“Womyn” Need A Lesson On The Evil Patriarchy’s Etymology

When looking for evidence of that elusive folk devil “the patriarchy,” social activists will often point to the gendered bias of the English language. Some feminists have sought to encourage the use of “womyn” rather than woman or women (no distinction for the plural) because the latter imply a woman is simply a man with a “wo” prepended.

This is a rather peculiar assertion given the etymological history of the words “man” and “woman.” There are even some who complain of the alleged patriocentricity of “human” and “mankind.” I’m no expert on gender studies, but from an etymological perspective, I believe these claims are unfounded.

In the Old English of Anglo-Saxon times, “mann” was always gender neutral just as it sometimes is today. The prefixes wīf or wer could be added to denote female or male gender respectively. While the prefix wīf was separated and became “wife,” wīfmann evolved over the centuries to become wīmmann then wumman, and finally, the modern spelling “woman.” The Old English “mann” is an autohyponym, meaning it can refer both to a category and one of its subcategories. “Fox” is another autohyponym; referring to the species as well as the male of that species while “vixen” refers exclusively to the female.

Anglo-Saxon womyns

Anglo-Saxon womyns

Some have argued that the Anglo-Saxon use of “mann” as an autohyponym is evidence that less prejudiced notions of gender were prevalent among such peoples, but anyone familiar with the war-like and masculine history of the early Germanic tribes would scoff at this. Although “one” is now used more frequently as an indefinite pronoun, “man” is still commonly used this way in modern English and as an autohyponym. One need only remember the immortal words of Neil Armstrong as he set foot on the moon for evidence of this.

Then of course there’s the American slang usage of man as an interjection and the Welsh English, AAVE and Jamaican patois usage of “man” as a term of familiar address. These slang uses are now prevalent among English speaking youth of all cultures and are not necessarily gender specific. Bart Simpson’s impertinent catchphrase “Don’t have a cow, man!” has been directed at male and female alike, without amendment.

The consistently gender neutral “human” came into our vocabulary later on and wasn’t used as a noun until the 16th century. It’s a Middle English loanword the Normans took from Old French humain, ultimately from Latin hūmānus, the root of which, hum, originally meant “soil,” indicating that early Indo-Europeans believed that mankind sprung from the earth itself or was at least connected to it.

The second part of the word is not related to the English “man,” which, coming from Old English mann, derives from Proto-Germanic mannaz. So, etymologically speaking, one can’t seriously argue that “human” is patriocentric either.

“Mankind” on the other hand, does derive from “mann,” but does that really make it patriocentric? By 1300 A.D. we see “mankind” referring to the human race after it had replaced the Old English mancynnes, which meant the same thing. It can be found in one of the first examples of the English language; an Anglo-Saxon poem called “The Dream of the Rood.”

Geseah ic þa frean mancynnes efstan elne mycle

“I saw the Lord of mankind summon great strength”

Mancynnes was gender neutral and “mankind” remains absolutely gender neutral to this day, thus rendering  “humankind,” “womankind,” or even “womynkind” rather redundant. Since Old English cynnes means “race,” there can be no mankind in the gendered sense, nor can there be a “womankind,” since women are a gender not a race. You can get a feel for how similar the language of the Anglo-Saxons was to our modern English by looking at these Useful Phrases in Old English.

The transition from “mann” to “humain” occurred as the result of an authoritative imposition of new linguistic conventions from above. Language does not always evolve “naturally,” but rather is very often altered in accordance with changing ideals and power structures. The fusion of Norman French and Anglo-Saxon resulted in an English language with a schizophrenic tendency, whereby numerous words describe the same thing but with different cultural connotations (e.g. “beef” and “cow”).

It is therefore unlikely we will ever do away with words such as “mankind” or “woman” even if they may be forced to coexist with politically correct alternatives such as “womyn” and “human-kind.” And, given the history of the terms, why should we?

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141 thoughts on ““Womyn” Need A Lesson On The Evil Patriarchy’s Etymology”

  1. In some other languages like Old English and modern Scandinavian languages, the word for woman is etymologically related to queen. Take that as you will.

    1. Correct. Except you have the etymological evolution misrepresented: It is the word “queen” that is related to the word “woman”. Which makes sense. Inverting the sequence seems to imply some status held by women. While women have always enjoyed being a highly protected and cared for class within society, there was no time in history (except perhaps modernity /sarc) where women were uniformly considered regal.

  2. Her: “We changed the spelling to W-O-M-Y-N.”
    Me: “Well I still spell it B-I-T-C-H.”

    1. Human life has the basic building blocks of DNA and Chromosomes. Sex determination is based on XX female and XY male. Womyn is putting the Y chromosome in women. Moronic. Next.

