11 Fundamental Guidelines For Solid Game

When young guys are just starting out in game and life, they make all sorts of mistakes.  I was one of those guys.  I’m still constantly making mistakes.  But I feel that getting some years under my belt, and some experience, has made me more aware of my mistakes.  And awareness is the first step in improvement.  I was reading a thread in the “game” section of the Roosh V Forum recently that reminded me of some foundational truths of the male-female dynamic that I think are important to repeat again and again.  They never get old.  Only by hearing these things over and over again will they really sink in.  And even then, the reading has to be matched with life experience. Theory is not enough.


These are some of the foundational truths about men and women that I wish I had known at the earliest possible age.

Masculine And Feminine Energy Is Different

Masculine energy is all about breaking through barriers, overcoming obstacles, and achieving goals.  Evolution has made us this way, of course.  Men are logical, and approach problems with a framework based on logical assumptions with a purpose of overcoming some barrier.

But women aren’t like this.  It’s a mistake for men to project onto women our own thinking patterns.  Feminine energy is all about bonding, finding emotional connections, and opening up to receive love.  They are not guided by strict logic.  They operate more on emotional and intuitive bases.  Nurturing is not breaking through barriers or crushing obstacles.

Well, you might say:  “So what?  I already knew this!”  Even so, not many guys truly understand the implications of the differences in masculine energy and feminine energy.  Failure to appreciate this basic difference leads to countless problems.

Women Won’t Tell You How To Be A Man

Girls expect you already to know how to be a man.  They don’t want to have to coach you in this.  (Of course, here women forget that, these days, most men are not taught how to be men, and that society actively discourages masculinity.  For this they can thank their feminist sisters).

When you’re out with a girl, she doesn’t want to make big decisions.  She wants to show up, look pretty, and let you lead the parade.  You’re expected to take the initiative.  And you should.  Always.


Stop Over-Pursuing

When a guy meets a girl for the first time, he often in his mind imagines all sorts of scenarios about what he’s going to do with her (or to her) in the future.  Men are methodical planners.  Again, evolution has made us so.  But the problem with this mentality is that it can lead to thirsty, needy, or desperate behavior.

Your mind-set should be focused on having fun and having sex.  That’s it.  I will say it again:  having fun and having sex.  Stop thinking about the implications, complications, and secret meanings behind things.  That’s the one thing that guys do all the time:  trying to over-analyze everything.  Forget that.  You should not be trying to over-plan things, define the nature of the relationship, or box her into some sort of commitment.  If you are looking for a relationship, remember that women need time to allow their feelings for you to grow.  Trying to rush her will always backfire.

When it comes to calling or texting, you need to let her do the majority of that.  I know, I know, it sounds basic.  But this mistake is probably the most common one out there.  Guys get thirsty, and will blow up a girl’s phone with calls or texts.  For Christ’s sake, stop doing this.  Once per week is plenty, at the beginning.  If her interest level in you is there, she will do the majority of the texting or calling.

Women Hate Needy And Desperate Behavior

Basic?  Yes.  But they really do hate this.  Needy behavior completely ruins attraction.

But again, this principle is so often forgotten.  Attraction is not a choice.  If it’s there, you can feel it if you’re attuned to female signals.  But what you do with the attraction is up to you.  Are you going to sabotage yourself?  Or are you going to confidently move the interaction along, in a way that leads to sex?  A big part of this is avoiding needy behavior.

So many guys sabotage themselves by reverting to insecure or needy behavior patterns.  They call too much, show body language that displays lack of confidence, or otherwise unconsciously talk her out of sleeping with him. I really think that a lot of these needy behaviors are so hard to unlearn because they are the residues of childhood traumas.  It’s the hardest thing in the world to unlearn bad habits like this.  Very few guys are naturally confident alpha types.  But you’ve got to do it.


Never Accept Being Friend-Zoned

You are not her gay male girlfriend.  When a girl you’re interested in tries to friend zone you, move on.  Do not hang around and accept your status as a gay male girlfriend.  You should say or convey something like, “I’m not interested in that right now.  I don’t want to be your friend.  But let me know if you change your mind.”  And move on.

You’ve got to walk away and mean it.  Women need to know that you have boundaries.  They need to know that if they push you too far, you will stand up for yourself.  Men’s biggest mistakes these days relate to not setting firm boundaries for female behavior.

They need to know if they push you too far, there will be consequences.  Your time is valuable.  Wasting time being a chick’s friend will just give you blueballs and will take time away from meeting other girls more deserving of your attention.

Don’t Be Too Clear About Your Feelings

Women are more attracted to guys whose feelings are unclear.  You need to make her work for your attention.  Don’t put everything on the table.  When you make everything clear about your feelings, you deprive her of her desire to win over your affection.  Nobody values things that are won too easily.


Understand The Purpose Of Shit-Tests

Women will shit-test you constantly.  That’s just life.  That’s their way of probing a man, and finding out if he really is a masculine guy, or someone who will collapse and cave in.  They want to see if you can stay centered, or not.  Shit-tests come in all shapes, styles, and flavors, but the key thing is always to maintain your masculine center.  Never allow a girl to throw you off your frame.  Your response can be breezy, confident, vaguely dismissive, or humorous, but never forget that her purpose is to see how you react.

