The One Law Of Economics That Shapes Your Sex Life

Three years ago I ended up at a male strip club in Vegas. I will spare you guys the details of why it came about, but it was in support of a cause. Myself and my three friends were the only males inside this room of sexually charged up females. So we are talking an actual ratio of 1:25 if not more.

When the show ended, something amazing happened. Girls, and attractive ones, started lining up to come talk to us. They initiated conversations. They offered their numbers. All we did was just stand there.

The above is an extreme example of supply vs. demand at work. A basic tenet of economics, it has a serious impact on your sex life by directly influencing your interactions with women. To those unfamiliar with the concept:

So we have supply, which is how much of something you have, and demand, which is how much of something people want. Put the two together, and you have supply and demand.

Now, how do you show the relationship between the two? One way is to use the price of something. Generally speaking, the price of something will go up if the demand goes up. Why? Because the seller thinks he or she can get more money for whatever he or she is selling…

And this last sentence is the key to how this translates over to the sexual marketplace. This past year I lived in several very different environments, both abroad and within state lines. I will exclude my time in Russia and Ukraine from this observational article because the novelty of being an American there throws a variable into the mix that skews the supply vs. demand analysis.

So what we have left is my time in Los Angeles versus New York. I am the same person in both states, and have the same objective value. Yet my relative value was completely different.

Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, the supply of eligible single men is quite high. On any given day, a girl can have her pick of an endless sea of suitors whether it be online, on the streets, or at a bar. Conversely, the amount of feminine, thin, and likable girls is very slim for the man looking to interact with the aforementioned female. Thus, there is a high demand for such quality girls.

Admittedly, upon returning from three months in Russia and Ukraine I hardly wanted to deal with an American girl. But a man has to eat so I would put on my shoes and head out into the wild, be it bars and clubs, online dating, etc.

One Saturday night I went out with a few friends to a trendy bar. Two girls were standing by the bar, let’s say 7s. Two guys were talking to them and clearly trying to hit on them. Behind those two guys, were two other guys waiting their turn. It was a moment of realization for me, pure clarity. This is why the girls in Los Angeles are so delusional. The demand for a cute girl is so high that guys are literally lining up to speak to them.

This serves as a clear example of supply vs. demand. There was an excess of guys (supply) waiting to approach the few cute 7s  in the bar (demand).  Needless to say both sets got blown out, as the girls now believe—and can you really even fault them—that their value is so high that only the best of the best should grace their vaginas.

Another time I helped a friend approach two girls. I was just trying to entertain the ugly one to give him some time to work on his girl. Mine was a 6 on her best day on Earth. Yet she wouldn’t even recognize my existence and stormed away after 30 seconds to punish me for trying to talk to her. Again, I was in Los Angeles where the supply vs. demand balance turned heavily in her favor.

So I pretty much wrote nightlife off. I had a few girls in rotation and just stuck with that. Even they were delusional, but with appropriate game their absurdities were kept in check.

* Note: The one exception in Los Angeles is if you have power in the entertainment field. In this world, the supply of willing actresses is so high compared to the powers that be (agents, producers, etc.) that it substantially reverses the playing field.

New York City

Can changing one metropolis for another yield an entirely different sexual dynamic? The answer is a resounding yes. Off the bat I will acknowledge there are many factors that make NYC a wonderful place to game. Logistics being #1 and closing time being #2. That said, I go back to the supply vs. demand principle.

Bars and clubs, not to mentions restaurants, cafés, and streets are just overwhelmed with girls. I walked into a bar one night and, I’ll never forget this, there were without exaggeration 20 girls in a row sitting at the bar without a single penis in between. You go online and there is an endless sea of prospects. Better looking prospects too.

Essentially, the scale is flipped in New York compared to Los Angeles. There is an incredible amount of supply (available women), rendering the competition for males higher (demand). So how does this translate into your interactions with them?

Cockblocking: Girls here just don’t cockblock. Sure there are exceptions, but numerous times girls just leave their friends with you. Multiple times we’ve had one girl say to the other, “Hey I’m going home have fun” and just leave her friend with me or another buddy. The few times I’ve had a girl cockblock, my target just brushed them off and said leave me alone.

Why? Perhaps the jealous friend thinks if her friend is now occupied, she has one less person to compete with her for the low (relative) supply of men. And the target of the cockblock will more readily tell her friends to go fuck themselves because she knows opportunities are slim to meet quality gentlemen.

The Pursuit: This is the most stark difference. Here girls are the aggressors. They tell me to take their number more than I have to ask for it. They text to confirm dates. I have to find ways to exit conversations. They text me the day after dates. They reinitiate conversations after a day or two of silence. Sure this goes on in LA too, but it is the exception rather than the rule.

Why? I may be off here but the sample size is too large to ignore. While I still get the flakes, it is severely reduced. To me it stems from the fact that they know they are easily replaceable—act now or lose the guy forever. In this market, there is an endless supply just like them.

