Indian Feminist Seetha Kulandaisamy Gets An American Man Fired

A few days ago, Captain Capitalism published a link about an Indian feminist who had gotten a guy fired from his job in Austin, Texas over a sign that made a light-hearted joke about domestic violence. I clicked the news link and read it, and noticed that the article mentioned the woman’s name, one Seetha Kulandaisamy, who had been walking down 6th Street (a popular night life area) in Austin when she had noticed the sign outside of Minibar.

Seetha was seething with indignant righteous feminist rage upon seeing the sign. Like any good feminist, she took a picture of it and uploaded it to Facebook and Pinterest and of course it went viral.

DV joke in Austin Texas

After a rabid gang of feminists flooded the Minibar with phone calls and harassment, the bar manager decided to fire the guy who wrote the sign. He then proceeded to write a sign saying “1 dollar towards every beer will be donated to domestic violence victims”. The interesting point here is, notice how the Ds and the Es of both signs are identical. Therefore, it is my assumption that Alex Elmiger, the guy who manages the bar, wrote both signs, and that he simply fired some poor guy and used him as a scapegoat. This is definitely worth investigating.

A few guys on RVF noticed this incident and made a thread about it and were discussing it.  It also was very quickly picked up by people from 4chan. The thread on the /b/ (Random) section on 4chan went viral, and one guy on the thread posted “Hey, I know this girl, she was in my class at UT Austin and I used to have her on my Facebook friends list”. He then proceeded to post her Facebook profile link and she got flooded with troll messages. Then someone tracked down her employer information and posted her office phone number on the /b/ thread, and they proceeded to flood her office with calls. She works as a receptionist, so she was the one answering the phone. The trolls at 4chan were also talking about sending her pizza deliveries, but I do not know if they really went that far or not.

4Chan /b/ thread:

Seetha 4chan thread

It was a lot like the whole Adria Richards situation a few months back, who overheard two guys making a joke about dongles and so she took their photo and got the two guys fired from their job. The people at 4chan picked up this story very quickly and they proceeded to flood her with messages, and a few guys even DDoSed her employer’s website. The next day, the employer wrote that he was firing Adria Richards because how she handled the situation was incredibly inappropriate, causing those two guys to get fired over an innocent joke. Roosh documented all of this in an article he wrote called American Feminist Adria Richards Gets Gang Raped By The Internet.

Adria Richards

Feminists who screw up men’s lives need to be publicly named and shamed.  Any time a feminist or a woman gets a man fired over something stupid, it needs to be documented and published online. The days of women thinking they can do whatever they want and be immune to the consequences are over.


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194 thoughts on “Indian Feminist Seetha Kulandaisamy Gets An American Man Fired”

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      1. Its actually because of the Aryan tribes that migrated to, and ruled India 1000s of years ago.

      2. load of crap. i cannot stand these rationalizations.
        they want to be white! period! end of discussion!

        1. I have to agree with you, like I am browned skinned, but I see these bitches fall for brown guys who bleach…..Like that is fucked, happens alot in Pakistani communities also… Little do they know that bleaching will lead them to a hospital bed dying of skin cancer…

    2. This red neck hillbilly hate has no place here. Shocked to see how many likes this comment got. Truly appalling.
      Real men have no hate and no anger. That’s for boys. Grow up.

      1. Indian men do call and yell out at women on the streets (white, brown, whatever the fuck, actually, lol), but ‘their men (i.e. ALL their men would rape white women at the drop of a hat’? Taking things too far. They’re not that hot.
        Once you get used to seeing them around.

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        2. Don’t you worry. It’s what they’d accuse Indian men of doing too.
          Besides, I would be astounded if white women didn’t think that about you or most other men. Indian girls aren’t too different from yours.

      2. So, if someone beat your mom you would have no hate or anger???? So if another culture pushes their ways and life on another then men should just accept it or GASP!!!!! someone will call them a racist??? Kid, listen…lose the shame talk, and get on board with a good fight. That’s what real grown up boys do.

        1. “grown up boys” not grown men. Being a man is being in control. Taking responsibility for your actions and emotions.
          If you cant control your anger and hate then it controls you and you are no longer the master.

        2. Their is a fine line between controlling oneself and doing nothing. Europeans and Asians were good at controlling their anger and it got them centuries of dictatorships. Sounds like me and you just have different definitions

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        The hate blacks soo much, while whining about racism from whites… at the same time, they deeply, profoundly want to be white.
        same story as everybody here… i had a indian boss that fired everybody(12 people) and replaced them with indians… i am the last white person working there.
        fuck indians.

    3. damn right! i was fired from my job because of those sand niggers. they replace me with one of their curry smelling cousins.
      fuck them.

    4. had an indian classmate hated my guts for 2 straight years at college because i went after a white girl he likes. he constantly never let me forget about it. — for 2 fucking years afterwards. 2 fucking years. He never even hit on the girl. He saw me hitting on the girl, told me he likes her; i said, let me best man win…. i made my move… got the girl… and the indian, rahul singh, never forgive me for it… even till graduation. fucking insane.

      1. sounds like someone with wacko mental problems. I wouldn’t blame it on the fact that he’s Indian. There’s a new generation of south asian guys in the west who are trying to break out of former stereotypes.

  2. I work with a lot of indian woman and have come to loathe them. They have all the entitlement bullshit of the western woman, combined with the stuck up attitude that you see in the newly rich.

    1. They’re like brown jews, but for some reason i still wanna fuck ’em. Must be a masochist or something 🙂
      The food is good though

    2. It’s always the first generation kids who are idiot , insufferable ,PC lib/feminists… The parents, the immigrants , usually love America and are super patriots

      1. Well, that is iffy considering that their parents are daft thinking that their girls are little angels who won’t hurt a fly….Blame Bollywood on it….

    3. Two articles by 30 year old, liberal arts over-educated, Indian women in the U.S. with huge hamsters, who think that *they* are the ones turning guys down.

      Every time [my parents] propose a guy to me, they start with the same line: “He comes from a good family, has a great job (i.e., he makes good money), and his skills are in demand in this country (read: recession proof).” As though that’s going to convince me to put on a sari and ask them to start planning the engagement party. If they told me, “this animal-loving guy volunteers at soup kitchens, is passionate about his job, and can’t wait to go hiking in Peru,” I would have gotten that cross-country plane ticket.


      1. I’m not surprised. Just shows they are hypergamous like every other chick out there, except this one seems to think highly of fruit loops.

    4. As an Indian, I can agree. Not that all are like that – plenty of them are sweet, though you may need to check up here. Pity you had to work with those type of women – I know what you mean. They’re pretty bossy after being sweet to you for a week. 😛

      1. most of them aren’t I can vouch for that since i’m from the same hertiage. But fuck these self-righteous fems can be such cunts.

