One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

We’ve all known the above idiom, yet many men continue to embody it in reality, usually for the worse. We then have are cases of men wifing up sluts, whores, pornstars, predatory women, etc. with a deluded self rationalization that such trash is indeed treasure, and with often terrible outcomes, some of which are triggered later out of natural territorial instincts. Why? Because of faulty discernment while choosing women to begin with.

beuty is in the eye

One single object (a woman) appears in three different ways: to the man who practices austerity it appears as a corpse, to the sensual it appears as a woman, and to the dogs as a lump of flesh. – Kautilya, 370 BC-283 BC

When it comes to women, mere appearances are (and can be) deceptive

The Opossum: In playing dead, the opossum plays stupid. Many a predator has therefore left it alone. Who could believe that such an ugly, unintelligent, nervous little creature could be capable of such deception? – Robert Greene, Law 21 (“Play a sucker to catch a sucker – seem dumber than your mark”), The 48 Laws of Power

In the modern world, shallowness exists not only in appearances but also in perceptive thinking. Modern society’s over-emphasis on a woman’s “packaging,” the oversexualization of women, narcissism and fem-centric societal indoctrination creates unhealthy patterns of shallow blue pill thinking and behavior, affecting both genders alike. With this modern emphasis on superficiality, modern women’s beauty rarely does penetrate to their character, and is more often than not, “skin-deep”—leaving them suitable for casual sex, but not commitment.


But due to these dysfunctional trends and thinking patterns which influence modern human interaction, a lot of (gullible) men often become committing suckers for a “sucker” in the modern world, not knowing that they might be dealing with a Dark Triad woman in metamorphosis (fueled by her years on the cock carousel), beneath her innocuous appearance.

As blushing will sometimes make a whore pass for a virtuous woman, so modesty may make a fool seem a man of sense. -Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

Usually, they’re in love with such a woman: either for her superficial persona which may encompass either ideal but superfluous sexual, aesthetic, or caring abilities while ignoring other serious flaws in her character, lifestyle, and background. The illusion of love often makes men blind to their partner’s flaws: a fact which science also corroborates.

Thus, in a dating world where superficiality, deception and amoral power games abound, it’s easy to blame men for the lack of discernment,  as the fate of a modern man when choosing women is: damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t—especially when the responsibility for his (and his woman’s) mistakes are primarily thrust upon his shoulders by modern feminist society. Yet, the factors which lead to his abysmal choice of a trashy woman often remain unexplored, but must be investigated to warn others to avoid them.

The snares which lead to abysmal choices

There could be several, but the most commonly seen reasons for a man’s faulty discernment while choosing a woman are (and not necessarily in that order):

1. Ignorance

..of Game and red pill wisdom which would enlighten, even save him. Knowledge is power, but the superficial modern man often chooses to wade in the bliss of his blue pill, self-absorbed ignorance. A classic analogy to gender interaction is the fable of the scorpion and the frog , but tell it to a modern man, he’d rarely believe it only till when it often comes to sting him inevitably in his dating life.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye. – Jim Henson

Thus, ignorance is what often dominates the blue pill mind, preparing him to be preyed upon. Sometimes, it’s the blue piller’s virulent refusal to accept the knowledge of true female nature is what constitutes his self-rationalized delusions about women, which leads to his downfall.


The options in this choice are often mutually exclusive—implied by the famous seductress herself, hinting about the commonly seen natural inability of a man to love a woman once he’s “understood” her: a truth however often ignored by the ignorant man.

2. Sexual thirst

So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge it. – Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”

It’s effects can be further subdivided into:

a) Scarcity mentality –  due to lack of options, or lack of game:

Regulating male sexual thirst (especially while young) is especially difficult, more so in today’s oversexualized and hypergamous modern societies. Add a lack of game, and you have a recipe for sexual frustration which succumbs to the scarcity mentality. This causes such men to sexually scavenge, i.e. wife up the discarded sexual trash of others. What’s forgotten by these scavenging men is that when it comes to used plates: spin and pass them around, but don’t buy them.

Elsewhere, the scarcity mentality appears in societies where men don’t have enough women (or “quality” women) resulting in a massive sea of cocks where even an “attractive” pussy (even if overused) is the elusive prize. With the power to grant sex shifting even more to these women there, the men often commit to trash due to lack of options.

On the other hand, a modern man who’s littered with trashy women around him in a modern wasteland culture, could think he’s found his unicorn when he moves abroad to find women who might actually put up an act like how ideal women should behave as. This, coupled with his search to find his unicorn, might mislead him, as a woman acting as an ideal woman is not the same as truly being one.

Every society and culture has its flaws, so does its women—so the way a man can stop himself from forming an over-estimated perception about foreign women is to first understand the local culture, environment, and dating trends; plus how the local men in their societies deal with women, and why so.

But what usually happens is that modern men often readily transgress the same law whilst abroad with their foreign unicorns, which instead they might vigorously follow back home:


If you allow people to feel they possess you to any degree, you lose all power over them. By not committing your affections, they will only try harder to win you over. Stay aloof and you gain the power that comes from their attention and frustrated desire. Play the Virgin Queen: Give them hope but never satisfaction.– Robert Greene, Law 20 from The 48 Laws of Power

b) Sexual thirst for novelty or a fetish

On the flip side, in a scenario of sexual abundance, the thirst for sexual variety can blind a man’s perception of an evil woman: partly by her beautiful but deceptive packaging, and partly by his own need to seduce her because of his need for sexual variety.This is where Dark Triad Women (DTWs) usually feast upon gullible but resourceful men’s need for sexual novelty or fetishes.

c) Uncontrolled sexual thirst which leads to unexpected pregnancies

…which usually entails an unexpected marriage as well, as commonly seen today.

3. Societal indoctrination

The damaging influences of gyno-centric ideology of modern feminist societies is enough to doom a man’s existence right from the cradle. Add to that: dysfunctional familiesmasculine women, a lack of proper male role models, and a godless society around him who all tell (and teach) him that men cannot have preferences when it comes to women they want to marry, and should accept women without questioning their background or analyzing their behavior.

while in rome

Old habits die hard and so does childhood indoctrination, which is akin to writing your thoughts on a growing individual’s mind, which absorbs your thoughts as its own simply on trust. The abuse of a man’s trust thus begins right at his birth by those who indoctrinate him unnaturally against his own nature.

Should he choose to rebel to reclaim the freedom of his individuality and mind—free from female approval—he is mercilessly demeaned or worse, shunned. Fear is used to control him by the herd which raises him by taking away his security, freedom and starving him of his pleasure—to secure his submission.

Fully grown up and beta-indoctrinated, he believes that women are special snowflakes who can change for the better, even after an inglorious past, as that’s what he’s socially told. Ever forgiving, he’s socially prepared to don the role of a Hosea, ready to accept an undeserving woman, for that’s what socially expected of him. Worse, he succumbs to his oneitis: a mental hoax again partly influenced by his societal herd.

