What’s The Difference Between Posting Your Cleavage And Showing Your Bank Balance On Instagram?

Kourtney Kardashian’s soon-to-be ex-husband, entrepreneur Scott Disick, became the target of online anger in 2013 for posting a series of money-themed photos on Instagram. The most “notorious” one involved a toilet roll holder furnished with money instead of paper.

At the time, no one seemed to note the irony of the attacks on Disick, a multimillionaire in his own right. Thrown to the wolves for his so-called narcissism, people forgot the litany of other ways in which people behave in a narcissistic manner on Instagram and other platforms, especially in advertising their usually digitally- and cosmetically-enhanced bodies.

My question to you is this: why is a one-off set of displays of wealth by Scott Disick so bad in the eyes of the public, but the constant attention-whoring of a Kim Kardashian is seen as good? Obviously, enough people despise Kim Kardashian and those like her. Yet significant swathes of people tolerate her antics but would lash out at any behavior like Disick’s. Why?

Disick’s display of his success is much more real and uncontrived than many of the girls on Instagram who falsely present their pictures as authentic representations of themselves.

The reason why the second kind of attention-seeking is more socially approved is because it suits the vanity of many women to flaunt their sexuality and receive the validation of likes, comments and all-round attention. Rather than being created by L’Oreal and the use of flattering filtering and camera angles, Disick’s success is much more commendable and should be, if anything, celebrated.

The irony of attacking Scott Disick

This is no less distasteful than many duck face cleavage photos on Instagram. So why are people like Scott Disick attacked so furiously?

For a family whose females, at least the less weird-looking ones, perpetually parade their done-up faces and bodies to earn an income, those critiques of the member-by-marriage Disick were laughable. Instead of whoring himself out to social media, Disick had to resort to other work to generate his fortune. It may not be rocket science or serious literature, but it’s something far less stale and repetitive than his dysfunctional and psychologically-lacking in-laws.

On the other hand, Kim Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner regularly feature in your Facebook trending news without rebuke to get some desperately craved screen time. Disick has the “gumption” to appear in just one major viral piece and is completely castigated. As you can see, social acceptability is a phenomenon that keeps on getting more and more selective. People will naturally ignore attacking the vehicles for self-promotion, like cleavage and related shots, that they like or depend on themselves for propping up self-esteem.

Money is more real than “looks”

Katy Perry sans makeup.

Sure, you can rent a Lamborghini, max out your credit cards and take out a second or third mortgage on your home to project the image of financial prosperity. Nevertheless, money is much more tangible and real than an online or even real-life physical appearance.

There usually needs to be a significant factual foundation for wealth in order for it to be displayed. Bill Gates’ wealth, for example, is a lot more visceral than the the questionable real attractiveness of a celebrity, who masks their natural appearance with cosmetics and other tricks. The wealth of many female celebrities, such as Katy Perry, has more substance than the “looks” they used to build it in the first place.

The stigma of showing your wealth still persists, however. In order to get away with it, particularly with high-end purchases, people mostly need to feature themselves in photographs. If you’re at a palatial hotel in New York, you make sure you’re smiling and embracing a friend to minimize the “brag factor.” If you’re snapping your $159 sturgeon main course at a 17-star restaurant called Saint Michel-Pierre-Jean-Marie, you wax lyrical about the beauty of shared times with loved ones or insert a mysterious Ralph Waldo Emerson quote.

In the meantime, online peddlers of their posteriors and I-can-see-your-nipples-protruding photography don’t need to maintain the illusion. They just click the camera phone and upload their handiwork.

The reason why I’m forced to use Scott Disick as an example is because the posting of money and information about your wealth on social media is so uniformly taboo. Those who engage in it regularly tend to be rappers or those like them, groups of individuals where the “professional culture” emphasizes such displays of bling and material affluence.

I’ll take stacks of 100 dollar bills on a table over duck faces almost any day

Please explain the vanity differential between this and the Scott Disick photos. You may “appreciate” the girl more but the compulsive desire for attention and validation is still there.

