5 Stages Of Decline After A Society Becomes Infected By Feminism

Individuals within the body politic are what cells are to organisms. Just as people can catch diseases, nations can suffer from ideological maladies. Here’s how the feminism disease progresses.

Stage 1: Benign growth

Has a threat ever been more idle?

Feminism begins as a benign condition, but case studies show that it often metastasizes into malignancy. Political movements in democratic societies are similar to homeostasis processes in organisms. If groups are disadvantaged under the law, they will consider this unfair and pursue change. This becomes pathological, if in excess (disrupting the homeostatic balance the other direction), or if hidden agendas become vectors for ideological pathogens.

In some nations—particularly under Sharia law—women really are oppressed, and very badly. Most feminists overlook this, and some even ally themselves to radical Islam. Note well, that seems paradoxical to anyone who doesn’t understand modern feminism’s real agendas.

When America’s first wave of feminism began with the 1848 Seneca Falls convention, women were treated far better than Middle Eastern standards. Women had their expected roles and obligations, but so did men. For example, back in those “bad old days”, a man could be conscripted into war, unlike women. Eventually, stage 1 feminism achieved its objectives of equality under the law. The exceptions are areas disadvantaging men (like divorce law or the draft).

Women attained the vote gradually, beginning with Wyoming in 1869 and eventually all the USA in 1920. By itself, this was not problematic until feminism became malignant. Finally, if someone claims women have no power in society, that’s been false for nearly a century.

Stage 2: Malignant hostility

Andrea Dworkin, radical feminist and doughnut addict

Second wave feminism began in the mid-1950s, and the infection was spreading rampantly through the body politic by the mid-1960s. It metastasized through exposure to potent toxins from the ideological malady called cultural Marxism, a mutant strain of Communism.

There are diagnostic criteria to determine if any political movement has become a malignant ideological malady. A biopsy can examine if individuals at the center resemble normal people, or are a mutant strain. Also, are they acting in symbiosis toward the common good of the body politic, or are they sabotaging critical functions and spreading discord? Finally, when their goals are met, are they placated or do they make even more radical demands?

With 1963’s Equal Pay Act, the final objective of American feminism’s benign variety was met. (Next time someone whips out the pay gap myth, remember that equal pay for equal work has been federal law for over fifty years.) Did feminists declare it a job well done and celebrate the golden peace between men and women? Did they give us even a crumb of gratitude for acquiescing? No, demands just became even shriller.

A decade later, they got abortion, which by now has even exceeded the body count of FDR’s good buddy “Uncle Joe” Stalin. Yet even that wasn’t enough to placate feminists. Were the gods of liberalism thirsting for blood?

During stage 2 feminism, diseased individuals (including some who are literally crazy) spread this mind-virus. During this phase of infection, this new contagion infects great quantities of normal females, lacking any natural ideological immunity. Feminists suffer chronic irritation, some even shrieking with rage.

Infected individuals irrationally fear all males, no matter how benevolent or harmless. Social heart disease begins as male-female relations are poisoned. The divorce rate reaches 50%. Reproduction slows; some individual lineages start becoming extinct.

Stage 3: Tertiary sybaritic syndrome

Res ipse loquitur

The third wave of feminism began during the early 1990s. The fever abated slightly, but the infection was far from running its course. Some even questioned what they were doing, but quickly got shouted down. Then, screeching about oppression quickly renewed. Feminists began exacerbating comorbid cultural Marxist conditions, a symptom called “intersectionality”.

Stage 3 feminism profoundly affects the life cycle of individuals. In the past, males and females would pair up and form families, a biological fact quite displeasing to second wave feminists. Stage 3 feminism promoted “alternative lifestyles”. Sterile same-sex pairing is just the beginning.

Youthful high-class female individuals are encouraged to enter college. That wouldn’t be problematic if not for other factors. They’re indoctrinated and have massive debt by graduation, educated to serve corporations and generate more tax revenue. During their most fertile years, they consume large quantities of ethanol and mate frequently. However, a constellation of arbitrary criteria (not flashy enough, too short, middle class, too nice, etc.) are grounds for rejection.

Only when the bloom of youth fades is “settling down” acceptable. Marriage requirements include having adequate resources and not minding used goods. If he displeases her (usually expressed as “I’m not happy”), then she can terminate her vows of “till death do us part”, steal half his money in court, and then find another sucker. Reproductive rates are low; feminism encourages them to keep slapping the “snooze” button on the biological clock until it’s too late.

A different disease progression creates low-class females. They internalize “you don’t need a man” to include raising children. Beginning at an early age, these specimens spawn several children by multiple absentee fathers. Often they’re observed in discount stores, having double the normal body mass, with their underdisciplined illegitimate offspring in tow. The government buys their votes through tax money collected from males and high-class females.

Stage 4: Artificially-induced domestic strife

In the USA, feminism metastasized into the fourth wave about ten years ago. Stage 4 feminism is tightly aligned to cultural Marxism. Its practitioners are difficult to distinguish from Social Justice Warriors. Many male individuals also are infected by now, unaware that they’re being played as useful idiots, much like chickens persuaded to vote for Colonel Sanders.

While feminism was mutating, cultural Marxism itself was mutating too. No longer having Soviet ideological guidance, its former proxies in Western academia started pushing things in very strange directions. For example, the Frankfurt School wanted to turn Americans into a nation of wimps, reduce social cohesion, and inflict guilt complexes useful to their ideology. However, they wouldn’t in their wildest dreams have imagined the US military paying for sex change operations, or school children encouraged in that neurosis too.

Stage 4 feminism profoundly affects the reproductive life cycle of individuals even beyond stage 3 dysfunction. Heterosexual activity is discouraged: cockblocking, “street harassment” rhetoric, dreadful lies about “rape culture“, etc. Unfounded accusations obtain great publicity; when discovered to be false, there are no consequences for the accuser.

By this time, multitudes of invasive bodies are entering the nation because of comorbid multiculturalism. Rather than establishing symbiosis in the new society, they freely consume its resources.

Stage 5: Terminal phase

Welcoming collective suicide

The nation is near death. The feminist agenda is completely unopposed. Individuals are infected early in their growth stages. Dissent—something that could inoculate against infection—is prohibited. The high viral load causes individuals to reproduce at only half the rate needed to sustain the nation, which begins to wither quite rapidly.

Then invasive bodies attack the host with impunity, just as happens to an AIDS patient. The government (the nation’s cerebral executive function) will even encourage this, because all the while it’s been infected by the alien microbes that released the cultural Marxism toxins. The law (the nation’s immune system) is utterly paralyzed and can’t control the invaders. Several case studies show that it will not react at all if massive numbers of female individuals are targeted. However, the law will still punish free speech by healthy individuals trying to halt the diseases killing the nation.

The USA isn’t at stage 5 yet, though Sweden is nearing terminal infection, and some other Western European nations show symptoms of full blown compromised immunity. At this point, curing nations of malignant feminism and comorbid cultural Marxism becomes extremely difficult. If untreated, death is inevitable. The invaders will die off too after they’ve devoured the nation’s corpse, and so will their enablers, but they’re oblivious to this.

The cure

Where’s Augusto when you need him?