The biggest damages that the matrix of modern feminist societies does to men is that it not only feminizes them, destroys their masculinity and makes them subservient to women, but also it destroys their minds, and their ability to properly discern a woman and her disruptive (or destructive) potential.

Thus, the best way to make a delusional, fearful, misguided, and ignorant chump is to raise him as one. Modern feminist societies unfailingly succeed in raising large herds of them, destined for subjugation to women.

4. The fear of loneliness

But what happens when the society, its indoctrination, the people he believed in, and the women he loved, have all failed or left a man alone? That’s when his real test begins, and:

The real test for a man is how he lives with himself, alone.

Yet, many escape this test by jumping into marriage because they fear loneliness for which to deal with, they need a partner. If a man fears living with himself, why should someone live with him to begin with? Societal indoctrination is also to blame for this crippling fear, by heavily indoctrinating modern men with romantic blue pill ideology designed to render and raise men psychologically disposed towards dependency and fulfillment from women.

The promise (and hope) of receiving spousal care in old age is another societal lie which continues to influence men into commitment, but if only such hopes realistically bore some fruit in today’s shallow world. Such hopes are forests in which only fools roam, and the modern man has many such self-destructive delusional forests of hope constructed by feminism around him, to get lost into forever.

5. The need to procreate and pass on his legacy

Indeed, the desire for children and procreation naturally resides in men. But should that need ever turn into a unhealthy desperation, it can cloud enough a man’s perception of the woman he’s dealing with, leading to an erroneous judgment and regrettable decision which can cost time, freedom, and money.

It’s said that “the quality of a dish does not only depend on the type of ingredients used; it also depends on the quality of the utensil it’s cooked in.”

Thus, one of the worst errors a man can do is to have children by using his seed for the womb of a trashy woman—an interpretation for the analogy above—out of desperation for fatherhood, or simply because she’s willing to bear his children.

6. The defeatist misinterpretation of “acceptance”

Can be influenced by any of the above factors. A commonly seen example is when men decide to forsake judgment completely before committing to women, “to go with the flow, and accept them for what they are.”

But, “acceptance” of people’s flaws doesn’t mean one also resignedly ‘accepts’ them all in one’s tribe automatically.

True acceptance means accepting humanity’s imperfections, but at the same time accepting that the power and freewill to choose whom to relate to still lies with us. Would everyone accept a scorpion as a pet, even though that means unanimously accepting its venomous nature?

Playing with fire could indeed be fun, but only if one has the knowledge of a fireman to begin with. The same analogy can be applied to dealing with dubious women.

Not all men can deal with scorpions (or women) the way Bond does…

7. Lack of self-worth

A direct result of gyno-centric indoctrination and sexual thirst, many modern men lack in self-esteem when dealing with women, often considering them to be the prize. This leads them to white knight and wife up used trash in hypergamous societies where women reward sex to alphas first .

Such a man’s low self-esteem and sexual thirst often propels him to commitment with an overused woman (whom he considers higher in value than himself, and sees himself as lucky because she still chose him while society lauds his deed as a win), as getting sex in a marriage to an used woman is better than no sex at all.

The solution

The simplest solution would be taking the red pill, and learning game. Two simple methods derived from both which could help are:

1. Pose as a ‘friend’, but do work as a spy

People don’t change, they just have momentary steps outside of their true character – Chad Kultgen, The Lie

A common reason why modern marriages often fail or have a shelf life is that because a number of women perceive marriage as a prize or a destination to be attained (using deception) for social benefits and peer validation; and not as a journey of life meant to be partnered with a man.

Thus, in today’s times, it’s surprising to note how women (even promiscuous ones) still desire the ideal institution of marriage—even if it may always not be with noble intentions. So what happens when the destination of marriage is attained?

As seen often, when a woman captures a man’s commitment, she loses interest. The man is then left to fend for himself: either psychologically or worse, even physically discarded by his mate through divorce—to stumble on the rest of this journey alone, thus making a farce of the modern institutions of both marriage and family.

A wedding is a funeral where you smell your own flowers. – Eddie Cantor

But this could be avoided to a greater degree by probing effectively about her background, her values, her dreams, her lifestyle, her past (directly or indirectly) and her reputation, before accepting her for mere face (or ass) value.


but even then, don’t believe completely and everything that you’d hear from, and about her. Because:

2. Always consider the TIME factor, and project her mentally in the future

People around you, constantly under the pull of their emotions, change their ideas by the day or by the hour, depending on their mood. You must never assume that what people say or do in a particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires.  ― Robert Greene, Mastery

Throughout history, wise men have tested women through responsibility, freedom, resources (money), affection, and sometimes, a limited amount of power transfer. But the greatest test of a woman’s character is always through time, thus it’s never wise to form a hasty opinion of her, no matter how well her initial behavior may be.

When marrying, ask yourself this question; Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with this person into your old age? Everything else in marriage is transitory. – Friedrich Nietzsche

Time reveals the true colors and depth of a woman’s and the consistency of her virtuesthe real hallmark of  of a truly good woman

It’s not beauty but fine qualities, my girl, that keep a husband. – Euripides

However, when dealing with more deceptive versions of women, self mastery definitely helps.The more a man masters himself, the more clearer and error-free his perceptions and judgments of women will be.



On the flip side, sometimes a man might actually discard a good woman in his life, thinking she’s trash—which results in her only to be partnered by another man who knows her real value. These are indeed rare exceptions but nevertheless possible, but such exceptions to the rule does not mean that this itself become the rule. However, game still helps to offset this error by creating more options.

But remember: sprinkling gold dust on shit doesn’t make it gold. Poke it with a stick, and you’d get the inevitable stink. The same thing applies to a trashy woman’s character. The tests for a man in his dealings with women is to discolor his perception from the influencing factors mentioned to “see” her for what she really is—and not what her appearance, or what modern feminist indoctrination expects him to believe.

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  1. This article reminds me of my wife. I’m so lucky to have her. She is my PRIZE. She’s been with 172 men before me..but she chose me. I WON !

    1. But when half the female population in america has a nude selifie on their smart phones, what are the options?

      1. The best part is when they send you and old, recycled one God only knows how many other schmucks have seen. You can always check a pic’s Properties to see when the file was created. If it isn’t that same exact day, well…
        A girl I was dating once sent me one at night and daylight was coming through the window behind her in the pic. You can be DAMN sure I dropped her like a sack of potatoes after that! “What insolence! What outrageousness!”

