Feminist Politician Declares War On “Gendered Toys”; Dresses Up Daughter As Pink Fairy Princess

Senator Waters said that “outdated stereotypes” about girls and boys perpetuate gender inequality, “which feeds into very serious problems such as domestic violence and the gender pay gap”.

– The Sydney Morning Herald quoting Senator Larissa Waters of Queensland, from the far-left Australian Greens, after her call to restrict the giving of “gendered” presents, such as action figures to boys and Barbies to girls.

A national feminist politician has remained quiet about her push for the end of children’s gendered toys, especially when given at holidays such as Christmas. Larissa Waters made headlines at the end of 2014 for arguing that gendered toys were a catalyst for issues such as domestic violence and the gender pay gap.

Lo and behold, a photo surfaced of her own daughter dressed as a pink fairy princess at her birthday party. Waters, who hails from a political party which never talks about balancing budgets or bread-and-butter economics, desperately deflected accusations that she was a hypocrite.

The name Larissa Waters won’t ring a bell for many of you, but her flagrant double standards will. They are ones you could put in the mouths of hundreds, if not thousands of feminists and other SJWs quoted in the media.

When I heard about her moronic campaign at the end of year, I wanted to wait and see if it continued. After six months it hasn’t, although Waters’ radical ideology has come out in different ways, such as calling innocent or run-of-the-mill criticism of female politicians “sexist” or “misogynist.”

After the bizarre picture of her daughter’s dressing-up went public, Waters defiantly said she still wanted a ban on gendered toys. The sting from the many rebukes she faced over her proposal means we should expect for it to be called for again in a year or so.

We already treat boys and girls (and men and women) differently

Larissa Waters’ young daughter. The Senator’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, tragically. By her rationale, she’s exposing her daughter to the risk of future domestic violence and the gender pay gap, right?

Society has no issue whatsoever with declaring boys as different and “hyperactive,” to the point where these differences are discouraged and far too many boys are effectively overdosed with Ritalin and other behavioral control drugs. Studies also consistently prove that both parents treat boys and girls differently, especially in terms of telling boys to “man up” and “stop crying” and mollycoddling girls more when they become emotional.

It’s therefore strange that these are not issues taken up by Senator Waters and her colleagues. One’s style of parenting imprints much more on a child than whichever Hasbro, Mattel or another company’s product they are given for a Christmas, birthday, or an excellent report card.

As boys and girls get older, the way they are treated actually becomes starker, not more similar. Girls are taught that they need many female role models, which they already get from the ranks of the overwhelmingly female elementary school teacher profession, whilst their male classmates generally get no such guidance from older men in education.

Boys who break the law quickly learn that there is one set of rules for them, and another for girls. The notion that females are treated more leniently by ironically paternalistic members of the judiciary and law enforcement is not new. Sonja Starr, a US academic I have cited several times, noted that men receive 60% longer sentences for federal offences and many women avoid prosecution or jail entirely.

Because of “chivalrous” expectations that men should never hit or otherwise harm women, especially publicly, male homicide victims outnumber female ones by 3:1 or 4:1. The list is endless.

Larissa Waters appropriates every female “stereotype” in the book

An interesting part of Larissa Waters’ entry into politics (and a double standard) has been her steady appropriation of the female “stereotypes” of using cosmetics and traditionally feminine fashion all the time.

Politicians, male and female, go to some effort to present themselves well. Appearing on television, they use make-up a lot of the time. Unlike for women, though, the men use it to iron out only the worst aspects of their visages, the sort of jowls, five o’clock shadows and other “oddities” which made Richard Nixon lose the 1960 Presidential debate (and the subsequent election) against John F. Kennedy.

The differences between Larissa Waters’ best and worst appearances are down to her using make-up. Particularly in the hot and humid climate of her native state of Queensland, her campaign and other appearances show a decidedly different face. Therefore, how is this not a stereotype? Why is she succumbing to what feminists like her call the constant, mental illness-producing demands on women to look perfect and non-real?

It goes further, too. Of any female politician I have seen over the last five years in the Australian Federal Parliament, Senator Waters is the one who seems to adore conventionally feminine fashion the most. Polka dots, flowers, and other girly-girl prints are invariably emblazoned across her dresses, blouses and skirts.

I can sometimes appreciate her choices in and of themselves, but they are far removed from the sort of gender-neutral image she demands people foist on their children.

End the hypocrisy, please

There are dozens of readily accessible photos of Larissa Waters wearing stereotypically flowery and ornate dresses, skirts and other items. So why isn’t she following No Gender December herself?

The slap-down of Senator Waters’ brain-dead comments is heartening. But we cannot celebrate prematurely. There are sufficient numbers of SJWs lacking enough shame that they try and bury the rest of us with their self-serving ultimatums and social reengineering projects. We are unable to always count on non-red pill folks to put these do-gooders in their place.

The advantage that SJWs have had is their ability to refocus a debate and blur out the surrounding context that disproves them. It is our responsibility to revert back to the full picture. Exposing hypocrisy may not seem to work in the short run, but it reaps large dividends in the longer term (just look at Gamergate).

What’s more, as her daughter’s birthday party and her manner of personal presentation prove, Larissa Waters doesn’t even believe in being gender-neutral herself. If the SJWs don’t even want to keep themselves consistent for their cherished pet projects, how good can these initiatives possibly be for society at large?

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243 thoughts on “Feminist Politician Declares War On “Gendered Toys”; Dresses Up Daughter As Pink Fairy Princess”

  1. What the fuck is a gender neutral toy? Are they going to force people speaking French to stop using a “le” or “la” in front of a toy name? The Germans forbidden from henceforth from assigning a “Der” or “Die” or “Das” in front of a toy name? Are the Spanish to now forgo describing toys with “el” and “la”?

    1. You are asking logical questions.
      We are dealing with crazy people.
      That’s all we need to know.

      1. I’m still confused on the precise date that we stopped using “Sex” and started using the word meant to denote a specific category of noun, gender, to mean “sex”. 1990’s maybe? I still recall some applications (paper) asking for “Sex” at the time, but not many afterwards.

        1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Money
          This is the guy responsible for it. (Read his story about the mutilation and death of David Reimer if you can stomach it). He began in 1950, and it took a mere 50 years to alter our language. Everything else follows. The power of language is everything.

        2. I personally prefer the term “gender” so “sex” can refer to the activity (without any confusion).

        3. I want the papers to list chromosome XX or XY. Please circle, i know this could have implications in the future when gene therapy becomes a major force within society and people will want to change their biological markers but i hope that Artificial intelligence has waged a way on mankind when we need to cross that bridge.

        4. I think its pretty clear that sex means biology and gender means behavior or role in a patriarchal society
          Ironic that trannies reflect and associate with patriarchy’s gender roles

        5. Late 1990s they replaced “sex” with “gender”.
          Having studied some psychology in college in the 1980s, I KNEW in the 1990s that this term “gender” was going to be trouble.

        6. thanks Doktop Jeep.
          I was wondering that myself….having just taken 4 years of psychology….mixing sex and gender wrongly is like one of the seven deadly sins.

        7. OK, I am officially fucking spooked now. So the kid had an accident with the penis while still very young, and instead of fucking treating the kid and raising him to cope with the problem, completely remove the dick and educate him to be a fucking woman ? This, my good men is what an atrocity looks like. God Help us ! I Certainly do hope that this was just an experiment that future medical staffs can learn from.

        8. circumcision isnt an accident. it’s intentional rape and mutilation and destruction of the male psyche.
          the crime isnt that circumcision went exceptionally wrong(no such thing as a good circumcision…all of them are pure evil), it’s the fact circumcision actually exists.
          most read that story as circumcision gone wrong which is incorrect….its really “it’s legal to rape and mutilate infant boys and *GASP* shit hit the fan this time”
          hes not the only boy to lose his dick or just outright die during one.

        9. I get it, it’s a quote from the Talmud. But I thought circumcision was done only to male jews ? Is it the case or not the case ? cosher or not ?