Regrettably, popular assumptions are most often never challenged. Oftentimes they need to be examined very critically. Especially where we either reward or punish people in the public spotlight, which now increasingly draws in “normal” people via social media, the motives and outcomes of different kinds of attention-seeking require relentless comparison.

Begin to cast a much more keen eye over how people present themselves and how others react to it. You may even be at the mercy of certain cultural paradigms yourself. For now, just recognize that Scott Disick’s actions weren’t nearly as bad as what was reported.

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104 thoughts on “What’s The Difference Between Posting Your Cleavage And Showing Your Bank Balance On Instagram?”

  1. “Please explain the vanity differential between this and the Scott Disick photos. You may “appreciate” the girl more but the compulsive desire for attention and validation is still there.”

    1. The girls is validation based on just vanity…the guys also hard work, talent and aptitude.

  2. Women have the cleavage.
    Men have the money.
    Men have the money because that’s what gets the attention of the women with the cleavage. Are the “strong an independent” women posting images of themselves in the pantsuits they wear to their upper management office troll jobs?
    The only thing that is bothersome is the double standard. Women can post their tits all over the place, but a man shows he can make some bank and that’s bad.
    I bet the women complaining the most are the ones who are too fat to get a man with money.

    1. Yeah, plus modern society has perfected taking money from men – but men don’t get to take the cleavage from women (if he’s really lucky a guy can rent it for a while), so not only is it a poor deal, but no deal at all, for an exchange hasn’t occurred. Which is, essentially, robbery.

        1. and make it progressive. for every inch, one hour of prostitution to the most needy. the cripples, fatties, smellies, nerds, they all need to be loved.

      1. This say a ton. Look at marriage. What women bring, sex, is at her option with whoever she wants. What men bring, money, is a lifelong obligation regardless of what the whore did. And it isn’t robbery it is slavery.

        1. That’s if you think marriage is about and only for SEX.
          Which furthers the question are you out of highschool.

    2. The reverse is poor dudes who complain about rich guys but haven’t lifted a finger to increase their earning potential.

      1. How does one explain those trust fund kiddies with all their money out there pushing socialist causes?
        Mental illness is the answer that comes to mind.

        1. Yes it could if it bought him a condo on the beach in Tel Aviv for playing a role in a stunt.
          Google Bianca DeKock, reportedly shot five times by Rodger and walking around fine one week later for the TV cameras.

        2. I guess I was saying that money alone won’t cure you of being a social retard. But you’re right he could have moved somewhere to get easier pussy and more life experience.
          What are you suggesting with the Bianca story?

        3. It’s an obvious hoax Clark, once you look into the details. Does the “S” on your chest stand for stupid, stubborn, or sedentary?

      2. I like where this discussion is going. This is the THE ROK SENATE. Welcome. The first rule is :

  3. What’s The Difference Between Posting Your Cleavage And Showing Your Bank Balance On Instagram?
    Both are whoring.

  4. Because Scott Disick is a white cis-gendered male and he’s reinforcing patriarchy and white male privilege by flaunting his money on Instagram. Come on guys don’t we know this by now?
    Edit: Oh and sorry I forgot, women baring their cleavage on Instagram is female empowerment and anyone who disagrees is a slut shamer, fat shamer, and whatever other shaming there is these days.

    1. From my brief understanding of the show it also has to do with Scott not being very ‘charismatic’ or ding what we would say are alpha traits. Society loves it when Floyd ‘money’ Mayweather flaunts his wealth or a host of international sports players show off their wealth or even Dan Bilzarian. But these guys generally have the “don’t give a fuck attitude”. Whereas if someone makes their money in legitimate capital investments it is seen as “dirty money” thats the big irony of cultural marxism. Money that made in legitimate business enterprise is seen as tainted while being a drug dealer, investment fraud or thug and showing money is seen as being alpha. it’s a huge inversion of values.it also shows the aspirational nature of wealth. When many of those that make the big money in black-market activities ends up in prison,broke or dead.