    2. lol women are masters at marketing. they really know how to switch it around to look good. a better question would be why would 172 men run from her lol.
      but they dont seem to have internal locus of control whatsoever they always blame everything else instead of taking responsibilites. example mauled by a bear a guy will say “dam ill be careful next time”. a woman “asshole bear why would it attack me but least this rxperiance makes me stronger(crippled emotionlly).
      another example with cheating spouses.guy will say”how did i let this happen”. frmale will say “why did he go away”.
      females are like kids espically in the west

    3. The archetype of the female shapeshifter monster (so common in ancient folklore and myth, see Beowulf for just one example) was there for a reason.
      I read somewhere that women are like a fluid, they fit whatever container they are in. I see plenty of women who _want_ to be more feminine, but have a hard time, because everyone around them is slutty and bitchy. But there are also women who are inherently evil. The ones who are inherently evil are the ones who are most likely to shapeshift into a ‘good girl’ mold and make you think they are marriage material. Inevitably leading to men wifing up super-sluts and thinking they’ve won. Avoid.
      Women can be so deceptive that the only _true_ test of a woman’s character is time. If you spend several years with her and she keeps her distance from other men, never wears short skirts in public, and never says ‘no’ to you, then you’ve found something promising. Never marry her for her or her ‘feelings’. Only go for marriage if there is some kind of tangible benefit to it.

    4. You are the winner dude, the real champion of the world, 172 other dudes cummed in her but you got her now. Just like the guy who drinks the soda after you out the garbage is a winner.

  2. *girl giggle* This article is why I use my ‘snowflake’ and ‘unicorn’ powers in both the red and blue pill worlds.

      1. Attention is power if you use as an advantage point. I know my niche in any audience. Extremes get the job done and produce the desired results.

        1. Extremes produce crazy… the end no one will follow. Too many examples to list but believe what you want.
          No one (or not many) will follow someone who is too extreme and who doesn’t know when to apply common sense.

        2. “Attention is power” Ahh… The female life force, without it, they will starve and wither.
          Remember gentlemen, nothing hurts a woman more than ignoring her.

  3. I read once that the shape of a man’s penis evolved to help scoop out a rival man’s sperm.
    I think maybe we need to evolve wider brimmed helmets

    1. technology comes before evolution …..
      instead of have you got a condom, we can move onto, excuse me while i vacuum your pussy…. ahahhahaha…

    2. But if he keeps thrusting after ejaculating, he scoops his own sperm out, decreasing the chance of a successful fertilization. The theory seems fishy.

      1. You should read “Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters” by Allen Miller. It talks about the penis head scoop theory as well as other theories such as a man’s ball size in relation to female promiscuity and the biological advantage of one’s gender.

      2. I’m not quite sure how one would test the theory. Although though I think a lot of girls are doing their bit for science

        1. “The team from the State University of New York believe the thrust of the penis during sex may help to clear a woman’s reproductive system of a previous lover’s semen.”
          “They tested their theory in experiments using latex phalluses, an artificial vagina and a mixture of starch and water.”
          “New Scientist magazine reports they found the coronal ridge of the penis, found where the glans, or head, meets the shaft, could scoop out more than 90% of the cornstarch mixture with just one thrust. A phallus with no coronal ridge only managed to remove 35%.”
          “They found the depth of thrusting was also important. A three-quarter thrust was found to clear out less than 40% of the viscous mixture.”
          Take home message: thrust. Thrust like your life depends on it.

        2. 90% is pretty impressive. Sloppy seconds aren’t that sloppy it seems. As women clearly do get pregnant (i.e. despite the scooping out action of pulling back) it suggests impregnation is about more than a first past the post kind of race but may have more to do with quantity … any biologists here?

        3. We definitely need a Saving Private Ryan for sperm – although Platoon would be a better title.
          Maybe also a cenotaph in every town square listing the number of the fallen

      3. You should check out the penis-heads of chimps and other primates… those things are vicious compared to ours.
        Some animals even have penis heads that detach so as to block any other males from entering the vagina.

      4. Not really, he just keeps pushing his own semen deeper. Also, after ejaculation the penis doesn’t remain hard for too much longer. I think the shape of the penis is only one portion. You also have to consider the pumping motion of the penis, which seems unnecessary unless there was some other reason for it. Why not just stick the penis is there without pumping? There has to be an evolutionary reason for the pump, and it would seem this is for removing competitor’s sperm.

        1. “There has to be an evolutionary reason for the pump”
          What about for pleasure? I mean sex is a reproductive act, yes.. but it has evolved to become a pleasurable act as well to ensure a lot of it takes place.

    3. An inference which comes to mind is that the evolution of a penis head, or its shape or its length is proof enough that the female gender could not be trusted (either in humans or animals). Why else would nature have to evolve the penis specially to ‘fight competition’? Because females could never be trusted when it came to ‘sexual loyalty’.
      Proof enough that monogamy is itself unnatural – and nothing but man made.

      1. Why else would nature have to evolve the penis specially to ‘fight competition’? Proof enough that monogamy is itself unnatural – and nothing but man made.

        Not so fast. Throughout evolutionary history, not all sexual encounters were consensual. These also affect natural selection. There’s quite a bit of evidence to support the evolution of monogamy. For example, when a species produces a low number of children, it’s beneficial for a man to stick around and raise his offspring. Producing bastard children is only possible when a surrogate provider can be substituted. Throughout history this was only done through cuckolding (paternity fraud), but today it’s done via the welfare state, which stands in as the father. Destroy the welfare state and you’ll see how quickly monogamy is reestablished.

        1. I have theorized that the “doggy style” position and the missionary (so it’s called) existed in ancient times for two sitautons, that people fucked just for the sake of fucking doggy style because both parties could “escape” from that easily. A woman can merely arch her back the wrong way to get you to pull out.
          The leg-wrapped position reminds me of a spider and it is more personal and lends more liability. I think only paired up couples did this as there was no easy escape from it. This is why femininity has some affinity to spiders.

    4. Untrue, in those days, men would not keep around women who slept around, they would just kill them or banish them from the tribe.

      1. Its hard to visualise the reality of such a theory – it seem counter-intuitive. But ‘those days’ probably covered many tens of, if not hundred of thousands of years – maybe before the stone age there was an age of orgies

        1. Doubt it. If a woman slept around, no man trusted her, hence she was basically banished from society.

        2. Much more likely was that if a woman slept around no woman would trust her and she therefore was banished from society.

    5. I read the same thing, in an article linked to by a commenter to an earlier ROK article.

    1. Nobody loves me, but my mother,
      And she could me jivin` too.
      Nobody loves me, but my mother,
      And she could me jivin` too.
      Now you see why I act so funny, baby,
      When you do the things you do.

  4. this article .. I didn’t read it cuz its just like I don’t look at my shit before I flush it down the toilet.. its amazing that lord of the ring Nazi larpers can even procreate with how much they hate women. I guess why they are still virgins.

    1. Do you even know what the word “Nazi” means? You construct your sentences so badly it’s really hard to understand you.

      1. Like most leftists who don’t know history, they still think that the original Nazis were right-wing conservatives.

    2. That’s certainly a meaningful, intelligently articulated comment in which you factually stated your objections to the theme without resorting to immature name-calling and inflammatory statements.
      Me thinks thee doth protest too much. Your comment says so many things about your inadequacies, not ours.