  3. It should come as no surprise that feminists make claims of patriarchy out of ignorance. That’s the foundation of their beliefs.

  4. Wow if people think English is too “gendered” in language, Spanish will make their minds melt.

        1. Many people in America are ignorant…Spanish is from Spain and many Latinos lost their original languages. I even heard someone refer to Spanish as “speaking Mexican” out in good ‘Ol Texas!

        2. but not white enough. Because more non-whites speak it. To the left, south of the USA is non-white.
          And I am aware of differences between Spain Spanish and other regions, but as the above article demonstrates: womyn are not.

        3. Pointing out that the fact that the Spanish are white is irrelevant. If it can be seen as racist they will shy away from it. I realize I put that rather obtusely.

        4. They are explaining, in roundabout terms, that (a) they don’t have any real problems in life, so they are making one up, and (b) they are too fat/ugly/crazy to attract and keep a man.

        5. LOL. Actually, many from south of the Rio Grande to the tip of Antarctica are a mixture of white European, African, and local natives from the tribes (Aztecs, Inca, Mayans, Olmecs) and many still claim to “practice” said religions.
          It is always complicated with human beings. Usually based on our own ignorance.
          I thing all of us here, based on the implications made, suffer feminist hypocrisy with contempt. In fact, most all of the liberal agenda labels all those they disagree with as racist, cis-gendered, homophobic, and misogynistic.
          They cannot allow any other opinion to reach parity with their own.
          So, all these other languages (Spanish, Japanese, African, Latin, blah, bliggity blah) all have gendered words. But the English language, to feminists, represents privileged white heterosexual male existence, it gets labeled sexist.
          How long before their own hatred is exposed, and widely criticized?

        6. True. However, you have ignorant people from everywhere. You have Africans saying racist shit about every other race, Japanese calling other asians and everyone else “Gaijin” with a negative connotation dismissing them as a whole. Every race on the planet is covered in the blood, and sale, of their victims.
          Just because white racism from the past has been vilified so much, largely due to the white race doing most of the past few hundred years in science, military exploits, engineering, and several other disciplines (including slavery); really made their racism twist the shiv on others.
          So the others look past the sins of everyone else, to take down who they view is the biggest threat.
          It is funny, ironic to be sure, that after they fell the hated race of white people (if ever), they will find out they are exactly the same. No better, no worse.
          As a white guy, I have had several of these hypocrites tell me to “Check your privilege!” in the hopes that they could get me to back down, and prove myself to them; so they could fail me for spite.
          Man, were they in for a surprise.
          It is hard for people like them to argue with me, calling me racist or whatever, when they are accused of merely projecting their own prejudice.

        7. LOL. “Spain-Spanish” is called “Castillan” Spanish. The other Hispanics just claim they speak Espanol. And/or whatever native language they may speak.

        8. Spaniards are many things, not just white. The Moores of North Africa conquered them for four hundred years. Also, they had been bringing back slaves, or had been enslaved being so close to the coast for centuries.
          You should really know your history before making those claims.
          The history of Spain, ancient Gaul, is far more austere and in-depth then just being full of “modern white people.”
          And modern whites, are not a monolithic group. Contrary to what many racists of other colors may like to believe. It was not that long ago that Italians, Spaniards, and the Irish were considered non-white, and inferior.
          In a few decades, it may be that Latinos will be considered white if this shit does not die.
          Personally, I think we will all breed ourselves out like our ancestors did. Who were fairly different than we all are now.

        9. “How long before their own hatred is exposed, and widely criticized?”
          Not a day too soon.

        10. Today’s womyn are so privileged, pampered and protected, that they have become bored and need some kind of ‘excitement’ and ‘drama’ in their lives.
          Thanks to man-hating feminism and its misandric laws, they have also made themselves too toxic and risky to interact with at any level — let alone, personal relationships of any kind!

        11. I first learned Spanglish when working in Texas. I took a Spanish class and the teacher was Columbian and spoke proper Spanish (Castillian). She would go wild with the mispronounciations and slang.

        12. Speak of the devil! its Third Eye the negro supremacist that wont accept his Neanderthal superiors. Hows the welfare coming these days? Did the money i sent you suffise in buying back your mommy from the bazar in saudi arabia?

        13. I know they are mixed. White is just a label to loosely define Europeans. Every people on the planet is a blend, it’s not unique to Spain.
          Someone called me out on spanish being a ‘white’ language so I used his language when talking to him.
          Arguing with terms is a pathetic form of argumentation. One that is simply a distraction

        14. You’re really just not getting it are you? I am referring to how these things are viewed from the womyn mindset.

        15. It was not that long ago that Italians, Spaniards, and the Irish were considered non-white, and inferior.

          Are you implying that race is social construct?
          You can’t be that stupid.