Macro vs. Micro Application

Though not a direct analogy with the macro vs. micro economics analysis, one does not have to uproot his city to sway the balance of supply and demand. Go to the bar that has more girls than guys. Attend functions that are women heavy – dance or yoga classes, cooking, and so on.There are ways to increase your value simply by inserting yourself in an environment where there are fewer of you.

That said, if you have the ability to do it on a macro level, do yourself a favor and do so. It’s quite refreshing to have girls ready, willing, and desiring to be hit on by you on a consistent basis.

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165 thoughts on “The One Law Of Economics That Shapes Your Sex Life”

  1. Great article. You can also apply the scarcity/abundance mentality to this story.
    In Los Angeles it looks like the females have an abundance mentality while the guys have a scarcity mentality while in New York its vice-versa.

  2. I’ve found bar areas of higher end restaurants to be an area where my
    “price is higher”. Guys don’t ever go there in groups (“Hey Jimmy and
    Joe, lets hang out at Sunda’s bar” is something never said) but women go
    there because they want to be part of a higher end scene as an alternative to a club. And women will have more all girls group dinners
    and hang out at the bar before or after.

    1. In Miami girls go on group dates with themselves like cheap prostitutes waiting for high value men to approach them…
      Similar situation in a bordellos but you are guarantee a lay…

      1. Fucking tell me about it that shit is a pain in the ass. I only go downtown, Midtown or Brickell and typically have a chick visiting me forcing me to have to take her out and waste money. The Hard Rock is cool but country and expensive. These bitches down here only care what you do and drive, and how much you will give to them. Day game down here is good , but you end up fucking a lot of people from out of town or down here for work. It is competitive as fuck and when you do fuck a Miami bitch, drama throughout the entire affair. Seriously the best thing about here is every girl wants to visit you when you and will even buy their own plane ticket, and the weather during winter.

        1. “It is competitive as fuck and when you do fuck a Miami bitch, drama throughout the entire affair.”
          Girls love drama in Miami because they are spoiled, bored, self-centred assholes.
          Lie Lie Lie about money until they fall into you then keep them in rotation until you get bored.

        2. tell them you are launching a new business that could bring in millions!!
          see her eyes open wide like a fat kid on a candy.

        3. For sure, these bitches will buy into the fantasy. Tell a bitch you have a good job ,pay your taxes, and live within your means Sahara desert between the legs. Sell a bullshit fantasy, party time down there.

        4. IPO coming up!
          Sadly, there is no place for honest men anymore when dealing with girls. Either you eat or they eat you.

        5. Just make up piles of ‘stories’ about your ‘lifestyle’ and the slags will be dropping their dacks in no time. The stupid bitches will think they have hit the big time, and start making the moves to try and permanently snag you. Pump, dump and keep repeating..

        6. I’ve never banged a decent, SINGLE girl in Miami…
          All had boyfriends/husbands in the wings…
          When men realise that the decent girls are never single and she cheats on her current lover to be with you, why would she stop when she says you’re her boyfriend now?

        7. I have never been approached by so many prostitutes and call girls in my life till I got down here. These women are about that money which i am used to, but the prostitutes down here work regular nightclubs instead of strip clubs and it is hard to differentiate them from regular girls. You meet a friendly girl you think you are the night is working out and little do you know negotiation is coming. Real time waster, you know?

    2. Houston’s restaurants is a great example in Miami of this…
      The bar is filled with single desperate cougars (35+) for happy hour all looking for the money man to show up, most will binge if you chat them up a bit…

      1. What industry is that in New York that attracts women than men? And shouldn’t the show-biz of Hollywood attract women more than men? If such effect would be visible, I would have thought it to be the other way round.

        1. Showbiz as well, media, publishing, advertising, PR, teaching, healthcare, many service and administrative jobs. Plenty of women in law and finance too. Can’t speak for LA.

        2. Many more women are getting bachelors and master degrees then men these days and they are landing high paying jobs straight out of college. Especially considering most company HR offices are staffed by women, hence they control who the hiring managers even gets to see. Also, show and music businesses are huge here as well, there is an enormous amount of opportunity within a relatively small area.

        3. Don´t forget powerful men. Everyone wants a piece of that. And SaTC, or the most powerful hamster-forming work ever created.

        4. You really think that women relocate to a city because of a television show?
          And what do you mean with the powerful-men-argument? Are there more powerful men in NYC than in LA?

        5. That could give a woman the time of the day since they are not inundated by wanna-be actresses? Yes.
          Also, the influence of SaTC cannot be underestimated.

    1. Both NYC and LA are full of women and have favorable ratios of women to men.
      On the other hand, Manhattans ratio is incredible, while LA is merely above average. Further Manhattan is dense and LA is spread out over a large area.
      All big cities have good ratios of women to men, because decently attractive women from the country and small towns flock to cities in search of higher status men. But some cities are great (NY) and some are awful (DC).

