered AT LEAST 10,000 of his own people and the ENTIRE city of Hama was razed to the ground and turned into a parking lot! Saddam treated the Kurds in the same brutal manner, in Halabja, northern Iraq, he gassed and murdered 5,000 kurds! Also, Qaddafi Duck was in power in Libya SINCE 1969!! Holy smokes, can you imagine how most Americans would feel if Obama (or any other leader) would have remained in office for even half that time?? Qaddafi ran libya like it was his personal playpen with much of the wealth going to enrich himself and his family! His two sons spent millions on bringing IDIOT entertainers like Beyonce to entertain them while their own citizens and subjects were politically disenfranchised and economically marginalized!!
    I also need to point out that I am NOT an apologist for the aggressive western military intervention that removed Qaddafi and Saddam from power! However, these radical Islamist movements of Nusra, al Qaeda and now ISIS are the DIRECT RESULT of yes, western/American imperialism AND of failed leaders and bad governance at the hands of despotic leaders like Assad in Syria, Qaddafi in Libya and Saddam in Iraq! Both the U.S.A AND these three tyrants ALL contributed to the destruction of these three states/countries!
    Finally, last but not least I want to comment on the video with the Syrian university students which interestingly enough comprised mostly females. That video left me shaking my head in bewilderment! Here is a country where half the territory has been lost to terrorists and 300.000 people have been slaughtered by the regime’s military forces and most of the conversation was mindless banter about their PHYSICAL appearances as well as their SOCIAL LIVES!! (white shiny teeth, “she was so popular in her class and I was so popular in my class, yesterday I went to the hairdresser”) and even more disturbingly one of them advocated having a child, a little girl to be more specific, and I quote “WITHOUT A MAN, ALL BY HERSELF!” These women sound like Western Wannabees and may have even been indoctrinated with western feminism based on the commentary! Even more disturbingly on display with these women was the pervasive sense of an INFERIORITY COMPLEX whereby one of the women said in regards to one of her friends and the desire for a child “she wants her to be blond and blue eyed not brown.” WOW!! Believe me, I recognize an INFERIORITY COMPLEX when I see one, I grew up in Turkey from 1983 -1992 and have family that resides there so I still periodically visit there, and believe me, Turks in general suffer from a MASSIVE inferiority complex vis-a-vis westerners!! In Turkey in particular and the Middle East in general, they suffer from MENTAL COLONIZATION that enables this region to stay backwards and undeveloped, and EXPLOITED by foreign imperialism whether it was the colonial British and French or now the new colonialists called the American Empire!! Not to confine my criticism to just the women, one of these Arab young men stated “come and party and have fun like we do.” WTF?? This country is cannibalizing itself in the worst possible way and this idiot is blabbing about partying???
    In conclusion an interesting article but very flawed and misguided due to the praising of dictators that are partly responsible for the destruction of their countries and the rise of Islamic extremism that the article correctly points out as being very dangerous for the region and the world.

    1. So beyond stating that everyone is bad, how do you propose to move from the point we are at now, with the realities that we face?
      In my opinion Assad still at this point seems the only option with an even minimal chance of securing some semblance of peace. Sure he is what he is, but that’s not relevant to the problem at hand.
      I’m leaning towards that the situation may be broken beyond repair now, and I honestly don’t see a good way, or even something approaching a stable situation arising any time soon, short of one of the big boys going all in with ground operations. And this followed by 20yrs or more of peacekeeping mission.

      1. Actually I agree! Removing Assad is not an option because what is waiting in the wings is far worse (Nursra or a Sunni salafist theocratic regime supported by the Saudis) so the only realistic way forward is for Assad to implement some form of a power sharing agreement like the Good Friday Accords in Ireland. Another option may be the soft partitioning of the country in the same way that Bosnia was partitioned between the Serbs, Croats and Muslims.

        1. Hmm, well this is going to require a different mode of thinking from what seems to be prevailing at the moment, primarily because a soft partition is going to require long term peacekeeping forces on the ground. Realistically they would have to be from non Muslim countries as otherwise they wouldn’t be impartial.
          I don’t see a big appetite for the peacekeeping mission at this point, which is why I’m not very optimistic.
          But yes it does seem that we are on the same page.