        16. LOL hello to you too! Never used Welfare before and don’t believe in it…unless you truly need it. But hey I’m not one to judge huh buddy! Now back into the caves you go!

        17. I agree with you but that’s just it…the sins of everyone else has always been pushed. Natives have always been portrayed as sub-human and Blacks as evil and twisted to justify the subjugation of those same people for 100s of years. Your examples of the other has been used already, and greatly exaggerated as well. In one generation a more complete history is being told and everyone gets mad about it. To be honest I believe in historical accuracy and learning from history. I don’t put anyone down for their appearance, but I educate myself in history. It has become more of a Class issue in this country and more whites are now experiencing almost the same as the average “minority” in this country. You notice this with the “Occupy Wall Street” movement being predominantly young white people who are experiencing heavy debt burdens and a lowering of future prospects at least compared with previous generations in their cohort.
          I believe everyone should work as hard as they can in their own lives no matter the cards we are dealt…but we should also be aware if the game is rigged.

        18. No, I am implying that whites have not always been a monolythic group of white-europeans against the world.
          Many whites hated Irsih whites, many hated Greek whites. Many hated Bulgarian, or Hungarian whites.
          Considering all the wars white people have wage against each other, it is really not hard to comprehend that many “white people” were not all high fiving each other as a genetic brotherhood the last three thousand years. We more often than not actually hated one another.
          My argument is that despite that, many feminists and various disingenuous liberals make the claim that all white people were part of this wonderful club, where if we traveled back in time to any country in teh world, like Louis CK joked, we would be handed a menu, and could call black servants to our caste.
          It isn’t true.
          Often, white people owned other whites. Not just minorities. Even in the early, pre USA, Americas. And during the early years as a nation.

        19. The P.C. Culture does not only impact White Males but so called Minority Males as well…when it comes to certain topics as a logical criticism of Modern-Day Feminism. The Walking streets of New York “Hollaback” video impacted minority males the harshest because the feminist were over-reaching in their criticism of men..(some comments were a little nasty but most were pleasant) as well as White males were criticizing Black and Latino males as the main perpetrators of street harassment (video was highly edited). You have to see the location. We do tend to have a different approach but all men are capable of being nasty or pleasant in their approach. Thanks James.

        20. They are a blend. They are not the same “white” as the French, or Greeks.
          They were ruled by Moores for seven hundred years.
          You are telling me they do not have differences?

        21. I never said they did not. You are responding to me asking for clarification to someone responding to me rather than looking at what I originally said.

        22. I talk about Spanish people, not Mestizos or how some people incorrectly call them “Latinos”, “Hispanos” when thinking about Mestizos.

        23. They are a blend. They are not the same “white” as the French, or Greeks.

          Spanish people are not blend. Look up genetic chart.
          Spanish people are white race, Mediteranid, white sub-racial group.

          They were ruled by Moores for seven hundred years.

          So what?
          And Greeks were ruled by Ottoman empire at some point in time.

        24. No, I am implying that whites have not always been a monolythic group of white-europeans against the world.

          Mongoloids (“Asians”), negroids (blacks) are also not monolythic group, they are comprised of many ethnical groups.
          By the way, whiter or fairer the skin higher social status, even in black Africa and Asian countries.

          Considering all the wars white people have wage against each other, it is really not hard to comprehend that many “white people” were not all high fiving each other as a genetic brotherhood the last three thousand years

          Same goes for mongoloids and negroids.

          My argument is that despite that, many feminists and various disingenuous liberals make the claim that all white people were part of this wonderful club, where if we traveled back in time to any country in teh world, like Louis CK joked, we would be handed a menu, and could call black servants to our caste.
          It isn’t true.

          Only small portion of whites owned slaves and white people first abolished slavery. Also, many whites were slaves to Arabs, Turks, Mongols etc.
          Leftards, libtards, femtards are making excuses for “minorities” by making up Orwellian Cultural-Marxist newspeak, like “white privilege”.

          Often, white people owned other whites. Not just minorities. Even in the early, pre USA, Americas. And during the early years as a nation.

          True. Even some blacks owned black and whites in USA as servants or slaves. Look up, Anthony Johnson.
          Black people owned slaves in Africa, as war trophy and sell them to Arabian and Jewish slave traders.

        25. Every people on the planet is a blend, it’s not unique to Spain

          Genetics speak contrary. You can make clear distinction between white, black, mongoloid.

        26. Yeah, I noticed that too. So much in the video, so little time to care listening to these harpies cry about their non-issues.
          Personally, the brothers are actually far more creative in their failures in that video to be honest. But I noticed it was largely the brothers approaching her.
          Notice, she said nothing during the few minutes of actual video. I seriously doubt she looked that dry, and sweat free, for ten hours walking in NYC. Basically, I assume they stopped videoing when a man she was attracted to approached her, as she must know we would have picked up on that.
          Selective bitching. Like everything else these little pwincesses do.