        1. Good for you. 🙂 I wasn’t that lucky, lol.
          Well … as an afterthought, I should’ve said, ‘They CAN be pretty bossy…’

    5. You might loathe them, but do they make you *seethe* with anger? That’s the question of the day.

      1. Hey, DoBA, I didn’t know you were here too, apart from CH. Nice to have met you.
        Seethe with anger? If I start seething with anger at what an Indian/Asian/white/black/Chinese (etc.) woman says to me, I know it’s time to walk away. They can’t do much after that, eh? We have the power … to walk away.

  3. “Therefore, it is my assumption that Alex Elmiger, the guy who manages the bar, wrote both signs, and that he simply fired some poor guy and used him as a scapegoat. This is definitely worth investigating.” Or nobody got fired. It’s not like he released the name and “Ok, I’ll fire the guy” nudge nudge wink wink seems to have made them go away a bit.

  4. These people have ruined our entire hotel industry in just one short decade. 80 bucks for a wore out Best Western room that stinks of curry. How the hell do these people get such an inside track on owning businesses in the first place? Seriously….try to get a gas station and see how much endless red tape there is. They all rush to this country because they have turned theres into an open sewer and have the audacity to tell us what’s wrong. So sick of this.

    1. You’re right. I am one of the only white guys in Dallas who owns a gas station that isn’t a corporate chain.

      1. Man up eh??? Someones been watching too many beer commercials. It’s true and you know it. They are not allowing certain races of people to own or operate certain industries in this nation. As a result the standards of these places is plummeting. If you’ve ever been to India you would see they care little for sanitation and safety. “manning up”, is being able to speak your mind and the truth and not have some brainwashed kid trying and drop a false reality on you.

  5. Hi Roosh,
    thanks for the link to CAF. It is much appreciated. We are already at 80,000 hits this month compared to a total of 126,000 last month. So it looks like we will go well passed 126,000. If we do this will be our biggest month ever after november last year.
    We got 9,000 hits in one day on that article which, for us, is a hell of a lot of hits.
    It looks like naming and shaming women has hit a nerve with the men. I think this is a great idea. John Rambo came up with this idea about 2 years ago and we have been naming and shaming women on CAF for a long time. We have had lots of women call the cops etc. A few indian cops have even written to us! LOL!!
    As you will see my YT peternolan1109 was shut down with a 3rd strike in 6 months on this Seetha issue. Apparently they did not like me calling her a man hating bitch on the video. So I am currently creating a Kickass channel to share torrents.
    Anyone who would like to become a seeder for my videos? This is my kickass account. Please note. I have raised cases against Eric Schmidt, Larry Page and Sergy Brin for consistently hosting slander of me despite being asked to bring it down politely, and professionally on a lawful notice.
    And one more thing. Those manginas in the MRA area are the sort of pussies who would say “No, don’t criticise this Seetha woman, people will call us haters, we have to persuade people that we are nice people and not haters, they will listen to us if we just talk to them enough.”
    Yeah. Right….Welmer has been running The Spearhead his way for over 4 years now….it is languishing at 150,000 on alexa. ROK is been up for only a few months and it is running at 21,000 and 7,000 in the US.
    Talking “nicely” and being “polite” to these man haters is like Jews being polite to Nazis in Germany in the 30s. It does not help to be nice to people who hate you and want to see your life destroyed. To these people we must be clear. You decided to wag a war of aggression against us that stole our children, stole our houses, ruined our businesses, in many cases incarcerated us falsely, and many of us killed ourselves because of the criminal persecution we faced.
    We asked you to stop professionally and politely. You said now. So now the gloves come off. We will wage a war of return and we HOPE to keep it peaceful. That is what I am telling western women in my own name now…we HOPE to keep it peaceful but some men are willing to use force to defend their life, liberty, and property….rightly so in my opinion.

    1. Our site is making great strides. Fat shaming week did wonders in getting betas and femmies stirred all up. I saw a video today demonstrating our progress:

      1. I went over and commented on that video…got the hornets nest stirred up! Do you mean ROK as the site or another one I don’t know about?

        1. They misinterpret what we say to suit their own agenda. They think we’re Nazis, however, the problem with fatness is a new phenomenon. We’re okay with some fat people, not a fat society. That’s not acceptable.
          They think they’re good by riling people up through emotion, but there are three appeals: pathos, ethos, logos. Pathos being the dominant force. Pathos is a force that can destroy humanity. Zealots be zealots I suppose.
          It’s also ironic. The guy is riling up people about a suicide, yet when someone tries to postulate honest opinion, they tell someone to kill himself. Isn’t that counter-intuitive to the argument?

  6. 2013: The Manosphere now has venom in its bite. Adria, Anil, Nitasha, and Seetha, take note.

  7. Well the war is now roaring along.
    These women with no backbone muckrake the most innocuous corners of the Internet and the world desperate for a story they can cling to and fuck one of us out of our livelihoods. How sick is it that one such as herself can take one picture and get the hamster wheel rolling.
    It’s ironic how justified they feel their actions are. They actually believe they’re descendants from the progressive era, believing themselves to be cleaning up the mysogynistic world like they’re on a crusade.
    Looks like these Indian women are one of the many victims of this Fempire (feminists actually are militant–the Fempire exists.)
    Action must be taken to expel these puritans from America. They’re a corrosive parasite on the country.

  8. Workplaces and bosses should be allowed to have all male/ all female employees. Isn’t this the answer??? If the workplace is so bad seems like the chicks oughtta start their own businesses ? Women will never go for this cause they wanna “be up in our shit” . Women can’t bear knowing men are doing something without them…

  9. A big thumbs up on this one. It’s high time we fight these flaming shame monsters with their own medicine.

  10. Indian/Pakistani chicks in North America (whether muslim, hindi, sikh, all of em!) are some of the angriest bitches you will ever meet. Here’s why, Indian/Pakistani guys are not marrying them! The guys would rather go back to Indian and find a native chick then put up with these NYC/L.A./Toronto cunts. Even the muslim chicks have an attitude! The corruption begins freshmen year at state university with a combination of Introduction to Fem Lit. courses and secret cock carousel rides in the dorms. By the time they graduate, only white boys and blacks will touch them! But they need not fear, cuz there’s a long line of caucasian beta/omega losers willing to marry them while they get their second masters degree Feminist Theological Artwork.

    1. Look at this chunky, 32 year old Indian prig in NYC and her huge hamster about how *she* is the one supposedly turning guys down:
      More Indian girls in the U.S. are hitting the big 3-0. The FOB Indian guys won’t touch these sketchball girls. The Americanized Indian guys will only fuck these girls, but won’t marry them.

      1. Oh good lord! How many times have I had to listen to Hindu/Muslim Desi chick complain about being “set up” with a Doctory, Engineer or law partner? You would think her fat ass would be grateful ANYONE would be willing to walk the plank and marry her curry stained behind, but noooo! And when the party’s over at age 31, and the pickins become slim concerning interest, the anger about “no good men left” start flowing. I just roll eyes silently, cuz you do not want get into it with these bitches.

        1. Hahaha so fucking true about our heritage. I’ve smashed only a handful of desi girls. I can’t stand it, only a handful are rad and mellow.

