Cultural Collapse Theory: The 7 Steps That Lead To A Complete Culture Decline

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It was Joe’s first date with Mary. He asked her what she wanted in life and she replied, “I want to establish my career. That’s the most important thing to me right now.” Undeterred that she had no need for a man in her life, Joe entertained her with enough funny stories and cocky statements that she soon allowed him to lightly pet her forearm.

At the end of the date, he locked arms with her on the walk to the subway station, when two Middle Eastern men on scooter patrol accosted them and said they were forbidden to touch. “This is Sharia zone,” they said in heavily accented English, in front of a Halal butcher shop. Joe and Mary felt bad that they offended the two men, because they were trained in school to respect all religions but that of their ancestors. One of the first things they learned was that their white skin gave them extra privilege in life which must be consciously restrained at all times. Even if they happened to disagree with the two men, they could not verbally object because of anti-hate laws that would put them in jail for religious discrimination. They unlocked arms and maintained a distance of three feet from each other.

Unfortunately for Joe, Mary did not want to go out with him again, but seven years later he did receive a message from her on Facebook saying hello. She became vice president of a company, but could not find a man equal to her station since women now made 25% more than men on average. Joe had long left the country and moved to Thailand, where he married a young Thai girl and had three children. He had no plans on returning to his country, America.

If cultural collapse occurs in the way I will now describe, the above scenario will be the rule within a few decades. The Western world is being colonized in reverse, not by weapons or hard power, but through a combination of progressivism and low reproductive rates. These two factors will lead to a complete cultural collapse of many Western nations within the next 200 years. This theory will show the most likely mechanism that it will proceed in America, Canada, UK, Scandinavia, and Western Europe.

What Is A Cultural Collapse?

Cultural collapse is the decline, decay, or disappearance of a native population’s rituals, habits, interpersonal communication, relationships, art, and language. It coincides with a relative decline of population compared to outside groups. National identity and group identification will be lost while revisionist history will be applied to demonize or find fault with the native population. Cultural collapse is not to be confused with economic or state collapse. A nation that suffers from a cultural collapse can still be economically productive and have a working government.

First I will share a brief summary of the cultural collapse progression before explaining them in more detail. Then I will discuss where I see many countries along its path.

The Cultural Collapse Progression

1. Removal of religious narrative from people’s lives, replaced by a treadmill of scientific and technological “progress.”

2. Elimination of traditional sex roles through feminism, gender equality, political correctness, cultural Marxism, and socialism.

3. Delay or abstainment of family formation by women to pursue careerist lifestyles while men wait in confused limbo.

4. Decreasing birth rate among native population.

5. Government enactment of open immigration policies to prevent economic collapse.

6. Immigrant refusal to fully acclimate, forcing host culture to adopt external rituals and beliefs while being out-reproduced.

7. Natives becoming marginalized in their own country.

1. Removal of religious narrative

Religion has been a powerful restraint for millennia in preventing humans from pursuing their base desires and narcissistic tendencies so that they satisfy a god. Family formation is the central unit of most religions, possibly because children increase membership at zero marginal cost to the church (i.e. they don’t need to be recruited).

Religion may promote scientific ignorance, but it facilitates reproduction by giving people a narrative that places family near the center of their existence.[1] [2] [3] After the Enlightenment, the rapid advance of science and its logical but nihilistic explanations into the universe have removed the religious narrative and replaced it with an empty narrative of scientific progress, knowledge, and technology, which act as a restraint and hindrance to family formation, allowing people to pursue individual goals of wealth accumulation or hedonistic pleasure seeking.[4] As of now, there has not been a single non-religious population that has been able to reproduce above the death rate.[5]

Even though many people today claim to believe in god, they may not step inside a church but once or twice a year for special holidays. Religion went from being a lifestyle, a manual for living, to something that is thought about in passing.

2. Elimination of traditional sex roles

Once religion no longer plays a role in people’s lives, the stage is set to fracture male-female bonding. It is collectively attacked by several ideologies stemming from the beliefs of Cultural Marxist theory, which serve to accomplish one common end: destruction of the family unit so that citizens are dependent on the state. They achieve this goal through the marginalization of men and their role in society under the banner of “equality.”[6] With feminism pushed to the forefront of this umbrella movement, the drive for equality ends up being a power grab by women.[7] This attack is performed on a range of fronts:

  • medicating boys from a young age with ADHD drugs to eradicate displays of masculinity[8]
  • shaming of men for having direct sexual interest in attractive and fertile women
  • criminalization of normal male behavior by redefining some instances of consensual sex as rape[9]
  • imprisonment of unemployed fathers for non-payment of child support, rendering them destitute and unable to be a part of their children’s lives[10]
  • taxation of men at higher rates for redistribution to women[11] [12]
  • promotion of single mother and homosexual lifestyles over that of the nuclear family[13] [14]

The end result is that men, confused about their identify and averse to state punishment from sexual harassment, “date rape,” and divorce proceedings, make a rational decision to wait on the sidelines.[15] Women, still not happy with the increased power given to them, continue their assault on men by instructing them to “man up” into what has become an unfair deal—marriage. The elevation of women above men is allowed by corporations, which adopt “girl power” marketing to expand their consumer base and increase profits.[16] [17] Governments also allow it because it increases their tax revenue. Because there is money to be made with women working and becoming consumers, there is no effort by the elite to halt this development.

3. Women begin to place career above family

At the same time men are emasculated as mere “sperm donors,” women are encouraged to adopt the career goals, mannerisms, and competitive lifestyles of men, inevitably causing them to delay marriage, often into an age where they can no longer find suitable husbands who have more resources than themselves. [18] [19] [20] [21] The average woman will find it exceedingly difficult to balance career and family, and since she has no concern of getting “fired” from her family, who she may see as a hindrance to her career goals, she will devote an increasing proportion of time into her job.

Female income, in aggregate, will soon match or exceed that of men.[22] [23] [24] A key reason that women historically got married was to be economically provided for, but this reason will no longer persist and women will feel less pressure or motivation to marry. The burgeoning spinster population will simply be a money-making opportunity for corporations to market to an increasing population of lonely women. Cat and small dog sales will rise.

Women succumb to their primal sexual and materialistic urges to live the “Sex and the City” lifestyle full of fine dining, casual sex, technological bliss, and general gluttony without learning traditional household skills or feminine qualities that would make them attractive wives.[25] [26] Men adapt to careerist women in a rational way by doing the following:

  • to sate their natural sexual desires, men allow their income to lower since economic stability no longer provides a draw to women in their prime[27]
  • they mimic “alpha male” social behavior to get laid with women who, without having an urgent need for a man’s monetary resources to survive, can choose men based on confidence, aesthetics, and general entertainment value[28]
  • they withdraw into a world of video games and the internet, satisfying their own base desires for play and simulated hunting[29] [30]

Careerist women who decide to marry will do so in a hurried rush around 30 because they fear growing old alone, but since they are well past their fertility peak[31], they may find it difficult to reproduce. In the event of successful reproduction at such a later age, fewer children can be born before biological infertility, limiting family size compared to the historical past.

4. Birth rates decrease among native population

The stage is now set for the death rate to outstrip the birth rate. This creates a demographic cliff where there is a growing population of non-working elderly relative to able-bodied younger workers. Two problems result:

  • Not enough tax revenue is supplied by the working population in order to provide for the elderly’s medical and social retirement needs.[32] Borrowing can only temporarily maintain these entitlements.
  • Decrease of economic activity since more people are dying than buying.[33]

No modern nation has figured out how to substantially raise birth rates among native populations. The most successful effort has been done in France, but that has still kept the birth rate among French-born women just under the replacement rate (2.08 vs 2.1).[34] The easiest and fastest way to solve this double-edged problem is to promote mass immigration of non-elderly individuals who will work, spend, and procreate at rates greater than natives.[35]

A replenishing supply of births are necessary to create taxpayers, workers, entrepreneurs, and consumers in order to maintain the nation’s economic development.[36] While many claim that the planet is suffering from “overpopulation,” an economic collapse is inevitable for those countries who do not increase their population at steady rates.

5. Large influx of immigration

An aging population without youthful refilling will cause a scarcity of labor, increasing that labor’s price. Corporate elites will now lobby governments for immigration reform to relieve this upward pressure on wages.[37] [38] At the same time, the modern mantra of sustained GDP growth puts pressure on politicians for dissemination of favorable economic growth data to aid in their re-elections. The simplest way to increase GDP without innovation or development of industry is to expand the population. Both corporate and political elites now have their goals in alignment where the easiest solution becomes immigration.[39] [40]

While politicians hem and haw about designing permanent immigration policies, immigrants continue to settle within the nation.[41] The national birth rate problem is essentially solved overnight, as it’s much easier to drain third-world nations of its starry-eyed population with enticements of living in the first-world than it is to encourage the native women to reproduce. (Lateral immigration from one first-world nation to another is so relatively insignificant that the niche term ‘expatriation’ has been developed to describe it). Native women will show a stubborn resistance at any suggestion they should create families, much preferring a relatively responsibility-free lifestyle of sexual variety, casual internet dating via mobile apps, consumer excess, and comfortable high-paying jobs in air conditioned offices.[42] [43]

Immigrants will almost always come from societies that are more religious and, in the case of Islam with regard to European immigration, far more scientifically primitive and rigid in its customs.[44]

6. Sanitization of host culture coincides with increase in immigrant power

While many adult immigrants will feel gracious at the opportunity to live in a more prosperous nation, others will soon feel resentment that they are forced to work menial jobs in a country that is far more expensive than their own.[45] [46] [47] [48] [49] The majority of them remain in lower economic classes, living in poor “immigrant communities” where they can speak their own language, find their own homeland foods, and follow their own customs or religion.

Instead of breaking out of their foreigner communities, immigrants seek to expand it by organizing. They form local groups and civic organizations to teach natives better ways to understand and serve immigrant populations. They will be eager to publicize cases where immigrants have been insulted by insensitive natives or treated unfairly by police authorities in the case of petty crime.[50] [51] [52] [53] [54] [55] School curriculums may be changed to promote diversity or multiculturalism, at great expense to the native culture.[56] Concessions will be made not to offend immigrants.[57] A continual stream of outrages will be found and this will feed the power of the organizations and create a state within a state where native elites become fearful of applying laws to immigrants.[58]

7. Destruction of native culture

This step has not yet happened in any first-world nation, so I will predict it based on logically extending known events I have already described.

Local elites will give lip service to immigrant groups for votes but will be slow to give them real state or economic power. Citizenship rules may even be tightened to prevent immigrants from being elected. The elites will be mostly insulated from the cultural crises in their isolated communities, private schools, and social clubs, where they can continue to incubate their own sub-culture without outside influence. At the same time, they will make speeches and enact polices to force native citizens to accept multiculturalism and blind immigration. Anti-hate and anti-discrimination laws will be more vigorously enforced than other more serious crimes. Police will monitor social networking to identify those who make statements against protected classes.

Cultural decline begins in earnest when the natives feel shame or guilt for who they are, their history, their way of life, and where their ancestors came from. They will let immigrant groups criticize their customs without protest, or they simply embrace immigrant customs instead with religious conversion and interethnic marriages. Nationalistic pride will be condemned as a “far-right” phenomenon and popular nationalistic politicians will be compared to Hitler. Natives learn the art of self-censorship, limiting the range of their speech and expressions, and soon only the elderly can speak the truths of the cultural decline while a younger multiculturalist within earshot attributes such frankness to senility or racist nostalgia.

With the already entrenched environment of political correctness (see stage 2), the local culture becomes a sort of “world” culture that can be declared tolerant and progressive as long as there is a lack of criticism against immigrants, multiculturalism, and their combined influence. All cultural identity will eventually be lost, and to be “American” or “British,” for example, will no longer have modern meaning from a sociological perspective. Native traditions will be eradicated and a cultural mixing will take place where citizens from one world nation will be nearly identical in behavior, thought, and consumer tastes to citizens of another. Once a collapse occurs, it cannot be reversed. The nation’s cultural heritage will be forever lost.

I want to now take a brief look at six different countries and see where they are along the cultural collapse progression…


This is an interesting case because, up to recently, we saw very low birth rates not due to progressive ideals but from a rough transition to capitalism in the 1990’s and a high male mortality from alcoholism.[59] [60] To help sustain its population, Russia is readily accepting immigrants from Central Asian regions, treating them like second-class citizens and refusing to make any accommodations away from the ethnic Russian way of life. Even police authorities turn a blind eye when local skinhead groups attack immigrants.[61] In addition, Russia has also shown no tolerance to homosexual or progressive groups,[62] stunting their negative effects upon the culture. The birth rate has risen in recent years to levels seen in Western Europe but it’s still not above the death rate. Russia will see a population collapse before a cultural one.

Likelihood of 50-year cultural collapse: Very low


We’re seeing rapid movement through stages 2 and 3, where progressive ideology based on the American model is becoming adopted and a large poor population ensure progressive politicians will continue to remain in power with promises of economic redistribution.[63] [64] [65] Within 15 years we should see a sharp drop in birth rates and a relaxation of immigration laws.

Likelihood of 50-year cultural collapse: Moderate


Some could argue that America is currently experiencing a cultural collapse. It always had a fragile culture because of its immigrant foundings, but immigrants of the past (including my own parents) rapidly acclimated into the host culture to create a sense of national pride around an ethic of hard work and shared democratic values. This is being eroded as a fem-centric culture rises in its place, with its focus on trends, celebrities, homosexuality, multiculturalism, and male-bashing. Natives have become pleasure seekers with little inclination to reproduction during their years of peak fertility.[66]

Likelihood of 50-year cultural collapse: Very high


While America always had high amounts of immigration, and therefore a system of integration, England is newer to the game. In the past 20 years, they have massively ramped up their immigration efforts.[67] A visit to London will confirm that the native British are slowly becoming minorities, with their iconic red telephone booths left undisturbed purely for tourist photo opportunities. Approximately 5% of the English population is now Muslim.[68] Instead of acclimatizing, they are achieving early success in creating zones with Sharia law.[69] The English elite, in response, is jailing natives under stringent anti-race laws.[70] England had a highly successful immigration story with Polish immigrants who eagerly acclimated to English culture, but have opened the doors to other peoples who don’t want to integrate.[71]

Likelihood of 50-year cultural collapse: Very high


Sweden is experiencing a similar immigration situation to England, but they possess a higher amount of self-shame and white guilt. Instead of allowing immigrants who could work in the Swedish economy, they are encouraging migration of asylum seekers who have been made destitute by war. These immigrants enter Sweden and immediately receive social benefits. In effect, Sweden is welcoming the least economically productive people in the world.[72] The immigrants will produce little or no economic benefit, and may even worsen Sweden’s economy. Immigrants are turning some parts of Sweden, such as the Rosengard area of Malmo, into a ghetto.[73]

Likelihood of 50-year cultural collapse: Very high


From my one and half years of living in Poland, I have seen a moderate level of progressive ideological creep, careerism among women, hedonism, and idolation of Western values, particularly out of England, where a large percentage of the Polish population have emigrated for work. Younger Poles may not act much different from their Western counterparts in their party lifestyle behavior, but there nonetheless remains a tenuous maintenance of traditional sex roles. Women of fertile age are pursuing relationships over one-night stands, but careerism is causing them to stall family formation. This puts a downward pressure on birth rates, which stems from significant numbers of fertile young women emigrating to countries like the UK and USA, along with continued economic uncertainties faced from transitioning to capitalism[74]. As Europe’s “least multicultural” nation, Poland has long been hesitant to accept immigrants, but this has recently changed and they are encouraging migrants.[75]  To its credit, it is seeking first-world entrepreneurs instead of low skilled laborers or asylum seekers. Its cultural fate will be an interesting development in the years to come, but the prognosis will be more negative as long as its young people are eager to leave the homeland.

Likelihood of 50-year cultural collapse: Possible

Poland and Russia show the limitations of Cultural Collapse Theory in that it best applies to first-world nations with highly developed economies. They have low birth rates but not through the mechanism I described, though if they adopt a more Western ideological track like Brazil, I expect to see the same outcome that is befalling England or Sweden.

There can be many paths to cultural destruction, and those nations with the most similarities will gravitate towards the same path, just like how Eastern European nations are suffering low birth rates because of mass emigration due to being introduced into the European Union.

How To Stop Cultural Collapse

Maintaining native birth rates while preventing the elite from allowing immigrant labor is the most effective means at preventing cultural collapse. Since multiculturalism is an experiment with no proven efficacy, a culture can only be maintained by a relatively homogenous group who identify with each other. When that homogeneity breaks down and one citizen looks to the next and does not see a person with the same values as himself, the culture falls in dis-repair as native citizens begin to lose a shared means of communication and identity. Once the percentage of the immigrant population crosses a certain threshold (perhaps 15%), the decline will pick up in pace and cultural breakdown will be readily apparent to all observers.

Current policies to solve low birth rates through immigration is a short-term fix with dire long-term consequences. In effect, it’s a Trojan-horse prescription of irreversible cultural destruction. A state must prevent itself from entering the position where mass immigration is considered a solution by blocking progressive ideologies from taking hold. One way this can be done is through the promotion of a state-sponsored religion which encourages the nuclear family instead of single motherhood and homosexuality. However, introducing religion as a mainstay of citizen life in the post-enlightenment era may be impossible.

We must consider that the scientific era is an evolutionary maladaptive feature of humanity that natural selection will accordingly punish (i.e. those who are anti-religious and pro-science will simply breed less). It must also be considered that with religion in permanent decline, cultural collapse may be a certainty that eventually occurs in all developed nations. Religion, it may turn out, was evolutionary beneficial to the human race.

Another possible solution is to foster a patriarchal society where men serve as strong providers. If you encourage the development of successful men who possess indispensable skills and therefore resources that are lacked by females, there will be women below their station who want to marry and procreate with them, but if strong women are produced instead, marriage and procreation is unlikely to take place at levels above the death rate.

A gap between the sexes should always exist in the favor of men if procreation is to occur at high rates, or else you’ll have something similar to the situation in America where urban professional women cannot find “good men” to begin a family with (i.e., men who are significantly more financially successful than them). They instead remain single and barren, only used occasionally by cads for exciting casual sex.

One issue that I purposefully ignored is the effect of technology and consumerism on lowering birth rates. How much influence does video games, internet, and smartphones contribute to a birth decline? How much of an effect does Western-style consumerism have in delaying marriage? I suspect they have more of an amplification effect than being an outright cause. If a country is proceeding through the cultural collapse model, technology will simply hurry the collapse, but giving internet access to a traditionally religious group of people may not cause them to flip overnight. Research will have to be done in these areas to say for sure.


The first iteration of any theory is sure to create as many questions as answers, but I hope that by proposing this model, it becomes more clear why some cultures seem so quick to degrade while others display a sort of immunity. Some countries may be too far down the wrong path to be saved, but I hope the information presented gives concerned readers ideas on protecting their own culture by allowing them to connect how progressive ideologies that may seem innocent or benign on the surface can eventually lead to an outright collapse of their nation’s culture.

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539 thoughts on “Cultural Collapse Theory: The 7 Steps That Lead To A Complete Culture Decline”

  1. Lets not forget one of the biggest contributing factors towards cultural decline:
    Economic collapse.
    The high levels of unemployment and hyperinflation growing out of control, also contributes greatly towards the collapse of society on an unprecedented scale. If one is unemployed and has no job, career or any form of making money in a legitimate conventional way, then that individual will lose his mind.
    Hence, why you have all these bullshit political protests on issues that have no real positive effect. To compensate for their empty lives because they have too much time on their hands and with no productive means to support themselves or real jobs, these people will resort towards pointless protests and strikes, as if it gives them a real purpose to their meaningless lives.
    The economic collapse correlates with everything that is wrong with our society. The cultural decline exploded after the housing crash of 2008. This was when everything wrong started to happen on a high level:
    -Hipsters and metrosexuals appearing everywhere
    -The gay agenda being shoved in our faces
    -The attack on all religions such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism.
    -The rejection of morality.
    -Open corruption of the political and economic establishment
    -The lies of the mainstream media continuing on a mass scale (eg: fake job recovery)
    -The heavy rise and influence of feminism in the workplace and now entreching the entertainment industry (eg: “Girls”)
    -The decline of morality
    -The rise of EDM and musicians celebrating and praising the illuminati and satanism
    -The obsession of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, hence contributing towards more narcissism and jealousy.
    -The errosion of standards in fashion, movies and literature (eg: men wearing skinny jeans and chinos, tattoos all over body, slick back hairstyles, the rise of teenage pop culture and grown adults obsessing over musicians such as Justin Bieber and the Hunger Games and Twilight)
    -The acceptance of role reversals- men accepting and embracing being trophy husbands and women being breadwinners
    -Divorces rising on a higher level and women pushing aggresive movements such as the fat acceptance movement
    -The rise of race baiting and bigotry.
    The list is endless and goes to show what happens when an economy collapses and what happens to people on a psychological level. Disagree as much as you want, but the truth hurts, and what I have explained is the truth.

    1. I agree with you, but look, there will always be markets. The grid is not going down, our infrastructure is way too advanced.
      I said before, the most likely outcome is that 70 percent of the population will go from middle class to poor in the next decade.

      1. How can you not believe our culture won’t change dramatically following such economic upheaval?

        1. Already is. The family unit will be history, left behind will be a mass of hedonistic zombies like Bladerunner.

        2. No they can’t. Profit margins have to sustain a certain level for them to continue producing. Apple and Monsanto aren’t going to produce anything if growth projections aren’t positive. Which will happen if you hit an inflection point with too few people earning a middle class salary. There won’t be enough wealthy to make up the difference in consumption.

        3. There are ways around this. Make the government provide Apple computers and Monsanto foods institutionally, and pay for it with taxes.

        4. You’re right in that there are ways around it, but they involve changing the way our current economic system operates. Which I argue will significantly alter our culture that is currently heavily invested in consumption.

        5. What I’m saying is that I think the government is going to start doing our consuming for us. Look at EBT. That’s pure government-to-Monsanto money pipeline. It’s a corporation taxing the public under socialist principles.

        6. Having something like a base salary is the most common solution proposed. It would dramatically alter how individuals, governments, and corporations interacted though. So I still think major societal transformation would become apparent.

      2. “70 percent of the population will go from middle class to poor in the next decade.”
        That is indeed very frightening. One only needs to take a trip around the rust belt states to see how economically deprived a lot of cities are.
        On top of that, with automation taking place on an unprecedented scale, a report from Oxford Univerisity stated that 45% of the population will become unemployed. Bill Gates also mentioned that jobs will be reduced by technology.
        Which is why I am saving as much cash as possible and investing in gold and developing an exit strategy for whatever remainder of time I have left on this Earth.
        I urge all people to do the same.

        1. Most people are far poorer than they realize.
          In my view, someone isn’t on solid ground unless they have family real estate holdings and multiple profitable family-owned businesses more than capable of sustaining their lands. Survival is a war, and when it goes to shit you’ll need a defensible house and trustable neighbors, and these things are very expensive.
          The elite have offered fools the illusion of ownership through debt. A day’s work for a day’s pay isn’t citizenship- it’s little better than slavery. They paid Frederick Douglass every day in Baltimore and he was still another man’s chattel. The Emancipation was in name only, and it was a great joke because anybody without land is a slave anyway.

        2. In my opinion, you are not on solid ground even with real estate holdings. The State can take that stuff off you at any time. Even with land, in your terms, you are still a slave since you must pay “rent” to the State.

        3. I stipulated that you need to be able to defend what you have.
          If you can’t defend it, you don’t really have it.

        4. Key word is in the neighborhood. In many locales it’s possible to be better armed than the local government goons. Especially here in the States, englishbob.
          All it takes is making it not worth the government’s time to come after you.
          I live in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world (statistically speaking, but my neighbors are nice enough). The cops know who all the druglords are, but they leave them alone because they keep the peace. Every now and then there’s a roundup with the cooperation of all the feds, and then small fries take over, but generally it’s not worth the cops’ time to go looking for a firefight. Keep in mind, these are drug addled uneducated idiots we’re talking about.
          Make yourself too tough for SWAT, and they won’t send the Marines after you cuz that’d look desperate.

        5. Wasn’t David Koresh too tough for SWAT? I take your point about being the prickly rose in the bush but at the moment, if the Government wants you enough, they will get you. And of course, you still pay property tax don’t you?

        6. There’s more too it than that. Part of prosperity is forming the right connections. My old man moved to a smaller town- he’s always been at odds with their political power structure, but he’s always been sure to befriend the chief of police. You have to take a broad approach to this and not come at it like a gorilla.
          You’re not an anti-government psycho, you’re a well-to-do businessman with appropriate bodyguards for the safety of your children. It’s all about appearances. The rich have compounds full of men with guns. They’re allowed. There’s a way to play the game.
          I’m not talking about fighting a battle. I’m talking everything but. I’m talking about building power and influence as a citizen. Sooner or later the government will fall and will be replaced. You just have to choose the right moment to give them the finger, and make yourself as important a part of the new regime as you can.

      3. The way I see it: The world is a pyramid, The world, in the future, will be a square, with a teeny, tiny pyramid sitting atop the square.
        Virtually all of us will reside within the square.

      4. I agree. A massive amount of the population will slip into poverty very rapidly.
        But not me. I’ve always been poor.

        1. I’m going to be the government’s beta bucks. Middle to high income, no marriage or kids … the perfect tax mule!
          Half my income will go to women, minorities, old people, and lazy incompetent in the public sector.

        2. That’s heavy. At least you make some income though. I’m broke, so the gov’t currently has little interest in me.

    2. I agree with you on some of these points but others have been in “effect” for decades (long before 2008). You could even say many changes led us on the path to 2008 and we’re still “recovering” – politicians will never tell us the truth – how bad things truly are out there.
      Corruption and money in politics has always been there (just below the surface). Many knew it but it was never discussed openly. The MSM controlled the conversations (pre-internet) but now many can have a discussion (just like us) without the MSM (thank god).
      I think you’d really have to look at the time when manufacturing left us (at least the U.S.). At least during that time, a man could make a decent living (one income per household) and everything kind of “came together”. Since that time, these jobs have left the country and couples have been patching two jobs together to make it work (with or without a family).
      Another problem is too much consumption. Many Americans don’t know the difference between a “need” and a “want”. I need certain things to survive (i.e. water, food, fuel, shelter)…I want a nice TV (or 3).

    3. You sir, are very wise. But is it better to enjoy the decline, or escape from it, I wonder?

    4. “The rise of EDM and musicians celebrating and praising the illuminati and satanism”
      You’d argue that the Illuminati exists? Satanism isn’t nonsense?

      1. It doesn’t matter if they exist or not. The Wiemar Republic was host to some of the most depraved pornography as well as a deep interest in the occult. These are signs that a society has lost its constructive abilities.

        1. I asked if the Illuminati exists. In your response, you went on a tangent about irrelevancies. Please do not respond to my comments if in doing so you write to satisfy your ego.

