7 Great Ways For Leftists To Virtue Signal Against Nazism

According to young leftists, “Nazis” seem to be everywhere these days. If you took their (literally Hitler) word for it, you would think they are hidden under your bed, hiding in the trunk of your car, and have implemented a coup d’état of the White House.

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are almost certainly full-fledged Nazis according to their emotion-driven rhetoric, and lesser Nazis seem to be just about any light-skinned male who does not march lock-step with the progressive agenda.

The fact that a flamboyantly homosexual Jew (Milo Yiannopoulos) has also been dubbed a Nazi shows just how low the bar has been set in order to be grouped with the biggest pop culture villains of the 20th century.

So if Nazis are a resurrected boogeyman in the second half of the 2010’s, how can young progressives impotently fight back against this new-yet-old phantom menace?

Using the original Nazis and how they behaved as a base reference point, we have found seven great ways they can “retaliate” against all these ghost Nazis which seem to be multiplying by the hour.

1. Drink Nothing But Alcohol

drunk women

Do you drink water? Well guess what… so did Hitler! It is imperative that progressives and SJW’s cease drinking water immediately if they want to avoid any association with the king of fascism.

Furthermore, Hitler was a teetotaler for much of his adult life, meaning that he did not consume alcoholic beverages at all. Therefore, you should not only stop consuming water, but you should avoid all non-alcoholic beverages in general.

Drink nothing but beer, wine, moonshine, and spirits all day and every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your health, finances, employment, and relationships will collapse under the pressures and sickness of being constantly intoxicated, but at least you’ll be pulling a direct 180 of what Hitler would be doing.

2. Become A Chain Smoker

disney smoking

Hitler hated smoking, so you must start as early as possible

It might interest you to know that Nazi Germany helped implement the world’s first nationwide anti-smoking campaign. That’s right, they were well aware of the negative health effects of smoking all the way back in the 1930s, when it was an otherwise debatable phenomenon in most other parts of the world for decades to come.

Hitler himself absolutely despised smoking, and he even called it “the wrath of the Red Man against the White Man, vengeance for having been given hard liquor.”

As a progressive social justice advocate, you should find it absolutely horrifying that the Nazis would make such a campaign, and that Hitler personally detested smoking. The only solution for you is to virtue signal and take up smoking without hesitation.

So go spend all of your disposable income on tobacco (if you haven’t spent it all on alcohol already) and smoke, smoke, smoke away. Your personal health and finances won’t thank you at all, but at least you will be (literally) not-like-Hitler.

disney smoking ban

3. Get A Giant Neck Tattoo

Sure, the heavily inked Neo-Nazi’s are one thing, but sporting tattoos was very rare back in the 1930s and 1940s with the original Nazis. Also taking into consideration their disdain for social degeneracy, you can rest assured that the Nazi’s would not have expressed much appreciation for pervasive body ink amongst the German population.

As a progressive, you are well aware that tattoos are like… the coolest thing in the world and stuff. So you’ve got to get more and more and more in order to virtue signal your anti-fascism.

Smart man and a great role model

More than anything, you need to follow the veiled suggestion from Black Lives Matter advocate DeRay Mckesson (above) and get yourself a nice big neck tattoo if you haven’t got one already.

It is very hard to cover and will prevent you from being employed in just about any above-minimum-wage profession outside of the trades (which you almost certainly don’t work in), but it’s a small price to pay for not being like an old school fascist.

4. Get Fat And Out Of Shape

fat man

hard at work with armchair activism

The Nazi regime put big emphasis on physical education, especially for young men and boys. However, don’t think for a second that slender, fit, and fertile females were highly appreciated too.

An overweight and obese society is a huge social and health care burden, but nonetheless you need to do the direct opposite of what the Nazi’s would have preferred for the nation. Get fat.

Thankfully, this is a particularly easy thing to achieve for many SJW-type individuals. They hardly ever set foot in the gym or eat healthy in the first place.

5. Dress Like Shit

(aspiring) Starbucks barista

Wehrmacht officers and senior Nazi officials were immaculately dressed, with handsome tailored suits and decorations which just oozed style, class, and sophistication.

The least thing that a progressive or SJW wants is to have any kind of sense of sophistication, style, and class in their appearance. So please, wear ill-fitting, vulgar, juvenile, or completely outlandish clothing at any and every situation.

For instance, if you have been invited to the opera or have been called in for a prestigious job interview, do not dare show up with a clean suit and dress shoes. That’s something the Nazi’s would do, so go in flip-flops and a vulgar slogan T-shirt instead. Bonus points for donning an unnatural hair color too.

6. Pursue A Useless Degree And Avoid STEM


where every ghost Nazi-hunting SJW should strive to be

In Nazi Germany’s mere 12 years of existence, the regime was an absolute science and technology powerhouse, arguably on a scale the world had never seen before in such a short amount of time.

The world’s first practical helicopter came into being, rocketry and submarine technology improved tremendously, the first modern assault rifle was issued, and Nazi Germany spearheaded jet aircraft (a vital component for modern airliners which transport western men to locales with far more desirable and feminine women.)

Therefore, considering all this spectacular technological innovation under the short-lived Nazi’s, progressives and SJW’s should strive to study useless degrees and avoid all STEM fields.

Taking a make-work job with something like human resources is far more desirable than studying a field which will actually create something of value to society or amount to anything. That would be like something fascists would do.

7. Become Sterile And Avoid Having Children

doing her part to be anti-fascist

Finally, Nazi Germany was well aware that demography is destiny, and put considerable emphasis on German women to have large families. Usually, at least four children was preferable, where upon the “Cross Of Honour Of The German Mother” decoration would be awarded along with its accompanying social benefits.

Naturally, as a progressive person, you should do the polar opposite of the Nazi’s state ideology and put yourself into voluntary sterility.

Make sure that your genes will not continue into the next generation.

Many segments of society will deeply mourn your genetic dead-end and your great accomplishments in life, like the dozens of impotent “awareness” campaigns you took part in, but it is a small price to pay in order to distance yourself from all those awful Nazis out there.

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529 thoughts on “7 Great Ways For Leftists To Virtue Signal Against Nazism”

  1. So literal Nazis had more education, style, sophistication, ingenuity, values of decency (outside of killing), and physical fitness compared to most of my fellow countrymen?

    1. None other than Hugo Boss himself designed the uniforms for the SA, SS, and Hitler Youth

        1. I sometimes wonder about that: just as political adversaries today are accusing Trump of engaging in golden showers, people also accused Hitler of being into being shit upon. who’s to say Hitler didn’t make up the stories about Rohm (who was the leader of the SA, the Brownshirts and was purged on the Night of the Long Knives) being a homosexual?

        2. Fair point, but I actually have had that confirmed from other German sources. Rohm was a notorious homosexual and many men in the SA were as well. In fact, when the night of hte Long Knives happend they caught alot of these guys in bed together.
          I will leave you to discover their fondness of man/boy love.

        3. I’ve heard all that: that the SA were at some spa retreat when Hitler himself and his motorcade showed up and caught Rohm inflagrante delicto – but the accused were all executed during the purge so the only accounts we have are from those of the faction to loyal to Hitler and not to Rohm

        4. Think about if the Left writes the future history books: 75 years from now, students will learn about how the 45th president was into golden showers … victor writes the history

        5. False. You are free to read the Münich court records, multiple confessions, cross references in other publications, etc…
          The little TV I watch is usually consist of documentaries which aren’t usually broadcasted outside of the country. Adolf had more than a few skeletons in his closet. Just ask his former gay Vienna roommate (who was mysteriously murdered 3 days after Austria was annexed).

        6. come on: confessions? extracted under torture?
          So now you’re claiming Hitler was gay too? What about the accounts he fucked his niece? Or that he liked to have female hookers shit on him? All Allied propaganda.

        7. So….anything positive about Hitler and Nazis is the God’s honest truth, and anything negative is Allied propaganda. Funny how that works isn’t it?
          You do understand that Nazis were human beings and prone to the same failings and foibles as the rest of the human race I assume?

        8. Where did I say torture was involved? I refer to publications and correspondance writen by the men themselves and public records between 1917-1933. You might want to dig deeper before dismissing it all as “allied propaganda.”
          Funny thing about the Austira annexiation was that alot of people who were conncted to Adolf’s past wound up dead, but that is a topic for another day.

        9. Here’s a noggin scratcher for you: how did a ragtag bunch of broke bitter vets manage to get expensive matching uniforms, banners, signs, etc etc? Why, it’s almost as if they were funded by someone with very deep pockets…

        10. i bet you think the confessions obtained during the Nuremberg Trials are legit too? hahaha

        11. Don’t care. They were going to hang despite what they “confessed” and men in their positions would have known the outcome.
          I do recall admiral Doenitz only did 7 years as he was able to defend himself regarding his tactics were no different than the US navy’s in the Pacific. But I digress.

        12. Can you name the women Hitler relationships with? From what I recall, they all attempted suicide (2 succeeded).
          I have no idea if Hitler was a butt pirate, but I would bet the farm he sucked a few dicks during his “starving artist” days to make the rent.

        13. I think the fact that you have dicks on the brain says more about contemporary American culture than life in Vienna in 1910

        14. You asked me a question:
          “So now you;re claiming Hitler was gay too?”
          I gave you my reply in a non-confrontational manner based on what I have read or heard on the issue. It seems to make you uncomfortable.

        15. People always accuse their political opponents of being gay.
          People do the same about Abe Lincoln. And Obama.
          There were however many people in the USSR’s NKVD who were accused and executed for perversion (Beria for instance)

        16. True, however over time when objective evidence is exposed and the baseless accusations fade, the truth rises to the surface despite what people want to believe.
          I never heard Abe was a shit dipper, but Obama I would believe is one simply based on his behavior.

        17. Who gives a rat’s about Nazi’s failings the reality is that they were right about the enemy. Their greatest fear was that the European civilization will be overtaken by Jewish propaganda that will weaken us and enslave us. Here we are decades later bitching about things that Nazis warned us about.

        18. When you are totally defeated into extinction in a single decade it is easy for people to look back and idealize I imagine

        19. Right because everyone knows that Germans are not known for sexual deviancy

        20. You are smug now. When you are dying of terminal cancer in a few years – cancer caused by the toxic environment, the toxic food, sex with women who have had sex with hundreds of men, and from the mingling of various groups that evolved in isolation – you will know the truth.

        21. I’m opening with that at Toastmasters tonight: how do you think it will be received?

        22. Yeah that’s the way it’s looking I’m sorry to say. They don’t have the balls to do what’s necessary to get rid of the invaders. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

        23. History is written by the winners. There is no doubt in my mind that the Germans were not nearly as evil as the history books say, nor the Americans/Brits nearly so heroic.