        1. And he encourages that hate because it is money in the bank for him. He is one sharp operator.

    2. That explains why nobody gets on Floyd Mayweather’s back for doing the same… oh wait…

    3. The irony is that women and SJW’s will attack the guy, but any women within a mile will chase him. That’s the way they are. They’ll attack the guy because it’s expected in their social group, but behind their freinds backs they’ll try to get him for the money. Old, old story.

  5. My favorite thing that women get away with these days are the so called “Slut Walks.” Holy shit, talk about circular fuckin’ logic! Ever take a gander at some of the pictures from these “Slut Walk” rallies? It’s only the most disgusting looking hags, piggies, lesbos, and other “feminist” groups that attend.

      1. Seriously! The pictures of these mobs of uglies at “Slut Walks” are enough to make your dick hit the floor!

  6. People get pissed off at other people lavishing in money because they’re fucking losers and it pisses them off that someone could go blow 5000 dollars for no reason.

  7. it probably has something to do with the fact that pictures of some super wealthy guy showing off his money 1: doesn’t make anyones dick hard 2: reminds everyone just how pathetic and insignificant their lives in the middle class really are.

    1. I worked a downtown party this summer where Dan Bilzarian rented out a section of the club.
      It was Amazing to see women ignore their boyfriends for the chance to shake their ass in front of this billionaire.
      I don’t even get upset about it anymore, it’s kinda funny to me at this point. But yeah… Spending too much time comparing yourself to people like that will probably make you depressed. Sucks for kids obsessed with famous rappers…

      1. The moment my Girlfriend Cuckolded me to Dance with a Billionaire is the Moment I say to her See-Ya. Apparently Evel Kneivel would have visits from women who made their boyfriends sit outside and wait while Evel and the women would fuck, though not a Billionaire the women still craved his Alpha Status and Fame and would Cuckold their Beta’s to satisfy their lust.

        1. You don’t need to be good looking if you have a fat wallet. It’s always about money. Do not forget it.
          As a man you must strive for financial freedom.
          ‘Anybody that says money is the root of all evil doesn’t fucking have any’.
          Truth right here.

        2. You’re correct if they’re gonna act like a disposable slut treat them like one, if my woman left me to shake her ass in front a of a billionaire I move on. Got nothing against the billionaire himself though, ‘don’t hate the player, hate the game’.

  8. Money is the SMV of men. Cleavage is the SMV of women. While men have the chance to retain their SMV until death, women don’t have that same chance. That’s why they hate money.

    1. Yeah, and no cosmetic “fixes” for it either. We can’t go to a doctor to make us “fake” money. The kind of money that looks good in your wallet but like shit when you take it out. That’s out of the question, legally speaking.

    2. And that’s the way it’s always been. The only thing that has changed is the form of currency we use.
      In a world where force is the only thing that matters, as an example, warlords will have harems.

      1. Warlords have always had harems. That’s the thing our whole civilization revolves around. Many average men used to end up dead during wars. The rest used to get removed from competition by being forced into monogamous marriages, and so the warlords could have harems.
        The problem is that you can’t have a harem if you don’t have hundreds and thousands of men supporting that with their labor and lifes. Nowadays, we don’t have as big death tolls in wars as we used to have, and so more and more men end up without a decent wife. The result – MGTOW and Herbivore men. So we need more wars to fix that. And hence, we have politicians constantly trying to start a war.

    3. You know it just occurred to me. THIS is why the deck is stacked against every man and the ability to keep his money.
      Think about it.
      SMV in a woman has a shelf life of 12 to 20 years (20 only if she’s a fitness and health freak). Once it’s gone, it’s gone. And if she has no value otherwise, she’s done. Start stocking up on cat food.
      But a man who has money can make decisions with it. He can amass it, or invest in it, or use it to leverage value in his life and get whatever he wants.
      A man can also decide that he does not need money and value his time over it.
      No wonder the cunt patrol is so pissed.

      1. Maybe women seeing it get pissed because they know that women are disposeable to him. Based on the gender relations that women set up in the first place. And feel that “pinch” about their own lack of value in regards to anything of lasting value.
        It’s remarkable how many women reject a self-made man working his own business. Unless he’s got tons of cash in the bank and displays disposeable income. (But those ones are far and few.) But when a man inherets money, or gets it by being a cookie-cutter type executive or doctor, they fall all over him.
        It’s not the man’s value to society or himself, it’s just the money. And if it fell in his lap the woman figures it’s hers also. That’s more offensive to me than this guy posting his cash.

