Is Obese “Model” Tess Holliday Stealing Money From Domestic Violence Charities?

Some months ago, Return of Kings brought you the story of delusional and morbidly obese “model” Tess Munster, now married as Tess Holliday. She claims to teach women “body positivity,” despite distorting her real face with countless layers of make-up, using Photoshop, and suffering from a host of debilitating, weight-related conditions, including gallstones. Now literally hundreds of people are accusing her of criminal fraud.

Some time ago, Holliday, whose real name is Ryann Maegen Hoven (so many names, so many red flags), began selling T-shirts. These were priced at a rather ludicrous $40 (or something similar, depending on the item) and she promised to donate a portion of the proceeds to domestic violence charities. Unfortunately, many are claiming they were charged an exorbitant fee for shipping as well.

Tess and those working with her have previously used bizarre excuses like not receiving email correspondence from those who allege they are owed products already paid for, such as in this exchange:

Holliday initially said there were no outstanding orders left to shipped, just as more people were coming forward and asserting they were duped.

People offered refunds continue to say they have “bounced,” indicating Tess Holliday is probably facing financial problems she has not disclosed to her “customers”:

Whatever your opinion of domestic violence “charities,” we are still dealing with alleged mass fraud

I share the incredulity of many of you reading this. Was the money promised to these organisations really of a charitable nature, considering the myths spread by feminist-led domestic violence campaigns?

That said, we must suspend such judgments and focus on the warranties Tess Holliday made to try and induce people to buy her products so she made a tidy profit. Whatever your opinion of her supporters, they are entitled to see their money go to where it was promised, plus obviously receive the items they paid for!

What makes this story even more sinister-looking is that Tess Holliday, after months of leaving people in the lurch regarding emails they had written her, finally admitted (using her non-professional modeling name) that none of the promised funds would be going to domestic violence charities:

Is Tess Holliday the new Belle Gibson?

Cancer and charity fraudster Belle Gibson.

Return of Kings correctly suggested cancer-faker Belle Gibson, who swindled hundreds of thousands of dollars “earmarked” for charity, was a fraud. Evidence is mounting that Tess Holliday may be of the same moral hue.

Again, we are accosted by an example of a feminist darling being outed for her alleged misdeeds. Unsurprisingly, the zeal with which this “role model” was celebrated for her body image crusade has not been replicated when it comes to the mainstream media investigating her for months (maybe even years) of potential financial impropriety. What gives?

Women activists only need to employ the typical boilerplate of “inspiration,” “self-confidence,” and “female empowerment” to successfully make others, overwhelmingly fellow females, part with their hard-earned currency for dubious or downright plain dishonorable ventures. And this is evidently exacerbated by the lack of interest from media outlets in presenting possible narrative problems as they develop. A journalist interested in probity could have nipped this Tess Holliday issue in the bud months ago. After all, alleged victims have been seeking justice for a long time.

The Dirty pointed out in June of this year, when more and more purchasers were becoming agitated, that Holliday was afforded the publicity of a People Magazine cover shoot and laudatory coverage by The Daily Mail and Huffington Post. Zero comparable articles have emanated from these same kinds of publications about her alleged charity and sales fraud. So much for fair and balanced reportage!

Just be careful, Mike. Taking Tess Holliday down may triple the effects of the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the pasts and whole picture of feminist darlings like Tess Holliday are woefully untouched by those who have a responsibility to deal in facts, not feel-good (and unhealthy) hype. Whether she is of the same calibre of the confirmed charity fraud Belle Gibson remains to be seen, but the indications are not looking good. These worrying examples of unquestioned female “role models” only add themselves to a preexisting pack of wrongly celebrated feminists, including compulsive liar Emma Sulkowicz.

After so many instances of dishonesty and narcissistic self-aggrandizement, it’s time for a radical change in how we appraise so-called heroines.

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268 thoughts on “Is Obese “Model” Tess Holliday Stealing Money From Domestic Violence Charities?”

    1. Funny how reality becomes even more absurd than parody, isn’t it. I’d guess that classic Simpsons sketch was written 20 years ago, and if you’d have told people that there would be obese ‘rag on a stick’-esque models in 20 years time they’d have said you were nuts.

