How Girls In Poland Have Changed For The Worse In Just Three Years

A few years ago, I took my first trip abroad to Wroclaw, Poland and was pleasantly surprised by the situation. Polish girls were incredibly pleasant, hot, and just happy to see me. It blew my mind. Having lived my entire adult life in Southern California, I had no idea of the potential outside of my home region.

I didn’t make it back to Poland in 2015, but did spend quite a bit of time there in 2016. I spent the majority of my time in Krakow as opposed to Wroclaw, but I did observe a few things regarding Polish culture as a whole. They’ve definitely gone down the rabbit hole as far as worshiping Western culture. At the same time, this isn’t always a bad thing. Having a few parts of the west in a country can make it easier to adapt and easier to get laid—and I’ve tried to point that out and be as objective as possible in my points below.

There’s also a difference given the smaller, industrial feel of Wroclaw versus the college-town vibe of Krakow. With that being said, here are the differences I found between Polish women, culture, and general life in Poland 2014 versus Poland 2016.

Tinder, Everywhere


I distinctly remember making a mess of a couple of my first interactions in Wroclaw. They didn’t have Whatsapp or Viber, and wanted me to send them a normal SMS. That’s not the case anymore. Every girl above the age of 18 has a smartphone planted firmly by her side. I lost several leads in 2014 because I didn’t bother to get a Polish SIM card.

In 2014, I hardly utilized Tinder because night and day game were that good. My friend and I both fired it up briefly, but didn’t really get any traction on it. We chalked it up to Polish girls not being up-to-date with technology and concentrated our efforts elsewhere. Well, that’s not the case now.

In 2014, when I texted girls trying to set up dates, it was pretty straightforward. It was so simple, I wanted to pack my life up, learn Polish, and move to Wroclaw. In 2016, I was dealing with more, “I’m busy, I have work, I’m tired”, kind of games that plague the dating scene in the west. I had to acquire (and burn) more leads to get those same dates.

Even though we’re in the midst of a hopeful return of traditional values, the smartphones simply are not going away. They’re only going to become more advanced. This is why you’ve simply got to master the technology side of dating .

The bright side: In Krakow, I was averaging 200 matches a week on Tinder. Most of the girls were reasonably attractive, and more than willing to meet me (likely because of my specific look). It’s never been easier to a high quantity of dates, but with it comes the aforementioned mind games.

The McDonald’s Monopoly Is Gone


I’ve noticed this not only in Poland, but other countries such as Ukraine, Czech Republic, etc. It’s not just the McDonald’s. Those have always been present. No, it’s the incredible number of KFCs, Pizza Huts, and Starbucks that are popping up on every Old Town Square in Eastern Europe.

It’s one thing to have one McDonald’s in the center of town, because then it’s almost like a novelty item. People go out to eat it and experience the American culture, as a treat. Now though, with McDonald’s losing their foothold on the market, it’s becoming far more of a daily and normal thing to eat fast food. After all, there are just so many places to try.

The bright side: The one slimmer of hope (and it’s a bit of a long shot, I’ll admit) in this is that it will hopefully drive the overall prices of American fast food chains down in Europe. With the way McDonald’s has priced things in the past, it’s almost a luxury item. A cheaper price signals a cheaper quality. Hopefully, this will wake Eastern European women up as they realize that their now-cheap fast food makes them fat and isn’t a quality meal out.

Relationships And Dating


Nearly every Polish girl that I met in 2016 and had success with was a girl who told me she was all about the career life. However, once I got inside them (literally), their attitudes changed. They wanted to cook for me, they wanted to be feminine. They deferred to me on any and all decisions—and were generally very pleasant to be around.

It was as if their real biology was screaming for them to act like a normal sane woman. I didn’t really have to reach that far to get there. In comparison, it often takes months of banging an American girl out and treating her like borderline dirt to bring out the feminine side of her.

The bright side: It’s a great middle ground between the challenges of Ukrainian women and the western girls. Polish girls, frankly, are about as easy to get into bed as an American girl. Don’t try to turn a hoe into a housewife, but I’d be much more inclined to want a relationship with a Polish girl.

Poland Into The Future

With Trump being re-elected, things are returning to a more masculine state. To me, Poland has always been that gateway to Eastern Europe. A country that is divided. You have girls who have traditional values deep within them, but are being pulled desperately in the direction of careers, feminism, and overall unpleasantness. You just have to be willing to put in the work to bring that out of them.

My hope is that in the coming years, central European countries such as Poland and Hungary will sway more towards how it used to be rather than continuing to go down the path they currently are. As of now, I don’t have any plans to return to Poland in 2017, but you can bet I’ll return in 2018 to re-evaluate which side of the culture war it has fallen on.

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193 thoughts on “How Girls In Poland Have Changed For The Worse In Just Three Years”

  1. I first went to Poland in 2011. If you think the past 3 years have seen a decline, widen the timeline to six years and it’s nothing short of catastrophic.

    Even worse is that I’m encountering a lot of Polish girls who speak of long-term travel and “Euro trips.” While it’s possible for men to find themselves through travel, the only thing a girl finds is exotic cock. Polish girls are racing to become corporate whores at the same time they’re becoming actual whores for sexy Mediterranean men who spit a smooth game.
    What amazes me is the speed at which a culture can degrade. I was so unsure that the observations above were objective that I had to discuss them with other men to be sure—both Polish and foreign. They’ve confirmed that the changes I’ve seen are really occurring, that Poland is adapting the worst of the West and that there isn’t much to be done about it. The women will lead the way to the bottom and the men will have no choice but to keep up with them in order to squeeze out the last drop of genuine intimacy left before Western degeneracy crushes them completely.
    “However, once I got inside them (literally), their attitudes changed. They wanted to cook for me, they wanted to be feminine.”
    You found Polish girls that know how to cook? The ones under 25 are becoming as useless in the kitchen as American girls. Ukrainian girls seem to be the last holdouts in Europe that exhibit any traditional behavior.

    1. Not sure what it is like when you are over there, but the Ukrainian girls here are all whores…the only difference are some are honest about prices up front.

