Pimping Techniques From The 1930’s Have Become Required In Modern Relationships

ISBN: 1451617135

Pimp is a memoir by Iceberg Slim, a black man who became a pimp in the United States during the 1930’s. He shares his background of what led up to his pimp life along with stories that took place during his career. While the book contains many useful tips on how to handle women, I wouldn’t call it a pimp manual. Instead, it shines a light on how degenerate modern relationships have become.

The pimp game is essentially seeking out girls with low self-worth who crave an exciting lifestyle. These two factors cause them to fall quickly for a pimp with flashy aesthetics, smooth style, and tight verbal game. After a pimp’s successful seduction, he pushes his new whore onto the streets to earn money for him. Most girls that pimps pursue already worked as a prostitute or decided beforehand to become a prostitute, for reasons that someone raised in a traditional household wouldn’t be able to understand. There is actually very little “turning out” a girl (making a girl go from normal Jane to a streetwalker).

Modern game is a light version of the pimp game, and shares many strategies with what pimps of old used to do. If you read this book, you’ll have many moments where you think, “Hey, I do that!” Women now voluntarily seek out and prefer the behavior of men who share qualities possessed by old-time pimps.

As I walked away I bombed her. I said, “Bitch, I’m splitting when I come out of that crapper. I know your pussy is jumping for me. I know you want me for your man. Some lucky bitch is going to steal me from you. You better toss that bullshit out of your mind . Get straight Bitch, and tell me like it is on my way out. You had your chance. After tonight you don’t have any.”

Most of the slang in the book is outdated so you’ll have to consult with the glossary often.

What had the pimps in the joint said: “You gotta back up from them fabulous pussys. You gotta make like you don’t have a swipe [penis]. You gotta keep your mind on the scratch [money].”


I kicked her rear end until my leg cramped. Through it all she just moaned and sobbed. I was soaked in sweat. Panting, I lay on the bear-skin beside her. I thrust my mouth against her ear. In an icy whisper I said, “Bitch, do I have to kill you to make you my whore? Get up and give me that scratch.”


The pimp’s in the joint had said, “There ain’t nothing more important than what makes a new bitch tick and why. You gotta scrape her brain. Find out whether the first joker who layed her was her father or who. Make her tell you her life story. “If she can remember back in her mammy’s ass, good! Fit all the pieces together. Maybe then you’ll know if she’s a two-day package or a two-year package. Don’t try to play ’em in the dark. Quiz ’em into a crack up if you have to . Wake ’em up from a dead sleep. Check the answers you got with what you get.”

Pimps made sure their whores weren’t talking to other pimps, and would threaten them with ass-kickings if they did. The modern game tactic of being confident of your value and never being jealous is sound in theory, but when there are 10,000 other high value men scratching at your girl’s door (i.e. smartphone), you’ll eventually lose her like how pimps eventually lose all the whores in their stable.

Self-control is one of the most important traits of a pimp. They deliberately control their mental state and horniness. They can’t let a whore show he’s weak for the pussy because then she knows that she can control him. Sound familiar?

“I told you once, do I have to tell you a thousand times? Greenass Nigger, to be a good pimp, you gotta be icy, cold like the inside of a dead-whore’s pussy. Now if you a bitch, a sissy, or something let me know. I’ll put you in drag and you can whore for me. Stay outta my face Nigger, until you freeze up and stop that sucker grinning.”


A good pimp is always really alone. You gotta always be a puzzle, a mystery to them. That’s how you hold a whore. Don’t get sour. Tell them something new and confusing every day. You can hold ’em as long as you can do it.


Pimping ain’t no sex game. It’s a skull [mind] game.


“A pimp is the loneliest bastard on Earth. He’s gotta know his whores. He can’t let them know him. He’s gotta be God all the way.”

Lines that worked back then would probably be called corny today, but the technique behind them is still applicable.

She said, “I don’t drink and besides I don’t know you.”

I said , “You met me in your first hot dream, remember? You know that pretty joker in your little girl dreams that always faded when you woke up wet between the legs. You waited and wished. “You lucky bitch, I’ve stepped out of your dreams. I’m alive and real across the hall from you. Get over here, I’m gonna turn you on .

A pimp lays down ironclad rules and his whore must follow them, or else face the consequences.

“Now that young bitch you got is gone lazy. She’s stuffing on you. That bitch ain’t sick. I ain’t never seen a bitch under twenty that could get sick. Your whore is bullshitting. A whore’s scratch ain’t never longer than a pimp’s cold game. You gotta have strict rules for a whore. She’s gotta respect you to hump her heart out in the street. One whore ain’t got but one pussy and one jib. You got to get what there is in her fast as you can. You gotta get sixteen hours a day outta her. There ain’t no guarantee you going to keep any bitch for long. The name of the pimp game is ‘Cop and Blow.’”

Pimps used social proof on their own whores.

Take that scratch and drive to one of the whore towns close around. Go to Western Union. Send that scratch back to yourself at your hotel. Use some broad’s name as the sender. “That lazy bitch you got will think she’s got competition. Watch the sparks fly from her ass. She’ll try to top that bitch that doesn’t exist.”

Some cities offered better whores than others. A pimp had to be open to re-locating.

Detroit was the promised land for pimps all right. The town was teeming with young fast whores. The local pimps were soft competition. I was walking , but I was sharp as a Harlem sissy. Anyway, these whores were a different breed than the ones back in the city. They were gullible, and a fellow didn’t have to play his heart out to cop them.

