Why Did A High School Prank Lead To A Young Man’s Suicide?

Hyper-sensitivity and political correctness were once merely annoying.  Now they are killing people.  And somewhere between being culpable of annoyance and being guilty of homicide, hyper-sensitivity started sapping the strength of a once proud American culture.  Now we are bone dry.

Just look at these headlines:

  • “7th graders suspended for playing with airsoft gun in own yard”
  • “Kentucky bans postgame handshakes for high school athletes”
  • “8-year-old Florida boy suspended for making gun shape with fingers: ‘It was a game.’”
  • “Joseph Lyssikatos, 12, suspended over gun-shaped key chain”
  • “New York school bans balls, tag during recess”
  • “Tahoma High School students wear Confederate flags in alleged anti-gay statement”

And now this one:

Boy, 15, kills himself after ‘facing expulsion and being put on sex offender registry’ for streaking prank at high school football game

From the article:

“Christian Adamek hanged himself on October 2 and died from his injuries 2 days later – a week after he streaked at his high school football game.  He was arrested and school district recommended he face a court hearing.  If convicted of indecent exposure, he’d have gone on sex offender’s list.”

I’d like to say this incident was tragic, or that it was the sad result of an unfortunate circumstance.  But this is the tired and insipid vocabulary of gutless school administrators and sociopathic local police chiefs.  These are the tedious words the President might use, if he could bring himself to comment on the outrageous loss of a young boy who isn’t black.

Who is to blame?

The boy, for one, because he took his own life.  It wasn’t as if he was helplessly gunned down on his way back from buying Skittles and iced tea (criminals and thugs don’t eat Skittles, or drink iced tea).  He chose to hang himself.  Maybe his family is somewhat to blame for not noticing the signs of his desperation, but that is purely speculative.  Maybe I am to blame.  I suppose I should have dedicated some more effort into cultivating a society that equally accepts Confederate flags, firearms, and streaking – whereby young children (exclusively males, you might have noticed) don’t have to fear being young children.  Maybe you’re to blame.

Every time I lose the courage to say something that I believe, intimidated by the sick society of demagogues and automatons that surround me, I could be failing to give a suicidal 15-year-old the one glimmer of hope he needs to escape a desperate situation.  That is why I will never choose to hide in the shadows while fools and knaves casually strip away the threads of our culture in broad daylight, unchallenged.

Have you heard the speech that Dr. Ben Carson gave at the National Prayer Breakfast in February of this year?  It garnered national attention because the good Doctor critiqued a number of President Obama’s domestic policies while the President sat two chairs away from the speaker.  In the first six minutes, Dr. Carson talks about political correctness and sensitivity, and he makes valuable points that are germane to this topic.  I encourage you to watch the first six minutes.

How can it be stopped?

This may be too little too late, but here is something I just wrote.  I wish I’d known this kid, Christian, and I wish I could have been there in the moments before he decided to take his life, because this is what I would have said to him…

Christian, you probably don’t realize right now what you are dying for.  I imagine you are so petrified that you haven’t thought of anything beyond yourself and the consequences of your actions, so I want to give you some perspective.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact circumstances of your situation, and since I can’t ask you, I’ll have to make some assumptions.  Allow me assume you are planning to kill yourself  primarily because you think your life is ruined.  If you are convicted in court, you will be permanently added to the sex offender registry.  You will be marked and known, everywhere you go, for the rest of your life.  You won’t be able to get into colleges you want to attend.  It will be incredibly difficult to hold jobs that don’t involve handing coffee and donuts through a window.  You feel helpless, and the sociopath principal at your high school, Michael Campbell, isn’t giving you much hope:

“Campbell added that the incident was not just a prank and needed to be treated seriously.”

Here is the big picture.  You are a victim, but you’re not the only one.  There are many like you, and most of them are also men, young and old.  You see, in this brave new society we’ve constructed, men are something like public enemies.  By our nature, we can be violent, aggressive, and also courageous.  But you live in a society that values none of those things.  The conventional wisdom of the society you live in has created these platitudes that everyone must accept and repeat: violence is never a solution; do not be aggressive, be agreeable; do not be courageous, say only the things that everyone else says, do the things that everyone else does, and never cross the line.

