The Moment I Saw Women For What They Really Are

All systems were “go” when I was in my twenties. I had an exemplary education, a fit body, a well-paying career, a pretty girlfriend, and most importantly, many solid ambitions, which included finding “the one.”

I considered myself to be a regular guy in many ways, and was quite happy to do what humans do, without thinking too much about it. I had always assumed that a soul mate could (and should) be found, and that love was real, and that a mutually beneficial and supportive partnership was the end goal. I had assumed that any lover, girlfriend, fiance, or wife that you risked bringing into you home and life was, in fact, a loyal and devoted ally, or at least strove to be. How wonderful it must be to have a trusted partner in crime—a loving manager in your corner—someone with whom you can actually share your innermost hopes, dreams, fears, and weakness with—someone who has your back no matter what.

My first glimpse that something might be disturbingly amiss with my programming happened on my 30th birthday.

My 30th Birthday

The day before, my beautiful and always-wonderful girlfriend asked me what I wished to do for my big day. We were tight, comfortable souls and always had a great time together no matter what we were doing. I felt like she could read my mind and that she enjoyed my quirks and virtues alike. Life was pretty good, and my request was simple. I told her that all I wanted was for her to come over and have a sweet and relaxing time with me, and that we’d have diner at my place, drink some wine, watch a movie, and cuddle. I added that I really wanted her to give me a back and shoulder massage, because I love receiving back and shoulder massages. And she thought that all sounded wonderful. It was set to be an evening of simple, divine perfection.

But early into the next day (my birthday), we touched base and she informed me of a change in plans. She had run into my neighbor (a fat, disgusting, hairy Afghan woman with whom I have nothing in common and no desire for any kind of association) earlier in the day. And though this woman and my girlfriend were mere acquaintances at best, and though my girlfriend confessed to having no interest in developing a friendship with her, she somehow felt it necessary to oblige her intrusion into my special day. Upon hearing that it was my birthday, my unpleasant neighbor, for whatever reason (possibly as a means to bond with my girlfriend), insisted on having a little party for me at her place, complete with diner, cake, and candles. When this was explained to me, I of course wanted no part of it, and said so.

With a sneer that I just couldn’t hide, I made it known that I didn’t want to go to that party and that it was my birthday and that I should be able to do what I wanted to do. My girlfriend, however, was not pleased by my objections and she argued many irrelevant reasons why I needed to go. In an instant, things turned icy between us, and a minute later I was forced to acquiesce to our new plan, because I still wanted to get laid that night.

So I put on a happy face and we attended the little party, but my girlfriend could sense that my glum heart wasn’t into it, and afterward, we had a fight about it. Needless to say, I did not get my back massage, nor did I get laid.

I steamed silently for a few days after that fiasco, and she never once apologized for how things turned out. The whole situation, though very minor in the grand scheme, seemed deeply wrong to me. I wondered how any trusted ally of mine would so quickly sacrifice my special day for such trivial concerns. It struck me as a form of betrayal. And so for the first time in my life, I witnessed a ripply distortion in the Matrix. Evidence of an alternate reality had appeared and something did not add up.

The First Time I Had Anal Sex

It was a few naive years and similar disappointments later, and I was dating a fiery fit sex-pot with the best ass any of my twenty buddies had ever seen. Whether we had a future or not remained uncertain, but we certainly enjoyed our time together for many months until I blew my back out.

After 10 years of 405-pound deadlifts, a disk spontaneously decided to protrude something fierce and compress my S1 nerve root like a motherfucker. As a result, I was double dosing my prescription Vicodin and chasing each one with vodka. I was still in such pain that I could barely roll over or crawl to the toilet. It was a very bad two days, spent mostly on the floor.

My girlfriend nevertheless wanted to come over even though I vehemently explained to her that I’d be completely useless. But she insisted, and said that we’d have a mellow evening enjoying my booze and opiates, and that she’d give me a back rub. Oh yes! And it was nice enough, before it turned ugly.

It was in the early morning hours and when I was at my weakest that she spontaneously turned on me, and hard. She wanted to have sex but I was simply not in the mood and she ripped me for it. I told her that I was in so much pain that I should probably be checked into the hospital, but she was not having it. She wanted dick and she wanted it now. It was a test. It was too bad though, for both of us, that eight Vicodins, a bottle of Russian Standard, severe pain, and the normal fatigue of the wee-AM hours combined to make me utterly disinterested.

I told her that I all I wanted to do was to go to sleep (no, that I needed to sleep!) and she chastised me hard. I could not believe that she was being so difficult. She proceeded to taunt my strength, my manhood, and my character before demanding that I put my dick into her ass that instant.

Of course I tried, and did, but it was all much less than vigorous or enjoyable. My head was spinning, my cheeks were flush, my dick was half-soft, and my back, buttocks, and pelvis felt like they were filled with loose razor blades during every tentative trust. And as that disaster finally fizzled out most ingloriously, she bitched me out with more venom that I ever thought possible. And then I got angry.

I could not believe that she was pulling this shit. In my single moment of need that decade, she simply could not behave for six hours and support me. She could not take a back seat, in even the smallest way, to my very real needs. What in the hell was wrong with this insane cunt? And then it occurred to me that I had brought a stealth predator into my sanctuary, and when I was most vulnerable to boot. She was not my ally and not my friend, and certainly not when my needs diverged from her most frivolous whims. I felt abandoned and sad, but mostly angry. How dare she pull this shit! But she did dare, and it only made my most miserable night that much worse. I could have strangled her.

As I clenched my teeth and gathered all of my remaining strength to simply sit up in bed to yell at her at 3:30 AM while she was heading out the door, something changed inside of me.

A New Awareness

For the first time, I was able to fully compile a decade’s worth of separate but perplexing distortions in my reality to see that the Matrix existed. I saw the shadows on the wall for the illusions that they were, and as a result, many of my prior romantic aspirations instantly dissolved.

My true epiphany was that all humans are individuals first and foremost, and competitors, and the tool that women most use to compete is deception—they make you believe that they support you. But they never truly do. Their ulterior motives are 100-percent selfish and at any time or place, even your most dire needs can be set aside for little or no reason. So what sense does it make to give them the keys to your innermost sanctum? My foolish optimism was transformed into a healthy mistrust, and I moved forward, a bit heart-broken, yet surprisingly satisfied and even humored by finally knowing the rules of the “real” reality.

Now I laugh about all of this unnecessary strife, and take a certain sick joy in knowing that it’s unwise to ever fully relax in a woman’s presence or expect that she unquestionably has your back. It has liberated me from so many burdensome concerns, and for that I am grateful. You just can never fully trust what women are thinking or might do, and you should plan accordingly. And a bit of unease is always prudent when you know that a vampire is watching you sleep.

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351 thoughts on “The Moment I Saw Women For What They Really Are”

  1. After you were forced into anal sex you should have called the cops. That’s rape right..?

    1. Ha, yeah, I suppose it was. It was surely some form of abuse, like telling a homeless bum that you’ll give him a $100 bill if he can do 40 push ups and then laughing at him when he struggles hard and fails to get 10.

    2. The happiness in life is dependent on when you receive it.
      Getting to fuck a hot female ass when you’re down with a back problem is torture, not happiness. And the torture ensues when your back is fine and she refuses to give you her ass to fuck. I have been in similar situations as the author, sometimes you get the pussy when you don’t or can’t fuck it, and you don’t get the pussy when you want to fuck it. Thus it’s true, women are the gatekeepers of sex.

      1. This is the belief of the man with no significant wealth. I assure you, when you have a decent amount of coin, top shelf pussy is an hour away and in whatever flavors you are looking for.

        1. I don’t believe you. Does a man with money equal man getting enough top class top shelf sex?

    3. If he had gotten sloppy due to backpain and missed and exchanged holes, she’d probably have gotten what she deserved.

  2. We live in a real Matrix with women. We usually think that they are with us because they love us, they are kind creatures and blablabla (blue pill), but they only want resources, wealthy. One day this has gone, she goes with it. They are interested creatures, no matter what is, if she is interested in you or men, it is just because she will take advantage of it.
    When we are young, we still asleep in Matrix (blue pill), and when we live situation like this article, some men wake up and left women’s Matrix and other will be asleep (marriages, relationship..).
    Men, remain illuminated!.

    1. all of this is true and i have also experienced the exact same problems as Fry…. however… it is possible to break a woman in…. you can tame her and bend her to your will……
      A horse does not want you to ride it, and it will try to throw you off, but if you show it who is the boss, it can become a trusty mare…. you have to break her spirit, and make her your own…. it’s not a pleasant business and it makes you lose the ‘awe’ you have for women, but you can end up with a trusty bitch… it can be done.

        1. The fact that you’re asking it that way means you aren’t ready yet. Ask Player Supreme……he’s had women that needed therapy after he cheated on them and dumped them.

        2. you are asking the wrong question…
          first you have to realize what the end result will be…
          you end up being responsible for this girl for the rest of your life…. are you prepared to take on that kind of commitment… she’s going to be a relatively useless female that looks to you for money, entertainment, family and etc. we’re talking old school dynamics here…..
          you have to live with her, support her, most likely have kids with her… it’s a huge (and kind of optional/unnecessary undertaking.)
          if you create a situation where she looks to you, then you need the time and resources to keep her happy, and let’s face it a lot of what keeps women happy makes your average red blooded male want to dry wretch….

        3. Intermittently and unexpectedly treat her like shit. Keep her in a state of uneasiness. Works every time. It’s ugly, but nobody said taking the redpill was easy or pretty.

        4. fuck that, I”ll stick to club sluts…they ain’t classy, but still a better deal than commitment

      1. Well put with the horse analogy. Whlie it is dangerous, the rewards can be pretty great.

    2. No….women don’t only want resources. Otherwise why would they sleep with drug using, tattooed losers who are unemployed members of a “band”?
      It’s more complicated than that. That was obvious to me even as an omega teenager.

      1. You are right. It is not just resources factor, but I refered women in LTR with blue pills men.
        Perhaps, they sleep with that kind of men because those play with theirs emotions instead of blue pill men do.

        1. Those men are just a lot more exciting than blue pill nerds. And yes, they are willing to entertain her by playing with her emotions. Women need to be emotionally entertained. If you don’t do it, she will find someone who will.

  3. What is the lesson to be learned from the birthday story?
    Answer: Maintain your frame. Always. He caved to her demands so that he would get laid that night. But did he get laid that night? No. I would be willing to bet that if he had made other plans that night to go out with the boys the shit-testing girlfriend would have been a guaranteed late night or early morning lay. Always maintain your frame. No exceptions.

    1. maintain frame and don’t involve the bitch in validating your plans… never ask her what she wants, never let her take control of organizing things for you, she follows your instructions… period…. you have to think of her as an employee…. since all women rely on men for their resources in one way or another… you are the CEO and she is just the departmental manageress

      1. Agreed. The more input you solicit from a woman on organizing your future plans the greater her capacity to entirely screw up those plans. To steal a line from Gordon Gekko, “The most valuable commodity I know I know of is information.” With woman, if you share your thought processes with them they will invariably use those thoughts against you. Hence, don’t do it.

        1. True in every way. Women are often attracted to counselling as a profession, as this is pretty much the role they like to adopt amongst their friends and in life generally. Ethical & professional standards aside, and allowing for the fact that women love the idea of care / therapy there’s a power side to sucking up those secrets. Regular women don’t maintain confidentiality about anything, but even when they do because they have to they still feed off their bag of secrets as a source of power. Avoid confession time, or at least do so without admitting any weakness.
          There are no safe spaces.

      2. Yup, totally agree. On the birthday, gave in to the bird and still no jiggy jiggy, Happened me several times. They give you the impression you’re doing the right thing…… for them….. you are in a no win situation when you let her in charge. Call them on it every time…. good article.

        1. what’s also worth considering is not only the woman’s mechanisms, but WHY she does what she does….. mainly it’s insecurity….. if you become the best version of yourself, the billionaire with the private jets and massive corporation….. will you still be with this chick ? probably not…. she knows that…. she’s highly competitive and very sneaky about it….. so if she can undermine you and keep you on what she sees as her level…. she will never lose you….. she may bore of you and via hypergamy, replace you, because you have drifted below her level, but she doesn’t want to let you get too far ahead of her…..
          unless you either find some politician’s type wife, or a real go getter that wants to support her man through thick and thin AND she sees you succeeding…. her vested interests are in maintaining the status quo, holding you back, and or ditching you.

        2. Don’t forget “friends” A lot of men nowadays will do that. In the military superiors are known for being harsh on their best subordinates because higly effective go-getteres with a backbone make spineless desk-jockeys feel threatened.

