Sweden Imports Foreign Contractors To Finalize Its Own Collapse

The left is dead set on leading Sweden to its grave, and it would be pretty racist to not let immigrants in on the experience. In fact, they hold the key to realizing this project, since native Swedes can’t even be trusted with the simple task of destroying their own country.

Sweden is adopting the exact opposite strategy than that of tax havens. The premise of tax havens is that if you make sure there are few regulations and low taxes, businesses and entrepreneurs will settle in the country. Maintaining and even increasing already heavy taxation and regulation will of course lead entrepreneurs and businesses to not be attracted to the country, and the ones who are here are surely going to be looking for ways to get out.


An erotic display for any Swedish politician

The Swedish model is a welfare check haven. Instead of attracting the most successful entrepreneurs who will create job opportunities, the goal is to attract the most unproductive individuals who will suckle on the taxpayers teat, much like parasites attach to their host. While countries like Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Singapore do their best to attract these entrepreneurs, Sweden does its best to make sure that the only people entering the country are going to do nothing to contribute to economic growth.

When all the employers have stopped recruiting and left because of the compromised marketplace, the Swedish politicians will follow up by blaming capitalism for all the problems in society and convince the foreigners that their only hope is to vote for more leftist policies. Thanks to the wonders of democracy, this destructive perpetual cycle of socialism is established. The leftist economic policies are completely unsustainable and lead to the economic misery that is necessary for them to keep winning elections.

The welfare checks are essentially bribes by politicians, and the immigrants are basically foreign contractors hired with the task of bringing Sweden to its knees.


Mock-up of a politician rewarding his loyal voter, although in reality it would occur much more openly

As you’d expect, Sweden is not only a welfare state but also a nanny state. There is overreaching regulations in virtually all areas except one. Immigration.

“Thou shalt not criticize mass immigration” is the proverb of most Swedish politicians. In defense of massive immigration, progressives seriously claim bushels of entrepreneurs, brain surgeons, and rocket scientists set up shop here. In reality, the people in Sweden who fit in those categories are most likely planning to get out.


Iraqi M.D. Field Surgeon about to perform advanced body amputation before leaving on a plane for Sweden

White privilege is not wanting ISIS terrorists to live in your country

People who return to Sweden after having fought for ISIS actually receive benefits like being prioritized for housing or receiving guaranteed government employment. The social justice warriors in the municipality of Stockholm also want this treatment to have a gender perspective:

“Whatever the underlying reason, the work needs to counter strategic development of violent extremism. And it is important that this work takes gender perspectives into account. (…) The city’s efforts will house a gender perspective to ensure that aid is adjusted to everyone’s needs.”

If you’re not already convinced that Sweden will collapse in the near future after reading that statement, I don’t know what will convince you. Putting women on a pedestal is a common SJW behavior, but radical mass murderers who gladly slaughter homosexuals on a daily basis?

It is understandable that the left wishes to provide shelter for those in need, particularly the actual victims who are currently suffering under Islamic tyranny in the Middle East and Africa. But for some reason, the left will victimize even the extremist mass murderers and give them incentives to come live in Sweden. If they want mass immigration so badly, why not at least grant these real victims asylum over the bombers and executioners of ISIS?

This may perhaps be the most obvious clue of the left wanting to destroy Sweden. There are millions of people in desperate need of help, so why prioritize providing shelter for the minority of the most wicked people the world has ever seen? At least the rest of the world can be thankful to Sweden in this regard, since terrorists seem to remain unwanted everywhere else.


The left thrives on people adopting a loser mindset

Making people feel like victims is crucial if you want to rack up votes as a progressive politician. Of course this isn’t exclusive to immigrants, as young Swedes are some of the most entitled brats the world has ever seen. This has been achieved by granting them $120 for every month they go to school.

The schools also serve as successful public indoctrination centers for the progressive agenda. I could write a whole book on the brainwashing I was subjected to in school, but it was mainly focused on pushing global warming propaganda and demonizing anyone who criticizes mass immigration, welfare programs, or heavy taxation and regulations.

I can personally attest to the effectiveness of this treatment. While I survived unscathed, most of my peers were not so lucky. Few people can withstand this amount of calculated brainwashing combined with financial incentives, especially at such a young age.


Immigrants are important for politicians because they’re a handy source of votes. There’s no need to condition your subjects for 18 years like if they’re born domestically, as the adult immigrants can vote straight away. It’s also easier to convince minorities they are victims of discrimination and racism, which is why progressives are obsessed with finding absurd examples of racism and sexism in any situation.

As soon as someone brings up the idea of restricting either welfare programs or immigration, that person will forever be branded as a racist by Sweden’s useful idiots, which conveniently serves the agenda that pushes the victim mindset onto minorities. If politicians speak up against the status quo, the left wins. If they don’t speak up, the left naturally wins too.

The lefts greed for votes and deliberate implementation of unsustainable economic policies will ultimately be Sweden’s downfall. As the smart leaders of tax havens compete for the productive entrepreneurs, Sweden is on the front lines when it comes to attracting lazy freeloaders and crazed terrorists from across the globe.

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175 thoughts on “Sweden Imports Foreign Contractors To Finalize Its Own Collapse”

  1. Although I sympathize with your problems, the problems are not unique to Sweden.
    The US, Canada, UK, Germany and many other nations are going through the exact same thing.
    The fact of the matter is that most of the planet is on fire. Nations have state/federal level financial problems and recessions, tyrannical governments (so called Islamic or otherwise), over-population, illiteracy, food & water issues… the list goes on. And to top it all, corruption has weeded into all levels of government, so recovery is pretty much impossible.
    Sometimes, you just need to focus on what you can change – and sometimes the only thing you can change is yourself. So do the best you can; help those you think honestly need help. And forget about the rest. If you can’t fix it, then worrying about it will just give you an ulcer.

    1. wouldnt say its only white nations when you consider singapore,malaysia,fiji,hawaii,qatar,uae,saudi,thailand,south africa,philipines,taiwan, australia,NZ and the americas.
      The number of foreigners to natives is way more significant then that of europe.
      But that sterotype that ethnic men are cool but whites arent, tell that to asian indian and middle eastern men.
      its only black and latino men that benefit thought they got the negative thug sterotype going against them.

      1. About qatar, uae and saudi arabia: yes the foreign population outnumbers the locals but it’s not the same diversity we see imposed on western countries, because in those 3 places foreigners are not allowed to mix with the locals – let alone marry a local woman -, to practice their religion if it’s not islam, and have to abide the local laws i.e. women can’t work/drive, go out alone,etc.
        so do not confuse the situation in arab muslim countries with that of western countries where minorities are treated as equals as the natives…

        1. Well aware of those situations and glad someone responded logically. But my point of including them(wasnt going to) was the mere fact that they are living among them. But they both have own special laws. Like a drunk driver in uae will get a fine but a muslim will get whipped. There is some special rules for the natives and foreigners kinda like here in the west. But as a whole they have to respect the main laws just a few will be exempt.
          But end of the day you have other non white nations that have migrants that are mixing in like that of europe. I dont mind the whole you cant mix with local women afterall if a nation did that afterall theyd be bred out. In a sense its better to be full blood and minority they to disappear.

    2. Whites don’t have an idea what is coming down the pipe. Unless white families begin to have kids in greater numbers (not just the usual 2) , and white women begin to have kids (rather than choosing to be childless), the white race is done for. And what happens when white men refuse to marry white women? Of course, other ethnicities will marry those women and form interracial marriages. It will be doubly bad if the nonwhite husbands are Muslims.
      It is still possible to turn the tide, but time is almost run out. Whites will soon become a minority.

      1. Whites are already the minority. We have been for hundreds of years. Theres probably 600 million whites world wide at best. But the future is more determined by proper management than headcounts. Its just a matter of more and more whites getting off their knees and learning the truth. The internet is taking care of that rapidly. While the rests of the world is just sinking lower and lower into degeneracy. They are the ones that are doomed. Which is why its so important for them to keep whites enslaved.
        They hate us yet insist on living right next to us. Climbing walls and paddling oceans to do so. Once whites pull their support their numbers will return to natural balance. White countries are the only countries that are able to produce surplus food. The rest cannot even feed their own populations.

        1. It seems you don´t get it. The numbers are not as important as the structure of the population. If you are few but most of your tribe is young and fertile, there is a bright future if your tribe is willing to work hard and avoid unnecesary conflict. However if you are minority and most of your population is old and beyond fertilty years, you are looking forward to decades if not a century of decline.
          More oldsters than babies and children is not the harbinger of success. By the way, the ones that hate us are not outside in the “flotillas” or the “refugees” trying to get into our lands but those who orchestrated the whole thing and turned our women in whores unfit for motherhood and who by the way aspire to do the same thing to the rest of the world, destroying all cultures in the process. The rest are useful idiots that will flee at the first show of force and courage.
          Sweeden is just an extreme case, a lost case I am afraid.

