How To Overcome A False Rape Accusation

The manosphere talks about a plethora of subjects. Yet, I see one topic avoided or not expanded on fully: the full scale effects of a false rape accusation. All the articles I’ve had a chance to look at talk about advocacy or how to prevent it. The problem I have with this is that when it happens it will be like a personal Pearl Harbor. I want to inform young people what to do when accused of such a heinous crime. Here is a story arc of what to do (not to be confused with actual legal advice):

Your words can only hurt you


Imagine you’re a young player aged 16-25 dealing with a false rape accusation. You are living your life when you get either a call from the school or police for a “talk.” You think maybe they messed up on the financial aid or general bureaucracy shenanigans. When you enter the place they directed you to go to, a counselor/RA/authority figure wants to ask you questions.

They will start up with some softball questions that won’t tip off even the most paranoid people. Then they will ask some loaded questions about sex life and girls. They will talk about an “anonymous” complaint about your “actions” and want you to face a kangaroo court. The best solution to make sure that these little feminist brown shirts don’t crucify you based on an informant’s lie is to be quiet. The magic words of “I need my lawyer” coupled with “No comment” and “I don’t recall” have saved many innocent and even guilty people. Your words can only hurt you in a situation like this. They don’t care about objectivity or they would have had the accuser in the same room as the accused. This whole meet up is intended for you to make you slip and admit something you never did.

It’s not just the school board/authorities that will try to trip you up. Expect to be treated like Osama Bin Laden because the anti-rape zealots will see you as the king of rapists. They will use any words you may have said to them in passing and inform the authorities. Any stupid joke you tell them will be used as character evidence by the D.A. Police and law enforcement regularly use hearsay to help convict people.


The internet will be like bittersweet chocolate for you when the investigation and trial is happening. You can totally be anonymous to the internet world without being the “rapist.” Yet, many sites will have info of your “alleged” crime. Your name will be muttered by the mentally ill freaks on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook as the INSERT YOUR COLLEGE/TOWN’S rapist. I recommend shutting down anything that is linked to your real life name. If you have a PUA Youtube channel, make it private. Same for a Facebook profile that has you talking about embarrassing stuff.

White knights will research everything you’ve ever put up on the internet to find “proof” you’re a terrible person. This will also happen in real life since the media loves to run stories about “rapists.” Find a hobby where you can relax and be you. Learn a language, instrument or something of that caliber. Don’t let the mental stress of an investigation get to you, or else you may end up doing stupid stuff that can hurt you in the long run.


Ruins of Hiroshima's Museum of Science and Technology

You survived the investigation and the authorities dropped the case or you won the trial. You will still have to deal with pissed off feminists talking about how you used the patriarchy to win. They will hound places you frequent with a rape whisper campaign. You will deal with J Edgar Hoover levels of zealotry. Information on the case will still stay up on the internet and you must forever explain to people what actually happened. It’s not an easy road to drive on but it’s better than being in a cell. The turmoil ended but know you must live with the trauma of the emotional rape by the feminist power structure.

False rape accusations are a nasty reality in modern day America. The best piece of advice is to shut your mouth and get a lawyer. I just don’t want another innocent man in jail over fabricated lies from mentally ill women. Never forget that feminists want to put every male accused of something into a personal shame spiral of hell. I hope that you can avoid it.

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  1. Happened to my good friend. The poor kid spent over 10k dollars to fight the charges. After one year and 10k spent on the jew court system the slut decided to drop the charges and walked away witout any penalties. I hope Jack Ripper is her Karma.

      1. Relax, My comment was not geared towards the jew but rather the the evil court system, and the slut who had my friend arrested. I care less about the Religions or the jew.

  2. It seems a good bit is left out in the middle. I suppose “Find a good lawyer and trust him” is the applicable advice?

  3. I said this on RVF, I was once a juror in a rape case, and I will say this to the day I die.
    Once you’re being questioned, DO NOT say a thing, get legal representation in there. Police will record their questioning, and put forward a whole lot of leading statements that will never look good for you.

  4. I worked as a High School teacher for 10 years. In 1996, a female 15 years old student who did not want to follow my French as a Second-Language class, started spreading false rumors that I tried to grab her ass. I was working on a Native Reservation remotely located, with a population of about 1000 people, at that time. Even if you have done absolutely nothing wrong, I can tell you that your daily life becomes Hell!

  5. The thing with false rape accusations is that the court systems use the mantra ‘guilty till proven innocent’. People will still think you’re a rapist behind your back even if you beat the case. Court systems that deal with sexual offences, domestic violence, and spousal abuse are essentially gynocratic, meaning they automatically stand by the women and for the women.
    I honestly sympathize with any man that has had to fight a false rape accusation because it not only impacts your financial security but your psychological and physical health(e.g stress, trauma etc.) and let me not get started on the social impact it will have.
    How to RECOVER from a false rape accusation
    1. Have a strong family/friend emotional support system.
    2. Use the gym/martial arts as an outlet for your aggression
    3. Get of the grid(e.g. social media)
    4. Warn your fellow brothers

    1. “Everyone is entitled to due process, but if that man is still walking free, we simply haven’t processed him enough …” — every overly ambitious prosecutor in the Anglo world

    2. Social Media can work both ways. You can make sure that everybody knows that the girl in question calls “Rape!” falsely on men. I assure you that many would rethink on going on a date with a woman whose name on Google gives you that result on the first page.

