Will The Philippines Become The Next Poosy Paradise Lost?

As Return of Kings readers are well aware, I’ve been singing the praises of the Philippines for a while now. While I’ve never particularly cared for Asian women, Filipinas are so cute and easy that it’s impossible for any man with a heart to not fall in love with the place. While I’m resigned to spending at least part of the year back in the U.S. due to health reasons, I’m planning on going back to the Philippines sometime this year.

Unfortunately, as Roosh and other writers have discussed, numerous countries full of sweet, loving girls are being assimilated into the American Borg. Poland, Brazil and other love tourist destinations are becoming infected with the viruses of feminism, fattiness and smartphone addiction, transforming their women into ersatz Americans more interested in their “careers” than in finding a man to take care of them.

Will the Philippines become the next nation poisoned by America’s toxic culture? On the surface, it would seem that Filipinas are ripe for plugging into the matrix of the U.S. Most Filipinos are fluent in English, removing one of the most powerful barriers to Americanization; smartphones are ubiquitous even among poor people; Filipinos’ love of McDonald’s and other fast food greasepits (along with their own ludicrously unhealthy cuisine) have sown the seeds for an obesity epidemic in the coming years.

However, I believe that the Philippines will be able to resist the worst parts of Americanization, at least for the next few decades. Here’s why.

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1. The Philippines’ geography protects it from excessive tourism

This sounds like a weird thing to bring up, but the Philippines’ isolated location will insulate it from the most degenerate expats. Because the country is an archipelago, the only way in is through sea or air. The added expense of going to the Philippines will deter many of the losers who infest Thailand, Cambodia, and other expat destinations on the mainland.

While it’s possible that the Thai government’s sudden insistence on chasing out foreigners (despite the fact that foreign tourism is the only reason Thailand hasn’t become a communist shithole) will lead to a boost in Philippine tourism, the Philippines’ relative distance from other Southeast Asian countries will probably convince most ex-Thailand residents to relocate nearby to Cambodia or Vietnam.


2. American feminism has nothing to offer Filipinas

Feminists typically and cynically sell their ideology as a means of offering women equal rights, but the problem is that Filipino women already have equal rights. Filipinas can work, vote, go to school and exercise virtually any freedom that their American counterparts have. Indeed, you could make the argument that Filipinas are more free considering that the Philippines has had two women presidents while the U.S. has had zero.

Because Filipinas are already legally equal to men, the virus of American feminism is stripped of one of its most important vectors. Without the Trojan horse of women’s liberation, all feminists have to offer Filipinas is socially sanctioned sluttiness, materialism, and loneliness. Thanks to the continued strength of Filipino families, Filipinas still prioritize marriage and children over pointless personal pleasures, depriving American feminism of the soil it needs to grow.


3. The Philippine birth rate is still incredibly high

One of the best indicators of a nation’s spiritual health is its fertility rate. Nations with artificially low birth rates end up that way due to a combination of economics and moral degeneracy. Virtually every western nation, for example, has a fertility rate below the replacement rate of 2.1. The only nation that is even close to replacement levels is the U.S. at 2.02, and that’s largely due to the influence of illegal Latinos.

At 3.06 babies born per woman, the Philippines has one of the highest birth rates in Asia. While having too many children brings with it its own problems, the fact that Filipinos are still cranking out kids speaks to their pride and moral strength. Not only that, if your goal is to bang a lot of girls, the high birth rate helps you by giving you an ever-expanding menagerie of girls to choose from. So many Filipinas turn 18 every day that unless you ply your trade in a small city, you’ll never have to worry about being found out.


4. Philippine culture is unusually open and xenophilic

The Philippines is the most pro-U.S. country in the world; in fact, Filipinos feel more positively about America then Americans themselves do. While there are scammers and scumbags in the Philippines (like in every other country), Filipinos are more welcoming and accommodating to foreigners than any other people I’ve encountered so far. While this might seem like it would make the country susceptible to feminism and fattitude, think again.

The best analogy I can think of for Filipino culture is the katamari from Katamari Damacy: a giant adhesive ball that sucks up everything it encounters and makes it its own. Filipinos are masters of cultural appropriation; much of modern Filipino culture has been derived in some form from other countries, namely China, Spain and the U.S.

This aspect of the Filipino character can be seen in everything from their cuisine, to their religion (the Philippines is one of only two predominantly Christian nations in Asia), to their literature (see José Rizal’s NOVEL Noli me tangere) to the unique English slang they’ve developed.

Yet despite their appetite for foreign cultures, Filipinos have retained their own unique identity. Because of this, and because of many of the Philippines’ other qualities, I expect that the country will be one of the last holdouts in our culturally Marxist world. Prospective love tourists will be able to find happiness with a Filipina long after all the other poosy paradises have become wastelands of iCrack cuntiness.

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246 thoughts on “Will The Philippines Become The Next Poosy Paradise Lost?”

      1. I can attest to this from experience. I left a previous Soviet state in 2000 and have been back every few years. It’s the will of the market. The Soviet Union preserved that part of Europe from liberal degeneracy, but since its collapse, it’s slowly catching up.

        1. Well countries like Ukraine and Poland (not Soviet, but in their sphere and always raped and pillaged by Russia) became American ball-lickers through and through. Belarus and Serbia (also not Soviet but staunchly Orthodox and Slavic ethnocentric) have stayed by Russia’s side all along.

        2. The Ukraine and Belarus were absolutely part of the Soviet Union. The Ukraine was systematically starved in the 1930s by Russia and Stalin in order to subjugate the Ukrainians. Poland was part of the Warsaw Pact (Warsaw, as in capital of Poland). Serbia was on the periphery but was behind the iron curtain. Learn a little history before you display your ignorance.

        3. Wow, good one! Learn to READ before you attack someone from the safety of your computer!
          I mentioned Poland and Serbia as NOT being Soviet states, and the entire reason I even bothered referencing Ukraine and Belarus because they WERE (as anybody under The Sun should know, for fuck’s sake!) and are relevant to the topic! I could have sworn I typed all that plain as day!
          Yes, I know all about The Holodomor, thank you very much!

        4. Let me educate you in Standard English. With this statement; “Well countries like Ukraine and Poland (not Soviet, but in their sphere and always raped and pillaged by Russia)” you are saying that Ukraine and Poland were not Soviet. The same goes for your statement about Belarus and Serbia. If you intended to be specific and accurate about only one of the countries in your construct then you need to do one of the following:
          1) Poland (not Soviet, but in their sphere and always raped and pillaged by Russia) and Ukraine, or
          2) Ukraine and Poland (Poland was not Soviet, but in their sphere and always raped and pillaged by Russia)
          If you wrote it as you originally did it means both elements of the prior phrase are included in the reference in the parenthetical phrase.

        5. Oh okay, whoops! Upon further inspection, I should have said “The latter…” after Poland and Serbia (each) and then mentioned them “Not being Soviet” and elaborated further. Shit happens, I guess. I’ll own up to it. Often I have to hurriedly read articles and sneak in my comments as I work and I never know who will walk in the room.
          I would have thought, having commented on my comments in the past you would have inferred that before taking it the level that you did, but apparently I took that for granted. Plus, most of us frequent fliers on ROK tend to have “educated” (as you so aptly put it) ourselves before coming here to our safe place and leaving comments we all tend so often to relate to.
          Still, thank you for being so didactic. Whatever would I do without you, sweetheart?

        1. And EE women are becoming more and more american. He just wrote an article about that too a few days ago.

    1. Eastern European women are the biggest money diggers in the world. They can smell platinum cards more than 10 miles.

      1. all women are whores and will basically fuck you over.just go for the ones you find the most attractive.

        1. Just saying that a lot of EE women are really extreme when it comes to wealthy men. You can look ugly as shit and have no confidence at all and still you will find hot girls in EE.
          All you need is a nice expensive car and a Rolex around your wrist and they will come running for you. It´s much more extreme than in western countries. Of course there are always exceptions.

  1. #3 is definitely true. Some of the most welcoming people I have ever met. El Salvador is another country that is very friendly to Americans if you ever get the chance.

    1. #3 was about high birth rates. Did you mean #4 open and welcoming to Americans?
      Personally, I would be disgusted by a society that idealizes and worships the west, specifically America. I would, however, appreciate a society that is open and welcoming to outsiders in general, on the basis of basic kindness.