        3. Same thing happened to me recently. Danish g/f took off early from bed on my birthday to do her martial arts grading which I was fine with me. Was bare foot bowling with a few friends, having a great time, she calls me, I cut it short as I was having fun and didn’t want to let her to just cut it when it suited her. Then she had another activity at her apartment with friends of hers in the evening which I really didn’t want to attend, but gave her space and consideration, showing I was not a selfish guy… She finally texts me at 10:30pm apologising for being so late and would I still like to come over? I’d had a few drinks by then so I thought, “Fuck you…” After a bit of text pong pong she insisted on driving over to pick me up which I finally agreed with as I really did want a bit of birthday sex (she had a killer body & knew how to use it). After I called her out on a few things we got back to her place. No sex followed, and the next morning she was in the bathroom for so long I knew she had no intention of coming back to bed (beware of women especially who spend too long in the bathroom looking at their face), so I thought “Fuck this, I’m not putting up with this shit…” and got dressed & left without saying anything. Self esteem intact. And she didn’t even text or call me to ask where I’d gone?! Now, I’ve been very successful with the ladies over the years, but it finally dawned on me that fawning to her selfish desires was the wrong thing to do. A valuable lesson learned, indeed. Now I’d been a bit of a feminist supporter in the past, but now I know better. If we can break the spell of the power of the pussy, then as men we will be much better off. But it’s not so easy…stay strong, brothers!

        4. Women lust for satan in their own preference of image, and they’re just like him.
          That’s why they really do it Ray.

        5. Spot on! I noticed this and told some friends a while back, but they didn’t get it. Life is a game of cunning. the women know if you increase your mate value you will do better. They’re not dumb for that. what you have to do is keep women as girlfriends until you get to your peak mate value and dump them for who you want. they’re doing the same thing.. By the way, I submitted two articles and was supposed to hear something in a week. 3 weeks ago. Would you know anything about that?

      3. Folks, listen to Ray. His thinking is a bit on the black and white side but his mentality is spot on:
        The “you are the CEO” mentality is one that most alpha males and successful males have in common.

      4. Great points, thanks. These kinds of reminders help keep a man on the right track and working on reversing failing thought processes from long ago.

    2. Years ago, my friend’s girlfriends idea of throwing a birthday party for him (usually at a bar) was to invite all her friends. Whether any of his friends showed up was incidental. I went to one once and couldn’t escape the impression that his special day was all about her. Also, it sucked.

    3. Well, that kind of is his point, why maintain a relationship when you cannot trust a woman to just go with the flow for a day? So much stress, and for what? He said this is about him losing the illusion that women are supportive and he is going to find a woman supportive of him. Game is fun, but life is not always about entertainment and if you cannot trust her 24/7 why put the effort into LTR?

      1. For most guys, especially in the West, dealing with women is a losing proposition in the long term. You just do what you can and make the most out of it. Keep your eyes open and your expectations low.

        1. Its sad but it is what it is. Its not that bad though. Enjoy the show. 10 years down when you have half a million in your bank and you decide to retire at 40 and travel the world or teach in brazil, you will see this bitch ODing on make up , bitchin about money , walking into whole foods , trying to find a father for her useless brat she had with a drug addicted black dude.
          Think of it as a movie. Its like the final scene in Fight Club where Ed Norton is standing in a sky scraper watching buildings and skyscrapers. Sit back , smoke a ciggarette and enjoy.
          Help out people less priviledged than you

        2. And not just any drug addicted dude, a “black” one is far more damaging, lol.

        3. No expectations, no disappointments.
          When I first heard that phrase, I didn’t really realize it applied to relationships too. And here we are.

        4. ^^ This
          The biggest asset a man can ever have in his arsenal is a powerful bank account.
          If you focus the majority of your time in the pursuit of acquiring the knowledge needed to make hefty amounts of money and then go ahead and do just that whilst ignoring the charms and manipulations of the female gender.
          You will always be the one in control and women will not be able to resist – And they all know this.
          It’s the reason why so many of them favour marriage as a futile attempt at preventing a man in becoming truly independent.

        5. I don’t see the need to bring us black men into it- this is a battle all men are fighting against western women- And these black women see bling, rims, and women getting spoiled on tv they are greedy and entitled and demanding like white and every other western woman- At this point, every man is my brother in battle so it’s time to let that shit go. I’m a black man, yes I’ve got a big dick, and no im not getting laid by white girls, or any other bitches. SO lay off the racial bullshit

        6. Stop playing the race card in your comments loser-it’s very feminine and does nothing to drive home your point at all.

        7. No. This is the point where this guy TA got called out for being a dumbass. No implication needed when his comments are that obvious. Are you implying that his comments were not biased or bigoted? Get real. It’s always funny when someone, in this case an obviously bigoted white male, opens the can of worms that is race trolling and then when someone else calls him on it, they get confronted as if they were the ones just arbitrarily bringing up race out of the clear blue. NO. It was he who broached the subject with sheer stupidity. Damn right he got called on it. Stop defending that BS

        8. You’re replying to the wrong dude. He wasn’t the one who threw it out there.

        9. relationships with western women should never be taken seriously. in fact men need to stop putting this useless cum deposits above their buddies and quality family members.

        10. Fact of the matter is, blacks act like monkeys and fuck anything. To them, white, asian, and mexican women are some kind of a trophy. So no, we’re not going to stand by as you ape-rape women outside of your race. It’s YOU doing the racial “bullshit” by not sticking to your own, tough guy. The jews have females so mind fucked that they flock to you now ONLY because you’re “black”, you create the image of satan and sex in their mind, and they have NO comprehension, use, or value for you as a person outside of that goal. None. That’s the truth you don’t want to hear, but it’s totally the truth. You’re used as a weapon against every other decent man of any other race, and as a weapon against those women in some ways, while destroying her future and anything she could have with another man later on either by her own choosing, or by your own deception to get yourself a “white wimmens” to do further damage. So don’t give me that bullshit. A negro is a negro, and they’re a tool of the jew whether they want to be or not. They don’t act like civilized men by majority, and you damn well know it as much as anyone else does. That’s why these whores go for you so much. Fact.

        11. you’re the dumbass here remner, not TA. You’re a bigoted, cultural marxist, non-white male or sympathetic white-guilt stricken mental patient of some kind. TA was telling the truth. Niggers are filth, and they should not be considered “men” when they are incapable of acting like one. Most of the problem with “women” these days is that they cannot distinguish that any more than the liberal idiots walking around still wondering what’s wrong. News flash dummies, THAT IS WHAT “BE” WRONG WIT CHU AN YUR WORL. I figured I’d try ebonics so “yall” might understand me. Jesus. This world is fucked if people think like you, remner!!!

        12. Niggers are fags when they’re not trying to “hunt white wimmens”. Don’t even get me started on how the black male community tells people they are going to “play a game of cards” and it ends up being a homo’s night out. Disgusting!

        13. Why Black men read or follow this drivel I don’t know. These White English BOYS are a buch of chumps. They are afraid of women. They are afraid of Blacks. I traveled for a year and the English boys were just such punks and ugly as hell. Whaaa girls won’t blow me that bitch wahhhh. pathetic.

    4. The biggest mistake guys make is to think that the shit testing ends once in a relationship and you can sit back and relax.
      The shit testing never ends and have to always be prepared for them.
      I’m seeing it now with the girl i’m seeing. I can see her attempts at controlling me but at the same time, aren’t caving in with my feelings and giving her a hard time in getting closer.
      If you want help with this, always remind yourself of the shit she gave you prior to fucking her and making it hard for you.
      Make it just as hard for her to get close. And even when you do, always keep an element of control of your emotions and feelings.
      I know from experience how emotionally difficult it was when I gave it all away, only to get burned. A mistake I will never do ever again.

    5. You blanket boys need to lower your expectations down to a 1-2 in order to be happy.

    6. Completely Agree, The man rules the roost , when the woman is in control both she and the man will be unhappy.

    7. Frame is 2nd. Why couldn’t he maintain frame? Lack of options. Fell into an LTR, so he lacked options, had a mentality of scarcity. If he had 4 other girls who he could call at 1:00 am, who would show up to his house at 2 am rub his back and fuck him, you think he’d lose frame? No. He’d say get loss bitch and call 2 girls up there to fuck him.

  4. The opposite of your second story.
    After an outpatient operation done three months prior, and no sexuality, not even a handjob, I’m horny and want sex.
    Get accused of being and inconsiderate asshole, and a disgusting pig for wanting sex with a woman who is just out of an operation. Never mind waking up at six, making food, doing dishes, doing laundry, driving her to work, driving her from work… get this.. driving her to and from her gym…
    Three weeks after the operation she was back in the gym, and by the second month training heavy.
    Guess my dick with two balls is heavier than a 40 pound bar with two 20 pounder plates hanging from it…
    Or the time when I had to watch my the virgin girlfirend of one year dancing to “I’m horny horny horny” with her other virgin girlfriends and shouting it loud in the bar in front of their boyfriends and other patrons.
    Still, my life is better for not popping that hymen… shotguns would enter the picture.

    1. I’ve had past women who acted like that….best way to do it is to call them out on their bullshit (be direct and polite but firm) and if they can’t handle even that criticism then boot them off your team.
      It means either they’re not that into you or they’re just self centered. After that girl I’d start testing girls and telling them things to do….and I was able to weed a few out because they were only willing to do things I needed if it was convenient for them. The girl I kept? At first I had to keep an eye on her because if I let her she’d neglect all of her own wants trying to make me happy.

      1. I read a lot of your posts. I have a couple buddies that insist on relationships and marriage. They do whatever it takes to manipulate their women into submission. I don’t get why you are so proud of this ‘accomplishment’. GhostOfJefferson is the same deal.
        Of course you can find a weak-willed woman to brainwash and control. But having guys aspire to this, is no better than to have them aspire to continually use a prostitute. You are fully controlling the situation in both examples.
        So for you married and relationship guys that are on this forum and think you’re giving great advice. You’re not. You guys are just some losers that are living vicariously through us that bang down different chicks all the time. And guess what? We don’t want to get married to submissive stepford wives, we just want to ejaculate.

        1. Great bitter rant, bro. I like how you have fully absorbed the feminist mindset, you even use their shaming technique of “Stepford Wives” and “brainwash and control”. Well done, the Cathedral has you firmly in its grasp even as you think you’re some kind of stud muffin “alpha”, heh.
          I could be wrong of course, maybe you’re just another chick posing online as a man or some butthurt guy who doesn’t have the ability to sustain a long term relationships and is a bit upset that others can. End of the day, who knows?
          Question also, why would I be envious of guys going out and banging what are little more than cum dumpsters? There’s something to envy about obtaining a modern broad? Seriously, I don’t get it.

        2. I am a “marry and relationship guy” and I see these posts as educational. Knowing how to control a woman doesn’t mean you have to do it. It is kind of like war, the best way for a country to avoid war is to be totally prepared for battle.

        3. Thank god. I thought I was the olny person here getting sick as fuck of hearing the fucking blather from GhostOfFaggerson and HellDyker.
          Im starting to wonder if they are feminist plants put here to disrupt the website.
          Guys, please dont reply or “thumbs up” their fucking lame comments anymore.

        4. You are a dumb hillbilly and everyone here is getting really sick and tired of you and HellBiker preaching about “game”, “frame” “manliness”, hearing you brag about your marriage to the farmers daughter, your studly handsome son, your guns,m your military experiences, your Christian motorcycle gangs. Jesus fucking christ.
          Cant you lame fucks find some other blog to hang out on??
          You add zero value here.
          If anyone else here agrees, “arrow up” to show these fuckers the truth.
          Maybe then they will leave us in peace.

        5. I’ll go easy since I think you’ve misinterpreted…although I think Ghost should take offense. You’re going to call an independent, red-pill, self employed millionaire a loser? really?
          I actually do not recommend guys should get married, unless you want to have kids and find a woman who PROVES that she’s made for the job. Otherwise you I recommend guys learn how to build a team/harem. While that is still a pseudo relationship, you don’t have to go through the whole seduction process every time you get laid. There’s benefits both sexual(ie, having a girls who will come over any time to do what you need and then get out) and non sexual (if you can get one with another skill like cooking or business skills like accounting).
          And don’t assume that it’s just weak women. I actually find weak willed women a turn off for the same reason that women find beta males a turnoff. What I like is one who is strong willed, but enough of a team player that I can train her. That way she’s much more of an asset in the long run.

        6. And why keep a group? The main reason is that it keeps you “in the flow”, and your natural state is that of a guy who has women. That fuels your energy and will lead to you being more attractive to women and more of a leader to men.
          If you just want to run your game Barney Stinson style, then your default is a guy who doesn’t have women. You have to swim upstream every time you want to get laid. Do you ever notice how a ton of opportunities present themselves when you’ve got a girlfriend, but when they dump you those opportunities dry up? My first paragraph describes why.
          Keep a team. That way you stay in the flow, you aren’t dependent on any one girl, and you’ll handle your game more rationally.

        7. What if there’s a shred of validity in the age-old theory that promiscuity/sex outside marriage will lead to future retribution/payment for sins? The ancients believed this and their societies were more functional and peaceful than ours. Our modern society couldn’t exist without having being formed on their stability and ethics. Is it so wise to simply dismiss ancient wisdom and disparage the ethos which our ancestors lived by? The ones whose DNA forms part of our bodies. They might be ashamed/horrified to see us participate in debauched contemporary “sexual freedom”. It’s a risk that won’t be known to have been wise or foolish until the moment of death. Successfully married men certainly have some valuable insight to offer.

