7 Things I’ve Learned From Tuthmosis’ Viral Article

I’ve already shared some of my thoughts about Tuthmosis’ article both here on ROK and on my personal blog, but I wanted to offer some additional observations.

1. There are millions of people in the Western world who have identical beliefs

It’s amazing how hundreds of hate comments coming our way seemed to be written by the same person. Even phrases were the same, such as  “I don’t believe this exists” and “Wow, really?” It’s almost as if a good percentage of the population have been brainwashed to believe in the same thing even though they come from completely different backgrounds, even countries.

2. Rage is a monetizable commodity

While I do a crappy job at monetizing this blog, I fully understand how playing with people’s emotions is a great way to grab attention, something that advertisers greatly covet. Large media outlets comprehend this strategy and use it to make money. The only snag is that you can’t duplicate rage incidents. Your viral machine has to be constantly innovating to find emotional buttons that have not yet been pressed.

3. Petitions don’t work, but they serve as a useful coping mechanism for the aggrieved

Over 12,000 people signed a petition against ROK over at Change.org, with dozens of tweets sent by people who implored their followers to sign. If you’re reading this now, the petitions have all utterly failed. If you estimate that it takes 20 seconds to sign a petition, 66 hours of human life were completely wasted on them, yet those who signed really believed that they were making a difference (one petitioner was glowingly interviewed by a Rhode Island newspaper). In other words, petitions are a release valve to make the powerless feel like they have power, which is why the White House allows them. It’s better they waste their time signing a meaningless petition than actually taking action that could cause real harm to the state.

4. Virality and intellectualism are mutually exclusive

I had the misfortune to go through over 200 hate emails sent to ROK. More than 90% of them were rife with bad spelling, poor grammar, and incomprehensible sentence structure. I can count on my hands the number of emails that I believe were written by a self-aware individual who could clearly communicate their thoughts. If you want to write viral articles, you will not fail if you assume your target audience is dumb as rocks. In fact, the web site Buzzfeed actually has created a profitable business out of feeding content to stupid people in the form of animated gifs and child-like copy, becoming the internet’s preeminent picture book. I feel that I should have to apologize to regular readers when the sheep herd come and defecate over the comments section after one of our articles go viral.

5. Women are not used to being judged… at all

And because of that, they simply don’t have the tools to handle anything they don’t agree with. They’re even complimented when they make mistakes or show an abject lack of character. I think the adult female brain is capable of higher order thinking, but it’s hard to see it in the childish emotional reactions of women claiming they cried because they read an article of ours that they didn’t like. If they cry at an internet article, how are they going to cope with life? The answer: they’re not. Society is failing women by not preparing them for having their beliefs or life choices challenged in any way.

6. Lists are here to stay

Personally, I’m able to write in a way that doesn’t use lists, but with attention spans becoming as short as they are, I have to accept that it’s the most effective way to give articles a chance of at least being skimmed. People have so many media options today that webmasters need to adopt the list format solely to compete.

7. Bandwidth is dirt cheap… until it’s not

I ran web sites back in the day when a gigabyte of bandwidth was $10. Now it’s $0.12. That’s not much until you’re serving close to 1000 gb a day because half a million people want to read your articles. Since we charge a set price for our monthly sponsorship, a viral episode ends up costing us additional money (an extra $500 for November). If you like our articles, please consider helping out with a donation, no matter how small. Click here to make a donation. Thank you for the support.

106 thoughts on “7 Things I’ve Learned From Tuthmosis’ Viral Article”

  1. Yeah, wow women really don’t know how to be judged and cant take criticism about their lifestyle. Nothing to see here folks.
    LMAO at your author description of yourself

    1. Men contend with each other through physical force. Women contend with each other through criticism. A well aimed criticism is, to a woman, what a right hook is to a man.
      Men’s sports, such as football and boxing, have rules. Women’s sports, such as sniping and back biting, also have rules. Men are even less likely to understand the rules of women’s sports than women are to understand the rules of men’s sports.
      If you wish to try to come up to speed on women’s sports than watch some and try to figure out what’s going on and why. Women’s sports go by the street name “soap opera.”
      With respect to the subject in question there are a couple of issues to bear in mind. As in any sport one’s strengths and weaknesses determine the style of play one must cultivate in order to be successful. Ugly and/or socially retarded women play the game differently than beautiful social butterflies.
      Women have also in fairly recent times abandoned the traditional rules used for time immemorial and drafted a new, post modern cultural Marxist rule set. As the new rule set is, by definition, out of step with empirical reality, where women used to appear mysterious and unfatomable to men, now they are just fuckin’ nuts.

      1. Fortunatly, most of their sniping and back biting are directed to other females, we men are out of the main battlefield.

    2. This is why I have always found it rewarding surrounding myself with alpha males, as I feel they help keep me in line. The more I hangout with girls the more I feel the crazy. Criticism is appreciated – I enjoy the male perspective, it always seems more logical.

  2. I know everybody will not agree with that, but I’d rather read a well written article like this one than a short list with no explanations.
    It’s always interesting to see how the writer connected the dots and compare it to how I would have.