If feminism reaches stage 2, the best course of treatment is to deploy powerful ideological remedies attacking the root cause of cultural Marxism. This should begin as soon as possible, before the nation becomes gravely ill. If feminism reaches stage 5, then emergency surgery might even be necessary to try to save what’s left of the body politic.

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662 thoughts on “5 Stages Of Decline After A Society Becomes Infected By Feminism”

  1. The only cure is economic collapse and/or ww3- I really am not looking forward to that.
    I think women got the right to vote out in Wyoming back in 1869 bc the madames who ran/owned the whorehouses were flush with cash, started making campaign contributions to the local politicians

        1. Dunno about that. It sucks already for me. At least in the war scenario , normal men like us could rise in status and wealtg if we are brave and cunning enough. It’s an opportunity. I could use the muscle advantage I have over the majority who don’t lift to win fights over food and boost my reproductive resources as a result.

        2. Albert Einstein — ‘I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.’ -Never wish for a global war today.

    1. Hit some form of rock bottom.. maybe a generation coming very soon will turn on its parents (like normal) and do a 180. Either way, we know it’ll get way worse before it gets better.

    2. Even if you’re right, I’m not looking forward to WW3 either. A WW3 today will be nuclear and everyone will die (maybe the survivors will be only some horrible mutilated MUTANTS, who’ll also be too stupid and lacking any skills to rebuild the society). A nuclear WW3, the completely end of civilization and humanity. “sighs” I can’t see a solution, maybe economic collapse (but even so, will be awful for everyone, especially people like me, my family, my friends. I’ll be unable to survive to an economic collapse, honestly speaking).

      1. unless of course world war III is entirely confined to twitter and social media. Ok that’s tongue in cheek but while the prospect of another total hot war is concerning I am never entirely dismissive of those who say that WWIII has already begun, i.e. that it is occuring under the radar or in disguise. Aghanistan, Iran, Libya, Ukraine, Syria etc. – not occuring at the same time but more than localised conflicts

        1. I’m in two minds about this. The economic collapse is largely premised on the idea that we are massively burdened by unsustainable debt. Now we are objectively burdened by more debt than every, and by any traditional criteria it is unsustainable. Now people need to eat and stuff, and that requires a real economy of the traditional kind, but beyond that, there’s a real sense in which we’ve moved or rather are being moved from a ‘real’ economy to a virtual economy, a bubble economy that never bursts, except a little, and then inflates some more. Forever. The only way the economic collapse happens if either TPTB let it happen, or if they genuinely lose control. So if they really are improvising; if they really know as little as we think they know, then you’re right: collapse is just a matter of time. On the other hand if they’re dissimulating or rather simulating, and all of this is planned – centrally planned – then they can sustain this indefinitely. So if the old paradigm suffices, then the collapse is due, but what if there’s a new paradigm in town? How do we measure a collapse anyway? By people starving? Do the elites even care if people starve, etc. etc.

      2. Actually you’d be surprised by the number of survivors in a nuclear war. Where society breaks down in a Nuke-er is in the logistics of trying to handle all of the maimed, wounded and irradiated, given as the infrastructures of nations will be devastated. I’m a child of the “We’re All Going To Be Nuked” GenX generation and we were all well schooled in nuke war, whether we wanted to be or not.

        1. Once when I was in Junior High the air raid sirens went off at 2 in the morning. My parents woke up as they thought we were in a hot war, and the red balloons would be arriving any minute. They said I slept through it all.
          You are right, back in our younger days it was “bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.”

        2. I’m trying to remember the name, but there was a doctor who lived in Nagasaki and spent decades helping his fellow irradiated citizens. It’s said thousands of Nagasaki dwellers owed their survival to this one man who lived in a house the size of a cubicle.
          …at any rate, the blast isn’t the big danger. It’s “The Day After” that’s hard (great film, “The Day After”).

        3. There have been several human population “bottlenecks” recorded in the archeological record. One I heard of they think the world population of humans went down to 27,000. And here we are at 3-4 billion. It can happen again.
          BTW, Noah’s flood type legends exist in every culture, world wide.

        4. I have fond memories of the duck and cover drills. Often the girl (in a dress) in front of you would show a lot more than she intended. Of course, to my young self, a sighting of thick granny panties was a thrill.

        5. Oh, no question it can happen. I think that due to Hollywood and video games, people assume absolute destruction of basically every living thing, including humans, on the planet. While it is plausible in theory in reality chances are it would just make everywhere look like Venezuela.

        6. Chernobyl still has growing things (not any that I want to touch). So, even after fallout is severe, life will find a way.

        7. I just keep wondering in N Korea is going to bomb the US, or become the Dues Ex Machina in WW3. …About to Explode.

        1. It’s okay to be naive. Just read a lot and educate yourself. Dumb and naive is bad. Smart and naive is okay.

    1. That’s not something I think we need here. We can note and discuss the Jewish thing and that’s fine but I don’t think anybody here wants to be associated with outright calls of genocide.

      1. you’d think nazis would have worked out by now that they’re just propping up the system; that that system depends on them and without them it would fall apart

        1. Well, you have to consider the source. People who can think no further than race/ethnicity/religion generally aren’t prone to the wider picture. While I can be borderline racist at times, and while I clearly see that the Jews run the media and seem to hate us with a seething passion, that doesn’t mean that I subscribe to a “kill’em all!” mentality because that literally (Hitler) makes no sense at all. It solves nothing, it will never happen anyway, and all it does is paint this site, and us by association, as raving mad loons.

        2. It’s always difficult to tell the real nazis (i.e. hard-core goose-stepping types) from those pretending to be such. It’s almost as though there’s a kind of symbiotic relationship. As for Jews, (typically progressive) jewish activists are a relatively small group who wield a cultural influence massively beyond what their numbers can justify. I don’t know whether it’s fair to say Jews hate us with a seething passion. They are not all of a kind, but I think it is fair to say that there is a real connexion between jewish progressivism and the promotion of feminism etc

        3. I meant the ones directing the culture, sorry I wasn’t clear, not specific individuals.

        4. of course. Even there I would say there are different factions, agendas etc. and I would say it is more that jewish activists tend to be more prominent leaders than gentile progressives. It’s difficult to discuss the way that organised jewish groups are so effective at leveraging their influence, without generalising in a way that may be unfair to jews / jewish groups of different persuasion. I don’t see it as ‘conspiracy’ or anything, just an often very cohesive group or groups that are far too effective at influencing society for it to be fully democratic.

        5. I reckon that, prior to some of the recent insanity, “nazis” were actively on their stated opposition’s side. Their existence alone fueled the propaganda engine – “The Holocaust still matters because the Nazis are still around” sort of thing. They didn’t have to really do anything, and they didn’t even really have to say anything, in order to “matter.”
          I’m inclined to believe it’s a magic trick. The handkerchief is just a misdirect.