        2. (sigh) I’m going to have to show my work, I guess. I thought this site was smarter than that. You are asking irrelevant questions about the existence of the Illuminati and Satan. The topic at hand is culture decline. The resurgence of superstition (and its attendant depravity) is a sign of cultural collapse. It’s like you’re asking the question, “Does the master race exist?” The answer is, “The fact that you’re asking that question shows that we’re doomed.” I know it’s cool to be an atheist skeptic, like you just discovered it or something, but try to be polite. It will get you further. Also, everyone writes to satisfy their ego.

        3. I asked a question that was relevant to that particular comment, hence why I quoted it and not the entirety of the post. Therefore, my question was relevant to the particular quote, just not in your close-minded understanding of this discourse.
          I fully understood the point made with regards to my question not being a relevant question in your eyes (the resurgence of superstition indicates depravity, regardless of whether the superstitions manifest in reality). However, I was curious as to whether this person thought that these entities exist (as his comment was neutral as to the existence). In regards to my comment, this is why your comment is an irrelevant tangent.
          Your appeals to politeness are laughable when your comment unfairly dictates the status of my comment without sufficient footing.

  2. We have to take the Aaroon Clarey approach, and that is enjoy the decline. We live in this era where degenerancy is the common trend, single mothers, PC, thrid world immigration, no family and communal bonds, a weakness of religion, etc.

      1. Older generations should be made to suffer for what they allowed to happen.
        “They didn’t know.”
        Well too bad, ignorance of reality is no excuse. I’m not paying for their retirement homes and health care.

        1. I dont know that they should, they didnt set these policies, they just reaped the benefits. You didnt see any of this trickle down form the grandparents to your parents, then to you? Just curious.

        2. I’m not arguing with someone who denies the obvious. The boomers totally fucked their children and grandchildren.

        3. look, based on the posts Ive read, you’re a sharp guy, but your take on things (finding a scapegoat for what ails society) is, unfortunately, what I see everywhere now:
          old vs. young
          left vs. right
          black vs. white
          queer vs. straight
          black vs. latino
          Are you looking to make things better, or looking to assign blame to someone for the reason things suck now?
          And I personally think the “greatest generation” is more to blame than the boomers- they put together the “great society” stuff in the lates 60s…

        4. Partially true … but when I explain to boomers the situation they honestly don’t care and dismiss me.
          They have all the wealth and power to do something about the current decline, but their attitude is I GOT MINE!

        5. Now you over generalizing. Not all elders behaved as you describe. Many older Americans have been fighting the same things you fight today. Wanting one group to suffer based on over-generalized thinking ruins you past good analysis.

        6. No it is not. Many find the same problems, and are just as frustrated as you are. Many older people in this country did not act as you so simply define. Funny how you claim to seek truth and criticize those that hold naive views of 20th century history but then make the exact mistake in you over-simplified
          narrow view of others not like yourself.

        7. I trusted my elders. It was only after finding out how lazy they had been in accepting historical lies and running up government debt that I realized how narcissistic they were.
          You may be an exception to your generation, as I am to mine (which is perhaps is more decadent than yours, but less pathetic given our lack of opportunity), but we have to call a spade a spade.
          The boomers were irresponsible with the social and political capital they were handed and helped bring us to a point of financial and social bankruptcy.

        8. Of course there are many decent boomers, I’m generalizing here the same way I would about my own generation (whom I loathe). Collectively, the boomers handed their children and grandchildren a hell hole (cultural ruin, broken families, 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities) … Bill Clinton is the ultimate personification of this spoiled brat attitude.

        9. You must be speaking about your relatives. My parents are on the tail end of the boomers as well as their siblings and cousins and they are nothing like you describe.

        10. You have it right. They are the idiots that bought into socialism and pushed this country to hell. Every point in the article is a baby boomer talking point for PC status.

        11. Who do you think started that. The boomers. The racial divide is pure liberal politics designed to keep blacks as an ignorant voting block

        12. They are called “The Greatest Generation” because they spent all of their own money and all of yours. They gave us the new deal (or at at least continued its evil-doings) which has resulted in one shitty deal for millennials. We pay into social security, medicare, medicaid, and countless other bullshit that will never benefit us. Because so much of our paychecks go into this crap we’re forced to go into debt just to have a basic standard of living.

        13. Dr. Orange you are absolutely 10000000% correct. I havent seen many other than myself point the blame where it belongs, and that is at the so called greatest generation. those assholes fucked us and I’d argue the generation or two before is the one took the greatest generation out to dinner and prepared them to fuck the ones that are alive right now in the worst way possible.
          “”As they say in Europe, “The mother of stupidity is always pregnant”.”
          a wise saying indeed.
          “Older generations should be made to suffer for what they allowed to happen.”
          “I trusted my elders. It was only after finding out how lazy they had been in accepting historical lies and running up government debt that I realized how narcissistic they were.”
          “The boomers were irresponsible with the social and political capital they were handed and helped bring us to a point of financial and social bankruptcy.”
          “I’m not arguing with someone who denies the obvious. The boomers totally fucked their children and grandchildren.”
          “They have all the wealth and power to do something about the current decline, but their attitude is I GOT MINE!”
          “Collectively, the boomers handed their children and grandchildren a hell hole (cultural ruin, broken families, 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities) ”
          preach on Dr. Orange….Preach on.
          these idiots dont get it….as much as this generation sucks, yes it does in fact suck…..guess who raised us? our parents. we merely inherited what they left behind. and what they have left behind is a country that is anywhere from days to years away from a collapse. our grandparents screwed us, our parents screwed us, our great grandparents laid the foundations to screwing us. the great generation? more like the greatest sellouts. Im so sick and tired of hearing about them….oh look they fought in a war…woohoo, heres a medal….now let me tell you some of the ways in which you bent over your future posterity and fucked them in the ass and see if you deserve that medal.
          their homeland of America has been secretly under attack for well over 100 years and our forefathers just went “herp derp” and shrugged their shoulders and did nothing about it.
          our parents and grandparents dont deserve social security or medicare or whatever else they get for retiring from fucking over their children…..they dont deserve one damn dime. what this generation has done is committed high treason.
          it is because of these older clowns that there is more debt than i could ever hope to repay
          it is because of them that schools are braining washing facilities
          it is because of them feminism exists
          it is because of them that we have a two party system that is as productive as choosing between Satan and The Anti-Christ.
          it is because of them that obesity and rampant health problems are on the rise
          it is because of you that we are medical lab rats, constantly trying out new drugs
          it is because of you that most young children are given experimental psychological medicine for bullshit illnesses like ADHD.
          it is because of them that circumcision aka rape and mutilation is legal.
          it is because of them that religion lost it’s balls and gay marriage is a thing
          it is because of them that religion has become a thing for pussies. That Jesus has become a woman with a beard as we sing in church “Jesus lover to my soul”…excuse me while I go puke at the thought
          it is because of them we have entitlement programs that are turning us into lazy assholes.
          it is because of them that before I was born my homeland was set on fire, and now as an adult there is so much fire I cannot breathe without getting sick
          and now these assholes….want me to fix this shit? excuse me….but under what planet of reality does that make sense? I quote the end of planet of the apes 1 “God damn you all, God damn you all to hell, you maniacs you blew it up”
          “Many find the same problems, and are just as frustrated as you are. ”
          which is hilarious given the fact THEY CREATED THIS SHITHOLE. the proof is where we are today. they didnt try hard enough, the ones that cared, clearly didnt care enough.
          “They failed to kill the people who did make the policies.”
          “You must be speaking about your relatives. My parents are on the tail end of the boomers as well as their siblings and cousins and they are nothing like you describe.”
          of course they arent, everyones mom and grandma are sweet precious little souls that would do no harm….guess fucking what? grandma, grandpa, mom, and dad fucked you, fucked your children, and fucked their children by giving us a country that is burning to the damn ground and then those cunts have the balls to say “DAMN KIDS RUINING THIS COUNTRY”

    1. the “enjoy the decline” attitude is just laying down quietly to die. it’s ethical exhaustion and surrender. the situation seems hopeless and you’re weary of the moral responsibility of existence and survival. our ancestors who built the west would hang their heads with shame

      1. How about “Take what you can. Give nothing back”? If people are going to be stupid, they get what’s coming to them. I have told anti-gun trendies in the past that if things collapse I’ll be taking their stuff. They never liked that.

      2. Agreed.
        I think “enjoy the decline” the book and “enjoy the decline” the meme are a little different from each other now.
        The book was basically presenting raw data and some good tips about living with minimalism, and learning to accept that the changing economic situation is not a reflection of you as an individual.
        I think the meme of “enjoy the decline” however has become a mantra for those who want an excuse to quit.
        Aaron Clarey brags about not having kids, being a forever bachelor, and acting like he is so self-assured. But something seems off about it at this point… A little too much of a caricature at times.

        1. Aaron Clarey just knows the truth as this society has taught him. He is free and not criminalized by living as he does. You are apart of the problem not him.

        2. Your blindness or deliberate action in not seeing the reason for the path Aaron Clarey has chosen in a society that screams out daily that it hates it’s men. misandry. If not MGTOW what is he to do. Serve himself up as a target and wait to be used as a slave or charged with some kind of abuse or worse have his kids taken from him and sent a bill he will be lucky to be able to pay in a failing economy.

        3. Alright maybe I didn’t convey my thoughts on Cappy Cap very well.
          I think Aaron Clarey is quite bright and I’m not saying he hasn’t made a real contribution to the manosphere. Aaron Clarey is vital to the manosphere in a lot ways.
          But I can still criticize him and point out his limitations while still holding him in high-esteem. What I think me and Dr. Orange are saying about him is that while he covers the bases of the manosphere well, he is stuck in rhetoric. He’s got a bit of that grumpy old man thing going on. He isn’t coming up with something brand new and revolutionary but rather he is doing a great job at living out and promoting traditional ways of life.
          He is very very frugal, responsible for himself, cares about the facts, and seems to really care about the youth of the west that he feels were screwed out of a life that they could be living had the previous generations lived according to those traditional values.
          My criticism of captain capitalism is that he is not open to new ideas and is completely attached to old ways of thinking, all the while criticizing the hell out of anyone who brings a different viewpoint to the table. We need these kinds of people to maintain the status quo for sure… BUT he just doesn’t have all the facts… He is telling everyone what to do like he has all the answers and knows all (like every damn “economist”) and yet he doesn’t have all the facts (as Dr. Orange pointed out above about engineering degrees).
          I see the value in all of the different manosphere thinkers but I don’t think any one of them has all the answers or is beyond criticism.

      3. Absolutely. The fact that there is an “enjoy the decline” mentality, is part of the reason why there is a decline in the first place. I agree that our parents (and grandparents) have handed us a losing hand. But this has happened in the past. Times will be tough, death will be familiar, but civilization always does dig itself out and start again.
        I am confident that a certain class of men is simply much smarter by nature and nurture than the unwashed hordes poised to gain numerical ascendancy. The foreign invaders will inherit, temporarily, the reigns of society. But they have no ability to maintain it. They will not be building factories and developing technology. They will be easily dispatched even by a minority of savvy, Western men, once these same Western men are no longer having to fight a civil war with their peers in society. Who of us really fears the negro hordes of Ferguson? I don’t doubt for a second that these morons would be wiped out handily in a matter of days, if even 5% of the men in Missouri were able to act freely. No, what we still have to contend with, are the treasonous member of our civilization, who threaten the organized use of force and economic pressure against us, and interpose themselves between us while the thugs burn down the city. It may be that our only option is to wait out the decline, until it comes to the point where those disciples of Sinon are no longer viable opponents. But at that point…

        1. Enjoy the decline comes from people playing by the rules getting abused and blamed and punished for it. Men ,white men the heterosexual kind in particular are the butt of all jokes and culture. All men are now rapist ,abusers, sexist and child molesters. White men get the extra title of rapist. And the laws have been written and culture set on that. Any man that chooses to marry and lead his family is a criminal. enjoy the decline. Currently heterosexual white men make up the vast majority of the combat arms in the military. (they are the ones getting blown up and killed serving a country that openly hates them) They are sexist,racist homophobes and we have started on the courts and family law. enjoy the decline. The black community now believes as part of African American culture to know how to read and right and behave in a civil manner is acting white. Throw in a little feminism and you get Detroit. It’s ok they 95% vote socialism because it is so far and beneficial.(thank you baby boomers) Technically based on the results the black community was stronger before the boomers were good to them. enjoy the decline. Bill Clinton and his ideology was bad but Obama raised by rich white liberals (boomers) takes the cake. We now all live in fear of our government with gun sales through the roof and due to criminalization of common sense there is no hope of peacefully correcting this madness. So now we have enjoy the decline.

    2. I understand. surfing the kali yuga is easy. being an invertebrate that goes along with destruction and choas is easy. building families/civilization is legendary mode

    3. I understand. surfing the kali yuga is easy. being an invertebrate that goes along with destruction and choas is easy. building families/civilization is legendary mode

    4. You don’t understand how toxic it is to just sit and watch the world around you burn. I think the least we can do as red pill men is to get the red pill philosophy stuck in as many people’s heads. (Especially the betas) since they make up the majority of the male population.

  3. My prediction of cultural collapse in america was roughly 50 years too. It was erie to read this article and see that you came to the same conclusion. It seems that its overdue for us to step up to the plate and save our country.

    1. The wealthy of a century ago left the rope ladder to the treehouse of wealth dangling within the reach of any man who could jump high enough or find a stepstool. Their progeny have been increasingly concerned with pulling the ladder up. At various points in history the elite have learned that servants are more productive than slaves. They always have to learn the hard way.

  4. No point in hoping for society to get better. Its part of the endgame. All the major religions have indicated and prophesied these signs.
    Best way to depart this world is with your self respect intact and living your life by your own standards and value system.
    Morality is something only we can achieve from inside ourselves, not anyone else.

    1. “Best way to depart this world is with your self respect intact and living your life by your own standards and value system.”

  5. You make a lot of good points, but I disagree with your religion/science dichotomy.
    The problem isn’t that people have replaced religion with science. The problem is that people cherry pick the most favorable principles of religion to help them cope with the harshest realities of science.
    None of the hard truths of either religion or science shine through, and only the warm fuzzy aspects of both are allowed to touch the fragile minds of the populace. I think the root is the tendency of people to use ignorance to protect a child’s feelings rather than using knowledge to dispel their fears.

    1. And religious families will continue to out-reproduce their secular counterparts. Little Tarquin and Jemima will be in a class full of alien ethnicities to their own native culture. 50 million Muslims in the EU at the moment, set to rise and rise over the next 50 years while native birth rates decrease. Interesting dichotomy alright……

      1. The paradox is that pretty much everyone who accepts the reality of evolution immediately resolves that trying to evolve more is evil.

        1. You know what I mean though? If I suggested that retarded people be sterilized and geniuses subsidized they’d have me drawn and quartered.
          IF I said it.

        2. Related:
          For the record, I don’t approve of unlawful sterilizations, if that is what happened. But a sane society might consider sterilization as punishment for some crimes after due process of law.

    2. The problem is that the average person isn’t decent enough to hold a society together without religion
      You know how they say religion is the opiate? It’s more like a life-saving drug
      The blind faith in traditional morals IS necessary to keep the masses on the right track. Your average atheist believes equality is real just like the average religious man believes God is real. The fact that they replaced one with myth with another only shows that man needs its moral dogma, no matter what form it comes in
      “God” is just less harmful than equality

      1. Do you think natural selection precludes common interest?
        I mean, could we teach people to pursue their bioliogical interests as we taught them to pursue spiritual interests without society breaking down?

      2. What religion actually does is create an incentive for people to work together, for everyone’s benefit. That’s why religion is so pervasive throughout the world, and the common theme is “us” instead of “me.”
        It’s sad to admit, but people aren’t going to work together if there’s no incentive to. This is demonstrated in the Prisoner’s Dilemma. I’m an atheist because I just don’t believe religion is true, but even I accept that people are inherently selfish and will almost always work in their own best interest unless given a reason otherwise.
        Religion is a trick to scare people into behaving a certain way, but without it you have to resort authoritarian intimidation and oppression. So which is the lesser of the evils?
        “Nothing sways the common herd more effectively than superstition. Generally uncontrolled, savage, and fickle, when they are victims of vain superstition they obey the soothsayers better than they do their leaders.”
        -Quintus Curtius Rufus, a first century Roman historian

  6. Incorrect analysis, but well articulated. Decline is over a century old, social collapse occurred decades ago, only now is the material arrangement giving way (we can’t afford the same decadence of our parents).
    Western civilization died in 1945. I’m not a Nazi nostalgic, nor am I a German, but it is completely obvious to anyone with an open mind that the Germans were the greatest Europeans. The propaganda established against the Japanese and Germans was racist and fabricated to destroy the last bastions of traditional hierarchy.
    The Anglo American Empire destroyed Western civilization through its promotion of greed and materialism (classical liberalism mixed with cultural vacuity). Money replaced God, so to speak. On top of this, in the 1960s the last step was taken to erase all sense of distinction in the United States through the counter culture (institutionalizing stupidity and laziness).
    Now, the West is full of derancinated imbeciles with no inner structure, purpose, or higher imperative in life.

    1. Germans are the #1 ethnic group in America.
      We wouldn’t have beaten Germany & Co. without millions of our own Germans and Deutsche-hybrids.
      Plus America has plenty of intelligent, enterprising Asians and many of the most intelligent and enterprising of Africans.
      All is not yet lost. The queers will breed themselves out before the straights.

      1. Good point re: ethnic Germans in the USA. Admiral Nimitz came from German ancestry and was born in an area of Texas settled by German immigrants.
        As I recall, he considered himself an American. Not a hyphenated-American. He didn’t scream raaaaacism or go crying to the German equivalent of CAIR when his country entered the war.

        1. Right, but the best German stock stayed in Germany (during the 18th and 19th century), while the proles fled to America. Uprooting also disaffects and degrades the soul.
          Two world wars decimated the most virile and creative German stock. What’s left isn’t that impressive or self conscious.
          Germania is dead. Unfortunately.

        2. You see no value in the instinct to strike out on one’s own in search of new opportunity rather than to remain stuck in one place? The transplants might’ve been proles but they were the enterprising ones.

        3. They should have asked more questions about World War 2. The effect of that war was an immediate boom of the American economy … but in the long run, it was the death nail to Western civilization.
          These idiots (American proles) celebrate their own annihilation.
          There was no “Good War”, Churchill was an evil degenerate, the state Department was red (as McCarthy indicated), and Yalta handed Stalin the territory that was the original justification for Allied involvement.
          Only a functional retard (or someone who really didn’t want to know the truth because they enjoy affluent materialism) would accept the mainstream BS.

        4. If the Germans were so impressive maybe they would have won one of their conflicts- or avoided them altogether. Also, they probably wouldn’t have been fleeced by an idiot like Hitler into a fascist state. No sympathy for the Germans just like I have no sympathy for my fellow idiot Americans. They’re responsible for their own actions.

        5. Well your opinion is shaped by Hollywood and what the victors want you to think about who the Nazis were.
          I’m not a Nazi supporter, but I’m smart enough to know that the Allies were the real aggressors (through the League of Nations and international finance) and caused the most destruction.
          It’s not debatable.

        6. Fleeced? Hitler wasn’t elected. He was appointed chancellor and then declared himself dictator.

        7. I disagree. Those who were kicked out, or moved on their own were not encouraged to do so because of their phsical attributes. But because of their financial attributes. Usually at least.
          That means, we got a healthy does of speckled, and unblemished sheep so to speak.
          Now we have the best of many worlds. Not just the least. It can be used against us, but also against those who might attack us. For example, there were many Japanese who fought against the Japanese on our side. Despite their families being rounded up.
          In the last twenty years, we have had many muslims fight for us, and use their knowledge of the culture against them.

        8. Someone can arrive at that conclusion without being “shaped by Hollywood.” That’s tantamount to me saying you are making your statement because you are a Nazi-sympathizer. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany was highly provocative in starting WWI. He was one figure that would have been able to negotiate a peace and he didn’t. WWII you could argue was a by-product of the Treaty of Versailles but it is still something that was set in motion by the Germans. Also, Hitler won plurality in 1932, which is how he originally came to power. This isn’t something the media reinforces, as most Americans don’t know these facts. Hitler was very explicit in what he wanted to accomplish. America was also far from an aggressor in either WW.

        9. Sorry my friend you show a lack of understanding here….America definitely was an aggressor due to financing the soviet revolution….in a 1 on 1 the Nazis wipe the floor with the soviet union and save the world from communism…. but sadly good old uncle sam was near enough behind it all….and who runs the world financially after world war 2….Uncle sam
          If WW2 was anything, it was a war of destruction against all of the USAs rivals, including what remained of the British empire

        10. John is a self professed Jew
          He knows just as well as you do, but its in his interest to keep the goyim in the dark

        11. Exactly. Can’t let the Germans have a rail way to Danzig, but its okay to give all of eastern europe to Stalin for communization? Give me a break.

        12. You Nazi sympathizers are too self-righteous for my liking. Reminds me a lot of extremist Muslims. Germany did more to put the Bolsheviks in power than the US did. So again, Germany made a poor decision that somehow they aren’t responsible for. And reality saves the world from communism- not fascism. If the US were orchestrating WWII to destroy their rivals, they could have just delayed their efforts into Europe and focused on Japan. Giving Germany the resources required to eliminate the USSR.

        13. I’m not going to watch a 6 hour documentary on anything. How about you look up confirmation bias and see how that fits into the narrative of this piece?

        14. Oh well if you are a Jewish you have self interest in believing the lies which were said about Germany.
          Are the Palestinians evil too? All of the Arab world are a bunch of evil fascists.
          I’m sure you also believe that the Jews deserve Israel as well.

        15. The Nazi party was so desperate to cling on to power it effectively surrendered Eastern Europe and East Germany to the Soviet Union. In one last desperate act to make the allies pay a high price in blood they ensured millions lived under slavery for nearly sixty years. That isn’t opinion that is a fact.

        16. Hey mental defective, go read a book.
          Stalin and Chruchill, along with FDR were all working in sync … the military build up of the USSR was sponsored by British and American industrialists and tax dollars.
          Professor Anthony Sutton spells it out in detail.

        17. lets please clarify here, there is a difference between the interests and actions of the people and their financial and political leaders at any one time….when I say America did this or that, obviously I am not referring to the bulk of the American people but their leaders, economic and political.
          So actually Germany made no such decision, it was elements of the German elite at the time, working against the best interests of Germany and Europe as a whole, that financed lenin and transported him to Russia

        18. Never said they didn’t work together, but if you really cared about the nation you lead you would choose a peaceful surrender to the Allies than another totalitarian state. It’s got nothing to do with reading a book it’s common sense. Is this a hard moral conundrum for you?

        19. “their” conflicts…..?
          Don’t make me quote Churchill
          The “this is a British war…and the goal is the destruction of Germany” speech, the “if Germany is allowed to merchandise again, ww1 was fought in vain…” speech
          Grow up and get informed….these were Anglo-American wars, not German ones

        20. “Oh well if you are a Jewish you have self interest in believing the lies which were said about Germany.”
          Nope. I’m quite capable of following the data and my own observances instead of a narrative and try to remain as objective as possible. I’m agnostic. I also think WWII Germany was an impressive achievement of efficiency and remains a very valuable country. That doesn’t absolve them of foolhardy decisions such as turning to fascism as relief for the unfair Versailles Treaty.
          “Are the Palestinians evil too? All of the Arab world are a bunch of evil fascists.”
          I only knew one Palestinian and he hated Israelis, but he wasn’t a problem for me as I’m American. I have no problem with “Arabs.” I don’t like Muslim extremists because they have a propensity for totalitarian violence. See a trend?
          “I’m sure you also believe that the Jews deserve Israel as well.”
          No I don’t. It was acquired through victimhood and never should have been established. If Jews wanted to move there they should have paid for and acquired the land from the Palestinians living there. Nor do I think Israel should have America’s continued support. And for that, I understand and accept the blowback such as 9/11 that happens. What I don’t accept is organizations such as ISIS imposing their beliefs on “infidels” and demanding obedience.

        21. someone doesn’t understand what the USSR/communism actually was….
          Why would The US want the Nazis to eliminate the USSR when The USSR was rule over Russia by the US federal reserve central bankers?

        22. Your choice. All history is a narrative. This documentary provides a objective balance to convention. It is 6 hours long as it refutes a multitude of entrenched lies.

        23. I have no doubt that Nazism is given an unflattering portrayal. I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in between this propaganda documentary and MSM. You are creating a false dichotomy of the situation that isn’t consistent with reality.

        24. What you don’t understand is that Japan attacked the US because of US support of the Chinese Joos (the ones buying all the US debt now). Japan hated the Joos because they invented gun powder. That’s who controls China now, and the future world. Just as the Japanese predicted.

        25. No seriously. Lynn, IQ and the Wealth of Nations. France is really low… but I think we all know why.
          Unrelated but Sickle Cell Anemia is on the rise in France.

        26. You seem to be certain of what you have not experienced. To compare this “propaganda documentary” to MSM is your “[creation of a] false dichotomy of the situation that isn’t consistent with reality”. Watch it. Then argue. Don’t make baseless accusations from the position of ignorance.

        27. “You seem to be certain of what you have not experienced.”
          I could provide the exact same criticism of you and your position on Germany.
          I watched 3 mins from 4:35:30-4:38:30 (out of my lunch break might I add). Following propaganda flaws consistent with MSM propaganda attempts:
          1. Mentioning the execution of SS guards without mentioning the role they played in the deaths at the camp.
          2. Using anecdotal evidence as proof that gas chambers at Auschwitz were never used despite OVERWHELMING evidence that they were in fact used at Auschwitz.
          3. Using ad hominems on Allied leaders to marginalize Nazi’s actions (a very common one you people use).
          4. Using “ethnic cleansing” of Nazis to demonize the trials. They probably were a witch-hunt but they were not performed due to ethnicity. Hitler was a Jew and knew he would have been tried and convicted if he were on trial as well.
          So in 3 minutes I found 4 major propaganda efforts. Pretty consistent with what I would see in MSM. Just because you are on the other end of the spectrum doesn’t make it any more credible.

        28. You are misleading by quoting from the documentary in isolation . Evidences presented in the documentary disproves all four of your stated propaganda flaws.
          1) The executed SS men were not the men responsible for the crimes. They were executed on the spur of the moment by emotionally driven soldiers without any form of due process
          2) Please present your “OVERWHELMING” evidence”. Much of your the overwhelming evidence you cite are anecdotal themselves. Contrary strong evidence found no evidences of poison gas at the chambers vis-a-vis The Leuchter report. There are also other evidences presented in the documentary.
          3) Ad hominems were not used, Stalin’s war crimes and the deliberate allied terror bombing of Germany are indisputable historical facts.
          You seem to be either deliberately misleading at worse or have an ego-driven compulsion to win at best. To win without wanting to understand like the “sophists” of ancient Greece. Moreover you yourself are using Ad Hominem arguments to disprove my position.
          Furthermore , “Just because you are on the other end of the spectrum doesn’t make it any more credible”. Do not presume you know anything about the other just because of what you are. That is arrogance. Men are here to share knowledge with an open and objective mind, not merely to win arguments. I have nothing more to say to you.

