BBC’s Charter Comes Under Review, Shills Come Out Of The Woodwork To Defend It

David Cameron’s Conservatives are to undertake a fundamental “root and branch” review of the BBC. A consultation paper released last week will set out the issues to be addressed in negotiations over the state broadcaster’s future. The report will investigate whether people who don’t pay the £145.50 annual licence fee deserve to be thrown in prison.

It will also look at the BBC’s impartiality and question what real need there is to have a state broadcaster produce soaps like EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing.


Degenerate entertainment, funded by the state.

The reaction of the Left has been melodramatic, the Guardian newspaper and various celebrities lining up to defend the corporation. Lord Patten, a former chairman of the the BBC trust, complained that Tory culture secretary John Whittingdale had assembled an advisory panel to “bury the BBC that we love.”

Has the time come to pare down the BBC, a parasitic behemoth rendered obsolete in the age of broadly available internet and deep skepticism of official information channels? Or are the nostalgics onto something in demanding that “Auntie” continue to be underwritten by the government?

The pigs come out in defence of the trough

The strongest plea in favour of the BBC has come from, unsurprisingly, the people who make a pretty packet out of its existence. In an open letter to David Cameron, dozens of “celebs” spoke against the Tories’ planned reforms. JK Rowling, Judi Dench, and Chris Evans were among them.

The grandiose, presumption on their behalf is that “a diminished BBC would simply mean a diminished Britain.” They gushed further, calling the BBC “a very precious organisation,” which is “overwhelmingly a creative force for good.”


Keep troughing

The bureaucrats within the fortress walls piled in with even more pompous pronouncements: the Director General of the BBC, Lord Hall, gave a stern warning to the government to keep its mitts off, arguing that the Beeb must not be prevented from hiding “the next Strictly, the next Bake Off or the next Top Gear.”

Making no mention of the fact that the BBC is funded by way of a licence fee extracted from TV owners on pain of imprisonment, Lord Hall was clear on who would “lose” in the wake of any meddling with the corporate structure of the BBC:

…the people who will lose are not the commercial interests and people with particular vested interests – it’s the people who pay for us, the people who love us. The debate is too often in terms of this interest or that interest, not in terms of the people who are, in the end, our shareholders.

With breathtaking certainty, he declared the public to have “no appetite” for a smaller BBC, and said that the “great majority” of licence fee-payers are happy to pay the current licence fee.

A cheap stunt by an empty suit

Danny Cohen, building his vision of a Social Justice uptopia with your TV Licence money extracted on pain of imprisonment

Danny Cohen, an Oxford-educated liberal shoving PC opinions down your throat with money extracted from you on pain of imprisonment

The patent ridiculousness of a state-subsidised media elite sitting making spurious attempts to defend the long-standing sacred cow that is the BBC should surprise nobody. Neither should the revelation made by broadcasting veteran Michael Palin, that the gushing pro-BBC letter co-signed by numerous celebrities and presented as “independent,” was in fact a propaganda exercise organised by none other than Danny Cohen, its head of TV, who I have written about previously as being a key figure in the cultural Marxist claque militating for Jeremy Clarkson’s demise.

But then again, you mights say, nothing wrong with a bit of lobbying for a good cause. Once one considers that many of the signatories of the letter rely on Cohen for work, or are, like Rachel Weisz, personal friends, the entire exercise starts to look like the desperate machinations of the head rat on a quickly sinking ship.

Palin’s revelations were compounded when Sir David Attenborough, the UK’s top dog for nature programming, also said he was approached to sign what has now become known as the “luvvies letter.”

Tory MP Andrew Bridgend, who is leading a campaign to decriminalise non-payment of the licence fee, has called for Cohen to quit:

Unless he resigns I shall be writing to Jesse Norman, chairman of the Culture Media and Sport Committee, on Monday asking him to call Mr Cohen before the committee to answer questions about his role in the shabby affair and to find out why he pursued a course of action that is in breach of the BBC’s own lobbying guidelines.

