The Secret To Having A Great Sex Life In The Modern Age

Women, it is frequently said, now enjoy almost limitless complimentary sexual attention from men every day of their lives, not only from those who make their desires known in person, but also from the hordes of slack-jawed, wild-eyed, thirsty chumps on social media and Tinder.

Men, too, have many options—it’s just that they are not so readily revealed to us. But through the advance of the ever-more refined technologies of daygame men in large cities and towns can also have varied and interesting dating lives if they maximise their exposure to the sexual marketplace. The best way of doing this? Whether you currently have an abundance of options or not, ensure that you approach women every single day.

The Playing Field is Not Even

Lest I am ever lulled into the false sense that the dating market is an equal-opportunity space for both genders, I am frequently presented with a real-life reminder that explodes my naivety, demonstrating precisely how easy women have it, and how adroitly they play the game. Put simply, a women will always ensure that she is equipped with many options.

This week I met a cute Italian girl—an 8 on my scale—through a day game approach in Central London that had been sparky and charged. Let’s call her Julia. We’d exchanged a few WhatsApp messages throughout the day and things seemed to be going well.

I messaged her yesterday evening to see what she was doing (and to see whether I could arrange an impromptu meet-up). Here’s a transcript of our ensuing conversation:

Troy: You out partying tonight or behaving yourself?

Julia: On a blind date (that emoticon where the creature is covering its eyes) it’s not good lol

Troy: Need rescuing? 😉

Julia: Haha I can’t leave yet that’s harsh

Troy: Give it another ten then. I’m in Chelsea. You?

Julia: Greenwich 🙁 Never been here before. Won’t be returning lol

Troy: You definitely need to get an Uber into town 😉

Julia: Come pick me up 😉

Now bear in mind, she’s messaging me, a random guy who chatted her up on the street the day before, while actually out on a date with this poor buffoon. Presumably he didn’t suspect a thing, happy merely to have been set up with such a cute girl, oblivious to her digital hypergamous treachery.

The truth is that girls are doing this kind of thing all the time and why not? Guys do the same thing too, provided they have sufficient options. This is where the requirement for continual approaching comes into play.

Approach One Girl A Day

Back in 2013 Roosh published what became a seminal post entitled One Approach A DayYou should make the effort to read it in its entirety, but its key message is that, while one approach a day is a harder habit to implement than it might initially sound, its one whose benefits are exponential, including lowered approach anxiety, tighter game, less dependence on alcohol to talk to women and more interactions with women. As with most things in life, a dogged persistence in the face of adversity is necessary:

Tomorrow when you wake up, I want you to figure out how you’re going to do one approach. Just one. Then the day after that, I want you to do another approach. And then keep going. If one day you have a horrible fever, you’ll have to do your approach on the way to the pharmacy. If you got a date, you’ll have to arrive earlier and do it on the street. There are no exceptions. It’s a tough habit, but you’ll be more than pleased at the results.

One of the most common objections I get when I tell men that they should always ensure that their pipeline of potential girls is full and healthy at all times is along the lines of “who has the time to do that” or “don’t you have anything better to do with you time?” And indeed, as with any task, the thought that loads of time-zapping effort is required to generate an abundance of women is understandably enough to put any guy off.

But Roosh’s simply formulation shows that there is no need to worry. One approach should take little more than five minutes out of your day if that. You don’t even need to amend your regular routine. They key thing is that you commit to executing the plan and you stick to it.

My Current Day Game Strategy

My current day game strategy, and one which I would recommend other guys looking to widen their net of opportunities try too, is as follows. Inspired by Roosh, during the week when I’m busy with work I adhere to the one approach a day (minimum) rule. At the weekends when I have more time and anyway am committed to engaging in game in order to create meaningful and authentic content around the subject I do ten approaches (minimum) per day.

In an average week, then, by performing the minimum I’ve committed to I rack up 25 approaches (1 x 5 + 10 + 10 = 25). In a month that will be 100 approaches (25 x 4 = 100). Over the whole year 1200 (100 x 12 = 1200).

Bear in mind that this is based on me working at a lower intensity than I could so that I have time for writing and my other work.

Think about that for a moment, though. On an average month, without much undue adjustment to my already busy strategy, I’m interacting with 100 new girls. Now contrast that with the average Joe you know from the office or the bar. How many new women do you think he’s meeting?

