12 Ways Leftism Embraces Weakness, Disease, Victimhood, And General Mediocrity

Leftism is not an ideology that works towards achieving ‘300 Spartans’ style six-pack abdominal muscles. Nor is it an ideology that finds having sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia something to be even slightly ashamed about.

Leftism loves victimhood over accepting any personal responsibility for one’s own misfortunes and pitiful position in life. Frankly, the whole spectrum is designed to just embrace mediocrity, ugliness, ill health, degeneracy, flagrant falsehoods, and poverty for all (but at least they’ll be equal!).

This article will explore twelve reasons why leftism is the preferred pathway to nowhere, and maybe even the eventual collapse of Western civilization.

1. Fat Acceptance

rebel wilson

Australian landwhale Rebel Wilson promoting her “plus size” clothing

Leftism embraces fat acceptance, which encourages people to be proud and comfortable in their  abhorrent obesity, rather than emphasizing the importance of a healthy weight for the sake of increased life expectancy, sound mental health, having an agreeable appearance, and success in the dating market.

2. Tattoos, Piercings, And Fake Hair Colors Are “Cool”


Leftism embraces cotton candy inspired hair colors, disgusting nose piercings, and degenerate tattoos with gusto. Unfortunately, many of these hive mind leftists are forever coasting in financial purgatory, as their poor choices of “individuality” turn off most lucrative employers and (for women) good husband material.

3. Worship Of Homosexuality

gay pride

We’re so happy for their biological dead-end and high risk of AIDS!

Leftism embraces homosexuality and gay marriage like it is the second coming of the messiah. While homosexuals are deserving of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness just like everyone else in an enlightened and peace-loving country, their lifestyle should not be flaunted and praised in the public sphere in any manner for the sake of a healthy society.

Extinction of the human race and the proliferation of degenerative venereal diseases would be the only endgame which would result from widespread homosexuality. As for pro child-bearing and AIDS-resistant straight pride, leftists would consider that an act of “hate”.

4. Wearing One’s Mental Illness As Some Sort Of Badge Of Honor


Leftism embraces various mental illnesses and disorders like Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, or Depression like they are something to be shared with the whole world, and deserving of some kind of bravery medal.

While private acceptance and seeking help with these disorders is encouraged, they do not need to be flaunted to the entire world like some kind of desirable victimology merit badge. Much like homosexuality, these conditions are detrimental to society at large.

5. Thinking That “Love” Will Defeat Terrorism And Bigotry


Weeeeee! My Burning Man pinwheel bicycle of “Love” will defeat those terrorist trucks of “Hate”!

Leftism embraces the impotent concepts of “love trumps hate” or “all you need is love”. However, “love” is just simply an emotion-dominated biochemical reaction in the human brain which causes people to make affectionate long-term decisions based upon short-term attractions (often ending in disappointment).

Since leftists are driven more by emotions rather than facts and logic, calling for “love” at the expense of any sound reasoning is a ‘progressive’ duty. Maybe those nearly always Muslim terrorists will just go away if they carry on as usual, change their Facebook avatars, and light candles of love for England and France.

6. Thinking That “Awareness” Will Actually Solve Something

Exactly. It leads to nowhere.

Leftism embraces “awareness” like it is the end-all be-all for any kind of social problem. Think breast cancer awareness, autism awareness, depression awareness, and any other negative phenomena you can think of. But here is the million dollar question that leftist virtue signalling has no answer for. Will all these “awareness” campaigns actually lead to a cure?

7. Browbeating And Lecturing White Males

Leftism embraces guilt-tripping, browbeating, and demonizing heterosexual white males at seemingly any given opportunity. Rather than trying to emulate the success (or express any sense of gratitude) towards WASP culture, which is responsible for ending slavery, creating 90% of relevant technology and medicine, and maintaining 90% of the world’s most prosperous countries, shaming them into self-loathing is a ‘progressive’ pastime.

What kind of world do they want white men to maintain? Haiti? Saudi Arabia?

8. Thinking Everyone But Straight White Males Are Victims And Under Threat

(1:39 – C’mon guys you aren’t saying “love” enough. Say it just a few more times!)

Leftism embraces the absurd notion that whenever something doesn’t go their way, like Donald Trump winning the U.S. presidency, then some kind of oppressive white male patriarchy must have been at work. Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Muslims, gays, transgenders, women, immigrants, and disabled people should all now be very afraid, and consider themselves to be under serious “threat” (but from whom and what?).

But don’t worry, for “love trumps hate”. Let love overwhelm them!

9. Thinking That Income Inequality Is A Grave Injustice

Leftism believes that inequality of any kind is an abomination to the ideals of a progressive utopia. Female Starbucks baristas should be getting the exact same paychecks as male vascular surgeons, otherwise everyone is living in a greedy and oppressive capitalist wreck!

However, anyone with any common sense (which is lacking in leftist thought) will realize that income inequality is inevitable in a free market society, which is by the way the most successful type of society the world has ever seen. Austrian economist Peter Klien gives an explanation on this phenomenon here, and does so in a soft and soothing voice to make sure that petulant overgrown left-wing children can try and understand.

(0:39) “Inequality, meaning differences of talent, of taste, of temperament, is sort of fundamental to the human condition. All of us are different, all of us have different interests and different abilities. Because in a free market, the returns to our abilities, the money that we generate, the wealth that we accumulate, is tied to our individual characteristics. We wouldn’t expect income or wealth to be distributed evenly across all people at all times.”

10. Thinking People Are “Ignorant” For Noticing Differences Between Races

Elderly SJW Jane Elliot “destroying” any semblance of objective reality

Leftism embraces the concept that race is just a “social construct”, and that there is absolutely no differences between human beings other than the amount of pigment in their skin. Didn’t you know that Australian Aborigines are just the same as the Japanese and Swedes in their intellectual, civilization maintaining, and personal hygiene characteristics? They can build Saturn V rockets too if you just give them the chance!

If you stray from this mode of thinking then you are “ignorant” (despite hilariously being the total opposite of the definition of ignorant), and that word will be repeated seemingly endlessly.

11. Excusing Rampant Black Crime

Poor decision making and poor life choices led to this collage. Not “racism”.

African-Americans have the highest crime rates of any ethnic group in the entire western world by a considerable margin, and primarily contribute to the U.S. having some cities registering on “world’s most dangerous cities” lists while culturally similar nations like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom simply do not.

Leftism embraces the concept that high black crime rates can be blamed squarely on an outside force. “Systemic Racism” (despite lower Asian-American arrest rates compared to whites) and poverty are the usual suspects, while poor foresight, more aggressive tempers, and lower levels of impulse control which are all correlated to lower average IQ’s is never considered. That’s would be racist of course.

12. Excusing Islamic Terror And Muslim Bigotry

Yes…… keep letting us in….. you won’t regret it

Leftism has embraced the religion of Islam with open arms, at the complete expense of the Christian traditions and values which have permeated all western countries for either centuries or entire millennia. This is perhaps the most retarded of all leftist agendas, and the one which will backfire significantly once Islam has the demographics to exert great power in (formerly) western cities, as we have now seen with London’s Sadiq Khan.

Despite being portrayed as a victim group by the left, Islam is the absolute antithesis of everything that western liberalism stands for. They are against women’s liberation, they despise homosexuals, they despise social degeneracy (ok that’s not too bad), they don’t look favorably upon non-Muslims, they are super patriarchal, and they aren’t out protesting terror attacks in western countries caused by their kinsmen.

Islam is a strong entity which seeks to subjugate the weak, and that is exactly—as the rest of the list shows—what leftism embraces:  pure weakness.

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472 thoughts on “12 Ways Leftism Embraces Weakness, Disease, Victimhood, And General Mediocrity”

  1. 13. The worship of Single Mothers.
    As the family is the primary unit of any civilisation, the left worships the perversion of the natural family unit by the creation of the Welfare State Parasitic Single Mother.
    The best people are robbed to fund the worst people’s choices.
    The worst people multiply at an increased rate while the best people have no children at all.
    It takes 20 years for this process to be complete.
    The process started about 30-35 years ago here in the UK, single parents have provided the majority of births for a few years now.
    Thus, children and young people have trash parent/s.
    Thus young people are ‘left wing’, from today’s press; ‘This latest YouGov poll shows a mere 12 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds backing the Conservatives, with a thumping 60 per cent supporting Labour.’
    Even mass immigration is NOT more destructive than the Single Parent Welfare State.
    If the west does not stop single parenthood it will not survive and it will not deserve to.

    1. Song dedicated to single mothers. One of those radio hits . If you look carefully , the single mum who is also a stripper and a mudshark , is portrayed as a victim while some evil white men are making fun of her in the street.

      1. ” mudshark”…lol, I smell weakness in you,
        Edit:In the new spiderman flick, Mary Jane Watson is black, unsurprisingly there is no comment or denounciation from you guys

        1. Why would you think white girls have superior agency to other girls? thats the flaw in your mindset, which ironically pushes white girls to men of other races. No matter the race, no girl wants a bitch.
          A white girl fucking a black dude doesn’t make her a ‘mudshark’ anymore than a black girl fucking a white dude makes her a milk fiend,
          To be honest I’m not mad, I love guys like you , your mentality has probably indirectly got me more of your precious white girls than I could imagine, please don’t change, the girls will be gratefully accepted.
          Either nut up or shut up.Period

        2. Meh. It’s long been a noted thing amongst the black guys on this site that the mudshark thing is a lot over the top. Especially considering how many likely dipped in the same pool or simple don’t want brothers in their women while being okay with being cucked by an Asian, Jew, Indian, etc. Seems laughable by any true Red Pill person.

        3. You can spot a black troll by their allegations of “weakness,” no matter what the subject or who the commenter. SOP.

        4. ‘mudshark’.
          Yeah, pity about that, it certainly does reek of weakness and self doubt.

        5. No.
          Not leftist.
          Hard right.
          I fund and I support & I am as active as MI5 will allow, yet, I lose respect when you use that term, perhaps it’s NOT my leftism?

        6. I just don’t get it, and then these are the same guys that sanction and promote pumping and dumping Japs, Pinoys, Mexicans etc…you can’t have it both ways…

        7. Mudshark is a term everybody uses in the manosphere. I wasn’t aware you ROK’s blacks had imposed a policy of not using the term. Anyway I don’t intend to apologise for anything.

        8. Quite the contrary, I grew up with white south africans, I know every(most) racial epithets under the sun, I’m just pointing out that the flaw in your mentality, whether you take my advise or not, I really don’t care…We’re grown men here

        9. You have a point there. I don’t really care about it to the extent that some do, I’ve even benefitted from it similarly (Asian girls find me “exotic”). But you can’t deny that there’s a sociological trend being forced by the media. Imagine if the media’s constant message was that black girls should date Asian/Latino guys in an effort to reduce the black population. You’d smell something fishy there, too.

        10. “A white girl fucking a black dude doesn’t make her a ‘mudshark’ anymore than a black girl fucking a white dude makes her a milk fiend”
          I agree. What I find strange is why it doesn’t bother you redpill black guys when a black woman goes milkfiend like it bothers us white guys when white women go mudshark.

        11. There is no flow in my mentality. A white woman who gets fucked by black man is trash , just like a black woman who gets fucked by white men is trash. Period.

        12. I really don’t give a fuck how many blacks girls go for white guys…pretty weird right? Maybe its because there are literally options everywhere? I cant fuck every black girl so why should I give two shits about some of them being with white guys

        13. In that case, I would say that it doesn’t appear to be superior agency so much as rebellion. Most cases I’ve noted of girls having “mudshark” tendencies involved them doing so in rebellion of their family. This behavior is childish and repellant to me anyway, so by all means you can keep those ones lol.
          The other interesting phenomenon I noted is that I know numerous successful, well-mannered black men my age and not one of them has married a black girl. They unanimously married white or Latina women. What is it that makes them so perturbed by their own women?