    3. Amen. Case in point: yesterday I read an article on the Yahoo! sports page about Jameis Winston gearing up for baseball in the offseason. The article talked about him trying to do for the FSU baseball team what he just did for the football team yada yada – it’s beside the point. The point is none of the reader posts actually talked about the article – half of the posters called him a rapist and the other half defended him. Right there – that’s the power of even the most blatantly false of rape accusations.

  6. So basically this post could have just said “Keep your fucking mouth shut, and if you want privacy don’t post shit on the internet”. Both valid points, but was hoping for some more here.

    1. Sometimes the basics can save your ass, I will continue to post in these comments as questions and issues arise. Ask me anything you wish I am versed on Florida , DC and patent law, ask as you see fit and I will answer as best I can. I will help any man in this biased ass system that I can.

  7. Excellent article again! Now if that doesn’t work….there are other more direct ways of fixing the problem. If you have ……criminally minded “associates”, have them pay her a visit, physically scare the shit out of her and threaten her life and the lives of her loved ones. Mob tactics do work very well. Since she is lying on you in the first place, she deserves this fear tactic.
    I’ve also found that the best way to prevent this from even getting this far is naked pics of her doing XXX rated activities. Facials are worth their weight in gold. False rape accusations will never happen in these cases.
    Women and White Knights will call me a bastard for it but that’s what insurance is for…to get you out of bullshit.
    Yes…..being a man……even a slightly bad one rocks!! Lol

    1. I like the way you think. Sometimes to get the desired effect you need to color outside the lines a bit.

    2. A good counter-tactic for these types. They do deserve some kind of fear for this shit they spread. *thumbs up*

  8. I am a lawyer, this is free advice. The police, the school rape counselor, the RA, the housing director , the accuser, and the president of your university are not your friend. Shut the fuck up, be emotionless, repeat be emotionless, calmly remove yourself from any questioning and call a lawyer. If you cannot remove yourself (the police are involved, official investigation has begun, you are detained and being questioned) say nothing , NOTHING, do not attempt to justify your actions or even admit to a sexual act and repeat these words ” I do not wish to speak , I need a lawyer”.
    You did nothing, your inclination will be to tell the truth about the nothing wrong you did , ignore your impulse to tell the truth and explain yourself and shut the fuck up. Say nothing and sit down, and repeat only these words” Am I free to go” if the answer is no ” I have nothing to say , I request legal counsel” If they continue to talk to you repeat only that statement.
    The officer in charge will attempt to befriend you, he will be nice, he will attempt to identify with you, fuck him he is a dirty cocksucker trying to get you fuck yourself by talking. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND REQUEST COUNSEL ONLY.He will attempt to scare you with tales of prison, just talk to me , she is a liar lets hear your story, I know how women are , we are both men, I can help you if you level with me. That is all bullshit , cops can legally lie to you to and testify in court against you.
    When you get to your lawyer TELL HIM THE TRUTH even if parts of the truth make you look bad. Do not ever lie to your lawyer, he is on on your side.
    Lastly do not talk about the accusation to anyone but your attorney, not your friends , not your brother , not your sister, not even your mother. For the love of god if you are arrested and have to sit in county awaiting bail or trial DO NOT SAY SHIT TO YOUR FELLOW INMATES. If they ask what happened say “I do not know” not I am innocent, not she lied , just I do not know. If you can avoid talking to the police , never make a statement. Just seek counsel. the deck is stacked against you, do not play.

    1. I would take it as read that any “holding cell” is under a level of surveillance that would make the lot at Fort Meade look like a bunch of drug sniffing dogs by comparison …

      1. The most dangerous thing once the feminist bullshit rape lie is rolling, is your own mouth ,shut it and get counsel ASAP.

        1. Quite. It is even more crucial in a court system based on inquisitional principles instead of adversarial principles — if the judge hears enough from the police, he can initiate proceedings, take people into custody, or even order a new trial.
          This is happening now with a rather high-profile case in Italy involving an American who thought a criminal case was closed …
          So-called “double jeopardy” can and does apply, so it is vitally important to keep that mouth shut about certain matters in perpetuity, or at least until all other parties are no longer able to speak …

    2. I have been falsely accused , I spoke about it in prior comments. I know we have white nationalists , Black Pride , White Pride and even Holocaust Deniers on RoK but goddamnit we are all men and we know these false rape claims are not rare. We are men regardless of our differences and this bullshit has to stop! No man in the world agrees with me %100 but even if you do not agree with me, or even like me I do not want you to go to prison for something you did not do. the rape shield laws are bullshit and you must protect yourself brothers ( and by brother I mean dick and balls possessing men race be damned, you are a man and we are under assault in the legal arena by biased unjust laws, come together like Voltron).