You, my friend, crossed the line.  Now, streaking isn’t the grandest form of civil disobedience.  Or at least it shouldn’t be, but the seriousness with which your case is being treated now leads me to believe otherwise.  If you brought a Confederate flag or a gun key chain to school, then you would be making a statement worthy of national media attention.  Streaking sounds like a typical high school endeavor, perhaps worthy of a couple of days suspension.  You probably thought the same thing before you pulled off your clothes and did the deed.  But you, and I, have forgotten we live in a new world, where streaking might have offended someone.  Your deed was seen no longer as mischief, but as a serious indicator of what you, and all men, are destined to become; crazed, violent, rapists who need to be put on a list.

There is no evidence for what I’m about to say, but I will bet you my wardrobe that your Principal, Michael Campbell, was put under some heavy pressure.  Someone somewhere convinced him that your streaking was “more than a prank”.  It was symbolic of something else, he was told.  Perhaps he convinced himself of this fact; there is no telling how poisoned his own mind has become after years in the pressure cooker of modern academia.

But in either case, Michael Campbell believed that your prank went beyond mere mischief.  Your prank was viewed in some way as an expression of male dominance.  Perhaps he thought that in a few years time, you’d be just another sex offender like the rest of us men.  Perhaps when you were streaking across the football field, feeling the wind on your bare man flesh, a single mother in the bleachers gasped and experienced an emotionally-forced flashback to her college years when she drank herself blind every weekend and throttled every young college buck in sight, including the one she didn’t remember raping her.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly from where these overreactions originate, but that is not the lesson.  The lesson is that the society you live in has spent a lot of time cultivating an environment that allows psychotics, sociopaths, and the otherwise mentally disturbed to crucify transgressing dissenters who have offended someone, somewhere, for some reason.  It does not matter how deranged the accuser is, or how flimsy the claim.  It only matters that no one is offended, and to ensure that end, all of the most extreme measures will be taken.

Now that you have some perspective about the world you live in, let’s answer the question.  For what, exactly, are you dying?

You are dying to appease a sick and broken society.  Your death will be given a news article and some meaningless words of empty regret, but then you will be lost in memory, and the wheels will grind on.  The hyper-sensitives will work tirelessly, without conscience, to makes examples out of  people like you, and not one of those lunatics will consider the consequences of their actions.  Your death will have no effect of them.  You, only for a second, got in the way of their main goal to equalize, to kill rational thought, and to create an imaginary world where no one is offended ever.

Despite your death, those who cross the line will be continue to be nailed to their crosses.  They will be put on display atop a high hill wearing their gun-shaped key chains, or their Confederate flag t-shirts, or in your case, nothing at all.

You have many years left to live, and you’ve done fantastic work so far for such a young age.  If you manage through the remainder of your life without offending anyone,  you will have gone through life without believing anything of consequence, fearful to step on the wrong toes.  And that might be the worst thing you could do—even worse than streaking across a football field during your high school game.

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126 thoughts on “Why Did A High School Prank Lead To A Young Man’s Suicide?”

  1. ‘Murica, got another one off the streets, chalk one up for the good guys, freedom ain’t free, etc

  2. America is getting better and better and settling on the wrong answer.
    RIGHT: “You’re suspended for a week, and you’ll be on cafeteria duty until Christmas break.”
    WRONG: “You’re a sex offender.”

    1. Very true, it seems that each day we are closer and closer to sending people to the gulag.

      1. We’re already there. Putting a teenage boy (or adult male) on the Sex Offender list, or prosecuting them for rape based on some girl’s next day regret, is just the modern equivalent as sending them to prison camp. We just dress it up so we can pretend it’s not, but it is.
        They can’t live with their family, can’t get housing, can’t vote, in many cases end up living in a tent in a homeless camp… they are harassed and subject to endless police and public harassment that they cannot defend themselves agains. Their rights under the constitution are stripped away.