  3. Be careful. Cracked.com submitted to the fad of list-based articles, and was soon after completely co-opted by the feminist movement. Gynocracy, what with it’s short attention spans and weakened reading comprehension, is alluring…

    1. Being coopted by feminists is the least of Cracked.com’s problems. The site has always had a nerdy/otaku undercurrent in topics they cover. Lists won’t necessarily be bad for ROK as long as you don’t talk about videogames, meaningless science fiction and pop cultural factoids.
      And by the way, my favorite thing about ROK so far, is they haven’t done one post as far as I know, covering/endorsing videogames, and nerdist culture. That’s all you found on Cracked before the feminist came in.

      1. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying nerdy shit, as long as you don’t make it your life. Watching Star Trek? Fine. Putting on a Star Trek costume for any reason whatsoever? Seek help for your imbalance.

        1. I feel that same about movie stars. They are nothing but glorified LARPers, and High Def really brings that realization out ten fold. I can’t stand HD movies.

    2. Cracked wasn’t co-opted by feminists because of lists per se. It was co-opted because the Beta Boys that write for it wanted to curry favor with feminists because of reasons only their shrinks know.

    3. 1 + sqrt(-1): We hear what you’re saying; however …
      2^(pi – e) + i: We wish to inform you that your audience …
      (6 – pi) + i: … is almost as irrational, imaginary, and screwed up as this list.

    1. It is funny, but I suspect it will assuage too much of the rage the ladies show up here with. I suspect they’ll read his profile and just believe that he is not serious about anything here, that ROK is a new Onion.
      I would rather those women be forced to deal with their unjustifed rage.

        1. “…Over 12,000 people signed a petition against ROK over at Change.org,…”
          ” It’s almost as if a good percentage of the population have been brainwashed to believe in the same thing even though they come from completely different backgrounds, even countries….”
          “…If you want to write viral articles, you will not fail if you assume your target audience is dumb as rocks:::”
          Rooshie, every time I think the highest level of self-delusion has ben reached, you set a new standard.
          over 12,000 people, (way more if you Count the negative comments on “20 Things that should be shamed” and the “slut signs” article) more are objecting to the poor writing skills and sick beliefs demonstrated by the ROK writers.
          I just gotta ask you: if thousands of completely different people are telling you the exact same thing; you’re a bunch of asshats and you can’t write, could it be that maybe, just maybe, there was some truth to it?

        2. Thousands of whiny bitches are so sad that he’s calling them out. ‘y u gotta tell teh truth?! No -no-no-noNO! Stop it Rooosh’ As you can tell, they’re also lusting recklessly for his approval and dong. Also, millions of male followers love listening to him and look up to what he has done and is doing. You’re encouraging him right now, because you probably wonder how he can be so rude and honest-and get away with it. If I were Roosh, I’d be having a ball right about now.

        3. When 12 000 muslims say you should be stoned to death for having sex while not being married, could it be that maybe, just maybe, there was some truth to it?

    2. I don’t know if that was always the same bio but that is hilarious. Small penis. Mommy issues. Excessive mastrubation. Die alone. All of the shame language we are familiar with. Neatly packaged as one. Classic.

  4. I think internet viral activity (‘mob’ rule) should actually be intellectually insulting to women.
    Let’s play a game of supposition. Let’s suppose that the sexual revolution and feminism’s great charge into 3rd and 4th gen Feminists never happened. Let us suppose that women remained lords of the home, sharers in power over a strong family unit, as they were in the 1950s.
    Now lets suppose that such women, who were stay-at-home mothers with lots and lots of practical home economics under their belt met with access to the internet.
    What happens? Oh, the next gigantic economic revolution happens. Right now, blogs and small internet businesses would be dominated by married women, absolutely dominated by them. Why? because it’s the easiest way to raise kids from home, and still help the family do well financially. The internet and social media IS PERFECT for women, it’s right up their slighly-better-socially-adapted alleys. But do women dominate these areas? Meh, not really, they mostly just use them to gossip and alert friends as to who said what that’s insulting to whom. Can you imagine entire local newspapers replaced by stay-at-home mothers who find local reporting an easy and economically viable activity? Can you imagine the equivalent of tupperware parties of the 1950s effectively replacing Amazon-dot-com? Can you imagine stay at home moms taking an active role in teaching through webcast offerings? With the internet available to connect the (more healthy) stay at home mother who puts kids first but doesn’t see the need to play in the world of men, the internet is like a miracle.
    But no, it’s turned into a gigantic gossip medium where women abstain from a productive role for society in order to tweet to their fellow feminists about what man said what insulting thing about feminists…

  5. I wouldn’t say western worlders have identical beliefs, but they all consume the same shit culture now.
    When I was younger, I often wondered why people less fortunate them my family seemed to communicate in movie quotes and TV catch phrases.
    When I got older, it made sense.

    1. The problem being, as much as I enjoy Whitman, it can go too far the other way. Too much Kant, Machiavelli, Nietzsche, and so on, is unbalanced as well.

      1. I chose to speak of the Philosophie Allgemeiner
        To fans of the San Francisco Forty-Niners
        Of der Kunstlerischen, der Wissenschaft
        They couldn’t understand me by half
        So when I asked why they could not see
        They asked that I stop speaking like a Nazi.

