Men Fought The Nazis, Women Slept With Them

I grew up listening to my family’s tales about their service in World War 2. A grand total of four of my forebears served in the Canadian Army during WW2—one in the air force, as part of a bomber crew, one as a tanker (he died just after the new year in 1945, when his tank was destroyed), and two others as regular old infantry men.

My infantry-serving great uncle was the best story teller, and…no offense to the others…his stories were the most interesting since he served in combat the longest (arriving in Normandy a week after the landings, whereas my other uncle arrived in Italy during 1945 and saw minor action, while the third was killed and the fourth in the air force had a pretty boring routine occasionally interrupted by flak and Messerschmidt’s). He saw the most of the war, grinding his way across France and Holland and Germany while personally experiencing some of the epic events that are now ingrained forever in history. He survived run-ins with Tiger tanks, fought against elite Waffen SS divisions and saw a concentration camp (Bergen-Belsen) firsthand.

The most harrowing event of his service happened during the drawn out battle for the Carpiquet Airfield, located close to the Normandy coastline. At the time the Germans believed that the British and Canadian armies were the biggest threats, and concentrated the majority of their elite panzer and SS divisions against them, making the battle bloody and protracted.

One day my great uncle’s platoon was tasked with a reconnoitre patrol, a fancy term for what was essentially sending a few dozen men toward the German front line to see what sort of and how much weaponry would be fired at them. My great uncle’s platoon had barely gotten a hundred and some yards away from their line when two well-sighted MG42 machine guns caught the platoon in a crossfire in a very exposed position. Unfortunately my great uncle was near the front of the column. He was one of the few up there not to be killed or wounded immediately. He hit the deck, crawling into what little shelter there was around alongside the few members of his platoon who hadn’t been wounded too heavily to move. The machine guns kept their fire up for several minutes until finally, all at once, they stopped. No shots rang out from my great uncle or the men who were huddling around him. They were armed with bolt action Lee Enfield rifles, with ten round clips. Considering the MG42 machine gun is capable of firing 1200 rounds a minute and there were usually in excess of 1,000 rounds for it on hand in a typical German position, it wasn’t exactly an unreasonable idea for him to keep huddled down and quiet.


It didn’t take long for the few suppressed squaddies to realize that the rest of the platoon had either been incapacitated or pulled back. The way back to the Canadian lines (so damn close but so damn far) was across a relatively flat field with only waist high grass and the occasional bush for cover. Anyone crawling through it would be seen immediately, and the Germans were well aware that there were some Canadian troops out there cowering.

At various times in the day, those in Canadian lines tried to lay down covering fire (they, like the Germans, knew there were pinned down survivors in No Man’s Land). During a heavy barrage of artillery and machine gun fire on the German’s positions, my great uncle and the men with him started to pull out. An MG42 opened up immediately and scythed down the two men who had gotten up just moments before my great uncle. One went down instantly, dead, and the other had his head blown in half by the same burst. The man with the exploded head actually managed to stumble a few more steps and went down only when hit with a secondary burst of machine gun fire. The now fewer remaining survivors hunkered down and waited for darkness. When it came the survivors pulled out…just minutes before a German patrol swept over their former position in a fierce local counter attack.

Hundreds of thousands of men from many western countries faced similar horrors day after day after day during World War 2. Unlike the popular myth of eager Johnny signing up in droves, many of them were drafted (conscripted) into service. We in Canada actually had a crisis because we were running out of bodies willing to voluntarily sign up to go over there. Regardless, the war against Nazi German was arguably one of the few truly just wars throughout history. Nazi Germany was a genocidal, tyrannical regime which invaded numerous democracies and, if left unchecked, would have undoubtedly continued their military conquests. There was little doubt in the public mind of the west that Nazi Germany was an evil country and one that needed to be defeated to ensure a measure of peace for western democracies.


Upon returning home, my great grandpa and uncles discovered a bit of a scandal had happened in their town. Nearby there was a small prisoner of war camp, a real slipshod operation which consisted of about a hundred Germans living in tar shacks out by some potato farms. Security at the camp consisted of some men too fat (yes, there were lots of fat people back then too) or old to serve in combat roles who spent their days sleeping in trucks with loaded shotguns across their laps, and a single roll of barb wire topping a chest high cow fence. German prisoners were essentially left to their own devices and if they had been so inclined they could have very easily escaped. However, since it was obvious to most of them that their war was a lost cause and crossing the Atlantic back to Germany was an impossible task, most were happy to spend the rest of the war sun tanning and picking potatoes while their countrymen fought mine in bloody battles.

The scandal was that during the war, several of the local Canadian women had been driving or biking out to fraternize with German prisoners of war in the shacks. Fraternize is a polite, politically correct term: in actuality, these Canadian women were driving or walking out to the tar shacks to screw the brains out of these German prisoners of war. These women ranged in age, some teenagers, others nearly in their 40s, but at least a few dozen were known to be regulars out there (from a town of about 1500 people) and it’s likely that the real numbers of local woman fucking Nazis was higher. Some were repeats, most were undoubtedly just curious one night stands. Still, while people like my great grandpa and uncles were experiencing the horror of the European theatres, the women back home in their countries—the ones whom propaganda often told them they were supposed to be fighting for—were sucking the dicks of the men who had been massacring them before they stuck up a white flag.

Western women sleeping with Nazis happened in every single country, though obviously occupied ones like France had much higher rates of women spreading their legs for the Ubermensch than ones like America and Canada, although we had our fair share as well. While French men were being tortured, executed by being tied up and shot, and living miserable lives in the woods while risking their lives to sabotage Germany’s war effort in order to free their country, their women were willingly allowing themselves to be spitroasted by SS officers in Parisian hotels.

“Women have always been the primary victims of war.”
– Hillary Clinton, American President 2016-2024


Pictured: Typical Female Victim 

While British men were machine gunned in hill and thicket, being beheaded for trying to rescue downed pilots, and executed for trying to escape their POW camp to get back into the war, British women were having Nazi babies and getting ready to marry them. But that’s okay, I guess. After all, British women were screwing around with Nazis before the war even began, admiring the ‘culture’ of all those bronzed, blonde haired supermen who were in the midst of herding several million people into concentration camps. There probably wasn’t any public expectation that all the young Marys wouldn’t be screwing around with Fritz while their Tommy’s were being blown apart by 88’s a few dozen miles to the south-east.


You as well as I know that at least half of those SS officers got into them.

And do you think American were the exception?

Well, they weren’t.

“While in most reports the men were described as “well-behaved” at least two escape attempts were reported in the local newspaper. The first in July 1944 involved two girls, Kitty Case and Shirley Druce, 20 and 18 respectively, helped two men escape from the W. R. Roach Canning Company where they worked.

Both girls admitted making arrangements to meet the two men, Gottfried Hobel and Eric Classen (both 20), and Case testified that she was in love with one of the men. A month after the conviction, they were sentenced. Case received one year and three months while Druce was sentenced to one year and a day.”

While Tom Hanks was telling Matt Damon to live a good life

“Although fraternization with the prisoners was strictly illegal, the POW literature and my own interviews suggest that fraternization was widespread.”

“It was not unusual for Americans to initiate contact with prisoners working amongst them…”

“…the “biggest problem is not to keep prisoners from making advances to people. The problem is to keep the people from fraternizing with prisoners…”

“…there seems to be an uncontrollable desire [among Americans] to watch them and try to communicate with them.”

“Particularly concerned about fraternization between American women and German prisoners, the army made special efforts to reduce their potential contact with the enemy. Such efforts, however, did not prove very effect. For example, an intelligence report from Camp Fort Hays, Kansas, in October 1943 notes with some consternation that “the girl students at Fort Hays Teachers College made every effort [bold emphasis added by Billy] to get close [spread their legs – Billy] and fraternize [fuck – Billy] with the prisoners; in many cases they have been successful. While rumours that some POWs had married American women were unsubstantiated, there are several accounts of romantic relationships between German prisoners of war and American women.”

In other words, Nazi Fux, American veteran bux.

“The army’s main concern about the work program was fraternization between POWs and female civilians, and with good reason. Illicit romances—or rumors of them—were common at factories, where German prisoners and American women often worked side by side. At Camp Cooke, California, one German took advantage of his bus driving assignment by parking in a remote area to canoodle with a fellow employee. Perhaps the most extreme instance was a Wisconsin branch camp where local teenage girls slipped past lax security to cavort with the prisoners.”

There’s nothing better after a hard doing of being a Nazi prisoner of war than an orgy with a bunch of under age American sluts amirite?

While the men of World War 2 were being exposed to sights like this everyday:


their women back home were getting their nipples sucked on by suave gentlemen like this:


Women have always been sluts. The ‘Greatest Generation’ is no exception. It is, however, important to note the fact that women of all ages, in all the Allied countries (occupied or not) not only willingly slept with the soldiers and proponents of one of the most evil empires to have ever existed; they actively sought out Nazi’s to screw. Nazi Germany was a nation of cruelty not seen since the Medieval ages, and whose terror is topped in modernity by the Soviet Union. If we need any more evidence (which we most certainly do not) as to how immoral and low women as a species can go, we need only acknowledge this fact; while our grandfathers and great grandfathers were off fighting and dying to stop genocide and maintain a free world, their women were fucking the same people who were committing these horrific crimes.

So gentlemen, next time you’re making the mistake of trying to have a debate with a woman and she inevitably breaks Godwin’s law by dropping the Nazi card on you, feel free to drop this incendiary logic bomb on her Dresden: if you really were a Nazi, then why isn’t she desperately trying to have sex with you?

Because men fought the Nazis. Women slept with them.

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    1. So what? Bad guys always existed with good guys. The difference is that these good guys actually take the guts to die for what is right, while the women lick the balls of the nazis because of their überalpha in uniform fantasy. And don’t forget that basically were also the women who elected the nazi party.

      1. I’m implying, that once you say that men WERE the nazis, there really is no further arguement as far as level of culpubility.
        Some people(ignorant) argue that the reason Germany’s first few months of their invasion of Russia was so successful was because Stalin had actually regrouped his forces for offensive positions on Germany and were unprepared for an assault. That Russia was preparing to attack Germany. Bullocks is what I say, because, once again when you take the argument all the way down the line, there was a book written in 1925. That ends the argument
        Much more importantly than our comments is what a brave and heroic man Chubb’s great uncle was.
        Billy-thank you for sharing his story

        1. I think England made a mistake. The popular will of most Europeans is nationalist and often fascist.
          Although perhaps Germany was vying for hegemony and war was inevitable, the wars look like error. Is the author butthurt about Germany thrashing Brazil though?

        2. Lets say you are right. Stalin had not positioned his forces for attack. In this case, why was Germany so successful? Additionally, how was Germany able to cut off and surround so many Russian forces if they weren’t positioned in forward positions?

        3. The Russians placed 20,000 tanks tens of thousands of aircraft in Eastern Poland (recall their invasion of Poland in 1939). The Germans hadily defeated these forces in a few weeks. As the Germans advanced to their horror they discovered Russian columns raised in the interior sent along the roads equipped with T34’s and KV1’s crewed by fanatical communists and a growing number of Russian nationalists who surmised the Germans came to exterminate. The frontier troops that the Germans defeated might have had Fascist sympathies and saw Germany as progressive and worthy of imitation. Most of the Soviet officers were probably happy to surrender to escape Stalin’s tender mercy too. Then the Germans got cruel and Russian patriots woke up.

        4. Defending Polish sovereignty. It would have been better to get the Soviets and Germans to fight rather than bring the Wehrmacht across the Rhine over Danzig and Warsaw.

        5. Not getting the Germans and USSR to clash in 1940. It was a blunder to declare war on Germany over Poland. Friction between the Soviets and Nazis should have been the policy priority of any sane British statesman. Then the British Empire could have intervened at leisure on one side or the other if either side looked like it was going to be defeated. There are no good reasons for Britain to have intervened on the Polish Question. It’s a “mystery” for the ages.

        6. Actually the ignorant is you. Since the times of Lenin, one of the dreams of the Politburo was the conquest of Germany that at that time was the industrial heart of Europe. Combined with Russia’s huge natural resources and fledging industry, the world would be at reach by the Soviet empire. Even Russian historians (Suvarov and others) have acknowledged that circumstantial evidence points out in only one direction: Soviet invasion just weeks away from the Barbarossa offensive, maybe a month. And unlike Russia, Germany doesn’t the vast forests and tundra surrounding its industrial heart, hell Preussen was part of Germany’s industrial heartland…

        7. That’s been turned on its head with Cultural Marxism and the soft genocide in progress in Europe through massive Turd World immigration.

        8. I agree. The thing that most people (for whatever reason) don’t seem to see is that Britain and France guaranteed Polish independence and caused a regional war to turn into a world war. Yet by the end of the war Poland wasn’t even free! It was just transferred from one evil tyrant (Hitler) to another (Stalin). So what the hell was it all for? Britain lost its empire and the military-industrial complex was born in the US. On top of that Communism spread like wild fire after the Soviet victory. Result? 150 million dead by the end of the century. Hell, even Churchill admitted that it was an “unnecessary war” later on.
          Why not just let to the two dictatorships fight each other to a frazzle and weaken themselves?

        9. Do essentially Stalin had positioned his forces for an attack on Germany?

        10. I’m not sure. I’d characterize the deployment as a deterent and as a garrison for the new Eastern Poland province. I’d say that the Sovs were not ready to invade that summer.

        11. Stalin went to his grave believing that the Brits were a hairsbredth away from directly encouraging Germany to invade Russia. The lack of a second front in France always made Stalin suspect the Brits and Americans were deliberately helping to bleed Russia dry. So Stalin was aware that the Brits should have acted in their own self interest. No British minister thought to act in the national interest though. “Mysterious” stuff.

        12. So essentially Stalin was positioning his army to invade Germany, which is why the surpise attack by Germany was able to cut of off and surround unprepared units still in column?

  1. How about all the women working in factories while their men were fighting?

    1. the author mentions a few times that they met the nazis in the factories.

    2. Of course they did have to work, since there was purely a lack of men to do the job. Or you expected them to hire dogs?

  2. In light of the postwar history of the West, maybe those women recognized who the true men were.

    1. yeah many british men were also badass mfers in case you forgot
      it just goes to prove how loyal a woman is when the fighting begins

      1. They were bad ass mother fuckers fighting for the destruction of their own country and race.
        I’m sorry, but the women were right on this one.

    1. as a polish american whose grand dad fought in that war i say we should have fought both

      1. wouldn’t have taken much to bomb Moscow and Stalingrad on behalf of the nazis…. with the soviets out of the way, and Europe at peace… Hilter could have been tamed….

        1. yeah with polish (and a lot of other peoples blood but I don’t care about them) blood fuck that

        2. Stalingrad was already bombed to bits by the Germans. That obviously didn’t work. On the contrary, it made victory nearly impossible.

    2. That was what U.S. General Patton came to believe in the months prior to his demise. Patton’s private papers were released by his family in the 1970’s where he pretty much lays out that we fought the wrong side.

      1. His “demise” is up for debate. Eisenhower wasn’t really a fan of his views about Russia and the outcome of the war.He was being too vocal so Patton,the tough as nails tank general just died in a car accident.

  3. When I spoke with old people in my town in Bulgaria, they told me that the German soldiers were really well behaved, always clean, shaved and ironed, They were always willing to help and cooperate with the locals. The old ladies also said that the German men were quite handsome and few girls hit the sack with them … voluntarily.
    Whereas when the Ruskis arrived afterwards, they were like savages – drunk, dirty and smelly. They expected to be fed and raped the women in front of their husbands.
    Nazi Germany was a nation of cruelty not seen since the Medieval ages
    This is not true but I’d rather not go into that argument.

    1. Bulgaria was part of the axis powers.
      “This is not true but I’d rather not go into that argument.”
      Well is my statement true? Or is your real last name Irving?