      2. So if you streak through lets say times-square, try not to get caught. I’ve had it on my to-do list for awhile, but now I think I’ll scratch that off the list.

    2. This is not new. When worse happened to a black boy, Genarlow Wilson, no one cared. When we ignore injustice against other races, it comes back and bites EVERYONE in the ass:
      “The (very) short story: Wilson, 17, had consensual oral sex with a young woman, 15. He was convicted of aggravated child molestation and then sentenced to 10 years in prison. According to FindLaw:
      Because Wilson and a 15-year-old girl engaged in nonprocreative sex, his conduct fell squarely within the terms of the aggravated child molestation statute. And though the Georgia legislature subsequently passed a “Romeo and Juliet Law” limiting sentences in cases like Wilson’s to one year of incarceration, this law was not written to apply retroactively.
      Had Wilson and the 15 year old had sexual intercourse, his maximum sentence — according to a Georgia Supreme Court ruling in the Marcus Dixon case — would have been one year. That case, of course, made its way to Oprah. Wilson has Mark Cuban.
      But wait. It gets worse. At the same time that Wilson was being sentenced to 10 years in prison, down the hall in the courthouse, a 27-year-old high school teacher got a slap on the wrist (probation, 90 days in jail, not prison) for having sexual intercourse with an 16-year-old male student.
      Now you tell me: which act represented a greater breach of trust and societal expectations? Which act has the greater potential for harm?”

      1. I’m white, and I don’t care that he’s black-he didn’t deserve that at all! Many people admit society is messed up, but fail to point out instances like these. It really shows society doesn’t care about men being falsely accused, when feminists say,” We don’t like false accusers because of makes real rape victims afraid to stand up.”

    3. That was horrible, he was really handsome, this is one of the few bad consequences of Feminism though, Feminism is more good than bad.

        1. Yes. This is the logical outcome of feminism.
          No longer important to try to convince the crazy women. Time to bring the message to men, and get them to stop underwriting feminist insanity by throwing other men under the bus.
          Feminism is an incurable disorder. And it will eventually destroy all, and then itself.

    4. This is a continuation of the idiocy generated by our love (and hatred of) in America of absolute ‘law and order’ with punishment for all. Puritanism at its worst. We do it sex, drugs, pretty much anything involving ‘children.’
      Zero tolerance drug laws, the most extreme case being ‘Midol girl’ who was suspended for giving her friend a Midol. Don’t think we can blame the bureaucrats alone, they had her dad (who bemoaned her suspension on the news) on tape at a school meeting demanding the rule be put in place.
      Zero tolerance laws sound good to us. The death penalty for all first degree murders sounds like a great idea. Criminalizing anything sexual that might involve children sounds good. Hardcore penalties for all drug offenses seem justified.

  3. Very sad indeed. Reminds me of how when certain birds are held in captivity, they begin to pluck their own feathers, damaging their feathers and skin. We are not so different.

  4. I feel bad for this kid, makes me want to help young guys out. America is straight fucked up. Canada isn’t as bad, although I’ve got some stories from elementary school that would make you facepalm pretty hard. Haha, the school called the cops on my brother for bringing “explosives” to school. They were just the poppers that make a sound when you drop them on the ground…..Explosives…..

  5. “These are the tedious words the President might use, if he could bring himself to comment on the outrageous loss of a young boy who isn’t black.”
    Except the kid in this story killed…himself. Not put himself in a bad position or any other derivative. This kid KILLED himself. Other than that sneak jab I completely agree with your entire article. His hyper-sensitivity killed himself. Was the school wrong; absolutely. Was the media wrong in handling a headline; most definitely. District Attorney for pressing charges; you bet. But this kid killed himself because he wasn’t raised properly. An article was just written about fake rape charges on ROK involving a gentlemen named Brian Banks that I played ball with back in the day at Long Beach Poly. He did 10 years as a registered offender, as a teenager. Oh and he did the jail part too. All of this for something HE DID NOT DO…and he didn’t kill himself (although I’m sure it crossed his mind). This kid wasn’t being blamed for anything he didn’t do. Should have been something his parents handled and that would be it.