  6. “Jealousy is a disease, love is a healthy condition. The immature mind
    often mistakes one for the other, or assumes that the greater the love,
    the greater the jealousy – in fact, they are almost incompatible; one
    emotion hardly leaves room for the other.”
    From Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein
    Many of us males today feel like strangers in a strange land. Todays women are jealous. They are still complaining of inequality, yet we still manage to succeed even with all the stumbling blocks of Diversity quotas within Corporate America, Affirmative Action and countless government discrimination that befalls us. And why are we still succeeding and advancing? Because men strive to help each other and better themselves. We call each other to the carpet and challenge each other. We learn from each other. We improve upon ourselves. The Manosphere is an intricate tapestry that evolves and defines itself each and every day for the betterment of all men. Roosh, your website provides a great service and resource for today’s males.
    Wherein todays women will contribute to a 5000 post, 3 year silly thread on Purse.com, your readership here on RoK comments on, discusses and debates, politics, economics, philosophy, sociology, fitness and countless other important issues.
    While the females are consoling their fellow fatties about how great they look and telling them to “love themselves as they are” we, your readership, are challenging each other to improve our looks, our health, our knowledge, our game. One group rests on their laurels, one group seeks to move forward in the face of great diversity.
    One could conjecture…if men were women, we could achieved everything the Gynocracy has achieved and then some. But we could have done it on our own. Without help.
    Thanks for all you do every day to help us men.

      1. Unless it was deliberately intended, as a slight against the diversity quotas stumbling blocks mentioned earlier in the post.
        We may never really know…!

  7. I was always curious: why are manosphere blogs so shitty at monetizing their blogs? I suspect they don’t bother with adsense knowing that butthurt feminists would get them banned quickly, but there are so many other ways to monetize – aren’t there? Amazon affiliation, Ebay, Yahoo/Adbrite/Chikita.
    Back in the day I got 2 bucks per 1000 page views with adsense alone; how much cash are manosphere writers leaving on the table? Or being forced to leave on the table because feminism?

        1. Why don’t you just put your hand in your pocket and pay the guys for building and running the site? Why do you need to try and get out of contributing by using advertising?

      1. Probably right…..I guess I am going to be able to keep adsense on CAF….but with the view rates it will do nothing more than cover the USD240 per annum costs.

        1. Ok…not a bad suggestion…I will put that out there.
          You really think people have THAT much of a problem with paypal?

        2. A good idea and one that I have taken on board…so thanks for that. I am interested to see how it goes. I am just completing an essay and I am putting the bitcoin address at the top and asking people if they want to throw in a few cents for the essay. We will see what happens.
          Bitcoin actually makes possible some of the sites I want to set up. I want to create man-tube for example. But I do not want it advertising based. So what I want to do is to have a small payment per video play. Maybe something like 5 cents US per 15 minutes of video. With “money” that is not so feasible unless you take deposits for balances and then draw down on the balance. But with bitcoin it is quite feasible to provide a wallet address and take a payment of 5 cents with bitcoin and then play the video presuming that the payment is going to be processed.
          Peters Bitcoin Wallet Address:

    1. Good question. My YT was finally shut down and I was getting pennies per day on views. The only video that was doing ok was the Bill Burr video on gold digging women.
      On my old channel I was getting 3,000 views a day on that and that was translating into EUR10 per day. I only ran ads on it for 2 weeks before my channel was canned…and we are not supposed to run ads in front of other peoples content anyway.
      I decided to put ads on Crimes Against Fathers to see how adsense did there. CAF is neutral enough that we will not be canned on adsense. We are getting 3,000 page views per day but only about 500 ad presentations.
      For 500 ad presentations I will get 2 or 3 clicks…maybe. Many days I get 0 clicks on any ads on CAF.
      When we had the rachel cassidy thing going we got 9,500 ad presentations on one day with 36 clicks for EUR20 for the day. That was a day we used 17GB bandwidth. I think we had 25,000 page presentations for the day.
      The day before was 6,591 ad presentations for 13 clicks for EUR5.55 and the day after was 3,585 for 11 clicks for EUR3.02. So the lesson is quite obvious. If you are going to try and make money out of adsense then you are going to need a LOT of views. And the viewers you want are women because they click on ads insanely more often than men. You can be sure the 36 clicks we got that day were mostly women.
      I put ads on CAF to pay for the site since men were not willing to donate. I have put more than USD500,000 of my own money into this effort to help other men but they do not appreciate that sort of financial effort. That is how pervasive the man hatred is.
      Because men will not help those of us who took the lead I am back at my old work which is business intelligence. I am encouraging men to create their own businesses and sell cool products and services to the men in the man-o-sphere….but one issue there is men in the man-o-sphere are very hard to sell to and there is simply not much money to be made selling products to men.
      I recently put the update of my second book up and I sent and email out to my 450 subs and posted the link to a series of facebooks and suggested that men might like to buy the update for CHF10…about the price of a meal for a 130 page book that contains invaluable information.
      Guess what? Two weeks like not ONE man has bought a copy. And how do the men react?
      “Well if no one has bought a copy your book must be crap.”
      Nope..the book will save mens lives…it contains some of the most important information men are ever likely to read. It was won at very high personal cost by me. The fact is that men like to tear down other men and like to condemn them and criticise them…and if doing that means the man has to remain stupid and ignorant himself then that is what they will do.
      This is why I have created the womens business association. Because selling stuff to women is easy. Let me give you an example. I introduced a service “name and shame women” for EUR50. For EUR50 you can buy a slot on CAF to denounce some criminal woman. There is paperwork to be done hence the EUR50. That was announced MONTHS ago…again..NOT ONE SALE.
      Now let me ask you something. We are about to launch name and shame MEN for the Crimes Against Women and Children site. How many women do you think will give the woman who will run that site EUR50 to name and shame some man?
      THAT is the issue in the man-o-sphere…..men will not put their hand in their pocket and pull out their credit card and pay CHF10 for a book that might save their own lives……and THAT is why I am selling my BI related software and not hundreds or thousands of copies of my books. Because there is no money in selling books to men that teach them what the need to know…no money at all.
      Men will buy playboy….they will buy rooshes bang books….but not a book that teaches them what they need to know about law, legislation, their position in the legal system etc. How about that?