        1. I was going to post this. The law professor and the cop in this video hammer home in detail why you shouldn’t talk to cops in all kinds of situations in addition to false rape accusations.

        2. This video is long but totally true and worth it. I watched this exact video when I was falsely accused and it (along with my lawyer friend’s advice) saved me from talking to the cops.
          The temptation will be VERY strong to just tell them what happened or at least say. “I didn’t rape her.” I had cops and detectives calling me for months after the accusation, and they even came to my home where my parents lived.
          They told me that they were about to take the case to the D.A. and it would look bad if I didn’t tell them my side of the story.
          My dad is a retired cop and he gave me the shitty advice that I should just tell them what happened. (Initially he couldn’t believe that I didn’t do anything because cops assume all suspects are automatically guilty. and he’s a prick).
          After a about 6 months I never heard from them again. They only wanted me to implicate myself. If they have the evidence to arrest you, they will. “Your side of the story” will never convince them not to arrest you.

        3. Exactly, I watch them shows like first 48 all the time. And when a suspect is brought in to just “Tell their side of the story” and the cop starts talking and if the first thing the suspect says is I want my lawyer… the 12 cops who are watching your interview in the next room go ooohhhh and start pulling their hair and covering their faces and getting angry saying he lawyered up so now we can’t touch him. At that point they try to pressure the suspect 1-3 more times into talking like asking are you sure, we just want your side, etc. and if the person doesn’t crack they either let them go, or charge them with the crime. Now if they have enough to charge you with a crime before you said a damn thing, then what do you think your chances are of not being charged after talking? Probably zero unless you’re a serial killer or your dad is a judge who will pull some strings down at country pd.

        4. Remember it is their job to fuck you ,and when you lawyer up it makes their job difficult. Never make fucking you easier.

    3. Thanks Atlantaman. You are absolutely correct. My uncle is a detective and routinely he plays the “save face” game with idiots he interrogates who are to ignorant to read up on the bill of rights. Once you tell the interrogator “I need my lawyer” all questioning must and will stop. Find the best lawyer jn your area and present his business card to the cops… Act professional and laugh and their accusations… In my uncle’s department murder and “rape” cases arent called “the money tree” for nothing… He get automatic 4 hours of overtime if its a murder or a “rape” case, even if he’s at court for 15 mins. Around $55 hr isn’t bad in my opinion.

      1. Man people got to be counterintuitive, When you do no wrong you feel the need to show your lake of guilt and start talking. It is better to know your rights and exercise them. stay silent, call someone trained to speak on your behalf. Solid contribution And what, good looking brother.

      2. WTF?!!!! Thanks for that tip. I had no idea the justice system was broken to THAT level. Yikes… Reaching for Brazilian visa paperwork.

        1. Never talk to cops or open the door and invite cops in. Let them kick the door in if they do have a warrant. Although my uncle told me he is buddies with some judges and getting a search warrant signed would take about an hour to get even at 3am as it is all done by fax. I personally have seen this happen when they executed a arrest and a search warrant, seriously to me it look more like kidnapping. There is much shady business behind the thin blue line. I personally know many cops and they are good folks but they do project the “Us vs Them(civilians)” attitude, no denying.

      3. this does not work in the UK, they have a catch all bypass for anything called section 44.
        silence is used against you in the UK as well

        1. I do not know UK law. Our common law has roots in English law. Are you prevented from self incrimination there?

        2. dude us brits basically created a legal system that exists solely to serve the interests of a powerful elite, it was never going to be fair to begin with. only the illusion of fairness, until you start digging deeper. look at our ‘freedom of speech but not quite’ laws. a fucking person got arrested for putting a comment on twitter. a joke. but he still had to get taken to court. its a travesty.
          why else do you think i remain nameless?

        3. British Miranda equivalent:
          “You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention now, anything you later rely on in court. Anything you do say will be given in evidence.”
          From Wikipedia: Right to remain silent [in England & Wales]
          “A defendant in a criminal trial may choose whether or not to give evidence in the proceedings. Further, there is no general duty to assist the police with their inquiries.”
          However, under the “The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, adverse inferences may be drawn when the accused:
          * fails to mention any fact which he later relies upon and which in the circumstances at the time the accused could reasonably be expected to mention;
          * fails to give evidence at trial or answer any question;
          * fails to account on arrest for objects, substances or marks on his person, clothing or footwear, in his possession, or in the place where he is arrested; or
          * fails to account on arrest for his presence at a place.”

    4. In general, if an investigation is launched, could they get access to computers and/or find our postings on sites like these? I could see a DA preaching “this man has a history of misogyny. He would frequent a site called Return of Kings where lovely articles like “Something something rape” and “something something men are better” were the bastions of these so-called men….despicable”

      1. Unfortunately it is possible. You would be able to get it suppressed as unduly prejudial possibly, or not relevant but all depends on the judge.