Don’t Get Into Discussions With Women About Game Or Dating

You’re wasting your time.  They will never speak honestly about these subjects, or will try to confuse or derail the issues.  Never accept a woman’s dating or relationship advice.  I once saw a YouTube video of a so-called female “dating coach”.  She was a beautiful, well-spoken girl, but it was all about her showing off and making glamorous poses for the camera.  She was more interested in promoting herself, titillating the male viewers, and attention-whoring than honestly sharing information.  And it’s always the same story.  Women see things from their perspective, not from the male perspective.

Get Off The Phone

The purpose of the phone is to set up meetings.  That’s it.  The purpose of the phone is not to get into hour-long conversations, or extended text chats, with a girl you are trying to get intimate with.  Too much talk always kills attraction.  All that stuff you want to say, say it during your in-person meeting with her.  Too much phone or text talk will result in your being friend-zoned, or your feeding her attention-whoring impulse.  Remember:  thirsty, needy behavior is a fuel to the female attention-whoring impulse.


Look Good All The Time

There are no rest days in looking good.  There are no dress rehearsals.  You’re always on stage.  You’re always in the public eye.  You won’t get second chances.  Your dress, grooming, body, fitness, and attitude should always be top-notch.  Life is short:  don’t fuck up your opportunities.  When you see the opportunity, pull the trigger.  Do not hesitate.  Drop the hammer, always.  You are already expected to look good, dress well, be an articulate speaker, and be confident.  Confidence is the key to everything.  Yes, you’ve heard it before.  But you need to hear it again.  If you need mental programming to help you maintain your masculine frame, adopt a helpful philosophy like Stoicism or Buddhism.

It Never Stops

You’re going to be gaming for the rest of your life.  Married or not, it never ends.  Women will always test you and probe your boundaries.  It’s in their nature.  Accept it.  Don’t think you can just one day drop your pack and sit by the side of the road on your ass.  Life is not for the faint-of-heart.  The day you stop gaming is the day you stop living.

Final Thoughts

Having read through this list, might say to yourself, “I already know all this.”  And maybe you do.  But the challenge here is actually implementing these things.  Every guy claims to know them.  But in practice, we all see the same mistakes over and over and over again.  Because putting these principles into practice takes discipline and conviction.

And, most of all, it takes the experience of getting knocked around enough to realize that there are no shortcuts or magic wands.

Now go to work.

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142 thoughts on “11 Fundamental Guidelines For Solid Game”

  1. Not saying it isn’t correct for most females, but if my fiance had tried
    the approaches in 1, 3, 6, 8 or 9 with me I’d still be a virgin. Lots
    of conversation about everything that interests us, keeping everything
    calm, logical and practical on both sides and being honest about
    thoughts, feelings and intentions formed a solid ground from which to
    see if he was a suitable partner. If I hadn’t seen any of the important
    aspects of his character, he’d have been as much of a non-entity in my
    life as any other of the thousands of random humans I interact with.

    1. We communicate far more in what we do and how we act, than what we say. That’s how you judge a person, especially a man – on his actions and way of being, not him blabbering on about his philosophy on everything.

      1. I’d rather hear what a person has to say. As you said, actions speak for themselves. I see everyone’s actions. I see what everyone is currently doing and, if I care enough to find out more about them, I may consider the “why”. But modern society makes it hard to live as you should or want to. People are deceitful and their actions and words often don’t quite add up. They could be living just as they want to, or living as they need to live and hoping for a day when they can free themselves from the actions they currently feel forced to perform. Actions, in today’s world, are all about what’s happening now.
        But a woman finding a partner isn’t about the immediate. It’s an investment. How am I to know that a man would agree with my proposed child-rearing methods, would like to live as I’d like to live, would make good conversation in our old age, has a personality that complements mine and interests that match mine or even where he sees our relationship in ten or twenty years time if we didn’t have frequent, honest conversations about every subject we wish to talk about? I wanted a man who agreed with me on every subject possible, who could talk rationally and reach a conclusion on our every disagreement, who views me as a friend, counselor and source of conversation, who wants to have many, many children with me, who wouldn’t mind spending every waking hour with me. And I found one. Had I been less selective, I would have settled for less and wound up being one of those disgruntled, childless working women, not understanding what went wrong.
        TL;DR: If you think a man talking about philosophy, his plans and his interests frankly, openly and honestly is “blabbering”, then I think you’re overlooking a highly important aspect of mate-selection: compatibility.

        1. “I wanted a man who agreed with me on every subject possible, who could talk rationally and reach a conclusion on our every disagreement, who views me as a friend, counselor and source of conversation, who wants to have many, many children with me, who wouldn’t mind spending every waking hour with me. And I found one”
          What you found was a doormat.

        2. “But modern society makes it hard to live as you should or want to.”
          Come again? Last I heard the West was bending over backwards to tolerate any degenerate scumbag under the sun lest they claim victim status.

