Use The “One Strike” Rule To Improve Your Dating Life

When you are interacting with women, and in particular with a new woman who you’ve just met, you must think carefully, decide how much you are willing to put up with, and ensure that you are not being taken for a ride.

I would like to propose you adopt the “one strike” rule—that is, a rule that states you cut a new woman off immediately as soon as she makes a mistake or does something that pisses you off. Perhaps this seems unduly harsh, but I believe in today’s dating market there are good reasons for guys to adhere to it strictly.

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Men should not put up with flakey behaviour. It’s annoying, it can be emotionally bruising, but worst of all it’s time consuming. That thirty minutes you spent waiting for a girl to turn up for your first date would have been better spent reading a book, sending out invoices for your business, or working on other prospects.

The fact is that we are often blinded by women’s beauty to such an extent that we forget what our real priorities are—ourselves, our livelihoods, and our health. Woman should be there primarily as a form of entertainment: the dessert, rather than the main course.

A while ago I met a hot Moldovan girl on the subway in London. We got chatting and I elicited her phone number pretty easily. If you’ve ever met a girl from Moldova then you’ll know how hot they can be, and this one — I’ll call her Veronica — certainly didn’t disappoint. With long dark hair, a round, doll-like face and an intriguingly curvy body beneath her tight grey stretch-dress she was exactly my type, and an eight at least on my scale.

We went out for drinks. Using my now trademarked ‘date’ formula, I got her back to my place and all but naked pretty easily. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, she didn’t want to go the whole way that night and so I was unable to seal the deal. Actually, that was fine with me—I was tired, had work the next day and was more than happy to call it a night.

The other thing is that quite frequently girls of Russian or Moldovan extraction are less than willing to give up the goods so soon. But had I taken my own advice, I should have cut her off there and then. The issue was not so much that she had not slept with me—which was fine—but more that she had given me blue balls all night and kept me up late for no purpose.


The problem is that girls can be a narcotic if you’re not careful. Take one hit and you want to smoke the whole pipe, so to speak. Against my better judgement I agreed to meet Veronika for another drink. After hanging around for nearly twenty minutes it became apparent that she wasn’t going to turn up.

Sure enough, an hour later when I was back home I received a message from her asking if I was still out. Despite her extreme tardiness, she had actually expected me to still be there waiting for her.

I got taken for a sucker. It happens, even after many years in game. Unfortunately things sometimes don’t gel with a particular girl, or logistics don’t work out, or she’ll turn out to have been a time waster all along. It’s just the way things are. Of course, as soon as I received that last text message I deleted her phone number and never spoke to her again. The lesson is that I should have done it sooner after the blue balls incident in my room.

If a woman is difficult and unforthcoming at the beginning, then you can be sure as hell that things will only get worse as your interaction continues, whether it be over days, weeks or months. Save yourself the trouble and employ the one strike rule—ditch her early so you can work on other prospects.

Remember that one of the cornerstones of game is developing a sense of abundance. Ideally you will have other girls on the go who you can use as substitutes, but if you don’t, remember how many billions of women there are in the world apart from her.

Life is too short, and time too precious to hold on to a prospect that is clearly bad from the start when there are many other out there just waiting for you to approach them.

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292 thoughts on “Use The “One Strike” Rule To Improve Your Dating Life”

  1. Solid advice. Failure to follow this is the source of a lot of wasted time that adds up over the years. Learn from my mistakes and take this to heart: (1) Don’t take any shit; (2) If something feels wrong, it usually is; and (3) Develop the confidence to know when to walk away.
    The most powerful negotiation position is simply walking away. But the thing is, you’ve got to mean it. You’ve got to get to the point where you really don’t give a shit. And that can take some time.

    1. This is so true. NEVER put up with any bullshit. Walk away, throw them out, and don’t answer them again.

      1. I take a lot of satisfaction in telling them to fuck off. For a woman, a rejection is much harder to take than for a man, regardless the circumstances.

        1. I don’t think it’s much harder for a woman, she just opens her legs and get over you fucking 10 guys in less than a month if she wants to. I believe rejection is hard for both parties, it’s human nature afterall. When you feel rejected, the harddest part of it is realizing that you are not “accepted” anymore by someone and that their POV about you changed. Your ego is hurt and the brain processes the information by bringing in sadness, anger and all sorts of negative emotions. It becomes such a big deal because of all the bullshit we have learned since we were kids aka it’s important to be social and behave in certain ways so that we are accepted by society. This is all bullshit, remember that at the end of the day it’s just you and yourself, you are the priority and time is your best ressource.

        2. Rejection is crushing to a woman. The next woman that tries to have sex with you… tell her to take a hike. Then sit back, grab some popcorn and watch the hysterics…

        3. Haha word!
          When women want sex from guys she can get it anytime, but for us men nothing is ever certain. So when a woman is mentally prepared to have sex with you and you reject her she will get mad because she is the gate-keeper to sex – she opened the gate to sex but you just pissed on the fence and went home. Women cant handle rejections haha. Hysterics is the only word to explain this.

        4. You think women fuck 10 guys within even a year, let alone a months time of breaking up with you?
          What the fuck women are you dealing with?
          I think this might be your problem son…?

        5. Why not just fuck her…?
          You sound like you would prefer to interrogate and torture a woman if the opportunity for sexual encounter presents itself?
          Do you think most guys on this site feel like that as well?

        6. It’s a possibility, if she opens her legs guys will rush to her, simple as that. My point is that it’s much harder for a guy to get out of a bad breakup especially with the oneitis trap.
          PS: I have no problem with women, we are all dealing with the same women, AWALT.

        7. Disrespect in any way shape or form. Not as a man, just as a human being. It’s called equality. Exactly what you guys wanted all along.

        8. The key word being IF she opens her legs. Which begs the question one must ask oneself – why would I even suspect my woman would do such a thing?
          The problem with game is women follow the age old rule of easy come easy go.
          Women worth having in your life and raising children with and being a real man with don’t fall for game. They need MUCH higher and more dynamic levels of intelligence and sexuality from a man to convince themselves to even date you.
          High quality women with great genes (however you rate genes, I’m a bum man myself but obedience is highly valued in my household) instinctively know they are a ‘great’ investment and will make sure they get the best on their partnerships.
          Funnily enough this is why you see some fine women with gawky looking guys. It’s not game – thats for picking up scared and isolated foreign students and self destructive daddies girls in bars or else ware.

        9. In a woman’s head, she is a Goddess who does whatever the fuck she wants whenever she wants it. So, it’s not hard for a woman to take no for an answer, it’s Excruciating.

        10. I disagree. She won’t go fuck 10 other guys just over that (unless she’s a real slut). It doesn’t work the same. The more they slut around the more they lower their own value. You don’t double down..

        11. Do you fuck every woman just because you can/because they are horny? Even if they are unattractive borderline-crazy pill-eating sluts? I dont. But we are all different, whatever floats your boat. Just because the woman wants to get fucked doesn’t mean that I am willing/want to fuck her.

        12. So a woman you do not find attractive who herself finds you sexually enticing should be told to take a hike whilst you gather together the popcorn to watch the hysterics?
          Are you so flustered by the rarity of that scenario that you can’t help but frantically humiliate her because she was weird enough to find you attractive?
          This site really brings out the resentment towards women…
          Other scenario – woman wants to fuck you, you find her attractive and have been frequenting game websites to build your confidence and capability, and you tell her to take a hike in order to eat popcorn and watch the hysterics?
          I don’t find myself around crazy pill eating sluts and I’m wondering where you have encountered these women and under what circumstances?
          But nice attempt at passive aggression there.

        13. “In a womans head”
          You’ve never been in a womans head.
          WTF are you talking about.
          This attitude is why you’ve never been in a womans head – in any sense.

        14. Well I feel for the protection of my anal virginity I had better convince you that I am a woman.
          Yeah that will keep you away won’t it?

        15. What I believe matters not young fuck.
          Tell me your beliefs and I will do a fair trade with you like a real man.

        16. You think I’m a woman and you use the word guy’s to describe me?
          Do you really think that women are equal? Or have you noticed the massive tits and lack of penis?
          I know men you wouldn’t dare tell to fuck off. Even if they were cuckolding your wife.
          So this is not equal treatment – just opportunistic ResentVenge.

        17. Ma’am, considering your overreaction (typical thing from a woman) I’d say that I have hit a nerve in your fragile mind. Nevertheless, it’s always fun to have some women and manholes from time to time on this forum.

        18. What are you trying to bait us into saying here? What exactly are you “shopping” for? We don’t what we want when we want with women, same as they do. It’s obviously become a game now that everybody should be playing anyway.

        19. “So a woman you do not find attractive who herself finds you sexually
          enticing should be told to take a hike whilst you gather together the
          popcorn to watch the hysterics?”
          – Yes of course. I dont do it because I like the drama, I only do it because i dont want to fuck her. Simple as that. But I know that she will go crazy after I reject her, but thats not my problem.
          Just because she gets rejected doesnt mean that someone want to humiliate her, its clearly not the same thing right?
          Your other scenario – I wouldnt waste my time on gaming women just because I want to reject them…
          Haha, if think that everyone has a story when they found that the woman they fucked or were going to fuck turned out too be not 100% mentally stable. I was over exaggerating with the pills and borderline stuff, but I think you know what I ment.

        20. He’s too fucked up on pills to notice. I don’t even think he knows where he is right now…

        21. I’ve been having a dry spell of recent times, not because of quantity but quality. Surrounded by a sea of 5s and I can’t bring myself to settle for any of them. I can’t help it I’m a shallow bastard. But it ain’t just about the 5s who think their 8s.
          As I’ve matured I just can’t put up with self absorbed self decieving self entitled bitches with ‘personality disorders’, IMO a flimsy psychological term coined for women suffering from the dissapointment in the promises of feminism that never came to fruition, and in fact often deliverIng the opposite intended .
          It makes me think back to when an ex was chatting to me about the break up of her first marriage. She went out riding the cock carousel every weekend as catharsis for her divorce blues. I asked her if she enjoyed herself and she replied in a dissapointed and dejected tone that she went over to her mothers the following morning after each encounter.
          Apparently every time her mother opened the door to greet her, she fell into her arms and sobbed full of remorse. According to her this carried on for months until she realised as a woman she needed emotional connection and commitment with her lovers, or ‘love’ as it’s commonly known.
          Unfortunately, she has an appalling track record (she’s a cock hungry slut suited to casual encounters with red pill players)) and has been unable to remain monogamous throughout her life. Even when she was with me I constantly steered us in the direction of an open relationship, but she still insisted on monogamy and giving ‘us’ a chance.
          After I eventually yielded against my better judgement (Even now I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking…might have been to shut her up) and relatiionship preferences of that time, and embraced monogamy. She almost immediately found a bit on the side! It was game over for me and like most healthy human beings I need clear boundaries and trust in them, whatever the bloody relationship set up.
          Of course I asked her ‘Why the fuck did you not just take my offer of an open relationship?’. I reminded her it suited both of us and that she had blown it all for nothing. Her answer again was that she needed emotional connection and commitment to sleep with a guy!
          Confused?! So was fuckin’ I, until after more of the same shared experience of men in our culture I realised that that is what most western women are these days. Content to live complete and utter fuckin’ lies under some pretext of whatever comes to mind. Hence why on the contrary to the psychological condition cited earlier I prefer the term ‘Morality Disorder’.
          Incidentally what I class as unavailable i.e married women are creeping up on my sexual horizons at the moment. They all seem to be hinting at cheating on their partners but it has never been my bag. But what still staggers yet no longer baffles me is how they can talk about their loving husbands and still flirt outrageously with you all under one breath.