        24. Surely the shrunken heads, bars of human soap and skin lamp shades were true. Its not like Germany had anything important to do other than spend huge resources inventing peculiar ways to off Jews.
          Its interesting Jewish soviet propagandists like Ilya Ehrenberg were using the same mechanisms of influence they used to subvert Russians on the allies and fraternized with American political groups.

      1. That would explain why they are so popular with the phaggot community. Hugo Boss is having a fashion show. You sound latent.

    2. At the time I think that you’d have found education, ingenuity and decency the same across the Western world, give or take. The style, well, they did have some really rocking uniforms, no question (as in seriously, they did). But keep in mind that historically, in most wars, the side with the best uniforms generally loses. Something amusing that one of the DI’s told our group when I was in basic, I always found it funny.

        1. on of the greatest fighting forces ever assembled lasted about 10 years before, hat in hand, making an unconditional surrender to allied forces.

        2. So you are saying that the greatest fighting force ever assembled had to unconditionally surrender because they picked fights they couldn’t win.
          didn’t the last of them surrender to a Norwegian rescue boat?

        3. Why do you believe everything they spoon fed you in school? You pulled off the slave morality goggles they put on every student, you don’t think they lied about other things too? The Soviets invaded Poland from the East side.

        4. ok so the greatest fighting force that ever lived only lasted 10 years because the soviets invaded Poland from the east side? ha. Damn Soviets. Didn’t they know it was unfair to attack the greatest fighting force that ever live and make bitches of them? That was wrong of them to do.

        5. Germany – a small nation – faced the combined forces of the USSR, America, and the British Empire – it was outnumbered like 25:1 or 50:1

        6. Nazis picked a very, very stupid fight seems to me. If I go and challenge brock lessner and he kicks the shit out of me I can’t go around saying I am the greatest fighter ever and it just wasn’t fair because the guy I fought was so much bigger and so much better than me.

        7. When calculating “greatest fighting force” it’s very important to leave “strategic and tactical blunders” out of the equation, wot?
          Kind of like leaving child deaths out of calculations about average lifespans.
          Really Kneeman, you have to learn that everything is perfectly peachy once you discount the things that aren’t from the equation. Geesh.

        8. why do you keep clinging to the idea that Germany “picked fights” ? You do know it was France and Britain who declared war on Germany and Hitler repeatedly offered them a truce / ceasefire right?

        9. In fact, if the 20th century is any measure of these things, despite being technologically brilliant Germany is a really fucking stupid country that gets itself into fights, gets the shit kicked out of it and then has to spend decades crawling on its knees licking the arschloch of the rest of the world.

        10. sorry, I am no military historian. I didn’t realize the rules for this stuff.

        11. WW1 was sparked by a Serb terrorist assassinating the Arch duke. Germany didn’t start WW! either.

        12. Ill let GOJ deal with this one. It is snowing and I want to get home.

        13. for a country that doesn’t start a lot of wars they sure get their ass kicked a lot.

        14. Hitler did make many mistakes:
          1. Allowing the BEF to evacuate at Dunkirk – he could have annhilated 300,000 Allied troops but allowed them to evacuate.
          2. Delayed the invasion of the Soviet Union by 3 months which meant the Army got bogged down in bad weather
          3. Focused on highly advanced but ineffective wonder weapons rather than simpler but more effective weapons eg the V2 vs Katyusha rockets

        15. Gotta pick a team. Just so happens I was born on the winning team which makes the choice even easier

        16. Yeah, once I no longer have to commute through it it will be fine. I’m sensing mulled wine with dinner

        17. You didn’t win. Britain lost the war in the long term. London and Paris are overrun with Africans and Arabs. Mosques and minarets dot the landscape. Farsi and Arabic are spoken everywhere. The native Brits are being bred out of existence. How is that victory? America is just a bit behind the UK.

        18. I would agree with the statement that it was stupid for Japan to attack the US. That was a mistake. They should have attacked the USSR.

        19. A relaxing evening with all the simple pleasures: a good book, a fun dame, and a toasty fireplace, sex against the frosty balcony window, a tasty meal, the sounds of satisfaction. Ah, Winter memories.

        20. I don’t hate anyone broad stroke by race. I admire or dislike people individually

        21. I might forgo the sex as my current situation, for all the joy it brings, is just fucking exhausting. Then again, I say that prior to a mulled wine while watching the snow fall past the street lamps

        22. They should have stuck to giving yankee crankie in bathhouses and doing laundry for any American troops that felt like coming by and setting up camp. Were they yellow prior to those bombs?

        23. You do subscribe to slave morality after all. You revel in the debasing of a strong people. You seem giddy at the destruction of strong nations like Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. They actually had the temerity to think they were better than others so they must be destroyed. That is slave morality.

        24. Really? That’s hilarious.
          Based on some letters I’ve read recently, I think Hitler gravely underestimated the degree to which Churchill was itching to go to war, neocon style. Doesn’t excuse the two-front war, or the atrocities, but it does go a bit of the way toward explaining how he fucked up.

        25. Most people here can’t read past the History Channel BS about how Hitler invaded Poland first and leave out he was trying to negotiate a peace for the better part of a year. However, Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, FDR, and the Polish leadership were all bad actors in their own way. Too bad we did not stay out of WWII.

        26. It was the start of neoconservative-style warmongering. Wait for an excuse to go to war, beat your chest, and send your boys out to die.
          Not saying Hitler didn’t make some serious political blunders and allow atrocities under his command (though I think his share of the blame lies in appointing evil men to power), but we have been deceived. The Allies wanted war more than the Axis, and they were looking for the right excuse.

        27. A strong people? Asians, Japanese in particular, are born servants. They are naturally inclined to do servile meanial work

        28. Thinking you are better than others is fine if you aren’t, in reality, much much worse

        29. I cannot believe that the people who where watching this whole thing unfold did not think it’s a little strange that both the Soviet Union and Germany invaded Poland but, France and Britain declare war only on Germany. For obvious reasons going to war with Germany and the Soviet Union would have been stupid but certainly the citizens of France and Britain must have seen this blatant hypocrisy.

        30. Hitler actually thought Churchill was a gentleman. Hitler wanted to Churchill to agree to a truce where certain cultural cities in Britian and Germany were to be spared from air raids.

        31. comparing some Chinese coolie or laundress in San fran in 1880 to some fanatic fearless Banzai Charging Kamaikaze fighters with literally no concept of surrender in WW2 is specious.
          The Japs in WW2 were anything but servile.

        32. So wetbacks good? Japs bad? Sniff sniff. What’s that I smell? Fee fi fo I smell slave morality

        33. A million ants can overwhelm an elephant. That doesn’t mean the ants are superior to the elephant.

        34. And I sense someone is telling me how great the Buffalo Bills are. You are pointing to the vanquished and saying “look how strong”

        35. As long as Joe banzai gets the stain out of my shirt and his brother is quick with the same they can believe whatever they want

        36. Yes, and the Greeks and Romans were superior too … they too were overwhelmed by inferior cultures. Just because the water swamps and capsizes the boat doesn’t mean the boat was inferior to the water.

        37. There is no way in fucking hell that a million ants can overwhelm an elephant. And pound for pound the army ant is probably the most powerful animal on the planet. If it were 1/2 the size of the elephant it would make easy work of it.

        38. See that is slave morality: you are trying to humble a defiant population – you want to bring them down a peg or two. I don’t, for instance, say I want negroes making my breakfast or hispanics picking my crops.

        39. I am not humbling them. They are humble. I’m just calling a spade a spade.
          I don’t want negros making my breakfast either, but I don’t mind watching them box.

        40. Almost all historians of the conflict agree the German soldier was superior to his allied counterpart. The best of the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS were engaged on the eastern front. The western allies were, for the most part, confronted with conscripts, old men, and boys.

        41. Yeah, we are all one race, blank slate and all. An immigrant is an immigrant whether he comes from Belgium or the Congo.

        42. Yeah yeah yeah. Nazi Germany got its ass kicked and Germany is still bending over for anyone who wants to take a few pumps. You and all the historians in the world from Herodotus on down can have a big nazi cake walk and it wont make a lick of difference because the nazi project was a collosal failure that got the tar beat out of it. The third Reich went down faster than a german prostitute on an American GI

        43. As a side note: that’s what happens when a bunch of effite fags finally go to far and the men of the west put them down like mangy dogs

        44. Its a myth of german military superiority. Before americans entered the war, britain sunk the german navy and shot down the german air force. Most land occupied by the german army was in territories populated by peasants still using horse drawn carts. The reality is the german military was only sucessful at one thing, machine gunning peasants in front of open pits. In the end germany lost because it was inferior. Take your red pill now like a good stormuck and recognize the verdict of history.

        45. 4. Wasted too many resources hunting and killing civilians instead of fighting actual soldiers.

        46. “and send your boys out to die”.
          Now its time to send (independent, strong & empowered !) “girls” out to die !!
          PS: Apologies for going out-of-the-context !

        47. Hitler’s biggest mistake was wasting valuable resources going after the Jews. (Maybe he should have just went after the Rothschild family and and the Frankfurt School degenerates and left it at that.)
          Had (literally) Hitler acted like Genghis Khan, he would have been more successful. As you know, Khan killed off a few of the leaders and troublemakers until a society submitted to his rule. After that, so long as the conquered society paid tribute, Khan didn’t GAF what religion was practiced or how day-to-day affairs were run. Hitler should have done the same. He would have had the likes of the Hungarian Ashkenazim who gave the world nuclear weapons: Szilard, Teller, Wigner, von Neumann.

        48. Carefully read my comment above to kneeman on what I think Hitler’s (literally) biggest mistake was.

        49. Interesting. I’ve always scoffed at media and government types who act as if Islamic suicide bombers were the greatest threat (aside from WW3 with USSR). The US fought the Imperial Japanese and Kamikaze bombers, who in my opinion, were just as ferrocious as the Waffen SS, if not more so.
          Then there was the Somali piracy a few years back. “Oh! How are we going to stop this,” cried the media.
          I guess they never heard the Marine’s Hymn.

        50. Am I correct that Hitler wasn’t enamored with the Stg44, and that he thought the Mauser bolt actions were good enough, because he used on in WW1?

        51. He was told it was just another submachine gun.
          He didnt know til he held it that it was a rifle.
          Then, he loved it.
          German army was based around the machine gun. Support troops had mausers and submachine guns.

        52. He made some mistakes.
          The biggest was when theu were invading soviet russia,
          They were close to moscow and could have taken it, but hitler decided to go for the oil fields in the ukraine instead.
          Soviets would have folded if moscow fell.

        53. Overall they racked up a two to one kill ratio. However, the fights they picked under the leadership of a completely ignorant amateur military idiot and crazy person, put them up against like 6 to one odds.