        1. That’s actually a rather positive outcome if you think about it. Two birds, one stone, all that.

  1. “it’s time for a radical change in how we appraise so-called heroines.”
    We should, first and foremost, appraise them on mass. Tess Munster here has so much of it, she gravitationally perturbs half the asteroid belt whenever she moves.

  2. ALL the charities in the West support Leftists causes one way or another. Not only they’re ripe with fraud, they’re also working against people like us.
    The only charities I heard of that are not Leftist in nature are those in Eastern Ukraine, but you wont hear about them in the Western media because its for the white Orthodox children.

    1. In the USA at least we should assume most charities exist for the purposes of dodging taxes, and nothing more. The most recent example was the Jared Foundation, run by the eponymous admitted child molester.

    2. “ALL the charities in the West support Leftists causes one way or another.”
      The Red cross is leftist? How is that? Emmaüs is leftist? Bill Gates’ fundation is leftist?

      1. Bill Gates foundation is in fact leftist. You make a good call with the Red Cross. I have no idea who Emmaus is, so no idea.

        1. – “Bill Gates foundation is in fact leftist.” Could you elaborate? I can’t imagine anyone more capitalist than Bill.
          – Emmaus is a French Charity founded by Catholic priest Abbé Pierre.
          I think Nevsky should rephrase its statement. All charities are ideologically motivated, either politically or ideoligically.
          Actually, it only stands to reason. There is no free meal. People help because they want to buy you.

        2. Making money in the market doesn’t mean you’re not a Leftist. His position on “climate change” is quite open. He’s also very critical of the “free market” now that he has his loot free and clear.

          That’s HuffPo, a not-right wing site, btw.
          There is no free meal. People help because they want to buy you.
          That’s a bit cynical and jaded. Many, many people have given to charity or done charitable things without wanting to “buy” anyone.

        3. In today’s world, it would be very unpopular to disagree with the common stand on climate change.
          Nobody actually believes in the free market. It’s just an idealistic concept like deomocracy or human rights.

        4. But he is helping to propagate the Zionist agenda, an agenda that includes lowering the population, establishing a one world government and pushing liberalism on the masses

        5. And who is more capitalist than a Zionist?
          Personally, I thing what you guys call the “alternative right” has more in common with the anti-globalization movement than you want to admit.
          Even if these two movements are at odds on certain key aspects, they should form a temporary alliance against the banksters system.

        1. Bill Gates is a flaming, well renowned leftist. Seriously. The man is 100% “global warming”, has openly pontificated on the world needing to get rid of most of its people (for green-eco reasons) and is a well known and heavy Democrat supporter.

        2. For all the selflessness of the leftists, a shockingly small amount of them actually follow up on this. I have yet to see a man kill himself to ‘make more place of other people’.

        3. They are the opposite of selfless, especially at the levels of the elite. The “we’re just kind loving people” is a thing that they tell themselves over and over to make themselves feel better for being selfish cunts who will walk over bodies and stab people in the back over even the most trivial of things.

        4. Well thats because someone else has to be the one to make the sacrifices the Left deems necessary for the “greater good”. No Leftist would ever dream of backing words with actions. They exist only to howl and screech about what the rest of us ought to be doing.

        5. I think we are getting disconnected from reality here on RoK. You’re telling me that one of the biggest icon of “no mercy” capitalism is a communist. Do you really realize how strange that sounds.

        6. Also people would laugh at me if I said that men and women are not the same or that race and gender are not social constructs. They would also laugh if I said that there’s no freedom of speech in the West. You get the drift.

        7. Apples and oranges.
          – Saying that men and women aren’t the same goes against political correctness in the West.
          – Saying that the man who profited most from Capitalism in the late 20th Century is a communist goes against common sense ANYWHERE in the world.

        8. One can profit from capitalism and be a Marxist/Leftist at the same time. George Soros is a perfect example or all the major Hollywood movie production companies bosses. They are all Leftists.