Take your whore out of her comfort zone.

Control is easier and tighter away from the familiar setting. A girl in strange surroundings depends more on her man. She needs his advice and guidance more. Girls copped in smaller towns have to be moved fast.

And here is an example of a false disqualification on a girl who eventually was added to his stable.

“My whores are humping sixteen hours a day in the street. They love it. I don’t figure you got the guts and heart for the street track. Chris, for the rest of my life I’ll be sad when I think of you. I’ll have a lump in my throat when I think of what might have been. Take this saw buck, baby, and the best of luck always. Goodbye, Chris. Please split before I get weak and let you be my whore.” I reached across her and opened the car door. My skull was hitting on all hundred-and-seventy-five cylinders. I was cinching her.

Since no whore will stay in your stable for long, you want to extract the most amount of money from her in the shortest amount of time. Today, guys extract the most amount of sex from a girl before she gets bored and moves on to the next guy.

“Slim, a pretty Nigger bitch and a white whore are just alike. They both will get in a stable to wreck it. They’ll leave the pimp on his ass with no whore. You gotta make ’em hump hard and fast. Stick ’em for long scratch quick. Slim, pimping ain’t no game of love. Prat ’em and keep your swipe outta ’em. Any sucker who believes a whore loves him shouldn’t a fell outta his mammy’s ass.”

One passage that caught my attention is a whore doing her pimp’s laundry. Did any of the last five girls you fuck do your laundry?

She got up and gathered up an armful of our soiled clothing. She went into the bathroom. I heard the water sloshing in the bowl. She was doing our laundry.

What the Western cultural elite has done with feminism and the sexual revolution is “liberate” women to pursue exciting men who use the same type of game black pimps used nearly 100 years ago. Take a look at Fifty Shades Of Grey, one of the best selling books of all time. It’s essentially a white man using pimp game to dominate and control a girl’s mind. The movie would easily hold true if you put Iceberg Slim into the character of Christian Grey after changing the dialogue to match his street slang.

In Iceberg Slim’s day, a normal woman with a stable family could not be turned out—only a girl who has already succumbed to vice would even allow him to approach her. But now we have an entire generation of women who are so broken that they race to an app like Tinder with the hope that a good looking pimp with smooth text game will turn them on for a fleeting sexual encounter. The moral defenses of women have been so destroyed by modern feminism that they mainly respond to men who use a form of game that pimps used not long ago, and this behavior is glorified in all mainstream television, books, and movies that are coming out of Hollywood and New York City.

Even worse, the whores in this book are more feminine and pleasing than what we have today. Yes, you would likely be happier dating a 1930’s ex-prostitute than an entitled “strong and independent” modern woman. There was only one incident in the book about a woman resorting to violence, which I can personally top with my stay in Montreal and other encounters in Washington DC where drunk women threatened to physically attack me. The amount of affection that whores gave to Iceberg Slim appears more than modern women are able to give today. Not only do we have to simulate pimp game to get laid, but we’re doing it on women who are of lower quality that actual prostitutes of old.

If you don’t believe me, here are some pictures of prostitutes before 1970. If they were placed in modern times, they’d easily be the top 10% among all women in terms of beauty, thinness, femininity, and class.









You know things are bad when a reformed prostitute from last century could be a better girlfriend than one you meet at a nightclub this weekend.

The downside of pimping is that you have to scheme every day and keep the pimp mask on. You can never trust a woman. You have to constantly keep your game tight. These problems are nearly identical with modern game.

Pimping also aged the author quickly:

In a pimp’s life, yesterday means nothing. It’s how you are doing today. A pimp’s fame is as fleeting as an icicle under a blow-torch. The young fine whores are wild to hump for a pimp in the chips. A pimp in bad shape can’t get the time of day from them.


Drugs and the pimp game had hardened away my baby face. My hair was thinning. I was turning twenty-eight but I looked forty.


At almost forty I was ancient as a pimp. I looked like a black, fat seal in my expensive threads. For the first time in many years I had rediscovered my appetite for good food. I was slowing down. I spent most of my time reading in bed. The end of my pimping career wasn’t far in the future.

Not surprisingly, the author goes into a life of sales afterwards, which uses many of the same skills as pimping. My only complaint of the book is that the author fancied himself to be a writer, so he goes overboard on the descriptions instead of telling the actual story.

While there was nothing in the book that was new to me from a technique standpoint, it was a vivid reminder of how broken gender relations in 2015 have become. We’ve essentially normalized pimp-whore relationships to become the defacto standard for non-married individuals. Men have to learn a variant of negro pimp game to get a girl sexually excited and women are encouraged to empower themselves by having casual sex with guys who turn them on for the short term.

Black pimping coincided with the fall of the black nuclear family, so we can safely assume that the introduction of “pimp mating” in white people won’t bode well for their societies.

Read More: “Pimp: The Story Of My Life” on Amazon

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  1. When the culture of a society is weak on women, the amount of masculinity required of a man to thrive in all areas must be strong. The cultural shaming of women used to be a check on their behavior..I believe women crave a master, be it culture or a man. A dog with a weak master might bark or bite in defiance. You gotta swing the pimp hand strong and heavy w/ these b!tches, lest they bite you in some way out of disrespect. That’s what false rape accusations are…you know why they call them b!tches now…

    1. You can change your posts with the “Edit” link underneath all of your posts. Just FYI.

  2. That’s a nice little gem you got there. I love finding old books like that, these analog bits of forgotten lore. Thanks for bringing it up.
    “The downside of pimping is that you have to scheme every day and keep the pimp mask on. You can never trust a woman. You have to constantly keep your game tight. These problems are nearly identical with modern game.”
    I believe we call that “marriage” now.