        54. Briton had snipers in place outside Berchtesgaden ready to pull the trigger. But then they analyzed what Hitler was doing to the German war effort and decided they would win sooner and with fewer losses if they left Hitler in charge. Wise men. Hitler totally fucked up Operation Barbarossa.

        55. And the falcons won 3 quarters in the Super Bowl. No A for effort

        56. I agree that you can’t argue with the results. But evaluating the effectiveness of an army totally outmatched by numbers and logistics can be made, and would favor the German army. It was their misfortune to work for a madman.

        57. I didn’t realize that they had stopped licking the arseholes of the rest of the world yet. Has Angela been ousted?

        58. Don’t give german military too much credit. They only defeated one advanced nation at the time, France. All the others nations germany occupied were backwards ass old world nations with armies that resemble a national police force.

        59. Of course and I’m sure those young men were amazing specimens, really. It is a shame the madness that was behind the wheel.

        60. Only the last two. And many could argue that the German Military did not lose in WWI. The German empire lost because of logistics and the blockade of too many critical goods.

        61. But, as an amateur military historian with some professional training in it, the American Army in WWI was a joke. At the start of WWII it was not much better. You are judging the past by the current status. We have spent an awful lot of money to buy the best military in the world. But that is not how things were prior to WWII. We won WWII by virtue of our industrial capacity and having it be beyond the reach of our enemies.

        62. I just got back from London a couple of weeks ago. I noted that we hardly ever interacted with anyone that was a Native Brit. All the service people and the friends we were visiting are all immigrants. Our immigrant friends were the fiercest about rejecting the invasion currently being experienced in Briton. They voted Brexit.

        63. I will take your word for it but again….I’ll take the worse army and a win than the best army and a loss any day and twice on Sunday

        64. Ha, yeah I’m pretty sure I could conquer most of Eastern Europe with a euro rail pass, 50 bucks and a dozen roasted chickens

        65. However, if you find yourself in a fight against a stronger and bigger opponent, and acquit yourself very well, causing him almost as much harm as he did you, you can claim some status well you fought a losing proposition.
          Like our fight against Feminism. We are out numbered and have no power. But what other choice do we have?

        66. People need to learn to separate military vs political brilliance. The US had a 10:1 kill ratio in Vietnam, but lost. The US was superior in every way, but inferior politically.

        67. Fighting the USSR was not on their options table. They could either stand down from their invasion of China or seize the needed resources from SE Asia. We embargoed them from oil. The Philippines sat astride the only routes to SE Asia. Doing the later necessitated knocking out the US. They miscalculated only in thinking that the US would not fight. It is a mistake that has happened with regularity over the past 100 years.

        68. I think you should not mistake my admiration for the military capacities of the Germans/Nazis with any approval of their beliefs. Had my German Jewish grandfather not immigrated to the US, I would have been in the ovens myself.
          Or at least my mother would have been and I would never have been.

        69. Just as the colonies were totally outclassed by the British empire in the Revolutionary War, but won any way. A big part of that was France making it a world war. The issue was the will to win. We were willing to go farther and further than the Brits were. It got to be too expensive for the Brits compared to any value they could get out of it. In the 20th Century most empires learned that holding on to a colony where the people are willing to go to any length to get rid of you is not cost effective.

        70. Yes the Japanese were willing to die for their emperor, and would have made any invasion of the home islands extremely costly. That was their belief all through the war; if they could just kill enough Americans the Americans would just quit. We are still using the Purple Hearts that were made for the Japan invasion.

        71. Japanese are far from humble. They are xenophobic and racist to the bone. They have a huge cultural and racial superiority complex.

        72. Failure to stick to their strategic objectives like a laser beam was Hitler’s failing. And the oil fields of Baku were always the strategic objective, not Moscow.

        73. Hitler considered all those treaties as mere pieces of paper that had no bearing on his objectives. He was always going to invade Poland. It was between him and his final objective of Lebensraum in the territory of the USSR.

        74. I don’t make the mistake with you for sure. Nor do I discount what they were capable of, those young men. Only saying that I’m never as impressed by the losers as I am by the winers

        75. We modeled much of our military training off of the German system. Dig into it, as for discipline, tactical genius of commanding officers, & ability to adapt & conquer, they were brilliant. USA just had enough men & resources, we could pour on the forces and move past blunders more easily. Stalingrad also threw a wrench in things, but that’s another topic.

        76. Well Hitler did accommodate somewhat with the zionists but what he failed to do was bring goldman sachs graduates into his government. Fatal mistake

        77. “Hitler’s biggest mistake was wasting valuable resources going after the Jews.”
          Or going after Russia and fighting a war on numerous fronts repeating the same mistakes made in the 1st World War.
          Hard to say that Stalin might not have made a move at some point but who knows..

        78. I’m not a fan of the Nazis but it’s funny how many people forget or ignore that.
          What’s being overlooked is that Britain and France declared war on Germany in order to guarantee Poland’s independence. After the war Poland was simply
          transferred form one dictator to another (Hitler to Stalin). So if you ask me it was all for nothing.
          Defeating both Germany and Japan just made the world safe for Communism (which murdered 150 million people in less than a century and now has invaded the West through other means). I think the Allies should have just let the totalitarian governments fight each other to a frazzle.

      1. NS Germany was decades ahead across the sciences hence the American and Soviet scramble to kidnap German scientists after the war.

        1. Too bad the atomic bomb wasn’t ready for testing until after germany surrendered. Stormcucks got to watch their women raped by russians instead. German science to the rescue.

        2. Massive indiscriminate firebombing of German cities accomplished the same. Remember that more Japanese were killed in the firebombing of Tokyo than in either of the atomic bombings.

        3. Agreed germans failed at conventional warfare also, another type of humiliation for stormcucks.

        4. Stormcucks have been cucked for how many generations now? No alpha status, no beta status, only loser status.

        5. Acknowledging reality/history will not turn you into an anti-Semite. If you don’t recognize that NAZI Germany produced one of the most powerful military machines in history, then you are simply denying reality so not to enflame your sensibilities. Germany of today is wholly cucked but throughout history they have produced men worth reckoning.

        6. They were owerwhelmingly defeated in electronic warfare. German Navy needed more than a year to find that allied sub-chasers were using a centimetric radar to pick their U-böoten. Luftwaffe radio navigation devices were jammed by the british from the start, whereas there was no significative interference for allied radar and communications devices but for short-time periods. And of course there was Ultra, german counterintelligence not even suspected that the allies were reading everything they were transmitting on the airwaves trough their Enigma machines. At the end of the day it was allied STEM which defeated their rivals’ one
          Of course I understand this article is intended to be ironic, it’s pretty sure to guess that at least 99% of british and north american men who went ashore at Normandy beaches on june 6,1944, for example, shared exactly the same “nazi” values portrayed here (besides the smoking thing): remaining fit and healthy, dressing sharp, raising children as one of their main lifetime goals, valuing science and technology and seeing tatoos as something that only criminals and low-lifers wore.

        7. Germany was prevented from having the bomb first by being denied heavy water. “Stormcuck”? Hardly, just an unbiased, non-patriotard view of history.

      2. the SS uniform was designed by Hugo Boss. And Hitler had cat walk shows to pick out uniforms for all the many, many uniformed entities in Nazi Germany. Hitler had style, even for a homicidal megalomaniac. He personally designed the Nazi flag swastika emblem.

        1. There were controversies in pre-Nazi and Nazi Germany that held Hitler was gay. Several WWI comrades believed that right up until they were in the concentration camps. Another proposed sexual orientation put out by his niece and lover was that he was sexually incapable, and got satisfaction from having her shit on him. Some how she ended up like so many people with evidence against Hillary Clinton, dead by suicide. At least in her case their was only one bullet. I don’t know how the left can accept all those people committing suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head, twice.

    3. “outside of killing”…a minor caveat.
      I agree with GhostofJefferson. Most of these virtues are generational, not unique to Nazis. People in the 30s just knew how to carry themselves, “deportment” was taught in schools. My 87 year old (American) grandfather still gets up early, combs his hair, shaves, tucks in his shirt, tells grandma to go ahead and make his breakfast….He never had any tattoos or smoked, and drinks only sparingly.
      He and my grandma both went through the ordeal of getting down to the voting station to cast ballots for Trump, probably the last of their lives. One last “fuck you” to the culture destroying everything their generation built.
      Maybe I’m just an old school patriot. But I see the good parts of the Nazis as being the same good you saw in other cultures at that time….but without the genocide.

      1. “outside of killing”…a minor caveat.
        you sound like a ‘the glass is half empty’ kind of guy.

        1. Sorry, not sure I follow. I was being a little sarcastic there…It’s not a minor caveat, it’s a major one. Sort of like saying “except for the extra 300 lbs, she’s pretty hot”.

      2. I have impression that pretty much everyone smoked in the 1930s. Except maybe Hitler and Mormons.

    4. No, those were just the values of the 1930s. Look at any Fred Astaire film from the era and you’ll see a sophisticated, we’ll dressed and physically fit man who represented Hollywood of the time.
      At the time, Germany was reeling from defeat in the Great War. The National Socialists promised to make Germany great again (returning to the Bismarck Era) by socializing healthcare, propping up education and murdering people in neighboring countries for their land.
      Hitler was also spiritually dead: he hated Christianity according to Goebbles and only used it in rhetoric for political purposes. He banned guns and socialized medicine. He waged wars of aggression that he lost. He left half his country Communist in 1945.
      Hitler was an utter failure and a statist, nationalist version of an SJW.

        1. Well, Progressives and National Socialists are basically from the same egg. One embraced nationalism and the other loves globalism, but otherwise their goals are more or less simpatico.

        2. Yup.
          It’s the game socialist/communists play, attempting to avoid stigma by attaching their movement (appropriation, I believe it’s called) to other, greater ideals to “win over” the masses before dropping the hammer.

      1. National socialism was pagan, but curiously Hitler was Catholic. In Germany a tax was to be paid every year to appear as a Catholic (for being a Protestant country). Hitler paid until his last year of life.

      1. It’s ok bro. If only you knew what I what have done as a camp guard at Auschwitz; “War’s lost, my family is probably dead from an air raid … I’m at least going to have some fun…”

        1. Too bad, we were on the same side. i’ll probably keep you as a lampshade. HAve you any tatoo, Waldemar ?

    5. The gaping flaw in this article is the author said Hitler “drank H2O.” Unless he cites a reliable source, I will be forced to assume he is making it up.

    6. Literal jackasses 70 years ago had had more education, style, sophistication, ingenuity, values of decency, and physical fitness compared to most of our
      fellow countrymen today.

    1. the poster shows Hermann Goring being saluted by animals for the Nazi ban on vivisection (vivisection forbidden / verboten)

    2. Hitler was a vegetarian. That’s all that’s known about vegetarianism and Nazis. If you have some kind of evidence that many in the movement were vegetarians, who were not Hitler, then I’d be interested in seeing what you can provide.