    3. Latest trend I’m noticing heavily are all these veteran charities, it is pathetic. Look up the Wounded Warrior CEO and see if he ever did time in the service. Plus, the crap they are doing with these veterans is just like letting a child indulge in their hobbies, not constructive at all. Seeing some dude in a wheelchair plink at deer all day on your money doesn’t seem very productive to me, who knows. What is it, like 80% of the money donated to charities goes to the wages/stripper fund of the employees? Heard from a relative lately that a person rang their doorbell to solicit money for veterans….so if you don’t give them money you are an ungrateful fuck? Govt takes care of veterans plenty, don’t feel sorry for them. They volunteered to boot, when you hear one crying about things he is likely a pussy or never had a real job.

    4. I wouldn’t define cancer research as far left. It seems to me your using blanket definitions and generalizing, but yes ripe with fraud.

    5. Most charities are a fraud. Only about 20% of the money they get actually goes to people in need. Have that in mind next time you donate money to charity.

    6. How the flock is domestic violence prevention a “Leftist charity”? Are you implying Sir that right wing men beat their wives and their friends, far from wishing to prevent this violence, they approve?
      Oh…wait. Yes. Yes that happens a lot doesn’t it?

  3. And like Belle Gibson, the odds of Holliday being prosecuted should she have defrauded anyone will be next to nil.

  4. For “heroines” the mark should be simple. Beautiful people know they’re beautiful and have been hearing so all their life. The truly beautiful people ask for respect for the other qualities they bring to the table. Only ugly people wish to be known for their beauty. Conveniently enough, they also want to change what we all see as beauty.

  5. Random Post: If you guys are curious about how penis-to-vagina surgery works, this video is very well produced. Don’t watch this if you’re eating though you’ll probably puke.

    1. On one hand I’m amazed at the wonders of modern surgery; on the other hand I can’t believe we allow doctors to create such freaks of nature. How does that not violate the Hyppocratic Oath?!
      “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.”
      Am I really supposed to believe that this butchering is prevention?

      1. These people choose to have it done. But yeah, the mere thought of doing this to someone against their will is just unbearable. Think of that Almodovar movie.

        1. If you’re at the point of flaying off your own limbs, then perhaps there is in fact a real chemical imbalance that needs to be addressed with medication. Patting somebody on the head and asking him to talk about his mother in that situation seems rather impotent.

        2. Fair enough. But the thing is, I doubt that you can just fix such a person from the outside.
          I knew a guy who started to think about becoming a girl a few years back. He was thinking about it for years, unable to make up his mind. Not sure what became of him, but I guess time does not heal all wounds.
          My best guess is – if you believe in that – that that person has some past life issues stored in their Karma. Modern psychology often oversees spiritual aspects of health.

        3. Given the at least 2 million year presence (probably more) of humans on this earth, you’d think we’d have started to see more of the karmic-punishment-cum-penis-flaying way long ago on this scale.

        4. I thought we were talking about Transsexuals (guy who wanted to become a girl). Gays have always pinged around 1-2% I believe, it’s a rather self selecting-out trait so they’re never going to be a big number. I meant the “Hey, I’m going to flay my dick with an X-acto knife!” types.

        5. Yeah, but a 100 years ago, an operation like that was unthinkable. So people may have felt like a girl in a man’s body, but just done nothing about it. Also, back then, there was no social media, so these people were very probably alone with their troubles and just repressed that stuff and thought ‘secretly, everybody wrestles with this stuff’.

        6. So really there’s no way to make a positive claim. I strongly doubt it’s ever been “many” no matter the time frame, today in the most open and accepting place for their perversions the entire LGBT “community” is a scant 1-3%, even thought it is actively encouraged as “cool and trendy”.

        7. Right, I simply meant that if it were a past-life Karma factor we’d have billions of these defects around us, because over 2 million + years we’ve seen a lot of fucked up humans come and go.

        8. I am afraid that – in the context of modern psychology – this is somewhat wishful thinking. My spiritual mentor just told me about his apprentice the other day: She went to a psychologist and told him that her goal was to be free of internal pain. Her psychologist told her that such a thing does not exist.

      1. Isn’t this a bit like praising Jeff Dahmer on his dissection skills?
        “Say what you will about the man, but he sure knew how to saw up a body to fit into a freezer!”

        1. Ha ha ha. As Wierd as it may be it still a skill full process. I bet people said the same thing when docs started to amputate legs on the battlefield.

        1. Yeah, it is one of my talents, I guess. I also like watching those Muslim beheadings. Not that I particularly enjoy it, but there is always the pride of being the one who is not a sissy.