        22. I’m still laughing, men throw temper tantrums in the form of entire websites when women won’t sleep with them. Lest we forget that one boy who went on a shooting spree because women didn’t throw themselves at him. How the fuck do you justify thinking men deal with rejection well???

        23. What rejection dude? I am the one rejecting on the first screw up. Fucking an-alphabet. You can’t even read.

        24. Women just aren’t used to rejection because they rarely have to do the approaching… because guys approach them they aren’t ever in contact with guys that aren’t interested.

    2. Since time is your greatest resource (you will never have more of it) you owe it to yourself to be selfish with your time. Flakes are a complete waste of your time and money and they don’t care.
      Dump them.

      1. “Since time is your greatest resource (you will never have more of it)”
        I don’t agree
        The average lifespan according to actuarial statistics for life insurance companies for men is 80(but this is before massive trends in health/technology/biotech/fitness) the average life span continues its upward spiral through capitalism and health
        The ability to actually look inside of our bodies and understand them will lead to an inevitable biotechnology revolution for products which actually work, creating tens of trillions we have all the time in the world now
        365 x 80 = 29,200
        But it’s likely to increase to around 50,000 days by mid century due to genomic data and development of anti-aging drugs combined with the knowledge of how to slow aging
        aging is a very, very slow process meaning, it happens at a rate that is not noticeable of 1/29,200th of your lifespan a day, personally i have an aggressive program i created for myself by studying all known men in the fitness world known to have expired in their late 90’s especially jack lalanne,( a genius who was ahead of his time)
        the idea is that we’ll live long enough to live forever once we are like great oak trees regularly living to a century with minimal decline of health, it will be possible to live indefinitely within the next 5 decades
        Once we are able to understand the aging process, which in my understanding and research as a hobby, is around 10 different staple things, we will be able to slow each specific thing by around 50%
        Since we half the rate of aging, we will end up living minimum of 160 years, think iam joking? We’re close to being able to see and understand what is happening inside of our biology, and with that real-time knowledge will come the power to actively see and stop disease at the point which our rate of cellular aging is very very slow
        I do everything i can personally right now to slow down the process and i suggest you do the same

        1. we will be around for a very very long time(everyone reading this comment), because we are men and we do not retreat in the face of cowardice and biological expiration, we fight back with science! we out innovate our own death until it’s death that itself is dead, this is humanities mission of the century, according to all of the tech billionaires so i guess they must be crazy too?
          the goal for humanity this century is to enable the indefinite lifespan, and also to properly organize the carrying capacity of the planet with abundance/solar energy so that we do not destroy it, we are also going into space and living in apartments above the earth within year 2100 but the electromagnetic anti-gravity technology does not currently exist, hence we are unable to
          basically, nano particles will be floating around our bloodstreams and an electromagnetic field will be generated on these space cities, so that we experience the effects of gravity
          Biology is just a complex nano-system in which aging exists, aging itself is a stupid process, and it stays in a static state for a very long time(yeah 80 years), we are in the early stages of understanding why this system falls apart and are rapidly gaining within 15 years, we will be adding more than a year every year to our remaining life expectancies, as we further slow aging and solve disease, there simply runs out of things to expire us and so we end up living many centuries
          thats right, we are going to enter the age in which has happened the “death of death” to which iam dedicated
          hang on to your seats fellas, we’re in for a very, very long ride! (if your under 60 and in good shape)
          no longer will we be “dust in the wind” but exponentially more beautiful stars, since time will be unlimited we will have unlimited time to extend our beauty

    3. I rarely hear point two mentioned. Men need to trust their instincts. In every single instance my instincts have been right with women, despite the fact I often tried to construct a rational argument to contradict these instincts. Human instinct is the reason we are here today, after all.

      1. Me too. Literally every single time my initial instincts were right after all. I used to try to find concrete proof my instincts were right. You know, innocent until proven guilty type shit, rather than view a bit of circumstantial behavior & evidence, which is your gut telling you something about what you’re observing. The biggest mistakes manifested in turning what should have been fuck buddies into mini-relationships or worse yet, LTRs.

        1. if you want the marriage experience, find a woman you hate, then buy her a house!

      2. Instincts are bullshit, I still can’t predict the stock market
        You dont need a hunch, just go by the classic rule
        “most of the people most of the time, but not all of the people all of the time”
        …and then there are no surprises

        1. OH tell us about the instincts of the Spartans in all it’s glory why don’t you?
          Was it you that said they had bigger Kawx as well?

        2. Instincts are subconscious but have a rationality all their own. Emotions are similar. If you can understand the subconscious logic then it is easier to use instinct and emotions to your advantage consciously rather than letting them control you.

        3. That was the most desperate Omega Male statement I’ve read on ROK and thats saying something.

        4. I’m a tournament poker player and find what we call ‘Instinct’ very reliable. I think instinct consists of the parts of the brain recieving and processing certain signals below conscious awareness…maybe signs or tells we’ve learnt through experience but no longer need to remain conscious of to use.
          It’s much more rational and explainable than fuckin’ Cosmopolitan or New Age Monthly makes out with its feminine intuition crap. A sort of learning process ending in unconscious competence if you think of the psychological model of Joharis Window.
          I always pay attention to a persons ‘vibe’ when I first meet them. People often say ‘trust your gut’…I prefer to say I trust my experience. After all if I make the wrong decisions while playing cards it costs me money. I have to get it right, and this certainly applies to vetting women as well.

        5. Don’t be an idiot, you aren’t born with stock market instincts. You are born with social instincts, use it!

        1. No. But its the same thing – Your brain is trying to protect you from harm. When your instincts kick in around women who are your plates/LTRs your brain is picking up on subtleties in your interaction with them and is telling you to GTFO of that situation and 90% of the time you’d be best off doing just that.

        2. Well evolutionary thought (which I don’t believe btw) has the idea that men instinctively are terrified by women they find attractive and even more so by women they REALLY like.
          They think this is due to our ancestors mate rivalry behaviour in that an attractive woman very often had multiple suitors meaning a fight for her.
          The resulting fight would inevitably end in death for one opponent.
          As far as you deep limbic brain is concerned an attractive woman is a serious liability.
          It’s certainly true that women you love can have the EXACT same effect on you as catching a glimpse of someone trying to kill you does (I’ve known both but not in equal measure…).
          Watch what your heart rate does, and your stomach and thought pattern next time.
          It a fight or flight response in it’s truest.

        3. I had a theory (with emphasis on the “had”) that the most attractive women intimidate most men, so if you hit on them and keep a polite frame, you don’t really have that much competition. That seemed to work in the 90s but with the proliferation of game and women becoming more dating savvy it doesn’t seem to apply anymore, at least in North America.

        4. Yeah but women don’t just go with you because your the first guy to approach her.
          They have to be attracted to and impressed by you. To a high degree.

        5. Well duh. I was just saying there was not as much competition as you might expect and I ended up dating some rather gorgeous women.

        6. Fear of approach and that gut instinct telling you something is wrong are two different things.

      3. If your gut tells,you she’s a liar,closet bitch,cheater or discrete slut – your gut is right. Good for a bang but not
        good for a relationship. Next!
        For LTR a man wants a sweet,feminine,wholesome girl

        1. Just make sure you guys wrap it up in those cases. I was an idiot once when I was a young dipshit and paid the price with pain none of you SOBs want to experience so never forget that one because they certainly won’t tell you.
          Oh, and before someone asks, thank God for Penicillin.

        2. assume every girl is a slut and a mudshark. its up to her to prove otherwise— beyond a reasonable doubt.

      4. Intuition not instinct, instincts are complex inborn behaviors with nest building in birds being an example.

        1. I remember when my first ever relationship was coming to an end and she branch swung for someone with higher SMV than me. Something inside me knew it was coming weeks before it eventually happened. Maybe my instincts are better than most.

    4. Not only do you not take shit and follow your own masculine instincts confidently, but know that women need and more powerfully WANT to be spanked. They need it. And they are the way they are increasingly because most men won’t spank them.
      Whether that spanking is walking away, scolding her, or smacking her Sean Connery style, just know that women truly love it when a man owns them and doesn’t take shit. I’ve literally driven off on a chick after calling her cunt to her face, only to have her begging for my cock afterwards.
      This, my friends, is the real secret to to why 50 Shades of Gray was so popular with the ladies.

      1. This is absolutely true. Women love to be put in their place, pretty much like little kids. I remember having a very harsh argument with a girl I used to date, I talked to her like shit and at some point couldn’t take one more of her words so I told her to shut the fuck up, took her by the arm and made her leave right away. Guess what the next morning she came back to my appartment, literally jumped on me at the door and asked me to fuck her as hard as I could. She was wearing her nicest lingerie and gave me a fantastic blowjob. After we were done she whispered in my ear that I was the first MAN that ever did this to her and that more guys should MAN up and stop acting like pussies. They love being treated this way, they are secretly craving for it, they want to be manhandled, thrown around bed and spanked.

      2. I totally agree.
        Women will still test you by way of the police though since they do not think logically.

    5. “1) Don’t take any shit”
      -THIS. It’s amazing how few attractive women have actually been called on their shit. So many supplicating betas, fighting to lick the dog shit off the bottom of their boots. When you call these girls on their shit, many are shocked.
      I have done this several times and the result is always the same – the girl ends up falling for me even harder. The presence of a spine does something to a women, making her realize that she is finally in the presence of a man. Somebody that values that most elusive of elements in the world – pride.
      By that time though, I am already gone. If she cannot play right from the opening pitch, then it’s back down to the minor leagues for her. Way too many women in the world to rebuild a broken girl, or one not wise enough to know what is up.

      1. I found that women are capable of taking insults and demeaning remarks better than men. This is because of how women are raises and men are raised separately. In high school men fight with fists and intimidation, women fought with words so you can damn know women can take and dish words
        Women do not have respect for women that can’t fight with word or take it, and their viewpoint in men is no different. A man that can’t take verbal abuse or deal it back is seen as weak and submissive. Manginas have fragile egos and try to find a way to satisfy their women but what the woman wants is a strong opposition and dominance
        A mangina that is friendzoned is treated similarly to a gay accessory friend or another girlfriend

        1. Arguing with a woman is pointless and as productive as arguing with a child. Giving them a quick jibe if they are rude to you is perfectly fine, but as far as fighting a battle with words with a female, I think it just makes the man lose frame and look vulnerable.

      2. I’ve done this by accident years ago before I was exposed to the game concept. Just out of sheer exasperation back in my early 20’s.
        The results weren’t dissimilar to your own. Was too ignorant & raw at
        the time to analyze & realize this should be a conscious driven act based on my own self respect. As the article confirms.