      1. Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s Deputy and best friend, was also a vegetarian, non-smoker, non-drinker. I’m sure I can think of others

        1. You said “many”. I don’t doubt that one or two or maybe even a handful were soft doughy vegetarians, but “many”? I need the evidence, home fries.

        2. Yeah, he does a bit actually. Vegetarians are usually pretty doughy and unathletic. Hitler, for example, was doughy and unathletic and vehemently opposed exercise.
          Doughy does not mean “fat”, it means flaccid and undefined, a “dad bod” if you will.

        3. haha ok dude he looks more masculine than 99% of the white men I see
          you keep drinking that libertarian kool aid

        4. Hess and Hitler had deeper voices (higher T) than any faggy ass white boys I hear nowadays with their up talk and lisps

        5. Well, you live in NYC which is Hipster Central. As always, you lack any experience in the world outside of your little bubble and cast wide blanket aspersions on the rest of the world based off of your small, concrete world.
          I notice you haven’t provided me with any actual evidence that I called for to back up your “many” claim. But you have tried pretty hard to divert the topic to something else.

        6. Eunuchs have very deep voices. Hitler’s voice wast a mid range tenor.
          The “boys” you hear are all NYC faggots. But in your eyes, that is “the world”, of course.

        7. I travel outside of nyc, to the midwest as well. While things in the Midwest are better than metropolitan areas, there is an effeminizing dysgenic effect occurring nationwide

        8. And still…no evidence to back up your claim that “Many” were vegetarians.
          I’m waiting…

        9. Hitler’s high T probably came from all the semen he was drinking directly from the tap in Bavarian fag bars

        10. Hitler, Hess, and Himmler i know off hand. Plus many laws about animal rights.
          Of course you also had people like Goering who was the Reichs Jaegermeister and hunted on private game preserves.

        11. So “laws about animals rights” = vegetarianism?
          I think instead of you doing this whole “flail flail flail rather than admit an error in your original statement”, you’d be best served with stating “a few I know about” and then letting it go. It’s the Left that has problems admitting error once they stake a claim, try to avoid it.
          German culture historically and even today has a strong pro-meat bias. That’s just the high and low of it.

        12. Heh, I meant those lisping types he was going on about.

        13. Nope. Told you I travel to the Midwest. White males there – while less messed up than in NYC – are a far cry from even what I remember my friends and I being like just 15 or so years ago.

        14. I am absolutely in the punch a Nazi camp. Then again, I am in the punch a lot of people camp. I am on the side of the country which I was born into, which gave me opportunity unimaginable everywhere else in the world and which has had a pretty solid record on kicking the shit out of Nazis for a long time now.

        15. Yeah, eunuchs do have deep voices. It’s pretty well known.
          We have our share of hipsters, but the general average midwest male is nowhere near as bad as you’re making out. I know plenty of country boys that would kick the living shit out of anybody you knew growing up.

        16. Aren’t you Italian by blood? And aren’t you the one always saying that to be American means absolutely nothing?

        17. I fucking grew up in the Midwest you retard. How many times do I need to repeat myself?

        18. You have to go 5 generations back on either side of my family to find someone who isn’t born in NY. Further, even if I came here on a boat from Italy myself, it is the united states that allows my natural talents to be fostered, which allows me to raise my station in life limited only by the amount of sweat I am willing to put in and which is responsible for the greatest living conditions ever known to man. I don’t feel any allegiance to any other country in the world.

        19. I know where you grew up. I’m also aware that you’re so insulated and willfully blind now after so much time in academia in NYC that you are almost utterly incapable of an objective observation. Your entire mind seems to warp around constant Confirmation Bias on basically every topic you’ve spoken of on this board. I don’t just take your observations with a grain of salt, I need a full twenty pound sodium rock with them.

        20. American as an identity…sure, that means nothing in terms of feeling proud of yourself. If you are a loser you can’t hide behind the fact that some other people in the country aren’t losers. But if I have to pick a side…well, I know who feeds me.

        21. Well, a bird of sorts:
          The problem with the other origin of the “good,” of the good man, as the person of ressentiment has thought it out for himself, demands some conclusion. It is not surprising that the lambs should bear a grudge against the great birds of prey, but that is no reason for blaming the great birds of prey for taking the little lambs. And when the lambs say among themselves, “These birds of prey are evil, and he who least resembles a bird of prey, who is rather its opposite, a lamb,—should he not be good?” then there is nothing to carp with in this ideal’s establishment, though the birds of prey may regard it a little mockingly, and maybe say to themselves, “We bear no grudge against them, these good lambs, we even love them: nothing is tastier than a tender lamb.”

        22. oh for fuck’s sake dude: I don’t envy your lifestyle. If I had the funds you do (which I certainly would like), I would punch out, back away from the table and go enjoy my life living off the money while I read in the library

        23. According to your definition, some negro pimp or some Mexican cartel drug lord are also winners because they have lots of money and bling

        24. They are criminals. Success and criminal success are two different things. In Mexico I would have been a cartel leader or some shit because I have a will to succeed. The point is that that wasn’t necessary in American because I was given an opportunity commensurate with my ability and hard work which simply would not exist elsewhere in the world. That my gratitude for this would surprise you says quite a lot…

        25. a lot of ingredients in the soup. Some from me some are external forces beyond my control. Impossible to say what would happen in a hypothetical. I would like to think so, yes, but who knows.

        26. You saying opportunities don’t exist in S Korea, China, etc? (for their people I mean)? America isn’t the unparalleled honeypot it once was. There are far richer places elsewhere in the world.

        27. I can honestly say I’m not grateful for anything. I regard everything in life as a healthy helping of dogshit on a paper plate

        28. I’ve no idea what exists in chinkitown. I know I wouldn’t want to live amongst those filthy animals and while there is a wealthy class most of them are peasants who would blow a horse for the honor of washing my shorts.

        29. not entirely….Nietzsche ressentiment as well as reaction formation play a large role too lol.

        30. Yeah except when you look at some little kid of Italian heritage you can more easily see the resemblance to your former self than when you look at some little pickaninny or little slopehead running around.

        31. doesn’t mean a think to me. I relate much more to the rare examples of very smart, energetic and hard working jigs than I do to someone who looks like me but is a lazy, resentment laden pot head.

        32. You’ve got a dangerous attitude. Like you’re sitting atop the world, secure on your throne. The middle class in China is larger than the middle class in the US. it isn’t the starvation-prone hellhole from your childhood. Same thing with Africa or the Middle East or Asia: skyscrapers that put anything the West to shame…

        33. my “dangerous attitude” is self reliance, pride in my own abilities, gratitude for the opportunities I was afforded, hard work and enjoyment of the highest standard of living in the entire world. You are literally a case study for slave moraltiy

        34. You’ve been lied to, duped. Your higher standard of living means you live 5 years longer than if you had been born in the most wretched African hellhole. You all get 80 years plus or minus

        35. lol. ok man, I’m gonna walk away from this as it is like trying to explain quantum mechanics to a gopher. Good luck being miserable.

        36. You delude yourself into thinking “higher standard of living” means sheets with a higher thread count while living surrounded by mountains of garbage, hostile foreigners babbling in their thick tongues, and being literally bombarded from every angle with media that mocks everything you are.
          “I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space,”

        37. you are the single least self aware person I have ever spoken to. lol. lovin’ it. Keep em coming baby

        38. That includes infant mortality. If you survive birth, you live to 75 anywhere in the world.
          You think it’s just a coincidence that the countries with the lowest life expectancy also have the highest infant mortality?

        39. Yeah, Africa is known as the repository of long living stone aged savages.
          Except it’s not. They rank in the bottom 127 (and lower) on the life expectancy charts.

        40. So except for the deaths before 80, you’ll live to 80.
          Great work there, Lou.

        41. People in the West like to think they have such wonderful medical miracles that extend their lives … all of modern healthcare has added at most 10 years to the human life span: so you may live to 85 instead of 75.

        42. you seem to think there are no elderly people in Africa … like I said, if 1 in 5 babies die at birth, that will shave like 20 years off the AVERAGE life expectancy. So that means that all those survive birth, live to 75 or so.

        43. We’ve had this discussion before. You’re full of beans.
          If you live in a place swamped by disease, Ebola and Typhoid, you’re not going to live as long as a place which boasts such things as modern sanitation (which defeats most of these diseases) and medicine.
          You’re about done on my “reply to” list today. I’m starting to wonder if you’re genuine or just get your kicks trolling ROK looking for attention? I’m starting to lean towards the later, in all honesty.

        44. You may practice sanitary practices but that Somali refugee touching the elevator button or doorknob that you will touch does not

        45. Bzzzt, wrong. Not “no elderly people”. That’s a strawman. An easily spotted strawman. I thought you academic types were smarter than to try that cheap sophistry. Maybe I was wrong.
          And again, sure, as long as you don’t count deaths under 80, then ok, the average life there is around 80 there, give or take.
          And as long as you don’t count shots that I make at the range that fall outside of the 10 circle, then yeah, I’m a deadly accurate sniper quality marksman.

        46. No dude. I’m not a troll. But this smug back-patting you seem to do is not going to save us. You need to be willing to take a long hard critical look at Whites and the West in general if you fucking want to save it.

        47. And…I’m done feeding you, Confirmation Bias Ivory Tower Troll.
          Better luck tomorrow.

        48. you need to be willing to say: Shit. The West is in some deep shit right now. And to think that people in Africa or Asia or all backward and poor is fucking dangerous.

        49. I’m going to leave you being wrong to other people so I can remind you that I said quality, and not quantity, of life.
          You could live to be 80,000 years old and I could die tonight and I will still have had a better quality of life.
          Let me explain to you the way I used to teach it to my 101 brats.
          The difference between quality and quantity comes down to handjobs.
          Quantitatively, if you give 100 gorillas a hand job it is “better” than giving a single rabbit a hand job. However, since the rabbit lacks to ability to beat off it is qualitatively better to jerk off the rabbit.
          So even if you were right about longevity which, you aren’t, you are still missing the point that living a great and amazing life filled with happiness, success and a feeing of personal satisfaction that comes from being the creator of your own destiny is an unbelievably good thing and it is the resentment of the lazy and weak which tries to jury rig some complex and convoluted situation where it isn’t.
          Case and point is fat acceptance. Too lazy or weak to make yourself look good just claim the supremacy of being a fat ass. You are the moral equivalent of a fat woman

        50. Your way of thinking is dangerous: it’s what leads people to claim, well the average life expectancy in 1900 was 45, at this rate, we’re going to live forever. No. Once you fixed the high infant mortality, the life expectancy has flatlined. No more gains.