  6. Somebody actually married that?
    Fraud is bad, but the fact that a guy actually committed to that elephant.. That alone should be a crime.

    1. Dufuk did Godzilla ever do to you to rate such a harsh treatment, bro?

        1. A Czech cousin – or something like that – of mine was doing exactly these kinds of cookies. I got some and was so honored by that female attention that I kept them for years until they became hard and I threw them away. Damn, I was a special kind of loser.

      1. Abortion groups, yes, I believe, if it’s the same group I’m thinking of.

      2. That would be the Susan G. Komen Foundation that was caught using “research dollars” to make political donation to the campaign coffers of B. Obama.

  7. Well . . . Charities in general are typically just tax write offs for the rich and publicity stunts. That or people preying on nice people. Very few charities actually have to put the majority of that money towards the cause. Instead it floats around upper management. If charities worked we’d have already cured parkisons, fed all the children in africa, saved all the environment, cured cancer etc etc. These things need money to gain progress, but none of these charities are really held responsible for their actions. Besides you don’t give money to charity to cure cancer you give it to the leading cancer researcher with the highest progress rating. If you want to feed starving African babies you adopt one. Blah blah blah. Charities = nice people falling for marketing propaganda and using donations of money as a blanket to pretend to be nice, but are really just lazy.
    They are selling you hope.

      1. Sorry but that’s pure conjecture. I think we just want to admit that men’s value is so low that even guys who are 7 or 8 on the social scale have to settle for the ugliest girls imaginable.

        1. Have you read the book ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’? Many helper / hero personalities are attracted to well-earning careers to ‘earn’ their way into a girl’s vagina.

      1. You taught us to be men and to speak our mind and now you want to censor me as if we were in Soviet Union? Well I think I’ll just stop coming here because nobody tells me what to say.
        Thanks anyway and good luck in your fight.

  8. You know what, guys? This girl shows me one thing: I am fucking glad to live in a somewhat free society.
    She can be happy. Her fans can be happy. And we can be happy by having our fun about it. Everybody is happy.

  9. These false charities hurt and damage real charities. Just like false rape accusers hurt real rape victims.
    This should be a violation of Federal mail fraud or something like that.

      1. And generally died early and of the same kinds of things we all die from now. We’re living in an age where everybody gets the diseases of wealth. Few middle or lower class people ever got heart disease or cancer, back in the day.

        1. ??
          Nobody now starves. Lots of people back in the day (think 100+ years ago) got to experience starvation. Even when that wasn’t a factor, hard work was part of daily life and while that keeps you skinny and fit in a “working man” way, it also grinds down on your skeleton and organs something fierce. You simply get to die earlier the more primitive the technologies.
          Thus, to come back to your point, the fat were in fact the well off/nobility/royalty precisely because they had no real physical work to do AND could eat at a caloric count that your average modern man does. We’re basically mirroring their eating and exercise habits.

  10. The shame is that if she lost a few hundred pounds she might actually turn out to be attractive (outside of the self mutilation via tattoos). Yet because she is so engaged in sloth and gluttony, which all stem from narcissism and self loathing, she’s instead chosen to not only self destruct, but to set herself as a role model to encourage other women to live in highly unhealthy ways.
    That she’s likely a thief is only to be expected, a lack of self control peculates across the spectrum of acts against virtue.

    1. You stole my thoughts. And definitely if she got rid of that stupid pinup girl look, she would look quite hot. In my opinion, pinups belong in the noses of B-17s.

      1. I don’t mind pin up girl looks ON PIN UP GIRLS. Fat monstrosities are nothing but mockery for what was once a beautiful form of working-man art.

        1. Someone like, say, Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, or Maria Felix. Pretty much any woman from the 30s to the 50s. Most modern women just can’t pull it off.

        2. Very true. It’s hard to pull off the wholesome yet naughty, clean, smooth skinned highly feminine thing in a world of tatted up, mega-pierced, butch haircut, flaming haired pseudo-dykes I’m afraid.

        3. Another woman that comes to mind is Lauren Bacall. Not the most striking natural beauty, but she made up for it by having a heck of a simple yet strong sensuality. No wonder Bogart kept her all those years.