Solipsism – the oxygen of Planet BBC

Graham Norton: an utterly disposable non-entity

Graham Norton: an utterly talentless, disposable non-entity

The luvvies are showing no inclination whatsoever to simply roll over and die. Asked by the Daily Express whether the BBC Trust would investigate the letter, a Trust spokeswoman said: “The genesis of this letter is not a matter for the BBC Trust.” If the defiance is not enough, the Corporation is even scheming to put the country through a “deprivation test” by blacking out its services to licence payers.

The idea is to show them how much they would miss the BBC. Embittered old queen Graham Norton claimed he had pushed the “deprivation test” to Lord Hall. “Just put £24 into everyone’s bank account, and switch the BBC off for two months, and people would shit themselves,” he prophesied.

Commenters on the Guardian’s lunatic fringe gave a glimpse into left wing solipsism around favoured institutions: User “Ergolardgo” commented:

If the BBC shut down for even just a week, the political storm it would cause would break every bone in Cameron and Whittingdale’s bodies, and leave them defeated, eviscerated husks with no political future. The Conservative party have literally no idea what a stupidly dangerous game they are playing. Cameron, allowing this BBC war to become inflamed, is behaving like the spoilt child we all know he is, not a statesman who deserves any of our respect.

Who will put the bloated BBC out of its misery?

It is not apparently clear why political careers would necessarily end and common people would convulse in paroxysms of withdrawal at the turning off the BBC. At every level, be it television, radio or web, the BBC has stiff competition from the commercial sector, who are able to offer material of equivalent quality but without a licence fee.

Even the high-brow radio offering, BBC Radio 4, which provides a high quality medley of of documentaries, talk shows, and radio plays, has its competitors: The web-savvy can tune into NRP, or even Radio France Culture if they speak French (and most of the bourgeois middlebrows who listen to Radio 4 inevitably do).

The unfortunate reality is that the BBC is a healthy cash cow for a large population of liberal intellectuals who live as parasite off the credulity and inaction of the British populace. 81 senior BBC managers now earning more than the Prime Minister.

The number of television and radio presenters in the £250,000-£500,000 salary bracket rose from 25 to 34. This class of leeches sit in sumptuous comfort dreaming up new, innovative forms of political correctness, such as referring to Islamic State as “so-called Islamic State” in order not to offend Muslims.


The entire charade is sustained by the subcontracted thugs at Capita Plc, who the BBC, not wishing to sully its starched white collar, delegates the collection of the licence fee. The tools at their disposal include threatening letters and doorstep intimidation.

3,000 people a week are prosecuted for TV Licence evasion. 32 people were jailed in 2013 for not paying the fine, while 51 were jailed in 2012. For the pinstripe suits who set the BBC up to lecture us on the moral goodness of green taxes and endless foreign aid in spite of localised austerity, these people are just “bugsplat,” a statistical irrelevance to be hand-waved aside.

But if the BBC is so wonderfully good, and so loved by the nation, surely it would survive as a commercial concern? Time to cut the umbilical cord, and let the Danny Cohens, the Lord Halls, and the Graham Nortons, sink or swim.

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95 thoughts on “BBC’s Charter Comes Under Review, Shills Come Out Of The Woodwork To Defend It”

  1. And I thought the PBS telethon/fundraisers here in the States were bad, I had no idea Brits had to pay a fine or go to jail, that’s ridiculous.
    (Of course, all I know about the BBC is that it broadcast shows like Are You Being Served? ‘Allo-‘Allo, Fawlty Towers, and Mr. Bean, so I wasn’t exactly current/knowledgeable to begin with).

    1. Yeah. I think that is the beauty of the United States. If that shit starts happening (forcing citizens to pay for TV services) then employees coming to work (at PBS) would find that building burned to the ground the next day.
      That would go for any other “state sponsored” media trying to extract a fee from citizens.