    1. I have a book from pre-depression 1920’s where the author makes a huge case that the government is too large and sucks in too many taxes. This was before the income tax percolated down to the common man.
      We’ve had so many warnings from the past it’s remarkable that we’re just now waking up to them.

      1. Thats interesting- the income tax didnt effect the little guy in the mid-teens?

        1. It was originally a tax for the 1%, or at least that’s how it was sold to the states in order to get them to ratify the 16th. It took a while, not long but a while nonetheless, for it to bleed into the working classes.

        2. “It was originally a tax for the 1%, or at least that’s how it was sold to the states in order to get them to ratify the 16th. It took a while, not long but a while nonetheless, for it to bleed into the working classes.”
          Those who have true wealth don’t need earned income. So even when the income tax only applied to the top 1% of income earners, it was a means to limit the number of upper middle class reaching a point of rivaling “old money.”
          “We’re all socialists…. we don’t care about money…”
          “That’s because you have it.”
          “Could you repeat that?”
          “You don’t care about money because you’ve always had it.”

      2. Native Americans warned about the US government being too large and sucking too much from the start… even before Jefferson talked of “exterminating” them.
        The entire world outside the US could warn of it sucking too much through its reserve currency status – the printing of money and exportation of the “hidden tax” of inflation outside the US where 85% of dollars reside – and the reason the “FedHead” in 1946 said “taxes for revenue are obsolete”… which kinda dovetails with what Ortho says below…

      3. We’ve had so many warnings from the past it’s remarkable that we’re just now waking up to them.

        Most people are REAL SLOW to wake up for some reason.

    2. At 41 I’m at the age where I’m seeing fairly well seasoned players dipping out the game, in the 35-45 age range locally here, a few I know. And by far the biggest mistake I see them making is literally just latching onto the ‘last ass’ they had, instead of hand crafting their situation with “the right” girl(s). Almost like, “well, back to being beta, my time is up.” Damn you gotta leave this shit with purpose, woman or no woman in tow.

      1. similar age and with your observations I agree with you to an extent. A number of them let great women go in the not too distant past that I felt would have made great long term bets, but then they enjoyed the charms of numerous women after them. Quite a few men and women milk the sex and the city years as long as they can till the reality of increased knock backs hits home. They overplayed their hand. Yes some just ended up with the last piece of ass they had that was prepared to stick around, but there are a few savvy ones that managed to snag a pretty, regular down to earth, close to her family type woman 12-15 yrs younger, and they knew their chances of getting this again in 2, 4 or whatever yrs time was getting smaller with each passing year.

  3. No wonder, spitting solid game feels so forced, like a mask. This is why, it’s because you can never really show your true self to a modern woman, lest you get married to her or something. Always have to maintain.

  4. Good article, I recommend this book to anyone who wants to elevate their game, Iceberg Slim really lays out some solid game that one can absorb in their arsenal, but I have to disagree with you when you said “Black pimping coincided with the fall of the black nuclear family”
    The height of the pimp game in the US was actually the 50’s/60’s before the over-saturation of crack cocaine in which the drug dealers actually became the pimps. Which is why pimps would never recruit a junkie in their stable.
    Black pimping, or should I say pimping in general was/is actually very beneficial in weeding out the whores from the ladies. Resulting in better pair-bondings and relationships. In fact many older pimps will say that there is an epidemic of “rogue” whores in which they mean that there are alot of women that exhibit the behaviors of whores but the only difference is that they aren’t ‘turning tricks’.
    If it wasn’t for the the police and laws and regulations(depending on where you are). Pimping would be a very lucrative endeavor for the modern man(if you are exceptional in behavioral manipulation).
    To be honest I respect a prostitute more than her plebeian pretender as she is actually honest with herself and her own value.

    1. Good analysis.
      “before the over-saturation of crack cocaine in which the drug dealers actually became the pimps.”
      Made from cocaine trafficked by the US backed Nicaraguan contra rebels to fund US interests, a scheme that the CIA admitted to during congressional testimony. Crack really did, as 2Pac once said, “rock” the black community. The government was able to fund overseas interests using drug money, and also attack the black community (essentially “experiment with them”, in my own opinion). Really sick that no one in power was really held fully accountable, even though the truth came out…
      Yet the politicians continue to blabber on about how we need more taxpayer funding for the “War on Drugs”… These people are sick.

      1. “Blacks” weren’t *forced* to smoke it… and it was available to the “white” community too…

        1. well how come all the weed disappeared from the streets of baltimore in 1984 next thing we know we have cheap cocaine in dirt poor areas?

        2. What does that have to do with not being forced to smoke it?
          You can smoke crack, or you can not smoke crack.
          If someone offers you crack, you can either say “no thanks” or “yes please”.
          I repeat, NOBODY *forced* them to smoke crack.

        3. So do you apply that philosophy to everything problematic that doesn’t directly effect you in life?
          If you don’t help fight for your weaken brothers cause, you find those who attacked him, will have more efficient strategies when its ur turn.

        4. Yes I do apply that philosophy to everything problematic whether it does or doesn’t directly affect me in life.
          Ultimately it comes down to everyone’s personal choices and decisions.
          The best you can do is give people knowledge but you only they can act on it. You can’t fight for someone unwilling to fight for themselves.
          …and when it comes to fighting, you can only fight together if you have the same motivation/goals.