        10. Abraham invents circumcision(God existing or not…let’s not morph that into the conversation). His circumcision pokes the penis for a drop or two of blood, essentially the foreskin suffers less damage than a paper cut. Some speculate they cut of just a tiny tiny part of the tip still leaving 99% of the foreskin there. either way, minimal damage is done and you’ll never be able to tell the difference between an Abraham circumcised dick and one that hasnt been circumcised. that and a wondering group of nomads like Abrahams people, couldnt have done it the way we do today….most boys if not all would bleed to death…..never mind the fact that some still do. but thankfully sudden infant death syndrome is a thing so we can just kill all the poor babies we want as infants suddenly die for no reason at all.
          Egypt is the most likely one that started foreskin removal…well some foreskin removal. it’s suspected they didnt do quite as much removal as we do today.
          Moses however refuses to do any circumcision at all…theres an old testament passage where we refuses to do it even though God is issuing death threats.
          Joshua brings back some version of circumcision.
          Jesus and the apostles do away with it….circumcision as a result dies a terrible death….between the people of the time not being high on chopping off parts of their dick(the romans really really really hated it) and christianity basically taking over the Jewish faith…..circumcision dies out. later on with things like the plague and people barely living 20 years….chopping off part of your dick wasnt seen as a good risk.
          fast forward to america late 1800s….Mr Dr. Kellogg I believe is the starter of this, yes the guy that starts Kellogg’s cereal. He invent sit as snakeoil. circumcision has been proposed to cure at least 1000 different things now. when one bogus cure is debunked, another thing it can cure comes up. however it was the anti-masturbation and all sex is evil craze of the 1800s that gave this thing fire.
          so no…it was not a jewish thing….modern circumcision was born in America. it is Americas dirty little secret.
          in the course of a little over 100 years….circumcision went from curing masturbation to an ancient religious thing that has been done for thousands of years. The government forced it if you joined the military. at one point 90% of all boys had it done at birth…..this was helped by the emerging hospital birth bullshit philosophy, and the death of the all wise grandmothers and midwives being the primary baby deliverers, and the rise of feminism was ironically just now kicking off as well the beginning of mandatory public schools. quite the coincidence all of this begins at the same time.
          the Jews when getting Israel naturally picking of circumcision and were free to practice it….the definition of circumcision however was the American one and Abrahams one or two drops of blood version was mostly lost.
          so as stated previously….American whether you are Jewish or christian or atheist or something else….odds are you got raped and mutilated…..female circumcision made some appearances during this time of whacky science that featured such hallmarks as eugenics and limbotamies…..however it never really passed the 50% mark and even then it was quickly disproved as bullshit. and by 1997 it was made illegal by feminist by not a word about their male counterparts.
          so America and Israel do it the most….some third world African cultures do it too.
          the rest of the world openly laughs at it.
          Britain in the 1940s for i think a couple of decades after that, had 90% circumcision rates…but its all but died in that country to my knowledge.
          to break down the walls of circumcision in America you need to debunk “Doctors”, “Religion”, “I want you to look like daddy”, “Everyone else is doing it, tradition” and “Damnit, my parents loved me, they never wouldve hurt me much less raped and mutilated me”…..all of these walls must get shattered, and rarely are. its the only way the boy can survive by telling himself these lies.
          it should also be noted that despite the new testament forbidding circumcision in several verses, and even Mormon scriptures has extra verses that forbid circumcision, most christians rarely read their fucking scriptures and so they practice it and say “But Jesus was circumcised” and if it’s so bad why was it done in Abrahams time….but as I have established what Abraham did is not what we do today nor is it why we even started doing it in the first place and to answer the Jesus question….Jesus was also nailed to a fucking cross and crucified so ya know…..let me know when you want to start crucifying your sons.
          Christians then start ignoring the other scriptures that say “The law is done away in me” or to paraphrase “Christ profits you nothing if you’re circumcised” or from the book of Mormon since I am mormon….it gets called “solemn mockery”
          so christians justify it while having never actually read their fucking scriptures.
          you must tell the man his whole life was a lie from his birth….its not exactly the easiest task in the world….but as for me, I never entirely forgot(always thought my dick looked sick and deformed), and never loved my mother, so an excuse to call her a rapist scum fits with my psyche perfectly.
          that is the history of it, and who does it still and why. i tried to be brief. YEs I am bitter, and YEs I have spent the past 1-2 years researching this topic with an obsessive unhealthy passion…..my story is even in the book “Unspeakable mutilations” I am one of the 50 men featured in that book.
          anyway….hope you enjoyed my history lesson. spread the word.

        11. It was the deliberate manipulation of the word “gender” to mean sex that has allowed the reasoning that has gotten us to this point. You see, sex isn’t a “social construct”, you’re either male, or you’re female. Gender on the other hand is ambiguous and easily manipulated and pliable. As a result, changing “Sex” to “Gender” has become the focii by which rhetoric was constructed such that now we “celebrate” every single kind of mentally ill degeneracy known to mankind, in a very real and legally enforced way.

        12. Yeah, that sounds right.
          At the time I even recall thinking that it was such a contrived and obvious push across society that something had to be up. Little did I realize where it would lead, eventually. Hell, we may not even be at the end of the line yet when it comes to “gender” and what the Left has planned for the vestiges of society that remain.

        13. thanks for writing that. i’m not circumsised and but i’ve had it up to here of circumcision advocates. anyone who has a foreskin can easily see the benefits of not cutting it off, and can quite easily simulate having a cut dick, simply by pulling back the foreskin. it’s impossible for a cut dick to simulate having a foreskin but anyone who is cut just blathers on with the same nonsense “oh, it’s cleaner … oh it looks nicer, oh girls like it more” or whatever the fuck.
          the benefits and use for the foreskin are well documented, included during sex.
          might as well try to convince me to remove my eyelids “wow i can see so much better now and my eyes are much cleaner now that the rain and sunshine can get right in”
          fucking retardation to the max. i have very strong feelings re: circumcision and i can’t take seriously anybody who tries to convince me it’s “better” in any way shape or form.
          i also must make this point: it is folly to that believe we as a species know better than millions-upon-millions of years of evolution.
          Dr. kellogg, (who IMO is up right up there with Freud as a hugely influential figure who should have by rights been institutionalized) or whoeverthefuck, fucking joe blow who lives down the street, or even Dante Fucking Nero, for whom i have much respect, are not smarter than mother nature. the foreskin exists for a reason.

        14. “thanks for writing that.”
          glad you got something out of it….so many are terrified of this topic.
          “i’m not circumsised and but i’ve had it up to here of circumcision advocates.”
          impressive….are you not American? its pretty rare to find a man that didnt lose his foreskin be anti-circ these days unless they arent American….but even then its not really a topic that Europeans discuss as far as I know and AMericans like to think its harmless routine surgery which is more perplexing as americans dont like to talk about it either.
          “can quite easily simulate having a cut dick, simply by pulling back the foreskin.”
          Well I am going to say no you cant….part of the lack of foreskin is not only having a smaller dick both in length and width….up to 50% smaller, but also your dick is dried out, and your piss hole looks sealed shut(it does this as an infant as a defense mechanism to prevent infection) and of course the lack of 20,000 nerves….there really is no way to simulate it. oh and dont forget the brain damage the infant suffers. really google pictures…it looks like two different dicks.
          “”oh, it’s cleaner … oh it looks nicer, oh girls like it more” or whatever the fuck.”
          yep bullshit rationalizing because the truth is too ugly….we mustn’t that in the past 100 years AMerica has raped and mutilated over 150 million boys without one ounce of shame….it really is a terrifying statistic to think of what we can do in open broad daylight….it really does shame world war 2 crimes.
          “the benefits and use for the foreskin are well documented, included during sex. ”
          not in AMerican textbooks. most American textbooks show the penis without the foreskin…so to be American and learn about foreskin you must either have gotten insanely lucky to keep yours, OR enjoy the fine art of random googling. its also possible that if you are American and have foreskin, you got laughed at during gym showers for being the oddball freak.
          “might as well try to convince me to remove my eyelids “wow i can see so much better now and my eyes are much cleaner now that the rain and sunshine can get right in””
          perfect analogy. and should be noted foreskin keeps your dick moist like your eyelids keep your eyes moist….hence most cut men need lubrication and most American women complain about their vaginas getting dry during sex.
          on that note….lubrication and viagra are a billion dollar industry….coicidence?
          also infant foreskin is used in anti-aging cream, if I am not mistaken even some highly public cream from Oprahs brand of products….more billion dollar industry here…coicidence?
          also doctors get paid about 500 bucks or if they are Mohels it can be in the thousands all for what amounts to a few minutes of work….another coincidence?
          “i also must make this point: it is folly to that believe we as a species know better than millions-upon-millions of years of evolution.”
          it really is….granted I am not an evolution fan but still its folly to think we know better than Evolution/God/Nature or whatever the fuck you think put us here.
          “for whom i have much respect, are not smarter than mother nature. the foreskin exists for a reason.”
          bingo….it also brings up other such bullshit science like “you dont need wisdom teeth(yeah they can become a problem but not by default)” or “you dont need your tonsils” or “insert other random useless body part”. Mother Nature never creates excess, it always creates exactly what it needs…no more, no less.
          “(who IMO is up right up there with Freud as a hugely influential figure who should have by rights been institutionalized)”
          you know it interesting to note, that Freud talked about boys having castration fears…this around the time that circumcision really becomes popular….perhaps he was on to something?
          but not that shocking i suppose….we are a superficial world….nose jobs, breast implants, liposuction, etc. hell we have to cut the balls off our dogs, and cats are defective and need claw removal surgery, dogs need ears clipped, and so on. nothing is born right, we know better than mother nature and we have the surgery to prove it. I say you want a dog without balls, get a bitch instead. want a baby without a penis, then pay to neuter yourself and stop fucking with the much wiser Evolution/God/Nature.

        15. i’m a crooked-toothed pasty-faced smegma-cheese-penis englishman. i wasn’t aware of the history of circumcision, so once again, thanks.
          “ha ha ha ha you didn’t have a part of your body cut off when you were a baby!!! hahahahaha look at the boy with the foreskin hahahaha!”
          WHAT the FUCK !!! what the fucking fuck kind of a world we (well, you) live in where that is the kind of thing that kids are getting bullied and teased about?
          i heard about the infant foreskin face-cream recently, on ROK in fact. as far as i know they use a tiny amount of stem-cells not actually the ground up meat! so i don’t think it’s a conspiracy to keep the raw-materials in suppy. but your point is taken.
          edit: you make a good point about not being able to simulate the loss of thousands of nerves, but pulling back my foreskin is a reasonable facsimile. there’s no way somebody without it can possibly simulate having it. i use my foreskin every day. i can clearly see it’s purpose, every single day.
          oh and i’ve never once had to use lube with any girl ever.