        51. Your “higher standard of living” is akin to a finch living in a beautiful cage but outside the cage are all sorts of hideous ghouls with contorted faces smacking their thick blubbery lips

        52. Quod erat demonstrandum
          I’ll re-quote this so you can read it more carefully:
          The problem with the other origin of the “good,” of the good man, as the person of ressentiment has thought it out for himself, demands some conclusion. It is not surprising that the lambs should bear a grudge against the great birds of prey, but that is no reason for blaming the great birds of prey for taking the little lambs. And when the lambs say among themselves, “These birds of prey are evil, and he who least resembles a bird of prey, who is rather its opposite, a lamb,—should he not be good?” then there is nothing to carp with in this ideal’s establishment, though the birds of prey may regard it a little mockingly, and maybe say to themselves, “We bear no grudge against them, these good lambs, we even love them: nothing is tastier than a tender lamb.”

        53. You are living an illusion: you have bought into the lie that a life lived well means sleeping in expensive linens and drinking expensive liquors. That is what the power structure preaches: that success is measured by compliance to the system: sterile sex, no legacy, just consumption. Some Old Order Amish who dies with 1000 descendants – now that is a life lived well

        54. then why haven’t you become amish and moved to PA and ingratiated yourself with the local church and spent years becoming part of a community. All you have is excuses for why everyone has a shitty life because you are a lazy coward. The sooner you accept that into your soul the sooner you can change it.

        55. Maybe it all has something to do with prosperity, could be more people can afford to eat (even unhealthy crap), so the starvation and related totals are lower? I don’t know.

        56. Look: you’re very intelligent. You studied philosophy right? So you must have enjoyed analyzing thought systems etc. So if you have a big ol stack of cash, why wouldn’t you cash out and live that life? Enough to live on while doing what you wanted? I’m genuinely curious. Because you seem to have undergone a fundamental transition, almost a refutation of your previous beliefs?

        57. Oh but his argument isn’t based off national averages. It’s based off ignoring the insane levels of infant mortality in African shit holes. Talk about cherry picking your data to try and make a point.

        58. Being some isolated monk jerking off and reading Hegel? Fuck that.
          I genuinely enjoy my life. I like my job. I like my city. I like my hobbies. I enjoy waking up in the morning on most days.
          I don’t do what I do because one day I will be able to escape it. I love what I do.

        59. No: you seem to claim the West enjoys some miracle medical system. It doesn’t. Basic things like sterilizing surgical tools means babies don’t die in their first few days. Medical care doesn’t make people live longer than they do in Africa.

        60. At least I can be honest: I don’t puff myself about the importance of what I do. Designing medical devices? It’s not lost on me that basically the entire medical / engineering field is built around bringing up the weak and infirm to the same level. We’re not augmenting the best, making the best better, we’re making the maimed, crippled, infirm up to par. That doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies.

        61. Exclude deaths before age 1. People are not being eaten by hippos and crocs or dying left and right of sleeping sickness.

        62. Important? What’s that? I help very, very wealthy people buy land, build high rise residential buildings and manage the properties once they are built. I am living a life which is personally satisfying and gratifying and affords me opportunities unavailable to the vast majority of the rest of the world…opportunities which are, to be honest, fucking fantastic. Want warm fuzzies? Visit the zoo. At the end of the day bud, the fact remains: I am happy and you are miserable. No matter how much you say that that is a win for you it just ain’t

        63. See that’s what I mean. If I can say making medical devices to extend / improve peoples’ lives is pointless, then you should be able to admit that stacking rich Jews in modern day Tower of Babels is similarly absurdist.

        64. Absolutely it is…but that isn’t the point. There are people in my business who will go on about the fact that we are doing something about the housing crises. Truthfully, I am here to make billionaires more money in the hopes that they will make me a millionaire. I get it. It is just another absurd gig. But this isn’t the point at all. I am not shitting on any brand of life, bucolic farmer, doctor, cab driver whatever. the point is, I know what makes me happy and had the balls to go make that my reality. Do I think you would be happy switching out lives with me? No, of course not. You would probably be even more miserable. But you would be happy if you had it in you to figure out what would be fulfilling to you, take the chance of dropping everything you are coasting on and going and making that a reality.

        65. It’s all absurd. Wealthy people and their high-rise apartments. Each high-rise comes with its own real-life negro doorman with crisp uniform and shiny buttons. Rufus is quick to get the door for Mr and Mrs Goldfarb. It’s as fucking arbitrary as stacking marbles or determining one’s elected leaders through leaping and creeping.

        66. yes. that is it….and I love it. You may not. Cool. But at least I had the courage to go out and get what I wanted out of life and now I am happy, genuinely happy. Can you say that? If not, why?

        67. I love it when Dino sees me coming in from a rainy ray and rushes to take my umbrella, addresses me formally and kisses my ass.

        68. There can be no “happiness” without permanence. I used this metaphor before: Life is like a party with drugs, strippers, music. But the host says “at midnight I’m gonna kill you. Have fun”

        69. it’s like that line from Annie Hall: “I’ve been killing spiders ever since I was 30” I can open my own doors and fold my own umbrellas

        70. again, this is my blue heaven not yours. Find your own instead of bitching.

        71. You might as well give up. You’re in a wall-vs.head fight at this point, and the head rarely wins that one. He’ll excuse his every failing and embrace his every source of bitterness and unhappiness until the end of his short, cortisol fueled life. Might as well debate Stalin on the virtue of humanitarianism.

        72. you talk about illusion and then give me permanence. lol. you must make some medical devices there that you think about permanence. Happiness, true happiness, has to do with the exercising of freedom. Somewhere out there there is something you love. YOu talk about Jethro and the amish clan. You know, you can go and do that right. Sell everything you own and just show up. Walk into the church and tell someone you want to live that life. In a decade or two it will be yours. Life isn’t a party, life isn’t a job, life isn’t any kind of clever analogy. Life is life and it is impermanent and you are wasting time being miserable instead of finding something that will give your life meaning. Now that is foolish.

        73. Truth.
          This world is largely illusory, our perception of it and interactions with it are all man-made contrivance incumbent on the individual to get it to work in his favor.
          Regardless of our personal philosophy our honor/morality, in the end what we have is what we make. Don’t like it, change it, and the wise man begins with shoring up his own lands before striking out to conquer others.
          Thought that was the entire point behind this site, to change things on a personal level and others might follow such example rather than getting marching orders from a head honcho.

        74. Again, this is the problem. If I want to know your view of life I have to watch a movie that you had no hand in the writing or production of. HAR! Get out and be a man dude. Put down the bong and go succeed

        75. That is a good comment.
          Being totally candid here: only one person in my life ever really understood me and she (yes she) said something similar and she was similarly exasperated by my “views.” A few years ago she sent me a copy of “the happiness hypothesis.” Lot of good that did haha

        76. all my comments are good, that was a “great” comment.
          You can’t read your way out of this. You need to make decisions and take action knowing that you can land on your ass. You could read about happiness from now until the end of time. These old dusty philosophers are great. I love ’em, I really do. But take a lesson from the old perpetuals, the peripatetics, the pre plato pneuma pushers….if you don’t go out and do it is a waste of time. like a wise man once said, it don’t mean a thing if it aint got that swing. I don’t know how the hell these people did so much thinkifying in the Mediterranean. God knows the last thing I want to do when I am there is talk about the soul. But for what it is worth, the best of the best, from card holder numero uno in Thales, all decided to get up and do things not just to think them through.

        77. oh and you don’t need someone who understands you. That is modern psychiatric appeasement bullshit. You need a good kick in the fucking ass.

        78. What’s throwing me here is that last sentence, perhaps:
          “Medical care alone doesn’t make people…” or along those lines, because obviously medical care is in fact a contributing factor (of many including poverty, hygiene, heredity, choice, education, stability, etc.).

        79. “Thought that was the entire point behind this site, to change things on a
          personal level and others might follow such example rather than getting
          marching orders from a head honcho.”

        80. “I am absolutely in the punch a Nazi camp.”
          Next time I’m in NY we can go a few rounds and see what happens.

        81. Did you masturbate furiously to that Jewish Hollywood porn flick inglorious bastards?
          You sound pretty smug and well pleased with your peoples work on the demise of Germany and Europe in other posts.

        1. That much we do know. But as you’ll see below in the thread, ol’ Waldemar has the unique ability to call anything bad said about any Nazi “Allied propaganda” while simultaneously embracing everything good said about them without evidence.

        2. yeah, I know his schtick already. More seriously, have you ever actually read the pink swastika? It is a really fascinating book outlining the rise of the NAZI party from a gay subculture in munich. It is written by a guy named Scott Lively who is a very right wing conservative Christian and lawyer who spear-headed a lot of anti fag legislation. There is a very lucid and clear discussion not just of the homosexuality in the highest echelons of the party but how a homosexual agenda really was the driving force.

        3. oh I’m not pro-Nazi.
          Here’s an uncomfortable realization:
          A lot of Jews survived the war. They were kept in camps for years and were fed regularly. Even while German civilians were starving to death, the Jews were fed almost right up to the end of the war.
          i thought the Nazis were so cold and calculating and efficient … what happened?
          It was actually safer to be in Auschwitz or Treblinka than in Berlin or Dresden.

        4. Yeah, that was totally not a Nazi apologist post at all, dude.

        5. It really wouldn’t surprise me. Faggots are far more violent than normal people and far more rigid when they get something stuck in their heads. While I can’t say I have any proof (outside of the well known raids on the SA), the notion doesn’t strike me as outside of the realm of possibility.

        6. I like this book because it is written by an attorney with a sensible and sober argument rather than some polemic which is easily dismissed. Gays are incredibly violent. Their lack of physical strength is the reason they don’t pose a threat physically but look what they do with political strength. If they possessed the ability to put us in chains they would torture us in ways that the arabs and Israelis cant even imagine.

        7. I don’t know what trump likes sexually. Do I think it is possible that he got up to some deviant sexual behavior 30 years ago while in Russia? Sure, why not. Wouldn’t even bother me.

        8. the claims about the golden showers were from a recent trip to Russia (like a year ago)

        9. I have. He caught alot of flack when it came out, but far as I know nothing he wrote was discredited.

        10. That is just it, people screamed and yelled because he pissed off the right and left but not a single person dissected and attacked his arguments.

        11. Again, I don’t know….I wasn’t there. Possible? Sure, why the hell not. He is an insecure guy. I can see it. But I don’t care if it is true or not. Not a relevant thing to me.

        12. Every Jew in America has numerous relatives with holocaust survivor tales. With so many ‘survivors’ makes you wonder about the 6 million figure spoken as gospel was actually true.
          I mean those numbers they must have been churning bodies through ovens on conveyor belts 24/7 and almost made them extinct. Yet immediately after they had significant populations in Europe and abroad and enough to raise an invasion army to displace the Palestinians.

      2. Hitler pushed for vegetarianism (not sure how forcefully overall) across the Reich. Not sure if it’s true, but I recall hearing that meat wasn’t allowed to be consumed at any sort of meal with him present.