      2. A woman can also amass wealth and get pretty much her hearts desire by it as well in our capitalistic society…….you seem to be drawing a distinction without a difference.

        1. I would agree with you that women can certainly do so these days. However, I would argue against capitalism as the causality.

        2. Are all those turbo power hags in upper management, man-jawed and having the hairline of a man (triangle shaped no hair zones over the temples, typical of men) from years of stress and office drama and trollery, actually happy?
          All the fancy shoes with pretentious little matching handbags, tub of ice cream or boxed Merlot every night, and Sex in the City reruns can’t cover up the mistakes that haunt them every single day.
          But hey, it’s what they wanted.

        3. Men are attracted to woman’s appearance more than any other factor, a rich ugly woman will have a harder time finding a man than stunning poor woman. Women place less value on a mans looks than they do his assets.

        4. Is anyone really happy. Those who want nothing are happy. That’s why I feel awesome when I snowboard, because there is nothing else I want at the moment. That’s why gamers are happy “wasting” their time. And women are happy when getting good dick. And there is nobody who wants nothing. Unless they are god. You can want for nothing as a rich man or a poor man. And why I’m not happy right now is because I want a lot of things I don’t have.

        5. ^This is it in a nutshell.
          Your internal game can be at master level but if you’re too happy and want nothing more for an extended period of time, eventually you’ll get bored, cease growing and stagnate HARD. You may become unhappy from within and create new goals or chaos just to balance out.
          I’ve personally reached this point and I’ve seen many others reach that point too.
          Some people really self destruct just to feel human again when things get too good.
          What was that quote from the film Buffalo Soldiers about when army men have no enemy they create one from within? (paraphrased)

        6. Offer her a better alternative. Don’t cry because she choses the path open to her……all people want advancement…and will, do what it takes to provide for their families…….

        7. She can have a million dollars, or ten. If she’s old and also looks crappy my penis will say: no. He doesn’t care about money, only fertility and looks.

      3. True. Read steve Moxon..men can slide up and down the hierarchy throughout life. Women only have their looks and I use it against them. I have money and people working for me. She has looks that can be compared to other women. I am evil? No. I do the same to women they do to us:objectify.

    4. “Money is the SMV of men”
      The problem is, at the top end there are still way more
      successful men than hot females , it’s only getting worse too, More and more rich older hoarding men, Less and less good jobs for the younger men as the economy collapses, good luck getting rich within the next 20 years. that’s if you have a LOT OF ENERGY and make no mistakes, Just sit down and do the math of what it would take you to make your first million starting from scratch, Say as someone who had living expenses taken care of up until 18-20
      I bet itill take you until you are 40 to not even be halfway to your first million$
      The average american is 40 years old and their net worth is -150,000$ due to mortgage
      Seriously, what’s your plan? 6 year education and debt (thats if you;re smart and pick something that makes you employable right away so best case scenario), Than what a mini mcmansion for half a mil? a low starting income due to lack of experience for the first 3-4 years?
      Ah Shit your out 10 years just for starts? Now to pay it all off its gonna take you another 10 years! Enjoy you cuck
      Now you’re 40 years old, and exactly in the same boat as uh 95% of the rest of america. Ok, maybe you did a little better and have a newer car and 100-200 grand in the bank, good, Perhaps there is hope for you to have your first million by 50? But a return of more than 20-25% a year on that 200 grand would make you a financial genius!?
      Ah, You’re not a financial genius? Shit. Perhaps by 60?
      If you got married, ugh.. well lets just say not only the odds of needing to be a financial genius working against you but also the face there is a 60% chance she is gonna take most of you’re resources.
      lol, lift weights , stop worrying about money and being a cuck, by all means try every practical way to accumulate wealth and spend it wisely but don’t identify with the object that is used to control you
      Other people control you with money, So if you identify with the very tool used to control you as an identity, you are a CUCK
      You are a cuck to the woman in your bed that would leave you for a richer man. You are a poor cuck shed rather fuck wealthier man
      this is still the old idea that you are going to “buy a happy relationship”
      Sure, in a sane world i could see this happening^ the reality is predators use men viciously and you can’t be happy in this type of contractual interaction, (for more than a certain time) all the rich men i’ve ever heard from have been divorced multiple times, it NEVER WORKS
      Women only appreciate you for you money for a limited time and then get bored and go crazy in the end anyway and end up screwing you over, if you think the secret to happiness with a woman is just having money so you can secure eachothers future just look at the 60% divorce stats initiated 80% of the time by women
      people are like sheep, they all think alike. “Ah money will make her loyal” Nope, because once shes with you after a while, You are only worth HALF, and she is now rich, like being dethroned