        16. “i’m a crooked-toothed pasty-faced smegma-cheese-penis englishman. i wasn’t aware of the history of circumcision, so once again, thanks.”
          all I can say is lucky bastard. either way glad you enjoyed it’s history. probably the most complete history of the subject you’ll find…well complete condensed history.
          “i heard about the infant foreskin face-cream recently, on ROK in fact. as far as i know they use a tiny amount of stem-cells not actually the ground up meat! so i don’t think it’s a conspiracy to keep the raw-materials in suppy. but your point is taken.”
          that is true…however i think what actually happens is they keep the foreskin on ice, freeze it for a while, and eventually then just take what they want. however I cannot remember entirely, but then next time i see a woman using such cream I still think it will be much more fun to say “you enjoying rubbing baby dick all over your face?”. though wouldnt be shocked to find out it’s ground up in the cream wholesale.
          “”ha ha ha ha you didn’t have a part of your body cut off when you were a baby!!! hahahahaha look at the boy with the foreskin hahahaha!”
          WHAT the FUCK !!! what the fucking fuck kind of a world we (well, you) live in where that is the kind of thing that kids are getting bullied and teased about?”
          there are fair amount of stories about that around on intact websites. this shaming has sadly lead many to as adults get their foreskin cut off….and 30 years later they are on the internet crying about how stupid they were. as stated mutilation rates hit 90% at one point or another and textbooks rarely have foreskin…..so foreskin is seen over here as a birth defect really. its quite ridiculous how America sees foreskin as a birth defect.
          but i share your sentiment.
          “oh and i’ve never once had to use lube with any girl ever.”
          once again, lucky bastard. I like many others cannot even masturbate without Lube….well I can, but I won’t feel a damn thing except for the cum leaving my pee hole. some really unlucky souls cannot even masturbate without severe pain. a great deal many cannot feel a damn thing during sex….lubed up or not. think its why Americans love porn so much….its the only way to achieve any kind of orgasm.
          really besides social conditioning….it’s why so many American girls are such bitches. they can’t be satisfied in bed and over here there is a long running culture joke about men being unable to give women orgasms and women faking orgasms. the men just lack their whole penis. it really makes learning game useless…..I mean whats the point if you cant have sex properly? there is a reason she is rarely in the mood in America and aint just feminism. all the game in the world can’t save a cut dick from failing at sex.

        17. dare i ask what brought you to this insane subject? seeing as you are a whole man.

        18. i’m a pretty flexible, open minded dude but some things are so fucking obviously right that not believing it would stretch the realm of my imagination and my head would implode. one of those things is circumcision, as per my arguments above. i’ve literally told people who tried to argue with me that i could not take another word they say seriously. it’s such an insane argument, so far outside my realm of the rational, that i couldnt possibly believe this person could be credible on any other subject. i’ve had people then mull it over and come back to me after several days “you know i’ve been doing my research and it seems you might be right about the foreskin. i’m beginning to feel i might have been robbed of something”
          it’s having to explain this, and debate it with people, that leads me to having such strong feelings. it really is an insane argument. like a man, blind from birth trying to tell me how much better it was to have no sense of sight. or a man with a wooden leg trying to tell me how fucking awesome it is to have to hop everywhere with a crutch, because he gets to workout his torso more.
          jesus fucking christ

        19. In the future, birth certificates will be gender neutral! How about that! In case the newborn’s parents want to pull a Kaitlin Jenner!!

        20. Ghost – does this mean I can’t buy my baby son some pj’s with the dik sewn in!! NO WAY!

        21. ” like a man, blind from birth trying to tell me how much better it was to have no sense of sight. ”
          have you read the story “in the country of the blind”. the way you talk, you’d probably enjoy it. also sums up society pretty well. its a short story.
          but its good you are open minded and actually open minded….most open minded folks are usually feminist liberal politically correct swine or the ever famous holier than thou religious person. even nicer that someone is anti-circ living in a country where it isnt too big of an issue to my knowledge. rare is the one who sees life is full of shades of grey.
          “but some things are so fucking obviously right that not believing it would stretch the realm of my imagination and my head would implode. one of those things is circumcision, as per my arguments above.”
          I agree. this topic especially is one that fills me with an indescribable rage….a rage that really makes me wonder to see my mother suffer a 1000000 deaths. its quite crazy really the rage this topic summons from within me.
          call is psychological damage from getting mutilated and raped as an infant, but i can certainly tell a vast difference between you and I even typing online…..even when i play video games online, Europeans are of a different breed. you folks have a certain fire in your eyes i and my mutilated counterparts lack….sure I have that fire sometimes, but its not always there and often needs to be kick started.
          color me jealous….such is life.

        22. i have read that story, i think about it occasionally but i didn’t know the name.
          although i’m english i haven’t lived there for a long long time, i’m often the only englishman amongst a group of friends or colleagues. and lest i start to rant again, i’ve often been in the position of having to defend my whole, complete penis!
          even just writing that is retarded.
          i can empathise with the rage you feel. i believe there is somewhat of a backlash beginning against circumcision. men are starting to realise that they have had something taken from them, the fire is spreading

        23. so what brought you to our whacky land of the pedophiles and home of the mutilated?
          well somewhat of a backlash is forming….but eh unless the whole damn system falls apart and we get another plague(come on book of revelations lol) I don’t see circumcision vanishing in the next 50 years. it’s as I’ve stated an ancient religious tradition in the eyes of most and why read your bible when you can blindly be a religious sheep instead? and God knows the Jews arent going to give it up because fears of another holocaust.
          “i can empathise with the rage you feel”
          I know you arent trying to be hostile here….but just as I have never known what good sex is, you do not know my rage. this rage is like the rage of the bottomless pit of hell, it is a rage that if I could think it and make it so I would cause the sun the come flying into the planet, it is a rage that supersedes simple homicidal murder…..in a show once the bad guy was asked what his motive was for unleashing zombies and vampies and demons especially cause he spent 100 years plotting this attack….his response was basically “I just want to see the world burn”.
          while I’ve spoken to a lot of men who have forgiven their parents….those that don’t share my rage. we have no empathy. We have never known love. those that do forgive….might be healthier mentally, but they arent going to have the raw energy needed to push back….they are too passive. but then again most of those passive ones don’t think of it as rape and mutilation whereas I see America now as the land of the pedophile.
          in broad daylight over 150 million(and this just includes the boys!) souls have been raped and mutilated with no shame, no remorse….in fact it might even be 200 million over the past 100 years.
          few anti-circ folks dwell on that statistic whereas I just embrace hence my ridiculous burning hatred I’ve acquired. it’s not healthy psychologically or spirtually….but I am not going to lie to myself and say like most of those passive souls “Oh they didn’t mean it, their you’re parents they still love you”…..I say bull fucking shit. if you loved me I’d have my whole dick.
          so yes I take the more violent solution approach….I see it as my virginity was robbed when I was an hour old….few see it that way….the passive souls think you can talk to a pedophile and reason with them…..I prefer a good old fashioned burn them at the stake.
          if you agree with that….well I take it back, you emphasize with me….but few see it like this.
          I see it as war….if another country invaded you and raped and mutilated your children without remorse….you’d see it as war….so why then is this not a full out declaration of war against the male sex? Wars require violent solutions 99% of the time….unless you are Ghandi, but I think even Ghandi might press the nuke button here.

        24. i don’t live in the states.
          i see more and more men are waking up and realizing that, like you, they were robbed of something they can never get back.
          they may have forgiven their parents, they may not share your rage, but one would imagine that they will now opt to not mutilate their own children.

        25. oh so where are you at then?
          and yeah more men are waking up as I’ve pointed out too. but we are still I think in America around the 50% mark with some states being higher and some being less. of course the internet has helped this but has helped pro-mutilation folks too. it cuts both ways.
          I just am not near as optimistic as you are about it. I don’t think the problem goes away without a full on war. the blood of 150-200 million is on our hands and some of those are actual deaths not to mention God only knows what the psychological damage has caused….it’s impossible to tell what the psychological and spiritual damage of this has caused…..this isnt the kind of thing that peacefully fades into the night…..my homicidal rage aside….logically speaking thats not usually how these problems are resolved.
          I actually think my rage is just more in touch with the true horror of it…I’ve for whatever reason come in contact with it because for whatever reason I dont think I really fully blocked it out as an infant. this horror will have to surface sooner or later. theres some serious widescale mental and spiritual damage that most overlook when discussing this topic. if people just applied all the research done about how rape victims are screwed up and saw circumcision as rape…..they’d wake up and see the monster we made

    2. Lincoln logs, Legos, erector sets, chemistry sets, sticks, old boxes, bikes, dirt, trees, bb guns – you know all the shit we don’t let kids have anymore and instead opt for Hollywood cross-promoted television personality disposable tchotchke.

      1. The only thing my son didn’t have was a chemistry set, most likely because he never asked for one. But he got a quick start on Legos, logs, Jarts, bb guns, etc. Daughter – you couldn’t have paid her to look at or care about those things. Eventually she wanted to learn to shoot, but that’s about the extent of her venture into the realm of male things.