        5. So you’re basically saying that black people have no self control to not smoke whatever is “brought” into their hood.

        6. No body forces anyone to do anything. therefore stop complaining about all.the things u.complain about.

      2. Get off that “Gov’mnt made us niggas addicts and crim’nals” bullshit. NOBODY made a addict of any kind – black or white – pick up the pipe or needle or snort a damn thing. And ironically the few cases where it was forced upon kids it was BLACK dealers who did it.
        Same goes for forgoing hard moderate paying work vs quick easy money.
        Show me a “big time” dope dealer or hustler who raked in millions, and I’ll show you a dumb ass fool who didn’t know when to move on once he got himself above his poverty. I’m always amazed how They had nothing one day and the next millions, yet spent and burnt through the one thing they valued most as if it meant absolutely nothing to them. Inevitably they almost always end up dead, broke or both.
        It’s hilarious, give a nigga a magic bullet to lift himself out of the ghetto, and he uses it to dig in and become the king of the hood…the richest crab in a pot of crabs. Every single one doing their best to damn all the rest.

        1. I never said the government forced anybody to do anything. I said they *attacked* the black community. Anybody has the power to resist an attack. They have the choice to say “no”, and I’m not trying to vindicate street dealers and drug addicts. We definitely agree on the point of personal accountability.
          The point I was making was that the CIA, the U.S. State Department, the Reagan administration, and his attorney general William French Smith were either directly involved or turned a blind eye to the cocaine trafficking from Central America, and there was no real accountability or prison time. The journalist Gary Webb and others revealed all of this to the American people.
          Couple the fact that the government was/is involved in drug trafficking (or turns a blind eye to it) with the fact that they simultaneously fight a War on Drugs, it’s really hypocritical and does not fit with “and justice for all”. Also, many detention centers that house drug offenders have been privatized (Marco Rubio, the Bush’s, and others have cashed in on either CCA or The GEO Group).
          The big picture of the War on Drugs becomes clearer to me every year. The government turns a blind eye to drug smuggling (especially the chaotic US-Mexico border; a big reason why they won’t seal it is because it is profitable to politicians and private prisons). They arrest the lower level guys and turn a major profit from higher level drug sales, cash from the evidence room, and privatized prisons and their investors.

    2. “To be honest I respect a prostitute more than her plebeian pretender as she is actually honest with herself and her own value.” Essentially these same words I’ve been saying for a decade.

    3. “Iceberg Slim really lays out some solid game that one can absorb in their arsenal, but I have to disagree with you when you said ‘Black pimping coincided with the fall of the black nuclear family’”
      I agree 100%. Pimping had very little to do, if at all with the black nuclear family. And from what I understand most prostitutes with pimps were white women (look up Rosebudd for example)

    4. And your respect for PUA’s and wannabe’s whose whole MO is ONS, who then whine and bemoan slutty females?…

    5. You had me at “there is an epidemic of ‘rogue’ whores.” Welcome back Psquare. You should comment more often.

    6. Good stuff. I wandered back to these comments months later, and I’m sorry I missed your comment the first time around.
      Why are most pimps black? I think there’s a genetic component to it. Has to do with wiring for pair bonding.

  5. Excellent analysis.
    When I read American Pimp, which is another, better written, inside look at pimping, my perception of Game changed considerably. One sentence is etched in my mind: The whore dedicates herself to the pimp because he is the one man who accepts them for what they are, and he is the one man they cannot control with their sexuality. You do those two things and you are well on your way to dominance.

    1. I actually thought of my partner with whom I’m engaged to after that quote. I can’t control him with sex even if I wanted to.

        1. He just doesn’t react to being seduced in a way that others may have. He mostly ‘delays’ my advances. Its strange. I have had paranoid thoughts that he gets his rocks off with prossies every now and then, but I have no real gut feeling or evidence for that. I guess I am lucky x

        2. You are lucky because controlling a man through your sexuality is an easy game to play and diminishes the both of you. It’s the sucker punch of human behavior.
          Instead, you’ll be forced to control him through your kindness, character, and indispensability to his psyche. When you get to that point, you won’t even care how he gets his rocks off, and he won’t do anything to endanger the sweet deal he has. You become irreplaceable, and that’s a pretty sweet position to be in.

    2. very well said, mr shorteststraw………when you knock them off their pedestal, they have no where to turn……..

    3. My first thought reading it was – with that reasoning – the best pimp (and “modern game” artist, if you indeed believe it a “light” version necessary and/or applicable to normal relations, as the OP states) possible would then be a gay man… or straight woman.
      Just the thought that hit me, reading that sentence…

      1. The Tao of Steve rule #1: Be Desireless
        Yeah, that’s one of the conundrums of Game. You learn Game because you desire women, but you have to display not desiring them.
        However, it’s not that you desire no women. It’s that you have enough choice that she is replaceable. She is attractive, but so are many other women, many of whom also find you attractive.

  6. Pimps do have a mastery in Frame control.
    Everyone has different styles in game but the whole Dominance-Submission frame has to be maintained so that the bitch keeps making you a sandwich when you tell her to.