The Benefits Of Daily Approaching

There are several distinct benefits to this pattern of approaching. The first is that (in advertising terms) my one-a-day weeks give me frequency of impact while my weekend session give me (relative) mass exposure. Basically, I’m covering a lot of ground. The second is that I am always maintaining momentum, both on a meta and a micro level. That is to say, if I’ve approached a girl in a coffee shop yesterday I’m going to be more comfortable doing so today, which in my extended weekend sessions I enjoy the build-up in momentum you naturally get over the course of ten approaches.

The third benefit is that I don’t get too attached to the outcome of any interaction with an individual girl. Why should I? After all, I know that tomorrow I’m going to hit on another who might be hotter. The surprising thing here is that even if you are getting rejected (and you will be) your overall sense of abundance is still increased as your eyes are opened to the sheer number of girls there are out there.

The final benefit, of course, is that the more you operate this kind of system, the better and smoother your interactions become and the more confident and daring you are. It’s a virtuous cycle. After all, with other skills such as writing, music or sports daily practice is also recommended.

Confront Abundance With Abundance

As my WhatsApp conversation with Julia demonstrates, women are playing the game too and they’re awash with abundance. Why not give yourself that same advantage? All you have to do is approach at least one woman every day.

So what are you waiting for?

Want to find out how to attract a steady stream of beautiful girls? Check out Troy’s book The 7 Laws of Seduction and follow him on Twitter.

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157 thoughts on “The Secret To Having A Great Sex Life In The Modern Age”

  1. Nice post. Come to think of another dimension of abundance. Abundance of food leads to the entitled abundance mentality of Western women.
    In an average week, then, by eating the minimum that foodies have committed to is made up of 25 frappinos, pies or burgers (1 x 5 + 10 + 10 = 25), on top of 3000 calories of regular meals. In a month that will be 100 calorie bombs (25 x 4 = 100). Over the whole year 1200 (100 x 12 = 1200). That adds at least 20 extra pounds of ham. With Myspace angels that will still lead to at least 2400 Tinder matches every year, and at least 12×2400 for girls who are 6s, with exponentially rising numbers for 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s.

  2. I could actually use a bit of advice. I have this foolish fear of interrupting people, and I was wondering if any of you have advice for overcoming it.

    1. Usually you gotta feel the connection with the girl first, exchanging eye contact or just feeling a good vibe. In other occasions it’s about being energetic and spontaneous, jumping into them with a big smile and dominance of your surroundings to take interest in them and introduce yourself.

      1. I can make connection work just fine, but when I don’t have connection (i.e. when I’m “interrupting”) I get stuck. Got any tricks for building up that energy and spontaneity after a long work day?

        1. You have to let it go when you get stuck, and trust your own ability to build a new connection with another girl some time in the future. To boost your energy levels nothing better than working your ass out at the gym. If you’re working long hours try to work out on the morning, at home or on the streets is ok too. Then you can do the approach on your way to the workplace.

        2. Think about it like she is your gf. If she is your girl there are few people who’d take priority over you. You have to amog it. Stop worrying. Stumble and laugh. Fuck it

        3. Develop the far off gaze. There is a thing in the Bond movies done by most Bonds, where they interrupt but they stare off into the distance to cover when there isn’t something to say. The long pause. During these instances the woman will look at you expecting something, since you interrupted, but you assess your thoughts and come up with what you want to say next. The whole stagnation is the insecurity telling you you need to make their time valuable. It takes some getting used, but it can take your day game to another level when you do.

        4. The attraction hook is a different part of the equation. This is as soon as you as enter and catch yourself pausing for too long with trying to be witty. Get your wits about you while you pause and use the pause as a tool. Slowing words done, prolonged eye contact, a slow ‘you’re beautiful’ goes a long way. But it all must be natural. Take a look at how improv actors work and you may get more of what I am talking about when i say use the pause.

        5. I hear ya man, but not everything in the movies is exact. Doing what you suggest I think would give her the impression you want her to go away.

        6. You would think that. Hell, I thought something similar as well. But it plays into being unpredictable and developing intrigue. To some extent any rush to get to the point, or feeling like there needs to be a point to an interaction, showcases a lack of abundance. Being able to hold a pause is a subtle but powerful aspect of dread game which isn’t talked about since most people jump to numbers, kisses, or sleeping with a woman. There is a powerful difference between just stopping a woman to say she is attractive and staring at her for a noticeable 8 or so seconds to then say the same thing. Just a thought from someone who has used it.

    2. Learn to not give a F*ck. If you come off as foolish, accept that the avenue closed and get ready to move on to the next approach.