    1. Exactly. Some people here will lay anything at the feet of Obama. White kid commits suicide? Obama’s fault. Undeserving poor children getting healthcare? Obama’s fault. Toaster not working this morning? Fuck you Obama!
      And the idea that Obama doesn’t care about white kids is absurd. I don’t think I have ever seen the president so emotional as when he addressed the slaughter of those children at Newtown. He was certainly more broken-up than a fair amount of whites who were concerned more for their AR-15s and less about the fact that too many of their children have been put to the sword by them.

      1. The Socialist in the White House had no other choice but to put on a show because of the impact the incident had nationally.

      2. I don’t think I have ever seen the president so emotional as when he addressed the slaughter of those children at Newtown.

        Attributing valid emotion to a public display from any politician is like telling other people that the chameleon sitting on a rock is just another rock, all while knowing that the chameleon is able, willing, and intends on changing their appearance to suit their surroundings.

      3. “I don’t think I have ever seen the president so emotional as when he addressed the slaughter of those children at Newtown.”
        I’m still surprised at times by the number of blue-pill, easily fooled men we have commenting on this site.

    2. But this kid killed himself because he wasn’t raised properly.

      You don’t know that so you can’t say that. It’s quite possible the kid had excellent parents who just missed the signs of how actually depressed their son was over this incident. People going from normal to suicidal in days/hours actually does happen, you just need the right triggers.

      1. You cant be serious…”triggers”. Like the pseudo rape victims “trigger words”? I DO know that kid was raised improperly. First of all look at him, second of all he went streaking across a football field….that was a high school not a college. I’m not making any political case for the current white house administration or any of that crap. I’m not interested in it and my view is mostly far to the right. That kid’s parents had multiple chances if there were “triggers” and calling out the “actually DOES happen” extreme few that it MAY happen to, does not mean at all that this kid was one of those few. But the bottom line is if someone means to commit suicide there’s very little you can do about it. Its as though my comment is attacked because I called the irrelevant political jab where I saw it. I’m far to the right but it had no place in this article except to drive and underlying prejudice of the author. I’m sure I’ll have to state this again before getting flamed, but I agreed with the vast majority of the article. Obama did NOT make this kid commit suicide. I don’t think anybody really gave a crap about those children from Newtown except for their parents. Just save the politics for another article.

        1. I DO know that kid was raised improperly.

          You are of course free to continue to lie to yourself to make yourself feel better, but your lies are obvious. Unless you’re the kids mother or father, you have absolutely no idea how he was raised or what state of mind he was in before being told he was going to be charged as a sex offender. We do have on public record that his parents were not at the meeting where he was told this. For all we know the kid was isolated by the educational system from any support he might get and told his life was going to be ruined. And you want to pretend that such actions against an innocent of that age wouldn’t cause severe enough trauma to warrant concern in any well-raised kid?
          I said nothing about Obama, but you seem to have a burr up your ass about anyone who might imply prejudice from our president. It seems like you’ve chosen to unzip and show your bias more than argue from a position of reason.

    3. Someone accuse me of something I didn’t do and I’ll give them a reason to accuse me of something I DID in fact do.

  6. Charging him for indecent exposure is fair. But then again he is a kid so suspending him would have been enough. But the fact that he killed himself over it? It’s kinda dumb. Not like he was bullied n humiliated in public like others. So it’s sad but not very.

    1. Indecent exposure should not even be a crime to begin with. Such laws were created by protestantism and the poor relationship with the human body that pervades American society. This mindset is entirely unhealthy. It’s fine for a culture to have behaviors on which it frowns and tries to enforce social justice against. It is an entirely different matter to codify such social offense into law and use the threat of state force to destroy someones life over a minor offense at best.

      1. Had he shown his dick on a bus it would have been fair to accuse him of indecent exposure? People don’t wanna see random dick’s n boobs in public places. I can’t see how that’s bad. I only feel sorry for him cause he was a kid.