      1. Yes, Bulgaria was part pf the axis powers but the country had also declared defeat prior to the arrival of the Ruskis and yet they behaved like they were taking the country by force.
        USA and Britain also behaved similar to the Ruskis because they bombed the capital Sofia to the ground despite the fact that country had declared defeat. Churchill was just bitter because of Gallipoli so he ordered the raids. Sofia was such a beautiful city at the time, often compared to Vienna.
        A less known fact is that despite being part of the axis power Bulgaria saved its Jewish population. And as a thank you gesture, after the communists came to power many of politicians that played a role in this act were sent to prison by a jury that consisted mostly of Jewish Bulgarians.
        Your statement is not true as you just repeat the version of history written by the winners. The history of WWII is yet to be revised and present in black and white.

        1. Every single country allied with Germany refused the German request to hand over its Jews. Nothing to blow your nationalistic horn about.

        2. Croatia handed over the jews (or killed them on their own far more vile terms) Vichy france handed over the jews hungry too not to mention….. hell almost all of them
          finland didn’t hand over their jews (the two) but they never got the request

        3. Dude, you are retarded. Germany attempted to DEPORT its jewish population but NO ONE would take them.
          And why the hell would Germany, known for its efficiency, go to the trouble of transporting, cataloging, and housing a jewish population in order to kill them, when they could just as easily have killed them where they found them if that was their intent?
          Maybe the answer is at the Holocaust museum, there’s always one nearby.

        4. Not technically correct. The French preserved it’s Jewish citizenry. It did deport stateless refugee Jews. Shysters on the run from Germany, Austria and Poland.

    2. There’s no doubt that Germany was the counter weight to the spread of communism and that the Soviet empire was far worse than anything the Germans did. You could even argue that more intelligent statesman than Churchill and Roosevelt would have had more dialogue before starting a war, that wound up with half of Europe being lost to communism for half a century. Not to mention the cold war and the suffering in Russia itself.
      Russia won the war, the US and UK lost it. Germany was obliterated, which was a shame because they had some damn fine technology and work ethics etc. It’s also a shame that Germans still carry a stigma today, whereas the real stigma should be carried by the soviet block polaks and slavs.
      I’d also add that the reason women went after the prisoners of war, was because it gave them power. They could hit on the guy, fuck him and have no comebacks. This shows that women are just as horny as men, but simply have to find social mechanisms to enjoy their lust.

      1. hey prick us polaks were fucked up by the nazis and then after the war we got it up the ass again BY THE RUSSIANS

        1. Danzig Danzig my Empire for Danzig–Churchill and Chamberlains epitaph.
          Narcissistic Poles. Always having to be bailed out by the French, British or US. Then claim you beat the Russ or Teutons by yourselves.

        2. we did beat the Teutons at one point to be fair and we also beat the Ottomans and Mongols (only to be repaid with slavery fucking German and Russian scum)

        3. @Director, @Ray Wolfson Maybe try reading some books written by true historians instead by the scum (i.e. politicians) defending their failed agenda. “Heart of Europe” by Norman Davis come to mind.

        4. don’t take the bait. this thread is infested by nazi apologists who seem to have some sort of problem with slavs.

        5. Indeed. Plucky little Poland. What would us lesser mortals have done without your semi-divine presence? One has to wonder if Ashkenazi supremacy has something to do with mingling with Poles for a millenium.

        6. This deserves a reply. I’ve studied European history. In the English curriculum we tend to look at 1815-1960 as the Modern Period. That was my A Level (back when A Levels were murder) British Domestic and Modern Euro. When we look at this period we concentrated on the unification process of Germany and the unravelling of Austria-Hungary. Generally the slant is that German unification resulted in a destabilized Europe that would eventually ruin Metternich’s Concert of Vienna. That’s a national slant. However when I look at what The Concert of Vienna did it was primarily the dissolution on Napoleon’s Polish state. I now firmly BELEIVE that the dissolution of Poland in 1815 was the key factor in 100 years of general peace in Europe between 1815 and 1914. Poland for example was a key staging ground for Imperial France invading Russia and terrorizing Germans nearby.

        7. @Director
          What “Concert of Vienna” ? You mean Congress of Vienna maybe ? And the last partition of Poland happend in 1795 effectively removing the country from the maps for more than 100 years. Also 1795-1815 was hardly a peace time in Europe. So much for your A-level history,

        8. Or maybe you mean “Concert of Europe” ? Anyway, partitions happend long before it…

        9. Yes I mixed the two terms up. Napoleon re-established Poland as a Duchy though and used Warsaw as a jumping off point for crushing Moscow. The Prussians and Russians quite correctly saw Poland as a destabilizing element. Castlereagh quite sensibly concurred with Metternich and allowed the partition to be settled policy.
          Btw we didn’t formally look at Poland. I stated above, if you were to read the statement, that we concentrated on the rise of Germany and the Decline of Austria-Hungary (the French and Russians were studied at various moments of crisis.). Poland as far as I’m concerned was justifiably sent to oblivion in 1815. It had sucked Napoleon’s cock for too long. Poland was only covered in the story as fall guy for the Panzers and a wholly holy victim of German aggression. Stinking troublemakers if you ask me.

        10. If you want to get pedantic it’s Narcissistic not what you wrote for your handle.
          Yes, I mistakenly combined Concert of Europe with Congress of Vienna. So sue me. They are related terms.
          My point is that Poland is a harbinger of war. Metternich Tallyrand and Castlereagh understood this to be the case. So they codified the dissolution that occurred earlier. Again Poland is probably not covered in Modern European history because 1) it ceased until 1918 2) a smart arse like myself might notice that butter definitely melts in the mouth of Pilsudski. He’s a dirty brawler and 1939 Danzig was an error.

        11. If you changed Pilsudski’s name to Himmler and the location to Germany…you would think you see talking about a fascist. This is the country that the British and French mortgaged their empires on in 1939…
          This biography if read objectively tells you everything you need to know about the lunacy of Poles and their role in ww1 and ww2. Not tha Poland is responsible, just that it wasn’t worth defending.

        12. I wonder what country are you from. Using your ways of thinking you can as well say that american founding fathers were merely a bunch of deluded lowlifes making a fuss about some stupid taxes, and the whole revolutionary war was nothing more than an unjustfied bar brawl disturbing the holy peace & order of the english crown. How dared they 🙂 You also do not understand the dynamics of the shift of the center of the history caused by the rise of Russia and later USSR. Think 1920 without Poland as buffer. War was inevitable, with or without Poland. And Pilsudski was long cold dead before 1939.

        13. Pilsudski was a brawling prick. He also refused to go at the Bolsheviks at a key early moment. He was suspicious of the Whites and the Entente powers and refused to send his Legions in in 1918-19. Instead he dawdled and waited for the Red Army to invest Warsaw a few years later. The self regard you lot have is staggering. Pilsudski almost looks like the Blue Print for Stalin and Hitler too. That’s absolutely why western schools won’t touch that era and place. Instead focusing on Hitler and occasionally Stalin. The approved demon of history instead of all the lunatic nationalists in bed with London and Paris or DC.

        14. You polacks used your winged hussars against German panzer tanks….not much of a surprise really.
          Also, I think the USSR made a mistake in liberating poland, they should have left them under Nazi occupation. Instead many soviets died liberating your ass from Nazi rule.
          Now Poland is a prostitute for America, opening her legs to get fucked again and again and again. At least the Russians and Germans fucked her once. Am I right?

        15. Agreed. These idiots think they are red pill and then spew uneducated garbage about Slavs and the Soviets that they saw on TV.

        16. About my question what country are you from – unlike you, these troublemakers at least were not cowards . Pilsudski was no where near the Hitler and Stalin kind of guy, though he was a pain in the ass . The only point you’re now making is justyfing german and russian aggression against – at the time – a neurotic polish nation that didn’t exactly knew what to do being stucked between two hungry hostile powers and didn’t have an idead how to exactly build a state that can survival possible. Yes, neurotic. Not narcissitic. However, when you use words like “stinking” or something like that you just making a racist and a fool of yourself. You did read something, but it was not enough and you didn’t even try to understand it. Read Heart Of Europe, it really is the most comprehensive book about polish and EE history so far. At this point further discussion is futile as you just don’t have the knowledge and understanding of the subject and – more important – intellectual honesty, Not to mention your selection of words cleary shows some sick bias. End of transsmision on my part.

        17. Winged Hussar against German panzer tanks? Yes, we use them all the time…in freaking Civilization IV. It has never happend, as Hussars were long centuries forgotten before WW2 and even WW1.

        18. Yes, as a guy with one Polish relative in my tree I mentioned this fact. You guys were just shit out of luck according to a map.

        19. No, it’s not. I am an actual NS person (unlike the bogeyman you have constructed in your head), and I have nothing against Slavic people. They are our cousins, and part of our Race. No one intelligent enough to become an NS person is going to be blind to history or not learn from mistakes.
          A united European people has a much better chance against Marxist ideology than a divided one.
          In case you haven’t noticed, the Polish people are the most pissed off sounding people because they got steamrolled two ways…
          Of course, so did Germans, but we’re German, not Polish. I would get more pissed by these idiots calling things rayciss than historical facts, because one killed my people, but the other one still is.
          Think for yourself and don’t put people into boxes. Seriously, understanding more divisions of people should reduce that, not increase it. Understanding groups is just part of understanding the world.
          The meaning of it is not to hate anyone. It is to IMPROVE YOUR OWN FOLK and family. That’s a big part of being a man, and WHY these kinds of talking points make it to this site.
          This site is for MEN, and men defend their country, Folk, Race, family, etc. If you rebuilt MANHOOD, you would have racial states for the self-determination of who people biologically ARE–in other words, reality instead of modern silly fairy tale nonsense.
          That’s what NS was about! It was about stopping this Marxist egalitarian faggotry before it took over the world!

        20. Oh, man, has London fucked White people over for centuries! Most people can’t even grasp it. In many ways, insane narcissism from one bitch named Elizabeth of house fucking Tudor precipated insane feminist narcissism that was to come centuries later.
          Except now, it’s like half of women think they’re the Queen of fucking Angle-land or something. I don’t have the exact figures here.

        21. Poland really could not. There was clearly no choice in that matter, and exactly why I don’t blame Polish people for anything that happened back then. The only things people could even think of were things virtually all White nations were guilty of.
          I wouldn’t let it get you down. At least it wasn’t due to bad choices or other avoidable things.
          Honestly, it’s phenomenal that Germany could handle the two-border land problem in the first place. Nobody sane would have expected that from Poland, being next to the USSR. History speaks for itself on that.
          I wouldn’t let one person get under your skin. I still have copies of Hitler’s speeches regarding Poland and military power, and he never insults Pole-land.
          Anyone who does does not understand a map.

        22. Didn’t really beat Mongols, Mongols knew it wasn’t advabtageous to fight in the Black Forest

      2. Why did France, Britain, Germany, Holland import Africans and Asians as labourers post war?
        Because the ready supply of Russ, Pole, Solvak, Ukrainian, Lithuanian etc etc dried up with the Iron Curtain. It looks deliberate and by design now. Churchill and Roosevelt were making sure Europe was diversified and enriched. Not with a flow of Eastern Europeans but with Africans.

        1. The great migration of “guest” workers started in the 1960’s, not before that. Most were Spanish, italian and Turks. The Africans came way later. Not to work though.

        2. The Windrush came earlier than that. Also the French were settling Senegalese troops in France along with Vietnamese. One thing that is rarely discussed about ww1 is the millions of Asian and African coolies the allies planted in Flanders. It’s all in the record. The French occupation of the Rhine was chock full of black troops. Many stayed on in Paris and London.

        3. The French use of Black regiments of troops in ww1 was considered in some German quarters as a war crime. There were riots over women between Vietnamese and French troops. Indeed, the French in the 1920s made a point of deploying Senegalese in the Ruhr when they came to confiscate German coal and steel as reparations. Deliberate provocation. When the French and British have their ww1 centenary this August the role of these colonial troops will probably feature in some way, but no one will suggest that the Allies were race baiting the Germans as policy.

      3. Our post war boom was heavily aided by technologies we confiscated from Germany. They were “decades ahead of the world” in some industries.

        1. Nope. The Nazi’s invented the Engine for the V-2 but were unable to finish it. The USSR managed to acquire the technology and used it as the basis for the first ICBM ever constructed.

      4. A bit like women who go after convicts.
        Churchill had an insane hatred of Germany going back decades. Part of his motivation in agitating for war.

      5. What German tech?
        V2? nope thief von Braun copied his V2 from Robert Goddard (french American) and the mathematics from a Russian,
        jet engine (UK Whittle),
        tanks (UK, France, Russia not germany),
        radar (UK),
        sonar (UK/France/US Richardson, Boyle/Langevin/Nixon),
        nukes (US),
        submarine (Dutch, England, US, France…no germany)
        best piston engine? Rolls Royce merlin 60 (UK) (US licensed it as a Packard)
        So what did these mighty Germans have to offer other than a destroyed country full of starving people begging for somebody to rebuild their country for them? What??

        1. Operation Paperclip…so the allies didn’t want a bunch of German technicians with even basic knowledge of advanced Western technology to fall into communist Russian hands. big deal, Goofball.

        2. Nukes (ICBMS – Russia)
          Radio (Russia)
          Internal Combustion engine (Germany)

        3. I guess that’s why we can all see the color film from the 30s showing Germany as more advanced, LOL.

      6. “Russia won the war, the US and UK lost it…”
        …”the real stigma should be carried by the soviet block polaks and slavs…”
        yes! it’s a shame that germans ,in your opinion, carry a stigma but it’s totally cool that slavs should carry one; the difference being that one is bad while the other is ray wolfson approved!

      7. Germany only empowered communist, their failed war on a broke russia which would have collapsed into itself, cause the west to dump the equivalent of trillions in foreign aid to modernize russia and develop it so it could fight Germany. Then Russia invaded all of east europe and took over all of central europe right up to France’s doorstep in east berlin. The russians would never in their wildest dream conquer and keep all of europe. By the end of the bATTLe of berlin, russia had 3 million soldiers in berlin and the surrounding regions alone, ensuring the spread of communism over the entire continent.

        1. Who said communism is bad? Oh wait….the TV said that. Kinda like it says Feminism is good. Funny how you believe one and ignore the other LOL

      8. I’m German, and I would blame Polish people. Marxism is a Jewish ideology, and all the USSR higher-ups were Jews. It’s not the fault of Polish people. They were another nation that was going to get steamrolled one way or another, if you just look at a map.
        Seriously, they’re not to blame. I put way more blame on the US where I live because they actually could have changed things, but sided with total monsters because America is full of blind retarded sheep that put up with the Federal Reserve and their country being sold to WWI.

    3. Vlad the Impaler. So cruel even his allies locked him up. And don’t get me started on the Turks.

        1. Not to mention that, without him to set the precedent, we would have never seen the likes of Wesley Snipes as Blade. Now there’s a daywalker you can get behind!

      1. Vlad the Impaler happens to be Bulgarian. Later part of the Axis Powers — allied to Germany for those who don’t know.

    4. No! No! There can be no contradiction to the Official History Channel version!

    5. Ha ha, Rooskies savages….hit the nail on the head there, but I’d rather be a savage than a gentleman.

    6. Yes, the Red Army raped over two million women in Germany, many were not German but Slavs who were either working in Germany or who fled west with the Wehrmacht.

    7. I’m interested in which town is in question, since neither German nor Soviet troops were actually stationed in Bulgaria during the WWII. Some Germans were engaged in training and consultancy property, but no major units, especially not in the countryside. Likewise, when Bulgaria changed sides in 44. Soviet troops barely passed over Danube-most of Third Ukrainian Front forced Danube at Iron Gates in Eastern Serbia. Some detachments were indeed stationed in larger cities to ensure stability of the new government, but again no large formations in the countryside.