    2. Damn. Gym girl should have won an award for Selfish Bitch of the Year.

  5. Stop throwing self aggrandizing parties for yourself on arbitrary days; leave that to bitches and faggots.

  6. Damn. So many men getting that red pill so late. Glad to be a 20 year old male red pill. I swallowed it when I was 17-18 yrs old. And the best part was that nothing bad happened to me. I just simply observed. Reminds me of this quote by Otto Von Bismark
    “Fools learn from their own mistakes The wise man learns from the mistakes of others”
    People like to tell you how things are or should be but then they turn around and do something else. I noticed that and said screw it.
    I’m sure there are a lot of men out there that wish they could send some red pills to their younger self

    1. haha you got that right … I would notice “glitches” in the Matrix every now and then, but I just dutifully ignored them like a good little blue pill beta … and even though it was incredibly painful and traumatic for me, I am now very thankful I experienced a “midlife crisis” at age 36 which eventually led to my red pill awakening …

      1. QUOTE: “I would notice “glitches” in the Matrix every now and then, but I just dutifully ignored them like a good little blue pill beta … ”
        Thats how it was for me. The unpluging didn’t happen over night because this was way before the manosphere. It took a few years, and then eventually my red pill perspective was confirmed when the net came along. Today young guys can get their proper dosage of the red pill quicker and with much more impact so there is no, or at the least very little unplugging-plugging back in-unplugging again until one finally unplugs for good.

        1. It is a long process for most men. I plugged back into the matrix several times before I finally unplugged for good. Life long social conditioning, i.e. brainwashing, is hard to undo. It takes a lot of time.

        2. I think the older you are and thus the more time you have spent in the Matrix, the longer it takes … for me, it took almost two years …

        3. I have had similar experience with a lot of guys here. Dated lots of women in my 20s, was basically totally blue pill for most of the decade. Started waking up in my late 20s. Began experimenting with red pill concepts, only to find out that they work EXTREMELY CONSISTENTLY EVERY TIME!!!! Its hard for a rational man to ignore this type of consistency in behavioral outcomes. Went through the stages of bitterness, anger, etc. Came out the other side a completely changed man with a completely different outlook on life and women. I now feel much more in control of my life.

    2. Man this shit wasn’t even talked about 10 years ago when I was 20. There has been an awakening, a form of enlightenment if you will. For the most part us guys who were born in the early 80s were being set up to be slaves. I’m forever indebted to the red pill.

      1. Hello, exactly!
        Previously the red pill truths were FAR outweighed by societal norms & expectations, blue-pill portrayals in media, and poor advice from friends & family.
        It didn’t give credibility to or validate red pill truths but seeing the raw truth exposed finally by listening to and reading about the painful stories other men have really leaves an impression.

        1. and I know I say this often but it just makes me feel sad, yet grateful when I read about said painful stories. It also really puts things into perspective-it doesn’t seem like life is so horrible when the worst that happened to me because of a woman was ending up in the high school/college office behind false harassment accusations (non-sexual the first time, in high school), but I’m reading the stories of men throughout the manosphere who came home to their doting wives doing another man, divorcing them, taking their kids, stealing their money through court…

      2. It’s because the gender dysfunction has become so obvious and widespread, it is impossible for average men to ignore now.
        Many of us were brought up in the 90s, arguable the most dysfunctional time in recent history. Feminism conquered the social agenda. The show “Friends” was all over television and seeped into the popular culture. My God, watch an episode of “Friends” and you’ll see why younger men are so fucked up and clueless about women. It puts out the most beta blueprint for behavior possible. Many people get their behavioral cues from TV.

        1. QFT
          And on the other side, we had Home Improvement, where Tim Allen single handedly set the modern role of “husband/man is the biggest, stupidest animal on the planet and must be controlled by not only his wife, but his children as well….ho ho ho ho”. One hopes that he’s alone and bitter in his wealth today from having played such a leading role in the emasculation of men.
          The 90’s was a huge cultural push, as you mention, it was palpable. I suspect it actually helped directly fuel the first “pick up artist” type sites in the early 21st century.

        2. The only counter to this cultural nonsense was the show “Seinfeld.” Seinfeld is littered with red-pill truths disguised as humor. I didn’t understand them at the time, but I do now. I can go and on about the dozens of red-pill examples in Seinfeld, particularly how Jerry has a new girlfriend every week, and when he dumps them he is unmoved by it all. Or when Meelosh the tennis pro offers up his wife to Jerry in exchange for his silence about being horrible at tennis. Or when George gets involved with two women at once and neither one will break up with him. The examples are endless. The lessons were just never taken seriously because it was a comedy show. Young guys should watch Seinfeld. It is full of great wisdom.

        3. Never got into Friends but to this day still love Seinfeld. What a great show. Some of my fondest memories go back to the 90s. Too young to recognize what was going on around me.

        4. The 90s – I left the country a nobody and came back in 1996 a terrorist for believing in God, an extremist for owning a gun, a racists just for being white, and a rapist just for being a man. I was away when “they” did their work. I don’t really know what I came back to. This happened when my generation came of age. We deserve everything we get for this, and you kids today have every right not to want to pay a dime for our retirements.

        5. I can proudly say I never watched an episode of that pap. Also don’t forget “Sex In The City”. Appalling, vacuous rubbish that gives a true insight into the female psyche. Watch it sometime if you haven’t just to get of feel for how shallow women can be. Then they get to 40, single and past their prime, yet still think their pussy rules…go figure…

        6. “Then they get to 40, single and past their prime, yet still think their pussy rules”
          I’ve come to the conclusion that considering the long term, it’s much better to be born an average looking man, than a pretty woman. Pretty women at most have a window of 10-15 years where they have desirability. Women older than 30 rapidly lose their value to men who are considered a “catch.” These men always prefer younger women for marriage, even if the woman manages to maintain their looks – you cannot fight nature, men want a young woman for the mother of their children. Average American men can always find much younger, pretty, women with sweet, non-bitchy attitudes if they go overseas. American men are actually held in high regard in many foreign countries, like eastern europe, phillipines, thailand, etc. I no longer consider American women ideal marriage material.

        7. should include that horrible show sex n the city on that list, that was one of the shows that started this whole blue-pill movement.

        8. jerry was such a classic – “ahh, that’s a shame”. etc. complete indifference. classic sigma.

        9. Racist just for BEING white?! Man, who told you that BS? I hear some white guys saying this all the time and I wonder who told them that. Must be other white people doing that. Just like with the whole hiring a non-qualified or less qualified “minority” over a more qualified white guy. Guess who’s doing that to you. Other whites are making those decisions, not the so-called minorities. Know that. Also, I think it’s good for white people to be proud of being white. Not racist at all-even if you only want to be around whites, etc. Not racist at all to me.

        10. it’s NOT an opinion that american (and other western women) are not ideal marriage material. they’re the lowest of the low and any man who’s honest with himself won’t deny it – at least to himself. what’s worse is that a lot of men know this and because they think they need sex and someone at home with them they’ll still marry these american bitches. it’s pathetic.

        11. even neo himself was with a woman that had higher rank than he did. so even in the “real” world he bowed before the independent feminist woman.

        12. Dont forget Family Matters. The longest running show in history, where EVERY male character was fkawed. Obvious feminine agenda.

        13. Dont forgrt family matters. The longest running show in history. Where EVERY male chsracter was stupid. Obvious feminine agenda.

        1. I remember watching the beginning of this Snoop Dogg video back in the day and I had no idea what Snoop was talking about when he says “You don’t love me, you just love my Doggystyle” after the girl says that she loves him … and now I do …

        2. For me it was “Givin up the nappy dugout”, Ice Cube.Fukin classic, “nympho, nympho, boy is she bad, get her all alone and out come the knee pads!” Check it out…..

      3. It always was, you were just oblivious to everything around you like all 20 somethings. The same way you don’t see what’s going on now. You’re too busy thinking about pussy or wanking.

        1. I’m very aware of what’s going on right now. And no, it wasn’t wide spread knowledge like it’s becoming at the moment. You would be ostracized, and still are today, for speaking red pill truths. Fuck off man.

    3. I got it late. Late 20s, and it’s like war in my head. We need to educate younger men and boys. I feel like so much damage has been done to my mind, I’ve since been overcompensating/fighting that with too much negative energy and people only see that, my anger. And trying to explain the cause of it, when they are fully blind to it and have to escape it on their own terms – is futile.

      1. I know how you feel. I am in the same situation as you, age and that. And after took red pill, I try help others who lives in Matrix, but careful because some of them would try to harsh you if you try to enlighten them, as cave’s allegory of Platon.

      2. “Unplugging chumps from the Matrix is a lot like triage – save the ones you can, read last rites to the dying.”

      3. As fruity as it sounds, you are going through the stages of grief. Anger and denial are common. Eventually you will accept it as the truth, and you will be changed forever internally. You will be better off. I discovered the red pill in my late 20s. I fully internalized it all in my early 30s. I’ve never looked back.

    4. My entire life I always felt like something was off then I stumbled across this website on accident. Rok literally connected the dots for me. I honestly feel like a new man now. Im 31…I wish I could send a red pill to my younger self. I wish I could slap that young man in the face.
      I look around today and see losers my age working their life away. I see losers memorizing sports stats and quoting the accomplishments of other men. I see men marrying used up women that deserve to be cat ladies. I see men just following the crowd. I see men treating women with respect like they’re our own mothers…when the women have done nothing to earn it.
      I quit my white collar job cause it didnt feel right. I changed my lifestyle due to health reasons…something just felt wrong. I changed my friends cause things seemed wrong. And at the last minute…I opted out of marriage at a young age. The timing was weird. I somehow managed to make it through my blue pill years without making any horrible decisions cause I went with what felt right. It feels good knowing I lucked out until now and now the dot are connected.

      1. yeah although I didn’t take the red pill until my mid-thirties, I’m grateful that at least I escaped from the Matrix relatively unscathed (never married although came very close, saved up enough to free myself from wage slavery, etc.) …

      2. you’re right about men marrying used up women who should be cat ladies dying alone and unloved only to be feasted upon by their “loving” feline companions once they kick the bucket. lol

    5. You are wise for your age. Spread the wisdom to whoever will listen.

    6. The quote was wrong. A fool is one who does not learn from his mistakes and repeats them over and over again expecting different results.
      A Smart man is one who learns from his mistakes, and a wise man is one who learns from the mistakes of others.

    7. Seriously, I am only in my earlyish 20s and I wish I could send some notes back to me at 17 or so.

    8. Good for you!…I have my red pilll at forty-fucking-four!…still, some men will never wake up.

    9. On the shoulders of giants, kid. Show some fucking appreciation. Or don’t, whatever. But like other guy said, this shit wasn’t being talked about 10-15 yrs ago. When you were suckling mommies’ tits and shitting yourself men were learning through hard experience and years latter there are online resources saving guys the world over from so much needless pain and bullshit. Pretty fucking cool.

    10. 24, I’d say it’s been a process of events that went down between the ages of 17 and 22 for me to “Get the red pill.”

  7. Good for you getting into a fight on your birthday, that was bullshit….The guys that get married probably would have went along with the bullshit and had a smile on their face

    1. The guys that got or will get divorced(a majority) probably did go along with the bullshit…..and then they wonder why one day she wakes up and wants a divorce because she “just isn’t in love anymore”.

  8. These examples aren’t that bad.
    I realized what women were growing up with my mother.
    I realized what she was the moment she turned on my father because he wasn’t making enough at work. He had turned down a PhD to raise my elder brother so he wasn’t making that much cash. She turned violent, constantly turned me against him, told me lies about him, belittled him about things as minor as his eating habits, etc. my father when he was young thought he got a good deal with an asian woman but she was vicious and later on in life told him she wished she married a Chinese guy.
    She later killed herself to get away from her awful marriage.

    1. There’s a lesson here to all of the guys who think that just going abroad fixes everything.

      1. Exactly, we usually idealized or pedestalized that women abroad is different or bettter than at home. We could not be more confused. women still being women anywhere. Good lesson.

    2. Heh, one moment that stood out for me was when my dad brought her a gift on her hospital bed, she just took it and threw it against the wall in spite and told him to get the fuck out.
      She would say my dad had an eating disorder, make fun of the way he walked, and even told me that if she were to die I was forbidden from spending time with him. Yeah, obviously my dad had some problems and was super super beta, hence marrying an ugly asian woman, but he didn’t deserve the abuse I heaped on him after my mother weilded my like a sword against him.
      My brother is very sick now and can’t leave the house as a result of both the mental trauma and her death. That was fourteen years ago.
      I think the nail in the coffin of my memory of her is how my dad described her cold approaching him in class. It didn’t taken a genius to realize she did it because of his race rather than anything else. So I know what’s up with women. Character and anything else are meaningless to them on favor of good genes (dad is 6’2 or 6’3″)
      My other aunties married Chinese guys and are all filthy fucking rich and still married. Funny how that works.

    3. She killed herself? That’s LOL awesome! Best thing that could have happened to your Pa.
      I’m betting she was thinking of all the attention she would get at her funeral when she offed herself.
      Double plus awesome if she committed seppuku.

  9. Interesting article, thanks. Also curious how you made the transition from engineer to writer.

  10. Come on ROK…… i spot several typos in here, maybe you should start spell checking more, good article though

    1. You can write an article itself “The moment I saw the article for what it really was” – with your obsession for spell check. Chill, man. Don’t miss the forest by staring at the trees.

  11. The sooner you see a woman’s true nature, the better off you’ll be. Forget all the fantasies and fairy tale bullshit you were raised with. Women can be extremely self centered and vain. They generally only go along with whatever benefits them. If anything throws them off their plans or interferes with their day, you’ll see the demon come out. Most LTR’s and marriages are on the woman’s terms which is totally flipped from how things were in the past. For example, do you think most men really want to get married? They do it to please the GF and they typically get an ultimatum if they drag out the relationship. I’d say that’s at least 80% of men out there.