        14. You are revealing what I am suggesting….
          Let’s keep this polite (as we have thus far done).
          ‘Mudshark is term everybody uses around in the manosphere.’
          No it isn’t, there is no ‘everyone’ in the mansphere.
          ‘I wasn’t aware you ROK’s black had imposed a policy of….’
          This is what we’re talking about…..
          Assumptions and SJW type hysterical accusations.
          At NO point has ANYONE told you what language you can use.
          ‘Yeah…look I don’t mind what language you use or how racist you are.
          …yet you say THAT’S telling you what you can say?
          See my point?
          ‘……not using the term. Anyway I don’t intend to apologise for anything.’
          Vaguely paranoid there mate.
          I’ve never asked anyone to apologise for anything online, certailny not their language.
          You could be accused of ‘Wanting to use offensive language but crying like a you-know-what when it causes offence!
          As I said before…’We might be of use to each other, we might interest or inform each other, but not in this manner (me trying to ignore your language).’

        15. Curious that those who claim to want to ‘be free’ can cry like little girls when they brush gently against the consequences of a little freedom.

        16. That’s not a ‘mentality’.
          That is the triumph of emotion and a lack of sexual self confidence.

        17. “What is it that makes them so perturbed by their own women?”
          If even half of what I’ve heard about black american girls is true then I don’t really blame them, lol

        18. I only use the term “mudshark” cause it makes pussies pull their skirts up and go hide in the corner with their fingers in their ears.

        19. Can see your point but if anything, it has been a noted thing since slavery days. White people find black people attractive but can’t resolve Nordicism so they push it into this other being a sexual creature for their cravings or fetishes. We are all designed to fuck attractive females so that always baffled me how some are considered more special without being more attractive holistically. An ugly white woman is just as off as an ugly black woman. In fact a good 70% of women aren’t worth the fuck but going by the mudshark logic, white women get carte Blanche treatment for nothing. Makes no sense to me.

        20. Look man I don’t care about your feelingz. Just get over this now. This not a safe haven for anybody.

        21. where were you guys on the country music article? you got a problem with country music? I listen to rap(not really, not anymore). I am totally offended

        22. Ha.
          Would be worth the trouble if it were to produce that result (whatever it means) but that’s not the effect.
          People who use the phrase WITHOUT your comical intent are not usually worth communicating with….not so far in life anyway…..

        23. Vacation most likely. Country music has some hot ladies but music barely appealed to me. Doesn’t warrant me knocking someone else for liking it.

        24. Care about my fee……
          You totter on the brink of SJW type logic here…….
          This is NOT a refuge for weak minded illogical self regarding and (intellectually) cowardly mumbling.
          See my direct and clear points to you below for confirmation of that.
          Look forward to your clear emotion free repost /s.

        25. I do in principle, but in practice it just doesn’t work.
          Freedom is all we really have left, wasting it being as naughty as possible with Bad Words seems a losers strategy.

        26. It’s hard for me to discount someone’s opinion entirely just because they use a word I don’t like. Other than the word “nothingburger” because anyone using that word needs to be beaten to death.

        27. I got into it briefly, but found it is for the most part mass-produced pop (pap?) of another flavor. Bubblegum bullshit.

        28. Context and delivery are critical in using offensive language as both humor and as a triggering mechanism.

        29. You are trying too hard to sound intellectual without saying anything of substance. That’s why I cut it short. I don’t like smartasses.

        30. Right.
          Think about ‘child lover’ or ‘pet pal’.
          I respect anyone’s right to HATE who the Hell they wish.
          Get on with it, no-one is stopping you.
          However, as a point of order, ‘mudshark’ demonstrates all sorts of important things about the writer, as would ‘child bride’ or whatever.
          On this occasion, my being half caste means that it stops me wasting my time reading (or following links) because when some one thinks……..
          ‘There is no flow in my mentality. A white woman who gets fucked by black man is trash , just like a black woman who gets fucked by white men is trash. Period.’
          ….and you are the product of such a union, you can just skip to the next post.
          Saves time.
          Everyone a winner (Chicken dinner).

        31. My neighbor’s kid has a nut allergy. am offended on his behalf. If he sees a Planter’s Nut commercial, he sweels up like this

        32. (((Somebody))) got involved in the country music business, and they destroyed it. But to be fair it’s not their fault that people’s taste is generally horrible. They’re just selling what the retards are buying.

        33. Yeah…..seeeeems like they’re all around, right?
          Now they’re getting the children at school to all say ‘nothingburger’, yeah?
          Why not teach them alllllllll a lesson……why not just take that gun and shut ’em allllllll up???

        34. It is different because black people aren’t ubiquitous and interchangeable. We don’t try to control our women except when we want them. That is the problem right there. Everyone else seems to want to control their women when they can’t possess them, and often don’t want them. That logic leads to being cucked sooner or later. Maybe now white women would jump the train publicly since competition is so high, but only well to do black women jump the train into marriage. They always come back or are never too far away from coming back.
          Funny enough, there are a group of black guys, often involuntary celibate guys, who talk about black women cheating on black men or wanting to be with white men. They are just as cucked as white men who complain of white women being mud sharked. Just up your own game and get the women you want. Seems simple and less wasteful of your time.

        35. Oh yes.
          Inflection of voice, rhythm, etc etc
          All essential, but in a post?
          Can be tricky.

        36. They’re kind of behind the scenes. Although I like where you’re headed with that.

        37. ‘ I don’t like smartasses.’
          It shows.
          Here, I’ll try again…….
          I made clear and simple points refering directly to what you wrote.
          If you answer them (any of them) I’ll understand your position.
          Thus far, you have failed to answer any despite my encouragement.
          It would seem you have no answer.

        38. LOL! you know how hard it is to find a honky tonk that serves manischiewitz?

        39. ‘what the fuk is “half caste”?’
          Half black half white.
          I only use that phrase because it was called ‘offensive’ by liberals when I was young….so I immediately started to use it.
          So offensive words CAN be helpful and wonderful and stuff……perhaps I’m wrong….

        40. Look Red Hood we have reached an agreement that the mongrelisation of the population is a bad thing. There are countless of articles on this site about this matter. Now it’s hypocritical on your side act like we’ve never talked this stuff over before.

        41. Lol that there be a truth.
          You must be unfamiliar with how it works over here. It’s weird, black guys here pursue fat, gross white chicks like they’re trophies. They also rape white women in massively disproportionate numbers. The opposite is not true.

        42. Go back to bed, Mary. There’s a thousand other sites that will cater to your sore beef cup.

        43. No.
          You’d be surprised, but anyway, this……
          ‘There is no flow in my mentality. A white woman who gets fucked by black man is trash , just like a black woman who gets fucked by white men is trash. Period.’
          ….is just beneath me and the word ‘ms’ is useful as a red flag.
          The system works.

        44. ‘sore beef cup’
          Sounds interesting, if a little parochial.
          I’ll stick around.

        45. So you say black people aren’t ubiquitous and interchangeable, the proceed to lay your favorable generalization of them and denigrate every other race. Change “black” to “white” in your comment and *presto* you’re a racist.

        46. I dont get it either, its one thing if you’re smashing a grenade after the club at 3 AM when you’re shitfaced drunk, but the way some black dudes cupcake after hogs, I’ll never know, its not like theses girls even have cute faces to compensate a little so its really strange..
          With the rape stats, I agree, that is very alarming and a stain on actual law abiding black dudes

        47. If I understand your post, you don’t understand mine.
          Anyway, I’m going out to buy a jacket.

        48. Sorry, I can never speak to you again because you used the word “jacket” and I find that offensive.

        49. people have been saying that since the early 20th century…mulatoes are still in the single digit percentage…the truth is people naturally reproduce at a much higher rate with their own race then intermixing therefore when it comes to recreational fucking, it should be a none issue

        50. “If white nationalists were serious about black men not dating whites, they would start a nutritional non-profit aimed at the urban cores of the country to help black women lose weight. Once black men find their women to be more attractive, they will be less inclined to date outside their race. I guarantee you that if most black girls looked like Rihanna, white women would suddenly wonder where all the brothers went. Even I would switch to dating black women if that was the case.”
          Well said. If one lives in a free multi-racial society it should come as no surprise that there will be some degree of inter-racial dating and admixture. Those who are (white) ethno-nationalists, instead of more flexible national conservatives, should perhaps focus more on building ethno-states.
          This could turn into a huge topic, but one can remind oneself about that there exist middle positions, between or beyond multiculturalism and ethno-nationalism. If one is serious about genetic diversity, however, one should build small and isolated ethno-states. Like ol’ Pabst stressed, the level of intra-racial admixture is even so high at this point that those sub-racial traits are almost all gone on a larger scale.

        51. I am aware of how in the past, White people regarded blacks as sexual novelties when first discovered. It appears that this trend is being mimicked in hip-hop culture with a fixation on “light skinned girls”. In addition, I’ve noticed many fit black guys getting attached to blubbery white chicks but acting like they have obtained some sort of trophy.
          Conclusion: people are fucks.
          I’ve always regarded you as a scholar and a gentleman, RHA, I enjoy having people on here who are educated to discuss sociological issues with.

        52. It almost seems like some sort of trophy complex. Hip hop glorifies the pursuit of “light-skinned girls” in America.
          For people like me, that is where my issue with the “mudsharking” comes from. Not with individuals, but the larger sociological picture. You must admit, if white dudes disproportionately raped and murdered black women, you’d have reservations about their intermingling as well.
          Good talk, I value this place and its commenters as a discussion-ground.

        53. That’s what I’m saying, if they can’t stand their own, it leads to awkward competition. White women are going the same way so there’s two pools of guys pursuing a shrinking pool of girls that wasn’t big enough to match the first pool of suitors.
          Feminism has to go, boys.

        54. I like it because it’s shorter than saying “poor and/or fat and/or stupid white chick, eventually with dreads, that has few options and ends up with non white children”.

        55. Black American girls are a whole world different than black girls from England or France who actually tend to be really awesome in my experiences. Some people say it is because of the legacy of slavery but I think that that is bullshit. The reason is, the very few black girls I have met from wealthy families have been just peachy. In the end, the peasants are trash black white or otherwise and Europe just has more middle and upper middle class blacks rather than just ghetto blacks or wealthy blacks.

        56. I still don’t understand why anyone cares about who someone else is fucking period black, white or otherwise. Is that your woman? No? Fuck you then. You want to lock down some twat then do it why run around talking about who can fuck who?

        57. Can see your point to a degree. Talking about race, even addressing root causes, can go sideways easily. Kind of a shame since we all have rules and simplifications that, racist or not, make getting through the day easier. In most cases, you should speak on what you grew up in favorably unless if the culture was really horrific by your personal standards. It’s pride. Something we should all have.

        58. I don’t care who fucks who. A white woman who fucks blacks is trash in my eyes and I avoid mudsharks like Kersey’s Aids . That’s all. I have my beliefs and I need not excuse myself to you. Maybe you would like to fuck off.

        59. makes sense. your right to avoid what you want too. I never would say you shouldn’t make your choices as you make them or that they shouldn’t make their choices. If a white woman wants to get dicked down by some black dudes that is her choice. if you want to never fuck someone who has made that choice that is yours. My only issue is when people try to extrapolate their personal choices onto the world. So calm down there punchy, no one rang a bell.

        60. Hmm. What if the milk was yellow-ish or something? The gods knocking a huge genetic bowl of canola oil spilling into that. Hmm

        61. “Lack of sexual self confidence”? It is called ethnocentrism, the rest is just plain liberal brainwashing: peepol can do what they want! Are you a female commentator?

        62. Exactly. We should have pride in our culture and want to preserve it. I personally don’t care if I’m called “racist” names because that’s something that’s always been and always will be.
          Human nature doesn’t change. Faces do but nature doesn’t.

        63. I think that it’s being pushed more now because it makes the producers “feel good” about being “non-racist” to show interbreeding

        64. Have you never hooked up with one? Or seen How they act? They are insufferable in nearly every conceivable way.

        65. Thats probably what would happen. I dunno though. The obesity is only one aspect of it. A huge (hahaha) chunk of mudsharks are fat fucks too.
          The temperament of your average black woman, to me, is just too much

        66. Your not speaking to anyone.
          We are posting anonymously on a website.
          …for some that makes manners more important, not less.
          (not suggesting you are ill mannered)

        67. No to the first question because obviously yes to the second one. I have met a handful of really sweet black girls but they’re far less common.