        2. Its because white people make the most desirable places to live, as soon as blacks come along places turn into slums, white culture prides itself in creating prosperous societies and are very good at doing it because we can see that its beneficial for everyone, white people are very selfless compared to blacks and even most Asian cultures which is usually all about every man for themselves unlike white culture.

        3. “They hate us yet insist on living right next to us. ” – – – Soooo, if this were the case, why did White people ( French, Spanish, English) decide to bother people all over the globe! Bother them about their religion, bother them about their language? Comeon now! White people brought this onto themselves! >:I

        4. East Asian cultures are the most like Western culture. In traditional Japanese culture suicide is a means of atonement for disgracing your family. Unlike whites though they take pride in their nation and don’t allow a bunch of foreigners in to take it over.

        5. White countrie simport tons of food from africa, mexico, central america, and asia. Look at all the tea in england. Say bye bye to bananas.
          And it was whties who ran away from europe to invade america and australia, asia and africa to diversify those places. Whites love diversity so much they fight wars just to get into china.

        6. Some white people are so blind they cannot see past their own nose. They openly criticisize indians for coming to england forgetting that it was white people like me and you with blonde hair who went into India and declared India part of the British Empire. Indians had British passports until Gandi. They could freely move to England because they were british citizens too!

        7. But Asian cultures, Japan comes to mind, are immune to this bullshit. Japan will not allow Muslims in for instance.

        8. Wtf? Blacks live like that due to public assistance not to mention slums exist on all races(Or the blacks you see in the slums are an obvious minority )

        9. As KMac has pointed out, we are too cultural and racially permeable to out groups.

        10. All the slums I have ever been to is majority black people…maybe I just have bad luck etc

        11. Umm no there are plenty of white slums in west virginia and California.
          Stop making it a race issue

        12. How stupid are you? Cortez your name comes from a spanish conquer who no doubted forced himself on a native American woman that resulted in you. You must be a real self hater. Your Spanish language was also forced by the Spanish as was your catholic religion.

      2. The numbers are not the only problem, but the structure of the population. Our numbers are not going to rise and most women are unfit for motherhood (unless you think being raised by a savage wolf is a good practice), hence dysfunction of different kinds is rife. I am afraid the solutions will have to take into account that probably our generation is doomed and that teenagers and children will have to be saved.

        1. Keep on deluding yourself about “numbers don’t count” cool-aid. If immigration were not as massive in the US, American cities would be like ghost towns, even as we speak now. White families are notorious for having severely small families (most have 0-2 kids/family, by choice). There is even a push to “limit human population to several millions”. A madness indeed.
          America has an aging population, and the younger ones are not keen to replace them. We have allowed feminism to run amok in the US, and our women are all but useless when it comes to being wives and mothers. Our men are fleeing marriage because of the unjust laws and too many fat and undesirable women that are available.
          No matter how great a population is, if they don’t continue to reproduce they will soon die out. The whole world will go extinct if we don’t reproduce for a mere 45 years.
          Russia has seen the handwriting on the wall, and it is encouraging its citizens with a public holiday to “stay home and make babies” every year. America is yet to even acknowledge that there is a problem, particularly among whites.
          In my opinion, the recent spate of increased racial killings show the desperation of a shrinking white population. And, seriously, no one is shrinking the white population but whites.

        2. White people have become utterly indulgent. Men and women are disgustingly hedonistic. They leave their homes and hardly ever see their parents again. They become nauseated at the sight of kids and make fun of parents calling them breeders. When they get old and wrinkly, they buy expensive convertible cars and make a ridiculous display of their fear of decadence and death. If by accident they have kids, they barely talk to them, paying other people to take care of their offspring. When the kids become 18, they pretty much kick them out of their homes with the secret hope of never seeing their faces again. Then the kids go to college and repeat the cycle all over again. Maybe they deserve what’s coming to them.

      3. LOL, whites don’t even want white women, so you can’t blame anyone for whites dying but other whites. White men in 90% white nations fly out to thailand to go marry thai brides. So you could close the border, you cannot force white men to marry white women. Look even on this board, if all these men are chasing after asian women, the white women are going to have to after someone.

        1. And really stupid ones marry Thai prostitutes lol, but anyway Asians with white people, naturally we are attracted to them…just like blacks now like our secondhand white woman…its just natural selection taking over…Asian pussy fits a white mans cock perfect…asian men are deleted all together and black men get the white woman pussy which fits there cocks nice and snug…so its a win win win!! win win!! besides Asian girls are so much hotter than those white cunts

    3. And we sit here… Most white people not only 100% accepting of our own genocide; but laughing about it as its reported to them…

    4. There is no doubt that whites will eventually wake up; they already are. With every glaring anti-white program (MTV’s White People) With ever racist remark from celebrities, from every bullshit law put into place… Whites will eventually start to open their eyes to the genocide of their own people. The only question is…
      Will it be to late?

      1. that’s the point of an open border….by the time they wake up and another election comes around Mexicans will be over 50% of the population, or at least in the key electoral districts.
        White millennials deserve the shitty life they will inherit. the old white boomers don’t like this situation, but they will die off soon. it’s the millennials who will rightly suffer

        1. Africans are breeding like animals. they don’t stop. and I wonder how much of that is enabled by western assistance food programs, technology and whatnot

        2. ‘Africans are breeding like animals. they don’t stop.” – – – Obviously they are smarter than white people to be doing this. 😛 White people, negative birth rate. 😛

        3. healthcare invented in white countries, plus the food surplus produced allows them to breed like that. they have no regard for future generations

        4. There’s no health care system on the majority of the continent of Africa that is the equivalent of USA, Canada, Japan, Germany. Yet, they STILL reproduce! Go figure! 😛

        5. Pretty sure boomer faggots bought the free love / we’re all the equal BS hook, line and sinker. The cultural rot and open border policies had fuck all to do with millenials. We inherited a system that had been used and abused by boomer faggots. Millenials are trying to change things now and cuckservative boomer fags call us racist and sexist. Fuck the baby boomers.

      2. We’ll win. We conquered the entire planet and then gave it up simply because we felt bad that we had. The question will be how many millions will die and how many regions of the planet will be made uninhabitable by nbc weapons (nuke, bio, Chem).

        1. This is an admission that White people brought this upon themselves. Western hegemony is a blip in time. The power has ALWAYS been in the East.

        2. Let me guess your next responses. I have a small penis and live in my
          Mom’s basement. Keep trying racially insecure troll.
          The vast majority of what is modern
          Civilization comes from white people, especially nw euro whites, and specifically the scots. Yes, the east did give us inventory control, imo’s lemma, and maybe microwaves, but the rest of it is whitey.
          Keep in mind the East Asians and the upper crust south Asians are not the problem. I for one would welcome our new Chinese overlords and possibly Brahmin overlords. It’s the certain central Asians, sand niggers, old fashioned niggers, Pacific Islanders, and to lesser extent mestizos that are the problem when they ally themselves with ugly fat white chicks.

        3. Point remains! WHITE PEOPLE brought this upon themselves! Prepare to be assimilated by the COLORED MASSES!

        4. The rest of the human race does not aspire to be like white people.
          The immigrants coming here do not wish to assimilate our values and contribute to our civilization.
          We are not even trying to assimilate them anyway.
          Instead, they are just coming here to take the fruits of our civilization.
          They don’t want to be us, or be part of us.
          They just want to dispossess us.

        5. Hard to argue with that. Nature abhors weak things that don’t protect themselves.

      3. Even if true, whites are too dumb and too low IQ, jews have outsmarted whites every time. Never have the white successful fought back against the jews. Jews control all the money they cna crush any country.

