The Value Of Being A Loner

Women love winners, and women love losers—it’s the guys in the middle they can’t fucking stand. This is something I figured out back in high school. The popular guys never went without pussy, and the drug dealers never went without it either. High school doesn’t last forever, but the fact remains that just being a normal dude doesn’t get you very far with chicks.

I have no doubts that a frustrated 23-year-old virgin with a passion for working out, a serviceable degree, and a very bright future ahead of him is reading this article right now. At the same time, there’s a jobless derelict out there somewhere that’s deciding on which of the three attractive women he nails on a regular basis will be the one he visits tonight. It ain’t right, but it is the way the world works.

I won’t blow smoke up the asses of the ROK readership—I’ve never had hardships with getting women. There are no stories of overcoming adversity that I can share about my inability to land some pussy. Getting women has never been a problem for me and it has only gotten easier with time. The reason I’ve never gone without women is simple—I combine being a loser and being a winner into one package.

Being A Winner

In my professional life, I’m a winner. I have a strong passion for what I do and I’m good at it. I’m always expanding and brushing up on my knowledge. I take my responsibilities seriously. I show up for work looking professional because I am a professional. The shoes are shined, the coat is dry-cleaned, the slacks have perfect creases and the face is clean-shaven. I have the respect of my colleagues—I don’t want anyone I fly with to ever get the impression that I don’t know my shit or that I can’t be relied on in a pinch. That would be unacceptable, and I will never allow it to happen. In the cockpit, I will never be a loser.

When it comes to my health, I’m a winner. I eat as clean as I possibly can, which is not easy for a guy who spends a lot of time away from home. Even though it is a challenge, I do the best I can. I also lift three times a week and run for cardio. My health is directly tied with my professional life due to an annual medical examination required for professional pilots. If I lose my health, I lose my ability to fly and make money. Only a loser doesn’t care about their health and well-being.

With my immediate family and the very tiny group of people I care about, I’m a winner. If someone close to me needs anything at all—I’m there for them with no questions asked. If they’re broken down on the side of the road at 2:00 AM, I’ll be there with flashlights, a bag of tools, and a thermos full of hot coffee. If my parents get too old to take care of themselves, I will do it for them. I would wipe my dad’s ass and feed him like a baby if it ever came down to it. And I would do it without complaining or feeling the slightest tinge of embarrassment. That’s one of the luxuries of being a great and selfless father—the unwavering loyalty of his sons. He will never set foot in a nursing home so long as I outlive him. Same for my mother.

When dealing with people in general, I’m a winner. I’m never deliberately a dick to anyone that doesn’t deserve it. I’m polite to waitstaff, retail workers, and anyone I come in contact with in public. I see no reason to ruin someone’s day or be a power-tripping asshole to people for no reason. I tip well for good service, and give compliments to people that go above and beyond to please me. Only when necessary, will I become a ruthless cut-throat son of a bitch.

When it comes to making money and making sound financial decisions, I wasn’t always a winner, but I can say with confidence that I am now. My savings is growing quite nicely every month, and I’ve cut off any impetuous and needless spending. Winners are able to retire and stop working at a decent age. I aim to be included in that group someday.


Being A Loser

On the other hand, with the women I date, I’m a complete fucking loser. I don’t respect them. I don’t care about their opinions, their hopes, or their dreams. I run my dating life in the same way I would run a business, and like any good business, I have a slogan: “When women have problems, I don’t have solutions.” Women nowadays don’t deserve a winner, therefore, they don’t get one. Even if they did get one, they wouldn’t appreciate it. Women are only entitled to the loser version of me. And you know what? They wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why am I such a loser to women? Well, there are two reasons. Number one: it’s easy and it works—being a winner is hard, being a loser isn’t. Number two consists of a comprehensive list of very rudimentary attributes a woman must possess in order to not be considered a loser herself.

If she’s slept more than three dudes by 25 years old—she’s a fucking loser. If she has a tattoo anywhere on her body or anything other than normal earrings—she’s a fucking loser. If she’s had a one night stand; fucking loser. If she’s a social media attention whore; insecure fucking loser. Women have made the decision that their utility will not extend beyond their vaginas. If that’s the way they want to run things, then by all means—go for it. I’m more than happy to play along and take my share—provided it comes at little hassle.


Those Disgusting Words

Now, you might get the impression that my lowly opinion of the modern woman would make them hate me. Obviously, some of these thoughts and opinions must be kept hidden away, but I’m pretty overt in my feelings towards women. It’s not displayed through contempt, but through apathy. There’s just not a whole lot of fuck giving going on over here. However, none of this has stopped a few of these women from saying the most foul, disgusting, vomit-inducing shit they could ever utter to a man…

“I love you.”


Hearing a slut say that she loves me will completely ruin my day. I would rather watch two gay snapping turtles slowly fuck in a puddle of diarrhea than have some slutty broad say that she loves me. Hearing that will make me feel like I messed up somewhere along the line, or did something wrong. I will say to myself, “Dammit, I knew I should’ve been nicer to this one.”

It really is mind-blowing. There are so many dudes out there who would dedicate their lives to making these women truly happy. Men that would move heaven and earth to have some slut fall in love with them. Men that would pull 80-hour workweeks to make money to buy these sluts whatever they want. Men that would forgive any of their prior transgressions and piss-poor decisions. These men would truly love these women with all of their little beta hearts.

Yet here these women are… in love with some dude that would seriously debate whether he would miss a day at work to go to their funerals if they died. And this seems to have no effect on them at all. They want exclusive relationships anyway. They start pursuing commitment like they’re fucking Oliver Twist asking for a second helping of porridge, “Please sir, I want some more.” Nope, sorry bitch—the kitchen’s closed.

Committing to these women is simply an impossibility, and it’s impossible because they command absolutely no respect. If you show me a truly respectable woman, I’ll show you a man that would go to bat for her in a heartbeat. Otherwise, assume the position: face down, ass up.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. I was seeing a woman earlier this year. At one point, I had her eating out of the palm of my hand and she used to come over to my place to do chores for me. One day she was doing my laundry and said, “Just so you know, I’ve never liked a guy enough to do his laundry for him,” I thought that was amusing and I completely believed her—she couldn’t fold a t-shirt to save her life, and her clothes were usually in a pile on the floor at her place, so I had proof. I’m sure some guys out there would love to hear those words come from a woman’s mouth. “Oh gee golly, she likes me and thinks I’m special and oh-so great,” he might say to himself. Faggot.

I wasn’t buying the shit she was selling, though. Why, you may ask? Because earlier in our relationship she had said to me, “I’ve never done anal before, all of my other boyfriends wanted to try it and I wouldn’t do it. But I’ll do it for you,” I didn’t believe her for a fucking second. This was a slut in the truest sense of the word—a standard issue college educated hoe that had smoked more sausages than all the barbecue joints in Memphis combined. Given the way she could suck and ride a dick, I knew she wasn’t being honest.

Now, just think about that for a second. In 2014, the chances a woman was previously fucked in her asshole by an ex-boyfriend are greater than the chances that she washed and folded his jeans and t-shirts. That is some shameful shit right there. Oh American women, how far you have come.


In Closing

Being a loser is no way to approach life. In order to make life worth living a man must have goals, aspirations, and meaningful hobbies. Those goals, aspirations, and hobbies cannot revolve around relationships with women. Women are not to be taken seriously—they are a supplement to your otherwise fruitful existence.

Sure, there are a handful of them out there that are worth your time, but finding one is going to be one hell of a challenge. I haven’t met a relationship-material woman in America in the past six years of trying, and trust me, I’ve tried. It used to be frustrating, but now it’s just comical. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this is just the way shit goes.

Gentlemen, once you legitimately stop giving a fuck about women, they will cling on to you like human barnacles. That’s the honest truth. I was in love once, and I wasted five years of my life. Relationships have one of two outcomes: you’re either together forever, or your not. There is no return on investment with broken relationships. The only thing you get are some hard lessons learned and a fresh start—that’s it.

I went all in with my emotional chips on a woman that was the equivalent to a pair of Jacks—I lost my hand. I will never go all in again unless I’m holding a Royal Flush. If that happens? Great. If it doesn’t? Also great. Life is good and there’s a lot of fun and meaningful shit to get done before one dies—a steady relationship isn’t a requirement for making any of that happen.

Just remember to use sluts for their designed purpose, while keeping your eyes peeled for one of the good ones. That’s the best advice I can offer. After a five-minute conversation with a modern woman, it should be crystal clear that you won’t be with her for the rest of your life. Act accordingly. Get yours and get out when you’re ready to move on. Other than her pussy, she’s irrelevant unless she proves otherwise. Never forget that.

