6 Signs You’re A Slave To Vagina

2014 was a bad year for me. Incidentally, I got laid more that year than in any other before or since. Wait. That doesn’t add up. Sex = fulfillment = happiness, right?

No way.

I started out as a beta, the ultimate non-threat, a corkscrew in a Swiss Army Knife. If I knew one thing, it was how to pedestalize women. Woman actually, always one at a time. But through game I was able to plow through beta fields and graduate to what I thought was greener grass. No more oneitis goggles; they were all the same now: a mush of indistinct faces and vaginas, none any worse or better than the next, just a giant blank canvas for me to unleash the day’s new colors on, creating what and however I felt like creating purely for inventor’s delight.

A Kafkaesque metamorphosis. In 2014 I was now a relentless gamer: street game, library game, public transport game, cafe game, bar game, Tinder game, Wechat game, Tantan game. I was dominating every channel imaginable, short of doing 30-second TV slots to get me in your, well, slot. No job? No matter. No money? Enough for drinks, taxi fares, and KY Jelly. The rest? Fuck it. I had only one singular purpose in life: Henry Chinaski, women, women, women.

Yes, in shedding beta I’d given up being a prolific pedestalizer of women in distress. But in turning “alpha,” I’d become something just as pathetic, if not more so: a pedestalizer of pussy, a slave to the very notion of snatch. Fortunately, most of that is in the past. I understand now that women are not a reason to get out of bed in the morning. If your daily priority list reads like such:

  1. Bone Laqueefa
  2. Scratch balls
  3. Marathon through Big Bang Theory

…then you’re in serious need of self-appraising.

As David Deida says in The Way of the Superior Man,

A man’s highest purpose is his priority, not his intimacy. Your woman knows this. Deep inside, she really wants it to be this way. [A woman] would actually feel strange if her man suddenly said, “I’ve changed my mind. You are more important to me than the freedom of mankind. You are the most important thing in my life, and I don’t care if my service to humanity is needed elsewhere, so I’m staying here with you.”

As a man, you must live the straight and narrow, defined by your highest life purpose. But you must also watch out for the sirens. Homer warned us two millennia back—and that was a joke compared to today. With the rise and takeover of the whore machine, we are the most susceptible generation in history to the snatch virus that puts momentary euphoria over the masculine imperative of life purpose.


Odysseus (tied to the mast) vs. Sirens in BC. Imagine this same man in a place like Magaluf in 2016.

So I ask you: right now, what are you living for? Are you walking the straight and narrow? Or are the Siren songs making it little too hard to keep focus? Can’t tell for sure? Here are six signs that women need to be demoted on your list of life priorities:

1. You’re on Tinder or an equivalent—or worse, both


When your Tinder obsession gets so out of hand that you start taking on physical properties of the digital app.

If you find that you’re opening Tinder multiple times in the day, swiping like there’s real gold on the other side of your phone screen, (1) there’s not and (2) it’s time to trash the app for good. Frequent Tinder use is never an indication that a man is on top of his shit, working toward and putting his ultimate life goal front and center. Moreover, if Tinder’s just one of many hookup apps in your phone, then the worst has been confirmed: you’re a slave to the snatch. Get out now.

Everything in moderation: If you absolutely must use Tinder, limit your activity to one ten-minute swipe and message session per day.

2. You go on too many dates


In my “prime” I was doing four dates a week, four different girls. The entirety of my life’s focus was on converting those dates to same-night lays. Whether I succeeded or not is immaterial. The point to let sink in here is that my spending everything (time and money) on a chance at casual sex was scientific proof that I’d lost my way as a man.

Everything in moderation: If it’s solely for sex, I recommend one date a week max, with an extra freebie thrown in once a month at your discretion.

3. You’re a scavenger at the club


Here’s what a club scavenger looks like: he hits the club with a friend or two, and as soon as everyone pays the trillion-dollar entrance fee… BREAK. They split into one-man search parties, cocks flashlights out and on the hunt for one thing only: isolated snatch.

While some people are there to enjoy the scene, the scavenger’s purpose is very different; he will have enjoyed himself only if, by sunup, the sheriff has dick-dueled vagina and won flat-out. Otherwise the night was a failure, a waste of time, money, and especially dignity.

Everything in moderation: Maybe I’m biased because I hate clubs. Lots of ROK readers agree, but if you must go, I suggest twice a month max. Remember, go to have fun, not to scavenge.

4. You cum too much


This one is so underrated, and could be the key to unlocking your true potential as a man. As Napoleon Hill says in his seminal (no pun intended) Think And Grow Rich,

Sex desire is the most powerful of human desires. When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times. So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge it. When harnessed, and redirected along other lines, this motivating force maintains all of its attributes of keenness of imagination, courage, etc., which may be used as powerful creative forces in literature, art, or in any other profession of calling, including, of course, the accumulation of riches.

The “When harnessed…” line is a shout-out to sexual transmutation—that is, the art of transferring sex desire into other outlets for self-betterment purposes.

Everything in moderation: Remember, you drain yourself of the most powerful energy in the universe every time you shoot [Peter] North. Try this instead: take your age, divide by five, and the end result is your new magic number in between nut-busting days. So if you’re 30, then you should be busting once every six days only. Internalizing this no doubt keeps you strong on your straight and narrow and ensures you’re putting life purpose before vagina and short-term gratification.

5. You have unprotected casual sex


The embodiment of “6 Signs You’re A Slave To Vagina.”

Going raw with randos is the worst (and most dangerous) indicator of a man totally enslaved by his sex desire. What you’re saying when you forego condoms is that the momentary dopamine fill is worth more than your past, present, and future life combined.

As Dave Chappelle liked to say, WRAP IT UP. Yes, easier said than done in the moment of passion and pleasure. But your life is about more than pleasure, remember?

Everything in moderation: Make her show you a notarized test result coming back negative for THE WORKS. Or, abide by the Big Sean line when he raps, “I’m the type to have a bulletproof condom… and still gotta pull out.”

6. You often break your schedule for a shot at vagina


Everything in moderation: Always go by your schedule, not hers.

Remember, a letter to grandma is more important than twenty minutes with Sally Sue. If you find yourself constantly postponing or procrastinating on P1 tasks to accommodate the schedule of your hookup buddy(-ies), then you’re in the red and it’s time to make a change.

A Final Word

When I was a slave to vagina, it wasn’t so much the addiction to actual snatch, or even the notion of it that kept me lighting the spoon for new fixes. That is, though her insides felt good, my own felt that much better, and that’s why I couldn’t stop. I’m talking, of course, about Ego, capital “E.” Every time I brought a girl back home I felt like a fucking champ way before we ever stripped each others’ clothes off. That was the carrot I was after, and that was why my 2014 was so depressing.

Once I identified Ego as the root of the problem, it was easier to ween off the snatch teat and focus on the things that truly matter in life. Make sure you’re doing the same—there’s no two ways around it. It’s your imperative as a man.

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263 thoughts on “6 Signs You’re A Slave To Vagina”

  1. Like anything the novelty wears off ,and it seems empty so time to move on.
    Great power in not giving a shit about women no more,they flock and the hunter becomes the hunted haha.
    I did same thing,countless dates,juggling em became hasslesome and boring as hell.
    Would rather read books,gym or hang out with my mates who get it,after the red pill awakening you can’t hang out with your sappy mates who pedestalise and romanticise broads without feeling sick in the gut ,and you can’t wake most of em up neither

    1. “Making love and breaking hearts,
      It is a game for youth.
      I’m not waiting on a lady.
      I’m just waiting on a friend.”

  2. LOL This is not a problem for most guys. They would be happy to get even 1 girl now and then.
    Telling guys to moderate their pussy use is like a fat american telling an Auschwitz survivor to count his calories.
    Too much pussy is not a problem I have now, but to be honest it is one of the better problems to have.

    1. The problem for most guys is that if they could get girls they would and waste all their time chasing chicks and the article still applies.

    2. It’s how you handle the logistics and how much time you find yourself taking to do that, that I think is when it can be complicated and a full time job.

    3. maybe not for most guys but this is ROK remember. I wager that there are quite a few here who do have just that issue or have had it at some point, or may have it in the future.
      If you want easy pussy go work in tourism… Rotation of new pussy constantly so your old mistakes disappear quickly.

    4. The author of this piece is dead-on correct; I lived it after learning some game post-break-up with my ex-fiance/4 year LTR, banged at least a dozen women in the first year afterward, spent way too much time planning “dates”/spinning plates and lost my drive and masculine purpose for a while as a result. It really is good for guys to have a period in their life where getting good at gaming multiple women at same time/getting notches/et al is a reason for getting up in the morning, but this period has got to be a learning experience rather than a permanent modus operandi or a man is doing himself (and everyone else in his orbit) a major disservice.