  5. “A man is given the choice between loving women and understanding them”
    Excellent quote

    1. while a quick interpretation of those words and their definitions leads one to think that it’s an awesome “summary conclusion”, as the author points out, that’s not it, and that’s actually why it’s an awesome quote.
      the intent of that quote is that men should submit to women. read it again, this time in any other voice/perspective than a man’s (such as the original pen: an ardent unashamed white hyper-privileged female royalty courtesan (reads: slut) who snarkily dabbled in penmanship and thought herself financially independent). this was meant to say to men: “love women, don’t understand them, that’s impossible, don’t be impossible men, love us, give us more free shit, don’t think about it.” a examplary example of the article’s point, not a summary.
      nothing here is directed at anyone per se, but i get the strong suspicion, in an article about wickedly self-serving two-faced lying liars, most men here will read that quote and think it literal (in their voice, i.e. “when you understand women, you won’t love women”), rather than a stark singular profound example that warns of women’s duplicity. the author alludes to this point again and again throughout, trying to say it nicely.
      we all see the same information, but too many conclude their own meaning over reality-preserved contextual factual derivation.

  6. This article reminds me of those club sluts shaking their asses and twerking…. everytime I see them I just think “one day someone will marry this girl”

    1. There’s always some guy thinking he’s won the jackpot when some woman gives him attention, no matter how mediocre and degenerate she is.

  7. What does broken mean in the context of a man or a woman? Does it mean like a guy with Asperger’s, ADHD, or something like schizophrenia and bipolar?

      1. Agreed. If not emotionally damaged, at least lacking and having weak areas of character and personality that lead them to make rash decisions and having some noticeable chinks in their armor.

        1. Everybody has depression at some point in their life. Watching a family member fight a disease for which there is no cure for example. But a person who is broken or damaged has multiple emotional triggers, and is toxic to other people.

        2. ok so they’re an asshole in a bad way and people who have schizophrenia, etc are not necessarily ‘broken’ or ‘damaged’

  8. The ‘trash or treasure’ analogy is another true ray of light on ROK. I’m glad you picked up on it sir. I’ve often thought of some of my acquisitions as other people’s trash. I will refine a piece of artwork that someone else has left unfinished or unwanted. I will restore a car or boat that someone else discarded. It is inoperable junk to someone else but for me it was a fixer upper project. I’m always scouting for fixer upper properties with potential.
    The exception is WOMEN. A broken used up woman is like an old paper bag. No potential and likely to completely fall apart when wet. A house, car or machine can be overhauled and rebuilt but you’re never getting a ‘good deal’ on a fixer upper woman.
    With women, only BRAND NEW will do. If you weren’t the FIRST man that she’s gone down on then WHAT THE HELL MADE YOU THINK that you would be her LAST. Whether she’s had ONE other dick OR A MILLION other dicks inside her – USED IS USED. No exceptions. That’s why traditionally dads would get up in arms and go for the shotgun whenever males would show interest in his daughters. It was a sobering shit test for the prospecting man BUT IT WORKED.
    The authorities and local socialist services mobsters have removed a staggering percentage of fathers from their families and the ‘shit test’ cannot be implemented. The protection is gone and the feminist cannibal fest on the family unit is accelerated.
    It is a real and hot war against men and the family order, but a very covert and unconventional war. One by one men are blown away from their families like fish in a barrel. Many men disappeared from the family picture may only leave their trace showing up on the census statistics, but without a whimper much less a war cry heard within the community. The communities have become too toxic and unsurvivable for the traditional family.
    I listen for brethren crying out in my community and hear little before it’s too late. I see mainly the after effects. Skanky single moms and disheveled kids at risk of being absconded by the state. Young girls throwing it away in a goddamn kiddie carousel and no dad allowed around to enforce order. The finest stock and salt of our people being WASTED.
    I’d like to see more men who fall under attack make noise like their life depended on it (because it does). BLOW THE AIR SIRENS when you or another good man is down because the family thread depends on many. Our numbers are strength. The manosphere IS BIG and many ears are listening for the calls of their comrades. Never leave a neighbor down, PLEASE MAKE NOISE if you are under attack. Too many of the shenanigans that the anti family enforcers pull are invalid in court or even illegal. Even corrupt courts will temper their blitzkrieg against family men in the face of an outraged and vocal community. The push has to continue.

  9. The reason why we have a surge of sluts is thanks to the social entities (Facebook,tinder etc).. It boasts their ego- if the cunt is a 4 in person she automatically gets bumped to 7 thanks to all the blue-pill/ white-knights that butter them up by liking every godam picture she posts. Now the game has gotten ridiculously hard..

    1. More the reverse. The game is horrendously easy and running into trash is the norm. Scarcity logic, unicorn treatment, mass ego approval, plus career praise equals Fem Bot Terminator 3000. Fully equipped to destroy your living on her quest to a soulmate.

  10. Unrelated.
    Turmeric powder.
    I just got started on turmeric as a new diet supplement and I think it should be at the top of everyone’s list. Every morning I just stir a tablespoon into hot water and slurp it up with a straw (to avoid staining my teeth).
    Benefits include:
    – cardiovascular health (prevents/reduces atherosclerosis. keep in mind penis health is directly related to cardiovascular health)
    – anti-inflammatory (increases muscle recovery for lifters)
    – highly anti-oxidant
    – boosts BDNF (brain derived neurotropic factor)
    – boosts energy
    – boosts mood
    – delays onset of chronic disease
    – good for joints and prevents arthritis
    Its the closest thing I’ve come across to a wonder-drug… Look into it.

      1. I take it straight so not that great…
        Imagine something your grandmother would force you to eat as a kid.

  11. Outstanding article. . Your reasoning for men marrying trash is very accurate. Any man that is susceptible to the charms of a predatory female should bookmark this article and read it atleast once a month.
    Many men have been brought to the depth of hell by a predatory woman because of his desperation to alleviate his loneliness,, sexual thirst etc. Predatory women, or should I say women in general have an uncanny ability to identify your insecurities, weaknesses and chinks in your armour.
    Remember gentlemen, women should be a perk in your life, not the objective. She must qualify herself to stay in YOUR life, not the other way round.

    1. Agree and good points. Men…work on goals that better your life and on all fronts. Focus on projects, hobbies, eating right, working out, etc……have a balanced life.
      If you put in the time and work, then you’ll find much value in yourself, plus you’ll have the confidence to succeed (in anything). Remember….you are the prize.

    2. You used the term “predatory female.” Very apt expression. I implore everyone to read The Predatory Female by Lawrence Shannon.

    1. It takes a lot more for a man to become damaged beyond repair. Some men go to war and come home and live stable, functional lives. One harsh breakup can scar a woman for life. The cock carousel is devouring thousands of souls as we speak.

    2. Women are no good at ascertaining the value of anything, let alone men. How about: ‘One 21 year old woman’s trash is the same woman’s treasure in 15 years.’