        4. I find these sentimentalities a bit silly. I bet you that back then, nobody thought of it as ‘beautiful form of working-man art’. Things change. If a man likes the picture of a whale on his cutter, why not?

        5. Yeah, actually they probably did. The pin up girls were not hanging in the museums of high art, they were pinned up in garages or other areas where men worked (hence the term “pin up”). Prior to that, they were painted by working men (soldiers) onto the noses of the aircraft that they were flying into combat. This was not the hoity toity art and was considered very low brow by the well to do at the time.

        6. She oozed sex appeal. You have to watch her in movies to catch it, but who watches old BW movies any more? Such a shame.

        7. You know how to whistle don’t you?Just put your lips together and blow…..screw Taylor Swift. This is how you make sexy and subtle poetry.

      1. Case in point. Airbrush away that nasty ink and she’s much improved. And the shitter is, I’ll bet she knows it and has seen this and *still* refuses to be anything but a pig. Such a waste.

        1. I don’t get the appeal of massive amounts of tattoos on women. Most look like dogshit because good artists are out of the price ranges of most people.
          If tattoos are being used to sell things, you’d think they’d be photoshopped in after the fact.

        2. What kind of incentive do women like this really have to improve? They can be the size of a planet, covered from head to toe with tats, and still have thirsty guys knocking on their doors.

        3. Sure, but beta-bucks guys. But would you date this ham beast? I’d hand her a weight watchers card and tell her to get back to me after a year of using the program.
          I get propositioned by young attractive women still, which is a rarity as I understand it, as does my son. Why would either one of us stoop to even associating with Queen Pigella there? I’d openly laugh at her attempts (and have done so in the past when fat girls have tried to come on to me actually).
          Sure, they can get a guy, but not the men that they actually want, is my point. They can brag about bagging Bob Pastelshirt HB6.5, but they still long for Max Firefighterman or Dave Badboy all the same and are ignored by them.
          Solution? Fuck if I know. It’s really sick how depraved people are becoming. I find having standards and communicating to other men to have standards is probably the only effective route out of this.
          And once sexbots appear and every beta/omega dude can hook up nightly with a 20 year old Jessica Alba who treats him like a king, the reign of the tatted up fugly ham beast will quickly fade into oblivion where it belongs.

        4. I’d bang her but only if she’s on top so I can experience the blubber washing over me. And to bury my face in her boobs. Otherwise I’d avoid any relationship as she’d most likely just lay there like a beached whale.

        5. bob pastelshirt. ive seen that guy. megawimp.
          when your last paragraph becomes reality. i might just die of laughter.

        6. I’ll be old and spent by that time, but it will be a fantastic sense of “big ol’ middle finger”. Yes, I know, I could have taken the classy route. So sue me.

        7. When sexbots come, only the rich capitalists will be able to afford them + people still want real human beings to have sex with!

    2. Since narcissism is so often blamed for this stuff, we ought to sometime discuss how to help people who are narcissists become … normal. And how to prevent people from becoming narcissistic.
      Unfortunately, ‘it is a choice’ does not quite cut it.

      1. But it is a choice. Free will is not something easily used or even engaged. Almost every act of free will that changes a person comes at the price of an awful lot of pain.
        Selecting your sandwich or what you’ll watch on the tele in the evening is more a ho hum routine than a real exercise in free will. Selecting to climb into a mine shaft at great personal risk in order to save your child, on the other hand, is free will and comes with a heavy cost attached to it should you fail. Same for chosing to change yourself in a meaningful way. In regards to personal choices it’s the same, it’s easy to be fat, but to stand up one day and say “No, no more” and actively work to change it takes an enormous amount of will power, self denial and actual hard work. Free will almost always costs something in the “pain” department, hopefully it works out for the better if you’re lucky.

        1. Sorry, but that is too simplistic. The ‘take action’ approach may be fine for healthy adults, but narcissism is a severe personality disorder which many consider untreatable. If it was as simple as you say, why does it not happen?