        68. ‘It is called ethnocentrism…’
          No it isn’t.
          ‘A white woman who gets fucked by black man is trash , just like a black woman who gets fucked by white men is trash. Period.’
          That’s not ethno-anything.
          Look ‘Better’ it’s all very well being ‘free’ to type out insults to strangers online, why so upset that ‘certain views’ will be regarded as the fragile whining of sexually frustrated losers?
          That obsession ALWAYS means you were not Quarterback at college.

        69. “That’s no ethno-anything”. Wow, such a deep, based reply. Quarterback at college? No one plays that game in my country, lol.
          Have a nice day!

        70. When I was in the military, we had a brutha in another squadron that constantly bragged about having a white wife. The way he carried on you would have thought she was one of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Finally I ran into them in the commissary and he proudly introduced us. She was a land whale with bleach blonde hair and a case of acne so bad I can only describ it as “pizza face”. I was polite, but all I could think was “You were bragging about this? I wouldn’t even be seen in public with that.” I really don’t get it. SMH

        71. because you have no clue about the evolution of africans
          Ever wonder why African-American black men are so attracted to large
          posteriors? Good day. I am Professor Wooldoor Sockbat, here to explain
          this completely racist phenomenon. For centuries, natives
          found large, roaming badonkadonks to be safe havens from the dangers of
          the wild. Their love of huge asses has been written into their
          genetic code. Even they don’t know why… they just know. See you next
          time when we explore why Jews have big noses! Is it because air is free?

        72. Raping black women was a tradition spanning into the mid 1700s. Not enough Nordicism today to have removed the desire to sleep with black women today. Have had a guy avidly ask for my help with sleeping with black woman. Will never happen with my assistance but that is neither here nor there. At least one noted poster revealed he only slept with Jews and Asians. I imagine extrapolated, a lot of the same people saying mudsharks are bad are also equal miscegenation practictioners.
          Makes me believe the only reason to say mudsharks are bad is to also say black people are bad, rapists, dregs of society. Didn’t a CNN reporter just call sexual harassment because she was outed for sleeping with a black co-worker for 3 years? You’re only lying to yourself if you think white people, men and women, aren’t happily sleeping with black people out here.
          Ideally some people should start taking the red pill on that one but that may also mean stop white knighting for white women.

        73. I find some black men attractive from an esthetic perspective. Once an african man hit on me. He looked like a roided up Alistair Overeem with a western african flatface just that he was not on steroids. His skin was very dark and shiny he looked like a statue. But I can’t remember to ever have found a black man attractive in visceral way. Indian(looking) men also don’t interest me. Though I don’t have a general problem with men of different ethnics.
          Black women I find sometimes attractive and believe I could find them sexually attractive if I try to imagine myself as a man. These are often women from ethiopian and eastern african descent.

        74. I live in the US. And have always found black women in general repulsive. Both physically, and in regards to personality.
          Some have been very attractive though

        75. Ahahaha dependas, you know how it is….
          Like I said, it’s like they have a trophy or some crazy upgrade. It must be a status symbol for them.

        76. Rape and sex, though similar, have some relevant distinctions. And in this case, the line becomes seriously blurred, as in your CNN example. No doubt many of the “raped” black women in the 1700s were raped in a similar way, eh?
          Eh, I’ve been with black women before. But the dynamics of those relationships just proved to me personally that mixing is a negative thing for all involved.
          They’re bad for numerous reasons. One, the entire abandonment and betrayal of their racial identity. Two, willfully engaging in behavior that can only harm any resulting children. When a woman, black or white, sleeps with a man of another race, she is essentially shitting on her past (ancestors) and damning her future (children).
          People are happily fucking goats and children too.. but that doesn’t make these moral or even normal behaviors.
          How is insulting a white woman with a title like mudshark white knighting

        77. Fair comment. In today’s time it is easy to apply birth control so kids are more likely a choice over not. This may sound shocking but typically a marriage was giving the daughter to the husband’s family. Which is why dowry was applied. It is easier to not see it when both families are black or white or Indian. Interracial is weird for long term dating because white clans and black clans are different. Doesn’t mean it can’t be done but it can become a permanent issue and does for some. Most on here aren’t speaking on having kids though just sex.

        78. You definitely missed the point of my statement and it appears you scoured the internet for the most hideous and deformed people you could possibly find. Your average human being isn’t that ugly.

        79. but they used to be not long ago before make up and brazilian waxing

        80. Because we really don’t care. At the end of the day most people have families with people of the same race as them also those aren’t my women. Why would I care who they sleep with with.

        81. That’s part of the problem though don’t you think? It is undeniable at this point that separating the act of sex from it’s function has led to some serious fuckin insanity.
          It’s quite a position to be in. I mean, I like consequence free sex. But is it really worth the price for it to be available to everyone? I don’t know sometimes. Perhaps it would be better if women had no choice in whom they were to marry and belong to.

        82. How many black women are raped in the USA vs how many fellas rape white women? Black females aren’t in very high demand homie. Their general foul nature repels most.

        83. You just crawl out from under a rock? Welcome to the real world lol, take as many fat white girls as youd like.

        84. If I was on a date & discovered that in her past, I’d lock up the brakes, boot her out, & toss her accoutrements out the window of my sports car as I upshifted into 3rd.

        85. true, they are almost the bottom of the dating pool.
          FBI stats clearly show white on black rape is non-existent, while black on white rape is pretty common.

        86. South african black women are amazingly beautiful, if you like that look. I think the most aesthetically pleasing women on the planet.
          Too bad they are cursed with having to live with african men.

        87. Speaking for myself, I care little about sex and a lot about reproduction. Blacks are breeding like cockroaches, so I don’t like to see them intermix with minority groups. That entails the death of human diversity as minority groups get wiped out via assimilation. For the same reason I wouldn’t want to see Indians interbreeding with Tibetans or Amazonian tribesmen.

        88. except that this doesn’t apply when mass immigration has sent tens of millions of members of large ethnic groups into the territory of minority groups.
          For instance, 50% of First Nations (american indians) are now interbred with europeans. To my eyes this is a travesty and a loss of genetic heritage.

        89. ” If one lives in a free multi-racial society it should come as no surprise that there will be some degree of inter-racial dating and admixture.”
          Another solution is the Jewish solution. Maintain high degrees of in group preferences and teach children that the most important thing in their lives is to marry within the group.
          Jews lose some of their members to intermarriage, but they have enough children within their group to have ensured their continued survival as a distinct ethnic group for centuries.

        90. I get the reproduction angle. Was just talking about sex. If I find out my date has taken some black dick it doesn’t matter to me.

        91. I like it because it’s shorter than saying “poor and/or fat and/or stupid white chick, eventually with dreads, that has few options and ends up with non white children”.
          Is that a joke?
          I’m not white.
          I’ve never had sex with any woman who wasn’t white.
          I’ve never had sex with less than a 7.5.
          Not once and I never will,
          I know these are painful facts for some.
          I find that amusing.

        92. ‘Wow, such a deep, based reply.’
          In English, that makes no sense.
          ‘Quarterback at college? No one plays that game in my country, lol.’
          Neither mine, I’m English.
          ‘Have a nice day!’
          …yeah, that’s it, no-one says that either.

        93. Massive differences in black women.
          When they are nice, they are nice but usually they are not.
          When they are ugly (and loud) they are hideous….

        94. Try Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Dolly Parton’s song Jolene. Some country is pretty good…the old stuff from the 60’s and 70’s anyway.

        95. Oh yeah, new country blows, its like Hootie and the Blowfish shit but country. Fags.

        96. I have married two White women, one Hispanic woman, and an Asian woman. The difference between that and mud sharking is two fold. First I was with each of these women because I found them attractive individually, and not due to having a fetish about their race. Secondly, I have no issue with middle class and up people of various colors and ethnic origins doing what ever they want. The cases I have seen of successful black and whites marrying each other they had as sound of marriages as mono-racial couples (maybe better). Mud sharking white women invariably go for the dregs of black society. The mud sharking white women are in it to punish daddy and to debase themselves, so they aren’t looking for the black doctor or lawyer (which there are plenty around). They are out looking for the guys with a rap sheet as long as your arm who deal drugs. Also, the mud sharking white women will only go with black guys (I have two nieces like that that just love to proclaim once you go black you never go back). This is a fetish, not true love. I don’t blame the black guys because who turns down pussy. I think they are foolish if they marry these white bimbos, as they see the men as a black skinned cutout rather than a person.

        97. I have known several couples of successful middle class black men married to white women. They do just fine, and seem to have married for the basic reason that they met in the natural course of events, and fell in love. No hard feelings on my part. Then I see a bunch of white bitches (usually low class, regardless of the socioeconomic conditions in which they were raised) focusing exclusively on black men so they can slap white men (daddy) in the face. Those women are of no interest to me, so I give them (as if I owned them in the first place) to the black guys with all good will.
          I know of only one marriage of a white man and a black woman in my age group (old). However, I am seeing a lot of that these days in the younger set (almost everyone else). That marriage was also quite successful, as it is several decades in length, so far.

        98. I regretfully have to agree. I neither do makeup nor Brazilian waxing and I am hideous.

        99. What I see in the photo above is an unfortunate black man that has had his children stolen from him by a white bitch. If you think this is a good outcome you might be a family court judge.

        100. Half caste is a specific definition in India, but is not applicable in this context. The English word for this is mullatto. Not a bigot; just a grammar Nazi.

        101. Interesting and thorough response. Probably the most intricate response I’ve heard on ‘mudsharks’. Guess I’ve never messed with them since I don’t have a thug bone in my body. Machiavellian is far different than thug and that is more pronounced in my personality. Thought the word was just thrown out for white women who sleep with black men as a shaming tactic. By in large, aside from how you used it here, seems many of the white men calling some white women mudsharks have that same view. Hopefully your nieces, even if they keep the same preference, find themselves quality partners. My one of exes is a lawyer who is also dating a lawyer so they are out there.
          Completely agree with your dating stance. With none of the girls I’ve dated was there any fetish about their race. There wasn’t even much to notice socially except for with white women. Guess this is where the chagrin comes off and the idea of mudsharks comes off as a white girl being white knighted, as if she shouldn’t debase herself by dating black. Practically speaking it could be just the tribal nature of people coming around since America is a largely white nation and maybe you would see similar actions by those in the majority populace to those in the minority.

      2. Thank you for the link.
        Yeah…look I don’t mind what language you use or how racist you are.
        However, I think ‘mudshark’ is a racist term?
        I can’t be arsed to look it up as racist terms and phrases do not interest me.
        Thing is that I lose intellectual respect for the opinions offered through racist terms so don’t read the posts or watch the links.
        We might be of use to each other, we might interest or inform each other, but not in this manner (me trying to ignore your language).
        Racist language is boring.

        1. You’re a pussy, mudsharks are trash that mate with the dregs of society. AKA bottom feeding, viper-like woman. Wonderful term of speech.

        2. Who do you mate with?
          Honest question and pertinent to this discussion.

        3. We are not here to entertain you. So go somewhere else and troll.

    2. A personal peeve of mine has always been when people refer to single mothers as “heroes.”
      Unless you were widowed, you are not a hero, and even if you are widowed, I wouldn’t necessarily use that term as you basically had no choice. But the use of that term is deliberate – it conveys some desirability in the status of single mom. Not something you can persevere through, but something you should actually desire. I fucking hate hearing that nonsense.

      1. Exactly my stance. It is pussy pass flying at Mach 6. Not only does she claim to be good for raising this poor child, she gets victim points for living hard by working and raising a child, everything she would have done had she gotten married but without the access to the cock carousel.