    1. On adsense you do get a little bit of revenue for impressions….but not worth counting….a click on adsense can be as high as EUR1.25…I have seen clicks on CAF worth that….
      However the average click on adsense for me is EUR50 cents…some are as low as 5 cents…but average is EUR50 cents.
      I am now putting links to videos etc on CAF and I have created a subscriber area and we are going to charge for subscriptions. If people do not want to pay? Fine. They are welcome to be ignorance.
      Men in the man-o-sphere waste other mens time by inordinate amounts. It is ridiculous. I am very sick of men in the man-o-sphere and their juvenile and cheap skate behaviour. I am quite happy to say so in my own name. They want everything for free or to be paid for by someone else in ads. Others have made similar comments about how in the torrent age men think everything should be free.
      Men in the man-o-sphere do not want to listen and learn..mostly they just want to attention whore and be combative. They do not want to pay the value for content and knowledge. It is like they have never bought a book in their life.
      I know how valuable knowledge is and I have known for a long time. My parents bought the world book encyclopaedia when I was 7…so I have known since I was a lad that if you want a reliable source for information you pay for in a book.
      Men in the man-o-sphere seem to have completely forgotten this little fact.

      1. Don’t be so bitter, knowledge is one of the keys of self-improvement and men in the manosphere read plenty of books, just not yours.

      2. Wrong place for this. As good a place as any. May it find you.
        Mr. N. I sympathize greatly with your story, but it’s precisely that, your story, and you are too close to it. You made some terrible mistakes that were not your fault, but what is your fault is that you hold on to them. Forgive yourself. Move on. Start over from nothing and find innocence in yourself once more. You are too close to the past and can’t see the present much less the future. Your content is old, I want new. Your stories are too bitter and personal, I want more distance and application. Your conclusions that I don’t want to spend are incorrect because you are blind to how just how much past and bitter and personal and old you speak with. But it is there, I assure you; Please, let me convince you only of as much, nothing more, nothing less. I do want and I will want with my cash, but I will not part with it to a blind man when I myself am blind. Blindness is not what I want.
        You are here for the past. I come here for the present and the future. True, what is and what will be are timeless. The past will be retold. But not your past told your way with your voice. I have not forgotten, you have. You have forgotten how to forgive yourself for your unforgivable mistakes. Innocence and forgiveness are just emotions, you can invoke them at will. May you yet remember these emotions so that you may see once more and thus be relevant once again.
        Thank you for your audience, stranger.

        1. Dude,
          you seem to not have bothered to read any of my books or find out the least bit about me.
          Here is some advice for you. If you are going to try and give advice to someone? Find out about who you are talking to first. You might save your breath.
          I am not doing what I am doing for my benefit. I moved on years ago and I have been happier these last 5.5 years than ever before in my life.
          I am doing what I am doing because more than 100,000 OTHER MEN kill themselves every year due to the criminal abuse of women in the family law courts in the anglo-sphere.
          Now..I know men like you care nothing about these men. But I do. And I think they should have the tools they need to defend themselves. Which is exactly what I created for them and gave to them for free.

  8. Wow, just wow! Really? What the fuck have I just read!?!?!? Barfed my lunch with blind rage, I want to punch something in the face! How can such hateful raciss thoughts even exist! These mysoginist oppressors have a tiny dick and are virgins who live in the basement. A woman hurt them, maybe their mother. Lets not give these knackle-dragging sexists attention, but sisters and allies just look at this terribly horribly awful article! I am crying inside and going to eat 12 cupcakes to cope with my emotional pain.

    1. It’s telling that I wasn’t sur that this was satire until “cupcakes” because this really is the script. Well done!

  9. Regarding #1, women’s relative lack of individuality made them useful in patriarchal times because women needed to do only a handful of things well to serve as wives and mothers. Now that we’ve constructed this fiction that women have all of this potential comparable to men’s that they can develop so that they can become “self-actualized” or whatever, we can see how little extra potential they had all along.

    1. Not mention how incredibly stressed out women are trying to fulfill the new construct of this “potential” that society (really feminists) tell them they have. Honestly, women who are happy to be women exhibit more confidence than women that are trying to the idealistic feminist — talk about an identity crisis.

      1. Basically we’ve let women do all kinds of violence to their natures: Using pharmacology and foreign substances in their bodies to meddle with their natural hormonal cycles; having a series of sterile sexual adventures with men they have no intention of marrying; trying to compete with men with women’s often inadequate abilities. No wonder so many of them become upset when you point out the obvious about their absurd situations.

