The Dumbest Question I’ve Ever Received

How should a woman go about the early stages of dating more than one guy at a time (under the assumption that there is a long-term relationship trajectory)? I am a 20 year old college junior and I am lucky right now in that I seem to have two options. I am not sure how to make sure I am respectful of both of them and their time/feelings/resources, but I don’t want to only focus on one in case we aren’t on the same page or aren’t ultimately looking for the same thing. I don’t want to be in sexual relationships with both of them at the same time for obvious reasons, but I also realize that you can only date a guy so long before physical expectations should be fulfilled. Is there any graceful way to handle this? If you don’t have any suggestions I’ll turn to my parents, but I figured I’d ask you as well since you always throw in a healthy dose of realistic cynicism.

Translation: “I want to feel wanted and receive affections from multiple men without giving anything up in return.” I don’t understand why women email me for advice. Why would I help the opposing team?

18 thoughts on “The Dumbest Question I’ve Ever Received”

  1. Should throw her my way. I would say play both men as long as possible. Why stop at two? Plenty of guys in the sea to screw over. 🙂

  2. She should invite both of them to a threesome, menage a trios, so that they realize what a self centered, narcisistic and solipilistic woman she is. They will either agree to her wants of a threesome or they will walk away.They will think less of her either way. Help her out with this advice.

  3. With my advice above, both men will think of her the way she deserves to be thought of, not as a serious romantic love interest, but rather she will be thought of as a cum dumster.

  4. DocLove wins this thread. She’s rationalizing acting in a blatantly immoral way and that would be the only way to hit her upside the head with the consequences.
    Shitty situation.

  5. What’s hilarious is that when one of those two dudes reveals to her that she’s one of many plates he’s spinning she will bitch and complain about how men are pigs to all her friends.

  6. Glad you posted this. So many betas are just completely with regards to how young, attractive women when they are at the height of their sexual power (ages 16-26). Hopefully shit like this, from the horse’s mouth, will wake these guys up.
    And for the record, I really don’t have a problem with her playing these guys. Extracting resources from horny while not delivering on the implied promise of sex is what women do. The problem is the clueless betas who can’t/won’t wake up to the scam. She’s just doing what women do in a society that imposes no meaningful constraints on them.

  7. A year or so ago I’d have been one of those clueless betas. It is nice to finally wake up and have at least a nascent grasp of what’s going on out there.

  8. Well first off, I could care less about her being on the opposing team as long as the beta she is playing isnt me. Second, I think it is stupid she would even pose this question because she obviously wants her options open. Its quite hard to put your enegry in so many places, for example, two guys at the same time.Regardless one of the guys is going to get the shorter end of the deal here so you should ask her has she used her common sense lately?

    1. That she basically wants to date two men at once while using their time, money and other resources and while leading them on to think that they are actually in a relationship. On top of that, she’s using sex as a bargaining chip to get them to play along with her bullshit.
      The funny part is that she’s trying to articulate this bullshit to sound as if she’s facing some inescapable dilemma that’s plaguing her life. What’s even funnier is that she comes to Roosh of all people to give her “advice” that only seeks to populate the world with more betas.
      Nothing new here….

  9. i, can think of a dumber question, why do people buy into this troll blog? hahahahahahhahahahhahhahahahhahahahhahhahha

  10. Or she could just give them both regular HJs, the polite and lady-like way to handle men’s “physical expectations.”

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