Did Vlad Vorontsov Commit A Crime By Threatening To Disrupt A Roosh V Lecture?

As many of you may know, Roosh V’s successful World Tour 2015 has already made history. For the first time, open and productive discussions are being held on issues that relate to the future of masculinity. The anti-masculine poison that the media has been trying to ram down everyone’s throats for decades is finally being confronted with a philosophy and worldview that offers an antidote to this poison, without requiring the approval of women or the SJW Bolsheviks.

Of course, some are unable to cope with an ideology that exposes them for what they are. Because they don’t believe in freedom of speech, and because they can’t stand to see their views challenged, they have one default setting: ban the message. The tour is currently under attack from those who would censor ideas that disagree with their own. Recently, a Facebook page was started to try to “prevent” a peaceful lecturer from delivering talks in Montreal and Toronto. The stated reason?

Roosh, in the twisted, loser worldview of these people, “advocates rape.” The “evidence” of this is Roosh’s obviously satirical article which mocked the rape-accusation pretensions of the social justice warrior (SJW) crowd. Yes, it’s the usual SJW tactic of cherry picking and cutting and pasting, in order to make it seem that Roosh “advocated” something that he never advocated.

The apparent organizer of the Facebook page is this precious little snowflake:


This is the face of arrogance and intolerance.

Her name is Aurelie Nix and her goal is to nix Roosh’s speech. It goes without saying that these people are losers. That is obvious. But notice also the upturned nose, and the self-imposed wreath signalling a delusional level of self-importance. This is the face of someone who refuses to abide by the rules of the civilized world. This is the face of someone who wants to deprive you of your rights, rights that you may have risked your life to fight for. 

What makes the Facebook page more disturbing is the open suggestions for disruption and violent threats that have emanated from the site. One poster on the site, named Vlad Vorontsov, made the open statement that, if he was unable to prevent Roosh from entering Canada, that he was “open” to using other methods of “shutting the event down.”  Look at his comment below. He was unwilling to get into the specifics of his criminal disruption plans, but urged other members to “PM” him for “details.”

View post on imgur.com

The comments are revealing. They give a window into the minds of the types of people who hold themselves out as angelic innocents, all the while plotting the most devious conspiracies against free speech and discourse. These are the people who call themselves “progressives.”  In case you’re interested, this is the photo of Mr. Vorontsov, which is publicly available for all to see on his Facebook profile.


This is the face of arrogance and intolerance.

Notice the snickering, smug, weasely, arrogant attitude. The headphones symbolize the willing inability to listen to any views other than those of his own arrogant, narcissistic ego. He is closed out to the world, and island unto himself.  And in his mind, he’s perfect, just perfect.

But it gets worse.

Under the Canadian Criminal Code, threatening violence is itself a crime. And it is clear that Mr. Vorontsov has stated his intention of trying to shut down the lecture using illegal means. It can be construed as an invitation to violence. This is especially true when we consider the last comment that someone posted in the screenshot about, in which a reader tosses out the idea of a bomb threat. Whether this was serious or not, words have consequences.

SJWs love to lecture the world about how words have consequences, but are unwilling to accept the harms that their words cause.

Here is the relevant Canadian Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46) section.

Uttering threats

264.1 (1) Every one commits an offence who, in any manner, knowingly utters, conveys or causes any person to receive a threat
(a) to cause death or bodily harm to any person;
(b) to burn, destroy or damage real or personal property; or
(c) to kill, poison or injure an animal or bird that is the property of any person.
Marginal note:Punishment

(2) Every one who commits an offence under paragraph (1)(a) is guilty of
(a) an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years; or
(b) an offence punishable on summary conviction and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding eighteen months.

(3) Every one who commits an offence under paragraph (1)(b) or (c)
(a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or
(b) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.
R.S., 1985, c. 27 (1st Supp.), s. 38; 1994, c. 44, s. 16.

Whether he was kidding or not, Mr. Vorontsov needs to be questioned about his stated desire to shut down Roosh V’s lecture. This is especially true in light of the last comment that was made in the screenshot above.

More than anything, these statements reveal the modern SJW for the sniveling cowards that they truly are. They cannot handle dialogue. They cannot handle opposing viewpoints. They look for reasons to be outraged over nothing, and then call on big daddy government to censor people who hurt their feelings.

Failing that, they resort to illegal disruption as ways of enforcing “tolerance.” What are Mr. Vorontsov’s “ideas” that people should PM him about regarding how to disrupt Roosh’s lecture? And why hasn’t Aurelie Nix condemned Mr. Vorontsov?

Does she approve of such intimidation tactics?

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228 thoughts on “Did Vlad Vorontsov Commit A Crime By Threatening To Disrupt A Roosh V Lecture?”

  1. Ugh, just from looking at these people, your skin crawls a little. You can sense deep down that these people would have been gutter trash just a couple of centuries ago.

  2. Gentlemen, let’s be realistic. These pussies are not going to do anything violent. Period. Look at these faggots. These are people who are so cowardly that they cannot listen to the other side of a debate. Do you really think that any of them are willing to risk a lifetime in prison being bent over so that they wouldn’t be triggered by Roosh? No. If you go see Roosh, and a bomb threat is called in, of these losers picket the entrance, or whatever, just laugh in their fucking faces and say “that’s nice.”
    These people are largely powerless. And on the exceedingly rare chance that they get violent, remember that they are weak, and we are strong. We talk often about how we have to be prepared for the collapse that is coming. We talk of how we are at war with these people. It’s time to make peace with the fact that you may have to bleed a little bit to win. Don’t go there unless necessary. But don’t back down from it. Especially when the threat comes from some sniveling pansy internet warrior like Vorontsov.

    1. Considering how many women get away with false rape accusations or physical assault on men, thanks to SJW judges, these faggots might still take the risk of a prison sentence…

        1. yep, while NemesisEnforcer has a point that most of them are chickenshits, herd mentality can’t be underestimated.
          That’s the issue here, when you confront them with their bullshit when they are alone, they will shit their pants. Because they and their ’causes’ mean shit and they know it. But when they are together with a bunch of other SJWs, they feel strong because of herd mentality. They only believe their own bullshit because others tell them it is not bullshit; so they can continue living their perfect lives in denial happily ever after. A perfect example of this are the land whales that were interviewed in the Dr. Oz show, when confronted with Roosh’s cold logic. As such, they might feel strong enough or even encouraged to resort to vandalism or physical assault, although they are cowards deep down.

        2. I agree on your point about herd mentality, but there is a way to get around this. Identify the herd leader, and ruthlessly crush him/her while making it clear that anyone who comes to aid will be next. Remember, you don’t have to fight the whole crowd, just the person who gives the crowd courage.

        3. ROK is going to have their own herd there. Nothing to worry about.
          Even if it is something to worry about. Gathering men together to potentially form a web of useful social connections to effectively combat this garbage feminist culture is 10x more important than nerds getting violent.