        6. I used to think that real nazis were vanishingly rare. I think the skinhead type hardcore racial activists are pretty rare, but I’m now inclined to believe that internet nazis are probably rather less so. Even if that is the case though I do believe ‘the system’ depends upon them for its reproduction. They are the archetypal extremist, and even your modern jihadi can’t quite replace them as something that produces ‘right citizens’ through contradistinction. On sites like this though, it’s a real challenge trying to tell the real nazis apart from the hasbara, and counter-extremist agents doing their ‘creative work when they think that a problem website, or a problem discourse needs a little bit of extra clarity, or to be flagged by the authorities or the SPLC etc. Which raises the question: what is the relationship of the real nazis to the fake nazis? Do they know how useful they are to the latter? Do they care? Generally speaking they aren’t that smart, and believe, at least in theory, in violence, so I imagine their purpose is to get to that point where the extremist mindset reaches saturation point and the world spills over into a national socialist revolutionary violence. Which is a bit of a silly strategy, but that’s the only way I can explain their actions

        7. Here’s a clue: the vast majority of the “real” Nazis who actually want to put other people in ovens are too stupid to know how to use a computer and too busy fucking their sisters to figure it out.

        8. they really are pretty dumb. Politics in the modern world is a game of chess. It’s hard to see these guys doing anything beyond throwing over the table and stomping on the pieces

      2. Feminism is the genocidal destruction of the West, and the JEWS are behind it. But, “could we not discuss that here?” What a shabbos goy you are.

        1. Reading comprehension fail.
          I said NOTE, not “NOT”, Cletus. Attention to detail please. Readers Are Leaders! ™

    2. I always suspect final solution afficianados are antifas in disguise, but unfortunately most of the time they are just useful idiots emoting

      1. And you are, no doubt, a Jew, are married to a Jew, or your grandfather was a Jew, and you fear the single drop theory since the coming final solution will be based on a genetic weapon that isolates and targets markers unique to Jewish DNA, silently, efficiently and without notice.

        1. no you’re barking up the wrong tree. You also haven’t addressed the issue I raised, which is that you’re comments serve the system you implicitly claim to be challenging. Are you a real nazi or a paid nazi?

        2. The Human Genome project was designed to rid the world of certain populations. The Ashkenazi Jew has 1400 genetic defects. The weapon is based on Tay Sachs, Gaucher and others. It will sterilize all Jewish Men and render all Jewish women infertile, and enhance and spread all the selected latent markers, making them dominant, thus making every Jew born after its introduction sterile and infertile as well as rife will the full blown diseases. And, the fact is, it has already been introduced in tests with great success. It is nicknamed Amalek’s Revenge. The Third Reich developed the blueprint for it.

        3. Or panzis? Actually I think those nazis for hire missed a trick when they let a cab company steal ‘uber’ from them

        4. I could see that working – a space-age virus could be made to target a single code, if the effect was worth the price (you have to figure it’d take a LOT of potential victims to make such a thing cost-effective).
          But viruses mutate, and genetic markers can be a bit hazier than we tend to think. Something general enough to wipe a whole subspecies would almost certainly have disastrous collateral damage.

        5. There is no Nazi Party. “Nazi” is a shrill Jew cry to shut down the goyim he doesn’t like expressing ideas. With that term you proved my point. You are all being sniffed out. There are so many Jews leading the Alt Rite, that we are just observing,for now, waiting for the real call to paramilitary violence, which will precipitate a civil war from which, naturally, Jews will try to flee. That is where we bottle-neck them in their blue states and their sanctuary cities, in their bunker synagogues, all mapped out, ready to go. No El Al flights will be allowed to leave. Few Jews seem aware that in a Race War, which we will escalate, they will look white and that we will throw them to the quarantined blacks as such.

        6. He’s a paid troll. Sent to make too look bad.
          Huffpo etc can point at him and say “Nazis at rok!”.
          Of course, they will leave out all the context that shows most here oppose his b’s.

        7. My God, you’re right! Nobody uses the word Nazi except JEWS!
          How could I have not seen this before?!?

        8. The Jews easily displaced the WASP establishment by first taking over their country clubs, then their schools, then their Churches, and then everything else. Well done, cuck!

        9. Let’s see….
          I ain’t part of a country club (too blue collar), my church is not a part of any denomination and there aren’t any Jews to be found. My kids go to our church school and we don’t have TV or even home internet. Try harder

        10. Yes, and good thing a Jew takes for himself over half of the “white” quota in higher education. That is why you are dumb. Schlomo from the Eastern Steppes took your spot. He has all the blonde shicksas, and you are stuck with video games and porn.

        11. Or I’m stuck with my wife and three kids and the regard of the young people I lead at church.
          But you wouldn;t know about that seeing as how you worship an infantile faggot who managed to lose a war with one of the greatest armies in history.

        12. I don’t think everyone on this page is going to agree but you are not wrong about the kinds of arguments that get used to control the discourse. It all started with obama’s information czar Cass Sunstein, who decided that “anti-extremism” i.e. anything he didn’t like, should go undercover.
          If he was a troll he was an entertaining and worthy one

        13. It isn’t over yet. Gog and Magog is round three. Maybe your three kids will end up burnt corpses in the Jews’ next world war. You like that idea? I prefer to target Jewry asymmetrically from the top down. I think that was Hitler’s one grave mistake. He should have perfected a global search and destroy assassination program whereby the top several layers of Jews in power were liquidated before he commenced his war on the Eastern fronts. A thousand trained assassins could essentially cut the head off international Jewry stampeding Jews to Israel, where they could be contained, destroyed, and sent to the bottomless pit.

        14. Honest question: Would you feel the same way about the true Israelites? I don’t believe what we call Jews today are the same as the Biblical Israelites

        15. WASP denotes a former upper class. It doesn’t mean white, per se. I suspect your “church” is Noahide as are most in the Evangelical movement, thanks to the Scolfield bible. Now remember, God Blesses those who Bless the State of Israel, and God Curses those who Curse the State of Israel.

        16. And Trump is “literally Hitler.” The fact is Hitler actually gassed Social Justice warriors and Muslim women in pussy hats ten to one compared to the Jews. He even gassed tons of Mexican undocumented immigrants. Dreamers, he called them.

        17. Yes. The Lost Sheep (descendants of Israelites) are not presently in the State of Israel. The synagogue of Satan is. It has been the Time of the Gentiles since 1948. In fact, the State of Israel is the Abomination of Desolation. “Jews” (Edomites, Canaanites, Gomer, Askenaz) are in Exile for Transgressions (Ba’al Moloch worship after the Babylonian Captivity, birth of the Talmud). True Israel is the Body Of Christ, His Church, awaiting the Return of the Messiah. Israel is an emerging spiritual kingdom not real estate for the Jewish mafia. No man will know the hour and the time that this final battle takes place. But all signs point to it, least of not the Apostasy of the Roman Catholic Church.

        18. See, I agree with you on the Church being the true Israel and the “Jews” being apostate. I just don’t see why you want to kill them. Let God sort it out.

        19. However reluctant, we become the instrument of Our Lord as outlined in Deuteronomy 28, e.g. The Holy Crusades, the fight against Communism and against Evil in general.
          A new Sodom and Gomorrah cannot be allowed to flourish, nor can a new Tower of Babel be allowed to be built. No Golden Calf can be placed where it does not belong. The abomination of Desolation cannot be allowed to stand….

        20. Don’t you have a meth lab to go check on or something? A sister to fuck? A rottweiler to punch?

        21. It’s funny — you know more Jewish shit than I do. I have no idea what any of that crap is. You’re literally (hitler) a caricature.