      1. Of course. You are in NYC. NYC attracts and enables whores by default. And what age are these Ukrainians?

        1. Young. I see a lot in their 20’s and maybe some in early 30’s.

        2. That ain’t young. They should all be married already. Most of the EEs I meet are <21 They flood the hospitality industry where I live. Hostesses and cashiers.
          Good for you though. Knock the bottom out!

        3. To me 25 Ian young. It’s all relative. Most of the ones I see, like I said, are in their 20’s and aspiring to be either models or wives of millionaires but in the meantime don’t skimp on fun

        4. Yup. It always surprises me that a New Yorker would get serious about a woman traveler who hasn’t just arrived and isn’t <21.
          Once they can drink legally the dick count goes way, way up.
          NYC is still the greatest places on earth for one night stands. Though

        1. I get that feeling by Roosh’s comments. The ones i see here are not the traditional type lol

    2. “Ukrainian girls seem to be the last holdouts in Europe that exhibit any traditional behavior.”
      Just wait till Ukraine joins the EU. Assuming the EU doesn’t collapse.

    3. I did find them, but I would’t say they were masterful at it. A better way to phrase it would be, “they were willing to make the effort.”
      There is a reason I ended up spending most of 2016 in Ukraine versus Poland, but there are plenty of other drawbacks to that place, as you well know.
      “Even worse is that I’m encountering a lot of Polish girls who speak of long-term travel and “Euro trips.” While it’s possible for men to find themselves through travel, the only thing a girl finds is exotic cock. Polish girls are racing to become corporate whores at the same time they’re becoming actual whores for sexy Mediterranean men who spit a smooth game.”
      My main girl in Krakow who I left behind spent the last four months of the year in Cuba, Argentina, and Chile…ha!
      Catastrophic indeed.

    4. I’ve been to Poland about ten times from 2005 to 2008. Lublin was awesome back then, sorry to hear Poland has gone downhill…and those damned smartphones!

      1. Yeah those phones are a damned shame…and they never got the memo that craning your neck down on them all day is very bad for the body.

  2. Plus my grandfather told me their navy has screen doors on their submarines. What’s with that?

    1. My grandfather said their army threw grenades at him. Standard operating procedure was to remove the pin and throw them back.

  3. And the manosphere turned to poland for it’s traditional women. And what did they do? They used game to help turn the locals into degenerates. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Granted, there’s much larger forces at play, but the manosphere DID sully the women there by making the act of going to Eastern Europe to fuck traditional women into a meme.

    1. This.
      In my viewpoint, players and manosphere guys are worse than Tinder : they’re fucking up the field by projecting a certain image of an ideal guy, then they “bang” the girl and leave after few weeks to another prey.
      You end up with lot of girls who want to settle with a guy from that level because they already had one like that. In a girl’s mind : I deserve this type of guys, I can’t “date less”.. at the end, they ultimately settle with a normal guy, but they will secretly hate him for not being that good (it’s the story of the movie “blue Valentine”.)
      After having devastated the land of the east with his comrades, a grasshopper
      raises his head and wonders why there is nothing left to eat.
      give me a break.

      1. This is why I never fully bought into “The Red Pill” once it was getting big three years ago. I understood the fundamental difference between sexes and between races, but I didn’t want to buy into the system of degeneracy and marxism. It was like accepting defeat, you know?

      2. That’s not what happened in blue valentine. She was a whore who had ridden the carousel and gotten knocked up. Do you remember how many dicks she fessed up to in the abortion room?

      3. Haha can vouch for this. Knew a girl who had a decent face, but was a fatty, and thus unattractive. Got a lot of dick cause she was a slut and threw it out there. Problem was she could never settle down cause she thought she was in the same league as the more attractive guys who would throw her a bone when they were drunk/bored.
        Now she’s entering middle age (round 35) depressed and hopeless, cause she can no longer pull the dudes she once did knowing that she is no longer attractive.
        Let that be a lesson ladies. The guante of your value is not who you can fuck, but rather who you can keep.

    2. I think that’s a rather superficial way to look at it. As you said, there are larger forces at work and really those are the more powerful ones. Some guys going looking for fun and knowing how to get it? That would mean nothing, absolutely nothing, without degenerate US culture having been spread there via the net and TV.
      Case in point would be the girls who still are raised traditionally with a strong father protecting them. There is a myth that many here buy into that any woman can be got through game and it just isn’t true. Granted, virtually any 18 year old girl can be turned on, but if her family is there and manages to control her then there will be no player who can get with them. I’ve spent a lot of time in India and there such things are still taken seriusly by many, even in the big cities. There are girls that no man, no matter how good his game, would be able to sleep with before marriage – and those few that succeed will sometimes find themselevs murdered by the brothers.
      The interesting question is the “normal” girls. Sluts will always be sluts. But normal women used to usually marry the first man they slept with. What changed this? It wasn’t some guys learning how to be confident and attract women. Those men already existed. They sometimes had success, they sometimes failed. The red pill is just about a bunch of guys who didn’t naturally fit that frame learning how to do it. And in the society of old they would also have found it very hard. Take the best player today back to 1950 and the vast majority of women would be out of his reach. Virtually every guy on here who thinkgs he has mastered game would fail badly in the 1950s outside a few degenerate big city centers. He might take girls out, make them laugh, make them love him and then huge numbers would get no more than a kiss before marriage.
      So you see the player has always been there, it is just the game has changed. And the rules today favour the cad and player. And some guys decided they wanted the fun. They weren’t the ones to change the rules.
      I suspect most guys here would actually prefer to go abck to the old ways and marry a virgin and spend a lifetime looking after her and raising a family. But if feminism is here and means we must allow women to behave as animals and follow their sexual instincts you can’t blame guys or wanting fun. If we didn’t do it, another player would.

      1. No I did that, it wasn’t much fun, and hardly any sex in the 30 years I endured her.

      2. I don’t see a lot of comments or articles on this site that lead me to believe young men prefer to look for brides. Hell, I don’t see a lot of evidence of that in real life, either.

    3. thats why i go by the awalt philosophy for women. All women have the potential to be a slut. The only reason why women in certain countries,areas,etc are not is because they tend to have strong male figures and/or a anti slut culture to keep them in check. Take your traditional asian women and throw her in the most degenerate liberal places with no support and she will probably become a slut too.

    4. Julien Blanc did RSD seminar across the street from campus at Salt Lake and got rock star reception so more scheduled. In 10 yrs the last remaining mormon virgins will be all banged out.