    2. Exactly my thoughts. These pussies won’t do anything violent to save their own lives.

      1. I have to say that if I was one of them, I would be thrilled to see everyone here talking about them like they mean something.

    3. These fuckers might be harmless but the militant, violent left does have a presence in Toronto. Organizations like OCAP or those Black Bloc anarchist dickwads are always prepared to cause property damage or bodily harm to their opponents. If these fuckers show up its time to make blood flow through the streets because they will go out of their way to trigger violent confrontations.

    4. I agree that *most* of them will not do anything violent, but there are also a lot of SJWs who are unhinged. This is their religion and they are willing to do extreme things for it.

      1. Then let them. I am not afraid to bleed for my views, if necessary, but if I bleed, they will too.

      2. Aurelie Nix = “I am a 24 years old writer and online activist.”
        oh my god why are we even discussing this?!
        she and her friends are no more deserving of your recognition than cockroaches

    5. Problem is that manginas bring woman as their shield. They know that most guys can beat them up, so they bring women, who physically assault other men, expecting that men will not hit back, because everyone knows that the society just demonizes men who treat a woman equally by hitting her back.
      But I don’t give a fuck now. I’m ready to bleed. I’ll probably be there, and I’ll hit back a woman if she hits me first. And I’ll hit back hard. Really hard. This is what will make them realize that they can’t make men quite by hitting them and expecting them not to react. Every time a man reacts and defends himself by hitting back, they will know that we are dead bent on defending our dignity.
      I’ll be there, and I’ll treat everybody, men and woman, just as they treat me. I don’t love violence or look forward to physical confrontation, but I know how to defend myself.

      1. So many of these SJW idiots lose sight of something I learned as a 3 year old – treat everyone as you would want to be treated. I have no compunction about laying out a woman who physically assaults me. Act like a lady, get treated like one. Act like a man, get treated like one. And, as an aside, the videos of women getting their clocks cleaned when they start thinking the shit they see in movies is real are some of the most satisfying videos on the internet.

        1. Brain-washed by Shitwood movies, where women are beating the crap of the patriarchy !
          LOL !

      2. I’m with you ! I will never hit a woman, I’d rather walk out.. But if I show that I’m leaving & I’m being followed & assaulted by a woman, then I’ll hit back very hard. So that there will be no next time for her to assault a man & getting away with it !

        1. That’s how I feel. I would never want to hit a woman first, because women are fragile, and it’s unmanly to get physical with someone who is physically inferior than me.
          But it’s stupid, to let someone let do you bodily harm, and even then not defend yourself because you are having illusions about being a “real man”, as if real men don’t hit back women who hit them first but instead stand there and take it like a man!
          Every man should hit back a woman who hit him first. Every man has dignity. If only all men started doing that, violence against men would stop. Women would know that men don’t take that shit, and they would rather keep their hands off men.
          I know there are many people who say that men should walk away, but I don’t agree. If men and women are equal, then why should they walk away? And if men and women are not physically equal, and women’s physical strength is so less than men that men are advised to walk away so that they may not do women serious bodily harm, in a situation in which woman was he perpetrator, then who do we have women in the army and other physical demanding jobs? Women should be told to just walk away from these jobs. You just can’t have it both ways. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Either you implement real equality, or none at all.
          Bottom line is, if a woman hits me, I’m gonna hit her back, and hit her hard with all her strength, since It’s quite possible that she would have hit me with all her strength. And I’m not gonna feel back about it. In fact, I would feel good, for teaching a violent person a lesson. And I say violent “person”, because I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman.

        2. That’s the truth of the matter isn’t it? It’s not about building equality but rather a misandric matriarchy using the muscle of white knights to protect and serve it.

        3. Exactly. When a man does not hit back a woman who has hit him first, he firstly creates danger for himself. She can hit him again, because she knows he won’t defend himself. And secondly, this man creates danger for other men, because he gives that woman a vibe, that all men are like that and no man will hit a woman. And thirdly, he creates a danger for that woman too, because now that woman doesn’t think about the consequences of hitting men, because she’s fully deluded that no man will hit her back. If some man turns out not to be a white knight, and hits back, the woman will be more seriously wounded than the man, because men are stronger than woman and thus hit hard.

    6. NemesisEnforcer… The judeo-bolsheviks before the Judeo-Revolution in Russia , did look harmless as well… History has shown, how wrong we were …

      1. the revolution was mostly Russian, even though Jews played significant role in the beginning (but so did Latvians too).

        1. You got this information from Judaica Encyclopedia ??
          Look at the first politburo of the judeo-bolshevik government !
          Information available on the net !

        2. exactly. information is available – and the majority of communists were always ethnic Russians. not everything you read on stormfront is true.

        3. I know what’s a storm (weather anomaly) I know what’s a front (front of the car?) But what’s a stormfront.. ???
          BTW Most of the ethnic Russian you mentioned, were very proficient in Yiddish language…………

        4. nope they were real Russians who didn’t know any Yiddish. why would you care about Russia anyway you hardly know where it is.

    7. They are actually pretty violent. Weak physically, yes, but they are very aggressive and act like they are above the law. They use gangs of superior numbers to intimidate people. The establishment is often on their side so they expect to get away with a lot of things. A SJW could flat out assault you and punch in the face in front of everyone, and never be charged of anything. SJWs have lawyers and judges being part of their movement.

      1. Sure, but we’re talking about a talk where we also have a group of men. Don’t worry so much about numbers. 300 spartans kicked plenty of ass at Thermopylae.

      2. And that’s why I believe that SJWs who make false accusations that draw in police violence should be held for serious assault charges …
        Prosecuting QCs would have a field day if they could rely on mandatory sentencing standards for this sort of thing.

    8. Realistically, the worst they do is form a human chain to block the entrance, or get people to “attend” the event to swamp the venue, then disrupt the proceedings, pull the fire alarm and such. They will situate themselves physically to bugger up the event and then try to have the organizers or bona fide attendees charged with assault if someone tries to move them along.

    9. We don’t have to exert power, the laws we created do that for us. That’s the whole point of a society governed by the rule of law. To us, even the risk of conflict that the protest event poses is not worth allowing RooshV to enter Canada. He will inevitably be denied entry. I can’t wait to screenshot the post.

      1. As a neutral, outside observer, the only conflict that Roosh speaking at an event to other men interested in the subjects that he talks about are the people (your group, I assume), that oppose it. What you are doing is creating publicity for him by your actions.
        And far worse than that, you are showing the world that Canadians cannot handle or tolerate free speech. I mean that literally. You literally cannot tolerate an opposing viewpoint to the degree that you are willing to shut the event down, through the force of the state, because you disagree with someone’s views. Ever heard of the Stresiand effect…or Forbidden Fruit?
        At least admit that you’re a totalitarian. You already have in so many words, but you need to be honest with yourself and actually say, “I am a totalitarian.” It will make you feel good to be honest with yourself for a change.