      2. That’s why you always password-protect your PC. Clear your history if you get a call from the police.

        1. Destroy your computer and tear the battery out, and the back up battery. Take the smashed computer and drive to a location far from your house and throw it in a river, the ocean , or a dumpster. Buy a used computer for cheap and have it at your house. That way if shit goes south, gives them a nice dead end to slow them down, or if they are lazy, end their search for negative information . Of course this hypothetical , I would never instruct someone to hinder a police investigation.

        2. And if the used computer was owned by a serial rapist with audio of rape it will seal the deal your a rapist

    5. WHat do you think would happen if someone put a “CCTV” sign on the entrance of their house/dorm room etc and had a secret camera to video tape them fucking?

      1. If someone is informed they are being recorded prior to entering a private residence , there is no way it is illegal as long the recording is reasonable ( no hidden camera in the toilet , for example) and the sign is clearly posted and a reasonable person would see and understand its meaning. This would include the bedroom in most states.

        1. It depends on the state you are in. Video taping police, even after notifying them can result in your arrest.

          Nashua dad turns in tape, gets arrested
          – A Nashua man is facing two felony charges for
          allegedly using secret video cameras to tape police who had come to his
          home to investigate his son’s possible role in a robbery. Nashua Police
          arrested Michael Gannon, 49, of 26 Morgan St., on Tuesday and charged him
          with two felony counts of interception and disclosure of
          telecommunication or oral communications. Each charge carries a maximum
          penalty of seven years in prison. Gannon is accused of making several
          audio and video recordings of at least two Nashua police officers who had
          come to his home to interview him about the whereabouts of his
          15-year-old son, who was a suspect in a June 21 robbery.
          ir home. During an interview with police, Janet Gannon
          told investigators that the couple bought the cameras from Wal-Mart

    6. I am a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, This is the BEST ADVICE you can get for any accused crime. The only words out of your mouth should be I want a lawyer and then shut the fuck up. If you are being interrogated by the police, they are not on your side. Lawyer up and Shut the fuck up. So many criminals are convicted off of talking….TALKING!!! If you are innocent…talking can MAKE YOU GUILTY even if you aren’t.

    7. One more thing to add to, “Am I free to go,” if the officer says, “no,” is something to the effect of, “Am I to assume that I am under arrest?” This takes balls and I did it myself. Get up and walk to the door and leave. When they stop you get firm and say, “You are detaining me. Am I under arrest? I do not want to answer any questions.” Carefully move around them to leave in a manner that is firm but could not be construed as assault or threatening. If asked what you are doing, say, “I am leaving.” The more firmly they stop you, ask again, “Am I under arrest? What reason do you have to detain me? I want to leave. Are you detaining me? Am I under arrest? I am leaving.” Adding, “You have no right to detain me without charging me with a crime.” If they ask for you to stay a little while and answer some questions say, “I don’t want to answer any questions; I am leaving now.”
      If you can’t leave because they are physically stopping you, say, “You are detaining me, I want to contact my family and my lawyer.”
      The above paints a scenario where any one of their fuckups can benefit you.
      You will have setup a defense, removed yourself from their presence and possible created a situation where they are liable for holding you improperly.
      Either way, be as respectful as possible, and your strength will be rewarded. You will be perceived as strong (Everyone respects strength.), smart, sure of your innocence, no pushover and respectful of the police.
      If you are ever asked to go with them to the station house to talk, politely say that you will not do that and that they should speak to your lawyer. Even if they say something to the effect that you have nothing to worry about if you are innocent, say this, “Officer I do not wish to be disrespectful in any way, and you are probably an honest professional. However, we live in funny times and I don’t know you personally. If I am not under arrest, but you have questions, this is my attorney’s contact information. Please do not contact me directly in any other way than through him.”
      Memorize the above, it ended what could have been an awful incident in my youth. And, then most importantly, do not place yourself in situations where shit can happen to you. Don’t go stupid places with stupid people to do stupid things. Learn the power of conscience and how it will tell you if an action will lead to trouble. Deep down you will know. Also, using smartphones and digital recorders can save the day. Everywhere I go and in every situation I record. Even an eight hour marathon of sex is audibly recorded. Even if it is not admissible, one a DA listens to it and can make a decision and two it can go everywhere to ruin your accuser. Have the balls to do it and no one will touch you.
      Hope that this helps someone.

      1. As this ACLU video shows (starting at 09:55), the magic words are:
        Are you detaining me, officer, or am I free to go?
        “I don’t consent to any searches”. “Officer, are we free to go now?”
        If police come to your home for noise/alcohol/etc (video at 36:05): “What seems to be the problem, officer?”. “Without a search warrant, I can’t let you inside.”

      2. …..and keep your Law School’s Identification Card after you graduate.
        I have used it several times when stopped by cops on the street (illegal racial profile stop & frisk) and they always backtrack and skidaddle every time!

    8. This is money. Great advice. Don’t say anything. I’m bewildered by the videos on YouTube of people giving “statements” during police interrogation without a lawyer. Then you read “The jury could have let him go, but the testimony he gave to cops was admitted and he incriminated himself.” No matter how they try and trick you — or threaten you — don’t speak without a lawyer. They’re allowed and encouraged to lie to you: “She says you did this…” Don’t fall for it. This is not a “conversation” you will have. This is you throwing your life away.