    5. Saw ‘Endgame’. It’s nice. In fact it’s TOO nice and polite. It’s like the Whites interviewed are under a public library’s rules of etiquette. Of course they’re cautious of saying anything too firebrand for fear?? of getting their throats cut by the renegade rogue enforcers of white bashing and shaming.
      The whole scheme of ‘semi-tizing’ the white race or advocating that it be consumed by non whites thereby making it ‘semi’ or ‘half’ breed is an old legacy seen in cultures of white tribes who interacted with semite money changers and merchants. The semites come home to reap and roost and ultimately NEST in cultures where there are no clear racial lines, no strong surviving forms of culture or tradition other than their own.
      Most of the narrative in the piece was female. Females of any race should not grandstand and speak for the condition of their tribe. When the women of a tribe are all strong and speak for their circumcised dickchopped men, when they pull their men’s chains, then the tribe is a tribe of women. A ‘WOMANTRIBE’ must be ushered one and all TO THE KITCHEN (or the desert) you pick. Woman’s job is to shut up, breed and tit feed simple.
      I knew a steely eyed platinum blonde chick once who sang and articulated white racialist power points like a sparrow, but her downside was that she carouselled many cowboys and respected none, had an only snowflake child and had her tubes tied at 22. She also used the family court enemy feminist and semite forces to bleed the father and on occasion the mangina pig forces to eject the male when she did her hopping around.
      The plight of whites has root in white women running wild and rogue. COLLECT YOUR CHICKENS WHITE MAN!!! Ye women are long overdue for a spanking.

    6. To be perfectly clear, this is NOT limited to just whites in the long run . Expect the demise first in Western Countries in the Northern Hemisphere, followed by Chinese economic dominance. This will eventually shift to Brazil, with the last remnants of human civilization in the himalayas.

      1. There is civilization in the himalayas, people shitting in public is civilization to you?

    7. It’s the time to leave our former countries and find one that guards our Darwinian interests.
      If that country doesn’t exist we will found it. But it exist.

      1. Asian pussy feels so good to a white guy though…no matter how I look at, I love Asian pussy, I wouldnt fuck anything else what the fuck for?

        1. WTF lolz asian chicks are hot nobody says it isn’t, asian women should be the only immigration permitted

    8. Right on, with nice graphics if somewhat repetitive. The video did leave out a few items from our lexical wars, particularly the phenomenon of reserved terms like the N word, which blacks can use freely yet whites are forbidden to utter. It is another psychological weapon, designed to put whites at a disadvantage by forcing them to accept ugly Hip-Hop lyrics and other forms of aggressive discourse without comment: Whites are restricted to the deferential “African-American” or “people of color” as their interlocutors use “8 mile” or “lice.”
      It wouldn’t bother me so much if these were just the tactics of other groups engaged in self-advocacy. But we’re inflicting this on ourselves: Multiculturalism with its “white guilt” is for the most part a creation of white society.

      1. I don’t think white folks not publicly calling other folks racial slurs is a problem for white folk. If anything it only empowers the jew because they get to play the race card and say see whites are racist against blacks. Besides, whites make jokes about each other that we wouldn’t let blacks do. My Italian friends call each other wops, a black would have a problem if he called them that.

    9. I am black, but I do NOT want to live in a majority Black and Mexican neighborhood… I will be hated for saying this, but this country is going to be a third world hell hole with out white neighborhoods.

  2. Congrats for getting tax havens utterly wrong.
    A tax haven doesn’t work by encouraging business and enterprise with low taxes. A tax haven works by using accounting wizardry to let a business in its original jurisdiction escape the taxes of that jurisdiction, despite de facto producing wealth in the original jurisdiction. A tax haven is a tax moocher on the international scene.
    If tax havens worked by actally producing anything of value, the Cayman Islands would be glowing white with production. But they aren’t, the only economic activity present is tax avoidance wizardry.

    1. Bullshit. Tax havens give incentive for a company to move it’s headquarters. That’s why there’s a mass exodus of business from california to texas. And you think these businesses owe california something for example? Bull…fucking…shit pal.

      1. America is the world’s biggest tax haven for the businesses of other countries but not for its own citizens.

      2. That’s not what’s usually meant by the term “tax haven”. If the company actually moves its operations there, it’s not a tax haven, just a good place to conduct operations.
        A business that operates in California owes California. A business that operates in Texas owes Texas. Not some other jurisdiction where they transfer the realization of their profits through accounting wizardry despite just having a shell office with one guy there.
        If you don’t understand the fundamental difference between how low taxes are used by Texas and by the Cayman Islands, you are too clueless to have an opinion on the subject.

    2. I like how you work to derail the conversation about white genocide in Sweden
      with BS about tax havens.
      They fall for it too. Nice work.
      מזל טוב

      1. Somehow, the author of the article found tax havens a topic relevant enough to be mentioned. Take it up with him.

  3. Sign”: “Please feed the animals or they might become self sufficient -gov”.
    The problem with this logic is believing that inferior brown men would ever be able to compete with whites in the first place. Sure they can get jobs scrubbing shitters but on a level playing field, were they are judged ‘by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, they will fail.
    Of course standards or “on the wrong side of history”.

    1. That’s why the preservation of ethnically homogeneous nations is important. If you’re from the USA it’s different of course. I would argue a small amount of socialism and welfare will always be necessary to keep the lower IQ masses from insurrection.

      1. Pretty much every ethnically homogeneous nation is a melting pot that resulted from a few generations of successful multiculturalism.

        1. Empires collapsed because of the conflicts caused by multiculturalism and the resulting rise in nationalism. Like heartiste says: diversity + proximity = war.

        2. “Multiculturalism” is the most despicable lie in the history. It is an infectious mental virus which has destroyed civilization after civilization. And non whites are immune to it.

        3. You haven’t read much history, have you? Only a few select bits that reinforce your preconceived notions.

        4. An incidental fact of geography and the logistical barriers to migration from too far away that have existed for most of history. The only exceptions so far would be the New World nations, and they are by and large successful multicultural melting pots, despite a generation or two of initial friction whenever a new group immigrated. Ethnic enclaves? Ethnic mafias? All things that Irish, Italian, Chinese, Jewish immigrants to the USA had, yet somehow those didn’t turn out to be the harbingers of race war or the downfall of civilization.

        5. Try reading Nicholas Wade- A Troublesome Inheritance on DNA and natural selection in human cultural evolution. On of the most insightful things Ive ever read. When thousands of people instantly condemn a book and the man who wrote it and seek to destroy his reputation and career and mortgage its a red flag that he is speaking the truth and must be silenced.

  4. Liberalism is a secular religion filled with dogmatic believers whp disregard all fact in pursuit of some half baked ideal that can never exist.

  5. I thank RoK for going more political. This must be spread. I don’t know how many people in Europe can actually be reached but I feel there is is growing discontent among all it’s nations. The fire rises.

  6. well its not great to be the hard worker poor hopefull migrant coming in and then have his kids get ruined by western/sjw/feminist culture.
    cant help but feel bad for them. This is why Im cool with migrants not integrating in the sense that they dont behave like us. As long as they work, know the language and mind their business, then Ive no problem. They can keep their customs,clothes,etc. Its fine to work at the pig farm, but dont wallow in the mud.

    1. cant help but to get the feels for the character in the comic, dont blame him, Id feel the same way….I think all these migrants trying really hard to make special rules and enclaves are just trying to protect their daughters from “white culture” aka feminism/sjw culture as we know it.
      They arent educated enough or red pill to fully know but they are dealing with,but they know something is wrong with this hedonistic culture and trying to save themselves from it…No different from europeans colonizing the americas i suppose, they dont wanna take the worst aspects of native culture.
      With all this chest puffing and screaming they are doing isnt out of some bravedo, its out of fear because they have lots to lose. This debate on their integration has only been going on for about 10 yrs now, well guess how long these sjws been around for, Im assuming for about the same time. Thats why they are trying really hard and goin alil extreme about it. Guess its something to give up at the negotiation table.
      Since those migrants been in the west since the 60s, all this sudden need for “sharia law” or “special protection from hate speech” or what not, boil down to the same thing. They dont want their daughters to be hoes and their sons to be fags, like the rest of the millenials.
      These sjws and liberals claim they are friendly to these naive migrants but behind their back they are indoctrinating their kids in school and the parents wonder whats wrong, then the white populace wonder why they are pissed.
      If you are a foreigner and want to take his kids to the west, from what Ive noticed growing up and looking these online stats, keep your daughters in the home country until they are adult. Not when they are impressionable teens or kids and go through our school system or they become like us since they want to fit in and must obey the pc teacher.
      When they are 18 then bring your daughters and make sure they stay with family or with you not on their own.
      Sons you dont have to worry about just make sure he stays outta trouble by putting him in a sport and youre fine.

      1. Or they can do the best thing for all concerned and stay the hell home and let everyone solve their own problems in their own countries.

        1. same can be said about westerners going overseas for “poosey paradise” cause western women are so bad, then we westernize and ruin their women.
          Their reasons for leaving hold more salt then ours does. They leave poverty after we invite them en mass to care for their family while we go yolo overseas cause we ruined ours.
          Rather be a western man then an eastern man end of the day…We have everything to gain an nothin to lose.
          Now a days there are more willing to stay now that their countries are booming at least.