      1. Nope. If a girl has premarital sex at BYU she can be expelled. Mormon culture is strong. Case in point… Utah!

    5. Yes correct. The Pied Piper went to Poland and began to play his pipe. The locals were helpless to resist and did exactly what the Pied Piper wanted them to do, including eating McDonalds and becoming degenerates.

    6. Alas, women in Poland also have agency — they aren’t being raped by PUAs. I may wish that PUAs weren’t screwing up some Polish women, but they are responsible for their choices. Hopefully Polish nationalism gets stronger and gets a handle on this problem.
      I doubt it’s the traditional Catholic women who are acting like this — Catholic American men may still have a chance with them.

      1. You’ll know they are awake when skinhead gangs start putting foreign cooze-hounds in the hospital.

      2. I’m fishing in the traditional Catholic pond, every one fucks on the first meeting with no condom. I love them.

        1. A guy once told me that he had fucked a nun. I’m not sure if he was being honest or not. But if it was true, then, daammnnn…

    7. “They used game to help turn the locals into degenerates”
      Man who has never been to Poland spotted, who white knights for sluts. You probably don’t believe in game either, do you? Don’t talk out of your ass to push your monogamy narrative. Next man who does has to put up a picture of his wife so we know why he’s so butt hurt.

      1. Spare me the childish remarks.
        Your movement is hypocritical at it’s core. It takes the given frame of degeneracy and amplifies it. On one hand it rails against feminism and the increased hypergamy it causes, yet on the other hand, teaches men how to seduce the few remaining feminine women that are left. Thus, turning them into sluts.
        I’m sympathetic to your cause, in that, you are helping men BECOME men, but the energy is spent on fruitless efforts of barren sex. It’s so sad and empty. European men NEED to start having children. The values of the patriarchy will only live on if Western European men HAVE LOTS OF CHILDREN.

        1. Patriarch game is the way forward.
          Every man should aspire to become a real paterfamilias.
          It doesn’t mean a return to Victorian values, but compulsive pursuit of cheap loveless sex past your twenties is a road to nowhere, both individually and for the entire society.
          I think Roosh gets this, but he still lapses into extreme defensiveness when someone suggests that men are playing an active role in shaping the sexual market (i.e. helping to turn women into sluts, by using well-practiced persuasion techniques)
          I’m the opposite of a White Knighter, I’m more of a Black Knight, but yet I can still see that women don’t have nearly as much agency as men, and therefore can’t be held to the same standard of decision-making.
          If a dog shits on the carpet, do you blame the dog, or the owner? If a stranger kicks your dog, do you blame the dog because he is weak and deserves it, or do you beat the shit out of the asshole who kicked your dog?
          Women are like dogs with (slightly) higher IQ.
          Yes, the women are to blame for their own choices. But they are not solely to blame. Every single actor shares responsibility.
          Forgot to mention: I wholeheartedly endorse game as a counter to inherent female power. But it doesn’t have to be used for porking club sluts into your forties. Ideally, a man learns game young, has some great flings in his younger years, and then lands a terrific wife and games her for eternity while they raise a house full of awesome children.

        2. I coined the analogy here that underneath the bottom of the carousel is a giant drill bit. And the more it goes round n round, the deeper and deeper it digs itself into the ground.
          It is quite rightly, the unintended consequence of the unaware.

        3. Very well put, and I agree. I learned about women with promiscuous girls, and when I felt ready used what I had learned to lock down and marry a good wife.
          To me game is what you practice first on loose girls who aren’t wife material anyway, and once you are ready you move on to using your skill to find and keep a good wife in line and happy.
          To be stuck gaming and boning club sluts forever is a form of “failure to launch” like a baby bird getting onto the edge of the nest and making a ruckus but never actually taking flight.

        4. That’s right. The ultimate purpose of game is to learn how to keep a woman bonded to you, and how to maintain the upper hand in the relationship. The most useful purpose for this skill is marrying a young attractive woman, making her fall deeply in love with you, and never getting divorced or cheated on.
          That life is not for everybody, and I accept that. But for the overall good of society, that’s what should be promoted in general.

        5. You might be right in theory, but the competition for the very few traditional women that still exist is fierce, so it`s hard to blame a man for wanting to have sex with sluts and using the methods available to him. (game)
          Also, the traditional woman you theoretically could wife up, might at anytime be corrupted by feminism and file for divorce.
          Divorces are rampant in Christian communities as well these days, and I`ve witnessed this so many times myself that I`ve lost all faith in marriage.
          The degeneracy is already here i guess, and fighting it will only mean some other player/bad boy will fuck all the women instead if you.
          Also, women are extremely good at pretending to be good girls, so you might inadvertently end up being the beta loser who wives up a former slut.

        6. Thats alot like learning how I can better keep a stress migraine…no thanks. Door # 2 please.

    8. It’s like this with the white guys who go to Asia and trick family-oriented rural girls into thinking they will marry them. Completely sick.

      1. Gotta say, they never existed. Rural Asian girls have babies between the ages of 15 and 20, always have, probably always will. Virginity is mostly lost between 13 and 15 years old.

  4. Keep on hump hump humping, the lasting benefit of 10,000 random, sterile hookups with straight 10’s still adds up to 0 for all parties. Then one day when and if you decide to settle down, “wtf, someone’s fucked them all already! Where’s my virgin wife?”

    1. It’s a woman’s job to keep her legs closed. Not men’s to avoid low hanging fruit.

      1. Feminism is bad, yes. It has ruined a lot of regular women. However, game allows ANY woman, ANY, to be tricked into having sex. 10/10 TradWomen can be fooled into opening their legs if you’re good enough. Women are women, it’s in their nature. But YOU are buying into the Juden’s frame of degeneracy, YOU are CHOOSING to make society WORSE.

        1. No. A good woman understands her role as screener. And that means she requires male time investment etc. before intercouse. A woman isn’t tricked, but white knights don’t get that.
          I’m not making society worse cause I don’t make whores. I just use them.

        2. Exactly. Choosing to make society worse – by shitting on another man’s culture, making his women into the same traitorous whores you hate. Nothing good can come from this.