  3. This is something the manosphere needs more of. I know ya’ll like your articles about game and shit but in reality that stuff is part of the problem. Women really don’t matter at all, you gotta go through life trying to make yourself better and work on making society a more masculine place for your sons.
    If you make money you will get power, if you get power women will follow. Stop worrying so much about girls, and realize you are guaranteed two things in this life: your body and your mind. Make sure those are as healthy and fit as possible.

    1. amen to this, i know a few guys who think being redpilled is all just about understanding women and being a narcissist pick up artist who hangs out at the clubs like its a hobby, but they make no improvements on themselves or their lives.
      Getting laid can feel nice when youre young, but it feels even nicer when youre young and youre learning new skills while securing a stable future.

      1. Agreed! Another of my main peeves in the manosphere is blaming women for problems. “Women are evil” (or manipulative, or controlling, or powerful) is a form of putting pussy on a pedestal.
        Women are like children, they honestly don’t know any better. Sometimes they get it right but in reality we, the men, are the issue. SJW’s aren’t the problem, feminists aren’t the problem, MEN are the problem. We have allowed these infectious diseases to persist in our society for too long it’s time for us to step up and do something about it. Being a man, and becoming a man are what prevent these from destroying our society.
        Red pill isn’t about PUA or pussy, it isn’t even about women. It’s about men being men.

        1. I agree that women arent to blame, but i don’t necessarily think its all men’s fault either. In our economy, its a lot harder today for a man to have a stable job/career and live independently, while feminism encourages women to be selfish and have unrealistic expectations of men. Even when there is men who go the extra mile and want a traditional and successful lifestyle, they still get burned.
          We have other things like our media which romanticizes the idea of men being effeminate manchildren with shows like Big Bang Theory or any show about a family(the husband is always a simp). Things like this plant the idea in men and women’s heads alike about how real men are simps and women have total control over men because they control sex like their some Babylonian sex goddess or something. Basically, men and women’s natural way of coexisting has been ruined for the most part.
          The elites who run the world have an end game of destroying the family life, im not saying cop out and use this as an excuse to do nothing, because i think the best way a man can get confidence is to take action for his own life. Some men arent aware of the problem or they think the problem is a “progressive” thing, but even an intelligent man can be killed if someone slips poison in his drink.

        2. “Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.”-proverbs 20:11. Men must definitely take ultimate responsibility for how things are. But you can’t absolve women from all of their actions. This has the same effect of letting them play the victim role all the time. They have freedom of choice, and have chosen degeneracy; which at some point will have consequences.

        3. In short, we need a Thermidorian moment, a revolt against the 1960’s cultural revolution. But how? I don’t understand how the genie gets back into the 1950s bottle, good as a place that was in hindsight.

        4. There is no going back. The feminists say MRAs and the manosphere want to take women back to barefoot in the kitchen like the 1950s. Most of us have no desire to return to a ridged sex roles of the 1950s and prior. Women have freed themselves of any sex role and any responsibility to men. Men want to free themselves from the ridged sex roles society still wants to force on them. Men are still obligated to women even though women have no responsibility to men. They tore up the social contract but still want the goodies supplied by men. We want to tear up the whole thing. The women are fighting tooth and nail to keep men enslaved to the roles they themselves have rejected.

        5. Just the whole idea of debating feminists/women period is so ludicrous and unbecoming a man, when you really think about it, that it almost beggars belief! I like that Milo Yunopolis (sic?) guy, even with his flamboyant gay mannerisms and “lifestyle” and he seems like a solid voice for men’s issues versus the predominant Western model of female narcissism/the default female mindset. However, if you have seen videos of this guy “debating” with hambeast feminists at American college campuses, it just seems ridiculous that in 2016 we have a British gay man on stage arguing with foolish adult babies on behalf of hetero dudes. Pretty ridiculous stuff if you ask me.

        6. Finally I have read at least one good comment on this site . Most of men here hate women and blame us in all their problems.
          Thank you.

        7. Unfortunately, these days, a great number of you give us a lot to justifiably hate.
          And this is coming from a man happily married for almost 20 years.
          If we split, I just couldn’t wife-up again. At least, not in the States.
          Most females have been heavily conditioned to have little to no desirable qualities.

        8. Likewise.
          Not to be smug, but I feel I’m happier than most.
          We both work at that equation whole heartedly.

        9. ” But how? I don’t understand how the genie gets back into the 1950s bottle”
          Yup. One cannot pack shit back into the ass once it is out.

        10. Yes, yes, yes. There needs to be more of this talk here. Issues with women wake us up to the Red Pill concept. But it’s way beyond our relations with women. It’s our responsibility to regain control of ourselves, not theirs. Cannetti wrote about society and how it’s mores and the people on top make slaves out of people. Women don’t care and have no interest in overcoming it, and because men HAVE to relate to women, they drag us down with them. Red Pill is about defining who we are as men.

        11. Red Pill is also about thinking outside the box. There’s always a way to get things done. Society brainwashes us into a mold of what it wants, and our relations with women get dangerous when we play along with what society says is expected of us. Red Pill is understanding what we are created as as men. And going along with what it means to be a human being. A women who’s a serial divorcer and takes all your money isn’t at fault, she’s playing along with what she was raised to do. It’s your fault when you don’t take responsiblity for your life.

        12. My take is that someone who’s fully digested what masculinity and rationality is wouldn’t feel the need in their gut to debate the whole farce. They’d be emotionally and psychologically free to ignore them, as one does a bug. I’ve been reading a lot of Marcus Auerelious, who was a Stoic, and masculine traits go hand in hand with Stoicism. It’s about about being a real person, and not being swept along with the tide.

        13. Notice that most women LIKE the ideas found in 19th century literature where their lives are planned out and they’re married off to wealthy men. But at the same time they also say they want all these “rights” that, when examined, have no basis in fact or rationality.

        14. You’re right that men should stop blaming women for their problems. When problems arise with a woman, have some balls and tell her how it is and how it’s gonna be!! If she don’t like it tough shit as they say in Italian “ba fon cuolo”!! Look at the high schools and colleges lined up with “pseudo=males” with skinny pants on. But, it’s not my fucking problem. Good post though!!

        15. Tell us none of your female friends from age 18 to 35 are not hypergamists or solopsoists, how many hang around with pseudo-men, who follow them like a new born puppy, then on the weekend their banging the alpha boys and once in a while they throw the beta males a scrap. Then when their 35 and their finally through with the carousel they bed down some schlep!!

    2. i’d say vagina (women) don’t matter but women (LTR, mom, grandma, daughter, etc.) are EVERYTHING. i think this article is trying to separate those two, as it puts a lot of emphasis on the no’s of casual sex, which falls into the former category

      1. The only thing I regret about all the pussy I got in the past two years is not tapping it all a second time.

      2. Uh, no. Not “Everything.” You’re an adult and solely responsible for yourself, your life, and your destiny. When people start saying that another person is “everything” what they’re saying is that they’ll give up being independent, content, and productive human beings when the other person wants them to. I know she’s your mom or your wife, but the only person you have to answer to is yourself.

        1. would u lay down ur life and sacrifice it all for ur family, esp the women (mom wife daughter) ? thats what i meant by “eveyrthing”
          also, the most beta shit a guy can write on the internet is “uh, no” followed by a period, or “ugh…” you should consider dropping that when writing

        2. That’s why you’ll always be beta, or worse. You can’t differentiate between situations. Yeah, say she’s the mother of your child and all that shit. You’re saying that automatically entitles her to your “laying your life down.” Well dude, 30% chance it’s NOT your biological kid.
          Welcome to the forum, keep reading, and hopefully you’ll learn that the Red Pill is about not being brain-washed and jumping off bridges because some fantasy tells you to.

    3. ^^^this^^^especially agree with your statement “making society a more masculine place for your sons”….

