Why Russian Girlfriends Are The Best

While I don’t discriminate against any particular women, I still like to go back to my roots and date Russian (and other ex-Soviet Union) women every now and then.

One-night stands are a blast, but the real fun begins when you get yourself a nice Russian/Eastern European girlfriend for a mini-relationship.  I’ve had my share of those and can tell you that the dynamics are exactly the opposite to what you’ll find in feminist countries where women have been brainwashed into thinking they’re the same as men.

Things finally return to normality, a dark and long-forgotten place where men are men, women are women, and children are scared.

What She Does For Me

1. Cooking

She begins cooking as soon as she comes home from work.  Dishes range from basic (potato, soups) to the complex.  While she’s cooking I make myself useful by sitting in the living room mindlessly browsing the Internet or doing similarly important stuff.  She’s the queen of the kitchen, and I don’t dare to interfere. 

2. Laundry

My laundry is done every week like clockwork.  Once it’s done, the clothes are duly hanged to dry and then neatly folded and put back in my drawer.  While she’s hanging the clothes to dry or folding them afterwards, you’ll usually find me helping by sitting in the living room watching random YouTube videos or chatting with my friends.

3. Cleaning

The house is duly cleaned once a week.  While she’s cleaning the floor, I make myself useful by pulling my feet up while she cleans the floor underneath.  Then I resume my normal activities of browsing the Internet or reading some tech blogs.

4. Sex On Demand

I get sex anytime I want with no exceptions.  She’s tired after work – we bang.  She has a headache – we bang.  She is on her period – we bang.  Her pussy is sore – we bang.  I also get a blowjob so that my member is properly lubed for the raw dogging that follows.

5. Loyalty

Eastern European women greatly value relationships over one-night stands with random guys.  As long as she’s in a committed (at least from her point of view) relationship all other guys are out of the picture.  When the relationship starts to deteriorate that’s when she’ll start considering other guys, including her male “friends” who have been emailing her from time to time to “check in” and liking her silly posts on Facebook.

What I Do For Her

1. Be A Man

I’m tasked with fixing shit around the house, solving problems and making all decisions more complex than … – never mind, I’m tasked with making all decisions.  I also have to provide emotional support if she’s tired or had a bad day.  If you need further clarification about this whole “be a man” concept, watch a couple of Russian movies (I recommend WWII) or go live in Moscow for a month.

2. Bang

If I’m free and haven’t emptied my sperm reserves in a while, I give her a good and thorough pummeling — the harder the better. If, while her pussy is being demolished, her eyes roll to the back of her head, then I’m doing it right.  Mediocre sex is not acceptable.  I also give her a good pounding if she’s moody and bugging me.  Things quickly return to normal and everyone is happy.  The health of the relationship is a complex function of quantity of sex multiplied by quality of sex of squared.  Give her earth-shattering orgasms and she’ll be your slave for life.

So unless you’ve had a Russian/EE girlfriend, you simply haven’t lived.  Her job is to make sure her man is well fed, well rested, and always has a warm hole to empty his sperm reserves.  And these skills she learned from the school of life, a mystical place where reality based on biology always trumps any “reality” portrayed on that last episode of Sex And The City.

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80 thoughts on “Why Russian Girlfriends Are The Best”

  1. That is completely true. I am glad and very proud that my online business have brought me over 4,000.00 USD cash every month, so I can enjoy Russian girlfriend and it is EXACTLY as you DESCRIBE

    1. How is it that my on-topic, yet critical, comments of some articles don’t get approved but this spam comment is approved?

  2. As I have already mentioned previously (where Roosh did not delete my comments) I am Ukrainian and I have plenty of experience with girls of my country as well as others.
    The best girl friend I have ever had was Portuguese,lets’start here.The worst?Well…hard to say.Definitely Ukrainians are not top of the list mainly due to constant lying, tendency to sociopathy and passionless sex.I don’t mind seeing them for some time though.
    Also Ukrainian/Russian tend to create a so-called “demo versions”,hook-n-bait game,where they indeed behave in general quite well (unlike north-western women who try first to repel a man and then stick to the ones who have survived the testing).This usually ends up in 6-7 months (normally after having a man betaised).
    How long have you been with them?IMO if you have not been with a Russian woman for longer than a year you are simply KJ’ing here.Or antagonising people with experience.

