Feminists Rage Spiral When Teenager Shows What Young Women Will Do For $120

Grisha Mamurin, the grandson of one of Russia’s richest oligarchs, Igor Nekludov, has been the subject of online rage for posting videos of women kissing him and showing their breasts for money. Various outlets, decidedly or implicitly feminist, or just covering the regular news cycle, have described the different scenarios as “degrading” or “humiliating”.

Virtually no mainstream commentators, unless you count members of the public in discussion sections, have sought to hold the girls accountable for their conscious choice to strip naked for or kiss Mamurin in view of perhaps hundreds of fellow Russians.

Because Mamurin’s asking price was only the equivalent of $120 (a larger sum in Russia but by no means massive), the scenes raise alarming questions about the extent to which many women will perform certain sexual acts for money. In addition, there has been a subsequent and all-encompassing infantilization of these girls by feminists.

These compulsive SJWs, unsurprisingly, solely blame the male offering the financial incentive for the perceived degradation and humiliation. The logically pervasive theme of their explanations, though they would deny it, is that large numbers of women cannot control themselves when asked to perform for only a moderate sum of money. So imagine the lack of self-control and self-determination if that figure were $12,000 or $120,000, not $120.

Filming naked people without consent is wrong, but why are these women excused for exposing themselves in public?

This is a public place,

I have previously made it clear that I vehemently oppose the naked or otherwise sexual filming of people without their consent. Not only is it stupid, considering the consequences of prosecution and conviction for a man, I believe it should be illegal to begin with.

But critics of Mamurin have ignored the biggest question: why are they dismissing the women exposing themselves in public? In Russia, like most countries, that’s a legally-punishable offense. These women could have had no idea how many people nearby could see what, unless they possessed 360-degree panoramic vision capable of keeping perfect track of every detail.

Moreover, at least dozens and probably hundreds of people are walking around when these women begin stripping down and baring their breasts. The example of this girl stripping for money is especially illuminating. Mothers are pushing strollers with infants and toddlers in them; boys aged ten or younger are skipping past; pensioners are seen ambling along.

Any feminist who claims that these videos are degrading and humiliating can only make such claims safely when they concede the girls are fundamentally degrading and humiliating themselves. If they don’t know there’s a camera rolling (which may not even be true), they do know throngs of people around them are able to see their mammaries and scant underwear.

The wider context of denying female agency


The hypocritical rage against Mamurin needs to be construed in the context of feminism more broadly. Multitudinous narratives and legal fictions have been progressively employed by modern societies to deny females any responsibility for their own sexualization.

Jurisdictions such as Iceland have banned strip clubs on the basis that these establishments involve the unequivocal infliction of “male violence” upon women. Despite many women at these bars earning better salaries than computer programmers and engineers, these laws treat these girls as if they’re Somalian sex slaves begging for bread crusts at the feet of AK-47-wielding ISIS or al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic militants.

In reality, they bring home significantly more than many or most of their male patrons.

The infamous and poorly justified Nordic model of prostitution is also spreading rapidly, having started in Sweden. Norway and other nations have joined the enthusiasm for it, even going so far as to criminalize men using prostitutes abroad, one of the rare uses of extraterritorial legal provisions.

With no evidence that even close to a plurality of prostitutes are trafficked or otherwise forced into the industry, women offering sexual services are never prosecuted. This is anomalous, as a number of Swedish surveys have indicated that support for the Nordic model is tempered by a desire for prostitutes themselves to be prosecuted for selling sex.

Women need to take responsibility for their own sexualization

If we accept the feminist narrative, this wealthy prostitute, who had sex with New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is a victim of male violence. She earns more than the vast majority of Americans for selling her vaginal cavity.

The feminist and associated vitriol over Grisha Mamurin’s filming of financially-savvy girls is really just a cry of desperation. Most strands of feminism only breathe through the systematic suffocation and hiding of evidence, or the violent censoring of reasonable discourse.

True to their love of confirmation bias, they start with their presuppositions and then use 2% of the available information, this snippet itself grossly distorted and sucked dry, to construct an artificial ethos with which they can terrorize masculinity and eternally resuscitate female victimhood.

Reality is hard, particularly for feminists. Women have choices when they choose to enrich themselves via the medium of showing their breasts, tongue-tying with men, or dating and marrying into higher stations to seize the lifestyle they crave.

The perennially dreamed about magnum opus of feminists is the extinction of any sexual responsibility for women, and an attendant demonization of any sexual impulse expressed by men.

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238 thoughts on “Feminists Rage Spiral When Teenager Shows What Young Women Will Do For $120”

  1. These russian girls are all so skinny, bet they need the money to buy food.

      1. Obviously some poor nog with no taste and thinks big deformed butts are good looking.
        His mammy trained him well

    1. They are normal weight.What do you want? A Hottentot butt? You must live in some lower class area where everyone is fat and you’re so used to seeing it that don’t know what normal weight is any more.
      You don’t need money for food and just steal it from girl’s refrigerators to keep up your blubbery body weight.

      1. You know where i live there are some constant jokes about that russian men are bald headed and just wear training suit pants with two bright white stripes without doing much training, and besides them is a way to skinny girl with thin blond hair. And then you come along, bitching about everything above is fat. Weirdo.

        1. You live in Russia? Or is your opinion based on some crap you saw on the Net or the “Russian” jews in Brighton Beach?

  2. Feminists will NEVER hold women responsible for their own actions. They only have 2 statements on any subject:
    It’s men’s fault
    Women are oppressed
    Rinse and repeat.

    1. And anyone who disagrees with them, and tends to hold the women responsible for her actions is blaming the victim.

      1. Even if they aren’t victims in the first place. She walks away with $120 for flashing her tits and SHE is the victim? WTF?

        1. No incredulity from the feminists about the flashing for beads at Mardi Gras?

        2. Typical female mentality.
          A prostitute earns a considerable amount of money for for hour of consensual sex. She is the victim.
          College girl fuck older men, to get these wealthy men to pay to her college. This girls are the victim.
          Equally drunk boy and girl have sex. The girl is raped. She’s the victim.
          A woman falsely accuses a man of rape. Other women, who were actually raped are the victim. No concern for the man whose life has been spoiled.
          White man goes to Asia to date feminine Asian girls. These women are exploited. They are the victims.
          Boss criticizes a woman. She is a victim.
          Women want to date tall men. Guys want to date slim girls. This makes fat girls victims.
          No matter what, for feminists, most women and white knights, women are the victims. Facts can go to hell.

        3. But no one pays attention to the tiny group of Femtards. Apparently only you pyjama boys do and scour the net for the most trivial story so you can bitch about it. Most of the time you don’t even know the facts behind the odd story in some clickbait tabloid and think it’s something widespread.

        4. What kind of irks me is that I spent 7 years in university to bill $150 an hour as a lawyer. Of that I kept a third because of my overhead. And yet any high school drop out with a nice body can make well more than $150 an hour just because. . . and she is the victim.

        5. We’re paying victims money. Nowadays becoming a victim is like winning a lottery, so you can expect the number of victims of “sexual harassment” and other types of “harassments” to go up, as everyone is keen to grab their share of victim lottery.

        6. In Canada we have a few million Indians and they get billions of dollars of free money but are perpetually aggrieved.

        7. Do you pyjama boys ever speak to or have any contact with real women?Your mama doesn’t count. Normal females are even harder on these girls than I am. Even on these ‘judge’ shows where they were judges in real life the female judges are pretty hard on lying bitches and really shame and expose them. Now, if these feminists and femtards had any real power do you think they would be showing this on TV? Most of you omegas are so weak and powerless that you invite trouble in these rare cases where some guy gets accused of rape. That scares you so much that you become even bigger pussies and kiss all female butt now.