      2. I can’t wait until people like you are killed by the system you’re happily creating!

      3. By the way, the risk of conflict is worth denying a free man entry to your supposedly free country? Canada sounds like a nation of complete weak dick losers. You certainly don’t have freedom of speech. But that’s probably a good thing for people like you. If people were allowed to hear the other side, they’d realize how retarded women like you are.

      4. you’re an embarrassment to Canada. probably a big fan of Comrade Harper and Grand Imam MacKay.

  3. As soon as I saw the title of this article, I knew it would be about SJW in Canada.

  4. Why do you car about some yingie malstem looking motherfucker? Throw him in a burlap sack and best his ass with oranges

  5. Because they don’t support the free exchange of ideas and information. They don’t want reasonable, rational discourse, they want to shut down anyone who disagrees with them. Like the people running America’s universities: they are no longer places where ideas are exchanged freely. They are now indoctrination centers where anyone who shares an unpopular or politically incorrect opinion is swiftly and brutally silenced.
    Do not be threatened. Their calls to silence you are even more reasons to speak up.

    1. Amen. Most of my professors at university hated me, and the feeling was mutual.
      “If you’re one of the ones who want something else
      and are looking for someone to blame
      and your creed could fit on a bumper sticker
      we’re sick of you.”
      You 13:1-4

      1. Academia has become revenge of the nerds. Ned Flanders has more balls than your average university prof.

        1. Wait…there was a time when Academia was not filled with emasculated, ivory tower marxist drones?

        2. I had one prof who treated his students like adults and didn’t give a shit about offending anyone. Half the class didn’t show up the next day, and by the end of the year only 6 students were left. Good class.

        3. yeah, when inventions are literature were created there. Wimps and drones are not really hard working or creative you know

        4. I think it was back when it was Akademia, a sanctuary of Athena, Goddess of wisdom, skill and war. Aristotle taught Alexander the Great how to kick the known world’s ass. Down hill ever since.

        5. Take a walk around campus to get a look at the profs before you select your courses. Pick the most curmudgeonly old coots you can find if you actually want to learn something. Pick a recent 30-ish affirmative action hire if you want a safe space.

        6. I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Still pissed I had to wait until AFTER the ceremonies to get my diploma: bastards give the students an empty diploma holder when they walk up.
          I did get a good giggle when they announced “Gender studies” graduates.

        7. I am of course half joking. (Somebody really needs to invent a font called Sacastic Sans Serif or something like that.) There is a grain of truth in it from my law school days.

    2. Their screams for silence are actually their pleas for us to back. But probably, by now they themselves know that it’s not gonna work.

  6. I saw Roosh’s latest video where he talks about Silver Spring (Maryland). I had just finished browsing the Facebook posts where the Canadian SJWs talk about how Roosh “promotes rape and violence” and “endangers women”.
    So I’m watching Roosh get somewhat sentimental about his home town (you know how he gets kinda sheepish when on video), I also remember all his books, where he never ever says anything even remotely violent, and I’m thinking “Jesus, is this all they’ve got? This goofy dude, who’s job is to teach shy men how to talk to women, is THE Rape and Violence Promoter and THE symbol of the Evil Patriarchy? That’s who they’re fighting “the good fight” against?” Talk about first world problems…

    1. I’m not exactly sure when I will be back in the country; hopefully Thursday and almost undoubtedly sometime next week. I am going to wait and see how the Montreal gig goes before locking down a ticket for the Toronto (*cough* – Mississauga – *cough*) event.

      1. Get rid of her ridiculous piercings while we are at it.
        Then again, her entire body is just a shit test to see what men will put up with; we should just ignore her.

        1. Don’t worry. The upcoming proverbial wall is coming and will take care of that for us.

      2. I prefer really white skin. Contributes to this illusion that I’m destroying something pure.

    1. I wouldn’t touch that with a borrowed 10′ pole.
      Her face also shows signs of serious hormonal imbalance. They’ll probably find latent undeveloped balls in that one.

  7. Please. That dude wants to try to violently stop anyone he’s just giving them a chance to field test their training. More likely he’s one of those idiots who thinks surrounding the entrances in a chain of linked arms is the way to go

  8. I remember when Australia which is an SJW country like Canada wouldn’t let in Julian Blanc but refused to deport Islamic terrorists many of which were guilty of multiple sexual offences. That just shows how fucking dumb SJWs are.

    1. Only the minions are dumb (or dependent on money from their taxpayer-funded jobs) but the rest is just evil. Those aren’t good people who unfortunately happen to be misinformed. No, they hate straight white men and if you look at it from that angle, all their actions make sense.

    2. SJWs are submissives to the muslim terrorists so they bow down to them and never say anything against them.

      1. True but also SJWs genuinely believe only white men and Christians are evil and no other group.

  9. SJWs are completely against free speech or a free exchange of ideas simple as that. They aren’t even interested in hearing out an opposing viewpoint before labelling the opposition rapists, mysoginists, racists etc. But that makes sense since all their views are based on emotion with no factual basis to back them up.

  10. I do hope that Roosh reports all criminal activity to the police and considers civil action as well.
    These losers will crumble when they actually have to play defense. Even if criminal prosecutions went nowhere, they’d still have to defend themselves and incur a loss in doing so.

      1. I think man love is great. So many gay men in the Middle East and Africa have to sneak around.

  11. People with power never fought for “tolerance and freedom of speech”. Can’t really blame the SJW (who have power or the ones in power backing and supporting them) for that.
    The actual problem is men’s lack of power, not their lack of “freedom of speech”.
    I also don’t want a society in which every radical is given a public platform to poison the public mind. I just have other ideas of what “poisonous” is than those SJW.

  12. Roosh’s lectures will be filled with real men. Fuck is Vlad going to do? Pull faces and throw french fries?

    1. He’s going to make stupid duck faces with a Roosh poster in the background selfies and post them on his Fakebook page to get likes.

    2. It seems that there are a disproportionate number of lawyers, ex-military, martial artists, power lifters and the like here. It won’t be a pretty sight if a bunch of mangina posers show up to cause trouble.

      1. I had an occasion where our entire Muay Thai team (20 strong) went to a bar and some guys tried to mess with us. Lucky for them we were in a good mood.

  13. Seriously. This pathetic excuse of a “blog” is as lame as Jezebel or Amanda Marcunt’s.
    Filled with hatred. A striking paucity of facts. Pure hormone-laden drivel.
    Congrats, little boys. You are now the new femnazis.

    1. Yeah man, if I were you, I’d be so disgusted that I’d leave this blog and never come back again. The nerve of this blog and its writers. Sheesh!