  11. I’m not promoting violence, but every man has his breaking point. It is only a matter a time until a man loses his job and career over some minor slight against feminism, and someone dies. There were 2 fire fighters in Toronto who lost their jobs over “insensitive” stuff they wrote on twitter….Career…GONE…ability to support family…GONE….dream job you may have loved….GONE…for words in cyberspace that hurt no one. Obviously the union is fighting this and they should win….but if they don’t, these 2 men have lost careers…..what do these cunt feminists think will happen if countless men are robbed of careers because they say so? There will be blood. Eventually.

    1. Atlas,
      you might care to know that I have claimed a state of war into existence in Ireland and this has been consented to by the entire Irish Parliament.
      I have said, in public, that a cold war has been claimed into existence between men and women and we HOPE to settle the matter peacefully. We have asked women to come to the table to talk and they refused to. We petitions politicians to come to the table to talk and they refused..therefore we stand on the edge of violent confrontation.
      It is the women and politicians who have openly used massive force and violence against us men. They have promoted violence against us. We should have no qualms about using violence to defend our life, liberty and property.
      If men wish to claim into existence lawful states of hot war on their lands I will do that for the cost of my time. If men are not willing to pay for my time, just like a plumber, then they can do their own “plumbing”, right?

  12. Indian women are generally soft and dumpy and overall unattractive…billions here in Ontario wearing curtains and shit….just overall gross and unappealing.
    I’m sure there are 2 or 3 out of a million that you would hit.

    1. Yeah, what’s with Canada and Indians / Chinese? We have a few million here in the USA, but I’m almost shocked at how many are in Canada. I guess they’re imported in lieu of having blacks and Hispanics.

      1. Only in major cities Toronto and Vancouver…getting quite a bit in Calgary….but ya, city North of Toronto called Brampton is like 90% Indian…the white people just GTFO….white flight….ugly, shittiest city I have ever visited…..what a dump!

        1. Canada imports roughly 1% of its total population per year, and 2/3 of our federal deficit goes to pay for new immigrants collecting welfare.
          Those numbers may be a bit out of date but I doubt they’ve changed much.

        2. 1% for the USA would be 3 million per year. We let in “only” 1 million (legally) under current law, but I’m sure we’d be letting in 3 million too if the illegal Latino invasion didn’t exist and cause people to complain to Congress whenever they consider raising it.

    2. Exactly. Ha ha curtains. Excellent point.
      We have many indians here in my city in Georgia , USA. While the women may be generally polite, they do not have healthy social skills and segregate off from the rest of the community. I’ve noticed also that they seem to possess bad genetic traits.
      The men really are betas. Some are ok but on the whole, never as open to fun & enjoying life like my latino friends I’ve had.
      Unfortunately the problem is perpetuated as the ones I’ve talked to still only marry inside their race in order to please their family.
      No cultural integration & closed mindedness = more awkward, annoying people & more problems.

  13. Adria Richards got guys fired over PRIVATELY talking and joking around, she was eavesdropping and trying to make trouble. Here the employee made a controversial joke that has a direct reflection on a bar he doesn’t own. Not the same thing.

    1. The standards of taste and decency are too ephemeral and variable. Change the joke from domestic violence to prison rape and all of a sudden everyone has a good chuckle.
      That ain’t right; sodomy is a lot worse than domestic violence and yet it continually gets a pass.
      I say all firings from such outrages should come to an end.

      1. Sodomy doesn’t have to be against a person’s will. It can, and often is, consensual. Another comparison that doesn’t work because domestic violence (whether it is the man or woman in the dominant position) is not consensual, if it were consensual it would be called BDSM which isn’t a crime. My point is is that the employee decided to make a controversial joke on behalf of a bar that he didn’t have permission to do. Two guys joking around privately is not even on the same level. They were not speaking on behalf of their employees.

        1. He did have permission to do it because it’s the restaurant’s sign. the manager or owner saw it.

        2. Argued like a true woman; sodomy via prison rape equated with sodomy via homosexual deviations.
          How about this: Domestic violence is often consensual as well. After all, if a woman/man keeps coming back to the abuser then it implies consensus.
          I guess that makes sense; after all sex turns into rape the moment a woman has second thoughts.

        3. Wrong. Sex turns into rape if either party has second thoughts but the other doesn’t comply. You missed the last part. The most important part.

        4. What you meant to say is that sex turns into rape if the female party has second thoughts the next day.

  14. Why are half the comments here about race? This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with some poor s.o.b. getting fired, apparently because the bar owner was a spineless coward and didn’t want to stand up to the feminist hordes.

  15. Great stuff. Bravo! These are the types of articles that need to be written. Hope we all use Seetha Kulandaisamy enough times that it shows up first in Google when poeple search her name.

    1. Addendum: not only does this site come up first when you Google Seetha Kulandaisamy’s name, Captain Capitalism is second and Crimes Against Father is third. Her Linkedin is fourth. Wonder how this will play out for her.

  16. As an Indian (went to school in America), this makes me sad. Not all Indians are like this…and there are some pretty good people in Mumbai too. However I believe that part of the reason that a lot of the new Indian generation in western countries behaves like this is because it is their form of rebellion against their traditionalist parents/grandparents that makes then violently embrace feminist culture. they believe is “good” and “progressive”. I think that a lot of traditional Indian values are outdated today, but I have tried to achieve a balance of the old and the new because some of the old values such as honor, loyalty, courage, manly strength, etc have been lost today.

    1. However I believe that part of the reason that a lot of the new Indian
      generation in western countries behaves like this is because it is their
      form of rebellion against their traditionalist parents/grandparents
      that makes then violently embrace feminist culture.

      There could be something to that. A lot of bitchy white women in the 1960s through 1980s seem to have been atheists from fallen-away Catholic families.

    2. I’m an Indian too, though against the practices of tradition – at least those which are going to be unhealthy to us in the long run. I, however, disagree with the idea that Indian (girls) think that this is ‘progressive’. Some may have that idea. The case here is not too different from what Western women want – privileges granted on the basis of having a cunt. Entitled women exist here, I’m sure you’ve noticed. Can’t disagree with the women who want less male harassment here – it’s not like it doesn’t happen. However, there are these chicks who enjoy railing against maleness and are for changing men into pussies.

  17. She should have just gone into the bar and complained about the sign instead of making a huge production of it on the Internet. Along the same lines, people shouldn’t be bullying her about it because of what she did. All this stuff does is polarize people on both sides of the issue.

  18. That ugly Indian bitch, seriously I hate how all the times complaints are made it is done by either fat or ugly feminists.

  19. If you Google her name you’ll see 7/10 of the results have her penned as a man-hater. Good job ROK!

    1. At the top is Happier Abroad, followed by Captain Cap, followed by us at CAF, followed by ROK…It’s GREAT that our 4 sites top the list of the search criteria for her.
      This idea of going on the attack and denouncing women AND MEN works a treat. We have been doing it for about three years now.
      I put my ex and all her family on CAF…more men should do this. It would make women think twice as you point out.

  20. Damn, well done Sherlock. The writing is indeed similar. I bet no one got fired and he just used the stupid feminazis for free publicity.