        1. Mach 6??!?!? Thats fast! Should be a military op called Operation:Reigning Snatch

        2. Nothing moves faster than a (bad) female avoiding her responsibilities…

        3. do you get 200 extra victim points every time you pass ‘go’ ?
          Man, I forgot to take out a victim subscription and have missed out on my points 🙁

      2. Yes…..it drives me mad to…..
        Think of it this way.
        There is an alternative civilisation slithering into view as the white world turns from the Faith.
        These greedy, sexually cheap, selfish parasites ARE the heroes of this new civilisation.
        They are even more useful than sodomites as they hand over the human material needed to create the new civilisation.

      3. That, combined with “The hardest job in the world” screed, is an attempt to denigrate motherhood and the family. They make it sound like it’s better to be single than married, and they also make it seem like being a mother is way harder than anything else in order to dissuade the young from their natural tendencies.
        I like what Bill Burr said: “Any job you can do in your jammies ain’t the hardest job in the world. You’re 30 years old, playing hide and seek – you’re living the dream!”

        1. I believe it is.
          You have to keep your child away from liberal universities and snapchat sex and from instagram whoring and blue whale game and Black Lives Matters and if you do that, your child will become an outcast and bully victim at school if it’s a liberal school. You have to avoid a million things.
          His parents should have warned him

        2. but he’s famous now.. lucky, I think he’ll get all the (white) girls when he’s a bit older with that red-pilled behaviour..

      4. I have told a few single moms they should budget their money and pay some of it back to their ex husband. When they tell their sob stories I say, “I’m sure you have extra money to spend on frivolous things (as I look them up and down), at that point isn’t it safe to say you are stealing the money? You should give some back, no really… you should… it would be the right thing to do..” Haha, the looks on their faces.
        Single moms should be ashamed of themselves. Breaking up a family, stealing money from a hard working man, ruining their kids lives simply because she saw FaceBook photos of “girls night out,” got jealous and felt left out. Hiring a babysitter, leaving your kids at home so you can go out and get fucked up with your friends and get slutty. I’ve heard their friends offer to babysit for free. Steals money, has an arsenal of support (friends, family, white knights and co workers) willing to help at a moments notice then has the audacity to throw the word “independent” around? This is not a hero. As stated above, this is an opportunistic parasite.
        What’s even more disappointing are the white knights who claim to be conservative/right leaning and they kiss these bitches asses and roll out the red carpet for them.

        1. Who would have thought that in hindsight, Dan Quayle turned out to be the smartest politician to come out of the 1990’s?

        2. They tried so hard to make him look dumb. Knowing what I now know about the media, I already suspected he’d prove one of the bright ones.

        3. isnt he a partner at private equity firm Carlyle? Or is it Cerberus?

        4. and its named after a 3 headed dog that guards the gates of the underworld! Im sure they are investing a ton in green products 😉

        5. The media did a huge hit on him, like they’ve done with basically every GOP person to hold office since Reagan. Their goto “Heeeeee’s Stooooopid” thing. If you look at more than the media scoured quotes, he said some pretty damned smart things, and his nailing the celebration of single mothers as foolish is top of the list.

        6. I remember the whole “stupid” thing. I was a kid and I remember thinking it was weird that Quayle was singled out. Good call on the single motherhood deal. He nailed that one.

        7. Even if not singlemons, they act out, grow out, and out spend.
          Spent a day with two thru kid’s cousins.
          So fucking horid- the poor men…
          Better to take the hit and be divorced dad

      5. I have seen a lot of welfare queens in my life, a lot of people just learn to leech off the system but at the same time I respect anybody who faces up to the ‘mistakes’ they have done and doesn’t go further by adding more wrongs to those they have done already. Now after saying that the next correct move for the foolish female is to find a good man to be a father for child which these days is not an easy thing to do.

        1. We have a lot of fat poor people in this country. And they use their EBT credit to buy drugs.

        2. One in Three Americans are considered ‘overweight’ as compared to one in four with Western Europe. Really is disgusting.

      6. You only need to goggle the stats that correlate the prison population and being raised by a single parent. Of course, defaulting to the “dead beat dad” mantra is just easier.

        1. Nice, I like to throw it back in their face. I see a lot of these single moms in action. Feeding their kids ninety nine cent mac n cheese, face glued to an iPad 24/7, on their fifth boyfriend before their kids are in middle school. Shameful.

      7. My second wife died young leaving me to raise our four children (at home) by myself. The youngest was 3 (at the time, he is now 23). I absolutely detested the idiots (almost always women) that went on and on about how heroic I was being. Like what was my alternative? Did they think the norm was to dump your children into the street? To me it just showed how utterly depraved they were, and how little they thought of men.
        I did have one moment that I cherish to this day. A student (a grad student) came into my office hours to beg for additional time to complete an assignment. Her sob story started with, “I am a single parent.” I said, “Gee, me too.” She went on with, “My son is only 4.” I replied, “I have four children and the youngest is 3.” She forged ahead with, “Other than taking my son every other weekend my ex is no help at all.” I countered with, “My wife is dead, and she is no help ever.” At that point she finally saw the handwriting on the wall in 6′ high letters and stomped out in high dudgeon.

        1. Sorry to hear that dude. Sounds like you came out the other end of it OK though.
          You story resonates with me. In law school, let’s just say I was “underwhelmed” by the excuses as to why various things just couldn’t be accomplished by full time students. I mean, there were people in the evening program who had full time jobs with a wife and kids at home, and they still managed to show up at every class and do the readings and be prepared. If you’re just a student and can’t accomplish the basics of student life, you need to manage your time better, period. Maybe prioritize your work above that social engagement, things like that. Incidentally, this is also why I have little sympathy for all these “I couldn’t get a job with my expensive law degree” types. You knew, going in, what your school was ranked and there was all kinds of data on the job placement rates for that school. If you didn’t go to a top 15 school, don’t expect to land in a top legal market unless you finish in the top – like #s 1-3 – in your class. Otherwise, you have to shoot for a regional market, and then graduating last and passing the bar may get you the title esquire, but you won’t land a job at a respected regional firm unless you’re in the top third of your class. So you finished dead in the middle and now have to scrape by as a contract attorney doing document review. Boo hoo. You knew the risks and chose to party instead of study, now fuck right off.

    3. Even WORSE than single mother (and single father too, because is just as bad as single mother since the child needs BOTH their parents to become a BETTER person and adult) are the couples formed from 2 FATHERS or 2 MOTHERS. Wtf? I so hate the idea of children raised by 2 mothers or two fathers. Its WRONG in so many ways and more degenerate than everything else because that child is raised to become another freaking gay (and some of them are even abused by their “parents”).

      1. Now we have kids being raised by trans and all kinds of different made-up genders, too. I see a huge rise in school shootings and serial killers in our future.

      2. Single parent fathers are statistically as effective as two parents.
        Men seem to be able to ‘mother’ in a way that women cannot ‘father’ children.

        1. I don’t think they are quite as good as two parents, but they are defiantly far above single mothers. I tend to think this is more about self selecting for single fathers who love their children so much they are willing to battle the family court meat grinder and have the money to win against the 90% female custody odds.

        2. I highly doubt it. I have a neighbor who tried to raise his daughter alone after his wife left forever for another country (where she was working) , because she found another man there, and abandoned her daughter. He’s unable to raise her, he wasn’t able to be a “mother” for her, neither a father and now his daughter smokes, is slutty and speaks very bad with her father and doesn’t respect him at all. Men are incapable to raise children by themselves in the same manner women are incapable. Not a single difference between them. Children should raise with both parents, not a single one. Don’t promote single parent family, ok? Men can’t raise children alone, women can’t raise children alone. I never saw a good example in neither way.

        3. That’s utter nonsense.
          Although yes, don’t promote single parenting, necessarily, is correct.

        4. ‘I highly doubt it.’
          It’s been a clear statistical phenomena sine the 1980s when I first came across it.
          Look into it.

        5. The differences in ‘outcomes’ are incredibly small.
          Obviously two is always superior.
          Correct about the self selecting element.

        6. Women act really harsh, then think they are being “manly”. Dumb broads.

        7. Actually as a post single dad I have to say sorry, but no. Single dads are less effective than the two biological parent family at producing the best childhood results. However, they are better than any of the other possible choices, and only slightly less effective than the two biological parent families. Hence, if the anti family courts were doing anything but paying lip service to “the best interests of the child” there would be a default to 100% father custody.

        8. The facts seem to differ from your rendition. Statistically the second best option for a child is to be in a single father headed family. The worst possible outcome is to be in a single mother headed family. Assigning the mother default custody should be considered child abuse by the courts.

        9. There biggest fault is they are emotion driven and inconsistent. Children need consistent rules enforced consistently and with certainty.

        10. I don’t care about statistics that can’t be probed. I’m a man and I’ll be unable to raise a child by myself (I don’t have the capacity to nurture them and raise them as a woman would do. Women are the best at nurturing children, we men are the best at protecting and providing our families, but not raising our children. This is women’s job). And I personally know many men who would FAIL at their best to be a good single father. ) If it is up to me, I’ll forbid divorces so children should not suffer anymore in a single mother (who can’t protect them) or a single father (who can’t raise them) care.

        11. Boys raised by single moms (or single lesbian moms shacking up with another lesbian) either end up (from my small sample size of observations) end up being kinda faggy and girlish or, in one case, out of control overly compensating crazy risky with motorcyles etc taking crazy risks driving etc….( i was in a car accident with a dude like that…who then asks me to get behind the wheel immediately after the accident so HE doesn’t get the points on HIS license. Thank God I said “no thank you-take your lumps like a man”.

        12. Yeah…to amplify on that I heard on Catholic radio I heard if dad goes to church, kids are more faithful…regardless of whether mom goes or not….if dad does NOT go to church, kids end up usually never going to church later in life….statistics don’t lie.

    4. “If the west does not stop single parenthood it will not survive and it will not deserve to.”
      Yikes, France just went the other way and legalised medically assisted procreation for dykes and single women.

      1. It’s ok for it to be legal. It is NOT ok for the taxpayer to foot the bill. It’s just another way to keep women from suffering the consequences of their choices.

    5. Under the gynocracy, the most noble and ideal woman:
      Is a single mother.
      Has had at least one abortion.
      Is divorced.
      Has defied the “patriarchy” by embracing her non-binary, genderqueer identity (aka: abandoned white males as sex partners).
      Each of these is an initial ritual. The more of them a woman has been through, the more celebrated she will be, and the more fully her “womanhood” is expressed under the new paradigm.

    6. Your points are well taken…but those Big Media stories, and those government polls, aren’t exactly known for their irrefutable accuracy. I’d put as much stock in a YouGov poll as I would a rambling screed from a liberal about the secrets of the universe.

      1. I entirely agree about opinion polls, however, this problem is worse close up in real life.
        There is a clear liberal tyranny operating amongst the young and it grows stronger each year.
        Trump is playing the Thatcher-villain to these idiots and they become more emboldened with each day.
        We need to scratch that whole generation.

    7. That’s been the case for so long, Churchill opined: “If you aren’t a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you’re not conservative by 30, you have no brain.”
      So long as we don’t try to hide them from the world, they’ll straighten out. The more coddling they receive, the longer they’ll remain dull-witted.

        1. Keep in mind his definitions are European/British, and not American. They do differ significantly.

        2. Aren’t the British and American definitions the same or at least, very similar? I know that for sure that in continental Europe the meaning of that word is radically different from the American one.

    8. We need to stop the cliche of the “heroic single mother.” Sure, there are exceptions: Ben Carson’s mother forced him to read and educate himself. And Erwin Rommel refused to summarily execute captured Allied soldiers, in direct defiance of Hitler’s orders.

      1. If we could identify ‘single’ mothers as ALL needed the state, it would be real progress.
        Thus, the phrase; ‘You chose to marry the state’ is perfect.
        It demonstrates that these women are loyal to, and owned by; the state.

      2. ps Erwin refused to execute captured Commandos.
        AH had specifically ordered this after some Commandos had used disguise in one raid.

        1. What makes it even more incredible is that Rommel would be somewhat morally justified if he summarily executed commandos dressed in civilian clothing/not wearing a military uniform.
          However, the virtues of Rommel do not cancel out the genocide or the fact that Hitler wanted to invade my beloved (pre-degenerate) England.