        27. yes among those umbrella categories, but the lines themselves are unclear. Where Caucasoid and mongoloid blur things get harder to differentiate. How different are the Maltese from Italians and North Africans?
          I believe in race very strongly, but I am arguing with someone who says the Spanish are white (which they are) and another who says they are not because their women got raped by invaders thousands of years ago.
          And the fact that people are a little blended is often used as a reason for dismissing race altogether and putting one’s opponent on the defensive but making him want to dispute that.

        28. For over four hundred years.
          Yet you are telling me that in both cases, there was no “blending” between Turkish men, and Greek women by consent or force during that time?
          Or vice versa?
          There is no way I can believe that Turkish blood did not have free reign at first to move the Greek genetic chart closer to it’s center if you catch my drift?

        29. Yes James as men we must teach our male children a proper way to approach a woman. Be straight-forward and direct and pleasant. If she “rejects” you move on…even if that rejection is snobbish. Some men were a little creepy but many of the approaches were pleasant. Thing is the male nature is to approach a woman…some women do approach men. But unless you are a wealthy, powerful, famous, or a good looking guy in a mugshot then you have to approach women most of the time. However women who approach certain types of men I do not feel bad about because they weed themselves out as worthy of YOU as a man in terms of a long term relationship…by the very choices they make.
          If you stand for something and live your life fully and approach your potential meeting the right woman will not be a “burden” to you. As you build yourself up then its your job is to weed them out. There are decent women out there but its becoming a rare thing these days especially in Materialistic driven consumer/corporate western society.

        30. The time is coming, perhaps soon here, where our sons will know game but be unable to utilize it on the street without a false accusation. Or harassment charge.
          When that happens, women will beg for men’s attention, but get either the dick, or nothing. One of the biggest complaints, albeit drowned out by feministic moaning on DV and other “reasons,” is that men don’t give affection or communicate in a relationship.
          My eight year old already told me two summer visitations in a row “I’m never getting married!” It is not because of my actions, at least not yet.
          What will they do when men only give sex, but no commitment, and not children; then marry foreign or not at all?

        31. Yet you are telling me that in both cases, there was no “blending” between Turkish men, and Greek women by consent or force during that time?

          Yes, and there were blending between Greek man and Turkish woman as well, as I said Janissary.
          But Turks among themselves are very diverse. Western part of Turkey, people look more European than inside of Turkey.
          Look up Turkish series, like Muhteşem Yüzyıl, actors, especially women look very European, some of them probably have very large percentage of white genes.

          There is no way I can believe that Turkish blood did not have free reign at first to move the Greek genetic chart closer to it’s center if you catch my drift?

          I catch your drift, but you can more or less make clear distinction who is white Caucasian or non-white Caucasian.

        32. You explain that very well.

          and another who says they are not because their women got raped by invaders thousands of years ago.

          Only genetic chart can show how much is somebody mixed or not or very little.
          If some of Spaniards are mixed, it is very negligible. You can cleary see phenotypically difference between white and someone mixed.

          And the fact that people are a little blended is often used as a reason for dismissing race altogether and putting one’s opponent on the defensive but making him want to dispute that.

          Those are leftards and libtards. Saying that race is a social construct and that race does not exist is like saying that White swan (Cygnus olor) and Black swan (Cygnus atratus) does not exist.
          Leftards and libtards have problem and conflict with reality.

        33. A little historical perspective is needed. Google Thomas Nast’s cartoons of the Irish. The old time KKK considered Italians, Greeks, Latinos, Jews and Slavs as only slightly above blacks, if even that. For many centuries Protestants of NW European heritage were considered the only white groups worthy of the name. In 1960, at age nine my classmate, a girl of Swedish extraction proudly exclaimed that her parents would not vote for JFK because he was a Catholic.

        34. Yes I agree, marriage rates are reducing and divorces are rising. I agree the articles seem hypocritical, one week they question the current state of chivalry and males with low confidence the next they question when a man approaches them. They say that they don’t want to be bothered in public and even in clubs where people usually go to meet each other. A friend also brought up the “economics” of dating, supply and demand. In certain regions of this country I have experienced an easier time with ladies usually them approaching me! Certain areas where there is an abundance of women, or where I would be considered “different” than the usual man in that particular region. So this is another point to this conversation. However because I know about rejection and snobbishness being shown my way I do my best to be cordial, the few times a woman has approached me and they did not appeal to me. I was grateful, humble, and straightforward and honest with them…sometimes even going on the “date” because I commend them for the approach. Certain things that many women do not do for us.

        35. Dont sell me this crypto-Jew Tim Weasel speak where he is trying to prove that race is a social construct because it is not.