  3. Your supply/demand-hypothesis works for Russia and Ukraine too. Whatever high the demand for American men there is, there is very little supply thus making you worth more. That’s the wonderful thing about basic capitalist market economics: if left alone, they work.

  4. Atlanta is similar, but less expensive. I assume from your prior postings that you are an adult male with at least middle class income Law Dogger may I ask what age ranges did you find yourself dealing with, and how much was I costing you to do your thing at the clubs and bars? I really want to do NY , but I am older so I cannot do young broke guy game like I did in the 1990’s so I would like to get an idea of what resources I would need.

    1. If I understand your questions correctly…I deal with all age ranges to be frank though I highly prefer younger. I’ll go down to 18 (happily) and I’ve gone as high as 41 in LA (though she looked incredible for her age). If I was to pick a range that pops up more often than not, it would be 21-25 since I focus a lot on night game.
      I’ll spend 60-100 when out at clubs and bars here in NY. In LA, it was usually 30-60. The prices for the most part are similar, but in NY you have a few extra hours to drink so it adds up.

      1. So you’re going out as a sharply dressed, big baller lawyer type in his 30s? Where are you hunting? Meatpacking, village, etc.?

    2. Atlanta was the best city for me in the US. Hands down. The female/male ratios are fantastic. I couldn’t believe the manna that was raining from the heavens there.

      1. Dude I do not know why though, I have been everywhere in this country and it never goes down like Atlanta and i cannot pinpoint the reason. I was so excited when I got admitted to law school in Miami because of the hype and I get here and it was not as good as ATL. The women here on the top level in Miami are really good looking, that is certain but the price to play and the amount of competition fuck everything up plus it makes dudes wife em up quick due to the mentality down here. If you do not try to fuck you will not, where in Atlanta they literally throw themselves at you day and night like it is Cancun spring break all year round. It is so fucking wild no one believes me until they visit. I had no idea how regular people outside Atlanta suffered until roughly 26 when I traveled around America and began to understand how a dude would only fuck 3-5 chicks then marry and thats it, done no more vagina. Porn movie sex is real and it can happen to you just go to Atlanta and walk up to any woman you want and say whatever and look halfway decent. You could fuck 100 women in 15 -20 years ,some will be two or three at a time. Fuck around and add molly, a nice car, and a decent two bedroom apartment you will have to fight them off. they will fight each other over you. No where else is it that easy to get laid except Vegas and that cost money and those bitches are on vacation and you will never see them again.
        Not to belabor the point but just one example from high school. We used to play a game in high school called hide and go get it. In Atlanta everyone has a huge house so people would have parties or sleepovers with boys and girls. The girls would have 60 seconds to go hide and the boys would go look for them , who ever you found you fucked. We also played see and do, the girls would spin a bottle and the men stood in a line , whichever girl the bottle landed on would turn on playboy channel and and have to do (or have done ) to her whatever was on the TV to the boy in the front of the line. I still think about that shit, it was fantastic.

        1. If you are any dude you can get laid in Atlanta. Remember that Atlanta is a black oasis in a very white state. It goes down for everyone there. I have weak game and it went down for me so I know anyone can eat at the table in the A.

        2. Dang. We need to organize an RoK meet n greet down in ATL for some of our cute followers.
          As a white guy I must say there are some black girls with sweet sexy voices, and nice hair and style.
          Quintus, by “flavor” you mean mixed? Can a all white dude hit it in AtlanTa?

        3. Dude I wish shit was not fucked up and we could post real names and emails and we could have a convention or something in September in Atlanta and everyone would have 7 months to hit the gym, get their gear right and buy tickets and we could just go right at these women and hit the malls, the clubs and just rack women. I just would like to see the look on your faces when you see the ratios and the quality of women. It would be fun, kinda sucks we gotta be anonymous, but that is life.

      1. I’m curious as to where you think it’s best to go out at night. As a young early twenties guy I usually do LES / East Village.. I’m guessing you game in the Meatpacking clubs where the girls are hottest and its most expensive?

  5. And THIS is why I get the best results in gay bars. My friends look at me funny, but I simply say to them:
    “I am one of the few straight men in that bar. There are dozens of bisexual and straight women there.”
    The gears turn, the lights upstairs go on.

    1. Guh, but then you have to be in a gay bar. There is no amount of eyebleach in the world to get that out of your mind.

      1. Somehow I don’t think anything seen at a gay bar is worse than anything the average internet denizen has seen a dozen times over.

        1. I think you extrapolate your own experience with shock content onto others who have no curiosity to see such horrid things. Moreover it moves the goalposts on what you consider disgusting. A strong sense of disgust is essential to keeping yourself centered and whole.

        2. It’s not like it’s legal to ass-fuck in the open in a gay bar. At worst you’ll be dealing with male-on-male kissing and ridiculous clothing choices. This isn’t much different than a gay pride parade. While I would never choose to view a gay pride parade, I can certainly see the value in putting up with it in order to get numbers from girls.