        8. For a very short time. And if you’re referring to these strippers they never end up with any money and blow it all on drugs and junk.
          However, we all know that men and females are not alike so what’s the big surprise? Females have always lived off men and had to attach herself to one to survive.Average females at most get an average man and the few genetic beauties can try for a top man.
          The reason that we have these rules and even laws in societies is because in reality on average the female isn’t the match of a man.
          Men and women have these hard wired instincts and don’t believe that because certain unnatural modes of living that are being pushed by Libtards are going to be successful in the future. The next generation of girls will come up, see what their mothers did, and rebel against it.A female’s primary instinct and purpose in life is reproduction and kids and she’ll go right back to relying on a man. And the 10% of females and dykes who want to work, well let them.

        9. As I said, in real life it’s not so easy to win these types of cases.Even if they win it’s not much.They spend it and then they get blackballed as troublemakers and no one will hire them.And there are plenty of ways of doing this.

        10. You’re a dumb inexperienced boy who needs to grow up.You have no argument except what’s in your own little boy mind.

        11. Seems like they manage to pull on the minority victim status. I’m an Asian man, and thus belong to a minority group, and I’m aware of the fact that if a person belonging to a minority group wants, he/she can get sympathy and money easily from the daddy state.
          This kind of behavior, whenever I see it, sickens me.

        12. Exactly. I’m an IT professional. I spent years of education and experience to get where I’m today, and yet the kind of money that “victims” get these days is so much that I can only dream of it.
          And keep in mind, that these are the kind of victim who to some extent played a role in their misfortune. This woman, fucked her boss. She didn’t go right away and report that her boss was asking her for sex. Looks like she was looking for some favors.
          Now on the other hand, there are people who have cancers, or disabilities since birth. They are not given this kind of money to help themselves. They are the ones who actually need money. But the daddy state and white knight judges give money to special snowflakes.

        13. I don’t argue with the lower classes.If they had anything I wanted to hear they’d be clever enough to be men of substance.

        14. I wasn’t the one to start an argument with you. You came here trolling, so basically you were the one who wanted to argue with me and get my attention. I prefer to make my conclusions on what people do, not what they say.

        15. but most hs dropouts have better ethics than 99% of lawyers who are bigger prostitutes

    2. Do you basement boys ever get out into the real world or stay glued to the Net? This Russian guy does this and then some nonentity females on the net criticise it and then you criticise these nobodies. The normal person doesn’t even pay attention to Femtards or your silly rebuttals to them. Get a real life. And go wash your hair and repeat because most of you cellar boys have that damp mildew stink about you.Go take a walk in the sun in the park, the girls there won’t bite you pyjama boy.

      1. Ah-buttercup, you need to stop with the stereotypes of men-as they only show your bigotry. Contrary to YOUR obvious sexism I am quite successful, self employed, do not live in a basement…and FYI-I’m also gay-which trust me, means if you want to play condescension games with me you are probably WAY out of your league…your tinfoil hat and blinders notwithstanding.
        Even I can see how horrifyingly bigoted the left, and feminists in particular, have become in their efforts to demonize men while placing women on the grand pedestal of the golden uterus. If you are incapable of seeing this-I suggest you remove your precious little perpetual victim-colored glasses and do a bit of research on what’s REALLY going on in the world. You might start with:
        Changing the definition of sexual assault in a fashion which eliminates both due process and presumption of innocence;
        The educational systems failure of boys;
        The disproportionate genders of students on US college campuses (surprise on this one-it’s NOT what YOU probably believe);
        The fact that 40% or more of DV victims are men-but 99% of all services are for “women only”;
        The fact that 2/3 of every healthcare dollar spent in the West is spent on women-but men die younger…
        Perhaps, instead of engaging in attacks on others who have recognized that behavior like that described in this article is a symptom of a gynocentric society hell-bent on perpetuating a MYTH of female victimhood, you might try educating yourself as to reality…and stop relying on bigoted negative stereotypes of men which simply prove that you are part of the same problem identified in this article.

        1. Femtards don’t matter to men like myself or do they have any influence on our behaviour. Only butthurt sex starved little omega boys worry about this crap.You pussy boys are the problem because all you ever do is bullshit on the Net about things you know nothing of.Most of you are incels and virgin pussy beggars who are so mad at the world due to lack of pussy resulting from your own defects that you scour the Net to ‘prove’ all female are whores. You cherry pick some odd unusual case from the billion people on the Net and then claim it’s the norm even though in real life I have never known or heard of this happening.You have this warped sense of entitlement where you, a nonentity with no money or looks, believe you’re entitled to a 10. Yeah, she’s waiting for you to come by with some lame pickup lines to sweep her off her feet and take her to you ‘hood crib where you live with mama for sex lol

        2. This is another example of a white knight trying to fit in with the FI for a reward (i.e. pussy). Let it got, son…she’s not going to give it to you because you’re trying to call out other men.
          She only wants a man….and it’s not you.

        3. I’m really not interested in ‘fitting in’ with the proles and in fact hardly even notice them or their silly antics and useless boring lives.They could just as well be a tree or some background scenery and noise to me. I care nothing about what they say, do or write and have no contact with them. There’s nothing about you losers that is of any benefit to me and you’re all too shit poor to be of any interest to me to exploit.
          #10 pussy is constantly available in my area to men of substance. Free.

        4. Any true Alpha wouldn’t have to explain all of that shit…they would just demonstrate it (not say it). Thanks for stopping by…the door is —————–>.

  3. >Selling her vaginal cavity.
    You mean hiring temporary access to it, under her conditions.
    So oppressed!

  4. Who fucking cares? If they are adults they can show their tits to who they want. Show them to me!

    1. Public decency is a concern of civilization. Wherever you find barbarians you will find that they don’t care.

    2. Elsewhere woman are showing their breasts in protest because it isn’t accepted by society. Here they are being paid at their discretion.
      Oh the manufactured outrage!
      They are insanely stupid.

      1. Oh the manufactured outrage! From a handful of femtards that people ignore and then the outrage against their outrage by a handful of puritanical cellar boys who have nothing better to do with themselves and just hate it that normal men are getting pussy while they have the stink of the loser about them and girls won’t give them the time of day. Motivation is pure jealousy usually hidden within their bullshit version of some religion.If Jesus ever comes back he’d tell these stinky cellar dwelling loser killjoys that he never told them to be little ‘morality’ dictators or set themselves up as judges just because they’re mad at the world because they can’t get girls. He used to drink wine himself and shag Hos and his groupies that followed him around.Or did he preach to shame females who had sex and got knocked up, he was a bastard himself.Jesus never wrote anything either and it’s all 2nd and 3rd hand stuff by apostles who lived or had followers in what were resort areas at the time, sort of like Ibiza,and were like sex and orgy central.Any preaching was about the Extreme partying in these areas, not normal sex that normal people had whether married or single.And if you puritanical pipsqueaks had read the OT you’d see that those Patriarchs were getting drunk (like Noah) and shagging their wives and their wives servant girls and knocking them up.Most of the OT and NT was only criticising Extreme and perverted sex.

    3. What feminists say: women can do whatever they want.
      What feminists mean: women shouldn’t do anything WE don’t approve of, and if they do, then there is a man somewhere out there to blame for it.

      1. OK sure.And you criticise the femtards and it’s a big circle jerk. Now get out of the cellar and do something.

    4. Girls do this for nothing, it’s just their nature to want attention from men. The more shy or chaste ones will do it in private or when no one is around. It’s just what silly young girls think is fun and there’s no harm in it.

  5. am i the only one who doesn’t care about the feminists and sees this as a great demonstration of alpha attitude and how easy this shit can be?