        2. Stop engaging mclovin. Ignore him.
          Look at his long bloviating comments. Its a typical technique to hog the screen and blur awakening insight in others. He must have spent at least 2 hours writing all his responses here. Look, hes still typing. Oy vey!

        3. I actually agree with you that hunting for poosey paradise and all this other worthless hedonistic PUA bullshit is not an honorable occupation for a (western) man. It also won’t make you happy in the long run. But that’s a few guys here and there. Not thousands.

        4. well this site is getting bigger and more influential over the years, but they pick off the major tourist destinations. Lets say this site goes down tomorrow, there will still be thousands of good financially well off white men travelling to brazil,thailand,phillipines,japan,etc(mainly asia) all to play around or to get wives.That selfish move as a result hurts the numbers of the next generation of white children.

        5. He didn´t any lie. White modern culture is degenerate. Our ancestors of the 1800’s wouldn´t recognize our culture as a successor of theirs, since we are alien to everything they held dear. By the way , the immigration wave was not started overseas but in the Parliaments and Executive boards of our countries by shady interests…

        6. And instead, those “selfish” men should stay and breed in a civilization that abuses and exploits them, while despising them for allegedly being privileged?

        7. ya its a rock and a hard place aint it.
          Thats why I dont blame people for moving when their homeland sucks and look for greener pastures. But many of these stormfronters will say the old “fix your country and stay there then coming here”, well that saying can easily be used against western men going to find nice thai brides and homes.
          Between a 3rd worlder or refugee leaving to make money for his family and us looking for better brides and better laws, they have more reasons to leave then us. if they shouldnt leave then we cant. Ours is more trivial in comparison. It be easier to stay and fix our home here then a 3rd worlder to trying to fix and build their country which would take a couple life times.

      1. when i said “mind their own business” i mean they are law abidding an dont mess with anyone.
        dude they got duped, we know the game from the get go they dont.
        Look I get youre a WN but that doesnt mean you need to hate other groups. Theres no need to throw out shaming language like a feminist would. Just tell me why you disagree.
        that example can just as easily be a russian immigrant leaving ussr and his daughter turns hoe.

        1. I don’t hate anybody I just don’t like immigration destroying my country’s cultural heritage. People like to live amongst their own. One could say we’re all racists, it’s just natural. So my point is, they shouldn’t be here in the first place. And that’s also why I won’t feel bad for them not feeling at home or their children getting sucked into degeneracy.

        2. that first bit is agreeable, but last bit is just cold.
          being tribal and staying among your kin is fine but wishing malice is where you get called racist…Or at the least a crab in the bucket mindset.
          We all love our hertiage but Im willing to help outside of my community like the lil white girl that hurt herself yesterday on my street.
          on a side not, whats left of europes cultural identity, they dress and act like Americans, you dont see lederhosen or wooden shoes anymore sadly.

        3. Stop engaging him. Look at his long bloviating comments. Its a typical technique to hog the screen and blur awakening insight in others. He must have spent at least 2 hours writing all his responses here.

  7. We here in the US are joining you. Although I would love to get 120/month while having my future pimped out like a whore to random constituents of my government.
    Like my kids, the authority figures never ask me if they can do that to my future. They just pretend to assume they know better than me. And count on all those useful morons who will ensure their legislation gets passed.

  8. Chuck Finley speaks the truth when he writes about Sweden. I am living in the country at the moment and all I can say is that Swedes have given up their once economically stable and low-crime country to the cultural marxist agenda. If things continue at this rate, in twenty years time the country will become relatively poor when compared to Finland. Swedes are committing political suicide by electing politicians with an agenda bent on destroying their once prosperous and peaceful country. The Swedish media is to blame as well; even questioning immigration policy will have you branded a racist. In the end I blame Swedes for not protecting their own interests and for letting themselves be ruled by politicians who do not have the best interest of the country in mind. Social and economic policies in Sweden will put the nail on the coffin of a country that is slowly dying; and its citizens are ignoring all the signs of its impending death

        1. That is my favorite too. Although Ellen Pao being a secret /pol/ack to destroy Reddit has its merits.

    1. It is past time for the men of Sweden to remember where they came from.
      Being called a racist is far less harmful than seeing your wife, sister, or daughter raped by a musloid.
      Call me whatever the fuck you want I just don’t care. But I will say that unrestricted illegal immigration is the death of a civilized country.
      We Americans need only look into our own backyards to see the truth in it.
      I wish it weren’t true but it does seem that Jewish politicians advocate everything that goes against white Christian cultural traditions and you’d have to be sleepwalking not to see it.
      Feminism, illegal immigration, government sanctioned racism (called ‘affirmative action), the promotion of aberrant lifestyles, and using their mouthpiece to condemn anything once considered wholesome and good.
      You know what? FUCK THEM. There’s a reason why they eventually get chased out of every country. And it has nothing to do with how they spell their names or what kind of hats they wear, and everything to do with the manipulation of currencies (called fractional reserve banking, invented by them) and the destruction of native cultures and moral standards.
      It’s happening here. It’s happening in every western European country.
      Russia stands as a beacon to whites. They are not ashamed of their culture, do not cater to destructive groups, and most of all stand against the tide of amoral and destructive propaganda and its supporters.
      Based on the Sochi Olympics coverage you’d have thought the Russians were gassing the gays in concentration camps.
      Actually Russia is not anti-gay. It merely prohibits children to being exposed to pro-gay propaganda.
      In the US of GAy, that is considered hate.
      In Mike Gavin’s world, that is called sanity.

  9. This is precisely what I call “The setting West”. The Western world is becoming more socially Progressive and more economical socialist by the day. Our freedoms are being taken from us one by one, our entertainment/media is little more than government propaganda; our morality is nearly gone. Right is considered wrong, wrong is considered politically correct. We have a massive single parent ratio, ever growing number of people dependent on government aid, crippling national debt as well as complete moral decline… The west is setting into the darkness of night. A night, that will last generations. We saw the same thing with several nations throughout history; all collapsed, never to return to former glory. Is this the future of the west? At the moment; it appears so.
    I would say god forgive us, but it is not he whom we must beg. It is our children who deserve our sorrow. They will live in a third world progressive/leftist hellhole, unable to understand how the greatest nations on earth… the nations that put a man on the moon… the nations that built grand palaces and glorious armies… Were reduced to what we have become today…

    1. For the first time in my life time we are suddenly in sight of the shore. And the night you speak about brother has already been broken by the dawn so raise your head. Europe fell victim to its own tragic Prometheanism, its own opening to the world and universalism, oblivious of all ethnic solidarity.

      1. White solidarity has never existed in Europe and I am afraid never will. Just look at history. Even if Russia (my favourite country since is the only one with a real overt nationalistic man) were to liberate Europe from the EU and the U.S.-bankers stranglehold, it would be only in order to accomplish its long awaited dream: The conquest of Europe and to be frank classic German culture (and by extension classical Western European culture) is by far superior to whatever Russia has to offer. It´s a pity that country is dying…

        1. Dude, how many Russian women do you know?
          I have a lot of Russian friends and my wife also has a lot of Russian women friends and about half of them cheat on their husbands or are multiple divorcees. At least the Russian women stay in shape better, but in terms of ethics they are often as bad as American women and worse, they’re SMART. American women are usually dumb as rocks and easy to handle for a red-pill guy but these Russian women are more dangerous than a Krocodile. Beware.
          Soviet era Russia had a lot of feminism in their own style. Women were and still are well educated and often materialistic and in some ways moreso than American women in that Russian women want to deliberately be economically wasteful as some kind of status pissing wars with other Russian women. American women just try to milk men for overpriced designer junk. Russian women often want men to blow money on them in order to impress their friends simply to do so. My wife likes one scene from a television show portraying a man wooing a woman by taking money and throwing it in the air.
          That’s not to say there aren’t traditional Russian women in the countryside (just as there are still some traditional American women away from blue stater regions) but still, Russia is NOT a perfect paradise for single men.
          Add in the fact that the place is now amazingly corrupt and filled with mobsters making it difficult for beta males to get a decent middle class job. So young Russian women often act a lot like African-American women in rap culture: Expecting all men to be rich rapstars and athletes while most available men are “losers” working at shit wages. It’s not uncommon to see Russian women with children by multiple men like on a Jerry Springer show.
          The divorce courts remain in place similar to the Soviet era in that a man’s chance at getting shared custody of a child are minimal but at the same time, monetary awards are also minimal reducing incentives for Russian women to divorce as compared to the USA with jackpots for “child” support. Even so, many oligarchs in Russia have made multi-billion dollar payouts to their exes.