Give a woman heaven, and she’ll complain about the view. Give a woman hell, and she’ll offer to pay the rent. – Yours Truly

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296 thoughts on “The Value Of Being A Loner”

  1. I have been living a life of solitude for over two years now. It really isn’t that bad once you become accustomed to it. Spending time reading at the library, and lifting weights has brought me more pleasure than any other human being possibly could.

    1. Agreed – got divorced last year after almost 25 years of marriage – I just had enough. I’ve been concentrating on exercise, losing weight, improving my eating habits and doing things that interest ME, and most of those activities are done alone. I am within walking distance of the university library, so I can kill 2 birds with one stone – it’s awesome. The one thing I notice is the quiet in the house – no drama or bullshit. It makes you appreciate the solitude. It’s not a bad thing.

      1. One of the biggest lies society perpetuates is that divorced men are depressed and lonely and all that bull shit. Every emotion is a pure state of thought. You can turn it on or off. I know this one cat pretty well. He got divorced with his bitch of 10 years. He called me up one day and told me what happened. I said finally some good news! One bitch the rest of your life is straight prison life. I took that fool out that night and although he didn’t get laid then and there, we got some phone numbers of some younger whores and he fucked the shit outta one of them a month later. He’s now photographing models in south america and sends me pics of all the bitches he’s drowning in. True story. congrats

    2. It’s the exact same thing as unplugging. You have to overcome your desire for the company of others.

    3. I have lived in solitude for many years. My friends are saddened by the fact that I don’t “have a man.” I always tell them, “if I want to get laid, that’s the easy part because your husband/boyfriend/partner is available.” That always shuts them up!!

      1. That’s brilliant! Instill some dread into those frenemies that dare to overstep their boundaries in attempting to shame and shape your ideals around their own.

    1. I can say that i really haven’t met too many people that i.would find.interesting. i have friends, but they are really the sake of being social when i want to do something.

  2. There is truth behind the saying “a dog is a man’s best friend.” It’s impossible to find the same loyalty in another human being.

      1. Sorry, about the clarity. What I mean is that once you see actual loyalty in an animal, you realize how fucked people are and it turns down your desire for large social activities.

        1. Exactly. Tie up your wife/girlfriend and your dog and lock them in the garage half a day and then note which one is genuinely happy to see you when you get back.

        2. HAhahahahaha… STFU bitches me and Sparky are going for a fucking walk!!! Get on up here you little fucker lets go!!!

        3. Q. Your dog is barking at your back door to get in and your wife is banging on your front door. Which door do you open first?
          A. The back door, because your dog will shut up after you let him in.

        4. Eh, that’s where we disagree I guess. In all but the rarest of circumstances (e.g. war) with all but the rarest of men, humans will put their self-interest above loyalty to another. The current narcissistic culture we live in has turned most of us so vain that the most minuscule and unimportant self-interest trumps loyalty.

        5. It’s true. The critters haven’t lost their nobility, nor their sincerity. Hey whatta surprise, huh? — I don’t have any problems forming and maintaining relationships with THEM.

        6. Not saying that everybody would jump out of a building for you..but not everyone is waiting to stick a knife in your back for a dollar either.

  3. The great benefits of being a loner, is the fact that you don’t have to deal with the everyday bullshit and drama that is thrown in your face by women. Women have essentially created the loner path for a lot of men, who are no longer going to commit to women in the long term.
    Believe me when I say, being a loner is one of the paths towards freedom, away from oppression of the politically correct, feminist driven society that is now crumbling. Men are walking away from it all and women are slowly going to realise how much destruction they have caused and there is no repairing they can do.
    Being a loner means, saving more money, more travelling, sleeping with different women, spending more time reading, building and developing new skills and hobbies, and actually finding out who you truly are.
    Embrace it, don’t fear it.

    1. “Being a loner means, saving more money, more travelling, sleeping with different women, spending more time reading, building and developing new skills and hobbies, and actually finding out who you truly are.”
      I love that definition of loner!

    2. What’s even worse is that men are so effete now it’s not merely a matter of keeping the women away, you can’t have men around either because you still get drama and BS.

      1. Feminists have made society weak! The average person gets upset so easy where most people (betas) are always apologising for very little things which shits me off! A real man only says the word “sorry” when he really fucks up!
        It seems the average person is 2 scared to offend other people. A red piller does what he enjoys doing and if people are getting upset about it, it’s their problem not his.

        1. I dunno it just came to me…completely original saying! Gee golly shucks!

    3. “women are slowly going to realise how much destruction they have caused and there is no repairing they can do.”
      No they won’t. They may sense or realize that something is terribly wrong, but they will not be able to identify the source of the problem; i.e. feminism, progressivism, etc. Women as a group will always follow what the authority apparatus (media, Govt, etc) says to do. They will simply do what they have done on the past; blame men. They will double down on the bad behavior, and the climate for men will become ever more oppressive and stifling.

      1. Sovereignty was meant for women. They need to be governed, they want to be governed. It’s obvious just in the herd mentality of the way they dress. Yoga pants, flip flops, Uggs.. Funny part is watching married mom’s wearing yoga pants with 3 kids in tow and acting squeemish when guys check them out in public. If I hear another woman say; “really?” “Seriously?” -or- “I know, right?” I’ll like.. gag myself with a spoon. The clone factory runs rampant nowadays.

      2. “They will simply do what they have done in the past: blame men.”
        How is this any different from what you’re doing…which is blaming women? Seems to me like it’s just people blaming other people.
        “Women as a group will always follow what the authority apparatus says to do.”
        Says the guy who possesses a username that references both an overrated movie as well as sex toy. If that’s not the epitome of being generic as fuck, then I don’t know what is. It’s always astounding to me when people don’t recognize their own hypocrisy.

      3. No! Not all women blame men! This is a little bit ridiculous and extremely misogynistic. I’m a woman and I recognize that there are problems.

      4. the eite estamlishment know this and have used it for years and years to do the damage
        women think goverments dont lie,its all real,snitches is a good thing debt and spending are normal…its all for are security,children need mothers and dads dont matter all kids must have 8 different dads but only one mother
        a dad whs seperated from kids for no reason of his own is a BAD DAD the guy she lives with usually a idiot moron is the BEST DAD a real man isnt a MAN but a work slave who amounts debts and works his life away…
        total NUT JOBS

    4. Ahhh, I miss my loner days. I had no idea what I had. I thought I did. But now, I know what I had. I married well, foreign of course, and one with little to no baggage. If anyone had the baggage, it was/is me. Family court BS.
      Still, all the things I could learn now had I kept it. Well, now I will have to learn with my sons. It is a little tougher, as I have responsibilities, but it is, and will, be worth it.
      Next up, blacksmithing, welding, and home foundry. I have been learning gardening in an extreme fashion. Next summer I upgrade my composter and rain water collection. And start to produce my own wine and beer.
      I am getting my third degree in engineering. Mechanical, with minors in electrical engineering and computer sci.
      Man, my sons are going to have so much more than I did. But many of you, if you can stay single (harder than it seems if you become too interesting), will get so much farther ahead than me.
      Cheers, enjoy, and good luck!

      1. You’re married and raising some red pill sons sounds like a good life to me. Especially you having boys to be a witness to your life and carry the red pill banner onward…Bravo sir…

      2. If you’re looking into blacksmithing, read up on stuff by Alexander Weygers and Alex Bealer. One of the Foxfire series has some interesting info as well. You can find plans online for a small gas forge, made using a bernzomatic torch and some fire brick as well. Best of luck…blacksmithing is a hobby my Dad got into when I was a toddler, and I picked it up as well.

    5. I was married once and then I, yes I the one of the few 1 out of 10 men who initiate divorce, divorced the bitch. No regrets! As Truth said, no more ‘everyday bullshit and drama’. I’m quite happy living alone and since I’m older I don’t need sex that often but when I do I offshore my needs to places where women are really women!
      Women are good as either maids or whores, but for real love and companionship you just can’t beat a good dog!

    6. Actually, truly being a loner means pursuing all of that other stuff you’re into rather than sleeping with all of those women.
      I ought to know; I actually am a loner and I am a female. Yes, we exist too. We just aren’t 8-10 hot, guys.