    5. Yeah. And a cyclo driver in South Asia is a getting himself way more high quality cleavage than a guy who just made partner in Duluth. I know that’s a huge aside, but it must not be forgotten. The richest guys in the world are reduced to staring at teen cleavage in the mall on Sunday afternoon, almost never getting any for themselves.

  9. The stigma of showing your wealth still persists, however. In order to get away with it, particularly with high-end purchases, people mostly need to feature themselves in photographs. If you’re at a palatial hotel in New York, you make sure you’re smiling and embracing a friend to minimize the “brag factor.” If you’re snapping your $159 sturgeon main course at a 17-star restaurant called Saint Michel-Pierre-Jean-Marie, you wax lyrical about the beauty of shared times with loved ones or insert a mysterious Ralph Waldo Emerson quote.

    Another way is to pretend it’s for charity. If you want to show off your wealth by throwing a lavish party, you have to pretend it’s for [insert disease] awareness.
    And it’s not just displays of wealth that you have to cloak with charity. It’s also your athletic prowess. NFL players can’t play football without wearing pink for breast cancer awareness. You can’t set up a race without saying you’re doing it for some cause.

    1. How does that song go…
      Ain’t got no job
      got no car
      got no woman
      so there you are

      1. In the movie “Barfly” Mickey Rourke spouts out after spending his last buck on some whiskey, Hey no job, no money, no women, everything is back to normal. Gotta love Buttkowksi!

  10. Attention whores and Scott Disick are both equally cunts. Women will do anything for approval hence almost everyone of them taking idiotic selfies, and most having R or X rated instagram or tumblr accounts. Scott Disick, from what Ive seen on the first seasons of that show is an arrogant spoiled rich douchebag with the personality of a carp.People dont like him because he represents old money spoiled rich kid entitlement. Both use their currency for getting what they want. He obviously decided to post a selfie with a chick covered in ONE dollar bills to show how rich he is and the dumb golddiggers will flock to him like the beta manginas that compliment hot chicks on instagram. They’re both pathetic vapid losers looking for validation the only way they can. Money for him and comments for the attention whores from beta manginas.

  11. Women are getting the Slut pass now because we have an SJW regime dictating morality and the Regime has decided that Years and Years of female oppression by the “Patriarchy” allows them the ability and right to act like mindless whores and that anyone who calls them out on it are committing hate speech, as for a Man celebrating his wealth on twitter, To a SJW Feminist Marxist, a Capitalist is the Ultimate Sin.

  12. The dollars won’t age but the mammaries will. Though the fiat will lose purchasing power, much like aging bewbs.

    1. Without Inflation…
      people horde wealth, no one invests.
      People will only risk money over-time if they know that the value of their money over time is going to decrease, Otherwise, the economy would stagnate
      if inflation is 3% than within 20 years i lost more than half all my money 60%? so how do i solve that problem? Well i either enjoy it and spend it, or i invest it.
      Inflation forces people to spend and participate in economic activity.
      spend it while it’s hot type of thing before it loses 2-4% a year and you hope to gain 6-8%