        1. Same thing here. I found out by accident.
          What amazes me are the lifelong betas. Even after being shown time and time again that supplicating does not work, they continue to try their hand at it.

        2. For some, the Stockholm Syndrome is too hard wired. Perhaps it follows Einstein’s definition of insanity. Making the same moves & expecting a different outcome every time. Some men just don’t learn.

      3. Actually I’m not surprised about the attractive ones. Men are, generally, highly attracted to looks, and a hot girl has it made in life. What blows my mind is the number of slightly overweight or frumpy girls that have never been called on their shit.

        1. What blows my mind is “back when” fat girls had to have a good personality. Why? Because they were fat.
          Today, so many men placating to these fatties have left them with an entitled attitude (that is until they run into me).

    6. Keeping drama as minimal as possible rather than a build up could be a way to keep crazy ex girlfriends away

    7. I’m glad you said this Quintus. I was seeing this Hungarian chick recently. We went out a couple times but I felt like “something was wrong”. I started to organise a third date with her but my instincts were sounding alarm bells. I was in mid-text conversation with her about getting together but then I just thought “you know what? Fuck it!” and stopped responding.
      I have wasted too much time with women in the past to continue doing it in the present and future.

    8. My policy is always that I consider them “done” in my mind after one strike and will not contact them again, but if they make it up to me, I am perfectly willing to forget it and move forward. This has never happened however haha. I’m thinking in the future I need to spell it out for them. “Hey, too bad you flaked on me tonight. You could always make it up to me with a nice home cooked meal” or something similar…
      The last 2 times, one was a 26 year old thin mixed race lawyer from Bermuda with a 13 year old daughter (egads!) but super hot. We had a couple of dates, kissed, then she flaked and forgot about a party we were going to. I was expecting she would set the next date to make things up but she did not. Girl #2 was a younger, half Asian fun girl who I hung out a couple of times with, she told her friends and mine how much she really liked me, we had plans to go to a festival and a couple days before I touched base and she said she forgot, and something came up, she had to go to some event with her friend, and I said oh well, too bad you’ll miss it since we made our plans first, well she didn’t come and never contacted me to make things up either (in fairness I probably didn’t show girl #2 enough interest, but nevertheless, she should have done something)
      I don’t think they even realize they were acting flakey half the time, and so many guys put up with it they probably think the problem is that YOU suddenly decided to stop pursuing her. So I’m going to try explicitly telling them hey that was dumb of you to flake out and forget our date, what you gonna do to make it up? You literally have nothing to lose at that point, so why not?

    9. Working from a position of abundance lets you practise these points, but I tend to do them in reverse: I know when to walk away, especially when something feels wrong, and after I’ve done this I thank myself for having avoided often very avoidable shit.
      When I walk away, I mean it — I prefer to stay “on mission” when I’m in that mindset, and any diversions had better be interesting or otherwise worth the time …
      If I’m “playing tourist”, the sights had better be worth the bother.

  2. Seems fair. Women won’t let most men even step in the batter’s box, much less give them a pitch to hit. Most pussy is worth one strike, and that’s about it. Remember, you control commitment, and she’s responsible for her behavior.

  3. If you find the one strike rule hard, be constantly busy.
    Recently I had an attractive, 21/yo girl giving me several major IOI’s and she just stopped responding to my messages. When I was younger I would have been more bothered and probably would have been on PUA forums and YouTube figuring out how to get her where I wanted to be. I was pissed for a few minutes but I don’t care. It’s a minor annoyance.
    Because I’m constantly busy. I’m just about to finish a degree, I’m handing my business over and I have a shit ton of projects I’m working on. If that wasn’t enough I have been in constant self-improvement overdrive for the last six months and I’m moving to London permanently in a few months.

    1. I’m the same way now.
      I see all these suckers like ‘I need to text her something witty!’ ‘I need to make her laugh!’ ‘I need to run my game properly!’
      It’s like fuck, just ignore the bitch. theyre not worth it. The only way to succeed is to completely not care.

      1. Yes this is the fucked thing, women rather a man who doesn’t give a fuck and shows marginal caring at best. showing too much interest scares off the girl

    2. For King Crimson along with your comment I give you an up vote and a tip of the hat. Most of the “Crimos” (Crimson fans) attending their concerts are other musicians who go there to learn the true meaning of “shock and awe.”

      1. I grew up listening to them, amazingly talented and underrated band but everywhere I’ve ever had the Schizoid Man as my avatar, people have recognised it. When my dad chucked his vinyl I gained original pressings of In the Court of the Crimson King, In the Wake of Poseidon and Lizard, but the Crimson King trumps them all and is up there with Led Zep IV and Dark Side of the Moon as the best albums of that era.

    1. if a guy has got good game and she still is making excuses or not putting out by playing stupid games….then its bye bye.
      too many bitches out there who are ready to fuck and they are hot as well.
      besides….Time is more than money these days

  4. Just inadvertently found a good indicator of your personal game. See how many old flames text you after there has been a horrific train wreck on a line you used to take frequently (referencing the NE corridor train wreck last night). Holy shit. I woke up with like eight text messages, some from girls I might have only dated a few times and one I hadn’t spoken to in years. It continued throughout the day with a few more drizzling in. All were “OMG I hope you weren’t on that train….let me know if you are OK”.

      1. Stop being a beta. I didn’t say I was happy that 200+ people were wounded or killed in a train wreck so that I could get laid tonight. I just made an observation of a situation. Nothing wrong with that. It’s not like I texted these girls to tell them about a fake story of how I was on a train wreck. They just had 30 seconds with Alpha and kept my number active in their phone for years all while still clearly having memories of dating me. I wonder how many Beta’s numbers hung around in their phone that long? Yeah, I think we all know the answer to that.

        1. A lot of douche bags made their way here lately.. The quality of the discussions are going down the drain quickly. I might even start fading away soon. Fuck this shit.

        2. You are clearly the douche bag. Go away and leave real men to discuss manly things. If you can’t realize the value in a cultural observation clearly you are a beta loser. Go white knight some women and see how well you do.

    1. Millennial chicks act all startled by any “trending” news blurb, whether there is any real connection or not. I don’t think it means jack. They probably also posted comments on random pics of their girlfriends dog yesterday.

      1. Dude…if a chick you went out with a few times and banged once or girl you banged for a few months then haven’ talked to in years out of the blue texts you it is not some sort of sudden reaction. I don’t do Facebook so it is not like they were lingering friends that responded to something. They took an affirmative action to contact me and still obviously had my contact info around. Plus they also had what I think was positive memories of our interactions. Enough so that they remembered I regularly took the NE Corridor trains. Quit being a beta loser and realize when a chick meets an Alpha she remembers it for a long time.

  5. Good advice. I’ll also add that this kind of rule can fuel your entitlement and is great for your inner game. Once you do this to a few chicks you’ve established a pattern you can always look back at to keep you grounded.
    Even if you don’t have any other plates, prospects that very moment you cancel out any bullshit immediately and on to the next challenge.
    Also when you are out for your own amusement then naturally you are going to discard anything that bores you or isn’t giving you the attention you deserve.

  6. Modern day version: take your phone and turn it off so she can see. If she picks up her phone to text, or check twitter on the first date: NEXT!

    1. Very good point and it’s the best “indicator” as to whether she is into you (or not). Bad behavior is only allowed if you allow it. Walk away from anyone who displays bad behavior.
      Her talking, texting or even checking her phone (when you should be spending time together) should be the deal breaker….walk away.

    1. dinosaurs didn’t get extinct due to a lack of intelligence. neither did your friends, the cockroaches, survive due to abundance of the same.

    2. evolution has the tendency to weed out weaker ones a.k.a beta males.
      these same bitches beg for an alpha’s cock

  7. Fact: If you refer to social aptitude with the opposite sex as “game” (no article, no possessive, because who has time for that faggy shit?) odds are 99% that you don’t actually have any.

  8. I’ve…known…a few girls in London from Moldova. Had a laugh wondering if we’re thinking of the same one. Good luck out there Mr. Francis

  9. Every time I’ve noticed something a bit negative about a girl early on and ignored it, that undesirable behaviour just gets worse and more frequent as time goes on.
    People can usually hide their flaws at the beginning, so the fucked-up things that show early on are usually major parts if their personality, albeit slightly restrained (for now), and not something you’ll be able to change.
    Best to ‘next’ them before you have the chance to find out.

    1. If it happens once, it’s an accident.
      If it happens twice, it’s who they are and they are incpable of change.

  10. I generally do give a 2nd chance if warranted. Sometimes shit happens. But if she flakes one me twice, done.

    1. I’m thinking of adopting a complete one flake policy whereby I universally remove anyone who flakes on me the first time they do so. Flaking has exploded with the rise of Tinder and the swarms of thirsty guys on social networking. When I started gaming girls I used to get a lot of rejections but flakes were a rarity and often were the result of a legitimate change in circumstance. Things have definitely changed in the last few years or so.
      I adopted the no flake policy with my business dealings and one guy has lost out on probably £1000 of my business as a result. His persistent flaking over a short period of time also caused me a great deal of stress which is now gone.

    2. If she gives a legit reason or re schedules I’ll give a second chance but if it’s a flake with no explanation then that’s it.

    1. Yes they do. Just got the # of a girl off OKC yesterday, had good interaction in texts. We agree we’d meet up when our schedules meshed. I leave her with:”Well I’m busy on this project, you can text me whenever, gn.” Naturally her response:”Gn Hun, it was great getting to know you a bit texting, you can text me whenever too : )” <<< translation. She’ll wait 48 hours, if I don’t text first, despite me stating FIRST that SHE can text whenever, she’ll never respond. Fuck that, games out the gate.
      Plus any girl whose ever called me call me “Hun” was never worth the effort.

    1. I don’t think the man walked away out of fear. I would have done the same thing… she’s equal to a man, she can protect herself.
      Women have lost the right to be protected. Now they, as individuals, have to earn the right back… lots of blowjobs and sandwiches will certainly show the right attitude.

        1. it’s not a matter of whether they should take responsibility, or let the government do it.
          They need to be taught a lesson. As far as I am concerned, a rape that does not wind up with her death is no more than a mild spanking to remind a woman that she needs to treat men with respect and deference if she wishes to be protected.

        2. I think we’re on the same page. Women have overplayed their hand and they are now (moving forward) going to experience what it’s like to be “truly equal”.
          More men will probably look the other way because, for years, women have stated openly that “they don’t need a man” and that they are “strong and independent”. I say let’s see that in action. Besides, what does the Good Samaritan get from these harpies? Many will be ungrateful and some may even try to sue you (for whatever reason).
          I say it’s not my problem….move along.