    1. Every married guy I know looks really unhappy and scared that his life can be destroyed in a instant if he makes a wrong move. Their fear is justified. Poor bastards.

      1. It’s where that awful “happy wife/happy life” cliche comes from. These guys are scared of their wives becoming unhappy or dissatisfied. Instead of telling them to knock off their bitching, they beg and plead with her and bring her flowers to smooth things out. No one seems to care if Dad is unhappy or having a rough day. Sad state of affairs.

        1. Sadly, the “happy wife, happy life” meme creates a very bad negative feedback cycle that always ends in the woman becoming disgusted in the man she married and ultimately divorcing him. Sad state of affairs we are in, when a man is punished tremendously for trying to be good. History has warned us of this many times.
          “no good dead goes unpunished.”
          “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”
          The list goes on.
          To loosely paraphrase Machiavelli, “there’s no reason to be too good. It will only lead to ruin”

      2. I can only thank god i found the red pill before getting dragged into a marriage. I was on the path to become a complete pussy whipped mangina

      3. Married men are the preservers of Western Civilization, and most assuredly are confident in their decisions. Poor YOU!

        1. You must be married. I know so many married guys. They all have to rationalize their mistakes in one way or another. Almost all regret getting married, but few will openly admit it for fear that their wife will catch wind of it. For you, you’re the guardian of all Western Civilization. HAHA! Whatever gets you through the day, buddy. Many men live lives of quiet desperation. Married men are usually the quietest and most desperate.

        2. mcg is a female Jezebel feminist cunt. see her posts on this site in every post. the most common post you’ll see from her is “thank you for contributing towards the degradation of western civilization”, “we don’t need people like you. please do not procreate.”, and other gynocentric statements. Guys, don’t reply to mcg.

        3. Dont reply to females
          mcg is a man-hating card-carrying feminist blue pill cottage cheese snatched cuntress.

    2. There’s a reason why the Romanticism period of the West coincided with the beginning of the industrial Revolution; with so much new knowledge about the world coming forth, society had to come up with Fairy Tales (lies) to make interaction with women more palatable. Not surprising, but the only way to make women look good beyond their sexuality is to completely lie about everything else. Everything that society tells us about women is a complete lie. This is done for a reason. If all men knew the ugly truth about women, marriage rates would have plummeted and harmed the growing industrial economies badly. That’s one theory at least.

      1. You do know that Romanticism has NOTHING to do with romance novels, right?
        No. No, you don’t.
        But hey, if the novel FRANKENSTEIN “fooled” you into interacting with women as human beings deserving of respect, knock yourself out.

  12. Women only ‘love’ men for what men can do for them. PERIOD.
    And the time when every man realizes that, is the time when he has his “the moment I saw women for what they really are” moment. Women just give sex to get men to do things for them, to get things from men – ‘love’, commitment, money, fame, children, or whatever fuck you can think of. No woman loves you. The holes of her body that she provides you to penetrate, are an act of investment that she expects to get a return on from you. Woe to you if you fail to provide that. Every woman overestimates her orifices, her body. All men need to know this. We men are just tools, just tools for women.

      1. Human dildos – and human accessories to walk around with like Coach bags to make other females jealous.

      1. No fucking way. I am not bitter; instead what I wrote is THE BITTER TRUTH when it comes to the Sexes, right from antiquity. I’m just highlighting what Roosh wrote in one of his articles about how men are just clowns for women. That’s what we are. We are just tools, just tools. If you’re a man, you’ll know some day when you too have your “the moment I saw women for what they really are” moment. If you’re a woman, this won’t affect you, because every woman wishes her slaves (men) would never have their “the moment I saw women for what they really are” moment of realization, or even if they did – that they wouldn’t rebel against her. She’d simply allow them to fuck her to reestablish her dominance.
        I interact with a lot of women in my real life. All of them are pretending bitches. Some of them even let me fuck them. But all I know is that because they all want something in return. I don’t feel happy or elated even when a woman butters me up in public, because I simply can’t trust those creatures. That’s what women are. CONDITIONAL, HYPOCRITICAL ,INSENSITIVE AND SELFISH.

        1. Funny thing……everyone of the actual alpha males that I know would laugh at you to your face about the notion of “we are just tools”.
          It’s your average scrub who is just a tool. If you are getting played and used by women, it’s because you’ve got less game than they do…..and if you have options or the ability to eaisly replace them, then their power over you goes away. They have to give you as much value as you give them.

        2. That’s a deluded overstatement. You think alphas don’t get played by women? You think alphas don’t get cheated upon by women? Lol. Which world do you live in?
          Then you’re the alpha who is stuck in the Matrix. The Matrix allows you to choose what role you prefer, to keep you plugged into it. And the Matrix is run by women. The unplugged man – the man on red pill – understands this very well. He understands that his alphadom is not controlling his bitch’s nature, but in realising that his woman HAS A BITCH NATURE or HAMSTER within her. Matrix ‘Alphas’ disregard that fact, and think that women can be ruled. Women can’t be ruled forever, that is why you must rather focus on rotation or harem. Women can only be controlled by other women. And the way she gets ‘controlled’ by you is when you are desired by other women aka alphas or players. Real alphas don’t care to keep their women faithful, they rather focus on exploiting the innate unfaithful nature of women instead. Expecting loyalty from women is like expecting a fish to swing from tree branches like Tarzan.

        3. Women can very much be controlled. They are, in fact controlled every waking moment of their lives. Some to the point where they strap on bomb belts to fight those who supposedly fight those who wish to stone them. For the benefit of the stoners.
          You’re right that, in the current mainstream West, it is fiendishly hard, perhaps even impossible, for A MAN to control “his” woman. But this is because women are controlled by who she perceives to be alpha. And in the current West, even the most uber of uber alphas, say Clooney, is still obviously a puppet for the machine, the “Matrix”, the oppressors, society or whatcamaycallit. The buck doesn’t stop even with Clooney. And women obviously sense this, so even in his case, they’ll ramp up shit testing by appealing to the alpha above poor Cloon, which more often than not is a divorce judge/lawyer.
          But take that layer of meta alphas away, such that the buck does stop with daddy, and mommy will happily submit to his control again. To the point of agreeing there are certain mistakes she can theoretically make, that justifies him stoning her to death for her transgressions.

        4. You’re not an alpha male, you’re a sad sack male. Please, do not procreate.

        5. It depends on what you mean by “Alpha”.
          I suspect we’re talking about different scales…..and no the Matrix is not “run by women”.
          Who do you think funded the feminist movement? Who trained and equiped their “change agents”? Would it be a coincidence that it’s the same people who are now funneling massive amounts of money into the LGBT movement?
          Think man…..THINK.

        6. Your dumbass comments ruin this website.
          Cant you and DoucheOfJefferson find some other pastimes besides constantly boring us with your worthless insights??

        7. Karl is spot on.
          Having a more alpha attitude will always be preferable, but I’m not mindless enough to believe it rules all. Life isn’t that simple. The powers that be facilitate women’s destructive behavior, it doesn’t matter how alpha you are. Every man is at risk.
          Fuck them and if they misbehave enough, dump them.

        8. A woman has power because government enforces their wishes. Politicians are parasites who cater to the nearest special interest groups (e.g., feminists) in order to get funding and reelected. Without daddy (government) she would have no power beyond what an individual man would give her.
          No big government, no feminism.

        9. It was the mangina elite higher class beta males. They know how to run shit and keep the masses disillusioned.

        10. b4 their conversion to judiasm and b4 our ancestors were forcibly converted to the christard religion we knew these creatures for what they were – trolls.

        11. feminism is one of many tools to destabilize society. it’s part of a larger agenda – which is neither liberal or conservative. it’s much more draconian than that.

        12. Your so-called delusional title for pieces of shit you call “Alpha males” are basically females with male anatomy that need to get the shit kicked out of them and hard. Routinely. Until they change and make it so that women don’t have pieces of shit they are like to choose from, and have to become decent (or pretend to again) to get a real man (the ones you mistakenly and falsely call “betas” in your stupid little mind-controlled world of conditioning of society). Alphas are nothing but arrogant asses just cruising for a brusin’ when a decent strong man that is decent will not tolerate their shit. Only problem is, those faggots you call “alphas” are like roaches – bred every day throughout the world, and are the most useful tools for women to spread hatred, discourse, deviance, debauchery, and destruction throughout every situation and instance she touches upon. You’re wrong to think that women only have power only because you give it to them. Women also have power because of their influence over others if you DON’T give things to them, and their expert ability to deceive and manipulate other males and females around them so that they can get what they want from someone else, often at your expense.

        13. All males get played by females, no matter how decent or indecent they are. Period. It’s a woman’s nature to do that to a man. It’s all she knows, and all she wants to know.

      2. Bitter is a sense of taste. I don’t understand what that has to do with Karl’s valid points.

        1. Someone saying “you’re bitter” is a non-response. It’s an admission that a person has no answer to what they’re reacting to. IOW, it’s the response of a coward.

        2. it was a woman that used that mindless and meaningless term so it’s pretty obvious she’s a coward. without big daddy (the government) her special privileged status would be null and void.

      1. Even that statement does not bear credence in modern times, I’m afraid.

        1. Yea I met a guy once who said he got the way he lives his life from his mother: Me First. She said that if there wasnt enough food ever, it was for her first.

        2. My Mother seemed more caring when I was young but grew to be rather indifferent to me as an adult.
          She calls when she wants money though. I put an end to it (long story) and she stopped calling unless it’s to wish me a happy birthday once a year.
          I guess without money I’m not of much use to her.

        3. yep. women in a “culture” where they’re not subservient to men show their true colors. there was a reason why women were controlled in times past. that was because it worked. women don’t love their children nearly as much as we’re lead to believe. perhaps a smidgen above their boyfriends or husbands ….. and often times that’s not the case either.

    1. All true. It’s surprising just how many men refuse to accept these harsh truths.

        1. you’re the tool you goon. you’re probably not only a mangina but a white knight as well.

    2. I love my mother, but even I have noticed what she does to men. She does not plan it, it’s purely instinctual, but since my father died when I was a boy I’ve noticed the pattern.
      Men pursue her, she lets them get close for a while, in a sort of probing stage to see what she can get out of them. She wants “friends” who will buy her things, take her out on dates, but doesn’t really want to commit to them. As soon as they start acting like Beta males, simpering and hanging around her all the time, the vitriol starts to build up. She tells me how she feels, and I just hear pure, seething rage. Of course, this is only expressed to me, and never to the poor bastard in question. After that, she invariably ends the relationship if there’s nothing more to be extracted from the man in question.
      So yes, based on that and my vast personal experience with women, they only love you for what you can do for them, or love your for the power and money you have. It many cases, not all, this is not premeditated, it’s simply what women do. They are resource exploiters. If you think a woman’s love for any man except her own children extends beyond that you are fooling yourself.
      I even to this day occasionally hear seething rage directed at my own father, even though he died over 20 years ago, and I heard it growing up. He was a good man, and didn’t deserve much of the criticism he got from her. That said, she has always been a wonderful mother to me. Behold, the bipolar duality of the human female.

      1. Damn, we got the same momma? Lol, I guess that is pretty much the standard path for women now since they are free to do whatever. My brother is always amazed when I can tell him exactly how our moms new relationships will go just from having a dinner with her and the new guy. She usually snags them when she needs money or a place to stay and then leaves when she is doing well again; I can always see the disdain she has for these guys flash across her face at least once no matter how hard she tries to hide it. It is so clear when you know what to look for.

    3. No woman loves you.

      And if you really want to see the evidence of this, just think about your interactions with them in past. Now if you were with them or they were just somebody you were into but things went south, would you ever do anything like what she did to you, to her? Chances are the answer is no, because though you two never talked anymore you still cared about her on some level. But once her emotions about you are cut off, she doesn’t give a damn about you and doesn’t think twice about screwing you over. A man wouldn’t even entertain the thought of doing something that would bring harm to his ex, but the ex has no problem doing harm to him.
      Saying “you” in general.

      1. a woman’s “love” is quite shallow way too conditional. in order to keep them interested in you you have to constantly keep them on their toes and in awe of you. it’s too much work ESPECIALLY in this day and age. they’re simply not worth it. they don’t provide an adequate amount of sex at least that’s the case more often than not and likewise they don’t posses the nurturing and domestic skill their grandmothers and great grandmothers possessed in times past. they’re not the least bit feminine either. other than a hump and dump they’re simply disgusting. sadly, they tend to fail in that department as well. they keep getting worse each passing decade. it’s horrible.

    4. It kind of seems like you people here in this community only ‘love’ women for what they can do for you.
      It was totally uncool for both of his girlfriends to do what they did, they were in the wrong in both situations. I can understand how he became mistrusting afterwards. I’ve had long term boyfriends who weren’t there for me when they should have been (grandfather’s death, when I was hospitalized with kidney problems, etc.), so I have some trust issues, but I don’t believe that every man I date is going to betray me or let me down.
      Relationships are supposed to be symbiotic, and even synergistic. They are supposed to be mutually beneficial partnerships where the sum is greater than it’s individual parts, but the individual parts are still, well, individuals.