        22. Thank God my brain translated the above to:
          Gozer the Traveler. He will come in one of the pre-chosen forms. During
          the rectification of the Vuldrini, the traveler came as a large and
          moving Torg! Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the
          McKetrick supplicants, they chose a new form for him: that of a giant
          Slor! Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths
          of the Slor that day, I can tell you!

        23. No, the mohels eat them on the spot while performing the oral suction know as Mitzitzah b’ Peh’

        24. But ultimately Hitler wasn’t much of an enemy, however much they might have amalekked him. Hitlers the basis of the current system isn’t it? Without Hitler would there even be an Israel? Hitler thought he was the enemy of the Jews, and may have done some nasty stuff against them, but he was deceiving himself. So if a weakness is a strength, and an enemy is a friend, how is Mr Hitler Amalek exactly? It’s a mean old idea anyway, and if you are simply mirroring the weakest idea of one you consider your enemy how can it be other than a kind of bankruptcy?

        25. The world is tired of final solutions. Or if you like we need a final solution for Amalek, to put paid to it once and for all. Love not hate. Lgbtq. Big rainbow etc

        26. The fable of Amalek will disappear when the Jews are wiped out as an ethnic genotype. This will take place at some point. Until then, Jews kill themselves with AIDS and by the 1400 genetic diseases of the Ashkenazim.

        27. nobody believes you’re a nazi. At least I certainly don’t. Demonstrating the continuing existence of genocidal nazis bent on a final solution is how the system perpetuates itself – that’s how it justifies anti-extremism; pro-tolerance interventions. I thought everybody was wise to that by now. Obviously there are a few nutcases and stormfront guys out there but you’re not one of them

        28. so you’re straight up coming out as a secret sabbatean? I hope you’re at least whispering it. But good on you for coming clean

        29. rabbinical judaism excommunicated sabbateans I think, although apparently it entered the reform and conservative movements.
          You misidentify me. Lets test the issue. Explain to me how policing anti-semitism can be used as a system to constrain criticism for instance. Or if you prefer lets have your thoughts on Finkelstein’s idea that there is a ‘holocaust industry’?

    1. Una leccion de historia por favor si lo busco me va a salir le version google censurada donde no lo bajan de facista.

  2. I’m thinking at a solution. A form of dictatorial globalization (all countries united under the rule of a single MAN, who have very sane patriarchal ideas, is very powerful and can make himself listened and followed by everyone, has a great charisma and everyone accept his lead/ideas without any questions (even the most liberal countries), a dictator, yes, but a successful, respected and loved world dictator.

      1. Close. You’ll find such a man to arrive that was foretold in Revelations. I’ll pass, but he will have a great following so it says.

        1. ray of sunshine as always. that movie was very disturbing. Im sure youre going to tell me the vamps are speaking some ancient language

        2. Very underrated movie. I think it would have done much better if it had starred someone who could act rather than just squint a lot.

        3. It’s underrated for sure. I thought the head vampire nailed the shit out of it. What made it scary to me was the fact you couldn’t see the vampires early in the film. People were disappearing, dragged under the homes and stuff…kinda like that scene from “An American Werewolf in London”, where the two backpackers were on the moors…

        4. loved how he would talk to his victims while he was sitting in the movie theatre. fact they would all be in increasing states of decomposition was brilliant

        5. Agreed. It blended comedy and horror in a very deft manner. Beats the crap out of today’s “Jump Scare” films. (But then, anything beats the crap out of today’s films, eh?)

      2. Yes, you’re the only one who guessed my general idea. A global system under a single God and everything will be perfect if people will listen HIM and only HIM,

      1. Was gonna tell him the same thing! Guy is very naive to think that dictators would allow anyone but his close aids to gain wealth.

    1. No.
      That is perhaps one of the most awful ideas ever. You have to consider the future, not just a benign god-king. Some day he’s going to die, and then, well, you now have a one world government. Fuck to the fucking no, never, not once, ever, even if it serves my interests entirely while he was alive.

      1. We would also be the beneficiaries of his children. Judging by history, we might get one or two good ones, and after that it’s all Raving Mad Ludwigs with crossed eyes and a fetish for costumed buffoonery.

      2. I was referring at God lol, but thanks for your opinion anyway. Good thinking still (everyone should believe in the most patriarchal man ever and follow His teaching and all bullshit like feminist will be CRUSHED).

        1. Well God I can get behind, but that clearly wasn’t understood from your post. God is perfect in all ways, including justice, and doesn’t die so my admonishments don’t apply. But put in a mortal man and they do.

        2. Sorry that I wasn’t more clear. I feel kinda bad now that I made people believe something else than I wanted. But I’m glad that you believe in Him, we should all believe and let ourselves ruled by His teachings and ways of living.

    2. Are you kidding? What you just described is pretty much what the Bible warns about. A northern king will rise to power uniting and restoring Europe to the likes of the Holy Roman Empire era. The stage is clearly being set with this mass migration of pisslam fuckery, infecting predominately white European Christian countries in our current age.
      Anyway, regardless if you believe in God/Scripture or not, the idea of a single human man ruling the entire planet is absurd beyond belief. No matter how intelligent, how big of a dick, how successful, he’s still only a man. A man who wasn’t present when ‘man’ himself was created, nor was he present when the earth was brought into existence.
      If we look back to scripture, only one king ever came close to ruling with the full authority of God, and even he sinned in his older age. He allowed his insatiable drive for the female form to weaken his heart towards the only true God of Israel. He was warned about it too, but because his father was such a badass in the sight of God, he allowed Solomon’s reign to continue in peace. The shit-storm didn’t begin until his son took over and every Kingdom after was rife with conflict and strife. Proving again, that man cannot rule himself unless a higher power allows him to do so, and even then it’s not a full-proof system.
      Sorry but this charismatic dictator/antichrist you speak of can shove that RFID chip/mark right back up is his sodomized rectum.

    1. I love traditionally dressed women. That shit is just so sexy to me.

      1. Yeah, me too. I can even handle the short hair, so long as the woman is dressed in a chic manner. You can tell women from that era valued taking care of themselves, while dressing like ladies. Total turn-on.

        1. They were all fine ladies until we gave them washing machines, ready-made meals and children nurseries, etc, etc. And if that wasn’t enough, we also gave them cell phones and lots of apps to make easier for them to cheat on us.
          Patriarchy serves the woman.

        2. Men use those devices and services as well. Patriarchy serves *everybody* which is why it is the best system to work with.

        3. This is true, I am in fact nearly perfect.
          But that has nothing to do with what I said. You’re cherry picking and acting as if men are outside of the same system that women inhabit. They are not.
          Don’t be a passive aggressive bitch please, it’s emasculating to your person.

        4. You were talking to the general audience. I am part of that. I’ll speak as I wish. Deal with it.

        5. You really can’t handle opposition to your ideas can you? You remind me of another person on here who no longer posts, and I’m thinking “ehhhh…maybe there’s a connection”. You myopia on many topics is rather telling.