      1. You are an idiot. If inflation is 0, then the saver loses nothing, but can still invest to try to make money. Money keeps it’s value, and will be good later when needed rather than losing value. Any gains you make will be taxed, but assuming a positive return you will never be taxed to less than your original value.
        If inflation is more than 0 (4% or so these days IIRC), then savers are pushed to investing all their money, or at least wasting it on stuff because they won’t be able to buy as much stuff even a year later. No savings, means you are screwed if something bad happens (fire, theft, illness, whatever). This is a bad place to be and where most americans and other westerners are these days. Even if you are among the 1% of people smart enough to invest your money instead of splurging on chicks, cars and the third world war, your investments better pay off more than inflation or you’re still losing. Oh and they also better pay off even more than that because any gains you make WILL be taxed as capital gains or dividends or other income. That’s the biggest joke on the public. The government prints money to cause inflation, then taxes you on your efforts to keep your money at the same value through investing. In effect, it’s a wealth tax on what you already have and it hits your entire wallet every year no matter what. Ingenious really. Depending on your tax bracket and type of investment, you might need to make 6% annually to keep up with a 4% inflation rate.

      2. You’re assuming that people only invest as a hedge against inflation. If that were true, people today would only be buying precious metals and nothing else.
        People don’t just invest to protect their wealth. They do it to increase their wealth as well.

      3. Wow, I’ve never heard such a twisted justification for inflation. So many fallacies here.
        First, saving IS investing. When one *hoards* or doesn’t spend their money, the alternative is to put it into an investment like a bank account, stock, etc. So the less people spend, the more they can save and invest.
        Second, solving the non-existant problem of people hoarding money (and if anyone is truly and actually “hoarding” money and not doing anything with it, it is the ultra rich, who are barely affected by inflation) by stealing half their money is an abhorrent idea, even if it worked, which it does not.
        Third, inflation does not “force people to spend” it actually reduces their ability to spend / buy the things they need because their purchasing power is less than it used to be. If the inflation rate is, say, 10% then next year I will be able to buy 10% less than I can today. How is that “forcing to spend”? It is reducing both spending *and* savings/investment, both of which were the goals to increase!
        Fourth, a stable, known, fixed value currency (gold is one) is the basis of a good economy. Long term decisions can be made, and prices are more transparent. Savings and investment are property rewarded for the sacrifices required in deferring gratification by delaying spending.
        Debasing one’s currency is a horrible idea!

  13. Both cases are tacky and narcissistic. The intention is to signal social status and an abundance of resources. Is it more tacky to show off ones money than boobs? Probably as money is very taboo in our culture, we tend not to disclose bank balances to anyone, let alone on social media. Disick should’ve just posted pictures of his cars, just as effective and impressive without the hate.

  14. Meh, I don’t see this being any different from “rich kids of Instagram.” Just rubbing your [parents’] success in everyone’s face because you have shit else to do than stroke your own ego.

  15. If I were wealthy and successful, the last thing I want to do is to show off to the world of my wealth. Showing off just invites trouble. You are more likely to get robbed. Your wife and kids kidnapped for ransom and so on.

    1. Wise words. If you are a man of means, scoundrels WILL eventually try to take a shot at you. Much better to be low key about it, and learn to hide and protect your wealth.

      1. I recalled reading about the terrible private lives of celebrities. Michael Jordan had to buy out an entire theater of tickets just to see the latest blockbuster film on the silver screen either alone or with a handful of his friends and relatives. You leave your house to get milk and you have to cover in disguise so no one will recognize you and approach you for an autograph or photo. All that money is not worth all that hassle. Only fools display that material wealth for the attention, good and bad.

  16. Attacking someone else for their narcissism is laughable in itself. It’s the kind of thing that should be brushed away with a roll of the eyes and a “that’s nice”. It’s painfully obvious that the people who hate pictures like Disick’s above just wish they could be him. Why anyone would give two shits about any of the pictures in this article, however, is beyond me…

  17. There does exist beauty as a result of substance but they are outnumbered by sham beauty(makeup plastic surgery simulating beauty that is a result of substance). Given men’s sexual attraction to such, it like hunger indicates the existence of such beauty

  18. The picture in question got criticism ’cause he has a woman underneath the pile of money. Indicating she is a commodity, like his sofa, to be purchased. If it was just HIM laying under a pile of money, it would be a different issue! It would be CELEBRATED. P.S. American money on a toilet roll is quite appropriate ’cause in due time the only thing you’ll be able to do with Republican Toilet Paper is wipe your ass with it! 😛

  19. Thinking of ending my miserable life. -not depression
    Women reject me after seeing my photo, they give me dirty looks, tell me I am ugly
    family want’s nothing to do with me (overheard my aunt) no friends, no one likes me
    people use me and toss me to the curb when done getting what they want.