    9. See, I always hear this, and it never stops being nonsensical. “I want my lawyer” well who the fuck has a lawyer? Normal people don’t have lawyers. And what are you going to do, go leaf through the Yellow Pages? A dirty little secret is that lawyers pick and choose the cases they want, they can and will tell you to go to hell. Good luck getting any female lawyer to represent you.
      Even if you shut up and avoid prison, the university star chamber courts can and will convict you and levy all the penalties they possibly can, to include public humiliation, expulsion, and a permanent Google #1 result on your name.

      1. Look at it like this, mitigating the damage is better than a felony conviction and sexual offender registration. You may have wait a few hours for an attorney and you will get one, you may not get the $400 per hour hot shot defense attorney but you can get a capable , competent attorney to represent you in the investigation for cheap or even free. You may have to hit Google on your smart phone and make a few calls but there are more than enough lawyers in this country. Life is not fair and the scales are tilted, do not give them more to work with against you.

    10. Is there any counter tactic the feminists will employ to get us to say anything other than ” I have nothing to say , I request legal counsel” and “I do not know” ?
      What if the lawyer is a white knight and not on our side…what do we do then ? How do we identify if the lawyer is not on our side before it is too late ?

      1. If the lawyer is yours they have a duty to protect your interest ,and only your interest , by law. If they do not you complain to the state bar and their license will be jeopardy. Most lawyers will never risk this , because without a license you are no more than a JD and can no longer practice. If the lawyer does something improper , such as breaking lawyer client privilege, nothing from that behavior is admissible in court. The system is very strict on this issue.

    11. The Officer questioning you “wants” to be there it’s their job they get paid by the hour. They have interrogated 100s maybe 1000s of people they can or believe they can see right through you and are convinced of your guilt.
      They may not try to get you to talk they may have pen and paper and ask you to write an “apology” letter.
      The statements you give( spoken , written , typed , sign language ) will only be used against you , not to prove innocence.

    12. We are working on an app to deter false rape allegations and need someone to review it for legality.

  9. It’s fucked up how quickly the judicial ideal of “innocent until proven guilty” is out the window when dealing with a false rape case. Guilty until proven completely innocent is what really happens. And even if you do win the case and are vindicated, your reputation has been irreparably damaged due to the whims and fancies of some girl you fucked. Be careful brothers, the cards are stacked completely against us.

    1. The sad truth is you can get false accused by a woman you did not fuck. Look at the Duke Lacrosse case. No evidence that any of the men had sex with her much less raped her. One guy in that case was charged even after he proved he was in a different state at the time of the alleged rape. There are also plenty of cases where guys have been accused by women they have never even met. The system is designed for one thing; to put as many men as possible in jail.

      1. That case was disgusting, the accuser was disgusting, and the coverage was disgusting. Glad the prosecutor was disbarred.

  10. 24/7 surveillance, and little signs at every entry point. That way when she changes her mind and decides that she was raped, you can pull out the file of her riding you like a Bruhma bull while yelling, “Yes, yes, yes” and submit that as your proof – well give it to your attorney and let him work his magic – that is what you’ll pay him for. But check with an attorney on what is admissible in your state – each state varies and the more Feminist the state, the harder it is to get such evidence admissible. Remember, they (Feminists) don’t want the truth – they want to make it difficult for you to fight it.
    But I can say from experience, when you can show the video of her bouncing on you, when you’re on your back with your hands behind your head, that no one will call it rape, especially when she is yelling, “YES!” – except for the woman that is.
    Never say anything if questioned. Just clam up and request an attorney. Cops can edit anything you say so it looks bad – so just repeat, “I want an attorney.” Emulate a broken record.
    Of course, a video showing the events that you didn’t know anything about, could show up, even if it’s technically illegal to record such a video. There are usually ways of getting such information into court if you do it correctly – ask your attorney about a hypothetical situation where a video existed and how to get it admissible. I just mention for elucidation that there are wrist-watches that will record up to 4 hours of video and audio that one could sit on the night-stand facing the bed. Of course, having the lights on is definitely suggested for video, but the audio would work even in the dark. Hey, I’m just saying…

    1. As far as court goes video in a bedroom or bathroom is a usually a no no, even your own home. Any other room and you are all good. Cameras are so cheap now, it’s an inexpensive insurance policy with the extra benefit of reviewing your handy work like an athlete or performer reviewing his performance for ways to get better.

      1. I’d check what the penalty of “Illegally” filming someone is.
        It might be worth a misdemeanor charge to prove a rape claim is bullshit. Plus what DA would press charges and what jury would convict?

    1. The best revenge on a feminist is watching the world she created destroy her Beta, White Kight son.
      My Aunt is seeing that now with her 18 year old man-child.