  2. Of course the alternatives like Netflix are culturally Marxist as well. The BBC would be a lot easier to defend if it abided by the principles of its own governing charter, namely impartiality, and providing genuinely solid reporting as perhaps once upon a time it did. Things like the world service used to provide real reporting even if it was never going to rock the boat. Well at least when it dies a death as a compromised ‘ marched through’ institution we’ll still have RT!

    1. Impartiality isn’t possible no matter who is in charge. There is no such thing as unbiased media.

      1. No, but do you imagine they even try? They recruit from the left and have done for decades. If your staff are die hard progressives where would a balanced perspective come from?

        1. Agree. We need to teach the younger generation how to think more independently.
          I’m conservative on guns and liberal on prostitution….call me old fashion.

      2. There are two types of bias; intentional and unintentional. BBC engages in the former, not the later, just like NPR and PBS here in the states.

    2. I assume you are implying this bc they feature a show about a tranny and lesbian inmates?

        1. If you watch Netflix you probably soon will be. After my one month free trial I was a zombie

    3. I’m one of those weird people who need radio sound to get to sleep, I have listened to the BBC World Service for 40 years. It used to be British values being broadcast to the world now it is 100% foreign input and total denigration of everything British

      1. Excellent idea. They probably show the interview and team America round the clock though

  3. A similar thing happened in Australia when Tony Abbott became PM – he announced cuts to the ABC and lefties everywhere went up in arms about “their ABC” being cut.

    1. I wished that the GOP had done this to arts funding, NPR and PBS between the years of 2001 and 2007 when it had control of government.

    2. We have the CBC in Canada. A leftist, parasitic, redistribute from the white working to every and anyone else who wants it.
      Truly disgusting. The level of propaganda and news distortion beggars the mind. Their funding on my dollar must end.
      I’ve got to stop working and being a valuable citizen. Just Got to till they stop stealing from the productive.

      1. The CBC is slowly being snuffed out by the Conservative government in Canada as well. The PM won’t even grant interviews to the CBC anymore because of their “hostility”. Seems to be a common theme.

        1. I wouldn’t grant an interview to the CBC solely on the basis of the cowboy journalism buffoonery known as “The Fifth Estate” …
          That CBC show has actually wrecked the lives of some people who did no wrong, who had to wait for years to get some sort of justice and not-very-sufficient compensation.

    3. Just a side note for some in the U.S.: ABC in Australia is the government, state funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
      Ok, play on all and thank you.

    1. Ephesians 4:28 (NKJV): “Let him who stole steal no longer, but rather let him labor, working with his hands what is good, that he may have something to give him who has need.”
      The BBC should give up stealing via government proxy and should instead become an honest, privately owned and privately run network that runs its own.
      Then they “labor” and work “what is good.”
      And the British will all be better off. And so will we

  4. Corporate parasites come out of the woodwork to defend and justify the existence of another corporate parasite, why am I not surprised?

  5. Government needs to get out of broadcast media. With internet and cable tv there is no justification for it anymore.

    1. “Public broadcasting” is a nice way of saying, “government-sponsored propaganda.”

        1. It’s the truth when we do it.(The real truth no the New World Order Religion Truth) Propaganda is not necessarily a bad thing although is it when you are bound to pay it. If I want to advertise Kratom I can’t make you pay for it or any taxpayer

        2. Seriously!? Leftist can’t pay their food how they can pay a massive brainwash?? Taxpayers!! Tax are the oxygen of leftoids.
          Why did the USSR fall?- because there weren’t enough beta taxpayers to support it!!
          One SJW meet her/his/it friend in a bar and say.
          +Why aren’t we able to think?
          -Because we haven’t enough taxpayers feeding us.
          +But we live better than Newton
          -Yeah and both of us are taller than the obviously rich guy at your right.
          +What?? Are you suggesting there is a different reason of feed-by-tax by which we are taller?
          -Yes and it may means that he is rich not because someone nurtured (in the future nurture is run by state under the new human rights constitutional order to ensure parents don’t care better their children than neighbours’ children) he better rather than a sort of intrinsic mental and physiological prerogative, I watched one day a documentary of ancient people who believed in something called genetic, chromohomos,genomic? I don’t remember it.
          +What the fuck?? You are infringing the amendment number 467 of the human rights!!
          You said that there is a Nature set of human being!!(The new definition of human being comprehend bonobo monkeys)
          Dude identified as (-) was condemned to death found guilty of patriarchalism, capitalism and fascism.
          That’s a true history not a joke, at some point of time and space this has happened, is happening or will take place. Share it.