  10. Hilarious bio.
    It looks like the main page isn’t showing new articles: the top one visible is the Bitcoin one.

    1. We had this problem over the weekend but it should be resolved. Try emptying your browser cache.

  11. Some bitch got fired from her job as a store clerk at a coffee shop at her college in Vermont.
    So she starts a freakin’ Facebook petition and requested all of her friends to “leave her compliments” and demand that she gets her job back. Holy christ, Narcissistic much???
    Most NORMAL and SANE people, if they get fired from a job, simply MOVE ON, and GET OVER IT.
    Reading some of the comments on that page, you can see that she had a smart ass, sarcastic, and bitchy attitude towards the customers. My guess is that her bad attitude was scaring off the customers and was thus bad for business, and the college coffee shop did the right thing by firing her ass.
    Christ. There are people starving to death in Africa, and stupid bitches like this expect people to waste their time flattering her narcissistic personality with undeserved comments?
    How about this stupid bitch do something meaningful with her life, and go move to Africa or something and help teach impoverish kids English or help feed the starving people?

    1. She could go to Africa where she can help teach kids how to impoverish themselves?
      Good GOD MAN, think of the children!

  12. If women get all these liberal arts degrees, you think they would have had some exposure to real literature in college which would make them write better.
    Literature does have that effect on people. I found Mencius Moldbug’s prose style puzzling unit I took a crack at the “sage writing” of Thomas Carlyle, whom Moldbug recommends as the key philosophical critic of democracy, almost a Hari Seldon-like forecaster of where democracy would go.
    And yeah, Carlyle clearly influenced Moldbug’s way of expressing himself.

    1. Nay, ’tis true, or else I’m a Turk
      They rise to play and go to bed to work
      (Credo in un dio molto crudel …)

  13. I don’t know…
    Either you guys need to get your shit together, or I’ve been looking at some backwards business, because last time I checked a femi-nazi post, you dudes were flipping out over how “bullshit” and “vagina-hurt” she was. I think the inability to cope with judgement flows both ways, friends, and you’ve just got to accept that or get your group members straightened out. (Not to mention the atrocious grammar that they tossed about as well).

  14. 7 things I learned from this article:
    1. Nothing
    2. Nothing
    3. The author, roosh, is running out of things to write about apparantly
    4. Nothing
    5. Nothing
    6. Roosh actually has to ask for money handouts to keep the site up
    7. NOTHING

  15. Hahaha, good work on your updated bio, Roosh. I wish I knew how to become like that.

  16. 3. Petitions don’t work, but they serve as a useful coping mechanism for the aggrieved

    I say again… whenever I see shit I don’t like on the internet I click on the X and move on. Why these petition signers couldn’t grasp that amazingly simple concept I’ll never know.

      1. That”s it! It did seem like I was going up against so many Agent-Smith like clones! I was Neo up in this piece! I am Alt-the Ultimate Keyboard Warrior.
        Lol I loved the movies in my teen years.

  17. Goddammit Roosh, this hate mail should be graded — by us.
    Can we get pictures to go with it?
    I want to grade feminist hate along with the size of feminist racks — we could call it Hate My Rack or something …

    1. And when they predictably get offended, ask them how many times they’ve insinuated a male has a small package because of something they’ve said.

  18. I can confirm #4. I do web-mastering for a controversial website and over the years we’ve received our share of hate mail and threats of harm or death. Each time I found myself wondering about the spelling errors, grammar mistakes and the sentences in these Emails having a structure which did not conform to any language known to me, like a bunch of words thrown out and which fell in whatever order they fell.
    I wondered if these people were always like this or if some negative emotion, like a bout of hatred triggered by whatever we published, made them regress to a primitive state.
    An insight we developed over the years is that male homosexuals are the most hate-inclined and spiteful group. What we got from these people was scary even when we’d written things not even slighting them. The #2 discernible hate-addicted group, but still way below the level of spitefulness of the homos, are jews.

    1. It’s normal. When people get emotional, they forget about grammar and spelling. Both positive and negative emotions cause this.

    2. I have argued with so many homosexuals over the years that I can spot “gay logic” right away now. They argue like such… I dunno how to describe it… FAGS

  19. #3 is a way for people to not actually Do Anything but sit behind their computer screen yet feel and say that they “did something” to fix it. There are a lot of women rescue nuts (dogs, horses, cats) who do a lot of signing of petitions and flagellating on Facebook (“I am ripping my heart out right now for this poor dog whose owner makes him live in a well – sign my petition”) but nothing real for the animals. Go to adoption events? Help out cleaning cages? Foster? No- just sign a petition. That’s really doing something. Delusional.

      1. you, should see, me i will melt your eyes out…..lol i can, send, you a copy of my autobiography.

  20. It’s pretty telling that none of them stuck around long enough to continue their incoherent ragefest. If ROK was really such a blight on their vaginas you’d think they’d at least have the staying power to stick around and make a nuisance of themselves.