        29. 1. “The executed SS men were not the men responsible for the crimes.”
          Of course. They are German so they couldn’t possibly be guilty of their actions. No one was actually guilty of killing millions. They just did it to themselves.
          2. The Leuchter report was proven false in a court. Ergo your evidence is laughably absent.
          3. Bringing up air raids and Soviet gulags to insult and distract from concentration camps is a poor argument. The Nazis did it. Just admit it already.
          4. None of your claims have any more than anecdotal evidence. Your “scientific” report was proven false in court by a specialist that was unaware of what the trial was about. You’re mindset isn’t nuanced enough to accept facts when they don’t follow your bias.

        30. I don’t think they are Nazi sympathizers. Hitler’s racist attitude lost him Russia more than anything else. Ukrainians cheered when he shoed up and would have been more than happy to join in the fight against Russian communism

        1. “Crypto fascist” … is that your term for anyone who rejects the Anglo-American post-war narrative?
          Well I’m going to call you a crypto-Marxist, anti-German.

        2. “Crypto fascist” in this context refers to any psycho singing the praises of Nazi Germany by pretending that any aspect of their society is one worth emulating. Anyone who is not a crypto fascist would have understood that immediately.

        3. I wasn’t singing praises of any specific regime, I’m just questioning the legacy of the one now running the West.
          The legitimacy of the current regime is dependent on discrediting it’s adversaries in Europe, Japan, and the Middle East. This why it is necessary to be a revisionist.

        4. You’re just name calling. Go away, as we’re trying to have a real discussion. Your view of history is very naive, and resorting to childish rants does not make for good debate. The men’s movement is about seeking truth in a society that kept it from a great many men for years. If some of that involves uncomfortable topics, then you don’t belong here. And fuck you calling people names they don’t deserve.

        5. ROK is NOT a men’s rights site. I’m not sure why some people think it is. This is a PUA (pick up artist) site! Roosh sells books on how to lay women. PUAs and MRAs are both part of the manosphere, but their focus and goals are night and day. PUAs and MRAs don’t even necessarily like each other. If you’re looking for men’s rights then you should head over to
          ROK tolerates a wide range of opinions. If you want to read a lot of entertaining shit that ranges from smart to insane you’ve found the right website.

        6. Men’s Rights would force women to respect men more, inside and outside of marriage, and make them easier to deal with for men just trying to get laid.

        7. Men’s rights really don’t focus on getting laid. They focus on topics like circumcision, male reproductive rights, biases in the court system, etc. You can find elements of the MRM mentioned on ROK, but the main focus here is Game and self improvement.

        8. Your “real discussion” included people who were singing the praises of Germans during the Nazi era: Guess everyone who isn’t willing to ignore this FACT are merely “name callers” who are engaging in “childish rants” — Get back to me in 12 months and tell me how well that apologia worked out for you.

        9. Hmm… America post WWII? – Full of shit. Germany, Japan and the nations of the so-called Middle East?: Full of shit, full of shit and full of shit. Period.

        10. They killed some gypsies, cripples, and gays. As many as 5 million Germans were killed after WWII through pow death camps, starvation, and civilian slaughter. Also, hundreds of thousands of German women were raped by the Red Army.
          But that would conflict with your little narrative wouldn’t it little man?
          Question – who was behind the Holodomor? Do you even know what that was, Mr. Big Brain?

        11. Not necessarily. PUAs tend to go against the mainstream in general. Obviously, these types of people will often have other non-mainstream opinions as well. There are black nationalists here too, and others.

        12. And that smart black nationalists such as Malcom X and Farrakhan know who the “evil oppressors” are – and they’re not white.

        13. Yeah but the work of each group can benefit the other – MRA’s learning game, and PUA’s benefiting from a constraining of the courts in an overly-feminized society.

        14. If “going against the mainstream” includes praise for Nazis, then every so-called “black nationalist” at this website becomes instantly discredited. That’s why, as I said, there’s a need to cleanse yourselves of the cyrpto fascists — Dance around this necessity and ultimately you are dead in the water.

        15. OK: So 5 million Germans were killed AFTER WWII “through pow death camps, starvation, and civilian slaughter” (I won’t bother asking for a bibliography and links). Not only that, “hundreds of thousands of German women were raped by the Red Army”. But at least those Nazis only killed “gypsies, cripples, and gays” — Guess that means those Nazis weren’t all that bad after all.

        16. Considering that they were tools of the Ashkenazi Bankers and their lackeys who instigated not just WWII but also WWI and Soviet Communism, yes.
          But that’s over your head, isn’t it little man? I’d hate to have you learn the facts and have your head explode.
          Oh wait…

        17. And one of the ways the Soviets gained power was by mobilizing revenge-minded minorities against the white Russian majority, and 60 million people ended up dead.
          But hey, as long as you “get yours” and “get even”, it’s all good amirite?
          Lolz :))

        18. OK — So now 60 million “white Russians” were killed after WWII by “revenge minded minorities” — And I guess all those “revenge minded minorities” morphed into Black Panthers and migrated to Fergerson, Missouri right?
          Here’s some advice: Stay AWAY from Stormfront — It will do damage to your brain.

        19. Nazi Germany was financed and put in power by the very same “right-wing, conservative, pro-family, pro-male” cabal that has you believing they have your back. Try to wrap your little brain around THAT!!

        20. The people that have you ranting about immigration are the very SAME people who are hiring all those immigrants and sending your jobs abroad: Your “right-wing, conservative, pro-family, pro-male” brethen — rock THAT.

        21. Not going to happen. If you want mainstream then go to HuffPo. The odd culture is part of the charm. Viewpoints are expressed and debates happen here that would take place on few other sites. Censor that and there’s little reason to come here. Honestly, I would suggest you find a website that caters to your sensitive nature.

        22. OK: So if I’m not willing to accept praise for Nazis I should go to HuffPo and let you “real men” do your “uncensored” thing and not notice or mention it. If I don’t, I have a “sensitive nature” — because your open and free “debate” doesn’t include a critique of crypto fascism — Got It!!

        23. Strawman. You don’t have to accept praise for Nazis, but you do have to tolerate unpopular opinions without whining about “cleansing.” If not, fuck off.

        24. Nazi Germany was financed and put in power by Jewish bankers and their gentile lackeys. Jews are indeed “right-wing, conservative, pro-family, pro-male” for Israel and Cultural Marxist for everyone else.
          How exactly are you defining this “right-wing, conservative, pro-family, pro-male” cabal, Einstein? Jews don’t present themselves that way in the USA.

        25. I see… So you are arguing that George H. W. Bush and his son George W. Bush were the first “Jewish” presidents. Is that right?

    2. Excellent analysis, and all of what you said is true, but the 7 steps above also occurred concurrently with, or as a result of Western collapse. In the West, the consumer culture replaced having children as life’s main goal as a result of money replacing God.

      1. Men are clearly checking out of this system, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. It’s just not happening fast enough, or in large enough quantities.
        The catalyst for change will be much more effective if large amounts of men check out of the system voluntarily. If huge amounts of men are displaced by the system involuntarily, we will see massive problems and probably chaos.

        1. I agree. Once this realization hits the mass consciousness of men the shit will really hit the fan. I give it a decade, possiblity as long as a generation…but not much longer than that.

        2. I do not believe its gonna happen like this. Too many men are watering themselves down so they can keep playing along with the system. Remember that human being are very adept at rationalization.

        3. Women in America are sharply aware whether consciously or sub-consciously about what’s going on because they have been using the system for some time now. But now it has reached such a point that even them are not exactly loving the results. This is the number one reason why women here aren’t against illegal immigration as much as they should be. Should half the men pack up for Asia someone else has to be around to do the dirty work.

        4. The best thing my fellow Brit men can do is check out of the female dominated hierarchy, first mentally, then physically, find some kind of employment outside the corporate realm, learn a foreign language, acquire a skill that can be transferred anywhere and then expatriate. There is next to no chance of finding a quality woman in the UK.

      2. You’re right to an extent. The pressure society places on men is IMMENSE all the while calling us losers and immature, degrading us and helping women succeed by removing any and all barriers to their success (read:affirmative action) while tailoring the style of education to suit them and not men.
        However, the essence of Red Pill is knowing more than anything else, in your depths that you are responsible for your life and no one else. What I’m getting at is that you, by extension, are responsible for how you react to what society is trying to do to you.
        You can choose to make women and their low-life and mundanely common opinions a non-factor in an unforgiving stoic way or you may choose to water yourself down as a pussy would.
        The choice is yours

        1. “You can choose to make women and their low-life and mundanely common opinions a non-factor in an unforgiving stoic way or you may choose to water yourself down as a pussy would.”
          This is what I meant when I said men are either going MGTOW, becoming PUA, and/or expatriating. I see men all around me who do water themselves down for a wet hole, but even they are slowly waking up to the corrupt system that has been foisted upon them.

      3. This is so damn true and men are now finally beginning to realize it. I just finished Men On Strike by Dr. Hellen Smith a day ago from beginning to the end because I couldn’t put it down once I began. The vast majority of men in the Ango-phone world but especially in America are really as she puts it – 2nd class citizens in almost every area of civil society from the colleges, to the workplace all the way to the military. Our cowardly media fails to mention this but if the reverse was happening they would not hesitate to report it as a calamity.
        There would be no reason to suspect why wouldn’t more men want to check out of this system in the very near future. American society has no incentive for men anymore to be anything merely resembling exceptional.

        1. Men on Strike is a great book. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have nothing but elated shadenfreude watching women shit up their own sandbox, i.e. Western society, like a dog shitting up its cage.
          But when this bitch finally does come crashing down, me and millions of other men like me won’t be there to pick up the pieces.

    3. How is it an inaccurate analysis? I find this to be not only accurate, but one of the best articles ever written for rok. It is very comprehensive, correctly describing the nature of so many current political issues.
      It is certainly true that the institutions of Western civilization were stronger around the time of WW2, but to say that our culture has already died is a bit of an exaggeration, and as there is still the potential for it to get a lot worse. The vast majority of Western countries today, while weakened, are not yet at the bottom of the pit. For example, America is in a vastly better place than Britain.
      Furthermore, the promotion of materialism has still not yet reached it’s high point either. Certainly America is and always has been based on a free market, but there is a difference between that and materialism, which implies pursuit of blind self-interest above all else (and is related to the decline of the family).
      It is true, the West is not what it once was, there are many, as you say, “derancinated imbeciles,” and the future is bleak, but we are still hanging on, and while improbable, it is still possible that these trends could be reversed.

    4. If the Germans were so great I don’t think they would have made socialism what it is today. Marx, Engels, Bismark and so on. I am afraid you have the Germans and the French to blame for the structure of the State today. Bismarck brought in the social insurance and national healthcare system. Hitler was a huge proponent of gun control.
      Sadly my friend, if you are trumpeting the greatness of the Germans of the late 19th and early 20th century then you are a socialist and a prime example of what is wrong with the West today. In fact, I would say that you have more in common with feminists than a free thinking man and do not belong on this site.
      Just one more thing. “German” is not a race.

      1. I sense an inferiority complex and a bit of racism (directed at Germans) on your end. I’m not going to validate the blather you posted about Marx (a vicious Jewish misanthrope), Engels (a corrupt figurehead for the subversive ideology of Marxism influenced by Anglo Saxon and Jewish theorists mostly), and Bismarck (the only real German in that group… a master statesman). Try to be more specific rather than rattling off gibberish… the 19th and 20th century Germans are full of great statesman and philosophers.
        I’m not a Hitler supporter, I only recognize that the German people’s were vindicated in standing up against international communism and the degenerate money powers in the Anglosphere (who sponsored the colonization of Africa and Dutch East India Corporation). The Germans were unfairly punished after World War 1, threatened by a demonic menace in the East, and subversive financial powers in the West (the Dulles brothers serve as prime example… they tried to buy the place (all of Western Europe) up before and after the war). FURTHER, the crimes attributed to this regime are either non existent or extremely exaggerated, meanwhile the Americans, British, and USSR can easily be held responsible for bombing, displacement, and imprisonment of tens of millions of civilians. Yet this is never discussed.
        The Germans played the leading role in modern rocketry, chemistry, physics, all of the soft sciences (philosophy, music, sociology, theology, archeology, etc.). German technology built the modern world… yet we only have a negative interpretation of their historical role.
        I’m sick of ANTI-Germanism. I’m an anti-Anglo Saxon.

        1. Excellent article and your excellent comments. A true
          understanding of Hitler and National Social can’t be had without historical context going back to at least the Franco-Prussian War and the unification of Germany by Bismarck in 1871. And this is precisely what is never provided by
          orthodox historians and Hollywood. The French
          and British Empires especially feared and hated the rise of a technologically, economically and culturally powerful Germany and sort from the late 19th Century to destroy and breakup Germany at the first opportunity, which they did
          after WWI & Versailles and WWII and Nuremberg. All the demonization of Germany at Nuremberg was foreshadowed at Versailles. More than hatred of Hitler and National
          Socialism, it was pure, blind hatred for Germans and Germany. British anti-German global propaganda, even
          prior to WWI, had such a poisonous effect on international relations. The British Empire was the global power at
          the time so British media propaganda had global credibility.
          The internet has been the greatest invention since the
          Caxton printing press which enables the individual to by-pass Hollywood and corrupt academic histories and piece together what really happened in the past. No, the truth does not equate to fascism, but at first it is deeply shocking to discover how much the public has been lied to for the past 100 years. Lie after lie after lie starting from the sinking of the Lusitania 1915.
          The cartoonish demonization of Hitler and National Socialism while savage Bolshevism killed more, should trigger warning bells to anyone with any capacity for independent thought. What the hell happened 1933-45? Perhaps National Socialism’s astounding economy
          recovery midst world Depression, by-passing the international banksters, has something to do with the Money Power’s continuing hatred (and fear) for them.
          Germans and Anglo-Saxons are from the same ethnic group
          which makes the fratricidal World Wars so much more tragic.

        2. The Germans of the time you spoke of were avowed socialists. This started with your “Great Statesman” Bismarck and continued through to Weimar and Hitler. But the fact that you think that the State is Great, tells me that you yourself are a socialist. Nothing more need be said.

        3. Portions of Europe’s weakening in the 1800s stems from sexual liberation during the Romantic era of classical music. This decay of culture created a generation of “Bohemian” bastard child parasites that taxed the productive class. The parasitic class was later swayed in helping kill the Russian Czar’s, destabilize the economy’s of Russia and Germany, and usher in the advent of state-backed communism.
          Everything you have mentioned certainly plays into the tensions rising until they exploded into both World Wars. The societal aspect had an effect as well, which has been well documented in the fall of every empire.

      2. The National Socialism invented by the non Jewish Germans is nothing like the socialism we have today in the West. Thats one big reason why Germany had to be destroyed: they defied the Western capitalist model.

      3. The Weimar government implemented gun control laws in 1928. Ten years later Hitler abolished those laws and allowed German citizens (excluding Jews) to but guns and ammo. After the war when every German was forced to hand in their guns, the allied forces were shocked at the amount of weaponry the ordinary citizens had.

        1. This is true. I had in mind his gun control as it applied to Jews but thank you for the clarification.

    5. The German Empire was incredibly advanced. The real superpower.
      It’s funny how much of the vitriol against western civ comes from propaganda other member countries of western civ made.
      Even something so simple as glorious nippon steel was part of the Victorian fascination with exotic blades and habit of devaluing their ancestors as a “look how far we came” tactic.
      Now the Japanese probably could make a damn fine blade if they had better iron to be fair.

    6. Cultural collapse is not a new phenomenon. However, your reference to Nazi Germany being the greatest, and usurped by a greedy western power is totally bogus.
      Germany in that era was heavily invested in many vices. Just because something is old neither makes it bad, or good. It is just old.
      However, Nazi Germany was more than the holocaust. As bad as it was. They were rank dark alphas of the most nefarious sort. SO I can maybe understand the dark twisted intellectual recognition of their ways of doing business.
      Hatred makes one feel powerful.
      But neither the West’s, nor the Axis-powers, view of history is totally accurate.
      The propaganda aimed at these powers you abdicate for, were neither different in scope, nor racially motivated. They were one of many weapons of war still being used today. Your referencing of them is inaccurate, and flawed, like feminists portrayal of Mao’s “Women hold up half the sky!” mantra. Repeated endlessly will never make it true.
      The Nazi Germany you “heil” to was not a paragon of virtue. It was a hateful shame on every facet of anyone’s life. Just because they had a face of white solidarity did not mean they viewed all whites equally. And no, I know there are many whtie supremacists going to flip reading my comment, I don’t care. Many whites, Irish, Italian, and others were viewed as inferior. If you were not Aryan, a flawed perspective historically if ever there was one, and of German lineage, you were inferior. Period.
      The irony that their furor was a short, brown haired, brown eyed little Catholic bastard, and bastard maker, seemed to not dawn on the Nazi faithful. Or they were shot. LOL, so much for white solidarity.
      And the hate with which the Nazis propagated their view of power, is now used by blacks, Jews, Latinos, Russians, and just about any one else. Human nature, trumps all variables in it’s selfish, narcissistic nature.
      Hate to break it to you, but you are ultimately not any different than any other race.
      I have taken high level science, and math classes with people of all walks of life, sex, and race. Whether you are correct, or not, about race position on intelligence and athletics, amongst other topics, is something science will eventually look into when it is no longer taboo. But statistically, you will have a relatively even distribution of differing talents amongst the races.
      Whether the evolution of any race of humans fails or succeeds will not be based exclusively, if at all, on any of the topics discussed here. You adapt, or you die. Simple, but the truth. Each race, as we call them now, was adapted from local environments. Technology has severely limited the physical environment’s impact, and a new less physical environment prevails.
      The Germans did not adapt well, historically and based of more careful analysis, much of their strategy was flawed despite being ahead of it’s time. They could not have perfected it. Glad they perished. 🙂
      American blacks are slaughtering each other in the tens of thousands every year. And poverty, and low education, and, and, and single motherhood at 72%, and blah, bliggity blah! They have a lot of issues they will have to adapt or perish. I don’t care if the bogus stereotype about genital size, or rhythm are absolutely true. If they continue to enable a culture of worship towards gangstas, poverty, drugs, and matriarchy; they will perish.
      American whites are getting slaughtered in every single war. From the French-Indian war, to the latest in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only that, they continue to worship these wars as a stepping ladder to their individual progress. Also, their refusal to acknowlege and refuse to support the cultural blemish called “diversity” the article has correct. They are being targeted. But not because they are white. It is because they are the most successful in history. Had the rest of the world not used indirect leverage such as minority diverssity, amongst other “social issue” schemes, they would have literally passed everyone else by. First to the moon, literally set up a global hegemony that had never existed to that scope before. And set up almost everything we see today. From sports and education, to technology and industry.
      But the glaring weaknesses of how they treated human beings in their own country, were referenced when they implicated other countries of their treatment of their local groups. Success killed America! She tried to be the absolute best at everything, rather than master the strengths she had amassed.
      Now others will take what she built.
      Latinos. They seem to think they are so clever, and will make Norht America a “Hispanic nation.” However, one of the strengths the USA has is one of it’s greatest weaknesses. You see, they constantly accuse white Americans of having “No culture of their own.” Yet, the very accusations they make about stealing dances, food items, and traditions from other cultures they know very well. For that is what every single “cultural tradition/custom” strength they worship amongst themselves is what they amassed from other cultures over their slightly longer history.
      They say the hamburger is a German invention. Well, technically it is. However, many of the food dishes “native” to their respective countries are a culmination of European and local native “heritage” they borrowed from and mixed together. Their attack on American’s identity may seem fatal to their intended target. But upon a more careful analysis, it falls flat for the very accusations they lob at others.
      They too will be assimilated.
      It does not matter to me that I am white, and one of my sons is part black, the other south Asian. I am a mutt. I am not a “pure-blood” white. If ever there was. Italians were relatively recently labeled “white.” Before, they were “lesser whites” by the implication of being called “The Italians.”
      Latinos will be the new whites shortly. Their dances for example, have a lot of African and European influence. They are not these ingenious paragons of cultural ingenuity they claim to be when making such racist implications.
      The white race is far stronger than these articles hint at. Granted, no race has a divine mandate to exist solely because of the melanin in their skin. The reason so much is lobbed at whtie people is because they fear us. When their petty, trivial implications are exposed for what they are, and white people start making a comeback in sports, and business, and the rest, it will be because of white people’s one main “cultural tradition.” Hard work ethic.
      Already, you see a lot more white people in sports than you did in the 90s. Alot of that has to do with black people getting more money. And if they have more money, they will all not be able to go pro in the NBA/NFL, so they will have to start finding their way in other disciplines. So their influence in sports is not because of some beast like advantage. But sports was the one area they could shine in, and get the public to see who they are, people. Now that people see them as that, they will not all want to be known as Michael Jordan. But perhaps Neil DeGrasse Tyson instead.
      Latinos will not always want ot be low end menial job worker trying to scrape by before the Border Patrol pack him off where he came from. Pretty soon, they will realize that their genetic past has value, but they are no longer that genetic past any more than the white Americans of the 1800s viewed themselves as.
      All these “cultural collapse” arguments fail to take into account the historical narrative. We are not the first in history to face this conundrum. But we, more than any other nation in the past, have cataloged the history of others. We can overcome these obstacles, and be more than just this race or that.
      Eventually, perhaps hundreds of years from now, it really won’t matter. Because the mixed race children will blend us all.

    7. I think your analysis is slightly incorrect. It doesn’t matter if the Germans were greatest Europeans or not. The origins of the collapse of Western civilization lay in the Great War of 1914 in which Europe erupted into a pointless massacre of unimaginable proportion. Most historians agree that it was Germany who bore most responsibility for starting the war, although the terrible conduct of the war itself and the stupidity of Western leaders is a responsibility collectively shared by all concerned. Prior to the First World War, most of Europe had extraordinary amounts of stored wealth and was in quite good economic health, Christianity was still a meaningful force and the old was of running Europe was still intact. After the First World War, Europe was in tatters and broke. The old order was shattered and this allowed the USA to impose itself on the world stage. This paved the way towards the globalism of today. However, the destruction of the war in 1914 and again in 1939 also allowed new ideologies to gain credibility, socialism became popular and eventually we get to where we are today. I don’t disagree with the points Roosh makes, his 7 steps are more like 7 symptoms, but what needs to be done is address the cause of the symptoms.

      1. The post-war narrative is decidedly anti-continental Europe (and it became a mantra for anti-Serbia, anti-Islam, anti-everyone not a part of the Anglosphere as well), in favor of the new Anglo Saxon world empire of endless materialism and pleasure, coupled with Marxist doctrine of equality and scientific rationalism. McDonalds and Walmart for everyone!
        The world of hierarchy, patriarchy, nationhood, and tradition was destroyed by the mythology of this war being linked to the ultimate evil … genocidal blues eyed hateful devils … being overcome by “The Greatest Generation” of selfless, enlightened warriors who fought for humanitarian and secular justice.
        It’s a Hollywood script. A culturally destructive and fictions one.

    8. Dr. Orange, on the point of Germany in WW2, I don’t know as much as you seem to, and you have made a lot of specific claims. I agree that the Germany often gets depicted very badly compared to other similar actors such as the Soviet Union, which was far more brutal. I agree that they were treated unfairly at the end of WW1.
      What I don’t understand is why you believe the Germans were the greatest Europeans, could you explain that further?

      1. In the modern epoch (post enlightenment), they were superior to all other nations in Europe, combine, in the areas of physics and chemistry [Bohr, Pauli, Heisenberg, Schrodinger, Planck, etc…] (organic and industrial), car engine and design – Karl Benz, rocketry and propulsion [V2-esque projects turned into NASA and soviet equivalent, literally], philosophy (Heidegger, Schelling, Fichte, Nietzsche], and history/political theory [Schmitt, Spengler, Kessel, etc], and art/music [Strauss, Wagner, Busch, Goethe, Holderlin…]. That is nothing to say of their military discipline and tactical excellence.
        It is a crime to vilify such a great people.
        America and Britain are filled with their stolen inventions, but none of their ethics, discipline, and spirituality.

      2. It’s basically just a fact….British economists, statesman, aristocrats and financial interests spoke openly of it at the time, that there was a German problem….and that the world wars had to be fought when they were as just a few years later they would be unwinnable against the superior Germans

        1. It was a Holocaust against the German people.
          Idiotic Americans are morning the death of one group, which never actually died, rather than the one that did.

    9. You should support your “Germans were the greatest Europeans” statement, this isn’t “completely obvious” at all. Besides committing collective suicide twice in the 20th century, the Germans gave us the beautiful gift of birthing world communism by transporting Lenin back to Russia in 1917 to take charge of the Russian Revolution. Also thanks to German “greed and materialism” for Lebensraum, World War II resulted in half of Europe going to the Soviet Union. Communism is the greatest enemy that our civilization has ever known. Where was Karl Marx from again??

        1. These detractors of nazis are not historically literate. I doubt they read. It’s like debating a child.
          I’m not some Stormfronter, nor am I a blued eyed Aryan, but the truth is clear as day for anyone with intellectual honesty.

  7. It’s not just the west that’s declining. Japan is also declining at an exponential rate and that’s a country that has a strong Buddhist/Shinto nature. The same way will go for developed Asian countries like South Korea & Singapore if the current cultural trend is not reversed.
    Having said that, immigrants aren’t the problem as long as they respect the host country and learn to intergrate into the greater society of the country. But due to political correctness and liberal idiocy, the western governments have instead, pandered to immigrants, especially Muslims from the Middle East and South Asia like Pakistan, and now these vermin are threatening to take over their host countries like a cancerous tumour. While we shouldn’t be like Russia and form neo-nazi gangs to attack immigrants, we definitely should revoke the residency statuses of any immigrant who fails to integrate or worse, calls for violence against society.
    All of this could have been avoided if the western governments did not allow political correctness to affect their decisions. Sadly it’s too late and we are paying the price for it now.

    1. Consumerism will collapse sooner or later, it isn’t sustainable. Once people realize money isn’t real it’ll be all good.

  8. “The Cultural Collapse Progression
    1. Removal of religious narrative from people’s lives”
    Of course. That’s why muslim countries are leading the cultural enlightement of our age. They’re openly religious, so culturally, they’re at the top, aren’t they?
    Dear god…

    1. It would be hard to deny that religion gives people a common ground to unite around. I realize you just want to take a shot at Islam, but the world has other religions, and the whole idea of religion shouldn’t be thrown out just because Islam threatens Western culture.
      “When that homogeneity breaks down and one citizen looks to the next and does not see a person with the same values as himself, the culture falls in dis-repair as native citizens begin to lose a shared means of communication and identity.”
      A common religion is one of the ways you get people to have shared values. Churches work so well as a community builder because it’s a medium for people to share their views on a value system and has the potential to overcome differences in class and race. The Western world is sorely lacking in institutions that encourage people to come together and engage face to face beyond a superficial level.