      1. If she made it fifteen years. That wall hits some women like they are crash test dummies.

    3. more like “one single mother’s treasure is every woman’s trash.”
      your so-called “woman’s treasure” isn’t anywhere close to the same meaning of “one man’s treasure” (that a man would [foolishly] sacrifice his life for), regardless, those mangina men consumed by their deleterious feminist mothers don’t end up being “treasured” by any other women, those men who don’t are never the woman’s possession it’s the other way around, alpha men don’t lose value when a woman swings, alphas can’t become trash in any other sense than the swinging slut’s fucked up reflexive lies of supremacy, inverting reality in your head is massively unhealthy, try again.

  12. Another great article from ROK. I went out for dinner with a friend of mine on Friday before we hit the bars and I have tried to tell him the nature of women but he just won’t fucking listen. He wants nothing more than a wife and kids and until he achieves that his view of himself is a man of not worthy status in his universe. Other than this the guy is quite smart and is starting to make some real coin through some businesses he started so I can only hope he manages to snag the 1/20 women who won’t be after his cash.

    1. Even in more patriarchal times, men eager to marry before established in assets and accolades were likely to be the losers of society (both genetically and socially), looking for some easy daily pussy. Monogamy is anathema to the male human condition and downright nefarious for alpha males, that I always wondered, ‘with what great glee doth man tread toward matrimony’? As Schopenhauer said back during the days of the First Reich, marriage has always been and will always be a shackle around men. Christianity really did a number on the West.

      1. I always imagine what the men in like the 16th century would think of the state of the male now. They only married for alliances and it was basically accepted monogamy was something for women. They would roll in their graves at these “my wife is the best woman in the world” losers who are happy to not only accept monogamy but relish in its gynocentric modern day view of the world.

        1. Think of us? They would shake their heads, then slaughter us, then burn the malls to the ground, one by one as the made their way out to California…

      2. “Even in more patriarchal times, men eager to marry before established in assets and accolades were likely to be the losers of society (both genetically and socially), looking for some easy daily pussy (probably of low quality). Monogamy is anathema to the male human condition and downright nefarious for alpha males, that I always wondered, ‘with what great glee doth man tread toward matrimony’? As Schopenhauer said back during the days of the First Reich, marriage has always been and will always be a shackle around men. Christianity really did a number on the West.”
        Eastern Orthodoxy is about transcending humanity and becoming a god (by the grace of God), rising to where angels fell, by being ever more indwelt by the Divine Energies of the Triune Godhead. Eternal journey towards infinite Creator. Nothing else matters compared to that.
        A chant of Pascha from memory:
        “Adam was once deceived, he sought to become God. Now God becomes adam(man) so that adam(man) might become god.”
        Attempting to become gods by any other means than through partaking of the Divine nature (2 Peter 1:4) will end in disaster. For instance, transhumanism aka the coming Mark of the Beast (you very well might get super powers and pseudo-immortality, but only at the cost of forfeiting humanity and chance at union with God in eternity):

        Any and all social benefits or alleged ills or consequences from Christianity are trivial and temporal compared to the above.
        The Hebrew word for worship means work. Which is part of the reason you see Orthodox standing for hours in church (just as the Orthodox Jews stand likewise to worship), while Heterodox sit in comfort and listen to songs and a lecture on the Bible. The Roman Catholic pope Francis said recently that:
        “It’s a party! But it is different. And a party is beautiful, of course. A big party. And Heaven will be a party.”
        Which is closer to an Islamic (and some pagan like the Norse) view of Heaven than a Biblical one. Eternal reward of eating, drinking, and sex with women whose virginity renews itself.
        The reason Rome fell in 1054 was due to pride, being “first among equals” within Orthodoxy wasn’t enough, they had to be infallible Vicars of Christ. Then they began the wars and torture for Christ. Which is Dostoyevsky in The Brothers Karamazov makes the Pope into the Grand Inquistor:
        “Despite declaring the Inquisitor to be an atheist, Ivan also has the Inquisitor saying that the Catholic Church follows ‘the wise spirit, the dread spirit of death and destruction’, i.e., Satan. He says: ‘We are not with Thee, but with him, and that is our secret! For centuries have we abandoned Thee to follow him’. For he, through compulsion, provided the tools to end all human suffering and for humanity to unite under the banner of the Church.”
        The Latins fell to where Islam is and began from. Orthodoxy conquer the world by transcending the world by development of ever synergy between their free will and Grace. (In many ways Oriental philosophies and the best of Classical Paganism are closer to Orthodoxy than Islam.)

    2. Try to steer your friend towards women whose net worth rival or exceeds his own. Any other route, he’s fucked in the game.
      There is no incentive for average women to maintain a lasting marriage; Let him get raped in divorce court. Women can show certain men better than we could ever tell them anyways.

      1. It’s hard to find a woman that makes as much money as your average guy that isnt trying to be a man in general. My brother married a doctor who makes $200+k a year and his life is a constant power struggle. She never cooks or cleans and convinced him to be a stay at home dad for about 6 months before he realized she was trying to dominate him. Now that she can’t control him financially, she tries to emotionally dominate him and their lives are hell on earth.
        My brother played in the NFL so I guess she is trying to emasculate him to keep him from straying. It’s pathetic and I’ll give them 2 years before divorce papers are filed.

        1. pro athlete, doctor…she still isnt satisfied. Was she with him when he got those nfl checks? Or did she meet him when he was already a doctor?

        2. Another example of a woman who is unhappy…even after she has so much in her life.
          This is due to feminism (or the latest version of it) promoting women as the “head of the household”. It isn’t enough that she has a successful career….she has to be the “man”, too (thus demoting her husband to the “woman”).
          I’ve seen too many of these career women with the same problem. It only appears as if they “have it all”…on the surface. Usually, you’ll find that the problems are right below the surface with these “perfect couples”.

        3. Its certainly feminism and the only option is to leave these women to the male feminists who think being a stay at home dad is “progressive”. They compete over silly power battles all the time and its making him pretty bitter.
          For example, she offered to buy him a Mercandes minivan if he agreed to be a stay at home dad. His masculinity must have been offended by this, because he went out and bought himself a BMW SUV and agreed to quit his job. She then goes out and buys new tires and car seats and puts all these corny “we’re a family” bumper stickers on it.
          She has to feel like she’s providing for him and its pathetic. No man on earth wants to compete with his wife. He has since got a new job and hired a nanny so I guess he gets whats going on now.

        4. They met towards the end of his career. It doesnt matter who you are with women like her, she wants to be the dominant person in the relationship. A beta would be too easy for her so she marries an alpha to ensure constant resistance and drama.

        5. “No man on earth wants to compete with his wife.”
          Lady lurkers- heed this advice.

        6. Agree. She doesn’t know where and when the line is in the relationship. She has already bought into the “strong and independent” female model but doesn’t know when (and where) to apply it correctly (I’m guessing). I have seen this many times in real life with couples and it’s another example of women not knowing “when” to let off of the gas pedal.