  13. Great article, it’s inspiring to see all of this truth coming out into the light. Men have to see it for what it really is. Unfortunately you are installed with so much bullshit from a young age, that it can distort what you learn from your experiences.
    Women are fantastic metres to test your sense of intrinsic validation. As they will test and play games with you, in attempts to see how strong you really are. If you want to become a business machiavellian in the course of four months; just start a relationship with a sociopathic female.
    You will even detect when you are trying to sabotage yourself.

  14. women are, mostly, childish and immature. One of my epiphanies, came from a woman (my sister, herself attractive and popular) that explained to me that females are far more nasty and mean than males. The hardest part of feminism and progressivism is this illusion of “goodness”…they use words like “compassion”, for instance, when in action they’re the perfect example of what is not compassionate. Indeed, consider that they either use words like “compassionate” in reference to themselves or to shame others. Hell is a world of illusions.

  15. It took you until your 30th birthday to figure out women? Did you skip junior high school and high school?

    1. Many figure it out earlier but remain in denial in the hope they meet a special little snowlake who is the ultimate exception in the not too distant future.
      Your 30’s are often the time of reflection which brings on the realisation about women, life, the job market etc. Your 20’s is mostly about hope.

      1. So true. I always knew something was wrong with my programming, but as a good beta, clinged to hope.
        By 26, things were getting ugly, and with all college social interaction dead, I got into a heavy quarter life crisis.
        It was only at 29 that I knew about the manosphere by means of a random link to a heartiste article. By now, I fully know the truth but it will still take a year or two to completely deprogram me from the Matrix.

      2. Agreed. The decade of your 20s is quite difficult for a man. Its the exact opposite for women. Tnen when you hit your 30s, the tables completely turn. Nature is not without a sense of humor and justice.

    2. Dude’s 41 now. “The Game” came out 7 only years ago. IS THIS GUY BETA???

  16. This is the type of article that needs to be highlighted in RoK as a main article because it conveys a message that is both tragic and 100% factual and that is that as long as you are a straight man, as far as support from a partner goes you are pretty much completely on your own. They don’t see themselves as responsible for taking care of you. Remind yourselves of this fact, the lack of responsibility women contain within themselves in regards to the men they sleep with(or are not related to).This is the only way to prevent putting yourself into the hands of a useless child who thinks of nothing but herself during your greatest moments of weakness. You are better off depending on a good male friend or hired help. This is a fact of life.

    1. “This is the type of article that needs to be highlighted in RoK as a
      main article because it conveys a message that is both tragic and 100%
      factual and that is that as long as you are a straight man, as far as
      support from a partner goes you are pretty much completely on your own.”
      Agreed, but the way this website is set up this article will be more difficult to locate as time passes. We need a ROK Most Important Articles section.

      1. I definitely agree. Just like rok has a white knight panding page….which I hope new users can still find…there needs to be a blue pill landing page. The about section of rok comes very close to this. For new users…Its one thing to read our core beliefs…But there needs to be some explanations as well. It does no good to read on the about section…”women who sleep around are sluts, men are not”. This core belief needs to be linked to an article explaining why. Most blue pill minds cant even grasp a simple topic like this. When we say…all females shall be banned from comments…it needs to be linked to the excellent article explaining gender specific safe zones. Men need to understand why it is imperative to have a male safe zone free of outside distractions…a gentlemans club.

  17. In my life, I was in a relationship with a single mom earlier. When she left me after draining me financially so that I landed in debt, it was my male buddies who supported me during those days to stay afloat. I realized on thing in life: bros always come before hoes. In your shit times, it’s only another brother who’ll help you and take care of you like a brother. Women are only there to dry you up like a parasite draining the life force out of its host. Women are parasites, and the best way to ascertain a woman’s character is by giving her freedom or when you are in shit. You’ll see the shit she’s full of. Women create misogyny, not men.

    1. A woman will always leave you when you are at your weakest, lowest point. Always, without fail. Do not believe otherwise. It is simply their survival programming. They have no need for weak men. Can you blame them?

      1. It’s my survival programming to run people off the highway and want to harm people who rip me off. I have no need for turning the other cheek. If I kill these people, can you blame me?

  18. I work as a compliance interviewer, fancy speak for people at many companies call my job to report problems (ie: drama, harassment, theft) in the work place. As a neutral third party, all I have to do is document what they tell me and pass it along to the company. I have to ask questions for clarification, but I’m no prosecutor and I’m not looking to prove anything. Funny how I ask a simple to men, and they usually answer “yes, no, I don’t know”- Women are so used to lying and manipulating information that they are afraid to answer “yes no or i don’t know”. Immediately the hamster starts turning, they start trying to figure out “where I’m going” and give answers to that effect. Example:
    Me: Did you report this problem to a member of management?
    Man: No. I didn’t think they’d do anything about it. OR Yes, I did his name is…
    Me: Did you report to a member of management?
    Woman: Well everyone knows about it….
    Me: Ok, I understand, but have reported a member of management?
    Woman: I think it’s been reported several times.
    Me: Ok, now who did you report to?
    Woman: I think Sherry told our Regional Manager…
    Woman: No.
    It’s not until they’re convinced, or they know the “angle” that they can answer anything. They just cant fathom that pople ask questions without ulterior motives. It’s why women think a guy asking for the time is a line, when that guy needed to know the time.

    1. Even my 80 year old grandma does crap like this. Afraid to give a direct answer because she is trying to manipulate the people around her. She has taught me the way to deal with even female relatives is through overwhelming directness. If I dont get a straight answer I will stand there and ask the same damn question over and over again until I either get a straight answer or I am ignored. If I am ignored she is visibly annoyed because she realizes the jig is up. In the past If I was busy sometimes I wouldn’t call her out on her lies and word games and she seriously thought she was clever and got one over on me. Even old women are outright delusional and arrogant. And, even female relatives try to manipulate males. Game has to be used just to fucking communicate with females. For some reason they feel the need to turn a ordinary conversation into some kind of Machiavellian battlefield.

    2. Also notice that same question with a woman takes 4x longer than it took the man to answer. Men calls on average last about 8 minutes, women 29.

  19. We all are aware of the evolutionary concept – Men evolved as hunters, women as gatherers. Men had the role of providing and women had the role of nurturing.
    But have we ever wondered what underlies it?
    When the traditional roles were set in the society, women had to be able to get a man to provide for them in order to successfully receive the benefits and protection.
    Evolution designs entities with a specific purpose, and provides them certain characteristics that these entities may employ to facilitate this purpose.
    In such a situation, it stands to reason that it would have been in the interest of women to be able to develop a mechanism, that would facilitate them in being able to successfully exploit men, since men were the only source of resources for women as well as their offspring.
    The more helpless women would have seemed, the more men would have been motivated to protect them. Hence women evolved with a tendency to put up a facade of vulnerability, owing to which they would be able to justify their need for protection.
    More female vulnerability = More male protection.
    Accordingly, women had to evolve as manipulators. Such manipulation would then render them in a position of an advantage because that would amount to them gaining benefits comfortably, not just for themselves but for their offspring as well.
    In order to manipulate they had to have a tendency to grieve (whine, mourn). When women used to whine, the men would be compelled to come to their rescue and give them what they ask, and thus proving this attribute of women to be immensely beneficial for them.
    It is through this mechanism of grieving unremittingly, whether appropriate or not, that women were able to manipulate men by giving an exaggerated and largely fabricated impression of ‘suffering’, ‘oppression’, and hardship, which would in turn deceive the men and obligate them to succumb to women’s demands and provide them privileges, even at their own expense.
    Whether or not it was ethical, does not concern the evolution. For nature, we humans are just units. Living units that perform certain functions. Nothing more.
    Even if it meant that nature had to equip women with the ability to deceive men and receive benefits as a result of male oversight to their own detriment, so be it.
    As men have been endowed with greater physical strength that they use to their advantage, women have been endowed with greater cunning and manipulative strength, that they use to their advantage. Since women cannot overcome men with brute strength, they have been enabled to use deceit to get the better of men.
    In the modern era what we see is nothing but the same evolutionary mechanism at work. Women, through constant whining, whinging, complaining, and grieving evoke the protective, chivalrous instinct in men. Men thus shun their logic and rationality and force themselves to appease women, and all this time disregard the underlying actuality.
    And thus, women are able to exact privileges, and no one dares question it.
    This is how and why, women have had, and unfortunately may have privileges in the future as well. We are not dealing with a ‘phase’ that may pass, we are dealing with evolution, overcoming which would require a gargantuan effort.
    An excerpt from a brilliant man –
    “As the weaker sex, they (women) are driven to rely not on force but on cunning: hence their instinctive subtlety and their ineradicable tendency to tell lies: for, as nature has equipped the lion with claws and teeth, the elephant with tusks, the wild boar with fangs, the bull with horns and the cuttlefish with ink, so it has equipped woman with the power of dissimulation as her means of attack and defense, and has transformed into this gift all the strength it has bestowed on man in the form of physical strength and the power of reasoning. Dissimulation is thus inborn in her and consequently to be found in the stupid woman almost as often as in the clever one. To make use of it at every opportunity is as natural to her as it is for an animal to employ its means of defense whenever it is attacked, and when she does so she feels that to some extent she is only exercising her rights” – Arthur Schopenhauer

    1. Schopenhauer took the red pill very well in their times!. As you said, women had to develop manipulation over men to get what they need or to survive.

    2. “by giving an exaggerated and largely fabricated impression of
      ‘suffering’, ‘oppression’, and hardship, which would in turn deceive the
      men and obligate them to succumb to women’s demands and provide them
      privileges, even at their own expense.” Dude this is spot on. When they’re not getting their way, they almost always resort to the woe is me mentality, usually followed by tears. The women I know that constantly bemoan their lives are actually quite privileged in the grand scheme of things. They come from well off families, are employed, live in nice places, never miss a meal,…the list goes on. If they had to live through true suffering, they’d jump off a roof.

      1. Nothing highlights this better than a quote by the great Bill Burr –
        Women are just constantly patting themselves on the back about how difficult their lives are and no one corrects them because they want to fuck them.
        By whining about the “hardship” of their lives relentlessly, women are able to give a false impression of “suffering”, which consequently compels men to not just believe them, but to do everything in their power to compensate women for it. It also prevents any further questioning into it, as who can dare question the “victim” right?
        One more excellent quote I’d like to add here –
        One of the most fantastic examples of manipulation by women is the life of a well-to-do woman today, living comfortably in some pleasantly situated suburban villa. Surrounded by children, dogs, other women, by every possible kind of labor-saving device, equipped with television sets and second cars, she will tell her husband, possibly a lawyer or engineer, what a lucky man he is, what a fulfilled life he leads, while she “as a woman” is constrained to lead a life unworthy of a human being.
        She says this to the man who has paid for all that trash with his life and he believes her!
        – Esther Vilar (A woman) – The Manipulated Man

    3. Evolution is a farce. Darwin was a 33rd degree mason who married (and had 10 kids with) his 16-year old first cousin. Research and logical deduction points to our species being engineered with ape and et dna.
      You never, ever see a picture of Darwin smiling.

  20. Some spoiled birthday plans and an inconsiderate nympho were you biggest coming-of-age tales for becoming red pill? Wish most men had it that easy; most men learn the harsh realities by getting lied to and cheated on by the woman they love and adore, or worse, divorced with most of their money and ability to be with their kids taken away. Vile shit.

    1. Whatever it takes. The point is he has open eyes now, and we need every soldier we can get in this battle.

  21. Many women suddenly want ‘real love’ and ‘genuine affection’ when they are approaching the wall or have just crashed into it. Most 25+ betas i know are just waiting for the women around them to get to that point without realising that it’s quite literally a flick of the switch. Women can change their behaviour at almost any time but there are currently no viable incentives to do so, and no punishments that would effectively keep them in line.
    I sympathise with the deep desire to pair bond with women but the risks are just too great in the current SMP.

    1. It is this ‘lane-changing’ that really pisses me off about women. I mean, how disgusting can a woman get?

      1. Yes, especially when the ‘lane changing’ is justified on the grounds of ‘maturity’. This is why middle aged women are so contemptuous towards age appropriate men who have the resources to safely ignore them for younger women. The men are ‘immature’ to them but in reality they are acting no differently to women in their prime. They are hooking up with the best they can get. The difference is that the women are no longer in their prime, hence the shaming.

    2. The funny thing is even in my mangina days, I was never mangina enough to be patiently waiting for a woman who already had kids or a woman who’s slept with the equivalent of a football team. These men today are sad as hell.

  22. Revealing post about malignant female narcissism and attention whoring.
    1. your birthday story….Your GF could not let you be the center of attention. She could not let you have your wishes on your birthday because chicks are self centered to the core.
    2. Your herniated disk story illustrates the myth of female empathy. It is a myth ladies are the more “caring ” sex. If they care it is for secondary gain. They are like “hey everyone look at me care” as if they are performing for a crowd. Not true selfless empathy but gals are empathetic just so they can be seen being caring ie ATTENTION…
    3. It is no coincidence that conditions like Munchausen’s syndrome and Munchausen’s -by-proxy overwhelmingly occur in females. These factitious conditions are when patients fake illness to gain-wait for it- ATTENTION.