        1. Right, she had every opportunity to play with objectively genderless toys and chose not to. It’s like people are willfully blind to how people/children actually act and live in some liberal academic dream world.
          The little girls moved in behind my parents house use the trees we used as a baseball fence as a club house for tea parties and playing house. Some feminist should tell them they are doing it wrong.

        2. I believe that those who push for “genderless” anything are not pushing for “no gender”, they’re pushing for “eliminate things boys and men like to do”.

        3. what kind of things did your daughter prefer?
          my six years old niece also doesnt care about typical toys for boys, and her father really tried. she just doesnt give a fuck about lego, bb guns and technical things, which made him a bit disappointed. hes an engineer and would have loved it to show his little daughter the entrance to science, but yeah. however, she really likes to play “we are family” with her plush toys and is also very sensitive towards her “friends” and consoles them sincerely when something is up. its so cute it makes me chuckle everytime i see it^^
          talking about gender being socially constructed, eh. my other brother has a 5 years old son. to be fair, he has a puppet and likes to play with it, but thats about it. hes more interested in climbing trees, building shelters and playing that he and his friends are invaded, so they hide in the shelter they just build and so on.
          and then you think that at some point, they have to go to school. how did you solve this, as you are well aware of the bullshit that is taught there?

        4. Anything to do with the smallest possible, and thus cutest, animal you could find. Also was into horses, big time. Tea sets, Barbie were big hits for a while, she inherited a full plastic tote of 1970’s Barbie sets from my wife and put them to good use. Fashion Plates (or whatever they were renamed) were in vogue, and of course “make up”, dressing in pink dresses like she was a fairy princess, and small Halloween angel wings were kept for that perfect touch to any costume.
          We studiously avoided “Bratz” and other such drivel. She’d ask occasionally, we’d say no, that would be that. Not hard at all.
          and then you think that at some point, they have to go to school. how did you solve this, as you are well aware of the bullshit that is taught there?
          Teaching the ability to reason off of broad principles, usually libertarian in nature (philosophically I mean, not the political party).
          “It is wrong to hit somebody first, it is wrong to steal, your property is yours and their property is theirs, lying is wrong, etc” were the base point. Then every time a situation came up where the principles could be exercised, I asked them directly how what they were wanting to do applied to those principles, or violated those principles. When you have kids, you don’t have to go into epistemology much, heh, so they took them as axioms and worked out from there right and wrong.
          Since I only gave them the axioms, and tasked them to think them through into actions/ethics, they themselves felt that they formed their own moral code, ergo, no need to rebel against ol’ pop.
          The effect? Kids who get great grades AND make it a point to constantly challenge the Leftist status quo. Asked to do a report about the evils of World War 2 my son did one on the, gasp!, USSR and how it killed many more people than the Nazis, who were ideological cousins to the Soviets, etc. When tasked to do a report on an Amendment of the BOR, he chose the 2nd and went full frontal into “It’s there so we can defend ourselves against our own government”, etc. My daughter, on the other hand, constantly criticizes feminism in class and backs it up by asking the kinds of questions Leftists flee from, and has half the boys in the school openly telling her that they wish more girls were like her.
          Keep in mind I did nothing but lay down the axioms and guided them through the first couple of years of “Well, if A is wrong, and you want result B, then what do you think you should do in order to not violate A” type of thinking.
          The propaganda so many people fear as if it were Satan incarnate glides like water off your kids backs if you teach them axioms and how to reason off of them from an early age forward.
          And whatever you do, never….ever….get into the entire “I don’t care, just share with your sister!” bullshit. We stressed property rights and property rights respect. If you want to play with your sisters cards, you have to ask her, they’re hers, I’m not going to force her to share her own property, etc.

        5. there was a time when i lived in a state-funded boarding school. once, the fat pedagogic hen of the house saw me outside fighting with sticks, alone. i remember that she and some other elders told me that something was wrong with me and my aggressions. did make me question myself back then.

        6. Germany right? All boys make sticks into pretend guns/swords/spears. If those things were not invented yet we’d *still* make them into guns/swords/spears. It’s how we’re wired. Fuck those old hens, they clearly do not understand males.

        7. “Keep in mind I did nothing but lay down the axioms and guided them through the first couple of years of “Well, if A is wrong, and you want result B, then what do you think you should do in order to not violate A” type of thinking.”
          amazing. how the west could possibly look like if we had more fathers like you? your children seem to be very badass, heh. i also like how your daughter questions feminism, and as a result is liked by many boys. if her skepticism towards feminism really comes from heart and she is able to see the countless injustices it commits, then the boys really have a treasure trove in front of them. however, can you name two or three questions that are usually feared by leftists?

        8. Thanks.
          From her:
          “If women are equal to men…”
          a) “can you name one professional team sport that women can beat men at?”
          b) “have you ever met a man you could out arm wrestle?”
          c) “then why do men invent almost everything?”
          d) “why do firefighters and the military have to lower the standards for girls?”
          And so on. She comes home with a few each month and tells me. Keep in mind she’s nearly 16 so the questions are getting a bit more sophisticated. It’s quite fun.
          She’s also put off by Grrrl Powah movies.
          It bothers me that so many men don’t know any longer how to father. What I’m doing is no different than how my father raised me, that’s where I got the whole “make them think through their own responses” thing. And it works great and immunizes them from propaganda quite well, and keeps *me* from having to “do their thinking” for them. They don’t have anything to rebel against since they came to their own conclusions without me dictating from above. Now that they’re older they rather think the axioms are their own as well, so I’m not even in their mind on that count.
          It also helps, when they have a question about something where you can gather evidence or which is scientific, to ask them how they intend to solve the question (put out rain cups, or observe birds, or whatever) and direct them towards resources (books, manuals, etc) and coach them along.
          And to help with the urge to lie I’ve always found that “Ok, you said XYZ to me, now when I ask your mother is she going to tell me the same story you told me?” thing and “There are two punishments for this, one for if you tell the truth and a much worse one if it’s found out you’re lying”.

        9. You’ll find my fee quite reasonable, and I have a convenient installment plan if you need credit.

        10. “It bothers me that so many men don’t know any longer how to father.” So many men grew up without a father, in neighborhoods where most of the other kids don’t have fathers. Rather than drawing on the experience of our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, we’re trying to figure it out on our own.

        11. Oh no, not Germany! Playing with sticks and fake swords might make you go start another World War! Israel does not approve!

        12. And these Jewish nutsack-licking laws for Germans are in effect until The Horsemen arrive!

        13. Yeah, this talk about gender neutral toys is bullshit. You may have a handful of girls (tom boys) who prefer other shit but for the most part girls will be into fuzzy cute animals, barbies, etc…while boys will be into building (anything), action figures and playing guns (or sports).
          Feminism and SJWs are trying to change something that just comes natural….and it’s not working.

        14. Stossel did an episode about this. How in college he was made to think boys and girls were exactly the same and only SEXISM created differences.
          Then he had children. A boy n’ girl. He observed how boys would engage in ruff & tumble activity, play with Tonka trucks where his daughter and girls sought dolls, etc …
          The ones who ignore nature and are presently endeavoring to reverse all are generally Academia Nutz who live in an insanely insulated bubble yet think they’re the utmost “expert.”

        15. Vividly recall a few years ago some Academic on O’Reilly was spewing that boys engaging in rough and tumble activity promoted Violence Against Women.
          Forget research that shows boys need this activity as it’s how they grow, work things out … to the academic, even if that’s true: boys need to be punished for engaging in natural behavior as it could spawn VAW later on.

        16. omg JARTS!!! Those lethal spikes with fins to make them fly straight right into your head. Those were outlawed I think….Ah the good ‘ol days

        17. That’s just as silly as saying a girl that plays with baby dolls in a play tub would have a tendency to commit infanticide by drowning it.

        18. “And whatever you do, never….ever….get into the entire ‘I don’t care, just share with your sister!’ bullshit. We stressed property rights and property rights respect. If you want to play with your sisters cards, you have to ask her, they’re hers, I’m not going to force her to share her own property, etc”
          Children are property, they have no “right” to any property.
          “Your sibling’s bike is broken, so you’re going to share yours until it is fixed, if you have a problem with that, you won’t be riding it all. I am your Father.”
          The “I am your Father” part doesn’t need to be spoken, by me anyway, it is understood implicitly.

        19. A few years ago I was helping my dad clean a bunch of stuff out of his house, and found a box with my school journal from grade 1 (1991/92). Every day I was writing about Terminator, G.I. Joe, guns, knives, missiles, war etc. Thank god I was a kid 25 years ago. Back then my teacher thought I was very creative, and had a vivid imagination (I also found a report card from the same year). Nowadays I’d be on a watch list as the next school shooter, and having daily visits with the school shrink.