    4. Before pussy I was on top of the personal development side. Discovering pussy was a reality check, cracking open a new world and body of knowledge I never knew I was deficient in and never knew it was a quantifiable body even. You don’t know what you’re deficient in if you aren’t aware that it’s even an existing field. So I pursued game as self discovery, but I assumed relationships came naturally afterwards and needed no study or playbook. Still on top personally, I entered relationships not knowing woman’s true nature. Several LTR’s devoured decades of my life and I discovered a police state of enablers and rooted enemies of masculinity and family and my nature was to always call out the pariahs who don’t have your well being in mind. If I knew now what I didn’t know back then, I would have assuredly taken the hatchet to enemies that were bent on poisoning my home. I was too light on them and they lived on to wreak havoc elsewhere with our culture and continue their destruction. This site is a fountain of wisdom for seeing the light and nature in people and also sifting out the negative ones.
      Being nice and non confrontational doesn’t work. A hard blow actually does turn the enemy away or break them. An ass kicking does beat an enemy down and weaken them. Doing nothing, acquiescing, just being polite or living and letting live with the enemy allows them to grow, to root further and to take their belligerent blind swipes upon innocents. To sit idly as your fellow man is attacked is just as enabling to your enemy if you allow them to beat up on or shame you without recourse. You will be as easily taken out next by them if you don’t stand with your tribe and bretheren.
      My early LTR’s were chewn to bits by enablers. It was a hardening experience for me but now on a wing and gloriously I am ready to leap in defense of my home. Literally I will hurt and smite any detractors to my culture who encroach upon the sanctity of my home. Before, long ago, some feminist relative boob was visiting in my home, spewing about ‘patriarchy’ being the source of the world’s problems. They spewed for hours and I was polite, too polite. Now I would physically toss any such heretic out the nearest opening in the walls. The flip side is that I am much more appreciative and openly and vocally supportative and encouraging towards pro family, pro tribe acquaintences and the good relatives in my circle. Some shitlib family members in the past got a free pass for being family. Now I’ll duel them if they get too close and they know it. They must go through the fire and purify themselves of the shitlib spirit to wash my feet or to even come around. Being knocked around is all that wakes some people up. You never know if someone is shitlib to the core or just shitlib conflicted until you get rough about it. Smiling deceptive faces untested are sickening and I’m immediately itching now to test them or call them out.
      So I’m now consistently very rough and nasty with the enemy. Unlike my old LTR’s which were on a limb and unstable, and I avoided conflict and gave everyone a basic respect, no more. It’s all for your tribe/family and be on fire call to fight outwardly. The plus is that now home life is more like heaven as it never was before. Still it’s work but it is solid like a rock. You have to wage war outwards towards your enemy and the peace and security will naturally grow at home. Solidarity at home is the greatest beauty of life, something that so many miss and can’t guarantee. There is no insurance or guarantee of any future for someone who’s not committed to going balls against the wall for their clan at a munite’s notice. I could define ‘home peace’ or ‘home strength’ the same. They are the same when you keep the vigil against the enemy ongoing outside the tribe and home. If a member flakes, my family/clan will race to call them out or shit test them straight first. I’m not white knighting for any home princess here, I have no princesses. The woman knows it’s mutually assured destruction to cuck the enemy. I preach that enough and now she glows with the truth at times. She knows ‘princess’ or ‘trophy wife’ not spoken in my castle. A ‘trophy’ is something that sits on a shelf and doesn’t do anything. It’s too busy and no room for idle ‘trophies’ here. Jew divorce attorneys tread not where there be not trophies to fandangle.

      1. Your comment reeks of truth and oozes machismo.
        You have the furious blood of a Savage running wild in you.
        We are coming…..and with the massive force of a derailed freight train we are blasting through the bitch ass doors of the weak and comfortable.

    5. This article is the corollary to the anti-porn articles. The 11th Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Enjoy Thyself”.
      Is too much pussy a problem for many of us? I think the opposite is the case.

      So if you’re 30, then you should be busting once every six days only.

      Recent evidence suggests that frequent ejaculation is important for prostate health and may prevent prostate cancer. Or you can protect the most powerful energy in the Universe, whatever works.

      1. I find masturbation a necessity these days. As men it’s beyond one’s control not to get horny, specially in sexually electrifying environments, and once you are horny you start thinking with your dick, the rest is history. This is when masturbation comes in hand (not intended), once a man starts thinking with his head, he will be more aware of his acts.

        1. “The “Something About Mary” approach. And that’s an approach I wholly endorse”
          Sans the hair gel part 🙂

      2. I don’t suggest men to become celibate, but I write explicitly “everything in moderation.” The key is to put your calling over cunt, or else you risk sinking into depravity and becoming a cat around yarn.

        1. Well played.
          Moderation IS key.
          I don’t think people really want to be slave to their whims.

      3. Bob,
        All I know is, if I ain’t getting busy with the misses every 2 or 3 days, I gets a lil’ cranky.
        Libido’s are not across the board. Some gents crave more than others.

    6. Bingo. When people in the manosphere talk about “game” and PUA’s it’s all about putting the manic drive for pussy on the back burner and turning yourself around so that you can score with women from a different place. The confidence you need for game COMES from getting healthy and getting your life in order. Getting yourself together comes first before anything. Pussy comes later.

  4. “As Dave Chappelle liked to say, WRAP IT UP. ”
    And condoms are not 100% effective. Whenever I make a woman cum, her stinkbox spews gallons of fuck juice like a tidal wave. My cock and balls are always drenched in her fluid despite wearing one, yet I’m supposed to think I have protection? I doubt it; I say it is luck that the women I meet and fuck are not disease ridden.

    1. In EE, I was introduced to these antiviral and antibacterial “bullets” that dissolve in the wet vagina. I wonder if something like that would help allay your concerns. I’ve had a few squirters and I pondered the same.

        1. Heheh. Pack it in like a muzzle loader.
          Seriously, it’s best if you observe her putting in her snatch. It’s gotta go all the way to the bottom of the canyon. Pack it in with your tent pole.

  5. Seems to in order not to be a slave to pussy, you have to master and conquer it first. When you are horny and high energy in your 20’s, slay away. The novelty will wear off and then you are in the bargaining position when looking for a mate/family. Think of it like researching how to buy and maintain a house.

    1. I read “house” as “horse” at first, realized the mistaken, re-read it and it didn’t change the meaning I got from your last sentence whatsoever. Heh.

      1. Good point though, you need to try a few different cars to figure out what kind fits you the best too 😉

      2. It actually makes it worse, because Horses are the #2 sign of crazy in women. Don’t marry a horse girl, because the horse will come first.

        1. Truer words were seldom spoken. I’m the son of a horse nut.. You want to avoid at all costs.
          The worst part of that kind of crazy is the bitches care more about the damn horses than any human including her own kids.

        2. Well shit man, that could apply to any animal. Even dogs, and I cannot recommend owning a good dog enough, but some women can be absolutely crazy about them.
          As a man whose first job was as a ranch hand, it’s hard for me to fault horses. But women obsessed with them, ok.

        3. “because the horse will come first.” Lol
          Didn’t we talk about that not too long ago?

        4. Yeah, that can get annoying fast. Especially with women who will lavish affection and attention on some mutt, but leave you hanging there saying “Um, babe, wtf??”

  6. Author’s note:
    The original line was “I had only one singular purpose in life: Henry Chinaski, women, women, women. Henry Miller, cunt, cunt, cunt.” The latter sentence was excised by the editors.
    No problem there, but can’t forget about the one and only Henry Miller, whom I want to make sure gets his due!
    Anyway, shoutout to anyone well-read on both Henrys. Amazing writers.

  7. This article hit a little too close to home, but it’s not the worst problem to have. I’m moving for my job in 4 days so I’ll no choice to lay off puss, partying, other miscellaneous bad habits for a while. I’m pretty excited about it to be honest.

    1. All decked out in pants up to his chest, with that fresh enticing smell of Ben Gay dabbed behind each ear. Yeah buddy.

    2. “Can you help me change my catheter sweetheart” probably works better in care homes than discos”

        1. I know nothing about his music, but a quote I kinda remember went something like this(and, yes, Im paraphrasing b/c I couldnt find the quote) “When the powers that be realize the game is over, they will raise the house lights, roll up the screen, and reveal to us a brick wall.” Interesting I couldnt find that quote verbatim. Here are some other quotes by him:

  8. Just because you are interested and or passionate about something doesn’t mean you are a “slave” to it. Slave owners spent alot of time, money and effort managing their slaves, but I guess by your definition, they were “slaves” to their slaves?That intensity is also necessary to get good at chasing women or work or whatever is your interest at the moment.

    1. Some slave owners couldn’t resist banging their slaves though. Those ones embed up with the most problems.

    2. I think you’re right. The point that the author seemed to be making is when guys take it to obsession, like, it’s the only thing that they have directing their lives. If you were to hold that same level of intensity about, say, lacrosse, people would probably come up and ask “Dude, all you do is lacrosse, it’s all you talk about, hell we’re not entirely sure that you know any other topic”.
      But to keep a nice herd of little fillies in the stable for fun and games, eh, it doesn’t suck. Everything in moderation I guess.

  9. I was banging six women last summer. My head was spinning (both big and little) with all the action. In fact, for a full year after my divorce, this dog was huntin’. Fresh shiny poon was all I could think about.
    Then I grew out of it.
    I’d started to feel like a heroin addict, deep in a junkie binge. I slowly released all the plates back into the wild, keeping only the best one. I’m sure that itch will return, but for now life is better, and simpler.
    But, like Augustine, men need to go through such a period in order to understand why it should be avoided.
    BTW: There’s no way a girl named Sally Sue is putting out.