    3. Accept that sort of power that comes with reorienting somebody else’s frame. When you interrupt someone, you *are* violating their moment, you are inserting yourself into their reality in an unexpected (and maybe unwelcome) way. You are making a bid to take over their current headspace– and you may even be inviting a tug-of-war over it. Learn to accept that truth, and ultimately you will begin to enjoy asserting yourself that way. It becomes an artform.

  3. I find about one girl a week worth approaching during the day. Obesity has absolutely ravaged the chances of finding an attractive girl.

    1. Its like the longer I’ve committed to self improvement and been hitting the gym, the more my preferences have changed to fit females. In the states where 70% obese or overweight is becoming the norm it narrows the prospects, unless you just want practice for the sake of practice.

      1. The market has gotten so dysfunctional that girls 5 or less can routinely pull guys of 7+ quality. It’s fucking disgraceful.

        1. If 70% are obese or overweight, then females who aren’t fat have status of HB7? How fucked is that reality?

        2. I do the same, unless you are just busted you can be a 5 (as a girl) just by being thin/athletic.

    2. I just telling a friend of mine this yesterday. Even just scrolling through a random dating site for my area, just leaves me depressed. Smh

      1. Tattoos are more addictive to women than cigarettes and heroin combined. Once they start they cannot stop.

        1. I’m seeing full sleeves on chicks at the gym. Full back tats have become common. Look like crack hos. Not just one small ankle tat that’s easily removed.

        2. I’ve noticed an uptrend in women getting chest tattoos. Women are just finding new ways to make themselves even more trashy.

        3. It’s like they are going out of their way to trash the seat of their femininity and proclaim to the world “look at me I am a self-loathing self-defiling attention whore”. Why do they all have to ruin their tits? I mean almost anywhere else wouldnt be as bad.
          Whoever started this chestplate tattoo trend needs to have their face rearranged

        4. Good to know these tatted “ladies” have their financial priorities straight (/sarc). I mean, fuckin’ hell, how much does that shit cost??

        5. I know I want my grandkids to ask about the colored smears that used to be a butterfly on nana’s chest, and why she has a bull ring in her snout like the cows on the farm.

      2. absolutely. it’s gross. women just make them selves trashier and trashier to basically force men to give them attention, or get nothing because they know men have a longer time preference.

      3. Or they end up having so many piercings in their face that they look like they collided with a bird cage head on.

      4. I told a girl (several) that I would hit it because she had tattoos. She replied “well then I guess we’ll never have sex” and turned away and gave me the over the shoulder thousand cock stare like I was going to ‘keep flirting’ or something. I shrugged my shoulders a bit and pulled a tiny smirk sideways while looking sideways and slowly spun a 180 and walked out.

    3. I’ve posted this before, but I fly a lot for work. Typical plane has ~200 people on it (domestic US flight). It’s not uncommon that there’s not a single 5+ on a plane with 200 people on it. Sure, there are plenty of girls in the age range, but they are fat/tatted up/carrying a baby/etc.
      Game/manosphere/MGTOW.. All of it, a reaction to the fatpocolapse, IMHO. Out of 100 randomly selected women, how many would you like to sleep with? 10? 5? 1? It’s insane how rare a high SMV woman is today, not because of age, but because of eating/sexual habits.

      1. It’s also fair to say any woman over 23 is used up and past her prime. Besides, if she’s not married by 23 there must be something wrong with her.

  4. Do you still approach a woman if she is not making eye contact, has perma-scowl or as soon as they see you they look down at their phone? I would bet many of us see this exact type of mass unapproachable behavior everywhere in the USA no matter how handsome or ugly you are.

    1. If she’s barely attractive then pass unless you just want the practice. If she’s the best looking female you’ve seen all week go for it. Throw your keys down on the ground next to her feet and interrupt whatever she’s doing, say excuse me, bend down to pick up your keys, bump into her, say something stupid. If she calls you creep go rodney dangerfield and ask her what bug crawled up her ass and died.

    2. If you want to. That’s what matters. You want to. Women are supposed to look away. If she holds your eye gaze without looking away or smiling its aggression, the same as when men do it to you. Imagine she’s a friend and start speaking to her like you would any friend. Male or female.

  5. One thing I learned going to church and immersing myself in that crowd is AWALT. Even if sex is totally out of the picture, abundance is key to find that one you want. Date as many as you can, if they see you are not needy they will get a competitive nature and want you. Zero in on a girl prematurely, and you creep them out.