        3. So should your mother. I am normally anti-abortion, but your mother missed a major opportunity.

        4. Of course you’re anti-abortion. The slavery of women appeals to you and you want to punish women. At ease, neckbeard.

        5. I don’t want to ‘punish’ women. I regretfully do so when they have done wrong. They are children that are in need of correction.
          Of course, I imagine you believe that ‘it’s wrong to paddle a child’ and yet you would cheerfully murder them before they draw their first breath.
          I strongly suggest you admit what you are, a tattooed lesbian with a liberal arts degree, who rails against the evil patriarchy while you gleefully waste your daddy’s money

        6. And what’s, “done wrong” in your eyes?You’re close, except I’m not a lesbian, nor do I have tattoos.

        7. Give it time.
          An enormous number of things. Lack of respect for the fact that throughout history (and even to the present day) many men, most in fact, no matter how ‘misogynistic’ you may think they are, or how much they ‘hate feminism’, would still step in front of a bullet for them, even the ugly ones.
          Your assumption and automatic spouting of said assumptions that are laughably inaccurate, and treating them as though they are doctrine. For example, you have absolutely NO understanding of me, no idea what my age is (based upon the conversation, I imagine I could probably be your grandfather) or my economic level. (comfortably upper middle class and I own my own business) Personality type (ISTP… my understanding of the psychology of females comes from long and analytical study of master/slave relationships and the dynamics of interpersonal power struggles.) fitness level, or the possibility that anyone might have spent a very long introspective period examining cultural assumptions, and only giving weight to those backed by logic and hard-won experience.
          Many… or I would even say MOST, of male ‘power fantasies’ involving females comes from a very salubrious core… a desire to protect. It is something almost every male possesses, and the lack of which is the very definition of male psychosis. However, because of the female prediliction not to think things through logically, to react based upon emotion rather than firmly weighting the ups and downs of any particular course of action, the person we need to protect you from most is yourselves. concepts like “I should be able to walk around naked in public and not get raped’ while ignoring the fact that it gives criminals… not the gentlemen that would watch you parade, but actual maladjusted criminals, encouragement to do just that.
          Thus, we tend to come up with common-sense solutions to the problems invoked by your behavior. If a woman is not capable of protecting herself against a determined criminal, what, exactly, is the best solution? We have tried taking criminals off the street… there are always more criminals. It doesn’t work in the long run. So, if she will not protect herself (by things like wearing sensible clothes, avoiding bad neighborhoods, etc.), it is up to us to protect her… by removing her from the street, keeping her in the house, and occupied, so she doesn’t let her innate gullibility and belief in the harmlessness of men allow her to come to harm.
          If that means she gets spanked for the behavior, then she desperately needs to be spanked… pain is a GREAT teacher, and at least by spanking her, you can rest assured that she understands that there is a problem in a controlled fashion thta does not cause her lasting harm, rather than an uncontrolled fashion of the real world, where she could wind up raped, dead, maimed, or psychologically broken.
          Not to mention the fact that a great number of women find spankings, given in a loving manner by a powerful male who is concerned with their well-being, to be enjoyable.
          That is only one answer, but you can rest assured that for almost every situation that you think non-criminal men are being ‘control freak assholes’, there is a very deeply considered, and logical reason, backed by experience, for the action.

    2. This was the first google result for “woman attacked on cta”. The next three were also news stories about this event by other outlets and not one mentioned a passenger who walked in, saw the woman in trouble, then walked out. I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t true at all, but if it was then Kudos to the guy who didn’t help. I would have done the same if for no other reason than criminals usually have guns and I am severely allergic to lead projectiles.

      1. Hmm…maybe this supposed passenger who walked away was cooked up by this skank as part of her regret rape, ex-post facto recollection to garner sympathy, attention, and validation.

    3. I guess she missed the premiere of Mad Max Fury Road.
      There is a movie showing on how women kick ass so I don’t understand why the woman is pissed at the man who didn’t help her. She should have been able to handle that man by herself (i.e. strong and independent woman).
      There is reality…and then there is fantasy (movies).
      Plus, daddy government wasn’t there to protect her.

  11. If the collective male population decided they just weren’t going to put up with an ounce of shit women would be much more bearable in the dating world. Too many white knights and manginas for that to work though.

    1. I suspect in a woman’s mind, losing 1 alpha because they tried their shady flaky bullshit, can be replaced by 1-5 manginas with the same feeling to them in the end. There’s little loss in their minds if they’ve never fucked the guy or were uncertain how valuable his presence in their life would be. Enough one-strike dumps might put a girl in her place temporarily. Undoing the self imposed hyper-inflation a girl puts on her SMV is a fools errand. Showing them their true value from the very first interaction is what we should all be doing.

    2. No, men are your competitors, the way men think is not as some “team” they think more like this
      My dick! not his dick! so they do ANYTHING to get laid so you don’t its a survival of the fittest
      as part of the singularity, women only want the top winners who they can now filter out with online-dating apps, they can search for income, looks, height, and the personality models are getting better, even a fat woman can date UP UP, whereas you aint gonna get SHIT/… darwin theory with cold blooded efficiency the dating market ,
      there will be no male cooperation in this world, this idea is a unicorn fantasy, mankind in incapable of sustained beneficial cooperation, or it would have already happened!
      its all about the “carrot on a stick” pay your taxes and shut your mouth and enjoy being the whipping boy of consumerism
      women would rather SHARE a winner alpha male, than be a beta males entire world

    3. Too many men nowadays, wars reduced the male population and put female hypergamy in check. In post-WWII Soviet Russia women desperately competed, going any lengths to improve themselves to game men.

  12. Great article. Time is our most valuable asset and it shows extreme disrespect to show up late.
    Recently implemented a system that if she shows up late, she gets spanked with a belt. If she’s on time, maybe a massage before sex.
    I like this system because the one strike rule weeds out girls who could be trained to improve their behavior with relatively little effort.
    Of course, sometimes the NEXT is exactly the punishment she needed to shape up anyway.

  13. Great “advice”. I’ll be sure to use it when I feel like being an entitled douchebag is the best path in life. Heaven forbid any girl be a human being and make a single mistake while I’m trying to court them.
    I’d be willing to bet that if you linked this article to every girl you met, you wouldn’t need to worry about them “wasting” your precious little ego’s feelings. You’d be flat out ignored. Except by the desperate.

    1. Texting someone an hour after you were supposed to meet is about as disrespectful as it gets.
      So do you regularly stand people up in your personal life, professional obligations, etc?
      Next time you have a meeting with your boss, text him an hour after you were supposed to meet and tell him you are human and made a mistake.
      You are the reason he had to deal with this, dipshits like you put up with this behavior!

      1. So? Are you saying it always happens with disrespectful intentions every single time it happens?
        This article is about personal life, not professional. Please stay on topic.
        Again, dating life and your career are completely different circumstances for this scenario. Nice try, slick.
        Actually, it’s called having humility and compassion for other peoples lives. If you’re starting to see a pattern in flakey-ness around the 3rd time you’ve made plans, then sure, cut the person off. But, this one strike rule? Lol Get off your elitist high-chair. The grown ups are talking…

    2. So you wouldn’t mind if a girl flaked on you? You’d be right there to give her another chance? That’s desperate

      1. You need to look up the definition for desperate. If you expect every girl to suck your dick just because you spent time with them, you’re going to be sadly disappointed for the long run.

        1. You are the absolute worst debater I’ve ever encountered in my entire life. Did anyone say they expect every girl to suck their dick?? We’re discussing making plans with a girl, and her not even showing up or letting you know she’s not coming. How fucking stupid are you?

        2. How fucking stupid/entitled do you need to be employ a “One Strike” rule? You mean first impressions? HOLY SHIT! I figured it out for you guys. But praise all of you for making sure I understand that getting flaked on (something that NEVER happens today) means I should completely cut that chick off from my clearly more-important-than-your time.
          Worst debater? Lol You had a really convincing opener with your excellent skills in thoughtful discussion. What’s to debate about an article re-writing common sense with a dash of entitlement and misogyny?
          And judging by the Author’s writing, he obviously had intentions to fuck whomever he “wastes” his time with, so I don’t know why you even try to deny that being a part of the process.

        3. Where did you guys roll over here from? jezebel? Just piss back over there. Sick and tired of all you wankers here.

        4. Sick and tired of what, exactly? Speaking out against degeneratve behavior?
          You poor thing.

        5. Who’s degenerate behavior? The hell are you talking about? If a woman disrespected your time, you next her. Nothing degenerate on the man’s part about that. You flake, you’re fired. Simple as that. If you want to put up with their shit, be my guest but don’t come in here telling us we’re degenerate, you cunt.

        6. The clearly possessive, entitled attitude that you think is completely normal reeking from this article. lol The fact that you’re completely blind to it only proves my point further.
          I wish you the best dating life as you fire each and every girl that has a bad day and has to flake on you for a completely legitimate reasons. You don’t have to put up with their shit, you also don’t have to act like the same thing could never happen to you.
          Lol, name calling. Did I hit an insecure spot, pumpkin?

        7. You’re still urinating on the carpet buddy. Nobody’s talking about entitlement here. And nobody says that a woman showing up must fuck you. All we’re discussing here is NOT showing up or not responding to communication. Can you comprehend that? And out of 10 flakes, maybe 2 are legitimate let’s say? OK.. following your logic I should go back and try to figure out if the other 8 are legit, yes? So I have to go back through all 10 again, and put up with their entitled attitude for a second time. Your logic is flawed here. I simply don’t have time for the sleuth work nor does it bring any return. It actually halfs it if you use your other head a little. The flakes will continue to be flakes no matter what you do..The stats are against you. 10% return? Fuck that. I’ll take 20% return any day over 10. So I may as well next them in bulk. You are the one that comes from a scarcity position with your white knight comments. You probably missed that part…
          As a side note, giving a man blue balls should be criminalized.

        8. And here’s something for ya. A woman that likes you and you stand a chance with her will NOT flake on you (a woman that wants to fuck you will not confuse you). Going back and trying to “convince” her will only get you on the fast track to her friend just become a pussy beggar and you’ll never gonna get it anyway.

        9. If I’m pissing, are you the one moaning and crying?
          I’m not talking about entitlement to fuck, I’m talking about entitlement to THEIR time. You’re so busy getting your panties in a knot about how your time is oh so important, but don’t take a second to think about how valuable HER time is. See also: Entitlement.
          Lets read the article shall we?
          “The issue was not so much that she had not slept with me—which was fine—but more that she had given me blue balls all night and kept me up late for no purpose.”
          Do you agree that giving him blue balls was really worth this sniveling, snot-filled, entitlement article? This piece of writing is VERY much related to spending time with a girl to get into her pants, don’t even try to fucking deny it, you moron. lol
          Lol. White Knight. Who am I white-knighting for, bud? The woman who find this site full of man-children with insecurity issues? Sure. Gotta love how willfully ignorant you are to your little boy mentality.

        10. You must enjoy sucking his cock the way you compliment his comments. =) Such a cute couple.

        11. A woman with a brain and respect for herself will laugh in your face with your approach to dating.
          Are girls just walking vagina’s to you?

        12. Nobody is entitled to anybody’s time. Guy or girl. But you seem to think a girl is entitled to attention from a guy, even after she flakes. She isn’t. He reserves the right to cut off contact, and walk away at any time for whatever reason–as does she. Also, the world would be a much better place for women if guys who suspected any genuine lack of interest just walked away. No?? I mean, this is the ultimate anti-creep, anti-stalker behavior…just cut off contact. I’m not sure how anyone, especially a feminist, can disagree with this advice.