      1. Yes, my mistake. #4 in that they are very friendly to Americans. Not sure how receptive they are to other foreigners. Koreans are not friendly at all and have a society much more similar to the US so I don’t think receptiveness to Americans is a good indicator of westernization of a society.

      2. “Personally, I would be disgusted by a society that idealizes and worships the west, specifically America”
        Same here. When I am outside the usa and i meet someone who goes on about how cool the states are, or how cool new york city is, I want to slap some sense into them.

  2. Americans have a culturally chauvinistic view that their culture is dominant, and all other cultures are in a state of playing catch up. If anything PH is becoming less influenced by american culture with the closure of american military bases. Pop culture is shallow, a mile wide and an inch deep. Disney has less influence than people give it credit for. They have their own local TV and movies, but if your american and you don’t speak tagalog your mind blots that out and only sees what it understands.

    1. “Americans have a culturally chauvinistic view that their culture is dominant…”
      Most empires do.

      1. That’s because most empires, as in all of them, are generally the dominant culture in their sphere of influence. You don’t get to be an empire, without militarily conquering everybody I mean, by not having a highly influential culture.
        Hollywood *ruled* the world from the advent of silent movies at least through the 1990’s. American fashions, trends and slang permeated the entire west for a very, very long time and still do for the most part. That’s cultural domination whether we like the influence or not.

        1. Yup. Something even Americans don’t get.
          The hate we receive is born of jealousy. More than that we conquer.

        2. With respect, GhostOfJefferson, I disagree. From what I know of history, a large number of empires if not all of them came from very humble beginnings and lived in shadows of greater cultures. Perhaps this raised a collective envy which turned to be the fundamental reason why the smaller but more agressive cultures eventually turned into empires.
          Large cultures are usually quite passive, while smaller ones itch for glory of their own. War and expansion are the simplest (not easiest) means to acquire it. Examples include Mongolia that subdued China and eventually completely absorbed the culture that it supposedly conquered. Persians conquered Babilonia and then ruled their empire from Babylon. Greeks in turn conquered Persia and then fused their cultures into Hellenism (not to mention that most of ancient Greek science and art is plagiarism from the East). Ptolemaics completely adopted Egyptian culture. Rome in turn assimilated Hellenic culture (back then, most of the Mediterranean was either Hellenic or Phoenician in essence). Vikings began raiding Christian Europe and eventually became feudal Christians.
          Empires breed from envy. Unites States is a great example. A young and aggresive nation as it was in the late 18th Century, it quickly went from one war to another with older powers in the hopes of earning a place among their ranks. Back then, if you didn’t own a few colonies, you weren’t considered an empire and Unites States did everything it could to become one.

        3. The hate you receive is born of self-serving rhetoric which US governments headed by Truman straight up to Obama have used to justify indiscriminately interfering with the sovereignty of other nations. Setting up puppet governments, funding military coups and such the like.
          The other part of the hate is due to the American government arming Islamic extremists in the 80’s hoping they would help eradicate the Soviets who were trying to get a foothold in the Middle East. I believe the espionage jargon is called “blowback”.

        4. I don’t think you are completely correct on your history. Alexander was an exception who wanted cultures to merge. The Ptolemys remained very Greek and ruled from Alexandria.
          The American Empire was basically a 20th century phenomenon at the conclusion of WWI until just recently. Before that, the UK was the kick-ass power on Earth for a few hundred years. Spain before that. Germany and the Holy Roman Empire before that. The Franks – before there was a France – before that. Jump a few hundred years of Dark Ages and there was the Romans who followed the Greeks and before that you have to go Mesopotamia. Meanwhile, the Chinese were motoring along and Islam and the Ottomans cropped up for a few hundred years, threatening all of Western culture. The Mayans and Aztecs did their thing until getting pox-raped by the Spanish.

        5. I’m quite certain that the Hellenic immigrants into Egypt adopted the local customs, religion (cult of Zeus-Ammon) and blended with the local populace. It was one of the reasons that the Ptolematic state began to weaken (back in 3rd and first half of 2nd century BC, Ptolemaic Egypt was the greatest power in the Mediterranean).

        6. “The Ptolemys remained very Greek and ruled from Alexandria.”
          Descendants of Macedonians worshipped gods such as Zeus-Ammon, Apollo, Ptah and Serapis. Tell me that’s not a sign of blending of cultures.

      2. This is why one can see that america is in the age of decadence, the last age before an empire crumbles. The Romans, British, Spanish, Russians, Mongols and Germans, just to name a few, all believed that their respective way of life and culture was superior to the cultures of their conquered lands until they were toppled by ‘savage’ ‘barbaric’ states

        1. I’ve always had a soft-spot for North American natives… It is one thing to get conquered, but another for the conquerors to think they are more “civilized” than you.

    2. ”Americans have a culturally chauvinistic view that their culture is dominant”
      That’s an accurate assertion to be honest.

    3. Yeah, I’m sure the Philippines had a ton of fast-food joints prior to becoming a commonwealth of the U.S. I’m not proud of Western culture but it’s more dominant than you think.

      1. When most americans travel they only go to the big capital city and see the mcdonalds and take a pic of the menu written in a foreign language, and draw some kinds of conclusions. Just because a filipina in manila eats at mcdonalds once a month, doesn’t mean ingesting those fries is going to make her a feminist, no more than an american female using an iphone made in china is going to make her absorb the confucian values of the chinese factory workers who made it. And when you get outside the big capital cities of asia, and get down to the cities under 1 million people, you might not see any shit at all that looks american and nobody wants to talk english to you.

        1. Those are terrible examples but I’ll use yours to make mine: Do Germans drive Saudi-manufactured vehicles or Saudis drive German-manufactured vehicles? Whom is influencing whom in that scenario?
          Further, there are far more fast food chains beyond McDonald’s, e.g. Jollibee is a local chain and far more popular by a landslide. Now, was the concept of “Fast Food” popularized in United States during 1950s or in Quezon City during the 1970’s? Again, Whom is influencing whom in that scenario?
          You may not like it but Western culture is far more pervasive than you give it credit.

        2. I would say in this context that American culture is much more pervasive than which you give it blame.

        3. You’re confusing the global economy with cultural influcene. People import what they like wherever it is made in the world. America has had one of the largest chronic trade deficits of any nation on the planet for the last generation, importing more than it exports. Nobody claims that when Americans buy and use foreign manufactured good that they are revealing a latent desire to be like the foreigners who made the goods. Do americans who buy a toyota want to be japanese? Or are they just making a rational economic decision? America runs a massive trade deficit with Asia, so do americans want to be asian? You are what you consume, is that your belief system?

        4. You’re confusing the global economy with cultural influence.

          No, you’re making the assumption that the two are mutually exclusive. Based on your logic, since America has one of the “largest chronic trade deficits” it’s irrelevant that Western music is the most dominant form of music worldwide; That since since Americans buy foreign cars, it’s irrelevant that English is the most widespread language in the world; That since people buy what they like it’s irrelevant that U.S. has military personnel in 130 nations and 900 overseas bases. Is that what you’re suggesting or am I putting words in your mouth?
          I understand the animus towards American culture but put your inferiority complex to the side for a moment and lets be honest with each other: (At the moment) Western culture is the world’s dominant culture and Anglo/American Hegemony is in no way threatened by anyone. Point blank. There’s no point in even debating this because everyone knows it.
          Now, that isn’t to say that some countries haven’t preserved their cultures (to varying degrees) but each definitely bears a much stronger resemblance to Western culture than they once did, I would say prior to WWII.

        5. Exactly. I’m actually being very conservative in my assertions. I don’t believe the Philippines is a “Poosy Paradise” and honestly don’t find Filipino women to be all that attractive but I do think it’s hilarious that this article is essentially saying “Hey, these women aren’t like Western women!” with photos of scantily clad Filipino women holding their tits together…Right, because Filipino women holding their tits together for tourists is an ancient custom that totally predates Spanish and American influence. Lol!

        6. I don’t find them attractive either, but at least they’re not fat, I guess, and any white or Latin guy will be able to get them with no effort. I think that this is what they really mean; everything else is rationalization or a cover-up.

        7. well ive heard of black arab n indians marrying pinays as well espically if they are western

        8. I don’t like pinays though. I like Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese only. Not looking for marriage either, just looking to bang women i’m attracted to without paying prossies.