        2. ‘ Rommel would be somewhat morally justified if he summarily executed commandos dressed in civilian clothing/not wearing a military uniform.’
          Hitler’s order was fully legal then and it would be today.
          Rommel was still on very good personal terms with AH and could get away with not obeying.
          The Commandos were captured raiding a coastal instillation.
          He had a drink and a chat with their Commander and let them go. Safe in Army protection.
          …yeah…pity about the millions of innocent dead…

    9. I can’t wait for all the traitorous, weak and sterile whites to die off. They have proven that as you said….they “deserve” to be obliterated completely.
      If someone is that much of a fucking retard to embrace such dysgenic ideals and practices, well by all means you deserve to have your genetic code terminated indefinitely. Thank the gods they are not reproducing!
      As a white man I fully support the biological death of every white liberal useless eater. To see the government spigot dry up and these biological dead ends scramble like cockroaches to get some last freebies would give me joy. I would happily sip wine as I peer down into the pit and these disgusting insects devour each other.
      The best thing to happen is that all these kinds of people become sterile, get hooked on lethal substances and fucking die off.

      1. I feel your painful anger………
        ‘As a white man I fully support the biological death of every white liberal useless eater.’
        I’m half white and I get the point.
        Trouble is that, as you know; that ‘scorched Earth’ attitude to these issues may well lead to the rapid undermining of the very biological kernel of the white strain of humanity.
        This would be catastrophic for humanity.
        ‘To see the government spigot dry up and these biological dead ends scramble like cockroaches to get some last freebies would give me joy.’
        ….at the time, no doubt, the children would suffer terribly, however.
        ‘I would happily sip wine as I peer down into the pit and these disgusting insects devour each other.’
        If only.
        They would destroy everything else before turning on each other.
        ‘The best thing to happen is that all these kinds of people become sterile, get hooked on lethal substances and fucking die off.’
        However, they will drag everyone down with them first.
        It’s happening all around us now.
        Norther continental Europe is female dominated and has no future.
        If ‘events’ come to our rescue, there could be the opportunity to begin a real fight back.
        It’s possible and we have to be ready.

    10. she’s doin’ it tough.. how brave..
      Yes, it smells. In Germany they call it „alleinerziehende Mutter“ and have notice how the press likes to just refer to this wonderful group as „alleinerziehende“ Cause, well, they also need our love and government support. Man, what was once considered a scandal, a shame, is now raised up to be a virtue. It smells, am just trying to think of what disagreeable smell to compare it with.. Also, I’ve seen so many examples of the mess that these women make especially of their sons

      1. ‘Also, I’ve seen so many examples of the mess that these women make especially of their sons….’
        Me too.
        Hundreds of examples.
        Here’s the thing, women KNOW they are utterly shite single mothers……they KNOW what lies in store for these children….
        But they DON’T CARE as long as another woman gets the MAN’S MONEY (via the state) and also that she gets the ability to have a child without any need for the man.
        The actual lives endured by the children are utterly irrelevant to this agenda.

        1. if you experience the worst of this first hand you come to understand and sympathise with the witch burnings of the middle ages

    11. can’t agree with you about the mass immigration (that is such a different kind of horror show) part but this single motherhood business is a disgusting scourge on society. so glad i wasn’t born a bastard.

      1. ‘can’t agree with you about the mass immigration part’
        I was being provocative;)

    12. Ive been saying this for years. In my town just utter the magical word “single mother” and that entitles you to love and sympathy in the form of housing, food stamps, heating assistance, free daycare, medical, child support etc etc.. But for some reason the word “single dad” doesn’t draw the same reaction.

    13. you do realize not all single mothers are in this condition due to bad choices, right? What about women who were married, but their husband cheated on them? Are they supposed to stay married to a cheater? Of course, being a single parent isn’t usually the ideal, but sometimes, it’s better than the alternative. Likewise, what about women in abusive relationships? You’re blaming women for some actions that are committed by men. It isn’t like all single moms were out sleeping with random guys and getting knocked up (although that does happen).

    14. Corrupt, incompetent, self-serving politicians get into power and keep power by convincing lazy, shiftless people that it is everyone’s fault but theirs that their lives are so miserable. “You have been given a raw deal. You have been cheated out of what is rightfully yours. Vote for me and I will get you everything that you deserve.” Corrupt politician then lectures the hard-working, industrious, people that they should be ashamed of having so much, and that they should be willing to give more of their hard-earned money so that the government can take care of all the parasites and leeches.

  2. The first 10 items listed elicit not much more from me than a yawn. Fat, commie or cucked, it’s just another way to spell loser.
    However 11 and 12 are killers. Literally.
    You have to be stark raving crazy to live anywhere where there are more then a sprinkling of blacks. Which leaves out every large city in the country. I self segregate and have lived in small towns for the past 30 years. No or very little crime, no grafetti, no home invasions. I can walk the streets at any hour(armed of course) and my neighborhoods have been quiet. and when I am forced to visit a large city, I’m on DefCon 5.
    And as for moslems, we are fu*king crazy to be importing these whack-os by the 1,000s. It’s a tenet of their cult to conquer by outbreeding us and we’re paying for it too!! If we had the good sense God gave a rock, we’d declare islam a seditious cult, tear down every mosque(90% are engaging in some form of terrorism says the FBI) immediately halt any further importation of moslems and actively encourage those here to return to the shithole of origin(or deport them)

    1. Regarding the muslims, I fully agree and I think the leftists were kind of more tolerable when their only love affair was with the hispanics. As uproductive as they may tend to be, hispanics at least are catholic and won’t blow themselves up in a packed children’s concert.

      1. The current small town I live in is 70%+ latino, many illegals too I’m sure and we get along just fine. For the most part, they’re very hard working and love the Cowboys.

  3. Good list. Last two items are spot on; black crime is in particular something that the media loves to ignore, especially black on black crime. More blacks kill blacks than white folks or cops, but the MSM would have you think only white cops kill blacks, which is ridiculous and fully insane.

    1. the msm narrative is working. tried a few times to explain almost twice as many whites were shot and killed by cops than blacks, something like 900-plus to 500-something, yet we never hear about this. You are wasting your time trying to point this out(and thats why I hardly ever talk politics anymore, except with you guys)

      1. The brainwashing is complete.
        There is no way to reason with the average person…

        1. its almost as if they are nudging us into a race war…try saying that to an avg person, head will explode

        2. That’s pretty normal of any generation. Kids are all “communism is awesome!” Until they start working and realize that THEY have to pay for the free shit that everyone gets. At that point the moochers go on welfare and the productive tend to go more economically right wing.

        3. when was labour last a labour party? the 1970s? just change the name to “free shit party” aready

        4. I get your point, but 60% left support is not normal for England, not even for it’s ‘young’.

  4. Off topic. I went with my brother and nephews to see the new Spiderman movie.
    The movie is, unsurprisingly, trash. The action scenes are generic and not very interesting, and the rest of it is nothing but a two hour long interracial marriage commercial, and while there’s nothing wrong with wanting to bang high quality black pussy now and then, you don’t need it hammered down your throat for two hours.
    Pathetic how the the movie is so devoted to diversity, it makes sure white people are a minority or portrayed poorly. This Spiderman lives in a full brown/black world and this version of Peter Parker is the most cucked of all so far.
    The new Mary Jane is an irritating BLM mouthpiece, a leftist activist and a massive bitch who gets by using a film-long pussy pass. Even when she’s truly dirty looking (I wouldn’t be surprised if this version of Mary Jane thinks taking showers is a pathriarchy invention) and the most annoying, unlikeable character in the movie, we are supposed to think she’s “cool”.
    And to further ruin the experience, we had two fags making out loudly next to us until we told them to cut the crap, they tried the love is love you homophobic speech on us but we told them we would demand the same from a heterosexual couple in a family movie, which luckily shut them up.
    Movie is not recommended at all.

    1. It is tricky but even there you should notice a few things. Sure the girls were attractive but as clean as the school was, with its wide spaces and cool stadiums, the kid, Peter, was poor. He said as much when asked if that was his first time on a private jet. Note the lack of tall, blonde haired bullies in the movie. Red pill logic dictates they wouldn’t be in a poor area anyway. Thankfully the movie had no gay agenda or anything, but for the most part it was almost as Peter Parker like as you could get.
      Was the movie great? That’s debatable. Michael Keaton probably had the most sharp acting in the movie and gave his lines as if he was the Vulture. First time I’ve seen any of the shittier villains of Spider-Man given any credibility. Will this broaden into more of the mythos, or will Gwen return? Another potential thing but who can say since a Sinister 6 is likely on the horizon with Vulture, Scorpion, Prowler, and the Shocker all getting some air time.
      Still think Amazing Spider-Man 1 had the best version of the character but to each their own.

      1. Now that you mention it, it’s true. There were no jocks doing the bully thing (or any tall blondes in particular, was there even a blonde man in the movie other than Captain America? I can’t recall) and I think that’s interesting. Then again, the whole aspect of sports as being important to a teenagers’ life is downplayed to them only doing crunches
        Also, fully agree on Keaton, he did the most with what they gave him.

      2. It could be that the bully aspect was taken out because it has been used to death as one of the major difficulties that Peter has to deal with and they probably wanted to show a different struggle for him, in my opinion anyway.
        That said, while I certainly enjoyed the movie, it still doesn’t top the first 2 spiderman movies by Sam Raimi.
        Such a shame for the Amazing spiderman series, though. Best cast of actors for Spiderman, and great chemistry between the leading roles.

    2. Mary Jane, the ICONIC REDHEAD, is now a BLM black chick?
      Fuck this gay earth.

  5. I’d add “equality” to the list, but that might swallow lots of these. Remember that “equality” is a complete fiction that SHOULD only exist in one place – the law. I say should because currently, even there it does not, and there, contrary to what these mentally ill fuckwits would have you believe, the law is horribly biased against men, and white men in particular.
    Otherwise, equality is a complete fairy tale, and your time would be spent just as well believing in Santa Claus as it is believing in equality as that term is currently used by the left.

  6. that first pic the whale is much larger than her fat mannequins. plus those clothes look horrid.
    the Islam thing is fucked for anther reason. Islam stands against woman’s (((liberation))), feminism, homosexuality and degenerate behavior… arnt these all things which we stand against too? you see the tactic used is to soften the men in the West because if we didn’t want to be hoppoctites we would have to be more (((accepting))). so we end up with dyky looking jews going on stage to protest plays, (((dangerous))) faggits telling us how much they love black cock and (((proud))) bois sticking dildos up their ads on their own show. fuck it. give Islam a caliphate in Africa and we will control the West and work together. the leftists are playing a dangerous game. we and the Islamists are ultimately their enemy.

    1. I always wonder why manospherians hate Islam so much. They really know how to keep their females in check.

      1. Besides keeping their women in check (through violence), what does islam offer? They are not known for being successful at much.

        1. yeah – the “keeping…in check” is really just an often convenient side-effect of a generally brutal and primitive attitude towards people in general.

        2. I saw the tribalism amongst their own and it isn’t a way to run a country and the huge absence of due process makes “justice” an absolute joke. Having your head chopped off based on an allegation isn’t uncommon as it sounds.

      2. If you have kids, you should know the difference in keeping women in check through fear, and keeping women in check the right way. They need to be taught and disciplined, not out of fear, but out of love, example, and patient teaching. Otherwise, they will bite when you are not looking.

      3. Maybe because they keep blowing so many people up and chopping people’s heads off.

      4. Nitro can make a car go really fast. Really, really fast. Use it more than a little though and your engine melts.

      5. Islam doesn’t keep it’s male in check in terms of mental sanity
        men like this then decide if something is helal (allowed) or haram (forbidden) instead of getting picked up by the nice men with the white uniforms who put him in a “selfhug-jacket”
        No, instead, if you laugh at this, the sharia police will rather come and pick you up.
        That way a society sprouts in stupidity and ignorance. We got a smiliar phenomen now, the liberals and their pc sharia act similar and because no one should be offended and no one should feel under pressure to perform or to lose weight the society constantly lowers it’s standards.