  21. “There are millions of people in the Western world who have identical beliefs”
    First of all Roosh…I loved your footer on this article. Got a good laugh out of that.
    Women in the west have been psyoped within an inch of their lives. I first realised this in Feb 08 when I was dating prospective wife 2.0. I was one of these beta losers who said “it was just my wife who was a crazy bitch, not all women are like that, the next one will be better”. We have all head stupid beta losers say that, right? I said it.
    But prospective wife 2.0 started talking the SAME WAY as my ex and even started using the SAME PHRASES!! Talk about “scary”. I pointed this out to her and told her “I just went through 14 years of crap with Jennifer for the sake of the children. That you are using the same phrases this early in our relationship is quite a concern for me. I recommend you stop.”
    She was all “you are just not over Jennifer” etc. I was “No. I am totally over her..I have been over her for years. She really is not a nice person. She is nothing like the woman I married. So I do not know why you are clearly lying and not listening to what I am telling you. If you act like Jennifer? We will be over very, very quickly. And talking like her? That is not a good start.”
    Anyway….that was February. By March she was acting like Jennifer. And on April 1 2008 I ended that relationship. She was very angry and all upset and blamed me despite the fact I told her that the reason I wanted to take a big step back was that she both spoke and acted like Jennifer and there was no way in hell I was going down that path again. She was welcome to reflect on what I had said and make a proposal. She never talked to me again which only goes to show I did the right thing.
    But here is the point. I was struck how two women who grew up in different cities 10 years age difference could use the EXACT SAME PHRASES and behave in the EXACT SAME MANNER in numerous ways. I am expert in “identity construction” from my days at Landmark Education and it was clear to me both women had been subjected to covert identity manipulation also known as “propaganda” and “brainwashing”. The reason propaganda is used is because it works, right?
    I figured there must be some shadowy group who must somehow get to women and I thought I would have to search hard to find them….so I took a few steps back and just listened to the main stream media with a view to see if I could perceive any subliminal or propaganda type messages. What I heard in the next week BLEW MY MIND.
    The lame-stream media is WALL TO WALL with propaganda aimed at women and inciting them to hate men.
    Really…men do not notice it until they are told to stop and listen. As soon as they are told to “stop and listen” they hear the propaganda. Most men shake off all the propaganda and man hatred. You know, propaganda like putting the NFL in pink booties to tell women that they are more important than men.
    Most men look at the NFL in pink booties to be relatively harmless.Right? Wrong. NFL in pink booties makes it VERY CLEAR to women that women are superior to the best of men and that the best of men must promote womens issues because women are superior.
    And as so many men have noted. Look at the Simpsons, Family Guy, Everybody loves Raymond…the list is ENDLESS. Virtually ALL TV shows show men as blithering idiots. Men dismiss this as “nonsense”. But it is not intended for men. It is intended to psyop WOMEN. WOMEN have FAR less ability to resist such psyoping than men do.
    And once you realise that the entire lame-stream media is serving up and endless barrage of propaganda to WOMEN? What do you realise? You realise it must be orchestrated. It must be approved by the guvmint. It must be NOT be only for finanical gain, there must be another motive. And that it is being done BY MEN because all those TV shows are run by men.
    That is how I came to realise there really was a hidden cabal manipulating society. And attempts to deny they exist are ludicrous because you would have to argue that the ENTIRE LAME-STREAM MEDIA MIRACULOUSLY HAPPENED TO ALL PROMOTE THE SAME PROPAGANDA AT THE SAME TIME BY COINCIDENCE.
    So the reason you see women saying EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS in their thousands is this psyopping. And there is no way to undo that damage as women do not want the damage un-done. And remember, the most effective form of brainwashing is repetition. Think about this for a minute…think about how many times a 30 year old western woman has, IN HER LIFE, been presented the message “all men are bastards” and similar. Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands?
    Go take a look Roosh…look at the lame stream media in the west. It is a tsunami of man hatred and propaganda telling women how wonderful they are and how bad men are….and then the women all come back with the same tired refains.
    And there is no fixing this mess…none at all….new generations will have to be bred before anything changes…and that is too long for guys like us, right? When I realised all this I realised that it was far easier to move somewhere that this was not happening than to fix what was going on in the west.

  22. @All,
    if you want to see how resistant men are to learning something that is very valuable to them that is not related to sex, women etc? Just take a look at how low the view counts are on some of the videos over here.
    The stuff on this channel is some of the most important things a man could ever know to do with law, legislation etc….but men do not want to know about those things…they are much more interested in sex, women, sports, TV and alcohol.
    I watched Idiocracy last night. I do not think we need to wait 500 years.

  23. I remember that back in the one day one innocent wrote an article for, I think, Forbes, called “Don’t marry a career woman”. Jeez the explosion was off the scale. Wonder what ever happened to him?

  24. I wonder how well an article titled “5 Reasons To Not Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder” would have been received. Surely if the original article was ‘unacceptable’ then its opposite must surely be acceptable, no?
    And yet for some reason I just can’t shake the impression that such an article would in fact engender the exact same response as the original…