  6. Go anyplace where money is scarce and it will be the same. The feminists who make all this noise are just spoiled brats with easy lives and nothing better to do but bitch and moan. Like others have said, adults can make their own decisions.

  7. You guys should move to Canada, where it is legal to sell sex but illegal to buy it. This video isn’t satire btw.

    1. What the? How is that not satire? Please please please explain.
      Have you seen the “Feminism for Bros” video about what constitutes consent?

      No wonder women hate men… if you can even call this guy a man.

      1. You’re right I was unclear. We don’t actually live in a LEGO universe.
        What I meant was that the biased Canadian prostitution laws are not a satire of modern society, because these laws are real. In Canada Johns can be criminalized while prostitutes cannot be. Effectively what this means is that a John can be blackmailed by his hooker, even if she consented to the transaction.
        Legal to sell but illegal to buy.

        1. I thought you meant the video was a PSA, which it seems like it’s not since the cop’s head explodes at the end.
          But thanks for clarifying we don’t live in a lego universe. Sometimes I go to that universe because it’s my happy place. Fond childhood memories. You know the drill.

        2. Well you would have to be pretty stupid to get prosecuted.Prostituiton has to involve a quid pro quo so as long as it’s not some direct sex for money transaction you can’t be charged with anything.Prostitute is not some permanent title where just because the girl did something it means she is always a whore and many whores have boyfriends too so you can’t charge them. And even when they’re whoring the money transaction may be very subtle and proving a case impossible. You would have to be stupid to offer a female money for sex on the street because it may be one of those rare stings and she may be a cop, or for a girl to do the same thing with a man who may be an undercover cop who arrests her as soon as she mentions money for sex.Cops stick out like sore thumbs anyway so you’d have to be pretty naive not to recognise one.Most of the time cops can’t make a prostitution arrest and the cases of the girls on the street only amount to loitering in NY which is a small fine and not a criminal offence.Forget Hollywood nonsense because the average whore doesn’t look any different than a HS or college girl and may walk around in a good area or a good bar without being suspected.Cops don’t fit in in these higher class areas and look out of place even in their undercover clothes. Back when cocaine was big many people took and sold it but I’ve never know of even one person getting arrested and it was due to the fact that a cop just wouldn’t fit in in higher class areas and would be suspect and couldn’t entrap anyone, either his cop accent or something incongruous about how he dressed or even something subtle would mark him as an outsider.

        3. When I say prostitute I’m not really talking about some chick hanging out at the corner in “that part of town.”
          Like you said escorts are often young college girls. They advertise online now. It’s not a matter of dodging the cops, it’s a matter of her threatening you if she wants to. She can bring you to court for being a John while she is a “victim.” She has no risk in the matter and the guy has to go into the transaction on faith.
          If it’s illegal to buy sex it should be illegal to sell sex. I don’t understand the legal double-standard.

        4. That’s paranoid nonsense and has never happened. And why would some girl getting money want to even do that?
          And don’t be so sure about escort services that advertise or whorehouses because those are the places that cops target.

      2. The first time I watched the “feminism for bros” video I almost puked.

      3. Wow, thought that was gonna have a twist at the end but that was a real un-sarcastic view of feminism. I’m sorry but if I had to jump through those hoops for sex, I think I’d give it up completely.

        1. Fortunately, women only SAY that’s what they want. We all know Christian Grey is what women really want.

        2. While he’s making out with her, she’s fucking a guy who just goes after what he wants. Just needs this chump in her life to feel like she has control.

  8. Churchill: “Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds?”
    Socialite: “My goodness, Mr. Churchill… Well, I suppose… we would have to discuss terms, of course… ”
    Churchill: “Would you sleep with me for five pounds?”
    Socialite: “Mr. Churchill, what kind of woman do you think I am?!”
    Churchill: “Madam, we’ve already established that. Now we are haggling about the price.

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        2. That’s how Fruitloops Futrelle makes money. He flashes his manboobs for queers for a dollar.

        3. I saw all of the above comments and quotes in the post about how to be a father.WTF?
          Are you getting paid to comment?or your just a hopeless copycat?

        4. Nope, just a guy who admires Churchill, and felt like quoting him, considering the contents of this article.

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    1. During a trip to Paris, a woman who knew Benjamin Franklin greeted him by pinching his belly and jokingly asking him what he would think if he saw all that weight on a woman. Ben replied, “Madam, twenty minutes ago… it was!”

      1. Ah Benjy. Like Kissinger, proving looks don’t matter a damn if you have money, power and charm.

        1. Come on man… Kissinger is so damn ugly he makes Benjy look like an underwear model. Be fair! Also… with Benjy… it’s the voice that gives them the tingles.

        2. Let’s remember that pictures you see of Franklin and others are from when they were old mostly, probably couldn’t afford a portrait when young and poorer.He was well built and athletic when young and even used to give swimming lessons to richer guys.BTW, swimming only became more popular with the masses in the 20th century. and most people couldn’t swim prior to this time. In 1904 an excursion boat the Gen Slocum caught fire in the east river and over a 1k died because they couldn’t swim.
          Don’t judge men from pictures from when they were old. Washington was also athletic when young and the best horseman in the colonies.He married the richest widow in the colonies,she was like 27 I think, and looked pretty hot at he time and not at all like her old lady portrait.
          Lincoln too when young was a pussy slayer and although thin was extremely strong.His wife was very good looking too when young.Don’t judge by old lady photos or even young ones because the cameras at the time were not sharp and had slow shutter speeds which made your face look off if you so much as breathed.

        3. Not to mention that his brain was responsible for numerous scientific discoveries, inventions, and feats of statesmanship. On top of the power, money, and influence.
          But let’s be fair. It is not just women who sell themselves.
          A man, for a beautiful face, will sell his life long earning potential for far, far less then what many women will grant access to their vaginal cavity for.

        4. Yeah. Scrags man.
          For a pair of tits, or a dick attached to a hardened (hehe) criminal, people will strangely sell their souls.

        5. a heavy man back then was a sign of a successful man who
          could afford to eat well at a time when millions barely survived.
          the was in the little ice age

        1. It means that “all that WEIGHT”, i.e., all HIS weight, was on a woman, i.e., HE was on her, i.e., he was FUCKING her. My good man, that went right over your head. Lol

  9. I’m old enough to remember when “Indecent Proposal” came out and all kinds of women were agreeing they would sleep with a strange man for $1 million. They got offended when I pointed out they were prostitutes and I offered $50.

    1. I think in the film the money was for a week of her.
      Anyway, females have an inflated idea about their pussy’s worth. Back in the 80’s there were a lot of good looking young whores around NYC and many on 8th ave. were natural blondes hence the nickname, Minnesota strip, since many of these Nordics were from there.I think they would charge like $40 so you’re $10 too high :o) Many were very nice girls and good looking too.It’s hard to believe that a girl could be a very nice and good person yet still be a whore so I guess it’s just something in the female psyche where two things can coexist and where men taking care of women and giving them things to survive is natural and is not thought of as shameful.A man living on a female’s money even if she is rich is thought of as creepy I guess since we’ve always thought of the man as the provider since we lived in caves.

      1. It’s hard to believe that a girl could be a very nice and good person yet still be a whore
        Without the red pill, it’s hard to believe a lot about women. Now, I don’t believe anything that comes out of their mouth. At best, it’s how they feel at the moment. At worst, it’s lies and manipulation. Either way, there is zero guarantee of it holding true 5 minutes, 5 days, or 5 years later.

        1. Stop with that kiddiecrap red pill bullshit taken from some dumb film and actually get out in the real world or listen to an older wiser man like myself.

        2. I don’t believe anything that comes out of a woman’s mouth. At best, it’s how they feel at the moment. At worst, it’s lies and manipulation. Either way, there is zero guarantee of it holding true 5 minutes, 5 days, or 5 years later.