    2. Islam does not stand agains “degenerate behaviour”. There are countries where you can marry 6 or 9 year old girld and there are twelve year old “mothers”.
      and there is this thing with boys. Very wide spread in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
      And with boys it’s the same with girls. If a boy gets raped it’s his fault because he aroused the man so much especially if it’s a man of high status.

      To me its very clear that this is a compensation stragedy for lack of “normal” contact with women.
      If you can’t do this because no one shall see your wife
      you do that if you want to show off among your mates. Hey my boy is much prettier than yours and he also dances better gives better head. Which is very degenerated to me.
      And many families sell their sons to make some money. There is no economy and no culture to send him to football training and later to the Arizona State.

  7. The continuation of numbers 7 and 8 are going to lead to an epic blowback. Some groups lash out by destroying their neighborhood but when whites do it they’ll destroy your whole country.

  8. The excusing of Islamofascism is the one that I find the most despicable. The left excuses the Taliban on murdering homosexuals and then does a media carpet bombing campaign against anyone against gay marriage.
    It is hypocrisy at it’s most extreme. Carrying a rifle in Afghanistan, I did more to advance gay rights than Harvey Milk and George Takei combined.
    Even a cultural degenerate like Bill Maher frequently calls out his own side on this hypocrisy.

    1. “Carrying a rifle in Afghanistan, I did more to advance gay rights than Harvey Milk and George Takei combined.”
      (see “awareness” fallacy above)

    2. Appreciate your service. The left has never been about rights, you know that. The gay agenda in the West is about tearing down traditional societal norms like the nuclear family, integrity, and Christianity. If it were about gay, environmental or womans rights, they would be all over combating those issues there they are being usurped, not where those conditions are the best.

      1. Yeah they’re all about “tearing down this” and “breaking that” and they have NOTHING to replace it with.

      2. You’re right. There was a time when I thought them to be misguided idealists, then I realized their agenda was about destroying traditional Western culture: Communists in the McCarthy era advocated for a Stalinist regime of Orwellian proportions in the ironic name of ‘freedom’.

        1. Yup,same communist ideology, however they realized they couldn’t succeed here in the west through Stalinist tactics, so they now take a longer route through propaganda and subverting Western culture.

    3. “Carrying a rifle in Afghanistan…”
      Kudos to you. You did more for world peace than 100,000 reprobates carrying cardboard signs chanting worn out mantras.

      1. No he did not. It was completly futile to be there. now Taliban live as refugees in Germany from welfare because Taliban are pursecuted in Afghanistan and that’s inhuman. Osama bin Ladens bodyguard lives here with his family.

        1. Sure kid. Mutti Merkel let them in and gave them free shit. Perhaps you should take that up with her? I would recommend killing them, not giving them welfare, but thats just me.

    4. there is a lesbian carpet bombing joke to be made here I just don’t have it.

  9. These things annoy me. Mediocrity and complacency are the results of the previous generation’s desire not to put their progeny through the same rigors. If you recommend that your child gets beaten up in a fist fight, you’re all of the sudden a terrible parent.

  10. “Leftism embraces various
    mental illnesses and disorders like Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, or
    Depression like they are something to be shared with the whole world,
    and deserving of some kind of bravery medal.”
    These are brain disorders not “mental illnisses”. And it is important to look at these topics so these people can get along.
    Asperger without help…in earlier decades many of those people wer put to asylums or send to church for they thought they were posessed by the devil instead of discovering the next genius.

    Leftism embraces the impotent concepts of “love trumps hate” or “all you need is love”.”
    Not true you underestimate the left. Look what they have done to Hamburg at G20. That they don’t react aggressive on islamic terror does not mean they are not capable of aggression.

  11. “Leftism embraces guilt-tripping, browbeating, and demonizing heterosexual white males at seemingly any given opportunity.”
    I have a couple of black friends. We go out drinking periodically and talk about all manner of things: philosophy, women, music, politics, the state of the world. And both of these black friends of mine have one thing in common with each other – they hate a large segment of their own racial demographic.
    Chris Rock did a killer stand-up routine back in the late 90s about this very controversial subject. Here it is –
    Now we’ve got a lot of things, a lot of racism in the world right now. Who’s more racist? Black people or white people? Black people, you know why? Because we hate black people, too! Everything white people don’t like about black people, black people REALLY don’t like about black people. There’s some shit going on with black people right now. There’s a civil war going on with black people, and there’s two sides, there’s black people and there’s niggers. The niggers have got to go.
    Every time black people wanna have a good time, ignorant-ass nigga fuck it up. Can’t do shit! Can’t do shit, without some ignorant ass nigga fucking it up, can’t do nothing. Can’t keep a disco open more than three weeks; grand opening, grand closing. Can’t go to a movie the first week it comes out. Why? Cause niggas are shooting at the screen. What kind of ignorant shit is that? “Hey, this is a good movie, this is so good I gotta bust a cap in here!”
    Hey, I love black people, but I hate niggers. Boy, I hate niggers. Boy I wish they’d let me join the Ku Klux Klan. Shit, I’d do a drive-by from here to Brooklyn. I’m tired of niggers man you cant have shit when you around niggers. You can’t have shit when you around niggers, you can’t have shit. You can’t have no big screen TV! You can have it, but you better move it in at 3 in the morning. Paint it white, hope niggas think it’s a bassinet. Can’t have shit in your house! Why?! Because niggers will break into your house. Niggers that live next door to you break into your house, come over the next day and go, “I heard you got robbed.” Nigga, you know you robbed me. You didn’t hear shit ’cause you was doing shit! You can’t go see a movie, you know why? ‘Cause niggas is shooting at the screen, “This movie’s so good I gotta bust a cap in here!”
    You know the worst thing about niggers? Niggers always want some credit for some shit they supposed to do. A nigga will brag about some shit a normal man just does. A nigga will say some shit like, “I take care of my kids.” You’re supposed to, you dumb motherfucker! What are you talking about? What kind of ignorant shit is that? “I ain’t never been to jail!” What do you want, a cookie?! You’re not supposed to go to jail, you low-expectation-having motherfucker!
    Fuck man! I’m tired of this shit! You know what the worst thing about Niggers? Niggers love to NOT know. Nuttin’ make a Nigger happier than not knowin’ the answer to your question. Just ask a Nigger a question. Any Nigger! Hey Nigga, what’s the capitol of Zaire? I don’t know dat shit! Keepin’ it real! Niggers love to keep it real. Real dumb! Niggers hate knowledge. Shit. Niggers break into your house – you want to save your money? Put it in your books. Cuz Niggers don’t read. Just put the money in the books. Shit books are like Kryptonite to a Nigger. “Here’s a book! AAHHH! NO! NOT A BOOK! NO! NOOOO!” Tired of this shit! Man your kids can’t fuckin’ play nowhere. Every year the space gets smaller! Okay, you can go from that corner to that corner. Oh, you can go from that gate to that gate. By the time that Fucker’s 10 he’s just hoppin’ in a circle like. Tired of this shit man! Tired. Tired. Tired.
    Fe. Fi. Fo. Figga. Boy I hate a Nigger! Boy. Tired of this shit man! TIRED man! Niggers just ignorant. Love being, singing ’bout ignorance. I heard some song the other day,
    ♪ It’s the first of the month.♪
    Niggers are singing welfare carols!
    ♪ On the first day of welfare my true love gave to me –♪
    ♪ I wish you a Merry Welfare and a Happy Food Stamp!♪
    The fuck is going on? What the fuck is going on? Now they got some shit they trying to get rid of welfare. Every time you see welfare in the news they always show black people. Black people don’t give a fuck about welfare. Niggers are shakin’ in they boots. Boy they gonna take our shit! Shit, a black man that got two jobs, going to work every day, hates a nigga on welfare. Like, “Nigga get a job! I got two, ya can’t get one?”
    I would give your lazy ass one of mine, but you’d get fucked up and get laid off – they wouldn’t hire another nigga for 10 years! Shit, a black woman that got two kids, going to work every day, bustin’ her ass HATES a bitch with nine kids gittin’ a welfare check. Like, bitch stop fuckin’! Stop fucking! Stop it! Put the dick down! Put it down! Get a job! Yes, you can get a job! Get a job holdin’ dicks! Whatever you do, get paid to do it! Tired of this shit man! I’m tired! Tired. Tired. It ain’t all black people on welfare shit! White people on welfare too! We can’t give a fuck about them! But we just gotta do our own thing.
    And I see some black people lookin’ at me – “Man! Why you gotta say that? It ain’t us, it’s the media. The media has distorted our image to make us look bad! Why must you come down on us like that, Brotha’? It ain’t us, it’s the media.”
    Please cut the fuckin’ shit! Okay?! Okay?! Okay?!
    When I go to the money machine tonight, all right, I ain’t lookin’ over my back for the media! I’m lookin’ for Niggers! Shit! Ted Koppel ain’t never took shit from me! Niggers have! So you think I got three guns in my house cuz the media outside? Oh shit, Mike Wallace! Run! Get the fuck outta here man! Tired of this shit. Tired. Tired. Tired of this shit!

    1. I’d love to see a black comedian try to get away with this routine today. A bunch of white leftists would stone him to death for being racist.

      1. Shit, Bill Cosby is basically facing the bullshit charges he is because for the past couple of decades he has dared to tell black men to pull their pants up and act respectable. Can’t have that. Ruin him! And to give an idea of how tame Cosby’s point was, there’s a famous Eddie Murphy skit about how Cosby doesn’t like profanity.

        1. Yep. And out of curiosity, you’re a lawyer, how is it possible to be tried for the same crimes twice? I though “hung jury” automatically equated to innocent or some kind of related thing?

        2. I believe that mistrials are exempt from double jeopardy because technically, in a mistrial situation, nothing has been decided. Double jeopardy prevents attempts to reverse the outcome of something that has been decided. But in Cosby’s case, nothing was decided because the jury could not reach a result. So they can try him again to try to decide the issues. Whether they will is an open question, though I haven’t been following it closely, and they may have announced that they will do so. But in mistrial situations, it is common for re-trials to occur.

    2. I watched an episode of The Boondocks that addressed the same thing. I’m absolutely sure we’ll never see a show like that again:

    3. “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than
      to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see
      somebody white and feel relieved.”
      ― Jesse Jackson
      And I make this difference between black people and professional nigg…you know what I mean as well. But in a PC era as a white person it’s not that easy. Especially among other white people.

  12. “However, anyone with any common sense (which is lacking in leftist thought) will realize that income inequality is inevitable in a free market society”
    True. Nobody wants communism. I personally like having my own shoes and my own income.
    But the gap between an average worker’s wages and an average CEO’s wages has grown to a factor of about 300. In the nineteen-sixties, that factor was about 40.
    This economic inequality has immense effects upon society. In fact, history tells us that societies with vast economic inequality have a tendency to fucking EXPLODE. Ask King Louis XVI if he’d like his head back.
    The prime mover is economics, and while we don’t need to be equal, neither will we tolerate utter inequality. Ignore history at your own risk.

    1. That has to do with the conglomeration of companies. In the car industry alone, we had Buick, Studebaker, Pontiac, and many more. Fewer bosses make more money. Your small business owners are struggling. This is an economic issue (capitalism is being thrown away for some corporate/government complex). This is not a gender studies issue.

      1. No, the Big Three auto companies have been the Big Three (now the Big Two-and-a-Half) since the nineteen-forties. It’s simply about executive compensation increasing far faster than wages.
        In 1965, CEOs earned an average of $832,000 annually compared to $40,200 for workers. In 2014, CEO pay had risen to an average of $16,316,000 compared to only $53,200 for workers.
        That’s not about conglomeration. It’s about a change in overall culture.

        1. It is the shift in culture that is toxic.
          You and I approach economics from different perspectives, but one thing that I think we will both agree upon is this: big business has moved from a culture of winning customers by providing them with value to a culture of preying upon the public, including customers, non-customers, and employees. What Jim Johnson mentioned about consolidation of ownership is part of that predatory culture – exterminating competition by seizing competitors’ companies.
          No industry is more guilty of this than financial services.