        3. I find that sort of response kind of hilarious. Is it that impossible to
          believe that two humans can agree on almost everything and reach amicable conclusions on disagreements? With 7B+ of us
          on the planet? Or is it only because he’s male and I’m female that a friendship like that is impossible?

        4. Doormat/Soulmate. They sound similar, but are different. This lady knows what she wants and found it. Hard to hate on that.

        5. I’m talking about the things that matter and real life, not tumblr blogs. People can’t speak their mind about many things out of fear of losing their jobs, friends or families. People can’t act on their true nature or desires for the same reason. Our social structure is encouraging people who act on random whims and repressing actual functional humans with belief sets, plans and goals. Think about it this way: if a woman wants to be a traditionalist housewife, modern society makes this hard because couples and families often need two incomes to survive. If she believes in home-schooling, she then doesn’t have time to do so. If she’s an ardent White Nationalist, she can’t say so because word may get around and she may lose her job. It would best suit her to be a traditionalist housewife and home-schooling mum, educating her children in what she believes in. But she can’t. How are people who sit outside the ordinary (as most traditionally-inclined people do) supposed to act on their beliefs, desires and needs? How are they supposed to work towards their goals without becoming so rejected they lose the means to work towards said goals?

        6. ” Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place” – Robert Briffault

        7. Benefits (most important to least):
          -good genetic material for my children
          -intelligent conversation (when I say ‘agree’ I don’t mean “yes dear”, I mean he will sometimes say what I think or answer questions for me and will always be right and has been since we first met; it swings both ways, I made sure that it wasn’t just passive nodding before I even allowed myself to consider becoming interested, because I find passive people pretty repulsive)
          -someone to share the more private and less “acceptable” beliefs and thoughts with
          -an income on which I and our children can live
          -support, advice, direction and even him taking control of everything when necessary
          -protection from the parts of the outside world that could hurt me
          In other words: friendship and viable reproduction. The same benefits that have kept men and women joining under one roof for eons. I just happen to be bright enough to be aware of what I want and need and didn’t give up until I found it.

        8. You seem to have spent quite an amount of time thinking about your relationship and your future. I hope it turns out the way you would like but experience has shown me this rarely happens. We are the authors of our own destiny but there are many twists and turns on the route.

        9. True. I didn’t think I’d quit university to work from home, but, then again, it didn’t seem like the right decision until recently. All I can hope is that I have the ability and foresight to continue to make good decisions throughout my life and the patience and level-headedness to live through any problems or ruts I may encounter or bring upon myself. But the important things were to get a source of income I could manage on my own, find a partner who was suited to me, settle and, recently added to the list, start having children in my early 20s, to give them and myself the best start. Everything else, whilst desirable, is flexible based around attaining those goals.

        10. “In other words: friendship and viable reproduction. The same benefits that have kept men and women joining under one roof for eons.”
          No, Sexual attraction is the only thing that attracts a man to a woman.

        11. And a sexually attractive woman (in terms of settling) is one who is viable for reproduction (physically attractive) and compatible enough to be a friend and helpmeet until the end of your days (non-repulsive or even attractive personality).

        12. I never said shared values isn’t of importance in a LTR. Did you really have to write an essay explaining to me how what I never said is wrong? What I mean when I say that it’s misguided to judge people on their blabber about their philosophies on everything, is that it’s usually rationalization for bullshit cultural beliefs and intended to make you feel good in the moment, but with little real value (most women are extremely guilty of this and rarely never held accountable for it), that’s why it’s so important to judge people on their actions and not their words. That doesn’t mean your fiance can’t talk about anything, not what I said. Take it easy.

      1. Actually I was looking for the full package. Attractive, dominant, provider, practical, etc. Someone desirable enough to want to have his children, strong enough to protect and direct me, attractive enough to make other women jealous, with enough resources to provide for me and our future children, compatible enough to be a friend to me into old age, etc. And I found a guy who fit the bill, had got the desire for “infertile” shags out of his system and had been looking for a “mate” for years, whose interests and goals were basically the same as mine. I can be a lover, housewife and (soon) mother now I’ve found him.

        1. … and what exactly are you giving this Don Juan you’ve captured in return? God knows the incentives for such a person that you describe to commit to one woman are just not there in modern society, you must really be something.

      1. Yes. Have you considered that bad advice can come from anyone or that not all commentaries and addenda are meant as advice?
        I was just saying that, from experience, men who did 1, 3, 6, 8, and/or nine got turned down or became indistinguishable from furniture fairly quickly.

        1. This female has already ruined what could have been a great article / thread.
          Please. Cease interacting with her; it accomplishes nothing of any positive value.

      2. Oddly enough I found out about game and PUAs from a lesbian friend. She actually has some excellent success with the same strategies.
        But as a general rule you are right, ladies do not give good advice on game..
        I do think girls benefit from the knowing about game so they can filter out those type of guys if that’s their desire. Very good for weeding out the day gamers especially. I find day gamers especially annoying because I am friendly and like to network.