        9. Japan was MORE accepting of Blacks during his time because you had hip-hop going strong. Japan has become less accepting of Blacks since we don’t have the cool factor anymore. That man also openly admits that he was going for ugly chicks and rejects.
          I hit the gym, I do boxing, and I dress well. Race is all that matters. When a fatass white guy is getting threesomes every night and Chinese girls come to the USA, get knocked up, pay for their own abortions and go back for more, yet any Black man that says hello is evil, the deck is just so stacked against you that you might as well not try. I want to prevent other Black men from being used and crushed like I was. when my campaign is complete, I will make sure that not a single Black man will ever want Asian women again, and that we will be separate.

    1. Yeah, their elbows and knees are far too pointy. Stupid pointy elbows and knees. Geesh.

      1. Not to mention that the Philippines have been Americanized for a century.
        They know all about it.
        I think Forney and others are in for a bad surprise.

        1. I’ve had people from there tell me that general consensus is that it was a better place when it was under American occupation.
          Then it became a third-world country when we left.

        2. Apparently he has not. You have to be a dead man to not get sex in the PI.
          And yes, GoJ, they all have pointy elbows. You would have to be a Moron to have sex with them. And be drunk on Valu-rite vodka. Like me.

        3. The same analogy can be observed in nearly all formerly colonized nations. The hypocritical, hoggish and self serving leaders yap ceaselessly about “evil colonizers”
          Yet they will screw their own kinsmen in a heartbeat

        4. Missed my chance to see it. But I have been to almost every other country there, and in the Pacific, but PI, Cambodia, China, North Korea, and Tibet.
          All of the good, and bad, PI girls I have met resonate with things said here. However, I have seen the final product after marriage and dating plenty.
          If you are looking at wifing up a girl from anywhere, let alone PI, I think you are in for many surprises. For one, you marry not one, but the girl and her whole friggin family.
          When one moves, it is very common they all move with you. Eventually.
          On top of that, I have hit so much PI tail, claiming they were married/dating, to know that most of you have no idea what you are getting in to.
          You have to meet, no matter the country, a difficult to sway, close to (if not an actual) virgin girl with little to no experience. Otherwise, you are just banging. Or really stupid.
          I don’t need to get to PI. I have worked with, been proposed to, banged with, and met those who do frequently get with PI, women.
          I’m not this impressed.
          Not to mention, depending on where you go, PI has it’s share of everything. Crime, and what not.
          People here are acting like PI is the Shangri La of poosey paradises.
          Will see it though! I missed my chance a few years ago due to paper work.

        5. I can believe that you are as well traveled as you claim.
          That said, I think dealing with PI girls outside of PI is a different animal than dealing with PI girls inside. You only get half the story, at best. You shortchange your credibility by making absolute statements about PI girls when have you not dealt when them in their natural environment.
          Heck – what you say could be true and what Matt Forney said could also be true. They needn’t be mutually exclusive. To my knowledge Forney’s been banging PI tail in country, not out, in contrast to you.
          I don’t know if I’d go so far as claim PI’s a poosy paradise. I’ve not been there yet – but I’ve no doubt it’s better for the average man than the US is for matters of heart (or penis).
          Of course, there is still downsides and many of them beset you in any country if you’re new to the game.
          From one well traveled person to another, I’d say save your final verdict for after you’ve made a trip to PI.

        6. ,,you marry not one, but the girl and her whole friggin family.”
          That’s available almost anywhere.
          When you marry her, you also marry her drunken uncle, crazy father, slut sister etc, etc, etc. you see…
          Check her blood (ties) before wifeing up a bitch, don’t cha’ know?

        7. Sorry Jesse, I have met those flipinas on work visas in other countries. They are nothing like the Home grown girls. Living in other countries, they get a little spoiled. Living hand to mouth in PI makes them more open to a westerner with money and sense of humor. Besides, these girls you met in other countries in Asia are either hostesses (see overpriced bar girls) or maids and nanny’s. The hostess thing is obvious, but the maids and nanny’s are the one’s you have the best chance with are seriously oppressed by their employers and risk being fired for messing you. Go to PI taste Angeles City, and then go south into Visayas. The girls are so beautiful, simple and amazed at everything you do…..

      1. True. The worse part is, you can’t really tell a Filipino chick with a dick from an actual Filipino woman. They may even be more attractive than the average Filipino woman.

        1. Imagine you marry that ever elusive foreign virgin unicorn and during your highly anticipated wedding night she pulls out her meaty schlong.

        2. Just move that tube steak to the side and jump right in!
          Seriously, that would be a nightmare. I know a woman that went to Thailand during the festival of water, she almost got the shit kicked out of her for getting some ladyboy’s hair wet. They’re everywhere and indistinguishable from real women, apparently.

        3. My sister was on a round-the-world tour and on the beaches of Viet Nam she and a travelling companion would play a game of “spot the drunken white guy with a ladyboy”. She actually approached a few to point out that their date had an order of meat and two veg, but the guys were so drunk they didn’t care.

        1. Looks like it was made for an audience of teenage girls. The music market is segmented into demographics just like movies.

        2. “Gay”? What did you want from the video? This is a bunch of twenty year old Asian popstars entertaining teenage girls. I’m surprised you would bother to judge it. Just look at their legs.

        3. Dude, they look like pre-pubescent girl bodies with heavily make-uped mature faces.

        4. I do wonder of American and western “post-pubesent girls” are really not just fat girls who have overly large breast and behind and bellies due to gmo, chemicals and 20 years of eating steroid meat, steroid milk, steroid cheese and steroid yogurt. Then add on the fact that Asian girls rarely drink and most are lactose intolerant, whereas western girls start drinking at 13-15 heavily and hops lead to boobs and man boobs and increase estrogen.
          Really Western girls look unnatural due to a heavy chemical based diet. They don’t even look like real women. You will not find a woman in any village who look like them.

        5. You have to wonder about that, especially black girls. It totally messes with the Tanner Scale.

        1. Being married to one, I certainly agree with both sentiments! She’s amazingly gorgeous- and a total bitch. 😉

        2. I found that most people in Shanghai are from somewhere else. They want to put in a couple of years, make some good cash and then GTFO. All the girls I dated in Shanghai were not native. Most were catty Hong Kong or Western types. The rumour that I heard was that the native Shanghai girls are really rough on their men.

      1. no, these are korean women: (be ready with a sick bag)
        imagine stuck up and also ranging from the super ugly poorly disguised man, to barely a 6 but a 9 in self importance, disdain, a bad ego, etc etc etc

        bodies are flabby and thin, but have no contour or shape. those plastic surgery girl band types are the exception rather than the rule im afraid

      2. Looks very gay, but I’d sure like to know the name of the band so I could go to a concert and get 100s of numbers as I’d likely be the only straight man in the audience.

        1. google “shao nu K-pop images” That is a Chinglish search (with the Chinese literally meaning “young woman”) but you will find pics of the various groups.

      3. I can’t see the link, but most Korean girls have a “moon face” problem. (The ones who end up in K-pop are universally gorgeous.) The fact of the matter is that most Asian girls – while generally not as fat or ornery as their American counterparts – are rather plain looking. With a nice body and pleasant demeanor they pass as “cute”. While the truly gorgeous ones don’t hit the wall until their 40s, the plain ones won’t be cute anymore by age 30.

    2. The one pushing up her tits has a weird face but none of the rest would embarrass me in public.

    3. The Philippines lacked the massive interracial breeding found in other colonized areas. These women lack attractive European features. Ugly girls for ugly white guys.

      1. Personally I dont find white women esp attractive..the less white I see in them, the better. But that’s a matter of taste of course.

        1. Agreed, the mixed race asians are the least attractive. The hottest ones are the full breeds. White women have manish faces.

        2. I would disagree. Caucasian-Asian mixes are better looking than either. Japanese and Chinese girls get eye surgery to look more Caucasian while down south they get skin treatments to lighten their skin. There is a reason for this.
          The genetics are unfortunate in the sense that unless some black or white guy porked one of their ancestors way back, black hair and brown eyes carry the day.

        3. Nope, their faces are weird and they have bad genes, and they usually come out big and overweight and thick.
          I’m not saying the Japs and chinks don’t get surgery to look more human, but the ethnic mixed asian girls come out looking uglier than the full breeds.