    1. I do think there is a definite “grass is greener” and “familiarity breeds contempt” factor going on. Guys in their own countries seem to often hate their own women’s annoying traits and prefer foreigners. Although American chicks with their obesity and cliquishness seem to be worse than most…

      1. Of course and mileage may vary. What I do think is true is that countries with a more traditiontal patriarchal culture will be better for the average male.
        One thing I’ve learned in my 30 years of life and quite a few years abroad, is that the universe balances everything out. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can’t have maxium security and freedom at the same time. You can’t have feminine girls who make great girlfriends and have depraved one night stands. You can’t have a high-tech society and a local, communtiy based society at the same time. Everything comes at a price.
        It reminds me of the works of my countryman, the great philosopher, Kirkegaard who let one of his characters – a pleasure seeking young man – say: “Get married and you’ll regret it – don’t get married and you’ll regret it as well’.
        Every choice is not choosing something else. You just have to figure out what is the most important for you.

        1. In many ways, the traditional patriarchal culture is better for the average woman as well. I am a 35 year old woman, with an expensive education and a career and a great boyfriend, and if it weren’t for the expensive education I would gladly give up my career to stay home and cater to my amazing boyfriend and raise some kids. Men aren’t the only ones who feel a little gyped by the demand/expectation our society imposes that women be both woman and man in a relationship.

  3. nice article. i havent had a russian girlfriend but what you described has been my experience with some of the asian, latin girls ive dated in their countries. out of curiosity did they do your laundry by hand? nothing impressed me more than watching past girlfriends spend hours doing my laundry by hand. thats something no western woman would EVER do.

    1. And that’s something A woman who values time would NOT do. If the machine is there, it’s best to use the machine to wash clothes! 🙂 Leaves more energy for banging! 😀

    2. In Ukraine, it’s common to have a washing machine but not a dryer, and to have to use a clothesline.

      1. Dryers are not common in Europe. I lived with a 2-in-1 machine once, but it left the clothes more wrinkled than air drying.
        Air drying actually lengthens the life of the clothes, but if your water is hard, it leaves the clothes stiff like newspaper.

  4. LOL…LOL>>OMG…I lot of angry russian women are going to respond to this article!

    1. More likely, they’ll gloat about how they’re so much better than those fat amerikankas.

  5. I had this discussion just last night with my very good Russian friend. According to her, yes, Russian women are super feminine, however, they also expect you to pay – always – and they demand constant attention. Good for some, but not for cheap introverts like me.

    1. Are you kidding? This is the beta imperative. Exchange resources and time for sex and care. Many of us had to tamp down this natural instinct to become aloof alphas.

      1. Huh? Explain please? I want to keep my time and resources. I can care for myself better than any broad. I just want the sex for now and American women are willing to give that to me for nothing. Maybe after I settle down to start a family and need a caregiver for the passel of youngins I’ll look towards the Russkies.

  6. Another ‘foreign women’ article. Y’all are going to ruin these destinations. Mark my words, pussy paradises will be destroyed by too much publicity. And why, just so you can write another book or blog post? Let the intrepid minority be rewarded for their explorations, don’t destroy a finite natural resource by inviting the multitudes to trample it away! Ah well, I suppose this was bound to happen.

    1. Au contraire. Most fatass Americans are actually scared shitless about even considering going to Russia. It’s amazing.

  7. True. After I started dating a Russian girl 10 years ago by accident, and then, more or less by accident, another one, I have only been interested in EE-girls. Especially Russians. But you have to be a man, as the author stated. Anything less will not be tolerated.

  8. I’ve been dating EE women exclusively for the last several years. No way I can go back to American women.

  9. There are 3 russian girls in my class they are quite feminine but they dont talk much..dunno how to win em over exactly….they been in the country for almost 2 yrs now
    they dont seem that westernized

  10. lived in russia for 3 years and i cant agree more with this article. russian women are the best. and the hottest

  11. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Contrary to some false stereotypes, Russian girls are SO freaking feminine. Just ooze femininity, and I’ve always found them to be easy-going.

  12. There was a Wendy’s commercial in the mid 80s that showed americans view of soviet women…seems we had it backwards, lol!