    7. No. Thumbs down. Dumb.
      I’m a batchelor, will be for awhile, and doing it to stay free to do exactly what you’re saying.
      But not just for myself; for becoming a better member of society for my fellow human beings, and better husband and father someday.
      Past a point solo-ism becomes self-defeating indulgence, and you’ll know you’ve hit that point when you’re sad you can’t share your growth w/ someone, and no one really appreciates it all that much.
      People may say “wow, that’s nice…” but they’ll move on.
      Growth feels pretty hollow and useless until someone says “You’re worthy of my time,” whom you also think is worthy of yours.
      Watch out for the child in the mirror. He’ll trick you; tie you down worse than any snatch, but he’ll leave your old bones dry in the end.
      You’ll learn 10 languages and few meaningful conversations.
      Don’t be afraid of relationships, or of being shot down hard, or missing someone, or losing self-time, or other worthwhile sacrifices.
      Just give it to someone who’s worth it and can love ya right G. 😉

      1. I really like this I relized this was the way to go as well. I got tired of whining society is terrible and decided to do someting by starting with myself and I have to say it is not easy making a drastic change which is why so many people ACCEPT there society. It seems ironic when men say they CHOOSE to take their red pill wake up in the real world and then act like everything happening is destiny. You can’t change others but you can change yourself. Men say they want to be alphas with valor and dignity but it also comes with a responsability a responsibility that I keep looking for in the red pill community but never find. Even if you don’t care about the labels as a member of the human race you have a responsibility to make it better for the “next”. If you are so awake and enlightened do something I am for the American female but I need the men to do for there side. Morpheus did not like the real world so he seeked others to change it thus finding Neo.

    8. Wait, so high quality, virgin women are supposed to reward loner, non-virgin men? We must reward them because they sleep around, have no values, and spend their lives flitting from one area to the next? Um, no.
      How have women caused destruction? How is society crumbling? Men wouldn’t be able to have premarital sex without feminists and independent women.
      Guys like you routinely reject nice, virgin girls like me because we don’t put out and lack advanced social skills, so don’t blame all women here.
      Emerging adulthood is difficult for everyone, men and women alike. Stop hating on 50% of humanity just because one girl was mean to you.

      1. You are replying with your emotions, not your reason. You are most likely young. I advise you, with respect- read more here,as well as associated topics. Less discourse.
        Most needed- reading on how men’s brains/hormones differ from women. How this makes the sexes, differ. How it makes men THINK differently.
        Understand Men thru biology first.
        Respect ROK. In time, you will understand what it means by “Honour.” In this, you will understand this site. The cost of a man’s earning this for himself.
        And how truly rare it is to be a women, who earns this. Or even understands, as much as could be from a perspective that cannot know what it is to be a man,

      2. your likely what every real man wants a WOMAN not a clone you likely would be a great wife or gf and be amazing and open minded with sex and be a great old fahioned mom wife gf freind
        its girls like you that are the real women

  4. Being alone & being lonely are not necessarily the same thing. A lot of times, i find my loneliness amidst the crowds & blissful aloneness when..alone.

    1. There is no such thing as being lonely. The absolute truth is you are alone in life. It’s a system that you work to get what you need. Nobody was ever really there in the first place. There is nothing jaded about this…because it’s absolute truth in its entirely. People who still need emotions don’t understand that the world is quite literally an illusion of lies fabricated around the needs of others around them. I’ve found an interesting phenomenon in behavior to illustrate this point. I was fucking around with this one girl about a year ago. But things “got busy” on both ends and it went cold. The other week I thought it’d be funny to hit her up and see if she wanted to fuck around again. Long story short, We fucked last night..she sucked my cock and I ate her pussy and I busted inside without a condom. I gave her a plan B (I stock up on those) and we said our goodbyes. Case in point, I have found that usually when a guy tells you to fuck off chances are you’ll never hear from him ever again. But when a girl tells you to piss off you can always come back (depending). Because it’s a “need based” society. Nobody escapes the biological imperative of Dr. Fate.

      1. even after a terrible bust up, when you told her to shove it, and when she’s married with kids you can still come back… you would be out of your mind… but it’s happened to me…. on more than one occasion…..

        1. @disqus_Y3Xp2pp7Oa:disqus
          Thanks for this. I’ve never had this particular experience in this time space continuum but I’ll think back to this comment if it ever does happen. And the beat goes on…

      2. If you’re habitually popping off inside broads I recommend getting snipped for your freedom’s sake.
        Offering her a “plan B” still puts the decision squarely in her hands. Risky move.

        1. Aren’t we a bit quick to judge darling? I think my problem is more on the lines of nihilism don’t you think? Now we all know any criticism should be productive in order for it to have a purpose (yeah I know a nihilist talking about purpose..thats rich) so my dearest dear dear friend. Please drop some knowledge and educate a poor soul. Otherwise I would never know the errors of my wicked wicked ways.

        2. Your inflated ego is far rem9ved from sound advice as if evidenced from your sarcasm. Time will show you the error of your lifestyle far better than anything I say. The Wall exists for men who engage in pointless sex as validation, and if you live like you preach you are going to hit it hard.

        3. I have nothing to sell, my friend. I’m a relic of a dead society trying to ressurect the nation I so dearly love as best as I can. The problem with the MGTOW/red pill movement is it encourages men to be enablers of the whoredom that now permeates our society. This movement forgets the biological imperative of our species: to build, to achieve, and to pass on to our progeny. All the societal problems we face today are because men didnt. take a stand when these evils,cirstbreared their heads. We sat in blind silence and allowex our sons to be emasculated, our dauughters to become oversexualized and unregulated, and our wives to act on their any whims. Its time to change that, and its not,gonna happen by spending your time trying to raise your notch count.

        4. I leave that job to better men such as yourself. Assholes like me eventually leave society all together because we have nothing to contribute and are simply too mentally disturbed to make any meaning of any of it. I concur with you on many of your points…

        5. Relic of a dead society. Words ringing in my own head as of late. Red Pill/Game etc has been a great boon to many young men, myself included, for the knowledge of the times we live in and the nature of the female.
          That said, for as smart as the men on this site and others are (the discussion here is great, the article stellar), it is amazing to me that they can’t see the end result of living a life chasing women solely for sex.
          Quote: “The problem with the MGTOW/red pill movement is it encourages men to be enablers of the whoredom that now permeates our society.”
          And this is exactly what young men in the Red Pill/Game community don’t want to hear. That they are enablers of whores, not the trainers of women.
          A lot of strides have been made against feminism. The cracks are showing. But it could also be the cracks of a complete societal collapse, not just feminism. And the main hammer of destruction is man’s inability to assert moral values and ethics via his actions, specfically, his demand for sexual fidelity and children under his roof and protection.
          Quote: “All the societal problems we face today are because men didn’t take a stand when these evils, first reared their heads.”
          “Its time to change that, and its not,gonna happen by spending your time trying to raise your notch count.”
          These two quotes best illustrate my argument. They also give me hope. Despite the focus on sex and living the life of a playboy with a harem of women (who are all emotionally soulless by the comments here), I think young men are going to see this orgy of Game and sexing women was a phase to go through. Like the angry phase that was the start of the men’s movement, the Game/harem/sex movement will evolve. I think Roosh is even on the cusp of such a transition from some of the writing he has been doing lately.
          In time, I think the most powerful force on earth will be the divide between the men have have re-masculinized themselves (i.e. learned Game) and the beats/omegas (i.e. SJWs).
          And the divide will become stark when these new masculine men stop having sex just to have sex.
          They will begin to demand more from women for the pleasure of receiving his pleasure. And if these new Men (capital M) don’t get what they want, they WILL go foreign and find it, where ever they can.
          There will always be the men who are slaves to sex and the emotional high it brings, the ego boost it gives, well into an age and stage in life when they should have matured.
          But I think the re-masculization that is happening today will see many of the young men currently enjoying the decline today… actually reassert a new patriarchy in the future.
          How to start?
          If she wants marriage, tell her to quit her job and she will have to depend on YOUR income if she wants children.
          A single bank account, in your name, with money issued to her every week for the home and upkeep.
          And I think this masculine revolution will explode when the Men that have learned how to sex and give women the kind of men they want to have sex with… stop having sex with women.
          I am not shitting you.
          Just think… if ALL THE MEN on this site, stopped having sex for one month with their harems.
          Women would notice. They would be left with nothing but LOSER BETAS all around them.
          Women deprive men of sex to control them. They do this because it is what will WORK ON THEM THE MOST.

      3. Thanks for the honest share. I’m in sober agreement with the point regarding ‘needs & self interest’. Hard hitting truth over a soft bed of lies, man.

  5. I generally avoid people. Going to the store and buying something is usually all I need in the way of social interaction. I’ve pretty much been so for decades.

      1. Kinda of a tangent, but…
        I have a cat, reminds me of women. I feed the cat, take out the litter , and scratch him time to time. The cat comes near me when it wants me, however doesn’t give two shits about me anytime else.
        My dog loves me and loyal to me no matter what.
        Want to understand women, look at how cats act.

        1. I know what you mean but I have to say I love my cat. Lil guy loves to head butt me and hang with me even when he’s not hungry. I actually think it depends on the cat and how he was raised.