        3. You’re both right. Nobody believes that women are “tricked” into being sluts. But at the same time, we don’t hold the snake oil salesman blameless just because his customers are rubes.
          There are a lot of false dichotomies floating around these days. I’m here to tell you that you can:
          Dislike Jews AND Muslims
          Think women are stupid idiots AND want to protect them
          Think sluts AND PUAs are degenerates
          Hate gullible idiots AND scam artists

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        5. Great comment. I am constantly in conflict between the “whores are at fault” and “we men must hold ourselves to higher standards and ignore the sluts”.
          This comment essentially validates it all in a cohesive and wise manner

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      2. Yes, women hold the sexualmarket. They are the ones who control the product, and by limiting the product, they make men more willing to get marrieage. That’s why is the best interest of everyone that women limit the product.
        But they’re not doing it. At all.
        Even the average traditional women, which is itself hard to find nowadays, can be fooled into casual sex.
        The women that are really willing to hold their virginity until marriage, the real traditional women, the type raised in christian households, knows how to cook, and are not ashamed to say that they want to be housewifes… that type, I don’t know if they even exist nowadays.
        That’s why we’re in a time in which PUAs have to be aware of what kind of woman they are fucking. No one cares about the avarage fuckable women, they can have them.
        But if they happen to meet a wife material, they should make a choice: marry her himself, let her pass, or introduce her to a buddy who wants to get married.
        They can’t afford to purposely take this women’s purity away.
        Don’t bang her, don’t treat her like you treat other girls.

        1. They don’t, the real one don’t get close to PUAs. They’re locked in their social cicle, like they have to be. This type is the one I refuse to believe still exist in 1st world countries.
          The average one, however, do get close to PUAs. Why? Because that type, despiste being somewhat traditional, have liberal friends or are already fairly influenced by liberal values. Their social cicle is as much as messed up as that of any feminist out there. Consequently, they will frequent places like parties, clubs, and Tinder. In other words, places where traditional women shouldn’t go. There, their behavior will not be so different as of their slut friends.
          There they will meet PUAs.
          Then, situations like that described on this article will happen. A PUA will meet a girl he thinks is not traditional, but turn out to be fairly traditional once she gets some level of intimace with him. That’s the wife material I was talking about.
          Why not marry her? I know most PUAs don’t want to marry. But they should at least make better decisions of how they will influence their life. They are a species in extinction, and should be treated as such.

      3. It is a women’s job, absolutely. And the great majority of women did just that very successfully for quite a long time – because there were benefits to be had for doing so. There’s little to no benefit now.

      4. In the past those men that a lot of people here called “real men” considered it a duty to keep women virgins and those men that behaved like most do here were outcasts.

    2. This is such a chivalrous old school position I hate to contradict.
      You won’t find many virgin brides because, outside of this red pill world, how many men want one? Virginity is a liability. Maintaining it won’t earn a girl better men. Experience will. Unless she’s living in an uber religious environment, every teenage girl in the US knows this and acts accordingly. This is far less a moral issue than it is one of supply and demand. As I’ve seen it said here many times, and rightfully so, women follow men.

      1. What kind of “man” would prefer a sexually experienced woman over a chaste one? Is that what kind of bullshit millenial fags are believing these days? Are young women really that retarded, that they would believe being whores will increase their value?
        Real men don’t value sexual experience in a woman at all. Beta bitches do.

        1. If culture, peers, and experience tell you virginity is to be lost asap and a history of multiple partners is preferred, is it retarded or pragmatic to conform? And what constitutes a whore? 3 partners? 30? You might say the former, and I might agree with you, but most would say the latter. It’s about experience and skill. I heard this recently, “I wouldn’t hire an electrician without on the job experience to wire my new house, would I?” This may be beta mentality, but it’s also the norm. So unless a women is looking for a man in a niche market, you please the norm. Only if the majority of men decide they want chaste women will the number of chaste women increase. I don’t see that happening. Same thing with stay at home wives/mothers. If most (beta) men want career women capable of paying half the mortgage, and they very much do, that’s what you will continue to get. Women will conform to your united demands so much more easily then either you might believe or they will admit.

        2. ironically, the same men who would recoil at the thought of buying a used car are all about wanting a broken in slut.
          That’s the mental sickness of the modern age: insist on a brand new car but desire used up sluts. insane

        3. Me, I’ve done my share of virgins, now I want experience. Guess I’m not a real man, my 5 children (as far as I know) don’t count.

        4. Men don’t want career women paying half the mortgage. It’s something most are forced to accept in the modern society/economy.
          “I wouldn’t hire an electrician without on the job experience to wire my new house, would I?”
          That’s the logic of a woman looking for her next carousel fix. Men work differently or they are just rationalizing a whore to protect/trick their ego.
          No man with his shit together wants to invest in an ‘experienced’ woman that’s had a mile of cocks ran through her.

        5. What could experience in a woman bring to you? If you are a real man, then YOU set the tone for the sex, and you teach her what to do in order to please you. Her experience brings no benefit unless you are a weak loser who wants her to lead the interactions. That your avatar is an anime pic says it all.

        6. Culture and peers will always feed you poison in this modern age, and will always put you on the opposite path to being a good person. Listen to external influences at your own peril. Masculine men don’t like sluts for relationships, period. Beta bitches do, because they want the woman to be the leader. If you’re a woman, you gotta ask if you are willing to make some sacrifices in order to land a good man. I wouldn’t have a long-term relationship with a girl who’d been with more than 3 or 4 partners. The fewer the better.

        7. Not my fault you don’t have much experience of talented women. Geez, some of you guys need to get out of mommy’s basement a bit more. How many kids do you have? I’m thinking NONE!

        8. Dumbass. I’ve been with more than hundred women. How about yourself? It’s clear just by your brief comments here that I knew more about women 15 years ago than you do today. Do yourself a favor – read more, comment less.

        9. Because of the ‘faithful Christian virgin’ obsession so many of us have had, you’re probably right. I didn’t really discover sex until I was over 50. I wish I had started a bit earlier.

        10. “insist on a brand new car but desire used up sluts. insane”
          This. If the world reverts back to the day when men demanded and received virgin brides, won’t we inevitably also recreate the classic scenario where men marry virgins then cheat on them with whores? Our great grandmothers recognized that what men really desired were whores and the only advantage to being a ‘good girl’ was family stability and financial protection. It made sense to sacrifice independence in return for that long term security. But today any slut can easily marry. So why not be a whore?