    1. Women are very much herd animals. They’ll often find a man desirable simply because other women do.

      1. I see that all the time when working with the youth at church. They all chatter about some kid, and shun another. On the surface, I see little difference between them. Disgusting behavior.

    2. “One thing I learned going to church and immersing myself in that crowd is AWALT”
      So essentially you are saying that even in church women are hipocritical, tattooed, hypergamous closet cum buckets? It would not surprise me.

      1. Not really, I am talking about attitudes and mannerisms. They have a herd mentality. No tattoos, but they will do the heavy makeup, the snotty attitude, all gossiping and going after the same guy, the backbiting….etc. The tattooed cum buckets drop out of church.

    3. Just make sure they don’t know you’re dating other girls at same time.
      Nobody likes to feel like you’re using them as “backup plan”.

  6. Theres a bunch of girls who work at the supermarket who I’d like to ask out, but I’m afraid if I ask a bunch of them out theyre all going to gossip and be like “OMG that guy asked YOU out, too?? creep…”
    My experience is if you piss off 1 girl in a social scene they will all start acting like bitches to you.

    1. That’s where the zero fucks comes in. If you see them gaggling and pointing at you, moon them.

    2. Well don’t just go walking up and asking them out (which in the wrong hands is creepy as fuck) and feel them out first. They are employees at a supermarket, there are a million conversation starters. Ask help finding a grape peeler, etc. You’ll have a good 10 minutes of flirting time before she catches on.

      1. I am naturally charming and funny and a smooth operator, but the amount of time you have in the customer/employee situation usually isnt enough time to close the deal. If I could just get these girls alone for even a couple minutes I’d play my cards.

    3. You should invite them all out. The ones you like. Each to different things. You could even get their numbers the same but give them different experiences. Just do it one at a time. Get the one you want the most then go from there. You’re a jerk when you treat people like a jerk would. What I just describes is just dating is all

    4. Why do you care what theu say?
      Dont even think abiut it.

      Or, what if you fuck the first one really good, perhaps she will then do some advertizing for you?

      1. I know, this works. So I should probably just suck it up, kamikaze it and get rejected a few times until one of them says yes, then the word will get out about my capabilities. Plus, once bitches know you are taken, they hit on you far more than when they can sense that youre single

    5. It’s not universal, but I’ve found that hitting on women while they are at work is a bad idea. They have to be nice, and if not interested, their response will typically come in the form of a soft “no” that isn’t so obvious.
      That being said, I think you are over hyping the potential rejection. Almost every rejection I’ve ever had ended with some form of “No thanks”. That’s it. I’ve never had a group of girls pointing and giggling or creep shaming, even when they were from the same social group. They will almost always just go back to whatever business they were doing before.

      1. In my early 20s I did B2B telemarketing for a couple years. The place had massive turnover. Every 2 weeks a new batch of trainees would come in, several of them being hot young chics.
        One day THE HOTTEST girl I’ve ever interacted with showed up, and I shit you not, every guy in the place stood up, steam came out of his ears, his eyes bugged out on springs, stars and tweety-birds circled his head, he howled like a wolf, etc.
        Most dudes were absolutely terrified of this girl. One day I saw her sitting by herself on break lighting up a cig. So I just marched up to her and sat down next to her like it was nothin, asked for a light.
        She ended up spending 2/3 of the days she worked there choosing to sit with me. We took breaks without asking, and basked in each others good looks and charm. **She did have a boyfriend**, and at that age I was blue-pilled and opposed to trying to move in on another guy’s woman even though I should have.
        My supervisor who was Mr. Muscleman tough guy, who kinda picked on me when I started, suddenly bowed down and worshipped me and made a big scene telling everybody I was a chic magnet. A couple of my coworkers who liked to give me shit never fucked with me again. All because I proved to the whole company that I was the sexiest motherfucker in there and this 10.0 god’s gift to men bombshell hung all over me almost exclusively. I didnt even fuck this girl and yet she single-handedly restored my confidence to several times higher than it had ever been, after being burned and disillusioned by the girls I thought I was in love with in highschool.
        From then on my social status skyrocketed based on my good looks, humor, charm, wit, etc. I hosed a couple girls who worked there but it backfired and quickly became a conniving gossip-fest and I learned my lesson – which is exactly what I am afraid of if I start asking out a bunch of different girls from one establishment.

      2. Girls do flirt (for real) in the workplace, but never when other women are around that I’ve found. And it can be fairly overt, or fairly subtle.

