How To Kill Zombie Arguments

A zombie argument is defined as any debunked but still blood-thirsty female argument that just won’t fucking die. A perfect example is the “wage gap” argument that’s been [shot] [so] [full] [of] holes that it looks like my favorite underwear, but we still can’t seem to put this living dead topic back in the grave even as women continue their refusal to prepare for higher paying STEM jobs.

But this article isn’t about the wage gap; it’s about how to kill Zombie arguments dead and have a little fun in the process. If there’s one thing any red pill (and many blue pill) men have learned, it’s that logic, rational thinking, carefully constructed arguments, facts, tacit intelligence and evidence means absolutely nothing to a feminist – and to most women in general for that matter.

Man: These are the facts, and this is how I feel about it.

Woman: This is how I feel about it, so these must be the facts.

It’s no wonder gender conflict abounds in the West. We’ve pretty much taken the half of the population who functions like children and decided to take them seriously for some reason. But for the small percentage of men out there who would rather not be bothered with the charade, let’s take a quick look at the Top 5 Zombie arguments that just won’t die, and learn how to kill them dead.

Zombie #1: Men get paid more than women because of gender discrimination.

You: Men get paid more because we’re worth more.

Zombie #2: All we want is true equality, fairness, and to end discrimination.

You: Why don’t you just lose 15 pounds and see if that helps? I bet it will.

Zombie #3: You’re a misogynist.

You: Well, I have been practicing more lately.

Zombie #4: There are no good men left.

You: Fucked them all already? What a slut.

Zombie #5: We’re living in a rape culture.

You: (Looking her up and down slowly) I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Those are just five examples, but you get the idea. If you have the balls to do it, stop casting your pearls of wisdom before swine, become a red pill zombie slayer, and have a little fun. Never formulate logical arguments, engage in two-way discourse or try to educate a zombie, because that’s using your brain and brains get them all worked up.

Happy hunting.

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38 thoughts on “How To Kill Zombie Arguments”

      1. You’re both right, depending on the context. Above all, it’s necessary to frame yourself as an alpha, and to do that you need to be both willing and able to bodyslam your opponent when it’s required.
        However, doing it at the wrong time can be counterproductive. My rule is that I’ll use these lines if they issue “fighting words”: call me a racist, sexist, idiot, etc. I hear this and 1. I make sure that everybody listening knows that they just crossed a line, and 2. hit them so bad it hurts (verbally). I use “never draw first blood, but ALWAYS draw blood.”
        Understandably, we think you can’t reason with a feminist, and during a quick-hit-in-a-bar type situation, you can’t. However, if given a chance to frame yourself properly, you can. It takes some strategy, though.
        I would love to just humiliate all of them all the time, but considering that they have the entire culture on their side, even if we seem to win the quick insult battle, we loose. The SWPL unfortunately has the power to out-vote us, so we’ve got to persuade those of them who can be persuaded.
        Usually, we try to do this as supplicating pussies, which is entirely counterproductive. Go to far in the other direction and you’re “the wrong kind of asshole” (
        I’m a natural at this kind of think like some of y’all are at seduction. Now that I’ve also got Game, my blog is the codification of what I do to get hipsters spouting libertarianism two hours after meeting me.
        I’ve done it a lot myself, and I’m hoping to train others. I may seem to nice, but when I’m talking to lefties, I win. Every time.

  1. I just wrote an article about very similar stuff. It’s good to see more people say this. As long as the manosphere tries to have rational debates with these people, we’ll simply give them more power.

  2. Brilliant. One of the best things the manosphere has taught me was the futility of ever attempting to engage in a logical argument with a feminist. Being forced to resort to the rhetoric, you can literally say anything you want to counter their argument. This plays right into the hands of men, who having grown up continually thinking of new and hurtful ways to rip the piss out of their friends, are seasoned pros at coming up with insults calculated to deliver maximum damage.
    Feminist: “Men are paid more than women. I don’t care what facts your present to me, it’s simply true.”
    YouSoWould: “Everyone who knows you thinks you are a fat slut. You will die alone and childless.”
    Easy victory.