        20. the posts by GhostOfJefferson in this thread were Godly.
          the only piece of advice that could be added to that is don’t circumcise your boys, their foreskin is not a birth defect, and no Abraham did not do it this way. thats not an excuse. for starters the metal tools we do it with today didnt exist back then.
          “So many men grew up without a father, in neighborhoods where most of the other kids don’t have fathers”
          it really isnt just this though. many people like me grow up with an active father in the house, yet still turn into a broken adult male. baby boys….before they can morph into men, need a lot more love and guidance than girls and most boys just flat out do not get that…..most boys have their bond with their mother shattered beyond any repair when they get their foreskin cut off….at a core psychology level circumcision breaks most males to an unrepairable point. the bond between mother and infant son is far more important than an infant girl’s bond to their mother. boys who must strike out on their own to become men, need that secure environment first…..girls who are by default herd creatures, can with a much greater ease replicate a lost mothers love.
          one of the greatest myths of modern psychology is the teaching that girls need more love than boys….ironically enough before you can turn that boy into a rough and tough man ready to conquer the world….he actually needs MORE love than girls. more proof the two sexes are different from the start.
          these boys eventually turn into fathers….who are still broken at a core level. no matter how active these fathers are, they can’t overcome being broken at a core level.
          when you cut off the balls of a dog, you tame the beast by default….not because you are the master, you’ve just struck fear into the animal with sheer cruelty.
          when you cut off a boys foreskin, you have the same effect as your neutered dog. ….worse when done in infancy as the new born brain just cannot cope with trauma especially when all a newborn really wants is to suck moms breast, burp, and fall asleep in moms arms.
          however America being the leader of the world, this has greater consequences. it also means we have less actual men to pick up the pieces of our fall. it also means we will be slower to recover from feminism as the men in this country are by default tamer than our other world counterparts.
          yes some men overcome this….but by and large….we don’t. the proof is our current state…..its not just social conditioning like school….that would never be enough to kill the spirit of a country like America….no we needed something more brutal and perverse. we are a country that’s spirit is free thinking…..social conditioning alone could never be enough to kill that. it’s enough to kill countries used to living in tyranny….but no America.
          not entirely sure where this post went….didnt think it’d get this long. ah well.

        21. awesome. i was drawing comics in a very amateurish way back then. violence, blood, big explosions, super-monster-weapons, you name it. i also created an unreal tournament map of the school – who didn’t. ironically, this was around the time of school shootings here and they found out and actually construed it such that they accused me of creating a game where one can shoot the teachers of the school. back then, i thought they were changing the facts on purpose; nowadays, i think they may just have been lazy and stupid and seeing what they wanted to see.

        22. basically…..Freud wrote of castration fears at a time when circumcision was picking up steam. coincidence?

        23. I will *guaran-fucking-tee* that if successful in this, the only things to become “gender neutral” will be boys toys. Girls will retain their baby dolls, their strollers, etc, meanwhile baseball bats, trucks, etc will disappear from toy shelves.

        24. And if you don’t have a box handy, the cushions from the couch also are fine building materials for the castle you wish to build.

        25. They can take my JARTS when they pull them out of my cold, dead forehead.

        26. You missed the point. I’m training them to be adults, not perpetual children. To train them to be adults, you have to introduce adult concepts and teach them how to think about them and arrive at their own conclusions such that when they become 18 they do not automatically enter the Socialist Party and start becoming your worst political enemy.
          With kids you have to think three steps ahead if you want them to remain your kin, these days.

        27. Right on. We see this all of the time. We talk about “gender neutral” shit but it’s really code for “get rid of all masculine (whatever) and empower women”….as usual. I’ve been around long enough to know how this shit works. Women talk a good game about equality but in the end it’s just about power and control.

        28. Power and control, exactly. Barbie never gets a machine gun, but G.I. Joe always gets a pink uniform.

      2. I’ve saved all my old lego, so if I ever have a son he will have something good to play with

        1. Same reason I saved my parent’s Jarts set from the 1970’s. My son and his buddy from next door were out playing Jarts, with metal tips and all, in the back yard last summer. Attracted the attention of many of our neighbors, heh.

        2. I did this, gave him my big box when he was two and a half. My son now 5, loves Lego and it had given him a real head start in fine motor control and finger dexterity as well as spatial awareness, math and problem solving. Best toy ever.
          His birthday is coming up and he’s been asking for a bow, I don’t think I could be prouder.

    3. Feminism has fucked up the english language. They started re-writing things back in the 1970s. Fireman became firefighter, etc. Another reason to date asian and latin american women.

      1. A feminist in Seattle, so offended by use of “man” successfully got the WA State Legislature to pass a law which has all state records being re-written to be ‘inclusive’ by removing any word with “man” in it.
        For example: it’s no longer freshman. It’s first year student. And penmanship is now handwriting.
        I still have NO clue what they’re changing WoMAN too though …

        1. Biology describes women as derived from men
          Freud: Women are castrated males
          Aristotle : Women are underdeveloped men
          The idea of femininity as equivalent somehow to masculinity is artificial, invented, false as modern women are
          There is one basic sex, the male, but women do not become men, do not develop penises, only a vestige we call clitoris
          There are tons of evidence about this

          Some quotes from Internet:

          …alteration of wifman (plural wifmen) “woman, female servant” (8c.), a compound of wif “woman” (see wife) + man “human being”

          The word is derived from wyfman, the combination of wyf [wife] and man

          The “wyf-” that underlies the “wo-” at the start of “woman” has a much older meaning, which goes back to the Old English “quiff” and “quim”, the latter of which elides easily into “-man,” and mean “female genitals.” “Wife,” which comes to us by the older form “huswyf” which predates “wyfe” / “wife,” means, literally “cunt” (the demotic form it survives in today) and “huswyf” is a “cunt” that a man keeps in his “house” (rather than in the barn or a separate dwelling), largely for work–cooking, cleaning, and sex. …Thus “a woman” is “a cunt-man”, a person with a “cunt.” A “husband” is someone who manages the animals on a farm. “A Husband” and “his wife” is an animal manager and his cunt. For better or for worse, those are among the etymological facts for English. That is the root meaning of the marriage vow, “I take this man to be my lawful wedded husband; I take this woman to be my lawful wedded wife.” I accept this man as my lawful manager. I accept this woman to be my lawful cunt.

        2. I don’t think so.
          Marriage had political reasons, it is still political.
          And it basically meant transferring the woman/child to a new father. Hence asking her father for her hand.
          So the man had to be worthy in the eyes of the father, not her eyes.
          Wooing IMO is feminine behavior.

        3. I think womanipulate is a good change. Not sure they’ll ask for ‘manslaughter’ any time soon, either.

        4. “A feminist in Seattle, so offended by use of “man”…”
          It is funny how feminists try to change every word with man in it…but still cling to the word FEMinism instead of changing it to something more “equal” like they claim it to be…

        1. Yep, womyn =/= woman. Hence, she isn’t human. SJWs want to create names like these because they think they are ‘special.’

      2. I can get with firefighter and police officer. I have more problems with “maintenance hole cover” (as opposed to man hole cover), “womyn”, “herstory” and the ever-awkward “congressperson” (although “member of congress” is not as bad but still unwieldy).
        I like movies and generally avoid the term “actress”. Pop quiz: who portrayed Freddie Lounds (sleazy reporter in the various Hannibal Lecter stories)? Phillip Seymour Hoffman (a man) and Lara Jean Chorostecki, among others. They are both “actors”.

    4. Given the fluidity of their beliefs on sexuality, the only toy which will be approved as appropriately gender neutral will be a dildo.

      1. Now now, that could be offensive the tranny boys who think they should be girls.

      2. What use would a boy (who is officially declared straight by society) have of a dildo?

        1. There are many women out there, Myron, who claim that heterosexual sex is always rape unless the man submits to being fucked in the ass with a strap on.

      3. No can’t have that. It’s not gender neutral. Maybe if it had a vagina at the other end it could be considered neutral?

    5. Seriously, I think Sweden already did what you described. They banned gendered pronouns.

    6. Another politician speaking in terms of “do as I say, not as I do”….a hypocrite, as usual. Women are very delusional and they’ll justify their behavior…minute by minute. It’s ok for her daughter to dress like a princess and play with barbies but keep in mind that other people should not do it.
      Politicians and hypocrisy goes hand in hand. Many “law makers” are in fact law breakers..keep that in mind.

      1. It’s the same thing as saying a “Man Never Hits a Woman.” The classic picking and choosing with Feminists.
        Women are equal to men and it’s just sexism holding them back in STEM. But when it comes to a woman being accountable for her negative actions when a male is involved, magically the female is some irrational child and the superior male should have “known better.”

        1. It’s like “WIMMIN CAN DO EVERYTINHG THAT A MAN CAN DO!!! YAAAYYYY! Wimmin can can be doctors, engineers, soldiers, scientists, everything! And if you don’t accept this, then you are a misogynist!!!
          But can wimmin do all the BAAADDD things that men do, like, rape, murder or abuse? NO WAY! And if you think so, then you are a misogynist, and you deserve to be killed, castrated, locked into prison, or put into boiling water!

    7. Gender neutral means turning boys into to girls and vice versa. Since boys are all born rapists and mysoginists according to feminism they want to make it so boys arn’t allowed to cultivate any masculinity.

      1. Of course, being male is not playing ball, you have to be either gay, tranny or a mix of both to be accepted by society these days.

        1. Yep being a straight male is evil to SJWs unless you’re a self loathing one. Even if they bring a boy up “gender neutral” if he leans towards masculine pursuits they will still believe it’s due to being brainwashed and try to discourage it.

    8. Oh don’t laugh but the gender distinctions in languages could be next. In Spanish table is la mesa i.e. the feminine “la” precedes it . Table is “feminine” in Spanish…give it time the fems will focus their “eye of Sauron ” on the issue.