    2. Look up the Warren Farrell lecture in Toronto that got stampeded by parading feminists/manginas. The video footage on YouTube is quite disturbing.
      Warren Farrell is probably the most egalitarian reference point in the entire manosphere but his lectures were cancelled because SJWs saw an easy target for their imaginary enemies.
      Farrell’s lectures were about the prevalence of suicide in young males. How can one justify protesting that? Somehow SJWs manage to justify it.

      1. Because men killing themselves is what the SJW movement wants. We can bitch all day, but attacking one of their main objectives and they send in a real fleet.

        1. If a man gives up his masculinity, he might as well be dead. Therefore, I’ll understand your statement as both metaphorical and literal.

      2. Farrell was an executive member of the National Organization for Women until the mid-seventies and had a falling out over joint custody. He subsequently went right off the reservation with his books and has been a target of vitriol by third-wave feminists ever since. As far as I know, he is still a card-carrying Democrat.
        His problem is that he actually cites facts, numbers, statistic, evidence, then combines them with straight forward logic and the result is something feminists don’t like. The information and arguments in his books are kryptonite (pun intended) regarding virtually every feminist talking point that you will ever encounter.
        It is an article of faith among SJWs that all SWM who are not SJWs deserve to die, so it is no big deal.

        1. I haven’t seen his writings, but he seems like quite a reasonable guy, not even part of the men’s rights movement or anything, just someone who tried to bridge the gap between the sexes, help us understand each other better (he often did an exercise where women see what it is like to be rejected by the opposite sex, and men get to see what it’s like to be constantly objectified by your beauty–basically a walk a mile in your shoes exercise). Like you said, he disagreed with the mother-only custody in divorce but nothing really controversial or anything, and the protestors flip out, screaming F YOU! Just goes to show they tolerate ZERO independent thought or diversity of opinion.

    3. The schism is inevitable and you too will be forced to take sides. Moderates and cuckservatives won’t longer protect you. It won’t be good enough any longer to say “Well, yeah I don’t like Jezebel and ‘feminazis’ but do also oppose RoK – because ALL radicals are bad!” (Just go to a university and use the word ‘feminazi’, see what happens.)
      And that won’t be a bad thing. Because right now the feminists are the ones in power: they have the teachers, the professors, the politicans, the judges, the banksters and their multinational corporations with rainbow avatars on twitter behind them. It’s ridiculous to believe that a blog like RoK is the same as the controlled propaganda from the ones in power, even if you would disagree with both points of view.

      1. If you want to know who is in power, ask yourself who you cannot criticize. It is that easy.

  14. Please do not use the government and their dictates, this only furthers the established political elite who oppose us. They are fighting for a cause that will destroy identity and homogenize their entire country, which will in turn create perfect interchangeable workers. Since the government in power clearly benefits from this, having the luxury to discard people with undesirable opinions, they will do absolutely nothing to these people who are their beloved useful idiots.
    We would oppose further government intrusion into gender relations, so they will take any excuse they can to put us away or silence us. Laws are written for people who oppose the government, and no one else.

  15. god damn SJW’s always trying to punch a hole in RoK base. But they won’t succeed!

  16. The fact that Vlad is male and took a selfie alone discredits him. Real men don’t take selfies.

    1. True, selfies shout out social awkwardness. It’s like saying: “I’m too afraid to ask a random guy to make a picture of myself”. But what else would you expect from narcissists?

      1. I always ask random yahoos to take my pic instead of taking own. I don’t need Likes from pathetic schmucks that bad to where I have to take my own pic and post in into the ether. My new clothes and haircuts are never THAT damn exciting to where I have to get validation for them from people who want to fuck me but not vice-versa. Very strange mentalities out in The Republic these days…

    2. I have other people take my selfies for them. Actually its a great line. I pulled a chick by asking her to take a selfie of me…

      1. My brother does this thing where he photo snipers pics of people taking selfies in public and shares them with his friends. The results are often hilarious.

    3. There’s a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it.
      The Selfie Arm and the mirror are not those ways.

      1. I’ll take ones or even “specific” ones (yes, exactly) if they are a request, and they will only be sent to that particular recipient. I never take any to throw into the ether for all to see.

  17. On that facebook page, Ms. Nix is now saying that she’s talked with border enforcement, and claim that Roosh probably won’t be let in. Also claims that she’ll call the cops if Roosh does get in.

    1. She’s lying and posturing. What would she say to border enforcement? “OMGGGG a rapist is coming into the country to give a speech!” Typical female scare tactic, claim to run to Daddy Government when they don’t get their way (so much for the “strong and independent” platitude, apparently).
      Just another token ugly fucking bitch looking to cause a shitstorm for attention. Give her none.

      1. Might be the upside to defamation laws being so loose in Canada in comparison to the USA. Hit her in the pocketbook. It would be quite the circus to watch her try to plead qualified privilege. Then there is always public mischief and the civil equivalent.

  18. Trying to level criminal charges against this vermin will probably not be effective in the least. The lawmakers and law enforcers in the Socialist Republic of Canada support SJWism themselves. The solution is going to have to be more radical than that. Maybe its time to replicate the Argentinian Dirty War and start throwing them out of airplanes into the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

  19. The “Sara Parker whatevathafuckhernameis” chick…. I knew she was familiar. She was trolling the Toronto, Canada, Cities page of the Roosh World Tour website. Think about that shit for a minute. This heffa’ is a stalker. What I mean is that only a person who follows Roosh or ROK can learn about this world tour. She stalks these websites. It also appears that she is down with the Aurelie Nix chick as well. This is the extent to which these “thirsty ass” narcissists will go to engage in censorship via the use of lies. Lying is something they do. I got into an exchange with Sara Parker “whatevathafuckhernameis” in which she tried to pull that same dishonest bullshit. These folks have serious character issues. The one thing I learned from that is to hold the SJWs accountable for their character issues. If you do this, they often flee. here is the page of that website:

  20. Subject?
    Vlad Vorontsov. A punchable faced simp jacking himself off to the idea of being the new Gavrilo Princip of the anti masculine movement.
    His prime weapon of choice?
    Social media activism. That useless tool which confuses noise for actions leading to tangible outcomes. A whole lot of rearranging deck chairs while the cruise liner sinks.
    Guy is about as much of a threat as a garden gnome.

  21. well the 21 convention was the first conference on masculinity [& paleo, red pill, libertarianism, diet etc etc] but this world tour is definitely helping ask intelligent questions and move forward with this whole neomasculine movement if you like [though i hate the label, its useful as an umbrella term for our interests]

  22. Look, you guys are going to remain a fringe group similar to the kkk and other crazy right wingers. I’m sure there are some normal people frustrated with the direction society is taking, but the loudest and most visible members are the crazies. More people are now concerned with right wing extremism in the west, since the Dylan Roof incident. All it takes is for one of your #menzrights #menareoppressed #ihatewomen #improbablygay crazies to snap and kill a bunch of women and leave behind a manifesto about how hard little billys life is because the womanazis took all his big boy rights away. “We talk often about how we have to be prepared for the collapse that is coming. We talk of how we are at war with these people. It’s time to make peace with the fact that you may have to bleed a little bit to win.” This is a great example as to why you will remain in the crazy category. Keep up the good work fellas. Here’s to hoping the Dylan Roof amongst you snaps sooner than later so I can watch your group being ripped apart by the msm and sjws.