      1. I’m the son. I’m not destroyed, but I have been significantly impeded, and I really fucking hate my parents for it.
        I understand I can’t expect strange women not to be feminists, but a child can expect their parents to be on their side. Anything different is treason if there ever was a thing that should be called that way.
        Such mothers (and feminist fathers) will never get it though. They chose the ideology to believe in that works best for their ego. They cannot chose to understand because it would destroy their self-image.

        1. I don’t even believe that my aunt was malicious. That doesn’t
          change the fact that my cousin is putting off joining the USMC (if he ever does) because mommy wants him to attend the 13th grade; Community College. I’ve told him several times “tell your mommy to fuck herself and man up”. Instead he chooses to fuck his hand while thinking of his 16 y/o Americunt sister’s friends who wont take his cock.

        2. Most women support feminists ideas even if they proclaim they are not feminists because, obviously, feminists’ ideas benefit them. They don’t support equality, if they did then they would admit they are wrong where they are.

        3. If you are going to community college go ahead and get your associates degree before you join the USMC so you can join as an officer. Make the best of your situation and start your military career in a leadership position. Good luck.

        4. Well, it’s a little late for that, I’m a man in his thirthies and also German. But thank you nonetheless. I’m doing fine now.

        5. An associates degree will not get you a commission. I was a military officer and know where of I am speaking.

    2. I too have sons and dread the impact on their lives. I have been abused by the barbwire dildo up the ass in divorce court. I have been maltreated for being male. I have survived. Things are getting worse. Will my sons be able to survive as the anti male actions get ratcheted up?

  11. Key phrases when dealing with cops (keep your tone in check):
    – am I being detained, officer?
    – I do not consent to this search (no matter what you may have in your trunk or your pockets )
    – I’ll need to speak with my lawyer
    Above all else, exercise your right to silence and say nothing. Also, in Canada, save for traffic stops, there is no requirement to identify yourself to police, you can and should decline to identify yourself. You have no idea what or why cops want to talk to you, assume you’re a suspect in any interaction with cops.

  12. The only thing I have issues with on RoK is when we get a unifying post on here is no one contributes. If this was” how a black man can avoid a rape accusation” these comments would be in the hundreds. No more race baiting , Jew baiting , or even Gay baiting we are all men and we all have so much in common like logic, fair play, and male competitiveness and aggression. We all respect science, the truth , and reality but we focus on what divides us, the three r’s Race, Religion, and Region. You are my brothers against this anti male tide that seeks to literally imprison us.I am going to make a conscious effort to respect all non troll posters and try to get some unity on this site. I am feeling Rand Paul for president and will never vote for Hillary, I love guns and self reliance, feminism is anti male anti logic and bullshit, prostitution gambling and drugs should be legal and should be taxed replacing the federal income tax, and fuck federal taxes for US citizens and only 15% tax for us corporations because they frequent our courts as dispute resolution. Everyone out there chime in and lets find our common ground.

    1. I’m pretty much with you. I can tolerate leftists in this particular sphere also to some extent, but people who think of races as teams get my blood boiling.

      1. I will admit I used to be a leftist and feminist sympathizer until it negatively affected me personally and I saw its destructive nature. Be patient with leftist people they, like myself , were indoctrinated at a very young age and given false reassurances as they grew up. For some it is like giving up religion. Remember , patience is a virtue.

    2. Atlanta man, I like your positivity, and I agree with a lot what you write.
      I see it as a way to get men fighting each other, to divide themselves. Like the colonial powers of old, you keep two tribes at war with each other, to allow a minority to keep control over everything. Look at the Belgian Congo, or Rwanda as we know it today. Or the British raj in India. Or Democrat and republican right now.
      A lot of red pill guys don’t go deep enough, they don’t completely see through all of the illusions, and they get hung up on skin or creed, when these things mean little in the grand scheme. Were all men, we all shit eat sleep and die the same.

      1. I try to be like Magic Johnson’s HIV test, positive. Little humor to lighten the mood of such a dark subject.

  13. I was falsely accused once, of “trying to rape” as a college student living on campus. In the end she got caught lying, there was video of her leaving my apartment laughing and smiling, so the investigation never got past campus security. Nevertheless, this was the scariest day of my life and proved to be an event that impacted me deeply. At 19 years old you just aren’t able to handle that kind of trauma.
    Even though I was cleared, she would still go around telling people “he tried to rape me!” I would get dagger eyes from girls on residence all the time. I felt like the campus rapist. A year later, I was seeing a freshman girl and it was going really well. Until someone told her about the accusation. That was the end of our relationship. At 20, it was a crushing blow.
    I became afraid of women. I remember I had a girl over at my place, I knew she liked me, we were watching TV on my bed but I was too scared to make a move. I worried that if I somehow misread the situation and I got accused a second time, it would look like a pattern to investigators and my credibility would be shot. We laugh about how feminists want us to “ask for consent” in the heat of the moment, but I was so scared that I was unable to seize the moment. I actually wanted to ask permission before trying to kiss a girl.
    There were other effects too. Anytime I went to a restaurant or into a store in that college town, especially with another girl or coworkers, I would quickly scan the place to make sure this girl wasn’t there. I was terrified of a potential scene. Even when my parents came to visit, I remember declining their invitation to take me out to a restaurant. I worried we’d run into her. I probably hurt my parents by not going, they drove three hours to see me, but I didn’t want to expose them to a potentially nasty situation.
    I didn’t really heal until two years later, when I spent a summer living in Europe, far away from this mess. I was able to start with a clean slate, build friendships with girls and realize, that yeah, I’m not a bad person, I’m normal.
    I’m in my late 20s now, I’ve recovered. Reading about this subject on the manosphere helps too. It was a difficult experience. It lead to to a lot of self-doubt, insecurity and a bit of depression too. I don’t wish it on any man.