    6. I can only ask you out if promise not to tell your friends I only like money cloths and sex…if that got out…..

  7. Women do not “have it easy” in this regard. Most men won’t even talk to a woman unless she is cute, For all intents and purposes let’s say that to be cute you have to be between the ages of 18-30. Right there you have literally cut out about 86% of females on the planet based on age. Once you figure out what percentage of the remaining 14% between 18-30 are attractive you are looking at a very small percentage maybe 5% of all women, at most, that nearly 100% of all heterosexual males want to be with. Just take a walk down the street and count how many attractive women you see as a ratio. And that 5% will age fairly quickly.
    No, in this particular regard I think men have the advantage given that we have more ways to attract women and far much longer period of time to do so.

        1. Normally, I’d ask if you’re retarded, but clearly I don’t need the verification.

        2. Look, you’re assertion is flat out factually false. Have a look at the dating behavior of tens of millions of American men. They are literally actively chasing only a tiny sliver of the female population. Saying things like “most guys will fuck anything with hole” sounds pretty cool and masculine for sure and might have a bit of truth if you are drunk enough but the facts are the opposite. Men are very particular and even the feminist fortress Jezebel is aware of it:

        3. There’s a big difference between what one wants, and what one is getting. In a medium where one has the perceived ability to select, of course they’re going to pick the hottest, most nubile women available. And then 90% of them will get no results, and then go out and smash someone a couple notches south of 9.

        4. Very interesting data, but it talks about age. There are other variables (weight, attractiveness, charisma, fitness level).
          The peak of attractiveness at 23 for women is something I have seen before in other studies.
          The other drawback is that this doesn’t address who men are actually sleeping with. The data showing younger men being attracted to older women (35+) could be just indications of fantasies, not of actual sexual encounters.
          I agree that there is probably a Pareto law in place for both sexes. Women are chasing a small number of men, and men are after a small number of women.

        5. “The data showing younger men being attracted to older women (35+) could be just indications of fantasies, not of actual sexual encounters.”
          Right. These men will sleep with a MILF for varieties sake (the genes must march forward) but, never settle down with them (the genes must march forward as efficiently as possible😉).
          “I agree that there is probably a Pareto law in place for both sexes. Women are chasing a small number of men, and men are after a small number of women.”
          I agree with that.

        6. I’m seeing lots of fairly decent guys…jobs, attractive enough….with slags i wouldn’t speak to unless necessary.
          The new standard seems to be none at all.

      1. Hence the entitlement mentality of women (even the ugly ones). As a jarhead friend of mine once said, “no woman is ugly with your dick in her mouth.”

      2. Ah no. There are plenty of women I see daily I wouldn’t fck even if they offered. She doesn’t have to be perfect…just at my boner threshold

    1. Um…16 & 17 is cute too…
      Depends on what state you live.
      Although I suppose angry fathers might be a concern.

      1. Indeed they are. Our societies find that unacceptable, though. Unless you are a Pakistani Muslim rape gang member in the UK, it is pretty much taboo to mention that 17 year olds are cute.

        1. 17 is legal here in NY.
          20 minutes away in CT, 16 is the age of consent.
          But that of course, is only what the law says.
          An enraged father with a Mossburg 590 is a different story altogether.

    2. It’s echoed across the manosphere that women control the sexual marketplace. The truth is, only SOME women do. Namely, those between 18-30 who are still in relatively decent shape. Can’t remember who said it, but time is no one’s friend, and it is especially cruel to women. However, Luthor below does have an interesting point: Some guys will chase any girl, so those women still have options.

      1. Women control nations, when they vote, those old woman will make men to pay taxes for them even if men are chasing young ass, government will ensure that we support the older ones. If that´s not the case women will not be liberated and will secure a husband and marry young, like we used to. They love the safety net of daddy government and beta thirst.

    3. “we have more ways to attract women and far much longer period of time to do so”
      I would agree about the differences with aging. I got married a couple of years back, but before then I had an easy time dating women aged 20-27 right through my thirties. At 39 I had relationships with a 24 year old and 21 year old. It is almost impossible for a woman to pull off the same feat. (23 years of being in relationships with people in their 20s). Maybe Demi Moore.
      However, for men who don’t fit the profile that women are searching for (e.g., educated, 6’+, athletic, all that stuff), those advantages might not pay off if they can’t interest a woman in the first place. The dating market seems much like ‘winner takes all’.
      That 5% is definitely for the USA, though. In other countries the percentage can be higher.