  13. There are distinct advantages to taking a god to your bed. Quite apart from the concept of “satisfaction guaranteed”, you know that he’s unlikely to balk at almost anything you want to do, particularly if he’s from a pantheon that has been fucking around every realm since the beginning of time as you know it.
    And particularly if he’s tall, dark, and wickedly handsome.
    Tash smirks down at Loki, sprawled like an albino starfish beneath her. She’s on her knees, on his cock, leaning back as he grips her wrists for balance, so that his firm flesh is rubbing just the right spot, just inside her entrance. She’s doing all the work. He’s doing all the talking.
    “If only you’d let me touch you,” he urges. “Or use magic, the kind I never use on any but the most beautiful, most sensuous. I could make you feel my tongue on your breasts, licking down into your womanhood, perhaps exploring your anal passage. Hm, perhaps all at once. Wouldn’t you like that, my love?”
    She goes on rocking and grinding, panting, not exactly tuning him out, letting the velvet nuance of his voice add to the voluptuous undulations of pleasure building inside her. She’s approaching her fifth climax and she throws her head back and listens to the wet smacking of flesh and the soft grunts issuing from Loki as she rides him.
    “That’s it, my beauty, abandon yourself, show me your glory…”
    It’s just as powerful as the first orgasm, and the second, and all the rest; the only thing keeping her from falling off him is the clasp of his hands, hands she clutches as if they were reins, or a lifeline.
    He tugs and she falls forward onto his chest, still full of his cock which is still unsatisfied. Loki’s fingers slide through her short hair, lazily, as though he’s in no hurry. Still, when she lifts her head to look at him he gives her a look that’s mildly reproachful.
    “You have pleasured yourself on my manhood, and I have pleasured you with my fingers,” he says. “Dare I ask, is it my turn yet? Or as I suspect, do you have one more appendage of mine to fuck?”
    She gives a wicked laugh, worthy of the mad god everyone believes him to be, the power hungry idiot he’s left behind now. Part of his redemption is her doing; he’s connected to her now in ways that don’t involve genitals or other less pleasant chains.
    “My silver tongue, perhaps?”
    He draws it over his lips as she lifts herself on hands and knees. First she lowers her head to give him her mouth to lick, then she shifts up to dangle her nipples where he can get at them, which he does, enjoying the sounds she makes while he laps and sucks.
    Finally she moves again to straddle his face. Loki slides his hands along her legs, up to twine around her hips as she lowers herself to his mouth. Blissfully he closes his eyes and breathes her in.
    She tugs on his hair, reminding him what he’s there for, and he plies his tongue as best he can while she fucks down onto it. She has a seemingly endless capacity for orgasm and loves to exploit him to achieve it. Especially as she knows he can, as her friend Rogers puts it, “do this all day.”
    He’d smirk if his lips were able to do anything besides suckle Tash’s sweet pussy.
    When she rolls off his face, Loki licks his lips ostentatiously and then wiggles his hips to demonstrate what is currently going to waste at the moment.
    “Even without magic,” he says, “a man has his limits.”
    “Hmm, I think we can test yours a bit further,” says Tash. She gets off the bed and says, “Close your eyes,” and when he peeks she’s doing something with straps and the fastener they call Vel-Cro, and she catches him and says sternly, “No peeking.”
    When she turns, he’s staring openly at – her cock. On a woman, an Earth woman, it’s bizarre.
    “Like it?” she purrs, cocking a hip. “I know there are beings in the Nine Realms who can grow these at will, among other things. We of Midgard make do with our quaint technology.”
    She climbs back on the bed and smacks his belly and he makes a false sound of pain that devolves in a laugh.
    “On your belly,” she orders.
    “I think not,” he retorts. If this is going where he thinks it’s going, he wants to watch.
    He’s obviously become overconfident, because the next moment Tash has wrapped her arms around his limbs and flipped him herself. She sits on his thighs and he feels her little fingers prying his buttocks apart to rub oil over and into his anus. Deliberately he relaxes inside, allows his body to soften and stretch in anticipation. He’s done this before, many times, but never with a human.
    He lies there and smirks until she leans over and says, “Knees in, head down, oh god of mischief.”
    He tries to look put upon, but her hands are smooth on the back of his thighs and she pushes steadily until he’s where she wants him. He hears her lubricating the false cock, then the decadent feeling of being breached and penetrated and invaded.
    Then the sweet drag along his passage as she pulls and pushes, far too slowly, so he whines and she just grins and maintains the pace but increases the thrust, until his torso is rocking down into the bed and he’s staring longingly at his own cock, bobbing untouched between his spread thighs.
    “Please,” he whispers harshly; Tash leans over and wraps her arms around his waist and he says again, “Please, I want to see you, love.”
    Amazingly, she lets go, pulls out, flips him back over as though he were an infant, and quickly thrusts back into him, leaning on his folded knees, breasts sliding against his legs as she pumps. As she fucks him. *Fucks* him, and he loses lucidity at the thought, reaches down, and his hand collides with hers as they both grasp his cock and squeeze, and she shifts her hips at an angle that never fails to send a shock through his body. A shock that sends a fountain of his essence spurting over their joined hands and his belly.
    He lets his legs slump down around her as she withdraws. When she smears her fingers through the pearly pool on his stomach he takes hold of her wrist and brings the fingers to his mouth and sucks them lavishly.
    When she lowers her head to lick up the rest he shudders, knowing she isn’t done with him yet.