        2. lol… I’m his dawg, dawg…
          No lie, I used to play fetch with him when he was a kitten… confused lil critter…

  6. Being a loner is a great test for your inner game (also a great masculine attribute as well). If you get depressed, you need more work. If you’re happy, welcome to ROK.

    1. “If you get depressed, you need more work. ”
      Sometimes I do feel a little “down in the slums”, however I remember someone else saying depression is a luxury for the mentally weak. Your statement makes 100% sense!

  7. I use my alone time to work on my blog, studying spanish, weight lifting. ROK has taught me that and in all reality I do cherish my ‘alone’ time

  8. Excellent article on so many levels. Written purely in thought and devoid of emotion. They said to understand something is to be free of it. If you understand people then you are forever free of the tyranny of public opinion. Not all that glitters is gold. Social media and the likes is just lies on a massive scale. Because self-servitude is indeed the religion of this country, we are all charlatans. Liars and thieves in service to other liars and thieves. Everything can be looked at in terms of a monetary transaction. I myself spread the stay positive and count your blessings lie everywhere I go in order to advance my own agendas. In order to advance your agenda yes you must vomit unicorns and shit puppies out of your glory hole. I do it mostly to indirectly spite the world around me. I only collect what others want so I can just set it all on fire and show them just how truly meaningless their desires are. Because the only meaning is the meaning we fabricate in our own minds. You have to appear as a normal member of this society if you are to survive and have your needs met.

  9. I have been roadracing motorcycles for 15+ years. Never won a race for twelve years. Got divorced 3 years ago and have won 18 races since. I never knew how much the constant nagging about danger and cost was impacting my ability to compete.
    Additionally, Pikes Peak was off limits because it was “going to make her a widow”
    Funding is already lined up and I will be running it this year. Fuck HER.

    1. it was never about the risk, it was about the risk of you excelling and meeting other women……

    2. Amazing how living in a gynocentric society turns women into black holes of resources, time, and energy.
      It’s as if women are so self-absorbed they suck in people around them.
      Only things without substance can escape a black hole – their ideas for example.

      1. Women have always been black holes of resources, time, and energy. Some things never change.

  10. I have never been so much at peace since I broke it off with my fiancé. Every weekend seems like a vacation. No longer any rushing around just taking it easy, wandering around town or calling a honey for some sex if I can tolerate the conversation. I never realized how stressed I was until I was alone.

    1. same here, my ex would get pissed if I did anything for myself. For example it was cool and sexy that I played guitar to attract her, but once we were together I was ‘wasting my time’ because I was never going to make any money playing. I told her it wasn’t about money it was about having a creative release…and boy did that piss her off. Come to think of it nearly all women i’ve dealt with end up resenting my hobbies once they think they have tied me down.

      1. Fucking Right man. I’m a fellow player and I totally understand where you’re coming from. Music is a different kind of communication and if you have a talent for it its a great thing to share with the world.

        1. Hi guys, on another note (a leetle humor there) do you record with today’s programs like Protools or Garage Band? I use Reaper myself, doing my own multitrack recordings for background (bass, percussion, keyboards) then playing along with it on guitar. Amazing how time flies when your having fun and it baffles the women that we can actually have fun without them!

        2. Preparing to embark on a project with Ableton 9 Live Suite and the PUSH controller purchased last year. It’s collected a lot of dust due to… none other than.. dealing with past fuck-ups with women. Including child support and custody battle of my only child. Crawling out of a deep hole as we speak..

        3. ^This reminds of the time I dropped a few k on some kit for the studio as a present for myself… The woman of several years started getting extra bitchy because I was having too much fun (amongst other things) so that was the end of her 🙂

        4. i don’t have much luck with garage band, I’ve found the voice memo recorder (or whatever its called) on my iPhone has a much better pick up. maybe i just need to play around with the settings more but yea thats what I’ve found. i need check out reaper though,

        5. A man (or a group of men) having fun without them not only baffles women, it pisses them off, too.
          I learned a long time ago that there is NOTHING that so greatly disturbs women to the center of their being, than a man having a happy, satisfying life without a woman in it.

      2. Imagine how many great artists, musicians, philosophers, and innovative geniuses were aborted due to a nagging wife who wanted him to instead pay the bills (of a 500k home and two cars).
        Even our education system is matriarchal … it’s all about developing worker bees and tax mules for women, not talented savants.
        How much talent has been squandered …

        1. Its not just about that. Its also just the fact that your woman will hate to see you happy after a while… hopefully not all women but I’ve experienced that. Until she sees the value in the finished product she can be a fucking pain in the ass as you work out hard problems.
          Teaching myself guitar took 2 solid years of consistent effort just to get to the point where I started to understand wtf was going on. I had the music in my head but I couldn’t get it out. Thankfully my tom-boy gf when I was 15 was cool as shit and didn’t get in the way of my playing… and after that relationship ended I went head first into music.
          But yeah having grown up a bit, if your girl is demoralizing you and not appreciating that you need space to work out hard problems, it could kill a blue-pill man’s motivation outright.

        2. It’s more than just the bills. It’s about locking the dude down in a jealous rage and emasculating him. How dare a man hang out with his buddies, drink beers, smoke pot and jam? How dare he get bitches dancing and oogling at him on stage?

        3. Ha! I know it, one of my buddies I learned to play from is married with 2 kids, well 3 if you count the blood sucking wife. He just got out of the hospital because he was having blood in his urine and his hamstrings are seizing up. Dr’s think its stress related. I’m like no shit he has been run ragged every single day the last 5 years. He is totally blue pill but one of the best most upright guys I’ve ever met and he was able to sight read music almost right away, had an amazing aptitude for music. It is really sad to see him like this….timely comment

        4. And your hobbies mean nothing to her. What worked in initially attracting her has now become an issue, because it’s something that you invest time in that isnt her. Funny how that works.
          I’ve been playing guitar for 10 years now and it was all fine and well in the initial stages of my past relationships, but that eventually changed and was thrown in my face. Probably because its a passion and hobby of mine that brings no income.
          Those didnt last long.
          If you want to explore your TRUE potential when it comes to anything, you cannot be in a LTR. Period.

        5. Emasculation is the goal. They dont want other women to be attracted to you and single mothers do it to their sons also.
          The usual tactic is to make it seem like your hobbies are immature or nerdy.

        6. Some women just can’t stand to see a man, *especially* their man, having a good time unless he’s “earned it” by sucking up to her enough. If denying sex won’t do it, being a complete shrew about *anything* you want to do is where she’ll end up.

        7. My mom is doing that. Fuck that bitch. Love her though, her cooking is the best.

      3. That has to suck. One of the main reasons I broke my no co-habitating rule with the current GF is that she, unlike all others, never tried to squelch my hobbies. She actually encouraged me to take “funemployment” between the last jobs to do drugs, make art and work with the dog.
        I don’t understand what these psychos that control men actually want out of a relationship. If a dude is supporting himself and happy, who cares what “childish” activities he does after work. No fucking logic to women.

      4. I have found that what women love about you before they have you they hate when they have do have you. For example they might love your body but they hate that you go to the gym to maintain it. They want to monopolise your time and never let you out of their sight. They resent that sometimes you spend time on things that don’t involve them.

        1. I wonder if they hate it because it takes time away from them though? I’ve been thinking about this for a bit reading the thread, and the comments from all the men sound the same “It attracted her to me, now she wants me to stop it”.
          Perhaps there’s something else at play here is what I’m saying. Maybe she wants you to quit what attracted her to you because she knows that what you do is attractive to women in a general sense, and she’s trying to weed out the competition before it becomes a problem. Guitar playing boyfriend = hot to all women. Girl snags guitar playing boyfriend. Girl cuts off guitar playing so that he won’t attract other women as well. Or something like that?
          Just idle speculation for a bored mind in the morning.

        2. I would say that’s definitely part of it and I’m sure some women do feel threatened by that aspect. That said, in my case, my woman resented my combat sports because she wanted me with her. At the same time she liked feeling protected. Trouble with women is that they want contradictory things.

      5. So true. From the way some broads speak you realise that they consider it basically their right and responsibility to crush their man’s creative outlets and endevours once they have secured his commitment. Every moment of a man’s life MUST be dedicated to being their accommodating little slave (while they fuck some alpha bad boy behind his back, but of course they never say that openly.) Makes me shudder.

    2. I recently realized how much my health improved since getting out of a relationship with a mentally unstable girl. My skin is healthier, I sleep better, I get to focus on shit I’m actually interested in, I’m the toughest I’ve ever been and I feel like its just the beginning.

      1. That’s how I actually have felt immediately after the two girls that gave me living hell from 2011-2014 pretty much left me alone, knowing fully well I have the cops on my side, among other things.

    3. Bob, you dodged a bullet and saved your health! The more issues a woman has the more she will drain you like a vampire. We cannot bring them up, they can only bring us down.