    1. You are among friends here brother, you are free you are not a rapist , and you are a righteous man. you are not a rapist you are a victim of an unjust system that seeks to demonize normal heterosesxual behavior. You are understood here not ostracized. Stay mentally strong and focused , you are not the problem, not by a long shot.

    2. You are lucky to have been able to rebuild. These feminists are responsible for your pain- they are the ones who create the space for false accusers to thrive. The woman who did this should be in prison. The law should state that false accusers do the same time that the defendant would have done if convicted. I don’t know what I can tell you except to look for more respectful women and avoid sluts.

    3. I can so relate to this. Even though I was never actually accused of rape (only stalking, which was also completely fabricated), the fear of being accused inhibited to make any move on a girl before my twenties.
      That’s why I’m here, basically. It is *so* liberating to see a bunch of guys who laugh at the rape accusations. Forget PUA, forget self-improvement, hell forget sex – just the knowledge that there is a growing number of men (and only the opinions of men count in the end), that just don’t give a damn any more about rape accusations and so take that power away from women takes weights off my shoulder.

    4. Reading through this I wonder if I am a free man today because the accuser was such a moron. Pretty sure the cops thought the story was pretty fishy to begin with before they ever talked to me.
      I talked to the cops, I thought “I will tell the cops…I am innocent, I am a good person” ultimately if I hadn’t been able to pull-up my locations, when we first met, etc I would have been screwed. I had known the accuser for a week but the story she told was that we had met six weeks prior and I had started to abuse her then, pushed her down the stairs, lie after lie. She was charged with filing a false police report. I showed up at court that day to testify against her but the DA dropped the charge and added “you are lucky we didn’t charge you with rape”. WTF? She recanted everything except the rape accusation (I would suspect on her lawyer’s advice).
      I keep a close eye on her by knowing where she works so I don’t run into her, not because I am embarrassed but because of the two weeks of hell I went through I would likely do something stupid.

    5. This is absolutely appalling to think that a young man like yourself had to basically live in fear of his own urges and couldn’t enjoy his life because some cunt wanted some drama or attention. Absolute fucking bullshit is what it is. I’m almost out of academia, but think about the guys who are just entering that hellscape in the millions. It’s only going to get worse.

    6. Some girl that was trying to date my friend spread the rumors that I had tried to do something to her. Couple that with me having broken up with my gf for certain(because we were on and off), one of my good friends dying in an accident, my mother finding she had cancer almost at stage 4(very lucky) and me getting kicked off the country because some dumb ass from the government forgot to send the correct papers back to me.
      It is crumbling. At some point you even believe that you did something wrong. They make you believe you are the bad guy. Most people will turn their backs on you and if you have some people that will look past that then you have found real friends.
      There is no win. Women in college can destroy your reputation and life in seconds without any damage to them…. WELCOME TO EQUALITY!!!!
      Funny that it had to happen to me to open my eyes. Then the red pill has never felt more enlightening.
      I even became afraid of going to class but good thing int times like that I always thought “at some point people supported Hitler…. people are idiots… carry on”. Stand strong.

    7. Sorry to hear what happened. I have some idea of that fear (not because I’ve been accused of anything), but that laws all around the world are becoming more ‘female-friendly’ and definitely anti-male. Its pathetic to see what these kind of women do to fulfil their drama and fantasies. I certainly hope you’re better, and we’re all behind you.

    8. Your response is precisely what feminists want to happen to men. To think that, at baseline, you’re doing something criminal, while women, at baseline, are beyond reproach. That’s why laws implicitly focused on putatively gender based crimes are written the way they are.
      I’m glad you were able to heal from that experience. Not sure I would have.

  14. And Hell will have no fury like a white man falsely accused of raping a black.
    Remember D.K. Swan the and Duke LaCross team?

    1. When the Duke case went down I was still in law school taking criminal procedure. The day the accusers picture came out I knew for sure they did not do it. When I said that in class, the feminist girls in my class pounced. I tried to explain that a woman that unattractive would not be sexually assaulted by upper class and upper middle class white educated men. They said something I will never forget ” rape is not about sex it is about power”. I laughed out loud , until I realized they were serious. I tried to explain rape is about sex and they had a shit fit. The rest of the class they, women, tried to lecture me, a fucking man, about men’s sexual motivation. Mind fucking boggling…

      1. Wow bro! You have balls. I kept my mouth shut and my head down for three years while in Law School. I knew I was surrounded by femiNazis who could have me blackballed at any minute. Mind you, my school was considered CONSERVATIVE. Law school was traumatizing enough without the PC Police putting a bounty on your head.