    1. Henrique: Yes, I am limited by space here, but in a future article I intend to talk about frame control.
      Frame is probably the most critically important component of your game. If you’re centered, and in your masculine zone, a lot of the other things are going to fall into place more easily.
      To be continued….

  2. Average omega degenerate male who will never get laid:
    “Game deosn’t work because women want equality,respect and nice guys who care about their feellllliiiings. Not big meanies like you guys!!!!!!!”

    1. Realistic person that says game doesn’t work: I’m too ugly, short, fat, Black, or whatever and no matter how hard I or some others try, we will never be attractive to females.

        1. Do you deny the reality that some people will fail no matter how hard they try?

        2. At getting laid? Yes, by definition of liberated female hypergamy.
          At MGTOW, at not being used for drinks, as an emotinal tampon? No. At least I see what inner beasts women are and I don’t feed myself to that insatiable demon. To stop digging the hole and stop the bleeding is well worth something. To be platonically acceptable to nearly all women is very obtainable. Just to not be used or harassed directly for the most part is wonderful. Not enough, but wonderful. I have my hand. She has a vibrator. We know which sex needs which sex in the long run. Game is a win always compared to White Knightery.

        3. So Quntus Curtis-
          Let me make sure I understand.
          Essentially- a mans perceptions of how he sees himself and the opposite sex is the essence if getting what games about- if you think you are a sexual confident man and woman are whores who are begging to get pounded by you and they will love you then that’s how you get so good with women you can pull almost any girl you want any.time????

        4. People who try hard consistently will succeed. It’s not “realistic” to make superficial excuses, especially when you have control over them: weight, hygiene, fitness, etc. Failure isn’t an absolute either, unless you make it so. I’ve “failed” to get numbers from hot models, but that pushed me to keep trying and improving and I’ve gotten numbers from model-type girls. I haven’t slept with them yet, but I’ve also been with women who I used to think were unattainable. Work on yourself, test your gains through cold approaching, measure your results, rinse, wash and repeat.

        5. Yes. I’m a crippled dude with many… problems that make me very, very unappealing. I don’t allow myself to show that side of me to women (how I feel about it, that is), I only allow them to see my confidence, and I have had a fair amount of success. Certainly it’s probably harder, but whining like a bitch about how others have it easier certainly won’t help.

      1. For people that don’t like the term “game” or find it offensive or beyond it or wtf-ever. Fine! Don’t call it game… call it social awareness. Every man on this planet needs a basic set of social skills when dealing with other man and especially women. We are not born with these skills. Some lucky guys are taught this by their fathers. Many of the guys here are products of the 80’s, raised by mothers with absentee fathers. We vastly only know the female perspective and it can be challenging to find male role models as an adult.
        Back to my point: Every man needs a set of social skills when attempting to court a woman. Whatever you think is successful and fits in with your moral code, belief and world view will make up your skill set. But make no mistake, if you don’t acquire any skills for talking to the opposite sex you will stumble hard. Confidence is not something we are born with, it’s something you gain by experience.

      2. Dude, I’ve thought about this before. There are some hideous motherfuckers out there with beautiful chicks. Being rich helps but its not necessary. Women’s brains process attraction differently than men’s. Physical beauty goes further with us than with them, thats why the female cosmetic industry is a multi billion dollar behemoth and there really is no male equivalent. Being “cool” gets you laid. What “cool” is depends on your culture, time period, social circle, etc. But women are more attracted to status than anything else. You can’t really change your race or height so yes SOME women will not fuck short dudes, black dudes, indian dudes, whatever. But plenty of hot ones will. The key to getting laid is like the key to getting fit or the key to getting rich: Abandon the excuses. Throw them out the window- and focus on your goal. If your ugly you can still get six pack abs. If you short you can still be smart,funny, charming and no matter what you can always get rich and see the pussy flow like a river. There is more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one way to bang a dime: use your natural strengths to accomplish your goal.

        1. its almost like women arent the shallow creatures that men who need an ego boost pretend they are-

      3. Billy Joel had Christie Brinkley. She had many more successful and hotter men to choose from. He fit in the ugly, short and fat categories. While he may not have been a huge porker, he wasn’t going to enter a marathon anytime soon.

    2. I had a major paradigm shift at a temp job I had years ago. I fell firmly into the “nice guy” mentality, and foolishly did some white-knighting to no avail. I watched this ugly as fuck dude, covered in zits, get respect and adoration from women in the office. He openly bashed feminism, and frequently said women had to be trained. Even with these so-called “toxic views,” the guy had women from the office hanging off of his arm all the damn time. He may have been an asshole, but he was confident and wouldn’t back down. It was pretty apparent that my old beta mindset was horseshit. Game works. Even for ugly assholes.

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  3. Another good reminder of the fundamentals. Another mental programming to help you along I think is my Twenty Men exercise I talked about on the forum.
    On Saturday I read Louis XIV’s notes on kingship and there was a lot of red pill wisdom in there. Point is that you become who you associate with, however remotely. So associate with good people, living and dead.
    Still a lot of practicing I need to do of course.

  4. You forgot: Try not to hate women. you know, the very gender you claim you want to make love to. Top advice for manosphere men.