    1. Dude, maybe you should read the news before forming opinions. Dylan Roof was a product of a dysfunctional family not a racist background or orientation.

      1. No, it’s the Confederate flag’s fault. Flaming Queer SJW voice: “Hey- ho, ho. The Confederate flag has got to go. Hey- ho, ho…”

    2. 1) Paragraphing. Seriously, mate.
      2) If you bothered to even do marginal research, you’d know ROK has nothing to do with the men’s rights movement. We may converge on a few points but that’s about it. Converge as in most of them have noses & we have noses. But we’re not the same.
      3) You hoping that someone goes postal & projects harm onto others just to prove some point to yourself in no way ennobles you & gives the impression that you’re a wanker.

      1. Look at it hurl hashtags.
        It’s wonderful that they all do the same things and look the same way.

    3. Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
      You sound very well adjusted.
      I would prefer to NEVER associate with well adjusted people such as yourself.
      LIkewise I will also identify as logical, rational, and sane because I can see through the reject the ridiculous propaganda that seems to have captured you.

    4. It’s amazing how terrified you are of even small organizations of men who don’t buy into your BS

    5. So you want a bunch of women to get killed because it would directly benefit your cause, but you simultaneously call other people extreme and crazy?
      Assuming you’re not just a troll, you’re one hypocritical idiot.

    6. We already had Marc Lepine which laid the foundation for a quarter century of annual hate-fests by feminists trying to guilt and shame the other 99.99% of men into doing their bidding. That horse (shit) left the stable a long time ago.
      Roosh and the ROK people are mild compared to some of the advocates out there, or the Red Pill subreddit, 100,000+ strong.

  23. Shits about to get real in Canada! Looks like his only two lectures left are Montreal and then SJW sloth haven Toronto.

  24. I’ve said it numerous times: SJW’s seek to silence dissenting discussion because their narrative is so weak that it crumbles under even the slightest bit of scrutiny. The attempt to disrupt the lecture alone makes them look like the weaklings they are.

  25. About the article, the more interesting question is whether anybody has called the attention of the cops to the postings of the SJWs, as in presenting a criminal complaint and telling the cops that Roosh feels his life and business threatened and which was their reaction.

  26. It’s an old story: someone screeches about free speech, expression *cough*Gamergate*cough* until someone says something that said screecher doesn’t like. It amazes me how many people don’t grasp that freedom of speech is a two-way street: not only can you say what you want, but you have to allow others the same RIGHT–not privilege–RIGHT to do the same. SJWs seemed to have missed that memo.
    It also boggles my mind that people don’t grasp freedom of association. People have the right to hang out with whomever they choose and I feel that includes the ability to EXCLUDE someone from your organization. This goosestepping towards homogenization is troubling; the individual is supposed to be protected under our constitution; furthermore, Canada and the UK supposedly share these same values, yet they are so afraid of a controversial opinion, they enact laws and policies to squelch any voice that doesn’t support the current socialist/androgynous narrative.
    I’m glad that unpopular organizations with which I disagree (KKK, NRA, NOW) exist, because that means that my right to express my opinion is safe. Why is that such a difficult concept?

      1. It’s about feelings, you insensitive bastard!
        Actually, all kidding aside, it’s about feelings for me, too–like the warm feeling I get when I drop a load in a bitch’s face.

    1. How insane do you have to be to even worry about a website such as this one? It’s like ROK was advocating the revival of Nazi ideology and worshipping Hitler was an everyday occurence here. I don’t even agree with some of the aspects here (e.g. right wing ideology) but that doesn’t mean I automatically dismiss other points that I find to be legitimate arguments. Also, even the parts where I can’t agree 100% contain some points that at least make me question my own point of view or that I straight up consider to be true (even though I don’t agree with the whole thing). The whole point of having an argument/a debate should be to listen to each others points and try to learn something from it, otherwise it is just mental masturbation, i.e. a monologue, not a dialogue.

      1. ” . . . it is just mental masturbation . . .” Are you saying there’s only one way to ROK? 😀 Thanks, I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.
        “How insane do you have to be to even worry about a website such as this one?” You realize you’re answering your own question, right?

      2. hah, you mention Hitler and your name reminds me of NSDAP.
        I’m in the same boat. I’m more libertarian left than anything, and have a strong dislike for the political right’s greed, bigotry, shortsightedness, fiscal mess, and advancement of profits at all costs, but I do identify with the root cause when so many attack “the left”. But it really makes me see how identity politics is so bad. When you paint everything into one of two boxes, you DO sometimes end up with Hitlers vs Jews.

        1. My nickname really is just an arbitrary constellation of letters and has no intended meaning behind it. The only thing that I find attractive in the right field of the political spectrum is the anit-feminist, pro traditional gender roles political agenda. That’s about it. I’m not an economist but I’ve read up on about a fairly diverse amount of political stuff: demography, pensions, worker’s rights, economic cycles etc. My tendency is towards the left in these regards. But honestly I can’t really be bothered about these kinds of things anymore. My SJW days are over, I fight for no cause but my own. Fuck everything else. My inclusion of Hitler in my argument was simply to show the amount of hatred and disgust the opposition can muster up against the ideology propagated on this site. I don’t need to agree with everything that’s on here, I think for my own and I take what is useful. If that isn’t the essence of this site, guess I’m at the wrong place then.

    2. SJWs believe it is their right to free speech that allows them to interrupt and disrupt a peaceful event that they do not agree with. They will show up, block the entrance, rush the stage, shout down the speaker and such and then claim it is their right to do so. No one else has a right to speak, be heard or to hear the other side because the SJWs simply characterize it as hate speech that no one has a right too.

        1. Seriously can’t believe any of you are worried about these pansy misfits. Just ignore them. The lack of attention and acknowledgement will hurt them more than anything.

        2. This is true, but it’s working both ways. Their antics are creating HUGE publicity for the event!

        3. No, but suppose I am. So what? Are you a misogynist? Whatever the answer I don’t think it’s a big deal either way.

    1. Stay safe. Those fuckers are crazy and I would have done the exact same thing.

    2. What does the mysterious “code” do? We can just book through your Roosh V blog site, eh?

  27. Does Canada have mutual combat laws? In my state if you announce that you are going to an event looking for an altercation, and the person you find says they’re willing to fight you, then it becomes mutual combat so long as no weapons are involved the civil and criminal liabilities associated with assault fly out the window.