  23. “A man’s life is spent trying to go back into from where he came out”.
    The womb.
    All of us men live for sex. But sex isn’t everything in life, once you cross a certain level of understanding. After a period of time, it gets boring. You begin to hate those very holes you loved to penetrate. You begin to see a body which is full of shit, bones and scum. That’s your woman. You know when you actually start understanding women? The moment you see women for what they really are is when you’re not thinking about sex. That’s the truth. If sex didn’t exist, women would be useless. 99% of their control would automatically would be destroyed, due to the then worthlessness of their wombs. You want to see women for what they are? Try this test experiment for a week. Masturbate or have sex with your girl before you go to work. Then see how you see women around you. You begin to notice women with all their flaws. The more ‘loaded’ you are, the more your sexual mind plays tricks on your perception of women. At the end of the week, you’ll keep those observations as useful references about the women you have around you. Sex is what distorts men’s perception about women.

  24. This story sounds quite unbelievable. But assuming everything to be true, I dont understand how anyone girlfriend or otherwise impacts your time on your birthday(or ever). If she wants to go to a party, let her – alone and sit and watch in opiate pain the only show that can make it go away. Sportscenter. By the time she got back she’d be on some wine – if you feel like goin in go. If not, she can catch D later. I dunno. Judgment here sounds sketchy at best. Something not talked about enough is the fact that an Alpha should have solid judgment for situations. Not bend b/c a chick wants the D.

  25. Having the inner power to overcome the sweet taste of woman is tough. I too am 41 but married and not pleased with my decisions in life. Once you realize that you will be happier, calmer, and more at peace alone………… all will be good. Getting you ass reamed hourly for not doing things “right” gets old quick.

    1. Ignore the bitch and start smoking herb. Worked for Kevin Spacey in American Beauty

  26. same thing happened with me sort of…I fell off my horse, broke my collar bone, 4 ribs, and had spleen damage. Needless to say I was drugged up pretty good. My horny gf took advantage of my situation, and rode my cock while I was in la-la land doped up. I barely remember, but she said she loved it, it turned her on massively bc it brought out the nurturing side to her, and she loved it, something as an alpha, I never show her or allow her access to. This was probably the deal with the dude who wrote this article, his gf had good intentions, trying to “speed his recovery”. Bitches think like that, what do you expect with a maturity level of 12?

  27. This reminds me of what happened with my ex. We had planned a date night a week ahead of time and we were going to watch a movie and then chill back at my place. That same day, I had work at some burnt down industrial warehouse guarding what was left after a fire. So after sitting in the sun at this burnt down junkyard for eight hours, I wanted nothing more than to chill with my gf that night. I checked my phone and found a text from her saying we ‘need to talk’. Long story short she came over and broke up with me, and it turns out she had been seeing another guy. The guy she left me for was a total douche who had nothing going for him and ended up abusing her later on (she still stayed with him, of course.)
    Fuck the blue pill

    1. Haha, yup! It’s because western women have so much order, organization and boringness handed to them from the safety of our feminized governments, that the last thing they want from men are these same things. Women take for granted, that we men could go ape shit on them in a second, you know like that whole “Sabine” situation a few thousand years ago. It seriously is hard to not love a woman, I know, it’s hard not to and even harder to be stoic against their emotional advances. Women use emotions and sex like pieces on a chess-board, these are her advantages. Trust no woman, except your mother and grandmother. A woman will use sex and emotional manipulation until she slowly has you in her death grip. There is no better animal to represent them than the snake. An animal that will bite the hand that feeds them and one that will coil you in its embraces until it finally crushes you and eats you. Whenever I see the western woman, I don’t know whether to buy condoms or a crucifix and holy water, or perhaps both.

      1. Have you considered printing this on cards to hand to women? You’ll never need to buy condoms again.

      2. “Trust no woman, except your mother and grandmother.”
        I would even advise against trusting your mother and grandmother. Your mom will never reveal to you the workings of the female psyche. Doing so is revealing herself. Your mom will always try to preserve that “holy and pure” image, you have of her. The potentially most honest woman in your life will problably be a – close – aunt. Preserving image is of less importance to her and she sees you as a son. Emphasis on CLOSE aunt. If your aunt isn’t near to you she’ll problably view you as competion to her own children. Sisters/Siblings compete on everything; husbands, houses, cars, jobs, children etc.

  28. Hahahaha people always call me an asshole for shittalking women, but if they werent such liars and deceivers, I wouldnt say it. The way they do it is so ridiculous. They throw I love you around like its a hello. Then say they didnt mean it. They fall serially in love and deny any past love was really love. They say they are fat, but go stuff their face in a hundred donuts. etc etc.

    1. “They throw I love you around like its a hello.”
      A fucking article needs to be written about this because this is absolutely true — I’ve seen it countless times myself. Also they’ll do stupid shit like drop the L-bomb even if they’ve only been dating a dude for a week or two. Hell I had a buddy who had some hot blonde drop the L-bomb on him after like three days of dating and fucking him.
      I was like wtf? So you mean this bitch would take a bullet for you if shit hit the fan? I, *HIGHLY*, doubt that would be the case. What’s truly despicable about the constant female dropping of the L-bomb is that, like accusations of racism where really there is none, it cheapens the word and reduces its meaning until it’s nothing.

  29. Maybe there is grounds for stockholm syndrome. Its the only way to get due loyalty.

  30. I don’t trust a woman as far as I can throw her. Women have no sense of honor or loyalty, except to that which dominates them and/or makes them wet. After figuring out the true nature of women, the idea of living with one is repulsive. ONS/ FWB for life

  31. Is this a clever joke that I don’t understand? “Humans are indivduals but they don’t respond to my every want and need so wah”?
    This man appears to have the emotional age of a 4 year old. Stop encouraging it.

  32. We need an article that is “The red pill principles” or what have you. I have read a few people here saying they began employing red pill principles that they worked every single time. It would be nice to see these red pill principles distilled down into a good article.

  33. Genes are famously selfish, women are simply true to their genes.

  34. Our current situation can be easily resolved by an old solution: single-sex schools. To illustrate my point I’ll just use a quote from The Manipulated Men.
    By the age of twelve at the latest, most women have decided to become prostitutes. Or, to put it another way they have planned a future for themselves which consists of choosing a man and letting him do all the work. In return for his support, they are prepared to let him make use of their vagina at certain given intervals. The minute a woman has made this decision she ceases to develop her mind.
    She may, of course, go on to obtain various degrees and diplomas. These increase her market value in the eyes of men, for men believe that a woman who can recite things by heart must also know and understand them. But any real possibility of communication between the sexes ceases at this point. Their paths are divided forever.
    If girls attend single-sex schools their interaction with the males will happen much later in their lives and they would have a chance to develop their minds a little bit more and give us less headache later.

    1. you are absolutely correct on this one…. i know several girls who went to all girls schools and they are much better off for it…. and i went to a tough all boys school, with no female teachers and always had a strong red pill streak even in LTRs.

  35. Basics:
    You have the body of an alpha. (lifting)
    You make the money of an alpha.
    But you are blue pill and your game sux.
    Situation 1)
    ” I made it known that I didn’t want to go to that party and that it was
    my birthday and that I should be able to do what I wanted to do. ”
    -> Are you a lawyer? You do not WANT; and certainly you do not “SHOULD”.
    And most of all you must never cave in. Be a man and stand behind your word.
    What would have worked better:
    “Baby I told you yesterday what we are going to do on my birthday. You will come over and you will make sure to wear something HOT because I want to fuck your brains out…if the shoulder massage lives up to your promises that is.
    Be on my door no later than 8 – see you.”
    Situation 2)
    “My girlfriend nevertheless wanted to come over even though I vehemently explained to her that I’d be completely useless.”
    -> You dont explain. You give orders.
    What would have worked better:
    “Sure come over and be my nurse. Wear something casual because we will not have sex tonight. You will bring me food, drink and massage my back. Dont forget to bring a new bottle of vodka. See you in an hour.”
    You dont talk to your woman like you would talk to your best male friend. You lead her and you make clear what you expect her to do.
    If you follow these basic rules you have a LOYAL FOLLOWER, never an equal.

    1. Yeah. Im sure that will work reaaaal good.
      Bitch will be dialing up her other ten willing and able human dildo dicks on her smartphone 5 seconds after hanging up with you.
      WTF planet are you from?

      1. The tactics outlined above are indeed heavy handed and lack any semblance of smoothness.
        Even so, you demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of how the game works.
        Two possibilities here:
        A. She always knew you were a man and will be happy you’re finding your balls. Even if she tries to “punish” you for it, you’ve taken control of the frame.
        B. She never respected you and you should quit wasting your time with her- she cannot see you as alpha.
        Either it works, or you shouldn’t be bothering. That’s the game. Altering your decision-making based on how she may or may not react means you’ve already lost and no decision you make will work for you.

        1. ” are indeed heavy handed and lack any semblance of smoothness.”
          Yes they are. They are meant to penetrate the authors meathead, make him rethink his game plans. Feel free to mod the wording to your liking.

  36. This guy’s a whiney bitch. A half a sissy who pout’s, fantasizes, humble brags and thinks somehow that his validation can come from how good ’20 other guy’s’ think his girl-friends ass looks. It’s no wonder his girlfriends turned on him. As I was reading this it struck me at more than one point that this was the mind of a female western woman that had been turned into a man but had the same way of thinking. Like a frat boy or a ‘bro code’ idiot yelling ‘dude!’ while shot gunning a beer in his 30’s.

  37. mcg is a female Jezebel feminist cunt. see her posts on this site in
    every post. the most common post you’ll see from her is “thank you for
    contributing towards the degradation of western civilization”, “we don’t
    need people like you. please do not procreate.”, and other gynocentric
    statements. Guys, don’t reply to mcg….

  38. My now ex-husband treated me terribly and abandoned me when I broke my neck just like your girlfriend did to you. Both genders are filled with selfish people who are incapable of empathy or support. If fact, I’d say that finding anyone capable or willing to give a damn about you when you’re not perfect is nearly impossible these days because everyone lacks integrity and character.

    1. Let’s be honest here. There were probably signs that he wasn’t the nicest guy ever who would always take care of you before you married him or at some point before this incident.
      But you still got with him and do you know why? Because you are hypergamous like every other woman. Let me take another guess- when you were young you didn’t go for nice guys, you went for the ones who exhibited alpha traits like dominance, even if they were assholes. And that makes you no different than the woman who abandoned the author when she started to see him as weak because he injured his back.

      1. The fuck Sil, there’s a no-responding to women policy on this site. I agree somewhat with LC though. However, there are far more women who lack character and integrity than men. Men are far more likely by nature and God to stick with his woman through thick and thin, yeah we may fuck around but that’s because we are men. But men truly never leave because we possess loyalty by nature, well some of us do. This is an era where people truly lack character, but if the conjecture is: “Who can stab you in the back and turn the knife the most?”… woman. Hell hath no fury…

        1. Indeed there’s a no-reply to female policy on this site although I don’t see it particularly well-enforced. However on another note, I think Sil’s reply to this female was worth the risk of ban as his retort was very well written, completely true, and in my honest opinion needed to be written so that men who see her comment don’t buy her bullshit deflection e.g., “Both genders are filled with selfish people who are incapable of empathy or support.” (obvious troll is obvious).
          It goes without saying that there are assholes who will leave their woman like what happened to LC, but as Sil stated it’s much more likely that a woman will leave her man during a situation where he is weakened.
          Also, as Sil stated, women are much more likely to pair up with an asshole due to their hypergamy — in which case, LC is somewhat to blame for her own situation.

    2. If you married a selfish man maybe you need to think about the type of men you hang around with. Someone sounds bitter.

  39. “In an instant, things turned icy between us, and a minute later I was forced to acquiesce to our new plan”
    No you really weren’t. Obongo wouldn’t have sent a drone strike against you if you hadn’t.

    1. And big ass titties on those chicas as well. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the USA. Move to a border town they’ll be waiting for you across the fence 🙂

        1. I mean the ones who are willing to drive to meet you at the border, not the ones selling chicklets with their kids. Lots of hbs down in TJ, go on badoo etc and get the 19 y/o hitting you up.
          You can pick a better ugly chick than that man…

    2. They’re speaking Portuguese and those are European females of Brazilian nationality. You do know the difference between nationality and ethnic group I hope.
      And stop using these stupid terms like Latina. The Latins were an Indo European Aryan group who founded Rome (as well as other civilisations in India etc) What you see today in India is like Detroit today compared to a 100 years ago.
      The word Latina can mean anything when used in the US.

  40. This is very true. It hurts. I’m dealing with this in a 15+ year marriage. She turned into something that I couldnt imagine in only one night. Now Im living separately and wonder if my family will survive. The red pill is truth but boy is it bitter… Real real bitter.

  41. “The first time I had Anal Sex”
    – This is what happened. American women are constipated as fuck, they need more fiber in their diet. Assfucking them often results in what this poor cameraman found out.