        11. The electrician metaphor was said by a last year med student. By virtue of his profession alone, he will have access to a wide array of ‘quality’ women. And he isn’t in the market for a virgin.
          “No man with his shit together wants to invest in an ‘experienced’ woman that’s had a mile of cocks ran through her.”

        12. That’s exactly the kind of bs millennial fags are believing.
          That leaves women three choices … 1) try to convince the men otherwise 2) Conform to the man’s desires 3) Find one of those unicorn red pill men.
          Most women, obviously, will happily choose door #2.

        13. “Masculine men don’t like sluts for relationships, period. ”
          That’s a nice thought, and I think your position is laudable, I really do. I think pretty much everything you’ve posted makes sense to me, but do you see what you’ve said here? *Masculine* men. (And whether masculine men should even want a long term relationships is up for debate but that’s another discussion) You see that men, particularly millennials, have become feminized, yes? Naturally, a feminized man will seek a masculinized women – even if she appears feminine ie long hair thin body, makeup whatever, she will still be the strong independent career woman with a high notch count. Masculine. I concede that older men may eventually come to feel differently, but 20s and even 30s consider stay at home wives/mothers lazy parasites. They want equal, someone with ambition, someone with experience, someone who can carry their share of the financial weight. I think this is mostly insanity but … There’s the world as it is and the world as we wish it to be.
          But to the original point … Darth Vader pointed out a red pill contradiction. I think that contradiction should maybe be better explored rather than shrugged off. Wisdom hides in the contradictions.

        14. I understand the problem. But going down that road only hastens a complete polarity reversal in the sexes, which must be prevented.
          My advice to any young woman looking for a masculine young man who wants to eventually marry is similar to what it would be for a young beta male.
          Focus on self-improvement, disengage from the toxic society, seek out like minds by changing your activities and locations, and never compromise your integrity.
          If you do those things for long enough, you’ll have access to the cream of the crop in mates, and you will be able to select one that meets your preferred criteria.
          If you are a young woman I’d encourage dating older men rather than settling for feminine betas just because that’s all you see in your age range. Guys tend to man up a little bit when they get older.

        15. The electrician metaphor was said by a last year med student. By virtue of his profession alone, he will have access to a wide array of ‘quality’ women. And he isn’t in the market for a virgin.

          I’m sure he will be making deposit’s in many ‘experienced’ women’s willing orifices but if he is as socially astute as he is academically he will not be investing in whore’s.

          “No man with his shit together wants to invest in an ‘experienced’ woman that’s had a mile of cocks ran through her.”

          You must be new around here

        16. not just virginity, but submissivness also and niceness and being down to earth, not shallow, not narcisitic, can’t divorce her husband and abondon her family, can’t work without her husband’s permission

        17. absolutely he will be taken advantage of … and the deposits will be of the monetary type when she divorces him. Essentially he’s about to buy himself a very expensive prostitute.

        18. I wonder if that role reversal is avoidable. Id like to think so but…. even the men here, single or married, mostly don’t seem very happy. Most of the women I know aren’t happy either.
          I did eventually, at 23, figure out the “older player tired of the game” option. Masculine men with, as you say, “their sh*t together” are amazing and I’m happy and engaged but, as naive as I might be, I’m not so naive to think that at 39 years old he’s actually going to give up the whores he’s enjoyed for so long. He’ll cheat and when I hit the wall he’ll trade me in. Essentially this is the appeal of feminized betas … they’re controllable and less likely to cheat. The flipside for men being you want to marry the good girl because she’s safe, but have sex with the whore because she’s not. Hence, the role reversal issue and Darth’s conundrum.

        19. It’s not just notch counts, it’s their “user behavior”. The way they dress, their hypergamous tendencies, their attitude, egos, attention seeking, etc. compile on top of their physical notch count – there in, you define the level of whoring

    3. Whether you learn game or not, in the anglosphere only 10% of females will be virgin at marriage. That truth is difficult to internalize for blue pill conditioned males. If you’re beta male who rationalized not learning game in order to increase your chances of finding a virgin, you’re delusional.

      1. I had my share in the past and now see it added up to very little. Not the hundreds of notches that some here might have but a lot for my era and definitely enough for me. In some cases I hurt very good people, who did not deserve to give me all in love and then dumped.
        Almost broke up a family once and that was a point of reflection. Like they have told future doctors since Ancient Greece, “first, do no harm.” If you want to start to rebuild society I think it is a good adage. Likewise, you will reap what you sow.
        Luckily though we men are cultivators in more ways than one. To successfully plant the seeds of the right way in womens’ minds might just be the pinnacle of game. Sure it might be too late for this generation and you will end up with lots of reformed whores. But then some will have daughters and plant those same seeds we gave their mothers.

    4. Don’t forget how social media is ruining women – even those pristine white chix from the eastern bloc! all while males, gamma through alpha, continually pump attention into those convenient apps and platforms.
      There is a pervasive myth in the ‘sphere that ‘thirsy betas’ are the reason why females are insufferable attention whores with the attention spans of gnats. As if hordes of Alpha’s sarging through their ranks for years upon years has no effect on how women approach mating or acquire such inflated SMV’s.
      Maybe what has changed in three years is that males have harvested all of the low-hanging fruit from the dopamine-pumping apps like Tinder and Instaslut, leaving a swath of insufferable, emotionally-stunted, attention addicts who now demand MOAR – as if that dynamic has never happened before or is somehow *shocking*.
      It’s cringe-worthy when a male will draft a listicle on ‘how to Tinder your way into Poosy Paradise” and then a few months later, lament how the worst of western ‘culture’ has poisoned the well.
      I get it, there is an audience for the ‘before’, the ‘during’, and the ‘after’. But if men really cared about the long run – including their own spiritual well-being, they would starve all social media, even if that meant stalking McKenzie or separating Stephanie from her yoga pants was more difficult.

  5. THIS is the reason I think about going to Kiew first.
    I planned two trips: One in 2017 after the bachelor thesis is finished.
    A second one in 2019 after the master thesis is finished.
    I actually wanted to go to Thailand and Vietnam first but now that I see the decline of eastern europe I consider going to Kiew first. Thailand and Vietnam will still be around in 2019. Thailand is already peak-hedonism, nothing will change. Vietnam is conservative and will be conservative in 2019. Maybe they will have traffic laws by then.