  10. Probably the only instance of a russian oligarch paying a reasonable price for a commodity. If this lad was really a chip off the block though he’d have got those girls flashing their bits and drinking their piss for under a tenner.
    In fact I heard he wants to go college: wouldn’t this make the most fascinating social research into the nature of young women? The only problem would be how to work out the necessary sample-size for the ‘piss-drinking’ condition.

    1. Guys with cameras in NYC have got girls to do things like this for nothing.

      1. except perhaps to get them to chew and swallow thousand dollar bills

        1. A $100 is the highest used today. If they want it they’re going to have to shit it out, wash it off and paste it back together :o)

  11. I think its legal to post pics on the net if they were taken outside in a public space like a beach or park where there was no reasonable expectation of privacy. This guy is well on his way to quickly identifying which women are DTF.

    1. A street or beach scene maybe but not these specific pics. It’s not illegal or a crime but unless you have a model release and use them commercially as what this guy did he can be sued for invasion of privacy.

  12. Feminism is not about female empowerment through accountability and responsibility. Feminism is about female empowerment at the expense of accountability and responsibility. From girls willingly showing off their tits in public for money to accepting a small fortune from a Saudi oil prince to be his personal toilet, such women will always be painted by feminists as “victims”.
    The narrative that feminism demands conformity to is the absolution of women of any and all responsibility for their actions. This is why feminism will ultimately fail and it’s why I don’t see it as anything other than a social nuisance. It’s not a philosphy based on logical thought or even remotely connected to reality. Such ideologies will always collapse under the weight of their own stupidity.

    1. Not sure if “it” will fail but The West as a whole will fail. Cultures where feminism is stifled (Islamic, Orthodox Christian, Sinic) will eventually prevail and bulldoze Western culture into a shallow grave. Not saying the world will be a better place as a result (hardly!), but they will prevail because they have a sense of real justice, punishment, accountability and working hard to survive as opposed to decision-making based on bullshit emotions, biases, forcefucked diversity with throwing people together who have nothing in common and other “just because” excuses for everything. Good thing we’ll be long dead before it takes place!

      1. I have seen the word (or prefix) “Sino” before in reference to China, but never “Sinic”. Great word. Thank you!

        1. I plan to live to 130 Plus (possible) i want to be laughing as I enter the grave at the world that “equality” has created!

      2. Yeah, because drilling children in the head is honorable. Fucking dipshit.

    2. The sad part is that real feminism would be a beautiful thing. Encouraging women to take responsibility for their lives, make sound, smart decisions with the future in mind, and saving at least some piece of themselves for marriage and a family. Patriarchy made these decisions for them and forced them to comply for their own good. Real empowerment preserves a woman’s value as long as possible so she can find a suitable mate and live a happy life. This psuedo-feminism ruins girls by 18 years old.

      1. a society with women who have freedom will necessarily end where we are today. i like it for all the freedom of the sexual market place. come think of it: why would it not be smart for an individualized women to sleep around? it’s a lot of fun, after all, and when everybody has that freedom, you are the sucker if you don’t tag along. the only force that could enforce some kind of stable family is some monarchic state that makes it impossible to live any other way.

        1. The question “why wouldnt a woman sleep around? ” is just like the question “why wouldnt you drive your Ferrari off road?” or “why wouldnt you play catch with that baseball signed by Mickey Mantle?” The answer is the same also: because it would lose a tremendous amount of value if I did. I’ve seen that look in the eyes of lonely, seasoned sluts and its not pretty. Its like a man that blows through a million dollars in a weekend.
          One of the main consequences of feminism is that women are being brainwashed to equate their value on the planet to that of a man. There is nothing on the Earth more priceless to the human race than a woman’s youth and fertilty. Men and sperm are disposable. Why any woman would want to trade her value and real power to become something to use and throw away is mindboggling. Women with few sex partners are like rare gemstones these days, and the men that find them have acquired something similar to wealth.

        2. what does she care if you don’t like the look in her eyes?
          i agree that it would be a good asset to her if she wanted to attract a high value man and wasn’t good at pretending. then again, how high are her chances to actually have this kind of foresight early in her life without restrictive enforced morals? also, how would she convince herself that there is the kind of man out there that she seeks?
          why do you put the value of a woman over a man? as if there wasn’t enough woman worship.

        3. “what does she care if you don’t like the look in her eyes?”
          She doesnt like the look in her eyes either. My point is that dead end promiscuity leaves women broken and depressed.
          “i agree that it would be a good asset to her if she wanted to attract a high value man and wasn’t good at pretending. then again, how high are her chances to actually have this kind of foresight early in her life without restrictive enforced morals?”
          Attracting a high value male is all their lives are about. Thats exactly the point, instead of giving young girls that foresight, feminism teaches them to give themselves away and ruin their chances with quality mates.
          And I’m putting female sexuality above male sexuality, and biologically that’s how it is throughout nature. The egg is protected and valued over sperm.

        4. if you had the chance to set up an ideal state, how would you arrange it so that they grow up with that foresight? what mechanism would make that possible?
          i am confused about that paragraph because i interpret it as self-loathing. nature doesn’t set rules for mindset and esteem exists only in the mind of individuals. are you saying that you esteem a female higher than a male including or excluding yourself?

        5. I understand your point Brock. In effect, female sexuality is superior to men, therefore their lives matter more than ours. However, that must be counterbalanced with men controlling the resources and the intellectual efforts of the species.
          The only reason feminism is running amok now is because we have an excess amount of humans living. There are so many humans, women can fly to moon, promote being barren, promote promiscuity thinking they can trick the primitive brain, become lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc. because they aren’t needed to create more humans. Or so the message goes. One would wonder why they would think so since they can’t trick their brains on the basic level to handle their emotions.
          The basic aspect of the feminism movement to empower women and be promiscuous, and destroy marriage, and create a safe environment where alpha men are neutered or dead beside the 2% best providers, all but guarantees women will destroy the species.
          Let’s be clear, women being promiscuous won’t kill off humanity today. Being transgender and effeminate won’t kill us all today. It won’t kill us tomorrow, but as slut promotion becomes the norm, and we all succumb to our primal brains, we will be left with two options. We can stare at each other in disgust for not being MEN and WOMEN or we can destroy the primal code entirely and promote incubation chambers to create new humans. Not sure if women want to allow us men to have those chambers cause in 45 years top, this feminist movement, transgender rage will all be distilled to 20 pages of a generic 4th grade social studies text book.

        6. Nah man, I’m not placing women as a whole above men, just their fertility and sexual value. I’m quite sure women are inferior beings slightly above children, but they carry the offspring so they must be protected and held to a different standard.

        7. Any type of world war wouls reset the balance. Billions would die, but the aftermath would birth better societies.

        8. i don’t know. maybe.
          i have already written it somewhere else, but sparta seemed to allow it’s women quite something and look what an awesome nation of fighters it was.
          have we already found the best system possible? after all, it collapses in the end. maybe it was really only religion that kept it together. in my mind, the ideal system would leverage the selfish interests of all members. like pure individualistic capitalism, but without today’s problems. it’s fantasy, of course, but it sounds like an interesting puzzle to solve.

        9. “i have already written it somewhere else, but sparta seemed to allow it’s women quite something and look what an awesome nation of fighters it was.”
          Their warriors were great, but their society was doomed. You are leaving out the peculiar customs of making boys and young men living seperate from women and the homosexual practices involved in regards to their tutoring. In fact, when a spartan took a wife, she used to shave her head in order to look more masculine as the spartan man had no experience with women, Also the spartans spent most of their time putting down helot (slave) revolts.
          Even after beating Athens in the Peloponnesian War, their society evaporated a couple of generations later.