    2. Your degrees are useless, you don’t speak Arabic and have been thoroughly indoctrinated. Anybody who still believes Assad was behind the chemical attacks is not just a tool, but a complete idiot.

      1. Actually I do speak Arabic AND Turkish and no my degrees are not useless as I am gainfully employed utilizing my knowledge and as I stated have given lectures to college classes! So get your facts straight before you go spouting off! Your tone of voice reeks of envy! Moreover, the vast majority of the evidence indicates that Assad AND Saddam DID gas their own people, but since you have already made up your mind you do not want to be confused with the facts!! As for me, I refuse to bang my head up against your stubborn and conspiracy addled mind so this will be the last comment to you in this regards!! But to be kind and charitable I will humor you and give you the benefit of the doubt: Let us say hypothetically speaking Assad indeed did NOT use gas. Okay, fine. However, this does not negate the fact that he is using barrel bombs on civilian population centers such as the carnage that is currently unfolding in Aleppo. Moreover, government forces (Butcher Assad, oh excuse me Bashar Assad) has disproportionately killed and murdered far more than Nusra and Isis! read this if you don’t want to believe me!
        P.S. And, for the record, I am not advocating for the removal of Assad from power, especially considering that what is waiting in the wings is infinitely worse (a sunni salafist theocracy supported by the Saudis) but I am merely stating that in many respects Assad and his ruling clique are a part of the problem! This article fails to address that fact!!

        1. The war was started by the Western backed terrorists, therefore all fault falls on their shoulders. Not to mention that these Western pseudo ‘human-rights’ organizations like HRW registered in Britain and the US engage in all sorts of shenanigans including the backing of the newly formed fascist government in the Ukraine.
          Of course the British based organizations that you linked will blame Assad for the civil war and will also claim that Assad started it with shooting peaceful civilians (who are now the moderate terrorists). Dr. Tarpley was on the ground during the outbreak of the war and attested that the moderate terrorists were shooting from day 1.
          Interestingly you seem to always side with the Western narrative. Libya was probably the best country in Africa prior to the ‘Humanitarian intervention’, which of course was nothing less than an imperialist act of aggression.

        2. Nope, wrong again. As I have stated repeatedly in my many posts here (and if you had been reading carefully) I have been just as critical as the aggressive western interventions that are a big part of the problem in the middle east! To reiterate, the middle east region is cursed and afflicted with the twin plagues of western colonialism/imperialism vis a vis military interventions coupled with bad governance! (tyrannical rulers like Sadly Insane:saddam Qaddafi Duck and Butcher Bashar! It is not just a case of black and white good versus evil nonsense! It is more nuanced and complicated! And as you have acknowledged in syria and in LIbya, if the insurgents started shooting first that shows you how reviled and hated these tyrants are! In Libya and in Syria there were widespread protests that evolved into armed revolutions (just like in America in 1776) and illustrates how the Libyans and Syrians want to be free from the shackles of these kleptocracies that have economically marginalized their people while simultaneously politically disenfranchising them! It shows that Assad is so hated and detested that despite the Russian intervention the Syrian rebels are fighting on and the conflict is still ongoing! It aint over til its over and just as in the American civil war, the south was winning the war from 1860-63 and then the North finally won decisively from 1864 and finally crushed the south in 1865! This conflict is far from over, the tide of battle can easily shift in the next year or two so stay tuned!

        3. You can always find people, groups and ideologies that disagree with the current regime. Even you know that both the Libyan and the Syrian terrorists were being funded by the US, UK, Saudis and Turks. These ‘revolutions’ can’t be compared to 1776 in no way shape or form.
          There are elections in Syria, you can’t just say that protesters shooting people proves that Assad is to blame. There is an opposition in Syria, and it is in the Syrian parliament, not out in the field with a black flag and an AK.
          Both Syria and Libya, at least in the context of their region, were doing exceptionally well economically speaking. You can’t just compare these countries to Switzerland or some other ultra modern country. Assad is also winning a land slide after a land slide in the elections, claiming that he is universally hated in Syria is ridiculous, on top of that a universally hated enemy would not last that long in a civil war.
          Also, what does this terrorist opposition stand for? Economic empowerment and and more freedom in the elections? Hell no! Most of the so called opposition want to impose Sharia law and ban schools. Compared to the ‘opposition’, anyone and everyone else is good.