    1. You don’t hate your dog for eating a steak when you leave him in alone with it, because it’s in his nature.
      Understand it and use it to your advantage.

      1. Glad you followed up your original comment with that. I like ROK because what would normally be classed as “misogyny” is actually accepted as logic here. But I comprehend entirely what you’re driving at.

    2. I disagree.
      Sex in the modern world is no longer about making love like in romance novels. Sometimes it can also be a “sleeping with the enemy” scenario – like in some “committed” relationships.
      Not all women should be hated, but hate (a better word to use could be “general apathy”) can sometimes can be a great motivation to develop nonchalance, which is essential to improve your game. The literary character of James Bond is the classic example of that.
      Manosphere men don’t hate women. That’s a gross overstatement. Manosphere men are actually men who have learnt to judge women inexorably (unlike other men).
      A manosphere man seeks to develop sound judgment, so as to choose which women to hate, which women to be apathetic to, and which women to be with. You can’t hate all women, and neither can you love all of them.

    1. Agreed, Quite embarassing for those partaking in the female banter considering the advice dispensed in the above article.

      1. As kfg mentioned long ago, many of the male readers / commenters here are quick to reply to any “skirts” that happen to post on our site.
        I think its very White Knightish even to respond to them. The intial response often begins a long “back and forth” which never goes anywhere other that ruin a thread.
        If we truly are Kings we need to start acting like kings.
        Females are always baiting us here in the comments section to ensnare us into their trivial little ideological dialogues – responding to them is very unbecoming of us.
        Please stop responding to them.

        1. Yep, if you’re not sleeping with a woman, trying to sleep with a woman, or said woman is not introducing you to her friends so you can potentially sleep with them – why are you talking to her? Seriously? What’s the utility of this individual? It’s not like she’s gonna have your back if you’re in a pinch or let you borrow a set of wrenches if you need them.
          Jesus fellas, on and on you go with some chick, that appears from her photo, to have shoulders like a defensive lineman. Holster your weapons for fucks sake. It’s not even close to being worth it.

        2. Unless you plan on taking the government by force you’ll need to stockholm syndrome enough ladies to pursue your agenda. So dialog isn’t the worst idea.
          Then again, based on the above, your agenda is more in the player side of this community and less about making changes to the anti-male laws that have been passed. In which case I can agree with your approach.
          P.S. my apologies, I don’t have any poo-tang to send your way.

        3. I get what you’re saying, but my best friend is a women. Women do have utility as friends and if you haven’t reached that point yet, it’s because you haven’t grown enough as a person. That said, my female friend will try to hook me up with one of her friends if I asked, and vice versa, but it can be a little awkward, just like it can be asking one of your guy friends that same thing. You really shouldn’t impose that upon your friends. Get your own tale on your own merit, don’t be beta and use your friends to weasel you into a hookup.

        4. Honestly, i legit get jealous of men (lol ill bet youll all have a field day with this)-
          i cant imagine being raised with such an innate confidence that my the mere fact i was born with certain genitals gave me an innate kinglike quality- for what i assume there is no real basis. I cannot imagine the inflated self confidence required to think they are such pure and perfect individuals that engaging with any criticism is ‘unbecoming’. Like what actually entitles you, as an individual, to act so superior?

      1. I think Korean women are hotter. However, out of all the women in the Asian community, they are the hardest to get into bed (due to being overly religious). In addition, if you want a life of being cuckolded, marry a Korean chick. Too damn chaste for my tastes.

    2. no one looks at the about us section anymore…
      not even our benevolent moderators:
      >Women and homosexuals are prohibited from commenting here. They will be immediately banned.

      1. I think they’re lax about this due to the time spent searching out the aforementioned or possibly because it’s a great way to help us learn about shit tests and keeping frame. Sure i may bite the master bait, but i learn the lesson by not commenting as much and reading what they’re really trying to say.
        Heck sometimes they use logic illogically which may provoke lengthy posts.

  5. Wonderful post. The part about men being needy at the beginning of the relationship is so true. A lot of times there are insecurities there like “wow, I got this hot woman to date me….I don’t want to fuck it up.” Men will then project their fantasies on dates going forward and how the sex is going to be, etc. I love the advice “Have fun and try to have sex…….that’s it. ” Great mindset.
    I think men overanalyze and are needy at the beginning before they’ve “got the girl” and they’re still in the pursuit phase. Then, once we’ve sealed the deal… had sex….and she’s in love with us…..then, it’s role reversal. That is, the woman starts to overanalyze and get clingy. She starts to wonder about your past lovers, sometimes get jealous and is clingy and wanting of all your time. At this point, once we, men have sealed the deal….we are more relaxed. We want to go back to having a few friend/beer drinking nights. Playing golf with the friends…pursuing our career and of course, have the woman there to support us and be with us….but not be with her 24/7 like men do before they’ve “bagged her”. Once we’ve “bagged her” she’s the clingy, overanalyzing one. If only the women could be laid back, comfortable and content like us after we seal the deal…..oh what a happier existence relationships would be!