  6. The funny thing about the BBC is that they aren’t allowed to discuss Christianity except if making fun of it.
    Gays, Lesbians, necrophilia, Islam, and anything else is not off limits though. Except if done in an offensive comedic manner of course.

    1. Exactly. The BBC for years has been fairly vicious towards Christians and Christianity in general and remains so today. Their coverage of Islam is unfailingly reverential and respectful to the point of promoting the Islamic religion.
      There are too many examples to list, but their coverage of the anti-Christian genocide in the Central African Republic and Nigeria has been typical “liberal” fare. That is, even if mentioned at all, programs committed by Muslims against Christians where all the perpetrators were Muslims and all the victims were Christians are referred to as something like “inter-communal rioting.” Where Christians are murdered, raped etc. they avoid mentioning religion. In cases where Muslims are victims, they go out of their way to blame any other religious group if possible.
      Look at the BBC news website. In their Europe section they deliberately include the state of Turkey which is located in Asia Minor with a tiny proportion of its territory (conquered in one of the Ottoman Turks relentless jihads) lying technically in the European continent. They use this fig leaf to disguise their advocacy for Turkey to be admitted to the E.U. despite all the very legitimate reasons why this should never be allowed.
      The BBC is a vile, state propaganda apparatus operated for the benefit of the wealthy liberals who benefit from it financially and spewing out destructive liberal propaganda.

      1. Jesus said that if someone wasn’t persecuted for their faith, then they weren’t a true Christian.

      2. The BBC for years has been fairly vicious towards Christians and Christianity in general and remains so today. Their coverage of Islam is unfailingly reverential and respectful to the point of promoting the Islamic religion.

        I’m a skeptic, and this is 100% accurate. The way leftist wienies pander and kiss muslim’s assholes is an intellectual farce. If they had any credibility whatsoever they’d approach all religions impartially.

    2. Like any other station (be it in the U.K., the U.S. or other) there is no “need” for it. You don’t need TV to survive and there are too many other forms of entertainment (plus better uses of your time) then watching all of this propaganda (and no talent hacks).
      TV shows, today, are a collection of no talent hacks who really have no talent (D-list). Why pay good money for such bad so called acting?
      I don’t miss TV one bit.

  7. I’ve always found this puzzling. If the Koch brothers give a few thousand dollars to some Republican, or Soros gives a few thousand dollars to some Democrat, people will fall all over themselves to scream at each other about how they’re being fed an agenda that brainwashes them. Yet, when the government is giving out funds, everyone is oblivious to the idea that an agenda is in play too. Moreover, it’s an agenda that comes not only with the carrot of funding, but with the stick of laws and guns if you don’t toe the line. We’ve had a word for government-sponsored artistic programming for a long time – propaganda. Say what you will about the merits of Fox News, or MSNBC, but at least their biases are obvious and easily filtered. By contrast, if you listen to NPR on any given day where I live, you will hear some of the most insidiously slanted leftist nonsense imaginable. Favorite tactics are loaded questions – “when did you stop beating your wife?”; pitting the Liberal intellectual powerhouse against the Republican mouth-breathing moron to paint views as idiotic; ignoring counter-narratives entirely; and all manner of logical fallacy with a particular emphasis on appeals to emotion. They love to parrot how this organization only relies on the government for a “very small part of its funding.” But the Koch brothers of the world are only small drops in the bucket too. And look how much they howl at any threat that those small drops in the bucket could disappear. That tells you something about how important it is, and who’s pulling the strings.