  6. While the elite’s constant export of degenerate culture bears the brunt of the blame, is it possible we have a problem of overhunting in these regions where we find feminine and attractive women?
    It is one thing to go to such a place and become part of their culture, but if enough of us go sleeping around with these women they’ll become not unlike the women here.
    I think this phenomenon is a big part of why our online communities have focused increasingly on the bigger questions of society, culture, and masculinity. A Poosy Paradise is quickly and easily destroyed by the same virulent ideologies that caused us to seek such paradises in the first place.

    1. Now I am in the mood for Bluefin tuna and I am not going to have any until Friday.

        1. I don’t like or dislike any particular words. They are simply tools to communicate ideas, one chooses the words which best convey what one is trying to express.

        2. Awww come on. What about opaque. Or inchoate or moisture? Those are great words

        3. They’re words in the English language useful in communicating. All words have utility, it comes down to what I am trying to express.
          BTW- this is exactly the reason I failed my Myers Briggs personality test. A whole section of questions asking which of the four listed words I preferred with no context as to an idea/ concept to be communicated.

        4. Where is your sense of poetry! Words are more than tools my friend

        5. I greatly admire those who can turn a phrase- arrange words in a constructive way.
          You’ll have to write off my utilitarian view of the lexicon to a lack of personality.
          Although this reminds me of Robin Williams character as a teacher discouraging the use of ‘very’ as lazy.

          But I only prefer at any moment the word best matching the mood, tone, and connotation I’m trying to get across.

    2. Nope.
      It’s not red pill dick pursuing Polish women that has them turning into whores. It’s polish women turning into whores that has them pursuing red pill dick.

  7. The average age of a polish bride is past 25. That’s all you need to know. My favorite EE women are from maldova. They can cook and like to get married before they can legally drink in the US

  8. My only Polish experience is one who immigrated to Canada 20 some years ago. She was a huge Polish booster, almost as though she never left.
    A promising observation she made, talking about the first wife of a Russian friend’s husband: ” she didn’t cook, didn’t clean, never dressed up or wore makeup. What good was she?”
    Second observation was more introspective on her part. She commented about her controlling ex-husband and how he should know she would never cheat on him. Then she described a later relationship with no control and how she experienced much more temptation, all said with a knowing glance.
    She liked to dress sexy and that was a big plus, planning lingerie for our first get together. She carried a lot of traditional-ish views, including no oral. In the end, she was way too self-absorbed to actually connect with.

        1. Thanks. Swedish sluts get married on average @34ish. Poland is now at 27. Not good news.

  9. “With Trump being elected, things are returning to a more masculine state. ”
    Are they really? All I see everywhere is femicunts, SJWs, and mangonas whining and doubling down on their bullshit. Let’s not become complacent.

    1. Really, I think the best thing we can do is ignore them and let them exist in their own misery. Live a good life and find a good woman. Time is on our side.

    2. Trump is in damage control on the women’s front…They can always pull some kind of a victim or shame card on him and he will bend like the rest.

  10. Have you heard about the polish terrorist? He tried to blow up a bus but, he burned his lips on the tail pipe.

  11. I’ve travelled to Poland 12 times in the past six years. I go in the spring and the fall (and visited once at Christmas). I visit three to four weeks per trip and travel all over the country. So when I go, I get brief snapshots of Poland’s “progress.” Generally speaking, and as many have stated in similar threads, Polish chicks in the big cities have quickly become westernized. Chicks in the smaller cities, towns and villages still cling to some/most of their traditional, feminine values.
    As few summers ago I had four Polish university students stay with me for 2.5 months (three chicks and one guy). They came to the U.S. to work at a restaurant for the summer. One chick pretty much held onto her Polish values. The other two? Well… As Roosh wrote a few years ago, “water takes the shape of the container it fills.” And the guy? He was slaying the local chicks with his Polish accent and broken English, until he got a horrible case of “oneitis” and a local chick chewed him up and spit him out (he did not heed my repeated warnings).
    The “Western cancer” is real. Technology has exponentially increased its spread. My advice to anyone wanting to travel to Poland (or other places) where traditional, feminine women can still be found, is to go soon. Very soon. Before it is gone.

    1. lol c’mon: slaying chicks with his Polock accent? lolz!
      Polish ain’t exactly Italian or French. lolz

        1. Women are natural-born traitors. they will gravitate to ANYTHING that is foreign or novel. This is why every culture in the history of the world put strict sexual controls on their women. Without that, we’d still be in the dark ages.

    2. Better advice: Stay home, look in the mirror, fix yourself, and then fix your damned women.

  12. You will not be allowed to live amongst us for much longer.
    You and your family will be sent to live with the monkeys, cause that’s what you are.
    So you can go be a monkey boy with all the other monkeys.
    We will strip you of assets and wave goodbye.
    We don’t need maggots like you in our future world, you are a degenerate scumbag.

  13. Sadly when fast food gets cheaper, people tend to eat more of it. Thus you can expect Polish girls to get fatter like everyone else in Europe.
    I know a bunch of Polish girls who aren’t game players but they are as neurotic if not more than Western girls.

  14. 200 matches a week!? wtf? maybe i get like 20 and ive resorted to swiping right and not looking.

  15. Females are hypergamous sluts by nature its evolutionary biology. But blame mcdonalds if it makes you feel better. What’s really surprising is the german girls down for travel sex, they don’t even make the man work for it.

  16. I ask this because of my lack of trust to the biology of women. But if you were able to “get inside” women and “day and night game were that good”, does that not expose the hors that were in the first place regardless of Tinder?
    Unless these women were going to settle down with the first man that nailed them, if one were looking for that. Not arguing, just investigating.

  17. The whole career woman thing is a pose in many countries. It is just a way of shit testing men. That’s the impression I got when I was living in Greece and Spain anyway, and it isn’t like women in Poland have the same opportunities for advancement as their Western counterparts so I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

  18. Hint: traditional, conservative feminine, loyal women would not give the time of day to any foreigners (swarthy or not) who play games to get into their pants and then split after three days.
    The great paradox. If you want these placed to remain unpozzed, you must leave them alone.
    There is nowhere to run to anymore. It’s time to stand up to our own women and take back control, instead of trying to poach women from other races and cultures that we perceive as being more attractive than ours.