  14. Totally classless to brag about what you have that other people can’t have. It’s always the classless pieces of shit like you that get the feminine women.

  15. I had a rural American girlfriend like this. It didn’t work out because she showed the same loyalty and submissiveness to her incredibly fucked up family and they dragged her down with them. Still the closest I ever came to marrying someone.

  16. Agree 100% I have dated Russian/Ukraine women and they are fantastic! Just watch out for the gold digger ones that love money and you should be ok.

  17. Same can be said about Asian/African/South American girls. Or in short, EVERYTHING ELSE THAN WESTERN USELESS SKANKS.

  18. Totally agree.
    I’ve mostly dating Cuban girls in Miami & thought they were the best until recently.
    I didn’t have and experience with Russian girls until i started dating a Cirque Du Soleil acrobat recently.
    She is such a sweetheart.
    She does everything just like you mention. Incredibly thoughtful all the time. The one thing she needs from me that you didn’t mention is she needs a lot of my time. She just likes to be around me. (It’s probably a normal amount, I’m just the kind of guy that needs my space)
    Great article Maverick

  19. Maverick,proove that you have a russian girl friend.How does she call you in russian (“sweet”words)?
    It all looks that you have a russian GF in your dreams lol.

  20. Couldn’t agree with you more… Of course, you forgot one thing, EE/Soviet women also take care of themselves, and always dress to the 9’s. You will never see her in sweats and looking grubby. She may have a warm hole for you, but it’s always nicely trimmed with proper accents.

  21. This is absolutely disgusting. And yes, I know what this comment is inviting. I know that you’ll all point and scream “ohohohoho, a feminist!”, and I’ll be stormed with a barrage of “get back in the kitchen” or “make me a sandwich” or “get raped”, but honestly, I really don’t fucking care right now. This shit is horrendous. Every word makes me want to vomit.
    Where do I even begin? First of all, it’s okay if a woman wants to live a stereotypically feminine life. It’s okay for her to cook, and clean, and wear makeup and high heels, it’s okay for her to do all those things. What’s not okay, is for men to expect that all women fulfill these expectations. Believe it or not, women are autonomous human beings. Women have emotions, women feel happy, women get their feelings hurt, women do not exist solely to cater to the pleasure of men.
    Sex should never be something that is owned on demand for anyone. Sex should be enthusiastic, consensual, and good for both parties. It should not be one-sided and demanded. One party (be them male or female), should not feel uncomfortable at the thought of having sex.
    Also, this line right here?
    “I also give her a good pounding if she’s moody and bugging me.”
    I honestly have no words for how awful that is. First of all, I don’t even know if you mean pounding as in sex or pounding as in an actual beating. Either way, it’s horrible.
    Do you not realize that feminism is actually helpful to men? Yes, there are bad feminists out there. There always will be, as there will be with anything else. But at its core, feminism seeks equality, not domination. Do you know why it’s thought that men can’t get raped? Because according to the patriarchy, men always want sex and are stronger than women. Imagine what it must be like to be raped, and then to be completely discredited and laughed at. Women more often getting custody than men? That comes from the patriarchal belief that women are meant to be caretakers while men don’t care about their children. Do you see what I’m trying to say? By feeding into the patriarchy you are supporting your own demise.
    Go fuck yourselves. All of you.