    1. The BBC only provides government propaganda when the sitting government is left-wing. When the government is right-wing, the BBC provides propaganda for the opposition.

    2. Keep in mind, the US media give democrats free positive coverage that would cost billions if they would have to purchase the airwaves in advertising. Despite the unfair advantage, they still barely win US elections.

    3. Agree…and I love those loaded questions. I go to the old standby that many have not heard (in years) or heard of at all:
      It’s none of your god damn business.
      The problem with many people, today, is that they want to get into your business (shame you) while doing some shady shit, themselves. I don’t let people approach me with those loaded questions but I understand what you are saying about media. Today, we (as a society) will pander to extreme religion, crazies, or just plain ‘never go full retard’ retards but the common, working, sensible people are ridiculed.
      Fuck that…not on my watch. I’m lucky enough to have been around with some of those older people (like GOJ…ya old man) who used to tell other people to fuck off and mind your own business.

  8. While the author above makes some excellent points, there are about 6 things i like about the beeb:
    1) bbc world service. simply fantastic when travelling around and you don’t want to see any other shitty news channels [cough cnn cough]
    (some level of irony that bbc news in the actual UK is so shitty)
    2) the old school horizon and bbc 4 science docs. before it was edutainment there were some absolutely fascinating cutting edge programmes on scientific research [michael moseley etc]
    3) Louis theroux and the storyville type docs, also adam curtis’s power of nightmares was a fantastic series.
    4) History of the empire type programmes, and just general historical documentaries. always fascinating and shows you how tribalism has basically existed for ever.
    5)Classic Top gear, not the new shit that chris evans is going to do.
    6) David attenborough’s planet series. Man that is some of the best television programming ever.
    If the world service, documentaries and top gear were what the beeb slimmed down to i would be a very happy person [i like sherlock, but lets be honest, hbo can buy that]

    1. Who the fuck cares what you like or think is fascinating? Why should somebody else pay for it if they don’t want it? No its not a public utility like driving on the roads. Its all infotainment that can be found on the internet.

    2. I really like firearms, however it is not the place of government to rob other people to finance buying them for me.

      1. another option would be if they just made it a volunteer license fee. if people want the beeb they pay for it, if not they dont

        1. Would have to move it to some kind of cable and take it off the free airwaves then, but otherwise, yeah, I can agree with that.

        2. i no longer particularly care about this discussion, so whatever you think is cool with me.

    3. Great list – you would never get programmes of that quality today as far as I’m concerned. I’d probably add the old Timewatch as well. Adam Curtis – seems quite anti-leftist from what I can tell, although I only watched the brilliant four part ‘Century of the Self’ series

    4. Yeah, where would I get my re-runs of The Rockford Files without the BBC?
      Seriously though, the worst thing from my perspective was when the BBC decided to end the Caribbean service …
      Speaking of Top Gear though, you realise that part of the reason that the BBC needs financial help is that a dust-up between Jeremy Clarkson and that other guy turned into a situation where the BBC “just had to” exercise common office behaviour in firing the Corporation’s rain maker, with the result that the books aren’t even close to balancing now.
      I think if he were my rain maker, I’d probably look past his punching a few of my considerably more interchangeable (and thus expendable) staff, just because I understand that when there’s one guy who’s responsible for putting the meat on the table, what passes for the kitchen help doesn’t get full licence to turn it into shoe leather …

  9. How to stop the BBC? Easy, just don’t watch TV. More of you all are starting to realize this. Haven’t touched the damn thing in ages

    1. That wont change anything, they still extract the licensing fee.
      It would be surreal though- tv ratings at 0.0, yet they still got their funding and still broadcast lol

      1. Even if they belong to a sect that forbids TV, Radio, etc.? I couldn’t imagine trying to extract a television license out of the Amish here.

    2. Might as well watch it since you have to fork out 1 day’s graft. Heard the penalty for not paying it is something like £400.