        7. Bad, bad idea. A man should never, ever marry a woman who makes more money than he does, or is more educated and has a more successful career than he does. She will emasculate him and dominate him and she will never be happy herself. She will certainly make him miserable and destroy all his self-esteem and self respect.. but she will be miserable herself.
          But most women who are high achievers and have successful careers and who make a lot of money do not find men below their status and level attractive. The more successful a woman is, the smaller the pool of men she’s interested in. What drew her to your brother? Maybe he was sort of high status because he played in the NFL? What does he do now?

        8. I never quite understand why men marry women who make more than they do. They are just setting themselves up for the ultimate in humiliation.

      2. There is no limit to female greed,
        What makes you think she won’t take his shit if her income and assets matches his?
        What’s hers is hers, and what’s yours is hers.

        1. Oh, I don’t doubt it. Our choices are between divorce-rape and divorce-rape with vaseline; You’re fucked either way but wedding a woman, with no income of her own, drastically increases the likelihood of large alimony and “child support” payments.
          In general, I advise men to opt out. Keep your money, sanity and enjoy your twilight years.

        2. I have to disagree with you there.
          Take a look at the ex-wife of that oil tycoon who got the billion dollar settlement. I don’t believe there is any safe ground for men in marriage.
          I agree with you that MGTOW is the best solution.

        3. You mean the oil tycoon who married a socialite, with less than less of a fraction of his family’s wealth, during college and without a prenuptial? Yeah, that guy was a fucking idiot. The normal joe still believes house + wife = life. They’re not trying to hear “MGTOW.” The least red pill men can do is inform these schlubs of their options within those parameters.

        4. Yeah I hear you. Old habits die hard. We’re talking brainwashing from the womb.
          I think women themselves are sufficient enough of an advertisement against marriage. Lol.

        5. Billion not enough? thats bonkers. Hats off to her cocksucking divorce lawyers, that settlement is another house in the Hamptons for each weasel involved…

        6. Yeah she wants more!
          What a loser. Taking it out on her ex and the world because Father time punched her in the kisser and she looks like a catchers mitt. Lol

        7. The only problem is that these Blue Pill schlubs won’t listen or learn…until it’s too late, of course.

        8. Our well has been poisoned. Our culture accepts this now. It won’t change until the culture changes. And the culture won’t change unless we force it to, either by affecting market forces or by dragging society kicking and screaming. Or… foreign wife. Enough foreign wives would create that change. Or perhaps the Western woman well is too poisoned and beyond repair. If that is the case, it must face extinction.

        9. Meh. I have a thousands reasons why I don’t want a relationship or marriage with a woman. Some of them go far beyond the state of women today. Even if this were the turn of the last century when there were good women I still wouldn’t get married. So I don’t care about a bunch of white-knight manginas getting screwed over. There is sufficient enough warning for them. It is their own personal arrogance to believe the same thing can’t happen to them.

        10. And how many escorts can one purchase with a fucking billion dollar? It would seem that being a tycoon doesn’t automatically translate to be proficient at math. There is however a caveat that if the tycoon is hopelessly into scat-porn and the ex-wife was willing to oblige then not so bad at all, how many beautiful women are willing to gobble feces for years and still be discreet about it post-divorce?

        11. Wow you owe me a new keyboard!
          Yeah watch Terrence Popp’s YouTube videos on high profile divorces. These guys are paying tens of thousands of dollars to bang those cretins.
          Instead of spending a couple hundred on a nubile hot woman every night!

        12. -So I don’t care about a bunch of white-knight manginas getting screwed
          over. There is sufficient enough warning for them. It is their own
          personal arrogance to believe the same thing can’t happen to them.-
          Well said indeed! Outwardly, those supplicating toads may seem humble & down-to-earth but inwardly they believe they are superior somehow ‘Hell, it won’t happen to me, ever! She is so sweet and I’m so special, what can possibly go wrong?’

        13. LOL! “Do you Enjoy having your money siphoned off by a glorified babysitter? How about only sleeping with one woman for the rest of your life? If the answer to either of these are ‘yes’ try Marriage™!”

        14. I just did the math,
          $10K/night A-grade escorts
          x 3 sessions per week
          x 50 weeks a year
          x 35 years
          (don’t know how long they were married)
          = $52,500,000.
          A grand saving of $947,500,000.

  13. The all time playa’s manual on hoes is from non other than the double O.G. Artur Schopenhauer and his seminal work, ‘Auf Frauen’ or ‘On Women’. Do yourself a favour and read it.

    1. ^100% – it should be mandatory reading for all men on their 18th birthday.
      Arthur wrote the book on red pill before it was even a movement. As the quote in the above post states, a man can choose to love women or understand them. Arthur understood them completely and as such…lived the majority of his life alone. As a result, he left the world some of the most profound thoughts ever committed to paper.
      Could that have been possible any other way? We’ll never know.

    2. Lance I like all your comments because it’s raw truth but…since when german men are naturals when it comes in the art of seduction? maybe all his philosophies in the end are about trying to understand the nature of italians lol. It reminds me of this anime show called Hetalia, if you watch that anime you will understad and also you will discover how the elite knows how to manipulate americans in this regard.

  14. “The snares which lead to abysmal choices.” Good list to go by.
    Men should read “Sun Tzu’s The Art of War”.
    “Know your enemy and know yourself and you shall win every battle”

    1. Another good classic for men of any age is “The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius”. You can even download it online in PDF.

  15. What if the man is trash too? Cheater, drug addict, criminal, etc. Trash deserves trash. Then they’d be perfect for each other.

    1. That’s what usually happens these days. And yes, they have the unfortunate characteristic of reproducing — usually prolifically.

  16. Brilliant article.
    What we men need is a sneaky way to probe a woman’s character so her true nature reveals itself, preferably without the woman realizing this. Shouldn’t be too hard since women are emotion-driven creatures.

    1. That comes with experience, what Men is more experience , no book or Guru can teach you this stuff.

  17. Why are women in the west so “Trash”?
    Because most men are of so low quality, that women dont want to put in any effort -> they are not worth it.
    Why put the “good” women (as in 7 or higher) put in a LOT of effort into their looks?
    -> because they can smell their chance to get one of the few QUALITY men out there.
    In reality there are MUCH more (maybe 5:1) hot women as their are quality guys.
    The problem with modern society is not the sheer number of trash women, this is easily fixed, the real problem is the massive amount of joe average with no mission, no goals who dreams at 18 to get a secure job with goverment.
    Are you surprised women wont put any effort in pleasing such a tool?

    1. Nope.
      Men are the gatekeepers of relationships.
      We decide who gets a long term relationship.
      We’re the ones who ask you out and propose.
      Relationships cost men more than they cost women. We’re the ones who take the risk.
      Women offer nothing but their vaginas.
      And since virginity is long gone, women really offer a man nothing.
      Your company and attention is bought and paid for.