    2. I think there’s a sweet spot where the average person is still “traditionally decent”, as a leftover from religion, then turns too materialistic and libertine after their countries has experienced a period of wealth and comfort

    3. I think you are using culture to mean fine arts and literature, whereas the author is using it to mean a pattern of behavior taught to children and enforced socially among adults in a society, which enables that society to thrive and grow.
      The Muslim culture is not perfect, and certainly is not highbrow, but it does seem to be thriving and growing and spreading to new lands, while our cultural “elite” apologizes to everyone else for our existence.
      Our western culture previously established the best level of personal freedom and prosperity ever seen on the planet, but this culture has imploded in the past few decades.

      1. And Islamic culture was at its pinnacle about 1000 years ago. There is little to be gleaned from their culture. I also think very few espousing the strengths of an Islamic society have much, if any, first hand exposure of an Islamic culture.

        1. My family is Muslim (not me, not my immediately family, but both sides of my family still overseas). It’s a very vague and very moldable culture, contrary to what Ronald Reagan, The Bushes, and Fox News want us to think. And honestly Islam wasn’t deemed as “evil” in The West until the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and The Ayatollahs pushed fanatical Islam into the limelight, then came Saddam and Osama and now ISIS. in the last 25 years. True, there are many extremists and loons, but in a culture with over a billion people The Law of Large Numbers simply makes this happen, not to mention many are poor and uneducated which leads to extremist/gang mentality and classism is rampant in their society’s. Though far from ideal, Turkey, Dubai, Morocco, Jordan, Malaysia and Indonesia show that a somewhat liberalized Islam with touches of capitalism can accomplish a lot and is a step in the right direction.And divorce rates are fairly low and education is stressed highly. Teachers are actually revered in their countries, not spit on or beat up. Same with elders.

        2. 9 months in Iraq, another 10 in Afghanistan, 6 in Kuwait, 4 in Dubai, 5 in Malaysia, 4 in the PI (due to MILF) and 10 vacationing days in Turkey. Muslims are as big of hypocrites as feminists. They apply what suites them and disregard what doesn’t. They also demand conformity to their narrative- just as the pc liberals do. I’ve observed much more religious consistency from Mormons, Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus, and Christians than the average Muslim. And the sociology-economic argument is baseless. What religions do Muslims peacefully coexist with? How many suicide bombers are coming from those religions? How many wealthy men com those religions are organizing terrorist cells?

        3. Again, that’s all a minority among a billion people. I’m sad to hear your experiences overseas were not perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not “defending” the religion and I hate it from my own personal experiences with what it did to my family being Middle Eastern myself (perhaps Roosh can also relate?). I ultimately hate all religion, especially the three Abrahamic ones, and never get convinced with the whole “Well my/this religion is better than Religion B” shitsale. They ALL have their ills, especially the three from Jerusalem. You can also say one of them breeds child molesters and genocidal imperialist racists and another is a corrupt system of bankers and media moguls who won’t piss on anybody but their own people if they catch fire, if you want to go off of the actions of only so few that the media likes to demonize.

        4. I’m agnostic so I have no particular affinity for one over the other, but in the context of a modern society, I don’t see how any objective analysis can’t identify Islam as being the most dangerous. They have by far the highest conflict level currently. It goes well beyond socio-economic conditions and stems from a blindly dogmatic adherence of their views. And given the level of modern weaponry, their zealotry is exceptionally threatening.

        5. Sure, I agree. Again, a billion+ people lends itself to that regardless of perceived dogma. Also, the dilemma of Israel is a big point of contention for them as well. Islam wasn’t ALWAYS like this (we sure didn’t mind their help in fighting the Turks not even 100 years ago, right?), much of it comes from our grandparent’s lifetime-onwards.

        6. I perfectly well understand and accept the blowback theory of western nations interfering in their societies. What I don’t accept is their self-righteousness. The worst of Islam is far larger in percentage and more extreme than any other religion.

        7. Well it won’t last forever. There is a large, forward-thinking, educated and English-speaking young contingency in all of these countries who have grown weary of intolerance and conflict and struggle. Hopefully they inherent a better Muslim world and fix the errors of their elders. How exactly I don’t know (and I’d be a fool to say I have the right solution to the Israel dilemma), but it’ll pass. Tunisia is a good start and Egypt just needs to find its bearings. Libya is more or less a lost cause at this point.

        8. The Arab Spring was a complete failure. Things will never change in the Muslim world. Ever. The totalitarian grip of Islam is too strong. Nothing will break it.

        9. They said the same about half of Europe 25 short years ago. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Remain optimistic!

        10. Not really the same situation, not by a long shot. Forced Eastern European Communism was not religiously based. The principles were not firmly ingrained in the culture, but rather haphazardly and brutally forced upon the population. Once the commie house-of-cards economy fell apart, things slowly reverted back to some normalcy.
          Dysfunction, corruption, and oppression is the normal standard for Islamic cultures. It’s firmly ingrained in the psyche of the people. The religion trumps all; science, progress, human rights, etc. Nothing matters more than the religion. If you live in those societies and disagree with that, you are a dead man.
          The Islamic religion is the sole reason why Muslim societies never advance, or even change in the slightest. 1000 years of stagnation supports my argument quite well. All other societies have ebbed and flowed, changed, progressed, regressed, etc in the last 1000 years. No society in the Muslim world has changed that much. They live the same basic lifestyle that they did 1000 years ago.

        11. Yes I know they weren’t the same right down to the most minute fibers (I am old enough to remember all of it, even Ceausescu’s “trial” on TV), I’m saying sometimes expect the unprecedented. Try talking to some young Muslims at the nearest university, they aren’t much different than you and I. If they were calling the shots instead of some out-of-step gerontocracy barely freed from Ottoman rule things would be a lot different.

        12. I don’t doubt that young Muslims want personal rights and freedoms. Who wouldn’t? I just think they have their work cut out for them.

        13. My parents came here and didn’t raise my brother and I Muslim nor boter practicing it themselves and so did several of their contemporaries, and we all know several people who are loathe to go to church and Jews with tattoos and other non-kosher traits. Anybody rejecting an Abrahamic religion bit-by-bit, even a small contingency of people, is great.

        14. I agree it will be a long, arduous and bloody process. And I hope they get it right this time. Ask any Iranian over the age of 40 (who doesn’t stand to gain financially or socio-politically from the current regime) what they think about the 1979 Revolution. Most give a resounding “Whoops!”

        15. With regard to your previous comment.
          No, fanatics are not a minority in muslim world. In some muslim countries, for example, you have HALF of the population supporting stoning.
          Even in western world you have around a 20-30% of muslims supporting strict islamism and Shariah.
          No way that´s a minority.

        16. Eh, sounds like typical knee-jerky Bill O’Reilly-ing to me. And their media over there says the same gobbledygook about us to whip up paranoia and foment hate. It’s all relative to where on Earth you stand and when. Nothing new (well, actually, yeah it is, it’s a post-1948 creation of Israel phenomenon here), nothing exciting.

        17. Try sitting down and engaging a few actual Muslims themselves. Or don’t, I suppose it’s neither your loss nor theirs.

        18. Eh, just sounds like the usual knee-jerky Bill O’Reilly-ing to foment paranoia and hate. Their media and “special interest groups” over there say many similar vituperative about us, the token Clash of Civilizations. It’s all relative to where on Earth you’re standing and when. Try actually asking some Muslims themselves how they feel firsthand. Or don’t, I suppose it’s neither your loss nor theirs.

        19. So thinking, for example, that majority of Pakistan muslims support death for apostates is quite worrying is, according to you, paranoic.
          You said: ask some muslims. Well, you´re a moderate culturally muslim-ambient growth person (though not a religious one, so any “moderate” muslim would be even more extreme than you). And according to you, if majority of Pakistan muslims, for example, support death for apostates, that´s nothing to worry about.
          I think you made it really clear what Islam is.

        20. You’re a little late to the party (scroll UP in the conversation to see what was said previously. Or don’t.) – I never once said I’m Muslim, I previously stated that my parents are Middle Eastern immigrants to America who were raised Muslim in their native country but didn’t bother “practicing” it after immigrating and didn’t raise my brother and I with any nuances of it. I personally go back-and-forth between being agnostic and atheist (hey, it happens!) and have expressed great disdain for all three Abrahamic religions, but I have Muslims in my family that are still overseas and plenty of Muslims friends here and nobody beats their wife, chants “Death to America/Israel!”, or practices mad scientist experiments with explosive devices in a basement or carries a large stone on standby in a backpack just in case they encounter a whore on the street to throw at her skull. All are good parents, spouses, friends, employees, and citizens of this country or the other and many are highly educated and successful. So I am in fact speaking from personal experience. And if indeed a majority of Muslims in two of the most populous countries have those crazy beliefs, well that sucks, but again there are almost a billion more to account for and Egypt and Pakistan have it pretty rough socio-politically right now so it isn’t surprising if some attitudes there are pretty nuts. You won’t find attitudes like that within a significant portion of the population of Turkey, UAE, Jordan, Morocco, Malaysia and Indonesia simply because they can’t afford to scare off Western investment and tourism (and Egypt is suffering greatly from the loss of tourism money with it’s latest batch of turmoil).Watch Anthony Bourdain’s recent visit to Iran and see how shocked he was about how different the country was from what he originally perceived. Don’t worry, aside from the smattering of assholes who have carried out terrorist attacks on this soil and schemed and designed them for a long time prior and used their ends to justify their means (well, they aren’t exactly around for us to ask them, are they? Good!), I’m fairly certain no Muslims are here to even entertain the idea of harming you or anybody you care about. I’ll protect you, even! 😉
          The recent Ben Affleck and Bill Maher spat suddenly comes to mind…

      2. Muslim culture is thriving? What planet do you live on? They haven’t had a major technological or cultural advancement in a 1000 years. They still live in the dirt and eat goats.
        Muslim culture is definitely spreading, but it’s through no fault or effort of their own. The suicidal West is importing them in order to set the stage for humanity’s final bloodbath. It’s completely different.

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…
    Might be about time to GTFO…
    Might be a good idea to save as much money as possible and have a game-plan to leave…
    You think the women and children are going to help you as things decline??? And to be honest I wouldn’t put much stock in the good will of the average man either…
    Don’t be lazy… put together a Plan B.

    1. There really is no place to go. I think Canada/US will be the best of the worst.
      I wasted a ton of time looking for a better place (best I could find was Uruguay at the time, my friend had family there, were looking to buy a small BnB near Punta del Este). Well, guess who the Pres now? A commie. Whos property would they confiscate first? the gringo’s.

      1. Go there temporarily. Live there for a while. You will be better off for the experience. Then go somewhere else.

        1. I dont have unlimited resources. Its a waste at this point.
          Another possibility is Ireland. Decent weather, not too many, generally homogenous population (hasnt been overrun like Britain).

        2. My point is, you actually have to pack your bags and go some where. There are flaws with every country.

        3. True, but my above posts were related to a “what if everything collapses”scenario. Aint no where to go. North america is a good ,not great, bet.

        4. The problem is come a collapse, the U.S. is taking *everybody* down with it that pinned its hopes on the U.S. economy and dollar. Which is, most of the world. Heading to places outside of Russia (perhaps doable) or China (um…no) is a suicide wish. You go from being the quirky foreigner with fun habits to the nasty auslander whose nation just destroyed your family’s way of life. Not a nice situation to be in.

      2. My line of thinking has been kind of like yours… There is an older commenter on ROK that has advised me to move out west in more rural areas like ID, MT, AK, WY, CO… The local politics there are at least a little insulated from cultural marxism, and the population is relatively homogenous…

        1. Have you looked into real estate out there? One of the downsides, from my understanding, is the way water rights work in those states.
          Its a mess, and it you arent fighting with your neighbors, you’ll be fighting with the government (you’d be surprised how much land west of the Miss River is owned by the govt)

        2. Water rights will be an interesting development across the globe, with the potential to start a lot of wars in Africa, and potentially elsewhere. There will be pros and cons to living anywhere, i suppose. As long as i’m not farming or raising livestock, however, not very concerned about the impact that water rights will have on my place of residence. If anything, living in those areas of the West that i’ve described will help resolve conflicts such as these due to the presence of social trust, honor, and accountability.

        3. The solution not mentioned in the article is consolidation of like-minded individuals. Instead of trying to “save” the U.S.A., a ridiculous concept in itself due to its immense size, through some half-baked birthrate program, the few remaining normal people just need to form smaller tight knit communities where they can reject the outlandishness of political correctness. To do this, you need people who believe strongly enough to inconvenience themselves by uprooting their lives and moving, sacrificing their comfort for a chance at survival of their beliefs. Both the Pilgrims and the Mormons followed this model with eventual success. Today the best chance for this in the west is in New Hampshire. I suggest checking youtube for ‘101 reasons to move to New Hampshire.’

        4. Glad you made it back! Strong leadership from our elders is one of the things that I think can go a long way to get men back on track. Been trying to reach out to younger guys as much as possible. We all should.

      3. Here is a story, just told to me by the kid in the pizzeria, which sums up how twisted our economy has become:
        His grandpa came to the US in the late 50s, went thru Ellis Island, learned the language, etc. In 1964, he bought a 4 bedroom house which is now in a “hot” neighborhood here in NYC. Pricetag? $25,000.
        It was just appraised at 1.2MM.
        The man’s profession? Cobbler. What the fuck is a cobbler? Is that a shoe repairman? I wanted to ask him if he got off the boat from Narnia, not Italy.
        The grandson lives in the basement. Id say he is 26 or so. Making pizza. For someone else.

    2. To have that kind of power you need at the very minimum 500k liquid.
      None of us without a self sufficient farm or 1 mill liquid have a real plan B.

      1. This is what I’m talking about. By monetizing all aspects of life, the elite have essentially denied full humanity to most people. Even the most capable, clever person will run into roadblocks only surmountable by cash, and those with unlimited cash have virtually no insurmountable obstacle. Class war exists by the very nature of class, and the current winners make the rules.
        Thus Dr. Orange is very correct, if you don’t have a certain baseline of buying power, you’re not even really playing the game. The exact numbers are malleable because money can stretch, but there is a lower limit. Lacking the basics, you’re almost entirely at the mercy of your circumstances.

        1. Agreed, now people will tell you they have no time to grow their own food, look after their own house, children, etc….. why? They’re out working for a multinational, sme, etc., to earn a wage to….. pay for food, house, children, etc……

        2. The worst part is that for those on the rise, until they’ve reached the plateau all their success is only an increased liability. When your businesses receive government subsidies, you can dismiss things like property tax as “cost of doing business” because tax money MAKES you money. Everyone being taxed on what they have might be fair if there weren’t people profiting from tax money. Meanwhile, the same people profiting from tax money are profiting off our consumerism, so they fuck us from both ends. Our taxes certainly help make the rich richer, and they sure as shit don’t contribute to upward mobility. The government is represented as being the safeguard against the excesses of capitalism, which is all well and good in theory, but in practice government becomes the method by which the same excesses are implemented.

        3. By monetizing all aspects of life, the elite have essentially denied
          full humanity to most people. Even the most capable, clever person will
          run into roadblocks

        4. I believe you’ve stated the perfect rebuttal to Keynes economic theories. I wonder who was paying attention?

    3. There is no place to go. Marxist/Progressivism will consume the entire globe within the next few decades; likely sooner at it’s current pace. It took roughly 100 years to bring America to this point. The entire rest of the world is not too far behind.

      1. And the minute it does, the world goes silent. The thing is, if we win, we win. If they win, ultimately, we win. These are cockroaches, not men of might.

      1. They just legalized carrying of guns for personal protection of average civilians, too! Now if only Mexico would do the same.

        1. Hell yeah, I didn’t know that.
          That was one of my few hangups about leaving USA – not having guns. So I assume a foreigner who pays fees to become a Russian citizen still gets the gun rights?

        2. Got link? I’d love to have solid evidence of that. The only thing keeping us tied to the states is the still mostly intact right to keep and bear arms. If someplace else gives the same right, and is far more traditional, to hell with Wyoming, we’re learning Russian. Heh.

          I too have been eyeballing Russia. It may fit every liberal stereotype of conservatives, but the biggest issues to me right now are gays, guns, and abortion, not in that order. Nothing screams “I hate myself and my countrymen and want to just die” more than killing your babies, living a lifestyle that is sterile, and striping yourself of the ability to defend yourself from murderers. And a nation to me is something that should be protecting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not subsidizing self loathing and self annihilation.

        4. I assume anything can be had in Russia with enough payment.
          I also have read that Russia treats their immigrants like second class citizens. Not that I have a problem with that, but it is an important aspect to consider. How well will you acculturate?

      2. Given the 1984ish nature of the US and despite my Russophile tendencies, the only way a foreigner, hell even a Russian will have real access and ‘freedom’ in Russia is if you come loaded with cash, and when I say cash, I mean hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions. Russians form hierarchies by cultural predisposition, even during the Communist era, they couldn’t help but form hierarchies. Entrepreneurial elan is pretty much stagnant and bungled in oligarchic red tape if not dead.
        So starting a business let alone special investment structures such as venture capital firms, angel investing and crowd-funding is non-existent in the Rus’ and lastly as an American or even Anglo, there’s about 100 years of distrust if not hatred that was only made deeper by the US’s cultural and financial ties and support of the oligarchs in the 90s, who financially raped Russia. I admire Russia from afar but I know my place in Russia under the current circumstances as should you.
        The US is still where its at for business of the entrepreneurial variety and Europe is still the best place for a middle class life. The only reason why Russia and China are getting this much press is because they’ve risen from the ashes to challenge American hegemony. Make no mistake in America this is your homeland, in Russia and especially China, you are a foreigner.

        1. I totally understand what you mean. Would never think of moving to another country just for the sake of it. Especially one that I have no ties to, like China. Even though I have never really planned on moving to Russia, I due have some affinity to her, not just because I like a lot of Russia’s stances on the issues that are important to me.
          Not sure I would consider myself an Anglo, at least in an ethnic sense. Came to the USA in my early teens, but am originally from the former Yugoslavia (Slavic). Know some broken Russian, but my father is fluent. I spent there years as an officer.

  10. Hey Roosh! Lance here. Agree with most of this except the cultural predisposition to religion if that religion is of the Abrahamic variety especially Christianity. Christianity is, was and always will be for the weak. It’s principles are weak and alien to organic life such as strength, masculinity and promiscuity. Christianity has exalted the weak, and socialism and feminism are both offshoots of Christianity. The great lie of Europe and America is that we’d be better off with this old repressive anti-human regime. Truth is, Christianity is for the losers of life and those who are too weak to participate in life. All the while needing the strong men, the colonisers of humanity to spread its principles and defend it but also criticising these same warriors for their inherent strength and masculinity. Let all of the churches go from whence they came, back to the rotten deserts of Judea, along with the circumcision they foisted on the Greco-Roman ideal. Give me an Odin or Zeus anyday over the self-hating principles of Abraham. I’d rather be in Valhalla or Elysium upon my expiry.

    1. There is one important point about the principles of the Judeo-Christian religion. In large part it provided the framework for free markets and our system of ethics. Proof of which, this kind of economic set up exists in no other religions.

      1. Lest not forget how Christianity in much of Medieval Europe (as well as Islam) regarded charging any interest for loans as sinful.
        On the basis of the Biblical rulings, those who accepted or charged interest on loans could neither receive sacraments nor a Christian burial and were excommunicated.

        1. True. Don’t get me wrong, Christianity was responsible for a lot of evil but there is a reason why the Judeo-Christian countries blazed ahead of others economically.

        2. This isn’t true at all. Usury is forbidden in the Jewish scriptures (e.g. Torah, Tanakh, et al) but Jews specialized in money-lending and usury regardless because of the Talmud’s special interpretation of the Biblical law forbidding taking or giving interest to your brother (a fellow Jew).

    2. You have a very skewed view of what Christianity should be. You seem to only know the extremely feminized version of the average church in the modern US. What’s weak about teaching men self reliance and a strong moral core? Christianity hasn’t exalted the weak. Socialism and feminism are not offshoots of Christianity. Socialism and feminism have exalted the weak and have co-opted Christian churches much like any other social institution in the West. Christianity encourages the strong to show some respect for the weak, because it acknowledges that we are capable of being strong and God-like. We are not simply to give to the weak, we are to teach them to be strong themselves through our examples so they do not have to rely on our charity forever.
      You’re using the same line of logic that feminists use when they call the entire manosphere PUAs and MRAs.

      1. Please, Christianity has put shackles on man, especially European man. Ultimately Christianity could be viewed as another corrosive movement from the deserts of the Middle East to make formally strong civilisations susceptible to pacification and conquest. Turn the other cheek, love your enemies? Surely if every man imitated Christ we would all be dead under foreign swords, with our enemies mocking us. So by necessity in order to have a Christian civilisation, some men must be non-Christlike in their behaviour towards their fellow man in order for the system to exist. Christianity gave European woman the impetus to rebel against man, shackled us to monogamy and made man hate himself. Surprisingly the best periods in European history are both before and after the nadir of Christianity.

        1. A corrosive movement that gave us science as we know it today.
          Tell me, Lance. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

        2. Funny, Christianity gave us science. Sure there was Occam’s razor but go back 500 years and tell people about a heiocentric universe or spherical planets and you’ll find yourself burning at a stake. Sure I have a swell relationship with my parents.

        3. To make things a little clearer, on a personal level, Christianity indeed tells us to be like Christ, but, let’s say, on a national level, like in a relationship between citizen and state, things may get really nasty to those who commit crimes, and the state is allowed to defend itself from transgressors and threats (Romans 13:4-5). Peace to you, man.

        4. Is your problem with the institution or the ideas?
          Another way to view “turn the other cheek” is to disdain that which cannot permanently harm you. “Love your enemy” is exactly what we do in the manosphere. We ultimately love women and want to coexist with them and we’re doing our best to prepare men for what exactly that entails. You’re making the mistake of thinking love is always a friendly thing. Sometimes love is tough. When you tell your son to get some exercise instead of playing video games all day, that’s love. When you tell your wife she can’t spend money on something, that’s love. You’re doing it for a longer-lasting good even though temporarily it’s not nice. As for your assertions about what would happen if every man acted like Christ, Christianity assumes that man cannot always act like Christ. That’s what forgiveness from sin is about. Man is not perfect and will be forgiven for his imperfection. How did Christianity give European women the impetus to rebel against men when Christianity is quite clear about wifely submission?

        5. Furthermore, Christianity established the family hierarchy. God is is the single (male) entity whom we all obey. The Pope is the head of the church, the King is the head of the Kingdom, Man is the head of the family. There is no democracy in Christianity.

        6. I encourage you to look up what the people of the past really believed, especially in relation to spherical planets. The people of the past weren’t as stupid as most people today believe.
          Also, that burning at the stake thing tended to be more political than religious. Hark! Politicians are evil!

        7. The average Euro in let’s say 1435 if he wasn’t a landed aristocrat or clergy was pretty fucking stupid thus susceptible to any ridiculous fairytale, given that most of them were peasants or indentured servants. Most of them couldn’t read or write, and probably barely possessed vocabularies beyond 200-300 words.

        8. “Please, Christianity has put shackles on man, especially European man.”
          And when you look at how our culture has responded to the abandoning of our Judeo-Christian roots, do you consider that to be a bad thing? God doesn’t put restrictions on our behavior just to be a cosmic bully; He knew what would happen if secular Humanism took hold.
          I’m surprised Roosh didn’t mention Japan. I love the Herbivore movement and would like fewer things than to see it make its way to Western shores – minus the metrosexual part – but a concept like that does no good for a nation that relies on Social(ism) Security for its older workers. The Japanese government has been a tad panicky about the whole thing. Unlike ours, their government is at least honest about the fact that they view their adult males as cogs.
          And Burger is right – if the stuff hits the fan, I’d much rather be here in America than anywhere else.

        9. 500 years ago? The Catholic Church had no problem with science, they condemned Galileo to house arrest because he published a book with a preface that mocked and belittled the Pope in the Forward, by calling him “Simpleton” or “Fool” (the name Simplicio). The Church republished Galileo’s entire book, with no alterations at all, except removing the Forward due to the insult.

        10. And we can thank the incompetence of the Roman empire for that. Christianity spread outside of Rome *after* the Empire died or at earliest, while it was in its death throes. Boudica was not Christian, despite strong Roman presence in Britain, for example. Christianity existed in Rome clearly during Empire, but wasn’t evangelized outside of Rome much (east and west) very successfully until around ~400-500 A.D. or so, give or take, right around the time of the collapse.
          If the U.S. were to get EMP’d tonight, most of the world would collapse under us. They’d still hold our forms and customs for a while (where we had major influence) but eventually they’d go dark too except a few far flung empires. If we had a budding religion at hand (we don’t) to spread outward that was previously suppressed by the U.S. as western Rome suppressed Christianity, then that would be the new religion after the downfall.

      2. Why should man apologise for killing other men in the defence of his nation? Why should warriors kneel on bent knees for repentance for killing other men in sometimes barbaric fashion, other men who would have otherwise raped their wives and murdered their children? Why should I kneel in repentance for maximising my genetic potential? Of course Christianity gave Western women the impetus towards declaring themselves the co-equal of men. Go read early first wave feminist writings.

        1. Check out Zel9’s reply below:
          “On a personal level, Christianity tell us to be like Christ, but, let’s say, on a national level, like in a relationship between citizen and state, things may get really nasty to those who commit crimes, and the state is allowed to defend itself from transgressors and threats (Romans 13:4-5). Peace to you, man!”
          Apologizing doesn’t mean you don’t do it. It means you feel some remorse, that you don’t take life lightly.

        2. Also Lance, don’t feel like you’re getting dogpiled. You’re raising valid points that anyone who considers Christianity should be considering. The church is not a perfect entity and each church has the capacity to interpret things a little bit differently. Catholicism can seem pretty rigid but Protestant and non-denominational churches seem to encourage questioning and interpreting.

        3. It’s a common mistake to read Exodus 20:13 and conflate “You shall not kill” with war. However (as far as I know) the Hebrew word literally means the intentional, premeditated killing of another person with malice.
          The theory of Just war discusses how war is never good but sometimes necessary to protect the innocent.

        4. I guess they got that impetus from Eve and the creation story, huh?
          Wrong. Christianity is the opposite of women’s rights!

        5. Why should men apoligize for killing other men?
          Because it’s some nasty shit, right there. Not to be taken lightly. So you better have a proper justificiation before you do it, and a proper respect for your enemy as you do it, and a proper fear of yourself as you become a killer, and a proper understanding that those who live by the sword must be ready to die by the sword as well. That’s why.

        6. Men must remember that when they kill sinners in self-defense, they too were once sinners deserving of death. We’ve all sinned, we’ve all gone against our own moral codes even as pagans. The only way to NOT be a hypocrite is to have no moral standards at all, or have very few moral standards.

        7. I can only imagine how confused the Israelites must have been when God ordered them to go to war with other nations (1 Samuel 15:3;Joshua 4:13) and ordered the death penalty for a number of crimes (Exodus 21:12,15;22:19;Leviticus 20:11)

        8. It would only be confusing if you thought the commandment was regarding killing and not specifically against murder.
          It is also less confusing if you have seen God himself killing people with plagues, fire from heaven, animal attacks, floods, and then orders human attacks. In other words, you may not kill each other, but I can use you to kill people just as I can use anything else to kill people.

        9. It would only be confusing if you thought the commandment was regarding killing and not specifically against murder.

          Then we’re agreement.