    8. “I’d rather not go into that argument.” Because you can’t defend your position.

  4. Reality check.
    Most Europeans were Fascist. France, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Denmark , Austria, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Finnland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania many fascists.
    Get over it.

    1. You forgot Bulgaria. Thanks to the Germans Bulgaria finally achieved its reunification of the territories lost after WWI.

    2. …and who could blame them. One ideology focuses on glorifying and strengthening the State [Fascism], whilst the other degrades and weakens the state [Communism].
      I suspect that once the world endures the impending world communist order [no national identity or borders, no religion, traditional gender roles reversed; private property prohibited] the grass on Fascism’s yard will start to look much greener [nationalism, strict national borders, religion, traditional gender roles upheld; private property permitted]

  5. The Nazis put women back in the Kitchen. The Allies put them in the factory…the modern west is the result.

    1. yeah the nazis just used jews and poles as slave labor instead of using women

      1. according to the history of 1917 to 1989 that’s all they were good for.

        1. Slav and slave are a coincidence.
          Slav comes from the Bulgarian word слово (slovo) meaning word. Slavs were people of the word.

        2. No, it isn’t a coincidence. The word “slave” replaced the older Germanic “thrall” because Slavs were enslaved en masse by the German part of the Carolignian Empire during the Early Middle Ages.

        3. Weren’t the Vikings huge slavers of the Slavs hence the name?? Vikings with their shallow draught longships could go far up rivers and raid and trade primarily in slaves…

        4. …guys learn some history and linguistics before looking stupid. “Slav” is the western form of slavic words such as slowianie, slawa etc (the w is pronounced as a v (polish), slovo/slowo (word), Slovenia (the country) and so on. It means “word” as in commonly spoken words amongst those people. You’ll find that all slavic languages have similarities across borders.

        5. The word “vik” in Norwegian means a fjord or a bay of sorts. but it is a general term for a waterway carved into the landscape, be it a bay or a fjord. In Norwegian language when you put the ending “ing” on the back of another word, it will describe a person which has some affiliation about that word (the initial word obviously). So Viking by its word describes a person coming from this bay or fjord. Hope that was helpful.

        6. He means that the word “slave” comes from the word Slav, because the Slavs were commonly captured and traded as slaves, particularly by the Holy Roman Empire.

        7. I know what he meant and it shows lack of education and respect on the matter… I’d expect a higher standard from a fellow red piller.
          The Holy Roman Empire didn’t use the word “Slav” in reference to slaves. Their word for slaves was “servus” (amongst other variations), therefore completely unrelated as they took slaves from all regions as did other cultures… But the Romans did refer to their slaves by their ethnicity instead of simply calling them slave/servus. Much like how Mexican’s are called Mexicans in America when they’re being paid slave wages, the same goes for Australian’s calling Chinese “the Chinese” (or just Asians/or racial slurs) when also being paid slave wages.
          In Roman times, North Eastern/Eastern European people were called the Sclaveni, which is also derived from the Slavic form of the word that I mentioned in my previous post. So if Roman’s had Slavic slaves, they simply referred to them as Sclaveni instead of servus. If they had (using today’s words) German slaves, they’d call them “Germans”.
          So knowing this, you can see where the confusion comes from in the English language, so when you tie that together with lack of information/education, people come to their own conclusions, whether as a mistake, a joke or some deep seeded hatred. Now you know better 🙂

        8. No, not the Romans. The Holy Roman Empire, a loose band of kingdoms in the middle of Europe from the reign of Otto the Great in the 900s to the beginning of the 19th century. Particularly during Otto’s time, they did a great deal of warring with the Slavs, taking many prisoners as slaves. And by inference, they started calling all of their slaves, well, Slavs. Which is where the word “slave” actually comes from.

        9. No, you are wrong. Slav is the root word of Slave, and its because the Slavs were the slaves of Europe for most of history going back as far as the Roman period. In fact the word Slav literally means slave.

          “Origin: 1250–1300; Middle English sclave < Medieval Latin sclāvus (masculine), sclāva (feminine) slave, special use of Sclāvus Slavic, so called because Slavs were commonly enslaved in the early Middle Ages; see Slav”

        10. Learn to read some dictionary man.
          “Slave”Origin: 1250–1300; Middle English sclave < Medieval Latin sclāvus (masculine), sclāva (feminine) slave, special use of Sclāvus Slavic, so called because Slavs were commonly enslaved in the early Middle Ages; see Slav”

          “c.1290, “person who is the property of another,” from O.Fr. esclave, from M.L. Sclavus “slave” (cf. It.schiavo, Fr. esclave, Sp. esclavo), originally “Slav” (see Slav), so called because of the many Slavs soldinto slavery by conquering peoples.”
          before 900; Middle English, Old English; cognate with Dutch woord, German Wort, Old Norse orth, Gothic waurd; akin to OPrusswirds, Latin verbum ‘word’, Lithuanian var̃das ‘name’”

        11. “c.1290, “person who is the property of another,” from O.Fr. esclave, from M.L. Sclavus “slave” (cf. It.schiavo, Fr. esclave, Sp. esclavo), originally “Slav” (see Slav), so called because of the many Slavs soldinto slavery by conquering peoples.”

        12. Source? “Słowo” and “Słowianie” are related words in Polish language as well. On the other hand, Polish word for Germans – “Niemcy” – is a variation of “niemi”/”niemówcy”, meaning “mutes” (rather impertinent, I concede). The more you know, the less spew BS.
          What was the ancient Roman word for Slavs, hmm? Anything related to slavery?

        13. In Germanic languages it’s where we got the word slave, like what follows into English. Red Knight’s mention of thrall is an inferior, especially in Viking lands, that would be hung on a tree to Odin if we had no slaves to execute at the Holy Blot.
          I am sure it had another meaning to your Folk. Who would call themselves a bad name (until dumb modern Whites started saying they were rayciss, LOL)?

        14. So much for anyone’s racial purity. The real question is why you single out Germans for your nonsense. A lot of people are trying to justify genocides of Europeans. Are you one of those or something?
          I’m sure other races assimilated other gene pools before, but I never mention it because you would only mention it to try to delegitimize their existence.
          As a hardcore White Nationalist, pro-NS, militant as can be pro-white, I find your statements about other races disgusting.
          The sort who approve of genocide are not the sort of people I associate with. You should stand up for your own Folk instead of trying to justify the occupation of the Reich.

      2. The indirect consequence of the Soviet Revolution was to dry up the migration of Poles, Russ, Ukrainians to western cities. The German British and French industrial machine required masses of workers flooding in. The Germans were simply re-grabbing that labour pool by direct means. The Cold War was fought at least in part to re-start that Slav flow toward western cities. Enough useless Africans and Asians!

      3. Seeing that the unemployment rate was 30% when NDSP took over Germany, I’m not sure I completely trust the slave labor stories. Sure they used some, but the main work force driving German rebuilding and mobilization were the German people.

        1. Lots of slave labour. Its impossible to build a modern society without exploiting someone. You either need slave labour or slave wages.

    2. Yup. Hitler is the most lied about figure in all of history. Since prior to the start of World War I, Germans in general have been propagandized to be evil huns. They were anything but. They were in fact, the last stand of Christian, western civilization against the tsunami of Bankster Bolshevism.
      The Banksters unfortunately won and hence we have the decline of western civilization.
      Here is an eye-opening documentary on the Mustachioed One, from a completely different angle:

      1. …the most dangerous thing to “red-shield” banking club is White people who know their own history.

    3. this article has sent the crock of shit to the fan (not directed at this comment )

    4. Thank the Gods you guys are in the comments. I HATE crap like this article. It’s just anti-white, and it glosses over the entire problem with the Jewish control of our civilization, of which feminist crap is but one synonym.
      A German “feminist” in the 1930s is objectively superior to a German “housefrau” of today. And, no never mind the fact that I AM German, and that I have been an asset against political correctness, marxism, and feminism as much as possible and tried to do what was right, and to have the moral courage to stand for the truth.
      I know that my relatives who share my blood were doing the same thing when they were burned alive at Dresden for having the audacity to stand up for their people and to try to save Europe.
      Hell, if the RoK crowd got some normalcy back and threw the feminist monster out of the US, it would be used as a reason to firebomb your asses, too!
      Most of us Germans are rational people, and we hate political correctness, especially in the old country, where Jews are putting people in prison for disagreeing with their fairy tales that supposedly prove why we’re evil and should all die. That’s why there’s a backlash against them.
      They were doing the same crap in the 20s, and that’s why Hitler was voted into power. You need a Fuehrer or strong central leader to get rid of marxism and PC because he takes responsibility, which is the anathema to Tumblr feminist retards.

    1. no thats the entaztgurppene or what ever its fucking called killing a town

  6. so funny that the american rok users hate the nazis but european rok users love them

  7. Wasn’t it the woman vote that brought Hitler to power? Perhaps someone knowledgeable on this matter could shine some light on this.

    1. Hindenburg appointed Hitler in 33′
      The Nazis became a political force in the German reichstag certainly with the help of the women folk.
      I met an 88 year old Hitler maiden living here in Winter Park Florida whose mother was a big Nazi supproter in the 30’s while her father, a pharmacist, was actively hiding Jews in his pharmacy. Can you image dinner hour at that house?

    2. That’s a feature of Democracy. The NSDAP won largely because rural free holders and farm labourers voted their own interests. The urban communists and factory workers voted socialist.
      Hitler was APPOINTED Chancellor by General Hindenberg and Franz Von Papen.
      I do not see the Nazis as automatically the bad guys. Eventually the English would have to have a show down with them but I think the conflict was regrettable. Fortress Europe was a good plan and the Germans were obviously aware that the liberal democracies were planning a flood of Asian and African immigration. Democracy and mass migration have turned into a disaster for England. No use crying over spilt milk eh?

      1. Well to me the Nazis were extremely evil. But then, so are the Communists. Not exactly a wonderful choice between the two. :/
        Totalitarianism is all its forms is depraved, destructive, and loathsome.

        1. The American elite see small hold farms in the US and self employed men in the US as no more than Cornpone Nazis. Be warned yee true believers in Kwa.

  8. The Nazis were the good guys. They were trying to save the world from the Jewish elite. The Holocaust is a hoax, there is zero evidence to prove that 6 million jews really died. Google “Did Six Million Really Die PDF” and read that 40 page book.

    1. I wouldn’t say the Nazis were good guys, they were just the bad guys that we didn’t ally with.
      World war two was really just a question of which set of socialists took over Europe…. the ones that spoke German and Italian, or the ones that spoke Russian and eventually English.
      The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was as carefully staged and neat a piece of political manipulation as was ever accomplished.
      Stalin killed more Jews than Hitler did, he simply was careful not to let the world press know that they were Jewish.
      Frankly, We never belonged in the war. it was two sets of bad guys beating each other up over ideological differences.

      1. You are such a Trotskiite. I reckon the Germans killed about 4 million Jews. Stalin eliminated certain big machers who were a personal threat to him. He kept a well known Jewish henchman as a right hand: Kaganovich. Kaganovich is solely responsible for the Holodomir where millions of land owning peasants and yeoman farmers were butchered and starved.

        1. “Germans killed about 4 million jews”
          Oh, you ‘reckon’ it? Right. Do you have any actual EVIDENCE to prove that claim, other than your “gut feeling”? Surely if 4 million people died, there would be mass graves and tons of remains like bones, teeth, etc. Funny how no one has ever found such evidence.

        2. 4 million? LOL, how about 347,000, the bulk of which died from starvation and disease.

        3. Eh. It’s painfully obvious that the Russian Red Army massacred those political prisoners as they came across them. I mean, really – out of all the concentration camps, the only ones still considered to be Death Camps by modern historians were all liberated by the Soviets.
          Think about it – we know how the Red Army treated civilians by what they left in their wake. Imagine then, this horde of war-crazed, battered, blood-thirsty savages coming upon millions of starving, malnourished, plagued prisoners? Do you think they gave them bread and medicine? Do you think they gave them a shot of vodka?
          It’s painfully obvious that the Nuremberg Trials were used to shift all the blame for the entire debacle which was WWII onto German shoulders.
          Any lawyers on ROK should take a look at the transcripts of the trial. They’re a gas to read…

        4. …of course there’s no evidence. At all…nothing really beyond historical “survivor” accounts and Speilberg productions that keep turning out to be either hoaxes or physically impossible. Luckily, the official version is protected in most of the world by laws that impose jail time for even questioning the Kosher version.

        5. Good point about the Red Army murder and Rapathon. They might well have killed many inmates. We know that they didn’t spare their own comrades when they encountered them in German custody. So why would they see any inmates as worthy of life?

      2. You are implying that Hitler killed Jews. Surely you have some evidence to back up that claim? Such as mass graves, bones and other remains of millions of “dead jews”, etc?

        1. Even Anne Frank died of typhus in a concentration camp *hospital*. Her dad went to camps and then died in 1980. The mere fact of so many survivors, and the existence of concentration camp *hospitals* should point out the absurdity of an order to kill all jews. If USSR had overtaken the USA, our internment of Japanese would have been revised to be “execution camps”, and any attempt to research the sites or expose it as a lie would be illegal. The mainstream holocaust narrative is largely Soviet/US propaganda. David Cole – a jewish researcher – has a video series on youtube where he tours Auschwitz wearing the yamulke and gets some rather interesting facts told him by tour operators, things they don’t tell normal visitors.

        2. The so-called Holocaust is the only “genocide” in human history attested to by the enormous amounts of “survivors.”

        3. Of course he did, just like he killed polish, russians, gypsies, faggots, and a whole lot of English.

        4. Hmm, being put in conditions that allowed a typhus epidemic to begin and rampantly spread. That’s as good as a “shower room” and cremation ovens as far as I’m concerned. What’s the difference?
          Not all camps were execution factories. Some, like, Dachau were more forced labor oriented with only a couple of cremation ovens and lots of “medical experiments.”
          We must keep in mind they only had a few years to execute their vision before they were stopped. What if they hadn’t been stopped?

      3. True. Even if Stalin had only killed non-Jews he still would have been a bigger monster than Hitler.

        1. Stalin not only killed anything that moved but he even killed everyone who got him into power! And according a documentary called The Soviet Story the Gestapo was trained by the Soviet NKVD. It is where the Nazis learned Soviet torture techniques and even gassing people.
          How the fuck can the people who perpetrate these kinds of atrocities even sleep at night?

        2. He and Mao were far bigger monsters than Mussolini and Mengele could ever dream of becoming.

        3. LOL. Stalin killed 800 000 – 1 million primarily comprised of Officers and soldiers in the Red Army.
          America put 3 million Japs into concentration camps….and stalin is the monster LOLOLOLOL

      4. No good nor bad, they had their own interests, and we had ours. They tried to expand territory, as the USA and every other great power had done in history, but England and France felt their own empires threatened. England – with an empire spanning around the globe – felt threatened by Germany retaking a little portion of Poland that had been taken from Germany after WW1… utter hypocrisy. By the end of WW2, Poland was entirely in the hands of Russia. COMPLETE WASTE OF A WAR.

        1. I don’t think that British statesmen felt threatened. Certain statesmen had direct investments in Prague, Warsaw, Danzig etc etc. These clever sharp dealing chaps conned Chamberlain into war with Germany over Danzig.

        2. It was a war to maintain the Jewish BANKSTER domination of countries. Germany had cut out the BANKSTERS completely and created a debt-free currency. Hitler created an economic marvel that was unprecedented in modern history and if that had spread, then the BANKSTERS would be living out of cardboard boxes, if they were lucky.