        2. I find this greatly upsetting to hear PolishKnight. I have been led to believe by seemingly thousands that Russia (Eastern Europe as a whole) are better than the Western World at least in regards to women. I certainly hope you are incorrect, if you don’t mind me saying brother.

        3. Even Articles on ReturnofKings if I’m not mistaken, give praise to Eastern Europe as a whole, women and culturally. Is it possible that your personal experiences are unique?

        4. Well said. My experience as well– especially how Russian women love “bling” and always seem to be in competition with their girlfriends.

        5. One of the things that annoys me about RoK and Roosh is that it’s written by gamers who praise the now stereotypical traditionalism of Eastern women while claiming they were able to get laid easily there. In some ways, that paradox works but keep in mind that women in the clubs and big cities like Moskva are cynical whores just like here in the states. This is a universal paradigm. In the states, until recently, country girls were more practical and some still are. Some women here in small towns can still be quite nice. It’s not all black and white.
          Another thing to keep in mind is that my observation of these Russian women are those that have come to the states and are upward mobile. They came to the USA via their own means rather than marriage so they’re unusually ambitious. What makes Eastern Europe different is that many quality young women are students (until age 23 or so) so they go out to the clubs for dancing in the major cities and aren’t all materialistic. After that age, they either go back home to work at normal jobs, live with their parents, etc, or they remain as materialistic predators partly because of the cost of living in the big city (much like in the states for NYC, DC, etc).
          As I said about the way that ‘Soviet feminism’ has ruined a lot of men, it’s not uncommon for a Russian woman to sleep with a guy when she’s young, he turns out to be a loser who drinks and doesn’t make as much as her, and she leaves him and has a kid. Some of these women are sympathetic (who can blame them for leaving a drunk) and some are just hyper materialistic as mentioned. Also, like here, the economy stinks and a lot of women with advanced degrees can’t find a job in their chosen field (Poland is FLOODED with Business management degree holders) and they work as secretaries or shop girls.
          Basically, even in a seemingly ideal enviroment (and Russia is NOT ideal), women are still, women: Creatures who are irrational, materialistic, insecure, etc.
          All that said, Russia lacks the seething man-hating feminism that’s in the states. But it’s not a cake walk either.

        6. I’m planning on touring Eastern Europe soon, I’ll have to take a look for myself. Hopefully Eastern Europe is at least a little bit better than the west. I can’t possibly imagine that it is worse than US, Sweden, UK etc.

        7. “many oligarchs in Russia have made multi-billion dollar payouts to their exes.’ – – – No. ‘Cause they would’ve just had them killed! That type of money in corrupt Russia attracts death. Last Russian Billionaire gave his wife $100 MILLION. She bounced. He had $12 BILLION. She’s not stupid to take unearned income. The Russian in Switzerland is living under Swiss law and his BILLIONS are there to be divided by the Swiss government. If he was in Russia, she’d get what he gives her.

        8. ” I have been led to believe by seemingly thousands that Russia (Eastern Europe as a whole) are better than the Western World ‘ – – – They are WHITE! What do you expect? 😛

        9. “Hopefully Eastern Europe is at least a little bit better than the west.’ – – – Keep hoping. 😛 If you can’t make it in the USA or CANADA, or the UK, you’re a loser. Looking to go where things are easier rather than get stronger where you are is the way of the loser! >:I

        10. lol your not helping Ross! When I said a bit better, I was hoping to find women with some form of morality. Can’t make a slut into a housewife bro; what’s the point in looking in the U.S or Canada.

        11. I must agree, your right Ross. Although there seems to be little light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to western women; the boldest survive, yes? Whom dares, wins? You must be strong in order to claim what you want in life. No point going to far distant lands looking for gold when you have a perfectly good pic ax right here to mine what of gold is in your own land yourself

        12. The majority of Russian and Ukrainian women are empty shells that seek to give meaning to their life through endless purchases of meaningless consumer goods and German cars. This post is spot on. They are also very indoctrinated in feminist bile and poison. They have these Cleopatra complexes, they all want to be queens and will spend your money as fast as you can make it. Thinner and better dressed, yes. Don’t look to Eastern Europe for a real wife. Additionally, they know they look better than American women and the bargain they strike is that you will pay for it. As hypergamous as any American whore and maybe even more promiscuous and unfaithful.

        13. There’s a wonderful film that illustrates the times just after the fall of the USSR: “A Friend Of The Deceased” available on DVD. Although my wife found it maudlin and unrealistic, it still conveys the turmoil of modern day Ukraine and Eastern Europe and there’s a bit of dark humor in there as well.
          I don’t think all of the women in Eastern Europe are bad but wanted to give western men a reality check. You’re right in that Eastern European women are well aware of their relatively better looks because technology is different than 15 years ago when I first went to the region. Back then, few women understood how to use the web and most hung out on chat rooms with each other. Now, most Eastern Europeans have their own PC with high speed internet even in rural regions. Smart phone data is cheap (albeit slow) and android phones are also cheap. So these women are a lot more saavy (and therefore dangerous) than in the past.
          During Soviet times, western goods were hard to procure so simple pleasures were treasured (blue jeans, french cosmetics) but they are now getting a firehose blast of western materialism combined with Czarist level oligarchy greed. Like I said, similar to a rap video. In some ways, us westerners are immune a little in that we have had time to develop some cynicism about it. This is all within the last 10 years or so.
          Also, sadly, the word is out on western men as “sex tourists” going to Eastern Europe both in terms of a lot of such men going and women seeing them coming from a mile away.
          All that said, even so, I think there are a lot of things going for Eastern Europe that still make it a good place for Caucasian men to consider: Women there (including the good ones) are more open and friendly than American women in the west who seem to have taken the book “The Rules” and ambivalent behavior towards men to heart. More women there are also sensible and recognize the importance of getting married and starting a family early in life. These may sound like small matters, but most suburban/urban American women have forgotten them.
          In conclusion, and this is something I came to realize in my late 20’s, the notion of women’s equality being a positive thing for society is a great lie whether that’s in the states or anywhere else for that matter. Women who have the right to vote and get high paying careers ultimately become irresponsible, greedy, and destructive because that’s simply what women are without some kind of checks and balance. Women crave protection and support from men because they have a biological instinct that tells them that (most) of them can’t handle power. Some can, but most cannot. The USSR and old traditions of the East limited women which helped improve their quality.
          My wife laughs about this reality with me as she watches “Real Housewives of” shows on Bravo which feature wealthy women going around arguing and fighting with each other and leading nihilistic lives.
          I have several Eastern European friends and they tend to not be chivalrous (as we know it). They hold open women’s doors and act like gentlemen, but that’s as far as the veneer goes. And the smart women there seem to like it that way.

      1. Seriously, take a look. You cant be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself. This video gives you an opportunity to see it.

  10. >the left thrives on people adopting a loser mindset
    great rant from Stef on this very subject. Definitely worth a watch

    1. I hate to break it to Stef but it’s the super wealthy corporations that are supporting and shoving progressivism down our throats. Embrace national socialism or be a cuck.

        1. You need socialism. You can’t just let the markets do whatever they want. That leads to degeneracy. We need to enforce cultural standards that are good for whites.
          Libertarian capitalist are stupid cucks that will allow any kind of perversion to happen because their only principle is to let the free market do whatever it wants which in turn leads to companies selling degenerate garbage that poisons our culture and an uncontrolled mainstream media that spreads anti-white propaganda for the lowest common denominator.

        2. No those higher values are dictated by religion. Socialism only results in some form of parasitism and corporatism which is what fascism is about. Our current economic system in the US is at least fascist given the marriage of government and corporation.

        3. What religion? Christianity? Jesus was a filthy arabic cuckold jew. I hate to break it to a lot of you kike worshipers but Christianity is not a white religion. The jews spread Christianity into Europe in order to destroy their pagan culture and the Roman Empire. Jews undermining and destroying white societies like they always do.

        4. I don’t know what you were referring to because you never said, so I took the initiative. It’s good if you are not a Christ adorer.

        5. Does it matter even if I were? Truth is truth no matter who speaks it. Its not like 2+2=4 ceases to be so if your enemies say it.

  11. Let Sweden fall and become an example to the west about how disastrous extreme left wing policies are. It’s useless to continue supporting a dying and diseased country. I feel very sorry for the native Swedes though but this is life and there are consequences to bad decisions and naive thinking made on a large scale.