      1. You are right no doubt. I would still like children but we’ll see how that goes. I used to run a small business with unruly employees. Life with her was like that business. Always some crisis to resolve.

    4. I’ve been a loner all my life (aspergers), and I’ve been a pessimistic person most of my life (I’m currently a 12th grader), but it definitely has value. For instance, viewing from the outside, I can see that relationships of any kind (friendship, romantic, etc.) are simply alliances, sort of like nations cooperating, as whenever someone does something kind, they’re subconsciously hoping to have the favor returned by society, karma, etc.

  11. For camaraderie try combat sports. There’s something about a regular shared experience that brings men together.

  12. Solitude is awesome. Most people are insecure adult children … they need to be around each other to feel alive.
    Masculinity should be defined by self sufficient behavior … the ability to find purpose, fulfillment, and love in one’s own being.

    1. Agreed, also i’ve noticed people like that tend to be very negative and are always talking about other peoples problems, yet never solving their own.

      1. I’d say that describes me; I’ve been a loner all my life, unable to hold down a long term relationship with anyone, but that’s pretty well my fault, as I have aspergers. I often say the wrong things. However, it’s given me a unique insight of the world, viewing it from the outside. Relationships are nothing more than alliances; hell, people are kind to others because subconsciously, they feel it’s increasing the chances that the favor will be returned by that person, god, karma, etc.

  13. There are more Turkeys than Eagles. I used to get upset when people would call me a loner, now I take it as a compliment.

    1. And a Friendly Eagle, too! lol
      When people (female AND male) try to force me to be like them, and engage in ‘relationship’ with them, they prefer the word ‘hermit’ — using it pejoratively.
      Often, it’s like . . . well, you’re not some kind of HERMIT are you? you’re not going HERMIT on me, are you?
      It’s the how often do you beat your wife tactic of psychological manipulation.
      This is supposed to shame me into behaving whatever way they’re previously decided. Sigh.
      They never seem to notice that I am not offended, upset, nor enraged about their relational natures and choices. They just assume I need to be whatever they’d like me to be.
      Obviously, my solitude (and male solitude in general) is extremely threatening to The Herd.

      1. I’m with you on that on, ray. There’s a nice, leggy Armenian HR lady that works here (would be ideal if she wasn’t so Americanized) give me slack for keeping to myself, while she’s always uber-busy and complains about never having time for herself, saying to me it must be nice. Obviously she’s not good at math to put the two together.

        1. It’s women and weak men who need to be Related To all the time. If you don’t, they just get more demanding, officious, and passive/aggressive totalitarian.
          I’ve got God, his angels, his peeps, these wonderful diverse critters, all of nature… I’m fine psychologically. When left in peace.
          I guess for most folk, God is an abstraction, instead of their actual Father. So, I can dig why He would relate to them ‘abstractly’ too. REAL abstractly :O)
          Scuse the buttinski MT but I’ve done the office thang many times. Long ago. Ain’t no place for a man. They will find a way to crush you, eventually, no matter your merit or behavior. Wishing you well.

      2. Nothing drives the married wags crazier than a lone male who has no interest in being attached to a shebeast.

        1. “What!? You mean this guy was actually paying attention the whole time??? FFFUUUUUUUUUU….”

    1. Amen to that!! Most people can’t comprehend that until they are in the blackhole of a bad relationshit.

      1. Amen!! You don’t even realize how far off the rails you go with a bad partner until you see years go by. YEARS. Think about that. It only takes a few seconds to have an experience you remember for life. Maybe a few days to weeks to change something you’ve always wanted to do. Yet, here you are, saying “babe” “boo” “honey” for the umpteenth time, holding bags, saying yes dear, staring at hotties like some damn lag dog pining for freedom. Like living the movie Groundhog Day.

    2. I’ve heard this from too many guys who were once married to think it’s just coincidence. I think there’s alot of push for guys to get married or at least in some kind of “serious” relationship. Behind this push is the “something is better than nothing mentality” which couldn’t be more false. A good something is better than nothing, but a shitty something is far worse than nothing. These guys I mention all basically said that the most depressing thing was that the person they were suppose to be the closest to (their wives) were the ones they were most distant from b/c they couldn’t confide in them without their wives mocking them, trivializing their concerns, or flat out not giving a shit.

      1. “without their wives mocking them, trivializing their concerns, or flat out not giving a shit.” And her repeating to her family and friends, what you told her in confidence.
        It’s sad really, that in my case, my 10 year old son has already realized that his mom (my ex) doesn’t keep her promises, and repeats to her friends what he tells her as a “secret”.

        1. Exactly.
          The trust between myself and my mother was shattered when i was young, when i realized this women would gossip to family and friends about issues i confided in her in confidence.
          I still don’t completely trust her, even 20 years later.
          It bemuses me that women complain men don’t ‘open up’; but there’s a very good reason behind this.. because it is always used against us in the most dehumanizing and emasculating manner imaginable.

        2. That’s a good point. They plead with us to open up and then use the info against us in a future arguement and/or spread it around to family and friends.
          When my dad died, I held myself together for about three days after, while I dealt with the burial plans, paper work etc. Then I finally broke down, in private, with my ex sitting next to me. She told her family, my family, and her friends within two days.

        3. Its eye opening when you see her cry about the bacholerette or some shitty TV show and then look at you like you’re a bitch for grieving over something serious like the death of a loved one.

        4. Aint that the fucking truth.
          Couple years back my close friend’s father died young of cancer. My buddy’s mom and sister are pretty much useless so he realized his entire life was about to change on top of all the grieving for the loss of his father.
          Everyone I know went to the funeral. People I hadn’t seen in years showed up to pay their respects.
          What was my ex-gf doing? Gossiping with her girlfriends about some stupid shit… Literally acting like little a kid and joking around… Even when my close friend was being faced with the biggest challenge of his life, my ex-gf still thought everything was about her… She couldn’t shut the fuck up even in the midst of tragedy…
          With her I made the mistake of thinking that she could mature with age (she was 19 when I initially got involved with her). Unfortunately instead she taught me that if girls are not raised properly, they have no incentive to behave like caring or rational human beings.

        5. There was nothing more genuinely rewarding, then when I proved to a male friend, whose I respected to the utmost- that I earned his trust and confidences.
          To throw away, like rubbish- the chance of learning a totally new way of communication-is the greatest sin.
          Dante was right, giving those sort a place.

      2. “A good something is better than nothing, but a shitty something is far worse than nothing.”
        Yes, by god. Sophocles says that it is our greatest boon to have never been born; next best is to have died young. In terms of tragedy, I think he was hitting on something along the lines of what you have said. We must strive for more and we must desire more. And this is our burden, unless of course we have the option of having never been born.

    3. Prior to marriage, I was alone and hated it. During my last marriage, my favorite part of the day was driving to work with the top down watching the sun come up. The worst part of the day was coming home to the drunk shrew who lived for nothing more than causing grief and chaos, and I longed to be alone again.
      FFwd a decade, and I’m not quite alone: I have my two girls to raise full time, but I am happy beyond belief that I live my life on my own terms. My ex is living out of her car, last we’ve heard, and hasn’t seen her kids in 3 years.

  14. I’ve been a solitary individual my entire life, it just comes natural to me. Involving people in my live both annoys, and drains the shit out of me. But, no matter how much you enjoy a solitary lifestyle, people always seem to want to invade it, and take a piece of it for themselves.

  15. I read this article at just the right time. I’ve always been a loner by nature and do find whenever I try to ingratiate myself with others and have discussions about ideas instead of gossip, they can’t hang. I’ve stopped hanging with old college buds as I have discovered they are mega-betas, married to feminists and lapping up the shit like crazy. I never really connected with them, just hung around them since it was convenient, but I knew deep down inside, I was deeper in thought and assessment then they were. Also, they drink like frat boys and still do the same shit they did ten years ago. No growth, no desire. It’s all status for others to them and putting on airs to “fit in.”
    Damn, this is some sweet poetry here! Thanks!

    1. I put up quotes at my cubicle at work since I’m in the grand central station of the office, and the next quote is going to be that Keirkegaard one.

  16. Thank you C.Contrary for such great article about being loner. From my behalf i’d like to ask – how do you overcome depressing feeling, that even closest and dearest friends/male relatives cant see things as i see? Nowadays men look such a slaves to the system and especially to females. They use female body language, speech patterns and fashion, who symbolizes belonging to them (just like tattoos in past represented belonging to some group/clan), just because wearing this or looking like that makes more appealing to them. Almost every man slaves in 9-5 workplace because he’s responsible for other human beings, its somehow accepted in society that it’s manly to earn more money than your s.o. . I wont rant here about these things, if you are interested in truth read – the manipulated man and anatomy of female power books. In the end there are no more important things than your building own happiness who comes from within you and not other persons. It makes you loner because you do things just for your pleasure but in the end who is your god? You or other people?