        3. that sounds pretty fucking desperate to me, man, honestly
          fag hags like fags, and hope to sleep with them when they have a moment of bi weakness, from what I have seen
          not exactly the type of women I would bang, risk of an STD is off the charts I’d think. I’m horny, but I’ve never been that desperate

        4. I didn’t say it’s nominal. However, if you’ve spent any time in Los Angeles or similarly fem-centric city, you might see the value.

      1. By that logic you should also occasionally let them have sex with you, maybe just give the occasional BJ, and then they will really hook you up. There is nothing like being a whore to get ahead

  6. Good article. I’m going to throw another curve ball out there regarding supply and demand. Structuring your game to be the antithesis to the standard player in that area can work out… as an example, I live in Massachusetts. So I’m in Boston most nights, where the typical player is an urban guy, wearing designer jeans, a collared shirt, maybe a scarf, and some kind of military inspired jacket. Its a good, standard look, but its everywhere here.
    So I do this – throw on some clean/polished cowboy boots, some boot cut jeans, tuck my shirt in, and where a blazer open that displays either a small-ish belt buckle or just a thick, utilitarian type leather belt. Not the shiny pointed toe kind of cowboy boots, just some normal looking ones. I’m not going like a fucking hick, I still look respectable, but I’ve set myself apart as the only supply of something just a little different. I do this ALL THE TIME and will frequently (70-80%) get a comment on the boots from complete strangers, and its closer to 100% if running social circle game. Whether positive or negative, I now have the woman’s attention and an easy opening, a quick quip back if the comment was negative or a genuine thank you if she likes them.
    I suppose the reverse might work in a Southern / Western setting, but I don’t get out that way much, my travels take me East. The key, again, is not to go over the top and look like you’re wearing a costume, but rather just enough to be different.

    1. That’s a game tactic called peacocking. Mystery got a TV show from peacocking.
      It’s not for newbies to game, because women will throw a shit test at you because you don’t conform. But once you know how to pass this predictable test, you are two steps ahead of all the other dudes in the bar.

      1. I ain’t “peacocking” for no pussay…
        Having said that, character and personal style is the real deal…

      2. pCK is not to be miss interpreted as dressing up like a clown though. I have a shirt from Ben Somethingsomething (cost 80 quid). It’s light blue but the sleves on the inside have different colour partern. That’s how you do it

      3. “It’s not for newbies to game…” Well, I can see your point. Too much and the newbie gets broken mentaly like a rookie NFL quarterback w/o a good offensive line thrown in way too much fire, but fire is how you learn. You MUST get attention BEFORE getting attraction. Don’t have to look stupid to do it, and that’s maybe a good tactic for bad boys. I’m older and I find women like older men who act mature. I was watching some vidoe of TV show (forget name) and they said silverback gorillas were at least 15 years old, i.e. mature, so gents don’t hide that grey. Be fucking wise. I also find wearing a solid orange shit to work wonders at attention. Got to get the reps without loosing heart. That is my free advice. Maybe I am refining what you said, I don’t know. Yes, it is definitely peacocking. I never understood why it has to be stupid looking. I think it need only get attention. No shit tests, no escalation. I love shit tests unless the bitch is clinical.

      4. I was just watching the movie “17 Again” from 2009 and in one scene, the high school principle calls out a student’s dad coming onto her for “peacocking.” So, yeah, I think men will get a shit test over it.
        But if it doesn’t work, you can always find an Indian and a construction worker and start a disco group.

    2. It doesn’t work with quality women in the South. They want their men to look like, dress like, and (to a degree) act like, a Southern gentleman.
      Being slightly more of a dick than the typical Southern religious gentleman yields very good results however.

    3. New York and Boston may be good, but are they that great? When I was in NY for 2 months, I lived in midtown Manhattan and thought London was better than NY in terms of looks of women, though I preferred American women’s personalities. I definately think Europe, especially central Europe, KILLS anywhere in the Anglosphere. American and Canadian guys have got to be some of the best looking and hardest working competition and they work like mad for scraps – if they lived in Europe the women there would treat them like kings.

      1. Yes! I lived in France for a year, and I was like, why do all these men look like sausages? All the young guys there were in terrible shape compared to North America.

  7. Can anyone explain why NYC is good for logistics and closing time, as mentioned above? I’m not very familiar with NYC.

    1. Don’t need a car. Almost everything is relatively close and mostly can easily be accessed by subway or cab.

  8. The problem is generating demand for yourself from fuckable women. If you’re an ugly dude or a Black dude, then you’re just not going to be in demand for the most part no matter how hard you try.

    1. Also if you are a short dude around 5’1-5’5. I’m 5’11 and my short friends complain too much or get jealous on me, so I just game alone.

      1. Im 5’10” and man, I always wish I was a couple inches taller. But sometimes its your presence and how you carry yourself. That can add to your height in a way.