  25. Excellent list, and I will agree with the general hilarity over the author bio.
    I was wondering though, if any commenters are going to share what they learned from the donnybrook following Tuthmosis’ article.
    I will start with what I learned:
    I think a lot of the time, women respond to what is unsaid rather than what is said, and being the beady eyed little power hungry creatures they are, anytime there is a change in the power dynamic, most notably a loss in power, they notice immediately and flip out.
    We all know the prevalence of shaming language in their little verbal arsenals, and the case could be made that shaming is the essence of feminism itself. Women shame men not because they care personally about all that is right and good in the world, but because they know that men do. They know it works.
    Feminism worked for so long in shaming men (It’s not fair!) because men are basically decent and care about things like fairness and honor. If someone has been wronged, men are the first to rush in and fix things.
    As commenter Mina rightly points out, women don’t act like rational beings who actually care about things and are willing to make personal sacrifices to make sure all is right with the world:
    “#3 is a way for people to not
    actually Do Anything but sit behind their computer screen yet feel and
    say that they “did something” to fix it. There are a lot of women rescue
    nuts (dogs, horses, cats) who do a lot of signing of petitions and
    flagellating on Facebook (“I am ripping my heart out right now for this
    poor dog whose owner makes him live in a well – sign my petition”) but
    nothing real for the animals. Go to adoption events? Help out cleaning
    cages? Foster? No- just sign a petition. That’s really doing something.
    No, women use whatever they can in the world to make their own lives easier and better. If you always want to be the one to choose what movie to go see, bring up female genital mutilation anytime your man disagrees.
    So this is where I think Tuthmosis struck a nerve. In the past men were like clockwork figures.
    Woman accuses, man rushes in to fix.
    But nowadays, younger guys are no less moral or decent, they are just wised up. They know that women don’t really care about anything but themselves, and any pretense otherwise is a cynical ploy to get their way.
    There can be no better way to communicate to women that shaming men as a power tactic doesn’t work anymore than an article like “5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder”
    He is flipping the freaking script and going all in. He is doing exactly what the women do themselves. He is in effect saying: Not only do I not care about the suffering of others, but I am going to find a way to use it to my personal advantage.
    (I still don’t know for sure if there is anything literal in this article, or whether it is the driest of satire and basically a way of saying: Regular women are so bad, we need to take another look at the messed up ones. Nor do I care. It is perfect just the way it is.)
    Can you imagine what a shock it must be to mommy’s little special one to see a man using one of her most favoritest techniques? It is like the mental rug being pulled right out from under them.
    Those with any sort of self awareness must have experienced a flashing red light in their dark souls that said: BAD PRECEDENT
    And those Cunty Spices who haven’t had a thought in years must have at least gotten warning bells in the lizard part of their brains that went: ENEMY!
    So that’s what I personally learned from Tuthmosis’ massive shot across the female bow: Don’t argue with them, or try to shame them, or try to appeal to their better natures. Let them know you are onto them, and it ain’t working anymore.
    The whole thing was awesome.

  26. It’s actually pretty funny if you think about it. You managed to invoke the ire of more than 12,000 people with your writing. There are more agreeable paths to noteriety, of course, but this one seems to come naturally to you.
    Keep on keepin’ on.

  27. You don’t need to play with people’s emotions to make money at writing. Just tell the truth. Everything else follows.

  28. Roosh, I will help you monetize your blog better, you’re missing thousands of dollars by your simple banner sales and sponsor method. Some simple and honest affiliate links could net you a lot of money going forward.
    I need my account on the forum approved though.