    3. What was it, six months ago you were all for Eastern Orthodoxy? What happened, if you don’t mind my asking Lance?
      Odin and Thor are mighty things to lay down a belief system upon, no doubt.

      1. I’m saying that Orthodoxy esp under Russian pretenses is the real valid form of Christianity, that means Christianity for men, that provides men with the backing of the state, a structured family life. However, most Western men haven’t been taught that men were better men ante-Christianity or ante-Constantine etc. There was a day when heroic virtues were celebrated, where men didn’t have to feel ashamed for wanting to be men in every sense of the word. Where circumcision was an alien concept, where a man could maximise his genes with all the best women. These values and virtues were reflected in the mythologies of heroes, warriors were celebrated as being the first to enter the afterlife on deeds of courage instead of meekness (Valhalla and Elysium). Men had more control over their families. All I’m conveying is that there is something anti-human and non-organic about Christianity, it truly is ‘otherworldly’. However, if a man has to subject himself to any Christian denomination, let it be Orthodoxy.

        1. Very well, I don’t disagree, I just didn’t see EO mentioned in your diatribe against Christianity as a whole. Was just curious.

  11. A bleak picture you paint but although I do wonder what “cultural collapse” will look like. Is it necessarily a bad thing? A good thing in my opinion would be collapse of Western Democracies and a movement towards a libertarian society. In such a case, many of these problems would disappear. No more employment or divorce laws favouring women. No more welfare encouraging the poor and unproductive to immigrate from other countries, etc. etc.
    Just one point on immigration in England and the United Kingdom: This has being going on massively for about sixty years, especially in the fifties with people from the former Empire (the Caribbean, West Africa and South Asia). Many of these people are Christian and assimilated well into British society. Many English people cannot imagine not being able to go for an Indian (meal) which might be the most popular food in England. We should keep in mind the benefits of immigration and realize that that the cause of our problems is not immigration per se but socialist government policy which will result in an economic collapse of the UK and other Western Socialist nations.

    1. there may well be a crunch coming, and maybe it will correct things. But just bear in mind many of the twentieth century cataclysms proved to be fast-forward opportunities for progressivism e.g. for example women’s employment.
      Even collapse can be directed

      1. Well we can be optimistic or pessimistic about these things. At some point however, it will no longer be possible to ignore the emperors new clothes.

        1. Let that moment be soon. I’m just saying, we can’t be passive about it. The situation will need to be directed.

    2. You are right. An amazing amount of this cultural decay is supported one way or the other by government action.
      We need a state collapse if we wish to save what is left of an honoroable and productive culture.

      1. The state thinks that it’s a fact of life, a law of nature even.
        The state is a business, and they’ve gotten into lots of bad deals. You can’t run billions in debt forever. They’re fucked somehow.

    3. I’d like to agree, but given the last 3 to 5 generations getting a good solid schooling from socialists in most of the West, I can’t see them all shrugging and saying “Well, what do you know, socialism sucks. Hey gang, let’s go with these libertarians” and then setting up shop in that direction. A couple of generations down the road yes, but now, not so much. Strong man gangs would rule the roost for quite a long time, then something akin to the ancient cynig/king system would arise, then maybe feudalism (God, I hope not). After that, anybody’s guess.
      Ideally though, yes, societal collapse, a bit o’ Mad Max to get it out of our bloodstream, and then on to libertarianism. A man can dream, right? heh

  12. Good read. I have a few questions though.
    Where does education come into play here? Colleges are breeding grounds for Cultural Marxism, so I’m guessing it’s fairly early.
    Are you sure about America? Maybe I’m just too optimistic for my own good. I initially thought a large amount of the US was progressive/left-leaning. But I’m starting to see signs that my initial conclusion was wrong, e.g., rising gun sales, Republicans gaining ground, etc.
    That birth rate in America looks like it’s been pretty stable right above 60 for a little while now. So I don’t think I’d be worried simply because it dipped a few 0.1s. Is being right above 60 good? I don’t know. I’m just pointing out that it’s not really moving that much. But that does bring me to my next questions: What do you think would cause another boom like the Babyboomers? Would it be a good way to give the birth rate a kick or would it end horribly like with the Babyboomers?

    1. I think our education failed when it turned away from critical thinking and turned towards quantifying intelligence based on a number. Education that teaches a man “how to do things” rather than “what the right answer is” is what we really need.

      1. “education that teaches a man”
        This is where our education failed. The premise of education used to be, “Do you want to be a better man? Here’s how.” The goal was pure self improvement through knowledge.
        Once coeducation came on the scene, we had to throw in feelings and now it’s fucked.
        There’s no truth anymore, especially if a given truth might hurt feelings.

        1. I personally haven’t read any of it, but I’ve heard there is such a thing as Feminist History that takes history and focuses on women while cutting out all the, you know, actual history.
          Many colleges base their beginnings in truth seeking. It is truly a shame how the mighty have fallen.

  13. Humongous thank you to Roosh for giving an in depth analysis of the cultural and moral erosion that infects and obliterates our society. I think all that young men can do right now is to enjoy the decline and stop putting women on pedestal!!!!

  14. This a fine arsenal for deployment. I happen to think the opportunity in the decline / collapse will not be its ‘reset’ potential – I don’t believe in the biblical flood that’s going to Noah us to a lush and fertile land. The opportunity consists in the first place of being able to do just this – make the case successfully and persuasively that the progressives & their allies have laid waste to civilization. We see it, but the rest of the world isn’t quite sure. So let us help them to see clearly. Marshall the facts, demonstrate the false premises, utopian fallacies, downright lies they’ve been force-feeding everyone. Demonstrate above all that their sums don’t add up. Don’t enjoy the decline. Use it.
    This is how management, political or otherwise works. Wait until your opponent, or the occupants of the position you desire, completely and demonstrably fucks up, then move in to sort things out.

    1. After reading Roosh’s article I was thinking along these lines. I have always been involved in business, no qualifications but grew up in a household where getting off your ass and creating businesses was encouraged. My father had no university degrees but ran a company turning over €150 million per year back in the 80’s. This isn’t a boast just the facts.
      I have experience of running my own business, angel investor in several ecommerce start ups (didn’t always work out so well!), etc. Presently I am looking at a few different opportunities in renewable energy. The one thing that is holding me back is the thought in the back of my mind, “why the fuck should I bother?” Create a business, take all the risk when the gov will just tax it and employees and unions suck up any spare cash.
      Then there is the other side, sense of accomplishment, good wage, etc. In the present climate is there any point in creating anything of any value? I’m just posing the thought, what if we just stopped doing anything for a few years, no new business start ups, there are only so many hairdressers the free market can support, no new patents, no new products, no new drugs, no new power sources, no transportation devices, etc, etc.
      I think you should do an article on how to, as you say, “Don’t enjoy the decline. Use it.”

      1. I think my worry is just that doing nothing, as in non-cooperation, or secession from the economy etc. may not be enough in itself. I agree that sometimes intervening or rather intervening too soon, may be the wrong thing to do, that there are occasions when you want to give your opponents enough rope to hang themselves with. But
        equally if you’re wrong about that they may just decide to use it to garrotte you.
        My gut instinct is that if you have the ability to do something creative in the business world, like your dad (kudos where its due) then that’s the right thing to do, just
        make sure the decisions you make with regard to that business send strong signals to the policy makers: businesses after all decide where they’re going to operate for
        instance: consider those businesses that have moved from France. They didn’t shut down. They moved.
        Re. ‘using’ the decline, I don’t consider that I necessarily have the answers, or that I’m in a position to preach. I think in the first instance I had in mind that should we secede, refuse to cooperate etc., only strategically and without any expectation that that would be a sufficient strategy in itself not least because there will always be hungry souls ready to fill the spaces we vacate. That’s true whether it’s a question of business, or university, or for that matter pursuing (western) women. It may or may not achieve the desired effect. In the second instance I would say ROK offers plenty of ways in which all of us can ‘use’ the decline, in terms of self-improvement, improving our game (both
        generally, and in terms of women) as well as preparing ourselves mentally, physically and hopefully financially for the future whatever it holds.
        The last sense I meant I think was political: the one sense in which it makes some sense to ‘hang back’ perhaps is the sense in which the more SJWs etc talk, the more they
        make utter idiots of themselves, they really do use that rope to hang themselves. The readying in this sense has to be rhetorical I think, so that we have our arguments ready, and above all can make an effective ‘moral’ argument that will demonstrate not only the vacuousness of their position, but also its essential immorality. But arguments
        have to be made at an institutional level. There’s no point shouting at the wind.
        I think at the moment that means being creative. As I say I don’t consider myself in a
        position to preach: but looking around at what’s going on at the moment, with what Roosh and ROK is doing etc – forming alliances, alternative networks, creating alternative forms of media etc. – hopefully those sorts of things will in time have an effect even if at the moment its just a drop in the ocean. In the absence of the ability to take back the institutions that have been lost to the organised left / SJWs that’s how it needs to begin. Small beginnings

  15. The idea that people should just “do whatever they want to do”, as long as they don’t hurt anyone, is precisely the problem
    There’s a reason values and standards developed in the first place. To keep society cohesive, productive, and strong enough to compete with other societies. Your average western idiot thinks this can all be thrown away because being judged or having standards is too “exclusive” or “mean”, as though that’s important

    1. Classical liberalism and libertarianism erode traditional responsibilities. Without an aristocracy, class divisions, and a spiritual culture, all of society devolves into animalism.

      1. I wouldn’t say libertarianism erodes traditional responsibilities. I’d say most libertarians favor responsibility.

        1. They fail to acknowledge cultural hierarchy… they view such institutions as oppressive to freedom.
          I’m talking about church and state (I’m not a Christian but I favor both institutions in various permutations). This hierarchy is a necessity, whether it be in the Roman Imperial Cult or the Prussian junkers.

        2. Libertarianism and Communism share a common feature: they both work to perfection – in the theoretical model.

        3. Libertarians like to say “let the government do government and business do business and that’s it” but they don’t like admitting that businesses can use the government and it becomes one giant monster.

        4. Okay, I have a theoretical model, everyone in America will send me 1 dollar, when everyone does this I will have almost have a billion!
          Why isn’t this working? I have a model!

        5. Says who? Criticizing the government monster called the corporation is stock and trade for most libertarians. So is criticizing crony capitalism (or as I like it better, “venture socialism”). Hell you can’t pick up a copy of Reason where you won’t find at least one article detailing the failure of government-business “partnerships”, the failure of mercantilism and the noted slide towards a somewhat novel form of fascism.

        6. The driving force behind “libertarianism” is voluntarism. Institutions are only inherently oppressive to freedom if they use force or coercion on unwilling participants. This is our current state of existence where you are by birth ordered to conform to arbitrary rules and regulations that you have never freely agreed to. No one will have a problem with a person willingly joining clubs/religions/associations, it is the forced participation under threat of violence that is the fundamental problem with our current society. Similarly, there will always be incentives and disincentives for behavior. But many now believe those should be dictated by individuals, not by a one-size fits all law written by a lobbyist and printed in a regulatory codebook.

        7. The biggest problem I face in defending libertarianism to the socialists is getting them to understand that the corporations they despise can only exist through the agency of the strong government they desire.

        8. Your model is flawed, there are ~320 million people living in America so even if all complied, you wouldn’t come close to a billion dollars.

        9. You can’t get socialists to understand anything. They are a primative form of human being with a childlike level of reasoning. Children have no sense of responsibility, they want what they want when they want it and do not understand the concept of cost or budgeting.

        10. Corporations would still exist. And in many cases the same ones. However, there would be no government preferential treatment to distinguish one over the other.

        11. A corporation is defined as a business organization given preferential treatment by the government.
          Specifically the privilege of limited liability.
          Certain small corporations could still exist within the context of a libertarian society, but their scope would be limited to signatories to the association.
          The failure mode of the libertarian model is the association eventually recapitulating the history of government.

        12. It’s recognized as having limited liability to shareholders- not to having direct access to government policies which could be eliminated by restricting corporate personhood. Revoke foreign trade agreements. That will mitigate a lot of the power of multinational corporation’s.this is all fairly common in the libertarian might not find this to be a perfect solution, but it will surely be a better one than what we currently have.

        13. That isn’t true. Communism has been debunked six ways to Sunday. It doesn’t work theoretically or practically.

        14. Well yeah, if you do something silly like include the variability of people in it.
          But if people don’t fit the model, then damn it, we’ll just make a new people that do.

        15. “It’s recognized as having limited liability to shareholders . . .”
          . . . enforced by the government against creditors and others to whom the corporation may be liable who are not shareholders. In a libertarian society the creditors would have to specifically sign on to acceptance of the liability limits. For other classes of liabilities such an agreement is not even possible, as such liabilities arise de facto, not contractually.
          In time a network of private agreements could recapitulate the current structure, but at that point the society would no longer be libertarian. It would be what the current structure is.

        16. The reason for that is simple, they are dogmatic, and the dogma is that big government is good. If you point out a bad feature of big government that they too oppose (corporations) their dogmatic override goes into effect. They simply cannot process the dichotomy.

        17. Incorporation alone is not what brought us to this point. It would take a series of actions to take us back to this point. I’m also unclear on what is the delineation between a libertarian and non-libertarian society. No matter, nothing we do will change the end result at this point as technology is going to be final nail in the coffin of our current economic system.

        18. “Incorporation alone is not what brought us to this point.”
          No, but it did finance the Age of Exploration, create the first the Dutch and then the British Empires and fuel merchantilism. The American Revolution threw a serious monkey wrench in the works and prevented us from reaching this point 200 years ago. That’s why the European banking cartels were already plotting the corruption of the US before the ink was dry on the Treaty of Paris.
          ” . . . what is the delineation between a libertarian and non-libertarian society.”
          A libertarian society is one which holds to the principles of libertarianism. The axiom of libertarianism is the Right of Self Defence. That’s natural law by existence. Even a freshly hatched cockroach has that. For that matter, so do plants, and they apply it.
          The Libertarian Principle, and really the only law as such, is that no man has the right to initiate violence against another man. All other laws derive from the axiom and the principle.
          The first corollary is that the all social interactions are contractual by nature. Since force cannot be initiated against you, you are only bound by that to which you have expressly agreed.
          A non-libertarian culture would be one that initiates force to bind a man to social contracts he has not expressly agreed to. For instance having a debt imposed upon him or a debt owed him waived.
          ” . . . technology is going to be final nail in the coffin of our current economic system.”
          The current economic system cannot be sustained. It is unnatural in the sense that it violates basic, natural law. Raw, naked capitalism was alive behind the Iron Curtain. I know. I participated in it.
          So yes, they intend to nail it down with technology by changing nature. In particular, the human genome.

        19. Not to forget….politicians, too, do a pretty good job of selling corporations (and their need) to the people.
          You have to remember: politicians are very loyal to their largest donors. Watch the career of most politicians when they leave office (it’s not like they all go fishing or enjoy a hobby). They, usually, end up working for one of their largest “donors” or they are set up (during their time in office) to pursue their own interests once they leave office.

        20. I think automation is the most likely culprit to end our current economic system but I have to imagine they will just provide a universal minimum salary so that we can continue consuming at a similar rate.

  16. It would be nice to see more Americans to take Christianity seriously again. Unfortunately, the pastors of the various churches have no interest in purging feminism from their own parishes.

  17. Excelent text. By the way, as a Brazilian I can tell that your predictions are already coming true: our immigration policies *have* already been relaxed. See for instance:
    That is hapenning not because the population is already declining, but rather because the natives are becoming increasingly dependent on government welfare, lazy and unwilling to do hard work – which by itself is already an alarming sign of cultural decline.

  18. Roosh, you’re a smart guy. You make the connection that religion was beneficial to society, but you fail to realize that it’s not ‘religion’ that was the restrainer. It was and has always been a person’s belief in God and their adherence to the principles and moral absolutes laid out in the Bible that has kept society humming along. There’s a big difference. I would say organized religion has been a big hindrance to people getting to know God. If you want to know who God really is, check out the over 100 personal testimonies of regular people who started out unbelievers and then had supernatural, life-changing experiences:

    1. The Yahweh cults are not the only religions that major cultures have been founded on, and foundered on the loss of. Egyptian culture stood for twice as long as the Bible has even existed, without the Bible.
      In fact, one could make a pretty solid argument that it was the arrival of the Bible that destroyed it, per the very principles Roosh lays out.

      1. Egyptian culture stood for a long time, but Egyptian religion evolved radically over time. The Christian religion has been roughly the same for 2,000 years

        1. Christianity as you likely recognize it did not exist until the Renaissance. Although fictional, The Name of the Rose paints a good picture of the transition.
          Christianity before the time of Aquinas also looked rather different than that which came after.
          And before Nicaea.
          And in the time of Paul himself Christianity did not even have a personified Christ. The Roman lower classes to whom Paul preached were not comfortable with the abstractions of the mystery schools. They kept their deities soundly personified, and so they personified it.
          And that’s only following one line of the Church. There were and are others.

        2. “Christianity as you likely recognize it did not exist until the Renaissance. Although fictional, The Name of the Rose paints a good picture of the transition.
          “Christianity before the time of Aquinas also looked rather different than that which came after.
          “And before Nicaea.
          “And in the time of Paul himself Christianity did not even have a personified Christ.”
          There were a few Gnostic heretics who thought Christ was some apparition, not a real human being, thus only appeared to suffer on the cross, but Paul preached “Christ and Him crucified” going to lengths to make it clear other “Jesus” were antichrist.
          (Eastern) Orthodoxy is (Eastern) Orthodoxy, no matter what the time period. It is only Heterodoxy that is constantly changing (look at “Roman Catholicism” and her daughters the Protestants). The constant “evolution” in Heterodoxy is why you don’t see much if any Sub-Apostolic or later Ante-Nicene writings used much, or for the fathers of the Ecumenical Councils, and so on and so forth, in their bookstores. Everything is usually VERY recent, like last 70 to 100 years because the older writings are now out of fashion, if not obsolete altogether.

  19. Women focused on what “career”? Posting innumerable selfies in the bathroom of their workplace, apartment, or gym for Betatards to fawn over?

    1. Women are children. They view the world as children.
      They got it into their heads that life as a man was just another game- and they always want to join our games. What happens when they join our games? They ruin them. We have to change the game to accomodate them.
      Naturally, everyone adapts to ensure that life as a man IS a game, IF you’re a woman. They get to play “career” and they all think they get to cash out whenever they choose with an appropriately better-salaried Cap’n Save-a-Hoe
      Meanwhile they snap up the qualifications and on-the-job experience men need in order to become employable, and take these professional resources into the unrelated (but infinitely more important) field of motherhood, for which they are then grossly underqualified, because they never had to grow up. We made the workplace safe for children (them) and their itty bitty feelings, and they never grew up enough to be a mom- a role they derided as childish as they rushed headlong into the workplace.
      It all makes sense when you view them as children.

      1. Women will never take responsibility for the economy…
        I’ve asked women going into post-secondary education if they realize they are taking on the responsibility of the economy and their country’s future by entering realms of higher education that were meant specifically for the very best and brightest.
        The usual response — “…Whuat?”

        1. I kinda envy women. Most of them have no foresight (hell, most of em dont have hindsight!) and live completely in the moment. All this time trying to plan for a crap future on my end has gotten me nowhere, and what do the clueless women(and some men) do?
          I want to self lobotomize myself.

        2. Why do you think we have psychos chopping off their dicks?
          And fags for that matter?
          They see that girls play by different rules, and they say, “Shit, if I could play by those rules, life would be so easy…”
          And they’re right, to a point. Our society is so permissive that we “make it work” for the poor sad men, but they sacrifice their physical and mental health.

        3. I’ve had moments like that but keep in mind that women are all about illusion… And what you see is not what you get…
          The facts show that the majority of anti-depressant pill-poppers are women… But you’d never guess it because they appear to be just bouncing from cloud to cloud without a care in the world…
          All most women have got is their pussy and their ability to control stupid men… That’s it… And every single day they get one inch closer to that well of fortune drying up… Later in life (35+… ALL THE WAY TO 80+) if they don’t have a family, what have they got???

        4. I can see how your attitudes on this site have become increasingly radical in tone and theory, Mr. KENT. I applaud you.
          That last girlfriend of yours was bitter medicine.

        5. I don’t envy women at all. After a certain age, their lives rapidly turn into a sad, depressing, lonely wasteland.
          I’ve never met a happy or satisfied older woman in my life.

        6. You haven’t? I have. They were called “married mothers” and “married grandmothers” and they seemed to have found peace and contentment in fulfilling their natural roles and duties. Contentment and peace which eludes every 35+ year old career woman without exception.

        7. Good point, but often those “happy” older women are accompanied by a quietly miserably man, who would other wise find peace on his own.
          I suppose every situation is different. My experience with women is that the vast majority of them at any age are pretty fucking awful, married or not. The married ones I see usually appear to be sucking the life and soul out of the man they are with. Just my own personal observations.

        8. Dealing with her during and after our breakup confirmed all the red-pill truths to me regarding women…
          She immediately got a dog, immediately got a dog to walk her dog (a mangina boyfriend), her “bestest friend forever” (a psycho-bitch that she claimed “understood” her more than I ever could…) turned against her because of some stupid shit, she completely disregards and ignores the guy she cheated on me with (if you guessed that he is mangina who is still madly in love with her you win a prize), and to put the cherry on top she still messages me with “I miss you” messages to this day (well 2 weeks ago last time actually). And to be frank, I don’t believe for a split-second that she would be “missing” me and trying to get my attention if I didn’t turn my back on her…
          If I went to her house right now and said “I miss you so much XXX I can’t live without you, I forgive you, be my girlfriend once again and everything will be like it used to be”, she would forget about me in a heartbeat… Think I’m talking shit? I WAS the heartbroken beta romantic right after I found out my whole life was collapsing around me… and during that time she gave me zero respect.
          Wasn’t until I said fuck it… bought some new clothes, got an apartment (I’ve moved back with my folks to save money since… just needed to get the fuck away from everything at the time), put my career first, joined a martial arts class, and made it my mission to sex up attractive women… ONLY THEN did I get my ex’s attention and affection back. Once she smelled some self-confidence and other vagina on me things changed completely.
          Now… after dating a handful of other women in the year past, I kinda came to the conclusion that I am going to put myself first from now on… People ask me why I’m not in a relationship like there is something wrong with me and in my head I’m honestly just like… What is the rush??? I’m actually pretty happy being a bachelor and just being responsible for myself…. I am definitely now more focused on career and putting together a future for myself… I want freedom and financial stability more than anything else right now…. More than women.
          I’m not trying to bring attention to myself here, I just thought it might be interesting to read about how a young man’s mindset can change from experience through his 20s. I’ve heard that men on average are most marriage minded up until their mid-20s and I can see why 😉

        9. I don’t think that’s true. My grandfather was very happy with my grandmother. They were married for 62 years. My friends whose parents have been married for decades, both mother and father are happy.
          Those are all the result of men and women who were happy being different from each other, and combining their different strengths rather than competing over who would be the man.

        10. Sounds like you’re talking about modern older women. Sorry I wasn’t clear, I meant women from generations that no longer exist (for the most part). The ones where the husband was not taught to sit around the house at her beck and call all day. My grandfather (WW2 generation) was quite happy, grandmother was quite content, and he spent what time necessary at the house but was otherwise out and about at the bar, or in his garage fixing up old cars as a hobby. He lived his own life on his own terms, and from what I can tell, so did most of his contemporaries (WW2 and earlier generations, heck man, I’ve met vets from WW1).
          It’s Boomers and later gens where the men are resigned to sitting around doting over little wifey and having no life outside of her whims and wishes. Yes, miserable, no question. Screw that shit.

        11. I can’t fucking agree more, that’s exactly where I am in life write now, similar situation happened with my ex and I ran into Solvemygirlproblems where the legendary “Shark” woke me up with the Red Pill and here I am today listening to Heartiste, Roosh, The Rational Male and Buying RSD products like Pimp and Blueprint lololol

        12. haha, it makes you realize life is happier to live as a happy-go lucky person, almost like a dog. Taking pleasures in daily activities without thinking deeply about anything.
          That’s what most women do, assuming they can end up with a provider.

        13. A good book to read is The 48 Laws of Power. I have it as an audio book and play it sometimes when I’m walking from place to place.
          Its not really a “Game” book. But it puts you in the right mindset. It is written quite well and basically presents events and people from history (e.g., Napoleon, Ceasar) that exemplify how power is lost and gained.

        14. Hence women will end up as chattel. If you are not going to take responsibility. Others will take responsibility for you.

      2. I love when they exercise brag on social media or dating sites. Sounds like a Nigerian oil scam or saying the sky’s green. “Do you even squat?” Uh, yeah, bitch, for well over 20 years, unlike you who’s been doing it for 20 DAYS and feels the need to showboat it with spandex gym selfies for your thirsty Betatard lapdogs!

        1. I see a lot of weird fucked-up moms doing this. They deck out in their spandex and take a bathroom selfie with one hand and strike a bicep pose all wrong with the other. It’s laughable but also sad. Sometimes you can tell they vacuum-sucked in their gut, too. All those stretch marks and afterbirth overhang sure can’t be on display!
          Don’t even get me started on the pics of the 5ks where they spray colored powder on them… What a great way to get fats girls to dress up in tutus and jog half of a 5k then walk the rest and pose selfies after to feel “fit”! Americaaaa, fuck yeah!

  20. As a brazilian, I can say my country is indeed going in total full retard mode in stage 2 (mostly with “promotion of single mother and homosexual lifestyles over that of the nuclear family”), and stage 3 is already happening. I’m gonna tell this so you guys can have an idea.. a survey done here revealed that 15% of the homossexuals got the HIV (against 0,6% of the general population)… and who is the leftist media blaming for that??? They blame the prejudice, homophobia, and even the Bible.. seriously.. SERIOUSLY?? Oh no, let’s not blame all the unprotected sex they have and how extremely promiscuous they are, no, it’s society’s fault and gay people are never to take responsability for anything” Seriously, this just infuriating… here’s the article, if anyone knows portuguese and wants to read it:
    Mark my words, Brazil is turning into a gaymocracy, I hope the US is not as bad..

    1. sorry that you guys are just now finding this out. it’s quite well hidden and silenced, has been for decades, much to everyone’s great disadvantage.
      unfortunately, the following have always been the case: (1) homosexual hiv prevalence and incidence has always been the vast majority of cases, worse still that (2) black homosexual hiv numbers have always been way higher than white numbers, all of which (3) is doubly horrendously anti-politically correct to point out, thus it (4) absolutely must be hidden by using statistics and averages in all education, news, and media.
      even in medical school, this is so ungodly bad to say that it is hidden from the curriculum. doctors are taught “hatians, blacks, and homosexuals” (the original observation when it started being studied in the USA) instead of just “black, gays”. order indicates everything, and ‘hatians’ was a nice way to say ‘poor people’, lessening the overall un-PC demographic observation. it just sounds terrible to say. the virology of the virus means it needs prolonged blood-to-blood contact, and homosexual sex is perfect for that: dedicated secret social networks, rectal micro-trauma from the usual anal pole dancing, hyper-vigorous + hyper-frequent butt sex, and very fast/short sex relationships with extremely high numbers of sexual partners. the virus couldn’t hope for a better vector of transmission. combined with the fantastic drugs (which can control but not kill) for the virus, numbers are exploding all over the world. and still the true risk demographics are all deeply hidden, everyone is lied to, and it just keeps snowballing.
      did i mention the virus is unusually adaptive/unstable? don’t get sick.