        1. man I’m 5’11, only an inch on ya, I get toilet BJs and laid on the regular.
          5’10 is not short…plus I go to 6’1 with my boots so you can still hit 6’0.
          But I still get laid even at 5’11 wearing flats.
          You have nothing to worry about.

        2. Nah he is 5’9. When I met him he was wearing those 2 inch height boosting shoes and I was wearing beach thongs. He just says he is short to encourage people to but into his product. He is of average height.

  9. Mental Game 101
    My side tart told me about a tattoo guy at her work with big arms. She was trying to get me jealous or show high value for herself…
    I told her about the big tits girl in my office, she grabbed me like I was the last man on earth.

    1. she knew she can’t get the tattoo guy but she knows I have a chance with my office big tits girl….hamster wheels spinning.

  10. I also have a big request… all of these articles are geared at people over 18 and of the drinking age…
    Can we write an article geared towards high school guys? It’s really frustrating seeing the manosphere centered around the nightclub, when underage guys like myself cannot attend.

    1. I’d check out if you haven’t already. They have a sub forum there directly aimed at your age group.
      Unless you go to a single-sex school, you probably have a pretty even balance of boys and girls around you most of the day, and that can’t be helped.
      I recommend taking some of the electives that are traditionally weighted toward girls (cooking, sewing, dance). Clueless guys might call you a fag, but once you start pulling some tail, that will shut them up pretty quickly.

    2. It’s a problem that solves itself. As soon as you get to drinking age, you immediately discover why drinking ages exist: to keep out idiots that can’t hold their liquor and make problems for everyone else.

    3. Can you get “a semester in South America”? An exchange program for high-schoolers? You are never going back. And yes, you are going to clubs there, even as a minor.

  11. You’re right about yoga/dance classes. My boyfriend and I went to a free yoga class last week, and it was ALL girls. About 250 of them. Go to a bar, its all men. Especially in Edmonton. I went to a pretty popular one this past summer for a friends birthday. I walk up to the bar, and the guys stared at me as if they have never seen a woman before. I asked myself, “where are all the girls?”.

    1. How many ‘Tapout’ shirts did you see at this bar, haha? Edmonton is a rig pig shithole. The very nature of the place means there would be less women. It’s like Fort Mac-Lite. Prostitutes and drug dealers up there make a killing. Lots of low class idiots with too much money.

      1. Although “urbane” Calgary is not much better for banging chicks. Instead, you’ve got oil trading white collar pricks wearing Brooks Brothers and driving a 911, while blowing chicks out of the water w/ their bragging, cliche riddled catch phrases (“well, fuck my life”) and goofy winking. The ones who stay behind to endure this approach are the hardened cougars who like tequila shots just a little too much. Not my cup of tea anymore. I’d rather bang hot chicas in Tijuana.

  12. What are the NYC girls looking for? Sex, husbands, what?
    And what kind of logistics do you need? A nice apartment/hotel room close by, or will a simple crash pad do?

      1. yeah they are too liberated for that…
        they want a good looking guy so they can show it off to their gfs, like a purse dog.

  13. I’ve always known Los Angeles was a disaster area for dating. The only way to make any headway in this town is with many active social circles and/or some very unique passive value demonstrated (as you said, power in the entertainment industry). The women here are entirely delusional as to their value compared to your average man, as you say. Even the sub-5’s end up confused and bewildered in relationships because they think that their inflated value means they don’t have to do anything for their man except show up.

  14. The problem with economics and economists is that they don’t take sex into account enough.
    The sexual market is the primary market to which all other markes are subordinate.
    Food, clothing, shelter, sex those our our male animal instincts. So it makes no sense to measure things in terms of money, at best the means to an end. What is fiat money anyways?
    It’s not just supply and demand. Roosh will tell you that DC sucks and the supply of women vs the demand is quite favorable there, with more women to men than anyplace else in the country.
    Anyways, one of these days “Economics of sex,” explaining how money incentives break down when sexual incentives break down will get published, and the field will purge itself of the clueless aspies like Caplan and Cowen,

    1. “explaining how money incentives break down when sexual incentives break down will get published”
      This is especially prescient. I’ve been on this path (ie, working just hard enough to get by) for over a decade, despite the fact that I would not have been able to accurately describe this phenomenon until the last few years.
      Even today, I make $30 per hour… But I just can’t be bothered to work more than 20-25 hours a week.

  15. What should have been noted is how bars are laid out in Los Angeles. It’s not like other big cities where there is a section with a lot of bars in walking distance.
    You have to also consider the different mindset of the people working in LA and NY. LA is a lot of people working crappy hourly jobs and hoping to eventually walk into entertainment. NY is a bunch of people who should already have a legitimate career going.
    People in LA will be the nicest people on earth to you until they find out that you have no value when it comes to furthering their career.
    The best example of high women to men ratio is two-step dance halls in Texas. Those are absolutely the easiest places to meet women.