  21. Dudes, it’s official. Seetha is the least sexy female name in the history of human ladies.
    Now, Shazia. Thanks a hot Indian girl name.

  22. These Bitches, Indian, White, or otherwise don’t really want to fix anything by going straight to source of the problem, in this case the club owner, to resolve the problem. They all want to feed the self-aggrandizing nature of their hamster by playing photojournalist with their iPhones and iPads, which in a female’s hands serve the same function as their maxi-pads, soaking up the rejected mental menstruations that predictably flow from their abortion-scared womb of reasoning.
    They think that because they have a worthwhile thought and the ability to codify it in the relatively safety and anonymity of an Internet blog, they can somehow affect any kind of real change by stirring up a whore-net’s nest of like minded whore-nets to swarm over man to protect their feminist hive of hateful, spiteful, destructive failed ideologies.
    They fight their virtual war against the tried and true, proven ways of man with bullet points rather than bullets. They rage against man, when the should be raging against the-man, the architect of their feminist framework.
    Heaven help women if and when men declare war against them and take the fight from the online virtual domain and make it real. War is never confused for domestic violence, even if it involves similar acts of physical violence.
    It’s just a matter of men rebranding women as enemy combatants, according to their thoughts and ideas, much the way our guberment does.
    I like my beer the way I like my WAR.

  23. I say RoK creates a section entirely focused on men who are victims of frivolous feminist forays and identify these bitches so we can retaliate in full force. If it becomes well aware that they will be openly identified and publicly shamed; maybe they will think twice before ruining lives.

    1. Peter,
      CAF has forums for each of seven countries and we have created a place for denouncing man hating women. This is the one for Australia that we used before we set up other forums.
      CAF is getting lots of hits. We are also able to deny the jurisdiction of the courts. We have had a court order from the High Court in Ireland to try and get CAF taken down. They failed. We have had hundreds of women write to the police to get CAF taken down. They failed. We have had letters from police to remove entries…they failed to.
      CAF is published under natural law and common law. Not commercial legislation like ROK. You need to consider that ROK might be taken down if roosh did as you suggest.
      Further? We have created an offer for EUR50 where we will publish the details of women accused of a crime by a man. The reason we are charging EUR50K to do this is because we must establish the identity of the man. He must sign a contract. We must match his identity information to his face via skype or other live hookup. That takes some time so we need to be paid.
      We also need to protect against women pretending to me men and making false allegations as we know women do.
      By the way? This offer has been out since april and not ONE man has taken it up. So men can’t be very serious about denouncing criminal women in their lives. If they think this service should be free? They should test that theory by asking a cab driver for a free cab ride and see how that works out for them. Men have to be prepared to PAY for the services they want…there is too much demand for “free services” from men today.

  24. Seetha, I am sending some mail order dildos and ritalin to your office so that you can psychologically empower yourself at work while we shatter your reputation into pieces and expose the truth.
    Violence against women feels good, cunt.
    Now, where the fuck is my Heiney, bitch?

      1. Haha said like a true fat feminist who thinks men owe her everything for her STD-filled smelly pussy

  25. To be fair, I spent a 2 years in Scotland, UK, and the Pakistani/Indian girls over there were pretty cool and laid back (dating & marrying all races), and many were feminine. I think its strictly USA/Canada. Oh yeah, I would not put American Bangladeshi girls in the same category. They are cool and laid back too. Also Guyanese (Indian) chicks, and Indian girls from Africa (Kenya/Uganda/Malawi/South Africa) and Jamaica tend to be opened minded racially and make good girlfriends. Few are feminists. So we are strictly talking about the Indian/Pakistani chicks whose parents are directly from the Indian continents- those are angry bitch cunts you want to avoid.

    1. I’m just a troll that has no point to make. I will say that I do, but I really just like to name-call and basically rant and rave.

  26. As a half Indian man myself, I hate Indians so much. wish Hitler went after them. Speaking as a Australian, Melbourne person who is exposed to Indian women over here; their women are not only prude, but have a serious attitude problems, get offended at the drop of a hat and extremely aggressive and believe their pussies are made of diamond. I prefer dating white girls and latinos , they are so much more nicer. Even the average white girl, while bitchy, is still not as bad.
    Plus they are extremely ugly. Now everytime I meet an Indian women I just call them fat even if they are light skinned Indian chicks. Also Indian guys are really bad, like you think white beta guy and Caucasian white knights are bad…wait till you meet an Indian beta. This guy will literally fuck your shit up any way he can. The jealously is intense on unimaginable levels. He so much as sees you talking to a girl, he will be your enemy.

    1. Seconded. 🙂 Except the bit about white girls and Caucasian white knights not being as bad .

      1. Don’t get me wrong, Caucasian white knight are bad…but Indian white knights actually hit you. I have been hit twice now, so I headbutted him in retaliation because I’m a man, I never take a hit,

        1. Oh. I thought Caucasian ones are as bad after seeing a video from Aca Demy (see YouTube under ‘The Emasculation of Men’), but if you mean more Indian pricks who do that, I suppose I’m mistaken.

        2. I thought they may be so after seeing ‘The Emasculation of Men’ in YouTube, but if you mean more Indians hit you than Caucasians, I guess I’m mistaken.

        3. Have you see that vid where, on an Indian gameshow, an Indian female game show host slaps a dude, then the dude, out of reflex, slaps her back, then all the guys get pissed off and beat him to a pulp and send him to hospital…..that stuff is common.

        4. Ah, I certainly have. It was on the video I mentioned, as well as under a separate title – ‘Indian Man Slaps Woman On Game Show’, I think. Most comments are appropriate – ‘She slapped him first!’

      2. Don’t get me wrong, Caucasian white knights are bad, but an Indian white knight will actually hit you and think that it was right. So I ma forced to hit back. Plus they really hold onto a grudge for a long time and actually plan some shit long term…that is what you have to be afraid of, and I would have been messed over hard had I not have good insurance. He even escaped the country so he becomes untouchable…all because I banged a German chick he was crushing on but never made a move. I even tried to set him up with her but she said she was not into him, so I’m like well I find her hot, might aswell.

  27. Wait.. she uploads a picture to the internet. Other people whine about it. You theorize that the guy who owns the place fired some other guy randomly for it… but it’s her fault the guy got fired? Douchebags on the internet use shitty logic to blame her and ruin her life. And then you follow up with a picture about how feminists play the victim and ruin people’s lives?
    I hope you are being ironic. Otherwise, your sense of irony is seriously defunct.
    If you are being ironic, I applaud you for your cleverness.
    If you are not… wow. I have not seen a bigger bunch of whiny, hypocritical, “the world is out to get me” conspiracy theory bitches. And I’m not talking about feminists. Consider growing a pair.

    1. I’m the typical holier-than-thou feminist that thinks calling people a bunch of whiny hypocrites is a valid argument. I need to look in the mirror.

    2. I’m the typical holier-than-thou feminist that thinks calling people a bunch of whiny hypocrites is a valid argument. I need to look in the mirror.