    1. What about Linda Lou? I’ve heard that there ain’t nothing that she won’t do.

        1. I’m so glad I got to see what remains of Skynrd before I (or they) died. Fucking fun ass concert.

        2. They’re going to Sturgis this year, again. That’s where I saw them last August. Them and Godsmack, although that got rained out about 5 songs into the set. Also some country music fuck who I don’t know, but, the women all came in their boots and cowboy hats and I’m an absolute *sucker* for that look on a thin attractive girl.

        3. I think I replied to the wrong post, meant to put that on the Gimme 3 steps one, heh.

        4. Nah. Hitting the gym soon though. Maybe a bar afterward, not sure if my little fitness model “friend” is working tonight or not. Dunno. Probably doesn’t matter either way, I’ll likely grab a beer in either case.

        5. Heh, yeah, I don’t buy that advice on the hooking up. You don’t want to fuck around with the men’s chicks, clearly, but there are a shit ton of girls that they bus in by the boatload to work every conceivable stand and event like you can’t believe. And a good portion of them are there because, hey, half a million alpha males all in one place.
          Shit, in August I had two Wyoming and one South Dakota, all under 30, just chomping at the bit. Dude can’t hook up there he’s just doing it plumb wrong. Then there’s the whole swinger scene that a good 10% of the biker types are into, look at CL for Sturgis from July to the first week in August and you have men begging to have you fuck their GF or join in a group sex event. If you’re into that kind of thing, which I’m not.
          There are a lot of older people there, but I think there’s an influx of newer kids, at least there was last August. Seeing younger guys starting to show up at local biker events too this year, so I think that there’s hope.

        6. I remember a girl that fit that description to a tee. I went into a S Dakota bar to ask for directions to the nearest gas station (sometimes 140+ miles apart) and got answered by exactly that girl as she sat on one end of the bar and stretched her legs out over the gap in the bar. Tight halter top, skin tight jeans, cowboy hat and cowboy boots. This was at least a couple of decades ago and she still can be called up in my mind like it was yesterday.
          BTW, has Sturgis gotten better lately. Last time I was there for bikers week (quite a while ago) the average age had to be 50. Lots of long grey ponytails; on both men and women. The favorite t-shirt was “help, I’ve fallen and can’t reach my beer.”

        7. “I don’t buy that advice on the hooking up. You don’t want to fuck around with the men’s chicks, clearly, but there are a shit ton of girls that they bus in by the boatload to work every conceivable stand and event like you can’t believe. And a good portion of them are there because, hey, half a million alpha males all in one place”
          I got the impression from the author of the ROK article about Sturgis was that it was more or less an AARP sausage fest. That the young women are brought in to work, they probably don’t have much time at all to hook up with some random dude she meets there, unless he’s got cocaine or some other drug that will get her attention.
          And as I read that Sturgis article, it made me realize just how lame events have become due to the social dysfunction of the current zeitgeist. Despite Sturgis being a social event where people interact in real life, you still have to deal with smartphone zombie bitches with inflated egos and attention span of a housefly. It goes without saying how the digital age has lowered the quality of male – female human interaction.

        8. I think that they do, at least when Full Throttle was around. Hope they rebuild that place, it was amazing.

        9. There are a lot of older dudes, but there seems to be a growing interest with the young bucks the last year or two. Can’t explain it, except that perhaps some of them have become so disgruntled with Hipsters that they’re looking for more masculine pursuits? Last year was the 75 Anniversary and while plenty of old folks were there, there wasn’t a shortage of young bucks (and girls). See lots of younger guys (20 something) starting to show up at Bike Nights here locally too. This has to be some kind of trending thing. Makes me happy.

        10. It seems to be turning around. Dunno, I’m happy in any event. Now back in 2012 I think that the author’s article was correct, at least about the age range.

        11. I live in a neighboring state and am planning a trip to Mt. Rushmore again this summer. I will stop by Sturgis to see if what you say is true.

        12. “It seems to be turning around. Dunno, I’m happy in any event”
          Probably helps too if one changes their expectations. Going to an event realizing we live in the garbage generation one is less likely to get dissapointed.

        1. And in walked a man with a gun in his hand, and he was looking for you know who?
          Just heard this on my playlist earlier today at lunch, heh.

        2. One of my favorites. I just love the chorus;
          “Won’t you give me three steps,
          Gimme three steps mister,
          Gimme three steps towards the door?
          Gimme three steps
          Gimme three steps mister,
          And you’ll never see me no more.”

        3. On my bucket list was hearing Skynyrd play that song live. I have placed a check mark into that box, proudly. Fucking amazing shit.

    2. “But, like Augustine, men need to go through such a period in order to understand why it should be avoided”
      Exactly. And it can only be understood after a man has had his fill.

    3. Life is duality/dichotomy. Up, down, good, bad. As someone put it to me, “You have to first be who you aren’t to know who you are.” So you do it and do it and do it and finally have that aha! moment as I had, as it sounds like you had as well.

  10. Slave to poon !? My 20’s are over. My biggest problem near the plantation today was deciding between making a protein shake or a chicken salad.

  11. It’s an easy thing. 20’s get as many women as you want, your dick is commanding you to, go ahead and dive in. 30’s, snag a LTR and stay with her as long as possible or as long as you want (married or not, doesn’t matter) and when you get bored of her but don’t want to leave her (maybe she’s good company or the mother of your children), get a girl or two on the side to relieve the monotony then release them back into the pond when the urge passes. Meanwhile, do all the shit you want in life, that you can do, and have fun.
    It’s not a bad way to live really. Shit ain’t complicated.

    1. “It’s an easy thing. 20’s get as many women as you want, your dick is commanding you to, go ahead and dive in. 30’s, snag a LTR and stay with her as long as possible or as long as you want ..”
      And your suggestions for the 40’s and 50’s good sir ? 🙂

      1. Basically a holding pattern into your 40’s. That’s as far as my experience extends so I have no idea what guys in their 50’s and higher do. I’d wager that if they stay high T, then I’d stick with the plan above. I figure, if she’s going to divorce you she’s going to divorce you no matter what, and a good wife/LTR (like, lifetime ltr) will kind of know but accept it if you keep shit quiet and don’t embarrass her or the family in public. Some won’t though, it’s an individual discretion thing that you have to judge for yourself.

        1. Thanks GOF. I never married, no regrets. I’m excercizing lifting weights, but still hounding twenty somethings, but not sure if I’m out of place by doing so

        2. How old are you, if you don’t mind my asking? 40’s-50’s I’m guessing. That was probably a stupid question. Heh.

        3. I am 60 married to a 33 year old Asian woman. I made the mistake of letting down my guard while on one of many overseas trips. Even in our 50s we are still vulnerable. At 60 I can honestly state that I would not even have been on that trip if it was to take place now. There are lots of things left to do on my bucket list, but looking for new vagina is no longer on the list. My wife is still hot, sexy, kind, happy, and good company, but she has to do the initiating these days. It’s pleasant amusement and no real bother, but it is just not something I think much about anymore. Maybe I am just burned out from waking up everyday for the past 8 years to a hot tight young woman. Its never too late to become totally jaded.

        4. I’m in my thirties and getting 19 year olds. You’re fine as long as you don’t make the ladies supersede your life goals.

    2. All that shit commercial crap about “after 35, your testosterone will decrease!!!! (buy our shit naow!!!)”
      I hear those commercials and think “Oh thank God. I can think now instead of constantly fighting not to become a werewolf 24/7”.
      Seriously: my best work started in my mid 30s when this so-called “horror” of less T comes about with age. It’s a blessing.
      And I still get laid even when not planning on it. Go figure.

      1. I know a guy whose life turned around in his late 30s because his testosterone finally went down to mere mortal levels.
        He’d spent his twenties and early thirties fighting, drinking, being marginally employed. Basically he was a prisoner of his high-T. He never even went near a weight room. Just stayed a straight-edge vegetarian, headbanged to heavy metal, and brawled whenever possible. Insane intensity.
        He’s much happier now. He has a good career and a strange look in his eye sometimes. I asked him what it is. He said it’s called calmness.

        1. I don’t get that either. High T doesn’t necessarily mean that a guy has to be in a boxing ring 24/7, yet so many dudes go that path. I wonder about how intelligence applied to aggressiveness tempers those impulses?

      2. I’ve maintained a high level of physical fitness and my T levels are through the roof, not just for my age, but overall. I do suspect that if I ever stop lifting, which would happen only if I sustained a serious injury, they’d plummet. Since I’ve never not lifted (well, since I was 17 anyway) this just feels natural, but I do see all of my buddies slowing down *a lot* in the women department. That shit, not sure what to think of it honestly. Guess I enjoy sex way too much to think about slowing down yet. Dunno.