        1. That much is true.
          And the U.S. government pushes the homo agenda. Most people however, aren’t homo.

  2. These same people bitch and moan about the cost of health care cost are the same idiots that promote unhealthy lifestyles that drive up the cost of healthcare.

  3. drink/smoke/fat/shabby/nondischargeable-debt/
    great — I can do all that.
    But can a man be a cat -lady and thereby never-nazi?

  4. It’s ironic that the Fascist leaders were healthy and mindful of their physical bodies while the Allied leaders were all smokers and alcoholics and cripples (FDR was wheelchair-bound, Churchill was an obese drunkard, and Stalin had a fucked up leg, walked with a limp, and his face was pockmarked from smallpox scars – he wore makeup to conceal them)

    1. Hitler lost to a cripple. Why do stormcucks like to remind the manosphere of their failures?

  5. All of this is already happening:
    Look at the popularity of binge drinking, smoking is hip once again (especially among the Leftist Hipsters), and people are uglier than ever.

  6. Also, despise the working class.
    The Nazis celebrated the common worker and farmer, giving cruises and spa vacations to workers and their families (Strength Through Joy Program). As opposed to the American Left, which loves to mock the loss of jobs and the ensuing desperation in the Rust Belt.

    1. Not sure an “empire” like the Third Reich which only lasted 10 years is an example to follow. Sure they had great economic policies but when you get too cocky and start believing you are superior to others that’s when u start getting ur ass wooped. Something the Krauts never learn even after 2 major ass whipping. I mean there is nothing superior about getting your ass smacked from Moscow back to Berlin by a bunch of rag tag commies. It’s actually pathetic. You want an empire with both brains and balls, stick to the Romans or the Greeks. The original badasses.

      1. Nazi Germany wasn’t an empire – they only wanted Germans in the Reich. An empire seeks to bring foreigners into the fold not exclude them.

        1. That’s the problem with Nazi logic my friend. When you invade another country the inhabitants of that country are natives not foreigners. Putting all of them to the sword is hardly a subtle long term policy. Something the Romans learned quickly, which is why the lasted 500years not 10. THe world is your oyster not your enemy, relax.

        2. Austria? peaceful invasion = Anschluss – people cheered when Hitler came to Austria
          Czechoslovakia? Millions of ethnic Germans lived there
          Soviet Union? That was to exterminate communism not to build an empire

        3. Austria and the Sudetenland region. That’s 2.
          You forgot France, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, most of Slovakia…
          Potentially UK
          They then went and picked a fight with the US while engaged with СССР.
          Come on Adolf, at least be accurate.

        4. Yeah but the Nazis didn’t destroy those countries. They treated the French ridiculously well. Had Hitler known what was going to happen to Berlin and Dresden, he probably wouldn’t have bend so gentle with Paris.

        5. you know the Soviet Union was planning to attack Germany. Hitler just beat Stalin to the punch.

        6. Your first point is correct, i think Stalin would have tried. But all the European nations would have banded together and it would have been Fortress Europe so they would not have gone as far as in 45.
          Your second point i dont know, French are not that bad, i know a couple. + Paris is great city spart ftom all the muslims.
          No beef, i like you Adolf. You make more sense than that JeffersonAirplane guy. Funny name for a Brit.

        7. My avatar isn’t Hitler.
          I’m not German either.
          People assume because I defend actions of Nazi Germany, that I must be a Nazi.
          I also admire Mussolini and Fascist Italy, doesn’t make me Italian.
          I also admire imperialist Japan, doesn’t make me Japanese

        8. I’m not a Brit, I’m the F2 generation (actually F1.5) of English and Scottish grandparents (both sides) who came to the States just after WW2.
          Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go find these “book” things that you speak of, they sound amazing, I can’t wait to finally read one!

        9. Good man.
          No beef either squire.
          But hey, you came knocking on my gate first. Now that you’re leaving with your pants around your ankles we can bury the hatchet.

        1. lol. “boy that drunken gambler who one 5 straight hands is brilliant”
          “yes, but he is not 80 billion in debt”
          “but those five hands though”

        2. Look up Hjalmar Schacht, minister of economics. He wasn’t even a Nazi just a Patriot. Took his country from hyperinflation to a battle ready nation with surplus GNP and high GNI in space of 10 years. Unprecedent even to this day. For that, credit is due. You should try reading more instead of commenting all the time, maybe you’ll come up with better arguments than Um or Lol.

        3. It’s not hard to take a nation destroyed by WW1, who then falls into chaos with commies machine gunning people in the streets, which then falls into serious and easily solved hyperinflation during a world wide economic downturn, and set it on a better path. Shit, a ten year old can see the economic mistakes that post WW1 Germany (and other nations during the Depression) had fallen into.
          When somebody goes on about the “great economic policies” of Germany during the late 1930’s through early 1940’s, it deserves nothing more or less than “lol” and “um”.

        4. What about negotitions of the Young plan, the confiscation of the Ruhr region by the allies, 4 year plan etc… all this negotited with no bargaining chips and no army to back your claim after WW1. Read the whole books, dont stop at preface.
          Besides, zzzzzzzzz. Your boring. I get more kicks arguing with my goldfish.

        5. Yes yes yes, of course. I must be illiterate. How else can opposition to your viewpoint be explained, except that your opponent must necessarily be illiterate?
          My point was that when you have a nation so devastated on so many fronts, bringing the standard of living up considerably requires no great economic plan or practice, it just requires common sense that any decently educated man can think of. But you must have missed that in your rush to Post how superior your library is to us commoners.
          I’ll leave you to your superior musings about things us illiterate folk have no way to comprehend.
          Slainte mhor.

        6. I have to disagree with you on this, Ghost. If economic turnarounds were easy, Africa would’ve accomplished this within the 50 years post colonial era. They’ve only gotten worse to the point where some countries [such as Djibouti] allowed their former colonizers [France] to re-occupy their territories.

    1. The Nazis had some progressive (in a good sense) ideas about public health. They wanted to discourage smoking, control industrial pollution, stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and get the Germans to eat more of a vegetarian diet.

      1. Basically, it came down to “your body belongs to the state not to yourself” – the essence of fascism

  7. Appreciate the parody but:
    1. The NAZIs were socialists i.e. lefties although not like your modern lefty type but still …
    2. The top NAZIs were gays just like your modern lefties.
    3. The top NAZIs were liberal secular Jews like your modern lefties elite.
    The irony of the situations is the modern lefties have a lot in common with the NAZIs which is why the project the image onto their opposition.

    1. Top Nazis in the SA (Brownshirts) were rumored to be gay. Not any of the Nazis in the faction loyal to Hitler

      1. the brown shirts were top Nazis but I am pretty sure hitler and the faction loyal to him were bottom nazis

        1. but if you are all about hedonism, why do you use “gay” as a slur? I mean if you are all about carnal pleasures, and some fag likes getting reamed out, then where is the consistency ?

        1. I had suggested to GOJ during a casual conversation that it is possible that women are just kidding. Like they really are rational and sane human beings just having a laugh on us. One day Allan Funt (Allan Cunt?) will pop out and be like “hey guys! just kidding”

        2. Funny you mention that. I wrote an ROK article about that girl who was dying of cancer, and she spilled her guts to me about women’s secrets? Anyway, she claimed that she and her girlfriend would go out to clubs and act stupid, just to manipulate guys and make fun of them without them knowing it. Her girlfriend would play “Bambi”, and she would play “Candi”. They’d dress all slutty and act like airheads. So anyway…her friend, “Bambi”, in the middle of some deep conversation the guys were having, would cut loose with a huge fart. And then blurt, “Tee-HEE!” I think they did it because they weren’t as smart as guys, and it was their way of acting superior, but who knows. Funny shit all the same.

        3. Heh. The shit that girl told me. I was pissed when she died because, well, I liked her, but I would just go to her place to pick her brain. I learned so much shit from her about women’s true nature. She was cool, god bless her…

  8. 8. Be ugly as fuck and expect society to accept you for “who you are”. Do nothing to improve yourself and expect the world to change for you.

    1. As I posted the other day, the “equality” nonsense normalizes slacking off and not taking care of yourself. Why bother with that, if you can’t become better than anyone else according to the egalitarian ideology.
      By contrast, a healthy hierarchical society offers people standards to live up to. Our ancestors called the worthy men in the hierarchy above them their “betters” for a reason. Just look up the etymology of the word “aristocracy,” derived from Greek and meaning something like “rule by one’s betters.”

      1. You are ruled by your betters.
        The group with an average IQ of 110.
        As race realists are so fond of saying, “the cream rises to the top.”

        1. average iq doesn’t matter: it’s only the tail end that brings the magic. Those in the 130-160 range.

        2. This is interesting. Your whole “Don’t you dare be rayyyciss” thing now turns to “Jews are better than you”.
          What gives?

        3. In all seriousness, though, I guess I’ve shifted in the tone of my comments because I’ve seen this site shift in tone, and to be perfectly frank I don’t like it.
          I am forever indebted to ROK, and by extension to many of the commenters like you, the kneeman and others. I stumbled upon this site completely by accident, but in many ways it showed me that I was not the only one who was something of a “thought criminal,” who didn’t believe feminism was wonderful or who could believe that everything was just fine while our society decayed around us. It changed the way I viewed everything. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but I have no regrets.
          But this site has changed drastically in the last year or so. I’ve noticed it. Lolknee agrees with me, and I know you’ve seen it too. This site used to be a sort of “brotherhood of man” domain. We came from different backgrounds, but we were all united in a hatred of the way men had been emasculated. Libertas mentioned it on another thread, we may have been losing regularly, but the articles and the comment sections were almost consistently gold. Roosh, Athlone, Libertas, hell even the occasional Matt Forney article was always on point.
          Maybe it started with Trump, but things have changed, and I don’t think it’s for the better. This site, like the Roosh forum, has increasingly become an echo chamber, and the quality of commenters and articles have (in my eyes anyway) noticeably declined. This isn’t the ROK I first discovered anymore. It’s become, or is in the process of becoming, something else, and I don’t like what I’ve seen, and I think things are only going to get worse.

        4. Or perhaps your eyes have now opened completely. At that time you were gaining something of value, are you still? Has your status shifted to where you are better suited to contributing? Do you find any meaning in staying (perhaps making sardonic asides)?
          Sometimes a step back is the key to advancing. (Of course, there’s a cost). But it almost seems that you’ve arrived at the inevitable purity dilemma, good luck in your choice, it’s not an easy one.

        5. I believe racists are created and not born. Many people here probably never cared about race until the previous president began to race bait around the ’12 election to justify the failures of his first term. When the leader of your country militarizes an entire population against you, neutrality becomes less of an option.