        1. People don’t wanna see random dick’s n boobs in public places.

          You might want to tighten up that girdle, your protestantism is showing.

        2. I don’t care if someone shows their dick on the bus. It’s trashy and stupid, but certainly not grounds for legal action.

        3. I think we have enough boobs n sexy men all over the place via ads n whatnot. We don’t need creepy flacid lonely wanker penis

        4. Your mind is stuck on offense, you seem incapable of determining the difference between a bad feeling and a need for a law against feeling that.
          I pity you, and I want you to leave this planet, because you probably vote with that excuse for an intellect.

        5. I never vote. And you are a guy. Of course nudity doesn’t creep you out. Ask your mom. Or sister or girlgirlfriend hohow ththey feel

        6. Oh, so now there’s a biological origin to tolerance? The Y chromosome somehow makes me more capable of not being offended? I thought men and women were supposed to be equals…

        7. Yeah, I wouldn’t be thrilled if I had a kid and she saw something like that, but I still wouldn’t want to ruin the guy’s life over it. Maybe kick him off the bus for being weird, but no life-sentence on the sex offender registry.

        8. It’s not like he does time in jail. I don’t find it over the top. People don’t wanna hire people that used to flash their genitals. People don’t wanna marry those people. I know college kids shouldn’t be as severely punished but for therest of them? Sorry

        9. A sex offender registry is basically a life sentence. It’s nearly impossible to get a job, marry anyone, or do any of the things this young man would have otherwise been capable of doing.
          Most of the college kids I knew streaked at some point. None of them were otherwise unhireable or unmarry-able

        10. As I said 3 times before I believe it’s too much of a punishment for a kid but it’s OKfor an adadult.

        11. Are women insane presuming a short skirt with no panties is accidental? Do you get dressed next to Schrödinger’s cat every morning?

        12. The criminalization of simple nudity is so patently absurd. Do we not bring even our youngest to zoos to see all manner of sex organs (not to mention sex acts) on open display? Why are dog owners not required to conceal Fido’s massive swinging sack and dripping red rocket?
          It’s a strange culture here in America, where we are constantly bombarded with sexual imagery and innuendo but succumb to the vapors at the mere sight of a nude human body.

        13. There is a bit of a difference between streaking and whipping your cock out and cracking one out on a bus

    2. CarolinePK, your comments are an annoyance here. But I will respond anyways. In your book of victim rankings, what does it take to qualify as a martyr? He WAS being bullied and humiliated by a sick society.

        1. Yes. Is that so hard to believe? Should the human body be criminalized along with free thought?

        2. In my earlier post here I noted that in the early 1970’s streaking was all the rage http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streaking so it is not considered too abnormal, though I could do without it.
          The female troll here has no idea what its talking about. Its showing obvious callousness to the victim.

        3. There’s nothing inherently wrong with being offended at someone’s behavior.
          There’s all the world wrong with creating laws in response to harmless offense.

        4. From the wikipedia article about Streaking:

          Robert E. Lee later sanctioned streaking as a rite of passage for young Washington and Lee gentlemen.

          Now, yes, Robert E Lee lost the civil war, and supported the south. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a great American. You can be tremendously wrong on one topic and still be a great American. I daresay Robert E Lee was probably one of the most dignified Americans who will ever live, and he SANCTIONED STREAKING as a rite of passage.
          People who get offended at naked humans should just STFU.

        5. Attention whoring is celebrated in women and frowned in men, the whole eggs are more valued than sperm. What happened to that chick who streaked a golf tournament a couple weeks back?
          Lets just say she’s far from contemplating suicide. Now please go away.

        6. You don’t get it cause you can’t CarolinePK. The boy was registered as a sex offender the equivalent of hanging someone for a traffic ticket. Don’t you have a sense of proportion??

        7. Oh come on. I went streaking in college. Actually, tons of people did. Nobody was scarred for life. We were stupid, yes, but not depraved. If I had been on the sex offender registry over that, I’m not sure what I would have done but it would have been uncalled for.