  12. To the thinking man being the opposite of beta simp is to be swinging the pendulum all the way to the other end of the swing.
    On the same clock.
    So you go from being an orbiter or dating fatties to Mr Alpha PUA.
    And what do you get?
    Just as much investment of $$ and time into pussy, just in what would appear to be “better ways”. Ok that 7 you banged is better looking than that hambeast you were dating before you put down the game controller and started hitting the gym and consuming all those books and videos on how to bang hotties.
    Big deal. You still end up washing your dick in the sink before finding a reason to leave early.
    I must be a freak, because as I saw half my friends become pussy hounds I found the following bothersome:
    – they changed they way they looked, acted and dressed “just to get laid”.
    – they put up with shit that was totally off the map for them, “just to get laid”.
    – they would work their asses off so they can get new(er) cars (goodbye interesting old muscle cars) “just to get laid”.
    – they would dis childhood friends whose appearance/style/vibes/whatever was not conducive to the goal of “just to get laid”.
    Just to get laid. Oh these were not simps staying home on Saturday night watching Star Trek. Big deal.
    My theory still stands: in order to ensure that feminism is not burned in a dumpster fire, men are conditioned to think that if they don’t either spend all of their time and resources “just to get laid”, then he must become a basement dwelling neckbeard and “prove” his manhood with internet smacktalk, talking shit about porn, trolling, and ganking noobs in MMOs.
    But if he refuses that too, then he will automagically wake up gay/trans the next day, complete with twink hair and an edgy tumblr account begging for cock, all against his control and will, crying the whole time (with mascara running down his face for the effect even if he didn’t put any on – read: crying like a bitch), with all of society and even dead ancestors pointing and laughing at what a raging faggot our hapless fellow has become.

    1. Maybe we should measure a man’s worthiness by how little effort he puts into getting new or maintaining current poon.
      Let’s quantify using hrs/day.
      3 hrs = spirals-in-eyes, drooling, slave to the vaj

      1. You might be making a joke there, but there’s much truth to that.
        I stopped trying to be a musician when I realized I sucked at it. How did I realized I sucked at it? After all, the ego of being a musician is such that the worst thinks he’s the best.
        I had a friend who could play circles around me. Easily. Practically in his sleep.
        He practiced for something like 90 minutes a day. I was up to 6 hours, and had been at it longer, and still sucked. This was decades ago.
        That was when I learned it’s not how “good” you are, it’s how much effort you put into something to be good at it.
        And this goes for everybody. If you can fix cars without batting an eye, you’re a mechanic. If you have to have a pile of manuals handy, move on. If you can pass math tests with only a basic amount of studying, you might be good for STEM. If you have to stay up all night high on caffeine and studying, move on.
        It’s a good measure for life. All that tradcon bullshit of “maximizing your potential” has way too many fellows doing shit they are not suited for. Sure sure they still manage to do it: from studying all night in college to having a wrecked stressed out life working in a field they should not have gone into because they are not naturals for it. What did they get in the end? A list of alimony and child support bills, shitty health and a bald head, ending in diabeetus by 50 and a heart attack by 60.
        So yeah, if you have to work at it all day to “get laid”, you should consider being good at something else. I pity the world where the only measure of a man is how well he can land pussy (and such a world is just as gynocratic as one ruled by feminazis).

    2. Some good stuff here. Just to add…not enough men say the word “no” to women. If you have plans, a hobby, project, self improvement, etc…then always follow your schedule, tell her “no” if she wants to break it and setup a time when you are available.
      This move is a big one that many younger men fail to do. They fail to tell women “no”, they give in to her wants and it’s why many of these women see them as pussies. Don’t be afraid to tell a woman “no” and if she leaves then she leaves.
      I guarantee you more will stick around due to the respect factor (you have your shit together and you’re sticking to it).

      1. That’s the problem. Being unable to say “no” to a women, and the pretense being that it’s pussy and too valuable to let get away, is part of the mind control that we have to overcome. Women are slaves to the roles society has crafted for them based on their limited abilities. Just because they’ve made their value solely as sperm receptacles doesn’t mean we have be similar. The Red Pill and regaining masculinity is more about being free, rational, human beings than it is about scoring with chicks.

    3. Going through life aimlessly without a goal, or worse, having Your goals set up for you is what’s happening in my opinion.
      Women are not worth it in any way, except for bearing children. Men’s lives are being wasted chasing women because We, including RoK readers and authors, have given them much more value than their real worth. All of these articles about attracting women in this or that way, including being masculine and a Real Man because that’s how a pussy gets wet is a part of the problem. Unless everyone realizes that women are an accessory to a man’s life, and nothing more, it’s all a waste of life. Men should be aware of the fact that with each notch they are getting, they are losing. You didn’t fuck her because of your x or y or z, you fucked her because she allowed you, because she got something, much more important than your orgasm, out of you.

        1. It sounds meaningful. I would ad energy. They feed themselves with male energy, that’s why they do all they can to keep our attention on them (sex is one of her best trap), where the focus go the energy go. When a male keep his male energy for his aims, they feel it, they become more submissive, but it’s another way to eat it. The game is to don’t give them our energy for northing, never for free and never more than they give to us.

        2. Wise words, I couldn’t agree more. Women are parasites that will do absolutely anything to get what they want from men, luring and seducing is one way.
          Regarding attention, check out “Histrionic Personality Disorder” on Wikipedia. A single page that sums up most women’s psychology and way of thinking.

  13. Lmao… the lack of comments on this article speaks for itself. The reason you have to run game is cause there’s too many motherfuckers like yourselves.

        1. I rarely ever see red pill game actually. This is flyover country so it’s not needed as much, maybe that’s the reason. Myself and a few of my buddies are, I guess, naturals, but I don’t really think that counts since it’s not something that does or doesn’t depend on PUA self-taught skills.

        2. I’ve seen it in tourist discos, more or less done it there too to boost chances.
          Even if you pull well adding some tricks increases the likelihood of a bang.
          At tourist discos you don’t care who the girl is, or if you can communicate, only if she’s young and pretty enough to pass your boner test.
          If you know what you’re doing you can literally bang 3-4 chicks like 8-9 scale, in one evening if you so choose.
          But I don’t think I have seen it otherwise aside from very high end clubs, the kind where you pay $1000+ for a table etc.

        3. You live in a totally different world from me, heh. The only time I’d be paying $1,000 in a club or bar is if I got into a brawl and accidentally set some shit on fire.

        4. Hehe, if you know the right people you don’t have to pay 😉 . I’ve been in all kinds of places and blowing a grand in an evening or more isn’t unheard of for me.
          I did all that stuff when I was younger and got it out of my system for the most part.
          I had a period when I made shitloads of money, drove fast cars and bikes, threw money around and had tons of chicks etc, it was fun while it lasted but I would never do that again now. Too much effort, it is a 24/7 thing at that level and exhausting after a while.

  14. I remember once when my mother spoke to me with a deathly serious tone and said “don’t let any woman get in the way of your goals.” When I didn’t take her advice she knew. My dad usually just gave me the “don’t f- up look along with a few anecdotes, including how a friend of his didn’t listen to him and ended up dead as a result. I realized how right they were after dating 2 psycho chicks. And stopped slaving after humanoids with big tits and wet crotches.

    1. “”don’t let any woman get in the way of your goals.”
      Thread winner.
      If you have goals / hobby / something useful that you enjoy, you will increase your chances of attracting / holding onto a good woman (Note: World of Warcraft does not count, unless she’s into that sort of thing).

      1. Ironically she said this to me just as I was picking up a new chick (she didn’t even know). It was like she saw into my soul. That same chick tried to tank my future and made me abandon everything good that would build proper character (all so she could attention whore me).
        Advice from mother last [paraphrase] “no hymen no diamond”

    2. My dad told me to get as much pussy as I can as long as I can.
      The geezer was hitting on even the younger women right up to his death bed.

      1. Honestly I think the main lesson here is don’t let anyone run you. This chick i was ssrious with literally tried to force me to not go inter certain careers. Had to call it. FOH. In all fairness I was an ass too. Told her about this hot classmate I wanted to hit up. DGAF THO.

  15. Also, don’t be a slave to perversion. often, someone famous is in the news for being caught sending dirty texts or pictures, or worse thrill-seeking for some new sexual experience. Keep your sex life simple even if it’s considered boring because going done a path of perversion is worse.