      1. “However, for men who don’t fit the profile that women are searching for (e.g., educated, 6’+, athletic, all that stuff), those advantages might not pay off if they can’t interest a woman in the first place.”
        That is mostly right. However, look at all the short fat rich guys walking around with pretty women. (I would invite you to check out the shores of Brazil or the Mediterranean to see quite a bit of this). Also, men with positional power can pull all types of attractive women, while power and wealth almost always work against women in the dating market. Men simply have far more tools at their disposal.

      2. Your are right the percentage of educated, + 6´tall, rich or fit, is so low that women does not care if they are taken. In the end men have to lower their standard to get some action if you are not from the top men. Smasher got it wrong, women have it easy, Women select, men Compete.

      1. Congratulations Celeste. You remained attractive to 31. On an alternative note:
        As an airplane is about to crash, a female passenger jumps up frantically and announces, “If I’m going to die, I want to die feeling like a woman.” She removes all her clothing and asks, “Is there someone on this plane who is man enough to make me feel like a woman?” A man stands up, removes his shirt and says, “Here, iron this!”.

        1. I’ve heard that joke before. (Still funny) :). I’m not worried about losing my looks. Thanks to my mother who is drop dead gorgeous and extremely concerned about preserving her appearance, I’m familiar with healthy eating, exercise, sleep and sun protection, and I don’t drink or smoke. It makes a difference. My mother is in her 60s and still gets hit on by men in her age bracket. I’m not kidding.

        1. Be that as it may. I am not 40 yet and I would never knowingly try to pick up anything over 30. I made it a rule. Women over 30 may come if I reach 50…

      2. Even if you were not gorgeous, and say a 6/10, you’d get hit on and called gorgeous, as compliments are generally an easy way into a 6/10s panties.

        1. Compliments are not the way into my panties, and although I find the “number” system demeaning, I’ve actually been called a 20 several times. Whatever the hell that means lol. On a side note related to another article on this site about women all being whores who are dying to sell thier bodies for sex, I was offered $5,000 for sex once. I turned it down.

    4. Want and “will accept” are two totally different animals.
      A thirsty 25 year old beta with no real options may lust after the 19 year old beauty queen, but sure as shit he’ll go home with the 39 year old used up “cougar” at closing time on a Saturday night. Almost without hesitation.

    5. So there is no beta thirst? it is more easy to be an ugly fat slut than to be and ugly short playboy. Thirst is real, if only cute people reproduce there would be no 6billions humans in the planet. Betas would fuck and marry 4s and 3s and put in pedestal 6s and 7s so a 6 behave like a 9, and a man who is a 4 don´t become a 8 just for existing. The problem is that you think both sexes are equal, first error. What works for woman no necessarily work for men. Stop your feminist mentally, men and woman are not the same. Second error you are thinking like a solipsism woman, because it apples to you must apply to them. That´s the way women think. Bet you were raised by a single mother, you think like a woman.

      1. First of all, faggot you can take that accusations of being a feminist and shove up your ass the suck the shit. I have spent my life crushing feminism. If you can read I would go back and reread my post. To your point about reproduction, just about everyone reproduces before 35 and the vast majority before 30, which was exactly my point, that female attractiveness is pretty much the only tool at their disposal and once that is gone, so are they. Second, I made it very clear that men have far more tools at their disposal than women have to compete in the sexual market place. See how that means just the opposite of equalism? If you can’t figure out a way of getting a good-looking female using money, positional power, game, body building, looks or persuasion don’t blame me and accuse me of being raised by a single mother because you are not getting an decent action or can’t read and do proper deduction.

        1. You pay taxes. Don´t feel sorry for the older ones who hit the wall sooner than men. Men develop that tools, with hard work and time, women just born women, being average women at 21 is not the same as being average men at 21, You have to compete, women just select the best option, they have it easy when young, then they vote for policies and welfare so all men end paying with taxation.

  8. The secret to a great sex life in the modern age is prostitutes. If I ever get divorced or whatever, I will gladly spend a couple hundred bucks when the urge strikes rather than do all the plate-spinning dating nonsense, lol.

    1. Sharpen your skills on the less worthy. One doesn’t graduate from college and immediately buy an Aston Martin.

      1. Yup, a first date is a first date. So you are out 20 bucks, the skills you learn is more valuabe

    1. no, I just did a google image search….her name is Natasha Marley. she’s a porn star

      1. Ok good.
        That image was used as an example of a tranny before.
        Im glad to hear shes not

  9. Give women what they deserve: Ignore them. $200 will get you a hot young prostitute if you can’t deal with the urge, and you won’t even have to listen to her. Then get on with your business.
    Women are stupid, devious, untrustworthy, and lack common sense. Any extended interaction with them will harm you. Take it from an old man who is lucky to be alive after his adventures in Cunt World.