    1. “It’s not like other big cities where there is a section with a lot of bars in walking distance.”
      False, there are pockets of LA where there are multiple bars.
      The problem is many people drove to the bar in big groups with a DD in tow, and they don’t live close. However that pales in comparison to the impact of the sex ratio.

    2. Shit, I went to a two-step dance hall in Wyoming when I was on vacation in the USA. I literally got dragged on the dance floor by more than one women.
      Being tall, white and blonde probably helped, but that only occured at salsa clubs before and those are latinas where you have a higher SMV in comparison.

  16. Law Dogger is clearly beta. Alphas have game and frame so strong that when they mack it’s like a nuclear powered distortion field that upsets all prevailing laws of the sexual market. Law Dogger is submitting and supplicating to these laws, BETA.
    If I were in a cockfest LA bar, I would just wave my penis and girls would stream in from nearby yoga classes that just ended and jostle for a seat next to me. You say it’s midnight? Don’t fucking matter. You mad my daily affirmations and my girthy quads put my game literally out of reach of economic laws? Man up bro.

    1. Even if he was what is wrong with that? Do you think everybody can be an alpha?
      Also it has been my experience that the one speaking the loudest is usually posturing. For instance if a guy is talking shit at a bar about how much but he can kick, you can bet good money he doesn’t know how to fight. Are you sure you are an alpha?

      1. Exactly. I don’t know what qualifies as an alpha around here but the baddest dude I ever met was about 5’7″ 165 and spoke with a high pitched lisp. What a mistake it was to misread him. I really miss the guy. He was 100% alpha with no bs and false bravado.

    2. What an absurd assertion. OP has dignity, he is merely demonstrating the over valued pussy stock.
      His theory holds quite well with market dynamics and I think it’s of value to this site.
      Your comment is merely criticism for the sake of it. You make grand statements without proof.
      ‘man up bro’? honestly? That’s some college alpha beta gamma bolloks you are telling a MAN with a high paying job

      1. A real man doesn’t move to a city with a vibrant economy, where the jobs are being handed out like candy at a parade-
        A real man knuckles down and finds a super-high paying job in a decayed, and over-socialized economy which punishes hard work.

        1. a real man that want a family needs to emigrate to find one (non of the agency shit) he will find love dedication and loyalty

    3. You’re being ridiculous or not openly sarcastic enough, Goldstein. For those of us without a limitless supply of fairy dust to enchant our penises. Your advice is to be #1 hands (or pants) down. Thanks, so very much. Let me elaborate for everyone else who won’t find your advice actionable or useful:
      1) Be Attractive.
      2) Be Attractive.
      3) Don’t Be Unattractive.
      The strategy of always being the #1 desirable guy by a landslide is mathematically impossible for more than less than a half percent of the male population. The question for real men in real life is how to improve our results, period. If a man can compete better in relative terms with other men, he’d already be doing it if it were only a matter of ‘attitude’. Even attitude does not upgrade without specific causal reasons. What are those reason? Apparently, dick exposure.
      Shame on Law Dogger for advising men on how to get more for less. Only a dumbass would want more for less. Hell, wave your magic penis even if all the chicks in the room are less desireable that the plate you got later than evening. People appreciate when you make the effort to show off your magical cock because you are a very special snowflake. Never mind your own mission as a man. The grain of truth in beta concessions is twisted sophistry. By your logic, Game itself is beta for playing by women’s natural rules. We should be clubbing women who don’t submit. We should just be unrivalled patriarchs who don’t allow gubbermint enforced transfers of our wealth. Yes, just a head on confrontation with all comers, that’s a great idea. Finesse is for pussies.

    4. I just put my drink on the floor, and while standing, stir it with my penis
      Or emulate Gene Simmons, just sit at the bar licking your eyebrows

      1. I knew a guy in college that had craggy features, salt and pepper hair (at age 21), and could actually lick his eyebrows. It worked very well for him with women 30+.

        1. Ahhh, the Manny approach to picking up women. As Scarface says, “Lookit that f**kn thing coming outta your mouth, look like a lizard”. It never worked for me.
          I prefer Tony’s approach, “You want to have some ice cream with my friend and me?” Works every time. Because girls like ice cream.

  17. Whenever your pussy operator starts to show defiance take her to a girl friendly place to set her straight…She will see other hotter girls eyeing you and will feel superior to them.

      1. Girls will eye you if you are with a 7 or better. Girls only want what other women have (or desire)

        1. If you are decent looking it doesn’t matter how ugly your girl is…
          Actually the greater the gap (you vs. her) the more they will eye you to make you aware of your status or make her feel bad.
          Women are naturally nasty like that, embrace it.