  3. One of the best things the manosphere has taught me was the futility of ever attempting to engage in a logical argument with a woman.
    Fix’t that for ya.

  4. The Comedian, Chris Rock, said it best: “A man can never out argue a woman, because a man has the tendancy to make sense.” He also adds that: “A woman doesn’t let a little thing like logic stop her, she’s arguing to achieve distance and irritation!”
    Point is: Men argue for solutions and swift closure; and women argue for emotional connection & attention.

  5. Haha, great article. For a sec, I thought you were going to write about some super-nerdy shit like impending zombie attacks.
    This is one of the fatal flaws of MRAs – they’re still insecure, and seek validation from feminists. ‘If only they would listen to me for a moment…’ When you’re arguing with someone who’s instransigent, the best you can hope for is winning the audience.

    1. This is why it’s so important to distinguish between your target (those you want to persuade) and your opponent (those you’re arguing against), who may or may not be the same person.
      I’ve categoriezed lefties according to who can or can’t be reached here:
      If your opponent is Anointed but somebody listening in is Benighted (a very common situation), fight fire with fire, but don’t use fire if they’re still sounding reasonable. If they cross the line and get personal or insulting, ripping into them comes across as perfectly appropriate because you’re defending yourself and framing them as the aggressor. If they seem all nice and innocent and you tear them a new one, the argument immediately becomes about what a dick you are, and the Benighted person listening in will be turned off by everything you have to say.
      It shouldn’t be, but it’s all about framing and rarely about reason and logic. You need to neutralize their “we care” frame while re-framing it as a dialectical, reasoned, debate. Do this well and you’ll find that some incredibly close-minded idiots become surprisingly receptive.

    2. Exactly. However, most “MRAs” are armchair activists from the safety of a keyboard.
      The intransigent feminist is useless to argue one on one. They also know not to argue you at all if they wish to keep their ideology in one piece. Typically, they give you some printed definition of feminism that’s highlighted since your too dumb to read and walk away.
      However, the fact that you are winning the public in spite of them pisses them off. If you do this thing I am, you better be prepared for positively brutal whisper campaigns.
      They are not brave. Never have been. They do not ever attack you direct. Like a witch-necromancer raising the dead to fight her battles for her, is the feminist leading a protest against you. If she can’t isolate and destroy you through indirect gossip. She will then do it through the more direct means of hiding behind a wall of beta males to try and intimidate you. I really look forward to the enjoyment of watching these mongrels grovel when they fail to “slay me.” So these white knight manginas can go and REALLY, REALLY polish their armor in front of their “MIDON.”
      The problem for you PUA types, and former PUAs like myself, is that a world without feminism, is a world that does not want us. A gay guy I know said that in the Christian belief he would be killed. I told him that I would be getting stoned right next to him.
      Without feminism, we would not have such a plethora of weak minded, insecure women who think they can bang like they think men all do.
      The delicious concoction of feminist inspired hypergamy, coupled with their delusional belief that men are all pigs that they strangely seem to be trying to resemble; is the world that allows the PUA existence. That and the internet. Men who desired this way before were snuffed out by early feminists and their mindless whordes of thirsty betas.
      A world dominated by men, will be a harsh world for the PUA. At first, it might be great for the few who actually are alpha. But eventually the cold hearted logic of male apathy towards feminine logic will root out men who would jeopardize the whole structure with extreme prejudice. Betas are a the failed product of the last social edifice that provided the familial stability of the West.
      Literally, betas are weak, because the old male dominant strength was pushed too far. Wars, pestilence, hard driven economy built on ingenuity and progress takes it’s toll. The fact that it forced men into the cities and away from their families provided the demonic void from which the plight of first world wealthy white women (feminism) sprung up to rape all our ears about how hard It is to be pampered, loved, and provided for all at a wealthy man’s expense. And like a zombie bite, turned their lower status female companions into a demonic, husband/father/uncle/son hating whorde with which to steal political power.
      Fortunately, many women in the West have woken up. Hopefully realizing that the promise of unfettered success and fulfillment slaving away at a job she hates was not a privilege for men. And that women have always worked, and that women were destined for the monotony that is paid work regardless if feminism existed or not.
      People now need to ask themselves the question: What does feminism actually do anyways but bitch a lot?
      I don’t need feminism to tell me not to hit my wife. Men who do will not be persuaded by logical arguments. Like feminists on their version(s) of BS.
      Men don’t need feminism to tell them to take care of their kids, or be successful so they can do so. Women are realizing it too.
      Feminism, and it’s brouhaha about nothing, is being outed for the cantankerous coven of non-intellectual, hysterical misfits it has always been.
      Most women will actually love and take care of their men. However, it will maybe take generations of societal pain for women to regain the appreciation of males their foremothers had before they were corrupted by these brutal, communistic, child murdering harpies.