    1. I have no God. I live for things I find satisfying: reading, writing, playing basketball, having sex, male camaraderie, joking around.

      1. You dont have to believe in god but believe that you are god, not caring about other opinions and doing things in your way.

    2. I suggest you read about some adventurers. Find god in the infinity of nature. He’s not up there in your head.

  17. I like being alone. Not because i hate the world or anything like it just because i don’t feel the need to be around other people all the time. It also allows me to be what i want to be without too much unneeded, pointless, negative judgement. I don’t want my life to be about constantly worrying about rather or not I’m getting the approve of others. I get to do what i want, when i want, and how i want to do it. If that makes me a “loser” than so be it. Trying to be “cool” is nothing more than never ending hamster wheel of getting the approval of people who don’t gave a shit about you anyways.

  18. I’ve lived a very isolated life for the past 5 years or so, and 90% of the time it’s great. Even if it weren’t great, it’s basically the only option for a thinking red pill-type man wanting to keep his sanity in the current world. Lately something has started happening where women I’ve known throughout my life who either broke up with me or had no interest in me before are starting to think about getting off the carousel and looking for that beta caretaker for them and whatever accidental offspring they’ve acquired over the years of bad decisions. They see me as the unattached guy who, while not exactly flush with cash, could be their ticket to stability and redemption, not knowing I’m no longer that blue pill chump who would fall in to that costly and painful trap. The way I see it, you made your bed now lie in it. I’m going to get back to doing exactly what I want.

    1. The same thing has been happening to me. A bitch that dumped me when I was in college 12 years ago and shit out 2 bastard spawn from her bad boy (who’s now in jail) seems to think her dried up eggs and worn out hole and baggage still commands the same price it did when she was 20, nubile, and child free has been pursuing me for a couple of years now.
      I had fun toying with her the way she did me all those years ago. I didn’t hit it because I have standards. That sent her into an emotional hamster driven tailspin. It was deeply satisfying to watch those tables turn. Now the bitch sees what she missed out on and wants a piece of the action. But that train has left the station.
      Fuck that bitch. It’s like you said, she made her bed. I tried to save her from that life and she kicked me to the curb faster than week old garbage.
      Enjoy your fucking bad boy, bitch.

  19. Timely article thanks.
    Yesterday I was at a medical clinic for initial evaluation. The female medical staff member (no male staff to be seen in the building, including doctors) ran down a list of pre-fab ‘psychological’ questions. One was ‘are you isolating?’.
    I said what? and she said you know, avoiding people, doing things alone, not forming mutually dependent relationships, so forth. I said well I’ve been that way since age five.
    It’s like, the monsters and monstresses of the current day just cant fathom why I wouldn’t want to hang out with them and be a part of . . . what they are. Their baseline of psycho-spiritual ‘health’ is for everyone to want to share in their horrid and delusional lives.
    Clearly my disdain of ‘relationships’ with these utterly untrustworthy and false generations indicates my (male) pathology!
    Because who WOULDN’T want to be with them? And be, and think, just like them? Must be something wrong with me psychologically. And yup they’d have been ready with a handful of ‘mental-health’ pills to ‘fix’ me if I’d gone along with their nonsense. BTW, little boys in American schools don’t get the choice of refusing the NannyNation’s definitions of ‘mental illness’ — nor the pharmaceutical interventions. That are for their own good, of course.

    1. I’m sure you already know this, don’t take any of those pills. Every week a dumb broad comes in the ED for “Pill detox” or “suicidal idealizations” (lol), and me and the other resident usually run through 10-15 pills they are on. It’s hilarious, after about 25 these ho’s need pills to feel ‘normal’.

      1. American women are loaded with anti-psychotics, as a ‘cure’ for aging and poor life-choices. Doesn’t look to me like the pills are helping either. :O)
        Worse, they drug our boys. Who don’t want their sick ‘interventions’.
        Couple decades ago a well-meaning doc gave me an antidepressant to treat chronic headache. Anyway I took ONE pill a day for ONE week and felt utterly disconnected from the world, and from myself. Truly a zombie experience. Not one I’d repeat, headaches or no.
        I understand now why zombie movies and culture hold fascination for modern people, esp women. They’re watching themselves on teevee. Narcissism COMBINED with moralistic projection.
        Now THAT is scary, and no joke. Cheers.

        1. Exactly man, just to think these same women will raise a kid sickens me. No kid deserves that…

        2. Zombies at least for me are about low intelligence walking around city folk. Blacks mostly. The Ebola fellow from Liberia for instance. The word Zombie comes from an actual black called Jean Zombi. A Haitian who killed white Frenchmen and raped white women.

      2. Hey fellow ER doc here. The chicks dominate in the psychosomatic complaints area. So many women with their “underdoses” which aren’t a fucking “cry for help” but rather good ‘ol attention whoring and manipulation.

        1. Yup completely true. It’s good to know there are still some real men left in the health industry that’s being run by mostly feminists pa/practitioners/etc…

  20. Good stuff here. I consider myself a quasi-loner. I do enjoy being social but value my alone time as well. Enjoying your own company is critical to being a well rounded man. I prefer living alone for sure-never been a fan of sharing my space. Being a loner is not some abnormal disorder-in fact, I think it’s a sign of strength as the article mentions. I find it way more abnormal to seek external validations based on FB friend counts and “likes”. I find it all very odd coming from a time when those things did not exist.

  21. “Again, today other people, more and more, are nothing but words and images on a screen. Here, what room is there for ethics, for keeping your word, for notions of duty and obligation? Nobody cares. No one else is there. It’s ultimately just you and your impulses, and your computer and your smart phone.” > This is reality now for just about everyone.

  22. Some people will find it immensely easier to remain in solitude for extended periods of time than others. This is split down the extravert/introvert divide, in my opinion one of the most interesting and underexplored divergences in human behaviour that exists.
    I myself am of an introverted, melancholic disposition so time alone is actually not a burden at all, it is solitude that allows me to rebuild my mental strength to employ during time spent with others. For an extravert character who find himself in precisely the opposite situation, becoming a loner is simply untenable.
    As a side note, I can’t remember where I heard this but apparently only 30% of the human population are introverts.

    1. Introverts are superior in almost every way, although I admit extroverts usually have better game. Introverts can develop great game, I’m surprised we don’t have articles on it.
      The problem with extroverts is their ego, they not only need other people, but they desperately need approval. And they are more prone to lie. More prone to folly than wisdom.
      Still, all of my close friends and girlfriends were extroverts, so I guess we go well together. Yin and yang.

      1. That sounds suspiciously like your own ego at work. You’re justifying your own choices as superior while not having any insight into the minds of actual extroverts. Why are you superior in almost every way? Why, because you say you are. But you say it from a vantage point of being intimately comfortable with your choices. Perhaps the extrovert is equally as comfortable with his choices and considers introverts as the inferiors.

        1. Finally ghost put to words what I have noticed with dr o’s comments. Just like he his superior for banging three virgins. But only has a count if five. (How is that superior to someone 20 bangs. It is a matter of taste, it has nothing to do with being superior. )The only reason I can see to bang a virign is if you plan on keeping her around for a long time, you have to teach virgins everything in bed. Although, maybe he like to bang virgins because he feels superior to them and in no way cares that he is directly contributing to the number of damaged goods. Ego at work. Especially according to his comments where he has a highly elevated opinion of himself. I however find no fault with have it a high opinions of oneself. The problem I have is the egotistical, who having a extremely high opinion of the self, shouts ou to to world, “I’m the best! My life experience is the only truth. Only I know the truth.” My father was that way,it’s easy to spot once one can recognize the signs. Most egotists are also very beta…conclusions abound.

        2. To clarify, all (social) statements are egotistical. The question is what the ego uses as a reference point … it’s own internal values or the values of others to act in the world.
          The problem with extroverts is that they often identify their social environment as the barometer for normalcy, whereas the introvert is more likely to come up with his own standards. The former judgement is feminine.

        3. Yes, I do have an elevated opinion of myself … I find most modern men lack any sort internal consistency.
          I don’t take people seriously who aren’t successful in the material realm and at the same time inner directed towards their own pursuits.

  23. I think there is something uniquely masculine about the utter serenity that men can find in solitude. The ability to find fundamental contentment with nothing more than you own thoughts is perhaps the ultimate expression of self reliance, self sufficiency and self confidence.

  24. This was pretty depressing man. I don’t have any female friends and my close friends do anything for each other. Perhaps good friend game is needed in your future.