    1. Right.
      Guys are planners.
      They immediately try to mentally plan out everything that is going to happen six months down the road, when they’ve only just met the girl!
      Stop doing this. Go with the flow.
      Hang out, have fun, and hook up. That’s it.
      Planning things too much quickly morphs into thirsty simp behavior. And once that happens, you’re done.

      1. It’s great how you break it down to a science.
        There are no more excuses for men not performing anymore.
        Maybe write an article on Natural Laws next time applied to game?

  6. “Your mind-set should be focused on having fun and having sex”
    For me, this is the most important point to remember. Women want to have fun with a guy they find sexually attractive. Of course, to be fun and sexually attractive takes time and practice as this is really the culmination of everything you do in your life to make yourself better.

    1. Your job should be: hanging out, having fun, and hooking up. Sounds so simple, but so many guys get derailed by trying to box a girl into a commitment or their own program.
      Hang out, have fun, hook up. That’s it.
      She’ll let you know if she’s ready or willing to take things further. Women need time to get their feelings and intentions in order. Rushing this will blow up in your face.

      1. I see guys lose girls all the time by rushing commitment on them. I know one guy in particular that seems to “fall in love” at the drop of a hat and then wonders why things turn sour after only a few weeks or so. Needless to say I’ll be sending him a link to this article.

  7. Great post, but I would add a slight modification or addition to point No.1:
    “Masculine energy is all about breaking through barriers, overcoming obstacles, and achieving goals. Evolution has made us this way, of course. Men are logical, and approach problems with a framework based on logical assumptions with a purpose of overcoming some barrier.
    But women aren’t like this. It’s a mistake for men to project onto women our own thinking patterns. Feminine energy is all about bonding, finding emotional connections, and opening up to receive love. They are not guided by strict logic. They operate more on emotional and intuitive bases. Nurturing is not breaking through barriers or crushing obstacles.”
    – Modern feminine energy (with feminist leanings, dominant in most parts of the Caucasian world) , is all about creating barriers, obstacles and shit tests for modern men. That is the real reason why guidelines #7 (purpose of shit tests) and #11 (it never stops) exist. Modern dating has become the game of competing and overcoming against the enemy’s barriers in order to sleep with it.
    Modern women want to compete with men, not COMPLETE men (though “complement” would be a better word to use here than “complete”.) A woman usually “completes” a man’s natural biological and evolutionary pre-programmed mission to copulate, during sex – even though it is a “temporary completion”. Men should realize that first, because man’s natural response is usually tend to take competitions seriously, and only when the spirit of competition comes to the fore, will men begin to take game seriously – in order to win to overcome the obstacles/barriers (have sex). And that is what games are all about – either losing or winning.

  8. Not to dampen spirits….but as a man, whatever your “Game” is or how often you employ it, you must at all times be ready to give up “Game” in order to raise what will eventually be the Natural Consequence to such a life…the child you create; and that she will typically keep.
    Learn to love women, because one day a woman will probably become pregnant with your baby…w/out a doubt though, get a paternity test.

  9. quote: “Women will shit-test you constantly. That’s just life. That’s their way of probing a man, and finding out if he really is a masculine guy, or someone who will collapse and cave in. They want to see if you can stay centered, or not. ”
    I have heard this same rationale for “shit tests” but I still think it’s an excuse to justify cunt-ish behavior from females. I agree that shit tests are there, but it is, imho, not acceptable behavior and should not be white washed.

    1. Shit-tests come in varying degrees of intensity. Most of them are mild, probing, and are seeking to test your masculine strength.
      Yes, it is true that some of these tests can be (or have become) very rude and confrontational. If this happens, it is your responsibility to put her in check. YOUR responsibility. No one can do anything to you that you do not ALLOW them to do. Don’t take shit from anyone. I am not justifying in any way feminine rudeness or bellicosity.
      But most shit tests are not going to be fighting words. They are going to be just that: tests.

  10. The proof is in the pudding, as we say. Feminists can’t explain why game works, and abhor the fact it does (even on them).
    I wonder how these fundamentals differ for the 9s and ever-elusive 10s.

  11. Reminds me of Corey Wayne’s work, but still great article and probably the most key aspects of game were discussed.

    1. Exactly what I thought. Sounds just like a Corey Wayne speech (his shit is gold though) but at the end of the day, all good, valid points.

  12. Simultaneously squeeze her crotch with right hand thumb and middle finger, grab her hair with your left hand and tug, and grumble in her ear “You’re talking too fucking much.”

  13. I’m chuckling about this claim: “Women won’t tell you how to be a man.”
    Er, that’s one of their BIGGEST shit tests! They’re CONSTANTLY telling men what a “real” man is from their point of view or complaining about how unhappy they are. Feminism is an extension of this as they cry for white knights to come and protect them from bad oppressive patriarchs (and the bad oppressive patriarchs were just recently white knights.)
    So the last place a man should be learning about manhood should be from women despite the fact that in today’s world, that’s where 99% of advice about what men should be comes from!

    1. What I meant by this was that women are not capable of coaching men in how to be a man. Despite their claims to the contrary.
      And, deep down, despite all the feminist bullshit, they really would prefer that man act like fucking men.