        3. Yep. and FDR pretty much forced the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.
          And what do we have now? Socialist countries owning large chunks of America, global multiculturalism, more starvation than before WWII, and a world-spanning totalitarian regime.
          The only thing we gained was nukes. lovely.

        4. Generally by Jewish commentators. I recall in the 1980s a comedian called Ben Elton who made fun of him for the “peace in our time” phrase. Elton was a right on Leftie comedian hipster. Also the grandson of a German Jewish soldier from ww1. Chamberlain managed to hold off a world war for two years. Then he was tricked into declaring war on Germany. Elton hid his agenda as an attack on old line Conservatives. Neo-Cons/Trotskiite/Jews hated him because he really didn’t want a world war. Chamberlain correctly stated that war would financially ruin the Empire. Elton is a fucking scumbag.

        5. Well, we all know every country has to have a Rothschild bank. If you don’t, you will get firebombed.
          How do people not get this?

      5. Who gives a shit about the Holocaust? 6 Million Jews died vs around 30 million in the USSR alone. All you hear is a bunch of jews bitching about the Holocaust, but you don’t hear about the 30 million russians that died. The Jews are simply allied with America and have a better PR campaign then Russia does, plus Russia doesn’t particularly care to whine.

      6. That’s the genius of it. Jewish knocking off of White royalty created two problems: the problem of the nation and the problem of the social sphere.
        The Germanic solutions to problems are things of divine beauty: NationalSocialism, which solves all the problems simultaneously in one system with no extra fluff. How great!
        It’s no different than feminist retards breaking up the family: the answer to this is Family Law for Women (i.e. no your ass is not getting divorced). That’s Germanic thought in a nutshell. It’s engineering thought, and logic.
        I love it.

    2. It amazes me how many Americans fail to realize or otherwise deny that we are an occupied nation. Our own destiny has been subverted by the interests of Zionist Jews, who now control our government, foreign policy, finance, mass media, entertainment industry, etc.
      Ohhh but they’re God’s chosen people and we have to stand with Israel and that’s why it’s OK that our governemnt has been infiltrated by citizens of a foreign nation and why we should give them money and equipment and fight their wars and use their corrupted currency and tolerate the degenerate and culturally destructive movements they’ve organized and financed!
      If a man gets kicked out of over 1,000 different retail locations for shoplifting, which is the scenario most likely to be true?
      A) Everyone is racist against him.
      B) He’s a motherfucking shoplifter?

      1. North America’s been an occupied nation ever since the first batches of Spanish, French, and English colonists arrived from the Old World. Where’ve you been, son?

        1. America was hardly a nation before their arrival. It wasn’t called America and the natives had no form of cohesive government.

        2. Civilized Native American societies existed before the Europeans came, they even had trade routes which connected to many tribes across the Continent. They’re also credited for helping invent pyramid-temples, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, writing, agricultural systems etc. …

        3. Most of them died through disease. It was a loss to society, but sadly they can not be reclaimed. If anything we should learn from their destruction. The importance of forming a cohesive society and controlling your own borders and demographics.

        4. You Yanks do realize that your “country” is actually a private corporation based in the District of Columbia now, don’t you? The full name is “The Corporation Of The United States Of America” (if anyone can provide the ticker as well as the stock exchange on which it trades now is a great time to short). What kind of “nation” is that supposed to be? That’s like calling a Walmart along with the surrounding parking-lot a “republic”.

          Bit shameful now, don’t cha think?

        5. By the time of the late 1960s those English colonists and their descendants created two prosperous, free, and optimistic countries in N. America while the Spanish colonists bred with natives and created national dumps. And now the invaders are turning our countries into dumps as well.

        6. …and those natives determined their boundaries by invading each others territory. Europeans won this land according to native standards and still paid them off according to the White man’s standards. They lost, and are still being treated like winners. They need to lay off the bitching and enjoy their casinos.

        7. …its ok for them to do it to each other, but not for Europeans to do to them? Even if we make them rich afterwards? …save it.

        8. Most of them died through disease… really. A virus carried on a metorite that only affected Native Americans?

        9. This is a stupid answer. In no way does this follow from what I said. In fact the opposite does.

        10. Slaughtering each other was how Natives here decided who got to own what. So if they lose to the White man, can they suddenly say, “oh, no we don’t want o play that way anymore!” ?? Even after we pay them, let them build casinos, go to our best colleges, and govern themselves, they still bitch like children and drink themselves to death. Now fix me some tea.

        11. No, a virus carried on a white person that only affects people separated from the Old World for the past 10,000 years. Ever heard of smallpox? Dumbass.

        12. True, they were fruit for the picking and that’s how the world rolls, bitches. Conquest.

    3. The Jews are trying to save us from the combined Free Mason, Illuminati, and Reptilian conspiracy.
      World War II was a hoax. Google “did World War II really happen” and read some of the articles that come up. The world is only 4,000 years old.

      1. how much did your bosses in Tel Aviv pay you to write this message? Or was it your jewish mother who promised you a nice blowjob if you’d shill for Israel?

        1. Go back to the mothership, Reptilian. We’ll have none of your skullduggery here.

        2. Nah but Israel does promise him a free college education for engaging in propaganda with Hasbara.

  9. The Nazi’s did well with women for the following reasons: They dressed well, they worked out and they were men on a mission. That and they often did Beta things like buy women relatively expensive necessities as gifts e.g soap, perfume or other worldly items. Same reason that Americans did well in Germany. Betas do well in war because their is such huge scarcity of resources. Most frontline infantry soldiers are betas. In the modern peacetime era where anything can be bought at the click of a button the beta who risks arm and limb for left over Pussy is pushed out of the market. He is the expendible middle man.

    1. No army has ever had better uniforms. The German WOII unifoms were designed to convey authority and to radiate power.

      1. They also were ineffective in the extreme cold whereas the soviet uniform was ugly but functional.

        1. Their uniforms had superior aesthetics, but indeed, they weren’t always the most functional in a given climate.

        2. Well, the Nazis thought they would topple the Soviets in a few months after launching Operation Barbarossa and neglected to bring cold-weather gear. A fatal mistake.
          I love these dick-wagging military discussions among armchair generals. You won’t find them on a feminist blog.

        3. Hitler himself was probably the biggest armchair general. Strategically, mistake after mistake was made in operation Barbarossa because of his tendency to micromanage.

        4. There is only so much gear you can pack in a supply train when you are advancing 30 miles a day. Ammo and food, or some quilted jackets? Can you imagine the scene in October 1941 after two months of marching …
          …crate opens up
          “Where is the ammunition Franz?”
          “None Feldwebel we have some fur caps and snow boots though!”
          The Germans did have excellent Alpine gear actually it’s just not much use for a summèr and autumn offensive and takes up wagon space.
          Winter gear is a red herring of epic proportions anyway. The Germans expected the USSR to surrender in October.

        5. True. Examining their astonishing technological achievments one can only ponder what might have been had Hitler not bungled it so badly. When I see the ubiquitous “minority girl aspiring to be an astronaut” graphic wonder if the creators of the graphic even consider that Nazis invented space travel and perfected it while working for the Soviets and Americans.

        6. They didn’t even have supply trains. Logistics in the eastern front was entirely by horse drawn carriage.

        7. The Nazis lost the war for the following reasons:
          1) lack of resources – they needed the Caucus for oil and food- never could consolidate on that.the defining logistical failure.
          2) operation SeaLion never eventuates due to the failure of the Battle of Britain. Therefore Two front war with a huge US naval base close to the front
          3) operation Barbarossa wasn’t a defining failure it was a stalemate. It was a war of attrition that Germany could not win with the US financially and materially backing the USSR.
          4) Germany was funnily enough inefficient compared to the USSR who standardised their war equipment.goering however was not financially apt.
          Ideally for Germany to win they should’ve avoided a two front war. They should’ve taken Britain. Remained allies with Russia 5 years mobilised troops in Poland then invaded.Nazi Germany’s greatest fault was they were over ambitious.

        8. A little country the size of Texas with no oil, just stupidly thought they could defeat the Soviet Union while the world’s largest Empire in history that controlled a quarter of the globe was already actively at war with them.. Such foolishness! Such hubris!

        9. Only after it was so cold that the diesel froze. And anti freeze was a new thing. The weather was terrible luck. Very hot summer. So not much ground cover.very Wet Fall so very muddy and to top it off a freezing winter so the tanks and artillery were frozen in place. A twist of fate.

        10. a little known fact is the British won the war with smoke and mirrors in the north African desert….. Churchill sent out stage magicians who built who battalions of fake tanks, and special jeeps to create massive tank tracks in the sand at night…. they’d move these batallions around, even though they had very little real troops…… it kept the nazis guessing… the oil in the middle east was critical…. some things never change.

        11. They had different uniforms for different weather conditions. They just did not have the time or resources to produce sufficient winter uniforms to withstand a Russian winter. The plan was optimistically to defeat Russia in the winter. They were fine in the Ardennes though.

        12. Actually the Nazis knew they would need a miracle to defeat the USSR in the best of conditions. But it was the only hand they had to play once Stalin had outmaneuvered Hitler.

        13. There wasn’t space. Winter clothing is a red herring. The plan was to have the Russians depose Stalin and seek terms after German had overrun most of European Russia and captured 3,000,000 men to ransom. A padded jacket wouldn’t have saved the situation. Stop consuming half cocked history. By any measure the Soviet regime should have collapsed with a few months after the defeats at the frontier.

        14. Interesting. I heard the ancient Sumerians used to do the same thing – they lined up their troops on hilltops, where they could get away with only having them a few rows deep, to create the illusion that they were much more numerous, and many of the tribes they were fighting simply surrendered to them rather than get butchered by a larger force.

        15. I don’t think so. Remember Britain declared war on Germany, not the other way round. Germany never wanted war with Britain and sent numerous peace overtures. They knew the USSR was coming and they were desperate to avoid a two-front war. As you say, Germany had limited resources and they were well aware of this fact.

        16. The German population might have done. Their generals on the other hand coughed up fur balls when they looked at a map of Russia…

        17. That’s an interesting question. Multiple reasons.
          1) Barbarossa somehow managed to antagonize Russian nationalism. Even though it was directed at hated Soviet overlords the average Russian fought back fanatically. The Czar couldn’t motivate the same reaction back in 1914-17. So it wasn’t factored in during planning.
          2) The Massacre at Babi Yar probably made the Jews in the USSR shit bricks and got the average Russian gulp in fear. Uncle Joe suddenly becomes the Charismatic dreaded strongman again.
          3) the Germans were unaware of tank designs like the T34 and the KV1 and had estimated the Russians had only 15,000 tanks instead of 20,000. The superior design kept the Russian hopeful.
          4) communist indoctrination. It works. Otto Skorzeny suggested that there were many true believers. Many more than anticipated.
          5) weak sense of nationalism in the Ukraine, Estonia, Belorussia, Tatars, Galicia, Latvia, Lithuania and poor recruitment of dissidents in the conquered bits of the USSR. Again, a surprise for the Germans.

        18. No they anticipated success. A few claimed in retrospect that that they objected. But tellingly no one resigned. Officers must resign if given orders they cannot fulfil. Everything about the USSR indicated that it would fold in a few months. That’s the fulcrum of history at work though.

        19. But why hitler had to attack russia when he had a peace treaty with russian during his expansion? Surely hitler was not that stupid to go to war with russia by breaking a treaty on a WHIM?….

        20. Hitler didn’t want England as an enemy. In his pre-war writings he said he saw them as allies of Western Civilization, and had mostly good things to say about them. He even delayed retaliatory bombing when Churchill’s carpet bombing of German cities began. The blitzkrieg and bombing of London came several weeks after England had been air bombing Germany. So ultimately, what Germany wanted was eastward expansion. They only went West because England and France declared war, and invaded Belgium and Denmark purely to keep the British from landing ships there.

        21. Stalin was preparing an invasion of Europe prior to Operation Barbarossa. Germany invaded the USSR with weeks to spare. It’s only because of Germany that ALL of Europe wasn’t overtaken by the Jewish-Communist murderers. Had the US not intervened in the war, Communism would have been completely obliterated in 1942 or 1943. Communism probably would have not happened in China, North Korea, or Southeast Asia either. About 100 million lives would have been saved.

        22. Yep, and Germany could have obliterated the English and French forces at Dunkirk, but didn’t as a peace overture. Germany could have invaded Britain too, but didn’t.

        23. My understanding is that the Soviets were gearing up for a war that was going to start in 1942-43. Germany was a bit too formidable in 1941 for the Russians. They couldn’t have secured the air supremacy they would have required for one or two more years. The Soviets were clearly not in good enough shape for a general offensive in 1941. They were still licking wounds from Finnland and wrapping their heads around their deficiencies in a series of debriefings.

        24. Yup. They invaded Denmark and Norway to prevent a repeat of the British starvation blockade from WWI that killed 750,000 German civilians. And, as you said, Hitler invaded France and the Low countries because they declared war on him. His actual ambition was an empire in the east. In the Soviet Union. Hitler created a regional war. The Allies made it into a world war.
          For the under 40IQ crowd:
          I’m not supporting an evil tyrant like Hitler I’m just saying the truth. The Allies should have just let Hitler and Stalin bloody each other to a pulp. Why not just allow the two dictatorships lose manpower and run each other into the ground?

        25. Actually that wouldn’t work. Evidence shows that Stalin was ready to attack Germany the next year. Operation Barbarossa was extremely successful at first on the border because Stalin had his military met positioned there ready to attack, not defend. The Wermacht destroyed tons of Soviet military equipment there.
          So in 1941 the Nazis had two choices:
          1. Attack Russia now while they were still unprepared, still purging, and had not formed a new general staff
          2. Let Russia attack later after they’ve gained even more strength.
          Which option do you take?

        26. That’s a lie.
          An actual lie.
          The Germans halted for good reasons. Their tank force was worn out from the drive. They were wary about a counter attack from the French in the south. They expected a bloody fight for Paris (see 1870s) and a war in the French interior. Also the combat power of a million men around Dunkirk was formidable. It could have been resupply ex like Tobruk. Odessa, Malta, Kurland, Sevastapol, Corregidor. Encouraging the English to flee worked in their interest. Also, the bigger issue was that an evacuation of 400,000 men in 5 days was not thought possible.

        27. And the Brits and French weren’t worn out as well at Dunkirk? It was Hitler that gave the halt order and overrode the advice of his generals. Whatever you think was the reasoning behind it is up for debate. I think part of it was Goring’s assurance that the Luftwaffe could defeat Britain on its own, if necessary.

        28. The British troops hadn’t fired a shot for the most part. I think they had suffered maybe 5,000 casualties before the evacuation. The entire BEF.

        29. Yes, the likes of Hess went to britain and wanted the support of the British Royals. When that failed they wanted to defeat britain quickly in a similar way to the rest of Western Europe which did not eventuate. Two front war meant almost certain defeat. If they had Britain it would have meant that the Us would have needed to run a supply train from NY to Europe much harder to maintain and control. it would have made Normandy and D-Day a near impossibility. The USSR would not have been defeated easily though General Zhukov was a ruthless bastard and an absolute military genius. He was perhaps the only man to scare Stalin.

        30. There are a number of myths about Dunkirk. Not all of them are generated by misty eyed British propagandists. The tanks were halted for operational reasons. The order, didn’t originate from Hitler. It was a military necessity. The tanks were worn out and faced stiff opposition from the mass of soldiers congregated around the area. A tank without gas ammo or a working engine can’t cross a heavily defended canal especially if he’s outrun his panzer grenadiers and the Stukas are not around.

        31. Eventually they had to sink the Royal Navy or assimilate it somehow. Then they had to tame Fighter Command but could not.
          English policy is always directed against the continental Hegemon.

        32. The German’s could have prepared the kind of defenses that the Fins had but perhaps more effectively. Sadly though, Stalin was poised to cut off Germany’s supply of resources (such as oil and material for munitions). Really I think Germany was fucked in either case.