        2. Classical psychiatric narcissism, perhaps you have a point.
          We’re at the stage now where everybody is encouraged to just indulge beyond reason their own egos and validation. This isn’t the effect of some mental disease, it’s the effect of propaganda and a culture that teaches a lack of self regard combined with a heaping amount of “I’m a special snowflake” (seems contradictory at first, but it’s not).
          I think a better term, and this is just me thinking out loud here, for clinical narcissism is perhaps “solipsism”. When you’re to the point that you’re climbing into ovens to deny the presence of the world outside, you probably have a deep seated mental problem (and thus will turn it into a philosophy and become rich, heh). What we call narcissism now seems more along the line of “Me me me me me me me!” without an overt mental psychosis causing it, but rather external factors creating it through acceptance of the prevalent meme being floated in society these days?

        3. Yes, that is the typical approach and I used to believe that, too. But these days and from my own life experience, I just do not buy it.
          The question here is really: What makes people buy into those memes? Why is it that they do not simply see reality through their own eyes and deny the lies?
          Are humans really that easily manipulable that all you need is a boulevard paper with bullshit in it to drive people mad? I doubt it.
          I believe most of this all comes from a profound lack of self-love (not self-esteem, though) and confidence and learned helplessness in childhood. When your parents shame you for expression of your self, they undermine your trust in your own judgment and then you become dependent on others for determining truth.
          So a kid says: That woman is fat.
          Mother says: No, that woman is not fat.
          Kid thinks: Alrighty, something must be wrong with my mind. I better cling to my mother to understand the world.
          Or a father that beats his son into obedience. I know that this is quite a favored thing around here and my own dad swears by it, but then again my own dad is also quite stunted in his emotional expression and can not even tell me that he likes me.
          I have no clear-cut answer, but having suffered from severe mental trauma myself, I can tell you that it distorts reality to a point where you can not even tell what is real anymore. All that accompanied by lots of internal pain.

        4. People really are that manipulable.
          The existence of advertising, marketing and propaganda rather confirms this on the meta scale I believe. Say what you will about capitalism being whatever you consider it, but it is ruthless in sorting out the good from the bad in time, and marketing is something that all companies believe firmly in; it produces results.
          The outliers, those who do not go with the group (individualists in the real sense) are rare from an evolutionary standpoint within the human species. There is some sound reasoning why sticking with the group works better for survival than going it alone, after all, at least most of the time.
          What you’re describing regarding beatings, etc. can cause real mental issues, so I really don’t think that applies to where I’m talking about.

        5. Thus evolution thing is easy to abuse ideologically. My point here is that whatever pathology you have, you can find an explanation about why that particular pathology makes sense in evolutionary terms. Thus you can generalize and say ‘I am just normal’. But then, what if our civilization is indeed built on pathology? Evolution does not necessitate health, only survival and procreation.

        6. Sure, but in this case following the group has an established record of survival in basically all herd and pack animals we know of. There’s a pretty strong model to draw correlations and conclusions from. I get not to go full evo-psych, for why you outline, just saying group things are pretty easy to see.

        7. As an “old fart” I’ve come to understand quite well that what I wish to be has fuck all to bear on what is.

        8. The first guy who dreamt of building an airplane failed – and yet airplanes were built later. If our wishes are not valid goals to strife towards, what is the point of life? I mean, with the same reasoning, I could argue that a man like me can and will never have a woman, because I never did and was unable to have one yet. But me lacking the experience does not mean it is impossible.
          Have you ever seen those Shaolin guys with those big broad grins on their faces?

        9. What your wishes are or aren’t are irrelevant to life. What you do to make them come true is what counts. You make destiny happen, or by lack of action, you also make destiny happen. Your call.

        10. Now we are talking. I am on my path to happiness and inner peace. You are telling me it is not possible. I am saying that is bullshit. That is what this is about.

      2. Being morbidly obese is always a choice. No matter what one’s metabolism is. No matter how much one exercises or doesn’t. At the end of the day it is simple math. If you eat more calories than you burn you will get fat.

        1. Yeah, I get it. It is simple to know what to do when you have the mental clarity and discipline to do it.
          The problem is that we are talking about compulsive behaviors here, which are not easily controlled and – in the long run – outlast your behavioristic attempts to change them.