    1. When it happens, you can be certain that the leftists will blame the “evil right-wing extremists”.

      1. They’ll blame the evil white man. Leftist rule number 1: when non-whites do bad it’s always the white man’s fault.
        The white swedish cuckold men will get blamed for everything despite all of their accommodation but I guess it will be their fault for sitting back while their country and women get raped by non-white muslims. The saddest part is they won’t learn from it. They will only accept it and flagellate themselves even more.

        1. I can see it before me. They’ll cry about “institutional racism” and “white man privilege”, and say that the patriarchy is to blame. Mark my words. They will never, ever, accept an ounce of responsibility.

      2. This is exactly what happened in Greece. The media directed attention away from socialist politicians by demonizing golden dawn.

        1. No, they agitate the specter of golden dawn taking power. It doesn’t mean that it will happen and yes it’s a political tool. However if GD does take power, the consequences will be terrible for everyone. Having your country ran by immigrants is bad… having it ran by retards is worse.

      3. Yeah, saw this reddit thread where people were complaining about student debt in UK and elsewhere. They claimed govt loans to attend college were a conspiracy by the evil capitalist university lobby. And not you know, an entitlement the left created.
        And these are the same people who will vote Bernie Sanders.

    2. I don’t agree. Look what happened to South Africa and Rhodesia during the black revolutions. Nobody seems to talk about the white genocide which was committed by the new black government in these countries.

      1. There is no true equality. People do not have the same desire to work equally, partake equally, have equal moral thinking, or behave equally. So, how can there be equality? There will always be those who want to do their best and those who don’t. Look at these two societies mentioned above, how are they now better? They are not. Looking at the simple statistics based on Rhodesia’s food production, tells the whole story. No need to go further into their economy, to see the results of killing off the White farmers ( I know there were some good black farmers, too). This is what happens when governments agents, like Obama, let the thugs win and rule. America should prepare itself for the same thing happening here.

        1. I just wanted to say that we do have such a precedent. Even today, muslims murder, enslave and rape christians in Africa and Asia (they rape and kill the in Europe too) and nobody seems to care about that.
          Sweden and many other countries have already passed the point of no return. They are doomed. Their ancestors and descendants would curse them for loosing their country and culture. Loosing without the will to survive!
          About equality. I agree. You can give freedom only to western oriented ethnic or religious groups. You must deport the rest! We have already seen what happens when blacks or muslims become a majority (Detroit in America) or the many no-go zones across Europe. I’m not racist, but facts and numbers don’t lie – we are indeed different.

        2. And how do you respond to the fact that the South African economy grew from 90 billion to 400 billion since 1980. The south african economy went from 120 billion gdp to 400+ billion GDP since 1994? That is an average growth rate of 14% which is up there with China in terms of growth. Further they call it BRICS, for a reason and they have a new bank that rivals the IMF. You are completely wrong on South Africa, the country has gotten way way better. If Obama will give us 14% annual growth rate I’ll take that over failed republican george bush economics everytime.

        3. Bullshit. Everybody knows that GDP is just a number. Proof: their Gini coefficient is damn high (the highest in the world). It means that you don’t have middle class in South Africa! In other words, you have a very small number of extremely rich people (the ones who are responsible for you GDP) and the rest of the country is living in rugs. It’s banana republic. Face it.
          And here is the rest:
          More than 1/5 of country is unemployed.
          Half of South Africans live below the poverty line.
          10-15% is infected with AIDS (even for African continent it’s very high).
          No electricity in many places (have I already mentioned banana republic?)
          In 20 years they didn’t change anything. It’s the same apartheid but now the elite is black and the racism is implicit. It’s 3rd world country. 3rd country with oil and diamonds.

        4. Yeah the gdp is a lie, there are 7.5 million middle class in south africa. There are alot of super rich people and like the oppenheimers and that stems from colonialism and apartheid imbalances, that is why the gini coefficient is that way and inequality is so high.
          The black middle class in South Africa, which held its first all-race elections in 1994, has more than doubled in size over the past eight years, exceeding the number of white people in the same bracket and the amount of money they spend.
          You don’t expand from 1.7 to 4.2 million middle class people if you aren’t creating economic growth. All of this while America’s middle class is being destroyed along with Europe’s.
          “The number of black South Africans classified as middle class rose to 4.2 million people last year from 1.7 million in 2004, the University of Cape Town’s Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing said in a statement. South Africa has a population of 51.8 million people.
          “South Africa’s black middle class continues to rapidly expand and is more influential and powerful than ever before,” John Simpson, a director at the Unilever Institute, said in the statement, which was e-mailed yesterday. “The black middle class is helping create a vibrant and stable society by increasing South Africa’s skills base, deepening employment, and widening the tax net.”
          South Africans in this group now spend 400 billion rand ($44 billion) annually, more than the 323 billion rand spent by 3 million white people classified as middle class, according to the study. The number of white South African in the group rose from 2.8 million in 2004.”
          It is true close to 1 in 5 are unemployed in South africa, but look at countries in europe, they fair no better in this regard, there are hardly any jobs in greece at all, and neither does America. South Africa doesn’t get bailouts from foreigners, South Africa didn’t get to colonize oil rich countries like the Europeans did, South Africa is located near the antartic and has high shipping cost but does the best a country in its location can do. It is far from all the major nations like india, china, america, germany and japan. South africa doesn’t have oil but is considered a developed countries, they built nuclear weapons but chose to give them up in interest of world peace.

        5. Dude Detroit wasn’t like that until the welfare system started why are you leaving out important details

        6. You had welfare in the whole country back then. And still only Detroit with black majority collapsed. So I have a contradiction to our assumption.
          I remember I read somewhere (perhaps National Geographic) that whites actually fled the city after blacks had started to riot on the streets demanding “racial equality”. I think it was during the 60’s. Even your american liberals agree with me that Detroit is bankrupt because there’re no whites in it.

        7. Your excuses and positive economic prognosis don’t change the fact that we are talking about corrupted 3rd world country.

        8. No dude the welfare system started in the 1960’s ironically before then Detroit was the richest city in the country. Like I said before your leaving major details out and blaming it simply on skin color.

        9. You mean the facts you dislike? South Africa was never considered a 3rd world country.

        10. Not fact but excuses and some economic analysis. Fact it’s something de facto: they are poor and they are corrupted. 20

        11. According to the information I provided – it’s. Citing Bloomberg and other analysis cannot be considered as facts. They are just analysis. A theory. Someone’s opinion.
          I gave you some facts. What is happening in practice. What is happening NOW. When half of your population lives in slums (we all saw it during world cup) it’s a 3rd world country.
          South Africa resides in a very flourish land. They could easily feed all Africa. They are literally flooded by diamonds and other valuable minerals. The problem is that they are very corrupted – most of the money goes to someone’s pocket and not to the country (and that explains the Gini coefficient).

      2. Rhodesia was white genocide. Both S.A. and Rhodesia had roughly 10:1 ratio of whites to non whites.
        ANOTHER genocide but far worse ocurred over 200 yrs ago in the Hatian revolution. Haiti (formerly ‘Hispanola’) was the ‘crown jewel of the Caribbean’ and had a large number of white residents.
        The non white numbers became overwhelming (10:1 again) with 50,000 whites, 40,000 mulatto and 500,000 African blacks near the end of the 1700’s. The Blacks frequently fought the mulattos from 1790-1820 and both groups killed virtually all remaining whites in a genocide that leaves us with modern day Haiti.
        ‘The lesson of San Domingo’:

        1. Present day Haiti has the dubious distinction of having the lowest Human Development Index number in the Americas. This index covers life expectancy, economic mobility, education, and income per capita. Hati’s score ranks it at 168 out of 187 countries, putting it in the company of the poorest African countries. The second lowest ranking in the Americas is Nicaragua at 132. It’s neigbor, the Dominican Republic, which shares the same island as Haiti, has a high ranking that puts it at 102. And the Dominican got roasted by Colin Cowherd last week, and it’s development is considered high/medium.
          What these statistics mean, when accompanied by the narrative, is that you can’t keep letting the barbarians through the gate.

        2. There have been numerous articles and focus on the difference between Haiti and the Dom Rep. Namely the deforestation of Haiti as seen in satellite images.
          NOTE on the left (west) of the national boundary between Ht and DR of these photos:
          They’re burning everything for firewood and producing nothing. Haiti is 100% non white (all black and dark mulatto) whereas Dom. Rep. is 16% white European (Span & French), 11% black and 72% mixed. Haiti is undergoing desertification and being denuded, indicating that it is not whites, but lack of whites with mongrels in power that results in mother earth being raped for all her resources. Haitians even use their own human shit for fertilizer. One can presume that mongrelization was also to blame for the desertification of Mesopotamia. So Haiti, with its lack of whites, with its mongrels, matriarchy, cannibalism and voodoo is the final blow to the ecosphere. Not even the topsoil remains. Where o where is the freckled white boy Johnny Appleseed in this picture?