        4. A universally hated tyrant backed by a fanatical cadre supported by foreign nations (I.e. Iran and Russia) can hold out for years if he’s willing to spill limitless gallons of his people’s blood.

        5. Let me just draw your attention to Iran in 1979! The western/American backed puppet Shah of Iran, when confronted with the same level of opposition, street demonstrations and protests, decided to flee into exile! Why?? Because, as he stated, “I could not slaughter my own people!” If only Assad had such decency! and let us not forget that Bashar’s father, Assad sent troops to Saudi Arabia in 1991 and was part of the U.S led coalition in the first Gulf War against Iraq!! (meaning that the Assad clan is also willing to stab arabs in the back and side with america, thus demonstrating that this sick clan are not Nationalists and independent but also stooges of america!!) And no, most of the economic resources/capital in LIbya were going to Bashar’s ruling oligarchy and they were spending MILLIONS on entertainers like stupid Beyonce! AND, you say elections?? Yeah, there were “elections” in the so called “DEMOCRATIC republic of East Germany” (which was an awful communist dictatorship) so rigged elections don’t mean diddly squat!! But, as I said it seems that your mind is made up and you don’t want to be confused with the facts so I am disengaging from this conversation! As a side note and anecdotal experience, I had a very interesting conversation with my SHIITE friend and housemate just this morning about this very same topic and he was telling me that there is a special place in hell reserved for the likes of the butchering murderer Assad! Amen to my Shiite friend who’s judgement has not been clouded by ideology, unlike you!!

        6. You are always going off topic. Nobody was talking about Saddam or about the Gulf war. Also what does Bashar has to do with Libya? Syria is a secular state with a parliament. Do you have any real proof that the elections are all rigged?
          You talk about me being clouded by an ideology, when you are the liberal who thinks East Germany was some sort of a hell hole when it was a pretty good country with high standard of living.You probably also believe the elections in Crimea were rigged.
          Your Muslim extremist friend’s opinions are meaningless. He probably wants ISIS to take over.

        7. Syria has a Parliament. So did Saddam’s Iraq. Woe betide any member of parliament who votes against anything backed by Assad. Can you say “rubber stamp”? I knew you could.

        8. Nope, he is Shiite! you need to more carefully read what I wrote before you make your comments!!

    3. “western/American imperialism”
      You forgot the “Jews.” You cannot scapegoat completely without including them. When do arabs take responsibility for themselves and their actions? It is a flaw I’ve noticed and it resinates througout their culture.
      Regarding Turkey: The Turkish govenment just recently siezed Christian churches. The also have a lot of blood on their hands… ask an Armenian or a Kurd. Can you openly write about that in Turkey without getting arrseted? Erdogan has been enriching himself with accepting islamic states oil and making bank. Crituque his corrupt ass in Turkey and watch what happens.

      1. Actually you are right! Erdogan is NOT a good leader either! You see, that is the problem in the Middle East! You have the TWIN plagues of bad governance i.e leaders (tyrants, and yes, Erdogan is a proto fascist and mini despot evolving and growing like an amoeba) AND the legacy of colonialism and imperialism! So yes, these two actually reinforce each other! Assad was supported by the U.S. as was Saddam and Qaddafi before they were violently overthrown! The U.s. currently supports Erdogan and the Saudis too! The Israelis are supporting Nusra! (Al Qaedas affiliate and franchise in Syria)

  25. How does one deal with a globalist? They’re agenda is even being portrayed positively subtly in the movies, in the newspapers, everywhere. They really expect the American people to lose their sense of nationalism, and for every one that has, two more surface with a fire within them that rebels against this corporate cooperation.
    There will come a day soon when contention is high and the only response necessary will be to tell the globies to go suck it.

  26. Once a wise man said “in our day and age a Muslim state can either function as a theocracy or a military dictatorship”. And he was right. All those self-exclaimed good doers, who screamed “democracy for Libya, Syria & co” were deluded. Assad, Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein are and were for sure no angels. And that is okay. An “angel” could never rule any of these countries. America should have supported the men mentioned above, instead of destabilizing a huge part of our world.