        33. Well these generals anticipating success did not include one Franz Halder (who planned Operation Barbarossa). Back in 1940, he believed a successful invasion and defeat of the USSR was impossible. He didn’t resign but he did get sacked in 1942.

        34. Horse and cart was the primary method of wheeled transport for the German Army. Hitler had some 750K of horses verses around 3K of tanks.

        35. No. Team work, education, encouraged to take initiative, aggression and good communication. The glider drop on Eban Emael is a clue about this culture.

      2. When my son Herman was into the GI Joe phase and had a small army of them I asked why he liked the Germans and he said “because they had the coolest uniforms”.

        1. If I’m going to go home to my momma in a body bag, at least I’ll look sharp.XD

      3. Even the German football team at the Fifa World Cup 2014 has the best jerseys. They look masculine, powerful and imposing in their black and red jerseys. In contrast, the Brazilians looked like mango clowns in their yellow jerseys.

        1. I love German women. They have the best asses in Europe.
          What must not be forgotten that 60% of Americans have their lineage from Germany. The white hotties in America are all women of German descent. Jessica Biel, for that matter.

        2. Very true. I am extremely glad to be German! What’s even more true is that the US would be NOTHING without Germanic genes.

        1. I know, it’s all made in China and they try to fetch enormous prices for it. No more chrome tanned horsehide badass-ness.

        2. Boss is the last mens fashion retailer with actual mens style, shame about the china crap though

    2. This is why I don’t buy the “beta” label. A man that can snap your neck like a twig is probably not your inferior.
      Perhaps you should go do some grunt shit and learn a thing or two about life, Nancy-boy.

  10. Dear Billy, you’re right.Of corse a lot of woman fucked with Wehrmacht- and SS-soldiers. Especially in occupied europe. There is a lot of literature about this topic in germn language (f. example “der freundliche feind” by ebba drohlshagen). The germans in their sharp tailorded uniforms and their masculine “kommiß”-haarschnitt and their prussian bodylanguage were quite attractive…
    The other side of the coin: after the lost war and the rightful occupation of germany the allied paid back well; in the book “obzönität & gewalt” there is an interesting quote of a german steelworker: ” a negro told me once: the german soldiers have fought 6 years, the german women mere 5 minutes! It’s absolutly true. I was ashamed!” i guess there is no need to talk about the red army or the harsh years after the war with a lot of hungry people who were ready to do a lot of “frivolous” actions…excuse my poor english…
    Best regards!
    A german manosphere-fan.

    1. How true, you’re english is fine and understable. My relatives that fought mentioned how the women were merely opportunistic, slept with the Germans when they came into town and slept with the Allies when they took the towns back. Regarding Germany itself, they were amazed at how quickly the German women sought out American or British men while ignoring the returning German soldiers.

    2. You say “excuse my poor English,” yet speak better English than many Americans.

      1. Thank you kindly. It seems my English-“leistungskurs’ wasn’t such a waste of time 😉

  11. My dad fought the Nazis and my uncle died on D-Day. My brother’s father-in-law was a German soldier on the Eastern front and left a fascinating memoir of the Nazi years before and during the war. My dad passed away recently but before he died spoke in emotional terms about the devastation he helped rain upon the German people. After the war he was stationed there and saw what he had done. For a time he was transferred to the CIA to pose as a Spaniard in post-war Germany (my mom showed me his official CIA portrait – priceless).
    Recently I have been reading a biography of Heinrich Himmler out of curiosity on how such a man could become head of the Nazi police and SS. Some interesting insights into his attitudes about Christianity (as a means to destroy the German people), abortion, and homosexuality (for the same reason). In their eyes they were fighting a war against the destruction of Germany from elements within the nation and no tactic was too abhorent to dispatch their perceived enemies.
    Another good book I read when I was deprived of internet for a week was “In the Garden of Beasts” about the American ambassador to Germany in 1933. His daughter was quite the ho, sleeping with the head of German intelligence, the head of Soviet intelligence, and even getting introduced to Hitler himself as a possible concubine.

    1. Did the book you read describe that his insanity was based on utopian idealism? i.e that he was a utopian idealist?

      1. He read a lot of Germanic mythology and contemporary Teutonic fiction writers. He was awkward with women in his early years and married late after his friends had paired off. He missed out on the Great War and after being trained as a soldier continued in the many paramilitary groups struggling to find purpose in the post-war society. Ultimately he saw himself as a mercenary and freebooter, though trained as an agriculturist and ultimately floundered at it. Many of the men he recruited into the SS were former WWI soldiers who had been failures in civilian life. He was adroit at installing these men in high-ranking positions and gaining their loyalty.
        I am not defending Himmler or Heydrich. Their biographies are fascinating in the context of other histories of that era. The biography of Soleth Sar, AKA Pol Pot, and Ngo Ngyen Giap, architect of the North Vietnamese victory against he Americans, are also great reads.
        Some lament that fiction has fallen on hard times and men don’t like to read it. Many years ago Barbara Tuchman, writer of “The Guns of August” opined that modern fiction was full of negativity and angst and unappealing to men, whereas historical narratives ultimately exalted the positive capabilities and virtues of mankind in the face of adversity.

  12. Coco. Chanel: my heart belongs to France but cunt is international
    Thanks, Billy. My grand father was one of the first Canadians to step onto Juno beach, literally one of the first. He was in C company of the Regina Rifles, the company of the first of two regiments to hit the beach. Royal Winnipeg was the other. Send some good old Canadian Prarie farm boys to get the job done. He fought with the 3rd division for the entire campaign, including the bloodiest of battles, Caen, where the fighting was house to house, street to street for months.
    “The only reason I am alive today is because of the red cross on my helmet” my grandfather said with a thousand yard stare

    1. Spare a thought for the brave defenders of Europe. Most farm boys attempting to keep out the African and Asian horde from Europe. The whites in North America though brave and true were duped about the intended peace.

      1. My grandmother’s cousin was in the Black Watch and was captured at Dunkirk. Much respect for our commonwealth cousins.

  13. The War Widow mentality is well-known. No surprise there, but WWII was no just war. It was financed and directed from above just like WWI and most wars, that were bascially led between cousin-kings for political reasons. The true history of WWII is just a bunch of propaganda and lies – even Jewish rabbis have written about it.
    The troops on both sides had been used as cannon-fodder, while the women have been behaving as most women do in times of war. They go and fuck the nearest baddest stud out there – sometimes even fornicating with the very enemy who might have killed their own men.

  14. Russian women slept with German men during the Battle of Leningrad.
    It’s no different throughout history.
    You see soviet women fucking german men and western men today. You see anglo women fucking men from all over the world.
    The diatribe is “Love conquers all”. And for women, love (or lust) conquers everything: loyalty to country, loyalty to partner, loyalty to family, personal honor, logic and dignity.
    The article is superb. If you think it’s trying to highlight the superiority of one race over the other, it’s not. It just shows how the mercenary nature of women have never changed; and will never change. The most emasculating thing for a man is to have his woman cheat on him with his enemy. And that’s what women are capable of. Women have no honor, dignity or loyalty. Their emotions rule them.
    They don’t care if you killed their men. If you fuck them good, they’re all yours. You just have to penetrate her orifices to make a place for yourself in her heart and mind.
    And if the villain seduces them, they’ll betray you too. A wise man once said, “better to trust a bitch than a woman; atleast the bitch will guard you, be loyal to you and defend you”. Women simply can’t be trusted.

    1. No one can really be trusted mate. There’s serious backstabbing bastards out there.

    2. “They don’t care if you killed their men. If you fuck them good, they’re all yours.”
      Actually that is a recurring theme in women’s romance novels and Lifetime movies.
      “Rogured by a Rake”
      “Buggered by a Brigand”
      “Penetrated by a Pirate”
      “Ambushed by an Apache”
      “Boffed by a Burglar”
      etc etc

    3. “Women simply can’t be trusted.” And yet the elites have seen fit to bestow all power upon them in our society. Any wonder everything is fucked up six ways from Sunday?

      1. Don’t worry, severe social readjustment is coming whether they like it or not. What are the enforcers of the matriarchy going to do? Beat all the MGTOWs into pairing up with them?

  15. A very interesting article although I think it categorises people a little too much. For example “women” did not sleep with Nazis, a handful of “individual” women did. Also, being a German soldier did not equate with being a Nazi. The Germany Military and and the Nazi Party were two different organizations, not necessarily aligned with each other (it was military officers who tried to do away with Hitler).
    Also, I think it presents a Hollywood simplicity of WW2. I am not convinced that it was a “just” war. Why were the Americans involved in what was essentially a European conflict? Why did Britain declare war on Germany and not the USSR when they both did the same thing (invade Poland)? Germany, the USSR and Britain all invaded various democracies and mainly for tactical reasons not to create an empire (except the USSR – Stalin always intended to bring Western Europe into the Soviet “Union” and he kept hold of various countries afterwards). As far as I can tell Hitler’s pre-war aims were to restore Germany’s pre-1914 boundaries (with perhaps some bonuses) rather than some mad World domination.

    1. There’s a mystery there of course. Answer is as plain as the nose on your face.

      1. I don’t think its mysterious but I would love to hear your explanation.

        1. Ask yourself: who was in Parliament howling about the Germans? The minutes are all there. One man you ought to look at is Edward Spears MP. A close associate of Winston Churchill MP. As an aside, a humorous one! They were both friends of Sid Reilly (Georgi Rosenblum) a possible role model for James Bond. Edward Spears is very interesting cat. But also one of the grave diggers of the British Empire. Look into his investment portfolio in Czecholslovakia and Poland. By and large it appears that London based businessmen with historic Eastern European holdings were contesting property with the Nazi party leadership.

        2. Here is the wiki on Edward Spears:
          Business and political links with Czechoslovakia
          In 1921, Spears went into business with a Finnish partner – their aim was to establish trading links in the newly founded republic of Czechoslovakia. On a visit to Prague, he met Eduard Benes, the Prime Minister, and Jan Masaryk, son of the President; at the same time he came into contact with officials at the Czech Finance Ministry.[39] His business relations in Prague developed further when, in 1934, Spears became chairman of the British Bata shoe company, which, in turn, was part of the international concern of the same name. He later became a director of the merchants, J. Fisher, which had trade links with Czechoslovakia, and a director of a Czech steel works. Yet his business successes found no favour with certain members of the Conservative Party – especially those with anti-Semitic views. Duff Cooper said of him: “He’s the most unpopular man in the House. Don’t trust him: he’ll let you down in the end.” [40]
          His visits to Czechoslovakia and friendship with its political figures strengthened his resolve to bolster support for the young republic in both London and Paris. He was violently opposed to the Munich agreement of 1938, which saw the Sudetenland handed over to Germany. When he heard the news of the occupation, he wept openly and declared that he had never felt so ashamed and heartbroken. His views brought him into opposition with Conservatives who were broadly in favour of the Munich agreement. Yet it cannot be denied that there was an element of self-interest in his espousal of the Czech cause – he stood to lose his business interests and an annual income of some £2000 if the country broke up.
          This isn’t written about much but some big machers in Parliament were butthurt about Czechoslovakia in a very special way.

  16. Women will do anything to survive. They will change political parties, lie, cheat, screw people over and steal. A woman animal with much to loose will sink to depths further down than any rational male could understand. Beware gentlemen, take heed and be prepared.

    1. 100%. The woman is the animal, man has to tame with game.
      Unfortunately, most of the time, the animal (woman) ends up taming the tamer (man).

  17. From one of the links in the original article:
    ” One woman who fell in love with a Nazi deserter, still, at the age of 70, declines to be named publicly. “Alice” is married and has children and still lives in Jersey. Mr Miere was held in a cell next to the German soldier and remembers her waving a “grubby white handkerchief” as her boyfriend was led off for execution.
    Alice’s own death sentence was commuted to 10 years’ imprisonment. The Bailiff’s plea on her behalf reads: “A young woman in love does not always weigh the consequences of her deeds when they are decided by what she believes – however wrongly – to be the welfare of her lover.”
    That’s women for you.
    “A young woman in love does not always weigh the consequences of her deeds when they are decided by what she believes – however wrongly – to be the welfare of her lover.”
    Women have no honor, loyalty or morals.

    1. Women can do anything as long as they ‘love’ you.
      Once the love is over, you’re nothing for them. They can eat you up.
      Just like a female black widow spider or female praying mantis.

    2. One of the primary reasons women do this kind of shit is because there are almost never any consequences for their actions. White knights and manginas abound.

      1. Women need to be held accountable for their actions. Women say that they want equality and I am all for giving it to them, but those stupid fucking white knights and mangina enablers are the ones who are preventing society from doing so.

  18. What’s the deal with the fake photo of the woman being hung? The embellished accounts fraternization with the enemy in this article just seems like a cover to manipulate the reader into reexamining the Holocaust or alleged German barbarity.
    This is ROK, there’s no need or even desire to couch your real intent like a woman, even if the purpose is to avoid breaking the taboo of thinking of the Nazis in human terms instead of cartoon villain ones.

  19. A bit misogynist but the point is taken. The title should have been “…Some Women Slept With Them”. Having amended the title, it is not a valid argument to generalize to all women, especially since we know all women did not sleep with Nazis.

    1. NAWALT.
      In fact if there was no restrictions and social stigma, most women would’ve fucked German POWS. Give woman her freedom and see how she becomes the animal she is.

      1. Polish women who slept with Wehrmacht or SS soldiers had their heads shaved of all hair. That was Armia Krajowa way of “persuading” them to keep their knees together. Public shaming works.

    1. They are the Kings of the international version Of the sport. The better more consistent team is Germany, but Brazil still have 5 World Cups. Germany have the better overall record in terms of goals, finals, semis etc. But Brazil have 5.

  20. The strange thing is, a lot of Nazis were gay. At least a lot of the power elites were.

  21. On the flipside, while stationed in Germany, the German chicks spread their legs easily for American soldiers. Of course things are a little different, the war being a long time ago. And being cockblocked by nationalism when there is no war on would certainly have been a bummer.
    But there was a reason after all why women didn’t get sent to war, why they didn’t get to vote (in national elections – the “facts” of womans’ suffrage is skewed), and why we never presumed they had all of the agency and faculty of an adult in the first place. Yes if someone invades your land and kills you, your wife or girlfriend will be fucking that person just as easily as your dog will sleep at the feet of the next fellow who comes along and feeds him.
    Let us keep this in mind, always.

  22. Has anyone ever seen Malena? Monica Belucci at her peak. The shaving of the heads and murders of the women who fucked the conquerors was primarily motivated by jealous women anyway. Often unjustified.

    1. But weren’t the women like say in France doing it for personal gain?(Better food rations, security, perks etc)?I’m not defending them at all but I’ve read of some cases of even jewish women sleeping with high ranking Nazi officers stationed in the region solely for the protection trade-off of their family members not being persecuted. Just a thought I had when you mentioned the head shavings as public humiliation.

      1. By the way I didn’t mean to sound like ALL of them did it for the same reason. Whore’s will be whores..

  23. WW2 was brutal and never should have even occurred. The Germans were
    pretty easy on the French and British in retrospect, considering it was
    England and France who declared war in the first place. Germans let over
    300,000 mostly British troops escape at Dunkirk in 1940, and were
    relatively easy going with the French, since their objective wasn’t to
    conquer but neutralize. The war was Nazism vs. Communism and the latter won. The Frankfurters came to the USA and then began dismantling us culturally.