        2. I wonder at that though. Some people do have serious, serious issues. No question. Most people, especially by my experience in the corporate workplace, indulge themselves just for shits and grins. They have no deep psychological disorder, otherwise every human being in corporate world except maybe fifteen would be certifiable. I think many times, and I’m not talking about anybody in specific, it’s more fun to lay bad choices off on “compulsive disorders” or “addictions” than to actually step up and do something about it. It’s a form of laziness.
          Again, this does not apply to the very few who have some really fucked up shit going on in their head.

        3. Self motivation. There is no “cause” here, you yourself decide to stand up and do something, or you don’t. Life isn’t always about causes “why I can’t do something”, sometimes you say fuck it, get up, and do the shit you know you need to do.

        4. Yeah but then why do some and others not decide that way? Are you saying that the decision has no cause whatsoever? That would imply that decisions operate outside of any form of cause and effect, which is clearly nonsense.

        5. Because you choose to do so. I’m saying that you are an independent agent in the universe that can summarize your life experiences and choose, or not, an action. You can also, funny I know, choose to act against the sum of your experience and take a chance. Why? Because of your own volition. If your sister who pissed you off wore red, and you thus hate red, you might choose not to go to a star with a red giant sun (or whatever) Or…go there in spite! That’s the thing with free will.

        6. Right. But if that will is free, why the fuck do I need you to keep telling me about it? Weird, no? Because if it is that free, it should not be dependent on you to remind me of it.

        7. Why do you need me to tell you about it? I never declared that you needed that. Does “free” to you mean “well known and with an owner’s manual”? It didn’t to the Renaissance philosophers who had to discover it without any guidance.

        8. But is the process of discovering it not in reality a process of clearing the mental dust and pain of everything that distracts from it? And thus, is free will not simply that which is left when you brush aside all doubts and voices and indoctrination?
          But does that not imply that you first need to go through the process of processing that shit and clearing your mind from it before you can actually see you have a free will?
          If it is not easily discovered, you can hardly appeal to it in a person who can not identify it in themselves.
          Here is what I think: The free will is simply what the soul wants. But if there is a lot of bullshit in your head, your soul really wants to clear that bullshit first. And that works through living it out or even better: acknowledging and calmly considering it.
          Just as your free will would not want to push you into the next fight unless the wounds from the last one have healed.

  11. “REAL men love real girls. REAL men love curvy girls. All you guys who like skinny girls are pervs with small dicks. Remember when Marilyn Monroe was considered sexy? Yeah I am like her, a thicker girl. Fat is beautiful. I am beach body ready because I have a body at the beach. Real men like woman who they can share a steak with, but a little girl who only eats a stick of celary.”
    Yeah… you know you’ve heard that somewhere.

        1. If you can’t deal with me at my worst, you don’t deserve at my best…..evidently so. She died alone of an overdose. Her ex DiMaggio had to fetch her from the coroner.
          The saddest part of Monroe is her hottest looks were when she was 16 and wholesome. Of course saying that nowadays could land you on the child molester category. Times change.

    1. Maybe we if we just didn’t have to be preached to all the time. Instead is always ‘ got to change the culture, bla bla

      1. Society is dying. Everybody is depraved. They are ungodly, sinister, wicked. Our country is going down the drains. Doomsday is near. God’s wrath will come upon us. Hear the words of the prophets.

    2. What’s funny is that Marylin Monroe fluctuated from a size 2 to a size 6 (American) her entire career. I’ve seen one of her dresses in the Smithsonian, it was at most a size 2. Hell we’d all be so lucky if this was still considered “curvy”.
      If modern fatties knew that they’d blow a gasket in rage.

      1. Her own dressmaker cited her dimensions. They come in at slightly less than Liz Hurley in her “safety pin” dress, and Liz Hurley, amusingly, once said Marilyn was fat.

        1. Hurley bought the Femi narrative. Predictably. Though I will say, I like her rather smokey yet sexy accent. Might bang.

      2. What’s also interesting is that different clothing manufacturers size their larger clothes with a smaller size number over the years so what a size 7 today was a size 10 decades past. This is a psychological game they play so the women would buy it thinking they’re thinner than they really are.

        1. Yes, I bought a “32” waist in a pair of Levis, a few months ago. It was actually a 36. I had to return it and go with the 28. Heh.

    3. “real men” according to people who do fat acceptance and agree to feminist/progressive/leftist views = new term for beta.