  20. Guys, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Just delete your social media accounts. What a waste of time it is, and all you are doing is promoting more and more narcissism which is already way out of control. American and Australian girls in particular (they are the biggest social media attention whores around, in my opinion) should read the lesson about Narcissus from Greek mythology…

    1. Social media has gone worldwide. While I find foreign women far more feminine than American ones, I find them just as addicted to their facebook accounts. It’s sick. And our society promotes facebook as a real “company” with supposed profits, and “values” it at $270 billion (wow, just looked that up! How insane!) I can’t see FB being around in another 5-10 years. But something worse will probably replace it.
      (FB did con advertisers into giving it a $2 billion profit last year, but assuming it does that well over the next decade, maybe it makes $20 billion and then fizzles out, never approaching its supposed “value” of $270b)

  21. Nobody important gives a single solitary fuck about Disick, Caitlin or the fucking Kardashians. Lets not waste anymore web space on pointless trivia.

  22. I think blasting $100 bills all over instagram is the new IDGAF meme. Works for me. Rock on with your rich self!

  23. the guy flashing his bank balance might actually have achieved something in his life

  24. 1) the Internet is for women, so women are going to get a pass on their behaviour, if it’s something other women like to do
    2) it’s part of the show and Disick is a heel, you’re supposed to hate him, so the audience is playing the role they are supposed to play
    3) translate the hamster: “I hate assholes who throw money around!” is actually “rich assholes excite me but I will be judged (Gen’s note: woman’s biggest fear) if I say that so I’ll say I hate them”

  25. A little off topic, but if your a man over the age of 18 and you have an Instagram account then you really need to rethink your life. That’s an automatic pull of your man card

  26. I have a profile on one of the online dating sites. I check it for time to time, but I dont pay money for any membership. Still it was funny how I used to get no emails or inquiries from women when I first made my account right out of college. Now that I’m making over twice as much I get a lot more attention. When I’m dating online I want cute girls who are attractive, seem like they can hold a conversation etc. If they want me because I’m good looking enough and have money that’s fine by me.

  27. It’s known as Tall Poppy Syndrome and it’s long been an essential part of cultural marxism.

  28. I have a proposition. Instead of making fun of feminists, (although that is realllllly fun :)) The main reason why women turn to feminism is simply because they seek attention. Even when we expose their faulty logic and laughable beliefs, they still bathe in the attention. I personally believe that if men just took care of their own business and ignored/gave a quick laugh to feminists, the movement would implode. Anyone concur?

    1. That’s the case with most attention-seekers. Ignore feminists, talking heads, Donald Trump, and they will go away.

    2. You’ve HIT THE NAIL ON THE PROVERBIAL HEAD! That’s exactly what feminism is about…ATTENTION FOR ME! Do not even equate it with something that has an intrinsic belief system that can be backed up by veritable facts, like vegetarianism or climate change. Feminism is the X factor for ugly chicks which gives them a mega-phone into which they can spew their unrequited lack of daddy love to the whole world. It’s like to paraphrase Philip Larkin’s poem Money:-
      “It’s like looking down
      From long French windows at a provincial town,
      The slums, the canal, the churches ornate
      And mad in the evening sun.
      It is intensely sad”

  29. Men who flaunt themselves with money lack tact. Women like to hide the fact that they love money. You want to attract materialistic whores on your dating IG? Just post yourself doing something expensive:
    eating in an expensive restaurant…
    Golf or anything perceived of high value.

  30. There is one guy that very visibly bucks this trend though, and gets away with all that shit. Dan Bilzerian. Excess is his fame

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