      1. I respect that, but I’m going to elaborate further. Simply because a woman wants a man to: ” She wants to show up, look pretty, and let you lead the parade. You’re expected to take the initiative. And you should. Always.”
        Doesn’t mean he should. Why? Because he’s still letting her tell him what a man is, indirectly, by what SHE wants.
        Here’s the super-red-pill: A woman may know what she wants, or she may say what she wants, but simply because she expresses those demands doesn’t mean that a man should give it to her because his world shouldn’t be about giving her what she wants.
        Part of being a man means finding what HE wants in the world rather than her servant. Once he thinks of himself as her servant, even in an indirect form, then he becomes a disposable ATM machine that she withdraws all the money out of and leaves.
        I told my wife after I caught her playing a few games that the jig was up and now she had to accept some responsibility in the relationship. A decent woman doesn’t just “show up” and look pretty. Eastern European women refer to American women as “party girls” because party girls just party and are uninteresting passive aggressive backstabbers.
        The start to being a man means finding what you want and are good at, accepting responsibility for the decisions you make, and not being led around like a donkey beyond the cost benefit. It’s like viewing your life like a manager sees a business.
        So this may mean playing video games until your eyes rot sometimes. Fine. But at least be aware of the consequences of doing so. If he wants to watch football and drink beer on friday instead of work out, that’s fine too. If a man is constantly working to be a “man” to keep women around, then he’s just on a higher level of beta status.

      2. This is exactly right. I have plenty of female friends who call themselves Feminists, yet in matters of sex and dating, are exactly the same as all other women once you get to know them. They’ll even admit they love to be dominated, with a “teehee I shouldn’t have admitted that because Feminism” smile on their faces.
        It’s all just a giant lie, all women have very similar desires.

  14. Shit tests are nothing more than a kind of female bullying to probe a
    man’s alphatude. I think shit test haters should realize that if a girl
    is not shit testing you, she has friend-zoned you.

    1. Shit-tests are too often recon missions. Her goal is to find information or a tendency that could be used later against you. Also known as manipulation.

    2. So if you are banging her and she is not shit testing you, you are in the friend zone?
      As in…sex friend?
      That sounds like exactly where I want to be.
      Not too shabby.

  15. This made me chuckle: “Wasting time being a chick’s friend will just give you blueballs and
    will take time away from meeting other girls more deserving of your
    attention.” And we leave them better than we found them. lol Are most women regarded as human around here? Hell, I don’t regard most men a human anymore. Don’t get fooled by creeping regression.

  16. “When you see the opportunity, pull the trigger. Do not hesitate. Drop the hammer, always.” Loved that part. Maybe I should look more into Stoicism, or maybe Epicureanism. Interesting idea.

  17. Quintus- you act like a guy in his early 20s knows nothing? Why?
    How old are you?
    I’m a big believe in nurture over nature- we could take 5 12 or 50 yo guys and if trained right make them a vicious ball team, goon squad, a gourmet kitchen, or a power marketing team. It’s all in the training. Look at the NFL all those guys run 4.7 40s, dead lift and squat 650- yet some teams suck ass and others dominate. Leadership and training. A good coach makes or breaks an organization. That’s why fatherhood and masculinity are under attack- make a generation leaderless and the 1984s will kick their ass into oblivion because they don’t understand things.

  18. Quintus-
    So young guys in their early 20s dot know anything? That’s a simplistic statement.
    How old are you?
    Do you not believe that much if game comes down to training? If a guy came from a manly father and not the nudered politically correct public school mainstream media feminist corportocracy dont you think he will act like a man and not be treated like a clown by some silly girl?

  19. Great post. Could be a starter kit for a friend who is on the verge of accepting some Red Pill truths for the first time.

  20. I gotta question as it relates to the above guidelines and being in relationships.
    I’ve been the one-and-done type for the last couple years. But I’ve fallen in love with my most recent target and we’ve been together 4 months now, and I’m very happy. To spark initial interest I played the game, built attraction, etc. etc. But now that I’m in love I catch myself slipping. Primarily in the “Don’t Be Too Clear About Your Feelings” department. I’m crazy about this girl and I let her know all the time. It feels good to do it, but then I think about game and masculinity and then I’m like, “Damn, it’s too much to be wearing this shit on my sleeve all the time, even though I’m not trying to figure out how to fuck her anymore because I can do it anytime I want.”
    I enjoy gaming women at the beginning, but now that I’m in a happy relationship I feel like some components can be excised. I still dress well, act like the man and lead at all times. It’s just the “Don’t Be Too Clear About Your Feelings” part that I have a question about.

    1. After she got bored because you started acting like a clingy beta pussy you will no longer have this question.
      The more you “love” her the more often you push her away. It is called push-pull for a reason. If you just do pull-pull-pull (“I love you sooo much sweetheart and will NEVER leave you”) you will trigger all kinds of unwanted stuff. Do not do this.