        13. What is jezebel?
          Funny, I was thinking we needed to clear the gene pool of neanderthals like yourself.
          You’re a disgrace to anything with a brain.

        14. yup …that was a few years back…now i give bitches the equivalent beta treatment.
          its so funny women behave like beta males in presence of high value guys.
          this chick the other day (a 5 at best) busy trying to entertain me. the same kinda shit you see guys (beta males) engage in with a girl they like

        15. That’s my day job. What do you do for a living? Wank as you use your tears for lube because of your miserable existence?

        16. New words to add into the manosphere dictionary
          Beta females and alpha females. Beta females ain’t gonna get any

        17. Ah hahaha I see your guise now when are telling us to man up and grow up. Those are typical mangina white knight words. You don’t fool me. Now get on your pale horse and ride out of here beta queen

        18. I know it’s hard to be told that you have the mentality equivalent to a 10 year old. And it’s cute how you all band-wagon on this White Knight thing. It’s easy to mistake someone calling you out on your bullshit for being a social justice warrior.

        19. That’s what my day job is for. What do you do for a living? Wank off as you use your tears for lube from your miserable existence?

        20. You’re a chick, admit it. No guy in his right mind uses the word “cute” to describe the actions of a bunch of other guys, even when (as here) it’s used condescendingly. And if by chance you’re not in fact a woman, you’re so beta-fied you should just go ahead and have a sex change.

        21. Admit that you must frequently mistake guys for girls on the internet? Sure. And yes, guys do use the word “cute”, especially in a condescending manner, to describe the actions of pitiful people.
          The fact that you even use the language “beta-fied” is just a huge tell to how insecure your microscopic ego is. But, please, continue to be the virtual-alpha male you’ve always dreamed of being. It’s the only place you’ll be able to fool yourself.

        22. It’s so blatantly obvious that you have a complete lack of understanding about being a decent human being. See? I can make assumptions too.

        23. The problem is that, at least during cold approach, a lot of women give out their numbers but do not intend to respond resulting in “flaky” behavior. I have found out that pointing this out during the initial interaction helps weed this out i.e. “you don’t have to give me your # if you don’t want to” or “I’m getting this # to meet with you but if you have no intention of meeting, I am not doing to get your number”, etc.

        1. LOL! Thirsty omegatards like nolan couldn’t get within 100 yards of any girl above a 5.

  14. Dear writers at rok..
    I feel I have a significant understanding of the shit women can do wrong and how to recognize a bad one. Which is most
    I think a new topic that would bring value is more articles on how to recognize a decent one.
    And yes I’ve been through the archives.
    Any resources?

    1. “how to recognize a decent one”
      use the roosh strategy, enjoy it while it’s good and always have multiple options, no loyalty, snowball effect, use the ego boost you get from the first one to continue winning and gaming the next one, women sense a man who is getting laid subconsciously and think of them as high-value and sense a man who is really getting laid twice, especially more
      nothing lasts, no good woman is a good woman forever, usually that is from a couple weeks to a couple months,
      the beta male senses that he must appeal to the woman’s entitlement to his loyalty..
      Ain’t no one entitled to MY LOYALTY, no one, this is truth, although i make sure to present myself as loyal if required, be loyal only when it’s convenient, it’s all about the hype, the presentation, life is just a fart in the wind, women are bored, they don’t want to sit around hearing the wrinkles forming, and the gravity making their skin sag, aint no one have time fo dat shyt
      be an exciting clown, a distraction from their mediocrity once you like them, and feel comfortable around them, they get repulsed, they simply can’t stand a man who is loyal to them although they say that is what they want it’s a double-speak, they want drama and worry about how in demand their alpha desireable precious mr fuckallnobody is, so you gotta play that role and o yeah all kinds of temporary good women will exist suddenly, but NEVER break character, Ts’all my advice

    2. How to find a decent one? They simply do the opposite of the bad ones. How hard could that be to figure out?

    3. The name of the author eludes me, but I’m reminded of one of the earlier PUAs he was associated with Pook and them at He had a very different approach to women than the norm. I enjoyed reading him and he was definitely a lifestyle first kind of author.
      The idea is that you build a life that appeals to you. Simple yeah? Then you build your criteria for a woman around that appealing lifestyle. Not simple at all. Once your lifestyle is in place you will naturally meet women that could be part of your life, instead of going out of your way to pursue those that are not already doing things that you enjoy and forcing a square peg in a round hole so to speak.
      I like reading, I meet girls reading in the college library (getting kind of rare…), I hate clubs, I’m not gonna have success forcing a club girl to become a reader, (though by God they would benefit the most!) Another example, I’m strict about my financial stability, if I find a gorgeous nerd type that loves to read and role plays erotic Star Trek fantasies, but she spends money like she’ll die if she doesn’t… she’s gone. You get the point.
      Part of building your lifestyle is coming to understand exactly what your expectations are in a partner and realizing that you have to consistently maintain those expectations. In other words, and to respond to your point, all the articles in the world won’t tell you what a decent girl is because you’re a unique man and only you know what a decent woman looks like for you. Know what you want… backwards and forwards… and you might just get it.
      Most here at ROK would say that the hard part is not developing your standards, it’s keeping those standards in the face of horrible opportunity.

        1. No I sure don’t. The original poster was asking how to recognize quality women, he was not asking for the shortcut to pussy.

    4. How to recognize a decent one base on my limited personal experience:
      1. Travel overseas away from feminist nations (e.g. Latin America, Africa, Middle East, SE Asia, etc). See how women treat their men. You will begin to know what it feels like to be a man when they truly respect you and accept you as a man with all the characteristics that come with masculinity. If you go to the right place you will immediately recognize good women and you won’t believe how far below the bar western women universally are.
      2. Look at her family. It is a good predication of your future with her. If she was raised in a divorced home, chances are that your marriage will suffer the same fate. Also, look at her parent’s relationship. How does her mom treat her father? Take a good look, because this is likely how you will be treated. This is really important because she will no doubt have a very strong imprint from her mother on how to treat a man.
      3. Virgin. Do I need to explain this one? I have solid statistics that show women who only had one man as a partner and married that man are far happier, far less likely to divorce, and more stable. (Notice how virginity only applies to women! Makes sense, women who’ve gone around the carousel become cold, calculating, and don’t have any heart left to give to a man. When you go overseas you’ll recognize virgins.
      4. She shows kindness, caring, and consideration. Does she care about others and comes up with ways to help them or is she cold? Does she do things for you without even asking like buying gifts or helping you in thoughtful ways? Tip: Ask her to do something simple for you, like make a sandwich, or grab something from your car. Does she do it without hostility or complaint?
      5. What’s on her Facebook profile. Facebook profile filled with hundreds of obnoxious pictures of her self… guess what’s the center of her world? I’ve noticed in the women I’ve known overseas that they post pictures of their family, children, pictures of famous people, and even religious pictures.
      6. No tattoos. Tattoos (that she got for herself) is a sign of ego (a need to project oneself the world) bubbling up from under their skin.
      7. Attitude (or lack thereof). Is she a positive person? Is her language clean and free of curse words? Does she love and respect men?
      8. Drinks little or no alcohol. This observation took years to put together, but I’ve realized alcohol and sluttiness go hand-in-hand.
      9. She doesn’t have a double life. There are lots of women out there who feel the social pressure to be innocent but harbor lives different from what they portray.
      10. Learn to be a mature man. You will naturally attract women who have their act together (and the shitty ones will continue to flake on you). This is simple advice and quite possibly the most important but it will take you on a long journey to accomplish. I recommend David DeAngelo’s On Being a Man as a start.
      “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” Matthew 7:7

      1. Here Here!!! 10 Commandments necessary to cement your road to finding a quality wife. I wish I knew this list 3 years ago. Currently going down the path to being a mature man and will agree, it is a damn grueling road. But it is so rewarding when you get to that point and realize, YOU ARE THE PRIZE! Thanks for sharing a concise list that is usable for both the newbs and the veterans. Relationship advice isn’t talked about enough around here.

      2. Great summary my friend! This should be a checklist in the back of any guy’s head for anything other than pump n dumps. I can’t even think of anything to add here. Of course, I’d add excessive piercings to the tattoo comment.

      3. It took me a while to search through this thread but finally found the link to the featured comment, so I can reply and make sure to revisit this post when I need reminding. Great stuff

    5. I think it partially depends on taste, and your own personality. I like someone who reciprocates everything back to me in the same way I do, who is as respectful as I am, who cares for their own health and hygiene as well as I do (sad I even have to say I’m a sucker for women who have good breath because they actually floss) . Also, I’m a musician, so I really favor someone who is musical, which can make me overlook quite a few other flaws. In short, if you look at most Tinder profiles, you’ll see a lot of the same stuff…women who like traveling, drinking, and who went skydiving at least once. So I ask, what does someone bring to the table when they aren’t doing those things that cost money? What do they bring to the table besides a degree and 1K+ Facebook friends? Besides sex?

      1. Agreed, on the musical part. The fact that my girlfriend plays the piano made me completely overlook some of her flaws. She even learned how to play my favorite piece by Chopin strictly for my enjoyment, and that, that is something I can respect!

    6. This has been educational. I googled, ‘why is dating so hard these days,’, and this site, among others came up. some of it was funny, sad, and weird.
      As a woman, I have to say:
      -we are all human beings. dating is hard for everyone, male or female.
      -of course there are assholes out there. we have to steer clear. or maybe ask, ‘what life circumstances made this person an asshole?’
      -you boys better get ready for more aggressive females. change is happening….embrace it.
      -if you don’t like rejection in the meantime, well….deal with it! women get their periods and men get rejection. let’s all just suck it up.

  15. I don’t for a second believe you had blue balls. I am guessing that if you can text you have two working hands. No working brain to speak of, but two working hands. She’s better off without you.

  16. Trouble is with the flakeiness and quality of todays women, you wont even get through the first date without giving them a strike. Fuck you wont even get through the first 5 mins. I’ve taught myself to just put up with as much crap as possible. Shrug off all the shit they throw at you untill you stick your dick in them and kick them out. Have a shower, look at yourself in the mirror and wonder what the fuck you are doing with your life.

    1. I disagree; it’s always good to have quality control.
      If the territory were Victorian (which you imply to be the case), save your sanity.

  17. A one strike , you’re out policy with today’s hyper-demanding female?
    Simply un-realistic unless you are famous, rich, or highly above average in looks
    you will have 0 success, more like a 50 strikes your out rule, just make sure to remind yourself she would trade you in in a heartbeat and that her spending time with you is not a form of her appreciation of you but a demonstration of her lack of better options
    this is women’s attitude when they are with a man, they act frustrated and settle temporarily until a better option comes along in your city with 4 million males online, so i guess there will be a better option every 4 minutes
    i dont know what you pickup jockeys see in the vagina, is there some stash of gold and land of milk and honey and happiness and leprechauns stuck in there i don’t know about? no? well i dont feel like im missing out too much then
    or perhaps you are masochists who enjoy humiliating yourself after a hard days work

    1. It’s actually biology that helped propagate the human race. Let’s face it, a vagina is stinky, but our sex drive allows us to put that thought aside and pump it like honey. After you cum, you think how nasty that snatch was.