      1. Men ARE the gatekeepers of relationships and women of sex.
        The problem surfaces when goverment takes the role of the provider and thus the need for beta = provider men is reduced to eliminated.
        Then females will only be interested in quality = alpha males.
        And we alphas are only 15% in our modern society where a healthy population has at least 30% better yet 40%+.
        If more good men would be around, the women would try harder to keep their weight and stay sexy. They will do this for an alpha for many years while a beta stops beein valuable as soon as this ring in on their finger.
        Think about it and think twice as hard if you suspect you are a beta, even if it is a greater beta.

        1. “Men ARE the gatekeepers of relationships and women of sex.”
          “The problem surfaces when goverment takes the role of the provider and thus the need for beta = provider men is reduced to eliminated”
          Wrong. Women have willfully chosen the government as provider. Women are the primary initiators of divorce. Women have babies out of wedlock routinely and break up families because they know the goverment has their back. This has nothing to do with men not making enough money of the government taking over. Women chose the government over men.
          “Then females will only be interested in quality = alpha males.
          And we alphas are only 15% in our modern society where a healthy population has at least 30% better yet 40%+.”
          Hypergamy is intrinsic. It is not the result of government.
          “If more good men would be around, the women would try harder to keep their weight and stay sexy. They will do this for an alpha for many years while a beta stops beein valuable as soon as this ring in on their finger.”
          LOL even if it were possible for all men to be alphas there would still be betas among alphas. You seem to be making excuses for female hypergamy. Women letting themselves go has more to do with thirsty betas who will sleep with anything. Also feminist brainwashing giving women carte blanche to do whatever they want.
          “Think about it and think twice as hard if you suspect you are a beta, even if it is a greater beta.”
          I am not a beta. If anything I am an Omega in that I am not interested in contact with females outside a civil setting. Never have been. I do not want any kind of relationship with a female. Which leads me to my observation that you did not factor in men who are not interested in long term relationships with women.
          Women not putting effort into men had nothing to do with finances. It is because of thirsty beta males who accept any female behaviour just for some pussy.
          You strike me as an apologist for western women.

        2. So, I’m curious to know : do you live like a priest, or do you do escorts and right hand ?

        3. Great points GORF! I don’t think some men realize you have to have some intrinsic alpha traits to survive being on this site more than a month. Even angry betas eventually look away for like Sodom and Gomorah, they would turn into salt if they saw what they worshipped in it’s truest forms. All the ‘alpha’ traits won’t outlast every clan. It is why alpha is relative. I’m alpha until I run across the likes of Fidel Castro. Women with hypergamy on full tilt and government backing eliminate onus as typically they wish to push back birthing age until financial stability, which never comes because that was an excuse to live like a man; wealth, sex, social accomplishments.

        4. I have a low sex drive so I only look at porn from time to time. Not interested in pursuing sex. Even with an escort. I feel any money spent on women is a waste LOL. Rubbing one out takes care of the desire.

        5. Ah ok… I thought I found a Saint for a short moment.
          The man capable to live with no sexual activity what so ever, would be, in my opinion, the ultimate form of resilience.
          I often think about how much the system would lose control over a man, if he was completely sexually disinterested.

        6. Interesting point about Alpha being relative. I totally agree. The government is the ultimate Alpha male not a substitute for beta providers although they do fulfill that function too. With all societal constraints removed from women what makes anyone believe that all they need is a successful man to return to those roles? That would totally contradict the truth about the cock carousel. Women have been told, as you say, to delay marriage but instead seek your career, “explore your sexuality”, and then everything you want will come to you when the time is ready. Based on the steady deluge of women whining about post-wall hardships in finding a relationship, it’s obvious it is the women’s fault, not the men’s, for being suckered into a lie.

        7. Yeah, I have great respect for certain religious folks who are able to sincerely do this. Men give up their power when they fail to control their sexual desires. If all blue pill men learned to do this we wouldn’t have this problem with female’s behaviour nowadays. Men need to learn and understand the fact that women have absolutely no power to do anything beyond select a mate. But even that is dependent on suitors. If there are no suitors she has no power. It’s time men stop being foolish and take their rightful power back. It is the natural order.

        8. “Yeah, I have great respect for certain religious folks who are able to sincerely do this.”
          Well, I’m not religious but I have been trying to reach that goal since a few years, for the reasons quoted above. I can now stand very long times (max : 9 months) without any sexual activity.
          I also successfuly gamed a few women recently, to prove myself that I don’t get any achievement feeling out of them, and I was right.
          The achievement feeling is the key of everything, in my opinion.

        9. Interesting.
          I would like to start training myself to go that long even though I do not have a strong sex drive.
          There are so many benefits to being able to do that.
          I agree about sexual ambitions as long as they don’t define your life. Should be like any other physical activity like running 10k. LOL.

  18. Preach it!
    A fun game to play is to go out and look at women and seriously consider how they’d raise your children. See how long you can keep your stomach from turning!
    Women today are not long term relationship material.
    You are far better off hiding escorts.
    Save your damn money and keep your freedom.
    All men pay for a woman’s company. Female love is a bought and paid for commodity. It has no value.

    1. escorts are cheap compared to financial disasters of marriage and 5 lazer tag, coffee, and alcohol dates. I do not like escorts because I do not like condoms. However, I think the escorts are cleaner than the civilian sluts. I game at night on Fridays from 9 pm – 12 am. you run into the crop of women who are lonely, and with other female friends, hence they go out earlier. plus they are not drunk yet and can have semi cohesive thoughts.

      1. Amen!
        I make point all the time that escorts are cleaner than civilian chicks.
        They have everything to lose if they catch something.. There’s also no risk of pregnancy and paternity fraud.

        1. I have used escorts and had fun with them. it makes business sense for them to stay clean and in shape.

  19. “As seen often, when a woman captures a man’s commitment, she loses interest. The man is then left to fend for himself: either psychologically or worse, even physically discarded by his mate through divorce—to stumble on the rest of this journey alone”
    after divorcing a “modern day woman” attorney and getting a vasectomy, I cannot procreate anymore. I have been left alone in this journey as you say. However, there is a bright side for every marital and dating disaster. Being in the city of Dallas affords me plenty of beautiful young women who want nothing more than to party, drink, and fuck. It’s been a great ride so far in my 40s and I look forward to it for years to come until too old to game or dead. Guys like me do not need companionship anymore, we have plenty of hobbies to fill in the time gaps.

    1. “…plenty of beautiful young women who want nothing more than to party, drink, and fuck.”
      UNTIL they approach thirty. Then the Piper demands to be paid.