        4. Kelly Hu (Chinese, English and Hawaiian – Miss Teen USA, Miss Hawaii, Lai Lai Zhen in The Tournament)
          Celine Tran (aka Katsuni – French and Vietnamese porn star)
          Kristin Kreuk (Chinese, Dutch – Lana Lang on Smallville, Chun Li from the 2009 movie)
          Kelsey Chow (Chinese, English, Cherokee)
          Olivia Munn (Chinese, European)
          Tracy Nova (Filipina, Causasian)
          Kimberley Anne Woltemas Tiamsiri (Thai, German)
          Vanessa Hudgens (Chinese, Filipina, Irish, Native American – High School Musical)
          Camay Dee (Vietnamese, French)
          Michelle Zen (Chinese, Mongolian, Russian, German, Irish, Cherokee – Miss Kentucky)
          Terrible gene pool there

        5. These women are only pretty because the recessive white genes are non-existant or dormant. Notice how they all look asian. The ones who look least asian like 1,3 and 3rd from bottom, are oogly. I stand by my statement, the only good looking ones already look like full asian girls.

        6. Some look “Eurasian” where the dominant traits are Caucasian but there is the hint of almond eyes or whatever. Most are very Asian looking but there is a softening of that look because of the Caucasian elements, which is what full blood Asian girls pay for to get by surgery.
          These are top models, porn stars, FHM girls, Hollywood beauties and the like. Trying to cut them down just displays a bias on your part rather than proving your point.

        7. You can stand by whatever statement you like, but they don’t stand up to objective scrutiny. The more Asian looking are tempered by Caucasian features and the more Caucasian ones have those Asian looks that add to their features. Face it, mutts rule: they pass muster as better looking and in fact their genes are more resilient.

        8. 3 look eurasian, the rest look just full asian. The ones with caucasian looks, look the most ugly on average.
          No, you just cant accept the fact, the mix breeeds are ugly unless they look asian anyhow.

        9. Nope, the best looking asians are considered japs because they have no white admixture, white admixed ones take on the bad white features like man jaw and big bodies

        10. Not going to say that they’re ugly, and yes, in this world they are going to be considered desirable, but none of these women turn me on the way that a normal Asian woman that I might find walking down the street in Guangzhou or Osaka, or talking to over WeChat would.

        11. The hue might just be an in camera issue. For a Chinese girl she has remarkably large eyes and full lips. Additionally, she stands 5’9″ and is a slim 130 pounds, perhaps less. I am 5’10” but her legs are about two inches longer than mine. I am trying to convince her to go into modeling but I think she considers that only one step above prostitution.
          The end game is to have a son and daughter with her looks and my brains.

      2. Another expert who’s never been there. Ugly Filipinas? Weird take. Just weird, to anyone who has visited. So are Chinese, Japanese and Koreans also ugly because they lack the European man-face?

        1. They manage to do the whole 5-foot tall, curvy, with nice lips thing, but I too prefer NE Asians.

        2. There are enough NE Asians that fit those criteria too without being ugmoes with hideous accents and having cultures and opportunities that I’m more interested in. One of my mains when I was out there was a spinner in Guangzhou that had enough curves for me. Plucked her rose too.

      3. You’re full of mad dogs shit.
        Heaps, and i mean heeeeeeaaaapppsss of Filipinas are mixed with Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and American bloodlines.

      4. Can’t bash you too hard, when I travelled only to european countries I had the same view, all asians were ugly unless they were mixed with white or looked whitish. Then I went to Japan, and Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. More Asian girls for me to fuck, have fune in life dude.

    4. well its the typical cute pinay girl. with their feminie behaviour and easiness and the ability to get a chaste young bride its the closet to possy paradise in a sea of pussy desert.
      i was wonderin this too on how only east asia is holding up while a more strict nation like india is a feminst hotbed. just yesterday i just read an article of indian feminsts renamin rape as only a male on female crime andvringin age of consent down to 16 from 18. makes one wonder.
      i hope east asia becomes more influential in the future so the rest of the world will adapt some of their values.

    5. These aren’t models. These are the actual girls. Not just the one-percentile internet models that American guys whack to while their 200 pounder eats ice cream in the living room. These are the actual girls. Very big difference.

    6. You see beauty is not truly only on the outside. When you travel the world and encounter different kinds of women, and live with different kinds of women, you begin to see beauty in a different way. Sure those swedish girls look beautiful with long brown hair and blue eyes and look like they walk out a magazine, and when you are having sex with them everything still seems great. But when you stay around them for weeks or months their rotten feminazi personalities and radical views comes out. And this is where beauty is only skin deep comes from.
      Strangely even filipinas in the west I have encountered aren’t feminazis. Filipinas aren’t the hottest chicks on the outside, but they certain are bangable and have a good attitude and nice personality that makes it worth it to stick around with them over a feminazi speewing white woman usually. Outside of Ukraine or maybe Russia, forget finding a white woman who has good looks and isn’t mentally retarded.

  3. I don’t think so. I think we’re seeing a lot of cultural marxism being pushed in the u.s. at present because of 1. the political climate 2. the general level of infiltration of the left in key institutions and 3. believe it or not, the unraveling of progressive ideology, which is likely the primary driver to accelerate a lot of the cultural crap coming out i.e. fat shamming. That being said, progressivism’s failure and decline is bringing down the u.s., which includes its cultural influence around the world. Perhaps some nations might fall for this influence as feminists and progressive double down on their agendas but it will ultimately be short-lived. I think we’ll be looking at a more Eastern-centric world for this century and its not very progressive or feminists. Things have to play out. At the moment the west, namely the u.s., is doing everything it can to preserve the dollar’s hegemony, because, among many other things, the theoretical infinite liquidity provides us with a theoretical blank check, hence, our enormous deficit. And its this deficit that provides funding for all kinds of useless endeavors that would otherwise never be funded by market forces…such as social engineering (basically the feminist agenda). I digress. In this stage of this evolving history the u.s. (and the west by proxy) has struck a blow in what is technically a cold-hot WWIII, by, basically leveraging its global reserve currency. I can’t say how the other countries that are being adversely effected by this will eventually react, but, they will react (america’s hostile actions make retaliation inevitable). The thing is the u.s. doesn’t have the will or backbone to fight this (but they do, for now, have the advantage) nor do we have the moral high ground. The new threat to global stability is the u.s. and the rest of the world understands that.

  4. Just because all your clothes are now made in asia, and you eat at a asian restaurant a few times a month in america, are americans becoming more asian? Hell no. Your smart phone is made in china, does that make you more chinese? If a saudi drives a mercedes does it mean he would like to be german? No, it just means there are no car manufactures in his country. If a german drives a car on gas made from saudi oil, does it mean he’s absorbing arabic culture? Don’t confuse commodities with culture.

      1. If there’s a society that’s managed to separate them in a practical way and not just on paper, point me in that direction.

        1. It ain’t PI. I really don’t get this whole “Asian pussy is the path back to 1950s America crowd.”? Honestly, many of them are even more toxic.

        2. A lot of dudes in these parts have a delusional fantasy that somehow women in other parts of the world are so much better than women in the West; like women in other parts of the world don’t have cell phones and Facebook.
          Most of the guys claiming that women in other parts of the world are better are just keyboard jockeys with no real world experience. Women are women, no matter where you go. Sure, there are a few cultural differences, but by and large, all women are programmed the same; exploit the un-sexy men for resources, fuck the sexy men for babies.
          Why is this so difficult for guys to understand?

        3. Ha ha. Any projection in this statement?
          “Most of the guys claiming that women in other parts of the world are better are just keyboard jockeys with no real world experience.”
          When you try to equate women around the world with Western slobs, I had this exact same take on you; “This guy hasn’t been anywhere. Just a keyboard know-it all.”
          What countries have you been to? Spill. List ’em.
          “A few cultural differences,” you say. I connotated the ‘minor’ through context. I couldn’t disagree more as a twenty year expat. Now, your mediocre mind will likely run the argument out to the extreme and call on me to prove the outright perfection of non-Western women to prove my point.
          It’s guys who HAVE real world experience who KNOW women from non-Western cultures are in so much better shape than your oneitis,165 pounder from Omaha. It’s guys who DO NOT HAVE real world experience who DON’T KNOW these things. That’s what half the dating articles here so clearly articulate
          You were exactly wrong. Exactly.

        4. You are so right.
          The path back to 1950’s America is to marry a dumb girl from the country/small town, and raise kids in the country/small town.
          Some of the less financially successful RoK guys, who probably can’t pull a smarter, richer girl, should think about doing this. There are still traditional girls in the country.