    2. “Ignore history at your own risk.”
      The last time the government got on its social engineering high horse and tried to fix “income inequality” we ended up destroying the healthcare system. One of the biggest reasons healthcare and health insurance is so expensive is that it companies giving their top people “free” health insurance as a perk when the government capped salaries.

      1. That, and the fact that health insurance IS so widespread and intertwined with government is why the costs are so high. There is little reason for a guy to shop around, and the prices are not up front.

        1. Yeah, Medicare and other shit is a big part of it. But hiding it as a pre-tax benefit to an employee has allowed it to rise without people really understanding how inflated healthcare and health insurance had gotten.

        2. Medicare has always seemed to me like Kona coffee. Every year they parade out the awesome and super expensive kona coffee. Oh its from Hawaii it is really wonderful and we are going to charge an arm and a leg because it is the special Kona. No one mentions that the one and only reason that kona coffee is expensive is that unlike coffee from Columbia or Indonesia you can’t pay your bean pickers 12 cents a week and beat them to death when they complain about wages. You have to pay them an American salary. But sure enough there are lines to quadruple pay for kona. What does it cost? Who cares! What are the benefits? Doesn’t matter! What is the cost what it is? BUTTTTT ITTTTSSS MEDICAREEEEEEEE

      2. Sam Cooke didn’t know much about history, and he got shot in a hotel wearing nothing but a sports coat and a shoe.
        (best family guy line ever)

        1. Judging from your comment I’m guessing you used to have a different name.

    3. I think this overstates it. France exploded because while her peasants were starving, Marie Antoinette famously uttered “let them eat cake.”
      It’s not inequality that’s necessarily the problem, nor the magnitude of it. At some extreme, the outlier is ALWAYS much higher than the average plebe, and it’s all just an exercise in where we’re drawing the inequality average (5%, 1% .1%, etc…?).
      What actually matters is whether the poor have enough to get by. Being told to eat cake by some sheltered bitch, who thinks that’s easy, when you literally haven’t eaten anything in a week tends to get pitchforks in the air faster than Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg being fabulously wealthy even by noble standards because they make sure you’re got the latest gadget in your pocket, garbage “entertainment to run on it, and enough food on your table to make you obese and lethargic.
      It will only be IF that equation ever changes that people will start sending the rich off to the guillotines.

      1. True, we are the first society in history whose poor people are fat from carb- and sugar-rich meals. We are the first society in history whose poor people have played 5 million hours of Angry Birds per day.
        “It’s not inequality that’s necessarily the problem, nor the magnitude of it.”
        I disagree strongly. Look through history for examples of collapsed societies that ignored widening economic inequality.

        1. You make a good point here, Jammy. There are certain types of people for whom “enough” is never enough if someone else has more. And they feel that way even if they have been given all they have while the other person worked for what they have. These kinds of people can be easily converted to useful idiots with pitchforks and torches. It doesn’t help that we have the “media” constantly ginning them up, too.

        2. Sure societies have collapsed from widening economic inequality, but that misses the point. No one who has everything he needs to live a happy life – decent roof over his head, plenty of food on the table, discretionary spending money in his pocket, etc… – is going to take up arms against the king no matter how rich the king is. It is only when the king is extravagantly rich AND says, fuck you if you’re starving and living in a slum that people will rise up.
          So long as the king makes sure the people have what they need, the king is safe no matter how rich he is, and oddly, his wealth may actually be celebrated by the people.
          Now, you can argue about whether people in this county actually have what they need in life, and whether we are reaching that point. I tend to think we are no where near it.

      2. Marie Antoinette never said that, but it is still attributed to her.
        “It will only be IF that equation ever changes that people will start sending the rich off to the guillotines.”
        If you noticed, the wealthy have built bolt holes in foreign lands and Americans have purchased over 100 million firearms during Obamas reign. Curious to see how much longer the debt fueled orgy is going to continue, but we are due for a market correction.

        1. Revolution NEVER comes from the common people. The only people able to ignite a revolution are from within the elite or from another country.
          The military of the US is the strongest in the world by far, so an invasion is off the table.
          The elite is doing very well and the plebs are getting fatter by the day.
          No change on the horizon John Galt.

        2. Nothing is known, but you can see underlying movements. What starts a revolution is usually something mundane, but was simply the last straw of a slew of issues and spreads before it can be contained.

        3. Perhaps, but I don’t think it’s going to happen until the poor no longer have what they need to survive.

    4. Riddle me this. Why has income inequality increasingly grown while the us economy has been increasingly regulated and taxes? Answer is because the freer the market, the less inequality as everyone is as upwardly mobile as their abilities allow them to be. As opposed to Communist countries where a few thousand get ALL the income and the gap couldn’t get any worse. Capitalism isn’t the CAUSE of income inequality, it is the solution. The cause is government control.

      1. The answer to your question is simple: the tax code is a tool of repression, specifically designed to prevent upward social mobility.

    5. Most CEO’s are worth more than 300 average workers to the company. They have a skill set which is far more rare, the time and effort they exert is immensely more and their actions directly influence the company in a serious way. King Louis was a hereditary king who was a bon vivant. The CEO of starbucks is worth 1000 baristas and then some. If you want to call income inequality look at your average middle manager with 10 years in being overpaid by a market filled with young and energetic people who would gladly take his gob for less money and do a better job at it and the CEO who works exponentially harder, is 1000 times more rare as a person with gifts and suffers pressures the middle manager can’t imagine. Paying the CEO of starbucks 300 times what a starbucks manager makes is income inequality where the CEO gets the shaft

  13. Awareness campaigns are a scam, never donate to them specially the breast cancer awareness. They just made a cheap ad in power point, print some pamphlets and keep the rest of the money. 80% of the money is for salaries for people that his jobs it´s beg for money to raise awareness but they are just glorified beggars they beg to pay their salaries.
    Breast cancer is the worst offender, the government run its own awareness campaigns paid with taxes.
    Did you know Cancer exist, Donate so more people will know, Do you wanna learn more?

    1. I always thought this dating back to fucking aids awareness. Awareness? A disease which effects such a small amount of the population that it statistically doesn’t even really exist is on the lips of everyone in the fucking world. My dog knew about aids. ALl that awareness didn’t do shit for curing aids.

      1. It´s homophobic to raise awareness to the Gay AIDS, those campaigns are genderless and never mention the 80% of sodomite infected. Those campaign exist to scare hetero people into giving money and to scare the educated middle class to have unprotected sex so the middle class can be eradicated, only the poor uneducated low IQ people don´t care about condoms. It´s part of the campaign of the big replacement, don´t have babies, but it´s somethingphobic to aim that message to the low IQ shits, no they can have 8 kids, so in the future there will be only proles and elites

        1. exactamundo. I stand by the fact that aids doesn’t even exist if you aren’t a faggot or drug addict. Being a white, first world, non-drug using heterosexual my chances of aids are 0. It simply doesn’t exist for me

      1. it isn’t whether the charity is a scam or not that’s important it is whether or not giving to it mitigates you tax liability. They can take the money and buy a rolls Royce and drive over homeless cancer patients so long as I can write it off I don’t care.

        1. Well said. People seem to ignore the deduction aspect. I recall Bill Clinton was claiming $3 for every pair of old underwear as a charity deduction on his taxes.
          Then you get guys like Bill Gates “donating” millions to his own charity for a sizeable deduction and the board is packed with some of his friends and confederates who get fat checks for doing f*ck all. In the end, he still decides where that donated money is directed toward. What a racket.

        2. I am of the mindset that if it is legal you can and should do it. If you are Bill Clinton, Bill Gates or Bill Schmo from nowhere you do as much as you can to pay the gub as little as you can period.

        3. Lowering populatin is the only viable long term strategy we have.
          Our resources wont last forever; we are not talking evil overlord we are talking logic and reason versus stupid fools who think because its (maybe) possible to feed 11B people it is also wise to do so. It is not.

        4. But that’s not what is going on. The third world is breeding like rabbits, while Europeans and people of European descent are being targetted (it appears). What good is “lowering the population” when you only target the most productive sector while letting the third world hordes push out 10 kids per female?

        5. Bill Gates is all right with me…the boys have been doing great work in Africa and India lately. “Carry on.”

        6. You just mirrored what Trump said during the campaign when Hillary tried to get him for “taxes”. “I’m using the laws that YOU created and voted for and there’s nothing illegal about any of it”. Heh.

        7. It is a fine answer. If you do illegal shenanigans to skirt US tax law then you are a thief and a criminal. Hiring a smart accountant who can creatively and legally work around the existing law to save you money that would otherwise go to the feds? that’s just business.

        8. side note, nation wide flat tax would solve a lot of these problems with who is unfairly getting away with what.

        9. Your observation is true if we look at “only” 2 generations. If we take a longer time into consideration it will work. Why? Because the white race is the brain of the human race. The apex of civilisation and the beacon of light all others try to mimic. And mimic they already do.
          If we look at the 3rd world we can observe it today. In backwards regions of south america a now 60 year old can tell tales about his friend having 20 siblings. His generation had 6-8. His sons generation maybe 3 and the current young even less, so it is working. The only real exception where it is NOT working is the muslim countries.
          Maybe this is one of the reasons why the muslim world and the west are de-facto at war.

        10. I haven’t made up my mind on that. At this stage I am sticking with one income tax flat and across the board. I think there are problems with consumption tax.

        11. See I’ll tell you why that’s a bad idea. You will put accounts out of business by the score. Imagine if you will the millions of unemployed CPAs roving the streets like that gang in Police Academy…
          Mayham I tells ya!!!!!!!

        12. Problem? That is 9/10 of why I think it is a good idea

        13. Trouble is you will end up with both a consumption tax AND an income tax. Government never voluntarily gives up a revenue source.

        14. Good idea, but it’ll never happen. Accountants and tax lawyers pay way too much money to bent legislators make certain the tax code remains indecipherable and continues to grow. Job security for the bottleneckers.

      2. IIRC, when that big fire happened in Gatlinburg, the Red Cross had a drive to raise money that never went anywhere near Gatlinburg. The Red Cross didn’t even show up for weeks.

        1. I was involved in a local disaster when our town was flooded and all RC did was drive around and hand out bottles of water. FEMA didn’t show till long after and were useless. The only real help came from religious organizations (alot of southerners from as far as Texas) arrived who helped out tremendously.
          I used to give blood to the local RC, but I found out they sell the blood for cash to the hospitals. Vampires.

        2. I had a fellow I trust who lived in the area raising money for aid supplies. I doubt he took so much as gas money from the collection plate.

        3. These guys were in the damaged houses and basements pumping water out, ripping out walls, etc.. in 90 degree heat and 100% humidity. They wouldn’t take a dime for their efforts. Good people.

        4. These initiatives have far less likelihood of being corrupt on the local, individual level.

        5. Keep in mind, the American Red Cross and Red Cross are two seperate entities. My local RC is the international one and sell the blood, but ask the local hospital and they will let you know.

        6. Just give blood the old fashioned way. Go into a tough bar and welsh on a bet after losing a pool game

    2. Breast Cancer leads the pack in money raised every year, but it only claims something like 40k lives a year. Lung Cancer is the killer cancer, by the numbers, but it raises next to nothing (it’s the only cancer where people assume it’s your own damn fault – thanks, anti-tobacco campaigns). Prostate cancer has the lowest funding per new case, but no one cares about men, I guess.
      While we’re on the subject, though, I’m trying to raise awareness of how much money I have. For a small donation, you can help me get the message of how much money I received in donations to more and more people. Ignorance kills!

        1. ha, no. I will have to google that when I get home. excellent stuff.

        1. I could probably scrape up a buck-fifty for a cause like that one…more, if I put up a GoFundMe page. Might as well let the suckers pay for it.

        2. You’re on to something…..imagine an infinite string of gofundmes, each funding the next . The value of the original one would increase exponentially, based on the potential income of each additional one! Its brilliant!!
          O wait, they have that already….it shit the bed in 2008.