      1. Aww, aren’t you clever? You really got me there with your “valid argument.”
        I still find it laughable that you boys think that you are entitled to some kind of “valid argument” when your starting point consists of little more than childish insults, straw man arguments, and no actual debatable premise. No one debates a five year old when they act up. They just paddle them for their bad behavior and send them to bed without their dessert. You only get to move on from the little kid’s table and come to the adult discussion after you put on your big boy pants and actually start with a defensible position to begin with. Perhaps consider trying again once your balls actually drop.

      2. Aww, arent’ I clever? I really got myself there with all of my “valid arguments.”
        I still find it laughable that I think that I am entitled to resorting to childish insults, frequent stereotypes, straw man arguments, blatant hyprocrisy, horrifically poor logic and not actual debatable premise. I just call every one a five year old so I can avoid any real discussion. I really need to pull up my diaper and admit that I don’t have anything to say other than insulting others. Perhaps I need to try but avoiding any discussion is the way of the coward.

        1. I’m sorry, this about the equivalent of what occurs on this website:
          Little boys: “All girls are poopy heads who are being mean to us!”
          Little girl: “You’re a stinky head for saying that!”
          Little boys: “THAT’S NOT A VALID ARGUMENT!” *runs away crying*
          Funny thing is when I discussed facts, positions, arguments, and cited evidence all you boys scattered like cockroaches when a light gets turned on. I kept getting told I was going to be shown how I was wrong.. and yet, no such thing occurred. And no evidence was ever provided to support any claim that this website made or to disprove any of my arguments.
          You boys don’t want an intelligent discussion or “valid arguments.” It’s patently obvious as you all rush to upvote comments that are nothing but stereotypes.
          “I work with a lot of indian woman and have come to loathe them. They have all the entitlement bullshit of the western woman, combined with the stuck up attitude that you see in the newly rich.”
          “Indians have inferiority complex to white skin. They want to be white and also resent white with jealousy. That is why they bleach their skin and their vaginas, and their men will rape white women at the drop of a hat.”
          These are two comments on this article alone that have the highest upvotes. I’d love to see anyone actually defend these claims with anything even looking remotely like evidence. They’re nothing but stereotypes and prejudice. Just like almost every article and every argument on here. When you have to rely on stereotypes and straw man arguments to make an argument, you have no argument.
          Again, it’s just laughable you desperately pretend you want civil conservation while simultaneously providing nothing akin to it. You want nothing but to jerk each other off as you all cry about how you’re persecuted by (insert whatever group you’re currently stereotyping here) and tell each other what big manly men you are.

        2. I’m sorry, this is about the equivalent of what occurs on this website:
          League of men: “We like girls, we just don’t like feminist trolls that think they speak for all girls”.
          Rest of men: “Yeah. You are right! Mephisto is one of those trolls that hide behind all girls because she can’t admit that she is the problem, and not all girls.”
          Little Trolls: “Die, get injured, I’ll make things up and say you said it”.
          All men: “What a troll Mephisto is. She really needs to get some sort of psychiatric treatment”.
          Funny thing is that I never discuss facts, I just take bits and pieces of things that can be twisted towards my point of view and call it evidence. All the boys see me run around like a cockroach when people turn the lights on. I keep getting told I was going to be shown how I was wrong, so I keep up the trolling to crowd it out. Most people that can read can see that my citations don’t really say the things I think it says. So I really never provide any evidence to prove my arguments.
          I eventually admitted to name-calling. I had to because, I really don’t have any factual proof of what I am saying. People eventually give me a dose of my bad medicine, so I just say that they are name-calling too. That still doesn’t mean I had anything backing me up. That’s the laughable part.
          I’ll just go on and on like I am winning, when all I have done is make everyone not bother with me.

      3. Subscribed. Reading this stuff here shows me this Mephisto is a typical self-centred hate filled troll. She thinks she’s superior in order to lie to herself that she has anything. It’s obvious she knows she is wrong. Good job.

      4. Fukkin A!!!! Mephisto you are a complete loser. Read some of your posts. They are just a pile of ranting and ravings like some kid saying “I know you are but what am I”. You’re obviously some fat pig of woman that thinks she’s right in order to feel good about herself. Get a life.

        1. Since you boys like to claim that your opposition using name-calling and trolling proves you are all right, then I guess each person who attacks me with name-calling and trolling is proving me correct.
          So by your own logic, the more you boys cry about me, the more right I apparently am. Thanks for proving me right, boys.

        2. Since I like to claim that I have the exclusive right to using name-calling and trolling, anyone who does it to me is just being mean. I love to dish it out, but don’t think I deserve it in return.
          So by my logic, I’ll say it’s your logic. The more I cry about this, the more I think I’m proving I’m above all of you. I’m just a troll, so it’s my troll given right to do the name-calling. Thanks for listening to my usual claim about how great I am. All I do is rant on about that.

        3. Every time you engage in the same name-calling and trolling behavior you decry, every time you copycat me while simultaneously calling me childish you just keep proving your own rule: You have no arguments and thus you engage in childish behavior. I didn’t make that rule, you boys did.
          Name-calling and trolling is childish. I admitted it from the beginning. I made no claims to being superior for engaging in such tactics. And yet, you keep trying to claim I said otherwise. Yet another example of how your “arguments” rely on misrepresentation and misinformation.
          Each time you attempt to mock me, you just keep demonstrating that you engage in the very behaviors you condemn in others. Each time you suggest that anyone who engages in childish, trolling behavior only does so because they have no argument, the more you imply that you have no argument. Having you demonstrate how circular and poorly thought out your own logic is a better argument against you than any I could possibly make.

        4. Every time I engage in the same name-calling and trolling behavior I decry others for, everytime I copycat myself while simultaneously calling everyone else but me childish I just keep proving my own double standard: I have no arguments but feel only I can name-call and troll because I’m a victim. No boys made me that, I did.
          Name-calling and trolling is childish, I admit that others are childish, but I am excused because I am a victim!!! I made am a victim so I have the right name-call and troll and still feel superior. And yet, I keep trying to feel superior. Yet another example of how my “arguments” rely on misrepresentation and misinformation.
          Each time I attempt to mock others, I just keep demonstrating that I engage in the very behaviours I condemn in others. I can do it because I am a victim. Each time I suggest that anyone who engages in childish, trolling behaviour only does so because they have no argument, the more I imply that I have no argument. Having myself demonstrate how circular and poorly thought out my own logic is is a better argument against myself than any that others can possibly make. Remember, I am a victim so my childish behaviour is excused.