        10. “Women with few sex partners are like rare gemstones these days, and the men that find them have acquired something similar to wealth.”
          Bible, Proverbs 31:10
          Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.
          We are re-discovering old wisdom.

        11. “The Peloponnesian War ” by Kagan.
          I would also recommend the publications of Dr. Victor Hanson.

        12. Sparta started to fall apart when they gave women men’s responsibility and they had to reel back how much responsibility they gave them. Plus Spartan women weren’t going around shaming their men and saying how masculinity is evil and pushing forward a female dominated society like Feminists are.

        13. that is an interpretation, possibly. according to wikipedia, they lost a big battle and then there weren’t enough men around. could be wrong, though, wiki is not hard to manipulate. let’s see what other sources say.

        14. I don’t have an exact model society but motherhood and family will be huge parts of female life. They will know at an early age that building a healthy family unit is the main goal for their lives.

        15. That did happen but they ended up having social problems with giving women too much responsibility. Plus you can’t compare what Sparta did to modern feminism. The women back then wouldn’t be telling Spartan men to check their privilege, they wouldn’t be shaming their masculinity, they wouldn’t be saying we need equal amount of women on the front lines in their wars and the women then would still have social constraints put on them, something that doesn’t happen much in The West nowdays. Ancient Spartans weren’t feminists, they gave women responsibility out of necessity.

        16. Brock is right. The woman is more valuable in a reproductive sense. Less egg and much sperm.
          This does not make them better or even equal quality of a man. Just that men should control it because men create morals.
          God the Father. A fucking patriarch. There is no other.
          The woman exists as an extension of the man’s will. When men conspire to change that for the benefit of the few we see these abominations prevalent today.
          Sneer in disgust friends.

        17. “It may be good for sex but it ruins society in many other ways.”
          I hear what you’re saying. It would be more appropriate at least if they were to go somewhere discrete instead of right there on the spot where children can view the whore.
          Russian society has always been about hording all the resources and doing what it takes with morals being thrown under the bus. Russians suffered under the Czars, and also suffered under communism, and now they suffer under the Oligarchs. The Russians are more-or-less glorified white nigerians.

        18. “Women with few sex partners are like rare gemstones these days, and the
          men that find them have acquired something similar to wealth”
          I dissagree. Even a single one before you devalues them completely. Can you tell if a woman has been with 50 men or just 3? Are you going to believe her?

        19. The Russians are more-or-less glorified white nigerians. <<<<< THIS!
          First time I see someone on here who truly understand the nature of the russians.
          Tired of reading dreamers’ comments about “family oriented,traditional values Russian women”
          Them bitches in fact are even more materialistic and manipulative than Western females.

        20. Which is why Sparta died out by the Roman era. And even before that they ceased to be a power by the time of Alexander the Great.

        21. Thanks. It took me a while to come to this conclusion, because at least the ruskis have a more refined culture then the fried-monkey-brain eating nigerians, but in the end russians have no sense of feeling for a proper running society.

        22. Not all men are disposable. A womb is disposable. Logic, reason, and leadership are not disposable.

      2. “Encouraging women to take responsibility for their lives, make sound, smart decisions with the future in mind”
        That is, assuming they are capable of these things.

      3. in that scenario, “real feminism” would have to be mandated by men
        it’s not in women’s nature to do those things, at least not without succumbing to feelings and pro-social rigidity

        1. True. Fear of public shame is women’s greatest phobia. If sluttery was completely and utterly unacceptable to other women (because they know how it dilutes the sexual market), women would at least pretend to be prude. Imagine a “Just say no” campaign against carousel riding. lol

      4. I don’t think that deserves to be called feminism anymore, though. Feminism today is whining sniveling women whose greatest struggle in life is fighting manspreading. It’s been taken over by them.

        1. Feminism has always been about sniveling, man haters and goodie grabbers even going back to Seneca Fall and the era of the titanic disaster. Feminists of the era said that men are disposable and deserved to drown in the disaster. Suffragettes were onboard. Look it up.

        2. Exactly. This whole “women’s rights” and feminism thing was corrupt from the beginning. I am tired of people thinking that first wave feminism was so pure and great. It was trash too. It’s always been about giving women all the goodies of traditionally being a man while keeping all the goodies of traditionally being a woman while suffering none of the negative consequence of either.

        3. Hmmm, I just had a thought: Just as leftists are tearing down the confederate/Virginia battle flag arguing that it’s “bad history”, we should attack their noble historic icons: Margaret Sanger was a Third Reich supporting eugenicist who wanted to eliminate the poor (and non-whites) via contraception and birth control.
          Susan B Anthony: “But we say, if you will not give the whole loaf of suffrage to the entire people, give it to the most intelligent first. If intelligence, justice, and morality are to have precedence in the government, let the question of the woman be brought up first and that of the negro last…”
          NPR tries to portray her as a noble suffragette and hide those quotes.
          Let’s tear down their statues. Let’s remind everyone during their “history” months as to the monstrous history behind their beloved icons.

    3. “Such ideologies will always collapse under the weight of their own stupidity. ”
      Yep. And it already has begun… the Transexual movement. It undermines EVERYTHING feminist’s have been pushing about gender as a “social construct”. This is huge. Keep drilling them with this contradiction. It is a beautiful thing.

    4. It’s another form of “redistribution of wealth”. Redistribution of wealth isn’t strictly in the form of liquidating money through taxes to those that make up the underclass. But also liquidating natural rights from men to women through laws and legislation which impacts a man’s earning power having him fall short of his true potential while allowing for a woman to obtain power and wealth way beyond her potential through natural law. Through natural law, men are the architects and creators of world-wide commerce and business infrastructure we have today. So if a man wants to hire 100% men at his company it is his right to do so and it is part of a man’s inheritance from his fellow man. It doesn’t matter if some female “know it all” has a higher IQ than a man that is applying for the same job. The woman is not entitled to anything. If the man’s fellow brethren want to hire him and give him the job above the woman, then that is their right to do so because it’s part of our natural inheritance as men. As men, we fought and died for that. Therefore, women are NOT entitled to anything in the business world.

  13. They hate him because he is white, good looking and rich as fuck…he’s basically Christian Grey.
    Also he’s giving them an unwanted look behind the curtains of the land of milk and honey, angels, princesses and unicorns they have created to insulate themselves from the triggering, sexist, oppressive reality we’re living in.

    1. I don’t really get a hypermasculine vibe from him, he has a feminine body posture and dresses like shit. Having money and being white doesn’t equal being a super alpha.

      1. I was talking about his social standing. When you’re being referred to as a billionaire in the headlines, alpha doesn’t matter much anymore.

      2. Extreme wealth game is unbeatable, as long as you don’t go beta and marry or supplicate to them, or fuck in a jurisdiction that does pal-imony.

        1. The fact he is making these videos shows that he has a pretty clear understanding of female nature.

      3. He has money game, having money doesn’t necessarily make you an alpha but in many ways it trumps it. As long as you don’t get tricked by women.

      4. Probably why they hate him more, nothing drives feminist more nuts than knowing a worthless beta male with a feminine body can offer $100 and feel up a girls tits. It is why they ban strip club. Why spend $100 on a fancy dinner when you can go to the park and see the whole damn thing for the same price? And having money and being white (or any other type of male like black or asian) is seen as the worse thing possible if you are not alpha. It is why the feminazis all pounced on tiger woods. They saw a black beta fucking a white gorgeous woman with his money. If it was up to feminazis rich betas would die or not be able to use their money to buy pussy. Who is going to pay for dinner dates when you can pay for sex?