    1. The first intelligent, worth while comment I have seen on the site. All of you are truly horrific and inhuman. I have a better opinion of the scum on the bottom of my shoe. Your horrific rhetoric only serves to highlight your archaic and illogical mystic beliefs that men are somehow better than women. Personally I’m one for gender equality but it’s sites like these that make me think that there is some merit behind the “femi-natzi” idea.
      I feel sorry for all the women you know, the ones you’ve victimised and all the decent men out there who think nothing like you.
      This ideal of an Alpha male is bullshit, treating women poorly doesn’t make you a better man. Also how illogical is it for a group of mislead men, who believe in this ‘alpha’ ideal, to believe that this status is gained from women who admire them and are subservient- in the end you are actually looking for some form of approval from women. Now I wonder what would Freud have to say about that?
      Damn you all, damn your ignorance and damn you for eroding some faith that I had in my about the human race. You swines.

      1. Does the “50 shades of grey” phenomenon ring a bell to you?
        To deny that men and women are biologically (naturally) different is to deny reality.
        And no the alpha is not looking for approval he is just taking it.

      2. Does the “50 shades of grey” phenomenon ring a bell?
        To deny that men and women are significantly different biologically (naturally) is to deny reality. To deny that this difference doesn’t affect the brain is also to deny reality.
        Aside from that an “alpha” doesn’t care wether he is approved or not he just takes it.
        But I want to point out that nothing mentioned here is without consent. Just like in that pathetic movie or book 50 shades of grey.
        I am aware that I am currently breaking the RoK code of not taking feminists seriously but I just couldn’t leave you with your preposition about being the intelligent one here.
        And no feminism does NOT stand for equality. It’s in the fucking name.
        Aside from that have you come around to reading RoK’s article “there is scientific proof that feminism is failing women” yet?

  22. i must request that you look at a few history books and notice that the commies and the nazis had a little tag team of humiliation in a country called POLAND if you look closer said country included almost all of western russia as well as germany, czech rep. slovakia, austria, to name just a few in fact any russian woman would be lying to you by telling you her babcia does not have roots in polska please rename your article “why has poland given middle europe the best women in the world ?” p.s. i think roosh would agree !

  23. Exactly how old are you? 80? Two generations ago Russian women might have been exactly that way, actually no, they were, but at this point in time this is complete bullshit. Unless you are crazy rich, it’s almost impossible to find a Russian woman who’d do all those things for a man. I am Russian, everyone I know are Russian, and this is just bullshit. I would never go out of my way for a guy, even if i love him. I’m tired, I’ll sleep, not suck someone’s dick and I would never cook after work.If the girls you dated are not over 65, than they are mentally unstable and pathetic to do all those things. They were completely used, because of their stupidity.

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  25. you are a prick who thinks that foreigner women are sexual slaves to american men.. one day you will regret all of that..

  26. I’ve had a Russian gf once in a long term relationship and I would agree with this article. Ever since her I’ve only dated foreign. I’m just not attracted to American women anymore.

  27. So you’ll coerce a woman into sex, even when you know it will cause her pain? You’re not a man.

        1. I don’t see you out doing anything about that subject, though. You’d rather try and shame men. That rather reveals your credentials for what they are.

  28. Men should stop deluding themselves and other men about women from EE. Modern Russian women (or Ukrainian women) are no different from American women. Most of them have the same likes or dislikes as American women; just that their culture has not yet fully embraced blatant feminism as in America, and most of the women there are closet feminists. The globalization of American culture has already planted the seeds of feminism in the minds of the women in EE.This article would rather resonate with someone seeking a mate from EE around 20 years back, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the society there was ACTUALLY traditional. Do you think condoning social prostitution for a girl by family and society (as seen in Ukraine and Russia today) is a hallmark of a traditional society? C’mon, let’s stop kidding and deluding ourselves, and other men.
    In that part of the world, only two things work today: money and power. If you own either one of them, flaunt it with these women. You’ll get all the services as described in this article for sure – because the sad truth is, that’s all what these women often want.