    1. I can’t remember the specifics but it is really watered down. As soon as “bodily harm” occurs then you expose yourself to liability and the judicial hamsters start running to figure out why getting bruised in a mutual street fight is so different than playing hockey and taking a hard hit.

  28. The event will go on as planned, and laughs will be found when the elephants froth at the mouth and stampede. I’m looking forward to the footage. Don’t censor their faces and find their names for some public shaming.

  29. This cunt is actually trying to block roosh from entering the country and planning to press charges against him for his “hate speech”
    She says roosh is advocating rape to police?
    Isnt this libel?

    1. According to SJWs, it’s not if one of their own does it. But if YOU do it, then it is. See how that works?

  30. Guys pay attention to the Sara chicks comment near the end. “They are literally rubbing their hands together.” Good news…
    You know what this means? It means these fuckers are starting to view you guys as the big bad wolves instead of whiny impotent guys to laugh at ( which is what i think whenever i still see whiny articles like “why women are like orcs” when this website has already made the point in NUMEROUS articles there is something wrong with women.) because something is actually being DONE to COMBAT them.
    Men are going to gather and talk about the truth, and friendships will be formed there so men can have each others backs, which will embolden them to speak the truth in other places and slowly but surely influence the public.
    God i love how scared the left gets at any idea of a gathering of people who disagree with their views. They really are a bunch of insecure little children. If people on the left are scared, you’re doing it right.
    May there be 1000 more of these meetings.

    1. I’ve been involved in the MRA movement a long time and remember when most of its initial proponents were little better than feminists themselves. Don’t get me wrong: I know they mean well and they did make minor victories for men’s rights such as shared custody legislation or making scholarly research debunking extreme feminist claims, but in the end, they don’t attack the primary harm of feminism itself which claims that women should be legally equal to men even as feminists call for special perpetual victim entitlements rather than equality.Since feminists themselves don’t want real equality and most normal women crave chivalrous patronage in a more traditional form, what’s the point of women’s equality? it’s a paradoxical absurdity that needs to be exposed and most MRA’s are still in love with an equality utopia that will never be.
      As men, we need to accept that if, or actually, the fact that women are not our equals and that’s ok for us AND THEM. Women want strong men so the first goal of a red-piller is to become strong just as we respect and value women who are feminine and attractive. We’re restoring humanity as well as defending our own masculine interests.
      As noted above, feminism is a nonsense paradigm that is easily exposed and debunked but has somehow survived for decades due to a perfect storm of the sexual revolution, socialist politics, corporate consumerism, ultra chivalrous Anglo patronage, etc. It reminds me of some boxes I stacked haphazardly in a closet a few months ago and was shocked when I heard the boxes fall down. I thought a ghost had knocked them over when the reality is that it was a miracle they didn’t collapse within seconds of me stacking them. So is the miracle of feminism: That it even survived this long.
      Looking back, the USSR’s collapse doesn’t seem that amazing but to those of us at the time, it was unreal. Something we never imagined could have happened. When feminism collapses, it will be amazing for the time but a few decades later, will have teens shrugging their shoulders amazed that the elders think such a thing could NOT have happened….

    2. And as the movement gathers momentum and more and more Men become involved, Politicians will take note of the Popularity and Mens Rights will enter the political world, that is why the Leftist SJW’s are having a Fit, because they know that it’s not long after a movement becomes popular that it goes to Washington.

    3. I can confirm that the left is mentally deranged, as I was a leftist until summer of last year. Ironically the same time I found a this site, and about a week after I started some hard core googling on libertarianism. They absolutely Villanize libertarians, even more so than conservatives, and when they saw me a black man not towing the leftist line….the fuckers lost it. Will never forget that moment ever😂

    1. Then why are you wasting your time? He is doing a lecture tour and YOU faggots are the ones taking action. He is not asking for attention or demanding that you take him seriously. Lions are not concerned with the opinions of sheep, or in this case pussy ass faggots that would get their ass beat like a bitch.

    2. Crack isn’t good for you, you know? Side effects include, but are not limited to: paranoia, depression, delusions of grandeur, derealisation etc. I suggest visiting your psych doc in order to address your issues. Sincerely, your friend and helper asdaf

    3. Actually that picture is what most SJW beta’s who don’t have the confidence to defend themselves looks like, the ones who need Group SJW Militancy and Twitter network Shaming , “We demand to be Taken Seriously” is most likely a chant Feminist’s will be heard screeching.

    4. Oh look, an SJW (Social Justice Wizard). Somebody might have things a tad bass ackwards in terms of who wants to be taken seriously.

  31. So since were all meeting up and becoming a thing outside of ROK now can we start going to feminist speeches and ruining them like they all plan on doing to us?

    1. We must learn to crawl before thinking of sprinting. At this juncture it is even questionable whether Roosh can hold a private event in Canada without getting harassed.

      1. He could very well get arrested in Canada. The Canadian Human Rights Commission could indict him for inciting hatred.

        1. A constitutional lawyer in Canada said on radio that it would be difficult to go after roosh based on what has been published. He’s done nothing wrong legally

        2. You can’t compare anything Roosh has done or said or advocated regarding neo-masculinity with the antics of Julian Leblanc in Japan. As a private event that is not being organized on a university campus there is no bullshit academic functionary to wag a finger and threaten hate speech charges before the event, and probably not the organizational wherewithal to flash mob the event and clutter up either the inside or outside of the venue.

      2. How hard it can be?. Personally it would make my day if went to attend this shit and a group of faggy betas and fat skanks were waiting to yell and scream and tell me what a horrible person I am. lol We could do it like the today show does where we have a giant window at the back of our meeting room and all the pathetic assholes outside are flailing around and screaming trying to see whats happening and get in on a little piece of the action. Then after the real business starts we can just draw the curtain and listen to their screaming and whining intensify lol. Oh yeah and the curtain would be this picture https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/541d9150c05042097af1a60b24b52f092d8c75d2024cbe5210c48370354c0b7f.jpg

  32. Big Red. I want to see Big Red. Yeah she’s crazier than a loon and uglier than my dog’s asshole, but it’s funny watching her wig out.

    1. She is crazy, she seems more unbalanced than most women, and her “look” is idiotic but I wouldn’t compare her to a dog’s asshole. Beneath all that stupidity and ignorance, there is actually a woman who can look halfway decent.

    1. But seriously, I hope Roosh can get into Canada and deliver his lectures free of feminist harassment and violence.

  33. His Fb profile is excruciating. What a lost little faggot that guy is. It really is like some kind of mind parasite took over and made him in to a degenerate weakling.