        3. Thank you for your insights. If this were an SJW site, comments like this would dismissed and silenced because it would be seen as racist and insensitive. Colin Cowherd was sent packing early from ESPN because of his comments about the DR’s lack of educational opportunities. He backed up what he said with clear evidence from reputable sources. Instead of having an honest conversation about the issue, and addressing it, he got skewered for saying the uncomfortable truth.

        4. But Jamaica is even better off than Dominican and has similar demographics to Haiti. Jamaica has a nuclear reactor, nuclear power, more airports despite being far smaller and more isolated, more paved roads and just better by every measure. And Trinidad is number one of the major carribean nations, and cayman island and bermuda both with black majorities are better countries than usa or any white north american nation

      3. “Rhodesia.” So a WHITE man goes to another place full of people and names it after himself, and doesn’t expect any blowback? o.O White Genocide…are you forgetting how many AFRICANS died when Cecil Rhodes showed up?

        1. So now it’s legit to kill innocents as a revenge? You are hypocrite. And how many blacks died after Rhodesian fall? Whites killed less blacks than blacks themselves. The world and the media roars only when white guy kills non white guy.

        2. LOL! How many blacks have died since Mugabe showed up? You lie like a rug ross.

        3. In all fairness droog, what the British did into Zimbabwe was akin to what the muslims did into the baltics, show up uninvited and just started murdering people and stole up land. Why should Zimbabweans accept british anymore than balts and greeks should accept islamic invaders?
          I am not an africa, but I’d rather be free and in control of my own destiny than allow a foreigner who came in through violent invasion and controlled all the land through theft to rule over me. And I highly doubt whites killed less blacks, colonializsm was very brutal.

        4. White people had NO business in Africa! >:I They had NO business in India, China, Japan, so they can’t complain when all these people flock to where they live! >:I Arrogant f*ckers!

    3. Fuck sweden bunch of faggots, then they run to the Asian girls as a way out of there own mess fucking it up for us REAL white guys who actually like banging Asian girls not out of desperation but because we actually like to bang them.

  12. So Sweden falls due to the leftist policies of its government, Greece is bankrupt and on the verge of collapse because of its socialist government, Tasmania the southern Australia state is only surviving because of federal government handouts after years of socialist and greens government policies that have driven out or sent broke most businesses.

    1. No. Greece is bankrupt because of corruption and cronyism. The socialist government is in charge since 7 months now. The right and the militaries have been in charge for decades. They are the one responsible of the bankruptcy. These kind of things don’t happen overnight because of a freshly elected government… especially a government forced into submission by the Eurogroup (which is not even a democratic group and doesn’t represent the EU citizens… and who apparently is highly incompetent and extremely dogmatic).

      1. There has been a socialist government in Greece since the 1970’s – check your facts. This government has only been 7 months that’s correct but over the decades there has been a near unbroken socialist government in power.

  13. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Every Swedish male still in possession of his scrotum should make like his grim ancestors.. pile into a boat and row the fuck to distant lands, carve a new life, and prosper.
    In the Viking era is was the lack of arable land and resources that pushed these men into the blue yonder. Today, it’s the lack of sanity.

    1. They should defend their homeland, by whatever means necessary! The Vikings didn’t wait for everyone to be equal to them, so why have the generations after them become pussies. The Swedes who immigrated to the United States, were some of the best people who have ever came here. For reasons based on feminism, there are now men (manginas) who are being trained to capitulate to anyone and everyone. Feminism has slain our protectors.

  14. Sounds like a good place to scam the benefit system, very useful indeed, Yea its time us whites band together and become right wing extremists, look out for your fellow white country man, the white culture creates the most desirable societies and we should be proud to be white, being proud to be white is not a crime.

  15. When some libtard rabbits on about health care or any other social issue they always, always use the “Scandinavian model” as the example to which all others are measured against. It is so predictable now. They want to spread this cancer to the rest of white western democracies. These people hate their Caucasian ancestry and deep down want all their insecurities and self hatred imposed on those of us who still regard ourselves white and proud to be so. I never owned slaves, persecuted anyone, etc. and yet I am supposed to be ashamed of my race? Fuck that…..
    This is a fight to protect our heritage and secure our borders. The invasion from across the Mediterranean will get worse. Boats 50 miles off the Libyan coast are being stopped their occupants taken on board EU member state navy ships and being brought to Medina in Sicily! ISIS sleeper calls are among them be under no doubt. Our leaders are sewing our demise.

    1. Slave cultures breed entitled princesses. The height of the plantation system in the deep south saw the rise of the southern ‘belle’, the affluent socialite white female who marries a wealthy plantation slave boss. The southern ‘Queens’ didn’t even need the vote. The elite bitches ruled through their powerful industrious men. Like hive queens. The petty peasants and ‘worker’s wives’ would wager for the vote a century later. So much for leaving the racial loyalty in the hands of your women, or anything in their hands for that matter. And the south was a mainland Haiti in the making with non slave owning white immigrant families evacuating the areas where the slave bosses had outsourced all local jobs to cheap third world slave labor. Modern corporate bosses have followed the same M.O., outsourcing to India, China and Pakistan. Their plan for America is to eliminate the middle class and transform North America into a similar industrial landscape of dumb brown zombies at sustinance levels with wage slave pay scales.

    2. Let me tell you one thing: Swedish healthcare isn’t even that efficient. Many doctors are outright incompetent, some people die of cancer because their doctor was in holiday, some work is not done or poorly done because they don’t have enough personnel because Anders is in sick leave for 3 months and can’t be fired, they always try to go cheap even if that means not putting a broken collar bone together and letting it healing poorly by itself etc etc.
      The French model is expensive… too expensive, but at least it’s quite efficient and our doctors seems to be much more competent.

    3. Stop using a word if you dont know what it means. The bulk of migrant related problems in Sweden are caused by caucasian immigrants from the middle east, north africa, central asia, south europe and latin america There are at least 2.5-3 billion caucasians in the world, only about 0.7 billion of them are white europeans. So how does these people hate their “caucasian ancestry” by importing more caucasians? Caucasian is a definition that is so wide its useless. It was invented a century ago and is today a completely irrelevant definition because of advancements in biotechnology. If you refer to a north european derived population use a more precise definition like north european. If you refer to a south european derived population use south european. Do never use caucasian unless you are talking about everyone who is not negro or slant-eye asian.

  16. I know this is way off topic. Here’s what I want to know: Why do I spend my time reading on this website, rather than on the women’s site called Jezebel? After all, Jezebel is a site for women and their friends the manginas. I’ll tell you why: On this site, I find men who are interested in integrity, real issues, solving problems using logic, a push toward self-improvement, and men who are trying to not be molded by the feminists, which are the exact same things I am interested in, even though I am woman (the real type, not the Bruce Jenner type) The articles on dating and how to hit this and that, don’t really interest me, but…. guess what, I read them anyway. On Jezebel, I am first assaulted by the headlines, which usually have dirty words in them, (you know speaking like a sailor, makes you as tough as a sailor–NOT–sorry ladies, you are still girls, cursing or not), and the story topics are the sort of topics that help keep people thinking stupidly, (filling the mind with trash, leaves no room for anything else), much the same as the topics on the T.V. show The View. Sometimes I believe that women are stupid, because they want to be stupid. Personally, I don’t want to be stupid. I don’t want to spend my time reading or viewing stupid shit. So, thanks for this site guys! ALSO: Fat shaming—keep it up. My legs have never looked better, since reading the fat shaming articles and the comments, and then seeking to improve my body.

  17. The beautiful thing about being a Leftist is never having to admit your core ideology is idiotic. So what if it didn’t work in the Soviet Union, Red China, Cambodia, Cuba, Venezuela, and now Sweden? That’s because none of them did it right.
    We have a full-blown Socialist running for President and doing pretty well in the Democratic polls. He’s against mass immigration but for all the other stuff that will turn the U.S. into a Third World shithole.

    1. Don’t disagree with your post, but Sanders is to the right of the current POTUS. Obama might leave in 18 months, but I don’t see the dem-o-rats recovering from his incompetence for some time. Hitlery will hang on long enough to collect all the campaign donations she can, especially from abroad, and then quit during the primaries (she gets to keep the money not spent during the campaign– most people don’t know that).