    9. I wonder how comfortable Larissa Waters will be with gender neutral restrooms.

    10. Essentially they have begun this process with the English language. Firefighter instead of fireman, Chairperson instead of Chairman and so on.

    11. “das” would be ok. gender-free. i guess english is more progressive, having merged se, seo, and þæt into “the” almost 1000 years ago.

    12. All the dolls I have ever seen – GI Joe, Barbie, whatever – if you take off their clothes they are rather gender neutral from the waist to the thigh.

      1. Why are you undressing G.I. Joe, dude?
        <—-note the tag

        1. I’m Canadian: in November I had to change him from forest camo to arctic camo.

    13. The grammatical gender of the word would matter less than its function as a ‘genderless’ toy, which sounds boring anyway.

      1. Yeah, I know. I was actually making a veiled reference to the fact that “Gender” has nothing to do with actual sex, and is merely an Indo European language construct for assigning specific values to nouns through the article.

        1. The connection is so loose as to be negligible. Yes, der Mann and die Frau are correct for gender, and the sex of the noun holder in question, but when you get away from actual males and females, there is really no correlation to speak of, in fact even some real “sex” type objects can become male or female against their actual sexual identification (das Madchen, sorry, no umlauts on my keyboard).
          My point was that “gender” as a word has been corrupted, intentionally, by the Leftists in order to obfuscate and make actual sex identification irrelevant. This has led to basically most of the looniness when it comes to sexuality in the West the last few decades, imo.

    14. You started good but then you just repeated your examples but swapping the languages. Why didn’t you switch to other ideas? It made your post fluffy and unclever.

  2. I, for one, like my girls and women in dresses and skirts. What’s wrong with a woman being a proper lady?

    1. I was excited when I learned about the suicide girls. I thought, awesome, all these filthy pigs are going to kill themselves….turns out I was wrong.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how the far left can completely ignore existential problems for whatever country they happen to be in; in favor of trivial BS like this.

  4. Feminazis won’t be happy until men and women are all mute, shapeless, asexual blobs.

    1. A long time ago I read something from literature (Chaucer?) about how a woman’s natural state is misery. When I read it, I thought it was because a lot of women have it tough. Over time, I’ve come to see how it means that a lot of women like wallowing in misery. There is such a thing as a martyr complex (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martyr_complex), which is an unhealthy, passive aggressive response to unhappiness that doesn’t involve actually fucking doing anything to make your life better.
      A lot of feminist women have martyr complexes, and are really nothing more than miserable bitches.
      Miserable bitch (n). Definition: A bitch who likes being miserable,.
      Example: Feminist Francine believes men should stop acting so masculine and should act more like women. She also complains that there are so many guys who wont “man up.” Even if you give her what she wants, she still won’t be happy. She’s just a miserable bitch.

      1. women like to dramatise their lives. That requires misery, or alternatively fabricating misery. “One woman’s struggle …” and all that
        I imagine at some level they are really surprised that people are taking their whining seriously

      2. After being in a relationship for 3+ years I came to the conclusion that my girlfriend did not genuinely enjoy seeing me happy.
        Making her happy would brighten my day. Everything would be fun, sexy, and motivating. Seeing her unhappy only made me want to get things back to normal. Even when I’m single I find ways to be content with reality and stay motivated.
        But I don’t think girls have that same reaction for their men. Once settled into a relationship women seem more concerned with grabbing control and securing more resources. A happy healthy man is difficult to control so she tries to wear him down with shit-tests into oblivion.
        The irony is that once she manages to control her man, she no longer considers him an attractive mate. I just don’t think it’s possible for the average women to be truly happy. I don’t think they’re wired for that.

        1. Right on. A close friend told me that my last serious girlfriend really disliked the freedom and flexibility I had (working my own hours, no dress code, etc.) and that it made her jealous and angry. We broke up soon after, so I didn’t have enough time to test if that hypothesis was true, but my experiences tend to support the assertion that a) women cannot be truly happy in the long run and b) women dislike happiness in their mate
          Women are inherently jealous creatures, and if you are happy or having a good time, they are probably afraid you are having more fun than they are, and hate you for it. I think that’s where shit tests come from. Instead of just enjoying the moment, they attempt to break your frame and make you feel vulnerable and defensive.
          I’ve seen in many married friends how the wife wears them down, forces them into doing the social activities she wants to do, withholds sex, etc. All these things prevent the man from being happy. There are stories of rich and powerful men who are pussywhipped by their bitchy wives who sleep with them once a year if they are lucky. Control and power seem important to them. I could care less about controlling my woman, although I try to do it now, because it makes them more docile and loving and less likely to shit test you (how ironic!).

        2. Damn, you and spicynujac have dated some fucked up women. I think it probably stems from insecurity on the part of the woman. If he’s happy and doing things, he’ll go bang another bitch mentality, which is funny because that attitude leads to just that. A girl comfortable with who she is will want to make you happy.

        3. I think women used to try and make their man happy but no longer….
          For women , it’s all about them…

        4. “I’ve seen in many married friends how the wife wears them down, forces them into doing the social activities she wants to do, withholds sex, etc. All these things prevent the man from being happy. There are stories of rich and powerful men who are pussywhipped by their bitchy wives who sleep with them once a year if they are lucky.”
          Those rich and powerful men just need to get wifey to fly off on an “exotic vacation” with him to a country where marriage is consent, the husband’s word is law, and she can be caged in luxury for the rest of her life.

    2. Nope they just want men to be like that. I can’t get over how we as a people let the politicians spew lies like the gender pay gap myth. This short video is hilarious and also debunks the myth as well.

    3. not coincidentally, most feminazis are fugly shapeless blobs.
      they cant be sexy, so no one should be sexy. you know, making life fair.

  5. Do people take her seriously? Are there morons who actually believe that non-“gender neutral” toys cause domestic violence and pay gaps?
    Don’t vote for crazy.

    1. What is crazy is that she can be taken seriously without her having any evidence.

  6. Why do people make this toy thing into an either/or proposition. Is it not possible for a girl to like princesses and also baseball? Can a little boy like both army men and easy bake ovens? They’re kids, let them explore the fucking world in joyous childhood wonder before you start slamming post-modern gender theory into their heads.

    1. Can’t speak for all people of course, but my son never once gave a rat’s ass about his sister’s dolls, toy horses or Littlest Pet Shop collection. She never once evinced interest in anything he had. No discouragement, they just weren’t interested. Lots is said about nurture, but as a parent who watched it develop I’ll have to say that nature plays a part in sexual roles as well.
      First time I gave my son a toy rubber band gun he was nearly going into nervous spasms of shaking and joy. Daughter? “Eh, that’s nice” then turned to play with her Barbies.
      My experience is that left to their own devices, you won’t find many boys at all interested in girls’ toys outside of using them as ransom devices against their sisters, and girls generally could give a flip about a plastic toy “wood shop” bench or green army men formations. The toys are designed to speak to what’s already inside the kid’s head when it comes to pre-wiring.

      1. Ha, but what about the argument about those evil corporate toy company marketers forcing children into gender roles? Ya know, because it is so much easier to completely remodel children instead of just amplifying natural behavior. Oh wait…

      2. Nearly from birth, my son was obsessed with wheels, anything with wheels. We’d go to the grocery store and he’d fixate on shopping cart wheels. I’m not a car guy, so I know he didn’t pick it up from me. Can’t convince me that children don’t have innate, hard-coded preferences

      3. Disused in the literature about some type of apes who’s boys like boy toys and girl apes like dolls.

        1. In our house G.I. Joe was fairly apt to kidnap Barbie and hide her under my bed. He was a wiley man, that Joe.

        2. He went on liberty. I assume, it seemed to me that he did it to basically piss off my sister. But who am I to judge a rough, tough combat hardened man when he absconds with a supermodel to dark places? It is war after all!

    2. Glad I grew up back then. My fave toys and games were pop guns, roller skates, mini farm, die cast cars, ant farm, horses, Barbie, slinky, army men, my bike, and Monopoly. Course, as my Dad noted, he and Mom would have been jailed for child abuse (I had chores), child endangerment (I had fun without them), and other Nanny state violations. While my toys would probably pass for “gender neutral”, my family’s myofa towards officious bureaucrats would not have charmed.

      1. Seriously. When I hear some of the GOP candidates like Walker n’ Graham pontificate about stopping ISIS as TOP priority, I roll my eyes.
        It’s to the point where I’m so sick of dealing with Social Justice Wankers, Feminist Legislation and Liberals who think a public bathroom sign where woman wearing dress is sexist, there’s part of me which wants ISIS to come on in and show ’em what sexism, homophobia and rape culture REALLY is.

    1. pathetic. Social engineering at its most pernicious.. to be expected from that feminist hellhole known as Sweden, of course.

    2. Bulldykes ain’t really bitches. Some of them are cool, it’s the man-hating, fat acceptance, Tumblr-type feminists that grow their body hair that are the biggest ones.

  7. Lord, I can’t stand it! Harpies like her are just screaming for any attention they can get their grubby paws on

  8. I can’t do anything except get fucked and scream about non problems! Now pay up or else!

  9. Newsflash to femtard here, we treat boys and girls differently because they ARE different. Reality does not bend to your retarded whims.

    1. Holy fuck, I got 0:41 into and had to stop. I have never…ever…had my wife nor my daughter nor any girl I ever dated go off like this whining brat. May the sub-genius forgive her, because I couldn’t.