  34. When faced with an enemy infused with hate, turn them against each other and let them fight against themselves…
    Let them ponder this -> Vlad willingly acts as the feminists little attack dog, because deep down Vlad believes it will *entitle* him to sex.
    Enjoy watching them start tearing each other apart.
    The SJW is forced to take the moral high ground and as such their weakest point is moral dilemma, use it against them..

    1. That thing with the gay marriage thing in California where the gay and black community started a feud with random acts of violence was pretty much a taste of things to come. They can only get over their differences for so long. Just like the comms, anarchists and workers partie started to shoot each other off during the Spanish civil war and Franco got cake.

  35. In regards to the exchange of free ideas and sharing of ideas for the most part censorship has always been the tool of tyrants and those who well if they have to censor the argument well it is likely they know they can’t make a good counter argument and defeat the idea they appose.

  36. SJW’s have to be intimidating and intolerant, their opinions and views are so distorted that in a Free Speech Environment their Ideas wouldn’t last, but in an environment of SJW Oppression they can Force their Ideals upon people.

  37. How those little AIDS+ faggots think that they can intimidate anyone is beyond me.
    The boy would be destroyed and the cunt would cry, through a wired jaw, how it was “misandrous ” to return the violence, that she instigated, with violence.

  38. There will be no protest, because there will be no event. ‘RooshV’ will be denied entry to Canada based on his publicly proclaimed intentions to violate Canadian hate speech laws.
    I notice that although it was I that wrote the petition that began this entire campaign, you decline to address me directly in this ‘article’. This is because you cannot win an argument with me on this issue (as I have made clear on Twitter and Facebook repeatedly), and because your attempts to shame me with my own personal photos has failed utterly.
    It is worth pointing out that Roosh has failed as a man on his own ideological terms, as he has no children.

    1. “I notice that although it was I that wrote the petition that began this
      entire campaign, you decline to address me directly in this ‘article’”
      Somebody isn’t getting the attention they were hoping for

    2. Check your privilege. You’re in the manosphere. There are no pussywhipped white knights sympatheizing with your cause here.
      Extreme Feminism is responisble for the devastation of our society. Hordes of single moms, growing welfare population, thousands of false accusations and more that has led the society to nothingness, are all products of extreme feminism which has castrated the men. You can close your eyes and mumble what you want but the facts are not going to change and no one will believe in your fake misery and attention seeking actions. You want to change what has been going on since the creation of MANkind and you’re pathetically failing at that. Let’s say Roosh is banned from Canada, people will question why and they will read his side of the story, not only the intentionally chosen, negative quotes on your group. Your idealogy is valid for yourself and your like-minded sheeple cause as you can see there are people who stand their ground against your sickening pompous ways of getting things done.

    3. Check your privilege. You’re in the manosphere. There are no pussywhipped white knights sympatheizing with your cause here.
      Extreme Feminism is responisble for the devastation of our society. Hordes of single moms, growing welfare population, thousands of false accusations and more that has led the society to nothingness, are all products of extreme feminism which has castrated the men. You can close your eyes and mumble what you want but the facts are not going to change and no one will believe in your fake misery and attention seeking actions. You want to change what has been going on since the creation of MANkind and you’re pathetically failing at that. Let’s say Roosh is banned from Canada, people will question why and they will read his side of the story, not only the intentionally chosen, negative quotes on your group. Your idealogy is valid for yourself and your like-minded sheeple cause as you can see there are people who stand their ground against your sickening pompous ways of getting things done

  39. Quote: If you don’t think, what I think. Then you are a intolerant white right-wing extremist racist bigot !
    LOL !

  40. Aurélie Nix states :
    “My name is Aurelie, I am a 24 years old writer and online activist.
    I am currently looking to expend my portfolio. I enjoy working with all
    sort of photographers in order to do very diverse shoots. I currently
    prioritize portraits and projects that are mainly artistic rather than
    fashion. I may seen eccentric but I am rather shy and usually need a bit
    of time to unwind and fully be comfortable before a shoot. I find
    myself to be in between the lines of Masculinity and Femininity and the
    way that I carry myself reflects that aspect of my personality, I am not
    interested in fitting into a very stereotypical idea of femininity.”
    Source : http://www.modelmayhem.com/3666411
    Here’s a few of her portfolio pictures… (NSFW ahead, beware) Weird hair color, tatoos, piercings… It says it all about her.

    1. Another pointless and ugly as fuck quebecoise whore, you can literally feel the evil seeping from every pore on her degenerate body. Thats women’s idea of “work” right there, showing their pierced nipples in front of cameras to get attention and doing 10$ dances. Dont worry, these bitches will burn in hell for eternity. What a bunch of fucking useless degenerates. My god how the modern woman has fallen to abysmal lows.
      Again, i repeat, men have allowed women to vote…

    2. Again, identity issues. She has no idea who she is and doesn’t like whatever person that may be. She has gender issues as well. All of these people are just fuck ups who grew up bastardized and ignored. Sadly, the more society collapses the more this will become the norm.

  41. There was a similar outcry when a PUA visited ultra PC Australia not long ago. The guy was deported or refused entry, I can’t remember which. I also remember a MRA tried to come out and set up a course at one of our universities (‘Gender’ studies only focus on womens’ issues, of course), but he was also run out of town. Feminists are allowed to say whatever they want, but the minute a man criticises feminism, out come the thought police. Is that why Roosh has never made it down under? I have no doubt there would be a massive media stink if he did…

  42. A more relevant part of the Canadian Criminal Code is Section 176(2)&(3) which reads:
    “(2) Every one who wilfully disturbs or interrupts an assemblage of persons met for religious worship or for a moral, social or benevolent purpose is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.
    (3) Every one who, at or near a meeting referred to in subsection (2), wilfully does anything that disturbs the order or solemnity of the meeting is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.”
    And in theory, attempting a crime is a crime too.
    The cops are rarely willing to investigate or enforce the provision, so you get all sorts of nonsense from shutting down Ann Coulter from speaking at University of Ottawa (thereafter known as “U of Zero”) to so-called “striking” students in Montreal blocking other students from attending classes or disrupting the classes, and mendacious protests of Warren Farrell, accusing him and the event at U of T as misogynist.
    Because it is “an offence punishable on summary conviction” (aka a “summary offence”, the equivalent of a misdemeanor in the USA), citizens arrest powers only apply if you are a) the owner of the property b) in lawful possession of the property or c) authorized by the owner or person in lawful possession of the property.
    I wouldn’t recommend anyone acting alone regarding this, but with proper legal advice and preparation, the organizers could have quite a surprise prepared for protesters who try to shut the event down.

  43. This must be how Bill Ayers and his merry band of prick a gauche uber radicals got started.
    These people act as if their views are the only ones that are worthy of consideration and something as inconvenient as the law should not deter them in executing their plans.
    They are scum that needs to be incarcerated post haste.

  44. “It goes without saying that these people are losers. That is obvious.”
    you know what quintus? it is NOT obvious to ENOUGH people. so allow me to re-iterate: these people ARE LOSERS.