        8. I understand that it might seem like too much for college kids but if they change the rule for them then they change it for everyone

        9. Criminalize the human body?! Then stop fat shaming if you are such a free spirit. Stop accusing moms for breast feeding in public.

        10. Criminalize the human body?! Then stop fat shaming if you are such a free spirit. Stop accusing moms for breast feeding in public.

          Behold the feminine imperative in all it’s glory. The woman here believes that socially shaming fat people is equivalent to throwing men in jail for exposing themselves.

        11. Hi Caroline troll,
          Go fuck yourself. Hope you get banned quick so we don’t have to waste time on your asshole comments.

        12. Scroll down. Your buddies think fat people should be charged with indecent exposure. You can’t allow all types of nudity! What don’t you get?!

        13. Ah, I forget, to you nudists are criminals. Hell you’d probably like to turn me in for leaving my single bedroom without pants on.

        14. There are places for nudists that want to “celebrate the human body ” . Just don’t do it on the streets. Not all wanna celebrate with you

    3. I’m not sure how you slipped through the no-woman commenting policy, but I ask that you lurk instead and be spared the indignity of the ban.

  7. Very good, very very good.
    Now if I could only invent the time machine, preferably DeLorean-based…

  8. In the United States, in the early 1970’s streaking was a short lived fad, and it even has an extended history http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streaking
    If Christian had been convicted the whole sex registry thing would have meant he could forget ever having any kind of opportunity of getting a job or normal life. I doubt his record would ave been wiped clean at age 18 like it used to be, not sure now if they even do that anymore.
    But even if he had not been convicted (most likely he would have though) all the outcry and complaining would have made the local papers and local papers’ websites, of which articles get archived for very long periods if not indefinitely. This is a major drawback to the information age. Was it stupid what the kid did? Yes, but it’s not something that should follow him around for the rest of his life like luggage. I recall something Bill O’Reilly said once “The internet is forever..” and unfortunately he is correct. Thanks to the entire internet and infrastructure of real time connected databases and social media one can’t take a piss without everyone knowing what shade of yellow it is. If you do good and people like you thats great I suppose, but if you do nay minute thing bad then you’re fucked. And of course I’m speaking in terms of men, because we all know women are not held accountable for their actions.
    The article poses the question “Who is to blame?”
    My answer: It’s the idiot men who allowed the feminists to take the reins of the system and fuck it into the ground.

  9. I’ll buy this sex-offender charge if females get the same charge and label anytime they flash the boobs in public, including, but not limited to…
    nipple slips, wardrobe malfunctions, boobs for beads, wet tshirt contests, and yes, breast feeding in public.
    People continue to let the criminal justice steam roller squash more victims under is ever expanding wheel. Some just loose a toe or finger, some a limb, and others are completed decimated by it. The machine must continue to squash victims to grow feed itself until, eventually, all is destroyed by it. It’s not enough to go after traditional crimes, now every act of mankind will have a tint of criminality so the machine can roll over anyone the drivers choose, when they choose to.

    1. “The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” –Ayn Rand
      only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals.
      Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares
      so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live
      without breaking laws.
      Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/a/ayn_rand.html#k1RpYAcJuDLsEhJK.99

  10. This is getting so out of hand. Can you imagine being 15 and told you’ll be on a sex offender list when you didn’t have sex? These boys are jumping ship because they don’t see a future in this country as a man.

    1. The bigger question is, what happens when you have >25% young male unemployment (which currently exists in large portions of the developed world) and a system that criminalizes normal masculinity? The historical answer is pretty scary.

        1. Hopefully a good CIVIL war, complete with vicious, 24-hour ethnic cleansing. I call dibs on the 504 area code.

        2. I call dibs on your daughter or wife, whichever is clean, of age and not too ugly. Please post pics.

        3. Clever. You must either be a liberal or a negro to be that much of a comedic genius.

        4. Dude, Marx is already dead. Are you going to burn books now? I mean, being KKK and all that.

        5. “The cheapest form of pride however is racial pride. For it betrays in
          the one thus afflicted the lack of individual qualities of which he
          could be proud, while he would not otherwise reach for what he shares
          with so many millions. He who possesses significant personal merits will
          rather recognize the defects of his own race, as he has them
          constantly before his eyes, most clearly. But that poor beggar who has
          nothing in the world of which he can be proud, latches onto the last
          means of being proud, the race to which he belongs to. Thus he
          recovers and is now in gratitude ready to defend with hands and feet all
          errors and follies which are its own.”