  14. SJWs don’t care if their pics get taken in slut walks and gay pride parades.

  15. Whaaaattttt!?! You mean women really are whores??? And here I was thinking that they only wanted guys who were sweet and nice and would take them on walks on the beach and sing to them.

    1. oh, but they do want them. they just don’t want to fuck them. know your place, stupid sexist cis shit. you will die alone and sad.

    2. When I was in Cancun girls were flashing tits and all kinds of other shit for fake plastic beads. You’d be surprised how low of a price tag these girls have.

      1. They just need a reason for attention whoring, that’s all, so that they don’t feel like a slut afterwards. At Madri Gras girls are flashing for beads.

  16. Women can be intricate with this subject. It’s the grey area women want you to just accept on their terms in regards to the semantics of her loyalty, worth, morality etc. Which is, should women be brought off, or invested in? It’s because it’s assumed you have to invest in the pussy stock for them to benefit off of ( dates, idle time spent on her betterment or anything but fucking), but not buy it out completely so they can be yours entirely. So if women admit a price, they’re yours. If she doesn’t, and you invest in her based off her wants and needs she in turn is there for you to keep supporting as the company so it can flourish for the greater good of her existing as an establishment. This isn’t good news, women sexually can’t be held responsible for their actions can they?? They know a lot of women are nothing more but just goofy, silly and nonsensical beings and their bodies, while sexy are still extensions of their mentality. So how do you combat that? Easy, make men the assholes
    Why did you say that smooth line from a movie?? Why did you deeply stare into her eyes?? Why did you make her pussy wet with your charm? Why did you use your money? So in closing, it has to be a guys fault. Victimization at its finest.

  17. Women are sheep, you can lead them to anything, so lead them to be subservient to you and bearing your children and knowing their place.

    1. The damn truth. Get inside her head, get her pregnant, and get between her and her support network, and you’ll have a well trained girl who’ll walk back into the kitchen when told.

  18. It is right to hold the boy accountable for the actions of these girls.
    You might say it’s unladylike behavior, but, for girls, it is fun to proudly display their tits or kiss a boy, and it is especially fun to have sex. The problem is that they know other people (especially other women) will judge them quite harshly, so they need some alternative motivation (even a nearly negligible token financial sum) in order to manifest their fantasies and do these fun things.
    Women are catty enough with one another, as it is. We men need not jump on the shaming bandwagon. It is good and appropriate to articulate acceptable standards of behavior with your own daughter or wife, but it is poor form to blame unrelated women for doing what comes naturally.
    Responsibility and accountability are for leaders, not for women. Feminists are just bitter nags with heads full of nonsense, and pretty young girls just want to have fun. If any blame is to be directed anywhere for anything at any time, then it can only be appropriately directed at a man.

    1. They can blame nature, but all nature does is tell them to go pound sand. That’s what us men should do as well and not cave into their nagging.

  19. Anyone else stoked for the collapse so women will go back to being property?

    1. At this current rate, soon we might ALL be property of the government.

    2. Society will never collapse. Countries and empires have risen and fallen for 5000 years, and it always returns to normalcy in the end and society keeps advancing. I don’t see this changing anytime.

      1. Right but those countries and empires didn’t have nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. And I’m pretty sure when most of those empires and countries finally fell apart it wasn’t a nice seamless transition to the next form of society either.

  20. Money = power.
    Power makes women wet.
    It is THAT simple, realy.
    What the left (who are mostly poor people) wants us to believe is, that happyequalmulticulty people are better than wealthy people.
    This is bullshit. See above.
    The worth a woman has is 90% her looks.
    Looks and age are strongly related.
    Ugly and old women are worthless.
    It is THAT simple, realy.
    What feminism (who are mostly ugly women) wants us to believe is, that fat/old/ugly women are equal or better than hot/young women if they have career/grade/tatoo/short hair.
    This is bullshit. See above.

    1. Nailed it. I read a very red pill joke a long time ago. Here it is:
      A man had to choose a wife amongst three women. The first one was an accountant, the second was an anesthetist, and the third was a very intelligent anthropologist. Finally he choose the most beautiful woman.
      Men estimate a woman’s worth by her looks. Most men don’t give a shit about careers and jobs of their wives as long as they are earning enough money to live comfortably.

  21. The logically pervasive theme of their explanations, though they would deny it, is that large numbers of women cannot control themselves when asked to perform for only a moderate sum of money. So imagine the lack of self-control and self-determination if that figure were $12,000 or $120,000, not $120.

    We don’t have to imagine…

  22. Despite many women at these bars earning better salaries than computer programmers and engineers, these laws treat these girls as if they’re Somalian sex slaves begging for bread crusts at the feet of AK-47-wielding ISIS or al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic militants.
    That was poetic. Positively Shakespearean. Lmfao

  23. Modern feminism in a nutshell, right here.
    “I can do whatever the fuck I want, and all of the consequences of my actions are the fault of others.”

    1. “I can do whatever the fuck I want, and all of the consequences of my actions are the fault of the closest man.”
      There fixed it for ya.

  24. Most strands of feminism only breathe through the systematic suffocation and hiding of evidence, or the violent censoring of reasonable discourse.

      1. I didn’t know that. And I just found a web-site that disputes that fact.
        Are you sure? In any event he obviously rubbed elbows with people who were members. But it seems like he was the lone red-piller amongst them. And the quote from his book posted there is enlightening.

        1. I should have been more specific. It seems he and Huxley we’re privy to some of there inside information. Don’t know if they we’re full fledged members or what.

        2. No problem. Anyway, you encouraged me to research him a bit further. Just found out today that his real name wasn’t George Orwell.

  25. Most feminists are ugly, and if they’re not ugly, they tend to have a toxic personality. Thus men tend to avoid them altogether. However when men shower pretty women with attention it makes them mad. If they could get away with it, they would haul these women in fire. But, because, they don’t want to be seen as hating the sisterhood, they instead, channel their anger at men, knowing that, insulting, belittling, and saying foul things against men will not have any negative consequences. Instead, it may get them cheered in the misandarist society we live in.
    Deep down women who complain, when men give other women attention, are just jealous. These women perfectly well know that the other woman likes the attention, but will still say that the woman is being victimized, degraded and humiliated. If it were these feminists who were getting this attention, they would be over the moon.

    1. Feminist checklist:
      Blue/pink/green hair dye
      Attention seeking behavior
      Promotes victim mentality
      Generally unpleasant personality
      Did I miss anything?

      1. Typically over “educated” but still as ignorant as pig shit is wet. Otherwise, damn comprehensive list.

      2. Somehow brings up rape in every discussion
        Blames men for all the problems women face
        Refuses to hold women accountable for their actions
        Usually have, a shrill, annoying voice

  26. Dirty fucking whores. People rightly decry the moral sewer that is the post- Christian, culturally Marxist fucked over West – but what about the Slavic countries? Their women are just as easy (just not as fat, ugly and brainwashed to “think” liberal).

    1. They’re dirty whores why? Men can go topless and we don’t bat an eye, so why can’t women? They’re just breasts. We’ve all seen them.

      1. They’re doing it for money, so by definition at least it is prostitution of a sort.

        1. Prostitution is the engaging of sexual activity with someone for payment, per Websters. There’s no sexual activity going on here.

        2. You forgot
          “the unworthy or corrupt use of one’s talents for personal or financial gain.”

        3. Then I guess athletes are prostitutes then huh? Politicians too? Hell, anyone in business…

      2. Female breasts cause a higher level of sexual excitation, and probably evolved in such a way as to encourage missionary position (seeing the tits during sex) to increase emotional bonding. It’s not a double standard because the standard is different by definition.

  27. Ahhh….backpage is full of girls willing to do nasty things for $100. Plenty of other xxx sites are loaded with video of women degrading themselves for money. Why are sjw upset? They should encourage the smuts. It might prevent another Elliot Rodgers.