          Thomas Nast’s cartoons of the Irish

          Making fun of Irish was more related to religion conflict than race because Irish people belong to white race.

          The old time KKK considered Italians, Greeks, Latinos, Jews and Slavs as only slightly above blacks, if even that

          This was related mostly to English sense of superiority above others, be it white of different ethnicity, negroid or mongoloid.
          Japanese look down upon Koreans and Chinese, still, they all belong to mongoloid race.

          In 1960, at age nine my classmate, a girl of Swedish extraction proudly exclaimed that her parents would not vote for JFK because he was a Catholic.

          And, what this proves? That Catholics are not white? Swedes are Protestants, this is related to religious views, not racial.

        36. Well, they could refer to the Mexican dialect of Spanish, as opposed to say, the Puerto Rican dialect.

    1. I find it interesting that they don’t like the word ‘mankind’. Do they mean to say that women are not the same kind of being as man?

    2. Yep, that’s true of all contemporary languages of Latin origin (Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian). Every noun is either male or female. Probably true of many other languages too, though I’m not familiar with them.

    3. Not a chance. I speak french, I live in Montréal and the fact they speak french do not improve them at all, it’s worst 🙂
      In French, ‘ils’ is the third person plural and is masculine event when their is only one men in the group. Otherwise, if it is a group of only woman ( or Womyn 🙂 ) it would be ‘ elles’. This makes them explode, you guest right.
      Long ago, I’ve slept whit a feminist who is at the point of the grammatical change, a big name. She wanted to change the ‘ils’ into ‘ iles’ if their is woman into the group and of corse ‘elles’ if their is the same number of men and woman, of course…
      Feminism is a sickness the exist in all languages

  5. English is not gendered at all. So many languages have words that are masculine and feminine

    1. What about words like:
      Actor, Actress
      Count, Countess
      Host, Hostess,
      God, Goddess,
      Executor, Executrix

        1. Well, the Cameljockey’s original premise was that English doesn’t use gendered words, so I gave clear examples of ones commonly used in English (excluding Executrix, which is primarily used in Last Wills and Testaments).

      1. “Executrix”? LOL
        Is anyone surprised?
        English, like Portuguese, Espanol, Italiano, and Frances all derive from Latin, and Greek.
        That is why their words are what they are. They all do it, because their linguistic ancestors all did it.
        I am going to assume anyone who cannot comprehend that, will also not comprehend that feminists really don’t actually care about the language. They are bitter, incensed, males-of-all-ages-hating harpies who only want all of the days in men’s lives to hurt.
        That is how this sort of hatred works. It continually burns itself, and therefore it’s host(s) until either the host(s), their intended victim(s), or both are burned out of fuel, or it gets a new source of more burning hatred. Then it dies.

  6. “womyn” is fringe, but the same stupidity is used to officially ban words like “mailman” or even “fisherman”, the result is more like dehumanization than advancement of women

    1. I believe earlier in 2013 “penmanship” was banned and replaced with “handwriting” (among other words, as you mentioned)
      It was a bill that took six years.
      Six. Years.

      1. That must have been the greatest FU handed to the patriarchy ever. Wonder if the post word celebration included drinking man’s tears during the obvious wild lesbian orgies. Like a feminist Bacchanal.

  7. God knows there’s nothing more important to be mad about. Let’s all get angry about the spelling of words!

    1. Oh yes, belittle this argument. Countless tomes at institutions of higher learning have been penned on this topic in favor of more female centric spellings. But a blog post pointing out the silliness of such practice? A step too far?
      Oh and no one here is “angry”. Is that some kind of gender slur?

      1. Oh, not that it isn’t relevant or fascinating to delve into…I have just never felt oppressed by the words “penmanship” or “mankind,” haha. It’s interesting to mull over.

    2. Classic Twitter baiting nonsense. Say something in 300 characters or less that has nothing to do with the points you are against, and wait for manginas and feminist to upvote you for emotional support.

    3. I’m sorry, I can barely speak feminist as it is. When your language is on it’s period, it is not even legible.
      Sorry. Please pick up your blood trail on the way out. It is not that I don’t care, it is just a health hazard. Umkay sweetie?