  24. The Nazi regime done nothing compared to what the American Empire inflicted upon indigenous Indians, blacks, Vietnam, South America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, etc, etc

    1. The civil war in the US was largely determined by the influx of Germans into the USA in the 1850s. Without that 1.5 million migrants, largely adult and male to the US (mostly in the north) the US would have split into a USA and CSA. Even Lincoln’s personal bodyguard was exclusively German. Little known stuff but they were called “Turners”. The German proclivity toward equality and liberalism at the time was astonishing. The founding population of Anglo-French in the southern states was largely overwhelmed by a fanatical bunch of refugees from the German Revolutions of 1849. Germans eh?

      1. It is I.
        My army in Fallujah read ROK daily.
        Death to the Infidels.

    2. Haha, I love it! People in this comment section are so blinded by right wing conspiracy theories that they upvoted a left wing conspiracy theorist!

  25. Hallo from Germany. My great-grandfather fought for the Nazis in WW2 in France. Maybe he even was one of the guys behind the MG42, who knows. He ended up in a French POW-Camp (and fucked some Canadian girls, who knows) and was returned to Germany after the war. But I know one thing for (quite) sure: He was no Nazi. When the German military needed new soldiers at the western front, he was one of the many kids forced to quit their apprenticeship to participate in a war they didn’t even understand.
    That’s the story of most European soldiers in this war. Of course, the allied forces needed some common enemy, some evil force to put in front of their guns. That’s how things work. So the German military forces became the Nazis. Named after the maniac motherfuckers that made German politics and dictated military operations. Yes of course, many of these soldiers became animals, rapists, torturers, murderers and whatnot. Just like any other soldier during any war that has ever happened in human history. So there is no need to emphasize the fact that German soldiers were cruel motherfuckers. American soldiers were propably too, but history is written by the winners.
    To get to the point… generalizing German soldiers as “Nazis” is a sign of poor education and unwillingness to deal with the details. Of course, that was necessary for the soldiers to stay focussed back then. But for people dealing with historical events nowadays, the term “Nazi” should be used with a little more precision.

    1. I just wish people of all nations would realize their biggest enemy is their own fucking politicians. PERIOD. People should stop being cannon fodder for these maggots. If politicians want a war they can go fight. The rest of us human beings have lives to live.

    2. Hey Marco, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

      What Real Rape Culture Looks Like

      Of especial interest to you will obviously be the last part of that article, under the A Rebut Against The Eventual So What They Were Nazis Comment headline.
      Hope you’re having a great summer so far!

    3. Right the Wermacht soldiers followed the rules of war generally. Example of an exemplary soldier in the Prussian style would be Rommel. Treated prisoners of war ethically. A model officer. Brilliant commander…

    4. American soldiers were known to rape the French women they liberated. It was not unusual for the French in Normandy to lament that they preferred occupation by the Germans rather than the Americans.

  26. I’m surprised no one noted this. Rollo Tomassi on his blog The Rational Male wrote an article about this a while ago I believe but do not quote me called “War Widows”. I hope he comments with the links. I am asking that we stay on topic about women’s sexual nature rather than discuss historically on who, how, what, when, where and why World War 2 was fought even though it is interesting. This blog and article was on women’s sexual natures.
    I had a Great Uncle who served in the U.S. Navy at the end of World War 2 in the Pacific against the Japanese Empire. I had a another Great Uncle who served in the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division and was wounded fighting the Germans in Sicily, I have served in the U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Division, 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many World War 2 veterans returned to cheating wives and girlfriends,.The situation is much worse today for the returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans because the Sexual Market Place is by far more feral today than it was back then. It seems to me that women want it this way more than men generally speaking even though women may vocally complain more because as blogger Fred Reed notes in article 445 it was the women who created this mess not men starting in the 1960s and they collectively screwed themselves not men. As Rollo Tommassi would say, ” ALPHA FUX, BETA BUX!”
    At least when the French, Bulgarian etc. women fraternized with the German soldiers, the German Soldiers were victorious conquerors occupying their lands while the French, Bulgarian etc. men were defeated in conventional war or being defeated in guerrilla war. You could say the same about the German women fraternizing with American, British, Canadian and other allied military men when Germany lost the war. The American and Canadian women fraternized with captured German prisoners of war who clearly were not the winners. How fucked(messed) up is that?

    1. My response was a little long. Here’s the summary. At least the women of Europe(France, Bulgaria, Norway, Denmark etc.)fraternized with conquering German Soldiers who were regarded as winners.. The American and Canadian women fraternized with German soldiers who were Prisoners of War who would be regarded as losers. How fucked (messed) up is that?

  27. It is worth reading Keith Lowe’s book Savage Continent:

    The number of sexual relationships that took place between European women and Germans during the war is quite staggering. In Norway as many as 10 per cent of women aged between fifteen and thirty had German boyfriends during the war. If the statistics on the number of children born to German soldiers are anything to go by, this was by no means unusual: the numbers of women who slept with German men across western Europe can easily be numbered in the hundreds of thousands.
    Resistance movements in occupied countries came up with all kinds of excuses for the behaviour of their women and girls. They characterized women who slept with Germans as ignorant, poor, even mentally defective. They claimed that women were raped, or that they slept with Germans out of economic necessity. While this was undoubtedly the case for some, recent surveys show that women who slept with German soldiers came from all classes and all walks of life. On the whole European women slept with Germans not because they were forced to, or because their own men were absent, or because they needed money or food – but simply because they found the strong, ‘knightly’ image of German soldiers intensely attractive, especially compared to the weakened impression they had of their own menfolk. In Denmark, for example, wartime pollsters were shocked to discover that 51 per cent of Danish women openly admitted to finding German men more attractive than their own compatriots (164–166).

    1. Look, most people in Europe are and were fascist. The liberation of Europe as regards allied propaganda is a crock.

      1. Considering that half of Europe ended up under the Communist iron boot I’m forced to agree. 50 million human beings exterminated to transfer people from one tyrant to another. WTF?

  28. “the war against Nazi German was arguably one of the few truly just wars throughout history” What a crock of shit

  29. Well according to bonecrcker women have a hardon for evil, I mean beyond the dark triad

  30. My paternal grandfather was a soldier who fought against the Nazis, my maternal grandfather was a Marine fought against the Japanese. To hear them tell it, Americans thought of Germans as the enemy and fighting them was our duty, but there was always a white hot visceral hatred for the Japanese.

    1. I recently asked my great aunt this. She said she felt the Nazis (her choice of label) were good people, but they were our enemy and we had to fight them until we could find a way to stop.
      The Japs were low down sneaky devils not to be trusted.

      1. My maternal grandpa made the Marine Corps his career. He stayed on after WWII and went on to fight in Korea and Vietnam. He spent a good chunk of his life fighting Asians.

  31. There is no lower limt that women’s behaviour will settle at when they are freed from any form of masculine control.
    Of course the same is true of men. But if you start acting to far out of line as a man you can be sure that sooner or later there will be another man along to ‘sort it out’.
    Men tend to self police. Women are only constrained by the herd. And absent male authority the herd is constrained by nothing.

  32. The Nazi’s were pretty “alpha”.
    Hitler spoke in favor of gender roles (that women and men both had dignity. Women’s dignity was to be unsullied with matters such as war and politics. They had a more important job of tending to the German family and raising the German youth).
    Hitler attacked Poland for the city of Danzig and the Poles had been committing atrocities against the captive German populace. The day Hitler invaded Poland the Poles killed something like 500 German civilians.
    I had two great uncles that fought in D Day. Our soldiers were great men, but they were lied to and misled by our politicians. Devilish men such as Roosevelt. We should never have fought against our brothers in Germany. They were trying to stop the Soviet expansion and to save themselves and all of Europe.
    We reap the wages of our past sin everyday in the form of multiculturalism. I can hardly blame any white woman for seeking out the manly and upright character of the Nazi soldiers. Before the end of WW2 the German army had a long standing reputation of discipline, professionalism, and dignity. The savagery and animalism that they are often accused of sounds more like something out of a bad novel.

    1. “The savagery and animalism that they are often accused of sounds more like something out of a bad novel.”
      I agree on some of your points but that sounds dangerously close to Holocaust denial. Both the Nazis and Soviets were extremely evil regimes.

    2. Before Pearl Harbor, Harry Truman said something along the lines of, “Let the Soviets and the Nazis duke it out, then let’s declare war on the winner.”

    3. Your two great uncles fought in D Day and your spewing this tripe?
      I call bullshit on you having two uncles there on D Day. No when claims they’re black when both their parents are white.
      Your story sir, is bullshit

      1. Sorry chum but I lost 3 grand uncles in ww1 on the Western Front, and another during ww2 in Africa. That my own grandfather survived ww1 and ww2 beat the odds. In no small part my own family paid the ultimate price for containing German power. While they were brave men and patriots I feel that their efforts were wasted. Almost all war is fought to fill the pockets of very powerful men. WW 2 in particular was triggered by some Old Estonian Spivs with investments in Prague and Warsaw. There had been plenty of brushfires in Eastern Europe that the French and Brits had ignored. Polish independence is somewhere below dogshit on the agenda of British statesmen since Castlereagh in 1815.

    4. German “civilians” were actively sabotaging the polish defense efforts you racist prick and if you think it was all about Danzing you’re an idiot. Hundreds of thousands of poles died because of your nazis alphas you motherfucker. I can’t believe this site allows such nazi fucks here. I guess people that had no family witnesses of german, russian and ukrainian atrocites commited in Poland will never understand the nightmare of WW2. And you’re must be latest nazi invention – a nazi troll.

  33. There were probably German Women sleeping with prisoners and other men sent in Germany as forced work labor at the same time too!
    We can trace here similarities with modern women falling in love with prisoners and low life men, while their husband is at work…

  34. Concepts like honour, duty, brotherhood, responsibility and sacrifice are anathema to women’s cognitive strutures. Such terms have been the realm of men through history.
    Women are instinctive creatures, and fucking the nearest alpha while the rest of the young local men are at the front is just the logical thing to do. Such women couldn’t care less about the sacrifice of those brave men. They only care about themselves and their offspring.

  35. Check out a US military bases when the men are deployed. The wives become deployment widows. WESTPAC Widows have world wide fame for becoming walking sperm banks.

  36. And the Communists Mass Raped and Tortured Them then the Allies fire Bombed them in Dresden

  37. The picture of the hanging woman was doctored. The fact that you include this discredited piece of propaganda totally undermines your point. After all, if the Nazis were as terrible as you say, why do you have to use faked photographs to illustrate their cruelty?

      1. I lived through the fall of communism. I was there I saw with my eyes and I still don’t know what happened. I still can’t figure out how life changed completely over night.
        So how can we really know what happened during WWII? The only thing we learn from history is that is written by the victors. Naturally they will try to portray the losers as villains and themselves as heros.
        The truth is during war people do lots of stupid things. You can’t blame them for that.

        1. Well, that is why there are historians and intellectuals, to research what really happened. There are many historians entertaining different notions about things that we might feel sure to us.
          There are top educated historians that claim Jesus never existed, that holodomor was just a crop failure, that 9/11 was an inside job.
          I have yet to see a historian that agrees with the notion that holocaust was fake and all these photos were edited by jew agents who control the planet.

        2. That’s simply because as soon as a historian begins questioning part of the death toll or killing techniques (gas chambers), he is hounded out of the guild of historians by the PTB and no longer accepted as such, faster than anyone can say pancake.
          I have personally witnessed this happen.

        3. Jewish academics are spittle flecked fanatics. Simply stripping them of their tenured jobs at Heidelburg and Bonn was the actual Holocaust. Oy de sufferinks I lost my tenure!

  38. the author calls himself an alpha male, but then calls women sluts when they desire to sleep with alpha males…nazi germans were very much alphas at that time, prisoners of war or not. canadian men have ALWAYS been betas. there is no right or wrong in war.
    this article is written by a man with great hatred for women.

    1. Oh come on! Canadian men are beta? Not enough killing and raping going on in Canada for your taste?

      1. canadian men are some of the kindest, gentlest, and most tolerant men on this planet. why do you think canadians have such a good reputation around the world? because they are always the first to apologize.

        1. I would largely agree with your comments. Don’t forget that Canada is largely a nation of immigrants, and as such we had a deep and overwhelming desire to leave the mess which was Europe behind. My father who had seen the horrors of war as a German infantryman, was grateful to be alive, and wanted only to live out the rest of days in peace.
          Where I disagree with you is when it comes to the soldiers. Canadians, in my opinion, are some of the world’s best and toughest soldiers, and while the American Special Forces are good they are no match for the Canadians. I’m not just saying that as an ex-Canadian soldier, but when it came to infantry competitions, we always beat the Yanks. Mind you that was in the 70s when the bulk of the American troops were made up of draftees, while the Canadians were all volunteers. Perhaps, that has changed but then no modern army has faced a large organized force since the Vietnam days.

        2. as a canadian, thank you for your service. my grandfather was a german infantryman as well, he wasn’t as lucky as your father.

        3. Was that ww1? Sorta like Ben Elton’s dad? Fugue from Germany? Or actual German?

        4. A nation of immigrants! Okay my enriching Hebe/Asian/African.
          It’s a nation of French and Brit pioneers with Indians.

  39. Now I have seen it all. Comment after comment of Nazi apologists. I am all in favor of men being men, and women being feminine, but THIS..THIS is fucking inexcusable. Fascism is fucking evil, promulgated by bullied little beta bitches, who cant get ahead in a free market of ideas and personal fortitude, so they use the coercive power of the state to cling to their status.
    Any WW-2 vet worthy of the name would kick the shit out you for apologizing for Fascists.

    1. What a little kosher bitch you are.
      Our troops raped millions of Germans.
      This article is a joke.

      1. Eat a dick you fucking fascist piece of shit. I’m a Catholic, and a proud American, and the son and grandson of combat vets. There are very, very few issues where I will draw a straight line in the sand and say you’re either on the right side, or you are wrong. Support for fascism is one of them. Fuck that. It’s everything a true American, liberal, conservative, or libertarian stands up against.
        You’re an ignorant bigoted piece of shit, and our country and the world at large would be a better place if you killed yourself.

        1. There was no liberation. The World War Two films you see and the books you’ve read are designed to make you accept the race replacement policies you see all around you in the contemporary west.

  40. Since when did ROK turn into a police state worshipping, bankster fellating, israel worshipping bastion of stupid?
    Return Of Kosher?

    1. Return Of Kikes?
      Return Of Khazars?
      BTW, rooshe the loser seems to have sold out to the people bombing true semites in Gaza at this moment.
      All because of the holohoax.
      Pathetic you are dooche and co.

      1. I might as well respond to this comment.
        You can always tell that antisemitic / anti-Israel / pro-“Palestinian” (haha) people have no real leg to stand on because all they ever do is reference discredited concepts.
        Holocaust denial – not the sign of a legitimate political movement.
        Confusing ethnic and linguistic classifications by insisting that there is such as thing as a “Semite” – yep, also not the sign of a legitimate political movement.

        1. Man, free college tuition must be nice. What else does Hasbara offer you guys?

        2. Anyone who believes the New York Times these days is an idiot, just like you…

        3. @Rhett: Your comment is completely irrelevant. I was pointing out that Semitic is a language classification, not an ethnic one, and yet anti-Israel / antisemitic idiots consistently fail to understand this.
          As for your non-sequitur, so what if Ashkenazi Jews display an admixture of European with Middle Eastern DNA? That is consistent with the canonical story of their origin.

        4. This UCSPanther is a real live one. The NYT is a pseudo-neocon apologetic owned by a YKW who “converted” Anglican. It helps to get a column there if your name is Shapiro or you are a college educated black. It’s exhibit A in the dominant Jewish role in American Media.