  29. I can totally confirm what is said in this article. 100%
    Nothing to add, except – they are great!

  30. Fuck Russian bitches, they’re all money digging whores.
    They’ll fuck for anything – a cigarette, a gum or even a cup of coffee.

  31. Russia is not some kind of libertarian paradise with no taxes, hyper masculine alpha men, million business opportunities and slim blondes who will cut their veins in order to meet an American man(many are quite ugly or phenomenally dumb or even both) as some manosphere blogs would want you to believe. There is Somalia level poverty in provinces. There is no justice, democracy or fair court. State interference in economy is very heavy and mostly it’s just gas, oil and timber. That’s basically it. Also it’s not going well for them, that’s why they are trying to cover it from public by invasions in other countries(Georgia, Ukraine). In all-the article sucks.

    1. Easy solution, Date Russian girls and don’t settle down in Russia. I fail to see how your point has anything to do with this article, other than mentioning Russia by proxy.

  32. I really really fucking hate Russian accents though. Asian chicks with an accent can be cute; Russians … gross.

  33. Everyone really hates trolls like Suaron666. Why else would somebody be posting on a thread that hasn’t seen traffic for 4 months. Sock puppet trolls like Sauron666 are trying to make it look like he has a lot of posts.

  34. Well I’m just taking the easy route by firstly establishing that I’m a female from eastern Europe; and I simply love this site! It is so hilariously constructed overall – I truly appreciate the satirical sense of ROK. You see – and I bet you indeed do – every single women’s magazine is filled with this kind of stuff, only diffrence being of course the gender in question. It is so refreshing to see that men can do it too.

  35. I’m resurrecting this thread. Everything here holds true. I date Ukrainian and Russian women, so I’ll share some characteristics that I have noticed. YMMV, that’s life.
    -RUS and UKR girls both put out when you want it, but the Russians seem to have more “fire in the hole.” The Ukrainians seem to prefer good but more vanilla sex while the Russians prefer hard banging, hair pulling, and even a bit of choking. Most squirting experiences were with Russians.
    -They will both cook for you, and in fact do everything domestic. She is usually very happy and proud if you like their traditional dishes. Side note: If she suddenly loses interest in this, BAIL. NOW. Without question. Unless you like sloppy seconds.
    -You can stink up the washroom and the hallway with the raunchiest post-coffee dump known to mankind, and she won’t say a word to you about it.
    -They are human lie detectors. Have your stories straight before any meeting (Skype, in person.) They will catch your lie and come back to you with it at a later time.
    -Their shit tests make western women look like Blues Clues. They already know that they want to fuck you, they just want to estimate what their feelings will be post-breakup.
    -If you want to spend money on them, they will certainly let you. Do this with caution, though. Reward them with something every now and then for their good behaviour. They usually love Swarovski as a nice little gift to show off. It’s pretty and it doesn’t break the bank.
    -Single mothers in RUS and EE are much worse than western single mothers in my opinion. These are strictly for pump and dump. Nothing else. She will do a lot to provide for herself and the kids, including riding the carousel of her rotation of “sponsors” for the money to eat and maintain her wardrobe. She very likely will be still blowing the baby daddy for the alimony. I have seen and experienced a lot of shit over there. Your attachment to a single mother in general is going to cause you a lot of pain in all departments.
    -Learn a bit of their language. It’s usually impressive to them and makes you seem more charming. Also, maybe you don’t want to go through life as a boring unilingual.
    -These women dress very nicely even for a walk to the market. You should also be dressed well. This is basic man stuff anyways. Get ALL of your pants tailored to your size. Keep your shoes shiny. Wear good quality shirts and get them professionally pressed or iron them yourself, as the fabric requires. Wear fitted or slim fit shirts. Jeans are ok, but only high quality. *American men: Stop wearing those tan pants with that blue JCPenney button-up shirt. Dress like a man, not like grandpa when he’s going to Costco. She will reward you for it with poosy.
    That’s all for now!

  36. Unfortunately the few FSU Russian women I have met are cold bitchy materialistic ice queens. I dated one nice Ukraine girl but she was too easily offended by my offbeat sense of humor. Latinas are warmer and better in bed.

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