        5. I never implied that a person who engages in trolling behavior and is childish behavior has no argument. You boys did. Thus again, each time you make this argument and then simultaneously engage in trolling and childish behavior, you are implying that you believe you have no argument. But keep going. Every time you respond to me, you further demonstrate that you believe that you yourself have no argument.
          Also, I know misrepresentation is the only way you guys make arguments, so I’ll make this very simple and very clear:
          I make no claims to being a victim. I am not the only person who gets to call other people names. I think I have engaged in childish behavior and you have engage in childish behavior. I do not think that calling names or trolling is an argument. I never even condemned people in the comments section on either side for childish behavior or trolling. What I have condemned is the hypocrisy of those who do in fact condemn trolling and childish name-calling, who then engage in it. I have pointed out if one holds the position “a person only engages in name-calling and trolling when one has no argument” (as I see repeatedly said by defenders of this website on here and implied by you, my darling copycatter) then you must either (a) believe yourself to have no argument or (b) hypocritically only apply that rule to your detractors but not yourselves.
          As for what I do think is an argument: an argument is a statement of one’s position followed by evidence that support such a position.
          Since you boys have yet to provide anything akin to that, I feel comfortable in concluding that you have no argument. Yes, yes, you will repeat what I just said, changing it to “I” and laugh about your cleverness. But, I did indeed make an argument and present evidence. You can deny it and essentially make the equivalent of “Nuh-unh” statements. But again, that doesn’t make you boys right.
          Also, I’m quite excited that you boys are linking to my other posts so that more people can actually see what a real argument looks like. Oh, indeed most, if not all of you will call it ranting and whining without actually raising an argument against any points I made. But, again, that will make me even more comfortable with my belief that you have boys lack any arguments.
          I grow fond of you, my little copycatter. You do such an excellent job of demonstrating the hypocrisy on this site and making my points for me. And hell, keep giving me a platform to “rant” on.

        6. I always imply that I engage in trolling behavior and am childish whether I have an argument or not. The boys do have one, thus again, every time I make this argument, I really am just trolling and childishly behaving. I imply others don’t have an argument . Every time I respond to myself, I further demonstrate that I have no argument.
          Also, I know misrepresentation is the only way I can argue with the guys, so I’ll this as simple as myself and very clear:
          I make claims to being a victim by excusing my name calling because of it. I admit to engaging in childish behavior now because I really have regardless if anyone else has. I do not think. I just resort to name-calling and trolling when I don’t have an argument. I always condemn people for hypocrisy. Those who don’t I will still name-call and troll. I have pointed out if one holds the position “a person only engages in name-calling and trolling when one has no argument” (as I am repeatedly doing this and imply that my darling 40 cats I live with do too), then I must either (a) believe I speak for others or (b) hypocritically apply the rule I say is my 40 cats rule, not yourselves.
          As for what I do think is an argument: an argument is a statement of one’s position that I don’t need to follow with any evidence that supports such a position.
          Since I have yet to provide anything akin to that, I feel comfortable in concluding that I have no argument. Yes, yes, I will repeat what I just said, changing it to “me” and laugh about my cleverness. But, I did indeed make no argument and present false evidence. I can deny it as I always do and essentially make the equivalent of “Nuh-unh” statements. But again, that doesn’t make me win over what the boys said right.
          Also, I’m going to say I’m quite excited that others are linking to my posts even though for a while I made my postings private. I switched that back so I can act like I really have arguments in other posts. Oh, indeed, I will say it isn’t ranting and whining and that it has an argument. That will make me comfortable in my own mind, even if everyone else sees I’m lacking.
          I grow fond of myself and my 40 cats. I do such an excellent job of demonstrating the hypocrisy of my arguments and the points only I think I am making. And hell, keep giving myself a pat on the back and rant on.

        7. You’re slipping here. In your attempts to copycat me, you’re just making nonsensical statements. Also, 40 cats? Really if you boys are going to complain about the unoriginality of trolls on here, consider working on your own originality.
          I know you can troll better. Don’t let me down.

        8. I’m slipping here. In my attempts to copy my fat self, I’m just making nonsensical statements. Also 40 cats? Try 50 cats. Really if boys are going to be original at least I could try to be a troll with some originality. I should consider having some original thoughts.
          I know I can’t troll better. So I’ll just be a clown.

        9. Since I like to claim that I have the exclusive right to using name-calling and trolling because I say someone else started it, anyone else is just being a hypocrite. I love to say everybody else is a boy, but am really the child.
          So by my logic, I’ll say it’s OK. The more I cry about this, the more I think I’m above everybody else. I just a troll, but it’s my right to be a troll because I’m a victim. I’ll just say I don’t claim to be one. I’ll just act like one. I can’t possibly be more of a child.

        10. You boys can’t string together an argument, aren’t particularly original in your attempts at humor, can’t even troll worth a damn, and (since you apparently need a website to tell how), aren’t particularly adept at getting laid. Is there anything you boys are skilled at? Not intelligent (or at least unable to communicate any intelligence), not funny, and not particularly good with the ladies. No wonder you boys have such an inferiority complex.

        11. See what I mean? There’s nothing particularly clever in Hutt’s post, yet apparently WTF here thinks “it’s funny stuff”. If this is the caliber of your audience, no wonder this website has as many members as it does even with articles that barely try.
          But hey, every website need it’s niche audience (or perhaps every niche audience needs its website). Apparently, this website has tapped into the easily amused, simple-minded and afraid of women demographic.

        12. See what I troll? There’s nothing particularly clever in what I post, yet apparently I am all WTF it’s all funny stuff. If this is the caliber of my postings, no wonder this website has many members that see that I’m just a troll and am just trying to get attention.
          But hey, every website needs it’s childish trolls (or perhaps every niche audience attracts childish trolls). Apparently, this website has tapped into the easily agitated, simple-minded and afraid to admit that they do nothing but troll femographic.

        13. You boys can really string together an argument. I’m not particularly original but your humor is. I can’t troll worth a damn, and (since I need to talk to myself to desperately try to get attention on this website), I’m not adept at getting laid even if I paid money. Is there anything I am skilled at besides eating to gain weight? Not intelligent (or at least unable to communicate any intelligence), not funny but fat, and not particularly good at being a lady. No wonder I can’t attract boys. I must have a severe inferiority complex. But my 50 cats love me. Really they do.

        14. See what I a troll I am? There’s nothing particular clever in what I post, yet apparently I am all WTF and I think I’m funny stuff. If this is the fat calliper I measure my fat with, I’ll just post more fat posts. No wonder this website has many members that don’t want to tap my fat. I’ll just stick to being part of the troll demographic.

        15. Is that Mesphistroll the biggest loser on the Interwebs or what??? Fat must really turn brains to mush. She’s like trolling herself now. Funnier and funnierer I say.

      5. No doubt about it. This MeFATSO is the biggest trolloser that youve ever seen. Have a look at some of her so called posts. They are really the posts of some craxy person. Everyone is wrong. She is right. so on so so. Fill it full of calling every guy a tiny dinkie whatever and think you great. go put new batterys in your vibrator and stuff your fat ass.

        1. Hey Zhukovski. I can’t find any MEFATSO posts. It says “this users activity is private”. Can you point us to some other ones?
          I figure you me that Mephisto feminism apologist.

      6. I am still a self-admitted troll. I don’t have anything to add, but I’ll just refer to everyone that I disagree with as “boys” because it makes me feel superior (even though it really shows that I don’t think so).