        5. I see another irony: Your parent read that rag like it is the gospel, you read conspiracy theories like the gospel.
          You are more alike than you care to admit…

        6. I find it funny how you can make a whole bunch of assumptions when you never met me.
          Morons like you are so predictable…

        7. The dispossession of the Arab/Syrian in the territory that is now Israel and whatnot (west bank) in that area is a good indication of what Germans were up against in their own backyard. It’s no shock that the Jews in the Pale were looked upon suspiciously by the natives. One thought experiment: what would have happened if Lithuania or the area around Odessa had been chosen as a place to put Israel? Would we see a flood of similar stories coming out of those areas?
          In fact of course we did. It was the period that stretched from 1917-1948 or so.

  41. My father, who was a farm boy when the war started, was also a German Army (Infantry) veteran and served in both the Battle of France, and later on the Eastern Front. After kicking the British out of France, something he was really proud of, he was volunteered for service on the Eastern Front. His stories were quite horrific, and I won’t repeat any of them in this forum.
    I remember one Sunday as he was reminiscing about the war, when he commented that it took the Allies six long years to defeat the men, but it was only a few days before the women had their legs in the air.
    Looks like the Canadian and German women had the same instincts.

      1. Actually, I’m ex-Canadian Army Infantry. I won’t tell you which regiment but was stationed in Germany during the height of the Cold War.
        As for the Canadian soldiers serving over in Europe, we had the highest rate for VD of all of the Allied troops. On one British base, the VD ward was called “CANADA HOUSE”.

  42. For those who think that the Nazi were evil and the other armies were civilised, maybe this story told by an American veteran will help to change their minds
    In ‘Eisenhower’s Death Camps’:
    A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers
    I encountered a captain (American) on a hill above the Rhine shooting down at a group of German civilian women with his .45 caliber pistol. When I asked, “Why?,” he mumbled, “Target practice,” and fired until his pistol was empty. I saw the women running for cover, but, at that distance, couldn’t tell if any had been hit.
    Hunger made German women more “available,” but despite this, rape was prevalent and often accompanied by additional violence. In particular I remember an eighteen-year old woman who had the side of her faced smashed with a rifle butt, and was then raped by two G.I.s. Even the French complained that the rapes, looting and drunken destructiveness on the part of our troops was excessive. In Le Havre, we’d been given booklets warning us that the German soldiers had maintained a high standard of behavior with French civilians who were peaceful, and that we should do the same. In this we failed miserably.

  43. This is exactly the reason I’m anti-war. It has nothing to do with women or children being the victims. Nor is it about the bad feelings and destruction involved.
    It’s because as a man I’M most likely to end up a victim. Not just at the hands of a German machine gunner, but by the woman I left behind.
    There was an episode of “Mad Men” two seasons ago where Joan, the slutty red head, slept behind the back of her husband, who was serving in Vietnam. She had the baby and presented it as his. John Sterling, the real father, dryly remarked, “After the war was over, many men came back surprised to find a little bundle of joy waiting for them. NOBODY DID THE MATH.”

    1. and how many ‘me-love-you-long-time’ sessions did her husband John Sterling have while he served in Vietnam?
      if he didn’t, all respect to him and yes, his wife is a bad one (note how you said ‘the slutty red head’). but if he wasn’t so innocent himself then all is fair in love and war.

      1. Actual correction: He served in WW2 not Vietnam. Hence his unusual hostility towards the japanese businessmen.

      2. Not really — he’s not foisting a child on his wife when he gets back home as hers.

  44. I would agree with a few of the commentators that Soviet communism was THE most evil system devised by man. It kills from the outside and rots the soul from the inside. However, I am sick and tired of all the losers who have a hard on for Hitler. Metapedia also seems flooded with these idiots lately. Hitler was a fucking satanist; get over yourselves. Please google the Nazis and the Occult and you will get millions of hits. The Germans, for their part, have a love affair with eugenics and wholesale slaughter. Ever hear of what these monsters did in Namibia under Kaiser Wilhelm? I am proud that my great grandfather fought against both of these animal scum- first against the Huns and then against the Soviets.

    1. I agree that both those regimes were extremely evil. I don’t know how anyone could think any different?

      1. In many of the Nazi-era pics, hordes of people are cheerful and smiling.
        I have yet to see any Soviet-era pics with anybody smiling.

        1. “Reflexive, dismissive defensiveness”
          Your words, pal.
          You are clearly stupid enough to believe old propaganda that is no different than what the soviets put out…

      2. Any society can be made to look “evil”. Can you imagine how the last 70 years of US military action could be spun into a story of diabolical conquest? The framing of history is often more important than the actual events.

    2. The nicest thing that both Der Fuhrer and Uncle Joe did was become part of the soil, the former by his own hand, the latter by a stroke…

    3. In terms of body count the Germans (through recorded history) have been more victim than perpetrator. You mention the Herero. That’s nothing in comparison to the Abo population in Austrialia or the North American Indian. It’s one instance of a German government in Africa. It’s a drop in the bucket. Stack that up against France or the British or the Belgians. I don’t weep for dead Africans either. They can barely maintain more than a grass hut without white intervention.

  45. In the town of Farnham, Quebec, there was a POW camp for Luftwaffe pilots. I have heard about how the POWs would ‘escape’ long enough to stroll into town and buy candies at the store before being rounded up. Someone I met told me his baby sister slept in a crib made by one of the POWs. I have no doubt that the Quebec women, more than their British-descended counterparts in the rest of Canada, “accomodated” many a German POW. The French Canadians were bitterly opposed to what they saw as “Britain’s war”, despite overwhelming evidence of the atrocities being committed in Europe. Their anti-semitism was second only to their Anglo-hatred.

    1. I don’t think the west should have gotten into what should have been a war between Stalin and Hitler. Guess that makes me anti-Semitic?

  46. During world war two, the Axis nations were the only ones fighting against
    the judeo-masonic powers that have completely destroyed western civilization today.
    The Axis powers were strongly against marxism, feminism, homosexuality, liberalism, democracy, egalitarianism, multiculturalism, effeminacy, luxury, jewish usury-based capitalism, and all the other evils that the judeo-masonic powers have pushed onto the modern west as dogmatic ideals. All these abominations are
    the root of decay and destruction in modern America. And all of them were fought
    against by the axis powers.
    This article is just regurgitating the same trash propaganda, pushed by the
    jewish media, that Hitler was the incarnation of evil and the Nazis were wicked as
    hell…Absolute bullshit!
    The people who have corrupted our culture, values, women, and children, through
    cultural marxism in western media and educational institutions, are the same people who have lied to us about world war two, and they are the same evil bastards that have reversed the roles of who was evil and who was good in that war.
    The Allied powers fought for the powers behind liberalism and cultural marxism and as a result of bolstering those powers they have destroyed western civilization.
    The Axis powers heroically fought, against the odds, their traiterous brethren, who favored the cause of jewish masonic interests rather than their own and their racial brethren’s interests to the destruction of their very own societies.
    The Allied powers who fought and destroyed Germany and Japan are today receiving divine retribution for the evil of fighting the morally just Axis cause. This retribution has come in the form of complete demoralization and degredation of their societies through feminism and other evils that have now taken over the Anglo-sphere like a plague.
    Adolf Hitler was a heroic warrior who fought for an honorable and just society free from enslavement to the jewish parasites that have complete control of the west today. The man should be lauded and celebrated as a great warrior and hero but the writer of the article has castigated him and made him out to be a fool and a demon.
    You should be ashamed for your idiocy in seeing the modern evils of feminism while still promoting the propaganda of the same liars who built feminism up
    to its status today.
    Unless modern men wake up and denounce the injustices of their forefathers, their own selfish pride and lack of objectivity will continuously lead them to being easily enslaved to dark and parasitical forces.

  47. I assumed this article was click bait for all of the deluded idiots to pounce in here and spam with comments saying that the Nazis were great and that the Holocaust nevah happened, while at the same time saying that the Nazis were great because they carried out the Holocaust.
    I was right.

  48. Fascist Italy: deported jews, fought alongside with the axis, had racial laws, inspired hitler’s regime, had colonies in africa and eastern europe, enslaved people in colonies; but no italian ever felt guilty for anything that happened during fascism, nobody sees an italian and jokes saying “ha look at that fascist”, italians even joke about germans calling them “nazis” or “hitlers” when we see them in holiday here, like we never helped them, no no we are only victims of fascism and nazism. gotta love my country.

  49. Your last photo is a known fake. Shit, it even looks fake. And the Nazis were the ones fighting against the tidal wave of leftist bullshit we are all drowning under right now.

    1. Nah. Both the Nazis and the Communists wanted to enforce their own brand of bullshit on everyone. Statists are like that.

      1. Except the Communist BS didn’t benefit anyone except the State. The Nazis, though extreme, benefited the overwhelming majority of German people.

  50. The over-the-top patriotism really took away from what could have been an interesting article. Disappointing because the author is usually rational, level-headed, and doesn’t have ridiculous ego investment in his writing. Didn’t realize the Canadians receive the same brainwashing as Americans.

  51. The better point of your argument was that women will justify reasons to sleep with men that have been socially ostracized by their community. See: hamster in action. Prisoners, criminals, assholes, murderers, cult-leaders, sociopaths, Nazis, American-occupation forces, or Soviet commissars (all happened) and so on. Women sleep with men that they perceive to be strong. Men in uniforms wielding guns: strong. Nazis were the dominant order in Europe for a few years. Then the USA and Soviet Union. It is no wonder a few tingles resulted in some bastards. U.S. servicemen in Germany routinely bring home German wives. Not one of the better posts at ROK.

    1. Photoshopped huh? I wonder what type of equipment they used to doctor photos back then.

      1. That was Yezhov, head of Stalin’s secret police. A little hard to feel very sorry for him. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Just like Beria who came after him, lined up for the firing squad by Kruschev when Stalin was no longer around to protect him.

  52. Germans were the good guys. The current debased jewnited states of duhmerika is the direct result of the craven Jude having the sob story of the “holocaust” with which to bludgeon their critics.

  53. I have to laugh at all the Nazi apologists and antisemites coming here and posting their insane ramblings of regularly discredited conspiracy theories and how Hitler was some great hero who bravely fought against some mythical Jewish/Zionist Boogeyman, never mind that his mad plans left Europe in a smoldering ruin, left millions of Europeans (Including Germans) dead and gave the Soviet Union the excuse that it needed to conquer Eastern Europe. Some hero indeed.
    The nicest thing Hitler ever did for the world, was put a .32 slug into his brain in ’45…

    1. At it again eh? At some point, the good jews of the world will have to make a decision to go down with the sinking ship of Judaism or take a stand and start policing the extremists amongst them.
      Reflexive, dismissive defensiveness will fall on deaf ears in Red Pill land son.

      1. Ain’t gonna happen pal. Many empires have tried to stamp out Judaism, all ended with utter failure.

        1. Because everyone is bad and Jews are innocent victims, for 5,000 years. Because I am that I am. The war with humanity continues.

        2. I’m not surprised one iota by your smear: A lame excuse to wallow in hatred of a group of people you clearly know nothing about, outside of propaganda written by various madmen and desperate regimes.

        3. Another dude on here made a great analogy:
          if a guy gets caught shoplifting and kicked out of 109 different stores and store 110 tells him he can’t come in, is it because:
          A. Store 110 is discriminating and racist.
          B. The guy is a dirty thief.

      2. “Reflexive, dismissive defensiveness will fall on deaf ears in Red Pill land son.”
        And yet you have the arrogance to claim speak for everyone. Same story, told through the ages by all sorts of dimwitted antisemites who drink the kool-aid dished out by delusional madmen.
        Pride goeth before the fall. Hitler, Stalin and Gamal Nasser all learned the hard way…

        1. These canned responses man, everyone here is wise to them. -“I’ll make this argument about YOU!”
          -“If I start to lose ground I’ll just say you’re:
          -“A NAZI!”
          …offer something dude, anything of substance.

      1. Can’t refute what I just said now?
        Pretty lame comeback…
        Chopping holes in your narrative is pretty easy. You are just like a leftist…

        1. Lame?
          You didn’t present an argument. Hitler was your blood enemy. He wanted to get rid of a breed of parasites. He rolls the dice and loses. I shrug. You are nothing more to me than a stinking rat in a sewer anyway.

        2. “You didn’t present an argument.”
          Denial: It ain’t just a river in Egypt.
          “Hitler was your blood enemy.”
          One who shot himself like a coward when he backed himself right into a corner by picking a fight with the rest of the world. World domination is tough.
          “He wanted to get rid of a breed of parasites.”
          By burning Europe to the ground. A bit like burning your house to the ground to deal with a small infestation of bedbugs. You would not last long in the extermination business…
          “He rolls the dice and loses.”
          Like so many mass murderers before and after him. I’d say you can expect a lot more losses in the future on your desire to see another holocaust, and the Jews of today aren’t the unarmed ones of WWII.
          ” I shrug.”
          That, and 50 cents will buy you a cup of coffee.
          “You are nothing more to me than a stinking rat in a sewer anyway. ”
          Classic projection. You are the sewer rat, and this site is the sewer. You are nothing more than a European supremicist who chooses to wallow in both delusion and mindless hatred.
          I cannot change your mind, but I can make fun of you like the maggot you are. If you want to play Ideological commissar (Or if you prefer, Gestapo) with me, you can expect lots of mockery. I don’t get cowed by vermin like you. I stand and fight, and you clearly don’t like it when I fight back.

      1. Yep. I’m glad idiots like you are in the minority. For all your bluster, you are but a quiet buzzing in the overall scheme of things.

        1. …like I said, if you can’t address the facts of the situation, just make it about me. No one here expects much outta you anyway.

    2. I have to laugh at all the Allies apologists and Anti-Whites coming here and posting their insane ramblings of regularly discredited conspiracy theories and how the Allied troops were some great heroes who bravely fought against some mythical German/Nazi Boogeyman, never mind that the Allies mad plans left Europe in a smoldering ruin, left millions of Europeans dead and gave the Soviet Union the excuse that it needed to conquer Eastern Europe. Some heroes indeed.

      1. When in doubt, blame the Jews.
        Funny how the Soviets helped the Arabs against Israel in the 20th century…

        1. When in doubt, blame the ‘Nazis’.
          Funny how the Germans helped the Baltic states resist the Soviets in the 20th century…

        2. My rifle says differently, square head.
          Must suck to be a little whinging pseudo-male.
          Your impotent rage is amusing.

        3. Your believe your rifle talks to you ? You need psychiatric help, square head.
          Your ignorant rants are amusing.

        4. Backpeddling now, are we?
          You’re not as tough as you think. Next time, think before you threaten…

        5. Still replying are we ?
          You’re not as intelligent as you like to think whiny nancy boy

        6. So what’s the cause of your anti-freedom stance that makes you condemn Hitler ?

        7. By the time Israel begins to form the Soviet Union is less and less useful. So generally speaking the USSR became more of a Russian Empire acting in Russian interests. During the 1960s the Russians were more or less in control of the affairs of state.

        8. The only difference between the Soviets and the Germans in WWII, was that Hitler was all gung-ho to take over the world, which led to him getting in way over his head. Stalin was more cautious, which led to him getting to live out the rest of his natural life, and allowed his empire several decades of life before it finally crumbled.
          In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you are good or evil, or if “truth” is on your side, the only thing that matters is strength and cunning.

        9. What evidence do you have that Hitler wanted to ‘rule the World’ ? It was Stalin who was building the World Palace of Soviets as a meeting place for his one world government.
          Hitler didn’t care about ‘ruling the World’, he wanted Germany to be left alone so they could get on with expanding into the solar system and beyond. Why worry about ruling ‘the World’ when you can rule the rest of the solar system, and beyond ?

  54. The US & Britain don’t want to accept that they destroyed the last chance for Western Civilization. They were tools for the world wide soviet movement. Many within the American and British governments were Soviet sympathizes. Today, white people in these countries don’t want to face the fact that their relatives were sacrificed to benefit the wrong side. If Germany would have one, Europe wouldn’t be committing self-genocide and be stuck in a cultural rut of decadence. What passes for culture is just propaganda designed to deconstruct western societies. Americans can’t understand the connection between having an unresponsive government that actively seeks to replace and dispossess whites of their birthright and the allied victory in WW2.