    2. You seem to have changed your mind half way through your comment. Are you condoning or condemning chasing “today’s hyper-demanding female?”

      1. There is only one way to win. You have to pay someone who is good at messaging on online dating sites to manage your portfolio of profiles with a proven track record / good performance and do all the typing and date-setting up, and basically work up to the point where the woman has a low probability of being a time-waster
        Than you take over, this would be a good business, Who has time for this shit otherwise? Did my lifespan suddenly turn into 200 years to accomodate time for women? no, well than don’t tell me i’m arrogant
        courting women is a chump’s game, real men are too busy winning, so make money and beat the system by simply paying someone with good writing romance talent to line up dates for you
        your frustration from failed dates comes from all that time you invested trying to think carefully about how to “court” and then it failing, pay a few bucks to someone with talent to deal with the bullshit

        1. Oh, well online dating is like crappy clubs. It doesn’t really work for guys. The gender ratio doesn’t favor guys. There is a strong “pick-up vibe”, so guys are expected to do all the approaching. I wouldn’t waste my time with it. If you do want to invest some time in meeting women, I recommend finding a way to go where the gender ratio is in your favor. Meetups, etc… Can be more difficult if you’re in a small town, or a corner of the country where women tend to flee from for college/careers.

        2. true. but you could pay a male model to court a woman, than he introduces her to you, the average frustrated chump, and he leaves, so you pretend not to know where the hell he went off to and than you become the 2nd banana option and see if she bites, basically you pay around 20$ per try so the dude can make 200$ a night im sure one in 10 will give you pity sex, especially if she thinks it will lead her to him again
          not sure if the bait and switch works, but women are known to think of men who are around alphas as their status rubs off on them, she is likely to take you seriously if she thinks you have high-status company
          meanwhile the dude can make a handsome pile of $ setting up average frustrated chumps problem is just another word for profit
          this would be a good gig for personal trainer types who get to spend all day in the gym $, and than work with AFC’s at nightclubs, fore more $ and keep the gig running like a cash machine 16 hours a day

        3. Hmm…should’ve read your username twice. But I highly recommend Kickstarter to you.

  18. I agree with this article wholeheartedly. It’s interesting that many guys are dismissing it because it would reduce your options to nothing due to the fact that the majority of women would strike out and very quickly at that. This is terribly sad, that we live in a society where women have such an abiding disrespect of men. Even sadder though is that many of you feel the need to give the woman more opportunities in order to make something happen.
    It really does come down to self respect versus biological need. What an abhorrent choice to have to make…
    Some men will sacrifice every ounce of self respect they have to get their needs met (even perhaps just the illusion of maybe getting their needs met) others will sacrifice their biological need and maintain their self respect. Most are, likely, in between.
    I can’t decide for you what you are most comfortable with, only that I, personally, try to choose self respect every time. It can be lonely and those biological needs can be powerful, but every time I sacrifice my dignity, be it through attempting clown game (not very good at it), going through flake after flake, being used until I catch on, or just dealing with the appalling arrogance of the average college gal, I die just a little bit inside.
    Bottom line? I like myself a hell of a lot more without all that crap pulling me down in my life and if a woman wants to become an adornment to my life… great. Otherwise I much prefer solitude.

  19. Seems to be a lot of anecdotal evidence offered as blanket truths on the manosphere. I can understand the point the author is trying to make, especially in terms of making better judgements with the amount of time and energy you devote to one women before nexting, but I fail to see how we are supposed to apply this Veronica example.
    I can counter just as easily but listing my anecdotal evidence of times where I didn’t close on a first date when back at my place but it lead to me closing with them in the following 1-2 weeks.
    A lot of advice is given on this site and most of it is great. However, we always knock feminists for using specific anecdotes as a basis for drawing sweeping conclusions, this site is much the same in that regard.

    1. you miss the point. I didn’t dump here because I didn’t close: I dumped her because she was over an hour late for the next date.
      I agree about the anecdotal thing to some extent, but men sharing their personal experiences in numbers in the manosphere has proved extremely powerful due to the commonalities and patterns that have emerged.

  20. Great advice. Sometimes it feels so good dumping a woman when she’s making you put up with her shit. I’ve done it before and I can’t describe the overwhelming relief that comes from pushing someone so toxic out of your life forever. I’ve had friends who wasted all their time on someone who wasn’t worth it. Never ever let a woman control you

  21. “that is, a rule that states you cut a new woman off immediately as soon as she makes a mistake or does something that pisses you off. Perhaps this seems unduly harsh, but I believe in today’s dating market there are good reasons for guys to adhere to it strictly.”
    This is how hot women and people with lots of options treat men, any little minor mistake, any little mistep and you are out, and even then.
    The problem is chasing women turns them off. Giving them chances makes no sense. I have run experiments in many different women. I’ve had exposure to alot of them, especially as teens I was tTHE guy. When you encounter literally dozens of women a day you quickly learn the fastest way to drive her away is to chase. The one exception is when you chase, and then lay off for a while. But this is usually because you lose interest. And then the girl sees you with other girls and gets jealous.
    Guys running game outside of areas that lend themself to natural social interaction are at a disadvantage of some to social circle and school/work type environment. But c’est la vie. You’re in an akward spot where you are asking for a number following up and hoping like hell she won’t have 100 other things distract her and make the effort to come. You pretty much have to be 2-3 points higher than her in the smv scale or have to really impress her.

  22. Since alot of posters are mentioning it, I came up with a pretty witty way to stomp out flaking. Inviting out multiple women at the same time to the same location. Don’t be too overtly sexual at first, in fact they may even wonder when you’ll make a move, the women will basically be fighting over you and screen themselves out. The ones with less interest will go off on their own tangent or might be pissed, who cares, they weren’t interested enough to fight for you, they weren’t that interested in you and weren’t going to fuck you anyways. The girls who actually want you will fight for you, accept nothing less than the best. Flakiness will die when girls start getting flaked on back.

  23. Until now I’d been using a 2 strike policy, second chance sort of thing. upon reading this I realized I always regretted giving girls a second chance, so no more! I’m knocking it down to one strike, thanks Troy!

  24. Words from a pioneer who’s been there and done it. Good article. Mind you, Moldavian or Romanian girls are one and the same thing, they only speak romanian with different accents – it was Stalin the one who managed to divide the Great Romanian Kingdom and thus separated Moldova from Greater Romania. The economy here is a piece of shit as anyway you see it ( jews are running the show in Parlament, Deputees & Senators) thus life is hard and as a resulting consequence women are material orientated. Romanian women, indiferent of their regional heritance ( Transilvanian, Olt, Moldavian ) will extort you for your money. Get that in your head. The sooner, the better.
    Great input !
    Respect !

    1. come to think of it, the reason behind feminism is starting to emerge. Is feminism a tool used by jews to reduce the population and to create a slave society ?
      What we can conclude :
      Feminism is not just an overall mentality but an effect, thus:
      Feminism is an effect.
      Feminism is a tool.
      To whom is it of use ?
      Who is the wielder of this tool ?
      I now provoke the ROK Senate and round tables to sit down and discuss this topic and thus to write an article based on this. Do we have the balls ? What would be the cost ?

  25. I use a two strike rule because anyone, myself included, can fuck up. However those two strikes are set in stone. I might hang with a chick if I’m bored, but honestly I’d rather look elsewhere.
    Prime example why two strikes came to be:
    Stupid bint I was chilling with, she gave it up nicely the first night we were hanging out, flakes. Ok, possible strike one. Wait fir the text and see what happened but fuck it, gym time. Check my phone after its done and she had texted me seven times in ten minutes. Something happened at work, okay plausible, shit happens at work. Promises to make it up to me and she did: home cooked dinner followed by some serious hay rolling. Things continue well for a couple weeks, another flake. No warning. Again. Some emergency again, family related but nobody’s dying so I thought a text would be a courtesy. Another, even better, home made dinner. Follow that up with sex in every room till dawn.
    Repeat this several times, but the interval of good (no flake) time got shorter just about each time. By now I was seriously getting addicted to her snatch. She knew how to work it, and her other orifices, well. Pussy pass for bad behavior.
    One night she flakes again, and I go fuck it, but not gym time. Nope it’s party time, and who do I see, little miss skanky slutting it up. Oh looky, another guy. Walk out and go elsewhere. She texts an hour later apologizing for another emergency. Oh. Well “accept” the apology. Go for another dinner and freaky sex.
    After that, slow fade. Just not available, dang, bad scheduling. She blew up my phone for weeks trying to get me out or over there.
    Moral of the story: if she’s flaking she’s probably doing shit she shouldn’t.
    Second moral: always keep it wrapped up because you never know who she’s slutting it up with when you aren’t there.

  26. Settling down with children I feel does not create a man and woman relationship just a make my life more comfortable at expense of my family competition or become a castrated slave to the family
    In a nation with traditional values of a self sacrificing father combined with government is a service to the people (father being the servant but with no authoritative power) is just terrible

  27. How many strikes you give is up to how you feel and your schedule. If you let her know she is getting in the way to your schedule and she doesn’t back down dump her if she adjusts to your life give her a chance. If she doesn’t put out when you ask for it that’s a red flag and dump time.

  28. Tall men usually have the luxury of “cuntrolling” women though. You can be hideous in bad shape and be poor, havw the nastiest personality and she will still stick with you. If you’re tall take her in for a ride

    1. Hmm, I dunno. I see two guys around the whole time where I work. One is a tall, weedy beta who looks like a mummy’s boy. The other is a short dude with David Beckham-like looks and a sharp wit. I know which I’d rather be.

  29. Don’t date a woman that can ruin your public image or reputation or any other thing like job promotions. Hell hath no fury to a woman scorned. Getting back at someone is a big part of woman nature don’t forget. Also don’t give her anything to use against you

  30. And btw the “first strike” was when she was at your place, not when she made you waiting (possibly having a laugh with her friends in a cafe across the street). You have missed at least 2 other “strikes”.

  31. I can’t get behind this all the way. I’ve had two satisfying relationships with girls who were a tad annoying in the beginning, much as described here – in fact, one was doing her best to be a downright pain in the arse for the first 8 meetings. As I smashed through their shit tests, their behaviour changed. If I’d followed the advice here, I would have missed out on almost 2 years of great sex with fun, sought after girls who showered me with affection.
    Yes, a man has to have spine, take no shit and set rules, but expecting a girl who is still basically a stranger to behave like a model employee is unrealistic for most guys. Of course, if you’ve made the right moves and have a lifestyle & status that surrounds you with available girls who want to meet you, you can be much pickier.
    In the case of wasting time waiting for a girl to show up, I don’t let that happen. First, I arrive slightly late. If she isn’t there, I immediately behave as though I’m out on the prowl and begin opening. If she is 15-20 minutes late, I’ll switch venues, ideally with some new acquaintances, and continue. If she eventually gets in touch, I’ll test her interest by texting that I’ve moved elsewhere, without telling her where. If she then turns up, almost without fail she will apologise for keeping me waiting, to which I’ll reply along the lines of “Yes, you are sorry, but I wasn’t waiting for you. Let me introduce you to XYZ. XYZ, this is , who is as reliable as a chocolate wristwatch”.
    If she blushes and squirms a bit at that, I know that it’s all good. If she puts on an attitude, then she’s relegated to the pump and dump gang, if not immediate rejection.