  42. Fry, this is a great article and a lot of men will relate to it. I know I do.
    The mistake many of us make (till we wise up) is expecting women to have the same values as men. You wanted a partner who’d have your back, like in a buddy-buddy cop movie, but with benefits. Don’t we all? It comes as a shock when we find out the truth.
    Women aren’t like men. The vast majority of them aren’t truly capable of taking responsibility, not when it really matters, not when the brown stuff hits the fan. When it comes to those situations, men are usually the only ones who can fix whatever the situation is.
    Women are mentally half-savage and half-child. They’re capable of extraordinary sweetness and compassion one minute, and devilish cruelty and selfishness the next. What they all have in common is that they expect, want, and need men to lead them. They might not admit this, but it’s true: when a man gets in trouble, he uses his wits to get himself out of it, and will rarely ask for help from anyone else. He takes pride in his self sufficiency. When a woman gets in trouble, she immediately runs crying to her husband/daddy/brother/whoever-with-a-penis to fix things for her.
    You know that old saying: “when poverty comes in the door, loves goes out the window”? People haven’t been saying that for centuries because men don’t stick around to see through difficult times. It’s because those poor male saps didn’t realise that to keep a woman you have to take care of her and be responsible for her much as you would a pet cat. When you have no more money for Fancy Feast, kitty’s out of there.
    One of the biggest lies we’ve been told by modern culture is that men and women are equal. That we’re basically fungible, apart from our genital configurations. Men and women are not equal, and never will be. Women are as different from men as children are from adults.
    It’s unfair to expect women to show the same resolve, rationality, self-discipline, and mental toughness you’d expect in the average grown man. And this false expectation of equality is at the root of much of the unhappiness modern women and men suffer from in their relationships.
    To truly love a woman, you first need to see and accept her for what she is, and be prepared to give her the masculine leadership she craves. Part of that burden of male leadership means knowing that ultimately, as the head of your household, the buck stops with you. You can never share that burden equally with your woman, she isn’t made to shoulder it. A good woman will do what she can to help you, but you must never forget that she’s still a woman.
    And no woman daydreams about finding a man who will be her equal.

    1. Woman is man’s GREATEST TRIAL in life. And you were right about women being catty. Cats are selfish attention whoring creatures, just acting cute and snuggling around you when they want food or your body heat for comfort or attention. Birds of the same feather flock together, and cats and women are thus often best friends.

      1. Even better, next time, if the matriarchy wants to control men, then that justifies men to test women.
        Just desserts.

    2. I think a lot of red-pill men share this sentiment. Of course, many of us are angry and after anger comes acceptance. Many red-pill men know what to do within the parameters of living with your helpmate but the only problem and I mean PROBLEM, is… the state. The state has taken all vested power that was given to us by nature and divine right over women, away from us. What is the red-pill man who cares about his career, earning potential and upward mobility to do? Any act of patriarchal discipline is not only frowned on but outlawed and I mean out-fucking-lawed. You don’t even have to be found guilty of hitting a woman, all you need is her accusation. When men are allowed to corporally discipline their wives again (as parents do with their children) through the jurisprudence of the state, then I might consider taking upon the vaunted leadership role. But every real leader, whether he be husband or king, needs force to exercise his authority. Without it, you quickly become a laughingstock. Until then, the only leading I’ll be doing, is to my bedroom. The enemy is not women, their bad-behavior is only a symptom of the real problem… the state and all the supporting institutions and academicians that support its reeking and rotten structure. Gott Mit Uns.

      1. You hit the nail on the head Lance. Without the state, the woman’s sugar daddy, the male can take the lead once again. Until then the society we have now will only continue to deteriorate until it self destructs. It isn’t women we fear, it is the state. It is the ultimate mangina/white knight.

        1. These are the results that come from giving women political power ala the vote. They vote in blocks to keep men down and to financially enslave them, stripping them of their children. Hopefully future societies learn from this giant mistake and take measures to prevent this. I really never thought I would think this way but it simply cannot be denied any longer.

        2. I’m afraid the rabbit-hole goes a little deeper than that. We should not only question giving women the vote but the entire viability of the democratic system. You know how democracies always work, they are stable and then the political demagogues who can find no other way of winning seek to “expand the voting base.” Once they expand the voting base and ensure every prostitute and ex-crack addict can vote, then the system will reflect those who do the voting. I’d go so far as to say, democracies lend themselves to corruption vis-à-vis high finance and leftists, and are not the preferred system for stable economies or societies. I think it’s time for a serious reevaluation of monarchism.

        3. That’s pretty much what it is, it may be all nice and neat to see it crumble but this self-eating machine will probably evolve into something much more unjust and oppressive before it expires. Women hate men for being pussies etc etc. but we don’t really fear them so much but more each other because they are able to incite non-red pillers against the red pillers quite easily by pretending to throw a fit. No bitch is worth risking your well-being over no matter how pretty and smart she pretends to be…

        4. Oh Lance, you need the big strong man to tell you what to do. I guess for you the red pill means leather bars.

      2. You nailed it. The feminist state has destroyed not just men and society, but the happiness of women. And, of course, destroyed any hope for today’s children.
        If the feminist state had not corrupted society so thoroughly, I think I might have enjoyed by married and having a family. That now is entirely impossible. I would not put myself through that hell for anything.
        So, what’s left to do? I amass my own fortune and enjoy indulging myself. That is fulfilling in many respects. But, second in terms of enjoyment are the many things I do to undermine the prevailing regime. Some of that, I have to admit, is just endlessly fucking with women’s heads. Well, I fuck them, then fuck with their heads. I dangle riches in front of them, tell them I love them, then just dissolve from their lives. I love it when they call and beg while I say, “I really don’t understand why you thought it was serious.”
        Undermining the feminist state is more subtle. There are things that I do to legally avoid paying taxes. One of which is to not buy any more than I have to inside the US. For example, I like owning nice suites. But I don’t buy them in the US. I buy them from a Hong Kong tailor that works out of Latin America. No government gets paid any taxes in that transaction. I love that!
        My political involvement involves giving to the campaigns of the craziest mother fuckers I can find in every race. For example, in my city, a crazy self-declared socialist feminist ran for office. I gave her money and voted for her. So did a lot of people that have exactly the opposite views. Why? Because she is so fucking crazy that she exposes the leftist White Knights and feminist honkies for what they are. And they hate that! It’s totally fucking hilarious to watch.
        My local newspaper has a reader comment section. I don’t comment my actual views. I comment as a feminist dyke, and make the most outlandishly far left comments that make even the liberals blush. When they start arguing with me, that is when I know that I have done my job.
        Oh, the things I do are endless, and they give me such joy.

    3. “When a woman gets in trouble, she immediately runs crying to her
      husband/daddy/brother/whoever-with-a-penis to fix things for her.”
      I had to laugh, the exact same thing happened to me a while ago – after my sister didn’t get her way, she first runs to my friend, then to her boyfriend to complain about me. Of course I didn’t give in, from a logical point of view she was simply wrong (but we all know that logic won’t get you far with women).
      Such situations are also useful to see who of the men is a man and who is a submissive white knight.

  43. My red pill moment came when I was 25. My girlfriend at the time told me she was pregnant. I thought she was so pure, she was the first girl who didnt give it up until like date 12- but from date 1 she was willing to just hang out at my spot. She was a black valley girl, liek a light skinned stacey dash in clueless. I didnt have the best reaction when she told me she was pregnant, and she ran out of my apartment. It only took a week, until I got my head around it and I was actually happy at the idea of being a dad. I spent the next two months trying to tell her that but she wouldnt answer my texts or calls- Its about 2-3 months since she told me when I finally got her on the phone. I spill my guts, apologize, tell her how happy I am to be a dad, and she drops “I aborted it.” I was hurt, and I was pissed she’d make that decision without me but I moved on. This was around October 2011. WE didnt talk for a while until I called to say Happy New Year and she said she had moved to TX. We talked on and off, fast forward two years later and I was still talking to her long distance on and off. One day, I realized that long distance was not getting anywhere and I needed to cut her loose. Of course on that day, she decided to tell me that I had a 2 year old son, and he was named after me. I asked her to send a pic of the birth certificate, I bullshit you not, the kid had 3 names before his mom’s last name, and my name was like third- and we’re not Hispanic- Black people get first, middle, and last. Two months later, she brings him to meet me (and I take a secret dna swab test) and turns out, hes my son, hes a good kid, and I love him. WE hang out for 7 days, and she moves to CA decides she doesnt want me in a kids life. This bitch lied about killing the kid, kept his birth a secret, robbed me of moments I’ll never see, brought him into my life, and then ripped him away- I’m not crying. I’m not the exception or the anomaly- This is what women do. This story could go on and on, but the point is never believe in a woman, never get married, have kids, or do anything that gives a woman control over how you feel. Have no attachments, because they are not loyal or honest. Two Girls, One Cup that’s who they are.

    1. “I find a woman more bitter than death; she is a snare, her heart a net, her arms are chains. No wickedness comes anywhere near the wickedness of a woman. May a sinner’s lot be hers.”
      ~Ecclesiastes 7:26-28

      1. Reading posts like this is making me wanna pick up and continue where I left off in reading the Bible — somewhere in Exodus.

      2. I remember reading this, the writer is suspected to be none other than king Solomon who pretty much got to have all a man could possibly want in his life. He was certainly speaking from experience…

    2. In a just society, she would be jailed and you would be with your son. May God help him, bless him, and see him raised up right, by some miracle or other.

      1. It’s sad to think that he will be raised by a woman who has no conscience. I hope my son does not become yet another “thug”.

    3. Gosh. I wonder why she wouldn’t want a prize like you infecting her son with your bullshit. You’re such a charming and mature individual too.

      1. Thank you. Now back to jezebel so you can practice orbiting and supplicating from a safe distance.

    4. “I aborted it.”

      “It.” Not “him” or “her.” Says it all, really.

    5. Maybe you shouldn’t have fucked her without a condom? You have to take responsibility for ejaculating into her ovulating womb.

  44. I’ve been back in the USA for a week. Already my depression has skyrocketed. It’s not because I’m unhappy with myself, since I married a foreign woman and yes, she is so far from any woman I’ve ever met that I honestly think that I was fucking duped into being an asshole player my whole life. It’s because women here are aggressive, dress like hookers, screech like hookers, are fat, angry, scowling and unapproachable. I hardly see any children and when I do for whatever reason it’s always a single parent mom or dad pushing the stroller. All the dudes have tattoos and are abnormally jacked.
    Compared to the highly functional mega state where I libe abroad now permanently, where the vast majority of women are married and in committed relationships, and men are rewarded for their salary and hard work by women, America is a fucking disaster. Which is also why I warn against American players from going to these countries and upsetting the fragile balance that exists, because if all their women start chasing foreign cock, everything will be turned on its head overnight.

  45. Which is why equal partnerships fail. Never give yourself to a woman who isn’t your complete dependant and submissive. If you can’t make her that, then make her believe she is or walk. ‘Equal’ women aren’t worth the hassle. When you have dodgy knees, recurring asthma or a family tendency to strokes, ‘equal’ woman starts vying for control. A submisive woman will work to put you back in your rightful place and be afraid and uncertain until youre in full charge again.

  46. Look, the point is you can’t really do nice things for most women these days. Anything nice is basically seen as a sign of weakness.

  47. My experience 50+ years. Women cannot be trusted only used as they use you….
    The ones with brains and wit were not attractive enough to keep me around. The attractive ones worshiped the god of materialism as I worshiped their naked bodies.
    Such is life. Maybe a third category will appear? Maybe not.

  48. This article and especially the comments are priceless. Well done everyone! Being in company of real men gives me the highest satisfaction in life. Thank you.

  49. Dude, your girl was probably just trying to get you out of the house on your birthday because you have no friends. But really though this is such a little bitchy post; you sound like a chick, whining and what not. In this post I don’t see the nature of women but the nature of you: “Oh, no my birthday is ruined”; “Oh, no some chick wanted my dick in her ass when my back hurt”–you’re a whiner. These are really very insignificant flaws in particular women that you’ve pointed out here. It seems that you’ve labored under the delusion that you’ll find someone who is perfect. That’s dumb. I mean, let’s be logical…you want the girl with the best ass anyone you know has seen? Then be a fucking man or be prepared to eat her shit. No bitch has it all and if she does it’s because she has a man who has it all.

    1. So if you were in immense pain too late into the night you’d be into doing something you absolutely didn’t want to? The message you seem to preach is “eat girls’ shit”. I’m sorry , I can’t get on board with or agree with that.

      1. “Steve” is a feminist bitch posting as a man, spewing the typical Ameriskank nonsense.

        1. Indeed. Is it just me though or are the manginas and women staying off the comments more lately? Rok is intelligent again

        2. I think they just sneak in a week or two after the article and everyone has already moved on.
          Then they drop their little shits like mice when nobody is around.

  50. The lesson to take away here: never do things that you hate in order to appease a woman.

  51. One pill makes you larger
    And one pill makes you small
    And the red pill is total bullshit
    It don’t do anything at all
    Go ask Rooshy, ’bout that Jante code

    1. I improved upon Grace Slick’s lyrics :o)
      One pill makes you larger
      And one pill makes you small
      And the red pill is total bullshit
      It don’t do anything at all
      Go ask Rooshy, ’bout that Jante code
      And if you go chasing pussy
      You know you’re going to fall
      And that hooker and smoking hot slut
      Haven’t given you a call
      Call fat Alice, she’ll always ball
      When the Alpha men get up
      And tell you where to go
      And you got this terrific hardon
      And you’re just about to blow
      Call fat Alice, she’ll always blow
      When sluts with fat proportions have fallen sloppy dead
      And the white knight is talking bullshit just to get them into bed
      And the redhead’s giving head
      Remember what the door man said
      (Kid) go to bed
      go to bed

  52. american women are bad. period. you just need a nice, not too-Americanized Asian girl. yes, i want a life companion as you described; however, men on the manosphere who are commitment phobes send a warning red flag to me. for me, i’ll be devoted to a man through thick and thin if he were my life companion. if not, i’m not sure… i’ve seen it all. men who leave women after being together for more than 6 yrs, then engaged to another one within 6 months of breaking up.