        6. They would be “fine ladies” again if men weren’t so weak and didn’t allow the toxic leftists to control anything.

        7. That is because the woman has a pair of breasts and a vagina between her legs. The quality of both are way below what I was accustomed to finding years ago though. Despite that when one is starving a moldy old cracker will taste like Filet Mignon.
          That is another thing, the supply of females in North America that are actually worthwhile has substantially declined. That is why you see women who wouldn’t get the time of day from most guys getting a decent looking male partner.
          The most repulsive thing are the cougars, middle aged women in their 40s and 50s, even 60s, who have sex with men in their 20s and 30s.

        8. She probably liked to suck random cocks, as they all do…but a 50s woman was easier to manage. Like a scorpion compared to a cobra.

        9. A free market serves everyone, patriarchy serves women. Patriarchy is a series of obligations of men and sacrifices for men to make. It has always been for providing better conditions for women.
          Remember suffragettes and feminists came from the upper class down, not the lower classes up.

        10. It’s because it isn’t patriarchy, just branded as such. It’s oligarchy. Why do the powers that be give a shit if it doesn’t effect them?
          What has been accomplished, is something for everyone to consume, even us in the manosphere. They know when everyone has a bone to chew on, everyone shuts up. Just because there’s social flare-ups like a societal hemorrhoid with every group, doesn’t mean there isn’t an entirely new product line already in the funnel.
          Socialism? Already here. Know how you can tell with our pre-conditioned consumerists minds? Everything is becoming a box-chain store. Even the boutiques are emulating it. That is how a socialist society is. Same shit, sure with many choices, but same exact shit for sale in every city, small, medium, large.
          Ever ask yourself, how the fuck it’s possible to have such horrible customer service, failing supply chains, junk over-priced products everywhere (much like our women, and society itself… social commodities), in an age of such advanced technology, when precisely the opposite should be happening? My aforementioned thoughts provide that answser. So goes the way of society itself. Especially one hopelessly bent on consuming everything, all the time, right now, with no brake pedal.

        11. Thats because the dating market is stacked in favor of women where many men are taking whatever they can get. As an experiment, one guy made a dating profile pretending to be a wheelchair bound woman with special needs and that profile still received messages from many men expressing interest.
          Its one thing to be say married to a woman for years and then she gets sick and requires special care and the husband stays with her. But meeting that kind of woman for the first time ever in life is another story. And I guarantee that those men either don’t have better options, have a fetish for handicapped women or a combination of both.
          On the other hand, you have 48 year old 300 lb women delusional enough to think they deserve a man 20 years younger who’s a multi millionaire pro athlete with a chiseled physique and handsome good looks.
          Women are encouraged to never settle. Women are told that they are all beautiful and its practically a sin for a man to judge a woman on her looks. Women are told that they are beautiful no matter how fat they are hence the push for “plus sized” 500 lb models. And men are expected to acquiesce.
          Women are however, encouraged to have the highest standards for men. You think women are ever made to feel bad for saying that a man is unattractive or ugly. Are there any campaigns towards women to consider all men equally handsome? Are balding 50 year old men with pot bellies and hairy, sweaty backs being presented to women as equally attractive to a man 20 years younger with a muscular physique and a handsome chiseled face? And if women aren’t equally attracted to both, then the problem is her?
          How many women will be shamed for refusing to date or show sexual interest in a boy with down syndrome? Or refusing to date a man below a certain income?

          In todays world, it has been designed so that virtually every woman has unlimited dating options.

        12. It’s North America that’s like this, even Western European women will at least take care of themselves in their younger years. That being said Western Euro women are also “empowered”.
          It’s really only the Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern cultures where you have traditional roles between men and women. That must explain the high fertility rates in those countries.

        13. there are no patriarch what-so-ever! we live in a matriarchy where everythings is done for women benefits only! even in forums men are tricked to believe we live in a patriarchy, if so, where are my privileges as a men?

      2. Amen to that. Due to frequent near nudity or outright nakedness, I struggle to find women alluring. When they cover their assets in a long dress or a high necked sweater it only makes a man imagine what they’re hiding.

      3. I surprised myself once. The girl was chubby (not a planetary size, but beyond my preferences) and had short hair, but her dress and demeanor overrode that for me. Took her home to watch the first Rocky movie, never saw him kiss Adrian.
        Ladies, dress proper. It can make all the difference.

      4. I have one, ONE dress that I bought (cheaply) that gives off the traditional 1950s look. when I have a plate I’ve been seeing for a while, I make her wear it. There’s something so sexy about lifting the dress up before banging her. It’s not my number 1 outfit I make girls wear, but it is my top 5.

    2. Dammit Bob, its too early in the morning for that shit. At least a warning or something, ffs.

      1. It’s not just food. Our entire lives are becoming a pre-packaged, pre-fabricated drive-through ordeals. That’s the case with everything, up to and including religion. Look at all the megachurches with a gift shop and a Starbucks.

        1. From what I’ve seen, she’s JUST past the point where some sap will take her home, and probably JUST past the point an even bigger sap will wife ‘er up.
          The thirst is real.

        2. I’m inclined to call it Trailer Park Wisdom, but I’ve read that the risk of genetic deformities between second cousins is right at the same as between any two normal folks.

        3. Yeah, that sounds exactly like something someone who is banging their second-cousin would say.

        4. In all honesty though I may be going on a possible 3rd date with someone I grew up with. I’m really hoping we’re not related.

        5. Has this person ever been to one of your birthday parties? If no, then you aren’t that closely related.

        6. I didn’t know 2in heels and contact lenses is what constitutes a slut these days but thank you for the advice.

        1. She’s a 4-slightly bigger than a no kidding bell curve 5 average. Sad. In the USA anyway. In Poland she would be a 2.

      1. The elite like to keep it all in the family.
        You just gotta think outside the box…or inside it, in this case.

        1. Every law of aesthetics
          No credit for the lack of visible tattoos? Or, well, it’s probably safe to assume there are some on the other side. Problem is, it’ll take a couple hours to make the hike around to check.

      1. This adds some perspective to the one in Bob’s picture. In fact, the one in Bob’s picture just went up 2, maybe 2.5 points.

      2. It’s quite literally a mutant troll. Akin to how Orcs evolved from Elves in Tolkein’s worlds.

      3. “Muffin Top” doesn’t seem to even begin to describe that horror. Maybe “Mushroom Cloud” hits it more on the spot.

    3. The fatso on the right still won’t have problems getting a boyfriend or husband. Now that is fucked up.
      The one on the left is extinct in North America.

        1. Sad thing is she can probably get a guy who does Crossfit and has a decent job.
          Noticed fit guys with busted women.

      1. She’s not extinct. I’ve seen a couple of women who dress like that. And boy is it sexy. Problem is, they’re arms and necks are covered with tattoos. If you mean extinct as far as character, oh absolutely.

        1. I meant character. What you see on the outside is the body. It’s the soul that is Eternal.

        2. yeah i can see your angle for sure, not my ‘cup of tea’ as far as the ladies go, they have the 50s style look with the late 60s ‘free love’ attitude – add the sleeve tats and masculine attitude and its not what i look for in a woman.
          however, i do like the style of music/cars/dress that the retro/rockabilly scene is based around.

    4. Asia, Eastern Europe, South America still have prospects. Even Western Euro women take better care of their health and appearance.

      1. Women from small towns do. But female modesty itself is still dead. People would have to make modesty trendy again in the next 8 years.