    1. Why would SJW want to prevent another Elliott Rodgers? They need that kind of shit to have something to bitch about. They need rapes to happen so they can have something to do with their useless lives.

    2. Elliott Rogers’ father should have taken his son to Vegas and fed him to 3 awesome high class hookers. Elliott was a little snot nosed entitled bitch.

    3. They need outrage because thats their business model – they’re monatising moralism. But only when it suits them. As long as they can tell their audiance that theyre all good girls and big mean men are the problem, well they’ll keep getting donations and acclaim as media darlings. They don’t give a fuck about positive outcomes – for them its all about packaging some instant-feel-good for the shallow thinking followers.

  28. The Porn Industry exemplifies that the difference between Consent and Rape for some women is pieces of Paper that Man has given worth.

  29. Hell RENT is rape if you think about it. You pay and pay and never recoup any equity and the area rates are rigged just high enough to keep the area wage slave levels controlled.

    1. Rent feels like rape of a sort, Certainly does. Apartments in the US got ridiculous after the housing bubble.

    2. So is that credit score scam. Owe money? Try getting a job with a crappy credit score. Makes no sense to deny anyone a job based on a credit score number. Modern day slavery.

    3. 525,600 raped chicks!
      525,000 raped chicks, oh dear.
      525,600 raped chicks:
      What did those rapists jam in their rears?
      Some boners, Some sex toys,
      Some fingers, some straws from slurpees;
      down inches, down miles
      At the point of a knife.
      525,600 raped chicks!
      How do you measure
      true rape when this life’s
      full of dumb sluts! (3X)
      Seasons of sluts…

  30. SJW are going to have the predicable response to this, but this guy is is a total douche. If i was this boys father i would immediately strip him of all credit cards, trust funds and have him eating top ramen for a month.

    1. uh huh – of course – it’s all his fault but just for a moment consider ~ does it even occur to you to discipline the girls with poverty and starvation in equal amounts… ?

    2. This mentality is misandric. .. This is why young men are being held back… Thank you for your contribution to ignorance

  31. just imagine what aliens would think of the decline of western civilisation, the society of the white man due to feminism.
    “they could have joined us in the stars, even be an equal to us, but their society failed all because their sexual instinct blinded them to the nature of the lesser sex, the female, now their society, founded on reason and logic, has descended into making everyone feel good and not hurting others feelings.”

  32. What about women is not sexual and/or sexualized — even by feminist and the liberal culture at-large? Is there anything women do that could not easily be framed as prostitution — whether taking $120 bucks to flash their tits, or working for the man? They certainly used the guise of the Sexual Revolution to brand such benign tasks as cooking and cleaning as acts of prostitution. So then anything a woman does can be viewed as whorish.
    Since being sexual is the only thing of consistent value about women, then why do a minority of them scream when we men set the market price? Men are the market makers in the sexual market, even though betas and white knight work on behalf of the powers-to-be to thwart the natural forces of supply & demand.
    It just comes down to ugly hag feminist getting pissed that their delusional SMV is blown away when young 18 year-old’s flash their sexuality for a few bucks. That’s just destroys the inflated SMV for females across the board. Just like the real estate bubble, women have had their SMV bubble popped by men who’ve woken up to the true value of westernize females.
    Feminists are the bottom of the barrel in the sexual market and have to use their idealistic Marxism and big criminal justice system to artificially prop up their value. They’d use a baseball bat against this guy and men in general if they could get away with it — and sometimes they do.
    Hot chicks will do a whole lot more for a whole lot less than $120 bucks. I’ve witnessed it firsthand — FetishCon Baby!
    I say that feminists would do well to adopt burqas to that males can’t set market prices since they’re selecting what’s behind curtain number 3, hoping not to get Zonked.

    1. And raving feminists like to obscure power whenever the hell they get a chance. They deny those women had agency. They infantalise them. Because it suits a broader narrative – men are monsters, women are pretty princesses. Power is complicated, if anyone ever tries to tell you it’s a simple have/have-not they’re bullshitting.

  33. Feminists simply lay the blame of every and all problems on males. Women get a free pass every time, plus they claim they are pro sex and anti slut shaming yet they label women doing something sexual as degrading. They are actually slut shaming too except they blame the male.

    1. Feminists believe women should be sexually liberated with Men who shouldn’t be having sex with them.

  34. An easy test would be to create two fake dating profiles. Use the same pictures but with one have the guy have a high paying job and the other a menial blue collar job. Take a guess which one will get more interest?

  35. There are some porn sites on Europe that hire cleaning ladies to clean houses (real one with hidden cameras and blurred faces), they offer the women some money for the the pussy, they all refuse at first but rise a few Euros and they all end up fucked.

  36. This was in the online addition of a Main Australian newspaper with the usual “woman as victims” editorial but as most readers pointed out these women didn’t shy away from the offer. In Japan porn studios regularly offer financial enticements to average woman in the street and there is no shortages of acceptances to make a one and done during their lunch hour.

  37. One correction to the article: There is no consent needed to film what goes on in public spaces. I mean if I were at a nude beach, I wouldn’t necessarily want people taking photos of me, but tough titty, it may be rude, but if you bare yourself for anyone to see, anyone may take a picture of it and gaze at it even longer.

    1. You are correct but there can be exceptions. Here in my state in Australia public photography can’t be used for sexual gratification. So I can go to the beach and photograph people swimming, surfing, etc but if I were to zoom in on a pair of titties then that would likely be considered an offence.
      Unless of course someone takes images of degenerate behavior at a gay pride parade. Then it’s all fine!

  38. LOL, reminds me of a jew comedian who told jew and holocaust jokes to a bunch of goyim in germany and the israeli government bashed the german christians for watching and laughing at the jew.

  39. My guess is that the female revulsion is due to the fact these seem rather like the #creepshot fad a while back, or Anthony Wiener. IOW, Grisha came off as a beta with his antics, setting off the women’s eww! alarms.
    It’s not the pictures, either. Girls love taking pictures with you… if they like you. And it’s not the money either, since bribery is a way of life over there, like in Latin America.

  40. Women take responsibility?
    You just made me laugh so hard I dropped my beer dammit.
    A neighbor slut I used to know, different from the current whore, moved in with her man a while back. She’s been trolling for cock, even coming back to me. Apparently baldy (her beta simp bf) can’t keep her whore ass in line. She was all he doesn’t do this, doesn’t do that, doesn’t make her cum hard enough, doesn’t earn enough money, blah, blah, blah. Oh and she’s worried about her job because the shitty place doesn’t make enough, so maybe no more operations manager of a retro bar soon. He’s also getting on her case about profligate spending, but of course she doesn’t say it that way…
    Unfortunately for him, he’s on the lease and she isn’t. Expensive place too, for the area, >$950 a month. She’s “going to leave him” soon. Of course she’s looking for an easy out. Why work hard? Men will provide…
    Not for a used up cum dumpster they won’t. Hell, I know younger whores than her that are much prettier. Mother Nature is a bitch to women when it comes to aging. Those (formerly) pert breasts drooping. The lines in the face, so much harder to conceal. That ass, not as rounded as it once was. That honey hole, no longer as tight, and it doesn’t lubricate as well.
    Women typically only have their youth and the squander it.

    1. Love this post. I can tell you are a high achiever surrounded by loving women. who appreciate and care for you. You are super intelligent, courageous and kind with sisters, a mother and 2 grandmothers who adore you and are proud of you.