    1. You mean like David Carradine dying in Bangkok of auto asphyxiation?
      From ABC News:
      Actor David Carradine was found dead in the closet of a Bangkok hotel room Thursday [June 3, 2009] with a cord wrapped around his neck and genitals, leading Thai police to suspect his death was not a suicide but an accident resulting from dangerous sex practices.
      Carradine, 72, best known for his role in the 1970s television drama “Kung Fu,” was found by a chamber maid at Bangkok’s Park Nai Lert Hotel naked and dead, slumped in a closet with cords bound and connecting his neck and his genitals, Bangkok police said.

  16. Good article and very much a valid point. I’ve been guilty of the same shit when I was younger… Boning any and all 7 or above that I could, and at some point I realized I didn’t even know the name of half of them, and then I had a bike accident that put me in the hospital. Was quite weird trying to schedule manage 4 girlfriends visiting. Needless to say they met eachother in the waiting room hehe.
    Then I dumped all of them and stopped most of trying to get pussy efforts. And I still get more pussy thrown at me than I can bother to pound.
    The other thing us that when you stop putting all your efforts into getting laid you will end up banging better chicks because you can raise your standards. And you actually start to raise your value because you can put your efforts into things that do.
    Overall win win.

        1. “You’ve never met a happy woman, never.”-Chris Rock
          “If u find a happy woman, there’s a unhappy man somewhere around”- Patrice O’Neal

  17. Number 6 should be 1. I know too many guys that will drop everything the minute a woman walks into a situation.

  18. Balance is truly the most difficult goal to achieve in life, and women are the ultimate test to that. Very good post.

  19. At age 60 I am no longer a slave to pussy. The problem now is working up any enthusiasm at all for pussy. Been there done that, way too many times. I no longer crave the new and different just because it is new and different. Most of these pussy worshiping signs abate all by themselves as you age. Of course tons of damage is done by that time. I have a huge amount of scar tissue to protect me when dealing with women.
    One thing I still have to struggle with is raw dogging the road whore. I am trying to be faithful now that I am married again, but in the not too distant past I had to resist the siren call to just do it, without the condom. I am constantly surprised by the number of women that actively resist using a condom. It is hard to remain rational in the face of a hot young thing getting naked and wrapping her legs around you while guiding you into port.

    1. Good post; I am pretty much inclined to agree with you on everything you said. I am “only” 37 here, but my dad is just a few years older than you now and while he was pretty alpha back in the day, he finally lost a lot of interest in chasing tail or even checking out hotties at the beach or wherever just due to getting older/experience/scars from prior women, etc., and now he mostly devotes his energies to being a civic leader, being a good grandfather, etc. It is definitely a major plus, overall, to making women a secondary priority in your life as your get older and more experienced and enjoying them for who and what they are on your terms as a man.

      1. Same here. 32 years old here. I can truly say pussy was awesome when we were teens, just like beer. Nowadays, it’s more like, meh, if I can get some quality ass, good. If not, I won’t die. Plus the women in my area are horrible anyways. Either they’re university feminists, white trailer trash, dirty Chicanas, or overweight sassy black women.

  20. Game (and getting laid in general) is just a part of the manliness, NOT the whole. Making getting laid the sole purpose of the existence is not manliness, is decadence.
    I always say that game is like a gun/knife/condom: I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

  21. Absolutely brilliant piece. So long as you remain addicted to vagina, you can’t truly appreciate the woman. And while most of them are shambling wrecks, there are a few wonderful ladies out there who deserve appreciation on all levels.

  22. “So if you’re 30, then you should be busting once every six days only.” If you are 30 and still having casual sex, you probably a complete fucking looser.

    1. I didn’t read that as applying only to casual. Married 10 years, and at 40 I can’t imagine only busting once every 8 freaking days. Hells no

      1. Well If he is talking about marriage (or some other form of de facto marriage), then it’s absolutely none of the authors business how often a couple is having sex. And anyways, once someone is married, they are in fact COMMITTED to their partner and trying to emancipate yourself from “being a slave to vagina” by having less sex is just stupid and pointless.

        1. Actually it may might be even more important in a marriage. The amount of beta’s that are married, jumping at their wives every whim, putting up with all kinds of disrespect, all for just a sniff of the possy on their birthdays and when their wives “feel like it”, are too numerous to count. They give up any power they have in the relationship for some possy every now and again. If that isn’t pedalizing the possy, I don’t know what is. I’m not suggesting married men are simps, I’m just saying being able to control yourself even in marriage is important.

        2. The important thing in marriage is to be ready to walk away without a second’s notice. And the wife has to know this. I am not talking about Dread Game or telling her this. I am talking about your frame and living such that she knows this down in her bones. If it isn’t effortless, it isn’t real.

  23. I have a friend who goes on and on about licking A holes of broads to get them off. Hes a slave to the A hole but its the same thing or worse as dude is literally licking shit off women. I am hoping he doesn’t still play that way as a man who begs is a slave. I always find it hilarious that dudes beg to eat chicks out LMAO. If your one of those guys u r owned as u shouldn’t be begging for anything,

    1. That’s a great way to end up with oral-pharyngeal cancer. (Remember kids, HPV doesn’t only affect women, in spite of what the feminists would have you believe).

    2. One of my employees, when he saw a hot girl came into our fine work establishment, used to always say, “Man, I’d love to tongue-punch her fartbox! Her pooper would leave me tongue-tied, bruh!” and other nasty shit like that regarding analingal-oriented impulses. Couldn’t help but laugh, though!

    3. i guess pheromones on the girls private zone. if she is 9/10 your ideal female virgin bride, wouldn’t you?

  24. Best part of the article #4 ” being a guy after sex is like transforming back from being a werewolf ” operation werewolf

      1. I was thinking Taylor Lautner from Twilight. No homo. But seriously, he got dissed by Kristen Stewart for that paleface Robert Pattinson. Lame.

        1. I’ll take your word for it. I never watched the show. Stopped watching TV shows. Just documentaries and reruns of classics.

  25. I’m 31 now, but after I turned 26, I focused entirely on myself and quit expending countless energy on women. Two things happened: 1) My life improved tenfold from the added experiences and solid friendships built 2) I got laid a lot more often. Focus on yourself. Expand your skills, travel, stay fit, cultivate genuine friendships with solid people, and the pussy will come as a side bonus. You won’t have to try very hard and you’ll be happier, making more money, and experiencing places and things you thought you’d never see.

    1. Either you get laid more, or your lays increase in quality. That’s the advice I give young bucks as soon as they turn 18. Focus more on improving, and everything else will come to you, and then you will come all over it.

      1. Quality over quantity. You learn to do the mental math when you meet a so-so piece of strange. How does the effort/annoyance involved before, during, and after a bumpin-ugly sesh balance with the sexual pleasure? It gets harder to justify going after mediocre women who can’t do anything special sexually, or women who you don’t connect with.
        I’ve learned that the most satisfying sexual relationships have a lot of unspoken tension. IOW you can feel it hovering between you even when nobody’s saying a damn thing. Other people can notice this too.

  26. You ever eat a girl out and she refuses to suck your dick afterwards? That is the number one game killer in this modern time. So before I could eat the bitchout, she has to let me facephuck her first.

    1. I have yellow fever pretty bad, and have since I was a teenager. I found it was a lot easier to find Asian women in Asia. I know; who would have thought? The strange thing about women in Asia is they have no problem sucking dick, but think pussy is dirty and you shouldn’t dine at the Y.

  27. #4: Or as Eddy Murphy put it in “48 Hours”.. “Lack of pussy make you brave, man!”
    But seriously, my concern with “going without” is that regularly busting a nut is healthy for the male reproductive system. Studies have shown that not cumming is associated with higher incidence of prostate cancer.

    1. You should bust, and I used the age / 5 equation to map out how frequently (re: masturbation only). If that’s too difficult, then wait for as long as it takes to make you uncomfortable without needing to kill someone.

  28. just being honest man…after you have enough experience with women you realize that they are all alike. they may have a few little differences to their personality here and there, but they are all the same. and none of them are as special or complex as they think they are or as the average man thinks they are.
    just use instagram for example…you could unfollow one chick and then follow two more that look just as good or better than her, and they all have damn near the same personality.

    1. Yeah man I hear you. Scouring the profiles of chicks on POF and seeing how hard they try to be different or cool or some sort of unique by writing shit like “I like my marshmallows on peanut butter toast teehee” just makes them all look the fucking same. It made me believe real wit and humor is a masculine trait.

      1. man I promise the internet puts all of their true nature right front and center in your face. the only thing worse than the fake unique shit are the chicks who are fake deep on social media. like bitch nobody wants your pseudo philosophic advice that even you don’t believe.

        1. You can tell a lot about the kinds of cock she is currently riding or has plowed through by which bandwagons she’s on. Unless it’s transposed only from her family like father and brothers, then it *may* be an indicator that she comes from a tight knit family and may only have had as little as 50 cocks in her entire lifetime.