  8. Below is a link to a video of the “Evil Patriarchy” in action.
    The “evil” Mr. Rogers is petitioning to the courts that he needs 23 million dollars to get his show Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood off the ground. His current grant was 6000$ and he said that it simply was not enough to have any kind of real impact.
    The court asks him to justify why his show deserves that kind of money. Through an impassioned speech, appealing to the idea that television offers nothing of real value to the minds of children, he manages to move the crowd and somehow score the 23 million$ to produce his show. He fought for what he believed to be the betterment of the future for everybody, without claiming to be a part of any victim class.
    The red-pill irony in my opinion… is that despite Mr. Rogers being a “good man”… no woman would wanna fuck this guy…

    1. I don’t know. Don Knotts portrayed the beta buffoon “Barny Fife” yet had a rep as a lady killer offstage.

      1. I get the impression that those were different times. There was still some traditionalism and gender roles… and standards. I’d be willing to bet that even a “beta-male” from those times was masculine compared to the average woman… A bit of beta back then made a man charming… whereas now it makes you a loser.
        I think Roosh is right that the modern western woman (Facebook selfies, feminist ideology, and all) is mostly interested in being entertained by clown men rather than walking hand-in-hand with hard working dreamers and idealists interested in long-term value.
        Who knows maybe you’re right though… maybe Mr. Rogers could be a lady-killer. There is certainly a difference between rakish appeal, and the appeal of the smouldering romantic. He’s got the comforting aura but I get the impression that he’d just be considered as “creepy” in the modern dating context…

        1. It’s true back in the 60s mild-mannered men were given respect for simply acting out traditional male roles.

        2. I dunno, Roosh is kind of a clown, and his pick up videos don’t show him having much success.

      1. I know more about women than you do. How many have you seduced? How many have you fucked?
        I know exactly what makes women tick. I know how to take a woman who thinks she wants only her husband and have her sucking my cock like a good little slut.
        I understand women.
        Do you know yourself? I am 100% sure you do not.
        Go fuck Mr. Rogers or whatever emasculated modern-day simulacrum you can find.
        One good alpha male will have you cheating on beta boy in an hour — and thinking of ways to lie about it so you can keep the affair going.
        I know what you want. You don’t.
        You don’t know jack shit about women. Which is why this whole thread is making you upset.

        1. And I’m sure you believe every word of that steaming pile of shit you just regurgitated.

        2. Intellectual consistency really isn’t what I’m going for. I just like insulting you guys, its fun.

  9. From the dust man came but his form was lifeless. Then came the multi trillion gigavolt supercharge to jump start or if you will ‘put the breath of life’ into the assembled train of DNA molecules. At death the body loses an ounce of mass. The raw equivalent of the energy contained in a Hiroshima bomb. Therefore life energy is of a higher order than raw atomic energy. More like L=mc(cubed). The lower male rib contains stem cells and is the only part of the body that if severed will grow back like a chameleons tail. Woman came FROM the rib. To surrender to woman would be like man surrendering and being ruled by a machine or computer that he creates. We must get back control of our women if we are to survive as a species. Our demise will be quick and total if we fall under the dominatrix whip. Sure there would be many other crawling, flapping, swimming creatures that would fill our void and nest in our petrified remains, but we won’t go there. We GET CONTROL OF OUR BITCHES.

  10. Well etymology, but now those “words” have a clear gender/sex. We should not use the word “man” or “hombre” as neutral.
    If we see philosophical texts like the Bible, a woman is derived from Adam’s rib, and if we see in nature, the male is the dominant sex, if we see at biology we see that women has too many characteristics derived from men through homology. If we see human social behavior we wee that men is the one who builds, creates, protects, etc, while women follow men and demand from men privileges.
    Patriarchy as something against women is a myth but “patriarchal” and patrilineal is not. It is our nature.
    In spanish many times they use the word “varon”, instead of hombre(man). It is a way to invalidate the association of man = masculinity, to include women in it, so women can see themselves as men.
    manosphere should be multilingual, at least English speakers have sites like this. Other men in other cultures, are too indoctrinated / naive.

  11. the point of a differential spelling for woman isn’t just about the idea that origin of the term derives from man. Its also about destroying the ‘binary’ of man/woman. Partly that’s because that binary is supposed to represent oppressor / oppressed, but also because where men and women are seen as opposites (e.g. within Gayle Rubin’s sex / gender system) they will also be seen as having opposite attributes. The wimmins don’t like having the opposite attributes to men, as they think men have all the good attributes, and they want those attributes for themselves. Womyn etc is designed to show that the female of the species has no necessary relationship to the male, and that any kind of binary is simply maintains ‘gender stereotypes’. Making men and women into simple binary opposites may well be something of a distortion, but it is at worst a distortion of actual sexual dimorphism something feminists simply cannot or rather will not get their heads around.

  12. The other one commonly misunderstood is the word history. It does not mean his story, rendering the often used “herstory” meaningless. It comes from the Greek word historia, meaning to know by inquiry

    1. As the feminists get their way, the birth rate continues to drop to unsustainable levels. A dwindling population needs immigration to sustain their economy. Thus in Europe the muslims move in and, due to their intensely Patriarchal beliefs, out reproduce the feminist culture. The great irony is that the SJWs vehemently protect the muslims, despite the fact the muslims are openly hostile towards the SJWs, whom they call “kafir.” Result: In 200 years the descendants of the SJWs will be speaking Arabic, saying “peace be upon him” more times than they imagine, and longing for the days of the “Christian Right.”

