8 Productivity Tips I Use Every Day

In this podcast, I explain eight productivity tips that I use every day to create the work that you enjoy from me. They include how to prepare for a day’s work the night before, how to approach a work session, how to minimize distractions, and how to handle excessive noise in your environment. These tips all seem like common sense to me now, but there was a time that I didn’t use any of them and experienced less concentration and efficiency as a result.

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15 thoughts on “8 Productivity Tips I Use Every Day”

  1. Great, looking forward to listening to it. Speaking of productivity, would you mind considering prviding a written list too, Roosh? It’s much easier to handle and absorb

      1. My comments seem to disappear sometimes. I thanked you not long ago but I can’t see it. Anyways, thank you. I read articles on my ereader. It’s got a thing called Pocket, you might be familiar with it. I can read these anywhere once synchronized. If you read lots of articles I recommend checking it out. Kobo ereaders have Pocket for example

  2. Here’s my productivity tip – realtime…
    Go to Washington ASAP and join the brothers forming the Biker Wall of Meat to contain the Wave of Million Feminists descending on the inauguration. Wear bike gear, hell… ride a tenspeed or Schwinn if you must.
    No greater call awaits the Manosphere, in my opinion.
    But should the shrillest of Feminists produce and point, drop down and allow the Secret Service to laser her up…
    I am afraid that begun, the Feminist war has

  3. I find it helps to alternate tasks, i.e. 45 minutes writing then 15 minutes cleaning the house. I’ve never enjoyed cleaning so much, and when the timer goes I’m eager to get back to computer and pick up where I left off.

  4. Nice podcast!
    With regards to listening to white noise while you work, consider buying some noise-cancelling headphones and using the noise-cancelling function without music.. You get a sound almost identical to white noise, while the noise-cancelling blocks out any disturbing outside sounds. Personally, I prefer listening to alpha waves while I work (while using noise-cancelling headphones).

  5. “How to get shits done”.
    That’s the type of things that father’s should teach their kids.
    Perfect podcast, simple, deep, and perfectly usable.
    Daily wisdom at its best.

  6. In regards to having breaks: this is one of the most distinct difference between men and women in my opinion. Men are better at high intensity, short duration activities, where as women tend to be better at low intensity activities that are of long or interminable duration.

  7. off topic: why is this site so buggy? pages dont load all the way, my browser gets cluttered here with malware. What gives?

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