  28. If you truly stand behind your racist, misogynistic rant, why not author the article with your real name?

    1. Because women then commit the crime of slander and attempt to destroy the mans life. I am an example of that. I publish my materials and then women slander me. And all the OTHER WOMEN claim that slander is ok when a woman does it.
      Here is the latest one sweetie. This is the man hater Donna Chapman. Donna is an attention whore who is giving bad legal advice to people including men. She makes the claim I have ripped someone off. This is a LIE and because she goes on to say “do not give this man any money” she is LYING with the INTENT to cause me injury harm and loss.
      That is the crime of SLANDER. Now..notice how ALL THE OTHER WOMEN AND MANY MEN CONDONE THIS SLANDER.
      The problem you women have, sweetie, is that you openly condone perjury and slander. You openly and publicly go after the income producing ability of men who denounce you. And you virtually ALL APPROVE OF THESE CRIMES.
      So sweetie…only AFTER you hold women accountable for the crimes of PERJURY and SLANDER are you going to see more men speak in their own names. I am one who is brave enough to do it because when I go back to work I will make money very fast. But other men can not afford to have their hose stolen and life destroyed by CRIMINAL WOMEN as I have. I can afford it.
      Does THAT answer your question sweetie?

        1. It is so funny to get women trying shaming language on me. I find it hysterical. I got over that when I was 5.
          There is no woman on this planet who has ever competed with me and bested me in ANYTHING….EVER.
          And yet? There are MANY men who have bested me in all sorts of areas. And when they do? I shake hands and say the better man won and I make friends. Most of the men who are better than me at specific areas of my work are my good friends. I ask them for help because they are stellar in their abilities. Most are only too willing to help out with specific problems I put on the table because the are the most difficult problems in our business to solve.
          The world is a GREAT place to be and I am living a FAR better live than when I had the albatross of “wife and kids” hanging around my neck.

        2. “You like to whine, huh? Poor baby. The world feels so bad for you.”
          “I have nothing intelligent to say against your argument, so, like most of the feminists here, I just stick to adolescent taunting.”

        3. Every time I engage in the same name-calling and trolling behavior I decry others for, everytime I copycat myself while simultaneously calling everyone else but me childish I just keep proving my own double standard: I have no arguments but feel only I can name-call and troll because I’m a victim. No boys made me that, I did.

      1. Actually, no. Your comment makes no sense to me at all. I don’t know Donna Chapman, and I don’t condone slander or perjury. I also don’t think a “light hearted joke about domestic violence” is ever appropriate. So if a business chooses to place one outside their door, he shouldn’t be surprised when people take offense. No crime was committed by Ms. Kulandaisamy. All she did was share with others the manner in which Mr. Elmiger chose to promote his business.

        1. Tara,
          “I also don’t think a “light hearted joke about domestic violence” is ever appropriate.”
          But jokes about men being castrated are just fine. Ask Sharon Osbourne and her audience.
          Women committing the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse are just fine. False rape allegations that put men in jail for 10 to 15 years are just fine.
          And you western women wonder why we have no respect for you? You wonder why we find your disgusting? You wonder why we want nothing to do with you?
          You are really to stupid to work that out for yourself from your own comments and actions?

    2. Tara, we white women are the most racist people ever. White women are extremely racist towards Asian women. Why? Because we white women are crap compared to Asian women, and we white women know this. Let’s just face it. Us white women are jealous of Asian women, because we KNOW they are superior to us.

  29. Guys, the rachel cassidy thread on CAF is off the charts. 19,800 hits in less than 48 hours. The 4chan guys are going NUTS!
    We had 21,000 hits on CAF yesterday….by FAR the busiest day on CAF since it was started three years ago now. Seems like posting things into 4CHAN is the way to get lots of young men to take a look at something.
    Check it out.

    1. Guys..the rachel cassidy post just passed 25,000 hits in just over 48 hours. If you men want to get the message across to a LOT of men? May I suggest 4chan /b/?
      I can’t get used to the whole 4chan thing…..but the vast majority of those 25,000 hits to check our rachel cassidy came from over there.
      Strength in numbers brothers.

  30. You guys are just a bunch of losers who can’t get laid! You all have small penises! You got mommy issues! You live in your mother’s basement and wear fedoras! You just can’t handle a big strong independent woman like me!

    1. You’re a loser who only wishes she could get laid. You have penis envy, daddy issues and you live in some run-down apartment with your 30 cats. No one can handle a big fat ass like yours. It’s so large you can’t handle it either.

  31. The “B”s and “M”s are very different. I don’t beleive it is the same handwriting.

  32. The only thing you need to know about Desi (Daisy) Indian woman is that on the outside they have the same amazing purple pussy lips that Africans do, but once you open them up… they look pinkly European in the place that counts. They are 100,000 years behind the evolution curve but your WHITE DNA can accelerate this process like a virus infects a derelict cell.

  33. I’d also like to point out that when Indians come over to the western world, they develop this huge victim mentality. For example in Australia, Indians that newly come to Australia work late night shift jobs…hence were a victim of violent attacks….so they get up on TV and complain about it and blaming it on racism when the real reason was because they are working such late hours that naturally they are putting themselves in a position to be attacks. They take no responsibility for being a victim. I say this as half Indian person. I am truly ashamed of being Indian, but good thing it is only half Indian, so I am in full agreement with articles like that.

  34. I can’t believe there are actually guys out here like this, imma just correctly the last line for you
    “The days of men* thinking they can do whatever they want and be immune to the consequences are over” because women have never been immune to the consequences like, even when we try to protect our natural human rights we get bashed on for using femininity as a sheild, it’s actually hard and scary to try to stand up for ourselves especially with guys like you out there, I know you may not be able to understand this because I know a few people like you, but your logic and moral is wrong, there should really not be any femisists or masculists but just humanists because the whole idea isn’t we are better and should be treated well it’s you guys are assuming we are lower than you! and it’s not males or females fault but humans as a whole and we need to reevaluate because if people are spending their time bashing on people for seeking equal rights we are literally slowing down the advancement of the human race and we need to do as proper humans and try to fix this and this site is not helping

  35. “The interesting point here is, notice how the Ds and the Es of both
    signs are identical. Therefore, it is my assumption that Alex Elmiger,
    the guy who manages the bar, wrote both signs, and that he simply fired
    some poor guy and used him as a scapegoat. This is definitely worth
    Then why is no one harassing HIM and prank calling him at work? Even if you think she was wrong to post a pic of his sign on the internet, isn’t he even more in the wrong for firing an innocent employee?
    Also, does anyone know who was fired, or have any proof that someone was fired at all?

  36. Can anyone name one hot Indian woman unmarried over 25? Anyone? Most if not all the Indian women I meet in California are large and homely. I feel for the brothers who are forced by culture to accept the homeliest woman their parents can afford.