        5. Women in China are different. They are worse with cell phones but better in almost every other respect.
          PS: I have been living in China for a few years now.

        6. Women in China are different. They are worse with cell phones but better in almost every other respect.

        7. That could work except that small towns have shit economies and no work to speak of. Unless you have passive income or can make dough on the web and such, it’s not financially feasible.

  5. Isn’t referring to a mythical paradise based on gash just another form of pedestalization? It’s a wet, warm hole. Nothing more.

  6. A Philippino woman is usually small, naive and infantile, she is the perfect pseudo-child and protégé — it is part of a woman’s ploy in acquiring a male protector. Between protector and protégé there is always only one who loves: always the protector. Beware!

  7. Although I do not share his enthusiasm for the Philippines in general, I can tell you that Matt is spot-on about the girls there. They have an irrepressible charm that makes it impossible not to adore them. I also disagree with a previous poster. The girls pictured above are attractive enough for my taste.

  8. I’ve always understood and judged feminism, and all these ism’s, by their endstate. As in what are feminists actually working to produce in the end? Whats perplexing is that 1. its so easy to see how they deliberately obscure their real and true intentions and 2. if one actually looks into feminism, as in does some due diligence and research, they very quickly can not only see how fu8ked up they are but how twisted their intentions (endstate) is. Want to see an example…check this out, literally devolving to the point of making animal noises.

      1. RockingMrE has a new video out where he discusses the link between leftism and the decline of beauty. He’s very right.

        1. The fat chick is ugly and stupid. It’s called hit the gym and lose weight! Fat is unhealthy and unattractive.

        2. great video and good points. one major problem, the suggestion that fat people need to eat less, that is, go hungry. it’s better to tell fat and out-of-shape people that they need to eat better. being hungry is counterproductive. you should eat whenever you feel hungry, but only healthy, natural food. you’ve got to cut out the starbuck’s, donuts, etc.

        3. And work out. A chick with a decent bench press will have better tits and no flabby underarms.

        4. flabby underarms are the worst. arms are an underrated body part on women.

        5. It’s the curse of the middle aged wenches. However, they think that if they are even down wind of a gym that they will turn into a dude.
          I would state as a fact that – absent ‘roids – if a woman can do pushups, chin ups, sit ups and squats/lunges then her feminine features will be enhanced.

    1. The funniest thing is that they have music stands with sheet music on it as if their “music” has some type of technical structure! LOL

    2. So consistent with their minds. “We don’t have to be pretty. We don’t have to sing well. We can be ugly pigs acting ridiculously and you WILL accept it!”
      Meanwhile they all have a 1000 point checklist of what men should be.

        1. Unfortunately, that criteria is bleeding out into the general population.

    3. A bunch of harpy monkies. I say send them to the battle lines against ISIS. They will lay down their arms quicker than you can say “feminist”.

  9. Some of those pics look like men , the one with the fake bolt on tits, especially so .

    1. True. And many of these pro-PI chicks guys will be sadly disgusted when they see the woman whose bore their kids, run back to PI, with child support and alimony awards. Only to go to the streets of Manilla and shout out “Five dolla, me so hornyyy baby!” To every single guy that passes buy.
      I worked at a military air base in the Pacific. I can tell you that the Philipinos who were going home so overstuffed their suit cases on the way there, that I almost did not allow a bunch on the plane.
      The problem was, a senior enlisted guy told me, was that no sooner do they land, and their family is trying to con them out of crap. A watch, shirts, shoes, pants, drinks, whatever. Anything, everything.
      These guys are basically showing their thirst as they write this.
      A bunch of “seemingly” horny women are showing them affection. And they are ready to move with their wallets in tow.
      Good luck with that.

  10. I was a frequent Thailand visitor, but not anymore. The Phillipines once, but the girls there are really not that great. Food is bad too.

  11. “Filipinos are masters of cultural appropriation; much of modern Filipino culture has been derived in some form from other countries, namely China, Spain and the U.S.”
    People who whine about “cultural appropriation” (I hate that term and don’t normally use it) don’t understand this. Your culture is the sum of what your people accept. Everyone’s culture took something from some other culture at some point, and doing so is not inherently bad. People whining about white people having no culture are too immersed in white culture to realize it exists. These same people would not dare to criticize Filipino culture for appropriating from other cultures.

  12. My impression of Filipinos that live in my city is that they adopt certain parts of Western culture but still manage to hold onto some important aspects of their own culture.
    – They maintain their big family ties.
    – They have a healthy pride in their culture.
    – They’re fun loving and hard-working.
    – They don’t seem to get too high-up professionally or into intellectual-leadership positions.
    – They don’t have the best eating habits and the women don’t seem to be anything special in the kitchen.
    – They believe in a certain degree of gender roles.
    – Some of their women will latch onto lonely white-betas and obviously use them for the career/lifestyle development.
    – They have potential to age well.

    1. “They don’t have the best eating habits and the women don’t seem to be anything special in the kitchen.”
      Rice, Rice, Rice and Rice.

    2. this is a fair assessment clark… i think you’re in toronto right? i grew up in st. catharines… lots of filipinos. nice people!

      1. Mhm.
        And yeah they’re warm and fun loving. If their women learned how to cook they’d take over the world.

        1. I went to high school at Overlea Secondary, now called Marc Garneau. It’s in Don Mills, south of the Science Centre (and across the street from the jr. hi school made infamous with the “mosqueteria”). It was an “ethnically diverse educational institution”, which means that I was one of three WASPS at the school (and technically, I am more Celt than WASP). The minority of whites were Slavs or Greeks. There were lots of Blacks and East Indians and lots of Philippinos.
          After 4 years there, such diversity convinced me that people of colour are WAY bigger racists than whites. The groups were terribly insular and kept to themselves. A beautiful Punjabi girl who I shared mutual affection with told me flat out “My parents would not approve.”
          So the weird thing is, after growing up surrounded by hundreds of Filipinas, I don’t have the foggiest notion of what they are about (other than what I read, like how you marry the whole family and such).
          A funny story concerns a buddy of mine who is of German stock and stands about 6’2″ or so. I was meeting him after class and as the bell rang he stepped into the hall surrounded by 20 or so Filipinas, all standing a uniform 5’1″ and talking in Tagalog. As the swarm dispersed he commented: “I feel like I just stepped off the set of Star Wars. . fucking Jawas!”

        2. Lol.
          I haven’t yet met a Filipino that is going to land a probe onto an asteroid, but maybe one day.
          They are hyper family oriented and being roman catholic it seems they treat their men ok.

        3. How many Filipinos have won a Nobel Prize? My guess is one or two and none for any scientific field.

  13. Every society that breeds “career women” is doomed. Which tribe will survive, the one where every women dedicate their live to children and family, having +4 children each, or the one where every women dedicate herself to carousel riding and iphones , having 0.7 children on average ?
    You don’t have to be Einstein to do the math here..

  14. Thanks to your article, the PI are sure to turn to shit with a torrent of uber beta males who read this. So betas will be coming with money and desperation, and the women WILL change.

  15. There is always Ukraine. And if enough Chinese giys flood it inspired by the refent story then maybe China.

    1. Ukraine should actually be better than usual because of their civil war in the Donbass and a lot of the young men having gone draft-dodging in (ironically enough) Russia. Plus, it’s super cheap because their currency is having problems. It does have Thai-style cop shakedowns, but white guys should be a bit harder to spot.

  16. Countries that are often affected by natural disasters and catastrophes, or war, tend to be more resistant to complete aculturation. The Philippines is a poor nation that has to deal with cyclones, earthquakes, etc. Japan is in the same geographic area but due to their economic/technological power, their people’s lives are on average, safer and more comfortable than the typical Filipino family.

    1. They quickly forget where they come from, and instantly morph into the biggest money hungry cunts .

  17. Sad to see so much hate on the Philippines. I think this country is great and kind of refreshing if your vacating away from the U.S. scene.

    1. I don’t disagree with you about visiting the country. Just don’t say their women are great and all. Women are women and they’re all the same.
      Visit to learn and experience the culture. Broaden your vision, but for God sakes, don’t pedestalize the women. Geez!

  18. Bring one back to the USA, let me know what happens. Those Filipino women become the biggest bitch Lexus driving mothers/trophy wives on the planet second to Russian whores.