  12. Greedy for food and money? What a surprise. What people don’t seem to realise is that personality traits can be all-encompassing. Someone willing to be so greedy and lazy as to become obese then peddle lies that they are in fact healthy and attractive, is obviously a potential financial fraud. You can’t be honest in one way but habitually dishonest in others.

  13. Her upper arm is the same size as Ronnie Coleman’s.
    This is what I find blubber fascinating- the ways it finds to deposit itself around the body…

  14. Before I move on to the RoK men and their hilarious comments, I want to say the following:
    – building self esteem classes? just stop fucking eating!
    – married? some poor beta schmuck fucks that?
    – finally, I’m no light weight but that woman is a lardo hambeast. She should put her face on a fridge magnet because that would definitely make you lose your apetite.

    1. You’re probably the only female voice that I value here, for humor alone really. Fun comment.

  15. Why are you surprised the media would not touch their SJW pet?
    If they will lie to her about being a “model and inspiration” for “body positivity”….then why wouldn’t they cover for her and ensure that their pet cause does not lose face. And make no mistake, this fraud will be going to a speedier irrelevancy now that she has been exposed.
    It is one thing to lie on behalf of the fake cause of the Castrati. It is another thing entirely to lie to the Castrati themselves.
    It’s the same in family court if you get stuck. By all means, screw the dad over and abuse the order. But never, ever disobey the judge directly! That is the only way a POS mother “loses” in family law. She has to be socially inept to not read between the lines.

  16. Let’s keep her out of space. The boys on the Death Star might become confused about which planet-sized target to aim at.

  17. I can’t fathom what sort of mentality it takes to actual PAY this fat bitch to take her picture. Disgusting, perhaps but it’s really more embarrassing that other XY nummies put up with this shit.

  18. Seeing fat women like this make me itch, and want to jump rope for eternity. It’s sooo uncomfortable to look at. There’s no way she enjoys her blubber prison.

    1. When I get an oh-so-slight gut during the winter, like an extra 10-15 lbs, I feel like I’m in a blubber prison. I can only imagine what she must feel.

  19. Anyone who buys a thing to promote a charity deserves to get fleeced anyway. They’re terrible people.
    You pay for the product, you pay for the labor, you pay for the “administrative costs…” the charity takes for themselves. In the end you’re lucky if a damn nickel makes it to the cause.
    People who actually want to support the causes give that $40 to the cause directly. Worthless feelgood liberal folk who would rather own a symbol, a trophy they can show off to others so they can self-congratulate themselves on how much more progressive they are than everyone around them rather than actually supporting the damn charity.
    … especially anything “pink.” The amount of money flat stolen from actual tit-cancer research by that coincidentally Jewish CEO is absolutely staggering.

  20. Sad and pathetic; nothing more. Loss of words and just unbelievable. Pure insanity is what I would say about this.

  21. The (media) will not go after her because she is fat. If she had been a thin, beautiful woman then she would have been fair game but because she is so brave (and so fat) they aren’t going to touch her.
    It only gets reported after there is overwhelming and mounting evidence (plus they don’t want to miss out on a good story). It’s sad but that’s where we are today with our “news”. A criminal is a criminal but the media is picking and choosing (plus turning a blind eye to some) on which ones they want to report. It’s why TV and news is no longer reliable.

  22. “Last year, my Eff Your Beauty Standards venture operated at a loss”.. Well of course it would. It doesn’t take an MBA to predict that $40 would never cover the 20 yards of material required to make one of her lard ass shirts.

  23. The “fat acceptance” trend didn’t last long. But marketing companies have run out of things to exploit, so they’re still trying to push this pig and plus size models down our throats. Fat women are physically unattractive, yes. But the main problem they have is anger and the inability to handle normal social interactions. The whole “jolly fat person” idea is just a myth. And it’s one that’s pushed on us just like all the other social conventions that sap our dignity and individuality. Fat people are fat because they have food addictions. And also are generally unhappy and angery people. Throw that in with typical female personality issues and you’ve got trouble.

  24. No surprise. I mean fat bitch like her are known for gorging all the food they can for sake of greed. That same greed or stop her from stealing all those money.

  25. The amount of comments Tess is deleting is huge. Plus she has blocked so many people. She’s only making herself look more guilty. Not a very nice person.

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