  21. America has reached the stage where the government attacks the native population for the most trivial reasons and gives foreigners behavioral carte blanch. What we need to do is look at how some cultures resisted Western and Asian colonialism and regenerated themselves.

    1. Thailand is interesting because it successfully resisted both Western and Asian colonialism at the same time.
      It had two interesting factors in its favor: an exceptional leader at the critical time, and a cohesive native population.
      America can have neither.

  22. Russia has NEVER in its history had a good government, they are still communist and always will be.

  23. Was really enjoying your article until I got to the part where you fell into that stereotypical American trap of referring to everyone in Britain as ‘English’. Thought you ROK-dudes we’re a bit more globally aware than that.
    Seriously though – great article. I’m off now to drink some Irn Bru, eat a deep-fried Mars Bar, and play a reel on my bagpipes. Oh, the joys of being ‘English’!

    1. And you, in stereotypical fashion, refer to us as “Americans”. People from Costa Rica, from Venezuela, from Canada, are all Americans. We, meaning Roosh and myself and others, are united States citizens, not the generic “American” without qualification.
      See how fun it is to be pedantic?
      Yes, we all know that British is the correct term, even though frankly that’s kind of silly as well, given as British stems from the native Brythonic celts who inhabited the island prior to the Germanic Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Danes invaded. It today *should* represent only the Welsh, the Cornish and other Brythonic celts, and not Gaels (who are not Brythonic) nor English, right? heh
      The points in the article are solid, small syntax gaffs to the contrary notwithstanding.

  24. Where does this cultural Marxism come from, and who was responsible for its commencement? Keep looking…

        1. I know, I was thinking similarly to his statement. Just encouraging others to do their own digging. There is much more to be found on this subject.

        2. Well all right then. I’d only add that when the answer is found, keep digging. Ancient sites tend to be stratified.

  25. Roosh, I enjoyed your article. It is nice to see somebody genuinely concerened in addressing the cultural collapse in a honest manner.
    Please consider that state action takes a larger role than scientific advancement.
    Our lives today are utterly dominated by state contol and influence, from a myriad of laws, policies, state education, rules, regulations, funding choices, media backing, censorship, enforcement priorities, taxes policies, and on and on.
    The great rise of centralized power and ever present bureaucracy in western nations and the power hungy and controling psycopaths that seek jobs of power in this realm have created ever greater rules and taxes for their and the elites benifit, while punishing the productive man.
    Out of control Government has provided an immense dis-incentive for men to be productive and make the ever growing sacrifice to marry and have children. Brainwashing in schools and media has made it almost impossible for people to understand what has caused their plight.
    It is pretty amazing to see an otherwise apathetic man move to an area that hasn’t been crushed with these policies, and suddenly is filled with the urge for family and productive action.

    1. “It is pretty amazing to see an otherwise apathetic man move to an area that hasn’t been crushed with these policies, and suddenly is filled with the urge for family and productive action.”
      Any particular areas in mind? Russia maybe?

      1. Good friend of mine was maxed out in his 20s and just moved to Tailand with a little money and no intention of working for at least a year.
        A year later he had an fantastic experience, had grown tremedously as a man, had an amazing wife. Joined the army as an officer, was always a top performer. Now has two really good kids, a home, and a devoted wife.

    1. Precisely. Idiocracy isn’t a dystopian future, it’s real life right now.
      The rich have bred this farm full of slaves who will vote themselves to death.

  26. Excellent analysis. You are spot on with your summary of whats happening in Poland as well.
    The importance of tradition and culture cannot be over-stated. Culture is the only thing that differenciates us from animals. The concept of the American “melting pot” makes for a great feel good metaphor but that is not what happens in practice. America is the absence of culture. Sorry but consumerism, watching football and going out to eat doesnt count. Immigrants come to the US and find themselves trading their culture traditions and values for an iphone and desk job, only to realize that being a wage slave stuck on the spend and consume treadmill has them in a worse position than when they first started.

    1. “The concept of the American “melting pot” makes for a great feel good metaphor but that is not what happens in practice.”
      Nor was it what happened in design. It was not intended to be a melting pot, but rather a collection of pots. Not a nation state, but a nation of states.

        1. It received its mortal blow less than 100 years after the Articles of Confederation were signed.
          It took a while to bleed out, but 100 years after that it was nothing but a zombie. They named the zombie, in typical political fashion, The Great Society. We’ll see how long the zombie can hold together within our lifetimes, I reckon.

  27. Good article. Religions that officially believe and practice traditional gender roles such as Traditional Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and some branches of Protestantism are doing just fine as far as reproductive rates. Unfortunately, so is Islam. The Christianity of the future is probably going to be a more literal Church Militant once all of the CINOs have died off or left. I hope there are enough of us willing to fight when the shooting with Muslim immigrants starts in earnest.

      1. Christians aren’t out chopping the face off of native British on their own streets in London, or forcing native Britons to disrobe in the street under threat of death. The same cannot be said of Muslims.

        1. I don’t see Islam as being the opposite of Western Culture by any means. Islamic empires ran a significant part of Europe for many centuries and have left their influence in language, art and science. Islam is actually a very similar religion to Christianity and Judaism for obvious reasons.
          I am afraid you are quite wrong about the actions of Christians in Britain. Christians have been murdering each other in Britain since Christanity arrived on these shores from the Middle East. And up to present day British people murder each other for various reasons, including religious and political reasons. I have personally known Brits who have forced people to disrobe in the street. I have known Brits to attack Muslims, Hindus, and Christian immigrants simply because they “looked different” or were taking “our jobs and our women”.
          In my life in Britain I have never, ever been threatened by a Muslim, but I have been threatened, attacked and fought with a great many Christians.
          For the record, I am a Christian (Roman Catholic).

        2. There are no *Europeans* protesting this either except what they consider “fringe” groups. Because defending against rape is so extremist.

        3. Spain != the vast swath of Europe.
          Christianity and Islam are both Abrahamic religions, clearly, but then hornets and ladybugs are both insects.
          Christians of course murder, but few do so specifically because their holy text instructs them to go out and wage explicit war on unbelievers. In fact, that’s the opposite of Christiane doctrine, the average believer is supposed to *not* go out and kill others who are not Christian, nor be violent in any way. I will cede that practice and doctrine rarely intersect with Christianity these days though.
          I am afraid you are quite wrong about the actions of Christians in Britain.
          So that Islamic hooligan who chopped the face off of the off duty soldier in London and snarled on about Islam didn’t happen?
          You may be comfortable with the Islamic influx into Britain, that’s fine, but I’m not. Subjectivism is a lot of the reason that most of the West is crumbling into a huge cultural Marxist feminist matriarchy.

        4. “For the record, I am a Christian (Roman Catholic).”
          Same here englishbob. But my (our) church is in a bad way right now. I read your comment and see the results of how progressivism/feminism has infected the Western Christian mind. Islam is not a good religion. I know what you’re thinking, “how can any religion be good or bad? or more correct? or more incorrect”. Simple…..common sense. Observe:

          If you find fault with any of the figures mentioned above please, travel to Yemen, Jordan, Morocco, Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria (maybe let that place quiet down a bit first) and inform your new Muslim brethren that you wish to live in peace beside them as you practice your respective faiths.
          Report back here as to what you find. If you change your name to EnglishAbdul….we’ll understand.

        5. If you’re a Catholic, then you know perfectly well Catholicism doesn’t explicitly command us to slay the infidels wherever we find them. A Christian who murders is a bad Christian. A Muslim who murders is following the commands of his holy book and the example of his prophet.

        6. Spain… and parts of Portugal, France and Italy. That was the Moorish Empire. And then do not forget the Ottoman Empire (Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, Greece, The Balkans, parts of Austria and more). There is nothing new about an “Islamic influx” into Europe.
          Muslims will argue that their texts do not instruct them to go out and make war, that you cannot take it all literally… where have we heard that before? The Bible of course, which makes up two thirds of the Muslim Holy Book. But words in a book are just words. Actions are what count and there are no shortage of massage atrocities committed in the name of the Christian God. You really will paint yourself into a corner if you get into a fight about which religion is most evil.

          So that Islamic hooligan who chopped the face off of the off duty soldier in London and snarled on about Islam didn’t happen?

          Said who?
          Not sure why the “Islamic influx” into Britain bothers you. You live 2000 miles away. Trust me you’re fine.

          Subjectivism is a lot of the reason that most of the West is crumbling into a huge cultural Marxist feminist matriarchy.

          Yes and this is down to good Christian people. Given this bothers you it would make more sense for you to welcome Muslims with open arms.
          I think you are letting your lizard brain guide you here Ghost, where it relates to “them foreign like peoples”.

        7. I don’t need to travel to different countries, there are plenty of Muslims right down the street from me. I work with them, play with them, grew up with them, drink (yes drink) with them, date them, shag them, debate with them and so on. Know what I have learned? You are as human as they are.
          It is the mark of a weak man to try to “shame” another by accusing him of being feminist, progressive, Marxist, Communist, etc. just to win an argument. This was always Marx’s tactic when he couldn’t refute the logic of an argument put to him and it is some irony that what you accuse me of describes you more aptly.
          Why? Because you obscure the issue by babbling about irelevancies. Nobody is arguing that one religion is good or bad. You have a lizard brain sir, which in actual fact marks you out as that inferior species of human that I call Homo Lacerta.

        8. What I know perfectly well is that Muslim Scholars say this is not true. I also know that Christian Scholars frequently debate the rights and wrongs of their own holy book.
          Every man has a justification for killing and plenty have used religions of all kinds. There are plenty who have killed and tortured in the name of Christ and with the backing of religious authorities.

        9. While I disagree with what you say bob, I shall defend to the death your right to say it.
          But for the record sir, you are an Islamo-philic butt-face!
          You drink and play and shag with Muslims? Guess what, that makes those Muslims about as secular as you Bob! Ergo, they’d be considered apostates for consorting with an infidel like you Bobby! Don’t let that ruin your shagging. You can still tell your progressive buddies over craft beer that you bedded a brown girl…we’ll keep it our secret here.

        10. Spain… and parts of Portugal, France and Italy. That was the Moorish Empire.
          I’m aware of history. Spain and Portugal are the same place for all intents and purposes, the languages are nearly mutually intelligible and the geography would have allowed nothing else given the circumstances. The extent of the Moorish empire was Maghreb, the Iberian Peninsula, Sicily and Malta. Hardly an overshadowing “lots of Europe” empire to say the least. They got the Spanish and an isle off Italy. Wee.
          Muslims will argue that their texts do not instruct them to go out and make war, that you cannot take it all literally…
          Their actions demonstrate differently, not just now, but throughout history, plus their texts are pretty clearly worded as to holy war so denying them is akin to women denying riding the cock carousel despite being 42 and having “dated” for 25 years. I understand that there are many good decent Muslims, but they’re good in spite of their holy texts, not because of them. When Christians do wrong they do so because they are disobeying their holy texts, not because they are following them. That is the crucial difference which cultural “equalism” ignores.
          Actions are what count and there are no shortage of massage atrocities committed in the name of the Christian God. You really will paint yourself into a corner if you get into a fight about which religion is most evil.
          The difference is intent and who does it for the religion, as opposed to who does it with followers in their camp who may not well agree with the actions in spite of their religion. A belligerent England or U.S. out being imperialists, while also having Christian populations, is not the same as a religious movement out to kill people specifically due urgings of their religion, with or without formal state backing. This shouldn’t be controversial, it simply is. One religion grew up and out of primativism, another hasn’t. Consult who has continents full of major cities with well fed people, and who does not, to know the difference.
          Said who?
          Um, the newspapers at the time?
          Not sure why the “Islamic influx” into Britain bothers you. You live 2000 miles away. Trust me you’re fine.
          Because, Bob, I have living relatives, close ones, in Scotland (Inverness) and England (London). Forget? I’m likely (being kind, I actually do like you and am trying not to be an offensive bore) far more genetically English (and Scottish) than you, and I still have living blood ties there, ties which stretch back centuries at least on the English side and longer on the Scottish side.
          Look, if your parents came from, for example, Saudi Arabia (both of them) yet you were born in, say, Russia, you’d hold an interest in the affairs of Saudi Arabia if you had family there. Right?
          Yes and this is down to good Christian people.
          The majority of traditional Christians, especially Trad Catholics (not liberal pro-Vatican II) and Eastern Orthodox, as well as some few Protestant sects like old Lutherans and Amish, who reject subjectivism notwithstanding? There is no shortage of doctrinally consistent anti-war, anti-violent evangelist Christians to be found. I can ride 30 minutes north from where I live and encounter entire cities full of fully anti-war conscientious objector Amish Christians.
          I think you are letting your lizard brain guide you here Ghost,
          Not at all. Being “red pill” I choose not to ignore realities. You’re being invaded now, brother. Follow the government propaganda (and that’s what you’re speaking) as you wish, but following the commonly accepted tone of society regarding politics and religion is nearly always the wrong path to follow. Before you say it, I have been leery of Islam since at least the mid 1980’s long before it became trendy with Bush I or Bush II and their lunacy, my regard for them is low due to long years of study and observation.
          where it relates to “them foreign like peoples”.
          Quite so, because I’m clearly an inbred illiterate backwoods redneck from the hinterlands. One can tell.
          We’re on the same side on nearly every issue Bob, no need to make it quite so personal.

        11. There’s neo-Catholic (accepting of Vatican II) and Trad Catholic. There is a difference. A huge one.

        12. I want to ask you a question “Who are your people?” In my opinion if the answer is not the English for English Bob then you are the problem you are trying to fight. You simultaneously claim you are for European culture and then rush to defend the culture of the people who are replacing you. Your loyalty is not to your nation or your religion but egalitarian principles of universalism. You think you are not a cultural Marxist Bob but you are just a sleeper agent you spread the message and subvert your own position without even knowing your doing it. You rush to defend religions and people that are not your own.

        13. Christians say the same thing about fornicating Christians. Point being, you need to evolve from lizard brain thinking (or lack thereof) and realize they are no different to us. Stop acting like 2bn people all act the same with the same hive mind.
          Not sure why you keep invoking progressivism. This is fact, this is logic.

        14. My people are Human Beings. If you have a basic understanding of evolution you will understand why blind devotion to nation, religion or culture is the mark of a primitive mind. Don’t bother with your misunderstood labels (Marxist et al). I am for rationality and it is irrational to believe a quarter of the Worlds all think and and believe the same thing.

        15. I’m aware of history

          You did not demonstrate your knowledge of history by simply saying “Spain”. Spain and Portugal can only be considered the same place if it serves your argument but to claim so is entirely irrational. Turkey straddles Asia and Europe but this is unimportant to what I said about the Ottoman Empire, which you did not address. I think you are being intellectually dishonest here.

          Hardly an overshadowing “lots of Europe” empire to say the least.

          Please do not twist my words. This is what I said

          Islamic empires ran a significant part of Europe for many centuries and have left their influence in language, art and science.

          This is indisputable and only an intellectual in denial or a complete ignoramus would claim otherwise.

          Their actions demonstrate differently

          Who is they? A quarter of the World’s population? This is lizard brain thinking (them and us). What you say applies to Christians as well. Furthermore, Islamic Scholars will disagree with you. Are you an Islamic Scholar? Can you demonstrate that what you are saying is fact (with respect to the Qu’ran)? I challenge you to do so.

          The difference is intent and who does it for the religion

          My friend. Really. I am not going to repeat myself. I think you are believing what you want to believe here and justifying it with meaningless distinctions. Suffice it to say, no one is coming to the West to kill anyone over religion. They are doing it because the West has invaded, bombed and murdered untold thousands of people in their countries. Revenge is plenty motivation all by itself. Religion is a nice veneer to place upon the top.
          If the West has “better” cities, this is not because of religion it is in spite of it. You know full well that religion has been a major sandbag on technological progress.

          Um, the newspapers at the time?

          I wasn’t clear. You were making an accusation that I denied the incident in Woolwich last year. I am asking you where I said this. Btw, go back and check the video. Those two maniacs said exactly why they murdered that soldier and it wasn’t because of religion.

          Because, Bob, I have living relatives, close ones, in Scotland (Inverness) and England (London)

          Your relatives probably have more to fear from the Scottish than Muslims. Jokes aside, I think we are getting to the heart of it here. Fear. This is partly what I mean by lizard brain thinking (btw I am not trying to be offensive here, we all have a lizard brain and often it is useful). You are letting fear overcome rationality. You must know intellectually that a quarter of the World’s population is not raging maniacs hankering to get some good Christian blood. I implore you to look instead at human nature and human motivation and above all ask the question “why?” and then provide a rational answer absent fear.
          Anyway, I’ll look out for your English relatives (but not the Scottish Hell no!) as I look out for mine… 🙂

          Follow the government propaganda (and that’s what you’re speaking)

          One thing I never follow is government propaganda but I might say the same of you. Government propaganda is that Muslims are a threat and that they must police their own communities to stop the youth from being “radicalised”. Muslims en masse are responsible for the actions of a handful. They kill us because they hate our freedoms. Their hatred exists in a void absent cause. This is exactly the the line you follow and it is the Fox News line. Nowhere is it discussed that attacks by people from the Middle-East are motivated by our devastating attacks on them and our interference in their countries going on decades.

          We’re on the same side on nearly every issue Bob, no need to make it quite so personal.

          It wasn’t personal I was teasing. I apologize for any offense taken. Nothing I have said here is meant to be personal however it may seem, it is down to the difficult nature of debating through comments.

        16. And I’m not sure why you keep invoking this juvenile “lizard brain” pejorative and yet you continue to engage me.
          You’re right as to one thing though, as is the original post by Roosh. Your assimilation to progressivism in the Uk is the same it is here in the US. It is degeneration, it is the collapse of culture. You seem to think it’s fine and rational, that the rest of the world isn’t as enlightened to this new way of living (such is the mindset of every deluded liberal). This is until the reality of the word comes crashing down on you.
          Muslims are different from Christians, Jews are different from Christians, Hindus are different from Buddhists..etc etc.
          You peddle this We are the World, We are all one People crap. But I’m amazed how 99.9% of the morons who buy into that garbage are white western progressives (you can substitute liberal, marxist, social justice warrior…or whatever term you like here bob if progressive offends you).
          2bn? (sic) people think this way because it’s the reality of the world. You need to stop playing make-believe and join the rest of us by getting your head outta the sand. Or don’t, it doesn’t really matter.

        17. Lizard brained is merely a description of the way you think. Them and us. What I don’t know or understand is a threat. We all have lizard brains but only a primitive thinker is ruled by his.
          The term “progressive” does not offend me it just does not apply. You are using it to unbalance me and force me to respond emotionally. As I said, a weak man’s tactic.
          Muslims, Jews and Christians differ only in details. These details only matter to small minded men.
          You keep taking about the decline of culture in the West. This decline is down to White Christians, not Muslims. As you know Muslims rail against it.

        18. The Islamic world has contributed nothing of value for hundreds of years. And although Muslims are descendant from Abraham and are monotheistic, the Koran’s teachings in regards to how to treat others (especially with differing beliefs) is diametrically opposed to the Bible. Of course there are individuals of every religion/culture that are violent without reasonable cause, but in modern times only Muslims are indoctrinated with a violent mentality towards those who don’t practice their religion.

      2. Well, I live in the United States so Muslim immigration isn’t as big a problem for us as it is for the Europeans. Eventually there will be a beheading or an honor killing or a gang rape that will push the Europeans over the edge. And when they decide that a problem needs to be removed, they can be very thorough.

        1. The biggest problem in the US is the USG. They have killed, robbed and brutalised more Americans than the rest of the World put together.

  28. Any human society is free to choose either to display great energy or to enjoy sexual freedom: the evidence is that it cannot do both for more than one generation.
    J. D. Unwin

  29. Great change will require great collapse. Our cultural is so superficial that we can only fall back on traditional roles when it happens if we want to emerge stronger. Degeneracy cannot support itself.

    1. And by ‘last’ you should let them know, ‘men in the grave’ and the women raped with the new conquerors’ seed. Native Americans if they weren’t exterminated, were bred out. A huge portion of the white population has Native American genes, and let me tell you that wasn’t mostly by consent. Nice guys finish last… in everything.

  30. I would enjoy seeing the author’s opinions on Japan, which is suffering demographic collapse but is not promoting immigration.

    1. Japanese women want it both ways: “‘They only want a woman they can dominate; that is why they are obsessed with schoolgirls.’ Ritsuka tells us a story of another girlfriend whose boyfriend began to cry on the phone. Everyone squeals in disgust. No one wants a man who cries… They know something is missing, right from the very start.”’ (Kickboxing Geishas: How modern Japanese women are changing their nation, by Veronica Chambers, Simon and Schuster, 2007, p. 109)

  31. Each point is correct. A few pretty girls recently told me they intend to seek a career and “when the right man comes along” things will just fall into place. I told them this was nonsense. One of the girls wasn’t even working or going to school. And these girls should have known better. They were taught how to be smart. They won’t “discover themselves” by avoiding their female responsibility, and things won’t just magically work out.
    Roosh hit the nail on the head. Men get successful carreers because it impresses the women, and they can be a nurturing husband and father. Women are NEVER motivated by these reasons. Careerism for them is pure vanity.

    1. Great quote. We all know we’re in decline, but right now our job is to make as much money as possible to prepare and squeeze every ounce of life out of our semi-coherent civilization.

  32. I read this post of Roosh’s a year or two ago and with each passing year/month/week it appears to be more and more prescient….
    So much so, that I think we can move the US, the UK, Sweden and 90% of Western Europe from the “Very High” likelihood of collapse column, into the “Damn near inevitable” collapse category.
    I’d like to pretend it would be a peaceful, bloodless passing away for the West. Something akin to an elderly grandmother gently exhaling her last breath with family and friends quietly gathered around her deathbed. But truly, it won’t be so bitter-sweet a goodbye….
    The 3rd world garbage the West has imported into its once prosperous hinter lands will rape, burn, smash and gut everything worth defiling. The lower-class mouth breathers of native born Americans will join in the melee and fires will burn brightly throughout the night. Natural order will take over as it always does and it will become a dog-eat-dog post apocalyptic wasteland. If enough decent people can band together and restore society once the ashes have cooled, it’ll take another 2-3 generations just to get back to square one.
    These last 6-8yrs here in America have poured gasoline on this fire that will be our collapse. The American, the Englishman, the Swede, the Frenchman, et la have no one to blame but themselves. They voted to elect a collection of elites who promised a world of grand ideas and warm fuzzy feelings (multiculturalism, gender “equality”, equal pay, state sanctioned marriage, etc etc). What they got was the destruction of their language, culture and sovereignty (to quote Dr. Savage). The elites have filled their pockets all along the way. I wonder if the West will finally wise up to this.

    1. “hey voted to elect a collection of elites who promised a world of grand ideas and warm fuzzy feelings (multiculturalism, gender “equality”, equal pay, state sanctioned marriage, etc etc).”
      Who could Americans have voted for to keep the shit-colored immigrants out? Dems? Reps? There are no “Democracies”. You get to vote for nothing other than piss ant wedge issues.

      1. You’re right. This whole democracy thing has probably run its course. So monarchy? dictatorship? tribal warlords? confederacy?
        What do think the course should be here?

        1. I don’t think it matters what we think it should be. Future political power is going to come out of the barrel of a gun and then tell those of us that survive what it is.
          It is not a future I like to contemplate, but when I contemplate the future, it’s the one I see.

        2. i can’t argue with that.
          If you wait for the tanks to roll and the boots to march down your street, any discussion about what “should” be is foregone.
          But it does matter what you think the future course should be for your country/civilization. At least for now why you still have the right to think what you like.

        3. The boots are already marching down my quiet, residential street in a neighborhood where they have no discernible reason for being at all, as nothing particularly bad has happened here since the French and Indian Wars.
          They are chanting, “Issue me an M-16. Now I am a shooting machine.”
          For now I think I should keep a bugout bag by the front door, and another by the back because time may be that short when the shit hits.
          And maybe caching some SPAM and ammo wouldn’t be such a bad idea.
          And I am, by nature, inclined to optimism, or at the very least putting a happy face on things. This is my happy face.

      2. Good point. The point of either party (or politician) has always been to lookout for their own interest (first) and their largest donors (second). The rest of it is just a show. These politicians throw out “scraps” to the rest just to appease the many (so they don’t form, rise up and take what they want or need).
        I don’t care who has been elected over the past decades….the same narrative has played out over and over, again. It stretches back decades (not just the past 6 to 8 years). The change has been somewhat of an erosion over time…and it continues.

    2. Don’t buy everything fed to you by the media. A 14 point drop could be *because* of those immigrants and not have anything to do with the native population.
      Heading to Wyoming myself in a few years. They want me and my family they’re going to have to come out West and deal with us, where I’ll have hundreds of thousands of armed friends at my back.

  33. The European nations are disproportionately screwed due to their top down enforced homogeneity. And due to proximity to a powerhouse like contemporary Islam. In the US, cultural diversity provides a decent bulwark against complete collapse and surrender to outsiders.
    Just think of the Mormons. Above replacement fertility, generally strong work ethics and traditions. And highly advanced scientifically and economically.
    Europe is starting to take on similar internal resistance to outsiders as of now, but in their case the subgroup forming the bulwark are Muslim.

  34. Lenin´s decalogue of social control:
    1. Corrupt the youth and give them absolute sexual freedom.
    2. Infiltrate and take control of the mass communication media.
    3. Divide the population into antagonist groups; encourage arguments between them over social issues.
    4. Destroy the people’s confidence in their leaders.
    5. Talk all the time bout democracy and republic, but when the opportunity arises, seize power as a dictator.
    6. Cooperate with the drainage of public funds; discrediting the image of the
    country, especially overseas, and create panics within the population
    through the launching of an inflationary process.
    7. Encourage strikes, even if they are illegal, in the country’s key industries.
    8. Promote riots while conspire to prevent intervention by law enforcement.
    9. Cooperate actively in destroying the moral foundations of society and honesty and trust in the government’s promises. Infiltrate other parties with your own people, forcing them to vote for what is useful to your own party’s interest.
    10. Register everyone who has firearms, in order to confiscate them when the time
    comes, preventing them form opposing your revolution.
    Frankurt School decalogue:
    1. The creation of racism offences.
    2. Continual change to create confusion
    3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
    4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
    5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
    6. The promotion of excessive drinking
    7. Emptying of churches
    8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
    9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
    10. Control and dumbing down of media
    11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

  35. Ahh… NOW I understand how the white invaders took over North America from the “natives”.

  36. Religion needs to fucking fade away already. I have no tolerance nor time for such brain poison.

    1. No, of course not. A brain poison which kept women in check and men productive and fruitful needs to be abandoned so that we can have 1,000 different subjective beliefs all which lead towards Marxism. Yay Soviet infiltrators from the 1940’s through the 1970’s!
      I’m no fan of conformity, but given a choice between Christian America of 1880 and feminist marxist America of 2014, well, sign me up for Sunday school.