  6. No good men left?
    Maybe they’re avoiding you. Or maybe you just bring out the asshole in a guy. You know us guys, always adapting to the terrain we encounter.

    1. To riff on Bob Wallace above, “no good men left” —– Oh, yes; they’re just busy with younger women.

  7. Zombie #3: You’re a misogynist.
    You: Of course I am. I love massages! How about you give me one now?

  8. Good article. My take is: as long as we confront the bullshit arguments in some way, our opponents will remember it. And that’s what matters. The biggest sin is silence. We have to begin to create fissures in this concrete edifice, however small…and it begins with letting them know that we won’t accept their nonsense.

    1. Yeah, and remember you don’t have anything to lose. A lot of guys who haven’t fully ingested the Red Pill think that have to win an argument, or somehow keep things civil. You don’t. Being a man is representing yourself with facts, and if the other person gets upset then too bad. You don’t lose anything, and you gain everything because you’re keeping yourself whole.

  9. The biggest sin is silence.
    Should be the carving on every mangina’s/beta’s tombstone.

  10. Oh goodness. You “men are all so sad I pitty you all 🙁 if this is what you think if women then you have obviously never met a decent one, so in that case I’d say its you that had the problems. Insecurity perhaps? Hahahaha.

    1. Thanks for proving out point for us in the most satisfying manner possible, you silly little whore.

  11. Could you please explain your point? and how I made it satisfying? also no need for name calling, lets not be immature now 😉

  12. I….. I can’t even begin with how awful this entire website is, but this article in particular is one of the worst.

    1. nah… this kicks ass…. if you can’t see feminism for the communist nanny state Soviet offshoot it is, then you deserve 10 years in the Siberian gulag…

  13. Okay I get it now. This is a parody website. Will someone please confirm this just on this comment or refer me to a disclaime? I’ve been commenting as someone not in on the joke I’m afraid.

  14. Great article. I don’t have any problem with women getting paid more if they are worth more, but it’s seldom the case. Life is a meritocracy. But feminism as such is one of the worst cancers ever foisted on society.

    1. Yep. When the economy was great and the middle class strong, industry could absorb the nonsense. But with things as tight as they are, companies can’t afford to have these little snowflakes creating chaos everywhere. Female managers now have to be accountable. And it’s not working out well in a lot of cases.

  15. LMAO! Great article. Feminists think they can get away with zombie talk because they’re perception is that you’re trapped there in that space and have to converse. Just turn the table on them. It’s YOUR space, and you’ll say what you damn well have to say.

  16. As a father’s rights activist who has to deal with logic and facts when talking to these illogical zombies in public, I approve this message.
    The fact that it would kill me in the larger picture prevents me from doing it. But honestly, I have thought about it several times to just literally watch their jaw drop, drop, drop!

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