    1. If she eventually gets in touch, I’ll test her interest by texting that I’ve moved elsewhere, without telling her where. If she then turns up, almost without fail she will apologise for keeping me waiting
      You expect a girl to stake out every club in town until she finds you? Seems unrealistic.

      1. No, but I should try that sometime. “I’m an Easter egg, girl, you gotta hunt me down.”
        I use the vague text to initiate text tennis / make her call me while demonstrating that I’m not really bothered about seeing her, which is true by that point.

    2. some of us don;t have time for the shit you posted in the last para.
      maybe troy has different goals.Read the article thoroughly again and you’ll know what I am talking about.
      He is one of the few writers left on ROK who spread some game knowledge instead of whining about presen day feminazi behavior.
      Guys like christian Mcqueen were chased off for dropping some game knowledge on this site.

      1. I think your Troy being a coward and hiding his identity whilst trying to defend himself.
        If not he really got you hung up on his sex huh? Acting all protective and shit when he aint even protecting himself…
        “Some of us don’t have time”
        You mean some of us would rather live in a fantasy world where we convince ourselves that slags are great lays that require high level ‘game’ rather than take the lumps and grow as a man who has his head in reality?
        It’s not what you said but that’s how it comes across…

    3. Right on. Heres a man living in the real world dealing with real women as a real man who understands there is much between the black and white picture repressed and frustrated males and females paint in the name of either of gender identity.

  32. Perfect point made Troy. I couldn’t agree with you more. I also live in the UK and I notice how much women get away with here. Through pedestalisation and weakness, men are allowing themselves to get treated really badly perpetuating the limitless decline, decadence, and decay of the attitudes of women towards them.
    A ‘One Strike’ move is simple, effective and very efficient and can be auto piloted. The imaportant thing is for guys to not get caught up with a woman’s looks and alter their behaviour based on that, stick to the ‘One Strike’ rule and be disciplined with it.

  33. “Woman should be there primarily as a form of entertainment: the dessert, rather than the main course.
    Do you feel that way about your mother?”
    Will you feel that way about your daughters?
    This kind of advice is only solid when the standard of women you deal with is abysmal.
    If you were seeing a woman who was a CEO and she had to cancel plans at the last minute, would you really throw a hissy fit and all but storm off and swear against dealing with her ever again?
    Because she made a ‘mistake’?
    Or because you have options?
    You only have options if the women your dealing with are abundant, and really great and gorgeous women are not abundant. Slags are abundant.

    1. If the woman cancels, but counters with a different day given a legitimate reason, then of course you take the rain check. Then she has to make it up to you by bending over backwards for you.

      1. I’m more worried about a woman who jumps into bed with me straight away than one who makes me prove my worth. My worth is something I have no doubts about, nor do I have any doubts about my place within a woman’s world. I do not feel sex with women is a scarce commodity nor a cheap one I suppose 99% of the men on here do though. (thats not a jibe at you dude).
        Women flake all the time to try and rustle us. Guys that say just next her are just worried they don’t have the skills to bust through her tests.
        If you’ve hardly got to know a woman why the fuck does she owe a man any amount of her time?
        You can have a lot of fun busting womens balls when they reject you or do some other crap when you know she’s totally on your case just ‘playing hard to get’. A good hunt is fun and rewarding.

        1. The point is that if she flakes on you without giving you notice and counter, she is disrespectful of your time and you should next her. If she calls later after she flaked, unless she was comatosed, you should lose her number and consider her as a rude cunt that does not deserve your attention.


      1. White Knighting for Troy now?
        What does his dick taste like?
        And I flustered you so bad you had to express yourself with all capitals… this web site….

        1. great….one mangina raises another mangina.
          As the great “Mystery” said, soon your genes would get weeded out

      2. Funny you can’t see the irony of stealing the term “red pill” from a movie co-created by a transgender woman.

    3. Why would any sane man date a high stress corporate bitch precisely?
      “Yeah, I’m looking for a woman who devotes herself to .work to the point of exhaustion. Wanna date?”
      Worst idea ever.

    4. Obviously my relationship with female members of my family is qualitatively different to that with a random Moldovan girl I met on the subway.
      I wouldn’t date the CEO in the first place.

  34. …girls can be a narcotic if you’re not careful.

    Oh my, yes indeed! And especially so for the young man — he whose fancies have turned to thoughts of love, though there is no age at which one’s immunity to feminine beauty or allure becomes impenetrable.
    One recent development — the guilty-regardless-of-all-evidence practices of college “disciplinary” bodies when it comes to women’s accusations of sexual assault — has caused an accelerating degree of aversion toward young women (and institutions that favor young women) among young men. I expect this to continue until young women draw the moral…but I don’t think I’ll hold my breath waiting for that to occur.

    “Most people are willing to give up their preconceptions…once they’ve had them tattooed on their heads with a blunt instrument.” — Keith Laumer’s “Retief”

  35. I would say this article fails. there is such a dearth good women, particularly in North America, that if you start nexting them before you’ve even laid out the rules then you will go through the good ones all that much faster. Women can be clueless or purposefully ornery. They can thoughtlessly annoy you or try to shit test you. However, they are not complete morons (at the least ones you would want to be dating anyways) and they are teachable. You don’t even have to read the riot act but merely work it into a conversation about a “friend” or celebrity who dumped their girl when they did X, Y or Z and make it clear that you won’t tolerate it. Once they are on notice, then you can impose the one strike rule. If they come up with new and inventive ways to piss you off without explicitly violating the rules, then next: they are either stupid and thoughtless or else they are playing games to test your patience.

  36. Troy has the strongest wrists in the world and wonders why no women want him while sobbing to sleep every night.

  37. “The issue was not so much that she had not slept with me—which was fine—but more that she had given me blue balls all night and kept me up late for no purpose.”
    Sure there was purpose, Troy – it made her feel wanted, attractive, and validated her to herself. The purpose was to boost her ego and nothing but. God only knows how often she does this to how many other men.
    Women dangle the carrot with no intent to seal the deal all the damn time. I can’t even begin to tell you how many women I haven’t even banged once that have shitblasted me tons of naked pics of themselves (that have obviously been on their phone for a long time, what does that tell you?) and have sent all kinds of lewd, dirty texts alluding to wanting to be ravaged yet flake shortly thereafter. An average of I’d say one in every four do this. It doesn’t even phase me any more and I make a kind of game out of it. I can spot their kind a mile away from the way they present themselves and the stories they tell (“I was FORCED into having sex with this one guy!”, “My last boyfriend was abusive!”, “All any guy wants is to get in my pants!”), very “Woe is me” and always playing the victim card.
    Emotionally skullfucked girls do A LOT of heinous shit for validation, and the minute the vibe gets at all weird, consider ducking out and look for every reason to. Of course, you should ALWAYS have it at the forefront of your mind that she’s talking to/banging X-number of other guys anyway, and so should you with women!

  38. This is what I would do…. meet multiple of girls (like three or four) and set up a date and have them all meet up at one place (with each girl not knowing each other)… that way when one or two flakes, you got another one or two as a back up. If all four of them show up, then you can pick which one you like the best and tell the other three that you don’t know them lol. Girls see us men as expendable so it shouldn’t hurt for us to see them as one too. After all, they ARE expendables.

  39. Guys, I think you have a situation here. Looks like a commentator with too many b0nes (or not too many…) is trying too hard to pick up a fight so s/he can:
    – take a print screen
    – put in some SJW/feminazi forum/blog to show how misoginistic/irrational/opressor we all are.
    Please don’t feed the beast.
    PS: sooner or later s/he’ll write something here. Go ahead, it’s your time, not mine. 😉

  40. Cutting them off earlier rather than later is a good thing. You’ve got to respect yourself when you look in the mirror next morning.

  41. Figured that out when I was 22. My life became so less stressful compared to my friends at the time.

  42. Right on. Disrespect leads to immediate dismissal.
    No explanation necessary. She knows what she did. Women are extremely emotionally savvy. If you feel disrespected it is because she wants you to feel that way.
    No butthurt, no whining & no anger either.
    You aren’t mad. You don’t care enough to be mad. There are too many women out there to worry about what one does. You are simply turning your energy & attention to more rewarding pursuits.
    My life has improved 1000% since I internalized this thinking.

  43. Nice article bro.. I admit I am way too guilty of giving too many chances.
    Back when I was my most successful I had a “first time, last time, never again” rule and it really helped.. I need to do something like this again. I do feel like theres alot more bs coming from girls now than when I was younger so I need it even more now.

  44. 5 years ago I dated a beautiful girl. She had the face of a model. She noticed me at a boxing class. Well, To make a long story short, we dated. After two, three weeks of cuddling and endless kissing I got bored and more persistent in wanting to Fck her. Every attempt to “go south” was resisted by her. The uninformed me didn’t really understand what she was doing. But I realized later that in the end I just was an attention feeder for her, after she broke up with her ex. I felt used. Should have kicked her out of my life after she resisted sex for the first time. I was blinded by her beauty and went several times home with blueballs. Just like in the article, she was difficult and unforthcoming. I still hate that whole puppet-show when I think about it. Got nothing out those walks with her dogs and drives to her home.
    Now I would say: “you’re in my bed and all we’re doing is kissing? I want action or leave now”.

      1. Well yeah. I felt used man and feel shame as a man up to this day about that whole thing. The worst thing were her little dogs. She was like glued to those stinky rats. Couldn’t walk three steps or I was surrounded by them. I really hope a lot of guys take notice from RoK and the comments, because other guys already got burned so you don’t have to. If you get the idea getting laid is going to be difficult. Tell her you expect it, don’t hope. And when she tells you it “may” happen or she “isn’t ready” for it. Tell her to call you when she is, and just leave her there. Don’t be the attentionfeeder. Follow your intuition and lay down the law.

    1. My little trick that works if they aren’t in the mood for sex is say ok, give me a handjob then. I find it gets them in the mood, rub their body, pussy then stick it in!
      As soon as a woman starts saying “no” {trying to pussy whip you), you fucking dump the bitch!

      1. Well, I disagree with the handjob thing. It feels like your are settling for less than you expected. The point is: it is a weakness from the women when she wants to kiss and cuddle for hours but doesn’t want to have sex. She better have a good reason no to and tell me, or I’m out. I’m always in for a second chance, but my experiences are that those are just in vain.

  45. maybe just go for the hand job? or jerk off to her naked body? there’s no shame in that. anything involving a naked hottie and release is a win in my book. better in some ways. no STDs or pregnancies to worry about.
    call me the third baseman, i guess.

      1. the moldovan girl in the story. or any young lady who goes back to your place, gets naked, and won’t go all the way.

        1. You throw her out. It’s btw much better to never show her your place but only go to hers. That way she doesn’t have power over you like in this case. That’s not my idea, it was carefully explained by Tom Leykis.