    1. Your first problem is you live in California which use to house some of the hottest white girls on planet earth. But die-versity kills. So now you have the largest land mass dying state in the US. Invaded by Mexicans and other 3rd worlders. This actually– has nothing to do with your original comment. I’m an equal opportunity racist. Mestizos are 100% inferior to East Indians. Skin color? Terribly unfortunately brown, less than white. Brain? Not even close.
      Partial sand nigger RooshV— is like most Persians. Long ago before FACEBOOK, MTV, THE INTERNET, he had a culture and heritage that was enviable. Then Mohammad arrived with his six year old bride and his camels, and his dark skin. Arabs under ALLLAAAAHHHHH destroyed the Persian Empire. So LIGHT skinned Iran (Aka A-ran aka Aryan aka Hitler) were ‘converted’ under the sword into swarthy part nigger DNA Arabs.
      Indians– Similar story. Brahmins? Top of your country, light skinned and the richest and smartest. Which tells you what? European DNA is what uplifts all races that don’t originate in Europe. This isn’t even refutable now in the scientific age. Asians are smarter than Euros but less inclined to taking risks or conquest. Not to mention, most Asian women want to interbreed with European stock men.

      1. Good lord kindly fuck off with your typical standard MO racist bullshit. Another dick less twat bitching about other races while doing nothing to improve his own races culture.
        P.S. fuck religions and racists

        1. That is UNFAIR sir! I do a lot to improve my own race’s culture, including but not limited to 1) Pissing off soft faggots with brown skin tone on the interwebs, like you! 2) pumping european sperm into digusting purple pussies, this includes indians, africans, and west asians. This produces babies with a 100,000 year head start on the evolutionary curve. Have you ever seen a white girl’s pussy? It looks like the lips of an angel pink and innocent. Your godhead poser sand nigger RooshV is obsessed with it, as well he should be. It is a RARITY and a thing of beauty… but where was I??? 3) Active intimidation and violence against ethnic minorities. Once again, your scrub overlord can attest to what he encountered when he attempted to pilfer white women in countries he had no business being in.
          p.s. Religion and race has held the civilized world together for the last 2000 years, just fyi…

        2. You are truly fucked in the head. You do know that all humans originated in Africa, including you, and that you are only white because if a mutated gene that means you get sunburn? which is actually a massive disadvantage. Did you think that white people just appeared on the earth, or you are descended from an infinitely long line of snowy white ancestors? I am going to go with a resounding no. You are not superior to people that have darker skin than you, you, I would say are actually among the lowest of the low. And I am curious, are you actually actively violent to people of other races, or are you just saying that so your twisted friends think you actually have a penis?

  37. Trolling her ? Absolutely ! Light hearted racist jokes ? Sure. Call her a cunt and shame her ? Absofuckinglutely. The whole sand nigger bs….come on we’ve fucking evolved past that. I mean FFS i make fun of paki/indian hertiage because i’m a fucking red blooded American. But let’s get past the fucking race card and so we can shame more fucking equally.

    1. yea, real light hearted calling and harassing the poor woman at home, AND work. People only got angry because a woman actually did something you disagreed with and resulted in a man losing his job. If a woman wrote a similar joke about men, you would be applauding the guy who got her fired, fucking hypocrites.

  38. Oh my God can people exaggerate! Sure, take a pic of that sign and discuss if it’s insulting or not but ffs why get a man fired?? Sure, tell your employee that his joke was in poor taste but don’t kick him out for that! Also don’t fucking harass a woman because she complained about something, she didn’t get the dude fired, his boss fired him. She merely complained, like anyone would have if they found something offensive. Why the fuck do people let exaggerations like this 1. happen and 2. fuel the so called “gender war”. Its not about men n women, it’s about stupid jokes and idiot employers and it’s about the scary 4chan gang that sometimes get out of hand.

  39. Whats wrong with you people?? This woman Seetha did nothing wrong!! She saw a tasteless sign and took a picture and posted it. Whats wrong with that?! She didnt demand that anyone get fired. She didnt go in an ask who made the sign so how could she even have known it was a white man, let alone a man at all?? This is why no one outside of you brain dead people takes mens rights seriously. The Adria Richards case I agree with – she was in the wrong. Sharon Osbourne laughing about a man getting his penis chopped off?? Totally offensive – she should have been fired. But this woman? She did nothing wrong and anyone who publicly vilified her should be ashamed.

    1. You think she didn’t know that her radfem friends would attack the bar like a pack of rabid wolves?

      1. yea, not quite as bad as the twats on 4chan harassing and bullying her beyond belief is it though really? and I would be pissed. How hilarious, women stuck in abusive relationships, being beaten, many of whom have to stay with the guy because they have no choice, or have children to think of. Really fucking funny.

  40. I’m of Indian descent and I don’t hate white men! 🙂 I thought the sign was stupid, but not worth making a stink over. I think American culture has gotten way over-sensitive and too PC, frankly. I remember a few years ago, I was working at a company and I tripped and would have fallen when a male co-worker reached out his hand and prevented me from falling. When he did that, his arm accidentally brushed my breasts and he said, “I hope you’re not going to report me for sexual harassment” and I was like, “Are you kidding me? You just saved me from a nasty fall.” I couldn’t imagine someone reporting that little bit of chivalry. However, I can imagine if I’d been a “ball-buster” he might have hesitated to keep me from getting injured.
    This is one of the problems of feminism – back when the Titanic sank, men made sure the women and children got saved first. Now, men will just shove women aside to get on board the life rafts, like they did in Italy. The problem with feminism was that it tried to turn women into men instead of just pushing for equal treatment under the law. So now we have a society that is less empathic, which is a bad thing for the human race as a whole. The reality is that men and women both have unique strengths and weaknesses and in theory they should complement and support each other and it all works nicely to keep the human race going along. Women chase after fool’s gold when they try to emulate men – they give up something precious. When a woman retains her femininity, she has much more power, and it’s the good kind of power – it makes others happier and makes society better.

  41. I get the rampant sexism on this site; that’s really what its purpose is. But the sexism in the comments section? Christ. I guess I needed a reminder of how closely racism is tied to sexism.

  42. I get the rampant sexism on this site; that’s really what its purpose is. But the sexism in the comments section? Christ. I guess I needed a reminder of how closely racism is tied to sexism.

  43. It wasn’t necessary to do what she did but the douche bag deserved it and if some MAN doesn’t kick his ass then she sure did. Sure there are bitches who need a good slap and some stupid ones too would straighten out a lot of people both male and female because unfortunately stupidity is not a crime in this country.

  44. She didn’t DO anything, you moron. She didn’t call to have the guy fired. She posted a picture online of an advert she felt was inappropriate (which she was well within her rights to do, it’s part of that freedom of speech thing you lot often bang on about but only when it suits you), she didn’t call to have anyone fired.

  45. John Doe.. We need more leaders like you. Keep fighting the good fight, you’ve truly inspired me. More and more women are blatantly walking all over men and trying to eradicate male masculinity, it has to end!

  46. “light-hearted joke about domestic violence” hahahahahahaha… buddy are even listening to yourself ?? that is the most stupid thing to say ever.

    1. Ds an Es, half wit 4chans chats, did you study journalism from some university or just have passion to write columns ?? just trying to understand how you survive ??

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