  10. Hmm, I wonder what race/ethnicity Danny Cohen is, and whether he is or isn’t proving true certain “stereotypes” about media ownership and liberal influence

    1. His family hails from Mozambique. Damn Mozambique overlords!

    1. “Sounds like old school extortion”
      Government is the biggest criminal organization that ever existed.

  11. Every feminist / mangina should be taxed $150 per year to pay for ROK, whether they like it or not.

    1. The grocery store is the only place left where even a modicum of free
      market forces, reciprocity and direct accountability are evident every
      day, not twice a decade.

  12. They are proposing to bring in a “media charge” in Ireland. Even if you don’t have a TV in your house they will still look to charge the house owner €160 per annum. I shit you not.
    The state broadcaster, RTE, in Ireland gets an annual TV licence fee of €160 AND they get advertising revenue. At least the BBC doesn’t receive advertising revenue.
    It is however the same state of affairs with liberals and homosexuals running the show. The recent homosexual marriage referendum was a good example. It was won by the rainbow lobby through their saturation of the airwaves with the proviso that if you voted no you were a gay basher. The propaganda that was fed to the populace was insidious. And it’s not stopping there. The feminazis are now bringing in consent laws ala California and New York.
    Bring on the decline. Sooner the better.

  13. This is theft. EARN your own way and let those who want to pay for the BBC pay. NO ONE ELSE.
    Every time you ‘do the right thing’ or ‘Lean IN’ you enable others to
    continue exploiting your responsibility and sacrifices.
    So many people who imagine themselves as peaceful and non-violent are only too happy and insistent that the state use force and violence against others to control their private lives and resources. As long as someone else uses force they are fine with it – indeed they want it.
    The State steals from the productive to redistribute and dictate for
    everyone else. Taxation of 30-40-50% plus is slavery. Period.
    Fleecing the productive is a sure way to make the productive disappear or at least foster the parasitic mindset to steal, lie, coerce and destroy. Taxed on the money you earn, then taxed on savings, taxed on investments, taxed on tax.

  14. Radio 4 has a programme called “Women’s Hour” and is a (Generally) lefty scum haven.

  15. Danny Cohen, an Oxford-educated liberal shoving PC opinions down your throat with money extracted from you on pain of imprisonment

    If that ain’t the truth!

  16. It’s not just the bbc you are forced to pay for but having a television itself here in the UK. It’s just the money goes to the bbc whatever channel you choose to watch.
    It’s cultural Marxism enforced through both the forced system of payment regardless of whether you watch any bbc channels, and the constant barrage of thought police safely censored ‘there’s really nothing wrong here in little old socialist utopian england’ that really hammers home the final normalising nail in the coffin.

      1. Little Britain was a vicious insult used by politicians and the media to describe anyone who stood up for the indigenous British population whether on immigration, Christianity, Monarchy etc

    1. The counter argument to anything “government” that I have found is this one: Is there a need for it?
      We need clean drinking water, trash pick up, (or other similar services)….we don’t need TV (especially the nonsense, today).
      They can no longer report the news (impartially) so I say they’ve failed at that one as well. I’m speaking as an American but I’m sure from what I’ve seen on the BBC it’s pretty much the same over there.

    2. Is that quite right?My understanding is that you are forced to pay if you are capable of receiving a signal

  17. Don’t know who tagged the BBC in the past as “British Broadcasting Communisim”, but considering the number of pedos falling out of the closets as the BBC these days, it should be “Brits Buttfucking Children.” The fact not paying your license fee is a criminal act is enough to know it’s fascist propaganda tool.

    1. Hopefully the overhaul will allow it to become an ad free subscription online service. It is annoying to only have one week to catch up, and never when abroad. The rules that prevent this occurring are idiotic.

  18. It has always surprised me about government sponsored media here and in the UK e.g BBC , PBS, NPR etc…Russia had similar Pravda ,Tass and we all said that was awful and not to be trusted. How is NPR and BBC different??