      1. You missed the part where he flips the phone around and you can see her throwing a temper tantrum like a child. As we say, women are children. Sometimes a picture does speak a thousand words!

        1. Well, I wouldn’t say I missed it, Bob.

    2. The guy is an idiot for marrying into a psycho bitch like her. Obviously she is damaged goods. Far too damaged beyond no point of return. He should have just used her as a cump dump and let other beta manginas marry her.

    3. I must admit, the iphone is perfect for this type of shit. I have known guys to pull theirs out on occassion when the conversation gets heated and the woman refuses everytime.
      Recording the conversation doesn’t allow them to embellish their story later or allow them to flat out deny what was said.

      1. objective, provable truth is the ultimate weapon against those who attempt to distort reality.

    4. In my blue pill days this would have terrified me. I find it hilarious now.
      But look, here’s some good news! :

      1. Eh..I dunno man. She acts like a completely out of controlled spoiled child, got called on it, and now she gets cash and prizes at his expense. Doesn’t really seem like winning to me, much, ya’ know?
        Except for the part where he won’t have to put up with her shit any longer, assuming no children were produced by this unholy alliance.

  10. Fuck I want to shove people like this into a blast furnace so goddamn bad!
    Russia, annihilate all these vermin as fast as you can! Please don’t wait until our soldiers are all epicene gray-skinned man-woman things (like the SJWs hope for) who can’t fight for shit! Sooner is better!

  11. Rush is right that modern Liberalism is truly a mental disease, well it certainly has been made quite clear for the past decade or so that Feminism is just one its idiotic offshoots, this one really proves it. Talk about taking the cake.
    Anyway for the record I like to give books as gifts depending on the preferences of the person I give to.

      1. Liberals are Ignorance Personified. Best way to fight that is with the truth starting with History but I tend to give to those I give to what they want whether it be books about Dinosaurs, Trucks, Cars, Birds, Motorcycles, Animals or whatever.

    1. Rush is part of the problem too.
      He is part of the false paradigm created by the government – that of Liberal vs. Conservative that compels us to place ourselves into one or the other. (Divide and conquer).
      The most effective propaganda contains much truth.

      1. No. Liberals tend to come up with wild ideas that they never think things through like Obamacare in America, Socialized Medicine, while conservatives tend to stick to the tried and proven. Liberals believe everything should be changed for the sake of change where conservatives believe in preserving that which is and considering what kind of nuts rule among the liberal establishment I happily consider myself Conservative.

      2. If it’s true, then it’s not propaganda.
        Maybe you are not aware, but the democrat party’s whole platform is division. Race, sex, genders, religion, etc…it keeps them in control.

  12. Does anyone take this bitch seriously?
    It’s like our society is getting more crazier each and every day. Shit like this is not even considered trivial matter in foreign countries. You bring this up as a news in foreign country and these people will think you are nuts. I heard insane stories before but this has to top it as number one insane shit I read so far. War on gendered toys? are you fucking serious? I really feel sorry for young boys growing up at this time of the age.
    Yet we hear this kind of shit all the time as “news” in first world countries.
    This is first world problem.
    When I see bitches like her, it literally makes me gag with disgust and I can’t even hide the look of disgust on my face when I see bitches like her in public. Literally makes me sick.
    Women in third world countries are barely trying to survive but yet an entitled spoiled cunts like her make matters like this into a big deal?
    When American men move overseas to find women, please NEVER go back to American women at all…
    That bitch is mentally disturbed and her daughter will (sadly) grow up as one exactly like her.

    1. Does anyone take this bitch seriously?

      People vote to give these pests power, so sadly, yes we have to…

    2. “When American men move overseas to find women, please NEVER go back to American women at all…”
      We don’t. In fact, I even avoid most Western European women.

  13. By the way if this female is so much against Gender Stereotypes why is she putting her daughter into a Princess costume? Frankly women and girls should be in dresses and men should be wearing trousers where appears to be the opposite today with ‘modern’ society liberals have messed up for over half a century.

  14. So, does she want the policeman to come to my house and ensure that my kid does not have too many Ninja Turtles.?
    She must be a big fan of former FSU QB who treated the “Curvy” woman as an equal — by punching her in the face after she hit him.

  15. Diversity for you, not for me. Equality for you, not for me.
    Status for me, subjugation for you.
    Envy, envy everywhere — hiding under ‘equality’.
    You must be brought down. Me: I will have freedom.
    SJW’s are parasites. Disgusting.
    Stalin would be proud.

  16. Guys, she’s from Australia. Can we truly say we’re surprised at this? Australia is the land of femicunts and brainless SJW trash, running neck and neck with Sweden in a race down the liberal sewer pipe. It won’t be long before they start incarcerating male babies at birth for having the mysoginistic audacity to be born with a penis.

    1. What is up with fucking Australia, anyway? It seems just as bad as Canada when it comes to political correctness, whore women and feminism.
      I always pictured Australia as a tough, savage place where men were men and women were women. .. With its outback, it was very much like the Wild, Wild West.. and needed strong men to tame it. It seems, just like with everywhere else, once men do all the hard work and create a civilization and society and make it safe for women, the fucking women sit atop the throne men have built for her, and denigrate the men and the machismo culture that was responsible for creating that comfortable, safe society to begin with.

      1. A few years ago they took away most of their guns. So, with the males now disarmed, they felt safe railroading this feminist crap through the government and onto the once proud Australian men.
        Once you disarm the males of a society everything and anything is possible.

    2. ‘Australia is the land of femicunts and brainless SJW trash,’
      Yep. Just look what happened recently with that waste of space and oxygen named Clementine Ford with her ‘get fucked’ selfie campaign.

  17. Fuck what the overgrown children say/want, their bleating is irrelevant, even when the grown-ups (men) let them play politics. Aside from the never-ending parade of manginas who forgot to keep them in line, hence all the bullshit laws favoring the inferior sex, all of their ludicrous speechvomit means less than nothing in the real world: fact. Little boys have generally already surpassed the “adult” female’s capacity for logic/reality-based thinking by a long shot at a relatively early age.

  18. The SJW, feminists, and gender traitors all forget about this little thing called BIOLOGY. No matter how much of that nonsense they throw at their children, the children will still make the decision based on his or her gender. Not the toys Mom/Mom, Dad/Dad give them.

      1. Apparently anti-nature too.
        Isn’t it amazing that the short history of this bullshit “movement” has a problem with functioning roles that millions of years of human evolution created? Wipe that away because some jackass went to class for gender studies and gets offended by realty?

  19. The hypocrisy is irrelevant and you should not have focused on it – no doubt a feminist will argue that some girls are free to choose to be feminine or not. This does not cut into the heart of their ideology.
    A fuller rebuke:
    1. Male and female are distinct and immutable biological traits. To believe the two are equal is to be willfully committed to ignorance.
    2. Gender roles are designed for functionality. How much people have to change to conform to them is irrelevant.
    3. Social gendering should be encouraged to facilitate distinction and inequality between genders for the purpose of division of labor. If pressuring boys to “toughen up” and girls to be feminine is sexism, then sexism is a worthwhile goal.

    1. And a partridge in a pear tree. The big question is: Lords a leaping or maids a milking?

      1. Lords a leaping, for sure. It sounds like a pretty gay activity, which seems like a good thing for any conscientious SJW minded lord to be doing.
        Also, maids are a symbol of male oppression and the patriarchy, what with all that cleaning and scrubbing going on. Since there is no clarification on what exactly the maids are milking, we can just err on the SJW knee-jerk side of caution and assume it’s pornographic in nature and sexually objectifies women. So no. No to maids, no to milking. In fact, lets just outlaw the whole damn song because any woman singing it will only get 75 percent approval for every 100 percent approval of a man singing it anyway.

  20. We live in backwards land and it’s only getting worse. They want men to act like women and women to be like men. The sad thing is There are idiot parent out there who Lapp that garbage up. And if you let your son play football or go hunting they are going to come with child services and take him. We are seeing in the west the beginning of the most oppressive tyrant in the history of man in maybe 8 to 10 years. Some women said to me today Dylan roof was a Christian terrorist and she was serious, dead serious saying the Christians are worse than the Muslims. In the usa a clown like trump can’t even say deport the illegals, without Americans I’m talking white guys and black guys getting mad calling him racist. Shoot if racism can get rid of all the illegals soaking up all the work I am 100% for it then. If I don’t have to learn espanol to get hired sign me up and take down all these billboard I can’t read.thats Not popular opnion these days.

  21. I find it troubling that no one has noted the culturally misassigned fortune cookies culturally misappropriated for a princess’ party. In addition, these sugary food items conflate a somewhat vulvar shape with the sexist term “cookie”. Otherwise, it is perfectly within the Senator’s rights and privileges as a member of the ruling class to raise her daughter free of the social and psychological conditioning that is meant to divide and enslave the masses.

  22. I don’t want to live in a society where the government decides what toys your children should play with.

  23. “Mommy, why do you have boobs?”
    “It’s OK son, one day you can take hormones and have boobies too. Now, be a good boy and go play with your barbie.”

  24. Maryland (Woman) Democrat Arrested for Indecent Exposure
    “A Democratic state delegate in Maryland who is rumored to be considering a run for Congress was charged with trespassing and indecent exposure after exposing her breasts to her ex-husband and his fiancée at their home..”
    From the link.
    “She is also a member of a legislative task force that is studying maternal mental health issues.”
    A Hollywood screen writer couldn’t make this stuff up.