      1. I then proceed to find replacements. there’s a new crop of excited and delusional females turning 21 every weekend.

  20. Another home run post by Oracle Z. This is a great comprehensive and thankfully condensed piece on red pill awareness. Reading the above list, I had to nod in agreement a few times considering my own life and the mistakes I made along the way. But the path of self-discovery eventually led me here. If only I had known then what I know now…
    My pivotal lightbulb moment came after my unicorn chose a promising new career over me and any potential future that life would hold. It was a huge case of “oneitis” that took more than a year to get over. Once the palace walls I had built up in my mind came crashing down, I had to honestly take stock of my situation. A lot has been learned about the world and more importantly about myself since those days. The day-dream years I call them now.
    With my new eyes I see young men making the same inevitable mistakes but I give more and more credence to #2 and #7 on Oracle’s list. The sexual thirst of men is hardwired. No amount of societal indoctrination or feminist brainwashing will overcome that biological drive. However, the societal indoctrination that men are affected by has completely shattered their sense of self worth (#7). They’re convinced by society that their sexual thirst is barbaric, fueling the rape culture or just plain “creepy”. Nevertheless, this indoctrination does nothing to assuage the hardwired sexual thirst. So they learn underserved shame as a consolation prize. They learn to hate the man in the mirror for being what it is in his nature to be. What happens next?
    You get MGTOW, you get the Sexodus. Ultimately, what Calhoun called “behavioral sink” and the “beautiful ones”. In the worst cases, you get Elliot Rodger.
    The best advice I could give any young man who is in the position I was in: don’t pursue women as end. They are a means to an end. If you seek a happy life and a woman ceases to be a means to that end, discard her as you would anything else as cumbersome. Eventually, the woman who wants to be a means to your end will find her way to you. She’ll work overtime to not become cumbersome when she knows the rules.
    Remember that you hold the keys to a relationship, she holds the keys to sex. Sex is a powerful chip to hold, but when wagered against a long lasting, rock solid relationship….she knows it is a valuable stock like a brand new car. The second it leaves the dealer’s lot, the depreciation clock starts ticking quickly.
    In the meantime, live your own life as YOU see fit. But for the love of God…don’t be buying some woman’s old beat up used car when she puts a showroom sticker on the window.

    1. “However, the societal indoctrination that men are affected by has completely shattered their sense of self worth…”.
      Good point. The one best piece of advice that I can give to young guys out there, today, is to turn your TV off. Pick and choose what to watch on TV.
      Everything from the MSM, to commercials to certain TV shows and movies are all geared towards “empowering” women and showing a man as the all compliant beta bitch (boyfriend or husband).
      I know that everyone has seen that god awful fucking Honda commercial for their minivan. What kind of man wants to own (or drive) a fucking minivan?

        1. Yeah, I had to look it up just for the hell of it.
          Gentlemen, if you ever think this is something that you need to drive then you need a dose of the red pill, immediately. If a woman ever tries to “sell” you on this shit, then tell her to GTFO.

        2. They’re everywhere Driver and you are correct, not one commercial out there is without a blue piller…

          Elvis would have shot 1 TV per day in 2015. I can’t clean the guns in front of the tube anymore either. It’s enough to make a fool go postal.

  21. I was told this year’s ago and it serves me well: “Rule number one when it comes to women: All the good ones are taken. If they’re not, there’s a reason why.”

    1. -“Rule number one when it comes to women: All the good ones are taken. If they’re not, there’s a reason why.”-
      And the reason usually is because she simply demanded so much more than what she can possibly offer – a plain Jane who fancy herself as the next Angelina Jolie and thus demanded the next Brad Pitt. But even with women who are not so severely delusional about their own looks, they still tend to be delusional in other area, namely, thinking that their degree or job or inner “beauty” means squat to the men whom they craved.

    2. Agree. There are a couple of reasons why women worry when they’re not taken by a certain age….and it’s not only the biological clock excuse (to have children).
      Many have bought (all in) on the latest feminism bullshit and they’re wondering (and realizing) if they’ve made a mistake. Equal rights is one thing….the shit that’s being pushed around today as feminism is complete bullshit.
      Women are losing out and it has them questioning their choice (or path) in life. If you don’t believe me, then just visit your local pharmacy. I’m sure many of those patients taking meds for depression are women.

  22. SPEAKING OF TRASH..what boggles my mind the most is that when you hit on trash at the bars, their head explodes with ego-centric-I-am-so-unique thoughts. They think that you spent the whole night mustering up the courage to talk to them or they think that you are particular on who you hit on and thus you chose them over all the other garbage. So they try to find “outs” if they do not want to sit with you or play games. They lie about going to the bathroom and they take off or they lie about having a boyfriend or they are moving to another city soon. They do not realize that in the PUA world and with experience, we do not care if you like us or not. Once I handled the b.s right off the bat by moving over a table 2 feet away and hitting on another group of girls. The first table were shocked that I was so bold and brazen about moving on even at the same bar! “OMG”…. they were looking at me with the deer-in-the-headlights face.

  23. It is not uncommon for a woman to have several men at her disposal for different purposes. One with money to buy her stuff she can’t afford on her own (such as fake boobs) and “treat her like a princess”, one who is built and studly to fuck her according to her bullshit “standards”, and one who has high social standing locally (for example, a popular local DJ) who should can be a groupie for and get into events for free and stay abreast of the local party scene. These are but a few examples of how they compartmentalize men to suit certain immediate needs, and you’re badly deluding yourself if you think they do otherwise!
    Tinder is straight-up quite the comical venture. Women will use it when traveling to have an armada of Betatards flock to them so they can choose their favorite to manipulate for a short while then chew up and spit out for their own black widow-centric means. I recently saw a profile where a girl said “In town with friends for a few days, looking for someone to wine and dine us.” Well, at least she was honest!

    1. I meet up with some PUA guys here in Dallas, and they keep falling back into the same patterns of behavior. I set the standards up front and have to remind them the following. No buying ANY girl a drink, no sitting and talking to them for more than 20 minutes. Grab the Cell # and go to the next group of girls and never put all your eggs in one basket even for 1 NIGHT !!! from 9PM to 12AM I hit on a minimum of 15 women and I do not leave until I get at least 1 cell #.

      1. Yes, if you can stomach the deluge of fat bitches and skullfucked single moms on there (both teams trying to act way hotter than they really are and pickier than they have any right to be!). Like searching for diamonds in the trash!

        1. haha…sometimes the single moms with hot bodies are worth a few rounds in the sack with. I have a not fattie rule, unless I need advice for the best area buffet.

        2. There’s a reason why so goddamn many ONLY show pics from the neck-up (some brave ones will do boobs-up, if they have a fat girl’s version of big boobs).
          The ones they cropped and zoomed in on pics to cut out their body from the neck-down before posting so they ended up all blurry and fuzzy are the true basket cases.

        1. lets do it. I got a group of 2 others we game high end uptown, Trophy room, zaza, concrete cowboy, kung fu…etc….I am trying to message you on Disqus…I am 40 and believe hanging with other guys and learning new game is not homo at all…

  24. This “advice” is a useful for any man as it is for any woman. Are you, as a man, a provider that can be relied upon, or transient? Know theyself to know another.

  25. so who are they having sex with ,ooooo those man sluts we virtuous women get stuck with ,,damn!

  26. is this a joke did I just walk off the freaking mayflower to plymouth rock?

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