    1. Your opening quote is true. I don’t know if its the USA’s role to be kingmaker with other nations, as much as I would like. If it wasn’t for the refugees, and the future ISIS threat or oil region people would probably give as much of a stuff as they did with the civil wars that went on in Angola or Ivory Coast or Rwanda. The country/region is better off with a strong dictator, but for the minority groups in the country not so much. Life under Saddam was good for some but terrible for some. If they are mostly of the same sect it works ok like for Qatar and Saudi Arabia even though they are not democracies.
      It really should be up to the citizens of the country if they want to overthrow their leader. Its their business not another country on other side of globe imo. The civil war I thought originally had nothing to do with jihardists but it has morphed into more as the conflict in Iraq merged with it.

      1. Yeah, it should be the business of the people. The nation. It works best if the nation is homogenous, without religious subgroups among the people with a potential for radicalization. The GDR, for example, a country with lukewarm Christians and atheists, was “overthrown” peacefully. People just had enough.

        1. I think the GDR is going to be okay, but I could be wrong and it could go down the path that France has not that that is a hotspot of violence, but there is some disharmony. I think what will make Germany a bit safer is that the country is a prosperous one and if they work hard foreigners can get on in life there. I cant see a civil war there. There is Sunni & Shia in Dubai and a liberal govt but no trouble and I suspect its a lot due to the prosperity creating harmony. They have more to live for and to lose.I still dont believe EU is doing the right thing taking them on though. ISIS has probably done many of those displaced a favor.

    2. Unless destabilization was there intention all along. Sure working out well for Israel.

      1. I think you’re right. Stable regions, let alone nation-states, and our global elites will never be friends.

    Roosh has stated again and again how “women should have children as soon as possible. Their eggs get worse as time goes by. But it is ok for a man to have children at a later age”.
    PROOF that it is MEN who are responsible for genetic mutations :
    No quotes. No writings … James Watson himself speaking :

    ENJOY the truth from 00:19 to 01:07
    In a few words : All mutations come from men, as women have all their eggs ready at an early age …
    I told you Luke Moderator … I can destroy the emperor … Join me ! Together we can end this destructive conflict and bring peace to the galaxy …

    1. Excuse my harsh language. It is only a marketing tool.
      There is a place for almost everyone in a new society.

    2. egga sitting around for that long is why there’s an almost perfect correlation of a woman’s age and the chance of genetic problems. This comes from degredation of the eggs that sit around since “an early age”. Mutations are something altogether different. They happen during cell division and are just as likely in eggs during their manufacture as during the creation of sperm. Since sperm are renewed every day, they suffer none of the degredation. In addition since they outnumber eggs about a jillion to one, numerically you’d expect a whole lot of mutations in said sperm, the vast majority of detrimental ones would then be eliminated before even reaching the egg.

  28. This is the worst article I’ve ever read on RoK, and that’s saying something. Assad is a vicious, murderous dictator hated by nearly all of his own people. Sure the tiny Alawite and Christian minorities depend on him for survival. But the great bulk of Syria’s people are Sunni Muslims, who Assad mistreats mercilessly. They’d much rather have ISIL or AQ running things than Assad and his Alawite clique, who, by the way, are backed by America’s real enemies, Iran and Russia. An Assad victory will give a boost to the regime that held American citizens hostage in their own embassy for 444 days. Some things can never be forgiven nor forgotten. It would also be a victory for Putin, a new age Mussolini with an economy smaller than Italy’s who has visions of conquering much of Eastern and Central Europe. This bastard needs to be put back in his box, stat. As for Europe and the kebabs, it’s their problem, not mine. They should build a fucking fence. Besides, with Assad gone, the Sunnis will have their nation back. So fewer refugees. The “manosphere” needs fewer articles by Putin’s whores. There’s the red pill for ya.

    1. Very well said!! This article is indeed an abomination! I would like to drop this author off in downtown Aleppo right about now and maybe he will change his tune after getting a barrel bomb dropped on him after witnessing all the civilians with their dismembered limbs!!

    2. It takes a scumbag to keep cavemen under control. Syria is worse off now than when Assad had total power.

      1. If Assad wins, it’s a victory for America’s main enemies, Iran and Russia. Iran has never been punished (and we’ve never gotten revenge) for the hostage incident, and Putin needs to be put back in his box so he’s no longer a threat to his neighbors. Plus they’re Israel’s enemies too, so more war is guaranteed, As for the “cavemen”, with Assad gone and a Sunni regime running things, refugees won’t be a big problem. After all, the Sunnis (and the kebab refugees are all Sunnis) will have their nation back and be less inclined to flee.