    1. Here in NY, 200 will get you a decent 7 or 8 in her late twenties at an AMP.
      Where do you live that 200 is getting you the super hot young ones?

      1. Save up for a trip to Europe instead of banging prostitutes here. I banged a hot Romanian in Barcelona for 50 euros

        1. You have a point about Europe.
          A Hungarian guy on here a few weeks ago was telling me he gets hot 18/19 yo’s in Budapest for $14!

        2. When I visited Barcelona, there was this long street close to my hostel where all the Romanians live, and they’re just all standing outside trying to get some customers.
          I was just walking by with really no intention of getting one, just wanted to check them out. They would try to get my attention with weak lines like “would you want some fun” or “looking for a good time”, and I was like “nah not really” LOL
          Until I walked passed this brunette with big tits, and she yelled at me “hey, come fuck me” . I was like “alright let’s go” 🙂 That aggressive really turned me on, and she earned her 50 euros!

        3. He must have been bulshitting you. The general fee for half an hour is cca. USD 50 in Budapest nowdays.
          You may get a streetwalker junkie girl to suck your dick for USD 14, but… I would advise seriously against that.
          As a general rule for prostitutes everywhere, is that the fee strictly followes the price of heroin…

      2. any college campus on graduation day. Get all the numbers you can, so when they get their first bunch of papers from the US Department of Education that shows their debt load…….Sugar me up Daddy!!

      3. Come to the Dominican Republic for a few days. $200 will get you an all you can handle buffet of girls and an almost respectable hotel.

        1. Yeah, I know about the DR. A former co-worker of mine actually bought a house down there for this purpose. I’m not really into the “dark meat” though…
          I’ll settle for the $200 young hotties this guy says are “down south”.
          Those of girls start at 400-600 here in NYC.

    2. Lol, wow. Really? I feel sorry for you that you’ve met so many awful women in your lifetime.

    3. Sex with a hooker can not compare with sex you have with a woman who is genuinely attracted to you. If all you’ve experienced are hookers then I pity you.

      1. No you don’t. You just want to feel superior, millennial faggot. (Sorry for the redundancy.)

  10. Question for OP, how do you approach if she appears to be with another male? Not with his arm around her but walking together for example, could be co-worker or boyfriend.

      1. I know how to cut in at the bar. Its more natural because its night life. I usually approach the male first and ask him so the female can overhear, “do you have any proprietary interest in her?” But that feels out of place in day game.

    1. That’s where all these advice pieces are coming from. If you live in the country for various reasons… my advice? Get a reliable car.

  11. I wish I could find enough attractive girls to be able to do just one approach a day. I recently moved to Saint Louis, MO, and the women here are so gross. All I see are fat single mothers everywhere.

        1. Cute. Too bad she has a kid already, hopefully she isn’t the reason for her husband’s premature death.

    1. I recently moved from saint louis and you basically summed it up. The only areas to find decent girls are around Washington University or the soulard area. Just go out with at least a wingman to be safe.

    2. holy fuck are you me? dating in STL has been AWFUL for me!! whether it’s tinder or IRL, the quality of women is just bunk

  12. I saw an interview of Roosh on a talk show in Romania or somewhere like that, and he said the most new women he has sex with is 1 or 2 a month. Lol. I don’t know why you guys are taking advice from him. You’re over thinking this stuff way too much anyway. Just approach every woman you find attractive and don’t be scared of rejection. It’s a numbers game, just like women play when choosing a man. We’re all playing the same game.

    1. You’re out of your depth lady. Women in the west are playing on easy mode. The game is a much different from the male perspective.

  13. The last header is key “Approach Abundance with Abundance.” Whenever I’ve found the time, amidst life’s responsibilities, to keep a good roll rolling, the magnetism factor exponentially increases like a penny stock on a bullish tear. Just know when to get out and fan the after burners, because as quick as prime tail is accumulated, you can lose it all with a few poor tells that turn the best ones off for good. Know when to short ticker PSSY in the market place.

  14. If you want to do good for society, share this page with one new guy every day who needs it, and make him share it with his network. It doesn’t have nearly as much exposure as it should on Facebook etc.