  7. I gotta go back to Athlone McGuinness’s old article, “How Black America Predicted Our Future.”

    How Black America Has Predicted Our Future

    “The thing is, and this isn’t race bating or racism in the least bit, but because African Americans in the 70′s and 80′s were more single parent house holds than their Caucasian counterparts, most African American women today were raised not only without 2 parents around, but are fully convinced they don’t need a man. we kinda like have a 20 year head start on this whole feminism thing.
    Black women have been telling black men they aren’t s**t, weren’t s**t and never will be S**T well before their Caucasian counterparts thought it was cool.“
    Single motherhood, broken families, crumbled societies, and rampant gang violence. This is your future, White America. This is what you chose.

    1. Or, we don’t. We have a built in genetic self defense mechanism – community altruism. Our parents share, good and bad, for better or worse, and adapt. The “50% divorce rate” is mostly non-whites, where I live it’s about 10%, give or take, which is the historical average. When black communities were being destroyed they atomized immediately. We exchange notes at kids sports gatherings and other events.

      1. “When black communities were being destroyed they atomized immediately. We exchange notes at kids sports gatherings and other events.”
        Atomized into gangs, unfortunately. Some prefer to exchange notes at sporting events, some prefer to exchange bullets on a nice sunny day at the park…

        1. Loss of family, family replaced with gang membership. One of Americas most misfortunate bleeding wounds.

        2. If you want to know what the planned future for both caucasians and hispanics in America is, look no further than black inner city areas.

        3. Except Whites tend to be highly organized. What gangs can White men join, though?
          Welcome to the coming race war.

        4. Quite a few. Arguably a lot of police departments act like gangs.
          I also know some people who are in bona fide, white only “gangs”, although they would vehemently disagree with being called a gang. The difference is that most white gangs are a lot harder to join than black gangs are….and if you’re the kind of person who hangs out on the internet then I can guarantee you that said gangs are not a fit for you.

        5. By asking the question of what kind of gangs White men can join, I was kinda pointing out how they tend to be what the $PLC calls “White Supremacist” or whatever the fuck the communist jews that run the SPLC refer to White groups that actually care about our future are.

        6. Compared to who? Italy? Greece? Russia? White Americans are very organized and lacking in corruption. Germany? Switzerland? Japan? Nobody can get that organized but those mentioned. Every other nonwhite country? Democratic Republic of Congo? Mexico? Lawlz

        7. Try the entirety of Europe pretty much, not to mention Japan, South Korea and Singapore, of which I admittedly know much less. Even Australia is making livable cities as opposed to suburban beehives. The rest of the planet isn’t surfing away their lives on smartphones and game consoles, not to mention fanatically following sports; all this while those with the money play the real games.
          Plus, white Americans are lacking in corruption?!? Now you’re really trying to make me laugh! Does any other country in the world piss away billions, and thousands of lives, destroying the third world for private riches?

        8. That is so much wrong, I don’t even know where to start. Europe is a marxist cesspit with smartphones. Especially Western Europe.
          As for your second point, other than pissing away lives, all other nations piss away billions to feed third world idiots. An arguably bigger waste, since the world could use some eugenic cleansing of the islamic world.

        9. Global wisdom derived from your shack in the Ozarks, I’m sure. Please do us the favor of sparing your “world” view for your illiterate friends.

        10. Yes they are. I’m Ukraine even the poor folks save up and buy a new iPhone rather than move out of their parents home. And Europe is OBSESSED with football… Err… Soccer.

        11. You said the rest of the world isn’t stuck in their iPhones and avidly following sports. Which is not true… Its a worldwide epidemic

        12. Agreed with regard to the iPhones, at least in the Western world. The sports is more of a North American thing.

        13. “The rest of the planet isn’t surfing away their lives on smartphones and game consoles”

        14. Dude, your “Bash America” game is straight from 1993. You know, pre-internet. Before the world realized that everyone else in the world is an idiot too, not just Americans (who were providing about 95% of the world’s media/movies at that point).

        15. No, I won’t. It’s clear that the only thing you know about Europe came from the media. Educated and middle-class Europeans aren’t infected with sports like their counterparts in the States. There’s simply no comparison. Hooligans are a different matter, but very isolated.

        16. Uh, I think everything that the U.S. has undertaken post 9/11 screams of imperialism, except it is destroying the country this time around as it further enriches the corrupt.
          Your opinion is what is dated.
          Indeed, the rest of the world has idiots, too (the stupidity of Islam speaks for itself), but they aren’t found in such numbers in the rest of the West, perhaps due to a focus on/need for actual education.

        17. This shows how lacking in intelligence you are. The western world is very disorganized and corrupt, and we wouldn’t be reading this site if it weren’t so. Believe what you want, but the facts show otherwise. Blame it on immigrants, but remember which corrupt officials thought it was a good idea to let them in on behalf of the taxpayer’s money so that corporations could maximize profitability.

        18. Not so, it isn’t happening like this in the Philippines. Of all the women I knew, only one had a smartphone. The rest had a Nokia and texted rarely. And you can research that. It also isn’t happening in third world countries where people still have family values, even if they have less money. Feminism can’t step foot in those countries.

        1. Divorce stats are an interesting thing. Around my parts whites divorce 10% to 12% of the time. The rest….

        2. “The rest….”
          ….sticks together for the children and/or because of religious reasons, laziness and the fear of living alone.
          There was a brain activity study that showed most people can´t really stand each other anymore after 4 years of relationship. It´s all a charade from this point on (with few exceptions).
          Observing my circle of friends and relatives shows this study seems to be very accurate.