        2. i think throwing her out might be a good move for all you alpha supermen out there who are deflowering virginal teenage lingerie models every other night. some of us are mere mortals though, just trying to get by and get some nookie from a reasonably attractive chick once in a while. for us, i’d say just go for the hand job and see where things go next time.
          i do agree about deleting her number and never talking to her again if she shows up an hour late for a date.

        3. No. I wouldn’t go for that stupid handjob. You know why. Because getting naked means having sex. The next time she will undress you can’t expect her to have sex with you because she already fooled you once. You should be point blank about what you’re expecting no matter how beautiful she looks like. Btw, I think this whole naked thing is ridiculous to start with, I never even heard of it. Surely I’ve had women coming up to my house holding of sex because they were cunts. Point is: there are a lot of women who feed of the attention they can get doing nothing more then playing carrot and stick. And guys fall for that over and over again. In the end they went to the cinema couple of times, walked in the mall with her, sat in a restaurant, walked thru half of the city with her and then when stuff get’s intimate she holds of offering you a.. handjob. You are that person doing those things I described. Women nowadays are a bad return on investment, but you settle for even less than is reasonable. Laughable.
          btw…: “mere mortals?” You know why some men don’t get to fuck? Not because they are losers in an economic sense. It’s because they talk themselves down while putting women on pedestals.

  46. I have a couple friends that are complete pussies and would let girls walk all over them like this. Their problem is that they are too picky when it comes to looks so they get stuck into some serious oneitis cycles. You need quantity to maintain leverage when dating. It is a lot easier to throw a girl out for a single mistake if you have one or more left.
    Next point… anything bad that you let a woman believe is acceptable will become habit. If they think it is okay to change your music while you are driving your car then they will do it every time they are in the passenger seat. If they think it is okay to insult you when they get angry then they will do it every time they are angry. Maybe you don’t need to drop them after one strike, but need to always be on offense. If you are playing with your back against the wall then you will always lose.

  47. Little extreme in my opinion. This rule applies if it’s a matter of disrespect, but shouldn’t be the solution to every little infraction. I disagree with ditching a girl who won’t sleep with you on the first night. Some do so to tease; others out of self respect. You discern that via her character in relation to other actions. Otherwise, color yourself shocked when she gives it up to you immediately, only to do so to every other suitor who games her.
    Otherwise, I agree w the guideline in principle: stop trading your self respect for the potential of affection .

  48. Ha this is comical. I’m not even offended at this – As a woman *gasp* I’m laughing hysterically at how delusional you all are.

    1. You’re laughing hysterically because that’s what insane people that live in their own world do… I bet that laugh is maniacal and evil too

  49. Were you straight up honest with her? “We’re going back to my place for sex” is perfectly acceptable. Maybe you’re at fault for not being forthright, in which case it’s good that the woman saw you as being unfit for sex.

    1. “”We’re going back to my place for sex” is perfectly acceptable”
      Maybe in your mind (slut). Your average flaky girl would trip the fuck out if you told her that on the first date since they’re all conditioned to distrust men.
      If she does go for it, she’s a slut and I question how many guys she’s done this with.

      1. So, they’re conditioned to distrust men… because men habitually lie to them about their intentions. That’s very interesting. And she’s a slut if she agrees outright to the proposition. Also, interesting.
        When I invite a woman over for sex, I don’t usually go so blunt as “we’re going to have sex.” Usually it’s more frisky and playful, as in, “I’m going to eat your pussy until you’re unable to think straight.”
        Do you actually KNOW what you want out of life, or do you spend it playing games?
        See, I know what I want, and I get it. You, on the other hand, play children’s games… and you end up unfulfilled. How many wasted opportunities because you weren’t honest? You’d be surprised what you get when you embrace your sexuality rather than play games about it.
        I also think it’s probably because I actually really, really love women, love pleasing them, love making them feel good that women are attracted to me. Try shifting into that mindset rather than being a woman-hating creep. You’d be amazed.

        1. I’d rather not put women on pedestals as my wants & needs are above some random slut. And I’d rather not deal with sluts that’ll fuck me right off the bat. To each their own.

        2. So, you want to take a woman back to fuck her… and you don’t want her to fuck you? Or you want her to fuck you, but you don’t want her to actually enjoy it (making her needs important in your consideration). I really, honestly, don’t understand you at all. Are all men on this site as illogical as you?

  50. I would like to add that I have and have always had that way of gauging the women around me and it is, quite honestly, the best thing a man can do. Your statement of that if she does something early then she will do it worse later is so utterly correct and I am positive that each and every man has experienced this.
    Anyhow, short post but, yes you are not just correct but your advice in this case is something men must proceed with. Putting your foot down while not giving a flying fuck if you get pussy or not is, guess what, the best way to get what you want in most cases with women. However, in terms of considering an actual relationship? In THIS day and age? Jesus Christ guys…… if you aren’t doing that already I am worried for you because you never know what radical or psychological issues are lurking and will come out later. Getting some ass is NOT worth any of that when you can easily just go home, watch Jenna Haze (or whoever “yours” is) take a facial and then never worry about some pathetic or miserable failure of a women who didn’t pass your test anyhow.

  51. I am a big fan of this strategy. A few months ago I was at a restaurant with a woman I had been seeing for about a month. She had pissed me off about a few minor things up to that point but nothing to go nuclear about. But she managed to do it at the restaurant so I quietly got up and walked out. Went down the street to another restaurant and while I was eating I deleted her contact info and blocked her number.

  52. This is so amazing in that this is just like everything I have ever seen on television, except in reverse. Since the invention of television it’s number one message has been, ‘no matter what, leave him girl’ -even said indignantly. This article is like the opposite of everything I’ve ever been exposed to. Good luck to you, sir.

  53. In your example of the girl from Moldova, you should have answered her text with, “We had a date set for 1:00PM??!! Totally forgot, but come to my place for a massage, I hurt my neck last night.”
    Your goal should have been to lay a pounding on her first, before dumping her for her indiscretions.

  54. How would you like it if you were given up on immediately because you were late or didn’t want to put out on a first date. Knowing most MRAs they’d probably throw a temper tantrum. Also the lack of empathy on this post is disturbing, how can you be proud of being so narcissistic?

    1. We aren’t MRAs dipshit, but to answer your question, we’d take it as a lesson learned and not fuck up with the next chick.

    2. I would actually appreciate girls that won’t put out on the first date… if I was looking for a long term girl.

  55. I’m by your side, but don’t agree 100% with wath you wrote.
    What I think is that if she came over to your place and got naked too, you could have done some adjustment to your game and fucked her either that night or on the next date(s).
    Are you sure she didn’t think you were too horny (hence: needy to her eyes)?
    Also, a good strategy men (me included) often forget when too focused on getting a +1 notch is, in the case she really doesn’t wanna put out but still is in your place, pulling out your dick and making her masturbate it. 95% of the times she will obey (if she doesn’t, she might be frigid, no kidding.) Once she has done it, you’ll have gained a strong position in the rapport. You’ll be already sexually satisfied (while she is not) and she can no more feed her ego with a “I made him vine and dine me and then blue balled him lol”. You can bet you ass next time she will spread her legs quite fast, with the aim of convincing herself that that sperm spot on her skirt is nothing else than the prelude of an inforgettable romance, not the unequivocal sign of the beastly sexual satisfaction you had using her as a tool 😀

    1. “Are you sure she didn’t think you were too horny (hence: needy to her eyes)?”
      No. I think she had no intention of putting out that night. It happens.

  56. Pump and dump westernise women!
    Foreign women are relationship material if that’s why you want.
    I have no pity for any man that is FUCKING STUPID enough to go out and falls in love with a westernise woman!

  57. Hah! It’s the best dating advice I have ever heard!!! I will use this rule to improve my dating life! I will cut all women off on kovla when they make mistakes! It’s brilliant=) I won’t waste my time anymore=)

  58. “The problem is that girls can be a narcotic if you’re not careful. Take one hit and you want to smoke the whole pipe, so to speak.”
    I’ve never understood this sentiment and how it affects the majority of men. It’s just sex… christ, it isn’t magic.

  59. I agree with a lot of what you are saying here…but 1 strike…isn’t that a little harsh? Everyone has a bad day now and again. What about 2 strikes..wouldn’t that be fairer? Like…1 warning, then dump her? I’d be grateful for a warning if I messed up in the early stages of a relationship, and I would always give the guy at least 1 warning before breaking up with him….

  60. You can say the same exact thing about the other sex. Generally I do give them one strike but never two.

  61. Just read this now. I agree. I usually send a text that necessitates some sort of response. Then I delete her number immediately. If she doesn’t text back, then she doesn’t. Keeps me from texting her again out of habit.

  62. Something I did when I was younger. One day, a gal didn’t show up at our, let’s call it, date. After me waiting for her for around 20-30 minutes, I walked away and I sent her a SMS apologizing that some changes occurred in my schedule and I couldn’t come (the girl understands that she is so worthless you didn’t even care to tell her you aren’t going to show up). The reaction of anger from her, made my day, it was the sweetest revenge. 😀 I highly recommend this tactic, as a form of retreat, still maintaining your dignity. The author should have done the same, at her sms, in my opinion. 😀

  63. This.
    Recently implemented the one-strike rule in my
    life, and it has made me happier. In fact, if a woman does something
    that mildly annoys me when we first meet—swears, is rude, makes a rude
    remark about me in an attempt to be “funny”—I next her.
    I’m basically forcing women to qualify themselves, I have no worries
    about them liking me—I concentrate on whether I like them. My
    pleasure, not hers. My enjoyment, not hers. I. Me. Me. Mine.
    headaches, no cares given. And some of these women, on being nexted so
    soon, get very supplicating and have thrown themselves at me to avoid
    being nexted. I believe that 2 One-night-stands I’ve had are a result of
    this–I next the girl, she senses it and gets desperate, and voila we
    go home together. I don’t bother finding her later, because she has been
    nexted—she’s not worth finding. But like a free candy bar, just
    because its junk food I won’t buy doesn’t mean I won’t take it if its
    given away.
    And so much happier. Women have no idea that creating male entitlement makes their female entitlement mean nothing.

  64. Way too harsh, man. I was late for my first date with my GF by twenty minutes because there were two Italian restaurants, Grano and Grado, and I went to the wrong one first. If she’d followed these rules, we would have never met. We’ve been together three years and still going very strong.

  65. I enjoy these articles. Insightful stuff. A lesson I have learned in life about dating is: The entire purpose of dating is to determine a woman’s true nature and character so you can decide to keep her in your life or throw her to the curb. The purpose is not to try and make her like you. I made this mistake countless times especially with both of my wive’s. I was very good at doing everything possible to try and make them to like me, which made me feel like a wimp with no ball sack. I should have not dated both of them more than two times. The red pill changed my perspective entirely.

  66. Good stuff. If you are going to get involved with western women, here’s a shortcut: Just look at two things: Her relationship with her father (and current attitude toward him) and her last two or three male romantic relationships. You will have all the info you need for an informed decision.

  67. Personally, I have a list of behavior that is “one strike and done” and another list that is “3 and done”, some things can be forgiven due to the nature of modern life while others are just irreconcilable.

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