      1. Degrade male authority and the society fails. Typically it’s at the point of failure though that male authority and gender roles come roaring back with a vengeance.
        The 1930’s saw huge strides “forward” in women’s rights. The post war years saw a massive snap-back to gender roles.
        Just watch.. We’re in snap back mode now.
        It’s not just women’s roles that will change though. It’s men’s too.
        Both genders have drifted towards the center and society has grown weak.
        What comes next is going to make the feminists’ heads spin.

  13. So if I have a daughter, I’ll have to change my last name from Manson to Personson in order to not scar her for life?
    How is my mom not a total wreck from being Mrs. Manson?

    1. Oh no no… they won’t like that at all…. You’ll have to change it from Manson to Persondaughter. Otherwise they’ll think you wanted a son and well… patriarchy.

    2. She most certainly is, because reasons, don’t question. Your feminist overlordesses have assured us fro on high their most holy sacred femme lesbo tower that they have truly spent decades researching the truth.
      By the goddess, I command thee to be silent, and accept. Or just go have a beer and tell them to fuck off. THen enjoy harassing them like Al Bundy.

    3. Make sure you raise your children as “gender neutral” just to really fuck them up.

  14. Oh the concerns of the warm and well-fed White American female.
    Once the lights go out this shit evaporates.

    1. I had a similar thought. One very good reason they carry on like children is they have it very good, and they know it. Hell just watch them lose their shit when they misplace their cell phone.

  15. Who gives a fuck?
    “Women” and “woman” should become “submen” and “subman.”

  16. Why even explain yourself, it only ‘legitimises’ their (feminists) silly notions. Feminists and their ‘theories’ should be ignored, as an adult would ignore a child making faces to be noticed. Never feel the need to explain yourself to a feminist, because you aren’t dealing with a rational human being who understands the necessary division of labour between the sexes and how it maximised human survival. You are dealing with a person with an acute psychological disorder whom society has given credence to, the same way Slavs gave credence to lunatics such as Lenin and Stalin.

      1. The only superiority complex here are the fundamental precepts of feminism. Feminism is ultimately a gender-supremacy movement. It would strip men of due process, freedom of speech and fundamental rights. It seeks to turn men into a servile class (and has largely already done so in terms of taxation and social spending). Feminism preaches “equality” but seeks special consideration at every turn.
        It’s fundamentally dangerous to free society and democracy.
        You’re the one with a superiority complex showing, darling.

        1. Do not bother responding to her. Like most women she will only attempt to derail solid arguments, and not actually explain anything herself.

        2. True. Ob, you trying to explain to her/him/hermaphrodite anything is merely slapping her ideological freight train with straw to stop it. You, being rational, are on the side of the rails begging this idiot to come down from the tracks before the train arrives. Her, thinking she is secure in her imaginary ropes, feels tied to it.
          Let her have it. There is no use, and you only get arrested trying to force her away from her “Free will/choice.”
          Besides, trying to convince her you are a human being, is like a Jew in Auschwitz telling the SS officer the same thing as his lackey hands them a bar of soap, and says “Hed tu da showa Juden!”
          They cannot be reasoned with while their fearless leader sends his spittle all over the German university pub walls, any more than it can be later on when he is hanging himself in his sieged bunker.
          For this is what feminism is, the ideological love child culminated from the threesome of Mao’s, Stalin’s, and Hitler’s intellects.
          Simon de Beauvoir was a Nazi propagandist, who supposedly slept with (lesbian style) pre-teen girls, then handed them off to her lover Sartre once they were fifteen. She is hailed as one of their best thinkers.
          Sanger wanted minorities to all have abortions, and sympathized with Hitler’s point of view until the truth came out. Now her Planned Parenthoods are by every single one of their neighborhoods, and black women love them.

      2. He is one of the best and most articulate ones on this site. Without much to back it up you say? I must have missed how cultural marxist feminism is making the word such a better place. No, he is bulls eye accurate and his style is take no prisoners which obviously makes you very uncomfortable.

    1. Yeah, but men did the easy part.
      Slapping a woman doesn’t get your point across any better.

      1. Men do the easy part? Women can’t even care for themselves when they are gigantic and vulnerable. And who would even want to, with their insane emotions? Thanks to men women are able to carry on their duty and bring forth his sons.