    1. I don’t know. I thought the same thing (not too long ago) until I fell on hard times. I had plenty of these so called “good friends” around during the great times…but when I needed someone they could not be found.
      It may take some time and experience to truly see people for who they really are in life. It took time and an experience in my life for it to be exposed.

      1. My boss had to dissolve his company after a lawsuit and I had no work for a month. My friends fed me and lent me money until I was employed again. Get better friends bro.

        1. Yes, very much agree. I have close friends…their called family. I’ll only trust family to go this far for me, again. Great to hear you have friends that are similar to family, though.

  25. You imply that the friendship and company of others holds no currency and it’s better to be a ‘loner’ (Read:loser) than to bother. My question is, what kind of people are you hanging out with? Secondly, your view of women is downright offensive and wrong. If women are so dull, stupid and morally repugnant, why is it that they have invented some of the greatest tools of the modern world? For example, a woman invented kevlar. A woman was named as a ‘human supercomputer’ because of her extraordinary mathematical ability. A woman invented THE FIRST COMPUTER. Added to that, your ungrateful ass was MADE by a woman and birthed by a woman. You clearly think you’re better than “the second sex”, yet you shame feminists for being ‘man haters’ (an entirely misinformed assumption) You are a woman hater by definition. How hypocritical. Women make up 2/3rds of the worlds population, and you’re talking about them like they’re cattle.
    You’re probably a sad lonely man, struggling to socialize, so you celebrate being lonely as if it’s adding depth to your character. I hope one day the people you work with, your ‘friends’, and family will see what you post online. I hope one day your misogyny will be exposed and no one will want to know you. It’s morally corrupt and stems from a horrific sense of superiority. The truth is, you’re no better than anyone else. In fact, you get a 10 out of 10 for being the most ignorant and self entitled asshole on the internet.
    Lastly, have you ever looked at your sad situation and thought ‘hey, maybe it’s me who’s the dull morally repugnant flake machine?’
    On behalf of all women- fuck you!
    Speaking for myself, I hope you get run over and your life is irreparably damaged. I wish nothing but evil and despair upon you and those you love. May Satan make you his rent boy forever!

    1. Do you really want to have comparative lists of inventions produced and patented by men and the same done by women? On behalf of all sentient human beings fuck you. It seems like you already consort with the devil.

    2. I imply no such thing–read better.
      You don’t know me, so your projections concerning my life and relations with others are meaningless.
      Many women have fucked me. Many more will 😉
      I find it amusing–and perfectly predictable:—that, having disagreed with me, you go on to wish me harm. Such petty spitefulness is indeed just like a woman.
      And to be sure, I say that 8 out of 10 contemporary American women are good for nothing but sex. You may disagree, but then, you aren’t dating them, eh?

    3. You have to admire all of the “love” coming from the comments of women who disagree. Instead of them only saying I disagree and here is why…they have to hand out the lies, the bullshit and the drama to go with it. Plus, when did one woman speak for all women?
      Clearly delusional thinking going on here. Buy a cat and stay single (for the sake of all men).

  26. This one really hits home for me in a most personal way. I have paid a heavy heavy price, personally and professionally for my eccentric and independent ways. It’s hard and sometimes lonely, and I could only consider myself a survivor rather than a success, but I wouldn’t be anybody else. I have been lucky to be blessed with real male camaraderie and real male friendship. Mates as the Aussies would say. Sadly some of them are no longer with us but they are never forgotten and very much missed.

    1. Any articles about being your own man, birth control for men or foreign women brings these dateless western women over here for the only attention they get from men, even if that attention is negative. Notice how conspicuously absent they are from sophisticated articles about ancient history or modern technology, as the shit between their ears prevents them from comprehending. Like math, it’s too “icky” for them to troll articles over their heads.

  27. I think it’s important to appreciate being alone with yourself, and even more importantly being able to be alone in a world in which, for the majority of people in MEDCs, is increasingly hard to attain, certainly physically. But I cannot support the disgusting misogynism that the author is spouting from his anus of a mouth. The idea that 8/10 women “are good for nothing but sex” is selfish and outdated, which I suppose is reinforced by the author’s citing of Edmund Burke as a source, a man who famously opposed the 1793 Bill to abolish slavery in Britain. Lonerism is about knowing when to switch off and which kinds of communication are meaningful, not simply rejecting all humanity in one fell swoop, and especially not blaming the half of the population which only in the last century has begun to break free of societally enforced conjoining to others and restrictions of meaningful communication. As the primary agent for change in your own life, I think it’s far more important that you consider lonerism as a personal choice rather than try and pretend that it is foisted upon you by society. And if you don’t like the way society is, change it, don’t abandon it. It’s nice to get away, but sooner or later you have to face the facts that you share this planet with over 7 billion other people whether you like it or not, and so it’s best to develop a balance between being happy alone, and being happy interacting with society – however small that interaction – in a meaningful, mutually beneficial way.

    1. I want to note, to you and to the hysterical female commenter, that I said eight out of ten American women in this country today. I was not referring to women period in all places and times. Nor can I see how referencing Burke’s support of slavery support’s your (mistaken view) here.
      You mention my anus of a mouth. Well, if you could write half as well as I do, then you might get paid to do so, as I do 🙂 Your comments are cliche-ridden and platitudinous. I would suggest you back to school, whoever you are.

    2. I guess the truth hurts? I’ve talked to plenty of women and most of them are pretty fucking shallow, dull with no critical thinking skills (plus it’s all about me, me, me).
      It’s the very reason why Facebook is blowing up…self centered women. I know it’s hard to understand….more facts, logic…it’s hard to swallow.

    3. 1/10 has an acceptable fuck figure. Out of those again, maybe 1 in 20 has a personality that can make a little worn and too experienced cock grow. Odds are worse then what the author posted.

  28. Being a loner is great. In a society that values extraverted behaviour above stopping and thinking for a few seconds about things you just have to remind yourself that society is the one with the problem. I am always wary of people who want to be around crowds and other people all the time.

  29. I’m 23 years old. I’ve always been more of the solitary type. I’m quite good at being sociable when it’s necessary, but I don’t go out of my way to be out all the time. I’d rather sit here and build my business than go out and drink and try to bang some club chick. Recently some family told me I need to get out more, do things people my age should be doing. So I figured, why not. Went out with some dudes I work with. Their idea of fun is smoking a lot of weed. Cool. I used to do that too. But they’re like 18 and 19. I’m almost 24. The older I get the more I realize that that part of my life is over. I don’t want to “turn up” all the time. I don’t want to get piss drunk just for the hell of it like some high school kid. I don’t want to smoke weed all day every day. I want to spend my time building, creating, growing. People think I’m weird because I don’t hang out with a lot of people. They don’t say it to me, but I can sense it. But while they’re out turning up or whatever the fuck it is they do, I’m here trying to get this money and build myself up as a man. Point is, it’s cool to hang out and get loose every once in a while, but as you grow older, especially if you’re one of those people who is destined for greatness, you start to realize that those worldly pleasures don’t come close to the satisfaction of having set goals and accomplished them; of having done something worthwhile.

      1. You sound like the kind of person he’s starting to avoid.
        There’s more to life than parties and hedonism. Become something greater than you are today, aspire for more than base animalistic hedonism.

        1. My point is, the goal in life is to be happy. And a lot of people posting here sound kind of bitter an narcisistic.
          He edited it out, but he said that he was destined for greatness. Wouldn’t want to hang out with someone who thinks like that.

        2. The point of life is not to “be happy”. That’s a modernist notion. The point of life is to survive and reproduce. Everything after that may be nice to try, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the point.
          He edited it out, but he said that he was destined for greatness. Wouldn’t want to hang out with someone who thinks like that.
          Why not? Beats hanging with Millenial hipsters and their incessant sad sack attitudes and nihilism. Confidence is always preferable to defeatism.

        3. Well-said. People desire happiness by nature, but once we think happiness is the point of life, we then expect it, and expectations are dangerous by definition, and frequently vain.

        4. I would much rather associate with someone who aspires to greatness, than be friends with those that are content with mediocrity.

        5. And when you say ‘i would much rather’ it means you would be much happier to associate with certain people. And unhappy with other people. Hence, happiness, that chemical reaction in our brain, drives everything. Doesn’t mean there is one objective thing called happiness. It is subjective for everyone. But pissing vinegar does not seem like a great way to get it.

    1. “Do what others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t. ”
      Keep husslin bro, you’re going to be someone if you keep at it.

    2. i like that talk….. “I’m here trying to get this money and build myself up as a man.”