    2. Non-sense, It’s you idiotic ath-tards that end up eradicating yourself
      No one cares what you can or can not tolerate.

  37. I would add debt. Public debt especially but private debt as well. Dave Ramsey points out that before the 50s and 60s debt was seen as a sin.
    And collapsing societies seems to like debt because of impulsive consumerism

    1. Before the mid 60s American paper dollars could be taken to any American bank and exchanged for a fixed weight of silver on demand and a European bank could demand gold at a fixed rate of 35$/oz.
      That made a considerable difference in how money was handled.

      1. That is certainly fascinating. Big difference between that and the Federal “You can’t audit us” Reserve.

  38. Some positive news. With the internet we as the alt right (loosely called) can catalogue and archive the decline like never before.
    So when the next hegemon appears and thinks about giving its citizens universal suffrage or embarking on a diversity fetish, the warning will be all the more visceral.

  39. What is forgotten these days in our “nation of immigrants” hagiography
    is how ruthlessly and viciously Americans forced people to assimilate.
    And these methods, however, brutal, caused assimilation and societal
    harmony. In short, America has long understood that immigrants are
    welcome IFF (a big IFF) disengage from their old cultures and embrace
    (1)Native Americans:
    Old WASP
    Americans set up Indian schools where native american children on
    reservations were sent. There, the boys had their hair lopped off
    (native American men culturally have long hair in most tribes),
    protestant Christianity as shoved down their throats, native tongues
    were banished on threats of beatings, etc. Jim Thorpe was subject to
    such schools in his day, and many of the “code talkers” of WW2 had been
    boys in such schools.
    (2) French Canadians/Acadians
    Canadians had their culture viciously cleansed. Mardi Gras parades were
    banned in almost all places (except New Orleans, who shared their Mardi
    Gras traditions there with the French), French language was banned in
    New England. Today the idea of French Canadians leading a revolt against
    the US in favor of Canada is mildly amusing—but all too real when
    they first arrived. Their assimilation and non-threat today is in
    contrast with central american immigration/nonassimilation today.
    (3) Irish-Catholic
    was a huge push by native WASPs to shed the Irish of their culture; the
    failure stems from the incredible huge numbers of Irish that came—the
    immigration overwhelmed assimilation. The Old WASPS banned the Irish
    tongue, restricted catholicism, and tried to convert en mass to
    protestansim, after through orphanages (as depicted briefly in
    Gangs of New York). Sheer numbers, however, prevented
    the complete disintegration, and the rise of unions in the late 19th
    Century created organizations based on ethnic solidarity, thus preserving Irish-Catholicism.
    (4) Old Chicanos
    Mexican/Central American immigrants—sometimes termed Chicanos—were
    also rewarded for assimilation. Again, their native tongue was not
    catered to, but instead they were forced to cater to ours; oaths of loyalty to our country, not their own, were the order of the day.
    (5) German-Jews (central European) of the 19th Century.
    Sailer has pointed out that the “discrimination” in America that Jews
    often depict as WASP/Gentile led was really an intra-Jewish fight.
    (also termed central European Jews) arrived in the early 19th Century
    and quickly assimilated to the culture; although many kept on with
    Judaism, some married/converted into protestanism, while others joined
    very reformed versions of Judaism—basically, protestanism.for Jews.
    the late 19th Century, however, Eastern European Jews arrived en masse,
    and, due to the decline in the push for assimilation and their own more
    stringent religious beliefs, refused to assimilate. German Jewish
    families segregated from them, not allowing Eastern European Jews into
    their temples, golf clubs, shops etc. Eastern European Jews were seen as
    a danger–unassimilated, making themselves a target and unamerican. It
    wasn’t till several generations had passed that the two groups made
    peace with one another.

    All this is to say that it may be
    that, in a “nation of immigrants,” in order to make such a nation work,
    cultural genoicide is necessary to create racial and social cohesion.
    The Romans required certain acts of barbarians who wanted to join the
    empire, including hair cutting, certain religious rites, etc. It was
    only when the empire stopped enforcing such assimilation techniques that
    we see groups breaking off from the empire or trying to take it over.
    It may be America needs those old WASP ideas of “forced assimilation” revived.

  40. This is shit. Internet shit. Schoolboy moronic thick shit. This chump should go back to the shit country his weird name originated from.

  41. Religion does not promote scientific ignorance. To fall for that is very dangerous. Christianity was a precondition to the rise of modern science. You should read more history because that canard is one of the lynchpins used to demoralize Europe.

    1. Absolutely agreed. Natural Sciences were mandatory for educated Westerners prior to the 19th century (and during). It is the schism of the post 19th century that tried to separate science, philosophy and religion into ill fitting boxes. We’ve been paying for it ever since. Yes, we have nuclear fission, all the while everything good in our culture is being exterminated by relativists who know nothing of philosophical critical thinking.

  42. Great article, but no solutions and no options? Move to Thailand, is that it? Where is the optimism in America?

  43. I disagree with the nebulous boogie-man concept of “Cultural Marxism”. Can someone inform me how and by whom this term was coined? I see it, as a concept, blamed daily on ROK for everything from sluts to the misappropriation of historical information.
    It sounds like a title of an ideology and is referenced as such, however the precedent for an ideology is an institution of thought actively advocated and endorsed knowingly by members of a similar agenda. Ironically what many ROK posts and members decry as being “Culturally Marxist” is functionally an anti-ideology, derived from the rise of individualism (augmented by consumerism) against classically held systems of societal order.
    In the words of Ferris Bueller, “I don’t believe in ‘isms’ I only believe in me,” and that is precisely the problem.

    1. Cultural Marxism (or just Marxism / Socialism) = ideology of equalizing people in all aspects thru Gov. coercion. I.e.: equalizing men and women, rich and poor etc.

  44. “Another possible solution is to foster a patriarchal society where men
    serve as strong providers. If you encourage the development of
    successful men who possess indispensable skills and therefore resources
    that are lacked by females, there will be women below their station who
    want to marry and procreate with them…”
    I’ve thought about this.
    Why not bring back nobility ? Not only military heroes coming from the people, but the successful industrials, or scientists, or inventors, could be knighted and secure a future for their offspring, a future that will come with obligations of excellency.
    It would be “a meritocrate aristocracy”, a bit like the golden age of feodality, or the Napoleonian era.
    I think we could use that to create a patriotic elite.

    1. What led to the fall of the Ancien Regime? Surely you can tell by my writings I’m a huge supporter of monarchism. However, the effete aristocracy of Louis XVI’s (and himself) court was more than worthy of mass execution. Soft, sedentary, obese and they all lost the martial elan which their ancestors possessed that won them those titles and lands anyways. People will not show reverence to a class of people whom they cannot intrinsically respect. And being a provider if not having absolute authority under law is a losing formula with women, to a woman, a real provider is a backup plan when 30 hits.
      Those who cannot keep their power by the sword inevitably will lose it, and those who show disinterest in the upper echelon of not serving with the sword will be despised by those seeking to replace them. How many Kennedys served in the military in the 40s and how many are serving today? I’d say degeneracy not only affects the masses but even the upper classes. A nobility that relies on the laurels of past deeds that aren’t theirs with a combination of unwillingness to serve or even go to prestigious military academies will be rooted out, root and stem. Looking back to France, unlike Prussia, they had some of the most despicable nobles, mostly all were worthy of the graves the sans culottes put them in.

      1. Well I mostly agree with what you wrote, except on Louis XVI. He was a
        fair king, not an example of decadence if you compare him to his predecessor, or the regency from the Duc d’Orléans, and did not necessarely deserve to get shortened of a head. He made a very bad decision and got caught between the support of the mercantile bourgeoisie (Girondins) who wanted to keep him as a tool, and the legendary intransigence of Robespierre (whom I tend to admire).
        What killed the nobility, is the ideology of the Enlightment, that made the rationalism and liberalism enter in their way of thinking, through the Encyclopedie, and changed them into bourgeois, no better than the mercantile comoner they so much despised before.
        If the ascetic values (who contributed to the creation of an ideal elite such as Saint Louis) which come with both the catholic and military way of life had stayed a part of their environnement, as well as the hardship from war, maybe the world would not have been as it is to day.
        Because the elite shape the world at their image.
        Now, what you said is right, the moderne elite truly need to disappear.
        Here I’m getting very hypothetical : if the world survive after the very hard time that are slowly but surely coming to us, some “great men” will have appeared, as it is always the case in such hard times.
        Now from them, if a need for tradition come back, which is very probable, we could start a new nobility, as I described before, with a very tight control on their offspring, through catholic endoctrinment – I’m talking about the french elite here, and I’m not a believer myself, but I believe it is a key component for the balance of society – and mandatory military instruction from a very young age. That would, for a certain time, force the need for excellency on several generation’s mind.
        All of this is close from utopy of course, because I don’t have so much hope in today’s mankind.

  45. No need to be afraid Roosh.
    This cultural decline is only possible in times of wealth. When people can afford to be degenerate because everybody has too much of everything.
    The current debt level of the US of 18 000 000 000 U$ with much more pending if we add pensions and similar to worse conditions in england, france, germany (!), not to mention places like italy, spain, japan… are just unsustainable.
    We do not have 200 years. We do not even have 20 years. Maybe 15 is closer to the truth. Then we will have to face reality. With goverments defaulting on their promises – like pensions and bank bail-ins eating the savings the wealth of many so called “rich” nations will end.
    Of course there will still be the elite. Those will do fine with electronic money and police forces who are more like the military. But the middle class of today will suffer. The lower class will suffer because today they depend on goverment. And these payment will come to an end.
    If you want to see the near future, look at argentina. Once a nation on par with the US or france or germany. Now take a good look how it is there today. This is our future.
    The good news is – it will end feminism. When you do have to decide between paying the bill for electricty, heating or food you simply have no time for gender mainstreaming anymore. Also the beta male will find his provider qualities in higher demand. When goverment does not pay the bills for single mothers they will be forced to look harder in the general direction of boring but stable beta providers.

  46. Whenever I read the comments, I feel as if there’s two types of ROK readers. The ones that read The Last Psychiatrist and the ones that didn’t.
    TLP changed my life btw.

  47. C’mon, don’t swallow the blue-pill bullshit of religion = anti-science. The Graeco-Roman world. The Middle East. The Catholic Europe in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Byzantium. The early Islamic Caliphate. The Chinese Empire. These were all very religious territories that developed science greatly for the human race. Even those rebellious idiots of the Enlightenment stole their science from their Jesuit predecessors in intelligentsia. The Enlightenment brought worship of science, not actual science.

    1. red pill: religion = extraterrestrials = roswell crash = advanced science clandestinely developed at locations such as Area 51.

  48. I suggest reading “Fate of Empires” by Sir John Glubb. It was written in the 70’s but still holds true. He examines past empires from their rise to fall and the common traits each had during these phases. History truly does repeat itself when it comes to empires. Rome is an obvious one but there are many other great example of lesser understood empires from history. Very short but highly educational reading.

  49. The problem in the west is not the declining birth rate among the whites, its the declining birth rate within the superior whites, the birth rates within the inferior white class is still very high.
    How are immigrants meant to have any respect for the local population when the vast majority of the white population are inferior.
    People (immigrants) tend to gravitate towards communities that exhibit exemplary behavior, and as most articles on this website complain about manner in which people within western society behave.
    The Author’s point seems to be
    The article reads like the author is a baby crying over not being allowed to eat lead paint.

  50. And the entity that allows this to happen is GOVERNMENT AND TAX, which is basically stealing money from people at gun point. Corporations don’t force you to buy things at gunpoint, capitalism is the greatest system we’ve created as humans, it allows for true regulation based on merit. A very masculine and productive system that is weighed down by government regulation and tax. If any system will save the decline and restore the natural balance, its Anarcho-Capitalism.

  51. Russia already went through cultural collapse. Stalin put laws in place enabling any woman to point at any man and declare “That’s the father of my child!” The consequence was that you’d have to be a lunatic to be a good worker – let alone an entrepreneur – and make money. Russian alcoholism is a result of that cultural collapse, not its cause.

    1. White people. The ones who went to the moon and created all this stuff you see now. If you want a wasteland fine. Please remove all. The industry and tech whites built

      1. Okay but you know white people are not indigenous to USA, right?
        So when you say ‘native’ you mean ‘european white immigrant’

        1. Funny. Native tribes had no concept of land ownership. And they enslaved other Indians. . Cut the self righteous shit. No Indian ever built a highway or started a company. .

  52. It’s a very simply solution.
    Want women to start having babies?
    Get rid of birth control and abortions.
    This is what has allowed them to family plan and do what they want.

  53. I despise white women. As a white man I’ve seen them cause most of this shit. Most abortions were white career sluts so they killed 30 million white babies. They delayed child birth and displaced men In jobs. Jobs that would have allowed a man to provide for a family. . They provided the bulk of the white guilt crowd who helped. Liberals fuck. Up this country. I have a wall of silence with white bitches. I treat them like black. Men treat black women.

      1. Eventually white women are gonna need white men and most white men will be so emasculated and weak or unwilling to help them. They can raise their thug kids as single. Mom’s. Bed, made lie. White women destroyed America

  54. Technology is definitely not the cause, since A) these trends began well before the levels of technology penetration we witness in the western world today and B) even in countries with relatively low levels of technology penetration, birth rates are still declining, such as Mexico.
    Populations moving to urban centers is part of this reason – it’s just a lot harder to have large families in urban areas compared to rural areas. Also, children went from being an asset to a liability. Thanks to costs, as well as government intervention in areas such as child labor laws (which were pushed at the behest of unions for their own interests), a “child” such as a 15 year old living at home can’t even work in a safe office job part time without running afoul of the state. Who wants kids that can’t even pull their own weight within their abilities?

  55. Good analysis, but it almost completely ignores the economic aspects which could shred that 50 year timeline for the US and UK. Such a theory which combined the cultural, economic and organizational elements(as in complex dysfunctional bureaucracies) could probably set the date within a year or two.
    Also, the simplest way to increase GDP is not by population growth via immigration, but by falsifying economic statistics and concealing the currency devaluation as has been happening for decades.

  56. The only problem is low birth rates due to scientific and social progress. Correct that and all else is fine, the culture will live on as usual.
    School education about maintaining the fertility rate above 2.11 (replacement level) as well as encouraging people with good genes to have more kids is all it would take.
    Much better than going back to the middle ages, believing religious dogma, hating gay people and being generally anti-freedom.

  57. I’m really enjoying these cultural essays you’re putting out Roosh. You seem to have a natural talent for it.
    The only thing I dispute is the religion = birth rates proposition. I think it has more to do with the affluence level of a society than the religious. It just happens to be that as a society grows more affluent, it gets less religious. Furthermore I would argue (and I think that you would agree with me) that progressivism is in fact, a religion.

  58. Historical Perspective
    The problem of child sexual abuse in the Black community started with the onset of the Atlantic Slave Trade. In most Afrikan societies prior to european and arab invasion, Black people did not even have a word to identify rape. We had no concept of “homosexuality,” child molestation, bestiality, orgies, etc . . . In fact, we didn’t even have jails or prisons. They weren’t necessary. Most Black people lived within the established parameters of their society. We didn’t experience criminality in the way that we know it today. There were wars, but they never resulted in the wholesale killing of men, women, and children. We had empires, but we never tried to eradicate the culture of conquered groups. We were a largely civil and personable race who preferred to live in peace and harmony with others. We were not then, nor are we today, prepared for what whites brought with them out of the caves and hills of europe.
    With the coming of white arabs and europeans, Afrikan culture has been significantly impacted. Over the past 1000 years, Black people have suffered a consistent sexual onslaught. From the ritualistic rape and torture of our women, to the sadistic rape of our fathers and sons, to the morbid and unthinkable rape and sodomy of our young daughters, we have seen and endured it all. It is amazing that we still exist after what they put upon us.
    When we were kidnapped from Afrika by europeans, we were brought to the amerikkkas under the most miserable circumstances. Shackled and chained on ships with little to no water to consume, we were helpless to defend ourselves against sexual assaults of all types. Men, women, and children were raped with impunity. These rapes were vaginal, anal, and oral in nature. We were gang raped, sexually tortured, made to watch while our brothers and sisters were raped, and forced to sexually assault one another.
    When we reached the shores of the amerikkkas, things only got worse. Our wives and daughters became the sexual slaves to white males of all status – young and old, rich and poor, diseased and perverse. We were given sexual diseases and practices that were unknown to our people. We were treated as a race of prostitutes.
    “Now the slaveholders, to put it crudely, but truthfully, encouraged every man they got hold of, white and black, young and old, to get out their virile organs and fall on the Negro women. Husky bucks, black and white, were set up as “stallions for the whole neighborhood.” Some white men were paid as high as $20 for each Negro woman they got with child. Robust college students were even invited to spend their vacations on the plantations and turned loose among the slave cabins at night. A. W. Calhoun rightly says, “In order to secure mulatto young, masters compelled colored women to submit to impregnation by whites and punished barbarously those that resisted. Women of color were compelled to endure every sort of insult.” (Rogers, 187)
    JA Rogers – Sex and Race
    My conservative estimate of the rate of sexual abuse in the Black community during the period of chattel slavery (roughly 1600 – 1870) is that 75% (3 out of 4) of all Black females and 25% (1 out of 4) of all Black males were sexually assaulted during our lifetimes. This is a dramatic increase from 0% that we experienced in Afrika.
    Many of our people went insane as a result of the sexual abuse we suffered. Men were trained as “studs” who were forced to spend their entire lives impregnating Black girls and women for white profit. white plantation owners forced these same brothers to mate with their own mothers, aunts, nieces, and even their daughters to produce more slave children. Yes brothers and sisters – we were systematically forced into incest! This became extremely rampant after the importation of Black people from Afrika was banned in 1808. whites “needed” more free labor but could no longer kidnap and import our brothers and sisters. So they intensified and industrialized the “breeding” process. They started “breeding farms” where young Black girls were taken to be raped and impregnated by Black men called “studs.” The owners of these sexual death stations charged a breeding fee for these services. They were located in different areas in this country including Southern Maryland.
    After chattel slavery was abolished in 1865, the problem continued. Many of our people got as far away from whites and white culture as possible. We improvised and used the skills learned during slavery to make a living. But others were stuck in a position where we were poor, unskilled, uneducated, unemployable, hungry, and desperate. As a result, some of us made money by prostituting our women to the same whites who had acquired a taste for Black women during slavery. We became integrationist “pimps” who made a living exploiting the most precious resource of our community, our Black daughters.
    The reality is that many of the bad sexual habits we were forced to adopt during slavery remain amongst us today. Things like rape, gang rape, “homosexuality”including lesbianism, child sexual abuse, incest, fathering children with no intent to raise them, whoring (over-sexing), prostitution (selling our bodies for money), pimping(selling our women for money), indulging in pornography, transvestitism, bestiality, urinating/defecating on one another for sexual pleasure, and various other white forms of sexual insanity are present in the Black community. All of this madness is a result of slavery and our integration with whites throughout the world. We have lost touch with our own culture and have surrendered our ethics and morality. In many ways, we are acting like chocolate-covered whites who just crawled out of the caves and hills of europe a few days ago.

  59. If this is not a proper ground for the indictment of the entire ethical and moral character of the white race, then there is none. How can we as Afrikan people accept any religion from a group whose god kidnaps and rapes little boys? As ugly as it sounds, our acceptance of white religion helps explain our affection towards Black entertainers that rape little boys today and then come back into our community for support. It explains why our women and daughters pack stadiums by the tens of thousands to celebrate grown Black males who rape and urinate on little Black girls and sing about white-sex. We love these race-traitoring freaks, just as we love white religion and white culture. Then we go to church on Sunday and ask God to forgive us for our sins. The entire scenario is sick and it is killing us!
    Let us continue to uncover the history of “homosexuality” by examining the book, From Sappho to De Sade: Moments in the History of Sexuality by Jab Bremmer. The author writes in Chapter 1 – Greek Pederasty and Modern Homosexuality that homosexuality and lesbianism are “a recent phenomenon.” In fact, these terms by their current definition did not exist before the later half of the nineteenth century. What we now refer to as “homosexuality” was called “greek love” or “Socratic love.” In ancient greece, homosexual relationships called “pederasty” were between adult males and adolescent boys (Bremmer 1). We also find within this text a report of a cretan initiation ritual by ephorus, a fourth century greek historian, which details a pederastic affair:
    They have a peculiar custom regarding love affairs, for they win the objects of their love, not by persuasion, but by capture [harpagei]; the lover tells the friends of the boy three or four days beforehand that he is going to make the capture; but for the friends to conceal the boy, or not to let him go forth by the appointed road, is indeed a most disgraceful thing, a confession, as it were, that the boy is unworthy of having such a lover. When they meet, if the abductor is the boy’s equal or superior in rank and other respects, the friends pursue him and lay hold of him, though only in a very gentle way, thus satisfying the custom [to nomimon]; afterwards they cheerfully turn the boy over to him and allow him to lead him away. If, however, the abductor is unworthy, they take the boy away from him. And the pursuit does not end until the boy is taken to the house [andreion] of his abductor. They regard as a worthy object of love not the boy who is exceptionally handsome, but the boy who is exceptionally manly and decorous. After giving presents to the boy, the abductor takes him away to any place in the country he wishes; and those who are present at the capture follow behind them and after feasting and hunting with them for two months (for it is not permitted to detain the boy for a longer time), they return to the city. The boy is released after receiving as presents a military habit, an ox, and a drinking cup (these are gifts required by law, nomon), and other things so numerous and costly that the friends, on account of the number of expenses, make contributions thereto. Now the boy sacrifices the ox to Zeus and gives a feast for those who returned with him. Then he makes known the facts about his intimacy with his lover, whether, perchance, it has pleased him or not, the law [nomou] allowing him at the time of his capture, he might be able at this feast to avenge himself and be rid of the lover. It is disgraceful for those who are handsome in appearance and also are descendants of illustrious ancestors to fail to obtain lovers. (Bremmer 3– 4)
    Bremmer helps us to understand that the pederastic relationship was in essence a rites of passage for the greek male. As far as the greeks were concerned, this relationship made “the boy into a real man” and “offered him access to the world of the social elite” (Bremmer 11).
    european history clearly demonstrates the simultaneous origin of child molestation and “homosexuality” as a cultural practice of the white race. The overwhelming amount of historical documentation would make a believer out of the most skeptical Black readers. “Homosexuality” and child molestation are one in the same thing and have been from the very beginning.
    It is clear that so-called “homosexuality” was not the exception in greece, but rather, it was the norm. All of their art and literature is replete with references to it. The greeks are recognized by most whites as the earliest representatives of white “civilization” and white “culture.” But as evidenced by their sexual deviance and freakish misbehavior, they were neither civilized nor cultured. They were a barbaric race of sub-huemans whose inherent disposition was the destruction of all life. Like many whites who came after them, they forcefully introduced their freakish, faggit-like ways on every group with whom they came in contact.
    roman history offers more documented proof of the sexual perversion of the white race. Paul Veyne in Chapter 3 – Homosexuality in Ancient Rome from his book Western Sexuality, details homosexual misbehavior in the roman (white) anti-culture. Veyne explains that when referred to in ancient roman literature, the love of boys and women were interchangeable. He writes, “the one was the same as the other, and what one thought of one went for the other as well” (Veyne 26). Veyne goes on to cite various roman and greek texts that overflow with references to this type of sexual deviance:
    Catullus boasts of his prowess, and Cicero celebrates the kisses he plucks from the lips of his slave-secretary. According to taste some chose women, some boys, some both. Virgil preferred boys only, the Emperor Claudius women. Horace repeatedly tells us he adores both […] (Veyne 28)
    Veyne, in his study of greek and roman sexual perversion finds that the evidence speaks to the “unnatural character of human sexuality” (Veyne 28). Of course to the conscious Afrikan, this type of perversion has nothing to do with hueman sexuality. It is strictly european perversion.
    Veyne’s research also supports the fact that sex and aggression were major components of roman cultural behavior. He does an excellent job describing the romans’ view of so-called “homosexuality.” Veyne points out more than once that the romans did not see a conflict between strong “manhood” and “homosexual” misbehavior. To the romans, the most important thing was to be the aggressor. As long as the male was the one doing the penetrating, he was considered “manly” – regardless of the sex of the victim. In rome, raping a victim represented the pentacle of white male bravado:
    The Fasti Praenestini, the 25 April in the roman calendar, was the festival of the male prostitutes […] This is the world of heroic bravado, with a very Mediterranean flavor, where the important thing is to be the ravisher, never mind the sex of the victim. The same principles ruled in Greece […] If the master was so oversexed that his girl slaves were not enough, he had to ravish the boys […]; […] a world in which one’s behavior was judged not by one’s preference for girls or boys, but by whether one played an active or a passive role. To be active was to be male, whatever the sex of the compliant partner. To take one’s pleasure was virile, to accept it servile […] The passive homosexual was not rejected for his homosexuality but for his passivity, a very serious moral, or rather political infirmity. Children were of no great importance, as long as adults did not allow themselves to be used for their pleasure and confined themselves to taking it from them. (Veyne 28 – 30)
    The individual being penetrated (the victim) was looked down upon. Here we see the romans adopting the attitudes of their greek ancestors as they further developed the practice of blaming the victims of crimes as opposed to punishing the perpetrators. In white culture, being vulnerable to attack by another is a crime. Therefore, females, children, and weaker males were looked down upon because they were unable to put off the sexual advances from stronger white males.
    This pattern of european savagery is consistent throughout history. Wherever whites go, they rape the people they find and thereby create entirely new sets of social problems for their victims to deal with. In many ways, rape and white power are inseparable in the european’s mind. Mwalimu Baruti confirms this fact in Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males:
    The sodomic [anal] rape of conquered men and boys was as characteristic of europeans as was the vaginal and sodomic rape of women and girls. In fact, the reputation of some countries in this practice is renowned. “The French always raped men first” after victory. (Baruti 116)
    We find this same type of pathology pervasive in the united states prison system today. Weaker males are looked upon as prey. And the predators do not view themselves as “homosexuals” even though they indulge in white-sex. They view themselves as masculine because they are able to inflict sexual abuse on others. Many of our brothers are involved in this sick cycle of abuse, and they have no idea that they are abandoning their Blackness and adopting the european’s sexually perverse ways.
    At this juncture, one point must be made clear – the majority of what we have covered about greece and rome is whites describing the history and psychological make-up of whites. They are speaking strictly about ancient white culture and european sexual misbehavior. Their demented perspective of sex must never be translated into the overwhelming feeling of the majority of the Earth’s inhabitants; nor must Black people allow ourselves to fall into the trap of accepting such deviance.
    Let us take another moment to examine the theme of “sex and aggression.” whites feel as though there is something “manly” and “macho” about raping or violating other men, women, and/or children. This is part of their cultural norm. It dates back to the days of the earliest white-sex practices. whites view sex as a physical act of aggression rather than an experience shared between a man and a woman. Hence, their rules of engagement are totally outside of the Afrikan worldview.
    whites did not, do not, will not, and cannot have an innate moral or ethical foundation as a race. It is not part of their genetic structure. They operate out of their inherent instinct to conquer, exploit, and kill anything that crosses their path. Consequently, it would be impossible for them to ethically confine sex to a consensual practice between adult males and adult females for any significant period of time. whites view sex as an act of aggression devoid of any spiritual or moral significance. It is a competitive sport. Sometimes their sports involve them feeding people to lions. Sometimes their sports involve them hunting and killing entire species of animals for fun. Often their sports involves them beating, raping and sexually molesting other living entities. No matter how we choose to explain it, whites view killing and raping as sports designed to satisfy their thirst for destruction. This is why the greeks and romans viewed rape as a strong masculine characteristic, regardless of the sex (or species) of the victim. whites view sex no different than they view any other form of aggression. One is either the aggressor or the aggressee. Most find it thrilling to be the aggressor and interesting from time to time to play the aggressee. Others prefer to play the aggressee on a regular basis.
    The history of the white race has decisively established them as deviants. They operate in a sexual zone of their own, where there are no rules, guidelines, restrictions, covenants or huemane principals attached. They simply do whatever feels good to them. Since they are death monsters, sexual acts that cannot produce life are often their favorite forms of enjoyment.
    If they were on a planet by themselves, this would not cause such a problem. They would simply kill one another off until there were no more caucasions in existence. But this world has many different people and the white race has created starvation, ignorance, rape, hatred, death, havoc and misery throughout the world. In particular, they have managed to subjugate the entire Black Race under white rule. And as long as there is white rule over Black people, there will be child molestation, rape, and “homosexuality” among the Black Race.