  19. Stormcucks can’t control their women and expect other males to have sympathy for them. Then they get all butt hurt when they get called stormcucks.

    1. Nobody can control their own women. It’s just that White women are the most desirable on earth, and so every mud on the planet wants to make a play for a White woman. Mathematically, that ain’t gonna work out son. Any other culture of men would engage in mate-guarding if hordes of alien foreigners were trying to swoop on their women. It’s called masculinity. Look into it. Or maybe watch a nature show and see what happens to a gorilla from another troop who comes in and tries to swoop a bitch from his rivals. Are gorillas cucks?

        1. nah. White women always have been, and remain, the gold standard of beauty worldwide.
          How many pan-faced flat-assed 4’2″ asian girls grace the cover of fashion magazines or star as leading ladies?

        2. The (((media’s))) idolization of white women and degradation of white men is deliberate in my opinion.

      1. Storcucks are the failed omega males of the manosphere. That’s why they’re stormcucks.

        1. You’ve got your terminology screwed on backwards. A cuck is a guy who doesn’t mind other men fucking his women.
          Jew, or mud?

        2. ‘Verified account Zionist’ is so scripted. He posts the same comment nearly every thread.

  20. When I was in Poland in 2014 for a short time (beginning of Oct) Tinder was very much alive and matches were incredibly easy to come by. It was the first taste for me, of what Tinder could be outside of the toxic environment of my home country.
    I believe generally with women in E.E. a lot of them tow the “feminist/career” line while secretly wanting a more traditional life and raise a family. A Polish/Russian/Czech girl saying she’s a feminist is not equal to an American/Australian/Canadian girl saying the same. Both in their appearance and behavior.

  21. Judging by this article, I wouldn’t say thing are that bad in Poland. However, Polish girls are very pretty! 😀

  22. 3rd world girls wanting to meet an American because he looks good ……… I laughed!
    Plenty of tiny pretty 18 year old Filipino girls I see out and about are dating 60+ year old 300Lb American men. Guess they look good too!
    Just checked out your photo …… fat and balding at 25 …… you’d score big time in the Philippines!

    1. Well, their financial look good. Maybe that’s why. Besides, it’s common for women in 3rd world country to date men much older than them.

    2. Will they shoot me in the head there if I had a little medical cannabis…you know….weed?

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  24. The Madonna-Whore-Complex is still a huge problem here.
    Don’t try to spit the red pill out, swallow that motherfucker.

    1. Not only that, but assuming Eastern-European girls are somehow of a different or better quality than Western women is a total delusion.
      I am Eastern-European, and trust me, the problems are the same with our ladies then with those Western vagina-owners. Hypergamy does not care about national borders and geography!
      And if those guys who let their women in the West run amok would all come here to find their dream girls, they would spoil ours similarly like they spoiled their own at home, and distort our efforts to keep them in check.
      I wish all men stayed at home, embraced their masculinity, and put their own women in place.

      1. AWALT, everywhere they need discipline. First hit US after WW2 and the advent of two income families (no mom at home). When those kids grew up (late 60’s), we first reaped the fruits of the feminist movement.

        1. And the results are pretty visible.
          I am really worried about the present tendencies. Seeing this Gender-bending, gender-fluid BS peddled to the youth, I am really worried about the fate of the future generations.
          Their lives will be so fucked up, that the present Feminist nightmare society would look like the Golden Age when men were real men and women were real women in hindsight…
          On the other hand, when they will realise they were fucked over and start rebelling, that will be some sight to behold. The world will be burning, I am sure of that…

        2. You see some pockets realizing the mistakes of their parents. Every now and then, you find some girl with conservative values. How much of that is just lip service? that’s up for debate.

        3. Hypergamy does not care about politics. Hitler had groupies, Stalin had illegitimate children from various women.
          Women are followers.
          If we put in place a political system based on, say, chaining all women naked and pregnant in our kitchens, they will be the first to follow and praise the system that makes them happy.
          Every girl loves a Fascist who makes her tingle, equality be damned.

      2. Exactly man.
        I see this everytime.
        “Don’t marry …..a western/anglosphere women!!!” (Hoping that EE, Asian, Arabic Women are different.)

        1. They are right that Western women are bad. But are Western men that much better? I do not think they deserve better, unless they embrace their masculinity and start to enforce their standards on western women.

      3. Well fucking said. This sex tourism bullshit is just harming your brothers from another mother. Either men unite together, or we continue to let women run the show. Those are the only two choices.

        1. It is our male responsibility to put women in their place, and we should start it in our own lives. I live accordingly recently, and kind of hope more and more people will catch on. We as men can not expect anybody to put the world to rights for us.

      4. The average Swedish whore gets married at 34. A Russian woman < 25. A fucking decade!!!
        No comparison and keep fighting the good fight.

        1. No man in marrying age, that is between 30 and 40, should ever consider marrying a woman who is not between 20 and 30. The ideal woman is 25. And marrying comes with the caveat that you do it to have kids, not expecting the oldschool blue pill marriage.
          Who in their right mind would want to marry a 34 year old Swedish Feminist? Swedish men has a lot of cucking to answer for at the Nuernberg Trials for War Crimes of the Sexes.

  25. “Tinder, Everywhere”
    Can you guess the ethnicity of the founders of Tinder?
    As someone here already said: “Jew-st Cohen-cidence.”
    Read this, it is very interesting (and very sad, of course):

  26. Good article, thanks for the info. Seems like East Europe overall, not just Poland is getting shittier thanks to the new technologies – smartphones & social media.
    The only thing Eastern Europe had to offer were hot chycks. The beauty of EE girls would trump everything. Back in the 1990’s in east europe, it could be gray and cold outside, but inside a bar or cafe one could be having a great time chatting up an EE hottie and having a great time simply on her smile and pretty eyes alone.
    But at this point now that the females of east europe are westernizing and their desire to become piece-of-shit whore wannabees very fast, to me it no longer makes sense to tolerate EE gray and cold, industrial shit-hole cities and towns and post communist dreck culture. *BARF*
    As of late I find that I put more importance (to an extent) on weather of a location and the demeanor and attitude of people, as opposed to whether or not a place is poosey heaven. That, plus Roosh’s asertions are correct about how the novelty of getting pussy all the time eventually goes away.
    I’ve said this numerous times, and I’ll say it again – pussy is like beer; every man gets his fill then he goes home and throws up.