        6. Just don´t go into any building killing people. Buy a ticket to Thailand and have fun, and try to understand your ideas in your (American) context.

        7. Wrong, while rapes occur the deaths of men and the influence women gain and by virtue there are less men after war women have always been the true. Winners of war. Every advance women have gained has come due to brave men being shipped overseas and weak men taking guard at home. Prime example Germany totally emasculated after WW2 and women have come to dominate men in the public sphere henceforth.

    2. Better for young men to just commit suicide now then suffer the years of misery they have in front of them in this Feminist society…

        1. Better to leave than die.
          If you are decended from immigrants, like most American men, remember that your forefathers departed their native lands in pursuit of opportunity, happiness and a better life. You can too.
          (For the sons of the slaves and the dispossessed: go forth and seek your fortune. No one is holding you back anymore.)

  11. PC kills. The principal sets the tone here and could likely have kept the punishment within the confines of the school and not made a federal fucking case out of it. Add lawyers and the over legalization of everything. This stuff makes me ill. I would sue the school.

  12. “It wasn’t as if he was helplessly gunned down on his way back from
    buying Skittles and iced tea (criminals and thugs don’t eat Skittles, or
    drink iced tea).”
    Nice try, but the Skittles were for the 14 year old kid living in the house Martin was staying at.
    Helpless? Don’t make me laugh.
    The most reliable eyewitness at Zimmerman’s trial said Martin was on top of Zimmerman putting a beatdown on him MMA style.
    Oh, and it wasn’t ice tea Martin bought at the store. It was Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail. The media kept calling it iced tea to avoid any accusations of racism regarding black people and watermelons.

      1. Ah, that is right, the media also preferred to keep pretending it was ice tea so as to avoid the drug use connotation.

  13. On public exposure, it would seem to me that exposing yourself in front of a crowd only puts the exhibitionist at risk, he could have an angry mob attack him while naked if they chose to. Those forced to watch arent in a real threatened or vulnerable position at all, they are even safe enough to be able to turn their heads or close their eyes to not see without real risk of the streaker really touching them. It just doesnt seem like a “sex crime” in the least to me.
    Seems very different than exposing yourself to an isolated individual or small group of weaker people who could certainly be scared out of their minds by such an act and also really must keep their eyes on the exhibitionist to ensure they can flee or protect themselves should he approach closer.

  14. I’m relatively younger than most of the people in here(early to mid 20s) so I remember my teens pretty clearly. We’ve got these nutjobs leading our education/school departments. School is such an unnatural environment, especially for boys. Boys need their ass kicked again and again and again in basically every walk of life, but our society prevents them from doing so. Boys will make mistakes, like the kid streaking above, but the punishment doesn’t need to be that severe.
    The guys in charge of the education system are basically trying to prevent mistakes, rather than to encourage mistakes and encourage learning off those mistakes. Our entire society has basically been pussified. There have been times I was in classrooms with some dumb feminist bitch teaching material where I was smarter and knew more than the teacher about the material. It’s a fucking joke. You’d call the teacher out and you’d get in trouble(it didn’t stop me though). I got suspended several times in middle school for calling out dumbass teachers.

    1. I’m around the same age. I remember we had a female principal with something to prove when I was in High School that pulled a bunch of BS stunts on people. Clearly things have gotten worse and I am probably more out of touch than I think, but pussified is the right word. When did things get so much more sensitive? Why not deal with it in the school in a closed room. Totally uncalled for.