        1. I was falsely accused prior to law school so I spoke up kind of reflexively. It is worth noting that not one other man took my position or helped defend it. I actually told one the girls that you had to go to college to say something as stupid as” rape is about power not sex”. She did not laugh.

    2. Like I’ve been saying before, false rape accusations are the shameful legacy from the Deep South USA, from 19th Century SWFs that had been telling Ku Klux Klan members to LYNCH innocent black men SWFs treated as their living sex toys to the Duke Lacrosse team.

        1. Wow, another 4chan meme. Ironically, “moot”, 4chan owner, doesn’t have the balls to admit the stereotype how “Americans are necro for zombies” pervade.

  15. ROK: the last place I expected to see a GIF of The Doctor. That said, The Doctor rules, especially Ten.

  16. 1. Check your state law on video taping. Do you need both parties consent? Just one?
    2. If you need both parties to concent, get on of those “CCTV” signs like you see on the door of the 7-11
    3. Put a camera in your bedroom and don’t fuck anywhere but there.
    She’ll have a hard time telling the world she was raped when the video of her screaming “Fuck me in the ass” and riding a cock is rolling in the courtroom for her the judge, DA, her father& preacher, and NOW to see.

  17. This is really just good legal advice in general. The second a detective brings you in for questioning he will try to act like he’s on your side and get you to give him damning evidence for yourself. Even if you are innocent, shut your fucking mouth. The words “am I free to go?” and if no, then “I want a lawyer” should be really the only thing that comes out of your mouth before getting any legal counsel. Ever. End of story.

  18. VERY good advice. Talking to the authorities NEVER helps — only hurts. Exercise your constitutional rights not to supply evidence against yourself and to be represented by legal counsel…..ALWAYS.

  19. Another clever trick they will use is to have a video camera setup that you assume is turned off when in fact it’s on. The only words you should say are:
    ” I want to speak to my lawyer”
    That’s it, nothing more and don’t ever think because they haven’t said they have turned the video camera on that it’s off or one that’s hidden.
    Even having proof she’s a liar don’t think for a second they will let you go. There is absolutely NO SENSE in saying anything but that.

  20. Blaming feminism for all this is like trying to deal with a symptom of a disease which marches merrily on… the problem are women, especially ones not calling themselves “feminists”. They do not lift a finger or object to how their men are, or can be treated, unfairly and wrongly in this system. Understand that women, even the so called “good ones” couldn’t care less about you or your futures, just what you can do for them. Perhaps some minimal exceptions exist but you should accept this as the rule.
    No woman or sex is worth this hell. I can count on one hand over the last 25 years the number of women who didn’t suck in bed. Why risk everything for sex (mostly not that great) with someone who is basically a child facing no consequences for their egregious and disgusting behavior.

    1. “the problem are women, especially ones not calling themselves “feminists” They do not lift a finger or object to how their men are, or can be treated,
      unfairly and wrongly in this system.”
      True, when it comes to actions in real life, from my experience, no woman cares, not even the *non-feminists*, not even *professional* therapists or lawyers (women).

  21. This is much how my false-DV accusation went. There’s still the occasional bit of fallout from the SJW crowd. On the plus side? I got rid of my one remaining fear: prison.
    Unpleasant? Yes. But there are worse things in the world.

  22. Make sure you state your desire for counsel unequivocally: “I WANT A LAWYER” or “I NEED MY LAWYER PRESENT” or “I WILL NOT SPEAK WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY PRESENT.”
    SCOTUS has actually upheld the use of confession evidence to convict when the statement is posed as a question or possibility, like “maybe I should get a lawyer,” “do I need a lawyer,” or even “I think I might need a lawyer.”

    1. Nice foul mouthed broad. How feminine. How ladylike. Are you too illiterate to express yourself without obscenities?

  23. Always be nice in the morning, and text your date that day, say she was great, and ask her if she enjoyed herself.
    Then save her reply.
    Not good game, but it can save your ass.

  24. Women need to be tossed in prison for this garbage. This is the most evil of all the “politically correct victimizations” because it mocks those who have truly been victimized. I feel so badly for men. If ANY bitch EVER does this to my son, I will be the one in prison.

  25. This video suggests that only 2-8% of rape is a false accusation…how do I rebuttal this fact ?

    1. Wikipedia’s page on false rape accusations has any number of studies putting the rate much, much higher than 8%. As it is, 8% itself is nothing to sniff at. That’s close to 1 in every 10.

  26. Why on earth do women think its okay to make life ruining, false allegations against a man?

  27. I believe that when American law enforcement use protocol perversions and semantics games to manufacture the false statistic that only 2% of rape accusations are false, when the truth is the percentage of false accusations is a multiple of this 2% number, they are in fact manufacturing unconstitutional statistics.

  28. I am not surprised that you need to provide this sort of advice to men.

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