  25. I think this sums it up well.

    Based on her own experience as a woman in America, she assumes the same is true for men – that her son need not be masculine to attract women. Girls strut about, their skin mired in tattoos, with profanities effortlessly rolling off their tongues. As monks would cut their hair short in their devotion to Christ or Buddha, the modern woman shaves herhead in her devotion to pleasing only herself. Yet she has no shortage of suitors, who wait obediently at her beck and call.
    The same is true for men, she assumes – men need not do anything to attract the opposite sex. If even women, the oppressed sex, needn’t aim to please to get what they want, then men should be even more free from sexual expectation. That he can prance about in dresses and suffer no pain for it, as girls do with their flip flops and pierced septums, is her fatal conceit. She cannot imagine that leaving her son free to embrace effeminacy will actually imprison him.From there, there is no easy escape. He is “destined to exist as a social outcast”

    -Emmanuel Goldstein

    “Your Son Is A Fucking Faggot”

  26. It’s one thing to bring up the issue for discussion( silly as it is ). It’s quite another to actually want to BAN something….

  27. Bitches will always like pink because “it’s all pink inside”….it’s their default go-to.

  28. The answer is simple, SJWs have no brains. This woman is just one of them. She is a just a man-hating SJW, which is why she hates boys’ toys.

    1. She seems to be a man hating SJW up until she needs a man to impregnate her.

  29. Why can’t it be enough for a little girl just to play with a fucking barbie doll? The doll is now a symbol of oppressive-binary-gender-expectations-imposed-by-the-patriachry. It’s fucking sick.

    1. If she wants to play with a doll, let her. These feminists are retarded. They want to be ‘gender neutral,’ fine. But they like to shove it up everyone’s ass and that is what is annoying.

  30. The whole Greens party in Australia is full of deluded fools trying ram their deluded fantasies down the throat of main street Australia – Sarah Hansen Young has never had a real job to my knowledge she went from University into Parliament. I remember Larissa Waters making these comments leading up to Christmas well now we know how much verbal diarrhoea comes out of the mouth of another Greens politician I fail to see how giving a boy action figures such as GI Joe lead to domestic violence. Maybe what Larissa Waters might want to start telling the public if aggressive self entitled modern women stopped provoking the average male real domestic violence numbers might be substantially less.

      1. True the model who’s body was used was the loser in this case. I noticed in the article it mentions S.H.Y. is divorced no surprises there, he would be thanking himself lucky

  31. I could already hear the SJW comments on this topic.
    Pedophile shes just a little girl!

  32. This article goes hand-in-hand with the info-graphic and Swedish gender equality piece RoK threw up a couple days ago. If women were inclined towards traditionally masculine activities we would see far more women digging ditches, building homes, operating backhoes, fighting wars/fires. That said, I do not think we should put labels toys. Many moons ago when I was a wee lad my parents took my brother and I to visit our aunt and uncle. My uncle had built a humongous, wall-spanning dollhouse for our cousin (obviously female). Though I preferred action figures, my cousin only had barbie and ken dolls. To the chagrin of Pop’s red blooded essence, I thought it was the shit. Reflecting on it now, I wonder if I enjoyed it for the same reasons that I enjoyed lego: Both require imagination. I suspect that the ‘stories’ boys and girls tell themselves are different.

  33. I really cant wait for world war 3…then all these stupid woman who think they control the world us men built will be put back into there places real fast.

  34. Feminist Politician ?? This the kind of shit that decide for the people !
    God save America !

    1. She’s actually Australian from The Greens party who want to turn Australia into Sweden. Fortunately they don’t get many votes anymore.

      1. Ohh… Progressive Green Party ??
        In my newspeak Progressive = Loony !
        Well, a banana bender !

  35. If adult women want children’s toys to be gender neutral, they should practice what they preach, and stop wearing these fucking pink hard hats on construction sites.

  36. There are always forces at work that seem hell bent on undermining the fabric of society in the name of doing good. These ultra left wing idiots are the ones most responsible for doing so.

  37. ^%#%
    Here’s why you’re a moron. Putin doesn’t care about the Russian economy. He cares about the “Putin Economy,” which is about lining his accounts with billions of dollars. He is the head of the
    Russian Maffia. Obama did not hurt Putin. He hurt the Russian citizens that Putin could care less about
    ——-..– http://www.WorldCareersProviders/ supertakecent/cold/marketing…

  38. Just completely boycott western woman…western men already are but we need to step it up a level, I noticed when western woman see me with an Asian girl they give a really evil look…they dont like it thats for sure…because they know that they are rubbish compared to Asian girls

  39. I assume Larissa Waters will be on call to deal with the inevitable tantrums when boys receive Barbies and girls receive toy guns and action figures.

  40. That poor girl in pink was clearly a victim of child abuse. Someone needs to call child protective services.

  41. If I ever have a son, he will get the most manly toys.
    He will be the most chauvinistic pig who ever lived

  42. Research has shown that if you present very young children with a variety of toys, the boys will choose different toys than the girls choose. It’s an innate difference and trying to go against it might piss off the kid or could potentially be damaging.

  43. I hate when parents dress their kids in a gender neutral way. One of my relatives does that with her 4 year old daughter. She is a beautiful kid that looks horrible 80% of the time because of her parents politics.
    Why put your child through that? It is damn abusive in my view.

    1. Gee, wonder why little suzy turned out to be a neurotic moonbat who is an addict/inmate/homeless/cutter.

  44. i like to describe people as diplomatically as possible but in the case with this woman: what a fucking retard.

  45. Studies have shown that even as young as a couple months old, babies have a preference for certain toys.
    And guess what? When placed in a room with all different types of toys, an overwhelming number of boys crawl over to play with blocks and cars while an overwhelming number of girls crawl over to play with dolls and stuffed animals. It’s almost as if it’s… natural.
    You want to tell me that “society” is forcing gender roles onto babies too young to speak, walk or understand language? Get the fuck out of here.

  46. Nothing to see here folks. Just the same old feminist insanity and hypocrisy.

  47. Make up “diseases” like ADHD and then drug the boys. Punish them for perfectly normal male behavior. Ban anything which they might identify with as they grow up. In turn, celebrate girls. Tell them they are special. Dress them up as princesses. Convince them all that men want to do is rape them (falsely of course). Wonder why we now live in such a f’ed up society.

  48. The reality is that both genders diverge before birth in terms of development and psychological makeup. There are studies out there which prove already by week 2 different behavioral patterns among boys and girls. The more testosterone the boy has, the stronger the difference is. Thus when left alone their favorite toys look like this:

  49. I knew a woman like that; she was hetero but dressed like boy. She believed in eliminating gender differences especially boys and girls being separated by pink and blue. I never could figure out why anyone would think that is important.

  50. Look at Laci Green’s face. She really has hit The Wall. No wonder she has felt like shit lately:

    1. SHe is looking a lot different!! It must be the depression, or it might be her lack of a fulfilling life that leads to the depression. Watch the video, she express the need for someone to be their for a person with depression to get through it,but it would never even dawn on her that if this was a more traditional society and she had married some beta provider when she was young and not rode the cock carousel she would literally have life partner that would stick with her through thick and thin. Alpha men will always have a plethora of slutty ladies to bang, only in recent times has it been the majority of ladies deluding themselves that they will get some Alpha dude to settle, because society tells them anything is possible. Sluts know they don’t settle, always have known that and always will. Back in the day, women could get away with blaming the Alpha for taking advantage of them and guilt some beta into marrying them, but nowadays not so much. Sure they might get some really low Beta to settle for them,but once you slut it up, those quality Betas options go down that are willing to settle and start walking away and she will be left with the dating betas who know better and use her, alphas who just use her, or omega men who she will never respect and might find banging her gay friend. Remember Laci, It’s the nice guys who are the real enemy.

  51. This women is nothing less than a fascist she should get in a time machine and set it for Stalinist Russia where her totalitarian socialist ideas will be welcome. She can help send the men she hates to the gulags.

  52. I am amused that this lipstick hypocritical feminism gets this kind of reception here in that there are plenty of stereotypical, frumpy, ugly man-hating feminists who are, to their credit, ideologically consistent about making their daughters look like Charlie Chaplan.
    Perhaps she’s allowing this hypocrisy out of love for her daughter (and by extension, herself via her own gender) and doesn’t want to sacrifice her on an altar of idealism but I have seen feminists who don’t hesitate to feminize their young boys and later unashamedly say that their sons are doing poorly professionally, can’t land a gal, and live in her basement.
    It got me to thinking how feminism truly does dehumanize men not only in the form of husbands, brothers, and fathers but also their own sons. Most fathers I know connected to their daughter’s lives are protective of them. Yet, I talk to many white knight fathers who seem to have this chivalrous notion of sacrificing their own sons as well making their sons little better off than being raised by wolves (namely, single mothers.)
    We discuss the negative impacts of feminism and white knight chivalry on men, women, and relations between each other but let’s pause and reflect on the monstrosity of how this has harmed children in unexpected ways.

  53. “How did she not think people would expose her hypocrisy?” Because she is a woman? No logic, no honor, no principle, no agency? I dunno. I am completely clueless.

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