  18. Based on my own experience, this article is 100% correct. I grew up in NYC and moved to LA 13 years ago. I had become so accustomed to the the social dynamics of Los Angeles, competing with large numbers of thirsty men for the attention of arrogant 6s and 7s, that I assumed that this was the norm in the modern dating scene. In 2008, I moved back to NYC for a 9-month project and lived in the East Village on a great salary. I was stunned when beautiful women suddenly started chasing me aggressively. I had more sexual success in those 9 months than I had in the 7 years prior living in LA. I ended up having a wonderful relationship with an Eastern European college girl, the youngest woman I had ever banged. And she pursued me!
    Regrettably, my work required me to return to LA in 2009 and I became enmeshed in the old social dynamic again. But now I saw it for it is and have contempt for it. It is like ingesting the Red Pill for a second time. I am focusing now on getting enough “fuck you” money so that I can return to New York permanently. Having game is great. Having women throw themselves at you just for being a man is even better. The combination is paradise. A man with game in New York City is essentially unstoppable.

    1. Sorry but this contradicts conventional logic, I’m not saying your a liar but can you clarify why LA, the city fill with hot chicks shooting movies and good weather and low obesity is worse than nyc for picking up women when nyc is full of all those rich wall street men throwing around money? Is this a particular part of nyc you guys go to or is it all good, where you going to the fashion district or something?

  19. That’s really good to know. I’m German and my company will expand to the US at some point. I will factor this in to where exactly I might go first.

    1. Dont come anywhere near the Midwest. Its more desolate than the south pole for attractive cool females here.

  20. Why the skewed gender imbalance in LA? You’d think that girls would flock to the beaches, nightlife, and overall glamor of SoCal.

    1. They all think they are movie stars. Creates a delusion about their actual Sexual Market Value.

      1. ?
        The author is saying there there’s more women than men in LA, not that all the women are “stuck up” wannabe actresses. Still curious as to why the nice, year-round LA climate isn’t more of a beacon to chicks compared to NY.

    2. It’s because LA is spread out.
      Girls don’t like to drink and drive for cock so they stay home…l

  21. I believe it about NYC vs. LA. In my own case, I know of several quite attractive girls from my part of the country who’ve moved to NYC. All are still there. As for LA? I know of only three, and two subsequently moved elsewhere.
    One would think that girls would choose LA over NYC, but I guess women aren’t as good as men in thinking over things logically… which gives us an advantage.
    If I get offered a job in the Big Apple, I’m taking it.

    1. I’m sure it is…the majority of men there are either gay or liberal manginas acting like girls in order to “seduce” girls because they don’t want to be “creepy” according to their best friend who’s a chick.
      correct me if I’m wrong.

      1. You are correct. I’m teaching overseas now for job reasons, but when I was in NYC: the museums, the art galleries, Starbucks, Comic Book Shops, Union Square Protests, Washington Square Park/NYU, hell, the Apple Store, you name it, Day Game Ruled! If you had the balls & persistence to approach at least six girls in an hour, you could “venue change” three times in one day with a girl and have her ass the next day. But the job/employment situation sucked for me, and money comes first.

  22. In NYC i think the supply of EVERYTHING is really high. Both men and women here realize that they can easily be replaced, and that the person they are trying to land can and will get distracted soon. I had a really hard time getting an LTR when i first moved here, but started aiming for one night stands and had way more success than I’ve ever had in other cities. Ppl are busy here, they arent trying to get into relationships, so if you aren’t on their page, you get blown out quickly, but find someone who wants what you want, and its on pretty quickly.

  23. This whole article left out one important point. The reason feminists push fat acceptance is they are fat and they believe that if all women are fat, their relative value won’t be as bad and alpha males will have no choice but to choose them. Truth is…the high value men will never be on board with this.

  24. To this day I’m convinced Fayetteville, NC has the worst supply/demand ratio in the lower 48. I did some TDY in the L.A. area once and was amazed how easy it was to get attention from 8s and 9s. Very surprising L.A. ranks so poorly. But this news also reinforces my opinion of Fayetteville. It was an overused cliché that even the fat chicks could be choosey within a 200 mile radius of Fort Bragg…but there’s a lot of truth to that cliché.

  25. Well written article, it’s always good to hear someone use common economics when referring to the availability of females in various states. I’m glad you excluded the information gathered from outside the U.S., as many authors tend to use data from their experiences abroad which, as you mentioned, would misrepresent the observational analysis. Other than NYC, what other states are comparable? Other followers please feel free to chime in with your input, I would be interested in seeing which states would come out on top!

  26. Completely true about LA. Makes me want to take a trip to NY, I wonder how the difference of environment will shock my game. LA is simply white knight central, enough said.

  27. This is absolutely true. I remember reading an article of a sociological study done years ago that found that the levels of relative income and education of men that woman were marrying had a disproportionate and direct correlation to the ratio of single males to females in a given age group. Very slight differences in rations (1-2%) had a huge impact on the dating market for the gender in short supply.
    It makes me wonder what will happens to nations like China where there is a shortage of 60 MILLION pussies. It’s no wonder their woman let themselves look like dog shit and give horrible attitude and know that there is some dork out there who will cater to their every whim.