    5. Look at that skinny waist. Back then, even women past their 20s were still able to keep slim.
      These women were more interested in remaining attractive to their husbands. Whereas today, women would rather get together with friends and stuff their faces with cupcakes and margaritas.

  3. Homeschooling and subversive cultural training for children from a young age. Conservatism is the new counter-culture.

    1. Yes. You get it. That’s exactly correct. We are now the hip, edgy, trendy rebels and that shit sells like hotcakes to young people.

    2. The British guy on Infowars said that a couple months ago, and you are both CORRECT SIR!

  4. Perhaps feminism can be starved. Any woman who is an admitted feminist should be immediately and universally shunned by high-SMV males. Oh wait. That already happens…never mind.

  5. Feminism started much long ago than the manosphere believes. Historically it started with the adoption of agriculture and mythologically illustrated with the story of with Adam and Eve. For 8000 years the world has been becoming progressively more feminized. The serious drop in testosterone started back then, it is not a recent phenomenon.
    There is a woman on top of The United States Capitol. The symbol of freedom is also a statue of a woman. In the Catholic Church, the most available forgiving figure is Mary, not Jesus. Catholics refer to their church as the Mother Church.
    The Patriarchy is, in fact, a Matriarchy. Female values rule. It has, in fact, created an Aristocracy of Women – a select club of people who, by virtue of birth alone, do not have to fight in war or pound nails. And, as if that privilege wasn’t enough, they’ve browbeat politicians into instituting government fast-tracks so they can attain the highest positions of power and authority in society – judges, senators, CEOs, media mavens.

    1. All that romantic shit from the Middle Ages and Rennaissance pointed the way for the white knight culture we got today.
      The Ancient Romans had the right idea, they also got lots of pussy.

    2. You’re not very adept at understanding the nature of social animals, which we are, and that all social animals adopt symbiotic relationships within their own species, which serves the interest of all of the species. You act as if we are not part of that group and only work to serve one half of the group. This is incorrect. If I’m not benefiting from cell phones, air conditioning and labor saving items just like women, then I’m a monkey’s uncle. That’s just absurd on its face.

        1. Yesss!
          It’s like burgerman set you up for that quip by intention, lol.

        2. He’s alive and doing well. We chat on Telegram, he’s talking to me (and the group) right now actually.

        3. I finally got the full story on what happened to the Kneeman, and its quite the tale. Our boy was always fond of the crazy chicks, as you know, particularly crazy Romanian chicks. Well, he pulled a pair of the most sex-crazed psycho hot Romanian women you’ve ever seen back to his pad one night, and then everything went terribly wrong. After weakening him with hours of rough sex, the two crazy bitches got to squabbling over which one of them got to swallow his seed… and then in their sex-fueled and tingle-raging need, they literally (hitler) tore him apart with their bare hand and bright red fingernails.

        4. It all comes back to the chicken bones and a curse, doesn’t it? That’s how the best men perish, at the hand of women who bury chicken bones outside of the man’s home.

        5. squabbling over which one of them got to swallow
          Selfish women. If only they had agreed to share, …

        6. No, he isn’t and wasn’t. I know him and what he actually does. He’s a troll for fun, clearly and will admit this up front, but if he took pay for trolls he’d be taking a serious pay cut from his real profession.
          And he was banned, for reasons unknown.

        7. Some moderator here banned him, for no apparent reason. I mean literally (Hitler) no actual reason.

        8. Damn, I want to know who is paying trolls. I could make some serious bank with my trolling skills.

        9. Nailed Porcer too, who is one of the top quality humor guys on the site. I’m not understanding it at all, especially when I investigate their posting history. Then at the same time, we get fags and actual real trolls come here day in and out and they get tolerated like they were contributing members.

        10. Yep. I’m not getting the moderating philosophy here as of late.

        11. I remember he usually got a good handful of upvotes on his posts, even the more ridiculous and unrelated ones. To me, that says “appreciated contribution.”
          Not like he was calling for the extermination of the inferior races, slandering Roosh, or otherwise trolling.

        12. But that, itself, was absolutely entertaining. He stuck to it not like a troll, but like someone who has an idea worth fighting for.
          Doesn’t mean he wasn’t wrong, but that made him enjoyable to engage.

        13. You only know what he tells you.

          Letters on a screen.

          Really think about what he advocated ,esp on things “we” consider important.

        14. No, photos all the time too. And I speak in face to face with people who have actually met him too. I know way more than you do about it.

        15. No more strange than when other good contributors here are magic-banned with no reason given. It’s not just him this has happened to, you know.

        16. Last time I saw him post was for the ballet article. Anybody would’ve got banned for the comments he was making there.

        17. In what way do you have more? You’re the one with the accusation and I haven’t heard anything proper yet.

        18. Someone who wants to waste all of our time with distracting stories of ny silliness.
          Think about all ‘sphere topics, knee opposed them all, other than making money.
          Anything about defending west civ/ taking pride in America, etc etc, he mocked and derided as the realm of losers who weren’t making money and buying 20dollar cocktails at fancy hotel bars in suits.

        19. You’re not hearing me because you’re so wedded to your conspiracy theory that your ears are shut. I see him all the time, and have MET PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE FACE TO FACE WHO HAVE MET HIM FACE TO FACE. Get it?
          And…I’m riding out to visit him shortly. Just an FYI. Our channel on Telegram over the last year and a half has made all of us very familiar with each other. In ways you’ll never understand because to you, it’s your view or it’s a lie.

        20. That really doesn’t make much sense. It’s not like we are uncovering the secrets of the universe here in the RoK comment section.

        21. That sounds unbelievable. True, he enjoyed the decline alright but you cannot forget that return of kings was initially meant for PUAs and game as it was built by one.
          I think he simply carried over and nothing dramatic.

        22. Oh for Christ’s sake. You are in fact exactly “My view or it’s a lie”. That’s kind of weird.
          But whatever guy. Believe anything you want, I’ll stick to my lying eyes and my motorcycle ride out to shake his hand for my own proof.

        23. Hey, if you can securely send me the pic, I’d love to see it. “Sean Connery GOJ” is awesome, but I’d like to be able to recognize ya if I’m ever in your neck of the woods.

        24. My email is in my profile, I think that I have a pic of it somewhere, it was 3 years ago I think.

        25. Look what happened when we just wanted to meet for beer.
          The WORLD took notice and did everything to shut it down.
          Do you forget How it was on local news across the country? All framed as a pro rape group.
          Roosh said he was going to Australia. What happened?

          Knee was a deep op troll.

        26. Seriously, you might want to take a step back and reevaluate this situation objectively and rationally. Your personal dislike of some words that someone posted on the internet has led you into this weird conspiracy theory that he was getting paid to come and make comments here to “distract” us from the important work of shitposting each other. Other people are telling you they know him personally and you’re now building them into this conspiracy theory rather than considering the possibility that you might be wrong.
          You really might need a break from the internet for a little while.

        27. Or…I’ve heard you’re actually a troll, sent here to discredit long time posters, which earns you a tidy sum of money.
          See how this works?

        28. So rather than considering the possibility that you might be a paranoid schizophrenic on the verge of a complete break with reality, you’re gonna argue semantics. Good luck with that.