  53. I have so many stories similar to this. I just wish that I had been awakened from the blue pill anesthesia at an earlier age.

  54. Perhaps it was because of your inability to spell “dinner” correctly. You should be ashamed.

  55. My story, I consider to write it to ROK one day in more detail but in short it went like this: I was 20 years old and I wanted a relationship, I met a girl I spent the summer with and we agreed not to date other people. Like a relationship, right?
    Well little did I know about women and she made me cry and the breakup was tough, until I grew balls and got game.
    Soon I turn 22 and just this week I dated a girl I thought I could be in a relationship with, but she got angry when I stated that women study useless things in universities and they are there to find intelligent men to support them. I even referred to the ROK article about it and so she didn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore. She was so happy because of my contacts and people I know and she said that she really likes everything about me, but one thing I said and the house of cards collapsed.
    Women want everything and they’re bad at giving anything back. Women are not used to solidarity and understanding that men have feelings too.
    Women are selfish (which is not a bad thing) but they are selfish in the way that they exploit men for their own good.

  56. This is exactly right where I am now. I realize women are no longer allies of the men in their lives. So what do I do, especially now that I’m making it financially to the point where I expect women will begin targeting me for cash and prizes in the form of mandatory child support?
    The male pill can’t get here fast enough.

  57. I thinkin’ we are not human. Sometimes I really believe we are just robots who think that we are alive. And EGO is the drive.
    Crazy shit that I would like not to think, but seeing this type of behavior of woman… sometimes I cannot hold.

  58. This website is full of unrealistic scenarios. First of all that stereotypical ‘hairy’ Afghani woman he described, who is most likely a muslim and since she’s older would practice a more conservative version of Islam, would never invite a young white guy over to celebrate his birthday. I doubt any neighbor regardless of race or religion would spontaneously throw a random person a birthday party. Especially if they’re not even close like he described in his fantasy story to justify being a woman hater. The second part about him taking 8 vicodins with a bottle of vodka is also unlikely. And even if that was true he would’ve been knocked out right away let alone be able to get somewhat of an erection. It’s also funny how he seems to contradict this perfect image of his perfect wonder bread white boy upbringing by conveniently abusing drugs and alcohol because it suits the story. Also women are more likely to take on the caregiver role if their significant other isn’t well. I’m not saying it’s unheard of for woman to be indifferent towards her sick boyfriend or husband, it’s just more common for men to be the selfish ones. Here’s some research to back that up:
    Anyways this whole website is nothing more than entertainment to the mentally stable. These writers are in dire need of some therapy and coddling time from their moms. If every little thing about women upsets or as this fable story teller describes ‘angers’ him then I suggest turning to the only gender you seem to understand and relate to; men!

  59. “…dissimulation is innate in woman and almost as characteristic of the very stupid as of the clever. Accordingly, it is as natural for women to dissemble at every opportunity as it is for those animals to turn to their weapons when they are attacked; and they feel in doing so that in a certain measure they are only making use of their rights. Therefore a woman who is perfectly truthful and does not dissemble is perhaps an impossibility. This is why they see through dissimulation in others so easily; therefore it is not advisable to attempt it with them. From the fundamental defect that has been stated, and all that it involves, spring falseness, faithlessness, treachery, ungratefulness, and so on. In a court of justice women are more often found guilty of perjury than men. It is indeed to be generally questioned whether they should be allowed to take an oath at all.”
    -Arthur Schopenhauer (On Women, 1851)
    All that was old, shall be new again.

  60. i think you sounded really immature on ur birthday. birthdays should be celebrated, but ITS JUST A DAY. it’s a really big turn off…

    1. Being deliberately nice to one another is a demonstration of GRACE. The opposite is a form of warfare. Turning on a mercenary whore is not interesting.

  61. (…) and a minute later I was forced to acquiesce to our new plan, because I still wanted to get laid that night.
    ….aaaand you lost
    So I put on a happy face
    You being a bitch
    (…) Needless to say, I did not get my back massage, nor did I get laid.
    Of course you didn’t, you followed her cue like a little doggy that you were
    I steamed silently -> passive aggressive is not a masculine behavior

  62. So you had two bad experiences dating and now you’re scarred?
    Some bad stuff went down on your BIRTHDAY! Oh no!!
    Welcome to the real world

  63. I fully supported my LAST girlfriend for 1.5 years. Gave her a place to stay while she was finishing up college, bought her food, gifts, and other pleasantries. I even drove her to school for a year without asking for gas money once. When she graduated she got her own apartment, I got laid off from my old job so I was unemployed for 6 months. I moved in with her while trying to find a new job. within those 6 months our relationship went to shit, she broke up with me, kicked me out of her apartment and tried suing me in small claims court for the living expenses we accumulated while I was living with her. She even kept track of all the expenses she felt she spent on me.
    Never again will this happen to me with anyone, let alone a female.

  64. I’m a woman and have had similar experiences to the blogger. I can assure you that “The Matrix” is not gender specific. There are selfish shits everywhere you turn. I’ve learned to pay closer attention to the people I let in my life. It’s proven successful. I’m hopeful that I keep attracting others with a similar moral code.

    1. OK, I like that you invoked a moral code. Most “humans” don’t even realize there is such a thing.

  65. With a sneer that I just couldn’t hide, I made it known that I didn’t want to go to that party and that it was my birthday and that I should be able to do what I wanted to do. My girlfriend, however, was not pleased by my objections and she argued many irrelevant reasons why I needed to go. In an instant, things turned icy between us, and a minute later I was forced to acquiesce to our new plan, because I still wanted to get laid that night.

    Dude, it was YOUR fucking birthday! WHYYYY!

  66. Good sir, your one misconception in my opinion, is the notion that you get to do whatever you want for your birthday. Good read nonetheless.

  67. Are you really that upset that your birthday party didn’t go as planned? Wow.

  68. I’ve only recently come to see women for what they, though it’s been staring me in the face my whole life. Luckily I’m only 21, so there’s hope.
    I’ve been brought up in a family of dominating, selfish women. My mother, grandmother, aunts and female cousins are all men-haters, who complain about men and how useless they are, despite the fact that none of them have done anything with their lives. In fact, the most impressive achievment any woman in this clan of harpies has managed is finding themselves a rich man to look after them while they breeze through life. And then have the nerve to talk about how much of a burden these men are. I’ve been criticised for every slip no matter how little, whilst my idiot cousin is praised above all despite having two kids to different men, a marriage that lasted a total of three months and dropped out of college twice. And again, this one has the nerve to talk about how she’s too ambitious for any man.
    I grew up with the false belief that women are goddesses that we should all worship. Now I know the truth, and the truth has set me free.

  69. whenever someone insists that misogyny and sexism are obsolete, i show them this cite. good luck with the rest of your fearful, miserable, and lonely life. i am genuinely sad for you.

  70. Women are all stealth whores. You’re just another dick to them, between the “hidden dicks” and encounters they don’t tel you about and hope you’ll never find out while they are “oh so faithful” to you. It’s what they are and are about, and all they are about. Between (of course) trying to use you for money, food, a place to stay, and if one is a sucker enough…someone to take care of her offspring with another man or 3!!!

  71. I feel very sorry for all of you. It never ceases to amaze me how many people will willingly spend precious time with friends or acquaintances without an ounce of character. “Betrayals” by such people should be expected.

  72. It sounds like you just choose the wrong type of people, these anecdotes sound like some insane girls. I’ve had girlfriends like that, and I’ve had compassionate and kind girls- wouldn’t it be more productive to analyze her behaviors early on- and what tells you could have picked up on to predict these behaviors?

  73. Something similar happened to me. I had an injury from lifting, fainted, hit my head. I told her about it (while knowing that it would not be red pill behavior). Before, she was crazy about me, after that she rejected all dating proposals.

  74. To be honest it just sounds like you weren’t with actual nice women. My ex would never have done things like that you mentioned (not together now because I moved to another continent). Bear in mind there are actually good women out there who have been raised well and have a lot of empathy and capacity to care. If that is what you want, it can be found. Personally I’m checking out independence now but I know from experience they are out there.

  75. Ok, So I’ve been reading RoK for about 6 months now, I really enjoy all of the articles, however I have a bit of a question about this. The second story I’m on board with. Preach on. However, the birthday story seems a bit strange to me. Would it not have been better to go to the woman’s house and had a birthday dinner? The woman was obviously attempting to do something kind for you. It seems a bit… selfish.

  76. Had a similar revelation myself. Most women I had been involved with, I could tell they were self centtered, never interestes in me personally, just want attention, regardless who it came from. Then I started speaking with this girl who lived locally via messenging services, she approached me and said she wanted to meet me. 5 times over I let myself get fooled because she seemed smart, different to all the other girls I know as on the day she’d always contrive an excuse. On the last time I said enough, you made me waste my entire evening, her first instinct was to run and cut off all contact with me at first sight of conflict. I simply do not trust women at all anymore.

  77. You sound like a total bitch, dude. Just don’t do things you don’t want to. If she told me my horrible neighbour organised a party, I would say “Na, I’m alright” and stay home. What’s she gonna do?
    If she wanted a fuck when I was sore, I would say “Na, not tonight”, roll over and go to sleep.
    Don’t even argue the point, just act. It doesn’t take a fucking rocket surgeon.

    1. I agree. She basically raped him, and made him participate in some gay anal, she probably could’ve forced him to be the one being penetrated. WTF. Why was this crap even posted?

  78. I have gone on a sabbatical from women that has lasted five months now. Still crave the poon, so don’t know how much longer it will last. However, It has been a real eye opener for me. A level of peace and serenity has established itself in my life I had not previously know. Mentally and spiritually I feel so much better now. Even my health has improved. I would liken it to having ridden out an exhausting storm in a sturdy boat through a long night. Now it is morning and I am floating on a glass like calm sea and the sun is bright and rising……Did not realize the wieght of the stress until I put it down. Women are parasitic. Consider yourself lucky if you have found one that is providing a positive ROI………Renewed energy, improved health, mental clarity, spiritual peace! If this misandrist society would just legalize escort service I would have myself completeley squared away…………Yes, I know about game and frame. Just have became exhausted and contemptuous of the ridiculousness of these parasites and what little value they offer.

  79. I just have to say something-I can see this site is not for women but having just run into your blog after googling “predatory woman” as my counselor called the type of woman who (married with 3 teenage or young adult sons-an old girlfriend of my husband’s from high school) got in touch with my husband through Facebook. They have had an affair off and on for 5 years; 3 times I found out, 3 times I have forgiven. He has begged forgiveness, killed that beast so to speak and we’ve come a long way. I am attractive, in great shape, spirited, fun, athletic and always the cool girl to hang out with…we love to hang out, drink IPA’S and cook, go on adventures and we’ve had 3 kids too. Through my clarity during a very heartbreaking and life changing time-and he’s thanked me many times-he still has me and our beautiful family. What kind of girl am I?

  80. Man, this post hits to close to home. Some of my biggest red pill revelations for me happened during a birthday or in times of need/illness:
    1) Birthday: I officially discovered the manosphere after my 26th birthday. I had been dating a girl for a couple months who seemed really cool and we got along well. So on the morning of my birthday she texts me to ask where and when my party would be. She sounded excited, and I was excited that I could finally introduce this girl I had talked about so much to all my friends. The party was at 7. By 8 she wasn’t there. Then 9 hit. Then 10. Then 11. She stopped answering her phone shortly before the party and never showed up. A couple days later I called her to see what happened. No answer. A week later I did the same. No answer. So on my BIRTHDAY this girl who seemed to be the most dependable girl I ever dated decided to go ghost on me. Within the next few weeks I went on Google and typed in “Why are women crazy?”, and this brought me to the manosphere and the rest is history.
    The girl I dated prior to this also liked pulling shit on my birthday. I remember one time a friend threw a party for me at his place. Since the attention wasn’t all on her she began getting snappy and yelling at me. That night she decided to sleep on the couch because for some reason she was just fucking pissed at me. So no, I didn’t get birthday sex.
    2) Illness: Last year I came down with a horrible respiratory infection where my airway would get cut off like I was choking with no explanation. I could barely walk without triggering this, so I spent a couple weeks in my apartment unable to go out and developed bad cabin fever. I told my girlfriend I needed to see her because I was frankly scared as shit and also had to get out of the apartment. Did she comfort me? Care for me? No, any time I coughed or choked she’d physically push me away and tell me I was disgusting. For the next month while I had this thing she refused to have sex with me or even really kiss me when I needed her the most. I sort of expected this, but not to the level she displayed it.
    Bottom line: No woman can care for you or love you like your mother did. If you’re expecting a woman to be there for you you’ll only end up disappointed.

  81. “demanding that I put my dick into her ass that instant.” SERIOUSLY? you guys and your fake stories are hilarious.

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