  60. One needs to approach the study of the white race like psychologists approach studying the psychological profiles of their patients. Psychologists like to know about the childhood of their patients because it gives them critical insight into the person’s social, emotional, and mental development. Historical information on an individual can not only shed light on their behavior as adults, but it can also be used to determine the type of treatment necessary to help the individual. The information can be used to understand and even predict behavioral patterns. And most importantly, the information assists psychologists in determining if the potential exists for the individual to be successfully treated. Depending on the severity of the circumstances surrounding a child’s upbringing and the depth of the impact on the child, there may or may not be potential for helping them adjust their behavior to peacefully coexist and live functionally in a civilized society.
    The same reality is true for the development of groups. If one examines the earliest history of a race, one can draw insightful parallels between how they developed and how they currently function in society. This history can also be used to determine the likelihood of them being capable of living harmoniously with the rest of the hueman family. It is imperative that we study the developmental history of the white race for this reason. In doing so, we will find that the psychological background of the white race is a study of severe pathology (sickness). We discover that a sexually deviant culture developed which promoted all forms of sexually sordid misbehavior. And based on their history, we can definitively conclude that whites do not possess the social, emotional, or the mental capacity to peacefully coexist with other groups of people on planet Earth.
    whites have left a detailed and thoroughly self-documented history which proves emphatically that so-called “homosexuality” originates with the white race. This history clearly demonstrates that the white race has a predisposition towards sexual aggression, depravity, and violence. Understanding this history is critical because it explains the circumstances that contributed to the psychological underdevelopment of the white race into the death monsters that the world is faced with today.
    When we look at the earliest known history of the white race, we find them roaming the caves and hills of europe, struggling for survival in a bitterly cold climate. Their natural environment produced little to nothing in the way of fruits and vegetables. Food and clothing were scarce, and violence was the order of the day. In fact, it was primarily through violence that the european managed to eek out an existence. Whether it was the barbaric murder of a rival klan member to take their food or the murder of a wild Mongolian tur to be eaten on the spot, european survival depended on their ability to conquer, exploit, and kill their rivals on a consistent, sometimes, daily basis. They ate their meat raw and cannibalism was a normal practice. They often munched on the dead bodies of their deceased relatives or rival klan members. It was a “kill or be killed” environment. If the white male was able to kill, he was able to survive. If he was not the predator, he often became the prey.
    Under these circumstances, killing became synonymous with survival and victory. Survival and victory became synonymous with bloodshed. whites became so accustomed to killing that they developed a freakish fascination with spilling blood. They ate all of their food (including other whites) raw, and they routinely murdered one another. As a result, blood took on an erotic and almost religious value. They became obsessed with the shedding of blood and acquired a taste for it that they still have to this day. In fact, at this very moment there is a blood thirsty white male about to reward himself with the delightful pleasure of biting into some barely cooked animal as he orders meat from his favorite restaurant “rare.”
    The relationship between the white male and the white female was a fascinating one; though by Afrikan standards it was sadistic and totally dysfunctional. The white female was the playground and sexual toilet for the european male. Her role was to watch the children while her male counterpart went out to hunt for food and to sexually please the adult white male at his discretion. She was never looked upon as having valuable input into any other phase of european existence. He resented the fact that he had to hunt for food while she waited in the cave expecting him to feed her. To a large degree, the european male viewed the white female as a liability.
    The european male was the embodiment of aggression and anxiety. He spent most of his time hunting for food, eeking out a survival for himself and his family. He could spend weeks hunting unsuccessfully for food. When he returned to his cave empty handed, he was furious. After all, he had a female and a child(ren) expecting him to feed them and he could not even feed himself. His circumstances coupled with his nature made him prone to extreme fits of uncontrollable rage, often resulting in serious injury or death for the female and/or their offspring. There were only two things that could quell this fury: a kill or sexual gratification.
    Over time, the white male developed a dichotomous feeling towards sex. On the one hand, it made him feel good. On the other hand, it produced mouths that he could not feed. It was under these circumstances that the european cultivated his intensely misogynistic (woman-hating) character. He loved the feeling that sex gave him, but he hated the result. This left the white female in a precarious position. She had to provide sexual gratification to the white male without producing more children. The birth of another child might be enough to push him over the edge and kill her. This is where the white female began to develop her sexually perverse appetite. She began to master the arts of anal and oral sex. She began to urinate and defecate on her male counterpart to give him sexual gratification. This was her way of surviving in the extremely intense and explosive environment of the european male’s “home.” Sex became a survival “game.” She indulged in all imaginable forms of sexual deviancy and often invented new ones. This included having intercourse with dogs and other animals. When there was only one female in the family, she acted as the sexual play toy for all of the males in the family. This could include her father and her sons. As a result of thousands of years under these sub-hueman conditions, the white female developed into the unconscionable whore she is today.
    The white male discovered through experimentation that if he only indulged in anal and oral sex with the white female, he would not produce a child. He discovered that he could also duplicate these types of sexual misbehavior with white males of all ages without producing children. Further experimentation proved that he could have vaginal sex with little girls before puberty and animals and still produce no children. This is how the european male became such a severe sexual deviant. He was able to satisfy his desire to feel good sexually without producing more mouths that he could not feed. He found multiple means to fulfill these desires, including sex with females and males of all ages, inanimate objects, and even animals. The following passage by Joyce E. Salisbury from The Beast Within demonstrates the european’s sexual desire for animals.
    Jonas Liliequist has made a study of seventeenth-century trial records for bestiality in Sweden[…] It seems that young boys who spent a good deal of time herding animals (particularly cattle in this case) treated bestial intercourse as a game. They taught each other the techniques; they performed the activity in groups as well as individually. As Liliequist notes, “It was a boy’s game sometimes growing into a man’s habit.” In studying twentieth-century American life, Alfred Kinsey calculated that 40 to 50 percent of all farm boys experienced some sort of sexual animal contact. (Salisbury 84)
    The simple reprimand that in spite of strict Eastern conciliar legislation, the Greek church never feared bestial intercourse as much as the West. It seemed no more disruptive to society and the marriage bond than other sexual alternatives […] (Salisbury 88 – 89)
    As evidenced by this passage, european sexual deviance has not improved since ancient times.
    During the earliest history of the white race, we also find that weaker white males often prostituted themselves, their females, or their offspring out to stronger males from other klans in order to feed themselves and their families. This is where male prostitution began. In fact, prostitution is probably the white world’s earliest profession.
    The severe misogyny (hatred for females) that developed during the earliest years of european history are prevalent in the world today. white males have always hated white females. At the very least, the way they treat white females exemplifies hatred from an Afrikan perspective. This hatred for women, and white females in particular, is evident in their horror movies. In many of these films, white females are the constant victims of brutal murders mostly committed by white males. whites make box office hits with plots that center around the sexual assault and murder of their own females. Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Psycho,Halloween, Dressed to Kill, are just a few films that fit this story line. In the past, it occurred in the caves and hills of europe; today, it is shown on the big screen. Fundamentally, not much has changed.
    During their prehistoric development in the caves and hills of europe, whites had no concept of right or wrong, good or evil. They had no concept of love or happiness. They had no concept of respect for others. They had no concept of honesty, loyalty, or honor. They had no concept of laughter. They knew nothing of bathing or properly grooming themselves. They had no medicine and no formal language system. They had no understanding of science, art, spirituality, or religion. In fact, they had no God concept whatsoever. Walter Williams expresses this well in The Historical Origin of Christianity:
    Before the Greeks and Romans, who are one and the same, entered Egypt, they had no God, Goddess or gods. Nor did they have an alphabet. They were instead an agnostic, physical, psychopathic, illiterate, uncivilized European race of people who were not in-tune with the spiritual rhythm of the universe. (Williams 73)
    In short, they had no moral or ethical code to live by. They simply murdered, raped, and killed on a routine basis to survive in their environment.
    This is both sick and perverse in the minds of healthy thinking Afrikan people. It almost seems impossible for a group to interact in this manner. But we must remember that the european had no moral or ethical standards by which to live. In fact, they were not even aware that such a thing existed. Their death style was normal for them. And as inhuemane, barbaric, savage and brutal as this type of lifestyle (deathstyle) was and is, it makes since that it came out of the sordid psyche of the white race. They have lived on a barbaric level since they have been on planet Earth and have no alternative moral foundation upon which to build. The european was yesterday, what the european is today, what the european will always be – a barbaric race of sub-huemans whose inherent disposition is the destruction of all life.
    It must be clearly stated here that “homosexuality” is merely a byproduct of the traditional freakishness of the white race. whites have always viewed sex much differently than other peoples of the world. The earliest developmental stages of the white race produced a race of melanin deficient beings who have two driving forces that compel them to act: sex and aggression. From the Library of Congress Exhibition on Sigmund Freud, Conflict Freud & Culture, Section Two, The Individual: Therapy and Theory, Sexuality and Aggression website, the author writes:
    Enter Death and Aggression – In his book Beyond the Pleasure Principle, written in the aftermath of World War I, Freud speculated that there existed death drives in conflict with sex drives. This opposition, he thought, could explain much about the fundamental forces shaping individuals and societies, while also pointing toward explanations for their self-destructive and outwardly aggressive behavior. (par. 14)
    sigmund freud was a “nut,” by Black psychological standards, but he did study the minds of europeans. Therefore, his examination and insight into the mind of his own race is worth evaluating. He indicates that there are two basic motivating forces that drive europeans – sex and death (aggression/violence). He goes on to explain that these forces are in conflict with one another. Sex is the natural way in which life is produced. Death is the natural way life is eliminated. If these two factors are the driving forces in the minds of the white race, whites are in constant emotional and psychological conflict with themselves and every living thing with which they come in contact. This means that they will have two basic ways to relate to other living things – they will either rape them or kill them. This paradigm perfectly fits the european’s historical encounters with other living things. Here are some examples:
    •The Maafa is the worst example of hueman suffering the world has ever witnessed. The Atlantic slave trade was the heart and soul of the Maafa. It captures the sheer agony and depth of torture that Afrikan people have endured over the centuries. When we break the slave trade down to its core elements, we find rape (sex) and murder (death, aggression, violence) at the core. whites raped and murdered Black men. whites raped and murdered Black women. And whites raped and murdered Black children. Hundreds of millions of Black people were raped and murdered by white death monsters in unprovoked acts of war.
    •whites are the only group on the planet that routinely make a game of traveling the world and murdering off entire species of animals. The bald eagle was one of the most admired birds in north amerikkka prior to the european’s arrival. After being in this hemisphere for a brief period of time, whites made the bald eagle an “endangered species.” They hunted and killed bald eagles for “sport.” They did the same thing to the buffalo. Between 1865 and 1890, the whites in the united states decreased the number of buffalos from over 50 million to less than 1,000. (500 Nations) The annihilation of entire species, hueman and animal, are what whites call “sport.”
    •The white race is the first race on the planet to create a nuclear bomb. The only practical use for this weapon is the mass destruction of life: including people, plants, animals, water supply, vegetation, and so on. They are also the only race to have used it on another race.
    •Child rape is a staple of white invasion and white culture all over the world. Historically, whites have been the major perpetrators of child rape. Even in white countries that have legally outlawed child rape, the penalty for doing it often amounts to no more than a slap on the wrist. This morbid abuse of children is central to the theme of white existence. Look at the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America, NAMBLA (The North American Man-Boy Love Association), and so forth. They are established and respected institutions in the white world and are well known to be supporters and participants in child rape. Furthermore, it is a well-documented fact that the greeks and romans used to encourage the mating of young white males with older white male sexual “mentors.” In some cases, pedophiles have even been known to kill their child victims after raping them. This is consistent with our their theme of sex and aggression. Today, european nations like sweden, holland, and denmark, are known for their heavy distribution of child pornography. The history of child sexual abuse in the white race is extensive and worthy of a book of its own.
    These examples establish a pattern of psychopathic misbehavior by the white race that has two major themes at its core – sex (rape) and aggression (death, violence). As we dig deeper into the pathology of the white mind and this phenomenon we call “homosexuality,” “sex and aggression” will prove to be a recurring theme.
    It is important for us to understand that “homosexuality” is not a characteristic of some whites, but rather an established cultural norm of the white race as a whole. As far as we know, white-sex is as old as the white race itself. whites credit the greeks with beginning western civilization because they were one of the earliest groups of whites to document their history. greek culture was synonymous with white-sex (sexual perversion), including child molestation, bestiality, and so-called “homosexuality.” The website The World History of Male Love, Male Love in Ancient Greece provides insight into the sexual nature of the ancient greeks:
    •The term “homosexuality” as it is used and understood today is not applicable to Greek antiquity for two reasons: […] most Greeks were bisexual […] and male love in Greece was love between a man and a [male] youth. (par. 3)
    •However, the relationship that was characteristic of the Greek way of life, accepted or even regarded as a social duty by the state, was intergenerational love. In its ideal form this bond was between a man (called the erastes [lover] in Athens, or the “inspirer” in Sparta) and an adolescent [boy] youth (called the eromenos [beloved], or the “hearer”, respectively). (par. 4)
    In today’s world, we often view “homosexuality” as a consensual sexual relationship between two adults. But when we examine the true history, we find that it is actually synonymous with child molestation. This is important because it dispels the myth that “homosexuals” are no more likely to molest children than normal hueman beings. By the strict historical interpretation of the practice, “homosexuality” is child molestation by definition.
    •The greek male was expected not only to marry and raise children, but also to be available for friendship and love with worthy youths, not to the exclusion of marriage but as its necessary complement. (par. 6)
    •That a man should be attracted both to lovely women and to beardless youths was seen as natural and normal […] However, young males were considered the fair sex par excellence; the greek ideal of beauty was embodied by the young man, a fact evident in all of greek literature and art from first beginnings to last examples. (par. 8)
    As evidenced by these passages, the greeks never saw a cultural conflict between marriage, “homosexuality,” and child molestation. Though many whites pay lip service today by expressing their dissatisfaction at the sexual violation of children, their history clearly demonstrates that it is an integral part of their culture. The molesting of adolescent boys was considered the “necessary complement” to marriage, making it spiritual in the minds and hearts of white males. Imagine a world where child molestation was considered necessary and even spiritual.
    •But when a beautiful boy from a good family cannot find a lover, it is a shame to him, because the reason for it must be his character. The boys preferred for abduction are especially honored […] (par. 14)
    Here we see europeans beginning the process of blaming children for their own violation, commonly referred to as “blaming the victim.” greeks created a culture in which white children were trained to accept the sexual advances of grown males as a natural course of their existence. The concept of sexually violating a child appears foreign to ancient greeks. It is as if they believed that children, particularly young white males, were made for the express purpose of satisfying the sexual desires of older white males. In this way, “homosexuality” and child molestation have become so deeply ingrained in white culture, that they cannot be segregated from any facet of european life. white-sex is a fundamental part of the european’s nature and can be found in every aspect of their existence – including religion.
    •All Greeks were familiar with the tales that told of Zeus [their supreme God] descending as an eagle to carry off Ganymede, the most beautiful boy on earth, to be his lover on Mount Olympus […] (par. 7)
    It is interesting to note that after whites adopted their original “God” concept from Afrikan people, the first thing they did was attribute european cultural and sexual values to him. The supreme “god” of the greeks (zeus) descended on planet Earth to abduct a young white male named ganymede for his sexual pleasures on Mt. Olympus. Obviously, greeks imagined heaven as a place where adult males could have their way sexually with the young white males of their choice.

  61. white-sex
    What It Is and How It Works
    Pederasty: Zeus and Ganymede
    In the Pedophiliac “Love Story” of the Ancient european World
    white-sex is a term coined to describe the psychology of european thought and action. It provides deep insight into european thinking and a primary social reference point from which to analyze european culture. More than anything, it provides the most useful paradigm ever created to understand european psychopathology throughout history to include white aggression in the world today. Traditionally, Black people have discussed white sexual misbehavior separately and distinctly from white aggression and/or racism. For the first time in modern psychology, and perhaps the history of the world, a paradigm exists that can be used to comprehend white social misbehavior as a collective, organized mentality that governs the way whites behave in:
    white-sex is a term that defines white psychopathology (white social behavior) and associates their socially unacceptable misbehavior worldwide with their socially unacceptable sexuality. In this way, we connect the white race directly to their sexually-backwards practices while simultaneously associating their perverse sexuality to their aggression. These associations allow Afrikans worldwide to see, identify, and understand the white race in a collective and comprehensive manner for the first time in history. whites are what they think and do – and what they think and do is what makes them white.
    A simple definition of white-sex is:
    Any act of sexual deviance or sexual/gender aggression deriving from europeans that occurs between other than a consenting man and woman including rape, “homosexuality,” child molestation, bestiality, orgies, etc . . .
    As we look deeper into the rubric of white-sex (white psychopathology), we see a pattern of misbehavior that appears to be attached to the history of their social development in the caves and hills of europe. (For more information on the development of european culture in the caves and hills of europe, click here.) whites’ sojourn through the trying elements of the caves and hills of europe took them on a very serious psychological journey into sexual perversion. When whites have social, political, and/or economic control over another Race of people today, that people’s plunge into the depths of white-sex generally follows an order similar to the breakdown below:
    Misogyny (the hatred for women) is the core of european male white-sex(white psychology). It is also the first stage that men of any other Race/culture are subjected to when they fall victim to white rule. This is the root of white-sex.
    Feminism (the ideology that women are in a war with men and should fight to either rule over men or destroy them) is one of the primary characteristics of european female white-sex (white psychology). It developed out of the resentment created over thousands of years of being mistreated and brutalized by white males in the caves and hills of europe. Feminism is also used by europeans as a weapon to infect, undermine, and ultimately destroy the relationship between the men and women of enemy Races.
    Rape/Violence is the natural outgrowth of misogyny (and feminism to a lesser extent). Once a male internalizes a serious hatred for females, the next logical step is to do something physical about it. The most direct result of misogyny is violence and/or rape (the forced sexual assault of another person, often a female). In cultures where feminism takes root, it is followed by a steep incline of female molestation of young boys. This happens because females don’t normally have the power to rape adult males. As a result, they take out their hatred for males on young boys or adolescents.
    Rape and violence are used by europeans as systematic tools of warfare against enemy Races. They establish dominion (total control) and power over the oppressed group.
    Homosexuality & Pedophilia are the next level of white-sex (european psychopathology). They are listed together because they were considered one concept in ancient european societies. In other words, greeks and romans practiced something called “pederasty” which is the sexual rape of a pubescent or an adolescent boy by an adult male. This was considered “love” in ancient greece and rome. The idea of two adult males engaging in sexual conduct was not the norm in europe. “Homosexuality” as we know it today, during the early period in europe, usually involved an adult male rapist and a young boy victim. Hence, homosexuality and pedophilia were one-in-the-same concept.
    This progression was (is) the next “logical” step forward into the mental derangement of white-sex (white psychology). Once an individual hates the members of the complementary gender and has moved to the stage of violence and/or sexual aggression against them, the next stage is clear. They will seek to have a sexual encounter with someone who is not of the complementary gender. Since, there are only two genders in the known universe, the depraved individual is drawn into a sexual encounter of a member of their own gender.
    Homosexuality and pedophilia are used by europeans as tools of sexual warfare against enemy Races. The adoption of these practices demoralize the people of the culture and teach the children that their parents cannot protect them. As a result of the extreme psychological trauma caused by these perverse practices, foreign cultures are completely eradicated when white-sex invades their nation/culture.
    Bestiality is the next stage of white-sex misbehavior where the desire to exercise one’s sexual aggression moves beyond the point of sexually engaging with people to the point of sexually violating animals.
    Sadism and Masochism are the next stage of white-sex. Sadism is receiving arousal (often sexual) from bringing pain to others and masochism is deriving arousal (often sexual) from having pain inflicted upon oneself. The combined european practice of these (2) ideas is calledsadomasochism (deriving pleasure from giving and receiving pain). The bizarre thing about this stage of white-sex is that the drive for physical aggression and pain becomes so intense that it can often take place without any acts of sexual intercourse occurring.
    The effect that this particular aspect of european psychopathology has had on Afrikan people has been catastrophic. This personality characteristic marks the mental state of the lynchers who would routinely hang and burn Black men, women, and children in the South during the early 1900’s. The whites received sexual arousal and great excitement from the torturing of Black people; and they took particular pleasure in castrating Black men.
    Cannibalism is the nest stage in white-sex (white psychology). This is where the white desire to aggress upon and bring severe harm to another entity becomes so intense that the culprit works to physically consume their victim(s).
    Racism white supremacy is the next stage of white-sex. It is a broader and more sophisticated form of cannibalism. Where the cannibal focuses on devouring a single victim at a time, racism white supremacy is a collective organized system whereby whites agree to cannibalize other cultures and Races of people throughout the world. Once their process is done, the victim’s culture will be totally devoured. The victim group will have lost its language, its Gods, its interpersonal relationships, its family structure, its economic system, its security, its land, its hope and its future.
    Racism white supremacy is a system developed by whites (a barbaric race of sub-humans whose inherent disposition is the destruction of all life) to conquer, exploit, and annihilate all non-white people on planet Earth.
    Genocide is the final stage of white-sex. It occurs after the white race has cannibalized a group to the point that it no longer is in a position to pose any resistance to white authority or white aggression. Once the white race gets to the point where they no longer desire to rape the men, women, and children of the victim Race, and when the group can no longer defend itself, whites exterminate all of the members of the group and make mockery of their existence.

  62. One point I have to disagree with and shows he doesn’t have any knowlede about the uk ,is when he says polish immigrants have acclimatised to the english culture. This is totally made up, they have made their own little communities and act like all other immigrant communities behave when they come to a new country

  63. LMFAO HYSTERICALLY! This is absolutely the funniest shit I’ve read in a very, very long time. Biggest pile of bullshit ever though, but hilarious none the less. Wow, just…everything is so wildly inaccurate, the piss poor excuses this author uses as ‘references’ are laughable at best. I guarantee if you show this to the majority of educated Americans, they would assume it’s a parody.

  64. Influenced much by Mark Steyn much? The entire narrative is lifted from “America Alone”. The outline, the ideas, not like plagiarism. Probably published ten years ago or so. Good takes, though. A great read, except Steyn believes the end for France and England, Denmark and Sweden are MUCH closer. Their problem is Muslims who breed at a rate of 6, maybe 7 or 8 children per woman to the native Euros of around 1.5-2.0. All you have to do is a little math to see the Demographic disaster for the old regimes. Shit, France could be a Muslim, nuclear-armed country in 25 years, forget 50. Here, we’re being out-bred by Hispanics. While there is an enclave in the upper midwest populated by Muslims breeding in sufficient numbers to have Congressional Reps and a Senator from Michigan, Hispanics hold the lead right now.
    Muslims and Hispanics 50 years down the road may battle (hopefully politically) for supremacy in the United States, but the white feminist culture will be dead and buried by then. Blacks will become even more insignificant, White men might do ok as the last technologically productive elements, the infrastructure must be maintained or the US can’t be held up as first-world under these populations. Hispanics and Muslims are strong men in a domestic sense and they don’t take shit from their women. Whether they take over the technological reins remains to be seen. Wish I had another say, 75 coherent years to see how it all comes out.

  65. I like your way of thinking Roosh, totally support your thesis.
    Keep on doing great work!

  66. Brilliant article. I couldnt have said it better. Pretty much the template of whats is happening right now. I’m not 100% on the theories of homosexuality and its effect on society other than how they’ve taken over all aspects of the business of pop culture . Other than that most were born that way and its just a fact of life. Pretty much the most powerful piece I’ve read on the state of affairs in this country and most first world countries. The neo dark ages.

  67. Holy shit! A guy whose parents came from Iran and Armenia rails against immigrants? Way to go fellow anchor baby! Welcome to the club Roosh! Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney also welcome you!

  68. Nationalistic pride will be condemned as a “far-right” phenomenon and popular nationalistic politicians will be compared to Hitler
    Oh my god… the prophecy is true, look at Donald Trump. As popular as can be and compared to Hitler by liberals! :O

  69. The (false) assumption upon which this polemic is based is that continual growth is essential for a stable society. Continual growth will result in the eventual collapse of any society that pursues it for long enough.

  70. You live, you die and maybe possibly reborn into another lifetime in Earth. We cant control everything in our lives and our world. Change is inevitable and it is driven by a force greater than mankind. People who fear change, fear the unknown and the loss of control. Anyone who have studied science, genetics, and historyunderstand that different ethnic groups have been roaming the Earth warring with other tribes, mating with all kinds of women, leaving, reestablishing new communities with new values. There is not one community today that looked as it did 500-1000 years ago. Change is inevitable. You may delay it but you cant stop it. I think we are headed towards a global civil war over religion (of all things) and it will have devastating repurcussions. let the religious freaks fight it out. The future lies in biological/genetic scientifuc advancements and space explorations. Religions looks towards the past. Science moves forward. So, you can post your little website glorifying a past that really existed only in Hollywood movies. People were just as miserable in the 1950s. They just accepted their lot in life and didnt whine about it.


  72. America has never really had any native culture (unless you consider American Indians). It takes longer than 200 years to form a culture. America has just been a grab bag of all the other cultures in the world. IF you consider religion to be a founding part of what you consider ‘American Culture’, then that religion has always been Abrahamic, and Islam is just one of the three facets of that religion.
    No major change, just dissent on the importance of a particular prophet. If you could just overcome the prophet problem, Christian rednecks and Muslims and Jews are almost identical in their religious beliefs. You even share male genital mutilation rites.

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