        3. ha ha you are telling the truth. i work with a bunch of white wives most are staying for the reasons you named

      2. “Or, we don’t. We have a built in genetic self defense mechanism – community altruism”
        Meanehile the ‘system’ has SWAT and a fuck load of laws allowing for destruction of family and instant prison for no reason to everyone.

    2. Black crime is due to low IQ, that can only happen to whites if our average IQ first drops a lot more, and that at current speed will take like a century or so, assuming race mixing don’t increase much more.

        1. So you think there are no intelligence differences between blacks and whites (average differences) even though everything tells us so?

        2. Try a single generation. That’s how long it could take if we allow things to go poorly. This will be due to a mixture of effects, and while race mixing is one of them, it’s probably one of the least concerning on a grand scale. No, cooption of media and communication venues, corruption of both educators and education systems, and the willingness of those who KNOW it is vile and hateful to go along with it – these will be the the dominant factors leading up to the war.
          And it WILL be war… If we’re lucky.
          The low IQ and the crime of the black communities are both partially effects of the same causes, those being depreciation/disintegration of stable families to properly raise children, delusory emphasis on violence and rebellion, and constantly being lied to, told that it’s not their fault. I’m not ruling out genetics, but discipline and responsibility are, and have always been the bigger issues for civilizations, and they certainly don’t lower IQs.
          Conversely, if you want to create or maintain a quality society, you need strong, highly stable and militantly enforced family structures, and hawk-eyes on education in any and all forms, with overriding emphasis on truth, self control, diligence, and personal responsibility.

        3. That’s bullshit though, race mixing isn’t widespread enough for dysgenics to drop us to the black level in one generation, the average African IQ is around 50-60ish, while the white Germanic one like 100-105ish. Even if everyone racemixed with blacks our new average IQ would probably be in the 80-90s. And intelligent people are still having children, just not as many as in the past. Corruption of education can’t effect our genetics.
          And no, genetics is everything when it comes to civilization, or rather, higher intelligence (which is controlled by genes).

  8. Thanks for this. Even without the pimping, I loved these books for the slang alone, and talked like a forties gangster for a day after reading.
    And if you give me any guff on that, I’ll give you one right in the puss, yuh gol durned ole so and so.

  9. “I told you once, do I have to tell you a thousand times? Greenass Nigger, to be a good pimp, you gotta be icy, cold like the inside of a dead-whore’s pussy.”

  10. I don’t usually watch Lifetime (women’s channel) but a title caught my eye ‘Stolen From the Suburbs’ and bit by bit the show was like an alluring bag of chex party mix and I found myself sitting like a potted plant and watching the show for the entire hour.

    Before I could mentally articulate the panacea for the modern state of degeneracy, the next scene came like a bum rush of programming. Fast flicker programming it was. The movie is in Lifetime’s 2015 ‘Us Against Them’ lineup. What a name, ‘us against them’. The story is about an old female hooker who goes into business trafficking stolen youths. She prizes abducted virgins and sells them to buyers for a premium. The old madame has strong arm thugs that struck me as being more like soulless eunuchs with roid builds. Overviewing the movie gave me a perspective with the thugs casted. They’re just like the sell out guys, the ‘yes men’ that work for any ‘boss lady’ in a ‘legitimate’ business, or the mangina and WN cops and enforcers that do the muscle work for the bitch system when it purges the patriarchs and eviscerates the traditional family.

  11. “You know things are bad when a reformed prostitute from last century could be a better girlfriend than one you meet at a nightclub this weekend.”
    Great observation, but also very disheartening.
    Question: What is the difference between many women today and porn stars or prostitutes? Answer: The porn stars and prostitutes got paid for it.

    1. Or…..Fat Lady use to be a 1950’s circus freak show. Now they are waddling around your neighbourhood.

        1. Na, the fat bitches at Walmart don’t stand up like the circus freak, they roll around in powered wheelchairs (lazy azz hoes)

        1. This was reported in a previous RoK. I never realized there was a “Fat Lady” and even more shocked by what qualified as fat in those days.

        2. At least the fat ladies of the past still try to be feminine and clean as best they can. If they lost weight, they would look decent. The way women mutilate themselves today would make them permanently damaged.

    2. Naw bro, they ALL got paid for it, just the pros operate on the normal conceivable exchange, clear singular transactions with money. All the rest, well they didn’t get quite pro rate, but part of their currency is joy in the misery of others, and disregard without accountability. Like the thief whose a clepto, and doesn’t really care entirely about the money, but rather the thrill of getting away with it.

    3. Answer: The porn stars and prostitutes are upfront with what they are. Money for sex, honest exchange, nobody is being deceived or manipulated.
      The others pretend to give it up for free, but plot to ensnare you. Which is why they are so outraged when they get pumped-and-dumped. They were planning to charge and arm and a leg for the cow, but you just took the free milk and ran.

    4. That is exactly what i thought when i saw the pictures in the article aswell… They look more feminine and healthier than your average 21st century woman

    5. Why on earth anyone would go to a bar or nightclub and expect to find quality women, I have no idea.
      It used to be that any woman you could spot in a bar EVER was pretty low grade, and that was during my pre-teen years… and I’m only 27 for goodness sake.
      Oh wait, they still are low grade. I’ll just be moving along, minding my business then.

  12. Good god, this article is pure gold. I’m not much into sucking up to the establishment of a website, but this shit is pure raw beauty. I collect antique paper ephemera and really want to acquire this book now.