  30. Interestingly enough, many of the men who promoted the Radical Enlightenment in the mid 18th Century had wives or mistresses, or both. I have to wonder if that had something to do with their willingness to trash the traditional, patriarchal, hierarchical society they lived in and replace it with the theoretical construct of “modernity” where we just bounce around in life as atomistic individuals and assume any arbitrary “identity” that catches our fancy. In an extreme case, consider that Jewish satellite radio guy who had his male genitals surgically removed and now calls himself a “woman” and a “transhuman.”

    1. Your notion of “identity”—“where we just bounce around in life”—is actually a postmodern one, and came much after the Enlightenment you reference.

  31. Most interesting…I have read in the comments section of this very site, in another article, that being a loner…is “beta”.

  32. At least when you’re alone, you’re in good company. And you only have yourself to look at in the mirror in the morning. That can edify, at least on occasion. When you feel the cold start to creep in around the windows you can reassess the trade-offs between the solitary times and what you give up for a bit of warmth at the end of the day.

  33. How to be a loner without being lonely. I get lonely quite often and don’t like it. I’m 44 and have taken the red pill recently. My friends at my age are married with kids. I’m divorced. I have a few women I date….but don’t see them more than once a week and since most of them are in their 20s they are often doing other things on weekends like visiting parents or going to some concert event in another city. . I have a lot of lonely time alone. I was thinking of taking up shooting at the range. I’ve always liked that. Sometimes I play golf…but it’s kind of an empty hobby.
    Sometimes, I think meeting the right woman , getting married and having kids would be fulfilling. I don’t want to grow old alone. But I do understand the wisdom in this article too. How does one reconcile the value of being a loner if one doesn’t like being lonely?

    1. As a 40 something enjoy a few hobbies but consider the idea of finding a proper companion. Men tend to be healthier around a woman around that age. This advice is really for younger men.

  34. Balance is the key. There are strengths to being a loner, but success in many areas of life involves being able to influence people and offer them value. I enjoy my time with my books, they are like conversations with great men, but I also value my time on the dance floor and with my friends, however shalllow they may be.

  35. Loneliness really sucked when I was young and in high school and first few years of college. I won’t lie. But the older I get the more I realize what a blessing it is that I am comfortable being alone and not talking to anyone. Or occasionally starting conversations with strangers I meet that are now generally far more in-depth and compelling than many of the “friendships” I had. I recognized eventually that it was not so bad, that not fitting into this modern society was probably because I had half of a brain and didn’t buy into post-modern progressive bullshit. Is it lonely? Not really. Loneliness is only a state of mind, I’ve been in crowds with people cheering and felt lonely, and I’ve been with certain great people alone that make me feel far more full. The process of seperating the ice cream from the bullshit is a lengthy process however in the 21st century.

  36. Remember, gentlemen.
    Extraversion is weakness. Introversion is strength.
    An Introvert can always work on social awkwardness and ineptness. He will still be a strong man.
    An Extrovert can never change the fact that he needs outside stimulus to be happy and functional.
    Better to be the Introvert.

    1. “Extroversion is weakness.”
      Glad you said it. The typical alpha is characterized as being a loud, proud leader who dominates others.
      I hardly find this impressive to the man who has mastered his own inner being.

      1. It never ceases to amaze me when someone thinks a loud mouthed loser is somehow going to hold a candle to a strong, quietly condident man who says not a word (unless neccessary).
        Your phrasing is excellent, dr. I will borrow from you. Introverted men are far objectively superior to extroverted men.

  37. Alone time can be as good as meditation. It’s how you use the time. The private time with yourself can be squandered on a ratty couch in a stupor, wallowing in your failure, OR the time can be relished, spent perhaps on the banks of a scenic river or overlook, absorbing and interfacing with the nature, while dreaming or even writing.
    The trick is to get away from the noisy droll of so-called civilization, the legions of kept busy souls, penned in their grids like bugs in a jar. Escape the masses in their scurry and frenzy. Escape the boat-lift smell cloud that permeates every inhabited hive, the smell you only notice once you have cleared your lungs with crisp clean air out in the wild. Remove your sweaty garments and step back. Then re-smell the garments and you’ll notice – YOU REEKED of the rat race, the city, the processed dead food, the pussy diving along with the residual cum dumpster smell that would make a house cat jump at invisible demons. Get away from the white noise of the city and find a quiet spot in nature.
    Often when being still and alone, I can collect and overview recent pursuits or endeavors. An approach which blew out, it comes to me what the supreme comeback would have been, so I learn new game by myself dreaming it up. Game that is actually more substantive than what I might come up with on the fly and on my feet, while dealing with other people’s noise.

  38. Sorry for the terrible gramar, as you can see im not american but the culture where i live is pretty much the same bullshit, cause iv´e studied in the us for 6 months and it was even worse
    Sometimes i feel very bad for not submitting myself too much to my high school “culture”.
    Simply by refusing to act like a girl and to be friendly with every single fucking person in there, there are a lot of people, mostly guys that simply dislike me, do not invite me to their parties and judge me like if we were all girls and i was the one who was badly dressed.
    High school has became way too much gay in the 21 century. its like a girly society where you must act like you respect everyone even if they are literally retarded.
    But sometimes i feel like im the only grown up in there, who can manage both to fuck younger and older girls (the only goal of any high school boy thesedays) and can read sites like this and begin to improve my skills for the upcomming adult world, wich is the one that actually matters, instead of the girly homo ultra atenttion demanding fucking ´game of thrones´ high school society.
    I prefer to reflect upon my life like an adult and act like onerather than understanding this high school bullshit society and trying to fit in it.
    I´ve done a lot of crazy things, but i can proudly say that none of them were with high school sluts and the girly beta males that go to this sycho place

  39. Most philosophers are loners and most (?all) are men. In fact, I can’t think of a philosopher of note that was or is a woman.

    1. Ayn Rand comes to mind as making a rather large and meaningful impact in the field of philosophy (even if you don’t agree with her work).
      That being said, she was rather introverted most of the time.

      1. She’s pretty token, compared to the majority. That’s like celebrating, “Ooh, a drop of water”, instead of drinking an entire glass.

        1. That’s not the point. He stated he couldn’t think of any of note, so I provided one of note. I was not claiming that there was an abundance of women philosophers of note.

        2. I purposely played “Devil’s Advocate”, especially when I’m expecting that to happen in real life.

      2. Yes…agreed. Oversight. She , I think, created Objectivism I believe. But no female “heavy hitters” like Socrates, The Stoics, Nietschze etc

  40. Shout out to the true loners like myself who read the article, appreciated it, have tons of feedback/ideas they could share about it but don’t bother because too introverted and self focused/loner to engage in discussion with other people. Get on my level.

  41. It truly does become a way of life after you see the world for what it is.Shallow and materialistic. Unfortunately, the realization of these things usually come at a cost. That cost being that there is some amount of pain that one must endure in order for his eyes to be opened. That being said, don’t resent the process. That’s what it took for you to get here. A place that I am happy to be at. If ignorance is bliss than F*** bliss. I’d much rather be in the know and be able to come to a place where we can share our ideas and evolve. Good night gentlemen and thanks for the great read C.Contrary.

  42. Being a loner may mean different things but what it means always – ironically but inevitably – gets defined by society, and increasingly because of femininization of our values and zeitgeist, it has come to be defined negatively, according to women’s values and perspectives. As the loner always exists in an antagonist relationship to society, sometimes at its margins, sometimes far more centrally, he will always face a degree of hostility and suspicion, hostility and suspicion that may be well placed, but equally very short-sighted. The rise of women’s ‘social’ values, and sexual assessment of the male loner as problematic should be curtailed. Such values are likely to ‘construct’ loners as either sociopathic men with poor empathy skills – think maybe Clint Eastwood’s ‘man with no name’ character, but seen as a ‘problem’ alpha, rather than a pillar of strength and masculinity, or as as a social and sexual inadequate, to be further adorned with labels such as creepy – think maybe Hesses’ Harry Haller – the Steppenwolf!. Those two poles may well be very different, reflecting strength and weakness, alpha or omega traits but how society sees them should not be down to the convenience of female centric values that if you scratch the surface simply reflect attempts to socially control men. Female loners certainly do exist – I would imagine most hang out at goodreads – but just because they may prefer their own company doesn’t mean that their assessments of the opposite sex will be any different to womankind as a whole.
    Its worth remembering though that the loner qua loner make his own bed. Those who favour common denominator values and behaviour may well perceive some sense of superiority, which is as much a result of the loner / social antagonism as it is of any necessary superiority. Just as facebook, social networking etc encourages people to be social to a pathological degree perhaps it is better to re-inforce the value of being a loner, particularly intellectually, as a minimum condition for free thought and a free life – undetermined by group think and herd opinion – as a condition in other words of consciousness itself itself. Modern attacks on the loner and the apotheosis of the social have all worked towards collectivization and hive thinking. Against this trend the loner functions necessarily as the last man standing

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