        6. I used to never care about race at all. And now I am obsessed with it.
          I smell war in the air… For the first time in my life… And now I dont know how to settle my thoughts.
          I’ve seen the enemy, and I hate him.
          Whether or not my perceptions are true, and whether or not I have any real courage, I do not know.

        7. Keep a sound mind, Brother. You’re worth more on the outside living a life filled with meaning as opposed to rotting in a jail cell.

        8. Mensa prodigies NEVER end up at the top (well…in show-business, sometimes..) – industry gets the top brains, not the politics…but the “magic of power” lies in SELECTIVE SOLIDARITY…a concept most humans struggle with… 🙂

        9. Thanks for your previous post btw.
          I like that he hates Justin Trudeau as much as I do. I don’t know where he stands in terms of Western conservatism, but at least he won’t bankrupt the country in the name of Islam.
          I hate Justin for two reasons… (1) he doesn’t hesitate to spend other people’s money for virtue signalling and public relations, and (2) I think his vision of Canada as a “post nation” is too radical culturally. Why would I want to pay into a system that treats its citizens as completely disposable?
          I don’t feel as strongly for O’Leary as I do for Trump… I genuinely think Trump as President might be motivated by principles other than money, whereas O’Leary’s true motivations are not as clear. But like I said I do think O’Leary wants to prevent Canada from burying itself in debt, and that is at least a clear tangible goal.
          There’s also signs that our public media stations like CBC are going against him (similar to Trump). This suggests to me that what he is saying is a legitimate threat to our current government, and I want them replaced immediately.

        10. No worries man. I think all of us are going through that rage in private…. As far as O’Leary, all the native born Canadians I stay in touch with love him. The few Canadian immigrants I see through FB dismiss him as racist (of course). Its refreshing to see the nationalist fervor spread.

      2. Exactly. Why bother taking care of themselves and improving when their leftist ideology automatically makes them better than everyone else.

  9. They had innovative camo patterns & dress uniforms designed by Hugo Boss. Also read that the laws the Nazis put into effect to punish animal cruelty are still on the books today.

      1. That’s a sad sorry shame.
        Fox hunting is quite interesting.

  10. Nazis take the shame of the holocaust stories while Russia had nearly the same thing – the gulag system.

  11. Liberals call everybody they hate a Nazi just to make themselves feel they are better (happened to me in my first middle school) though if they ever encountered a real SS man brown shirt back in their prime of the 1930s they would be quick to run.

  12. I would tend to identify the scientific and engineering achievements as German rather than Nazi. They were there before Hitler and are still present today. As evidenced by the head of BMW’s advice to Mr Trump re selling more American cars. Build better cars.
    And further to the discussion below being a homosexual was in now way a bar to being successful in the Nazi party – Ernst Roehm was known to be homosexual, it wasn’t a problem. Being too powerful and a potential threat to Hitler was his undoing in the end. So good news for Milo on that front.

    1. Right. I think homosexuality was tolerated by a “he-man” like Rohm while the feminization and gender-bending and general decadence of the Weimar Republic was attacked by the Nazis.

  13. As Roosh says, appearance is ideology. These libs hate “Nazis” yet you know how women love a sharp dressed man. The SS look will pull more ass than a Che Guevara wardrobe.

  14. You left out the part where Lefties should embrace all races of people except maybe for blonde, blue*-eyed people.

  15. Clever.
    The article might have been titled “7 Things the Nazis Did Right”. But by labeling it as you did, you avoided SJW backlash.
    We’ll played.

  16. Bottom line is nazis are the greatest losers in history. They failed at everything they did. That’s a bitter truth to internalize for stormcucks.

      1. Ok, one more before I leave you be.
        You clearly have no idea what Christianity is or what the goal of Christ was. By dying for our sins he actually succeeded because he was Resurrected and provided us a path to redemption. Did you miss that entire “Easter” thing when reading the Bible, hoss?
        All the Nazis did was sputter, sneer, invade and then get their arses kicked. Had they stayed at home and attended to matters without getting all uppity they might well be in power today. So yeah, they’re losers.

        1. Aren’t you ethnically German? Or at least your wife / children are. Germany didn’t start the war. The Poles and Czechs were killing ethnic Germans in those nations. Hitler wanted to protect ethnic Germans.

        2. Um, no, I’m English and Scottish and, in a very technical sense, Scandinavian via the vikings.
          Spare me your apologist crap. What I said exposed your utter lack of familiarity with Christianity and Christ. Next time, I suggest you use a subject you actually know something about.
          Further, I note that like all Leftists, you can’t admit error. Why is that?

        3. The inspiration of Christ is that despite being mocked and spat upon by all, he knew he was right.
          Similarly, the truth of National Socialism (despised and detested by all through brainwashing) will one day be acknowledged as truth and right and in that be redeemed.

        4. And still, you can’t admit error. The trick here, which I’ve explained to your sloggingly slow comprehension, is that Jesus defeated death and thus, wasn’t a “loser” in the sense that you compared him to your beloved, adored Nazis.
          You are a fine example of a modern academic, Pabst.

        5. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with cheating death.
          Why do Christians celebrate martyrs who were burned as heretics such as Jan Hus? It was because like Christ, they refused to repent. They were unshaken to the end in the rightness / righteousness of their beliefs. While everyone mocked Christ, adorned him with a crown of thorns etc, he knew he was the Son of God and never wavered in his conviction.

        6. Hitler used German community in Czechoslowakia to get gold in national bank and patents. Despite what media shows these days german weapons sucked ass until they conquered us.

        7. The Germans fielded some of the best aircraft and submarines during WW1 and when they were rebuilding their quality of work was second to none, long prior to the invasion of the Czech area. Their U-Boats are infamously great predator ships.

        8. Indeed. But their tanks were a complete joke before war. You could pierce an armor of a light tank with a god damn machine gun. Hell, half of their tanks broke when they drove over our mountains.

        9. Most WW1 tanks and their immediate replacements prior to WW2 were pretty weak compared to what emerged, on all sides, during WW2.
          And, no offense meant here, but if they were all so crappy and shit, it amazes me how quickly and thoroughly they conquered y’all.
          Fact is that the German military was pretty fucking scary. Don’t take the tactic of being like Betamax aficionados when they confront the fact that VHS won.

        10. As a matter of fact, we could have defeat them but Britain and France sold us out (Munich agreement in 1938). You can’t fight back when they tie your hands behind your back.

        11. Yeah, the Czechs were totally able to defeat the entire mobilized Wehrmacht. Something that took the rest of the world banding together to accomplish. Y’all are virtual *supermen* bro!
          Ok, I think I need to get off of this thread for a bit, things are really loopy today.
          Slainte mhor

        12. As I said in different comment Wehrmacht in 1930’s and in 1940’s were two completely different things.
          And to be honest we had better chances than Poland, which sent a fucking cavalry against tanks.

        13. As a matter of fact Czechs survived nazis, communists, almost 400 years of Austrian control, almost complete annihilation of our culture and language and countless backstabbing from our supposed allies.

        14. Czech patents? on what? their advanced Czech poison gas detector? A bird in a cage? Slavic technological prowess? lolz

        15. Oh come on: Germans weren’t going to obey international treaties but they were sticklers for patent licensing and royalties???

        16. I never understood why in America we refer to it as Easter when that’s just a European translation for Ishtar who is the Babylonian queen of fertility and why christians have their kids find Easter bunny eggs when that’s an old practice for fertility and honoring a pagan god, something God himself hates.

        17. …and yet the Polish campaign cost Hitler 16,000 lives in military losses (just for starters). sure as hell it was worth it.

        18. Nope. “Easter” and bunnies and eggs come from germanic goddess of spring and fertility, Ostara.
          Pretty chick, that one. 😉

        19. No, actually, it’s from the Germanic pagan godess Eoster, who was, unsurprisingly, the goddess of fertility.

        20. “Survived” != beat. By your estimation, the Indians beat the Europeans in America, because they’ “survived”.

        21. I think it’s all the same considering Ishtar was from Nimrod and the book of genesis will is pretty much the begining of time. Our holiday should be only the Jewish Passover day really.

  17. lol the last red pill you need to swallow is accepting that there needs to be a mass-extinction of brown skinned and yellow skinned organism if the west is to survive. The entire population of africa is human chaff

    1. Heh, that’s funny. An old white guy I know from back in the 1990’s (he was old then, he’s probably long passed now) commented to me that other races get violent out individually, but when white people do it in earnest, we utterly annihilate the enemy and salt the earth and make their nation into a glass parking lot. Then we get back to the barbeque and being kind, decent neighbors (his words).

      1. Maybe that´s why the elite Jews hates your race, because whites gets results. Other cultures were like cattle and easy to control, western civilization is not. There is biological evidence of difference in intelligence in races and maybe morals too, They hate you because whites if organized can destroy them as in the past, like when they hated the end of slavery and the creation of the human rights. When you get replaced by 3rd world brown shits, they will own the entire world forever.

        1. And what other cultures have the Jews ever controlled? I always hear this from alt-righters, but I never get any actual examples.

        2. Jews will never be able to control muslims. Muslims dont budge, and for good reason. They have only succeeded in destroying Christianity. The people against Islam are actually on the side of Jews even if they don’t know it.

        3. Did you know that a large number of American Jews who were sent to China during WW2 to help coordinate the efforts against Imperial Japan stayed on as advisers to Mao?

        4. Banks in china are open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, and you’re still poor.

        5. You know nothing of my financial status. People on here have a hard time understanding that one can maneuver and wriggle through the system gathering degrees, credentials, awards, money etc all the while being fully aware that these things are meaningless, just pieces of flair pinned to the shell of a crab. It’s like being alive while being eaten by wild animals.

        6. You’re speaking just like the communists at my university…”yeah, communism failed in the Soviet Union, but that’s just cause x y and z were wrong. I’m fully confident it will work in America.”That’s exactly how fascists are talking too.

        7. I do wonder the degree to which the cultural Jew fears another Assyrian-style conquest. A nation mightier than theirs rode down on them, destroyed their cities, slaughtered their menfolk, and dispersed their women to breed into the Assyrian empire, effectively killing the peoples they conquered.

        8. But I constantly hear from the alt-right that non-white people are easily malleable and used as tools by the Jewish menace, when in reality it appears that white people are these malleable tools.

      2. Yeah that’s cool but there are a lot of old White WW2 vets who killed a lot of Nips only to end up with kinky haired black grand children. Somewhere the ghosts of Hiroshima are laughing

  18. then why do the jews love to claim his clones or babies are alive in s america or antarctica or the moon waiting to start the fourth reich. The Jews didn’t lie did they? Say it ain’t so Joe

    1. Is the moderator really that blue pill that he must remove the comment?
      If hilter was sterile and had no children, was he virtue signaling against himself?