    3. Actually, I think that “raising awareness” accomplishes something extremely important: frame control.
      If we are busy talking about whatever bullshit we need to have our “awareness” raised over, then we are not setting the agenda. We are reacting to the Left’s lead. It is a highly effective tool of distraction.

      1. Very true. What we need to do is not pose counter-narratives, but rather pose our own narratives regardless of the opposition. When we focus on their narratives to form our own, we buy at least partially into their frame and fight the uphill battle (for their narrative is already everywhere before we have a counter prepared).

    4. But just think, if cancer were eradicated, we would simply have Breast Awareness.

      1. I will throw in a free copy of my 10 volume book “Coping With ADD”

        1. I am already a member of the non-conformity club. I feel their values are exactly like mine and I love the uniforms.

        2. I keep trying to read that but then I see a squirrel and forget where I’m at.

  14. “Leftism embraces various mental illnesses and disorders like Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, or Depression like they are something to be shared with the whole world, and deserving of some kind of bravery medal.”
    This isn’t all bad news, depending on a guy’s perspective. In India and Africa, the UN’s vaccination programs have seriously lowered the population, while compromising the intellects and immune systems of those who remain alive. Most leftists embrace vaccinations. Throw in Planned Parenthood, and other government-sponsored, herd-thinning programs, and it’s only a matter of time…tick-tock, tick-tock…before they will leftist themselves to death. All in due time.
    At that point, the rest of us will dance around the campfire, and sing, and rejoice. We just have to be patient and wait for the Master Plan to come full circle.

    1. I thought leftists were anti-vaccines, the whole let’s keep it natural, vegan, hippie crowd.

      1. Some are, most aren’t. Take most single moms. They think doctors are gods. Kid’s got the flu? Take him to the doctor. Mom’s pussy itches? Go to the doctor. TV says get a flu shot? They get a flu shot. Etc. They worship the TV. Whatever the TV says, they do it. Leftist are like that – infantile.

        1. not really in Berlinsome of these vegan mothers throw measles partys for their infant children. If one child in kindergarden or friends circle gets sick they all meet and let their children play together for bugchasing. They want them all to get sick so the children will become immune…….

        2. When my kids were younger the chicken pox vaccine had just come out. Was about to be required for enrollment by the schools. Their pediatrician, who had been part of its development and trials, urged us to get our kids exposed to catch it vice the vaccine.
          Issue was- limited data on how effective the vaccine would be over a lifetime. would it require boosters? Given how badly people are at keeping their booster shots up over a lifetime, our peds call was better to get the diseases as a youngster vice risking getting it as an adult if boosters required.
          Anyway, one of our kids did manage to contract it from somewhere ( fever started at the beginning of a vacation of course). Managed to give it to the others as well as two kids who’d gotten vaccinated. Their mom had figured- they’re vaccinated, no problem letting them play with our kids.

        3. I can understand that to a point especially when its something new, but with ones like dtap and mmr those are serious illnesses for children and if enough people stop vaccinating the risk overall goes up.

        4. My kids have gotten all the other vaccinations. But it was the first time I ever encountered someone with a logical reason to not get vaccinated, a specific reason for a specific vaccine. A pediatrician no less.

        5. In some countries they stopped giving mmr and dtap. Nothing happened. As expected.

      2. who is pro and who is anti vaccine seems to keep changing from left to right, but I am pretty sure they are all idiots.

  15. Before Obama became President, the African American workforce in the United States was 12.3 million, at the end of his term, 10.3 million African Americans were in the US work force. At the beginning of his term, 46.1 percent of blacks owned a home, at the end of his term 41.5 percent of blacks owned a home. When Obama started his Presidency 7.4 million blacks were on food stamps, when his Presidency ended 11.6 million were on food stamps. None of these were typographical errors. Black people have become worse off by all numerical measures under the first black President that all the Leftist fuckers worship.
    Instead of going to back to work in African American communities that suffer high levels of poverty and violence, Obama is hanging out with billionaires like Richard Branson and Hollywood elite like George Clooney. He sure cared about the suffering of black America.
    Obama left black America even more dazed than ever. African Americans were moving forward in the prior four Presidential administrations, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr. all of whom were white men. They put a black man in office, and all of a sudden the progress goes in reverse. In fact, if it wasn’t were the progress during those time periods, President Obama would not have been possible.
    Of all the four men that preceded Obama, the most “progressive” Bill Clinton has been the most responsible for the prison industrial complex that throws so many black men in jail, but liberals don’t say a peep about it. In fact his wife frequently referred to black men as “Super Predators”. Crooked Hillary Clinton is the kind of liberal white woman who would call the cops if she saw a black man in front of her house. Reagan had the Drug War, but it was under Clinton where so many people wound up in jail. Its always under liberal administrations where the most vulnerable get screwed.

    1. Felt something was off when I saw all the schools in Chicago land on the chopping block for places to close. Kids in his home town had issues spelling his name at many of these schools.

        1. Sure, but it is absolutely, entirely phonetic. No “ph = f” or “c = k or s depending”. Just pure easy phonetics that a three year old should be able to sound out.

  16. While the White House is going the Conservative Nationalist direction, the Elites and Corporations are picking up the slack big time. You see them picking up the SJW movement, and they have a lot of clout and power, probably more than the President. You also got to consider the Deep State and many other people in the Federal government that are aligned with these entities and elites.

  17. I work in corrections. When I have people spouting off about how many blacks are in the prison system, my question is this: “Are they all there because they stole the church box money or because they needed money and went to the local mini mart and shot an innocent clerk in the head for the reward of cigarettes and a couple of bucks in the cash”. I will agree that blacks are low hanging fruit for the police (so are some whites) to easily arrest and bolster arrest numbers. Stop blaming whitey for your stupid decisions. Stop blaming anyone for your decisions.
    To me it’s just job security.

    1. ‘Stop blaming anyone for your decisions. ‘
      Everyone knows this.

  18. victimhood is a perfect tool for divide et empera. And it’s a good way to receive government money. Blacks are dicriminated, latinos are, fat people, lgbt, women, whatever and need lobbys and organisation and quotes and affiritive action and anti discrimination and hate speech and you need organisations and diversity comissioners and jobs for people with a gender studies degree.

  19. Liberals have made the scum of the earth and the dregs of society their power base and reached out to add all who wish to destroy what we have.

  20. they so desperate they shave sheep so they look like women asses
    and they dress premature boys as girls and rape them
    Some Imams allow to have sexual intercourse with baby girls if you don’t stick it in
    But DARE You to draw a Mohammed caricature
    Non Muslims, especially non abrahamic religions don’t have the same legal status as muslims and don’t count as real humans. You can do with them whatever you like.

  21. It’s funny how liberals remind me of “nurgle” worshippers…
    “You are a sick, degenerate, but its ok we accept it, your sickness, infact get more sick! For being sick is good, the more the better! Spread the sickness to the others, infect more people and cultivate new disgusting things!”
    t. liberal

    1. t. liberal

      Leftists are object oriented procedures? Neat.

      1. Haha, good try champ, but no cigar. It’s a lingo, and I don’t have the time to explain it to you, it will be for naught anyway. Keep trying, you will figure it out eventually.

        1. Be for naught anyway eh? Huh.
          It’s internet code speak. Hardly rocket science. I was making a joke that an OO programmer would understand. Your use of the code wasn’t even on my mind, I just saw a quick joke.

  22. Legalizing or even tolerating homosexuals is a slippery slope into a massive doom.
    “While homosexuals are
    deserving of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness just like
    everyone else in an enlightened and peace-loving country, their
    lifestyle should not be flaunted and praised in the public sphere in any manner for the sake of a healthy society.”
    Nuh-uh. Not even that.
    See what is happening right now? It all started from that idea.

  23. The thing to understand about leftism is that it’s not a coherent set of ideas. In many respects it isn’t even “left.” That ship sailed when the New Deal Coalition began to break up in the 60’s.
    Modern (really postmodern) leftism is all based around destroying Western civilization. This is how it can embrace Islam and feminism at the same time. It is in many respects Hobbes’ war of all against all – the state of nature where life is nasty, brutish, and short, which requires a strong (possibly even dictatorial) sovereign to keep in check, especially so now that leftists are increasingly open about their violent intentions. This was easily foreseeable. When you’re guided by destruction, and more than that, when you think your destruction is moral while everyone else is a heretic or “racist,” violence becomes easy to justify. In the end you always get that “strong sovereign” which Hobbes wrote about to purge the subversives.
    “Progressives” may think they’re new, but in fact they’re heirs to a 3,500 year old tradition stretching back to the “heretic Pharaoh” Akhenaten, who plunged his country into a chaos which ultimately required military rule to undo: http://masculineepic.com/index.php/2016/02/15/akhenaten-historys-first-social-justice-warrior/

    1. I am well impressed with this article of yours. I doubt that is the original “Progressive” though. Since the dawn of man, people have been usurping power over the people through deceit, false promises, and vain hyperbole.

      1. Oh no, it’s not. But they do have the exact same pathos 9essentially that the past must be destroyed and an entirely new culture imposed from revolutionaries), which is the highlight. Thanks.

  24. I’m not even American Anglo Saxon White, and even I want to punch that MTV black dude in the face.

  25. No liberals see the cognitive dissonance: US 93rd in income inequality
    BUT highest standard of living in the world.
    Hey libtards: Do you want that ‘equality’ of Sudan, or liberia???

  26. The cost of obesity in the US per Harvard School of Public Health is $190.2 billion/year, for childhood obesity it is $14 billion a year as of 2016. In the world obesity cost $2 trillion annually. This does not include ‘morbid obesity’ which is being >100 lbs over one’s ideal weight as defined by their height.
    This is acceptable?
    Fuck ’em.

  27. “Thinking That Income Inequality Is A Grave Injustice”
    You know what is a grave injustice? Getting your shit stolen from you via taxes and given to some lazy schlub because you happen to have a work ethic.

      1. Taxation and redistribution like that is theft. Roads, defense, etc are necessary (not Taj Mahal buildings for the DMV). If government expenditures remain modest and only to prudent needs, I would have no problem. That ended around 1880.

    1. Islam requires some fairly barbaric punishments for the sins, and deems forced conversion acceptable. Shariah requires a theocratic government, with the government/religion one and the same.
      Christianity doesn’t.

  28. Gee, just like the “protocols” described over 100 years ago. But that’s just an anti-Semitic conspiracy. If you haven’t read them, I encourage you to do so, if for no other reason than to make some sense of the world today.

  29. Shieeet, all things you listed under Islam “are not that bad”.
    If any lefty retard calls you out for that – call them the islamapbobe they are.

  30. I don’t see the issue of homosexuality. They’re a small % of the human population. Who gives a rat’s ass that they’re not procreating? Having kids is an overrated, expensive waste of time. Also, as for STDs, the STD rates are high among gay men, but not lesbians, because like straight men, gay men are promiscuous. The difference is, gay men are dealing with other promiscuous gay men who have no hangups about one night stands. Straight men usually have a harder time as it isn’t generally acceptable by society for women to be as promiscuous. The problem is the lack of responsibility. Using protection does wonders.
    Also, for income equality, I definitely agree that we should not all be paid the same. Certain skills call for higher pay. It also depends on how much time and dedication was put into honing a certain skill. However, I will say that certain social barriers can impede a person’s success. It isn’t like the working poor all deliberately choose to be poor. I’m more about equal and fair access/opportunities, not equal outcomes. If 2 people are given equal opportunity, and one chooses not to take this opportunity, then they should not be given the same resources as the other who did take the chance.

  31. The end of western civilization began when women started to get into politics (voting and being voted). Their nature is “love and accept all”, “dont fight”, “everyone is equal”, etc. Men in politics began to feel afraid of losing votes and being criticized for the SJW, for being “bad” or “rigid” with imigrants, muslins, criminals, etc.
    The greater the “Feminization” of the politics and culture, greater the decline in society standards. Look at USA, Germany, France, Sweden. Compare to Russia, Hungary, Austria, and other places where women dont influence that much.

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