  15. This is partially a men’s issue and partially an American issue. America is notoriously hush-hush about the human body. Had he been a woman, none of this would have happened- if anything people would have thought he was being trashy or slutty. But “indecent exposure” shouldn’t even be a thing that gets you on the sex offender registry. That should be reserved for forcible and child rape only. Not misunderstandings, or having sex with a 16-year-old when you’re 19.
    It’s slowly occurring to me that my younger brother faces more obstacles in college than I did, as a woman.

  16. I hope the principal feels some pain and blame for this kids death, for the rest of his life.

  17. "By our nature, we can be violent, aggressive, and also courageous.  But you live in a society that values none of those things."
    This is because the weapons, resources, technology and information are in the hands of a few elite economic and political groups (national governments and corporations). They decide who gets what and how much of that “what” we get.
    They want to turn us into beggars at the doors of the king’s palace. But wait, you cannot beg with your head up high. You have to lower your gaze and put on a beggar show and earn the king’s trust.
    Let us boycott all the schools ofbusiness and fake social scienceS.
    If we all become engineers, multilinguals and doctors we can learn how to manufacture our own food, medicine

    1. Clothing, houses, etc…
      We will achieve independence from govt and corporations. Power in the form of knowledge and information will redistribute itself among the people.
      @ <~~ This is the only slight glimmer of hope.

  18. The only way is to reverse the process.
    Hold the females to the same standard. Report them for the same infractions.
    Of course this will never happen because boys would cheer on a girl showing her tits rather than have her reported as a sex offender.

  19. Apathy, enjoy this society’s most common emotion among young men…
    Sick mutha fuckers, i hope them pay for their deeds in the near future.

  20. Who is to blame?
    Every single man I have asked to sit on our new juries and said no.
    Every single man I have asked to serve as a peace officer and said no.
    THAT is who is REALLY responsible.
    They did not give this boy the protection of the law. So he killed himself because even at his young age he has figured out older men do not care about boys. He has figured out older men only care about women and themselves. No one wants to give the protection of the law to boys or young men.
    This is what a young man had to say about Bill Price and other older men today. If you are over the age of 30? You might want to read this.

  21. How can it be stopped?
    CAF + MBA Law Services.
    If you are male and over the age of 25 and you are not willing to serve as a jury member and serve as a peace officer to secure the protection of the law for all the people around you?
    YOU are the problem.
    Not “the guvmint”. Not “women”. Not “the law”.
    Why? Because YOU are supposed to ensure that people around you have the protection of the law. If the courts and cops are not doing what YOU PAY THEM TO DO then you FIRE THEIR ARSES AND DO THE JOB YOURSELF. And you stop paying taxes because the people you are paying taxes to are not doing what YOU ARE PAYING THEM TO DO.
    Just look at how those mangina MRAs got their nickers in a twist over Rachel Cassidy. Thousands and thousands of men commit suicide every year and those manginas refuse to sit on juries and refuse to serve as peace officers. Pathetic.
    I dox one bitch for making a false rape allegations and those manginas are all upset “you make us MRAs look bad and we want to look good because we think if we look good the women will stop committing crimes against us”.
    What a bunch of losers MRAs/Fathers Rights Activists are.
    “Activists”? I do not think so.
    Gutless cowards? Absolutely.

  22. This was at my old high school. Campbell is a new principal, and was trying to make an example out of the kid. In all honesty, the school has been going downhill (easily the “worst” school in the area, excluding the inner-city Huntsville schools aka Butler) and Campbell probably thought taking a hardline approach would show he’s not a pushover.
    Is getting on a sex offender registry for a high school prank obscenely excessive? Yes. So is getting the same punishment for taking a piss in a downtown alley. Welcome to Alabama.

  23. I agree except for the skittles and tea comment. It is used with cough syrup to make a drug to get high. not to mention all the other factors in that case that cannot be compared to this case

    1. It wasn’t tea it was watermelon fruit juice. It was deliberately reported wrong to keep people from guessing what he was making with it. Also he wasn’t gunned down he was shot while committing a felony assault.

  24. You know, I’m surprised to come back here, because years ago when I didn’t have a disqus account, this was one of the first articles I found on this site, thus leading me here in general. Just wanted to mention it.

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