    2. I swear it’s like they get a vagina manual when they get their first period. They all say and do the same shit. I’ve dated girls were who couldn’t speak English, we could barely communicate with complete sentences, and they still tried to play the same type of games. It starts to get kind of funny after awhile.

  29. #3 Bet that old man did get laid. Perhaps it cost him his monthly Social Security check and his hip and his dentures, but boy must have been worth it. Another reason to save money for retirement.
    #6 I never got that PUA look. To this day I still think those guys are LARPers on their way to tea at the Mad Hatter’s.

  30. Brilliant, as for number 4 it is completely underrated. In fact I recommend not masturbating at all for release, and sometimes during sex go without cumming. The benefits I’ve experienced from not masturbating (no fap for weeks/months) vs Masturbation…
    Not Masturbating, Increased: ( Big Increase )
    Strength ( Frequently Smashing PR’s when lifting)
    Desire to pursue women ( massive increase here )
    Reason/logic ( the Brainfog from fapping goes away when no fap)
    A STRONG desire to compete
    Unappologetic attitude.
    Quality of Life increase and you feel good
    Stay home watch Porn ( Become a porn hermit, 0 social life)
    Brain Fog
    Low desire to pursue women ( Faping the urge away)
    Low Stamina
    Strength gains real slow
    Wanna stay in bed all day
    no confidence
    become a pushover
    Become very emotional
    No desire to compete
    apologize for one’s existence (Beta attitude)
    Quality of life decreases , you feel like shit.

    1. Yep I agree, and said something similar too. Mostly unapologetic attitude and enjoying life and feeling good about things.
      Some keep saying there is nothing wrong in porn and fapping but I will never agree with that.

      1. Agreed, all the Masturbation problems I wrote were from what I experienced from age 17-24 (Watched a lot of porn). I finally asked God for help, and I’m starting to get control of my life again. The “No Masturbation” Benefits I wrote about Feel much better, and what I experience now.

        1. From 17-24 you were stealing. God gave your body the ability to have those pleasures as a reward for following his command to propogate his bloodlines and populate the land like the sands of the sea. What you did was like taking a reward for something not done, like breaking into the trophy case in the high school hallway and bagging the trophies and running. A bunch of stale trophies and no game played.
          My wife/gf her title matters not, will jerk me on command, usually, sometimes I cut through a little bullshit, but usually. The point is the seed goes where it should go, most of it, and not in a puddle in my lonseome palm. It only takes one seed placed properly to please the Lord. I can douse her face. Who’s accident is that? I make no claim but it only taketh one seed in the hole. I give her the gift of my seed, over and over and the Lord’s gift is the ‘over and over’ stipulation. I zip up my hagars, look at the mess I’ve made of her as I raise my hand and she raises hers and say ”HAIL THE TRIBE!!”

  31. A couple years ago I read a quote, can’t find the author anymore, it was basically the summary of the articles
    “The one successful with women is the one who knows how to live without them”.
    Somehow it really hit me, and it might have been the beginning on my redpilling about the nature of women.
    Also, I would add that doing Nofap helped me significantly to internalize what’s this article is about: don’t respond to your impulses straight away and learn to control them to reach true freedom.

  32. I really wonder how many guys in the comments are actually telling the truth about banging one after the another. It’s the interwebz after all, don’t believe anything. You know who wasn’t slave to pussy? Socrates, Cleanthes, Epictetus and other stoic philosophers, those were real men. If you have to write an article like this you are already a slave to a pussy.

    1. If you have to write an article like this you are already a slave to a pussy.
      That makes absolutely no sense. If I write an article on how to avoid dying in quicksand, that doesn’t imply in any fashion that I’m already dying in quicksand.

      1. It makes absolute sense. The author of the article is so ensnared into his depraved mindset he has to write an article about it. Thus proving it’s the only shit he thinks about.

        1. Nothing wrong with it. This so called “higher purpose” is one of the biggest lies in history. There is no higher purpose than your own self interest.

    2. Socrates was a lusty little fuck despite what your intro to philosophy professor would have you believe. Cleanthes was an athlete and a lunatic. The Cleanthes that Diogenes reports on, the Stoic philosopher, was a man well into his 70’s which by ancient standards was really old. Epictetus was slave and had a slaves mentality and morality…not suitable for real men. While all of them had traits that can be admired so too do they have traits that ought to be loathed and avoided.
      To say that someone who writes an article with the purpose of being a warning that some men, in the process of getting their dick wet, lose sight of more important things is showing a failure of character for simply writing that article strikes me as foolish and, possibly, rooted in jealousy and impotent rage.
      I would strongly suggest that you stop worrying about philosophers who you are a country mile from understanding and to learn more about the ancient maxim gnothi seauton…know thyself…those two words take a very long time to understand and even longer to really incorporate into your being, but even the struggle forward will enrich your soul…..far better than quipping about a few long dead Greek men who you don’t understand to begin with.

      1. Everything you wrote about those men just shows how ignorant you really are. You would bow down before Epictetus like a little bitch, not to mention Socrates. You can be all though on the web and all it doesn’t really strike me, but don’t put down men who overshadow you in every possible way even if they are long gone. They were founders of a mighty thought, while you are some nobody spitting shit on a obscure website and thinking fucking some cunt makes you a real man.
        ”Socrates was a lusty little fuck despite what your intro to philosophy professor would have you believe.” With this sentence alone you prove your mental retardation.
        ” The Cleanthes that Diogenes reports on, the Stoic philosopher, was a man well into his 70’s which by ancient standards was really old. ” What does that supposed to mean? That he was old? You are a pure genious.
        ”Epictetus was slave and had a slaves mentality and morality…not suitable for real men.” As you said, he was a slave, but you would bow down like a bitch before him.

        1. I will take an effort out to school you a bit though I do think it is pointless.
          Socrates was a lusty fuck. Nothing wrong with that. Also, that isn’t a put down. I am a lusty fuck too.
          The fact that Cleanthes, as he is remembered in the lives of eminent philosophers, was an older man….that is supposed to mean that his stoicism comes long after the passions of youth have dried up.
          I am not sure why you are so interested in all this bowing down. But why don’t you turn your bullshit back down a few notches and actually try to learn something instead of writing “its so true” in the margins of something like “ancient philosophy for pretentious faggots” and maybe you can actually achieve some moral, mental and spiritual growth rather than being, ya know, you.

        2. Is that what they teaches you in your place that Socrates was a lusty fuck? That is some good education, bet that was the only thing you understood about it. Marcus Aurelius was the emperor and was brought up as a stoic from begining of his life and he too has much wise things to say. You know wise things, not like “ancient philosophy for pretentious faggots” and ”lusty fuck” and whatever shit you feed yourself with.

        3. Ok, you are hopelessly immature and don’t seem to be very bright. There is nothing more I can do here. I wish you all the luck in the world

  33. If you’re spending more money on trying to score vagina than it would cost you to just pay for it outright, you’re losing the game.
    And condom sex absolutely sucks ass! What’s the point of fucking the hottest woman if your dick can only feel a plastic bag? Why would you pay for that?

  34. Shit I guess I am a slave to vagina – memories.
    I’m years into red pill philosophy and mgtow. I ‘understood’ women and relationships early in my teens. Had two big LTRs at 20 – 23.
    Have been in a sexless drought since my early 20’s. So years and years.
    I’m in my early 30’s now, fit, fashionable, never married or carrying baggage and it’s like the more I live the more opposite it gets
    It’s become so surreal that it blows my mind people even have sex, Where they are meeting girls and getting so much interest?. It’s like it has been so long that I really can’t fathom how I could not ‘luck’ out somewhere along the line and start living like a man I always saw myself as.
    I’m always surrounded by women, whom are always indifferent to my presence or always have better options.

    1. presence alone doesn’t cut it, my man. not unless you’re famous.
      if you don’t go out and get it, don’t expect it to come to you.
      and just bc ur in a LTR doesn’t mean you understand women. its actually when ur not in LTRs and doing a bunch of women that you can really understand how they truly are.
      good luck and dont do any self-pitying. thats prolly another added factor in not having any success – women smell that shit from miles away

      1. This is true. I knew a guy who was straight up ugly. He was fat and if he wasn’t fat he still would not have been a good looking guy. Think Jonah Hill. But he was fun. He was always out, always having a good time, he made everyone around him laugh and he had confidence which would more be suited to a young brad pitt…god knows why….anyway, this guy took in so much pooosy it was unreal. Most of it was 6-8’s which, seeing as other than his presence and confidence, he would have been a straight up 3, is very impressive.
        One day I saw him and he was in a terrible mood. Just feeling the weigh of the world. He went into a bar and no one even noticed him. A few days later he was back to normal. Kind of guy who is the king of the room as soon as he walks in. Immediately poon city.