      1. High achiever? Well, I can afford my own plane, so I guess. Not like it’s a bizjet, but I can get across the country and to the Bahamas without the airlines.
        Surrounded by “loving” women? I found one possible, years ago and I kind of screwed that up. I say kind of because I didn’t have time for a relationship. Bad timing, if we met now it’d probably have worked because I’m not killing myself starting a consulting business.
        Super intelligent? Nah, just smart enough to go it alone in business. Courageous? Fuck that. Kind with sisters? Nope, no sisters. My mom is proud of me, minus the whole “I want grandkids” trope. Hey, at least I’m not a simp loser with two kids I can barely support and a hatchet wife who’s banging someone on the side. She’d rather see me happy and able to find someone than trapped in a sham marriage. My grandmother gets it, and she thinks the “women” of today are pretty useless. She met the old neighbor I described above, and her words were not charitable.
        You can white knight all you want, but it doesn’t change a simple fact: Most women today are useless little “empowered” sluts who aren’t worth marrying. A woman takes 40+ cocks (or 15+ really) and she’s likely not wife material. She’s just looking for someone to take care of her after the carousel. Not that she’ll stay faithful…
        The current neighbor whore is just that too: a slut looking to use her looks and pussy to trap a guys into paying for herself and her kid. She can’t be bothered to support herself fully. Whereas a man would be laughed at for that attitude, she gets the pussy pass. Unfortunately for her, it’s drying up because she’s aging out. Less men to save her whore ass when she misspends her paycheck. Her daughter is going to be a treat, after puberty hit fully, because mom has taught her the way to get what she wants is to lie on her back and open her legs or bob her head up and down on a cock.

      2. They bring him Nutella sandwiches in the cellar where he has is ‘command’ centre.
        Next he’ll be telling us his has a jet fighter plane and goes off on secret missions with Goldfinger.
        These kid video games have to go! haha
        He lives in some below par place at $1k a month but has a jet lol

    2. Sounds like a shithole full of whores.
      >$950 a month
      That’s less than my parking space in NY lol

  41. Don’t Russian women have standards or is it a complete shit hole over there? wow.

    1. Bet they could offer the same incentives in any major western city and get the same response. Most woman will get their gear off if the price is right a lot would flash $500 – $1000.

      1. I’m not going to throw away my own money and test it, but I’d be surprised if a Benjamin didn’t get the same response from women in public here in the states.

        1. russian and american boys get offers too. If they show their anuses and their penises, boys can make extra pocket money. Whether they choose to do it depends on how they feel about their bodies and how desperate for money they are.

    2. Go there. Walk around Moscow and then go to Detroit and tell me which one is a shithole.

  42. Actually in provincial Russia, 120 dollars IS a hefty sum of money. A lot of people make less than that per working week.

  43. In Russia, like most countries, that’s a legally-punishable offense.
    It is not. Even in NY it has been perfectly legal for years for females to walk around topless. Nothing this guy did is illegal in Russia as well as innocent virgins wear the tiniest swimsuits at the beach. Stop being so anal retentive.You sound like some nerd who wants to protest breast feeding in public too. How crazy is that?
    These are young girls and they want to show their body, it’s natural with the female to try to compete for men. Why else would they wear such tiny bathing suits when they could just as well wear the 1 piece that Olympic swimmers wear.
    As I said going topless in NY is legal but every year or so some girls decide to protest by going topless lol I guess they never heard it’s been legal for 20 years.Young cops are stupid too because they sometimes arrest them and bring them to the station house where the Captain has to tell them again that it’s legal and let them go.

    1. obscenity laws mean that only showing your genitals is “obscene” So a man walking down the street naked is breaking the law but a woman doing so is not.

  44. Typical femenist nonsense. The women in those pictures look like toothpicks, who would pay to see those nonexistent titties is beyond me… doesn’t that guy have something better to do with his time, like Troll the world.

  45. The truth about them is revealed: they choose to show themselves for money while other females are infuriated by it. The two sets of females are interchangeable.

  46. If its something men will like Feminists oppose it EVEN IF ITS GOOD FOR WOMEN. They aren’t for women so much as they are antimale.

  47. alpha men should just use these rich whore sluts and try to make these girls spend a lot of money on them. The rich whores can use beta males and on top of that alpha males end up using the rich whore. So the order of hierarchy goes like this…
    alpha men > whores > beta dudes. Women are easily able to be convinced into going spending spree. We can take advantage of such women. Create a product that will be popular trend among women… and watch them go shopping spree and spending their credit card. LMAO.

    1. love this post but I think that its more like whores > alpha men > beta men

      1. Omega? Son, you don’t know me.
        What do I do?
        I fuck your mother in the pussy; that’s what I would do.

  48. SJWs don’t understand russian women. They have feminists too but the average woman is more laid back when it comes to sexuality than our women are. I can guarantee you that these girls’ friends were jealous when they found out how much the girls were paid for something so insignificant.
    Our feminists should have seen the Russian public pissing porn from the nineties. Some guy would pay a woman to go piss somewhere in public and film it, probably for far less money.
    They’re going after this kid because he’s rich, and possibly because of general bad feelings towards oligarchs.
    My qualifications for commenting on Russian women: been with women from Russia and Belarus.

  49. Its not only sex. Its other stuff too. Sweatshop workers will sell their labour for ridiculously small sums of money but everybody acts as if those offering the work are to blame and are somehow “exploitative capitalists”. Whoever accepts shitty work for shitty pay is responsible. Sweatshop workers are the ones who should be judged!!

    1. The sweatshop workers are dirt poor people with no real skills. They have no other option.

  50. I WONT STAND IDLE ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY IS THE FUCKING WORLD NOT UP IN ARMS RIGHT NOW??? WHY IS NO ONE ADDRESSING THIS MUSIC VIDEO? THIS IS FUCKING SICK! MEN, PLEASE HOW MUCH LONGER WILL WE TAKE THIS SHIT? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3eAMGXFw1o The hypocrisy, the sickness. Our children have to witness this. Why is there not a single feminist writing about this? I fucking mourn for the world. I fucking mourn for it.

    1. well fwiw it’s just a music video – it’s art, just like a movie. it doesn’t represent real life events. who cares – Rihanna likes being beaten up anyway.

  51. Just another fine example of women not being able to take responsibility for their own actions. It’s so ironic that feminists say that women are so strong and “independent”, yet apparently they are always the victim and can never take responsibility for anything? They also say that women should have full control and rights over their bodies, yet this man is somehow responsible for what these chicks did with their bodies? Feminists are so dumb it hurts

  52. I’ve wondered about this for a long time. And it’s like a McDonald’s attacking people for being fat. It’s most likely women’s penchant for jealousy and spoiling the pot for everybody when they don’t get their way. Notice the explosion of naked “selfies” on the internet once women got phone with cameras. And everybody knows women with self-image issues who’re jealous at younger and prettier girls. Girls are natural exhibitionists, and crave to be sexualized. But when they see men looking at other girls they don’t examine thier own bodies or minds, and they won’t admit that they’re jealous, so then they attack men for being “pigs.”

  53. Here’s the important question; where do we find the uncensored videos? I want to see young Russian tits.

  54. hehe feminists don’t like the truth to be exposed: women enjoy being paid for sexual favors. what makes those feminists angry though is that no men would pay a single dime for any favors to most of them.

  55. those videos he does are effin hilarious. I can’t believe that dude drank his piss. YUCK. I laughed hard when the one guy decked him though.

  56. You have to understand, the outrage isn’t directed at the women because it’s all about *women* being able to set and maintain the price of pussy.

  57. Flip this around and it is easy to see why divorce rates are epic and women scream rape at the first sign of a payout. I was almost the victim of a shakedown by a pretty young thing not even legal drinking age. She eventually burned everyone in town and had to move away to find fresh fools wiling to pay her way but its a big country and there emotionally speaking many 8 year old girls trapped in a killer body..

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