        29. Except look at the effort he expended to make all his anti manosphere points.
          He very seriously derided anyone who didn’t want to just make money amd bang whores.

          I don’t do anything like that

        30. So you are saying that wanting to just make money and bang whores is anti-manosphere? Wanting to make money and bang whores is the entire reason the manopshere came into existence, dude. Without the desire to make money and bang whores, there would be no fucking manosphere at all.

        31. Because he’s in NYC. If you haven’t met many of them, that’s their default setting. He cut on me all the time, but it was all in good fun. How you can’t see this is a bit silly. Most of the comments by most of the commenters here are more or less us giving each other shit. Lolknee also provided very long, in depth insightful posts, which apparently you skimmed over in your zeal to only see what you wanted to see.
          As to what you do or don’t, I’m going with the accusation because apparently that’s all that’s needed to paint somebody what I want to pain him. Just following your lead.

        32. No, I was trolling you with all that. You’ve just lost the plot because of your personal feelings about another poster, and you don’t want to consider that you are wrong because of your ego.

        33. You’re backtracking. Your claim was “paid troll”. He himself mentions that he’s a troll and proudly. But he also contributed some very insightful posts.

        34. So the point is that a guy comes on here and extolls people to bang sluts and make money, which makes him a troll because he’s on a site that encourages people to bang sluts and make money, when he should be addressing topics that the manosphere was not created originally to pursue.
          Got it.

        35. You sure as hell did, bub. The “paid” disappeared entirely when you were cornered. Nobody ever said he didn’t troll, so why would we argue that with you?

        36. I have no personal feelings about knee..my ego has nothing to do with it.
          Just calling something what it is.

        37. Cornered? Ooook.
          Just because I didn’t said paid everytime doesn’t mean I backtracked.
          .. ..
          Knee was a paid troll
          Knee was a paid troll
          Knee was a paid troll
          Knee was a paid troll
          Knee was a paid troll.
          That should cover some posts where I don’t explicitly say it.

        38. That the sky is falling and we need to cry about it instead of trying to change things for the better?
          I think we need some writers from less urban environs. It;s not that bad in my neck of the woods

        39. Sad.
          I can sense that this will go nowhere except you eventually getting around to calling all of us who don’t explicitly line up with your posting philosophy paid trolls.
          You know so little which makes this so pathetic to me. I’m arguing with somebody with no experience about something where I have an actual working base of knowledge. And it’s just sad.
          Speaking of trolls, you’ve covered this page with your conspiracy theory. This bolsters my assertion that you’re a paid troll. Heh.
          Later, gator.

        40. Yes, absolutely agreed, said the same thing myself in the past.

        41. Id be inclined to agree with you, but he was here before the site got a lot more political. same shit, he was consistent. If he showed up afterwards, i’d say you would be onto something

        42. Of course we are uncovering the secrets of the universe here. Where else would stuff like that be done?

        43. Tell me though, on all big rok/sphere/westciv topics, did knee just say “eh, I don’t care”, or did he expend energy and tons of words to mock , deride, amd outright insult anyone who said those things are even somewhat important?

        44. @Chip Baskets: I am a paid troll. I sound exactly like a red pilled guy, but that’s my schtick. In 100 years the truth will be revealed. But for now I will sound exactly like a red pilled guy and say “that dude is a fag” and shit like that even though I am a paid troll who is paid to say red pill things just to egg you guys on. Not!

        45. (YouTube failed me again. Imagine Hawkeye and Trapper saying this stuff)
          “What’s happening to us?”
          “Our first fight.”
          “We never used to fight like this.”
          “Yeah, before it was always us versus them.”
          “Whoever the them we were always us.”

        46. oh, I see. Think they’d be volunteers then. Not that I’m suggesting jewish organisations would be stingy or anything, but they tend to have a lot of dedicated people

        47. what does he like out of curiosity. I’m not sure I think I saw a pic once….in his profile or something

        48. Like….in what regard?
          EDIT: Oh, look like, sorry.
          Fairly tall (shorter than me though), very well built to the level of obsession, and very, very Italian (Godfather ish as noted by Jumpn). Has a “fascist” haircut (shaved on sides, but lots on top.

        49. You said he was a paid troll because he came on here and told people to make money and bang whores. That is exactly your position.

        50. well you don’t have to use google paint or anything. just meant a brief verbal sketch, which was the bad knee etc in case you might have met an imposter. just curious

        51. Just because you might meet a guy in the future does not mean he’s not a PAID TROLL.

          Its not like I’m saying he’s a ghost, ghost

        52. if we can work out who the Romanian twins were working for then we could probably work out who lolknee was working for. Unless they were working for the romanians, which probably wouldn’t help us much

        53. I know what he does for a living. Paid trolling would be a huge step down as a career choice.
          Besides, I’ve already noted that this conversation is futile. You will hold your position even if lolknee walked up, shook your hand and took you back to the Manhattan office where he works. There’s no use belaboring the point, especially since you seem insistent on taking the entire comments section off point to keep them from discussing other things (hey, don’t people sometimes get paid for that….?).

        54. Feel free to make your own site of your own design. Just make sure you have some cheesy line like “tetra-dark triad” by Ivan Thorne from the Savage Lifestyle.
          Lolknee could be the model PUA. You could do the site design. Couple of Yarmulkes to bank the operation and you are good! What could go wrong?

        55. You know what he told you he does, nothing more.

          Someone asked where he was. I gave a short answer with my educated guess.
          You amd others are the ones name calling and using insults.
          Why don’t you go cheat on your wife some more.
          You are always super proud to brag about that.

        56. That has nothing to do with what I’m saying. I’m just not understanding the moderating policy.

        57. Lol, oh you poor sad little man. You’re cornered and are now resorting to cheap shots and trying to hit below the belt. You couldn’t prove your assertion and got corned by many guys who actually converse with lolknee and now you’re scrambling trying to save face. *yawn*

        58. That’s a woman’s type comment from you.
          What’s all this cornered b’s? You must feel cornered and are projecting it onto me.
          I’m fine disaageeing with people.
          How is it a cheap shot and below the belt when you openly brag about it?
          You have proven ,unless you have an open marriage, that your word is worth less than dogshit

        59. I’ve never once seen GoJ brag or even talk about cheating on his wife. Flirting with girls, yes, but nothing more.

        60. How? When? Like psychically projected it into your head? Is your dog telling you to kill Jodi Foster?

        61. Incorrect. You inferred it. And now you’re totally getting the subject off of your loss at proving your assertions about lolknee, all the while keeping the thread distracted. I guess you gotta save face, amirite?

        62. You sound like a paid troll purposely trying to distract us from the crucial issue of rooting out paid trolls.

        63. For the record, to anyone who is hiring paid trolls, I am available to troll anyone anywhere for a reasonable fee. For the right price, I have no morals, politics, or religion.

        64. Are you suggesting that this paid troll conspiracy is so secretive, so devious that I might be a paid troll without even knowing I’m a paid troll?

        65. Yes. You have said many times you hvae sexed “friends”. Not in those exact words. But you did.
          Not just all the bragging about flirting.
          I brought it up to show why your word isn’t worth shit.

          Like you said, were going in circles about knee now.