        1. That’s very impressive. I dont think I can think of any 3 guy regularly pulling 8. With majority of my friends their success with women pretty much correlated to their looks, The exceptions were the guys in rock bands who punched above their looks. Confidence absolutely pumped up success but it also was fuelled with success in women & $. I know for me confidence snowballed only once I started getting doing well in gym and got ONS. It can be hard for some (shy, introverts, strugglers, poor health or stressful life) to distill outgoing confidence out of thin air. Thanks to the www there is a ton of info now on the web to help them.
          Seeing a video of your jonah hill friend pulling women in a bar or club would inspire plenty of beta guys. I think the pick up/psychology videos from Tyler are good for guys as he is just a average joe guy showing how it can be done. One thing I think is very important for a guy who got short changed in the facial looks department is masculinity to compensate. Plenty of guys with a bit of ugly mug can still do well if they are built like a footballer. Masculinity (looks & persona) triggers primal desire in women, just like where I live in land of the overweigtht, butter face girls still do well when it comes to guys, thanks to feminine physique.

      2. ”’its actually when ur not in LTRs and doing a bunch of women that you can really understand how they truly are.”’ – – good words Yantshit, and very true. You cannot know women until you’ve screwed many in rapid fire succession.
        Let me make an example here with how your view of women becomes clear with massive notches. Roosh came to see this as others have but not every man gets the full picture with one single lifelong partner or even with encounters with scraps dispersed throughout their years. I’ll use the example here of the ”FLIP BOOK ANIMATION”. Observe how a full living picture opens up with the ‘rapid fire’ exposure whereas one single still frame depicts very very little:
        Now imagine if each still frame were one notch with one pussy. A hundred quick bangs and you’ve seen in women what few men can see or grasp. I wouldn’t advise deflowering virgins if not yet educated in the ropes of controlling the she beast or if not intending to add a solid brick to your permanent harem, but still every throw away was virgin at one time. Responsible men regard the virgin as a precious resource to be guarded as we rebuild the patriarchy. Used goods whores are for practice and will be nothing more than lower concubines at most.

    2. i got interested so i read some of your earlier comments on other ROK posts. sounds like you’ve got little self esteem and wallow in self-pity. people replied to you telling you to stop and to start manning up, and yet you keep posting these self-wallow posts.
      sink or swim, my man. either go get it or keep the self-pity thoughts to yourself.

    3. You have to get your dick wet. If you are living in the US – make a trip to vegas and pay a hooker.
      If you are in europe it should be much easier to do.
      Prostitutes are not the holy grail, but boy. After years without sex even my ego would have cracks like the grand canyon. Do yourself a favor and go fuck some girls, paid by the hour or not.

  35. There was some decent stuff in this article… but jeez, where did you find this guy? I’m 30 years old and married, and if I only banged my wife once every six days I would divorce her without a second thought.

    1. Do you really feel that way? Not trolling, just asking. I find that after a while, even 6 months, with one woman my sex drive for her drops to nearly zero while my sex drive for pretty much every other fucking woman in the world is exponentially raised.
      If I have been slippin’ the salami to the same woman for 2 years she would have to drag me to bed kicking and screaming.
      I have always felt that this was some kind of defect on my part and abnormal and comments like yours seem to reinforce this idea.
      Do you really get urges to smash pussy that you have already stamped so often?

      1. Goddamit now you just reminded me of my ex. After a while she was begging for it and I just couldn’t muster the energy…
        Current wife is hopefully going to be a different deal though. I really hope so since I’m kinda stuck to her now.
        But two totally different girls though, ex was aggressive etc, wife is timid and submissive…

      2. Truthfully? Yeah, I do. I’ll never be one of those “I don’t even look at other women cause my wife is perfect” guys by any stretch. (And how full of shit are they anyway?) But I do still enjoy banging it out with her as much as I did when we first started dating. What can I say? She just does it for me.

        1. That’s awesome dude. I don’t know why, I guess I have some wires crossed in my head, but I just can’t do it.

  36. “So if you’re 30, then you should be busting once every six days only.” There is more truth in this than many readers will want to believe. The old eastern masters of taoism did teach a similar wisdom. They of course did offer a solution too, sex without ejaculation. But i disgress.
    I am past 40. In the past many, many years I have had sex 2-3 times a week or 10-12 times a month over the course of many years. Going with less than this number makes me less-happy.
    Your suggestion, as noble as it may be, is not very realistic.
    Many people do i know. Some of them are beta and get even less sex than you suggest (3-4 month). Yet these guys would LOVE to get more. Given the chance, they would.
    Some others are more alpha. Some younger than me, some older. But all of them live by the terms “use it or loose it” and so we use it as much as we like it. And this number is certainly not lower than 2/week for even the lower sex drive alphas.

  37. The less of a slave to pussy you are the more the pussy wants you. You should also add being on okcupid to this list because that is even sadder than Tinder in terms of slaves to pussy. Some gems of opening lines that were sent to me: “Do you believe in soulmates?” “How wiling are you to be swept off your feet?” “You are so adorable dear. I don’t need to watch porn anymore. One look at your sexy face would keep me going baby!” all of these are sad and they did not receive an answer. My ex who is a male 3 or 4 owns my heart and makes me pull typical girl psycho shit because he is indifferent to me. My pussy has almost no pull. I try to lure him over and all he has to do is show up to have sex with me and he takes his sweet time to come over. Sometimes he claims he’s too drunk and busy to come over at all. I’m the lowest on his list of priorities. So that always works. If you make a girl feel like you can survive without her the hamster will spin and you will be rewarded.

  38. You’ll never become an alpha male by following this guy’s neurotic little rules and worrying about being a slave to pussy.
    If you’re a beta orbiter, you’re a slave to pussy. If you’re a simp, you’re a slave to pussy. But if you’re a man who fucks a lot of women, you’re an alpha fulfilling his natural role.
    Embrace the dark triad, and forget about this beta bullshit

  39. “take your age, divide by five, and the end result is your new magic number in between nut-busting days”
    This seems completely nuts to me. I have a strong suspicion that the ideas about “sexual transmutation” simply is a recent-day version of the old religious hostility to human sexuality in general. Patently anti red-pill, anyhow. In my experience, abstention (whether self-imposed or not) most of all results in tons of sexual frustration which, if anything, leads to even more desperate hunt for pussy.
    Just sleep with your woman (or women) when you want to, it’s as simple as this. If this is once a week for you then fine, but for most of us it is quite much more often.

    1. Definition of Kafkaesque: of, relating to, or suggestive of Franz Kafka or his writings; especially : having a nightmarishly complex, bizarre, or illogical quality.
      the author says “a kafkaesque metamorphosis…” the latter word which is the direct title of one his books, which would hit the very definition provided above. also the way the author describes the metamorphosis, he makes it out to be nightmarish and bizzarre (at least in his opinion)

  40. No. 4 sounds like something that whacked-out General in Dr. Strangelove said to Group Captain Mandrake. But these articles are fun to read.

    1. cumming too much is an actual problem. you drain yourself of the most powerful energy (the energy that literally creates life) every time you cum. many athletes abstain from sex and masturbation before big games and matches for this very reason

  41. great article…….i always craved the chase and the challenge more than the fucking, anyway……nowadays, i don’t give a shit one way or the other, and i get just as much pussy, with little or no effort, and i do it all online

  42. “A man’s highest priority. . .” Plato said something similar, and referred to older men who were “blessed” by old age so they could forget about women and seek truth and philosophy. Also, the part about sexual transmutation is what the Taoists talked about. Most Qigong people blabber about the semen being turned into Qi and all these secret practices. But in reality what the ancient teachers were talking about was sublimating the sexual drive and channeling it so you can be a mentally stronger person.

  43. I’ve connected with some couples on AFF and it’s hard to break from that, that rush of adrenaline when your doing some guys wife and he’s filming it’s hard to walk away from that pussy!!

  44. I had no drive to do anything, including get pussy. So I decided to stop beating off and looking at porn. After day 7 my testosterone was flowing through my veins like high octane fuel. I haven’t felt that kind of drive, energy, and edge for several years now. Highly recommended giving it a shot.

  45. I hate to passionately disagree with no.1: Tinder/dating apps have had the exact opposite positive effect on my dating life – no longer do I waste time & money scouring the bars and clubs looking for snatch, no longer do I have to spend 2 or 3 dates letting a girl get to know me before finally achieving sex.. all of the grunt work – the flirting etc – can now be done with minimal time and effort via the app, so when you finally meet up, you both know you’re meeting for sex, and it’s just quick and easy.

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