  45. So it turns out the bomb comment was a troll. The guy who made it contacted me to say that he was acting in mischief. The response to the threat from Vlad and others are real.

    1. Roosh, i just finished reading the comments section in the “Journal de Montreal” article concerning your visit and let me tell you, its a complete nightmare, worse than i could have ever imagined. Just as bad as in Toronto if not worse. Not a single person made any kind of sense in there, and the majority were emasculated males calling for your head and perceiving you like the worst demon alive. “Vive le quebec”! Lol

      1. To be fair tho, the mainstream media usually deletes or blocks comments from everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

        1. yeah very probably, but what i found the most shocking is the rampant, disgusting hypocrisy they were all demonstrating with every word typed. The males were absolutely bowing down to feminist dogma. I thought montreal was bad, but not on this level. Whats worse is that the world in general thinks that canada is a glorious/prosperous/peaceful nation but as we all know now, its quite the contrary. It may be the worst country in the world as far as feminism and freedom of speech is concerned. I guess well wait and see what happens on saturday…

        2. it takes only one tattooed canadian bitch, monitoring the activity on this site, to launch a petition and alert the whole goddamn province of quebec of roosh’s arrival. But im glad its happening though, as it gives him tons of exposure in a place where nobody knew him a few days prior.

  46. Wow. That Nixy ho went a bit far with the body art. Unless she escaped from a Russian prison.

  47. Ironically, the women out protesting will probably take their shirts off. But I noticed the number of tattoos on the chick. Studies now out show that women who tat themselves have levels of mental illness. And the more and bigger the tat’s, the greater degress of sociopathy. Looking at her photo she’s obviously lesbian anyway.

    1. I always associated tattoos with general trashiness and low status, but this wouldn’t surprise me. Do you have a link to this?

      1. Man, I started looking for you, and there is so much out there about it. Just google Tattoo and Mental Illness. Generally, women who tattoo a lot had been sexually abused and problems with drugs/alcohol/sex. So they’ve got a range of mental problems. There’s a debate, and while not everyone with a tattoo is nuts, most crazy people are inclined to tattoo. The same as saying not everyone with lung cancer was a smoker, but most smokers get lung cancer.

      2. It’s been covered many times in articles here. Use the search function or google.

      1. J’adore lire les commentaires. Les gens ne savent même pas qui il est et ce qu’il dit, ils gobent bêtement la “nouvelle”.
        I love reading the comments. People do not even know who he is and what he said, they foolishly swallow the “news”. (sorry my english is not very good, had help with google translate)

    1. it’s been 17 years i moved to Canada (montreal) and became a citizen , for the most part it is been great in here , i never once felt treated as a minority or harassed . Everywhere i would go i was proud to be canadian.
      but this is the first time i am truly ashamed of being one. What this manginas and femanazis spew from their face holes is embarrassing. the comment section from those links , makes me want to shred my passport and go back to Latin America.
      “if i dont like what you are saying, then is hate speech, therefore is illegal”

  48. If the people doing this admit that “hate speech is free speech” and are therefore entitled to do what they’re doing, then why do they attack Roosh and ROK for being “hate speech” as they see it? In the U.S. the whole “hate crime” thing has been turned on it’s head. Here is you strike a black, gay, or woman you’re charged with a hate crime. If one of them tells their freinds that they hate white men and are going to go out and assault one, and they do, nothing done about it. It’s this unfairness in society that has lit the fire under the MRM in the first place.

  49. You’ve got to stop referring to these people as “warriors” and call them something much more derogatory instead.

      1. I generally refer to them as Screaming Juvenile Whingers. Replace Whingers with Wankers or Whiners if you wish.

  50. Too bad I don’t live in Montréal and don’t know the city that well or else I would attempt to help Roosh find a room for his conference.

  51. Nix comes across as your typical Liberal Troll, likes to overcome what are clearly personal inadaquacies by making herself look big and important when in truth she is just a small nobody, a loser and a nothing, I encounter lots of them at various news sights on the web posting comments at articles in regards to their political agenda whether it be Gun Control, Abortion, ‘rights’ of Illegal Immigrants, Legalizing Marijuana, Gay Rights or whatever, lots of idiots, many with multiple accounts sometimes under the same name and avatar, you would be surprised at the foul language, insinuations and garbage they spew at people or just post to make themselves look big, frankly I am fed up with the clowns so I flag every single one who uses foul language and name calling for local censors to examine, I never count the number I have seen banned as a consequence of my action but I can say I have caused a large number to be cancelled. She’s clearly not very bright. She clearly defines ‘Hate Speech’ as basically being For whatever she is Against which is typical of liberals who well they really can’t justify their agenda of Anarchy so censorship and bullying are their friends. Notice the ‘logic’ of her ‘arguments’. Anyway my advice is just give her all the rope she needs to show everyone what a narrow minded little idiot she is. At the same time feel free to report her and all like her for her foul comments. Arguing with fools like her is an exorcise in futility, Don’t Feed The Trolls, just flag all their hateful comments and keep on doing so until they either behave in a more civil manner or the system gets fed up or embarrassed with what idiots they are and cancels their accounts.

  52. All this time I thought my home country Australia was the most blue-pill place in the west, looks like Canada has taken that top-spot!

  53. I always had trouble putting my finger on what exactly it was that made these people tick. I just assumed they all had tremendous self identity issues (which they do), the nose rings, dyed hair, etc. It all shows they do not like who they are and are struggling to understand even the base of their own being. But a while back I read where a Psychologist stated what also was stated in this article. Extreme self importance. Thats the smoking gun. These people truly think their beliefs and thoughts and opinions are above all. That its Earth moving and deeply profound. These are the people who become High School teachers and talk down to everyone. A sad, embittered group of souls. I could not imagine living my life as such. A total sheep who buys into everything that is fed to them. 5 of the largest banks in the world just got busted rigging the market to the tune of 33 trillion and got a slap on the wrist. Didn’t even have to go to court, not a peep in the press. Yet, they are willing to make bomb threats to close down a group of guys talking about getting laid and not getting married???? Incredible.

  54. Maybe somebody should “infiltrate” the group. What a blow hard drama queen. It’s entertaining to see someone take themselves that seriously.

  55. What an ineffectual little weakling.
    The pallid complexion, the rodent-like features, the prematurely receding hairline… It’s blindingly obvious why he’s decided to be a women’s advocate and what his motives are.
    Currying favour with the ladies and being an obedient pet, just in the hope that one day a little bit of gratitude sex might come his way.
    He is far more despicable than any of the men he criticises for two reasons:
    Firstly, he is a manipulative little rat for behaving like this and secondly, he clearly thinks women are such idiots that they can’t see right through him.
    Well Vlad, women are not idiots and you will deservedly remain a virgin.

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