  21. “Women won’t tell you how to be a man”
    Are you sure about that? lmao Fucking everywhere I look women are telling guys how they want them to be. They never fucking shut up about this shit. The problem is if you became just how they want you to be they will dump you in a heart beat. The desperate reality is the fact that you ARE NOT how they want you to be that attracts them. Women love to fix guys and they, just like men, love a challenge. Once you change completely into the man that women want you to be, you’ll be officially BETA MALE and it won’t be long before she loses interest, dumps you, or starts sleeping around behind your back.
    Never become what women want you to be. That’s a trap. Only become what YOU need to be. Changing for others is a total lie and it’s a massive disrespect to yourself.

  22. I really enjoyed it. Very helpful to get lessons from those with real-world experience.
    The one about “Look good all the time” reaffirmed something I was already thinking was likely the truth.
    The others put things into perspective and I’ll be mindful in the future. I’ll writing these down as notes!

  23. Don’t Get Into Discussions With Women About Game Or Dating
    AMEN to that! The WORST advice I’ve ever received about women…has come from women!

  24. I recently was referred to as “crude and disrespectful” by a feminist and I’m hoping she doesn’t show up on my door step because she just doesn’t do it for me…….

  25. To have good game, I think what men need to do is visit hookers frequently while they pursue attractive women for possible LTR. But don’t waist much of your time and money on any women. Don’t put your hopes in any women. You may get a looker in the sack and then find she’s no good.
    I hate to be so blunt but women are all whores. Evolution made them this way. They only differ in price, currency, terms and method of payment. As soon as you realize this, you’ll start having a lot more game.

  26. One thing that works for me: stop giving a fuck what women think! I get laid plenty because I don’t care what ladies think about.

  27. @ Quintus Curtius I know you are a cool guy bradda but most of your wording are came from Coach Corey Wayne and you know that. I love this website Returnofthekings.com it gives men knowledge of how to be an Alpha Male.

  28. Great Article. Everthing is just the same as the advice given by Corey Wayne.
    Read “How To Be a 3% Man”
    Its weird, once you stop caring about what women think, they sense this and can’t wait to get you in bed.

  29. Would like to read about what to do when other men (bosses, supervisors, authority figures) regularly dismiss or block your own success.. Most of the time when there was a conflict, my male role model lept in with fists swinging.. Obviously this doesnt pass the muster these days,,, so I feel lacking in the tools to rise above the fraudulent methods of other men that I have to have something to do with, in order to earn an income.

  30. christ this is fantastic it’s great to have a set of principles to follow in everything that one does in life and I’ll be sure to keep these principles in mind when it comes to women
    game ftw

  31. What would you misogynist fucks know about game? No woman wants you, that’s the real reason you hate women. Because we know what pathetic pieces of filth you are and wouldn’t come near you, or your tiny cocks with a 100 foot pole. I hope you really do get rape legalized and some man comes and sodomizes you.

  32. Hey guys just a quick headsup this info can be found in more detail in the book “How to be a 3% man” by Coach Corey Wayne.
    Although this is a good summary of Corey Wayne’s relationship advice book if you want a deeper understanding and want to implement these things youve gotta read the book alot of times….and of course find some cool ladies.

  33. This article has proven to be invaluable to me. But one point that I didn’t quite understand was the mention of “mental programming” and adopting a helpful philosophy. Could anyone explain this? Thanks. W.

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  36. Great point on never stopping your game. Thats a mistake ive made a couple of times in my life. I get the woman i want. Get the loving i want. And have the attraction that keeps me in there. But ive made the mistake of resting on my game. Thinking i dont have to be that way anymore. She wont break up with me now. Then i started opening up more, becoming too comfortable, and not gaming. I know some on here may say that why wouldnt i want a woman that i can just drop my game after the accomplishments are done? Well my friend, those type of women dont exist. At least from what ive seen and i date alot. Especially hot women. Its a very good point made about never dropping your game. I dont now and ive never had that problem again. Please fellas. Dont learn the hard way like i did. Stick to what gets you there,and stay disciplined. Stay manned up.

    1. 50+ years of marriage, and my grandpa never stopped his game. Continued the teasing, comments, putting effort into looking good. It is a way of life.

  37. “Women base their decisions on emotion and no logic. Men are inherenly more logical than women and therefore superior?”
    “what do you mean what sources do i have to prove my points beyond anecdotal assertion?”
    “Men are logical, and approach problems with a framework based on logical assumptions with a purpose of overcoming some barrier.
    But women aren’t like this. It’s a mistake for men to project onto
    women our own thinking patterns. Feminine energy is all about bonding,
    finding emotional connections, and opening up to receive love. They are
    not guided by strict logic.” Men are apparently so logical theyre willing to condemn half of the human population because some guy on the internet said so, with literally zero evidence to back up him claims. True logic is basing your entire political outlook on a circle jerk website of men saying whatever they think as if they’re somehow qualified to discuss the complexity of the science behind group (such as gender groups), with literally fucking zero credentials. It’d be funny to witness such an undeservingly enittlted group of morons letting everyone else know theyre morons, yet they have a worryingly large fanbase.

  38. So you people are going to live the rest of your lives trying to gain the respect of women? LOL. This shit is sad.

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