    1. Funny enough, I just purchased a book on pimping and the clerk who sold it to me couldn’t mask the utter disgust on her face. Made me even prouder to own the book.
      “Nothing is evil but thinking makes it so.”

      1. Nothin like a retail chick making $10/hr judging you to make the day complete…

      2. This sounds fun. I went into the bookstore the other day looking for Victory Point-Operations Red Wings and Whalers – the Marine Corps’ Battle for Freedom in Afghanistan
        The retail chick was a punk goth queer. I think it was female. I has her look up the title for me. I should go in there and have her look up some better titles.
        Excuse me Miss, do you have the following books in?:
        Bang: The Pickup Bible That Helps You Get More Lays
        Poosy Paradise
        Bang Iceland: How To Sleep With Icelandic Women In Iceland
        Mein Kampf
        Pimp by Iceberg Slim
        SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down The Thought Police

        1. When I went to my local book store, where I’m recognized, I asked the cute girl there to order me a book on spanking.
          She was starry-eyed.

        1. At the bookstore, your generic Barnes and Nobles, the line was backed up slightly and only one attendant was there, some young, bright eyed, 18 year old girl with no room left on her ears to pierce. I handed her a few books and as she went through them, one was on the laws of success, onne was on how to read people, and the final one was pimps, her face went from smile to a noticeable scowl. If she could have lit the book on fire she would have. After I made my purchase I got not a smile, not a thank you for choosing our store, not an enjoy your day. Nothing. I’m surprised she didn’t call me a patriarchal pig. With her reaction alone I know I made the right purchase.
          Now for the golden nugget. The book I purchased is The 48 Laws of the Game Pimpology by Pimpin’ Ken with Karen Hunter. He has your generic shots with rappers, an image of him holding a chalice, and the essential pimps up hoes down message. I’ve only glimpsed through the book so far but here are some laws he covers.
          Trust Nothing but the Game.
          Pimpin is what you do not who you are.
          Get rid of the word if.
          Let a Hoe know.
          Keep your Front Up Til you come Up.
          And so on. I’m not versed in all of pimp lore but I naturally have a lot of tendencies that place my game at higher than average. It doesn’t hurt to see why what you do works or find ways to do it with more flare so you enjoy it.
          Last note, most bookstores by and large do not carry any of Roosh’s books. You’ll either have to pre-order them or go to Amazon.

      3. Ah, few nectars are as sweet as the helpless acrimony of a wage-slave forced to serve someone whom they detest. I wish I could’ve seen it.

        1. I doubt it. I honestly think the blue pill is almost as common among women as among men. They’re as unaware of their hamsterizations as of their sexual nature.

    2. Almost hard to comprehend how well Ice Burg had it right. I mean really remove yourself from right now, and immerse yourself in those times. To quote a perfect prostitute bimbo response.. “wow, just wow.”

    3. I’m just happy the link has finally been made. My original mentor in the game was very big into understanding pimp game, and used the principles to great effect. Hell a lot of his philosophies are almost direct quotes.

  13. A while back I had found a pdf from police about pimping, and some of the surprising things they did were isolate a woman, like locking her in a closet or a trunk, and alternately threatening her and treating her sweet.

      1. Kind of, I think really it comes from the fact that long ago, during wars or raids, women would be kidnapped, and the best evolutionary option to them was to accept their new position(her old tribe may not even exist anymore). Her captors would have restricted her movements, punished her, and treated her well to encourage her joining the tribe…all wife beater/pimp behaviors.

    1. Like it says, these women are dumbasses to begin with
      Same with these continuous domestic violence bimbos. Too stupid to put her hand in her ass and leave.

    2. Women use this too, it’s universal. Act all sweet then act like a bitch, alternating between the two.

      1. Semi random positive reinforcement yes, but no woman has locked any man I know in a closet.

        1. No but, she has kicked him out or cut him off or talked shit about him I n order to socially ostracize him.

  14. “Pimps made sure their whores weren’t talking to other pimps, and would threaten them with ass-kickings if they did. The modern game tactic of being confident of your value and never being jealous is sound in theory, but when there are 10,000 other high value men scratching at your girl’s door (i.e. smartphone), you’ll eventually lose her like how pimps eventually lose all the whores in their stable.
    Self-control is one of the most important traits of a pimp. They deliberately control their mental state and horniness. They can’t let a whore show he’s weak for the pussy because then she knows that she can control him. Sound familiar?”
    So Roosh what’s the solution? Just be alpha and pray that some other alpha doesnt steal her?
    Is there any silver lining to look forwatd to?

  15. Dumbass, that last picture is from Pretty Baby, a MOVIE about prostitutes. That’s Brooke Shields, Keith Carradine and Susan Sarandon.

  16. God damn, Roosh, you lost me on this one. As of yet, I don’t need this stuff. Meh, to each his own, I’m not having to treat broads like a woman in the stable.

  17. “But now we have an entire generation of women who are so broken that they race to an app like Tinder with the hope that a good looking pimp with smooth text game will turn them on for a fleeting sexual encounter. ”
    So true when you think about it. Apps like Tinder allow women a firm control over the sexual marketplace, where a man can be squeezed out due solely to physical appearance. Yet seldom do you come across one of these girls who even has the desired characteristics of a quality women.

  18. I’m a lawyer from NYC living and teaching English to corporate executives in Turkey. Everyone talks about how extremely difficult it is to get laid here, even with the rise in feminism and slut culture. Its because Turkish girls live in cold fear of Men- thier fathers, uncles, brothers, bosses. And the government does NOT step in as a White Knight to save them. Men have a social grip on women that keeps them regulated. Its not impossible to lay an unmarried chick here, but its a complex, discreet, difficult undertaking requiring deep use of language and knowledge of culture. Once upon a time, American women were exactly like this.