  55. Women have thing about captured/imprisoned men. A fetish. Exhibit A are the women lining up to marry death row inmates. Usually from Scandinavian countries and they are often smoking hot.

  56. The Nazi regime was far from clearcut evil. Most of the men were conscipted too and many either didn’t support the regime o didn’t know where to stand. Many of the leaders only knew their orders and even soe of the guys at the top wer more afraid of communism than they were desperate to harm jews. The people involved werestill people and many men and women in allied countries actually supported the Nazi regime more than those in Nazi Germany did. The Soviet, Americn and French soldiers had more sex with their supposed enemies than the wmen back home could and nobody was sure of who would win the war, so people across Europe were fraternixing with whoever they thought’d get them safety. And of course, the people fighting knew nothing of German atrcities and were just aware they were fighting against an invasive force that was segregating itself from the Gold Standard and, thus, from the dollar. Few countries or people actually cared much about Jews, gays or Poland and nobody in government genuinely thought the Nazis wanted world domination.
    Funny article, but rididulously ignorant of the actual political and social state of the world bacl then.

    1. Once the CIA was formed they were a huge beneficiary as well (funding for black and top-secret ops)

  57. wow, i really did not expect to see so much nazi apologism and revisionism in these comments. is this place really going downhill that fast?

    1. I felt the same way. I thought ROK was a place to support men being men, bettering our lives and the world around us through fitness, finance, and personal integrity. Turns out its just another swamp of bitter ignorant haters.

      1. Calling out a scam when you see it IS men bettering their lives. If your only response is “they’re just haters”, there’s probably some grrl-power sites you would enjoy; they “nuh-uh, you’re just a hater” argument flies pretty well there.

      2. That’s Rayciss! Ignant YT! Churchill and Roosevelt ate fluffy clouds and crapped rainbow candy!

    2. Part of the Red Pill is about calling bullshit when you see it. If people are perceiving it incorrectly, then write your own article. Otherwise just stay plugged but stay quiet.

      1. Why do so many commenters identify with the term “Red Pill” while complaining about the Jewish elite of Hollywood? Isn’t the whole “red pill” idea from a Hollywood movie?

        1. It’s derived from Alice in Wonderland technically speaking.
          Lewis Carroll was as far as I know Anglican. :-p

        2. No, Wonderland is from Charles Dodgson. The red and blue pill idea is from The Matrix. You must be referencing this quote from The Matrix:
          “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You
          take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe
          whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I’m offering is the truth – nothing more.”

  58. JOHN F. KENNEDY, U.S PRESIDENT : “After visiting these two places (the town
    of Berchtesgaden and Obersalzberg) you can easily understand how that within a
    few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of
    the most significant figures who ever lived. He had in him the stuff of which
    legends are made.” – Prelude to Leadership, The European Diary of J.F Kennedy,
    Summer, 1945.
    DAVID LLOYD GEORGE : “I have never met a happier people than the Germans
    and Hitler is one of the greatest men. The old trust him; the young idolise him.
    It is the worship of a national hero who has saved his country.” – Daily
    Express, 17.9.1936.
    WINSTON CHURCHILL : “If our country were defeated I should hope we should
    find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage and lead us back to our
    place among the nations.” – ‘Step by Step’, p.143
    WINSTON CHURCHILL : “In fifteen years that have followed this resolve, he
    has succeeded in restoring Germany to the most powerful position in Europe, and
    not only has he restored the position of his country, but he has even, to a very
    great extent, reversed the results of the Great War…. the vanquished are in
    the process of becoming the victors and the victors the vanquished…. whatever
    else might be thought about these exploits they are certainly among the most
    remarkable in the
    THEODUR HEUSS : “He moved souls, the will to sacrifice, and great devotion,
    enthralling and enthusiastically inspiring everyone by his appearance.”
    VISCOUNT ROTHERMERE : “He has a supreme intellect. I have known only two
    other men to whom I could apply such distinction – Lord Northcliffe and Lloyd
    George. If one puts a question to Hitler, he gives an immediate, brilliant clear
    answer. There is no human being living whose promise on important matters I
    would trust more readily. He believes that Germany has a divine calling and that
    the German people are destined to save Europe from the revolutionary attacks of
    Communism. He values family life very highly, whereas Communism is its worst
    enemy. He has thoroughly cleansed the moral, ethical life of Germany, forbidden
    publication of obscene books, and performance of questionable plays and
    No words can describe his politeness; he disarms men as well as women and
    can win both at any time with his conciliatory, pleasant smile. He is a man of
    rare culture. His knowledge of music, the arts and architecture is profound.” –
    ‘Warnings and Predictions’, p.180 – 183
    HANS GRIMM : “I witness with awe and admiration, that he, as nearly the
    first in the world, caused multitudes without force or any personal benefits to
    follow him of their own free will and volition.”
    G.E.O KNIGHT : “Altogether, Herr Hitler has worked miracles for the new
    Germany. I anticipate that in a very short time, the Chancellor will have shown
    the world more than it ever bargained for in its wildest efforts to crush the
    new regime.” – In Defence of Germany JACQUES BAINVILLE : “For Stressseman
    represented political parties which no longer existed, whereas Hitler enjoys the
    confidence of the whole of Germany expressed by the votes of over
    JACQUES BAINVILLE : “For Stressseman represented political parties which no
    longer existed, whereas Hitler enjoys the confidence of the whole of Germany
    expressed by the votes of over forty million electors.’ ” – l’Action
    HOUSTON STEWART CHAMBERLAIN : “At one stroke you have transformed the state
    of my soul. That Germany in the greatest hour of its need can produce a Hitler
    testifies to its vitality.”
    THE DAILY MAIL : “He succeeded in ascending to the highest power-position
    in Germany with very little spilling of blood or loss of human life in a land of
    68 million inhabitants. Austria was annexed without one shot being fired.” –
    Daily Mail, 20th, May, 1938
    THE OBSERVER : “I have talked with the humblest type of labourers, with
    merchants, professional men. I have yet to discover a dissenting voice to the
    question of loyalty to the Fuehrer.” – John L. Garvin.
    GEORGE BERNARD SHAW : “When I said that Herr Hitler’s action was right and
    inevitable, the storm of abuse that was about to bust on me was suddenly checked
    by Mr. Lloyd George saying exactly the same thing. It is inconceivable that a
    single vote should be cast against him.”
    DOUGLAS REED : “Germans in their country are not less well cared for than
    the English people in theirs, but better.”
    he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him. I think the writers
    showed bad taste in criticising the man of the hour in Germany.” – Richard D.
    Mandell. The Nazi Olympics
    GENERAL LEON DEGRELLE: “Hitler was the greatest statesman Europe has ever
    known. History will prove that when whipped up emotions have died down. He was
    more matter of fact, generally more unfolded than Napoleon. Napoleon was more of
    a vanquishing, empire-founding Frenchman than a true European. Hitler, in his
    being a man of his time, dreamed of an enduring, just, honest Europe, unified by
    the initiative of the victor. A Europe however in which each ethnic group could
    develop according

    1. …and somehow the “greatest generation” gets hustled into going to war against its European cousin. No wonder every day is a parade for those suckers and another History Channel special about Hitler and the Occult or Hitler and Eating Children or whatever…

      1. Sone of the worst things parcticed by Jewish people (not all but just a few) such as racism, apartheid, occultism, sexual perversion – were grafted onto the Nazi myth.

  59. Yeah, most women are stupid and the world is a fucked up place. I’ll tell you two things I know for sure though, Chubbs:
    1. Women love an Alpha. As the first Western country in God knows how long to take some pride in their ethnicity instead of bending over backwards for some hebrew mythology, it ain;t a stretch to say that the Reich were some alpha motherfuckers.
    2. I can say this as someone that’s been to war and been in plenty of gunfights: the “greatest generation” was a gaggle of suckers who went to war to fight for someone else’s country and serve someone else’s interest. That shit is straight beta and I wouldn’t want any woman who preferred that kind of “man” over a man who keeps himself as his top priority.

    1. Pretty sure the guys who went off to war went for their own respective countries. Not many recruitment posters here in the states saying “Go, fight for Zimbabwe!”, for example, they all seemed to focus on these united States.

      1. Exactly, American men signed right up and anyone not in uniform got shamed. And at the end of the day, the Soviets picked up half a continent and the jews picked up a homeland, a whole lot of mfg’ing companies got paid, and banks got to lend a metric fuck-ton of money. All Americans got was a new batch of Gold Star families.

  60. Apparently the real holocaust that occurred in and around Germany during and after WWII was that of the German people.
    4 million by ethnic cleansing perpetrated by non-Germans (which admittedly seems high to me)
    5 million by starvation after the war
    1 million or so in Eisenhower’s Death Camps
    p.s. I’m no soccer fan and I don’t have any real affinity for Germany but it wouldn’t be bad to see those guys win the World Cup.

    1. As far as I can tell, the Holocaust was Walter Benjamin being denied tenure at university and Theodore Adorno getting the boot. Never forget! Never again!

    1. The USSR was far worse, no question at all.
      That said, that doesn’t make the Nazis somehow absolved of responsibility for their actions.

  61. Women of a conquered nation have always “mingled” with the conqueror. It’s biology. Chubby’s hatred of women is telling….not too much luck with the ladies, obviously. This site has devolved into a forum for bitter, weak, self-loathing defeatists.

    1. They paint a real rosy picture there that may be more to your liking. Lolz.

    2. FYI everyone here gets laid. And for everyone here, it’s a pain in the ass to varying degrees.

      1. I am not sure what you mean by “everyone here gets laid”. I was not criticizing those that follow this site, I do myself though not as much as I once did in large part because of the whining about how evil women are. Yeah, I get it, there are certainly far fewer quality women than there were 20 years ago but they still exist and there are many. Feminism has succeeded because Western men allowed it, too. A little introspection is due. I was too strident. I would simply like to see more self-improvement articles and a little less pessimism.

    3. Paulie is a mangina feminist.
      People who lay women still hat e them for their base nature.

  62. Yes, a truly just war, fought with those pillars of freedom and democracy, the British Empire and the Soviet Union.

    1. So…we should have fought against the Germans with who else precisely? Or would you just have every nation go it alone, solo, no coordination and just roll the dice then?
      War is not pretty and it is not nice and sometimes you side with bad people. That’s how it works, and has always worked.

  63. It’s interesting how there seems to be a tier of what dominates discussion in my articles, based on carefully chosen key words and leading phrases.
    NWO>Jew ‘discussion’>race ‘discussion’>women being horrible>crimes against men>self improvement>genuine historical discussions>game tactics>personal stories>comedy
    That’s good to know for future articles I write, but I need to admit I was a bit of a prick and intentionally misled most of you with this article. It is not what you think it is about.
    There were at least 5 different comments (as of this comment) decrying the photoshopped last image of the German soldier smiling beside the hung woman – but none, as of my posting this, referred to a previous article of mine where I outright defended the German people. Scroll toward the bottom of it, and read under the heading A REBUT AGAINST THE EVENTUAL SO WHAT THEY WERE NAZI’S COMMENT

    What Real Rape Culture Looks Like

    Perhaps it’s simply egotistical of me to think that many of the readers of this article have perused my back catalogue or have read previous articles of mine (or even have the time or desire to do so), but is it not amusing for so many people to have taken 20, 30 minutes or however long they did to search for the images and stories to prove the last photo was a fake when in ten minutes of reading into my background they could have seen that I, in my own words, have previously written that I believe 75% of the Germans living and dying in the 1940s did not deserve a single solitary thing that happened to them? That I sympathize with the plights that most of the so called German ‘Nazis’ lived through?
    Look at the images in this article again. Notice the first, a real image of two dead soldiers embroiled from a bad death surrounded by barbed wire. What is the next image? A propaganda painting of a similar situation but featuring a fake soldier in a similar but overly dramatic and dignified pose. Reality vs propaganda. The next picture, one woman drunk and partying with a bunch of officers hands all over one another, genuine looks of happiness on their faces. The next: two women in a posed photo, no one touching them, no genuine looks of revelry – in fact the woman on the left almost looks uncomfortable with the officer beside her. A photo of two dignified women amidst a background of dignified officer, all of whom are politely smiling for the camera. Reality vs fiction. The last pair of photos, a genuine picture of a dead soldier being respectfully inspected and seen to by his enemy. The second, an altered fabrication of a man displaying his ‘enemy’ for the camera. How smug he is, showing off the corpse of a woman he presumably killed and raped, as evidenced by the fact her breasts are exposed (but tastefully blacked out, unlike her face). What a monster he and his people are! Especially compared to the men above him who almost seem to be praying for the soul of their slain enemy.
    Also notice how far apart these images are placed. The first pair are separated by 3 paragraphs and cannot be seen properly together (without zooming your browser out) on the same page. They are also the clearest in turns of being able to separate them as fact from fiction, fabrication vs reality. The next pair, the ones featuring the women, are much closer together, and can be viewed on the same page, albeit barely. The last pair, featuring enemies of the dead, are separated only by a single line. You can’t help but see both the pictures in the same frame, and have wildly different opinions-at first glance-about both. It does not matter if you learned afterwards that the hanged woman with the smiling German was a photoshop-you already have your opinion influenced by the initial sight and contrast in moods with the picture above it.
    So far as I know, what my great uncle told me (the tale above, about his patrol outside of Carpiquet) is real. The man did not come across as a liar, and none of the other veterans in the family ever refuted what he said…but how do I know the tale is true? There are a few photographs of him from back in the war, but none show my great uncle in battle. For all I know he spent the war in a fox hole picking his nose and reading French fashion magazines.
    Disinformation, mental manipulation and propaganda are very real. We are all being subjected to a myriad of disingenuous media everyday by people who want us to act certain ways, purchase certain things, believe certain mantras. Your mind is being assailed subtlety and blatantly every hour, via methods and from directions you are not even aware of. There are people out there who want to control who you are and what you think. And unfortunately for us, many of these people have the power and resources to make serious attempts towards completing these goals of control over us.
    Trust your gut, and always think objectively. Don’t let anyone but you control who and what you are.
    Here’s hoping you all are having a good year so far. As always, thanks for reading.

    1. It’s not so much about your prior writing or the pics in this article, but disseminating the newly available information on Nazi Germany/WWII, etc.
      It contradicts the popular perception almost 180 degrees.

    2. I’d suggest everyone go around and flag every pro-Nazi comment. Some things are so beyond the pale that they don’t need to be debated, they need to be suppressed.

  64. “There was little doubt in the public mind of the west that Nazi Germany was an evil country and one that needed to be defeated to ensure a measure of peace for western democracies”
    WW2 Germany was a great nation which fought to liberate the Baltic states from the Communist terror. Thanks to USA and UK allying with the Genocide Soviet Union 1/2 of Europe and 1/3 of humanity was forced to suffer under the boot of Communism.

    1. Sounds like you are sad that your fuhrer did everyone a favor and shot himself over 60 years ago…

      1. Sounds like you are sad and in denial about USA siding with the Communist butchers and helping to put 1/2 of Europe and 1/3 of humanity under Communist oppression instead of fighting for freedom alongside the Germans.

        1. History is the way it is. Correct and pretending that USA was correct to side with the Soviet butchers against the forces of freedom isn’t going to change the truth.

        2. If you must know something, I do agree that the Soviets were butchers and their empire lasted way too long.
          Everything else, is now water under the bridge…

        3. “Everything else, is now water under the bridge…”
          Not when the people who lied about Germany and ran Soviet Communism are running the USA today.

        4. Except when it’s the catalog of goy outrages against the chosen people. Then we are held to eternal account. The Blood as Blood Libel against the gentile.

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