    1. I did exactly as you stated above. I found that mythical 25 year old virgin unicorn Filipina, brought her back to the US of A, and married her. That was almost 7 years ago. She is a US citizen now. She is the same weight as the day we married. She is as sweet and loving as she ever was. She hates American white women because they are heartless bitches, and stuck up. Her family values, inculcated from her large family and especially from her mother, are fully intact and impervious to feminist attack. YMMV

      1. I guess you got a good woman or a good story because most forget where they came from. Does she drive a Lexus ? the last guy who said he found his Ukrainian unicorn finally admitted it was his 2nd “unicorn marriage”.

  19. Doesn’t matter. They are still women and possess ALL the ill nature of women. It’s their culture or society that keeps them in check. You go beta on them and they STILL will fuck the bad boys or at least lust for them.
    Make sure they’re not hooking up with you in hopes of obtaining that green card for herself AND all of her relatives. Once she gets that, it’s “Adios amigo.”

    1. Anyone who thinks foreign women WANT you is delusional. Pump and dump unless you want kids and if you get married to Anyone, get a prenup, that simple.

      1. I agree with you except regarding prenups.
        Men need to learn that prenups are essentially worthless. Divorce and family courts are lawless.

        1. you can defeat women in court these days. Most children decide as to which parent they prefer @ age 12. If your ex wife has a career or education she gets no alimony. The laws are changing, a prenup during engagement is the best option, not under duress.

        2. those were for the guys who made their wives sign it the night before the ceremony. Those guys were wimps afraid to upset their new spouse.

    2. LOL. What a joke. So you don’t want to have game,s tyle, looks or anything in terms of personality a woman would be attracted to in terms of not being money related (alpha), and you don’t want to be a (beta) provider. So in otherwords, you want to use the girl for sex while she gets nothing of return in value?
      If you can pull that off all the cheers to you man, but in reality, sex should be an equal trade off. Each side should get something they want like any other transaction.
      Its like me walking in to an employer and saying I want to be paid but do no work all day. Just show up on fridays to collect my cheque.

  20. I never understood the point of going in vacations in other countries for sex. Sure, you can fuck girls for like 40$. But you can easily spend several thousands just to spend a week there. For an equivalent price, I can have several local hookers. Not to mention that women in third-world countries are frequently ugly. I spent a week in Cuba and the women are nasty looking over there (even if they are skinny).

      1. You need to go to Argentina, Colombia, Peru, you will be up to your eye balls with gorgeous girls.

    1. are the spanish girls nasty there too or just the black and mulattas?in cuban music videos they have solid hot women in the crowds at concerts etc but they are all the white cubans.

    2. Sex tourism is lame. You need to be smart enough to figure out a way to do a one year gig overseas. English teacher, import/export, tech work. Something that gives you legitimacy.

  21. It can be, if mongers are not careful and overindulge or put unattractive women on a pedestal.
    As a Black man, the Phil’s never was pussy paradise for me; Filipinas aren’t attractive to me anyway so meh. I’m only crying because it’s nearly impossible for a Black man to get Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese girls, which is all that I like, that are at least 6/10 on a regular and casual basis. Oh well, back to my alcohol.

    1. I’ll share this one only because the thing changed my life. If you really want to get those types of women you will need to go the PUA route. Right now you have an internal fight of insecurities and an external aspects of evidence to validate what your reality is. What you see is not real but you won’t believe me unless you decide to break the mold. My suggestion is Hypnotica’s Collection of Confidence cd set. It should be easy to find on Amazon or online for a modest price of $60. He addresses internal and external game in a solid way and emphasizes masculine aspects that you may have forgotten or tried to beat out of your life. Best PUA item I found that created the type of change I needed that I can still reap rewards from. Last one I’ve ever bought as well.

  22. I never understood the hype that Filipino women get on this site. I just don’t find them attractive at all. I mean, yes there are a select few hot ones, but in general most are below average looking

    1. Its like anywhere else, you don’t get it unless you’ve been there. For example the few mid-east females that trickle over to the US only appear to be average on a good day. But if I was surrounded by 100 all day long, and able to check out the top 20 on a daily basis it changes your perspective.

  23. What is this, Matt Forney ‘s 20th yellow fever article? Please Google this guy, he is obese and he wears clothes that don’t fit. He embodies the stereotype that the Phillipines is for omegas.

  24. It seems most democratic and successful countries go the way of feminzism. Backwards, violent poor..= sexy feminine women.

  25. I love the Philippines. And I love the personalities and respectful attitudes and behaviors of Filipinas. But, it is true that one has to do quite a bit of searching to find a pretty one. Their own cultural bias is towards being chunky as they view that as “healthy.” For whatever reason, they do not have great dental care, so if you are used to straight white teeth, you wont find much of that. The girls tend to get it wrong with make-up, trying to over-do it. Too many pluck their eye-brows into oblivion, then end up getting tat eyebrows.
    I could go on, but if you don’t believe me, I suspect you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

      1. Let me call BS on the fat chubby = healthy statement. I have been married to a Filipina for quite some time. We have a large circle of Filipina friends of all ages. None of these Filipinas look on fat or chubby as healthy. If you look at the Filipina TV and movie stars they are all extremely thin and rich. As far as poverty, yes there are poor people there. There are poor people in every country; including in the west. As far as per capita income, the Philippines is closer to the middle of the distribution. I have seen truly poor countries and the Philippines is not one of them.

      2. PH females are adorable around age 20. By age 30 they have gained 25 extra pounds in the butt and start to get that chunky monkey look. That’s why I prefer north east asian women, japan korea china. But in PH there is some genetic influence from chinese, that’s best of both worlds.

  26. Grew up with Pilipino neighbors. It’s hard not to like these people, tough but loyal, and resistant to the destruction of family exported by the U.S.
    Phillipine icon N.V.M. Gonzalez was one of my favorite professors. Set the bar high and challenged you to go up. The second week of his short story writing class, about one-third of the original group remained. He literally terrified them lol. Very generous guy tho.
    Instead of trolling the nation to ‘bang’ its women, Western men should visit the country with the respect it deserves, and instead learn about fidelity and family from the natives.

    1. “Instead of trolling the nation to ‘bang’ its women, Western men should visit the country with the respect it deserves, and instead learn about fidelity and family from the natives.” This. The people are some of the best reasons why you would want to travel there. Very laid back, very chill

      1. My experience with them was limited, but that is also my impression. Quiet neighbors, never caused a hassle during ten years.
        In the Eighties I had a Filipina friend in S.F., longtime girlfriend of a buddy. My second ‘home’. She’d been in the U.S. a decade or so, and was somewhat Americanized, but not feminized. Retained the basic sweetness and traditionalism of females in her homeland. Easy to be around.
        The Catholic Church has many problems, especially currently, but its support of family is a factor in the Philippines escaping some of the spiritual and cultural destruction imposed upon America.
        I bet if an American guy didn’t run around town like a dog, with his tongue always hanging out, it’d be possible to penetrate the Eastern public facade, and eventually get introduced to some primo sub-layers of Pilipino culture and ways.

  27. And once again the community is divided. I’m not going to tell you to go to PH and get and wife and I’m not gonna tell you not to either. I don’t want to get too far into calling anyone’s taste in women “wrong”, but I wanna set some of you goons straight. I know some of you have stories about buddies who brought home stunning eastern beauties only to find themselves in a familial money pit or in worse cases, divorce and damage to finances. NO, not every woman you meet in this country is a money-grabbing passport mercenary. If you’re looking for a relationship or marriage, it’s a fine place to look. On the other hand, putting these girls on a pedestal is the fastest way to land yourself in a divorce court or worse. Subjects like this are not completely cut-and-dry, black or white, if you can believe that. Christ, this is not the “way” or the “light”, its simply an option that exists should you choose to use it.

      1. Yeah. I’ve thought of marriage to a SEA girl at a late age. One bad aspect is how well-informed they will be other fellow expatriot females from their own country or similar. The internet forums, info etc. They will be very well-versed on divorce jackpot scenarios, false abuse claims (instant green card plus alimony) etc. The seven year dash (citizenship at seven years, gone at 12:01 am). Imagine a filipina self-scratching her arms, gentling tapping a cheekbone with a ball-peen hammer until she’s welted, same with her forehead. Call the cops, you’re in jail, she’s green-carded and bankrolled by you. Sorry, no. Why not just live in SEA and use escorts? Yeah, I could ‘maintain my frame’ etc. Jesus, why bother?