  17. I once got stung by Portuguese-perso o’ war. Well, it wasn’t so much Portuguese, it was a non specific nationality. And well. I didn’t really get stung, I just got corrected.. Well, actually, it made me aware that my being in the water so close to it was really making it uncomfortable, and well, it suggested that my being offended at that notion was due to my privilege. Then, it handed me a piece of paper inviting me to a meeting that night, about how divers need to learn to not harass sea life by existing. Anyone know how to kill one of these fuckn things?

  18. Mildly interesting debate.
    Like the one about why males usually refer to their cars, ships, or planes as a “she”?
    Anyone has an idea?

    1. Various answers abound on the Internet, some ranging from English etymology to placating goddesses to these rather nicer ones:
      – Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal (1394-1460): “like a woman, they take much powder and paint to keep them looking good”.
      – “”Like a woman, a ship is unpredictable.”
      – “any seafarer would look at the ship as his mother (because the ship
      rocks him to sleep), and lover/spouse (because the ship will take good
      care of him as long as he takes good care of the ship).”
      – “Most Ships Will Devour The Biggest Of Bank Accounts, Just Like A Wife.”

    2. Because they’re expensive, require regular maintenance, and need continual guidance to be useful?

    1. Except when bound by law. Then it becomes enforceable civility. Punishable by jail, assault, loss of rights, and imprisonment. So, words have already been given power. Just a matter of whether that power is executed.

      1. It need not be bound by law, either.
        Consider the words: “accused of rape”.
        These three words will destroy a man’s life, whether or not he actually committed that crime and whether or not he ever is given the opportunity to defend himself in a court. Indeed many women know full well the immense power such words have, and have known their power since the days of William Blackstone.

  19. Tom, this is a great piece — but you left out one of the more hilarious etymological descendants of the words above:
    As you said the prefix “wer-” described the male gender. (This survives today only in the term “werewolf” btw. Literally “man wolf”).
    The prefix “wif-” was given to the female gender.
    This survives today of course as “wife”. But more humorously — it survives today as a lesser known term “Whiffler”
    What’s a “whiffler”, you ask?
    It has two meanings:
    [1] a person who frequently shifts opinions, attitudes, interests, etc.
    [2] a person who is vacillating or evasive in an argument.
    Ha! And there you have it. Women have been women for a very, very long time.

  20. Feminists, like all extremists, seek division and disunity. Division of purpose, division of self, division of morality from day to day life, division of meaning from words…
    Feminism is not healthy. Feminism is a poison to the female mind and a cancer to the spirit of mankind.

  21. Lolz if women don’t like the “men” in their name, may I suggest calling them “it” (singular) or “them” (plural).

  22. I’d love for these sluts to have to survive without men for one month. Just don’t use a man for anything. 99%of these women would starve to death or be killed by a wild animal. Patriarchy was created to protect women form themselves. I say let them destroy it and get the popcorn ready

  23. Excellent post; I love Anglo-Saxon and it was a nice surprise to see the Dream of the Rood here.
    Another of my etymological favourites is “vagina.” Many womynists speak as though this word were empowering to them and intimidating to men. They repeatedly use it in “The Vagina Monologues,” like a mantra that gives them special lady powers.
    It is a Latin word, meaning “sheath or scabbard.”

  24. Excellent article, Tom! I’ve always had the feeling that this was a non-issue, and now I know why. Thanks.

  25. For the love of God and for the sake or originality, please do not ‘imitate’ someone else. The superficiality will seethe through and other men who are really psychopaths by nature will expose you to prove a point. Now, I can understand what the author is trying to convey, and I appreciate it. However, the option in being a beta provider/enabler or asshole was until recently a false dichotomy. In antiquity, hell not even that long ago, say about 40-50 years ago, a man could have a backbone in his household, love his wife, his children and still possess the proper masculine leadership to discipline them.
    However, even this these days is seen as being an asshole, so the modern western man, has to either retain his bachelourhood while bastardising his children outside of marriage or be lesser man inside the new legal confines of marriage. I can see how being a complete asshole is attractive under these social circumstances. With that said, the sociopath/psychopath is anti-civilisation, as much as those feminists we loathe. In the current climate, I really have become apathetic to what I hear around me, just because as modern men, until things change drastically, we have no moral stake in America or the West.

  26. In Icelandic (aka Old Norse which is alive and well in Iceland) the word “man” (maðr) just means “human” and always has. Let “womyn” denounce “man” and forswear their own humanity as much as they like.

  27. Notice how the feminists were offended by the female suffixes on English words like “huntress” and “poetess” and such because they specified gender so they bullied academic wimps into dropping them. Then, since feminists wanted to show that females were just as accomplished as men they had to use awkward phrases like “women priests” and “women poets” in place of the words they banned that meant exactly the same things. Also note that feminists never banned “goddess”, “queen”, or “princess”.

  28. Tens of thousands of women marched through the streets in recent decades shouting, ‘We will not be dictated to,’ and went off and became stenographers.

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