    1. Funny how all of that changes in two to three decades. Back in 1985 we were condemning China and the Soviet Union for pulling the same type of shit.
      Today, the west engages in it, openly – of course it’s all in the name of equality and freedom. You have to shake your head and laugh at it all.

  19. Jesus I know England is a total wasteland of morality but holy fuck I had no idea it is so bad the people, namely the men willingly accept being forced to pay money for their government to shovel suicidal propaganda down your fucking throats or face imprisonment. The response apparently of many English is to defend the bbc.
    I am Jack’s protruding irony

    1. It used to be better. Britain was essentially a communist economy before the free market caused insane inflation and everyone started drinking coca cola.
      The idea of a channel without advertisment that attempts (claims) to give balanced news is not so bad. It costs less than £3 a week. You’d happily pay that for a decent newspaper.

  20. PBS in the US used to go on begathons to fund raise. Now *gasp* they have corporate sponsors..what they produce is about the same.

  21. Wow… erm, and some interesting synchronicity: I wanted to say: what a great article, what journalistic prowess, I´m downright enthousiastic. Great style, every word apt, everything right to the point. And now I get aware that it´s with an article about the journalistic miserability of the Controlled Media -> so I stumble across the evident: THIS here is the legitimate successor of the corrupt and hostile liar media !!
    Return of Kings can be one of the nuclei from which real new big media can arise !

  22. only moved to the UK around 4 months ago and have started getting threatening letters about paying some tv licensing fee. I don’t even watch TV, my flatmate just happens to. Does anything actually happen?

  23. BBC = British Buggering Children…
    BBC staff = Homo-paedophiles & bull-dykes !

  24. I thought I was a minority of 1 in my hatred of the BBC, but I have a community out there, thank you I am proud to be an ROK reader, so much truth.

  25. So Michael Palin and Sir David Attenborough have publicly criticized this protest letter from the BBC upper echelons?
    Well that’s good enough for me 😉

  26. “…the “great majority” of licence fee-payers are happy to pay the current licence fee.

    If this is true then he shouldn’t have an issue with making the license fee purely voluntary.

    1. Pay a fee for system TV, sounds like a sort of Middle Ages tax like cross a river, go to the forest or take water from a river or well. Even worse since if you think river water is poisoned you’re free to don’t drink it and not pay it.

      1. The fact is, TV as we know it is dying. Kids today watch movies and shows on their phones and tablets. When they’re adults they won’t be waiting until “Prime Time” to watch stuff. Scheduled TV will be gone and you will simply pay a subscription to watch whatever you want, when you want. Netflix etc. is the future. As such, the BBC is doomed.

  27. I’ve by myself for a number of years, and hand on heart, I’ve never paid the license fee, and I get a threatening letter practically every week. I said I’ll go to jail rather than give them their cuck fee.

  28. BBC=pravda taxpayer funded without the chance of unsubscribe. The next step is set a official truth. In Spain Podemos a communist party want to do that. In Madrid they have already implanted a web where they say what is true and what not. And Pablo Iglesias, the leader, has also said private media should be banned, that’s orwellian. Care about leftoids

  29. Not only is the BBC the epitome of PC,it is also the biggest supporter of Feminism.It may not have advertising to support it but it surely has
    the whole of feminist academia supporting it.Gradually it will do away with male staff almost entirely and only female thought will be allowed.
    Even the soaps portray males only as killers or rapists whereas women get a free pass.There are now no free debates,by free I mean
    unsubjected argument,everything is vetted by feminists,no time at all is allotted to the male point of view.Church and marriage is taboo
    and,no doubt,women’s football will get much more coverage next year.
    It should be renamed the women’s broadcasting association and they alone should pay.

  30. I dont get that British yearly tax for the personal use of a TV either. There is a lot of broadcast fat to trim there.

  31. I have cancelled my payment for the TV licence and will never pay it again. I am sick of the open leftwing political bias of the BBC and will not give it a penny more of my money.

  32. I lay this squarely at the feet of the English. They put up with this stuff. So they deserve it. If they REALLY wanted to deal with it, they would.

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