  29. I’m sure I’m going to piss off all the stereotypical obnoxious feminists & white knights aforementioned out there with this post, but I’ve always been told I have a bit of a superiority, or God complex, so why should I care right? To build on that, I would not say I have the exact definition of a superiority or God complex; I simply know my place. I don’t think I am better, more intelligent, more sophisticated, prettier, etc. than everyone out there, but I do know which people I rank above, and which people I rank below in regards to those qualities. I shouldn’t have to point out (but I’m sure I do) that it is only those that rank below me that find a need to point out how offensive they find my obvious lack of concern for their feelings and egos, because those above me are intelligent enough to simply not care or feel a need to comment. They know they rank above me & that is satisfactory
    enough to them to not need to do so. Now, to the part that is going to heavily
    piss some people off – I am a woman. And I HATE feminists and all these
    obnoxious “woe is us” “we deserve everything for no apparent reason or effort” “everyone come to our rescue” types, that this site devotes so much worthwhile effort fighting against.
    I think everyone, but particularly women, and particularly
    these types of women, should all know their place in life and in society. It is
    in our female DNA and biology to be subservient to men. That is not an opinion,
    it is fact. And although this is not about the 1% of truly strong, independent,
    incredibly intelligent, powerful, and successful women out there, it does apply
    to them as well, because although most of them know all of this already, there
    are still those amongst the 1% that find the need to “date down” or “marry down”
    because either they need to feel that sense of superiority and control over
    their men, or they often take far too much pleasure in emasculating their men
    by reveling in their newfound power. If you are a part of this 1%, then more
    power to you, but as previously stated this applies to you as well because the
    success of our societal future as a whole demands that you date or marry
    someone that is at least on the same level as you are, if not above. You only
    contribute further to this issue and therefore lump yourself in with the less
    intelligent 99% of the herd when you “date down.” And if you are doing it
    because you don’t think you can find anyone above you, it is almost undoubtedly
    because you are also buying into the ridiculousness of this feminist “movement”
    and therefore should be shamed with the rest of the 99%.
    Since this is primarily for the 99% that still possess that sense of being better, simply because they are females, even though they have made no contributions to society or life what-so-ever to deserve that, I’m going to write the rest of this for them.
    Buying into the whole feminist propaganda does nothing to
    help your own personal life & situation. Thinking that jumping on the
    bandwagon of ignorant women that want everything for nothing, is going to
    better your place in life, is extremely harmful to not only society & the
    appropriate gender roles that should be practiced, but to you as well. The herd
    wonders why men don’t want them, why most of them end up old spinsters, alone
    and miserable. They wonder why they only find losers when they actually do
    manage to get a boyfriend or husband. Here’s a hint if you want to break that
    cycle – know your place. Treat your man with respect. That doesn’t mean you
    have to be his slave and let him treat you like garbage, but it does mean
    respect him and be someone he can find respectable & be proud to introduce
    to his friends. If a quality man thinks you are going to be a big drama queen
    that all his friends are going to judge him for, he’s not going to date you. The
    only men that will are the losers, and yes they are going to treat you like
    crap so your only real options are to get used to it, or change and do
    something about it, and I have a feeling with as much as you all whine, you
    would prefer the latter. Here’s how you change – be polite, courteous, kind,
    & respectful of those in your presence. Don’t be vulgar and obnoxious, don’t
    create drama, don’t gossip, don’t be a slut who’s legs are open for anyone and
    everyone, and for God’s sake don’t start an argument based off of “feelings”
    that is going to make you look like an ignorant retard. If you are going to
    start a debate, take a deep breath and create an argument based on facts &
    evidence you can prove, not just spew word vomit because you were “offended”. I
    can’t tell you how many times I see so many of the herd doing these obnoxious
    things on a regular basis. And what is even more sad is how many actual quality
    men I talk to that have trouble finding a quality woman because the majority of
    you have all turned into sheep following the leader, and for no valid reason
    other than you falsely believe it gives you some sort of purpose or importance.
    Yes, there ARE actually quality men out there; they just are not interested in
    someone of your low caliber.
    When I say women are supposed to be subservient to men, and
    know their place, I’m not saying that every woman out there should “get back in
    the kitchen”, or perfect the art of making babies, (because God knows there are
    far too many of you out there that should be criminalized for passing on your
    terrible personality qualities, lack of intelligence, and bad physical genetics)
    if you actually possess enough intelligence and drive to truly make a
    difference in the world & contribute to society. However, the majority of
    you don’t possess that and will never become anything more than the whiny
    feminist that still spews her word vomit while being the stereotypical
    housewife that does nothing but gossip with her friends and fail in her womanly
    duties – such as to keep her home tidy, feed her family healthy food that will
    keep them trim and appealing to the next generation so that they may actually have a chance to both become and find a better quality mate than you yourself have become. Even those of you that will do something to contribute to society don’t get a free pass to ignore your place either.
    I feel no sympathy for these disgusting excuses of women,
    and I am embarrassed to even be a part of a gender that has degraded itself
    down to this state. I am proud to be a woman and know where I belong. I am
    intelligent, attractive, and successful, but I also make it a point to always
    fulfill the gender roles I was born to fulfill & keep my husband happy,
    while maintaining myself as a quality woman he can be proud to bring around the
    people in his life. Be proud of who you are and embrace it. If you are a
    housewife or stay at home mom, embrace that & be proud to keep your family
    and your husband happy, your house clean, good food on the table. If you are
    more than that then embrace that as well. Just please for our gender’s sake don’t
    be one of those annoying people that spends their day whining and complaining
    about something that offended them & gossip about it to all their friends.
    You are a shame to our gender and make the rest of us look bad.
    And in a response to a similarly related post by Western Cancer
    where he cited this:
    “I love how these women don’t
    understand the internet. When they see something they think is horrible, they
    want to share it far and wide and get as many eyeballs as possible on it. It
    would be like if their was a little dog with explosive diarrhea sitting by
    itself in a corner, and instead of leaving it alone, they pick it up and carry
    it across the entire house, spreading shit all over the floor, saying “OMFG
    everyone look at this dog that keeps shitting all over the place! Can you
    believe this? OMG!”
    The female imperative that craves drama and emotional solidarity from peers overrides all logic. And so it is that feminists unwittingly find themselves foot soldiers in the RoK army, helping to spread our message far and wide. Thanks bitches.”
    I can personally attest to this ignorance as this was exactly how I found & became a fan of this brilliant website, that I would have otherwise never have heard of. I also mentioned to the person who posted the initial Tuthmosis article (along with her statements of word vomit outrage) that if you just ignored it and let it go, it would eventually go away, or at the very least couldn’t bother you anymore. By trying to blast to the world how relevant you think your insignificant feelings are and by thinking you will actually make any sort of a difference with your ridiculous petitions, all you are doing is building a bigger army of people that agree with the initial thing you were upset about, while still accomplishing nothing. So, to all you
    obnoxious feminist herd-ists out there – please go away, you are a disgusting embarrassment to the rest of your gender.

    1. tl;dr
      But, as a fellow (young) lady who sees the fallacy that feminism is, I get your sentiment!

  30. I am… so terribly torn by this. Truly. I read the viral article, and I’ll completely stand on the side of being horribly appalled. In fact, some of the information is just far off base. I’ve met girls who had very little money, no money, or even a semi-moderate amount. I won’t hide from the fact that crazy girls usually are better at sex, but their actually really bad at life. That’s uh, probably why most people define them as “crazy.” Not saying people with legitimate disorders SHOULD be labeled as crazy, but come on. Society is pretty good at those labels, bro.
    Off topic. Anyway, I wanted to see the rest, so I came here. And I agree. Here, at least. Not there. I agree that women are sort of pat-and-wished-well when it comes to dealing with the larger things in life. And, I hella agree with the fact number four presents. I guess what I’m trying to say is while your whole argument has decent, agreeable even, points it’s just… kind of scary.
    I count myself as pretty confident. I’ve had boyfriends and sex. I’ve had a decent life with no eating disorder to speak of. But. I have had friends with that. Friends that get guys like that article. I doubt they have read it, honestly, but the point still stands. Those guys that go after girls like that? They’re usually not too stable themselves.

  31. “While I do a crappy job at monetizing this blog…”
    You already hit the damn ball. Don’t look at it fly. Drop the bat and start running.

  32. Number 4 reminded me of a business principle I read somewhere…
    “Nobody ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the average American.”
    Something like that.

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