  28. I don’t get this alpha/beta shit. As long as you are not a woman’s bitch, do whatever she wants and you are getting laid on a regular basis, then you are better than 99% of the other men out there. I wouldn’t care being labeled a beta, as long as i am getting what i want and living a fruitful life. Law Dogger seems like he’s enjoying his life experiences.

  29. Very true. There is a book called Freakonomics that applies economics to every day life like this. I think one of the examples is the gender balance (might be getting confused with another economist – but the point still stands).
    He shows how even a slight imbalance in the sexes has much bigger implications than you’d expect – 105:95 women to men, for example, is much more than a slight advantage. Because once people start pairing off, the ratio inevitably gets more out of hand – the end result, in theory, is 94 couples, and one man with his selection of 11 remaining females. This 11:1 ratio, at the end, is subconsciously known by people even if they can’t pinpoint it completely.
    Those women pairing off would much rather get something decent at the start than risk ending up with the only remaining man, who in all likelihood is very undesirable due to his failure to capitalise (though he may just be a clever bastard).
    On a grand scale, i.e. metropolitan populations of young, single, heterosexuals, the same principle applies – a slight imbalance on paper translates to an enormous advantage in practice.

  30. Law Dogger I couldn’t agree more. It was about 1996 when I gave my now famous/infamous “Hot-commodity” speech at the Beach Café (70th & 2nd Ave) – but the short version is there are twice as many women in NYC as men, and 1/2 the men are gay. For millions of reasons, NYC is the place to be.

  31. You can also look at it from this angle: the supply of confident men who cold approach women in the daytime (street, grocery store, in line anywhere, etc.) is very low. You’ll instantly separate yourself from most men by learning day game. It’s basically just a matter of being social with all people that you encounter during the day and turning on the flirtation with cute women.

  32. You’ve just inspired me to leave Miami and its overrated blood-sucking Latina dregs for an over supply of attractive women in NYC. Applications will go out next week…

  33. Great stuff. I’ll vouch for what he said about New York and its lack of cockblockers. I grew up there and know New Yorkers, for better or worse, mind their own business (the worse comes when you fall to the floor and no one helps, but I digress). You get more cockblockers the further south you go because of the southern tradition of protecting a woman’s (don’t laugh) “honor,” which both men and women will try and do.

  34. you shit the bed in the opening paragraphs, they must give out JDs just for showing up and paying tuition these days
    the response you received in the male strip club was largely due to the psychological priming of the women for overt sexuality and the utility of male objectification in the projection/fantastical partial fulfillment of their unmet desires. said objectification also nukes gender norms such that these hoes feel comfortable taking the approach/aggressor role
    let alone the fact that these women are already some sort of randy that evening for being in a strip club.
    or them snatches be drippin, if you will
    go to the national conference on yeast infections or ovarian cancer and report back.
    ratios are only a small part of the maths, one bros often use as a scapegoat for failing

  35. op can you explain WHY! nyc was so much better. To the average reader who hasn’t been to both the perception is LA is the better place to get a hot chick easy because that is where all the hot thin chicks who want to be movie stars go. NYC is where all the men who want to be rich lawyers and bankers go and women are hardly on wall street as most the companies are run and controlled by men. So to one who hasn’t been to both the perception would be that LA is a better place for pickup the NYC.

  36. Lawdogger-
    Have you done game on other parts of the West coast? Are NorCal, the Bay Area, Seattle, San Diego, Portland or other West Coast places as lousy as LA for game? To me, there’s nothing worse than arrogant 6 and 7s with high bitch shields. Foreign women who act feminine and love men for being men are way more appealing than entitled, delusional feminists.

  37. Great Article. Really explains why girls in different cities exhibit vastly different behaviors…alll Economics!

  38. The way you all call yourselves “alphas” is laughable. It’s nothing more than an erroneous self designation, you have no clue as to what it really means. In nature, the alpha is the protector and leader of his particular group of creatures. As in the natural world, a real alpha man concerns himself with the protection, guidance and well-being of his family, his community, his society; not trying to score as many skinny bimbos as possible. That’s the behavior of immature, sexually underdeveloped frat boys. I’m sure if a situation came that required true courage and manhood, you’d all piss and cry like a bunch of little cunts on your menstral cycle. Grow up and stop spouting off this bullshit, you sound like fools.

  39. I do 100% agree with this article, but one thing I have noticed but is never mentioned, is the “vacation mode” mentality. Isn’t there the possibility that success in NY or Russia or any place new and other then home may be that your own psychology, attitude and mind set is more relaxed and in vacation mode i.e. you are more confident and enthusiastic and have a positive outgoing mind set in a new setting that allows one to confidently approach more? I have noticed this whenever I move to a new location. I am at first excited about the new possibilities and do well in the beginning because of my enthusiasm and positivity, but after 6 month, that exciting place loses its newness and becomes mundane, “real” and normal again.

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