    1. Turks are Muslims, so that probably also has a lot to do with Turkish women acting that way.

      1. I think it has more to do with the fact that there is no way to force something out of men there.

  19. Did anyone else picture Chalky White narrating the excerpts? =)
    (OT: But holy shit, the scar is real 😉

  20. “Pimp” actually opened my eyes to the way of women, and how to properly seduce them.
    Iceberg Slim is a legend.

  21. Two of my closest friends are pimps one more successful than the other. What Roosh says is correct all of their girls have low self esteem of some kind but trust me you would never know by looking at them the more successful constantly pulls 9s with jobs ranging from a nurse to a school teacher. My other buddy that is not as successful pulls bangable 7s out of the club whom you would never know we’re prostitutes by looking at them. The game they use is pretty standard stuff after they’re reeled in then they tell them that they are official pimps you would be amazed at how many chick’s are ‘intrigued’ by the lifestyle .
    I say this to say that most of these chick’s you’re drooling over in the club are 15 minutes of hard core game from selling their pussy for a living….

    1. Have you been able to work out why one is more successful than the other? Are they both the same level physically? Is one flashier than the other? Personalities?

      1. One is more successful because he is more of a manager/boyfriend type to the women. He lets them lead their normal lives and treats “the game” as a job where they clock in and out once they hit their quota the other is what many would consider a hardcore pimp he moves them in with him and tries to control their every movement which is not as successful. In contrary to what movies and TV shows tell you neither are violent with the girls and they don’t allow drugs of any kind in their program because in a pimp’s mind the drug would have more control over the woman than they would.
        The more successful one is definitely in better shape former football player and he’s been doing it awhile so at this point he has a 2015 Range Rover, 2014 Bentley and and Porsche Panamera so obviously that helps attract the girl but as far as personally flashy, not gold or diamond rings or jewelry of any kind when we go out he’s in jeans and T-shirt 90% of the time. Both are very outgoing the more successful has the charisma to take over any room he enters.
        P.S. The way he became a pimp is kind of interesting he was just in a grocery store decided to talk to a chick after a few conversations she told him what she does and wanted him to be her pimp. He never had any aspirations of doing it, it just kinda fell into his lap.

        1. Interesting. I can imagine having the girls move in and trying to micro-manage would cause all sorts of problems. It’s basically breaking rule number one of pretty much everything: Don’t shit where you eat.
          Thanks for the reply!

  22. The present day state is the pimp of modern women. They go out to earn for the state, lured by the states tight game – “you will be empowered by abandoning children, family and working instead”. The state gets the extra tax revenue. Broads end up getting in a debt trap because women are the main consumers in western culture. The marketers understand this so they target the women in advertising, politicians understand this so they target women in campaigns. Schools feed the system with more fodder, and the broads think they are asserting themselves and becoming independent. Go feminism.

  23. Outstanding article. It seems the so called PUA seem much more in tuned to civilized society than the proper educated elites and even Christian religious leadership..

  24. It’s interesting in that this is how I used to talk to my mother. This guy was eons ahead of himself.

  25. Well I’m sure the lack of trusting these women probably stems from the fact that these “mind controlling” techniques exist in the first place. If she can be manipulated at all, obviously someone else can come in and do the same, right? I thought we were the manipulators, though? So then.. If they can’t be trusted because they have some insatiable desire to fool around, this means they choose to be susceptible to another man’s form of mind control? But then, it wouldn’t really be under the actual mind control, it would be conscious choice… But If the mind control really works, then the ones you shouldn’t be trusting would be the other men who are attempting to “covet” his friend’s… Uhhh hoe or whatever, right?

  26. I said , “You met me in your first hot dream, remember? You know that pretty joker in your little girl dreams that always faded when you woke up wet between the legs.
    That will get a white man a false rape accusation and a restraining order today.

    1. Not necessarily. Depends upon how “creepy” he is.

  27. This repeat article reminds me of Patrice O’Neal with his classic talk about women and how their self worth is tied to vagina and his interview with the pimp (can’t remember the exact show).

      1. Yes, the first time I tuned into RoK. There is an Opie and Andy Show with Patrice talking to a pimp – just a classic. Another is entitled “The Greatest Story Ever Told” on the O&A Show.
        WWPD and what would he say about the false rape accusations. Shame he left too soon.

  28. “Take a look at Fifty Shades Of Grey, one of the best selling books of all time. It’s essentially a white man using pimp game to dominate and control a girl’s mind.”
    The main character in the movie was a successful multi millionaire – yeah the guy had “pimp” game and all – but seriously lets not rule out megabucks as being a major major factor. I highly doubt any amount of pimp game would work if said main character worked for UPS or Home Depot or Walmart.

  29. What an utter piece of trash, a textbook psychopath. I’m glad he’s dead, and I hope he suffered a lot before he went. I get an intense urge to squash this cockroach when I read this.

  30. You must accept the negro ways or you’re racist. The next style of mating will be muslim rape relations

  31. I would highly recommended ‘Trick baby’, the story of a con man. It’s the second best book of Iceberg Slim.

  32. Hard to give the pictures any credence when the last one is a screen shot from the movie “Pretty Baby” with Brooke Shields and Susan Sarandon.

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