          Knee was a paid troll
          Knee was a paid troll
          Knee was a paid troll

        66. Hipponax was. He just posted a pic of him trying to reply to you with the red alert at the bottom when he hit post saying “We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by Return of Kings.”

        67. well actually that would just mean you were a ‘useful idiot’ – no offense, just terminology. Useful idiots get paid, whether they know it or not. Until they don’t. So it’s perfectly possible

        68. I have never, ever once. Not once. Said that I have “sexed friends”. Not once (and I understand “not exact words” as well).

        69. Shit, so not only am I the only one not getting paid for this, I’m also the only one who is not a wizard. Fuck.

        70. you must be an apprentice wizard then who will get paid once you’ve completed your work experience

        71. You’re ignoring the effort he put into making useful, intelligent points, generally in line with the masculine values we share here. Not to mention the border-line-irresponsible level of personal info and anecdotes!

        72. Maybe everyone but me posting here are the same person!!!
          (note the multiple exclamation points. Trying to get in touch with my feminine side today, sorry).

        73. I disagree.
          Do you remember we had a very similar discussion about this before, at least a year ago?
          I gave examples of things you had said recently(then), that you just now are denying.
          You went very obvious with your “friends” bragging.
          Whatever. Its not important to me.
          Your life is yours to live.

        74. Usually the regulars not only understand the policy, but they themselves basically guide it and help enforce it.

        75. Don’t worry, his spirit is still with us, in our hearts. Whenever we lift, lolknee is there. Whenever we say something crude to a hot Romanian, lolknee is there. Whenever we eat a meal consisting entirely of meat, lolknee is there.

        76. A banning wouldn’t make sense, he says the least offensive stuff, sometimes rambles on a bit too much, but nothing that would offend the powers that be..

        77. I had a feminine side, but then it left me when I gave it two black eyes for not making me a sammich.

        78. Nope. Of course I’ve mentioned “friends” but never ever said I was banging them. Not once. Ever.
          In any event, I can tell how unimportant this is to you, heh.
          You have yourself a great day.

        79. No, he was actually banned (his account name he changed to avoid a real life phishing thing, but it was the same account).

        80. With what little real power we have here, yes, we try to police our own, no question.

        81. Pabst earned his ban. More than earned it. In fact, it seems like he’s well on his way to earning another ban under his new name.

        82. I post a video once in a while. Mostly in context. I’ve saw Pabst in order, and out of order. Mostly out.

        83. I can’t imagine what he’d have said to get banned. He said he liked the city, said he was looking to move. Hardly doxxed himself by being from bada bing bada boom. He encouraged me to pick up a better suit. He voiced being sad about a guy getting banned, but it’s been so long I can’t remember.

        84. How, ’bout my word, then, chips?
          The Knee-man wasn’t a paid troll. He wasn’t even exclusively a troll. Sometimes he debated. We all do, but he had advice and stories and gave a damn about other members. Even me when I wandered in here. I’ve only been modded once. Made a crude but honest remark trying to support the author of a new and controversial article. I think I offended the author. Anyway, probably why ol’ knee dropped off the radar, no matter his account’s current alias. Come on, chips, you’re one of us. You took the pill because you were skeptical of the world and sometimes we remain cautiosly critical, but in the case of the Knee, he was to funny, helpful, opinionated, and personal to be some leftist stooge. Probably just got clipped because he got a couple more strikes than guys like me. Like Jive said, 3 strikes probably. Its as good a guess as any.

        85. yeah, but that can’t be the case. If we were all the same person how could we do that group hug thing we do every couple of hours?

        86. I’ll convene one straight away, but if its any consolation we were thinking of you throughout the whole half hour

        87. i dont know, i think he is showing a little more restraint under the new guise.
          not just answering peoples posts with 10 youtube videos.

        88. yep agree, if you look back over the articles from the archives, the knee is there, and on point as most of his posts are.

        89. i always enjoyed reading when you and him would debate the city slicker vs country bumpkin thing, me being rural always saw your angle more favorably but the knee had a good argument also.

        90. yep, me too, be great to have a beer with uncle knee (think he is a scotch only man, im ok with a dram or 2 also)

        91. Wut? Or are you saying that his phone number is “1234567890”? Heh.

        92. All this talk about trolls and paid trolls. I was trying to demonstrate what quality trolling actually is, but it requires a bit of cooperation on the part of the victim. Maybe tomorrow HippoKnee will tell you he momentarily freaked out and inspected the image thoroughly for ten minutes, that would be awesome. Also, it would help if I wasn’t so late on the draw. You know, if a tree falls in the forest, but nobody hears it, etc..

        93. You were claiming this whole entire time that “lolknee” was banned.
          Clark Kent presents to you new claims showing Roosh himself stating lolknee was never banned? What reason would Roosh have to lie? He banned him once before during the whole Fornee fiasco. Why lie about it now?
          And now with this new evidence you want to pivot your original claims to say you were talking about a one called “Hipponax”, and that he is also lolknee under a different guise? If lolknee under that name is not banned, and you seem to know this, why would anybody give two fucks if a secondary account of lolknee’s got banned? Why not just post under “lolknee”?
          You owe it to everybody here who has ever backed you up, supported you or otherwise to explain why what you just did comes off as so misleading.

        94. Excellent, excellent post. Much needed and appreciated.
          There is something incredibly fishy going on. But who gives a fuck. It’s just the Internet… it’s fun stomping on the cock-a-roaches.

        95. Make sure there is a shower nearby when you do shake his hand. Don’t want my boy knee to go all epileptic or some shit.

        96. I don’t “owe” anybody anything except perhaps you, since you’re the last person on this board to know that lolknee = Hipponax. So now you know. It’s the same exact account as lolknee’s, it’s not a “secondary account”, he just changed the screen name, the underlying token/identity is the same, so if he can’t post as Hipponax, then he can’t change his name back to lolknee and post either.
          My claim stands. Don’t be so emotional.

        97. Well, I heard they tied him up and took him camping. Different take on the story but similar results. I’m betting it didn’t look pretty though.

      1. No. I’ve had this argument before. I refuse to charge for the helicopter rides. They will be free. I’m not a fucking communist. That’s the whole point.

  6. Feminism was a small movement in its early stages and now part of the establishment of both liberals and conservatives. You got that Ann Coulter who touts conservative ideas but is just another empowered white female feminist. She is hypergamous, she’s dated Muslim men even though she slams Islam. She currently dates a black man. Now why would a woman approaching her 50s still be dating? I make an example of her because she tries to be red pill but she is a product of a female empowering culture. On the bright side she is not a fat slob.

      1. Isn’t she around 6 feet tall? She has s square face but she’s not a tranny just typical of the masculine women that make up the majority of reproductive age women.

        1. I think she’s just had so many fluid tons of male DNA pumped and dumped in her various orifices that she has developed masculine features by assimilation.

        2. I guess she wishes that she was born in 1921 or 1931 rather than 1961, that was the decade when things began unraveling for America, the Baby Boomers, in particular made degeneracy mainstream. There flower power BS became mainstream. What are the results? People of different races and religions holding each others hands and singing by the campfire? World peace? A clean planet? None of that.
          Can you believe today we got world leaders that play video games?? What is this world coming to?

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