        1. I will correct one factual error. There is no seven year dash due to green carditis. A Filipina that marries an American can get a permanent green card after two years, and citizenship in one additional year. So if you are thinking that they are only staying around for the permanent green card or citizenship, then you are over estimating the required time.

        2. The feminists whittled it down to two. Didn’t it used to be seven or is it country by country? Jesus, two years of a bikini body and then you are on the hook for years. Pass. Just save the money and live in Asia, rotate between Phils, China, Thailand, Indonesia.

  28. Hi Matt,
    It seems this article is spawning a heated debate in the comments. As someone who had to buy another passport 5 years early before its expiration due to an overflowing of immigration stamps and stickers, many to/from the Philippines, i thought i would weigh in.
    First, to address the pictures of the Flip girls in the article. Imho, they are all cute. Definitely fuckable. It seems their are men in the comments who disagree and find the girls pictured un-fuckable. My best guess for this is, since we are talking about Asia, you should have made the girls pictured all underage. Me-thinks that most of the dissenters are, like me, closet pedophiles who would only go to Asia to take advantage of the relaxed “age of consent enforcement.” Next time, Matt, make the pics of younger Asian girls and watch the commenters almost universally agree on the feminine attractiveness of said girls.
    Second, i must agree that women are women no matter where they are from. that being said, i believe and have experienced that Asian girls will 1) accept a male head of household with gratitude 2) are less likely to use sex as a weapon and 3) accept responsibility for their mistakes and want to make amends with family when called out.
    The above three (3) traits allow a dominant alpha to exercise a degree of authority over his Asian harem/wife/GF/FB/FWB that is all but impossible with their American counterparts. Through leases, holding companies and the like i am able to circumvent the laws about foreigners buying property in several SE Asian countries, including PI. I have a 4 bedroom townhouse on the outskirts Angeles City, Balibago, Luzon, that i pay for, month to month, so my harem has a place to live. They understand (and to use a term from Iceberg Slim, my bottom-bitch keeps them in line) that they are a group, and the actions of one(1) will result in the punishment of all. Being that my bottom-bitch(R.I.P. Iceberg Slim) knows she has to depend on me for everything(a fine way to get a womans fidelity) financially, she keeps the others, including her own teenage daughter, on a short leash. I go to see them as often as i can, but i am not naive. I have my house under security cams 24/7 that i can watch from my phone or computer, the girls must travel in pairs at the least, and the cellphone package i have them all on allows me to listen in on what they are doing like they pocket dialed me only their phone just turns on.
    And should i find any girl stepping out of line, OH BOY! I literally take them ALL to the basement(very few places have underground rooms in PI, but my place has one), strap them into various B.D.S.M. devices and beat ass until whelps are raised on skin, blood is drawn and canes are broken over tits. I have a whole system of punishment that leads to submissive sex. Which is what i want in the first place. I dont really care about the girls listening to me or respecting me, i just want submissive sex from them on demand as often as i please. The providing and punishing is just what i use to get the kind of sex i want as often as i want it.
    What i am getting at is, i have a particular “game” that does well with Asian girls and Asian girls have particular cultural nuances that help provide what i am attracted to getting from girls. Especially, in the PI. Where a 27 year old (h/b7) MILF of one(1) thinks she is “not good enough” to be my girlfriend, so she throws her naked 13 year old daughter at me one night in bed to “sweeten the deal”…all those quotes were her words. I cant remember the last time i even herd an americunt utter the words “i’m not good enough for him.” Their entitlement complex does not allow them that kind of realism. As a side note, that MILF is now my bottom-bitch.
    I will read any article RoK writes on the Philippines. Great job Mr. Forney. If you didnt say it in the article, i wanted to add, do not bring foreign girls back to america to marry. It will ruin them. Keep them in their own country and find a way to make it work.
    Matt i wish i had a story or even a rumor of a foreign girl being brought to the states to be married that ended “happily ever after,” but i dont. Every tale i know of timid, sexually submissive foreign girl married here in the states has horror and fat involved eventually. The world we live in will only give you the faithfulness from a female you deserve as a loyal man if the woman has to rely on the man fully and believes that she will not maintain her level of security if he is gone. It makes me nauseous to have to beat the brown off a 12 year old(the harem is more than just the mother and daughter) because one of her coven sisters screwed up. its just as screwed up that the average Flip working 10 hour shifts will have to work until the day they die in order to survive without the chance for retirement or savings. I dont have studies to back these remarks, i am giving first hand eyewitness accounts of what i have experienced.
    In short, with game and staying fit a white man in the Philippines can do there with tens of thousands of dollars that it takes in America to do with tens of millions of dollars. I thought it was a myth as well…until i made the investment in myself to find out firsthand!
    Again, thanks for the great article Matt.

      1. Hey Crisis,
        You read it right. Calling me a hero has my ego over-reacting, thanks for that, but i am just a man. The only real difference between me and other men is that i error on the side of boldness every time and i do not scare easily.
        If you admire my experiences, i implore you to save money and travel. All that i have experienced and more await the bold and willful.

        1. Your story just serves as more inspiration and motivation.
          In the past year I have officially become red pill baptized and have begun my own plans for achieving my goals in life, and stopped making excuses for myself. It gradually came with time, but there was not one single tipping point that started this. Made the decision to move 700 miles away from home to go to an area where I can start my career and have better chances of success, got the support of my closest allies, began working out, seriously building game, and read from this website daily. This year I also hope to begin writing more and to become more active with MRA activities in person, start a local organization, and continue building confidence through trials and eventual success. Stories like the one you shared give me the motivation to continue striving for my own success because nobody is going to make me happy but myself. I am still a hell of a work in progress, but I do indeed have my own exit strategy so I can break away from this mess of a culture we have in the West.
          Other achievements include not only swallowing the Red Pill myself, but exposing several others (those who need it the most) to it’s truths and helping them digest it the same way I have.
          I am going to leave this country, travel the world, become wealthy through my career, become a respected professional, and the whole time bang exotic women; and not give a single fuck about anyone or anything that is going to get in the way of that.
          Thank you.

  29. Did you forget to talk about the rampant single motherhood in the Philippines? There are more whores than good wives in that country.

    1. It’s harsh. Single motherhood is rarely an aphrodisiac, but in the Philippines it’s almost a death sentence. No way will a woman with kids fulfill her dream of being whisked off to a first-world country and living happily ever after. There are just too many sleek young beauties there with no kids, who are ever so much more attractive to most suitors.

  30. Are there any countries taking the opposite approach? as in going from shitworld modern america fest back to poosy paradise?
    i mean i would have said putins russia but im not that sure

  31. I have a question as a female to men who have taken the red pill. Wouldn’t women committed to family and children also date and marry men who are also committed to family and children? Aren’t these the values that most men here are completely against? From what I got through perusing this site, men here are not interested in marriage or children and would rather exercise their masculinity ( which is fine, masculinity can be expressed how you want and I respect your choices) through sleeping with as many women as possible. Maybe the reason why you meet so many “sluts” and women who sleep around is because people with similar sexual morals pair up together. Also, it could be possible that the areas in which red pill men frequent ( I can only assume bars and clubs but I have to admit that I do not actually know) are not the places in which women with the traditional values that you so desire also frequent. If anything, I would try a church or a mosque. But then again these women probably wouldn’t want to commit to a man who wants to sleep around and you wouldn’t want a woman who demands stability, marriage, and a child.

    1. You’re not paying attention closely. There is a divide here, there are men who are PUA bachelor for life types, and there are men who want a family and children but are loathe to engage with “single moms” or used up sluts.
      If anything, I would try a church or a mosque. But then again these
      women probably wouldn’t want to commit to a man who wants to sleep
      around and you wouldn’t want a woman who demands stability, marriage,
      and a child.

      Churches are awful, for the most part. They preach a Hippy Jesus version of fake Christianity which is filled with the message that women are precious snowflakes and “born again virgins” who are to be forgiven all transgressions and men that do not wish to marry up a woman with a notch count of 50+ cocks in her during her lifetime are deficient and need to “man up”.
      Now away with your shaming attempts and shallow observations.