        1. “Iran has never been punished (and we’ve never gotten revenge) for the hostage incident”
          If you punished every country for one unfortunate incident, we would have world war IV by now. Or maybe not. Maybe we would be back in caves or straw huts as cavemen and cavewomen.
          As much as I love the U.S., they have inflicted many disasters on our world.
          War industries need warfare, and oil companies want to get access to the raw materials in the countries that NATO attacks (of course, there’re also additional reasons for the attacks).
          Assad may not be the nicest person ever, but he was a neutralizing force between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Lots of the Sunni rebels trying to overthrow the Assad regime were Islamists.
          If Sunni Islamists will gain more and more strength, the balance between Sunni and Shia Islam in the Middle East will vanish. And this again will lead to increasing destabilization of that region, which will affect the world as a whole.
          Sometimes a dictator is needed to keep things under control, even if he belongs to a loathed minority.

        2. Savanna, you’re thinking with your uterus, not your brain. Why are you even on this forum. And save the America-bashing for Salon or Kos.

        3. Sometimes uninvited guests have something to say, too.
          I love America, as I’ve already mentioned. And I don’t bash nations. My dream would be a world in which nation-states, including America, actually existed. A world, where politicians were more than puppets of war industries, the world bank, the IMF and global oil & gas companies. If I criticize something, then the “owners” of America. Not America itself. Gaddafi, Assad and Hussein had one thing in common: they were very reluctant and unwieldy “puppets” of the IMF and the world bank. They wanted to do their own thing.

    3. Hate to break it to you, but Syria is winning the war against the terrorists. Maybe you could join ISIS or al-Nusra front and fight Russia and Iran if you hate them so much. Better than arguing here in futility.

      1. I’m guessing “Corey Savage” is a pseudonym and your real first name is something like Vladimir or Ali (a good Shiite name). Sure sounds like it.

  29. Wow
    The last paragraph was like reading my mind, I thought I was the only one able to see Israeli and Saudi fingerprints on this

  30. Yup, or just tell this “leftis” whatever, that you are an 7 year old girl whom lives in an old mans body and you are on your way to an cewing tobacco spitting competition, and that you feel intimidated and offended if they dont belive you, they will probably go numb, hehe, and maybe even belive that
    Dont forgett this, this is precisly the effect They want, and to stir up hate, and all of them are basicly payed pattsys, whom is agitating under false premisses aka false flags, to invoce this what we are actually watching, like this “collor revolutions” popping up, eveywhere, and now in your own land Yankees.
    Be prepared to be “multicultrated to the stone age”.
    what could possibly go wrong.

  31. Interesting viewpoint, and one has to agree Assad would be a guarantor of stability.
    But unless someone can prove that the Ukrainian revolution was organized by America it is hard to believe (the only thing that gives it any credibility at all for me is that the CIA did organize a coup against Mossadegh in Iran in the 1950s).

    1. The Iranian military overthrew Mossadegh. Sure the USA encouraged it (albeit its role has been exaggerated) but the purported grievances of the thug mullahs who run Iran against the USA over it are without merit.

  32. Great article. It’s time people started to realize that America’s enemies in the Middle East, should be it’s allies or at least, they should not be enemies.

  33. “a secular Arab state that tolerates many religious minorities—including Christians and Jew”. Syria expelled its Jews in 1948, after the successful Israeli war for Independence. Jews had lived in Damascus (in Hebre Bible, Damesek) for over 2500 years. When asked by the French in the 1920s if they wanted to go to the British Palestine Mandate, they replied that they were not Zionists and were already home. But, the Syrians expelled them any way. Many Jews were not Zionists in the Arab world, thinking they would be safe where they had continued to be safe for millennia. But, they were wrong.

  34. Wow excellent article Corey Savage.You are incredibly wise and have an great grasp of who controls the world.The Zionist Jews have truly destroyed the West in every way leaving no one unharmed.They want unending wars to satisfy their father in Hell.All the degenerate culture here can be traced to them:porn,feminism,mass immigration,no respect for elders and long traditions,destruction of the family,creating a nation of wage slaves,and on and on.I agree with every line you wrote Corey,keep up the extraordinary work.Thank you.

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