  27. I appreciate the alternative opinion on this subject. Furthermore your writing style is very concise and to the point. Even though I can’t agree with any of it I am glad to have been exposed to this view.
    I feel I were to have one question it would be this: what are your thoughts on the impact relationships formed amongst the citizenry of a given government could have on the success or failure of that government? Are we exaggerating the roles heterosexual or homosexual relationships have in actual policy that can lead to success or failure of a government. Thank you for any feedback – just trying to understand

  28. women are like children if you offer them a choice, they choose instant gratification over painful and better decisions on the long course, like a kid that loves to eat sweets all day and risk diabetes than to eat vegetables and healthy foods. women that want divorce, see that divorce offer them freedom and no responsability plus it will offer them a house and a monthly check of alimony to buy them new prada shoes and dolce & gabana for hoes and newly divorced single mother sluts. what do you think they will choose ? don’t give women choice, Dominate them and Change American LAWS that were made to fuck family life and society on purpose or else it will remain a degenerate society

  29. Polish woman here. Nice to read something about my country, but I must say I am surprised whenever a guy who “bangs” many girls thinks he’s entitled to a decent woman. Would that guy be honest with his future wife and tell her how many lovers he had?

    1. My observation of this situation with the playas I knew was it did not hurt their long term prospects. Women complain of the double standard when it comes to a high notch count, but they also create a double standard. Guy that struggles – loser, guy that been with lots of women – a womaniser/popular/charmer/pants man/lady killer. The women my friends who were puas married did not care that much he had slept with loads of women. They dont see it like we do when it comes to women who have clocked up a lot of cock. Its easy for the vast majority of woman to rack up a big number if she goes out regularly by just going with the flow. It doesn’t work that way for the majority of guys. Sexy willing women dont fall in their laps.
      Their fiances see they got a good looking, confident guy, who had lots of adventures, and was desired by lots of women. They landed a man that was in high demand, and they beat out the other 70,90,120 whatever other women to get him to commit to her, so they feel special he chose her. Guys dont think like that when it comes to wining & dining the slutty girl to win her over (maybe sometimes if the girl is well hotter & raunchier than any gfs he had before). I reckon it would be rare to find a man who does really well when it comes to landing loads of women for casual sex but has a hard time getting women to have a relationship with him.

      1. I can understand that women are attracted to men who attract other women. But I won’t understand how can a sane woman choose a man who decided to have sex with many women. It’s one thing to be handsome and charming, and another thing to be a male-slut. My boyfriend is a charming introvert who could have almost any girl but he is also a faithful monogamist. I’d never trade him for a male-slut. Yuck. Women who choose womanizers are dumb and probably will end up as single mommies. But hey, that’s just my humble opinion, right? 😉

  30. This is the first time i have personally seen men in the pua community openly admiting that there might be a conflict of interest in what they are looking for from women. As a woman i have stuggled with this for awhile now and couldnt come up with the answer. I see women getting knocked up, having illegitimate kids, living off the baby daddy’s money, fucking around as much as they like and passing these values onto their sons and daughters. Its so increadibly depressing. The men are no better. Total degeneracy.
    I go out and try to date in this climate and i am treated like a whore. I see all the pua techniques men are trying to use on me and when i dont fall for it they toss me aside and move on to the next one. I am a traditional woman and i actually do not sleep around, what do i get for it? Nothing. I get treated like crap and left for a woman that will give out easy sex. So what is my incentive to be a decent woman? The whores have it all, kids, easy life, money and houses from divorces, sex with whomever they feel like. It seems like if u cant beat them join them. You get the women you deserve. If you treat the good girls like trash then u end up with trash. Its very simple.

    1. Where are you looking for men at?
      If all you find is puas, then youre probably in way too many bars.

      1. I never go to bars. Its online. There is nowhere else to meet men now. My job is all women and gay men and men never approach irl anymore so all thats left is online and all these guys have swallowed this pua/redpill bs to the point that they cant relate to me as a human being anymore. Just a series of tactics to try and get sex, its so depressing and pathetic.

        1. There’s some truth to that, but really its all an excuse for you to be lazy and just look online.
          People still exist in 3 dimensions and many enjoy 3 dimensional activities.
          This is something everyone faces in THe Current Year.
          Lots of people are glued to tech and make lazy excuses.
          Go do 3d stuff and you will meet 3d people…

    1. Never seen a Polish girl with a face higher than about a 7, but there are plenty of HB8+s in all the neighboring countries (except maybe Lithuania). Weird.

  31. For heaven’s sake, stop worshiping Latin American girls! I am a (caucasian) Latin American guy and know for a fact that they aren’t worth crap. They are just pretending and you fall for it. I’d say they are way, way worse than the white, western girls you always criticize. Also, their mix of a million races make them ugly, ugly, ugly. Frankly, I can’t understand why you think they are hot. I’ve yet to see a non-white Latina who I consider to be a 7, let alone a 10.
    I know this will be hard to believe, but let it sink in: most of the prettiest, smartest, and most feminine girls I’ve known have been French, German, and American white girls that I’ve met while living abroad. You just have to know where to look.
    So, you want a sane woman of healthy morals who will cook for you when you come tired from work, and you are looking for her in bars and NIGHT CLUBS? Seriously? Good God! What are you morons thinking?
    To be fair, some of the good girls I’m talking about were from rural areas, away from trashy cultural influences in their immediate surroundings; but I assure you that you absolutely may encounter good girls in urban areas if you know what you are doing!
    The truth is staring at your clueless faces and you aren’t able to see it!
    But I know that many of you will still not believe me.
    I’ll go meet white girls while you go for your Latina gold diggers. I’d say go for it! stay in a relationship with them, maybe then you’ll understand your mistake.

  32. I met a polish…she was nice first but then she wanted a threesome with 2 Men…WTF I am not bi-curious. Quiet a few polish women are hypocritic Sluts.

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