      1. It’s not about which political group will survive now. In a few years there wont be much of a country left to govern anyways.
        That’s what the care-free, naïve white people thought, that we could just elect whoever and everything would continue no problem. Mexico is quickly building towards a majority here. it will be game over.
        and I will move to Russia

        1. “..and I will move to Russia ..”
          I am ahead of you there. However if resistance materializes and the shooting starts, I will go back to fight. At some point you need to dig in and fight— timing is everything.

    2. Bernie Sanders is a socialist in a goodway and seems to me to have both feet to the ground.. and above all isn’t the talking head of big corporations and lobbies like Hillary or any Republican. That fact alone is worth reflecting upon.
      I would have called myself a socialist several years ago, now I prefer to call myself a left libertarian and changed my ideology quite a lot when I saw how stupid and dogmatic the left can be (or maybe I didn’t change that much but just realised that what the left is standing for in Europe isn’t exactly what I wanted). Taking decisions because of a dogma is extremely counter productive and dangerous IMO.

      1. See? Just just proved my point.
        He’s a “good socialist” who is also a nationalist. Been tried before, didn’t work.

        1. Nazis? Well if you leave alone the whole war part, the economy in Germany at that time did great.
          Communism was hardly nationalist as the goal of this ideology was to spread worldwide.

  18. Immigrants that are not useless thugs or Muslim fanatics are also questioning Sweden. I have personal friends who are now talking about escaping one way or the other.
    This article pretty much sums up left/liberal swedes and their attitudes to immigrants.
    (Google translated)

    1. I’m an immigrant in Sweden and I’m sure Sweden is on the path to a hellish ride at some point… full of car burning and riots. They are making pretty much the same mistakes as my country (France) except that France needed workers in the 60’s and that’s why we had so much immigrants. Sweden doesn’t even need that! And many Swedes don’t seems to see the world as it really is. It will be tough the day they will have to remove the pink tinted glasses.

  19. Funny always wondered about the engame of these crazy muslims..they flee from a collapsing country to a stable one..then try to make the new one as fucked up as the old one. What will happen to them when there are no white men left to build stable countries ?

    1. similar to women, they don’t think rationally (which is why they can’t build their own great nations in the first place)

  20. Im frm Singapore, we are letting in as many useless people as we are supposedly letting in the good ones. Its far better to be an expat or PR in my country than it is to be a citizen.

  21. Once you`re below replacement rate, there is no coming back it seems.
    That’s the lesson from history anyway.
    I hope that when infrastructure starts breaking down, due to the lack of blue collar men, people will wake up.
    If all Polish/EE worker`s in Scandinavia went home tomorrow, that would already be a reality.

  22. I’d like to know if the term “cuckservative” is catching on at all over there in SJWEden. Frederik “please accept more refugees!” Reinfeldt is the ultimate example.

    1. The only conservatives in Sweden are the Christian Democrats. The Moderates aren’t that conservative by European standards.

  23. Yeah, PINKOS are going down the tube! 😛 About time! 😀 They been f*cking sh*t up for centuries! 😛

  24. Well, Sweden is economically much more liberal than many other European countries. Even France that has been ruled by the right for much longer than the left is economically more socialist than Sweden. So on this point of your article I totally disagree.
    Now it’s true Sweden has an immigration problem… but rather with refugees than inmigrants that come here by choice (except the Romani). Why is Sweden getting so many refugees? Probably because Swedes love to look like white knights in shiny armors that are better and morally superior to everyone else. And sadly I don’t see that changing anytime soon, especially with the EU giving up on quotas for refugees (which if they happen, would help Sweden as they have waaaaay too much refugees for the size of their population).
    And about the municipality of Stockholm helping Jihadi when they return: yes, Stockholm is a cesspool of hipsters and F! voters (Södermalm is by far the most F! voting area in the entire country) and isn’t really representative of the rest of Sweden. I doubt the municipality of Kiruna would be inclined to do so, but maybe giving Jihadi a shed in a god forsaken place frozen 80 % of the year wouldn’t be such a bad plan and space is hardly missing there (it’s one of the biggest “city” in the world area wise).

  25. Tocqueville once wrote that the flew in democratic republics was once the politicians learned to “buy their voters” the system was finished.
    Looks like he predicted the weakness perfectly. Now politicians just want their voters to be sheep who say “paaaahy-cheeck”.

  26. Can anyone tell me how do white people create desirable and prosperous societies? What give them the ability to do it? And why can’t other race can’t create desirable societies?

    1. intelligence and reasonability (probably Christianity plays a factor as well).
      If you’ve ever been to south America, the daily violence they live with is fucking ridiculous. and in Africa and the middle east, well that speaks for itself.
      the world will be a shit place without whites

      1. Christianity is a jewish religion. You do know that Jesus was a jew right? He was born in what is now considered the Middle East. The Roman Empire survived a long time without it until it spread like a cancer.

        1. so why are nations originally built by conservative Christians (Britain, Russia, U.S.) so much more successful than all these other shithole countries? your only response is to name an empire 2000 years ago.

        2. You left out eastern asia. Besides correlation does not equal causation. It could be that these nations were built despite their Christianity not because of it.
          Much of the third world in south america is catholic. Hasn’t helped them.

        3. He is a mythical Jew. There is no archaeological or historical evidence he even existed except as Jeeboo lovers point out the bible itself, a self referential argument and a false one.

  27. singapore is also socialist the government gives away government housing to people.

  28. Canada is getting to be much the same. Toronto is full of gays, immigrants and related SJWs who want to alter the fabric of society.
    Politicians won’t say anything against mass immigration because they’ve made it politically incorrect to do so.
    Today many immigrants come straight to the welfare state, or end up displacing lower paid citizens when their weak credentials do not get them the dream job. Public housing is full of them. There is a line-up of hundreds of thousands who want to get into public housing where the rent is 1/10th market value.
    The government fails to promote births at home like Russia does, but promotes abortion. They don’t balance budgets and they borrow from private banks to pay the welfare state. In the end this will lead to bankruptcy like in Greece.
    Government thinks that increasing population will increase revenues. It doesn’t. A country with a small population like Canada spends 22 billion a year resettling and coddling immigrants, many of them now from Muslim or African or other nations where the people don’t even support ideas of civil society and separation of church and state. The 22 billion covers only federal level costs, a lot more is actually spent.
    Toronto city council voted to make Toronto a “Refugee Free Zone.” And want them to be able to access all benefits without things like ID or proof of residence.
    Their plan for national salvation is a plan for national destruction and none of them can see that; they simply go into a rage calling all others racist or bigots.

  29. hahah im Swedish and this might actually be the funniest thing I have read in my entire life. Is this a real website or is it just for laughs and giggles? :DD

  30. The author has neglected to mention that the liberal-conservative government imported about 800 000 immigrants during its regin between 2006-2014. This mass immigration project is not solely an effort by the social democrats but by the entire political establishment. The reds want a new permaproletariat and the liberal-conservatives wants mass unemployment so that wages can be kept low.Swedish libertarians are particulary keen on the idea of open borders. One particular entertaining misconcept liberals, libertarians and conservatives collectively have is that if they can crash the welfare system by overload it will be abolished. But what they do not understand is that immigrants also vote, and they will vote for giving themselves money. The end result will be taxes that are as high as they are today while welfare has been reduced to the most basic level.
    The author also forgets to mention that globalism and cultural marxism are ideas that come from the same ethnic group, namely jews. Cultural marxism furthered the collective ethnic goals of jews against the WASP establishment in America and its equvivalent in other nations, and later when they had ascended to be the economic and political elite they invented globalism as a means to maximize the monetary extraction from whitey. Cultural marxism and later globalism will trash the western world but jews are everywhere but belong nowhere, so they will just leave and set up shop somewhere else. When everything broken has been repaired they will come back and settle in whiteys world again and begin another cycle. Its basically slash and burn agriculture applied on a civilizational scale.

  31. Sweden allows Somalis and Arabs to rape their women at will. When a woman comes to report a rape the cops do nothing sometimes even refusing to take a report. Sweden is finished. It’s amazing how White man can be talked into subsidizing their own racial displacement and genetic destruction by pushy Jews with bribe in hand and a finger in their chest. Racial plurality and multi-culturalism are the Jewish weapons of social destruction. It’s amazing how a people who have lived in a country for thousands of years can believe their country does not belong to them.
    Feminism is oddly quiet about the ongoing rape fest in Sweden and Norway. There is hope for Denmark however.
    The dark man rape fest in Sweden exposes the lie of the “strong independent woman”.

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