  15. Fuck, get shit together and women babble / eyeball / touch / approach you.
    Ho chasing / numbers game / rejection from strangers / Skippy gaining confidence to chat up a street walker in the daylight / jacking off some app for communication…is for chumps.
    Flip the script and be selective. I’ve lulzed my ass off rejecting women. Then this funny thing happens, they try harder giving me extra lulz. Point is, soon as one babbles at me…they telegraphed their desire and gave me all the power. Twenty years I’ve maybe gone five entire days in a row without, it’s not like I’m passing up a once a lifetime opportunity and it’s not like I can’t cash the raincheck at a later date.

      1. If value yourself and ultimately understand beyond the surface the only thing bring to the table is yourself…what stated above is easy mode. Women will go for you ( at least when younger ) when unemployed, homeless, and strung out. So duh, if they go for aloof asshole they sure as hell go for older asshole with a bit of ” success.”

  16. Roosh’s 1 approach per-day is how I got out of a 2 year dry spell. Definitely works. In my case, it took maybe 2 months of that (yes, I know that’s a long time) to finally see some solid results. After that, not only does it get easier, but it becomes muscle memory (in more ways than one).

  17. Don’t know why low value men waste their time approaching strangers during the day time. Are their lives that empty?? The 2 best ways to have a great sex life is to join a social circle that has many women in it or pay decent money for prostitutes. It’s no secret that photographers, DJs and most bartenders drown in pussy. Social circle is the best way to go about it

  18. I dont think countering a woman’s abundance with your own abundance is the right answer. They’ll ALWAYS have 100x more dick than you can get pussy. Until I see a man walk down the street and ask women if they’ll have sex with him and get a 50% success rate or have an orgy with 5 women on demand any given evening then its a forever uphill battle as you mentioned.
    I think the game has tectonically changed in the last 10 years. The fundamentals are the same, but its effectiveness has been diluted in favor of something else that works that we haven’t quite identified yet.

    1. That’s the same mistake many guys make. Yes, she has “100x” the dicks, but of those 10,000 men, she couldn’t care less and spits on them. The actual circle of men she *wants* to fuck is more or less the size of the circle of women that you’re fucking.
      Likes on Facebook does not equal “abundance”, it equals effortless vanity points by men whom she wouldn’t let touch her if her very life depended on it.

      1. Ghost nailed it.
        Look at the 4 girls in the last picture. Do you think they did dress like that to attract a ton of random men?
        So why?
        1000 average dudes wanting to fuck her means nothing.
        She wants quality. The same guy all other women want.

  19. I am re-reading Day Bang, anyone know of the best places to run day game if you live in the suburbs? So far, Starbucks and occasionally Malls or grocery stores are the best options I’ve seen.

    1. Depends on your age, experience level, what your daily / weekly routine is about, local conditions in your area. Those are low yield places for me but I don’t claim to be PUA. You might check out all the gyms on yelp within driving distance. Also if you’re college student then campus, or if you’re not student then hang outs a few blocks off campus. If your work takes you out in the field outside the office that might have potential. If you’re using public transport try bus stop or train station while you’re waiting. Happy hour after work at pubs. I dunno.
      Suburbs are married with children. Big city has higher density of singles.

  20. Unless you’re a high status man, getting laid with multiple attractive women consistently will take A LOT of work. I didn’t say impossible. I said a lot of work. The reality is most men aren’t willing or able to put that type of hard thankless work in. Most guys will only sleep with 3-4 women their entire lives.
    I agree with the premise of this post. One of the things about getting laid is timing which is why the author is absolutely correct. You must always be closing. A girl eye-fcking today will think you’re a worm tomorrow for no rational reason. It’s about her hormonal cycle.
    Always be closing.

  21. I don’t get you guys with this shit. If you approach a woman like a fucking chore, she’ll see it and you’ll probably not bang her.
    If you’re just chilling and you feel attracted toward her, just pursue having a good time and enjoy yourself.
    I feel sorry for you guys who have to “learn game”. Even at my lowest points, goo looking women have been into me. You don’t approach it like a job. You simply seek out the good times. But hey, I guess poindexter needs to buy a book, whatever.
    Steal my thesis if you want, it’s not like I’ll ever write a book!

  22. It’s not knowing what to do, it’s knowing the red flags to watch out for. Know your Leykis 101

  23. How much time are you going to be wasting by approaching one girl every day? I can’t imagine you’d be very productive in your life with wasting so much time on sex. To me, this bears similarity with addiction.

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