        1. Actually, Hitler had a son and today he has many descendants. He knocked up a French gal during his service in WWI.
          Once he achieved power, he sent her money on a regular basis. But never took responsibility for the child. In light of how things turned out, that was probably for the best.

        2. Rumored bastard with no paternity test. Lots of people still claiming to be heir to howard hughes who left no will also.

  19. If you’re ready for the next level of RP. . .
    Is Trump like Hitler? No. . .not in the way that we were taught about Hitler’s personality (psychopath killing machine). But if you compare Trump to the REAL Adolf Hitler, the similarities are undeniable. Of course, the real Adolf Hitler is not what the libtards are referring to.

      1. +Waldemar Pabst – indeed, I wish we knew the true history. I think there are enough facts that debunk the holohoax to AT LEAST question what we were indoctrinated about Hitler. One thing we can do is look at what is happening:
        A people wanting to take their nation back, and being labeled as psychopathic racist misogynists. Sound familiar? Yes, that’s most certainly what the National Socialists in Germany went through before the war.
        And by the way, for those sceptical about Hitler, ask yourself this: where does the word “Nazi” come from? If you can’t answer that simple question, then you have no place to say Hitler was evil, nor any place really to even comment on the topic. I’ll give you a hint though: the term “Nazi” is the equivalent of what Hillary tried to label us as: Deplorables. That’s right. NSDAP members never ever referred to themselves as “Nazis”, and furthermore were offended by it. And the deeper you look into this information, the more you’ll start to realize, that most people here on RoK are indeed the resurrection of the NSDAP. But fear not, for it is not the organization of evil you were raised to believe in.

    1. The Trump hoax is played almost word by word from the Hitler hoax manual. It looks surreal for those of us fortunate to have followed your research but unfortunately the masses are again hypnotized.
      History repeats itself.

  20. Damn! Now I want to be a Nazi. And no one walked around with their pants hanging off showing ass crack. What was so awful about them? Cool tech, kicked ass militarily when they were not making stupid strategic blunders, sharp dressers, disciplined, a force to reckoned with any day of the week.
    They did take that exterminating inferiors a bit far, but hey, no one is perfect, and blacks kill each other with impunity every day in the streets and with abortions and no leftist bats an eye or protest that one.
    “Wait, you didn’t really believe that Hitler was a “mindless hater” who despised everyone who wasn’t pure German right? The American Nazi Party gets regular e-mails from non-whites who sympathize with our struggle, and who have been just as exploited and mistreated by this Judeo-Capitalist system as the White Working-Class. National-Socialism believes that each race should be empowered to govern themselves, in their own nation as they see fit without any outside power interfering. The infinite greed of this corrupt government seeks to push us ALL into poverty and financial slavery; they are a threat to the livelihood of all peoples.”

    1. And as part of the Nazi’s environmental program, I’m guessing there was not trash in the streets or turds floating down the rivers unlike leftist duh-verse paradises like Liberia or Haiti.

        1. Fascism means your body belongs to the state – as such you are obligated to take good care of it

        2. Socialized medicine is not necessarily the best system either, even with a dedicated monocultural society.

        3. If no woman wants your body at least the state does so that must be some consolation for stormcucks.

  21. Japs are smarter than germans. They never make the same mistake twice. They only lost one world war.

    1. Unfortunately, the Japanese still carry a spirit of defeat within themselves. Hoepfully with enough ***EXITs, they will wake up and take their country back.

      1. It’s moving slowly, but it is starting to happen. The Abe government is doing what it can to create cultural restoration, though they are not so powerful as to enforce sweeping and swift cultural change.
        I like what I’m hearing from overseas, though. Restore the concept of the “wa” to its traditional place (that is, you must be born Japanese and raised Japanese to be Japanese), remove liberal arts programs from higher education, and get the men and women breeding again (for only they and their children can have the “wa”).

        1. Unlike stormcucks who throw impotence rage tantrum, Japs respect a winner. In sumo the loser must apologize to the winner.

        2. Didn’t know that, but it doesn’t surprise me. Sumo is a gigantic religious ritual which encompasses a sport.
          I remember watching a documentary on one of the biggest scandals in sumo – a few wrestlers fixed a couple of fights. From what I understand, the Japanese people were outraged that such a thing could happen, because the sumo have an almost priestly responsibility in the ring.

        3. On your knees loser and bow until your forehead touches the ground, you have humiliated yourself by your inferiority with the entire world watching and aren’t worthy of respect.

  22. That Red Man quote is so true. Most NA Natives can’t hold their liquor. Probably why they’re so alcoholic, dysfunctional and can’t actually produce anything.

  23. Here’s an article you guys should read: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/09/trump-supporters-neo-nazis-white-nationalists-kkk-militias-racism-hate
    Also, Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian who gave a shit about animal’s rights, so you should have also mentioned some stuff about hunting animals and eating meat if you really want to piss off Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.
    Also want to add that this isn’t such a bad article from you rednecks.

  24. 8. Punch Some Nazis:
    The safe-space, microaggression, triggering mentality of the Millenial snowflakes, so often criticized on these pages, plays right into the notion that violence against unwanted speech is totally justified.
    UC Berkeley newspaper op ed “Violence as Self Defense” quotes from students:
    – “To people with platforms who decide when a protest should and should not be violent: You speak from a place of immense privilege. As I recently wrote in a tirade against this brand of idiocy, asking people to maintain peaceful dialogue with those who legitimately do not think their lives matter is a violent act,”
    – “Violence helped ensure safety of students”: “We share our stories and provide insight to the reality of the flawed immigration system. To out us is to remove that agency from us.”
    – Black Bloc “was made up of people with the most to fight for and the most to lose,” and “did what campus should have.”
    – “I put my safety and my freedom on the line because letting Yiannopoulos speak was more terrifying to me than potential injury or arrest.”
    – “The principle of freedom of speech should not be extended to envelop freedom of hate speech, for the unchecked normalization of hate speech will have real consequences.”
    Berkeley Student Op-Ed: We Had To Get Violent In Self-Defense To People Saying Stuff

    1. I want them to get totally violent. And I want there to be no copz at these events. Let ’em do the math.

  25. This is the most dumb-ass ROK comments thread ever. Why do I come here?
    “Nazis are cool”; “nazis are crap”.
    Hey, Hitler was a vegetarian.

  26. For those who found this article interesting, check out the book “The Myth of German Villiany”. Available on Amazon for Kindle.

      1. “Hogans Heroes” could not be made today, human, amusing German WWII soldiers, not PC.

        1. Sure it could, if the Germans were all played by Jews as the original was. Sargent Schultz: Jew, Colonel Klink: Jew, General Burkhalter: Jew, SS Major Wolfgang Hochstetter of the Gestapo: Jew.
          French Army Corporal Louis LeBeau: Jew “holocaust” survivor.

        2. Upon the 2010 DVD release _The Forward_ talked about “this early effort to find belated humor in Hitler’s war machine”. Hogans Heroes, 1965-1971, “went for outright laughs, successfully or not”. Talks about all Jewish Nazis: “Was it somehow better to have buffoonish Nazis played by Jewish actors?”
          I think they weren’t pushing The Holocaust as the central tragedy of WWII so much in the sixties. The show Laugh-In had a funny Nazi, also Jewish.

        3. I met LeBeau once a few years ago at some event in L.A. … he was pushing his bio or something. Had to show me the number tattoo on his arm and I had to stifle a grin. There’s no business like Shoah business …
          BTW, he was *really* pushing his bio or whatever book it was he just had published. He tried to get me to buy one there at the event (it was a very small event) and I suggested I’d go online and purchase, so he poo-poo’ed that idea and replied sarcastically, “you’re not gonna get one!” like he didn’t believe me. (I never did buy his damn book, now that I think of it.)

        4. Harlan Ellison wrote a really vitriolic piece against Hogan’s Heroes way back in the day when it was current. Like modern-day SJWs, he didn’t think there was anything funny about Nazis in WW2, even television Nazis.
          I’m not sure if he really distinguished between concentration/death camps and prisoner-of-war camps, not that it would have changed his negative view of the series. (POW camps were considerably more humane than concentration camps in general, afaik.)

        5. Oh yeah, that’s like my favorite show. Every Wednesday at 3AM I’m glued to the tube.

        6. Interesting, I did not know this.
          I think you have to be Jewish to play a funny Jew or a funny Nazi.

        7. It would be amusing to see a remake of Hogan’s Heroes retaining all the same character types just replacing the Nazis with SJWs and in a modern office setting.

  27. You missed one of the biggies. Hitler was a vegetarian. So you should avoid all vegtables in your diet and only eat red meat. If that causes too much cognitive dissonance just have your head explode. Better that death than being in any way a Nazi.

  28. You’re missing a big one: Hitler was reportedly a vegetarian. So vegetarians and especially vegans are immediately suspect. Eat lots of red meat.

  29. 8. Cruelly massacre useless animals
    Because good ole’ Adolf happened to be the first leader in history to implement rules regarding the well-being and legal care of animals. You vindictive SJW’s wouldn’t want to be related to the Nazi’s so you better go beat up, maim, mutilate, dismember, burn, and kill every animal you see whether its a puppy, a baby bird, or a slow-moving tortoise.

  30. Ha, ha, subtitle for this article on the home page: ‘Effective ways for SJWs to _take a stab at_ “Nazis”‘.
    Maybe stab them with a sharpened Antifa flag pole.
    Great pictures!

  31. It’s too bad that the nazis were genocidal warmongering maniacs because under their leadership, the Western world wouldn’t be in the social shit we are in right now.

    1. Don’t believe everything you hear, esp so when it comes to war propaganda. Are you familiar with the “Polish White Papers”? Have you read “Icebreaker” and “The Chief Culprit”? If not, with all due respect, you are not knowledgeable enough to express an opinion on who the real warmongers were.

  32. …boy, good thing “we” won.
    NATIONAL SOCIALISM: full employment, zero nat’l debt, autobahn, rocketry, national pride, Jews sent to Israel.
    ‘muRicAn fReeDuMB: Bottomless debt, tranny TV shows, “Asian” grooming gangs, Holocaust® Museums, Madonna.

  33. Stormcucks keep branding themselves as the greatest failure of the white race, and then they wonder why they can’t compete with foreigners for white women…

  34. If everyone right of centre is ‘far’ right; then by that logic that since the left have pretty much come out as socialists with their love of communism – then everyone left of centre is a jew
    So if the jew left want to virtue signal against nazis (real or imagined) then they should keep banging on about the 600 billion that Hitler strangled personally during the fake holocaust bullshit

  35. Beginning of article: These people aren’t Nazis at all! Stupid leftists calling them Nazis! Rest of article: NAZIS WERE RIGHT
    Not a cohesive argument
    P.S. Nazis were wrong

  36. Encourage lefties to go out and punch white police officers, too! I mean, they’re white and they wear uniforms. You know who else wore uniforms? Nazis. :^)

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