    2. You are right and wrong at the same time. The red pill just means that you are aware of the true nature of women. That does not mean you are a PUA trying to rack up the maximum notch count, nor does it mean you hate women. It just means you go into relationships (if you choose to take the risk) with your eyes wide open. Some of us had the red pill forced upon us as a suppository delivered via the divorce courts. Many of us are just as family and child oriented as any Filipina; we just don’t have the option to exercise that desire in the west. The Philippines is one of the few places, or only place, where divorce is not legal. That one condition changes everything.
      You are correct that if you travel for the purpose of finding sluts to increase your notch count then you will find sluts everywhere; because there are sluts everywhere. In the west you don’t have to look for sluts, as basically all women are sluts in the west. The difference I found in the Philippines is that many young women are serious about coupling up, marrying, and having kids while in the west (at least in the US) young women flee in terror at the idea of marrying. They will marry when they are good and ready and not before; when they are through having fun, maybe in their early 30s. And another difference between the west and the Philippines is that the women come from a culture that believes that marriage is once and done. They aren’t looking for a starter marriage.

    3. I can kind of understand your confusion since I think many men are confused themselves.
      A lot of it comes from feminism as it is based on a falsehood, the idea that men and women are equal. Of course they are very different and especially so in relationships. Women have a period from 18-25 or maybe 30 where they are attractive to men. Men have a different attraction, through status, money, ability to seduce women, even fame etc that is usually found when older than 18 and can extend easily into the 40s and sometimes 50s.
      Western society developed a quite sophisticated system of morals and rules to try to contain these differences for the good of society. Women would save their virginity for their husband. In return, any man before enjoying a woman’s body had to promise to stay with her for life and provide for her. At least in Britain this was the norm until the 1960s – most women had the devoted love of a kind man until the day he died.
      Now feminists have destroyed the first part of this; they say women should be promiscuous and enjoy sex. They traded devotion and love for the “freedom” to have sex when 18. They, like almost all post-1960s liberals, make a fundamental mistake about human nature – they think that if one removes all boundaries, morals, traditions, parental authority etc the only thing that replaces those forces is an enlightened, careful, selfless kindness. They are wrong. We all have elements of lust, greed, envy and selfishness. And an 18 year old girl has an immense amount of power and can pick and choose men. Traditionally she would not let any man have sex with her until he promised to marry her and love her until the day he died.
      So today, most young women behave like animals, they follow their instincts which is to use their power to seek out exciting sex with men who are attractive, i.e. the alpha males.
      Yet when they hit 30 many find that they can’t suppress human nature and they did want a husband and children and stable loving family home but it is too late, so they latch onto the less attractive man, maybe the quieter, kinder man who bought girls flowers but didn’t know how to seduce them.
      In the past those beta males who studied and worked hard and followed the rules would marry a virgin girl and devote their lives to her. Today they are expected to marry a girl who has given away her virginity to men who didn’t care about her. It’s unrealistic and the divorce rate for non-virgin brides is sky high. As a proud man it’s almost impossible to feel the same tender affection to a non-virgin as it is to an innocent virgin.
      Much of this site is about shifting men from being in the beta group to the alpha group. While much of it is just something innate and natural there is much that can be learned. So many men are raised by single mothers and taught to be nice to girls, then they see those girls have sex with the bad boys instead. Why begrudge a man wanting to learn how to join those bad boys? No matter what the nice guy does, no matter how noble he is, no matter how much he professes to love a woman, without the social and moral constraints of old she will ignore him and have sex with the bad boys.
      The wider debate is interesting of course. This development has meant a lot of fun for young girls as well as players such as those men on here (or the ones aspiring to learn how). It is disastrous for society as a whole, for children raised without fathers, for older women finding themselves lost with no husband etc. Would be revolutionaries frequently hurt those they claim to help and feminism has been a disaster for 99% of women.
      So I hope that goes some way to addressing your question. It is in that way that men on here will look for girls for casual sex but also insist on upholding the “no hymen, no diamond” rule. Feminism has created a world where bad boys get to enjoy beautiful young girls, don’t be surprised that other men want to learn their secrets and join them while still maintaining the deep and instinctive desire to settle only with a virgin woman.
      Personally it took me until I was about 20 to really grasp it after I saw girls I liked sleeping with guys who were complete morons but who knew what buttons to press. I would be wanting to give compliments and be kind to her, the other guy would treat her coldly, make her chase him etc. Guess who she slept with? Now a decade later, helped in part by game theory, I am the one enjoying the 19 year old girls in their prime while watching some friends marrying non-virgins. It’s a good feeling, a deep satisfaction and other men want that feeling. When the time is right I will find a virgin girl who has been raised properly, almost certainly outside the west and in a religious culture, to marry and have children.
      So really there is no contradiction; it is just the basic biological hard-wired differences between men and women. Try to look at it through the prism of feminism and it won’t make sense; instead look at reality, society, history and biology and it becomes very clear.

  32. I’ve mentioned it before in another article, but I have a friend who goes over to the Philippines about twice a year and he swears that it IS pussy paradise.
    And not just for the ‘Two-Week Millionaires’ that fly over, throw money around and dive face-first into a limitless supply of tight, tanned young lovelies. He also says that banging regular women is much easier and less hassle than in the west.
    If a woman likes you and you treat her well then you can get her into bed pretty quickly. South-East Asian women aren’t beset by the ego and entitlement hang-ups that western women are.
    And they also acknowledge and respect a man’s needs, where in the west just admitting that you have any sort of sexual desires means you are clearly a misogynist and probably a rape-apologist as well.

  33. Typical white dude fetish for Asian women….yawn. You think they’re any different than American women? Once they get that green card or citizenship, they’ll become bolder and dump your a$$.

  34. They were better when the spanish ruled them, unfortunatley the american government killed 1.5 millions of them including the criollos, who knows their looks and attittude could be much better without the anglo influence who are just ‘plain jane’ in culture and everything else.

  35. Well written article. The only point I’m not sold on is the ability of geography to prevent obesity. Fiji, Samoa and other tiny island nations are all difficult to get to but they still manage to have a disproportionately fat population, probably thanks to some white guy years ago who got rich selling them a bunch of western canned food and other crap they never ate before.
    Surprised it hasn’t happened to the Philippines yet but time will tell.

  36. Matt you don’t need to travel all the way to the Philippines to get a prostitute there are legal here in north America..

  37. I’m married to a Filipina and have been there three times. I’m moving there in 4 months without a slight semblance of hesitation. best spot I’ve ever been.

  38. “The Philippines is the most pro-U.S. country in the world”
    Uh, what about that little country in The Middle East that has been causing headaches and breaking U.N. Resolutions to its heart’s content since 1948?

  39. Mr Forney has a limited perception. If it were greater he would realize there is also a conspiracy to destroy philipino men. At least we are not alone.

  40. I can’t speak from experience, only from what I have read. The Philippines seems to have a dual character of being a highly Catholic nation of “friendly” women. The Thais at least have an excuse with Buddhism and its easy going nature when it comes to sex.
    I never planned on living in China, but here I am and engaged to be married. If this turns out to be a mistake then Plan B will involve teenage LBFMs until I die.

  41. When I was a lawyer on the outskirts of Vancouver, there seemed to be a trend among the older lawyers in that their second wife was a Filipina 20 years younger. The guys in question were pushing 60 at the time so we are not talking about spring chickens. From what I heard, they kept house, didn’t give the guys shit about “man time” and apparently fulfilled all their bedroom duties.
    I have no idea if they married the nanny or if these were mail-order or if they went on a tour to find them. It was just a weird phenomenon.

  42. population growth becoz people in the Philippines are either too damn stupid or stubborn to know how to use birth control.

  43. Good article. The Philippines is a pretty unique place. And as you say, feminism just isn’t relevant because they already have full equality. The one constituency that I think loses big-time, though, is that of Filipino men. It doesn’t seem fair to them that the best girls are scooped up by foreigners. I know that when I have been on vacation with Hot Young Things there, the glares you sometimes get from the locals — especially if the girl has gotten really hotted up for you — are all too apparent. And probably deserved.

  44. Filipinas are just as selfish and violent as any other females. Flying into MNL is just as easy as flying into BKK or NRT or HK. They watch Sex in the City on HBO for free. They watch MYX (MTV). They absorb Western media (Satanic) values like sponges.
    Gynocentrism reigns due to the influence of the Catholic Church – as does over-population and dire poverty. Feminism is imposed on governments by the UN – eg. look at India. Child support, alimony, domestic violence, etc will all be imposed from above and men will be ravaged.
    The kids practice acting along with singing and dancing in school. They will give you a gf experience for as long as it benefits them (hypergamy). Enjoy it while it last because it will end eventually.

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